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in honor of it being a full moon this is a post dedicated to remus and the massive amounts of love i have for him

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remus, sirius and james: *screaming*

mcgonagall (running into the room): WHAT’S WRONG REMUS?

sirius: wait, why are you only asking remus when james and i are also here?

mcgonagall: because he won’t scream unless there is an emergency, but you two scream whenever you get a chance

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If my future relationship won’t be with someone who has

Longer black hair

Eyes blue as the ocean

Has grin on the face more that anyone

has a rat and deer as a friend

looks very rough on the outside, but in reality it is a sensitive and kindest creature in the world

Maybe has something and maybe not with the sexiest werewolf in the world

It’s called like constellation of stars

Who is secretly dog

Is wise AF but sometimes the dumbest person in the world

looks like God when smokes

Loves Bowie

Okay, I guess I have to die first so I can live with Sirius forever

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This is the first time I’m writing on my desktop, so if it looks funky, that’s why. 

Remus X Reader 

Requested? Yes, by @soularsmate. The ask can be found here!

Summary - It’s full moon time and Remus is attempting to protect you, but does he do that in the best way? Do you react in the right way? 

Trigger Warning - Angsty, fluffy at the end. Mentions of break up, a fight, things like that. 

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When Sirius and Remus fight about getting detention and Remus’ new prefect responsibilities, things take a turn when Remus decides he can’t bear to see Sirius so upset. Requested by an anon!

Send me more requests here, I’d love to write something for you!

“James, will you please tell Remus that he’s an unreasonable asshat?”

“Actually James, tell Sirius that he’s being a selfish prick, please.”

“I’m not getting in the middle of this one,” James declined, holding his hands up innocently as he backed away towards the door. “You guys are on your own this time.”

When James disappeared, Sirius huffed, crossing his arms on his chest. “In my defense, I didn’t think McGonagall was going to give us detention for a whole week. Just a couple days. The prank wasn’t even that good.”

“Why do you like detention so much?” Remus yelled, his eyes narrowed like a snake about to strike. “It’s boring and humiliating and a waste of time. I don’t want to spend every afternoon stuck in a room with you cleaning owl cages.”

Sirius would never admit that the reason he liked detention so much was because it was just a few more hours during the day where he was forced to stay in the same room as Remus, cleaning cauldrons together with their elbows brushing, or sorting through stacks of papers and watching the soft candlelight flicker in his honeyed eyes. Those same hours Sirius treasured, Remus despised. His stomach churned, and his mouth suddenly tasted bitter.

Sirius wanted Remus. Apparently, Remus did not want Sirius.

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Sirius: You know that toujours pur sweater you gave me for my birthday?

Walburga: [silently nodding]

Sirius: I wore it yesterday

Walburga: [gasping and smiling]

Sirius: While my boyfriend pegged me

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remus lupin x reader

wc: 763

she/her pronouns used

tw; mentions of scars

based off of sweet creature by harry styles

☆~ ☆~ ☆~

Sirius and James walked to the castle holding Remus up as they left the old shack, also known as the shrieking shack. Remus’ arms were thrown over both of the boy’s shoulders as his body begged for sleep. He had spent the night in the shack scratching and biting himself, attempting to fight the urge to bite anyone human. Sirius and James had been there too, but in their –illegal– animagus forms. As they entered the castle, James threw his invisibility cloak over the three, attempting to hide themselves as they moved through the  old castle. The pink light of the sky lit up the open spots of the castle, giving it a soft atmosphere it usually didn’t have. A tired yawn left Sirius’ lips, causing James to stop abruptly.

“James?” Sirius murmured, wondering why the boy had stopped walking.

“Sorry, thought I heard something.” James sighed, shaking his head to wake himself up as he continued walking up to the Gryffindor towers. 

☆~ ☆~ ☆~

Sirius stood to the left of Remus, so he used his empty hand to open the door to their dorm. Upon opening it, they found Remus’ girlfriend sitting criss-cross on the lycanthropes bed. The two boys almost dropped Remus at the surprise, making it hard for them to move him to his bed.

“Where did you three go?” Y/n wondered, as she slid off her bed to make room for her boyfriend. The two boys looked at each other, thinking that the sandy haired boy hadn’t shared his furry secret with his girlfriend. They were each other’s best friends, they told each other everything right?

“Had to help Remus with something in the library, then we got locked in.” Sirius lied. Y/n shook her head, laughing at the boy’s obvious lie.

“Y/n?” Remus murmured in his sleepy state.

“Hey baby. One second okay?” Y/n whispered, placing a gentle kiss onto Remus’ forehead.

