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#remus john lupin
itsmorelikebyesexual · 2 days ago
*on the phone*
Remus: I just got home, where are you guys?
Sirius: The hospital.
Remus: What? Why? What happened?!
Sirius: James swallowed a watermelon seed.
Remus: So? It's not like it's gonna grow a watermelon in his stomach.
Sirius: We'll be home in 10 minutes.
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lilithcromwell · 2 days ago
Hey love! Your writing is phenomenal! Just wanted to submit a request for alpha Remus getting extra possessive over the reader before the full moon? Huge sucker for breeding/mating kink and size kink. I just feel like sex before the full moon is absolutely feral and so hot. Love your writing so much!
a/n: bro...phenomenal is a big word WHAHAHAHAHAHA
Tear You Apart
Remus Lupin
Remus' high sex drives nights before the full moon has him turning possessive and animalistic in bed
disclaimers: animalistic sex (rawr xD), breeding kink, size kink, choking, male and female oral, female self pleasuring, high sex drive, possessive + dominant alpha male (rough sex in general)
requests: open (check navigation for any updates)
word count: 1491
Tumblr media
You scrunch your eyebrows, reading the answers of your students. Writing their mark at the top of the paper, you moved along to another parchment that had the same exact answer. Word per word. Retrieving the previous paper, you scoffed in laughter.
“Of course, Crabbe and Goyle..” Placing aside their papers, you shift your neck side to side. You’ve been grading papers after dinner and it's almost 2 in the morning. You ducked your head on your table, obviously tired. You were about to sit back up again when you felt a pair of hands on your shoulder.
“Tired?” Remus’ tired raspy voice from behind asked. You nodded and he started to slowly massage your shoulders making you back up into his touch. Later, he slides one of his hands to your neck then your jaw, lifting your chin.
He placed a deep kiss on your lips, before trailing them down to your neck. Occasional bites here and there that sometimes let out blood from his aggression. Something about his entire attitude and behaviour the whole day struck you.
He wanted to eat you out 10 minutes before your class with the 3rd years一that had Harry. Remus also offered to fuck you then and there at the storage room without a silencing charm.
Yes, he was horny. But this was on a different level than his normal appetite. Looking at the calendar on your table, you just realized that it was a night before the full moon. Tilting your head, you gave him more room to trail his kisses to your neck.
These nights he was different. His aggression, it was feral-like. The way he holds you...not as a girl but as a woman. You already knew about his condition. The high sex drive was an advantage for the both you. Nights before the full moon just showed how good he was at sex. Although, this has got to be the highest and extreme one he's had.
You planted a kiss on his lips which he followed. He was panting like crazy.
“Gonna tear you apart so good..” Remus mumbles into your ear before carrying you bridal style and tossing you to the bed.
You were on your way to turn the lights off when he stopped your hand. "Keep the lights on. I want to see your tits bouncing up and down."
Once he started hovering on top of you, you started to feel so small that it turned you on even more. Remus reached for the hem of your night shirt and chucked it out from his view along with your bottoms.
You began to feel weak when he wrapped his big hand around your throat. He immediately went down to your tits and started caressing them roughly. He gave small kitten licks before taking your hardened nipples in his mouth and nipping on them.
Letting out whimpers, his grip on your throat tightened by the second.
"If you’re making noises, I better be hearing them."
Remus was sucking on your tits so much that you rubbed your thighs together to get some friction. It was hard to let out moans when his large hand was around your throat, you just felt vibrations. He got in between your thighs to stop you, making you squeeze your toes from the feeling of his bulge on you.
“Touch yourself for me.” Sitting up, you discard your underwear and throw it to the floor.
“Spread your legs, I wanna see how turned on I made you.” Following his orders, you bite your lip as he licks his lips from your wet cunt.
Snaking your hands downwards, you rub your wet clit slowly while shutting your eyes. Shuffling nearby would be made by Remus drawing himself closer to see.
Running your fingers on your slit, you whisper softly before you slide a finger in. You started pumping in and out from slow to fast. Soon after, you feel a lick on your folds making you gasp.
Looking down, you see Remus’ face between your legs while you were fingering yourself. The sight could’ve made you easily reach an orgasm. But Remus was definitely making that easier for both of you.
“Fuck, so good…”
Right before you reach your orgasm, he pulls himself and your hand away, leaving you frustrated. “That’s enough for now.”
“Wanna suck on my cock, little one?” You nodded quickly as he let you go and pulled down his trousers.
You bent down, arching your back while running your tongue from his base to the tip. Kissing and sucking on the tip, you felt Remus run his hand down your back before rubbing your aching cunt.
Bobbing your head up and down his cock, your moans sent vibrations to Remus. He took a fistful of your hair and pushed himself inside you harshly. Immediately gagging, you jerk backwards from the way his cock was filling up the space in your mouth.
"Do that again." He grunted.
He stopped his stimulation on your cunt, thrusting himself in your mouth instead. You fluttered your eyes closed. His cock was reaching your throat everytime, too hard and too much it might bruise.
You were close to sobbing from how big he was. Pretty sure when you drink water the next morning, your throat would burn intensely. Remus lifted your chin, seeing you take his cock so nicely.
"You look so pretty when you cry..." He chuckled darkly. His frenetic energy was making you gasp for air.
The contact of your mouth made squelch noises. Pushing his full length inside of your mouth, he cums down your throat. Remus pulled out, watching your messed up self with tear marks, swollen lips and disheveled hair.
Discarding the rest of his clothes, he pulls you from your arm to sit down on his lap.
"Breed me like the bitch I am." You firmly whispered in his ear, when he pushed his cock inside your cunt.
Remus didn’t hesitate to start at a rough pace. Your mouth was wide open and you have never felt so good in your entire life.
"I have never seen you this needy." Remus utters, sucking on your tits again. He was pounding on you so much that you were squeezing your toes. You clung onto him like a leech.
"Shit, I forgot just how tight you are.." He growled in your ear. Flipping both of you over, he was now on top.
He pulled out momentarily before entering you at the same hard sharp pace. He lifted your legs to his shoulders, giving him more chances of going deeper (if that was even possible). Your knees were touching your chest.
Remus started to wrap his hand around your throat, making you feel smaller than you already were. He weighed himself down on your throat that you were gasping for air.
"Look at me…look me in the eye." You opened your eyes and stared deep into his. WIth his hands tight around you and his cock pounding you mercilessly, your vision started to blur.
"Fucking take it." He groans.
"I know you can take it." Remus lowers one of his hands and rubs your clit, making you cry out loud.
At this point, your moans were uneven and you were trembling all over. Remus pulls out and flips you over, pulling your bum closer to him. His pace was sloppy, but hard enough to make your arms fall down and rest your head on the soft sheets.
“Like it when I use you like this?”
Taking hold of both your hands, Remus places them on your back. His forceful pull on your arms made you lift your upper body. His hard thrusts made you chuckle from your moans, squeezing your toes.
Planting a smack on your ass, you moan out a yelp. “Who owns you?” Remus questions, a hint of feral-like nature.
“You do..” You muttered under your breath.
“Sorry I didn’t understand, repeat that for me?” He purposely mocks.
“You own me, Remus!”
“That's right,” he gulps. Remus bends down, chest touching your exposed back. “Gonna have my babies?..” He cooed.
“Gonna have ‘em.” You choked out.
“Want me to cum inside you?”
“Oh god Remus, I need your cum so bad! Please, I need it inside of me, please!”
