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don’t get me wrong. i am a former catholic through and through. but sometimes i think of god and i cry

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Okay, my opinions on the Chris Pratt debacle.

First off, let me say it is really hard to judge the situation personally. I really like Chris Pratt in the MCU and Jurassic World films. He himself hasn’t responded to the criticism, and…it’s all super complicated.

Here’s what seems weird to me about the whole thing. According to an article I read, Pratt donated in favor of Obama during the 2012 election. He is a nondenominational Christian, which as far as I can tell follows several Protestant views. And a lot of Protestant churches agree that same-sex marriage is good.

On the other hand, Pratt has said he takes views from both both Republicans and Democrats. His step-father (Arnold himself) is wildly homophobic, but Katherine doesn’t seem to be.

In short, I don’t know. I hope it was all a badly made joke and he apologizes. We shall see.

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So, here’s some finds that I found while going to thrift shops/antique stores


1). A shot glass that I, oh most definently didn’t turn upside down

2). A mug that says “Recycled Teenager” in a wacky 90s font (the only thing I brought home)


3.) A Leela figurine! Would’ve bought it if I had a bit more money

4.) Little gecko friend!!! 🦎

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Oooh! I’ll make a post with personal recommendations!

I might even make some kind of group so it can be easier to find these kinds of things because religious MCs need some appreciation. I dunno. The one Discord group I have is a personal one and only my most trusted friends are on there so managing stuff there isn’t a problem. I’m kinda nervous about my management skills beyond a friend group.

But I’m definitely doing the recommendations! You can even share some of your personal favorites with me or your own work.

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Me too, honestly! This is probably because I’m a religious person myself and I didn’t see MCs/OCs with religious affiliations until I joined this fandom. Like, I didn’t know I wanted that until then!

The ones written the best are by religious people in my opinion. Like, not everyone is going to be easily swayed because of some sexy demon boys. DID I MENTION THE FUCKING NUANCE!?

Where did the Muslim MCs go? I haven’t seen any on Tumblr recently.

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