“Look, I know you guys are lying, Remus told me. Are you guys that daft to think he wouldn’t tell his girlfriend?” The girl seethed, glaring at the two boys in front of her. “Now, Sirius, go get Remus his chocolate, he’s probably feeling a bit peckish. James, you also know the prefect’s bathroom password, so can you go start filling up the bath.” She ordered, shooing away the boys. Y/n joined Remus in his soft bed, allowing the boy to wrap his arms around her and bury his face in her neck. She scratched gently at his dirty scalp, emitting a purr like moan from his lips.

“How are you feeling baby?” Y/n whispered into his ear, gently rubbing the skin on his shoulder.

“M’ tired.” He slurred, taking in a deep breath to smell the sweet scent of the girl he loved. Sirius then emerged from the bathroom, where they kept a special stash of chocolate away from Remus to stop him from eating it 24/7.

“Gonna take a bath now, come on.” She purred, helping the boy up from his bed which was covered in maroon sheets. Remus yawned loudly before lazily picking himself up, following the girl with a sense of lust that was covered in a gloomy daze of tiredness. 

☆~ ☆~ ☆~

Remus, Sirius, and Y/n entered the prefect’s bathroom to find James standing there with a large grin on his face at his work. The three looked at the bath to see it filled with bubbles that made the room smell a lot like rosemary and mint.

“Smells nice.” Remus muttered, as Y/n helped him sit at the small stage-like feature in the back of the room.

“Can you two leave?” Y/n smiled lightly, “Thanks for your help by the way.” Sirius and James left the room –Sirius not before he could place a kiss on both of their heads–. As soon as the door to the bathroom closed, Y/n stripped free of her clothes before carefully removing Remus’ clothing as well as to not hurt him. The couple walked over to the bath, gently lowering themselves into the bubble filled water.

“Remus, come here.” Y/n cooed, pulling her boyfriend into her lap. The sandy haired boy cuddled himself into Y/n, throwing his arms around her neck and placing his head against the top of her chest, near her collar bone. As Remus started to fall asleep, she gently cleaned his wounds, making sure they were clean and healthy. The couple sat together in the water for hours, soaking in each other’s presence and care.

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I think Dumbledore knew exactly what he was doing during the First War.

He told the Order that there was a spy among them, which as we know, led to distrust building between Remus and Sirius to the point where Sirius didn’t tell Remus—his best friend/lover—that he had switched the Secret-Keeper due to suspecting Remus of being the spy.

Dumbledore knew what he was doing. The fall of Remus-and-Sirius was premeditated. Remus and Sirius’ loyalty to each other could not eclipse their loyalty to Dumbledore and the Order. Remus and Sirius, together, could pose a threat to Dumbledore and the Order, for instance, if either of them objected to Remus being sent to spy on werewolf packs; Dumbledore would be stronger with Remus and Sirius apart than if Remus and Sirius stood together.

It’s no coincidence that Remus and Sirius fell apart due to doubting each other’s loyalty to Dumbledore; this outcome was perfect for Dumbledore.

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Remus Lupin x Reader | Fluff (and angst if you squint)

“Why were you out in the forest? You’re not trying to prank me are you?” “What? Never! We’ve given up trying to prank you, you always see them coming!”

Masterlist |

Words: 2256
A/N: Bold is other people’s thoughts (will make sense in the fic), also I’m not used to this weird post formatte thing [tumblr] has going on so I’m sorry about the strange paragraphing 

Warning: Some swearing, very mild spice at the end, just kissing tho and angst some if you squint

Feedback is always appreciated!
- Blue

Sometimes it was hard to walk around Hogwarts, with the mix of the verble talk, and the internal thoughts you could hear. When you’re tired it’s even worse, like how you can’t concentrate on anything right now. You were a mix of hyper aware and completely unaware of everything around you.

Like how you have no clue what Remus is saying as he walks right next to you, but you know what that first year is hoping you’re having for dinner, and how she hates the girl she’s talking to.

You snap back to reality when Remus touches your shoulder, making you jump slightly, “You ok y/n? You’ve been really spacey all day” His eyebrows are frowned with a tight line of a concerned smile on his lips

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Remus: What am I gonna do with you?

Sirius: Well I can think of a few things but I need to do some stretches first. 

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I REFUSE to believe Remus is not constantly barefoot; unless, of course, he’s wearing grippy toe socks



I rest my case.

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Hey! I’m great, thanks for asking! Thank you for the prompt <3 I wrote something pretty long, it’s angst with a happy ending as requested. I hope you’ll like it! Also, I’m sorry for eventual mistakes, I just wrote it and just wanted to post it, please tell me if you find some!

