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I know what you want to hear from me.
You want me to say I gave you the best years of my life.
Opportunities grasped and scattered,
Winds of change not followed while tethered to you.
You want to be my scar.

Arrogant is all you are.
Never knew me well enough,
Confident enough to assume,
That youth was all I could offer you
As if firsts are worth more than anything.

You’re right, I am older now.
Laugh a little tougher, mind a little sharper.
But in the end I win.
You can keep my Spring if you want.
Summer is here.

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perfect date idea:

Take her to a deserted place. no cars, no noise, just you two. bring blankets to lay out and bring some food/snacks. lay down and cuddle up and look at the sunset, and then the stars. talk about life. talk about your dreams.

it doesn’t have to be expensive dates it’s the time you spend with eachother☺️.

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Is there actually anything meaningfully wrong with a relationship like Ana De Armas’ and Ben Affleck’s or is it literally just that age gaps make people feel icky and there’s no actual detriment?

She’s a successful actress in her 30s. Its not like she needs his money or something. She’s a grown adult, so you can’t really say he’s somehow manipulating her with the magical powers that apparently come with being older than your partner. There’s no meaningful power imbalance. 

So what is really the issue? We just accept that these relationships are bad, but why? What’s the objection actually based on? Is it just sexual anxiety on the part of outside observers being projected on them?

I always wonder the same thing about Leonardo DiCaprio and his various girlfriends. These are all grown women with functioning brains, most of whom are semi-successful models. He’s not tricking them. They know his history. They know what they’re getting into. Why should I object or really care at all if the dude dates younger women?

These guys aren’t Doc Antle picking up desperate homeless girls and indoctrinating them in cages. Its not Harvey Weinstein making women trade sex for work. Its just two consenting adults in a relationship. Literally why does anyone care?

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Day 20 04.06.20

When you can’t look on the bright side, I will sit with you in the dark.

I understand that you like to think about the future in agonizing detail. And sometimes that can get you stressed out. When that happens, nothing I say can help alleviate your worry. So, when things look gloomy let me wrap my arms around you and hold you tightly so you know that no matter what comes our way, no matter what dark future your mind conjures, I’m always here. I’ll always be here. Babe, it’s you and me. Forever.

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