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#remus lupin
soia-jpg · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sketch dump I guess? I asked for some suggestions on what to sketch in my stories on instagram some days ago and I got a lot, A LOT of amazing suggestions! All of them were so lovely I wish I could draw everything! I will definitely do this again, for sure! For now I’ve posted just the wolfstar ones, I will post the others too! What’s your favorite? Ily ❤️
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squattingismypassion · 2 days ago
Please give me all the soft, domestic, cheesy, hallmark like Christmas fics. Established relationship, friends to lovers, meet cute, etc. I’m not picky. I just want to read about my favorite characters being in love around Christmas. I’m here for it all.
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heartshapedimagine · a day ago
you’re welcome, sweetness [Remus Lupin x reader]
word count: 2.3k
summary: you can’t reach the top of the cupboard, but remus can. lucky you
He nibbled up your hand, the delicate skin of your wrist, laughing at your ticklish giggles until he was skipping your sleeve to rest his teeth at your pulse point.
“Beg me not to,” he murmured, lips touching your neck with each word.
tags: it’s just smut, nsft, marauders era, young remus but you could read it as older if you liked, fem reader, maybe implied short reader but not that short lol <3
requested by anon here ! thanks anon
The wine glasses were driving you mad.
You and Remus didn’t even like wine, they’d been a gift from Marlene when you moved in together. You’d spent the whole day cleaning up for Christmas, and the only thing that remained was those damned glasses high up on top of the kitchen cupboards.
You tried reaching up on your tip toes and couldn’t quite get there. Resigned, you used both of your hands to hoist yourself up onto the kitchen counter. You twisted, getting your knee under you to balance precariously when Remus cleared his throat. You flinched, sitting back down.
“I didn’t hear you come in,” you said.
“I guessed,” he said. “These?” he asked, leaning over you to grab them without any effort expended.
You let yourself sit back down, effectively sandwiched between Remus and the cupboard behind you. “Yes,” you said, eyes tracing Adam's apple. You swallowed.
“You knew I’d be home. Was it really necessary to climb up on the counter? You could’ve hurt yourself.”
Remus set the glasses aside.
He looked down at you, properly looked down at you, noticing the look on your face. “Are you even listening to me?”
“Yes. I could’ve hurt myself. Sorry,” you said, reaching a hand up to his face. He caught it before you could, pressing your fingertips to his mouth.
“You don’t have to be sorry for that, sweetness.”
“I don’t?”
“If you keep looking at me like that, you might be.”
You exhaled raggedly, pressing your shoulders back as much as they would go into the cupboard. “Like what?”
“Like you want me to eat you alive.”
“Won’t you?”
He nipped the pad of your finger and you shrieked in delight.
“No, Rem, not the biting!”
He nibbled up your hand, the delicate skin of your wrist, laughing at your ticklish giggles until he was skipping your sleeve to rest his teeth at your pulse point.
“Beg me not to,” he murmured, lips touching your neck with each word.
“Please don’t,” you whispered, meaning to say please do.
He bit down anyway. You laughed and cried out, pretending as though this was some great suffering you must endure. He soon turned from play-biting to suckling, abusing the skin there until it was red and hurting in the best way, your hands curled into fists.
He kissed the mark he’d left behind.
He moved down to catch your mouth and you denied him. “What, you’re shy now?”
The way he said it, so taunting, like he knew every little thing you were thinking had you closing your legs on impulse around his thighs. He trailed his finger up the line of your jaw, nudging your face across to lead you to his mouth. Your lips touched and he kissed you slowly, as though savouring the taste of you, other hand dipping under the back of your shirt to leverage you closer by the small of your back.
You opened your mouth, wrapping your fingers around his forearm where he held your face in an attempt to force him closer. You were sliding down just a little, the centre of you aligning with the end of the counter so that you were touching.
You squirmed, probing with a gentle hand down between you to feel the thick fabric of his trousers, his hardening dick. You palmed him, overjoyed at the catch in his breath. He broke the kiss to spite you, looking down between you at your working hand.
He let out a slow breath between his teeth. You were light-fingered, only gracing him, never enough to provide what he wanted. You moved to the waist of his trousers, unbuttoned and unzipped them with nimble fingers to pause at the waistband of his boxers. You traced the edge, slipped one finger underneath to flick the elastic against his skin.
