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#relationship quote
sunsetquotes · 3 months ago
And when you told me what your favorite book was, I bought it and read it over and over… trying to find pieces of you in it.
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bnmxfld · 7 months ago
I think I’ll miss you forever.
Lana Del Rey / Summertime Sadness
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sunsetquotes · 6 months ago
How amazing it is to find someone who wants to hear about all the things that go on in your head.
Nina LaCour
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thedreamerquotes · 9 months ago
So when I think about the most attractive things about her I can't think about anything physical. The most attractive thing about her is her mind.
- The Dreamer
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solitarygoddess · 3 months ago
People treat you like an option because you allow it. We forget that we are People worth having. Worth being pursued and admired. You are worth someone being thrilled to get the chance to know you. You have something to offer someone else. We all do. Stop thinking of yourself as an option and others won't be able to pull that bs with you either. If you're finding yourself in the position where you feel like people aren't "choosing" you, then choose yourself.
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