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Not wasting my energy by being anxious because someone doesn't want to befriend me. They just don't want to. There is no point pondering what are their reasons. I will never know, nor it is important that I do. The important thing to remember is that I still think I have friends, that I still think I can be a good friend, that I know I am loved and good enough as I am. Sometimes people don't vibe together, and it is better to move on than to try to figure other people out.
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In my defense, I warned you that my feelings were intense.
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I noticed that a lot of allos, around me at least, force themselves to be in relationships for the sake of being in a relationship. It’s pretty obvious they’re neglecting themselves or aren’t happy in the relationship, but they refuse to leave because the alternative (being single) is just sooooo awful. It makes me so mad that it’s encourage to seek out romantic/sexual relationships just because it’s better than being single. Sorry not sorry, but I’d rather be single than play games with people to find out if they really like me or not. I’d rather be single than beg someone to love me. I’d rather be single than act like I’m able to love and accept someone else for who they are when I can’t even do that for myself. I don’t want to listen to these people talk about love as if they know more than others when they barely understand it themselves.
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PAC: Lunar Eclipse & full moon messages
Tumblr media
Please choose your pile (all are Death aka Scorpio cards from different decks) and scroll for your message(s).
Sorry for typos. Sometimes I voice to text the readings onto my phone, and yeah, Google gets a lot of words wrong :D
ABSOLUTELY, there are a couple of piles that feel connected, so if you feel drawn to do so, read as many as you like.
Pile 1
Tumblr media
Release: Procrastination and fear of failure (to pursue something you have a desire for)
Even though there are times when I am super skeptical about tarot and spirituality, here I am shuffling and asking okay what messages disparate have in relation to the lunar eclipse and you get the lunar eclipse card out of this whole deck. I will say this again, this person makes amazing decks. That's the celestial bodies, and I have her she wolfe tarot which has become a favorite of mine very quickly.
This is a little heavy after clarification but first of all lunar eclipse and this lets your fears dissolve are similar in that both can be about a release or unconscious fears. Lunar eclipses can also distort the light on the moon to make it red. Lunar eclipses are when the moon passes through the shadow of the Earth. So, we are talking about probably an emotional issue. Maybe one that is a bit distorted. It could directly have to do with releasing fears during this full moon. And since it's full moon in Scorpio, deep seated, unconscious fears.
This is going to sound vague because I'm not going to go into specific situations that each individual is going through. But we have nine of cups and ace of cups. Again, we have two water cards, we know likely this is a very emotional issue. Or every single one of you is huge in water placements lol. But essentially this looks like a longing for something. The something can be a lot of things. But after clarification I have nine of cups is clarified by King of swords and I just accidentally said nine of swords for some reason, so that could be something. And ace of cups is clarified by potentially a reversed tower and at the back was devil.
It feels like something that you have been thinking about a lot lately or even something you have been thinking about for a long period of time. You might be overanalyzing the situation or have been trying to look at it very logically. You might also have been trying to make a decision about what to do next or what you can do to get closer to this goal or dream. And it's also something that would make you incredibly happy to have or do. But there seems to be some anxiety about whether you're going to get it or how to get it. The ace of cups even almost looks like the tower in this card. When it's the tower, upright, it tends to be more external. In this case, it could be more of an internal change. Overall, what it looks like to me is something internally that needs to be shaken up around fear and emotions and a desire for something that you want. You might be scared of this change happening even though you want it, it could be this fear of change that's been preventing you from taking a step toward your goal. This could be anything you're passionate about, if there's some kind of dream goal or job or project that you've wanted to work on. Especially one that I feel is kind of like a birthing process. I mean it could be literally talking about childbirth but I see this as like giving birth to something that means a lot to you, such as publishing a piece of our or releasing something. Just as examples. And maybe there is a fear that when you do put this out there into the world, that it's going to be a complete disaster. Which maybe is the hesitation or why it's taken so long to do it because you're scared to. It could also be for things like asking someone out, moving, maybe even speaking your mind about something to someone that you care about. Since the devil was at the back when I looked for what was going on with the tower, it would make sense that there's some type of self-doubt or vices or hesitation, crutches.
Overall the general advice for pile one is whatever your circumstances are, you need to let go of the fear that it's not going to work out, that it's going to fail, that it's going to be a disaster. The cards want you to release your fear and go for it. The outcome doesn't necessarily matter. What matters is the process of you going through with it. I'm sure there are situations where we could be like maybe that's not a good idea lol. But it would be pretty rare. That's because I'm thinking of dumb things like should I go ahead and try out to be a trapeze artist when I have no experience and I have a fear of heights. I mean he could try that if you want, it doesn't sound like a great idea but I guess you have to start somewhere lol. I also wonder if maybe you failed at something related to this before. Like let's say you tried to become a singer and you released a song on YouTube and about 10 people hit like anywhere like okay flop. So maybe that also adds to the hesitation of trying this. It doesn't feel like it's something new. I mean the ace of cups is here. It would make sense for an ace to come out after a full moon because this is a fresh new start. But there's a lot of fear around the fresh start as opposed to the thing that you want. It could even be that you don't feel like you deserve to be happy come up for a lot of you it's just going to be a fear of change. Since the let your fears dissolve is the cancer card, this could have to do with the family, moving, a feeling of emotional stuckness or being unhappy. I also see something to do with slower movement. Maybe you've been procrastinating on this as well because the crab is there on the card, crabs can probably move pretty fast but I mean they're not the fastest animal and in the lunar eclipse card what I see in the image is a snail. So I also feel like there's slow progress here. And I think it's more like you've been dragging your feet about something and you've been dragging your feet about something because actually you're nervous about the results or failing.
