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#remember to take ur meds if u need them!!!
dreamquackity · 8 months ago
Not the anon who had the upcomig apt but I literally just had 2nd one with first therapist in years and she was like. Some of the things going on w you seem like add up to adhd. Or trauma. Or a few other things. So the symptoms can be there and it doesn't need to be adhd. But also the symptoms are the symptoms fuck if it doesn't suck
okay so anon know that i’m not saying this in direct response to you your ask just reminded me of something important i need to say
when ur doctor tells you “huh it seems that you have symptoms of adhd but i’m not fully sure you do have adhd” they are not trying to screw you over. they are not (usually) trying to be assholes who refuse to diagnose you or give you help you need. the reason why a doctor won’t immediately diagnose you w adhd n give you adhd meds despite thinking you display some symptoms of adhd is because adhd medication is dangerous to take if you do not have adhd
that might seem obvious. but also i really am not kidding. the hesitation ur doctors have with diagnosing you with adhd comes from the VERY REAL POSSIBILITY that your symptoms are coming from SOMETHING ELSE that ISN’T adhd. that’s why adhd is often linked to so many other illnesses n disorders such as depression n anxiety. it’s the overlapping symptoms. also yes you can have adhd + other disorders. but you could still also only have a certain disorder but not adhd. either way, taking adhd medication when you don’t have it is dangerous and can definitely HURT you
if ur wondering oh isn’t that the same for every disorder 🙄 the thing is uh... yes and no. u shouldn’t take medication that treats an illness/disorder you don’t have. but this is worse for adhd meds. these are brain stimulants. they’re treating brains that are developmentally.... fucked up, for lack of a better term. theyre controlled substances and for good reason. so yes, sometimes your doctor suggests you try antidepressants first when u think you have adhd. ur response might be “omg my doctor doesn’t believe me they think im faking they suck n can’t see that i actually have it!!”
u are most likely wrong about that. the reason why they might put you on antidepressants FIRST instead of adhd meds is because 1) you might not have adhd 2) you do have adhd but they don’t know if it’s a severe enough case to require adhd meds
the explanation for this is simple: adhd medication is often times stronger than most anti depressants. yes both aim to make a person more functional, but also adhd meds aim to stimulate the mind by improving attention span and concentration. and if there’s nothing TOO wrong with the way those facets of your brain function it is going to mess with your head in very bad ways. it could make you worse off than you already were. so if your doctor recommends antidepressants, you take the antidepressants, and then you report back on the effects so they know how to further help you. please, PLEASE don’t get these pills w out being prescibed them. self diagnosis is fine if ur using non-medical strategies to combat adhd, but don’t self medicate this is for your own safety
tl;dr is your life falling apart in ways that feel impossible to cope with? that sounds terrible! try your best to get medical help. do you think it’s adhd? maybe! it could be! but also don’t be fixated on it being adhd n be open to the possibility that it’s something else. ur doctor is most probably a licensed medical professional who studied for years. it does not mean they are 100% right about who has adhd and who doesn’t. but for the most part they are the most educated guess you can get If Your Are Seeking Medical Treatment so try your best to cooperate with them and Tell The Truth
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batz · 8 months ago
coomer and bubby meetcute hc!!! (but also some coomer backstory stuff because yeas!)
i wrote this hc back in da early hlvrai days but decided to rewrite it bc i had more ideas!!! also bc a little bit of coomer backstory is needed i want 2 know whts goin on with him with the  funny oldman...
also its almost 2k words and is mostly typos i am so sorry
  so, okay, before coomer started working at black mesa, his main job, his ‘career’, was underground wrestling. it didn’t pay too well, but it was something he was SUPER passionate about and loved! it initially started as a way to pay his way through school, but it ended up being his Main Priority, school kinda being an afterthought. he was really good at it too, he kind of had a reputation for being misleading, Stronger Than He Looks. a 5′4 manlet with a sweet lil smile and soft round build, but underneath all tht chub and cute was a fucking Killing Machine. dude was strong as HELL, able to take down almost any opponent he faced! ofc he wasn’t invincible, he was still human (at least at This point in his life, hes a flesh boy!), so he still had human weaknesses and Could Be Beaten.
  anyway, after a particularly Rough match, coomer was hospitalized. it was less of his opponents doing and more of a ‘accidentally gets picked up and thrown a little Too far and lands outside of the ring and onto the bleachers, breaking like So Many Bones in the process’ kinda thing. coomer was actually pretty stoked about it, although it couldve been the pain meds making him loopy, but the idea of being beaten in such an Awesome And Climactic Way made him really happy.
  coomers (first) wife was Used to coomer kinda getting horribly injured bc of his Career Choice(tm), and she Understood. she used to be involved in the underground wrestling scene too, in fact, she and coomer met during an impromptu boxing match in the parking lot of some 24 hour pharmacy. she beat him and they’ve been together ever since,, but she stopped w the whole boxing career thing, eventually getting a more stable job as an engineer bc getting punched in the ribs multiple times a week for minimal or no pay kinda gets old after a while. Also shes part of a union so she gets like, benefits n shit
  she supported coomers Love For Pumching tho, and she loved that he was so passionate about it. however bc of the severity of coomer’s injuries from this fight, she decided to try and convince him to like... stop wrestling,,, and get a Real Job that wont end with his bones turning to dust before he’s 30. coomer, seeing how worried she is, and also realizing how painful it is to break multiple ribs in one go, eventually agrees with her. he decides to quit wrestling, sees that black mesa has a job opening, and even though coomer isnt really finished university yet black mesa hires him anyway (bc black mesa is just fucked up like that... scientists dont need DEGREES what are u TALKING ABT...)  
  shortly after starting work at black mesa, coomer and his wife end up getting a divorce (theyre still p much best friends tho, she just figured out shes lesbian and coomer is v happy for her. they were only married for like a year or two so CKGJFDG def not a Big Emotional Divorce or anything). coomer is now Epic Divorce Man and we love him for it
  hes a LITTLE bit sad ofc, not horribly broken up about it bc again, they weren’t married for too long and are still very close, but You Know. and also a LITTLE bit petty, because she was partially the reason he gave up wrestling and committed himself to a Life Of Science. which isn’t a bad thing, he definitely Likes Doing Science, but he misses The Thrill Of The Ring!  the cheering crowd! punching people! being punched! its kind of his thing! but, Adulthood Is Shitty and you gotta make some sacrifices if u wanna live a decent life (without any broken bones) so he just. lives with it.
  coomer finds a large room inside of an almost empty/unused section of black mesa he was snooping around in. very old, run down, almost looks like a gymnasium of sorts. Is all like ‘My City Now!’ and turns it into the underground boxing ring. A nice training ground for when hes on break or just wants to punch stuff. oh u kno
  coomer is good at making friends. not because he’s nice, in fact he can be a bit rude sometimes, BUT its because hes just Incredibly Social. the definition of extroverted. if he sets his sights on someone and wants to befriend them, 9 out of 10 times he WILL. because of this, when he has the idea to build up an underground boxing ring in black mesa, he successfully gets a Lot of people on board.  
  so yeah, time skip a few months, and the black mesa underground boxing ring is going Strong. its kept under wraps, so it doesn’t get shut down, but word travels fast in black mesa, and it becomes common knowledge.
  bubby hears about it, and is instantly interested. not really in the fighting aspect, but moreso the fact that its something he wasn’t invited to, and that Annoys him. sure he doesn’t really talk to many ppl but like STILL. he TOTALLY should’ve known about it sooner!!! and since hes Always trapped in black mesa, and things inevitably get really boring once his shift is done (wandering around a facility u know like the back of ur hand gets boring after the first like. 10 years of doing it LOL), he definitely decides to go check it out. because hey, hes got nothing better to do.
  he definitely feels out of place. everyone is kind of intimidating. At least as intimidating as a bunch of poindexter looking types can Be. a lot of them are fucking Built, though, and if they dont Look Strong they definitely have that ‘I Can Tear U Apart Limb By Limb’ look in their eyes. at least, thats what it looks like to bubby. (outside of Bubby Social Anxiety Vision its just a bunch of ppl hanging out and working out LOL).
  ofc, because he’s a newcomer, hes pressured into stepping into the ring, to Fight someone, as an initiation kinda situation. bubby, not wanting to seem like a Baby(tm), awkwardly climbs into the ring. he’s at Least able to Choose who he wants to fight, so bubby analyzes the crowd, finding the best opponent who he is sure Wont just fuckin Destroy Him. he ends up choosing the person closest to his height, which is, obviously, coomer. bubby doesn’t know who the hell he is but he’s short, round, kinda looks like if a teddy bear was a Human Man, so its obviously the best decision!
  the audience erupts into excited chatter, jeering and General Chaos, and bubby immediately regrets his decision. he doesn’t know Whats going on but he knows its not good. bubby realizes his mistake as coomer makes his way into the ring, taking off his labcoat and shirt and seeing that he is just. absolutely jacked. still soft and round but also built like a brick shithouse. a Lot Less Soft and a Lot More Threatening. still looks like a teddy bear but a teddy bear with the ability to Crush A Skull With Ease.  
  anyway, a single punch to the face is enough to just fucking Launch bubby. he just skids across the ring, immediately KO’d. the crowd erupts into laughter n cheers n general chaos once again. Coomer sorta hams it up for the audience, rlly relishing in the applause, before he notices bubby is Not Moving from his spot. A little worried, he runs over to bubby, who is awake and fine, just laying there with a sour look on his face. coomer apologizes, genuinely seeming sorry, bc he couldve SWORN he was going easy on him! that he sometimes just doesn’t know his own strength, it seems. bubby just mumbles something about his nose being broken, ignoring the apology.
  coomer introduces himself as he helps bubby up, brushing him off. bubby awkwardly coughs into his fist and just says he definitely can’t remember his name. not at all. nosiree. its obviously a lie, but hes embarrassed enough as it is, saying his name to the man that already Destroyed Him doesn’t sound Ideal. (like.. No you don’t get to know who I am go Away..) however coomer takes this as ‘Oh No I Gave This Man A Concussion’ and, despite bubby’s protests, immediately rushes him off to get medical help. even though bubby is Totally Fine.
  coomer ends up walking bubby to first aid, and they just kind of chat idly. awkward small talk. WELL not awkward for coomer, whos just chatting away. more awkward for bubby who’s got his labcoat bunched up against his nose to help stop the torrent of blood just. pouring out of his face.