One final thrust, you felt the spring in your stomach coil and tighten before being released. Your knees sink to the mattress, body completely slicked with sweat. Your name spills out of his mouth, taking a few more seconds before pulling out.
You feel his release drip out of you, legs weakly moving.
“My legs are shaking..” You chuckled, causing him to hook an arm around your waist. Turning to Remus, he was smiling unintentionally from your state.
You both took a few more minutes catching your breath in silence.
“You okay with risking it?” Remus whispers into your ear.
“I'd risk it all for you, Moony..”
Tumblr media
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janeofthornfieldhall · 14 hours ago
Hello! I have a Lupin X reader request! Something where Remus and the reader have been dating for a while but she’s a Weasley and they get caught having sex and have to come out about their relationship. It can be from her pov or his! x
explain yourselves
remus lupin (older) x reader
summary: the Weasley’s are off to Auntie Muriel’s birthday party in Kent, but Lupin has other plans. contains some smut, slight angst and fluff ! written from Lupin’s POV.
‘Mum,’ she began. Her eyes flicked over to mine momentarily, before once more landing on Mrs Weasley. ‘Is it alright if I stay here while you go?’
The Weasley’s bi-monthly trip to Aunt Muriel’s cottage in Kent was not, you should understand, one to be missed. Arthur, having no means of driving himself, had managed to rent two Ministry cars. That was ten seats across both: the twins, Ron, Harry, Mr and Mrs Weasley, Bill, Kingsley, myself, and her. The Devon to Kent drive was well over three-hours, and I hardly fancied the result; sitting awkwardly in a small floral living room with Molly’s ill-tempered aunt, drinking black tea and making awful small talk.
Not to mention the sex would have to stop. I had no idea whether Aunt Muriel’s cottage had enough bedrooms to house all ten of us, but I’d rather assumed we’d be sharing, and it’d be unlikely I’d be paired with her, seeing as we were on an almost Shakespearean level of secrecy.
‘Not on your own, dear, no. Have you packed your bag?’ Molly was reorganising the knife and fork drawer, not the most quiet activity for a Sunday morning.
‘Leaving eleven o’clock sharp,’ Arthur called, zipping around the table and swiping up an empty cup. He filled it at the sink. ‘Are you packed?’
‘Mum just asked me that,’ she said, slightly irritated. I concealed a smile. ‘I was just saying, I’d like to stay here this time. I’ve got a lot of homework for next term, plus I’ve got those exams coming up. Remember how worried Percy was when he was doing them?’
There was a slight tension in the room after the mention of Percy. Arthur cleared his throat.
‘Well, I don’t see why you shouldn’t, if you’re really worried. D’you want me to see if Harry’ll stay as well?’
‘No, I already asked. He said he’s happy to do it later, and no surprises but Ron agreed too.’
‘What about your sister?’ Molly said keenly.
‘Ginny doesn’t do them until next year, mum. Look — just this once. I promise I’ll come next time, I’ll live with Auntie Muriel forever if you want.’
Molly closed the drawer, leant on the table, and gave her a serious look.
‘Someone ought to stay with you. I expect Bill won’t mind — ’
‘I’d quite happily stay.’ I interjected.
The plan, since Molly and Arthur had mentioned the idea of the group trip to Kent, was that we’d stay behind for a weekend of — let’s face it — uninterrupted sex. She’d say she needed to stay home for work, I’d offer my guardianship. Simple, effective.
‘Really, Remus?’
‘Certainly. I find myself snowed under with Order admin work, why not take the opportunity. With your permission, of course. I shan’t break anything.’ I flashed a smile, content with my lie.
‘Well, that could work out rather well, couldn’t it darling,’ Arthur said, gesturing towards me. ‘Old Dark Arts teacher, eager student!’
‘Oh yes,’ Molly grinned. ‘Reckon you can take a peek at her Potions work, too? Had several upset letters last term from you, didn’t we, darling? Severus Snape is not one of your favourites, is he.’
She grimaced, embarrassed.
‘Mum,’ she mumbled, flushing pink.
‘I tell you, Remus,’ Arthur was half stepping out of the door, toolkit in hand. ‘Our daughter was never happier than when she had you as a teacher.’
She was sat on my lap, pressing gentle kisses to my neck; beauty is her, I thought, as she lifted her face to smile. They’d left that morning, waving hasty goodbyes and speeding off in the Ministry cars. We waited for five, ten, fifteen minutes, then we made love. On the sofa. Loudly.
Her shirt sloped off of her shoulder, and I kissed the bare skin softly.
‘This afternoon,’ she said. ‘Can we play Wizard’s Chess?’
I looked at her blankly.
‘Darling — you can’t play Wizard’s Chess.’
‘I can,’ she scoffed. I raised a brow, and she frowned. ‘You won once, that doesn’t make you the champion. Besides, I’ve been practicing.’
‘Oh,’ I chuckled. ‘I can imagine you. Sitting in your room, the chess board in front of you, talking to yourself. Crazy cat.’
‘I am not a crazy cat.’
She said it so seriously and with so much annoyance that I laughed again.
‘I was practicing with Harry, actually.’
I stopped laughing.
‘Yes. Something about two young minds, both of us. He’s really good.’
I gulped. But, angry as I was, I felt myself growing hard again.
‘I’m sure.’
‘Harry and I really get along, you know.’
‘Oh yes?’
She shifted on my cock slightly, and I saw a flicker of recognition cross her face as she felt it beneath her. She smiled momentarily, then composed herself.
‘Haven’t you noticed he sits with me all day? I think he quite likes me.’
‘That is interesting.’
‘Do you ever think about me and other boys, Remus?’
‘What’s this about, then?’
She palmed my cock, moving from my lap down to the floor, where she knelt. I was already slightly worn from our first round, but couldn’t deny my arousal at the sight of her face looking up at me; big eyes, expectant smile. I stuck my tongue in my cheek as a response.
‘So, you don’t want me to do this?’
She pressed her tongue to my trousers, eyes not leaving mine, and waggled it about slightly. I bit my lip, still rather irritated.
‘Come up here.’ I instructed. She practically leapt up, waiting for me to swiftly undo my belt once more, unzipping my trousers and pulling my cock out.
She giggled, pulling off her own underwear without protest. She climbed over, and hovered above me for a moment.
‘You want to fuck me, don’t you Professor?’
‘Sit, now.’ I seethed. She lowered herself, too slow for my liking; I pushed her down further, and thrust myself into her. She was still warm, still wet from our previous encounter, and she moaned breathily as I began the steady but hard movements.
‘This is what you wanted, isn’t it? More of my cock?’
‘Yes,’ she whimpered, hands running through my hair. Her head fell forward, and when she leant back again, I moved the hair from her eyes.
‘ — a thousand times, I’ve said it,’ the key turned in the door, and we snapped our heads around. ‘I’m sorry. How was I supposed to know I’d left it.’
The door clicked, then opened.
Ron shuffled his feet against the doormat, grumpily dropping the keys onto the kitchen table.
We didn’t move. I couldn’t. Something in me said that if I didn’t move, maybe he wouldn’t notice us. But the kitchen was in perfect view of the living room, and it wasn’t long before Ron’s head turned slightly in our direction, and then a very long pause.
‘You’re — ’
‘Fuck,’ she said. She seized a cushion, stuffing it in front of her stomach.
‘Were you — ’
‘Ron — get out!’
‘For goodness sake, Ron, we’re late as it is, having to turn around halfway to Kent — why are you just standing — oh my goodness!’
Molly stood in the doorway, and — rather comically — dropped her wand with a clatter.
