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Worrying about if your SO is cheating is the same energy as worrying about divorce when you’re engaged/married.

Sure, be aware of what actions you want to take, if it does happen. However, expecting it to happen at any moment means that you need to step back and reevaluate something.

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i hate how i’m doing everything in my power to make my relationship work, to see him, to make my partner secure in our relationship but it’s never enough. i’m texting him all the time, i never miss a call, i tell him how much i care about him and love him daily, he even has my fucking location for god’s sake yet he still doubt my faithfulness towards him and accuse me of being with someone else.  AS IF I WOULD EVER FUCKING CHEAT ON HIM.

he wants to come visit me, i figured everything out for the visa (he’s in the US, i’m in canada) and he can’t even dedicate ten fucking minutes of his time to fill it out. how i am i supposed to even believe in this relationship anymore if he can’t do the fucking bare minimum to come see me?

he told me that he knows he has issues, that he needs to work on them, that he cares about me and wants to make me happy but lately all he does is stress me the fuck out, make me feel like shit and honestly drain me mentally.

we used to be so good together, he made me so fucking happy, he helped me deal with sooo many things, bad habits, bpd bullshit, he made me me feel like i can trust/love again. its hard to let go. but i’m so unhappy. i’m clinging on to the little bit of hope i have that maybe, just maybe things are going to be okay..

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I remember growing up and going to friend’s houses to play/hang out and seeing their sibling being an ass and then they start to fight and I would just stand awkwardly to the side and be like, “Ok, guess I’m not going to have the fun I thought I would be having…” And then I’ll find the adult in the house and be like, “Help please.” And then the fight would either be broken up or I would get picked up early by my mom because they wouldn’t calm down or apologize.

Meanwhile me and my brother just chill and have Pokemon battles or watch TV shows like Agents of SHIELD or play video games.

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Sometimes you get passed up on because you’re aiming too low. You can exceed your own expectations. Go for what you really want. Aim higher than you think you can attain. You’re actually being looked out for. Be thankful.

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I do things the way that works for me, not necessarily the way that society things they should be done. I get secretive and defensive because I know what I’m doing is okay, but other people often don’t think so. My choices are often denigrated, pathologized, and misunderstood. 

I distance myself from people. I don’t want a long-term relationship. I’ll sleep with someone who’s married, if I have their spouse’s permission and it feels okay.

People say that friendships die without regular contact. That’s not my experience! I maintain a lot of friendships, that regularly have months-long stretches of no contact And then we bounce back into each other’s lives.

My band goes on two-week long tours once or twice a year. We’re super-close and often end up sleeping in the same room (or same bed!). But then we leave and don’t talk to each other for a while. It’s not the we don’t like each other, we just live in 3 different states.

I’m so used to defending myself against people, that I’m a bit befuddled when my nurse and therapist are both supportive of my lifestyle. 

“If it was causing you distress, that would be a problem.. But what you’re doing is working for you. You don’t want to be surrounded by people, so you’re not. But you have plenty of rewarding friendships. You and your friends seem content with how things are… I don’t see the problem.”

The problem is that society keeps telling me that’s not how friendships work. 
The problem is that a woman who wants to live alone is viewed as weird and creepy.

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