   they eventually make it to first aid and the doctor says hes fine!!! his nose isn’t even broken, at least not anymore, bubby heals pretty quick. coomer worriedly mentions bubby cant remember his name though!!! and the doc is like ‘okay yeah thats. cause for concern uh’. bubby Begrudgingly ends up saying his name because the doctor asked him & he honestly just really wants to Exit this Incredibly Embarrassing Situation as soon as possible.  
  coomer only laughs a, little bit at the name but he Sneakily covers it w a cough (even tho bubby totally noticed). but he says its a very nice & fitting name. n thts how bubby introduced himself to coomer:) thru trying to convince a doctor that he wasn’t fuckn. Concussed.
  he offers to buy bubby lunch, as an apology for temporarily breaking his face! ALSO probably offering some training as well so that bubby can land on his feet next time he gets punched, and not like, his head. bubby agrees, he doesn’t really know WHY he agrees, he figures its maybe it’s the promise of some free food (who doesnt love free food) or. something. coomer mentions a rlly good restaurant outside of town and bubby kinda spaces out at that point, letting coomer ramble. he doesn’t really want to mention he can’t Leave black mesa so, he decides the best course of action is to just. Avoid coomer forever. Bc that’s a RATIONAL solution to a minor problem like he just avoids him for Months.
  eventually, as things tend to go, black mesa assigns them as partners on a project. it’s awkward, to say the least. They enter the same room and notice eachother. bubby casually waves at coomer, looking like he wants to be Anywhere But Here. and coomer crosses his arms and gives bubby a Look.  
  Coomer is just like ‘youve been ignoring me ! >:\’ and bubby is like ‘yeah I do that’ and then. they become buds! bubby DOES apologize though. he gives coomer the rundown on the whole ‘i cant leave black mesa im a test tube baby and im so fucking cool’ thing and coomer understands completely for some reason. Like he doesn’t question it hes just like ‘alright!’ and they move on from that, idly chatting about other things as they get to work.
  LIKE its just a rlly casual friendship that delves into them being The Best Of Buds Ride Or Die Besties oh you know: ) also coomer was 100% flirting the entire time and the whole free lunch is an invitation to a nice lil date but bubby is oblivious as all hell and isn’t crushing on coomer at this point so coomer basically got  ghosted so sad,,,,,,
tldr; bubby joins underground boxing ring, coomer destroys bubbys face, coomer is crushing Hard, bubby has social anxiety, they become friends!!!
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hajimeow-archived · 5 months ago
Yo Hajime talk abt ur kin mems
since there were no specifications on which ones i am going to start from the beginning and go where my brain takes me from there. they're all gonna be for hajime bc i physically cannot think about my other memories anymore jsyk
also! this ended up being so long i had to put a cut. i will not be apologizing because i feel no remorse.
so first the basic stuff, i remember having a med skin tone and a FUCK ton of freckles like those motherfuckers were everywhere i had skin. also i was 5'7 i think?? or 5'6. i still can't remember exactly but it's something like that. i was also alloaro, some form of mlm, unfortunately cis, and autistic and probably had some other stuff like adhd or depression or whatever but i forgot. also i was kinda muscle-y but also chubby at the same time. and i had light green eyes. basically i was fanon hajime JSJSKDJDKS
and i was going over the wiki recently and my personality was EXACTLY how they described it like i'm genuinely surprised they got it so accurate
i don't remember much pre-game and post game, most of my memories are in game but i do remember pre game chiaki really well, honestly i rly miss her :( she would always reassure me that i didn't need a talent and i never even cared when she beat me in games cus just simply playing them with her was so fun .,.,,;:,,...,,!:&:&:jsjdjskskck</3
anyways. in game. ok. i'm gonna skip over memories where i just know feelings and not specific things like strong feelings or ppl saying stuff or else this would be so long. also obvious sdr2 spoilers
so i remember the party & blackout in the beginning of the game pretty clearly. i was mostly just standing alone in the corner and watching everyone have fun, but it was really freeing to see the others able to enjoy themselves in such pressing circumstances. then the blackout-- it was kinda like all that happiness going away and the dread and denial immediately setting in .
anyways i remember like panicking and wanting to cry when i lifted the table cloth cus i really liked twogami. i'm p sure i did end up crying cus i really liked them for their realism and leadership skills, and the realization that one of us killed them and that the killing game was actually real etc etc
anyway i don't remember much from the investigation or trial besides being really freaked out when nagito basically admitted to being the killer n stuff, and pretty much all the body discoveries after that (besides ch 5) we're just like "ah shit here we go again" but i do remember mikans trial really freaking me out when she just straight up shifted completely, and i also remember being really proud of fuyuhiko for putting his walls down a bit and deciding to help everyone out while the despair disease was going around
anyway enough of the boring stuff, i spent basically all my free time with komaeda, chiaki and mikan (in order of frequency) and with mikan i mostly listened to her talk about medical stuff and i comforted her when she needed to vent, but i didn't hang out with her much because the constant apologizing n stuff started to bother me since i really liked seeing her happy. chiaki i would mostly play games with and we wouldn't talk much, but she gave me a really strong sense of familiarity like when we played games together it gave me a shit ton of deja vu
AND i've already talked a lot about komaeda but idc i'm doing it again. so we started talking cus of him waking me up on the beach obvs and i was pretty attached right off the bat, but i stopped talking to him for awhile because the way he acted in the first trial REALLY scared me so i just got a pit in my stomach even being around him
but he was the one who started approaching me first, i'm guessing since he couldn't rly sense anything was wrong he just kinda picked things up where they left off and started talking w me at breakfast n stuff and it was pretty weird at first, but i wanted to give him a chance and didn't wanna be rude so i accepted offers to hang out in his cottage n stuff
i remember he has surgery scars tho and i'm rly mad ppl don't draw him with any!! i think he had about 5 and i don't remember all of them but i know one was a skin graft on his leg and the one on his side/stomach that i touched wassssss for appendix removal maybe???? mmmm i'm not too sure about that one tho
also !!!! his death. hoooooly shit. ok so yunno the despair that junko always talks about ?????? yeah <3!! i remember like once i saw his body and took the reality in i just. straight up could NOT stand i like fell to my knees and jsut . cried. like i had no thoughts my head was so full that it was empty i just kinda sat there and silent cried while chiaki stood next to me it was so awful dude
later while investigating n stuff i felt really bad ab how i treated him and thought about him, and i thought a lot about our last interaction. it was the first time i had ever approached him myself cus usually he'd come to me. i was gonna hang out with chiaki but i wanted to check up on him first, so i did and he told me to go hang out with the others and i just. knew something terrible was about to happen.
OH AND THE FUNHOUSE OMG ok i literally. i usually didn't mind being around komaeda like he was chill most of the time when he wasn't ranting about hope but when he was acting like such a bitch in the funhouse i wanted to punch his stupid twink ass so bad like...... what BUSINESS does this dude have being such an asshole. he doesn't even know what face wash is. what the fuck. which is another fun fact! komaeda did shower every so often which is why he didn't smell that bad but his skin was always so dry cus he didn't know how to actually wash right and do proper skincare so he just washed his face w soap and left it like that
also he didn't need to cut his nails cus they were so brittle they would just break off on their own <3 plus he had a nail biting habit so they just never grew ever
OH AND THIS IS THE SADDEST THING i remember feeling so bad for this man bc i would like put my hand on his shoulder and he would lean into it. i mean i'd tap his shoulder for a SECOND and girl when i let go hed be lowkey so sad i could just sense it like??????dude he needed a hug SSO BAD like when i hugged him in my cuddling memory he was like holding on for dear life but also was like "u dOnT hAvE tO tOuCh TrAsH LiKe mE hAjImE" like dude it was the saddest shit. i want to hug him forever. like what the fuck what the fuck!!!!!!!!!
also a thing hed do when he started ranting ab hope n shit like he would just go on and on and yunno that one sprite where he's hugging himself yeah he literally did that shit. also sometimes hed just stare dead at me and start backing me into a corner ((ish-- we were usually sitting somewhere but he mostly just got super close to me) and it was the scariest shit i. bro if i saw him like that on the streets i'd return him to the mental hospital like i can remember it somewhat vividly and that shit was TERRIFYING i mean obvs after i shoved him away and told him to cool it he'd apologize and go back to the way he was but jeez dude ....
also a little fun fact the only reason i really kept hanging out with him (i had a few ofc but this was the most prominent) is cus he was hot in my stupid monkey brain. yes that's it. like that's literally pretty much it. i hate admitting it but this post is SO fucking long i doubt anyone's gonna read it anyway so i'm admitting it now lol
anyway i hope u enjoyed :) i'm glad u asked btw! i'm sure you regret it though!
Tumblr media
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homoose · 3 months ago
okay, hi moose.
it’s been a minute I think, but I wanted to ask you for advice if that’s okay?
this is really hard for me to try to explain, there’s a lot going on in my head, but I guess I can start by saying I haven’t felt this low in a long time. I don’t have the energy to do much anymore, and I haven’t been myself I guess? the few times I’ve hung out with my friends recently, I keep getting asked if I was okay, which I thought was weird at first but I guess I keep spacing out a lot. (sorry I’m trying to keep this as base level as possible but unfortunately I am a pisces) my friends I’ve known for 7+ years, I don’t enjoy being around them anymore. I love them, but it’s so frustrating being with them, and I don’t know why. I remember mentioning a while back that I started therapy. It was helpful, but we couldn’t continue paying for it. I do have a job, but I don’t make that much money. I’ve actually wanted to see a psychiatrist (about this and other things I don’t care to go into since it is irrelevant to what’s happening right now), but I’m afraid to be put on medication since I already take meds for something else. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do. I’m not even sure what I’m asking right now, I’m sorry if this ask was all over the place. I guess I’m just asking how a broke college student would go about this. my co-worker suggested that I should call my insurance company and ask if they had a free screenings. Should I start there?
and moose, please if you don’t feel comfy answering this ask, I totally get it. I promise I’ll be okay. I just didn’t know who to ask because I don’t have anyone to turn to about this stuff. and I’m sorry if I’m bringing down the mood, I know we try to keep things light hearted here, but I really needed to get part of this out.
hi my darling !
first of all, I’m so sorry you’re feeling so low 💔 it’s never easy to be in a bad headspace, but particularly as things are opening back up and people are trying to reconnect and get back to “normal” social stuff
I think it’s very normal to grow apart from friends, particularly at your age when you are really starting to come into your own and find who you are— your interests and mindset might change, and sometimes you don’t mesh anymore and that’s okay! on the flip side, if you think your disinterest in your friends is something deeper going on, it might be worth exploring that with therapy like u said!
affordable therapy can be hard to come by sometimes, I completely understand 😞 your friend was right to recommend trying to get a referral from your doctor or insurance company— definitely check with them and see what your options are! often times if u can secure a mental health diagnosis, it will be covered by insurance!!! so if you don’t mind having a diagnosis, that could be a good way to get covered.