‘Mum — ’
‘Lupin — ’
‘Ron — ’
‘Molly — ’
She stood quickly, pulling her shirt down as far as possible. It barely reached her thighs. I pulled the cushion closer to my crotch, wincing. She was bright red, as was her mother; though Molly was red with rage. Mrs Weasley gestured to the door, and she quickly walked over, not glancing back. I could see them talking outside, Molly’s hands on her hips, then a car door slam, and I suspected Arthur had been observing the commotion. Ron cleared his throat.
‘Forgot Muriel’s birthday presents.’ He muttered. Of course, I thought, Muriel’s one-hundred and fifth.
‘I see.’ I said, awkwardly.
‘So, are you … ’ Ron glanced at his sister, who seemed to be getting quite the grilling outside, then back at me.
‘Er — yes.’
I stayed quiet. It was unbearable.
‘Harpies won against Cannons, annoyingly,’ he said, feigning normality.
‘I think I’ll go and check on your sister, Ron.’
I stood (having done up my trousers hastily), gave a stiff smile, and made for the front garden. I must’ve looked guilty as sin, eyes shifting about as I walked over gingerly, hands stuffed into my pockets. She avoided my gaze. Molly scowled.
‘Remus,’ she hissed, harshly. ‘Explain yourself.’
Arthur was sweating, squinting in the sun, looking confused.
‘Listen,’ I held my hands out defensively. ‘I — ’
‘Mum, what’s going on?’
Ginny’s head was poking out the backseat window of the Ministry car.
‘Talk.’ Molly demanded.
‘Okay, well, we — for some time now — have been … involved together.’
‘Involved!’ Arthur shrieked.
‘We — managed to get to know each other during Order meetings and, what with me coming here a lot and you coming to Grimmauld, we’ve had a lot of spare time to talk.’
‘Mum, it’s nothing.’
‘I’ll bloody we’ll decide whether it’s nothing or not, and it isn’t!’
‘Mrs Weasley, if I may,’ I cautiously moved towards her daughter, putting my hand on her shoulder consolingly. ‘I — care, an awful lot about your daughter. She has — ’
Don’t say changed my life.
‘Changed my life completely. I assure you that I do my best to watch out for her and l — love her.’
‘Unless you’ve forgotten, Lupin, she has us for those reasons too.’
Molly didn’t usually call me Lupin, and I frowned at the use of it.
‘You love her?’ Arthur asked, seriously.
‘Who then, are we to judge.’
‘Arthur, you must be joking?’
‘Thanks, Dad.’
‘Thank you, Arthur.’
‘Molly,’ I said. ‘I implore you to listen to your daughter.’
Molly’s narrow eyes shifted to her. She looked at me nervously, then back to her mother.
‘I love him, Mum. Really.’
I saw Molly’s face soften slightly, and she swallowed. At last, I thought, she sees reason, great reason. Mrs Weasley raised a hand, and put it against her cheek softly.
‘Alright,’ she whispered. ‘If it means we lay one more plate at the table, so be it. But, Remus,’ she said, warningly. ‘If you ever — ever — do anything dangerous with, to, or around my daughter, you can say goodbye to her and us forever.’
I did feel, in a sense, inadequate. Truthfully, I am dangerous. I cannot guarantee her safety. All I can guarantee is love, and love is not safety.
‘I promise.’
Mrs Weasley had, to our astonishment, still let us stay home from the Auntie Muriel trip. After Ron had retrieved the unbelievably large bag of Muriel’s presents they loaded themselves back into the Ministry car. Arthur scolded Ron for his muddy shoes in the rental car, complaining that he’d have to do some ‘bollocking cleaning enchantments’ when they arrived. Ginny gave her sister an awkward smile, winding the window up and not looking in my direction at all. We stood at the end of the drive as they drove off, giving a small wave and grinning guiltily.
‘Shall I start calling her mum?’ I asked, smirking.
Tumblr media
A/N: sorry this is actually quite poorly written and short, it was such a cute idea and i don’t think i did it justice !
and i apologise for my lack of posts … letting you all know now that my deadline is Thursday so i have a break after then, likely to post a few exciting things. i hope you’re all doing okay <3
taglist: @bloodhon3yx @invisiblegirl360 @badbittieee @urgingforyou @3llla @bychrissi @subtlendelicate @bendywires @real-name-taken @faerieandfishsticks @normccartney @kimyugyecm @missetbilu @turningtoclown @bettyscardigan8 @naimadrawsstuff @moony-n-snape @nickangel13 @lexandra-maluary @howellatme @lilbbyyyy
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loonyloopylupin5 · a day ago
Sirius: Prongs, does it not upset you that Lily keeps rejecting you?
James, with tears in his eyes: No.
Sirius: No??
James: No.
James: *bursts into tears*
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raybirdee · 12 hours ago
Jegulus asks... how do you think their first date went like?
Oh it was definitely a disaster, but it wasn’t a bad disaster.
James definitely had a schedule made out of everything they were going to do. So imagine he asks Regulus on a date to Hogsmeade his seventh year (Regulus’ sixth) around winter time. He plans that they’ll meet up and go together, walk around to the shops for a little bit, then go get some food, and then walk around for a bit more. After they get back to Hogwarts, they’ll sneak to the astronomy tower and finish their night there, gazing up at the stars together.
However, none of this goes to plan. For starters, James isn’t allowed to go to Hogsmeade because of an overdue homework assignment for his potions class that he can’t get out of, so he ends up telling Regulus that he will meet him there later on with the Marauders map and the invisibility cloak. James apologizes to Regulus over and over, saying he didn’t mean for it to happen and he promises he will hurry in time to meet him and it will never happen again. Regulus waves him off, saying it’s fine and he doesn’t mind.
It takes James two hours to get out of the potions classroom after being under careful watch from his professor to make sure his work was done. James hurries as fast as he can to get to Hogsmeade.
Regulus, who had been patiently waiting for James, had been walking around Hogsmeade to pass the time, even going as far as to run errands and buy some sweets for later in the night at the astronomy tower.
When James gets there, he’s covered in sweat, his hair is a mess, and he’s out of breath—there goes his plans of being “devilishly handsome” as Remus would jokingly put it. Regulus chuckles and says he didn’t need to hurry, but James says he felt bad for making him wait.
Since James had arrived almost three hours behind schedule, they decide to just go ahead and get something to eat. They head to the Three Broomsticks—big mistake—because that’s what they’re used to. They get inside and the place is covered with Hogwarts students talking and laughing so loud that Regulus can feel his ears ringing (he doesn’t like loud noises). James weakly suggests they get a table in the corner if they can. Fortunately, they’re able to and they get to their table. They sit down, but before they even get the chance to start spending time with one another, they are interrupted by people coming up to the table wanting to talk to James about anything and everything—mostly about quidditch. They congratulate him on his latest wins, ask him how he got so good, ask him if he has any plans for the future with a career in quidditch, and even ask him about his favorite professional team. The entire time, Regulus sits in front of James, picking at his nails, scratching at the wooden table top, or staring off into the distance with his head propped onto his hand and a bored expression on his face. After one person talks for thirty minutes about which broomstick is better, James decides that they need to just leave and spend their time elsewhere. He quickly says goodbye to the person who was talking to him and grabs Regulus, pulling him to the exit and apologizing nonstop with Regulus waving him off once again.
Just as they’re about to reach the exit, someone knocks into another person who happens to be holding a mug, sending the contents all the way down the front of Regulus’ black turtleneck sweater and black pants. Both he and James stand frozen before James whips around to the person who bumped into Regulus, about to go off, but Regulus just grabs his arm and says “I think we should just leave” with a weak smile. James nods and off they go.
