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#remove later
avonleaisland · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
You telling me I have to remove my bridge because the game lets me place a costum path over here but NOT remove it??????
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568a · 2 years ago
I’m sorry for the sudden hiatus of translating, but now I’m back. Currently working on the 19th story, you can find the summary here. I might be able to translate it before I for Japan.
Check your firealarms people, they might really save your life.
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just-llawer-responses · 2 years ago
Yoo sheepspeeps any of y'all from Wales can tell me what I should do when I go there on holiday this summer?? On my own???
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carterhaughwood · 2 years ago
my sister is a beautiful child, and i am not. she also photographs very well, and i do not. it’s such a petty type of jealousy but i feel this need to be as beautiful as the things i love? and that i’m not a good poet or writer unless i achieve that? it’s such an idiotic thing to feel (those things are obviously unrelated and yet) and i fear that it might affect my sister if it spills over- i don’t want to make her feel bad for being lucky, and i love her very much and hate that i’m jealous at all
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gooddame · 3 years ago
I wanna be this girl
Tumblr media
But I'm really just this girl
Tumblr media
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scorbus-ficrec · 3 years ago
For those of you on mobile, can you see my avatar pic? (It's marisdrawings art of Scorpius and Albus on the grass) or do you see a default box thing?
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my-lucky-star · 5 months ago
First time I have been truly disheartened for my writing
Spent 5 hours today writing my first fic for mass effect andromeda posted it three hours ago and it has had 1 single view. Ugh I know its stupid but now I feel really down
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catwsbisexual · 2 months ago
At this point in time, with rare exception, I’m pretty against content creators speaking about their projects. By that I mean, I hate creators revealing lore or explaining content after the fact or even AS something is coming out. It ends up weakening the actual narrative in canon, making it so it can’t stand on its own.
BUT I am 110% percent okay with Marvel creators speaking about their works and its BECAUSE it ALWAYS weakens the actual content and it’s always in the funniest way.
You think Steve’s ending was beautiful and lovingly crafted? The writers and directors can’t even agree where he went and what he did. No thought went into that. They spent WEEKS on promo tours indirectly arguing about what was more canon.
You think Loki was a great show and didn’t mind him dating himself? Well, AFTER the he kissed the only female version of himself, a composer came out and said she crafted all the music with the idea that Loki sees Sylvie like a mother in her mind. “He looks at her like he looks at her mother.”
And there’s shit like this all throughout the MCU production and promo. Actors arguing for ships that make zero sense at the expense of characterization. Completely insane takes on continuity from directors. And I love it... like... yes... expose your projects for the shallow frauds that they are. This isn’t even getting into shit like “just looking at production schedules demonstrates how projects are filmed/developed at the same time, so accidental retcons/regressions are a common thing because they can’t even know how a character has developed because it technically hasn’t filmed yet.” (See: Thor Ragnarok and Avengers IW/EG)
It’s so blatantly bad. I love it. All content creators BESIDES MCU people shut the fuck up and stop ruining your works. MCU... keep going.
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gertritude-art · 2 months ago
Hi!! It’s been almost two weeks and i’m still not done with my project (i’m definitely gonna need another two/three weeks or so to finish ;_;), but i wanted to show off a little bit of what i’ve been working on!  It’s gonna be a short point-and-click/visual novel type game about an odd boy named Mordred who has to reluctantly save his high school prom from an evil demon (not to be confused with the relatively chill not-evil demon who’s currently possessing him B]).  
Since I’m confident I can finish this, I’ll probably post updates about it from here on out!
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michaelgovehateblog · a month ago
Maybe this is controversial, but surely the most effective way of showing that you don’t like post +, far more than than any protest log offs, is to just not use the feature. Don’t implement it on your blog, and if anyone does use it on their blog, don’t pay for their posts, and even encourage others not to use it, if you want. Yeah it’s a kind of dumb feature, but people seem to be forgetting that its also entirely optional - none of the risks involved in monetising fan work or in giving tumblr access to your card details really matter if you just don’t do that and I’m sure that posts warning about it have been spread far enough that anyone who uses tumblr regularly enough to in theory be part of the demographic who would use monetisation features must know about it now. Tumblrs done a lot of updates over time that people dislike, and this is one of the few that are possible to just entirely ignore
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