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#relationship goals

Day 79 06.04.20

My first thought in the morning is always YOU

You have become a constant part of my life. You occupy my thoughts in the day time until I’m smiling like a mad woman to myself. You parade in my dreams one adventure at a time until I never want to wake up. Because here, asleep I’m much closer to you than during our phone conversations. Yes! My haphephobia can make physical tough a little unnerving for me but I miss warmth of your hands. I miss the protection of your arms. Babe, I just miss you. All. The. Time!

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sometimes I read too much fanfiction and I expect myself to find a girl who can Flirt in Shakespeare with me and have blue eyes and we can be like rivals to friends to lovers with mutual pining, and tell me to shut up then kiss me. Like sometimes, one day, I want to like walk into philosophy class and find a pretty blue eyed girl sitting in my regular spot and i want to be like “ummmm you’re in my spot. can you move?” and she looks up and is like “no” and i’m like mad about it and sits somewhere else but doesn’t take my eyes off her for the rest of the class and it’s like Slow Burn and I’m ‘chasing’ after her and like we ‘hate’ each other but she always says things that turn me on and like i simultaneously hate and love it and then one day one of us tells the other to just shut up and then kisses them to shut them up. And she’s like blonde with darker hair on top, she likes wearing her hair in a ponytail or bun, she has blue eyes, and likes wearing either jeans and a top or long dresses with a belt. OR OR even better, she wears dark leather and a beanie with ripped jeans. And like the beanie would really compliment her blue eyes. And yes I keep mentioning blue eyes, they’re my weakness and I want to get lost in her eyes and say “I’m drowning int the ocean” I’m soft like that, sue me. Anyways, I know this will never happen, and i’ll probably find my girlfriend a normal way.

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