I don’t think u need to get ahead of yourself with the meds consideration— there’s no way of knowing whether a psychiatrist would even recommend them until you’ve met with one. and u can always say no, or try it out and then decide u don’t want to continue!
if you strike out with your insurance provider, NAMI is a great resource to find free and low cost mental health clinics in your area!
never hesitate to reach out, because we are all here for u! u can always send me an ask or shoot me a DM ♥️ ur so strong and I love u and I’m rooting for u!!!!
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franeridart · a year ago
Tumblr media
Anon said: Do you still keep up with black clover? 🥺
Hell yeah I do!! Only the manga, though!
Anon said: Hello first I'd like to say that I really love your art style and your drawing and I have a question about Akane it's pretty weird and may be already ask but can she control blood ? and so people ? sorry for this question it's very dark I was just wondering... Thanks
She can’t! Blood’s alive and she can only control non-living stuff, so anything of the like is out of the question for however hard she may try! Old/dead blood might be another thing, but that’s as far as it goes!
Anon said: I reeeeally love your art and may I just say that I totally appreciate the relationship dynamic your Kirishima and Bakugou have? I've been bingeing KiriBaku angst fics and your wholesome art makes me feel so much better! I like how your Baku is never an asshole to Kiri and how Kiri in return isn't weak-willed or complacent. You character portrayals are just so wholesome and still realistic
Thank you!!! I’m glad you like my way of going about them, I’m pretty sure at this point I put enough of myself and what I like in them that they aren’t exactly as IC as they could be, but I enjoy them this way! And I’m always happy to hear people enjoy them the same way I do, too!
Anon said: Hello hello I just wanted to say I love the way you draw Bakugou???? It’s just v v expressive v good,,, Ok that’s all thank
Thank you!!!! He’s loads of fun to draw, ngl!!
Anon said: I saw that you don’t take requests, but what about commissions?
Not at the moment, and at this point I don’t know if it’ll ever happen orz maybe??? We keep on hoping haha
Anon said: You ever just...exist???? Like bro what a weird construct.
More than weird I’d call it tiring lately, ngl
Anon said: I found someone on instagram who reposted your art and left them a comment politely asking them to take it down, would you like their tag?
Ah, for it to be of any use to me I’d need the direct link to the post, but this ask is old enough that I’d think you wouldn’t have it anymore orz it’s fine!!! I’ll live with people constantly disrespecting me, my wishes and my art, nbd
Anon said: You ever just get tired of being awake and go downstairs in the dark to get ur sleep meds because you have work to do tomorrow but u can’t wake anyone up so then you get super scared by everything?aha what a life. Anyways how’s ur day?!
Actually none of the meds I take are for sleep and also my house is one floor only so I can’t say I relate to that specific feel! And it was good, thank you! I ate cake, played acnh, wasted a lot of time trying and failing to find something to draw... fun times
Anon said: Hi it’s the anon who had the 8am class again. I didn’t take your advice cuz it’s 5:22am and I’m still awake oops. But I didn’t think u responding to my last message hold make so happy yet here I am smiling extremely hard at my phone. Ily Fran I cry
Ahhhhhhh I try to answer to all asks I get, so if you ever send one and I don’t answer is because I didn’t get it! Still... it might take a while for me to find the energy to reply..................... genuinely sorry about that....................
Anon said:k idk if you noticed or not but i just spent like the last hour of my life liking all of your shit because JESUS i love your art
THANK YOU!!!!! I can’t remember if I noticed, but if I did I assure you it made me incredibly happy!
Anon said: I got really sad because haikyuu and I came on ur blog page and now I’m :)
So happy to know I can put a smile on your face ;;; <3<3
Anon said: Sorry Umm do you still do bnha fusions? Cuz umm Tomura and deku forced fusion? Or Tomura and Overhaul? :3?
I don’t, sorry!
Anon said: i just wanna say that as a poly person i really love how you do poly ships, esp your old haikyuu bokukurooteru tattoo comic. like how you write relationships like that is just... so good and genuine and healthy??
Ohhhhhh man I’m happy to hear that! It’s a topic that means a lot to me, so knowing I can do it justice means the world!!
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katmajik · 9 months ago
s u g a r c o a t e d : a snippet
a/n: i had a real bad-just-because-it-could-be day yesterday, so pls take this epistolary/group chat excerpt from chap 4 of my romdramedy (is that a word? i’m making it one) wip and maybe my bit of fluffy fun will appease the universe. xx - maj
[18+ or read at your own discretion, but don’t @ me if it doesn’t jive w you!!]
wip intro // writeblr intro
tag list (feel free to ask to be added or removed!): @kainablue @catharticallysarcastic
OSCAR: Ladies ladies LADIES you are Never gonna believe who i ran into at the gym this morning
OSCAR: Etta would know if she’d gotten her ass up and come with like she SAID
ETTA: i thought you were going at like 10 or smthn not 6 frickin a.m.
OSCAR: There are fewer ppl there at 6
I don’t want anyone LOOKING at me
RAYA: I’m gonna bet an ihop combo platter u spent half an hour on ur eyeliner before you went
ETTA: ^^^ his insta story confirms
when are we going
OSCAR: You hos have been eating at IHOP?????
OSCAR: Well I just think there are kinder ways to tell me you don’t want to be friends anymore
ETTA: eating food not as good as your own might keep you humble
OSCAR: It’s too late for that, i already have a well-deserved superiority complex and i’m KEEPING HER
RAYA: FFS who did you see at the gym?
OSCAR: Excuse me i’m in mourning
ETTA: pls
OSCAR: My best friends would rather eat Cinnabon™ pancakes than my personal shortstack garnished with homemade maple syrup and like, the sweat and toil of my undying love
RAYA: ……………………
OSCAR: Capitalists
ETTA: is this… narcissism?
OSCAR: Just for that I shouldn’t tell you jack shit
ETTA: idc about anything before noon anyway
OSCAR: Ew you’re such a slob
ETTA: cool thanks
OSCAR: You better P R A Y Jude’s into that
ETTA: typing…
ETTA: The Number You Are Trying To Reach Has Been Disconnected
OSCAR: Bitch no it has not
RAYA: I’m boutta disconnect mine on purpose if you don’t get at the point
OSCAR: Hello, I just did
RAYA: You ran into Jude at the gym?
OSCAR: Anyway yeah. Tyrese at first. I was all “Hey, Daddy,” you know how it is
ETTA: you gotta stop saying that every time you see a hot guy
OSCAR: Oh grow up, all Catholics have a daddy kink you’re not special
ETTA: hugely inappropriate but go off i guess
OSCAR: Whatever have you even read the Bible? I hear they were gonna call Song of Songs “An Ode to Titties” but then they thought it was too on the nose
ETTA: oh yeah? where’d you hear that?
OSCAR: I just…… Did
ETTA: okay but where
OSCAR: Irrelevant
ETTA: sure
RAYA: Omfg
OSCAR: Vibe check but i actually still go to church so i think i might know a little better than you
Etta, i mean. Idk what Raya knows
RAYA: Nothing, if I had my way
ETTA: yeah lemme know how ur next confession w father monaghan goes once u tell him abt this fascinating religious breakthrough abt TITTIES
OSCAR: Um yeah they all already know
OSCAR: So anyway before we go completely off the rails into a theological debate, yes for a hot second there i was too distracted by Ty’s inexplicable but nevertheless real Brawny Man charms
like it was a very “dream weeeeeeaver” situation, yk?
RAYA: For a practicing Catholic you’re not real into the sanctity of marriage, huh
OSCAR: QUEEN PLS I’m into Sean too
If they asked me for a threesome like every straight couple on Tinder does bc i guess that’s all bi ppl do, we don’t even have hobbies, WELL…… in their case i’d be down to clown
RAYA: You got me
OSCAR: Thank you. So the point is Jude was there too and when i mentioned how Etta was s u p p o s e d to be comping my guest pass, he NONE too surreptitiously pulled an Exorcist to look around the place for her
like i’m telling you he definitely fucked up a neck muscle
ETTA: hyperbole
OSCAR: Ask him for a doctor’s note from his chiropractor and FIGHT ME
ETTA: yeah i’m not gonna do either of those things
Ty also none too surreptitiously picked up what i was puttin down and we may or may not have but definitely did have a little chat about you
ETTA: typing…
RAYA: Here we go
OSCAR: Nothing BAD i was just like admiring Jude’s tattoos (ya boy looks good in workout gear btw mad props to your taste, next time i’ll try for a creepy spy shot phone pic)
and Ty graciously offered up the intel that Jude drew those up himself and he’s really into art
He was about as embarrassed as you are when anyone says anything remotely complimentary about you
Which I then did
OSCAR: That you’ve got a few sketchbooks that clean up real nice and you guys should get together for a little brain-picking inspo sesh
ETTA: what is that, a euphemism??
But i don’t think Jude caught on, he was too busy sputtering and trying to get out of the conversation
RAYA: Damn he rly is Etta’s soulmate
ETTA: i resent
all of this
OSCAR: Quit wasting time and get on that dick i s2g you’re both so thirsty it would do us ALL a favor
OSCAR: Jude wouldn’t pull any more neck muscles (or would he????? but Worth It) and it would like hypothetically kick ur depression in the ass
Endorphins via orgasm or smthn
ETTA: i’m good thnx that’s what my meds are for
OSCAR: You gotta pop those pills AND that pussy
Shake it up every once in awhile, get that au natural chemical release
Look at me, i masturbate on the reg and i’m totally well-adjusted
RAYA: And you say u don’t have hobbies
OSCAR: **I** didn’t say that
Repressed heterosexuals who should probably just invest in a sex doll did
ETTA: don’t look into this, i just don’t want to talk abt ur masturbatory habits but
you’re being just as ridiculous as usual
like MAYBE i’m interested in jude but so what? that doesn’t mean he’s interested back, u were probably just bein weird and he wanted to go home
OSCAR: Please. Do you see the way he looks at you?