A Horrible Day

Remus never cried. At least not in public. He had a reputation of a smart nerd, who also could hex you or pull the best of the best pranks on you when you interrupt his studying session in the library. Nobody has ever seen him sad and upset, not even angry – which was something truly unbelievable, since he had to put up with the rest of Marauders. He seemed tired a lot, yes, but never did anyone see tears streaming down his face. Remus liked the fact that his reputation looked like that. He definitely didn’t want to change it. Unfortunately, sometimes you can’t change your fate.

It was 6th of March, Remus’ sixth year at Hogwarts. The full moon last night left a lot of new bruises and wounds. His left hand was bandaged and his back hurt every time he moved. It wasn’t something very uncommon for him to feel pain, but this time it was a lot worse than usual. Despite of the fact that he felt horrible, Remus insisted on attending lessons. He didn’t want to be left behind, he didn’t want everyone, especially his friends, to pity him. On the last lesson, he started regretting his decision.

He was sitting in a warm, full of sweaty teenagers classroom, sensing different kinds of cologne and perfumes mixed together. His head was pulsing with pain. He tried not to black out by pinching himself in the forearm, but he was feeling very dizzy.

“Hey, Moons, are you okay?”, Sirius whispered to him, placing his hand on his shoulder. His touch was burning Remus. He wanted it to feel like a normal, friendly touch, like James’ hand or Peter’s elbow when they helped him after a full moon. But it did not feel normal. Remus’ heart was beating fast. It was so loud that he thought the whole class could hear it. His cheeks flushed a little bit, even if he was white as a sheet now. And it all was because of this beautiful, painful touch.

“Moony, look at me! Are you okay?”, Sirius shook him a little. He nodded slowly, barely registering anything because of his damn feelings. “I need you to say something, Re. You look awful.”

“Thanks, you look handsome too”, Remus murmured. “Yes, I’m okay, Pads. Don’t worry. It’s just… you know.”

Sirius nodded, still worrying about his friend.

“If you want to go to the dorm…”, Black trailed off, looking at professor McGonagall briefly.

He put his hand over other boy’s shoulder casually. Because it should be casual. It is what friends do. The point was that Remus did not want to be only friends with Padfoot. But he knew it could never work. That’s what hurt him the most.

“I’m okay, Sirius. Now go to one of your girls and stop bothering me, I want to focus on transfiguration”, said Remus bluntly. His friend looked at him, hurt in his eyes, but he moved away from his friend. Moony instantly felt guilty.

“I’m sorry”, he sighed, “I didn’t mean to say that.” He smiled weakly, and Sirius returned the gesture, but with much more enthusiasm.

“That’s okay, just tell me if you need us.” Remus flinched a little at the word “us”. He loved marauders with all of his heart, but he’d rather Sirius swapped the word “us” to “me”. Because Lupin really needed him. He just knew he couldn’t expect it.

Sirius left Remus alone and turned to one of Hufflepuff girls. He winked at her and she almost fainted, then quickly noted something on a piece of paper and passed it to him. Lupin couldn’t not see it, but he tried to keep his wolf inside him. The wolf wasn’t very happy and Remus had to close his eyes to calm him down. It was not often for the wolf to show up besides the day of transformation, but it was very upset and tried to take control. The boy clenched his fists, leaving crescent-shaped wounds on his palms. He tried to take a few deep, but quiet breaths.

Nobody noticed Remus sitting at the back of the class, desperately trying to calm down. Nobody except one redhead. Lily quietly stood up and moved to the chair next to Lupin.

“What did he do?”, she whispered to him, carefully putting her palm on his wrist. Her touch was calming, friendly, it made Remus comfortable. It certainly wasn’t burning and seemed to calm the wolf down, too.

“I- What?” Lupin was confused.

“Oh, come on, it’s so obvious. You look at this bloke as if he was the eight world wonder. What did he do to make you so upset?”, she corrected herself. Remus just sat there, his eyes wide.

“W-what?”, he breathed out weakly. “No I don-”

“I know what I see. You’re my friend after all, even if we’re not as close as you and these idiots.” She pointed at James currently trying to transfigure Peter’s robes so they flashed with all the colours of the rainbow.

Remus knew he couldn’t lie to Lily. She always figured out everything, whether you like it or not.

“Fine, it’s just… I have a really bad day and he’s just there, looking beautiful, flirting with girls”, he sighed. “I just can’t do it anymore.”

Lily nodded with understanding. “How long?”, she asked. “How long have you liked him?”

“Since fourth year. I know it’s irrational and disgusting and…”

“You’re not disgusting. Love is not a choice, Remus”, she said calmly. “Maybe he’s too much of an idiot to see it, but you’re really one of the best choices out there.” The boy laughed bitterly. “I mean it, Remus. Don’t ever forget that you are normal and so amazing.” She shifted back to her seat without saying anything more. Lupin thought a little bit about her words, but his splitting headache didn’t want to help him. He sighed and lied his head on a desk.