And I think you've even spent time like analyzing why you haven't done this yet and you just kind of go around in circles. So I think the advice here is to make a decision to do it, be honest with yourself, stop procrastinating, acknowledge that nothing will change in this area until you attempt it. Because as long as you aren't attempting it, absolutely nothing is going to happen. At least if you fail, you can reroute or sure yeah maybe you could realize okay maybe this isn't the path for me but one failure doesn't mean that everything you do thereafter is going to be a failure. And since the tower was coming out flipped for me and I didn't know where to put it, I also feel like the results aren't going to be nearly as bad as you think. In fact, you may see positive results. But even if it's not like a brilliant success at first, I think that you will see more results from it than any type of failings. Like, you'll actually come away even if it doesn't completely meet your expectations, you will have a feeling of a confidence boost for at least trying and going through the experience.
Also, the cancer season may be significant for something regarding this. Like you may have results for something if you do it now by cancer season. Or the next full moon in cancer or perhaps you are a cancer or someone involved in the situation is. Although air signs are also here and we have Mars energy. It's possible someone has a water Mars or you don't know that I feel that it's an Air Mars. But if you have a Mars in Cancer... This message could be specifically for you. But that doesn't really matter. So yeah release your fear of failure, stop procrastinating, the results might turn out better than you think. And if you've been thinking about it this long, go ahead and proceed. I wonder if maybe instead of being emotional about it like I'm scared of failure, maybe just take the logical approach which is I have no idea what's going to happen until I actually do it. I literally can't have results until I do it. So there's no point in listening to the fear.
But yeah if the cards say let your fears dissolve, let them dissolve. Or at the very least, don't be afraid of change because new things will come in and since it's a cup, it can be some type of relationship or a really exciting project. Or something that would make you extremely happy if you just went for it.
Pile 2
Tumblr media
Release: Control and perfectionism
Wow, strong energy for pile two. Also, the monology cards, there were two or three others that wanted to come out that I didn't realize were on the floor. And I was already like I'm not going to take three, but I noticed it was Virgo so it made sense since there was already Virgo energy that had come through. Anyway lots of earth sign energy. We have Capricorn, Virgo, the devil is also a Capricorn card. We have cancer energy. And we have again Virgo and Gemini in the magician card.
Also three majors. Mutable is all of the mutable signs plus the message of flexibility. Hey Alexa what are the mutable astrology signs Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces. So we have Virgo and Gemini energy again.
You may be any of those signs or dealing with someone who has these placements.
I think this is probably going to have the same energy that pile one was receiving which just means that the eclipse and full moon in Scorpio are pushing everybody in the same direction which is to stop procrastinating about what they want and to not wait for something to happen but to take control or to take action.
I wonder if assess the situation is a negative part of these messages in that maybe there has been so much time spent about what to do or why am I not doing it or just thinking about it instead of doing it. Granted, it could also be telling you that you need to have a plan and make sure you pay attention to details, especially with so much Virgo here happening. In particular I would think that a lot of this would have to do with career since Capricorn is here. It could also be that you've tried to plan every little detail about your career or studies, without allowing for much flexibility.
Since the devil is here, for one it's bringing that Capricorn and Saturn energy in which again makes me think about work but we know the devil card also means bad coping mechanisms or devices or self-doubt. So that's why I wonder either it's a case of not having a plan or planning too much. I'd lean more toward trying to plan everything out and not allowing for flexibility. Maybe being too strict. But what would make the most sense given the chariot and magician here is that there is something that you want to manifest. The devil tells me that you aren't putting everything into bringing it in and the chariot talks about either control or taking control. So again two situations where either you are trying to control the outcome too much or you are procrastinating. First pile had more of that issue with procrastinating I think. I do think that you need to allow more flexibility into the way you are seeing something that has to do with career. I think there's a lot of worrying about okay what's going to happen if this or what's going to happen if I don't do this or what's going to happen if I don't get into the right school or if I don't meet the right people or I don't get into this program etc my life is ruined.
It could also be that you don't feel like you have any control, maybe there is somebody else taking the reins and not allowing you to have enough freedom and control that you want. And maybe the solution is to have a clear understanding of what's going on with this person and then stand up for yourself. But that would be a message for only a few because trust all will be well makes me think that no matter what, the situation is going to work out the way that it should be. And maybe enjoying the journey to the destination should be more a part of your lifestyle. It's even possible that some of you are overworking in an attempt to exert control. It also feels a bit like witchcraft. But like someone doing black magic. I don't know why I get that vibe but they could be one person out there who is trying to get what they want, trying to take control of the situation, and trying to manifest shortcuts or manifest through means that aren't really great or nice. Even wishing ill will upon others so that you can succeed or maybe your path to success is so important to you, you don't really mind stepping on other people on your way to the top.
When I pulled up those other moonology cards we have I think it through forgive and focus on the positive.
So it does seem like there is some kind of baggage here, there's also something that you have to put some thought into, and also to have more faith in the universe or in this situation or even yourself.
Because maybe the devil is next to the chariot in that you tend to rush into something. Like it's so important that you get what you want or manifest this thing that you tend to barrel through in some way. And while success or power or prestige could be important to you, I guess I do see the following as potential double issues: going into fast without thinking, control issues, having a lack of faith in yourself or the universe or your ability. Maybe you do need to take a look at the situation. As in with the double here it makes me think that you are aware of the issue already. And if it's a block or a negative way of thinking, then just being aware is the first step, and then taking some sort of action and then having faith. I understand now why the fool is at the back of the tarot deck because that's the same kind of message.