He put his hand over yours and guided it down until your hand was covering his dick. You shifted, using your thumb to caress the underside. He twitched and proceeded to jerk himself off with your hand in between like a buffer whilst you watched with an open mouth, tightening and untightening your grip when the mood struck you.
A pearl of precum beaded at the top of his dick. You took your hand from his grip to rub your index finger against it, feeling your own desire pooling against the silk of your underwear, your abdomen growing hotter with the seconds.
You stuck your tongue out half an inch and brought your finger to your mouth, licking the pearlescence away.
Remus watched, his eyes closing just enough that his dark eyelashes were almost touching. He was so lovely. You straightened out to kiss his cheek.
“Where’d you want me, handsome?”
“Why not here?”
“You’re tall but not that tall.”
“The table, then?” he asked, hardly giving you time to agree before he was lifting you up to lay you out on the kitchen table. It was sturdy enough to take your weight. You wriggled back until your knees were supported, lifting your hips to shrug off your trousers. Remus helped work them over your ankles.
He pressed a single digit to the crease of your cunt, underwear already stuck there by the wetness that had spread from all the moving around. You gasped, widening the gap between your thighs to grant him proper access. You pulled your shirt over your head while he was busy, too distracted to realise he’d lined himself up.
He rubbed the head of his dick against the damp fabric, laughing whilst you moaned. You hurried to remove them, feeling them slip down and off one ankle to hang around the other, inches from the ground.
Remus spread you open with one hand, cooing. “You have the prettiest cunt.”
You felt instantly scandalised at his comment, covering yourself up with one thigh. He pushed you open again, leaning down to kiss your stomach, the top of your cunt, the bud of your clit.
“Remus,” you complained, flushed.
He retreated, looking mildly apologetic, moreso eager. He found your opening, pushing a finger inside so slowly it made you whimper. He couldn’t decide whether he wanted to watch his own ministrations or your face, moving swiftly between the two. A second finger joined the first, his ring and middle finger working in tandem to stretch you out, spreading to form a V shape inside you.
“Please, Remus,” you said.
“You ready?” he asked, pulling his fingers out.
The mess of you that was on his hand transferred to the skin of your thighs as he pulled your body down to the edge of the table, cunt right against his hard cock. He rubbed up against you without pushing in, palms braced on the backs of your thighs to keep your centre bared open.
Your fingers caught the edge of his shirt, not quite close enough to pull it up and off of him. He did as you wanted in a swift motion so that you were both naked and breathing hard.
“You’re so fucking lovely,” he said, hair tousled, eyes bright, hands gentle on your skin.
“Please,” was all you could manage, overwhelmed and eager, spurred by the subtle movement of him sliding up into your core.
He loosed go of one leg to guide himself into you, his lips parting at the very moment he pushed into you. He made a sound not far from a laugh, grabbing a hold of your leg again to pull you up and onto his dick. Your eyes closed, head moving to one side to rest on the table, lips pressed together hard to stop the sound you were going to make.
“Now that’s just not fair,” Remus said, hand sliding between your cheek and the wood of the table. He was pressing in, almost to the hilt.
You looked at him through bleary eyes.
“Yeah,” you breathed.
“Good,” he said, pulling out. He pushed in again, again, the sound echoing around the empty kitchen again. It was all you could focus on, the sound of his hips brushing yours, his shaky intake of breath, how the slick between you was dripping down your thighs.
He snapped his hips forward and you saw stars, hand moving to where your bodies met in reaction, almost like you would push him away despite that being the last thing in the world you wanted. He grabbed your hand, pressing it to the back of your thigh. You took the cue, holding your leg up.
His now unoccupied hand explored your cunt, pulling you open where he was thrusting into you with a life-ruining smile on his face. He gasped, moving his hand to push circles into your clit like he knew you liked with two fingers, shaking his head when you wiggled away from his touch.
After a moment it tickled less and you stopped moving, relaxing under his touch.
His pace increased and with it the amount of force, your whole body moving up and down the table with each thrust. He encouraged you up onto your elbows to wrap his arm around your shoulder blades, bringing your face into his chest. He rutted into you and you felt each one as though it were in your stomach, the constant thud thud thud impossible to recover from. You wrapped your arms around him from under his armpits, pushing your hips down in sloppy circles.