ETTA: i hate when ppl say that what does it even mean
““the way he looks at you””
maybe he just wants more coffee
OSCAR: Or maybe he just wants you to Domme him like
Who’s to say?
ETTA: typing…
ETTA: typing…
ETTA: typing…
RAYA: Oh damn u done did it now
Girl’s wrecked
OSCAR: Hashtag it
ETTA: ??????? explain
ETTA: or don’t
i can’t decide
OSCAR: It’s just. A Feeling.
If you want it explained you could always ask Jude i mean…… js but isn’t that how dirty talk starts?
RAYA: He does kinda seem to dig it when you tell him what to do
Like he hasn’t lit up in the diner since you showed up and real impolitely told him to cut the shit
ETTA: listen that was a v stressful day how many times do i have to apologize for that
RAYA: Coulda been zero times obvs he was into it
ETTA: this is the least compelling evidence of all time
OSCAR: Talk about repressed. What do you even Know about kink, Lil Miss Basic tryna fuck Bradley Uppercrust III over here
RAYA: Is that the guy from the second Goofy Movie?
OSCAR: Nailed it.
Remember that thing Etta said about being a furry?
Because that’s exactly what her ex looks like, am i right or am i RIGHT
ETTA: suddenly i can’t read
ETTA: ps maybe jude’s not smoking at the diner anymore bc he doesn’t wanna get yelled at again for no reason by my spastic ass
OSCAR: No i think it’s because he wants to take you to Bone Town with an itemized list of other ways you could boss him around and also minty fresh breath
RAYA: Maybe not how I’d put it but yeah seconded
ETTA: y’all need a new show to watch or smthn clearly you’ve run out of ships
OSCAR: Well //CLEARLY// every network has no taste and i’m not even sure where it started but i THINK it might have been when jackie and fez ended up together
RAYA: Smh preach, honestly
Nothing went right after that
OSCAR: Exactly.
See, Etta, it’s up to you now
Cute Waitress Tops Local Mechanic and Finally All’s Right With the World (Or At Least Popular Television) Once Again
ETTA: typing…
OSCAR: Literally w h y have i not been headhunted by Buzzfeed this is egregious
RAYA: Do you even have a resumé ?
OSCAR: No the only thing i know how to do is like
be hot and make omelettes
OSCAR: The millennial American dream, babey~~
ETTA: u forgot the part abt how we can afford to pay our bills
OSCAR: That’s what your sugar daddy’s for, have you even been LISTENING?
ETTA: idk!!!!!!!
idek how to keep up??
OSCAR: Okay, to paraphrase or whatever?
You’re in love with Jude
ETTA: i’m not IN LOVE with him
it’s more like
a vague sense of infatuation
OSCAR: Okay Alfred Hitchcock
ETTA: that
seems inaccurate
RAYA: Nah I get it
Etta, you fckin Betty Spaghetty lookin moron
OSCAR: He’s a hot older guy who tips you obscene amounts of money and almost for sure doesn’t own a pair of cargo shorts and you have at least one (1) shared interest. Just let it happen.
ETTA: simple as that, huh?
OSCAR: Yeah i think it’s a lot easier than you’d think after one too many rewatches of When Harry Met Sally
OSCAR: Such a great movie, but also? Just make out already god it’s not hard
RAYA: For the record idk what he’s talkin abt I’ve never seen that movie
RAYA: Every straight person I know is Harry or Sally far as I can tell alright I’m not gonna volunteer my time to watch it happen on TV
ETTA: this conversation has really gotten away from me
RAYA: I don’t think I was following it in the first place
This is what happens when you let Oscar lead
OSCAR: Bitches
Next time we’ll conference call like it’s 2002 but UNTIL THEN……
OSCAR: Srsly Etta ik you’re here to take care of mama but you could find someone to take care of you too
And if all goes well you won’t even need Tinder to find them
ETTA: tinder doesn’t make any sense
some guy swipes right on you but when u don’t give him nudes STAT suddenly you’re an ugly bitch
if i’m so ugly why’d you swipe right in the first place, matt, 26, self-employed, likes to travel???
OSCAR: Men are just like that. Entitled, short-tempered, shirtless when no one asked…
But you could still meet someone ((Jude)) who’ll dick you down and also, like, respect you.
ETTA: what is this, a disney movie?
That’s why you gotta ask ((Jude)) out
ETTA: and get rejected by a regular at the diner so i’d have to quit and god willing get hit by a bus? would literally rather get sad drunk on margaritas straight from the blender and download tinder again
OSCAR: Damn that’s bleak
ETTA: your insistence that he’s into me hinges on a shared interest and the fact that he looked around the room, so
OSCAR: Well if you’d been there then you’d understand the YEARNING in that look-around
ETTA: sorry i thought we were talking abt jude not matthew macfadyen in pride & prejudice (2005)
OSCAR: He does one hell of an impression
And i think Ty agrees
ETTA: great, invite more ppl in on this
OSCAR: Not our fault you two are making it obvious, we’re innocent bystanders and we deserve pity honestly the Yearning is……… embarrassing
ETTA: what do you expect me to do abt it
OSCAR: Bang it out
RAYA: Can I agree and plead the fifth at the same time?
OSCAR: Legally no, i’m pretty sure, but i like where your head’s at
ETTA: i meanwhile don’t like any of this
OSCAR: Yeah well no one asked you
ETTA: ??? wasn’t this whole text chain ABOUT me??
OSCAR: Oof sugar pie honey bunch you wanna talk about NARCISSISM??
ETTA: typing…
RAYA: It’s so upsetting when she does that
ETTA: i’m gonna ask jude if he wants to go to ihop w me
RAYA: Oh shit XD
OSCAR: Do it i dare you
See if i don’t torch all your sneakers and replace them with Mistress boots
ETTA: typing…
OSCAR: Go on your lil IHOP date, whatever, just prepare to rock that faux leather six inch heel to get to your fucking Cinnastack, JUDAS
ETTA: hyperbole again
OSCAR: It was either Judas or Lindsey Buckingham, pick your poison
RAYA: Go with Judas man you know it’s over if he Buckingham’s you
ETTA: please god can i win one single argument??
Your comeuppance is nigh
ETTA: what did you seriously order me new boots?? those are so expensive i’ll pawn them
OSCAR: First of all, no
Maybe i just happened to remind Ty that the Over-Easy offers delivery and the resident newbie’s ((you)) responsible for off-site orders
And the auto shop’s totally within delivery jurisdiction
And Jude’s there six days a week so just like statistically there’s gotta be One day he forgets to pack a lunch
OSCAR: Second of all if i bought you new boots you’d wear them and LIKE IT
OSCAR: And so would Jude
RAYA: I’ll take that bet
OSCAR: Bitchin. I’ll ask Ty if anyone else wants in on that pool
ETTA: you know what
ETTA left the chat
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notnctu · a year ago
YAYYYY CONGRATS FOR GETTING MOAR FOLLOWERS, i knew it, u guys are awesome xD, cant believe ure open for request, can i request a scenario for Donghyuck please? the plot is he was her one night stand that she met again when visiting her cousin at the hospital, he was her cousin doctor. Feeling a little hurt but delighted to see her again, Donghyuck flirting with her every time she visit her cousin, after that is up to u, gosh hope my plot doesnt make you guys uncomfortable -_-;;v thank you
AHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH <3 thank you for requesting, and your plot was totally fine :) i had a fun time writing about dr!donghyuck hehe i secretly like hospital aus lmaosdinjfhew idk why.. you can read it under the cut and i hope you like it <333
(i may or may not have written this while i waited for my jury duty service lol)
-author doie ❀
p.s. soft reminder to everyone that requests are now closed. we apologize for the wait and are doing our best to finish them all! thank you for your patience :)
doctor!donghyuck x reader genre - brief mention of fucking, mainly fluff
when donghyuck clocked in for his graveyard shift, he wasn’t expecting to see the lovely person he spent the most eventful night with. donghyuck finally understands why you left so fast after the one night stand. his new patient is your cousin, odd how fate works sometimes.
he isn’t entirely sure if you’d remember him, actually a bit hesitant to approach you despite needing to give you an update on your cousin’s progress. he’s missed you, not wanting to admit it to himself, but he spent nights wondering if he should call you .. or if you really just saw him as a one night stand.
maybe it was a shot at his pride when you didn’t follow up with him, not knowing that you left because you had gotten a call about your cousin’s accident. just as he walks toward you, you look up from your phone and your mouth hangs slightly open.
and he stops at your cute reaction, remembering how honeyed your moans were in bed and how soft your skin felt underneath his fingertips. he clenches at his clipboard and shakes himself from the sudden flashback.
“donghyuck...” you call his name and it’s absolute music to his ears. your eyes drop to the classic lab coat, spectacles that sit at the tip of his nose. you fucked a doctor? the realization is hitting you like a wall of bricks. “ lee.. i mean.”
he snorts at the formality, “you can just call me donghyuck.. what a surprise, y/n. i didn’t think the next time we meet would be here.”
he eyes you through his glasses, examining your casual laid back attire that is a contrast to the tight clubbing outfit he had met you in. your face is stripped down to just your features, as stunning as he remembers.
“right, the universe is strange.” you laugh awkwardly, like the confidence in your tone only exists in bed. however, he finds this change rather sweet and charming. the only image he knows you by is the hot individual who left shameless hickeys across his neck. this difference completes you, like the icing on a cake.
“i don’t mind though. i’ve been hoping to see you again.” he smiles, dropping any sense of professionalism that he learned in med school.
you’re flustered by his random flirtation, “really? you didn’t seem like you wanted to keep seeing me.”
donghyuck’s throat goes dry, knowing too well that his pride had stopped him from reaching out. “i’m not the best with ... communication.”
“your pride get in the way?” it’s a rhetorical question, but his nervous laughter gives enough confirmation. he looks through his files, finally aware that he has a job to attend to.