It's also interesting that you have six seven and one on your tarot. Virgo is the sixth house. Capricorn is the 10th house which reduces to one. Chariot is the fourth house.
So that makes me feel like I'm going to associate the devil with the Virgo cards, I am pulling to put the magician with the Capricorn card. I am going to put the chariot with the mutable cards because chariot makes me think of moon and cancer and emotions and mutable makes me think of changing emotions. Don't ask me okay it's just an intuitive thing.
So looking at it after pairing everything up. It does make me feel like the message is to loosen control. Not be so dogmatic about how you proceed or your beliefs. Also if you have a lot of irritability or mood swings around the idea of situations where you don't have control and looking at that.
Since the magician is about manifesting, and I've paired it with step up and lead. This is new energy. This is energy I would expect after the full moon, so I feel like it's saying after this weekend or just this is a point where you are being asked to step up and lead. And when I think Capricorn, I do think career or studies. Work ethic. Like with the last pile and I told them not to procrastinate, this could be that now is the time to get moving on something that you want to manifest. That this is the time for you to not just sit around and think about it but for you to put in the effort it would take to see some results about whatever idea or thing that you've been dreaming about. And it doesn't matter what it is, most likely it's going to be work related. But it could be other things that have to do with your 10th house or some Capricorn placement or a Capricorn in your life. Earth signs can have a stilted way of looking at things or saying things, so if you are an earth sign who struggles with that, maybe that can be something to work on. But overall I just feel like you have a strong power at this time to manifest things regarding your career. Especially if you release some of the control in terms of results or that things have to happen a certain way or even in your emotions I guess something about your emotions or perceiving things, is a bit too rigid. I suppose it could be the opposite and someone is a bit more too flaky. It could be two that someone has their moon in one of the mutable signs. And something about that placement could pose some resistance in your career at this time or something to do with daily routines.
Now let's look at the new moon and Virgo which I paired with the devil based on numbers. And also assess the situation. So since the devil is here, these would probably things that you struggle with so having faith in the results and maybe either overanalyzing a situation or not putting enough planning or thought into it. These make sense is the vices to me.
Besides this being about career situations, it could be something to do with health right now or something to do with your daily routine since this is what Virgo rules. There could be a particular health issue that maybe you should have evaluated by doctors, it could be that you're being very pessimistic about the result of a situation. It could be that you don't have all the information you need right now and are fearing the worst but this card says trust all will be well.
Overall though this might be a repeat of pile one in that there could be doubts around whether the thing you're trying to manifest will ever come about or if you're doing it the right way or if this choice or this choice is going to screw up your manifestation and then it won't come. Because there is a sense of wanting to control or have control in a situation where you're trying to make something happen and yet the devil is popping up going You're overthinking this or you think that you're going to fail or you're trying to control everything or you're procrastinating and not doing all of the effort. Take what resonates for you but it does seem like there needs to be more flexibility in the way that you think. We have a lot of thinking energy with Virgo and Gemini coming in. And then we're being told okay you have to be more flexible. And the overly analytical cards are being paired with the devil while step up and lead, the only card about a really positive action is paired up with magician and those two meanings fit so well together anyway.
So whatever has been going on for you to feel like something you want isn't happening the way you want or at the pace you want, I would guess that some of it has to do with how you're going about it in the sense of the actions that you're taking toward the result. To me, what would most likely be getting in the way would be too much control or laziness and procrastination, maybe fear of failure. I don't really feel the last one as much but it's a possibility that there's something going on that's emotional if it's also playing a part which could be fear or frustration, things that are emotion-based.
And even in the previous pile I thought maybe the answer was to approach more logically in the sense that don't let emotions rule over what you do or don't do. What makes the most sense in the situation? I feel like it's emotion-based if you have something you want and you're like okay well I'm not going to try because I'm scared I'm going to fail. That might be analytical to some because you're overthinking but really it's an emotion-based response and a logical approach would be something more like well there's no reason for me to think it's going to fail if I haven't even tried. Or I'm not going to know the result of this until I put some action toward it. It can be a lot of things.
And yeah when I look at the chariot the magician the devil. What are the possible situations you could see from those three cards. Feeling like the thing you're trying to manifest won't come about, feeling like you need control over this result or needing to have control over when and how it happens, not leaving enough room for the universe to do its part and do it how and when it's supposed to happen. I guess it's because I feel like all of that is going to be true for the people who read this pile. Like some of you aren't lazy but it's just you might be too high strung. However, what the two groups would have in common is that there's something about control and direction. Being anxious because you have no control I guess. We're thinking you have no control we're thinking you need all of the control. Or going to fast into something new without assessing the situation first. It just depends. That's probably why so many signs are here because the way a Virgo approaches a situation is probably going to be different than the way a Gemini or a cancer might. Or even a Capricorn.
But I think okay so what are you going to do, well the advice is something has to give and you need to be more flexible in some way whether it's about the way you think or feel about something but it seems to have to do with control. The way you are thinking about this or approaching the situation which seems to be something you want out of your career, appears to be flawed because of the devil. So flexibility, taking action, having faith, I do think even though you could be overthinking the situation, I would guess that assessing this situation still is beneficial. Whether it's you needing to assess your self or there's something about your approach or the thing that you want, that needs a bit more planning and forward momentum in some area then you have been giving it. But mostly I just feel worrying about whether this thing is going to happen or happen the way that you want. Like there's forward direction and a desire to manifest something but then there's all these doubts about it or even not so great approaches to getting it or not very solid plan of action.