When they get outside, James is suffocating from the awkward silence. “So, you wanna walk around some more or…?” He starts. “I think I would rather just go back to the castle,” Regulus responds with another weak, strained smile. James feels his heart drop into his toes. “Right, right,” he says and offers to take Regulus back using the invisibility cloak and map. Regulus agrees and they head off into another awkward, suffocating silence to Hogwarts.
They get to Hogwarts and James walks them to a corridor near the Slytherin dormitory. They stand in silence for a moment, not looking at one another until Regulus speaks. “I’ll see you at the astronomy tower later tonight.” James can only nod and strain himself to keep his eyes from watering even more than they already are. He doesn’t watch Regulus walk away; he only listens to his footsteps fading away down the hall.
Walking back to the Gryffindor dormitory is painful. How could this have happened? Why did this happen? He had everything planned out, but all of it went south before it even started.
He walks into his shared dorm and there sits Peter and Sirius on Peter’s bed, engaged in an intense game of cards with Remus thumbing through a book next to them. Sirius smirks and, without turning around, says “so, how was the date with my baby brother? Did you sweep him off his feet?” When he is met with silence, he turns around and the other two look up. Sirius jumps to his feet when he sees tears streaming down James’ face. “Merlin, Prongs! What the hell happened, mate?!” Sirius asks, dragging James to sit on Peter’s bed with the rest of them. James immediately breaks down.
“It was awful, Pads! I got held up with potions making me three hours late! THREE HOURS! And when I got there, I was all sweaty and gross! Then, when we went to eat, it was so loud and everyone kept coming to our table to talk to me about quidditch! Couldn’t they see I was with someone?! Merlin, Regulus looked so bored I thought he was just going to up and leave! When I finally managed to get us away, someone knocked into Regulus and spilt butterbeer ALL OVER HIM! And then the walk back was so awkward and tense I almost wanted to throw up! Pads, I had everything planned out so perfectly, how could this have happened?!” James yells, sobbing into his friends shoulder. Sirius brings him into a hug, sharing looks of concern with both Peter and Remus.
“Are you two still planning on meeting again tonight?” Sirius asks to which James nods to.
“We are, but he will probably tell me he doesn’t want to see me ever again!” James lets out a violent sob at the thought, his heart felt like it was physically breaking in his chest.
“Now, Prongs, I’m no Regulus Expert, but I’ve know him my whole life, so I’m pretty good at reading him. Believe me when I say that the boy adores you and would never just up and leave you because of a shitty first date. You two have been pinning for each other for YEARS! That isn’t going to end now.” Sirius says with such confidence that James almost believes him. Almost.
“Yeah, we’ll see about that,” James mutters and cleans the tears off of his face with his sleeve. Remus rolls his eyes and reaches over to pat his friend’s arm. “Pads is right, everything will be fine,” he says and Peter nods in agreement. James shrugs his shoulders and moves so he can put his head in Sirius’ lap, letting the boy mess with his hair to calm him down.
When the time comes for him to go to the astronomy tower, James’ anxiety is through the roof and he almost wonders if he can fake sick and not go, but he knows Sirius would never let him do that. The other Marauders send him off with encouraging looks and words of reassurance. It doesn’t help.
Regulus is waiting for him when he gets there. The boy has changed into comfortable pants that James knows he stole from Sirius and a sweater that he vaguely remembers had disappeared from his trunk a few months ago. When Regulus hears James enter, he turns his head to him and gives him a soft smile before he notices the state of James’ face. His smile instantly disappears, eyes widening in shock before his whole body slouches and he lets out an exhausted sigh. “Listen, James—“ he starts, but is quickly cut off.
“Regulus, before you say anything, I want you to know this is not how I planned our first date to go. I had everything laid out so that way it would all go smoothly, but I didn’t know this would happen! I didn’t know about the missing assignment—which was completely my fault, by the way, but still! I didn’t plan for you to have to deal with me being all sweaty and smelly when I got there—I promise I showered before I left and I even had cologne on! I didn’t know the Three Broomsticks would be covered up tonight, but maybe I should have now that I think about it since they usually always are. But that’s not the point! I didn’t know people would constantly be coming up to me to talk about quidditch! Frankly, I couldn’t have cared less for all of that! I know you were bored—don’t give me that look, I could see it on your face! And I promise I didn’t know someone would end up covering you in butterbeer! Honestly, I wanted to punch the guy in the face for not watching where he was going. I am so sorry, Regulus. I understand if you don’t want to go on another date with me ever again. Honestly, I wouldn’t even want to go on a date with me.” James rambles, physically out of breath by the time he finishes talking. Regulus only stares at him for a moment before he speaks in a calm voice.
“First of all, I need you to breathe because that was a lot more talking than I know you normally do. Second of all, I didn’t mind waiting for you, it gave me the chance to get some shopping done for the upcoming holidays and for more school supplies that I was running out of. Third of all, James, we have been playing quidditch against one another for years now. I’ve smelt waaay worse coming from you and I’ve never minded it. Fourth of all, sure, I don’t like loud places, but it didn’t really bother me since I was there with you. That was inevitable, really. Fifth of all, yeah, people coming up to our table and talking to you was annoying and I was extremely bored, but it didn’t make me angry. I kind of expected it since you’re so popular, especially with quidditch. And finally, me ending up smelling like butterbeer was in no way your fault. Sure, it sucked and I wish it didn’t happen, but I’m over it now. I was more worried about getting back here so I could shower and smell nice again for our night here in the astronomy tower.” Regulus sighs, running a hand through his curls (James tries his best not to stare, but he can’t help it).
“I’m not mad at you, James, and the fact that you think I wouldn’t want to go on another with you again is kind of insulting. I didn’t wait five years for this just to give it up after one bad date,” Regulus says, stepping forwards to place his hands on James’ hips. “I really like you, James, and I want to spend every moment I can with you. I don’t care if it’s bad or good, I just want to be with you.”
James stands frozen in his place, his mind still processing the words as Regulus leans in to place a gentle kiss to his cheek. James turns his head slightly and Regulus immediately presses another gentle kiss to his lips before drawing back to look at him.
“You going to say anything, lover boy?” Regulus teases, bringing James closer to his body.
In that moment, the only thing James’ brain can think of is “you kind of still smell like butterbeer.”
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mystical-marauder · 16 hours ago
Sirius: i love you so much
Remus: i love y-
Remus: wait is that you or the alcohol talking?
Sirius: it's me talking to the alcohol
Sirius: but don't worry, i love you too
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theblacklupins · a day ago
TW! Graphic depictions of violence, major character death, suicide, panic attacks, blood
It started out slowly.
A single sleepless night.
Then two.
Then five.
Five turned to seven and seven turned to ten and ten turned to fourteen it went on and on and on.
Remus didn’t know what to do.
It all started out with the sleepless nights.
Countless hours wasted, tossing and turning, and only when the sun was shy of peeking over the horizon did he manage to slip his eyes close and rest for a few hours.
And then, after the sleepless nights, came the feeling.
The feeling of being stuck to the ground, stuck in time, unable to move as he watched everyone else go about their lives around him. Leaving him alone. Alone, cold, and scared.
Remus didn’t like the feeling one bit.
“Hey, Rem!” Sirius shouted one afternoon, during lunch. He slung an arm over the werewolf’s shoulders and Remus had to muster the energy to roll his eyes. The nights were getting worse. The feeling was turning heavier with each passing day.