“your cousin is progressing well, we can anticipate a speedy recovering in about two weeks time.” you release a deep sigh at the good news, relieving every bad energy that was pent up before.
“that sounds great. thank you for your work.” you smile, “i’m so happy that i could kiss you!” you shout rarely loudly, the receptionists eyeing you strangely over the counter top.
but donghyuck doesn’t seem phased, instead a smirk grows on his face. “we can save the kissing for later, sweet cheeks.” he leans down to whisper into your ear, sending a shiver down your spine.
he winks at you, before heading back to his patients, looking forward to see you around for the next two weeks.
day after day, donghyuck rushes to your cousin’s room in hopes to coincidentally run into you. and if you two can’t feel the tension in the room, everyone else can.
without a fail, he sly bids you a compliment every time he sees you.
“my day is always a whole lot better when i see you.”
“good afternoon, beautiful.”
“you manage to take my breath away effortlessly, in a literal medical sense, it’s not a good thing. but im speaking figuratively in this case.”
donghyuck is so cute and much more talkative than the night you two shared. but when hes interacting with nurses or patients, he’s serious with a few lighthearted jokes to get people to smile. it’s almost like he couldn’t get any better.
and every time you leave, he always finds you to say “i’ll miss you, drive safe”
today is a little different. you catch him lingering in the lobby, chatting with a few receptionists. “goodbye donghyuck.” you grin at him, not wanting to interrupt his conversation.
but as you walk by, he holds your hand to stop you. “i’m getting tired of missing you all the time.” he starts, walking you to the hospital door. hand in your hand. you’re stunned at the action, wondering if the hospital staff are watching the two of you.
“i want to see you outside of the hospital. i want to be with you, talk to you enough to where i don’t have to be polite in our messages.” he lightly squeezes your cheek, stopping at the automatic doors.
and he gathers your hands together, “are you free for dinner tomorrow night?”
you gasp at the offer, feeling butterflies flutter at the pit of your stomach. “yes.”
“great. then, ill miss you until then, drive safe.” he pats your head lovingly, his heart pounding at your acceptance. he feels like he’s soaring in the clouds.
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draycourse · 10 months ago
this is kind of ramble-y and talks about being against fae/faer pronouns!!! this has been a warning lmao
i love neopronouns, but fae/faer pronouns are just,,,,, yikes
ive seen multiple people talk about it and after seeing another post about it today i decided fuck it im gonna log onto my discourse account and make a post about it
nyways, the fae are NOT to be fucked with. theyre a huge symbol to celtic cultures and and reglions like wicca. theyre practically gods, and a solid portion of the time theyre not the cutsy fairies you would see in movies. as someone who has had to deal with the fae, theyre not the kind of being you should like,,,, make pronouns out of. you cant give them your name, you cant take gifts from them, you cant take food from them, if you so accept something from them you cant say thank you, you cant stand in faerie rings, and you cant be rude to them. doing any of that will fuck you up. but people decided to use pronouns that directly refer to the fae.
i saw it described in a post as using something like jesus/jesusself. like people (usually) dont do that because its a huge religious symbol and he's respected by those who believe in him
i hate to be the person thats like 'uwu these pronouns make people uncomfy you need alternatives' because usually thats because like,,, 'i dont like neopronouns let me use they/them',,, but i strongy reccomend something people find another pronoun so people who respect the fae can talk to/about you. if u like the sound of fae/faer thats 100% valid!!! and i completely understand that they sound really cool!!! some similar pronouns that dont directly refer to the fae would be ae/aer and vae/vaer, and at least letting people who believe in the fae who use one of those alternatives would be very nice.
its not the same as like 'neopronouns make me uncomfy because im a dumbass, let me use he/she/they',,, its 'you are actively appropriating my religion/culture, do you have an alternative for me to use'
remember to get some food!! drink some water while ur at it!! and dont forget to take your meds! you are beautiful and you will get through this.
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nonbinary-adhd · a year ago
Hi! I’ve been having some issues lately n I hope it’s alright to ask for help here! So when I was little (8-10) I was on adhd meds and they seriously fucked me over :( I was never hungry, and I don’t remember anything that happened between those ages, other than the dread I’d deal when I took them. It gave me some serious trauma around taking meds. But I’ve been struggling more n more w my adhd/depression/anxiety and I want to try to go back on meds. Any tips for getting over my fear? Thank you!
tbh starting on a low dose is def the best route (which is how docs usually go about it anyways) but ur always free to pop in my dms and tell me about progress and updates on it and ill be more than happy to support u and cheer u on!!
that being said, dont beat urself up about it when u have times when u cant push through the trauma to take them, okay?? healing is a difficult process. try to praise urself for even TRYING to take them! after all, this is a very big step into scary territory, and even considering trying to heal through something like this is congratulations-worthy! (im very proud of u btw!)
a few other tips:
if pill taste is a problem, try putting ur drink in first and then popping the pill in
try taking them with a flavored drink! (try to avoid anything with citric acid though, it can deactivate meds)
if u start getting scared after taking them, try to find someone to keep u company or something to distract u! again, my dms are open if u need someone
this link HERE has a LOT of very useful tips and tricks to help ground u when u feel panic setting in. the link itself is geared towards DID but in the article it mentions that its also for things like ptsd, dissociation, flashbacks, panic attacks, etc. it has a lot of options for different sensory preferences and such so hopefully there is something in there that can help!
if it comes down to it u can also try swallowing the pill with foods like applesauce or pudding (anything that can be easily swallowed)!
if anyone else has more tips i encourage u to put them in the rbs/comments of this post!!
again, im very very proud of u anon!! ur making more progress than u think and thats amazing!! im sure lots of ppl on this blog will gladly support u too, and some may have similar experiences so please know that ur never alone in this 💕
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ravensandramune · a year ago
self care rant!!
so this is mostly a note to myself, but i thought it might be helpful to share:
whenever people talk about self care its either in 2 very separate ways:
1: sleep in! lush bath bombs! treat urself!! eat loads of chocolate!! face masks and hair masks! watch netflix!! read!! indulge yourself!
2: fuck aesthetic self care. self care is forcing yourself to get out of bed. self care is doing your homework/work. self care is cleaning your room. self care isn’t cute or pretty or something fun.
WELL GUESS WHAT GUYS!! SELF CARE IS LITERALLY WHAT IT SAYS: CARING FOR YOURSELF!! self care consists of whatever *you* need at the moment.
everyday self care:
- take your meds!!!! seriously guys!! take your m e d s 
- try and drink water (its over said but so important oh my god)
- take breaks from tasks! even if that task is scrolling social media- go do something else for a bit!
- talk to someone- social interaction is needed and important (even if ur an introvert!)
- eat something! try and eat 3 meals if you can, but at least eat something filling and nutritional e.g peanut butter and apple, some toast, a piece of fruit or your favourite simple food/meal to make and eat.
- wash yourself! wash your face! take off makeup before bed if you wear it! wash your hair if you haven’t in a while! wash your body! moisturise!
- change your clothes! don’t wear pj all day and remember to change your underwear!
-try and keep your room (/apartment) tidy, it’ll make u feel better!
if you feel overworked and tired:
 - have a day off!
-sleep in for a while 
-make sure you eat 3 meals (if you can <3) 
 -run yourself a bath, bubbles if you wish but most importantly wash yourself and your hair!
-indulge in a hobby you haven’t done in a while
-listen to music, watch a film or something else you don’t do often!
- you can treat yourself to your favourite food or a face mask, you don’t need to do anything to deserve simple things you enjoy!!
If you feel depressed, anxious or overwhelmed:
- go on a walk if you can
- read for a while
- get offline if that makes you feel better! (i know it does for me!)
- try and remember to do hygiene things, brush your teeth, change your clothes, have a shower if you can manage or at least try and wash your face with water
- talk to someone, a friend, a family member, a therapist or even a journal or a pet
- if there is a reason for your mood/mental state try and see if you can fix it in anyway e.g if you’re stressed about the amount of work you have, message your teacher and ask for help, if you can’t deal with friends messaging you so much- tell them you’re going offline for a bit and then do! know when you need support. 
If you feel gross and unproductive (can fall into how I feel when I’m depressed lol)
- don’t make a giant to do list (for me at least!!) you’ll get overwhelmed and just feel terrible when you get to the end of day and have only done one thing
- set very manageable goals, and things you enjoy! things that will give you a good sense of accomplishment but won’t take much time: this depends on what things you enjoy but e.g if you need to study, study your fave subject first! if you need to practice drawing/writing- draw/write about your fave charas! if you need to clean, choose your favourite part, or something small like a section of your desk, or putting away some clothes
- put on some clothes which are comfy but aren’t your pjs, you might think pyjamas make you feel cosy and warm but when was the last time you washed those? yeahh put on some clean underwear and socks and a new clothes- you’ll feel a lot better
- have a shower or bath, it’ll make u feel clean!
- brush your teeth!!! seriously the mintyness will wake up, make u feel clean and remind your body it’s time to go do stuff!
If you feel under-stimulated, bored or stuck:
-make use of your senses!!:
-smell: wash yourself with a nice smelling body wash! find a perfume you like and know it will make you feel like yourself (i have 2! a vanilla and coconut one and a black musk one- its the perfect formula to smell like me :)  ) as mentioned earlier, brush your teeth! chew gum if thats your thing, smell flowers in your garden on a walk. bake something and see how the kitchen smells whilst it cooks!
hear: listen to your favourite music at the moment, listen to old songs you’ve forgotten about, ask your friends for music you like! listen to or other rain noises, listen to asmr, open your window and listen to the birds or cars passing by!
taste: make your favourite food or beverage and try and think about the different tastes in it, try crunchy foods like apples or carrots or crisps, try chewy foods like haribos if thats your thing, try smooth foods like peanut butter or chocolate spread or soft foods like pastries, try hard foods like cough drops or hardboiled sweets. try sour foods, or sweet foods. try spicy food, experiment with cold food like ice cream or with hot/warm comfort food. make a new dish or try a new recipe!
touch: fidget toys and stims if you have any! cuddly toys and stuffed toys for softness, nice fabrics like silk or cotton. put on hand lotion or body lotion! i like changing my hair by braiding it or curling it or straightening it, since i fiddle with it a lot!
sight: watch outside your window and see how many people are going past, or how many birds or cars! try and find your favourite colour online! watch ‘satisfying’ videos or videos of painting! go on pinterest and find cool aesthetics! look at stimboards on tumblr! 