But yeah on the other hand there is so much strong earth energy which those are signs that are pretty practical and have their feet on the ground, so it does make me think there are people who are too inflexible and need to bring in more flexible energy.
Then there are people who maybe overwork and their daily routine is so much about work and being perfect that there's not a lot of time set away for having fun. Maybe your schedule's are just too busy.
But again I really feel that this is a mixed batch. They're going to be some of you who read this who are completely different from another person but still the message is about vices that have to do with how you go about making things happen, things that you want.
And some of you may actually be like mostly successful all of the time like everything you put your effort into does turn out really well like you could be excellent manifesters, but do you still take time to have fun? Is there something that you are missing out on? I wonder if this could be about why you want what you want? Like let's say you just want money and to be successful but you want it solely because you want to impress other people with all of the things that you can buy. There could be something like that there too.
There's a lot of different ways to interpret this. But I hope you'll consider the ones that match up with your situation and why you might feel like your manifestation is blocked or if you're just the type that gets impatient quickly if something doesn't happen for you fast enough. Because the chariot is very fast moving energy. And when I see it next to the magician, it makes me think that okay I want to control this manifestation because I need it to happen quickly. And it could be that what you want to manifest is sketchy or manifesting shortcuts is sketchy or simply a control issue around needing things to happen when you want, exactly how you want and the universe is like I think you're a bit greedy and you need to be a bit more flexible. Just have faith in the universe, do your part, make the plan but you can't control everything about it. Or even assess why you need things to happen exactly how you want. Are you a perfectionist? Because that is predominantly the energy here of someone who is like that. Like all the details need to be exactly right, happen at this time. I'm getting an image of a really pushy parent who's pushing their kids to take 80 million different classes and lessons because they expect them to grow up and be a doctor or lawyer or you could be the person putting pressure on yourself for everything to be perfect.
I feel the most strongly about that type of energy for this pile.
Even these sayings on the moonology cards could be stuff that you tell yourself or other people do. Step up and lead. Assess the situation. You're going to be successful and perfect. There's a lot of pressure here but it feels negative too because of the devil. Like how far can you go doing this for the wrong reasons or should I say unhealthy reasons.
Because eventually you could burn out.
So yeah. I feel like that was a bit all over the place because I think certain messages will apply to some people but mostly I feel perfectionist things and maybe allowing yourself not to be so perfect or pushing yourself so hard. I feel like you're really hard on yourself sometimes too like if I don't do this and I don't do it this way then it's not going to be right. Maybe you don't even let other people in because you like to be the one in charge and the type of person that always has to do things by themselves because they don't trust other people will do it as well as you. And I think since this is a full moon reading, this is something you have to let go of. Not everything can be perfect and people who think that things have to be perfect, have some of their own work to do about why they think that way. And to me it's partially a control issue.
Pile 3
Tumblr media
Release: taking things too seriously or the need to share ALL of your plans or feelings to too many people
Okay so a lot of moon energy happening here. We have new moon so we have a new phase that's beginning. Possibly fresh new energy. Maybe even new opportunities. This imum coeli is something that talks a lot about the fourth house or what sits on the cusp of your fourth house. Fourth house issues that have to do with family and the home or emotions. We also have the high priestess, also ruled by the moon or some may say Pisces. And then we have the Pisces card here with hanged man. We also have Scorpio energy with reveal what needs to be seen. Fitting for a Scorpio moon. We have Leo energy with lighten up. We have Taurus energy with be proud of yourself.
So overall the message is sort of like stop worrying, you got this. A lot of it is an inner child message of relaxing, bringing in a bit more fun, bringing in a bit more adventure. Taking things less seriously is the big thing. There might have been some things in the last cycle or even the last year or years where you've taken things so seriously or maybe there's even been situations with family or home that have been super serious. But in this new phase after this full moon clears out, you are really being asked to chill out, be less serious, have some fun, lighten up. You don't have to be yourself up because you have reasons to be proud of yourself. I'm guessing with such strong cards it's that you've done all of the spiritual work that you needed to do. Now it's like a moment where you can slow down from that. Maybe you spend too much time in the realms of spirituality and need to step out and go outside, act your age whatever that means, go be social. Don't just stay in a rut where everything has to be perfect or somehow you see it negatively that having fun means being immature. Now is a good time for you to take a pause, take a rest if things have been chaotic or you've been really busy with work. It's a good time to just sit and be receptive to whatever the universe is going to drop your way. You don't have to do any work. The last pile I feel like had to put some action into whatever they wanted to manifest whereas I feel like this pile has done the work and just needs to sit there and wait for it to come and consider that it's okay to just be silly.
I kind of want to clarify the Scorpio card so hold on. This is kind of interesting and feels more like a prophetic message for some of you. It could be other things but prophetically it could be that what you are going to receive might actually be a couple of things. It's very possible you could receive an offer or message from another person in regard to love or relationships. Particularly they could be a fire sign because I have page of cups, night of wands and seven of Wands. The seven of Wands could be like a gate. Like how that card said unseen so it's like there's a wall and on the other side what you're going to receive is this offer from this knight of Wands character but you aren't aware that if you just sit there and wait and enjoy life, this will come to you.