It scared him.
He looked down at the food, the scent making his stomach lurch and the thought of eating made him want to gag.
“Did you see that flip I did while we were at practice?” Sirius boasted loudly enough for the entire Gryffindor table to hear, and they all cheered. Of course, they’d seen it; they all came to watch Sirius and James anyway. Those two were the ones they were interested in, not the practice itself.
Peter leaned towards him, frowning concernedly. “Are you okay Remus? You seem a bit down.”
Remus was surprised; he didn’t think someone would notice.
Had anyone else noticed?
Remus quickly put on a small smile, trying to convince Peter with the curl of his lips. Liar, liar, liar.
“I’m fine,” he said, feeling relieved — but also strangely sad — when Peter smiled genuinely, obviously believing Remus. “Just really tired, ‘s all.”
Liar, liar, liar.
“Alright, then!” Peter turned back to his mashed potatoes and pork cutlets. Remus blinked slowly, before turning back to his own food. Sirius and James’ voices had long become background noise; it was like incessant buzzing. It made Remus’ skin crawl, and for some reason, he couldn’t figure out why. Why was he feeling like this?
What happened to him?
Remus really didn’t mean to.
He didn’t mean to have sunken so far.
So deep, so buried that he couldn’t get out.
He didn’t mean to.
His thoughts.
They changed.
They changed into something monstrous, into something lurking in the dark.
Into something dangerous.
He didn’t mean to, at first.
The voices echoed.
They echoed and echoed and echoed and he couldn’t shut them up. He couldn’t block them out because how could you, when they were in your damn head and not someone whispering into your ear?
Sleepless nights, that heavy feeling, and now the voices.
It was getting too much.
He was tired.
He was tired.
He couldn’t get rid of the sleepless nights, the voices, the feeling. He couldn’t get rid of everything that he hated about himself.
He was exhausted.
He didn’t think he could survive a lot longer.
“Hey, Rem?” Sirius asked softly one day, while they were alone in the dorms. Peter and James had gone down to dinner, and the other two boys stayed back, Sirius being that he already had an early dinner and Remus not being able to stomach the mere sight of food.
He should really eat soon. He hadn’t had anything for who knew how long; even he had lost count. At this rate, he’d collapse.
The possibility was welcomed. Anything to escape the turmoil in his mind.
“You seem out of it these days. The three of us noticed, but we… we didn’t want to pressure you into telling us anything you were uncomfortable with.” Sirius sat next to him, shifting closer till their knees touched. Remus stared at the point of contact blankly, hands uselessly fisting and unfisting in his lap. “Is there anything we could do to help? Anything I can do to help?”
Remus didn’t dare breathe too deeply, too loudly. He was afraid everything would shatter and he’d be left in a dark abyss.
“Promise me you won’t leave.” Remus’ voice was so soft, so quiet, like a nightingale singing in the crisp air of the night, breaking the fragile silence of the darkness. His hands shook the same way his heart and his mind were doing and he couldn’t help but feel groundless, feel like he was floating in the air. He was slipping, and he needed something to keep him steady. He was slipping, falling and he couldn’t hold on, someone help—
He felt a warmth on his hands and he could barely focus on them, the world choosing to blur and buzz around his eyes, his ears ringing, his body feeling like it was near floating away. His heart beat so fast it felt painful, and his chest was constricting painfully, his throat closing up and he couldn’t breathe. He couldn’t get in any air, he was going to die—
It scared him when the clearest thought struck through his mind when he realized, I welcome it.
I welcome death, if this is what it is.
His body became even more numb, heightening the burning, stabbing feeling in his chest, how his lungs were barely moving even with how hard he was trying to get air in.
The warmth on his hand, the warmth he could barely feel anymore, started spreading around his body, caressing, assuring, loving.
He felt himself being pulled, being tipped over, and he nearly let out a scream.
His body was met with warmth, stopping his fall.
It enveloped him, slowly easing the numbness and letting the burn of his chest dissipate. The buzzing of the world around him slowly ceased, only leaving a faint ringing in its departure.
His face was smothered by something soft, and he nearly started panicking again because he was having a hard time breathing, oh my god, but when a soft voice started singing softly in his ear, when it started singing lullabies, when his face was shifted so he could take a deep breath — oh, how good it felt to be breathing once more — he calmed down, gripping onto the warmth, terrified it was going to leave him.
“Don’t leave,” he begged quietly. His hands nearly ripped apart the fabric, with how hard he was twisting it. “Please don’t leave.”
“I won’t,” Sirius’ voice whispered, the lullabies stopping for a second so he could talk. “I won’t.”
Sirius’ lullabies helped him sleep at night.
Sirius’ warmth helped him lose the feeling of being stuck in time.
Sirius’ voice filled in the spaces where the voices would usually go, but they’ve quietened.
Sirius was his anchor, Sirius was his grip on his ship that was rocking among the waves that threatened to knock him over, to drown him.
Remus nearly cried when they first shared their kiss, the start to many more, because he knew he could survive. He knew.
And then the full moon arrived.
And as soon as he spotted the wound on Sirius’ arm, long and deep and flowing with blood, he threw up.
With a shaky breath, everything went dark.
“Remus, I promise it isn’t as bad as it looks!” Sirius tried to assure him. “Really, I’m fine. It wasn’t even that deep, I didn’t need stitches at all.”
Remus couldn’t help but doubt his words.
Couldn’t help but hate himself.
The sleepless nights came back, but with the small window of time he managed to nab a few hours of sleep, came the nightmares.
Of Sirius, on the floor, bleeding and eyes blank.
Of James, begging to be let go.
Of Peter, crying as his throat got ripped out.
The voices came back, a roar, a scream, a whisper. Did it matter how loud they were anyway, when they all said the same thing? All repeated the same phrases he was so accustomed to? So used to hearing, so used to feeding himself?
The feeling came back, too. But instead of feeling stuck in time, he felt like he wasn’t even in the right reality. He felt like he should’ve been somewhere else, in some other time.
He didn’t feel right in his own body anymore.
He felt weightless, heavy and dizzy at the same time.
Let me close my eyes.
He didn’t know what he was planning to do.
He didn’t know.
He wasn’t thinking.
He wasn’t seeing.
He wasn’t feeling.
But as he stared at the ground, far below him, standing on the edge of the Astronomy Tower, he knew this was the right thing to do.
He’d burdened everyone enough.
He’d hurt everyone enough.
He’d done enough.
So he let go.
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messers-moony · 3 months ago
Moony Wants, Moony Gets | R.L
Paring: Young!Remus Lupin X Slytherin!Fem!Reader
Summary: Moony has a natural wanting for his mate making his possessiveness visible the closer it gets to the full moon. 
He was always jealous. Blame it on the wolf in him, if you will, but Remus Lupin was highly possessive. Especially over what’s his - maybe not even what’s his but what he wants. She was gorgeous and his perfect mate—long tuffs of h/c hair and gleaming e/c eyes that glittered in the limelight. There was one problem with her, though—one major flaw in her mess of perfection. 
Y/n L/n, cunning, ambitious, resourceful, and charismatic. 
That was the problem. Y/n was a Slytherin, and Remus was a half-blood Gryffindor. To make matters worse, her closest friend was Regulus Black - Sirius Blacks brother. Remus’ best friend's brother. But Remus couldn’t help it. Her voice was like a siren's call, and her beauty was a rival to Aphrodite, but she had the wisdom of Athena. Y/n was a perfect balance of everything. 
