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#remember that kids

i went on this 2 hour walk to listen to mitski but now im geccing. life is so unexpected like that 💝✨💖

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Sometimes I want to sit and scream about how much I hate the big 2 essential oil scamschemes, and so I join anti-mlm groups.  But then they sit and scream about how much they hate woo, but I’m woo af too.

I can’t scream about the former in woo groups.

I have hit a wall.

Though I’d love to write a nice informative article with links on safe essential oil practices while staying high vibe.  I’m not an aromatherapist though.

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You can tell Gabriel is the bad guy because of his haircut. It’s awful, just like his soul. That’s why Adrien is so good despite his upbringing, because his hair is so good. 

The better the hair, the better the character: fact. 

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Cry BEFORE: Oh. That's interesting. I can dig this I can dig it okay let's do this. /insert indie game developer here
Cry AFTER: /fed up with copyright claims find me on twitch also my gf singlehandedly wrecked the entirety of LNC and left me with the debris
Mark BEFORE: asd":LDG: JF;lkjg'ADF' G'ajf'Ahg' HSdFAAAAAAAaa AAaAAaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaa /smash
Poods BEFORE: /essentially the same as mark
Poods AFTER: /another cynical and sarcastic video about his plight as a youtuber addressing the negative media attention
Jack BEFORE: /insert this channel is where it is thanks to you guiz I don't deserve this videos here
Jack AFTER: WEEEEEHHHHHHH I don't like this game anymore! This game is bad, it should cater to my ineptitude as a gamer! But I'm also being deliberately bad because people watch me for my commentary not for perfect gameplay!
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@makeitthroughthis yeah they’re trying to say that they never got a deposit from us because the previous manager was pretty lax about that sort of thing. Which she was, but we paid it. It should be in my bank records, so I’m confident I can prove it. I’m mostly mad that I have to do it and at the same time they’re trying to play this “we’re all friends here” thing like they’re not screwing us. You are not my friend, ms. connecticut nice white lady liberal, and this is shitty. Don’t act all surprised when I object to getting screwed because you think you’re a “nice person” who wouldn’t do that. You are doing that. You’re doing it right now. Yeah, you’re losing your house and that sucks, but if you ever had the money to own a house you’re a lot better off than I’ve ever been, and you could look for an actually available apartment like the rest of us rather than kicking us out of ours to save yourself the trouble.

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