You realised you’d been making a small sound every time he pulled out, like a loss, and tried to stop.
“Come on, dove, let me hear you,” he pleaded.
You shook your head. He slowed down, staying inside you to fuck little bursts that made you feel like you might burst yourself. “Ah, Remus-“
“That’s the sound,” he murmured, mouth close to your ear.
You obliged him mostly because you couldn’t control yourself. He let you drop back down onto the flat of the table, let your legs fall down so that they were dangling an inch from the ground . When he thrusted in it felt different, tighter.
You let you head lol back, let his praises wash over you as he reshaped you around him. “So fucking good for me,” he said, concentrating his efforts on your clit, thrusting disjointedly.
Encouraged by your embarrassing gasps for air, he thrust down so that you could feel the line of his head in your walls, feel it hit the barrier at the deepest part of you. Your body rocked against the table, wood creaking dangerously.
You could feel your approaching climax like white noise that suddenly grew louder, coil tightening in your core until white hot sparks had you breathless, a high strung mutter of “oh, god,” escaping you without warning.
You tightened around him, forcing him to stop. He hung his head at the feeling, the pseudo-contractions. When he did move again the drag made you feel as though you could cry, shuddering.
You clambered up into a sitting position and pushed his chest up. “Sit in the chair,” you said. He did as you asked, torso clammy with sweat, dick glistening with shared wetness and twitching at the sudden lack of contact. You hopped down off the table and climbed into his laps, legs on either side of him.
Euphoria moved you as you slid onto him, wrapping your arms around his shoulders. His head tilted back, rolled. You would’ve laughed in pleasure that he was so undone by you if you weren’t so thoroughly turned on by him. You kissed the exposed skin of his neck instead, hoping to return the love bite he’d gifted you earlier while you rode him.
His hands ran the length of your torso, crossing them until you were as tight to him as you could be. You could feel his chest expand when he breathed.
Your mouth popped off of his neck. He had indulged you, let you do what you liked, but as soon as you finished he was kissing you, rolling his hips up into you. Your hair was falling in his face and he didn’t care, fingertips pressing that little bit harder into your spine so you knew he was close.
You clenched down on him and pulled up slowly.
“Fuck,” he said. “Fuck. Again dove, please.” His voice was rough.
You did as he asked before letting yourself fall down into him as far as you could, feeling like he might split you open, to wiggle and grind your hips into his as hard as you could. You babbled into his skin. “Gonna cum in me? Fill me up, please, please Rem, please.”
He groaned, pressing your face into the side of his neck and squeezing you tight as he finally came, spurting up into you, hips lifting to meet you. You sighed happily, dotting little kisses all over him as he rode it out, not bothering to unseat yourself, content to let him twitch and shake inside you.
He let you out of the security of his arms to assess your face, gather your hair and throw it over one shoulder. “Sorry, I gripped you too tight,” he apologised, hand at your neck.
“That’s okay,” you grinned at him, bringing both hands up to cradle his face adoringly. “Thanks for getting those glasses down for me.”
“You’re welcome, sweetness.”
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slycassini · 2 days ago
Sirius: it smells like updog in here
James: what's up dog?
Sirius: nothing much what's up with you?
James *grins*: oh wow
*turns to Regulus*
James: it smells like updog in here
Regulus: what is that?
James: nothing, what's up with you?
Regulus: huh?
James: damn it.
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engie-ivy · 2 days ago
2021 Christmas fic, Wolfstar mistletoe fluff😉
When Loved Ones Are Near
It's the Most Wonderful Time Of the Year - Andy Williams
James thinks his charmed mistletoe is a great idea, Remus does not. By the end of the night, however, their opinions are completely reversed.
“Whatcha got there, Prongs?”
Remus eyes the cage James carries into the common room warily. It’s a cage that would normally host an owl, only what’s in there is certainly no owl.
“A mistletoe, of course!” James replies cheerfully.
“I see,” Remus says. “And it’s… trying to escape?”
James chuckles. “It’s quite a feisty one, this one!”
“James. Why is your mistletoe trying to escape?”