Closer to the full moon, his possessiveness became more of a problem. Sirius was noticing the low growl that would erupt from Remus whenever someone stepped close to Y/n. James saw the lingering glares left on any male within a six feet distance of her. Even Peter observed his green eyes turn a shade darker as if someone mixed black paint into his usually bright eyes. 
Y/n sat at the Slytherin table, a cup of coffee beside her as she spoke intently with Regulus. Meanwhile, a Gryffindor across the Great Hall was glaring daggers at the younger Black brother's head. Sirius nudged him, grabbing his attention. 
“Mate, you’re growling again.” Sirius whispered, and Remus’ cheeks turned pink, “Am not.”
James gave an unconvincing grin, “Mhm, totally.”
“I was not growling.”
“I think you were.” James replied, “Definitely was.” Sirius added. 
Remus sighed, pushing his plate away to lay his head on the table, “What’s got Moony all wound up?” James queried, Remus, deadpanned looking at the laughing girl across the room. 
“I think I know.” Sirius simpered, “Do you now? Don’t be a tosser.” James stated teasingly. 
“Turn around. Slytherin, talking with Reggie.” 
He turned and looked back at Remus with his jaw dropped, “No- fucking- way.”
“She’s the captain of the Slytherin Quidditch team, you tosser!” 
James snorted, “Yeah, oh.”
“Looks like Moony found his mate.” Sirius winked, and Remus groaned, “Shut up about it, will you?”
It felt weird. James wouldn’t shut up about how brilliant Y/n was, how the Slytherin’s Quidditch team was able to make plays that no one else would’ve even thought about. Sirius wouldn’t stop offering to talk to Regulus to see if maybe he had any intel on her. Strangely enough, Peter was silent but had a guilty look on his face. Guilty sufficient for Remus to comment. 
“Why do you look guilty, Wormtail?” Remus inquired, and Peter's cheeks flushed pink, “She- Y/n isn’t- um….” 
“What do you know that we don’t, Peter?” Sirius queried, his voice harsh, “She isn’t what you think. That’s all I’m saying.” Peter stammered out nervously. 
James tilted his head at the blue-eyed boy, “And you know this how?” 
“She’s my ex-girlfriend.”
“Woah! Hold on a second!” Sirius exclaimed in shock, “When did this happen?!”
“Back in fourth year.” Peter informed, “She seemed nice enough until you start to get serious with her. Y/n’s sharp-tongued and extremely ill-tempered.” 
Sirius sniggered, “Sounds like Moony.”
“So, what does this mean for Remus?” James questioned further, “It doesn’t mean anything. Just be careful. I don’t care if you date her. Means nothing to me.” Peter replied, putting his hands up in innocent. 
Remus stared at Peter with curiosity swirling. How much did he truly know about Y/n? How did he manage to date her? Nonetheless, it didn’t mean anything to Remus because Moony wanted her. What Moony wants is what Moony gets. Later that evening, after prefect patrol, he padded into the library to dismiss any working students. But there were only two students inside. They sat in a secluded corner of the library. Regulus Black and Y/n L/n. 
Was it envy? Was it jealousy? He didn’t have time to ponder. Y/n had her head laid on Regulus’ shoulder and both her arms wrapped around his one arm. Regulus had leaned his head on top of hers, wavy black hair intertwined with her h/c hair. Both their eyes were closed, apparent they were asleep—potion and Transfiguration books placed on top of the wooden table along with an open sketchbook. 
What was he supposed to do in this situation? Wake them up? If it was just Y/n, perhaps he could’ve, but Regulus was with her, and Regulus wasn’t too fond of Remus for being friends with his older brother. Madam Pince had already left for the night, either choosing not to disturb them or didn’t notice them. Remus saw the inkpot beside the Potions book, almost empty. It was Y/n’s inkpot because the ink wasn’t black. It was a deep grape color. 
Remus sighed and grabbed the ink from his bag, charming it the same color. Discretely he took hers and swapped it out with his. Leaving a piece of parchment on top. Remus left the library without another word. Waking them up was a risk he’d rather not take. But now, he laid in his bed wondering how she’d feel about the new ink on the table. 
The sun began to rise, and Y/n’s body felt stiff. Carefully she began to stir awake after noticing a body beside her. Opening her eyes, everything seemed blurry, but after blinking a few times, she recognized the library books and the person's scent beside her. Regulus, her best friend. Y/n yawned and pulled away from him, about to begin packing their belongings, but she noticed a piece of parchment that lay on top of her ink. 
“Noticed you were out. You can have mine.“ 
Y/n hummed appreciatively. She didn’t know who gave her their ink, but she was eternally grateful for them saving her a trip to Hogsmeade. Y/n poked at Regulus’ right side, and he eventually stirred awake. His curls disheveled and his body just as stiff as she was. Regulus opened his eyes and met her e/c ones. 
“Did we fall asleep?” He groaned, and Y/n scoffed, “What do you think, dingus?”
“No need to be mean this early in the morning, Merlin.” 
“Someone saw us last night, though.” Y/n stated, and Regulus noticeably jumped, “Who?”
She shrugged, “Not sure, but they left me a new pot of ink.”
“Lucky you.”
“Lucky me.”
Both best friends cleared their table. Y/n put her Potions books away, and Regulus put his Transfiguration books away. Y/n stared at the writing on the parchment she had received earlier that day. The handwriting was almost unrecognizable. It was messy and sprawled. Whoever this was did not have good handwriting or was in a rush. But the day carried on. In Potions, Y/n sat in the front while the Marauders sat in the back. Remus stared holes in the back of Y/n’s head. 
“She’s gonna notice if you keep staring at her like that.” Sirius muttered. 
Remus sighed and continued to write his notes. If he tried hard enough, he could make out her elegant purple ink from here. It always baffled him why she chose purple over traditional black - suppose it wasn’t really any of his business, but he couldn’t help but wonder. The familiar sketchbook sat on top of the desk as well; he could see doodles in the same deep purple color. Occasionally Regulus - who sat beside her - would nudge her to pay attention, gaining an annoyed groan. 
Potions class always smelt weird. It was a mixture of glue, seaweed, and salt. It was also constantly humid. It brought shivers down Remus’ spine. He noticed it doing the same to the Slytherin girl at the front. Remus craved nothing more than to wrap his robe around her, but he was too late. Regulus was already doing the action, which earned him one of her jaw-dropping smiles. Unconsciously he began growling again. This time, James smacked his arm. 
Dinner was even worse. Y/n had yet to remove Regulus’ robes leaving him in a button-down white shirt and the usual uniform. Sirius was surprised at his younger brother's chivalry but didn’t speak much. The full moon was that night, and as dinner progressed, Remus only gained more possessive. James and Sirius gave up on trying to scold him. It was apparent Moony wanted - no - needed her. Slytherin captain be damned, Y/n was going to be Moonys. 
A dry winter night. As usual, Remus walked to the Whomping Willow with his three friends following him. Tonight was normal in the sense of his friends turning into their animagus,’ but the odd thing was letting him out of the shack. The werewolf and the dog ran around the forest together. The rat and stag lagging behind, allowing the two animals to play together. But a stick-breaking brought the attention of the werewolves to the new person. 
He could smell them. Hear their blood running through their veins. Their heart pounding at a standard rate. The dogs barking could be heard, trying to distract the werewolf. The scent was female, and she wasn’t scared. Instead, the girl approached with confidence sticking out her hand to the wolf. Padfoot barked loudly. Prongs backed down, looking nervous. Wormtail squeaked loudly. But she came with confidence and assurance. 