OKAY SO this post is a lot longer than i thought it would be but it’s important. don’t listen to tumblr or social media to tell you what self care is, self care is whatever your body and mind is telling you it needs, whether that be doing your work, watching your movie, or having a shower. look after yourself and stay safe everyone!! i’m proud of you all <33
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saviorinsilk · 9 months ago
What do the dates in ur bio mean if u don't mind me asking?
05.05.19= May 5. 2019 was the day that Roselle (my wife) started dating. We celeabrate both our wedding anniversary and the day we started dating as that was the day we both were saved. Her from her oppressive family/country and me from the lonliness that ached my heart. Like an angel Roselle swooped in and showed me what love was supposed to be like. She treated me with a gentle touch and a an open heart and never blamed me for needing time to become comfortable opening up with her. It took half a year for me to finally feel secure and ok with telling her truley see me.
01.12.20= December 1. 2020 was the day Roselle and I started dating Tessa. I couldn’t remember the exact date since my memory is effected by my condition, so I decided to pick Decemeber 1st as we spent the whole month of December together. She was on break from school and we skyped daily. It was a very special month and It will always be my favorite christmas season I have ever had. Every christmas before I cried most days as the season reminded me of those I have lost and all the years of sickening lonliness and isoluation my diesases caused me. This year I was surronded by people I love so dearly and never once did I feel the stab of lonliness.
08.01.21= January 8.2020 was the day that Roselle and I started dating Stevie. Oh my darling stevie, how she has changed my life. She has helped me reclaim my role as a submissive, when I never thought I would trust another human to break me down again. My ex was abusive in a position of dominance over me and although I will never refer to him as a “dom” (since he was just an abusive, controlling asshat who hide under a mask of great respect for woman. No one would have ever expected what he was doing to me.) he was the first person i let take that control away from med. and it ended in smoke and flames. I had vowed to never again let anyone take that power away from me; hence why I now dom. But then Stevie came along and I found myself falling hard. She stirred up feeling in me that I thought were long gone. It freaked me out at first as my brain would constenly give me fashbacks that left me shivering and shaking from a panic attack. I am so glad I pushed through them as I have ever been happier. I have found who I am again, allowed myself to regress to cope with stress. For me there is a very intense satisfation when following rules and orders. It fills me with an arousal that nothing else does. Even if I don’t receive any attention. I’m happy to wait my turn.
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deadmothh · 7 months ago
hi do you have any advice on getting help doing things when getting help is one of the things that need doing? people mention medication and therapy for adhd but it feels like an insurmountable wall to even get started trying to figure out how. if not that's okay too i hope you have a great day :)
ohh :( it took me nearly two years of trying to finally get to the point of meds, so, i get you. it's hard.
i was lucky enough that my uni offered adhd diganosis services and managed to get diagnosed (after...missing so many appointments and trying again :'( ), but it took even longer to figure out how to get meds.
but like husbirde made a normal doctors appointment, walked in and said "hi i think i have adhd and id like meds" and they gave him meds THAT DAY. so it doesn't necessarily have to take ages!!! just one doctors appt can do a lot of good.
as far as research goes, this website made a big difference for me-- it has a lot of available information and resources so research was easier!!!! there's tips abt therapy and meds and coaching, about what theyre good for and what to expect. it helped me do the big task of identifying the problems i wanted to solve, which is really the first step. it also helped me like, even get an idea of what the possible options were and how to go about it at all? there's good stuff here.
keeping track of what is hard helped me get a handle on stuff-- i never realized how many classes i missed/all sorts of things until i started writing it down. try thinking abt what you want to be better -- do you want to be able to focus in lectures, or do things when you want to do them, or make it to work on time, or be less anxious, or etc? stuff like that. try writing that down, too! keeping your goals in mind is important because then u have specific problems to seek solutions for.
talking to other people is really helpful. if you have a close friend group or partner, calling & making a game plan together ("im gonna try and call the doctor on x day so i can get an appointment, can u help me remember?") is really good! my friends & husbirde helped me remember to go to appointments and look for stuff. friends are helpful both on and off line.
even just asking questions of ANYBODY ("how do i make an appointment??") makes a huge difference. the desk staff at every medical establishment want to help you. if you want to do something, you can call and ask! if calling is hard, they usually also have an email option of some kind. email is a little slower, but u can do it at any time, which is a big deal lol.
reducing effort is also good -- if calling ur doctor/a therapist is hard, check and see if theres a text or email option. if going to places on time is hard, look for telehealth. keep your shoes by the door, buy pre-made food, stuff like that.
weird little specific thing: it's always so so so much better to reschedule appointments for a different day than to miss them. if i was stuck and couldnt GO, calling the place and rescheduling made it so i still had a goal to shoot for.
and really, honestly, the main one: it's never too late. there isnt a time limit. my gramma's coworker just started adhd meds at 50. i made probably 6 appointments with the adhd guys before i made it to one to get diagnosed. its about like gathering up ur strength when you can and doing anything, even something small, to work towards making stuff better, and also giving urself space to mess up and move on.
but ahhh good luck. i know it's hard :( you're doing your best. it will be enough someday!!! dont give up. <3 <3 <3
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chenle · a year ago
punch-out!! | boxer!felix (the sequel) 05
owo. read one, two, counter, punch, knock-out! first! | [m.list]
Tumblr media
01 02 03 04
“the sun and moon send their regards.”
your head whips around to glare holes into the one responsible for this mess, half-tempted to throw a chair at him and his smug face
but one “we have to go, y/n!” from woojin brings you to your senses
younghyun snarls, lunging, and that’s the last thing you see before you leave
aside from his deep inhales and exhales, felix is silent the entire car ride to the hospital
4 seconds in, 4 seconds out
you find yourself following him, not knowing what else to do
you feel like a terrible significant other
but what should you say? what can you say?
you can’t stop staring at him, but he keeps his eyes down, left arm still clutched tightly to his chest
woojin stops at a red light, huffing impatiently, drumming his fingers on the wheel
as if felix was just waiting for a moment like this, his voice comes out shakily
“i can’t believe i fucked up this badly… fuck, y/n…”
the alert sound from metal gear solid plays in your head and u CANNOT BELIEVE YOUR BRAIN CAN BE A MEMELORD AT A TIME LIKE THIS
“you didn’t fuck up! it wasn’t your fault—”
“it was! if i hadn’t slipped—”
felix chokes up, cutting his sentence short
he still won’t look up at you, but you can see a stray tear drip from one of his eyes
woojin looks at you in the rear view mirror, almost like he was silently asking if you needed him to jump in
you give him an answer when you turn back to look at felix, who starts up again
“younghyun called it… and i didn’t listen. and those fucking twins, they—”
you finally get sick of felix staring off into space, placing a hand on his cheek to turn his face to you
to your relief, he doesn’t resist
he leans into your hand, closing his eyes when your thumb wipes away at his tears, and you let him catch his breath before you continue
“don’t waste your time thinking about them. they don’t deserve your attention, you hear me?”
felix falls silent, wordlessly gazing into your eyes as if he was liable to break down again if he didn’t
your heart clenches, thumb rubbing his cheek again despite no more tears falling
then, felix smiles weakly, turning his head to press a kiss to your palm before nestling into it again
“guess you have my full attention now.”
you roll ur eyes so hard, u see the back of your own head, wishing felix wasn’t hurt already so u could SMACC HIM
“bad joke?”
“o(*≧д≦)o EXTREMELY BAD JOKE !!!!”
“sorry,, i make bad jokes when i’m in pain. seriously, i think the adrenaline’s completely wearing off now”
people really weren’t lying when they call seoul the heart of megalo boxing
the nearest hospital had a special emergency unit for megalo boxers only
how many of them have to get fucked up on a daily basis for this place to exist ??
well,,, when u look at felix rn,,,,,,, it’s understandable HHHHHHHHHHHHH
let’s just say a very, almost unbearing, longing look was shared, and woojin was not having it .
the waiting room for the megalo emergency unit was empty other than you and woojin
u expected this since no other megalo matches were scheduled for around this time
it’s silent as you two try to process what the hell just happened, finally getting the chance to catch your breaths
you don’t know how long you and woojin spend just sitting next to each other in peace, nothing but white noise filling the air
then, the tranquility is destroyed by a screaming squirrel
ok fine, he just saw his friend crumple to the ground a little while ago, u can’t be too hard on him ASDFHASNDJ
behind him is the rest of the gang, who all file in soon after
“you guys are already back?”
“yeah, younghyun totally went full psycho on those two, you should’ve seen it! i mean,,, there was a lot of blood, so maybe it was good that u didn’t see it,,,,,,, BUT IT WAS REALLY COOL”
it’s weird, but jisung’s energy is soothing, even if it is way off the charts
it’s a nice change from the concerned look on everyone else’s face AFDSHBKANSF
and speaking of younghyun,,,
he slips to the front quietly, clad in his old hoodie and jeans like he was before the match
except now, he has a new accessory on his face
he doesn’t give you the chance to ask about the gash running horizontally across his left cheek
“where’s felix?”
and as if on cue, the man of the hour arrives
you turn on your heels IMMEDIATELY when you see jisung’s eyes light up, eyes locking onto felix automatically
his arm is in a splint, the doctor accompanying his side, and woojin and chan both rush over to see what she has to say
and, even though he definitely was not supposed to, felix CASUALLY WALKS OVER TO YOU GUYS LIKE HE WASN’T JUST ON THE FLOOR IN PAIN THE LAST TIME THEY SAW HIM
when felix gets close enough, his eyebrows furrow with a wince, sucking a breath through his clenched teeth
“dude,,, you got fucked”
ur a little ( ・◇・)?at first, but then u remember
or rather, u followed felix’s gaze and wound up at younghyun’s face adfjbansdf
“yeah, i got sloppy. how’s your arm?”
(felix, snorting) “also fucked. only reason i’m not dying right now is because of the meds they put me on”
felix lets out a hearty laugh, ur concern GROWING WITH EVERY SECOND
u see changbin purse his lips before hesitantly speaking
“so,,,, why did the doctor let you back out?”