James looks at him innocently. “Why Moony, what would you do if you were put in a cage against your will?”
Remus nods. Fair enough. He’d be trying to escape as well. But then again… “I’m not a plant, Prongs.”
“It’s a Magic Mistletoe!” James exclaims. “A Magistletoe! A Mistlic? A MagicMistle? I’m still working on the name.”
Remus groans. “Please don’t tell me it’s another one of those mistletoes that traps people underneath until they kiss?”
“A repeat of last year?” James scoffs. “What do you take me for, Moony? An amateur?” He shakes his head. “I wouldn’t do that! And besides, I hope people have learned their lesson last year to not disrespect sacred Holiday Tradition and leave a mistletoe without kissing!”
“Okay, so what does this one do?” Remus stares at the mistletoe currently throwing itself at the bars of the cage.
“Oh, you’ll love it!” James says. “This one flies around the room, and only stops when, get this, it flies over two people standing together who are actually in love with each other!”
Remus frowns. “That sounds like quite an invasion of privacy.”
“No, that’s the beauty of it!” James says enthusiastically. “If you have a one-sided crush on someone, it’ll just fly over, and no one will notice a thing! Only when you’re feelings are reciprocated it’ll stop, and who cares about privacy when you have a love that is returned? It’s the greatest thing on earth! You’re supposed to shout it from the rooftops!”
“Not everyone might be ready to do that,” Remus argues.
James sighs. “Alright, we’ll tell everyone before the party tonight, then if a couple really wants to keep it a secret, they can at least stay away from each other, okay?”
Remus still looks hesitant.
“I’m telling you, Moony,” James urges. “Charmed mistletoe brings nothing but joy and happiness!”
“Charmed mistletoe brings nothing but pain and misery!”
James is sitting on the floor, his head resting on his arms. Remus is kneeling in front of him, trying to console him.
The Gryffindor Christmas Party just finished, and most other students are off to bed. For the most part, the mistletoe had just been flying around the room all evening, stopping above Frank and Alice ever so often when it needed a break. There had been an amazing moment when it stopped above Gideon and Emmeline, both of them looking delighted and the whole room cheering as they kissed. Remus noticed that Dorcas and Marlene, normally always together, were suspiciously avoiding each other all evening.
And Sirius, well, Sirius had been unreachable all evening. A gaggle of girls had surrounded him the entire evening, taking turns to stand beside him, letting out disappointed sighs as the mistletoe flew over without stopping.
But no one was as disappointed as James. He had managed to stand next to Lily, and had watched the mistletoe fly over their heads, not halting. He had looked so crestfallen, not even Lily herself dared to make a comment about it.
“Come on, Prongs,” Remus tries. “At least now you know. And there’s plenty of other fish in the sea!”
James lifts his head and glares at Remus. “Are you calling Lily a fish?”
“It’s an expre- Never mind. But honestly Prongs, what did you expect? What did you think all those times of her calling you a rude, arrogant prat were? Flirting?”
James just shrugs.
“Is he still moping about the Evans thing?”
Remus looks up to see Sirius leaning against the wall, arms crossed over his chest. Remus smiles up at him. “He claims his ‘heart, hopes and dreams have been shattered’.”
Sirius sighs and slides down the wall to sit next to James on the floor. “Look, Prongs. All this means is that Evans isn’t in love with you… yet.”
“Padfoot...” Remus warns, but Sirius just continues.
“You still have, what? One and a half year to make her fall in love with you? The James Potter I know wouldn’t just give up!”
“I really don’t think that’s-” Remus tries to protest.
“You’re right, Pads!” James cuts in, balling his hands into fists, his confidence and determination returning. “There’s still time, and I’m going to show Lily how right I am for her!”
“But maybe if you just-” Remus tries again, as more advances from James are probably not what Lily’s hoping for, but the other boys don’t seem to hear him.
“That’s the spirit!” Sirius exclaims. “That’s the Prongs I know!”
“But the other fish…?” Remus says weakly.
“Fish?” Sirius blinks.
James shakes his head. “Moony’s got this weird obsession with fish all of the sudden.”