Moony growled, “Shh, shh, it’s okay.” She cooed, “You’re safe with me.”
The h/c haired girl knelt on the grass, “No need to be scared, I’m not going to hurt you.”
Moony hesitantly put his snout in the girl's palm, making her grin. His fur was soft to the touch, and his eyes turned soft. Her smile was beautiful, and Moony nuzzled his hand into her soft palm. She chuckled and patted him more. Padfoot barked excitedly and ran to her, but the werewolf started to bare his teeth again. 
“Hey, it’s okay. I’m yours.” 
The wolf seemed to calm down at her words allowing Padfoot to approach her. Smiling brightly, she pet both animals, “It’s okay, love.”
“My name’s Y/n. I didn’t know that there was a werewolf here.” Y/n greeted as Moony curled up beside her, his head on her thigh, Padfoot doing the same on the other side.
She caught sight of the other two animals and whistled for their attention, “C’mere.”
Prongs and Wormtail approached nervously, but Moony gave no sense of protectiveness. Y/n’s words resonated in his head over and over again, “I’m yours.” The wolf fell asleep beside her, Padfoot doing the same. Prongs approached, and Y/n patted the top of his head. Wormtail sat in front of her knee. They seemed at peace. It was the first time Moony ever felt at ease. They’d be lying if it didn’t make them happy. 
Y/n stayed up all night with the animals. Despite the animals not knowing, Y/n knew that the stag, rat, and dog were animagus’. The werewolf was unknown to her. The following morning when the stag turning into James, rat into Peter, dog into Sirius. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to find out who the werewolf was. When he turned back into a human with his clothes tattered. Y/n continued to run her fingers through his hair as he slept. 
“Morning, Marauders,” Y/n commented. 
“You’re- you-“ James stuttered.
She laughed, “Apparently, your moony really likes me.”
“Would you mind petting me again?” Sirius teased, “Maybe.” Y/n retorted, winking. 
Sirius laid down on her other thigh that Remus wasn’t laying on, smiling; she ran her fingers through their hair, “You’re a godsend, lemme tell you.”
James and Peter sat in front of Y/n, “What made you want to take a walk in the forbidden forest last night?”
“Just wanted some air.” Y/n answered. 
Remus groaned and began pushing his head onto Y/n’s hand, “Morning, Remus.”
The Marauders and Y/n had never seen him jump up that fast, “What- you- I- uh-“
“Didn’t know you were a werewolf.”
“I- uh…”
“Sirius, for the love of God, get off her lap.” James interject, slapping the boy on the head playfully, “But it feels so good.” Sirius drawled. 
James grabbed his arm and pulled him onto the grass. In the process, Sirius got a mouthful of dirt and grass, “You wanker.”
“Did I- erm- hurt you?” Remus questioned shyly, “Nope, I'm completely unscathed.” Y/n smiled reassuringly. 
Remus turned to his friends, “Nope! Y/n saved us all.”
“Are you hurt?” Y/n inquired to Remus, who took a quick look at himself, “I- I don’t believe so….”
Sirius blew a raspberry, “Thank Merlin! Dragging you to the hospital wing is bloody exhausting.”
Silence filled the forest until Sirius smirked, “You know, mate when you were talking about Moony wanting her. I thought you were joking. Turns out you weren’t.”
“Oh, Merlin…”
Y/n chuckled, “Well, Moony is rather cute if I’m honest.”
Remus’ cheeks blasted with pink, and Sirius laughed. James shook his head with a big grin, and Peter looked amused with Y/n’s confession. Without hesitation, Y/n leaned over to kiss Remus’ cheek, making him hide his face flustered. She stood up and ruffled Sirius’ hand, gently rubbing her nails across his scalp, making Sirius try to lean into her palm. They all stared at her except for Remus, who was equally embarrassed and flustered. 
“If you’re looking for a fifth Marauder, I know the Slytherin common room password.” Y/n winked as she walked to the castle. 
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moonysloverboy · a month ago
sirius: holy fucking shit!!
james: language!
sirius: putain de merde!!
james: i- that’s not what i meant
remus, from across the room: did he just swear in french oh my god i’m fucked
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wolfstar-lb · 6 days ago
summary: reader tries to seduce her stepdad but he waits until her mum gets home to fuck her
a/n: this is the first time writing a dark themed smut but i couldn't get this out of my mind
pairing: stepdad!remus x reader
word count: 2,390
cw: SMUT — not proofread as much as usual, STEPCEST, mentions of edging & oversimulation, daddy kink, slight degrading, breeding kink, kissing, masturbation, overall fucking, throat fucking (?)
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Tumblr media
that is what consumed you at first.
you felt overwhelming sexual desires for the man that you never in a million years should have.
you knew it was wrong, you knew that it was ever so fucked up to have these thoughts, to let them control you, to let them replay on a loop in your mind.
but lust wasn't a deadly sin for no reason.
it ate you up and there wasn't a thing you did to try and stop it.
because the more you thought about how inappropriate it was, the more you let the feelings take you. you let it speak to you in the middle of the night, you endured its whispering and its sultry voices that ran through your head during the day because there wasn't a thing you could do about it.
except give in, of course.
but you were trying ever so hard not to, you were trying to ignore it, to tell yourself that what you were thinking about doing was completely and utterly wrong.
but then again.
lust wasn't a deadly sin for no reason.
but so wasn't sloth.
you let yourself become lazy until it came the day when you could finally pounce.
your mother was away for a few days, leaving you and your step father in the house alone.
you barely spoke to him for the first day, understanding yourself well enough to know you would give in to temptations because you knew that what you were feeling was pretty much unspeakable and it wasn’t the best idea to act on it.
but by the second day, you had a vague idea of what to do.
you were going to seduce him.
because you knew it was going to happen sooner or later. you had to expel your feelings for him somehow because they wouldn’t be going away anytime soon.
you put on your silkiest, prettiest of pinks lingerie that you had bought just for him. you knew your stepdad had a thing for them. it was wrong to act in this manner, to try and provoke him, to make him a liar and a cheat but there was some part of you that you found yearned for his touch, for his skin to make contact with yours.
it was wrong but you didn’t care.
you sat down opposite him in the living room as he watched the football and you studied his face and a minute after you had entered the room, you saw the colour drain from his face as he looked over at you ever so subtly.
there was no other way to let a spark fly through him than to touch yourself in front of him. to make intensive eye contact with him as you brought your hands down into your underwear and began to finger yourself, bringing them in and out of you and moaning with pleasure. you then brought your hand underneath your bra to play with your own tit rubbing it and feeling it go hard because you knew he would probably get off on it.
closing your eyes and scarcely paying attention to whether or not he was still watching you, you wondered how long it would take for him to lose his patience, or to even tell you off. you were curious to see if he’d ridicule you or be straight on the phone to your mother.
but he didn’t dare to move or breathe for a second, trying not to eye you intensely as you were speeding up on yourself, intensely using your own fingers to scissor yourself when you opened your eyes again to see if he was actually bothered about what you were doing.
he wasn't.
he was watching the tv again, trying ever so hard to seem very uninterested and indifferent about the fact that his stepdaughter was getting off right in front of him for the sake of it.
you took your hands off yourself so you could finish when you had got to your room. you didn’t want him to see your high until he had done something to get it, until he had you basically crying out for mercy as he edged you and edged you. until he had earned the right to watch you become a blabbering mess.
as you walked past him, you glanced down at his pants and saw that there was a bulge in them.
with a smirk, you stopped at the door where he couldn't see you and listened out, hearing the sound of a zipper and the shuffling movement before you went away again, eager to know that your plan was working.
your mother came back a day earlier than you had expected, which was, in a way, a relief to you. you didn't think you could handle the silence and the awkwardness between you and your stepfather for a day without thinking about how your breath hitched when he came close to you and when he looked at you a little bit longer than was necessary and when he spoke softly towards you.