Another way to read this is since the last quarter moon in Scorpio would be closer to the full moon and something you might need to release. Even if you've probably done most of the work, maybe this is specifically related to the fourth house issues so a family situation or kids, moving home, feelings, intuition. There could be or may have been a pattern of resisting following your heart about something is what I want to say. Like there's some hesitation about something. And maybe the situation is what you took too seriously. Just as an example like maybe a situation a fight with a family member or friend, but somebody you care about who's close to you and you've put up a wall with them or they have or there's just something there that's emotional, you care about this person or the situation, but it's like there's a hesitancy to take action.
Or it could even be a situation where specifically this person is someone who is a bit overpowering and pushy and you care about them but maybe they have put up a wall or you've felt like you have to put up some boundaries with them. I'm just throwing out examples so take what resonates. For a lot of you I see it more as in the future. But I feel like it's also connected to the hanged man card where it's like, maybe the situation isn't as serious as you think or isn't at all what you think and you've kind of like reacted over defensively. And I feel more strongly that it's because emotions are involved like it hurts more because it's an issue with this person or it could be a situation that you're attached to. It could even be a dream that you've wanted like doing something creative and feeling like you have to defend yourself to family that you want to pursue it. And since Scorpio is here this could be something you're not even conscious of. So you might want to have a think about any situation where you immediately feel defensive around a particular person or something you're emotionally attached to in terms of a goal or dream or it can even be a belief, it could even be like a band you really like that you find really inspiring and some family member always makes fun of you for liking that. And like you get really upset about it but it's not that deep. I mean it could be but it's also a misunderstanding or one that could be easily dealt with by saying I don't really appreciate you saying that, these people mean a lot to me so I wish you would respect that. Those are examples.
Also for those of you that this is going to be a love interest, I wouldn't be surprised if on the last reading you picked I want to say pile three and I talked about manifesting someone where one or both of you would have your guard up a bit when you meet. Maybe even your instant impression of each other or this other person immediately has you on the defense for reasons you don't even know. It could also be specifically about the way they talk to you. I'm not saying that they talk badly to you, it just could be that something about when you start conversing, has you on the edge. It could also be a situation where this person incidentally says something and you take offense when they didn't mean anything by it. But it could be a situation where you are attracted to the person and then you kind of freak out. And in the knight of wands, I do see that this person could kind of mirror you so you might just be like that's scary lol. But the other cars are like you know don't take it so seriously like just let it go let it flow.
Compared to the other two piles I don't feel like you have any harsh words coming from the universe or lessons or anything you're doing particularly wrong like I said there's just that blip around to the reveal what needs to be seen. Which is either a prophetic message on how to deal with the situation in the future that you haven't seen yet or haven't seen coming so this would be like a new person probably, someone you don't know. Or it's some extra unconscious shadow work around feeling overly defensive about a dream. But there are ways to mix that around to different situations. Because page of cups and the knight of Wands can be about creative things and not just romantic things. But it can also be a hesitancy to move forward when it comes to a passion project that you just started. Scorpio has to do with beginnings and deaths ends rebirths. So there could be issues with starting a new again. Almost like if you tried something a couple of times and it didn't work out the way you want and you want to try again but you're also like worried about what other people will think. Anyway I'm sure you can imagine a situation like that with emotions involved and there's a desire to take action and then you have this seven with wands thing that's like I feel like I have to defend myself about this thing that I like or I feel like I'm the only one who sees it this way or I'm the only one who believes in myself. Whether it's something you need to work on yourself because it's unconscious or if it's something you have to reveal to someone else to talk about.
But yeah overall I just see there is probably some sentimentality, because that felt a lot like being sentimental about something and then being defensive about it because your sentimental about it lol and emotionally attached. Which can be what this fourth house energy is coming from too or there may be something in your fourth house that's at play. For some of you you're probably going to have your moon in your fourth house and maybe even moon in Pisces in fourth house. Or but there are a lot of moons this could be Taurus Leo Scorpio moon as well.
And like I said I really don't have any thing to be up on you about because there's something new coming, it could involve family stuff or a change in the home like relocation sure. There could be something like that coming up in the next few months, even up to Scorpio season. There could also be I mean this isn't just a love pile or just a work pile. But there is a lot of creative energy so it could be related to work. I also see Leo as being creative as well. When I think of Taurus I think about money or aesthetics so it does make me think of also besides having a potential love thing coming in, for this pile there might be a new work opportunity. Maybe even meet your person through this new work thing. But I think this pile is going to have big changes that happen relatively soon in work and love, maybe family, maybe as big as relocating. I feel like you're in the perfect position to receive a lot of really big things and changes and I think the cards are trying to reassure you and tell you not to freak out when all of the stuff starts happening and changing because maybe in the past you've been like I don't know if I can handle all of this even though I'm ready. So the cards are like it's going to be okay, there could be a lot of changes, they are going to be big and good changes but we know change is scary so just like sit chill. Look at this high priestess card she's like absolutely chill, you got the hang demand that's like the second most chill. You've got the fool that's like I'm not worried about anything. You've literally got cards that are like lighten up and be proud of yourself. So don't think you will you might a little but don't freak out. I'm actually one of those people where if somebody is like be chill it's going to be fine that makes me more inclined to do the opposite because I'm a pain in the ass.
So yeah the only little glitch here is the Scorpio card. I should probably actually read in the guidebook if there's a message I'm missing. Okay well it totally makes sense to read the guidebook some of the time. Basically this card is about there might be an issue you want to talk about but you might not want to talk about it right now so it's up to your discretion when and what you want to talk about regarding the issue. That's why it makes sense that we have someone like the page of cups that's about emotions and it's also about messages or communication, knight of Wands which can be a passionate, impulsive or spontaneous endeavor. And seven of Wands is like I don't want to page of cups about my knight of wands. I think brook said something about this when I was watching her live. And she pointed out not revealing part of your plan to everyone.