“you know, if you’re annoying enough, you can do anything”
felix really wasn’t kidding when he said he made bad jokes when he was pain ASDFHJVDF
ur seriously considering if felix is so out of it to the point where he doesn’t think this is real life
u shake ur head, pushing the thought of “oh my god i can’t believe this is the guy i’m gonna marry one day what the fuck”
“so what now??”
felix looks at you like u just asked him where he wanted to grab dinner
“doctor said i need to get surgery to fix my bones. tomorrow afternoon or something. she said she wants to keep me overnight just in case. if u ask me, i think she was just getting bored”
he laughs again and this time, U CAN’T RESIST THE URGE TO SMACC
BUT ur a soft bitch, so u only hover over his shoulder
“okay, okay!! all of u just looked so worried, it was unnerving !! especially you, kang younghyun. seriously, concern is not a good look on u. i like you better when you look like a cocky bastard—”
“i’m sorry.”
the humourous glint in felix’s eyes fades, his smile slipping off his face
then, with his non-broken arm, he slugs younghyun’s shoulder
“for what?”
“what else? you wouldn’t be here right now if it wasn’t for me—”
“hey, man, i know i’m on meds right now and stuff, but i don’t recall you punching my forearm in.”
“yup, definitely do not recall that. y/n, do you remember that?”
felix gives u The Look and u barely suppress the urge to roll your eyes
“two versus one, which means you did not shatter my forearm. so stop taking the blame, dumbass.”
younghyun looks like he’s got more on his mind, but the doctor exasperatedly calls for felix before he can dish it out
this poor doctor ASDFJHBANF
“guess i’m off. will you stay?”
felix gives u the full combo: a pout AND puppy eyes
u hate this clown
he already knows you’re gonna say yes, but u decide to tease him anyway
“we’ll see. now go before you torture this poor doctor any further!”
woojin looks like he wants to pull felix by the ear when he joins up with them ASJDFKNASDMF
and even though all of you feel the elephant in the room, no one brings it up until chan and woojin reunite with the group
u all take a seat, unanimously deciding that this convo couldn’t wait for home
(the nurses see u, they’re just too tired to kick u out)
“so... what now?”
minho breaks the ice, no one else wanting to
sungjin leans back into his seat, a heavy sigh on his lips
chan’s got his thinking cap on (u know it when u see it), hand running through his already disheveled hair, looking equally as distressed as sungjin
well, everyone looks distressed, the sixth strike members especially
i mean, of course they do
without felix, younghyun won’t be able to fight in finals even if he did come out victorious in semis
and if he can’t fight in finals, then jae…
“i’ll jump in for felix. i got the furthest last year in the tournament, so it just makes sense.”
hyunjin, heroic as ever, volunteers without a drop of hesitation in his voice
you can’t see any hesitation on his face either, which means 1 of 2 things
1: he’s real serious and determined to replace felix
or 2: he’s one HELL OF AN ACTOR
you know hyunjin
once he gets his mind set on ‘the right thing’, he’ll die if he can’t go through with it
all he needs now is chan’s ok and—
u know the surprised pikachu face is a dead meme now, but
chan grips the fabric of his jeans, head hung low and you can only imagine the turmoil brewing inside of him
you place a hand on his arm, squeezing gently, a familiar gesture that you hope reaches his mind
when he looks up to face younghyun head-on, you know it did
“i want to replace felix.”
U WANT TO WHAT ???????
“because i want to make it up to younghyun!”
when you look at younghyun expecting answers
he looks just as befuddled as you are
“make it up to me?”
“the promise.”
recognition flashes across younghyun's face and he looks like someone just punched him in the gut
“you... still remember that?”
“i never forgot.”
(*。      0 – 0。*)?
?(*。0 – 0      。*)
(ᴗ _ ᴗ)
chan turns his attention to u, somehow looking u right in the eye despite the fire burning in your pupils
“we promised that—”
“we’d fight in the ring together one day.”
younghyun breathes out an incredulous laugh, more bewildered than amused
his answer leaves you with even more questions, but you can’t formulate any sentences to convey them
and apparently no one else can either because they all sit in silence, waiting with bated breath for one of them to continue
and with a lick of his lips, younghyun does
“i thought you meant we’d fight against each other, but… this…”
younghyun looks like no matter how hard he thinks about it, he can’t wrap his head around chan’s proposal
and you can’t either
chan hasn’t been a boxer in the megalo scene for years
he hasn’t been a boxer period
“look, i know i'm gonna have to train my ass off these next couple of weeks, but... it’s been eating away at me ever since you called. so, i thought it’s about time i shut it up.”
do you ever have those moments where you’re so overwhelmed by everything
that you just go numb
and your brain doesn’t know how to react so it just stops working and disconnects u from the world’s wifi
“but we were just stupid kids—”
“still. we were stupid kids when we wanted to become pros and look where we are now. what do you say?”
you’ve been staring at chan’s side profile for the past 5 minutes now
as if something on his cheek would help you understand
but,, that’s just it, isn’t it?
you aren’t your brother
and this isn’t the first time he’s done something you couldn’t comprehend
is this one of those times where you just need to blindly trust him?
you know chan isn’t impulsive
he’s calculated and level-headed
it’s why he’s way more responsible than you
if he just saw felix go down in such a way and still wants to go through with this,,,
you sigh, settling back into your seat
you avoid everyone’s eyes when they flit over to you, the resigned look on your face enough
“you’d really do that for me? after all these years? after all i’ve done?”
a tired smile tugs at chan’s lips and nothing more needs to be said
“well... guess it’s you and me against the world, chris.”
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sortavibing · 8 months ago
hi!! i'd like to request a haikyuu matchup? if thats okay lol so i go by rain and tbh im unsure about my pronouns but i go by she/they i think. i have shoulderlength brown hair but im dying it soon, i wear glasses and have my lip pierced,im 5'5" and uhh im biromantic and again v v unsure abt the whole ₛₑₓ stuff lmao my ennegram type if group 9 though idk what that means and im infp and a ravenclaw,, i rollerskate! (badly) and knit, crochet, sew etc and i love to read!!!! my starsign is leo and i love the arcade, cities (im from a v v rural area so i find it exciting), swimming, music and tbh my dream job is working in a book shop or a library and i know SO much useless information n i tend to just sah random facts that pop into my head sometimes,, i kin yamaguchi and kinda asahi? uhh im a really picky eater which is kinda embarrasing😳 my love language is physical touch and words of affirmation,, the only things i really look for in a partner is if they're okay with taking it slow? is that a thing? trust is big for me bcus im insecure about like everything lmao but i dont tell many ppl and have a hard time opening up but im working on it i only tell ppl stuff if i rlly trust them,, i think im more of a listener than a talker but occasionally i'll just go OFF talking abt a random youtube video i watched or smth,, uh and like every single year i start a bullet journal or any sort of journal and i set it up so it looks rlly nice then i never use it again???? idk why its annoying asf
i'd like a romantic relationship pls bcus valentines day is coming up n im feeling lonely😌🤚
tysm dear!!!! also apologies bcus i feel like i overshared a bit too much im so sorry i either say nothing or too much lmao but i hope you have a good day/night!!!! also remember to eat/drink/take ur meds if u have them
ack hello! thank you for requesting! i’ve been swamped with requests recently so sorry that i wasn’t able to get it to you sooner! you seem so sweet omg- also i aspire to learn how to rollerskate, but like i know imma just fucking die because i don’t know how to stop🤠 also, there is no need to be sorry, all the information really helped me make it more personal :) anyways, here’s your matchup!
generating matchup...
Tumblr media
matchup: complete
i match you up with akaashi!
Tumblr media
one of the first dates you went on with him was pretty chill, and you guys just explored tokyo, finding small pastry shops, looking at the cute things in stores, and just enjoying each others company while being able to walk around the city. he offered to pay for everything (like the gentleman he is), and in the end, he bought you a little keychain to remind you of the date.
he loves to listen to you talk about the most random shit ever, and he always knows when to put in his opinion to keep the conversation going. akaashi thinks whatever you say is fascinating, and he is really happy that you are comfortable enough to open up to him about the most random shit, or a real problem that is bothering you. 
he is also more comfortable with taking it slow, since he believes trust and understanding is the most important parts of a relationship, so he will never force you to anything that you are uncomfortable with, no matter how small the action is. he will always remind you that he is there for you, and to never worry about disappointing him, because he is just happy to be dating you.
akaashi once took you on a date to a roller skating rink, and he was actually really good (of course he is), and he tried his best not to laugh at when you fell, but he failed🤠 after that, he was sure to help you, and after the end of the date you actually got pretty good at roller-skating, and akaashi just pretended that he didn’t laugh the first time he saw you fall.
he will buy you romantic books that remind him of you, and will write cute little notes in the margins, saying things like “this scene reminds me of us”, or “you are way prettier than they are”. and he really likes when you talk about the book you recommended with him, and he will get especially happy if you mention the notes.
since you like physical affection, akaashi will always be holding your hand or at least locking pinkies while you guys are together. he loves to know that you are there, and he will always have a slight blush on his face when you take his hand first. if he’s feeling extra romantic, he will kiss you on the top of the head, and just watch you get a little flustered.
akaashi knows that you are a picky eater, so he will memorize everything you don’t like to eat, and if you guys are ever going anywhere to eat, he will make sure that you actually are enjoying your food, and will always order something that fits your taste for himself, just in case you don’t like what you ordered.
he will do a bullet journal with you as well, and would match the aesthetic of yours, so you guys can have cute matching journals. akaashi would definitely write about you, and if you ever ask to see what he wrote, he will get a little bit flustered, because he doesn’t want you seeing him being too sappy, but if you ever convince him to let you read it, it’s literally the sweetest thing ever, and you want to keep it forever.
if you guys are apart for a long time, you guys will trade songs that you think remind you of the other person, and you and akaashi will put the songs into a playlist, so you can listen to it if you guys are ever missing each other. akaashi listens to the playlist a lot, though he will never tell you just how many times.
overall, you guys are so cute together, and akaashi will always be there to listen to you ramble, boost your confidence, and just look out for you whenever he can. he just wants to see you happy, and he is really happy that he can be the person to cause you to smile most of the time. 
i hope you enjoyed!
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mjalti · a year ago
I realize this is super personal so I understand if you don't want to answer. I'm in a caregiver position right now for an elderly family member and I am EXHAUSTED. How do you keep going/take care of yourself and someone else without collapsing?