At least James does agree to remove the mistletoe from the common room before it can lead to more heartbreak. Unfortunately, the mistletoe is not only fast, but also great at dodging spells. When one attempt at stunning it leads to Peter lying unconscious on the floor (the poor lad had simply come down the stairs to see what was keeping his friends), they decide to just try and catch it with their hands, each boy taking one part of the common room and running and jumping after the thing.
Remus is first to give up, physical exercise never having been his forte, and sits down on the floor to catch his breath. After a while, he begins shouting the occasional encouragement to the other two boys.
Sirius is the next one to be done. Panting, he leans his hands on his legs. “I’m done, I give up.”
“What?” James says, still remarkably energetic with his Quidditch-stamina. “You’re just going to let me catch it alone?”
“Yes,” Remus and Sirius say in unison, as Sirius drops down on the floor next to Remus.
“Come on, Prongs! Are you a Chaser or not? Use those Quidditch reflexes!”
“If you can catch that Snitch of yours, you can catch a bloody mistletoe!”
Sirius grins at Remus while they watch James jumping around. “So, Moons, looking forward to going home for the hols?”
“Don’t ever tell my mum this,” Remus replies. “But lately I’ve been having such a great time here at Hogwarts, this is probably the first year I kind of regret leaving.”
“Aaaw, Moony,” Sirius says, placing his hand over his heart. “Is this your way of telling me that you’re going to miss me?”
“On the other hand,” Remus says, pretending to be thinking. “It’ll be nice to not be woken up by someone falsely singing ‘God Rest Ye, Merry Hippogriffs’ on the top of his voice.”
“Oi!” Sirius pokes Remus in the side. “My singing is not…” He trails off as he notices James standing in front of them, staring at them with wide eyes. “What?”
Wordlessly, James points above their heads.
Sirius and Remus look up, and all the breath leaves Remus’ body. There, hanging above them in the air, completely still, is the mistletoe.
Now, Remus has known for a while that he’s a little bit in love with Sirius. He has accepted it, and it’s not something he really thinks about anymore. His name is Remus Lupin, he’s a wizard, he attends Hogwarts, he was sorted into Gryffindor, and he’s in love with Sirius Black. Just a fact of life, not something he contemplates often, especially not in relation to James’ mistletoe. Mostly because he would’ve never in a million years expected Sirius to feel the same. But this… This!
He turns to look at Sirius, who has moved closer, and is looking at Remus with a huge smile on his face. “You feel the same!” Sirius’ voice is filled with joy.
“I… You… You’re…” Remus stammers. “You have feelings for me too?”
By means of an answer, Sirius kisses him. And it’s a good answer. A very, very good answer.
Sirius cups Remus’ face, Remus wraps his arms around Sirius, pulling him closer and even closer. They fit together perfectly, their lips moving against each other, not hesitant or careful, but eager and passionate. The feel of-
Ashes rain down over Remus and Sirius, and Remus starts coughing. Luckily, he pulled away first, as it would’ve been embarrassing to cough into Sirius’ mouth during their first kiss.
Sirius brushes the ashes from his hair. “Way to ruin the moment, Prongs!”
“Sorry!” James holds up his hands. “But you know it would’ve started flying again the moment the kiss ended. I saw an opportunity and I had to take it.”
Remus scoops op the ashes and lets them fall through his fingers. “Did you have to burn it, though? I had kind of gotten attached to it.” He sighs regretfully. “It’s what brought us together.” Too late he realizes that may have been presumptuous of him, assuming Sirius and he are already together now.
Nervously, Remus glances over at Sirius, but Sirius just wraps an arm around his waist and pulls him against his side, and oh, that’s new.
“I’m sorry, Moony,” Sirius says. “But you know what the best way to honour a mistletoe’s memory is? Lots and lots of kissing.”
And to Remus, that makes perfect sense.
In loving memory of the charmed mistletoe.
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pandorcas-endgame · 2 days ago
Thinking about Regulus in his cat form messing with Sirius who thinks James betrayed him by getting a pet cat because he doesn't know Reg is an animagus and Remus knows because either him and Reg are friends or because he figured it out and is laughing and enjoying the whole thing immensly.
Sirius: Stop laughing Moony! This bloody cat keeps knocking everything over!
James, nervous: I'm sure he'll settle down soon
Remus, smirking: You know I think he could do worse.
James: *glares* No. No I don't think he could.