And people say that like when you have a dream, you shouldn't always share it because maybe someone's negative intentions or energy or negative things that they say will mess with your mind and your manifestation. In this case, that might be extra advice to whatever it is you are hoping for. And I see things like love and work stuff here and you might even have a sense of this starting because maybe you've been interviewing or it's just a feeling. I don't think at this time you need to reveal your hopes and dreams to everyone or even as it progresses. Don't put all that information out there on social media. I think that you will feel better if you keep it to yourself and maybe people you trust because they feel like you are really attached to this and emotional about it so if someone comes in and is like I don't think that's a smart idea or I don't think you have the experience to do that or blah blah blah blah blah. You don't need that energy so keep it to yourself for now or only reveal what you want.
Basically it's at your discretion to reveal what needs to be seen. And I am leaning more toward keeping it close to you, maybe even keeping it from family you know. Maybe your family are the ones most likely to be critical. So just sit and wait and be chill It's coming, I feel like you barely have to do any work, and be chill about the information you give out for right now. Especially if it's something you're really excited about.
Pile 4
Tumblr media
Release: being sidetracked by failures or other sidequests in the face of achieving your true dream job/goal that is essentially your life path-destiny; may have been drawn to Pile 3 or 1 or all three piles
You got the same moonology card as pile 3. Okay so we have 10 of pentacles and 4 of swords and 5 of Wands. We have reveal what needs to be seen last quarter moon in Scorpio and 5th house. Which can have to do with your 5th house or 5th house in general which is Leo. We also have 2 5s so may or the number five may be relevant to you.
And we don't have any particular energy here except Scorpio and Leo.
I do kind of wonder if some people were drawn to three and four even though this doesn't really fit with pile three but I still feel like they could be connected and might have multiple messages for some of you. I'm also going to clarify too just because I want to be sure.
But before I do that so reveal what needs to be seen was a card about you might have things that are going on that you just don't want to talk about so it's up to you how much of that you want to reveal. For pile 3 they had such good energy that I felt like it was a good time to say maybe don't reveal everything you have planned, all of the good things happening in your life or manifestations or dreams. Don't be putting that out everywhere so that other people can come in with their negative energy.
So that's one thing. With 10 of pentacles for me these are issues about career, family, financial stability, legacy, yeah. Four of swords can be kind of like a break or it can even be a vacation or trip, if it were to involve another person and I thought this was a love reading, I see it as a soulmate card or past life card. Then we have the five of Wands which can be in internal or external conflict or even in the issue of light competition. My first inclination with just the tarot is potentially somebody needing to take a break from a conflict related to 10 of pentacles issues. So taking a break because of conflicts with health, conflicts in career, conflicts with family.
With fifth house, the things associated with that can be doing things that make you feel good, being brave, wanting recognition or attention, issues of loyalty, bold action.
This is the point I need to clarify because there are so many scenarios I'd rather narrow it down than start rambling for about an hour. And before that I will say the back of Jack was three of wands, the moon, hermit, tower. So I kind of reads like an overall theme of some uncertainty about a new journey that has started where you might feel alone in this new start or you might feel like something negative is going to happen if you pursue this route because there is so much uncertainty or even fear. In this case maybe the Scorpio card will mean something more abstract and isn't necessarily related to the guidebook definition.
Okay interesting. I almost wonder if this pile is like a prequel for pile three people. So we have 10 of pentacles is clarified by the star. But I still feel like that can mean a few things. Mostly you would think it would be a dreamer wish related to career or financial success or family or a legacy lol which is all the things I already talked about. It could be if it's career related to an online career. It could be that something about your career is really unique or your unique qualities are what will lead to a success in this particular thing which did I bring Leo into this at all Yes 5th house okay. It definitely reads like somebody who is looking for fame or recognition and leaving a legacy behind as well as all of that money and providing for family. That's what I'm getting so far. This could be you. It could even be somebody coming in. Or if someone comes in and together you achieve a pretty high level of fame or recognition in the public eye.
Personally, I think it's a combination of a lot of things. I think it's somebody who wants all of these things but they might particularly be thinking about I have a desire for stability. But they're also thinking a lot about I want a career where I'm famous or recognized for whatever I do and I'm also recognized for being different or special or a rebel. What you do in the career, there's not going to be very many people like you. It could even be a situation in which you stand out from your family too in having achieved something that is worth noting such as let's say you are the first college graduate in your family. These two cards together plus this Leo energy fit all of those things.
It's also interesting with the reveal what needs to be seen card because now we're talking about being recognized. And specifically some of you could be pursuing a career through social media or something online. And it could be too that this issue may have to do with revealing only part of your life online and not the entire story. Like only showing the good parts. I think it's a mix that some of this is going to be something different and then for some of you it may be that this will end up being a message about a specific situation related to a social media issue or desire to be an influencer or twitch person whatever. It could even be about another person who you meet with that has a bit of fame themselves. I guess we'll know if we keep going lol
It's just so obviously about career fame for most of you in some sense of the words.
For four of swords, clarified by six of cups and ten of cups. This is really interesting because pile three had fourth house energy and this is pulling in all of the family related cards. Six of cups is family or childhood or siblings or children, nostalgia, it could be an ex but it's also another soulmate card to me. 10 of cups is that complete happiness and satisfaction but it's also a family card. All we need now is for the hierophant to fall out and it'll be like okay obviously about family.