"hey darling," your mum embraced you warmly, making you feel a little overwhelmed by the perfume she was wearing. it was nice, but you had almost forgotten the scent in the two days she'd been away.
"hey mum," you greeted her back, pulling away from her just so you both could hold each other at arms length whilst she conveyed the look of you and you did the same.
remus came in at that moment, strolling in almost timidly. when he saw your mother, he dropped his shyness immediately and brushed past you to give her a long and lingering kiss.
you watched as she smiled against the kiss, pulling away to ask how you had behaved in the time she'd gone.
"just perfectly," you heard him say. you glanced to look up at him to find that he, too, was gazing at you. he was dead set on focusing on you and only you, even when his wife had left the room with her luggage to bring upstairs, his looks did not waiver. he didn’t even offer to help her with her bags.
you could see his hazel eyes, you could make out the green that lingered in his irises. you didn't think that was the only thing that lingered within them.
you saw a mixture of emotions: confusion, a look as if he was daring you to act on what you had so wanted for as long as you could remember, and something else.
it was the look you caught yourself wearing when you so happened to be near remus and a mirror at the same time.
and what was it?
you let him remain in eye contact for several minutes before you glanced away, trying to make an exit before he grabbed your jaw and moved it back so that he could study you some more.
and then he kissed you.
and suddenly it was all you'd ever known: you felt as though you'd been kissing him your whole life because of how familiar it was.
because of how good it felt.
and suddenly you two were scrambling to take off each other's clothes during the gasps of air you took between the kissing that was becoming quite intense. it was becoming passionate and desperate, needy and pathetic.
you were very aware of the fact that your mother was just upstairs but this was what you'd wanted.
this was all you'd ever wanted.
you were both now only in your underwear and you were still wearing your bra.
everything occurred so fast - you were now sitting on the counter of the kitchen and you were at the same height as the man that had begun to pepper you with kisses, trailing them from the neck down to your inner thighs, leaving you to close your eyes at how good it made you feel.
he stopped what he was doing as you felt his dick hard for you for the second time in two days.
you too looked down at his tent and you almost giggled at how it took next to nothing to spur him on, to get him hard and to almost have him at his mercy.
but you knew that it wouldn't be you who was in control. it was going to be him.
and you didn't even mind.
he began to kiss you again, reaching his arms around your back and bringing them down towards your ass just so that his hands could knead into them.
you felt yourself become aroused and there was a little flutter in your stomach that only grew bigger the more he touched you.
he pushed your back down onto the counter so that you were fully lying down and he could see your whole body in all of what he thought of was your 'glory'.
he thought you were beautiful, a piece of art, and the most precious thing in the world.
but that made him want to ruin you, to corrupt you and to keep you as his toy for all of eternity.
he wanted to let his lust take over and for you to let him take full control.
and you were all too happy to oblige.
remus inserted his fingers into your cunt, mimicking what you had just done yesterday. he played with you, sliding his fingers in and out almost teasingly as he heard soft moans escape your lips.
"faster, faster!" you begged, trying to feel what would happen if he picked up the pace.
he stopped what he was doing, took his fingers away and forced them inside of your mouth for you to taste the arousal that had gathered together in the short amount of time he was touching you.
"faster, what?" he sneered, reaching his fingers so far down your throat you were sure you were going to choke.
"daddy," you pleaded, grabbing onto his arm and trying to get it out, "faster, daddy."
"say please, use your manners, brat.”
"please go faster, daddy."
"since you asked so nicely," he said, before backtracking and deciding on something different. "actually, i’m going to fuck you. i'm also going to keep my fingers in your mouth so you can feel fucked in your throat and you won’t be able to make as much noise as i know a whore like you could. and whilst i’m fucking you, i’m gonna make you watch as my cock stretches you out.”
his fingers began to speed up and down your throat just as he slid inside of you. it was painful at first as you hadn't expected his cock to be such a rough adjustment but soon you were used to it and you were practically screaming out in muffled pleasure as he rutted in and out of you.
"all i can think about is you, bunny. about your tiny cunt around my cock, about your muffled screaming because i've got my fingers inside your throat to get you to shut up, and about the slutty lingerie you keep scattered on your bedroom floor just to wind me up," he cooed, speeding up just to make you feel that little bit extra, talking mainly to himself. "i usually don't like sluts but for you i'll make an exception."
"oh fuck," you felt your eyes roll back into your head, vision going dark as he whispered words to you, and told you about all the different ways he was going to use and abuse your cunt everyday.
"and your mother," remus brought his head down to your ear, "if we ever get caught, i'll let her watch as i corrupt her daughter."
his hips bucked after a few minutes and he almost became sloppy.
he could tell he was slowing down a bit and so with sheer fucking will, he continued to fuck you, he continued to lose himself inside of you.
"i'm gonna cum inside of you," he warned, "i'm not going to stop until your pussy is leaking with my babies."
"fill me with your babies, daddy," you cried, still finding it hard to talk whilst you were being throat fucked but he heard you just fine, obliging as he groaned and let himself go.
you weren't finished yet, and neither was he.
he mercilessly continued to ram into you, making you promise him to let him know when you were close.
"i'm so close," you moaned, biting your lips to keep from making so much noise.
"cum around my cock sweetheart," he ordered you in a sweet voice.
and so you did. you revelled in the release you were given at long last and it felt amazing.
remus then took his dick out, bringing his fingers out of your mouth to insert them in your cunt, taking out the cum from the two of you that had mixed together for you to taste.
he made you take all of it before he traced his fingers around your cunt again.
"such a pretty little thing," he said, "i wonder how it'd be like to see it fucked even more, hmm?"
you didn't answer, you weren't sure what to say.
you wanted him to fuck you until you couldn't walk, until you had forgotten your own name.
"i said, i wonder how it'd be like to see it fucked even more," he cleared his throat for emphasis, speaking a bit louder to indicate for you to answer.
you blinked and tried to swallow before proceeding to say, "it'd look so gorgeous, daddy," you gushed, "a wrecked little pussy, just for you."
and so he fucked you even more, he fucked you until he heard the shuffling of your mother upstairs and then he stopped immediately, almost as though he was teasing all along.
but he hurried off to throw his clothes on and throw your clothes to you before he kissed you.
he tried to linger on for as long as he can, eager to get a teasing taste of you before your mother was coming downstairs.
“are you guys okay?” she basically giggled from just outside the kitchen.
"later, i’m going to ruin you again, and again, and then again." he promised once he broke apart.
oh, how lust had consumed you both.
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loonyloopylupin5 · a day ago
Remus: Uhh...Pads?
Sirius: What do you want, Remus? Can't you see I'm a little bit upset right now?
Remus: I was just going to ask what's wrong?
Sirius: *stars crying more*
Remus: What about it?
Sirius, pointing: IT FELL ON THE FLOOR!!!
Remus: Why did I marry you?
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James: hey moony
Remus: hey prongs
James: did you hear about Maya Hee?
Remus: Maya who?
James: Maya haha
Remus: why
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mystical-marauder · 4 months ago
Sirius: I became friends with a dinosaur cow
Remus: wtf is a dinosaur cow
Sirius: and I adopted it
Sirius: *opens door and brings in pet giraffe*
Remus: tf-
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