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When there is a miscommunication..

I love you

When we don’t see eye to eye..

I love you

When you are hurting..

I love you

When your sarcastic side shows out..

I love you

When you have revenge in your mind..

I love you

When misunderstanding is the order of the day.

I love you

Even when your greys show..

I love you

If all of these are not reasons to see how much you mean too me, I only have four words for you…

ik hou van je

Mind of B

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Dear S.O,

Do you ever imagine what it would be like to date someone else?

Cause I realised I do, earlier. Like, I think about a friend, not because I would wanna date them but… I just like to imagine what it would be like to date someone like them. And you know what my conclusion always is?

There is no one else I’d rather date than you. No one would ever be a better fit.

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Is it too soon?

This is recent, you see.

You and I, we’re new to this.

We’re exploring this relationship, and I’m infatuated with you. You are my every thought and fantasy, and you are more than what I could have asked for in a lover.

We stay up late at night and talk into the early hours of the morning until we fall asleep to one another’s words. I feel I know you better than anyone else I’ve ever met. I feel you know me better than anyone else I’ve ever met.

We’ve already discussed future plans, our inevitable running away together the moment we graduate. Our home. Our family. Our life.

So, I sit here wondering, is it too soon to tell you I am in love with you?

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You have this habit of inviting people and then blame them on “inviting themselves”. It’s quite frustrating that you don’t see the actions you do.

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Hey idk what y'all have been told but there should not be a consistent duality in a relationship where one person expects you to do something for them but will refuse or change their demands when the other expects it to be reciprocated.

Like relationships take work and often there will be times when one might need more support than the other through a difficult time persé (such is life) but the basic structure should not be imbalance- or in other words, to consistently give and almost never receive

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Anoche soñé con Gui, es decir el aparecía por una milésima de segundos en mi sueño. Mi novio tomaba una bici roja y mi hermana me señalaba la bici, diciendo que aquella le pertenecía a Gui, yo solo pensaba en por qué el tomaba aquello que le pertenecía a alguien más, por qué tomaba algo tan sagrado. Una sensación horrible me invadió y me desperté, tengo miedo, miedo a que el tome un lugar tan importante.

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I love my boyfriend so much, I’m so cross faded right now (first time I’ve ever been cross faded) and he took my alcohol from me cause I kept insisiting I was fine when I wasn’t, and than he got me water and food, and told me to lay down and rubbed my shoulders, and now he’s watching people play beer pong but keeps coming over to check on me and give me kisses and love… he’s so good to me <3

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I hate dating apps.

I’m sorry. I can’t help it.

I feel like I’m a cat putting myself up for adoption on PetFinder… while simultaneously looking for a cat of my own to adopt.

And with that being established, I am now finally ready to put myself out there in the real world and take all the relationship gurus’ advice on how to show you’re interested in a guy by smiling at him (a concept I truly could not grasp) but now I can’t smile due to these stupid masks!

What the flippity dippity am I supposed to do now?!

I either sit online and allow random men to judge me from a photo and a paragraph limited to 100 characters about “my perfect date,” while simultaneously judging them as well and feeling like a brat.


I can scare away attractive men I see in Costco by starring at them like a lunatic before realizing he can’t see my smile behind my mask!

Someone. Anyone. Please.

How do I do this.. this.. dating, “hey I don’t know you but you’re cute and I want to get to know you”…thing???

At this point, it’s going to take a true miracle from God to place my future husband in my life because COVID is not doing any favors for my “stay at home and take a nap” or “hike miles into the mountains where no one can find you” tendencies.

Add being Catholic and desiring a truly Godly man who knows how to submit in order to lead to the mix and I feel like I’m looking for a needle in a haystack.

Is there anyone out there who will love me and find me in a dusty, sunlight corner in a bookstore, as all soulmates do?

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Can we start talking about how neurodivergent affects interpersonal relationships, specifically romantic relationships? Because for a decent amount of my life I identified as aromantic. I no longer do (though I respect the hell out of aromantic folks and don’t you dare take this as a reason to invalidate them). The reason it took me so long to figure out my romantic identity is because of my neurodivergence. Romantic attraction in media is described as candlelit dinners and slow kisses and murmured words of affection. Aside from the issues with conflating sex and romance which is an entirely different story, I could never relate to those feelings! None of those things are a way I show love! I realized I wasn’t aromantic when I realized how I show love.

To me, romantic attraction is the fuzzy joy that makes me flap my hands and spin in circles with glee. It’s the desire to run my hands through someone’s hair to feel how my fingers slide through it. It’s listening to them talk about their favorite things, not because you like them, but because they like them. It’s collecting little trinkets to give to them because it made you think of them. It’s wanting to wake up with them because you want to see how beautiful they look as they rest. It’s wanting to know exactly what makes them tick and intertwine your lives irrevocably. Neurodivergent romance is beautiful and unique and deserves to be acknowledged and appreciated.

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