Even the star to me can be about community which is why I sometimes read it as online community. Because Aquarius is also technology
So four of swords could be taking a trip with family, it could be taking a break from family. It could be moving away from family. It could be needing a rest in order to get in touch with what used to make you happy as a kid as in this could be get in touch with your inner child type of messages which I think it was pile one had that. I forget.
But it also has the sense of let's look at the four of swords picture and this can be about meditation. It does kind of remind me of the four of cups which came out for five of Wands but we'll get to that. So we have somebody who looks like they are meditating. And then if they are meditating they have thought bubbles that include 10 of cups and 6 of cups. So this could be someone taking a lot of time to think or meditate on something that they wanted as a child that would make them happy. Like if somebody as a kid wanted to be an actor. They are suddenly starting to feel like I think I want to pursue that again. But the most obvious in general take on these cards together would be something like somebody taking time out to have fun or play like a kid. Not take things so seriously which is also the message that pile three got so absolutely I want to send you there. Because I feel like pile for is maybe an add-on for pile three.
So then we have five of Wands which is the obvious conflict or competition card. It's clarified by four of cups and five of cups, two cards that are generally read negative as well. And once again we have emphasis on fours and fives. So of course there would be conflict because we have issues of disappointment in the past and focusing only on what didn't work out and literally in that card it's a card about only focusing on the cups that fell even though you have two cups that are still upright behind you that pose as potential opportunities that are right there if you would only notice them but you're not because you're like this thing sucked. And four of cups is about again ignoring some type of opportunity because your attention is elsewhere. Or you miss it because you're so busy with all of the things that have gone wrong. So it's a sense of being distracted. All together it could be that on your path that maybe it's been a path or something that your heart has wanted since you were young. You have encountered a lot of disappointments, not just on this particular path but in life. Maybe disappointments in relationships, in your career, in your hobbies. And through that time you were so distracted by that stuff, you might have missed out or turned down other opportunities.
You might even still be afraid of those or turning them down because you have a fear of failure or a fear of the same thing repeating. I don't think it's super serious because these are all minors but it's like they've built up over time because there have been several of them. So I do want to say it feels understandable because when you feel like everything always goes wrong and then you go so far down a path and you haven't achieved that dream, it's kind of like okay will it ever happen. But even though it seems like you've been distracted and you haven't achieved this goal necessarily, it's still in the back of your mind. You might have given up or told yourself that it's never going to happen but it's still there there's still a desire to do this thing in which it's probably a big dream. It's probably something like yeah I want to be a famous actor or writer or artist or dancer or athlete. But there's some level of recognition that you wanted that I think you're still hoping for but haven't achieved and have been sidetracked on it.
And I'm not saying any particular advice like the other piles. I am saying just this is how it is this is the thing that happened. Or I'm not saying gosh it's written in the stars that you're meant to be famous. I just see the desire for it and I see it's still on your mind, or you try to pursue it but now you're on a break from it but you still think about it a lot and then there are things along the way that made it difficult. Maybe the field was too competitive too so that kind of made you feel bad. If this is an add-on to pile three, I would say this has to do with your career and may have to do with that Scorpio message. Like everything is great you've done all of the work, you are ready to receive, but also here's this thing that remains unfinished. And it feels like it's career potential to be something really great. And within that pile, there is the message that you've done the work and you are ready to receive so maybe you did take some type of action that would put you on this path even incidentally. Or maybe it's yet to come. Let's pull another card though and see what is the outcome. Or it could be that you're not meant to know the outcome because then you wouldn't choose that path and would get distracted again. What is the outcome in the future if pile four pursues their dream?
Okay so we have seven of pentacles, queen of pentacles, queen of swords. And new moon in Scorpio go deeper and new moon in Gemini think it through. That would have been funny if we got queen of cups because that would make sense with the Scorpio card and Queen of swords with Gemini.
But this feels like such a career reading. So if this is a career that would take a lot of effort and maybe even a lot of time investing in either the skills to become really good at this or it would take a long time doing the career to get the recognition that you want if you want fame. It could even be that it will happen in the later part of your life where you pursue this after taking a break or yeah. Personally, I see this as a career that has to do with writing or communication and particular so definitely a pile for writers. But that could be acting as well anything that involves words. And queen of pentacles also gives me this feeling of having to build up those skills on your own and over a long period of time. So definitely it feels like an accomplished writer or yeah. But sometimes people are one hit wonders and they don't put tons of time more effort and they get recognition. But that doesn't necessarily mean that they're actually talented either. There are plenty of popular writers or actors who are popular not because of their actual talent. No I don't think talent is subjective.
It could be that this path is so long that you do take a break at some point maybe because of all of the disappointments you've experienced up until a certain point so you take a break from your writing dream. But I think you still want to pursue it. Because the star and the ten of pentacles gives me this feeling of I'm never truly going to be satisfied if I don't do this. I don't think you doubt that you want to do this but it's like other external things get in the way.
Or it can be that you do it and then there's a period of time where you don't love it as much but it's because something else happened or it doesn't matter but maybe you just take a break from it. But that break time might remind you of why you wanted to do this. It doesn't matter. But I just see a job in a field where a lot of mental skills are required and that it takes time to build up these skills and also it will take time before the level of recognition is as high as you want. This could even be somebody who owns their own marketing business or publishing business but it's a business that would probably have to do with the intellect or written words or making decisions. Communication jobs especially. It could even be that on route to this job of becoming a famous whatever, you had to work other jobs for the sake of financial stability and that was the reason why you had a break from pursuing your actual higher self super goal job. Because you can't live on like a $20 story that you write for someone and it's like 30,000 words.
