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I can’t sleep been up alll night racing heart beat all I keep thinking about are all the memories and how you swept me off my feet and what feels like not even a second or a full blink you got rid of me. 8 months of my life pulled right from under me. ..they say you can’t fight the inevitable but see everything was fine but I guess we ran out of time…puddle of tears wet touching the side of my ears .. no explanation not even a peep and out of no where you blocked me ..which brings me back to why I can’t sleep… moving forward -Angelia L.♒️♌️ (the married man)

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I cried a lot

I’ll cry some more

The world wants me to continue living among the living

I miss him and I’m obsessed with him.

I’m obsessed with the past

Feelings are temporary

Eventually my feelings will diminish

Trust me I look forward to the day!😂

I won’t be bringing this energy into anything new that may come my way

I’m taking the time to heal and get over this😁😜ahhhhh

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What I never realized but was always an issue that was never hidden and I was told by so many in various ways was I’m a glutton for pain and punishment cause that’s all I know! I self sabotage and I don’t even realize it.. I choose the narcissistic robots and unavailable over the healthy vulnerable and available.. the crazy part is it’s so damn simple right it all starts with a choice but I always choose wrong and I wonder why I feel empty!!! I don’t know how to just be happy sometimes I always get so scared that things are to good to be true so it’s hard for me to enjoy the moments live in the now I always Feel like something has to be wrong or whats the catch almost like I don’t deserve it but see those are my inner voices or shall I say inner demons ! I’m a good kind genuine person I do deserve all of that ! Fucks those inner thoughts soon they won’t even exists .. but for anyone else out there dealing with this as well just know your are enough you do deserve it and it’s ok to relax and just live in the moment! Good things happen to good people stop fighting it !! - love angelia l.

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Aapka Dil Toota aur Hum Chale Aaye♥️
Comeback of @altafraja_official with @payaldevofficial for their latest track ‘Ae Sanamm’. Song out now.

Link -

@kunaalvermaa @beingmudassarkhan @vinrana @annsh_shekhawat @adilafsarz @nitinfcp @adityadevmusic
#PayalDev #AltafRaja #AeSanamm #Releasing #newsong #newrelease #outnow #music
#musiccomposer #Lovesong #emotional #love #feelings #MoviemateMedia #dhananjayfilmy #Facebook #instadaily
#apkadiltootaaurhumvhaleaaye #heartbreak

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Getting in touch with my inner goddess 🌹 releasing my feminine energy 🔥while exploring bellydance to pop song with ZES Ann Saldi ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you Ann, u made my nite. Now I’m all juiced up 💥 #bellydance #goddess #innergoddess #feminineenergy #feminine #selfexploration #selflove #selfcare #releasing #energyflow (at Brooklyn, New York)

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My ex is my axe and I release it from my skull with love and gratitude. With anger but no resentment. With humbleness and clarification. #willvs #thathumanwill #poetry #storytime #releasing #expression #love #understanding #williamkhumphrey #diaryofablackchrist #gratitude

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#khudahaafiz #RELEASING ON AUG 14

#Repost @hotstarusa
One call is all it took to disrupt Sameer and Nargis’s happy life.
Get ready to be a part of this action packed thriller
#KhudaHaafiz only in 3 days!
#Hotstarusa #hotstarcanada
@mevidyutjammwal @shivaleekaoberoi @annukapoor @aahanakumra @shivpanditt @kumarmangatpathak @abhishekpathakk @farukkabir9 @mithoon11 @arradhyamaan @panorama_studios @zeemusiccompany

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Like a road block it’s temporary once the construction is done the emotions are still sitting there waiting to come through hell they may even take a detour but they still have to travel through no matter which direction that’s the only way out and for them to be gone for good.. so let that shit go or you know the snowball effect yes that will happen you will make calls texts you can’t take back you will cry scream or probably lay in bed all day numb but just let it happen you will even feel bipolar I know I did but it feels so damn good when you do release .. It has to come out put the pride away and feel it so you can heal it.. I’m still learning everyday .. probably would have been better if I released when I was suppose to but at least it happened ❤️ Angelia

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