“Moony, you going to dinner?”, James shouted, standing on the stairs to their dorm room. Remus was sitting in his bed with all his curtains closed.

“I’m good, go without me!”, he shouted back, trying not to sound like he was crying. And he was a great actor, so James just shrugged and went to dinner with basically whole Gryffindor tower. It left Remus almost alone in the 200 meter radius, and it was enough for him. He quickly casted Muffliato and looked at the letter in his hand.

Mr Remus John Lupin,

We are sorry to inform you that your mother, Hope Lupin, has had a car accident and did not survived the damage. We are sending our condolences…

Tears started streaming down Remus’ scarred cheeks as soon as he read the first sentence. Salty tears blurred his vision. We’re sorry, funeral, inherited, herbs, 10th of March…

He took his pillow and just screamed. He was screaming and screaming, until he didn’t have oxygen anymore and gasped loudly, desperately trying to get some air. He suddenly felt the need to go outside and just run. Run until he fell on his knees and just… stopped breathing.

He didn’t want to do anything, he didn’t know if he could keep living without his mom. Everything went wrong today, but this was just too much. He saw her at Christmas, he still could hear her singing christmas carols while baking the most delicious cakes he has ever tasted. He could sense the beautiful smell of the cookies, he could feel her calming touch as she hugged him goodbye. He still heard her calm whisper when he woke up after a full moon. He could hear her murmuring healing spells.

Remus was choking on his tears. He hopped out of bed and began to run blindly, wanting to just not be anymore. Not be anything. Not feel anything.

He didn’t manage to run for more than a few seconds, because he bumped into something. No, he bumped into someone.

Someone, which sense was very familiar. Someone, who now was hugging him to his chest, his fingers stroking his back. Remus focused for a little bit on what was now happening.

“Remus, what’s wrong? Shh, I’m here now. You’re safe here, okay? What happened?” Sirius whispered, still stroking his back and hugging him tightly.

“She- she’s dead, Siri. She’s dead and now I’m all alone and-and-”

“Shh, Moony, you’re not alone, alright? You never will be alone again and-”

“No, Sirius!” Remus backed out of the hug. “You don’t understand!” Sirius flinched, which was a habit he developed from home. Lupin felt guilty, although his sadness blurred out all the other emotions almost completely.

“Look,” Sirius sighed and took the other boy’s hand, “I know you’re going through a lot know. But you can always find comfort in me and- and James and Peter, too. I love you and will help you through it.”

Remus’ eyes widened at the words “I love you”, but he knew this was the kind of love brothers share. It hurt him so much and what hurt him more, was that he couldn’t be happy with the platonic relationship with Sirius no more.

“You know,” Lupin started, “my mom at Christmas said to invite you over for holidays. She wanted to meet you and especially you. Now you won’t be able to.” Black took one step closer to his friend and when he knew it was comfortable for him, he hugged him again. This time, the other boy didn’t try to back out.

“I’m sure your mom was an amazing woman and I know you loved her so much. Wait, why did she want to meet me especially?”

Remus ducked his head. “She- she thought you’re- she said I’m- she knew I’m in love with you.” He untangled from his arms and looked in Sirius’ eyes, looking for disgust and hate. Why did I have to always make everything wrong?, he thought. But he didn’t see disgust. Nor hate.

“Re, are you- are you serious? Remus- Remus, look at me”, Black touched his jaw delicately, forcing the other boy to look at him.

Remus ducked his head. His tears, which started to dry on his cheeks, now started running down again. “I’m so sorry, Padfoot. I didn’t mean to fall for you, I promise. I’m so sorry-”

“Can I kiss you?”

Lupin blinked twice. He gazed at Sirius’ breathtaking, grey eyes, and slowly nodded. He was very confused.

When Sirius received consent from a taller boy, he gently brushed his lips over Remus’. Lupin ran the fingers through his black, long hair, and Black stroke the other boy’s shoulder blade.

“Do you want to go outside? I know your mom loved plants, you always talked about it. Maybe it would help you?”, he asked quietly. And Remus heart, although it was broken and grieving, jumped with happiness. Because Sirius knew him and when he took Remus’ hand into his, making Lupin follow him outside, the taller boy knew everything will be okay.

He had a boy he loved beside him, now talking about a flower crown he can make him to make him feel closer to mom. And that was all he wanted. He kissed Sirius on the cheek and followed him to the meadows of Hogwarts.

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James: [trying to flirt with Lily] The eyes are like the groin of the face. And yours are beautiful

Remus: [whispering to Sirius] I have second hand embarrassment

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