New Moon in Gemini and think it through. This just feels like it's still saying that this is something that has to do with words or the intellect. But also just a lot of analytical stuff going on with should I or shouldn't I. It just makes me think that you're a very thinking sort of person. Go deeper, this just makes me feel like this is a deep rooted wish or goal that's been there for a long time like this six of cups says and also that there is a lot of emotional investment in this or even that the way you write is a style that's very emotional or how you act is very methods and emotional. So there is an emotional component that's like not only are you emotionally attached to this potential career but there's a level of deep emotion in what you produce. So yes it does seem like a good pile for artists. Or it could even be a lawyer who's deeply passionate about the area of law that they get into. Or yeah it could be like I'm a marketing person and I've always wanted to work for Nike or the NFL.
As for what needs to be released because that makes sense with the full moon or lunar eclipse. I guess releasing the idea of giving up on your dream? I think this feels like a reminder for you. And it's like don't release this dream lol but really everything that's keeping you from pursuing it. It's not a very pushy message. And I am still feeling inclined to tell you that this is an attached message to pile 3. And it's related to that Scorpio card I go on about. The same Scorpio card you have in this which is extra confirmation and synchronicity that it's like tell them to read pile 3. Because this feels like a separate message and not a whole message. So it would make sense it would go with another pile.
And so again your energy here could be Leo, Scorpio, Gemini, all of the earth signs and air signs are present too. But there's really an intense desire to do this and I think if you pursued it you really could have fame or a legacy to leave behind but that's if you choose to pursue it. And you don't let external things like disappointments or not getting such and such writing job or you tried to pursue it by going to LA and that didn't work. It's just because those might have been extensions of what you really want to do but not the exact thing you want to do. But it's going to keep cropping up in your mind unless you do something about it. You don't have to but it does seem to be your path and if it's a path, then you are meant to be successful at it if you try.
And there was a potential love relationship coming in for pile three that involved a fire sign so with Leo here, it could be that you do meet a Leo and they are somewhat famous maybe or they're just a Leo or they're a Leo that is in the same position as you where they have a bigger goal that they haven't quite achieved or maybe they did achieve it and they can help you pursue your goal. I don't know why I keep getting Leo Scorpio energy. It's following me around. I guess we're all going to marry Leo Scorpios.
But the love stuff isn't really coming up for this pile This is definitely related to pursuing a famous highly recognized career. Especially if you write stuff online or ever did that. If it's something you've wanted since you were a kid, if achieving it makes you happy when you think about it. If you feel kind of giddy when you think about it. Even more specific if you want to write children's books. Or any of the careers I mentioned but attached to children. Even if the field is competitive, you have your own unique attributes to bring to this field That's what the star tells me.
And also that you are meant to be a star. Someone with a very unique voice. Someone who if you do pursue this you will probably get pretty rich lol. That you will be able to provide for your family. I mean you have 10 of cups and 10 of pentacles here and star all the queens are coming out almost. So yeah whatever intellectual talents you have, yes they can make you famous if you pursue this but it may take a long time and you may suffer a lot of disappointments and even take a break at some points from pursuing this to do related work that is in the same field kind of but isn't your passion. And I still feel like it's also a dream that you should keep on the down low and not try to post about everywhere because obviously if you go I want to be a famous XYZ there is going to be someone who criticizes you or is like you aren't good enough or you aren't pretty enough blah blah. So yeah I think that's about all I see for you.
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✨ it’s the dress ✨
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That single queer person moment when you finish watching or reading some lgbtq+ media and then feel that deep profound yearning and sadness for something you have never experienced and may never experience.
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It doesn't mean your man loves you less because he doesn't post about you all over social media
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Tumblr media
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External conflicts are difficult to resolve before resolving the internal conflicts that fuel them. That’s why so many people give up and walk away, thinking they have left the conflict by getting away from the person... only to see it again with another.
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Swinging is not just about threesomes or moresomes. It is about being true and open to our desires with our loved ones, with whom we share intimacy and trust. It's defnitely not for every couple, not for everyone, but there are many couples who make it work and keep exploring the lifestyle for geniune pleasures.
Join 3Fun swinger dating app to get connected with nearby like-minded swinger couples and singles Now!  https://3funapp.onelink.me/roxZ/787nfu8v
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- This..
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I don't want to get into too much personal details but I just wanted to send a happy post because I'm indeed very happy and I'm sure y'all can be so too. I'm ace (I became sex-repulsed at one point of life, I think because of resurface of trauma possibly mixed with other stuff, but I've been slowly becoming more neutral and favourable to a few things), I've been with my allo partner almost a year and a half. We haven't gone past making out (and even that we didn't do for many months) and they have always been absolutely understanding and never pressured me into anything at all, I've only ever heard words of encouragement and respect from them. I didn't use to think this was possible, but it is. There are good and understanding people out there and we don't have to force ourselves to anything 💜🤍🖤 the only thing that matters is understanding, communicating, and loving each other.
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someone is going to love you.
love you softly. love you unconditionally. love you empathetically. love you with laughter and through tears. love you hopefully. love you wholly. love you without fear. love you happily. love you without shame. love you for no reason at all. love you for you.
i promise, because i love you. and isn’t that wonderful?
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✨ Nature and ruffles ✨
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There is not enough celebration of companionship. Relationships aren't just about eroticism and sexuality.
Francesca Annis
Born: May 14, 1945 (age 77 years), Kensington, London, UK
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