It’s nothing glamourous. I’m exhausted all the time, my memory suffers alot (iPhone reminders, handheld notebook to take down info quickly + write something as soon as I remember it), i am always stressed, I have one of those giant calendars that I keep up and plan as much as I can ahead + color code. I have my mom to help me out so in days when we can we take over “majority chunks” so I quit my full time job to help take care of him throughout the week and I work doubles on weekends to “make up” for it. On Friday and Monday my mom takes over a majority of the work as of course Saturday and Sunday. Tuesday -Thursday I try to take over a majority of the work + doctors (and emphasis on the plural) appointments. Then it’s just a matter of planning shopping trips for like food or diapers etc (since he’s in diapers).
The chaos level had the potential to be at 100, but just planning things ahead and being able to divy up work takes it down to 40.
I don’t have time to hang out with my friends, go to the gym, or have me-time in any real sense, BUT sometimes I do get half an hour or 45 min and I like to take baths, so I’ll just do skincare and baths for that time.
If ur elderly family member is immobile and u live in the United States, they might be eligible for home health aides. My father wasn’t. So the work falls on the family / caregivers. If ur elderly family member doesn’t need 24/7 care, maybe consider going to a caregiver support group (reach out to their hospital or a couple local hospitals to see if u have any) and see if u can make friends with some of the people that way & maybe you can all create a rotational shift of care or have each other available should soemthing come up. Ask ur other family for help. If they can only do one day a week, take them up on it and use that one day for you. Support is the number 1 thing that’s needed but often lacking. See if they have power of attorney and if not, GET ONE through a lawyer. It’s always better to have it and not need it than it is to need it and not have it. Contact the hospital social worker if they assigned you one or the case manager and ask for the social worker & see what other resources are available to you as they would have the most up to date information.
Otherwise yeah it absolutely sucks, it’s bleak, it’s exhausting, it’s often not something people plan for, and there’s no real repose from it in a significant sense. You keep going by taking everything one day at a time, and planning ahead as much as you can. Plan for savings for things like funerals (an average funeral is around 10k), plan for things like medications + always look into copay assistance cards although most copays don’t work in conjunction with Medicare —some do, keep lists of current meds, be on top of it as much as you can and it makes both 1) the medical professionals take you more seriously about Ur concerns and 2) you feel more in control of the situation rather than the situation steamrolling you. Good luck :)
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handweavers · 9 months ago
omg when u said your adhd meds bring up your resting heart rate I'm like 😶 bc i already have anxiety and take beta blockers but i have an adhd screening test booked next week n i was hoping to get meds but now 😐😐
(i mean obv this is smth I'll speak to my gp and psych about but now I'm worried i cant take the meds i might need bc i dom't need anything to bring up my heart rate djfdbf)
i'm not very educated in this outside of my person experience/firsthand knowledge as someone w ADHD and having tried a bunch of different medications over the years so take what i say with a grain of salt and do some more research etc.
but from my understanding there are a few different types of meds ADHD that are prescribed for helping with ADHD. stimulants like adderall, ritalin, etc are the most common ones and those stimulate (ha) ur nervous system which causes your heart rate to go up, and it's why some common side effects are things like sweating, decreased appetite, dizziness, etc. i take concerta which is the extended release version of ritalin (ritalin lasts usually like 4-6 hours iirc but concerta lasts for 12 hours) and i used to take 36mg daily but it rose my resting heart rate to like 125 BPM and made me nauseous and sweaty all the time so i take 18mg now and it still raises my heart rate but its closer to 90-110 BPM depending, and i find i'm able to push it lower through breathing exercises and mindfulness. i also have anxiety so on days when i'm experiencing high anxiety i don't take it; actually i don't take it most days unless i really Have to use my brain like writing essays or taking notes during lectures or if i Need some energy and a clear head that day bc my brain fog is severe. it's not something i take daily the way i take my antidepressant, and that's the method that works for me right now.
from what i remember, there are other types of ADHD meds that aren't stimulants and can be prescribed to people who can't take stimulants or who have negative side effects with them. a few of them work through changing your serotonin levels which unfortunately conflicts with my antidepressant and i can't change that bc my body is dependent on it, so i stick with the concerta on a "use when needed" basis. when u get your tests and talk to your doctor about your concerns they will probably suggest trying a med that isn't a stimulant or try a very low dose of a stimulant medication to see how your body responds, but regardless i wouldn't worry about it they should be able to figure out something that works for you <3
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msuselene · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
hi hello everyone !!! this is my first muse here and i’m extremely excited to finally be able to join and give this girl a new home ♡ we have here miss selene song ( red velvet’s joy ), twenty-two, pre-med major, and senior suseong prefect !!! here’s a more extensive profile for other details but i’ve also written down some important stuff under the cut as well as some plots i can think of off the top of my head for efficiency’s sake ~ if you would like to plot please like this post so i can head over to your dms. either way i’m reachable through tumblr ims, twitter, or discord ( ask and u shall receive ) !! 🤙
i. information !!
selene song, 22 years old, suseong senior 
virgo sun — see: very organised, extremely diligent, not the smartest tool in the shed but works hard enough to make you think otherwise. would tell you she’s not a perfectionist but really, her actions would speak louder.
pre-med major with a healing minor ( go crazy science nerd!! )
is very passionate about becoming a doctor someday so much that as early as now, she’s already thinking about what practice she would like to specialise in
born and raised in paris, france and went to beauxbatons
she came from a pureblood family but her father is more well known in the muggle world as a chief financial officer of some company while her mother owns a wizarding boutique ( something to keep her busy, they’re well off enough that she doesn’t need to work )
was sheltered growing up. her first official foray into independence was moving halfway across the world to attend mokseong
very much a sweetheart but with some [ redacted ] tendencies you just have to get her drunk first
actually really friendly ?? would talk to you or to anyone she manages to come across. 10/10 would talk to anyone unprovoked and has good memory so even if you just talked to her once about the most trivial thing she’ll still most likely remember you
doesn’t mean you get to take advantage of her when she catches you on those late night prefect patrols doing heaven knows what though !!! 😡  ( unless ur bffs then maybe,,,, just maybe )
absolutely hates being ignored or being compared to anyone. she’s had enough of that growing up and would rather not relive childhood trauma
has been helping out a lot in the hospital wing since her junior year so she spends a lot of time there !!
probably chatters a lot when she’s getting people fixed up and will hold your hand if the pain becomes a little bit Much
ii. connections !!
FRIENDS PLS — like i said, she’s extremely friendly and i’d really like to establish some solid friendships for her. doesn’t matter if you’re polar opposites she can adjust easily for the ppl in her life. she just needs someone to talk to, cry with, get drunk with... anything!
an ex — male, preferably either a fellow senior or a 1st-2nd year grad student. i’d leave it at that so if anyone’s interested we can discuss other important details ~
beauxbatons students — friends ?? people she’d be excited to see in mokseong ?? a BEST FRIEND please it would be so cute... just 2 friends moving across the world to be in uni together 🥰
possible relatives??? 
your parents were society friends back in paris and sometimes you were tagged along for those god forsaken parties rich people like to throw all the time and you hung out a lot during these events and what now !! you’re both in mokseong
dept. of health majors !!! — someone to share the stress of being health majors with... a competitive muse she can make fun of because she’s really not All that and it would be funny to her to see people butt heads with each other... someone to motivate her to study and someone who will pull her out of it because what is balance ?? once she starts grinding she never stops 🤟 
prefects — somehow it’s the two of you who gets stuck doing patrols together and it’s either you love it or you hate it
suseong freshmen — pls feed her mother hen tendencies that is all ♡
iii. situations for threads !! 
it’s a friday night and you managed to drag her out of the library after she put up a fight. moments later, she’s tipsy enough and the first person on the dance floor. “here i thought you didn’t want to go out??” pls take care of her... or not.. you can both regret your decisions later
your troublemaker muse ends up in the hospital wing to get patched up after a minor accident and she has suspicions as to how they got it, doesn’t pry, but makes them promise to never do it again whatever that was... a moment of vulnerability
she decides to solo-patrol the dungeons late one night and there you were.. waiting for your dalliance. instead of docking points, she decides to be terrible and wait for the person with you. possibly bore and annoy you with conversation about the health hazards of having sex in public until you finally leave
her favourite person to practice stuff on i.e. asking you to sit down for her as she practices taking your blood pressure 5 times, letting her prod on your body with a muggle stethoscope. she tells you that in exchange for all that, she’ll never let you pay her a cent when she becomes your doctor in the future!
as an ever trusting, gullible soul, you were able to scam her into something (be it smth she can try, believe in, or be invited to) and now she’s always hated you a little bit about it
“oh you like him/her? let me talk to them for you!” a.k.a she tries to play matchmaker
she’s having trouble in one of her weaker subjects (anything that’s not related to her major) and you help her out! or could be vice versa !! she’s great at science related things
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ssunrises · 7 months ago
hey it’s ur chronic ill gal finally on new meds (which could take 4 weeks to work) after so many hospital visits. I’m trying to get an extension on an essay (first time in ... so long i can’t remember??? usually i just suck it up) and the reply was to get proof of my worsening of said illness (they have proof that i am chronically ill). i was sitting sorting through the new stack of medical papers as i got the answer, all of them which i am not legally allowed to send them bc contains sensitive info that they are not supposed to have. for the record, bc of covid we don’t have to have a doctor’s notice to postpone even the exam, bc you don’t want to spend those resources and take those risks during this time. But ONE essay on the other hand-
It’s already too late for me to get a doctor’s notice in time so I’m torturing myself through writing this essay, i really haven’t been in this awful shape since this time last year when i spent a week down with fever and another with migraine and vomiting and i never figured out if it was covid. anyway, it still feels so right to send all the official hospital papers with all info blacked out except for signatures and time stamps. Like «this is what u wanted right? Bc we both know i am not allowed to send any info via this email so i don’t know what magic way i should otherwise get it to you in three working days?» Ah i remember dearly when the same department didn’t want to give me a way out of physically meeting up with strangers as covid was on an all-time high (as someone at high-risk) and then the only other option after much back and forth was these essays. Only later did they say that the people I live with could have had that option as well, meaning we could’ve done the whole regular course work from our house :))) like i don’t need more reasons to hate philosophy my dudes
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