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#remember that one yall
hvvrtfulloflove · 2 months ago
On June 19, 2021 the czech police arrested a young romani man. In the streets and in broad daylight, one of the officers knelt on his neck for several minutes while another was handcuffing him. He later collapsed and died in an ambulance. There is video footage of this. You can hear a woman saying, "They are smothering him."
The autopsy report and the czech police are saying that the cause of the death was totally unrelated to the arrestation, but rather that the rom, who was allegedly a drug addict, died of an overdose. However, several other romani people are saying that is not true and that the man was not on drugs. A czech romani activist added : « He was reportedly taking Tramal for enormous spinal pain. Each of us can probably imagine what might happen if somebody were to kneel on the neck of a person who had a spinal ailment."
The police is pressuring and forbidding the local romani community to discuss the incident. The czech Interior Minister, Jan Hamáček, publicly backed the police officers by saying, "The intervening police officers have my full support. Anybody under the influence of addictive substances who breaks the law has to count on the police intervening. It is mainly thanks to the work of policemen and policewomen that we are among the top 10 safest countries in the world. »
This is wrong. There is actual video footage showing the police officers holding an unarmed man and kneeling on his neck for minutes while people are saying he is being smothered. Even if he was indeed on drugs, the police should have absolutely no right to decide who gets to live and who gets to die. Drug users shouldn’t get murdered in the streets in front of everyone while the government cheers. The police is supposed to be trained to handle individuals in all different kinds of situations, including when they are on drugs. They should have the emotional ability to deal with someone on drugs without smothering and potentially killing them.
The czech police has a history of murdering romani people.
The european police has a history of murdering romani people. Be it the french, dutch, british, italian, hungarian, polish, romanian, czech police, they all have a long history of surveying, arresting, enslaving, tracking down and hunting romani people for no reason. This is why we don’t trust them and why we would never associate ourselves with them in any way.
ACAB knows no frontiers. Please, please, please don’t be silent about this. It may seem distant to you if you are not romani and not european, but please don’t ignore this. It should not be legal to kill someone, a human being with a family and a community, just because they are romani.
Here are articles, if you want to read about it:
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lesbiantechno · 4 months ago
Techno: Phil you’re an accomplice. You’re an accomplice, Phil!
Phil, overlapping: I’m- I’m following Techno- I’m following Techno to the gates of hell!
Gumball: This could single-handedly kill the entire server.
Techno: Good.
Pete: I didn’t realize Phil was such a renegade!
Techno, continuing: -and nothing of value was lost.
Pete: I guess the true nature of Phil is being born out here.
Techno: Phil was made for world conquest, alright? Multiplayer is singleplayer for Phil.
Phil, overlapping: I just- Techno- Techno has a way with words. And he- And I aspire - not aspire, but I respect his chaotic energy. And if he wants to take over the world, god dammit I’m gonna help this man!
Techno: Exactly! [laughing]
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candyypirate · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
[ redraw ] 
so kiss me under the light of a thousand stars oh, who gives a sh!t about tomorrow?
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fishoutofcamelot · 2 months ago
BBC Merlin - in particular, its fandom - really ought to take on the Danny Phantom mindset when it comes to secret-keeping.
For context, Danny Phantom is a show about a boy who gets turned into a ghost, but must hide this from his parents who happen to be ghost hunters by pretending he's still fully alive. Obviously he keeps this a secret from them, for fear of what they would do to him if they ever found out what he was. Secret-keeping hijinks and glossed-over angst ensue.
And trust me, if you think the magic in BBCM is a queer allegory, just wait till you watch Danny Phantom.
Never in the series is Danny's secrecy viewed as a bad thing. In fact, both canon and an overwhelming majority of the 'phandom' are in agreement that even though his parents wound up accepting him in the end, their anti-ghost rhetoric made him feel extremely unsafe - and on that basis alone he was under no obligation to tell them his secret. The narrative isn't framed as Danny being responsible for his parents' views - instead, the responsibility is on his parents alone to abandon their prejudices and become better people.
Thats not to say Danny is free from accountability, of course. While DP is far from perfect, one thing it does rather well is explore the ways families can drift apart, and how maintaining relationships is a team effort. Danny pushes his parents away - and for good reason - but in the process he also pushes away any opportunity for reconciliation, assuming the worst of his parents for his own safety even in the face of their personal growth.
Sound familiar?
Likewise, Merlin is also constantly surrounded by dangerous, harmful rhetoric against himself and people like him. Arthur in particular is often either actively espousing or remaining passive in the face of this rhetoric. Like, I really do love Arthur, but it would be a disservice to his character to pretend he was always entirely in the right. And we could go in circles about whether or not Arthur deserved to know, or what he would/wouldn't have done if he found out Merlin's secret. The bottom line is, Merlin didn't feel safe. Arthur's words and actions directly contributed to Merlin's uncertainty, which in turn fed his fear.
Just like with Danny Phantom, Merlin isn't responsible for Arthur's views and opinions. Arthur is a free-thinking adult who can make his own decisions. And sure, blah blah blah, Arthur only ever encountered evil sorcerers and dark magic, so he never had the chance to challenge his views - but Danny's parents were also consistently exposed to evil ghosts wreaking havoc, yet they found it in themselves to change anyway.
(And to add to the parallels, "Sins of the Father" from BBCM and "Reality Trip" from DP both feature instances where Arthur and Danny's parents respectively grow from their harmful misconceptions and accept that which they used to hate. But then Merlin and Danny take actions to restore the status quo, resetting any growth they may have had - textually because they thought it was for the best, but subtextually I would argue it was because they were still scared of change and exposure and rejection, and the status quo made them feel safe. Was this the right thing to do? Probably not. But their actions are entirely understandable given the circumstances. Idk, i just thought that was an interesting parallel worth mentioning.)
TLDR - Merlin lying to Arthur wasnt a bad thing, BBC Merlin and Danny Phantom are uncannily similar, and both Merlin and Danny deserve lots of hugs
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cillyscribbles · a month ago
Tumblr media
“Open your eyes, Commander. You have my word - you have nothing to be afraid of.”
@codywanweek day 3 - keldabe, hello, i think i may have gotten a little attached to all those sith aus and all. 
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its-not-a-pen · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
~the Wrath of Dathomir~
20 years after the Clone Wars, master and apprentice find themselves menaced by a phantom of the past...
the Unknown Warrior is dressed as the Peregrine, a figure from Zabrak legend. 
I don’t really have a plot for this, but the visuals in my head were UBER powerful so i had to draw it. It's a mirror of the Phantom Menace and explores a more neutral perspective of the “dark side” user.
The Unknown Warrior is based off my favourite visual of TPM: Qui-Gon Jinn meditating in front of the ray shield while Maul paces back and forth like a wild animal. I combined the two to make a Zabrak who is both disciplined and imbued with righteous fury. 
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gays4thebloodgod · 4 months ago
Dream: I can't wait till George comes to Florida, I'm gonna take him to the beach-
Wilbur, aka Mr Steal-Yo-Man: Oh? Take him to the beach you say? What a wonderful idea ...
they- they went on a sushi date. anon make that /j a /hj
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genshin-headcanons · 4 months ago
Concept: Experienced Vision holders can sense their element’s Archon when they’re near. So Ningguang knows that Zhongli is Rex Lapis, alive and well. Whenever she’s having a bad day, she toys with the idea of charging him for the destruction of the Jade Chamber.
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