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toujoursincorrect · a day ago
Sirius: I know a hundred different ways to kill a man with my bare hands. I'm a badass, a warrior and a fighter. And I—
Remus: *smiles*
Sirius: —am soft
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Remus : how’s your life ?
Regulus : good, yours ?
Remus : same
Regulus :
Regulus : we both lying aren’t we ?
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remuslupininskirts · 2 days ago
Regulus: Ugh, crushes are so dumb.
James: I know right! Whenever I’m near the person I like I just start acting stupid.
Regulus: But you’re always acting stupid?
James: Yeah, don’t think about that too hard.
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fruitcoops · 14 hours ago
okay this is a bit of a specific request, but i was wondered if you could write a coops fic based off of this video. maybe one of them is knocked unconscious during a game or has to undergo surgery and they’re super groggy and confused when they wake up and they’re just like “ wow, you’re my husband?” bonus points if it’s sirius and he’s like “when did i come out???”
anyways, no pressure i just saw the video and thought it was a really cute idea <333
This video is just so unbelievably cute. Oh my god. I have an angsty version of this fic in my WIPs but it felt right to do some fluff today! Hope you enjoy! SW credit goes to @lumosinlove <3
TW for wooziness/ memory loss from anesthesia, mention of minor surgery
Faint steady beeps made up most of the background noise, accompanied by shuffling sounds and a sigh as Sirius moved around and blinked at the camera in confusion from his hospital bed. “Where am I?”
“Still the hospital,” Dumo chuckled behind the screen. “Same as the last three times, mon fils.”
“Why are you speaking French?”
“Because I like it.”
“I can’t speak French,” Sirius grumbled, messing with the wires trailing from his pulse monitor.
“Sirius, you’re French-Canadian. It was your first language.”
Sirius sighed again through his nose and looked up at the ceiling. “Why am I here?”
“You had appendicitis.”
“Oh. Okay.” He frowned slightly. “Did I die?”
“No,” Dumo snorted.
“Huh. C’est bizarre.”
“You are so out of it right now,” Dumo muttered under his breath; Sirius showed no sign of hearing him. The camera wobbled as Dumo dug around in his pocket, then held something out to him to take with clumsy fingers. “Here, I didn’t want this to get lost.”
Sirius’ eyebrows furrowed in downright adorable confusion. “Qu’est-ce que c’est?”
“Your wedding ring.”
If anything, that seemed to make him even more distressed. “What? Why would you let me do that?”
“Get married?” Dumo asked around a laugh. “It was your choice, mon fils.”
Sirius slipped the ring on, though he didn’t look happy about it. “But—but I didn’t want to get married. Have I come out to you yet?”
“Then why would you let me get married?”
Sirius leaned back against the pillows, though he was still obviously upset. “Is my wife here, then?”
“You don’t have a wife.”
“Well if I’m married, then I have to, because I can’t get married if I’m gay and you knew that and I don’t like you anymore,” he huffed with a petulant tilt to his mouth.
There was a long pause behind the camera. “Sirius, gay marriage has been legal for seven years here. It’s been legal in Montreal for almost twenty. Also, what possible power do I have to make you get married to a woman?”
“I dunno.”
“You’re so high you forgot you have rights,” Dumo murmured in utter disbelief. “Mon dieu.”
Sirius rolled his eyes. “Well, I’m missing an organ, so pardonnez-moi.”
“Wow, you haven’t had that attitude in almost eight years,” Dumo remarked dryly. “Can I tell your friends they can come in now, or are you going to pout at me for a while longer?”
Sirius had the decency to look abashed. “Desolée.”
In the corner of the frame, Dumo motioned toward the door with his free hand; it swung open a second later and James poked his head in. “Hey, buddy, how’s it going?”
“Oh! I know you, you have a bab—” The puppylike excitement on Sirius’ face faded into total shock—his eyes went huge and his mouth dropped open slightly as the door closed behind the newcomers. “Wh—um.”
Remus crossed the room to sit in the chair next to Sirius’ bed, reaching out to take his hand and hold it between his own with a soft smile; the pulse monitor picked up speed. His shoulder obscured the camera for a second before Dumo shifted his own chair over a few inches. “You feeling okay?” Remus asked as he tucked the edge of Sirius’ blanket back in. Sirius stayed dead silent, still staring at him. “Are you drinking water?”
“You’re holding my hand,” Sirius said faintly. His gaze flickered over to Dumo, then back to Remus. “I—wow.”
James had to turn away to hide his laughter as a blush crept up the back of Remus’ neck. “You’re still loopy, huh?” he said, pressing the water glass into Sirius’ palm. “Gotta hydrate, baby.”
Sirius, who had just brought the rim of the cup to his lips, sputtered and blushed pink all the way to the tips of his ears. “What did you just call me?” he whispered, wide-eyed. “Do I know you?”
“I’m Remus, and you better know me,” Remus teased, though his voice was fond. “Drink your water.”
“Have I come out to you?”
“Well, not officially, but I got the memo.”
“You’re the prettiest nurse in the whole world.”
“Thank you. I’m not a nurse.”
“What are you?”
“Your husband.”
“My what?”
All three of them shushed him. “There are other people here, Sirius,” Dumo told him through his snickering. “Inside voices.”
“How long have we been married?” Sirius was looking at Remus like he was trying to memorize his face, though his blinking was considerably slower than normal and wonderment tinged every feature. “Are you sure?”
“Just over a year, and I’m very sure.”
“You married me?”
Remus bit his lip, fighting a grin. “Mhmm.”
“For real?”
“Holy shit.” Sirius finally looked away, turning to James in disbelief. “Holy shit. Did you know that?”
“Yeah, Pads, I was your best man,” James laughed.
“I won the fuckin’ jackpot,” Sirius whispered to himself as he ran his free hand down his face and tilted his head toward Remus again. “Dumo said I got married and I’m really glad it’s legal here because you’re so handsome and do you have pictures also I think I want to kiss you and you have the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen.”
“Thank you, baby,” Remus said, trying (and failing) to stifle his laughter as James wiped tears of mirth from under his glasses. “I do have pictures, but you need to get some r—”
Sirius’ gasp was loud in the overall peaceful atmosphere. “We’re married. Does that mean we’ve already kissed?”
That was it—the straw that broke the camel’s back. The camera trembled for a moment before Dumo rested it on his knee while all three of them lost it, leaving Sirius with a mixture of confusion and genuine excitement on his face. Remus rested his forehead against Sirius’ shoulder and nodded after a moment, breathless. “Yes, we have,” he managed. “On multiple occasions.”
If anything, that only seemed to make Sirius happier. “Can I have one?”
“Yeah, sure, why not,” Remus said with an amused shake of his head. He leaned up and placed one on his cheek—Sirius’ chest visibly hitched and a soft exhale left his mouth.
“Hopeless,” Dumo whispered behind the camera. “Absolutely hopeless.”
“Is it legal to get married twice?” Sirius asked, still watching Remus with unbridled affection.
“To the same person?”
Sirius shot Dumo an offended look. “Obviously. That’s my husband.”
“Why would that be legal?”
The offense turned to exasperation. “I forgot about gay marriage, so pardon me for not remembering this, too.”
Remus kissed his forehead and Sirius returned to his previous awestruck state. “You’re going to take a nap and then I’ll show you wedding pictures if you still don’t remember, okay?”
“I love you.”
“I love you, too.”
“I love you,” Sirius repeated with a lopsided smile.
Remus closed his eyes and fought back his laughter. “I love you, too.”
“Bless your patience, Remus Lupin,” Dumo snorted.
Sirius seemed unaffected by his interruption as he toyed with his wedding ring. “Do we say that a lot?”
Remus shrugged one shoulder as he pulled the blanket up to the base of Sirius’ ribs. “A normal amount, yeah. Usually before we go to bed.”
“I love you.” Sirius closed his eyes when Remus smoothed the front of his hair off his forehead. “I’m going to take a nap, so I can say that.”
“Do you want Dumo and James to stay with you?”
“Will you stay?”
“Course I will.”
“Then they can do whatever.” Sirius tried to shift onto his side, then winced. “My side hurts.”
“Sleep,” Dumo reminded him. “You’ll feel better when you wake up.”
Anyone believe in love at first sight? read a curl of text as the screen went dark. If you’re Cap, you’re lucky enough to experience it twice (this video was published with consent from all parties).
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