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#remus lupin
the marauders + lily and thrifting
Lily: I love this jacket!
Lily: *sniffs it*
Lily: ..the smell of an old man with a smoking addiction is the price to pay for looking cute
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Hey y’all! Quick reminder that today is the first day of @silversickles high school/college minifest! You can find the prompts here, and you should totally do it if you have the time!

My fic for today’s prompt, back to school, will be posted around 9:30am EST, so keep an eye out! 😊

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  • !!! = Smut (18+)
  • Italics = Upcoming stories

Fred Weasley:

Moral of the Story (Fred x Reader) | 1! | 2 | 3! | 4 | 5! | 6 | 7 |

!!! Detention (Fred x Reader)


George Weasley:

!!! My Love (Husband! George x Reader)

!!! Another Life (George x Reader)


Draco Malfoy:

!!! Mine (Draco x Reader)


Cedric Diggory:

!!! What’s Mine is Yours (Cedric x Reader)


Remus Lupin:

Taboo (Teacher! Remus x OC) | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |

!!! Dare (Young! Remus x Reader)

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HP Dark Art Day 27: Dobby

Fun fact: Sirius Black actually gets along with magical creatures, but sometimes Remus has to worry.

The actual story was probably something innocent as Sirius accidentally walking into Dobby finishing with his own bath. But who’s to say? 🤷

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Okay listen I know James Potter was a little bitch in hogwarts and so were his friends but I believe that he did change by his 7th year and then got with lily Evans. I know lily isn’t stupid to date someone like James if he didn’t change so if he matured and everything then okay. I also respect his bravery and everything so he’s not my favorite but I don’t hate him.

I fucking hate Peter petigrew though fuck that bitch for betraying his best friends,he was a follower and everything and to me was a coward. Like I thought James would be my lease favorite but nah it’s Peter at least James was brave and so was lupin and Sirius. But fuck him and his rat looking self.

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Marauders Headcannons: Baby Harry edition

Harry once called Remus ‘Dadda’ making Remus cry for an hour before Lily found him.

Sirius would tell Harry the same bedtime stories he would tell Regulus as a child.

James accidentally drank Harry’s baby formula and liked it

Peter would play Hide and Seek with Harry in his rat form.

Lily used up two rolls of pictures of Harry just making different facial expressions.

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Marauders Era

James: Yo what should I take for a Patronus

Sirius: You don’t choose your Patronus, it chooses you.

James: Which one does Lily have?

Remus: I think she has a doe.

James: Hmm, well a lion chases the doe…

Remus: …too eat it.

Sirius: Well you could try to make a stag..

James: No, I’ll ask Lily what would she want

James: Hey Evans, what animal do you think I can be?

Lily: A pig.


Peter: She didn’t even hesitate

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I just realized that in Heroes of Olympus, Percy and Annabeth are the old couple. Like yeah they have life get in the way, but they are the ones who have been around the longest. They are the Silena and Beckendorf of Camp now. The Tony and Pepper of Camp Half-Blood. These two who took 5 years to figure out their best friend liked them back are who younger campers go to for advice and who they look up to. When I have headcannons for universes meeting, especially that one couple every fandom clings to, I wanted to imagine Will and Nico meeting Remus and Sirius somehow, and Will and Remus bonding over their boyfriends chaotic energy. But it works better for Annabeth and Remus. Because both couples have been through hell and back. Huh

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watching an among us stream as i finish this among us fic 😌might post it tonight, most post it tomorrow, idk yet but i’m really enjoying it and it came easy to me so i hope y’all enjoy it if you decide to read

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Admissions Advice Corner
#announcements | Server upkeep + general information!

sapphic charms ✧・゚: * [mit ‘23] (Today at 6:03 PM)
@everyone the results of our annual meme contest are in and…drumroll please…the winner is the hilarious, the astonishing, the way too active @starman but like, COOLER! sirius dazzled the mods of AAC with his surrealist college admissions meme, and we’re proud to crown him as the meme king of this year’s halloween meme contest.

(as a side note, seriously, sirius, get more sleep.)

to claim your prize, please dm one of the mods! once again, congratulations to sirius, and thank you to everyone who participated!

padfoot (Today at 6:05 PM)
told you i was the meme king

moony (Today at 6:07 PM)
i guess you really are
congrats on the win lol

Sirius’s winning meme definitely fits the description of surrealist—it’s a deep-fried screencap of a Reddit post on r/collegeadmissions titled “Does college admissions make anyone else hate themselves?” Sirius has photoshopped in a skeleton wearing skull-shaped orange sunglasses and a speech bubble stating, “Joke’s on you, college admissions, I already hated myself!”

padfoot (Today at 6:07 PM)
thank you thank you
emmy being a judge probably helped
we basically have the same sense of humor

moony (Today at 6:08 PM)
what’s that?

padfoot (Today at 6:08 PM)
incredibly depressing

moony (Today at 6:08 PM)

padfoot (Today at 6:08 PM)
anyway on an unrelated note i finally submitted my yale application ten minutes ago
now all there’s left to do is wait and hope i don’t get in

moony (Today at 6:09 PM)
you know
you’re probably the only applicant who doesn’t want to get in

padfoot (Today at 6:10 PM)
if i don’t get in that frees up a space for someone else that actually wants to go

moony (Today at 6:10 PM)
i guess
congrats on submitting your first app though

padfoot (Today at 6:11 PM)

“Remus? Are you ready yet?” His mother’s voice, slightly muffled by the closed door, comes from the hallway, and Remus sighs. Honestly, he’d rather be hit by a semi-tractor-trailer truck and spend the rest of the week in the hospital than go to this Halloween party with Peter, but it’s not like he can back out now, less than twenty minutes before he’s supposed to leave the house.

read more on ao3!

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I got like an epiphany or something at 4 am.

What if the Marauder’s Map was an Horcrux?

Can you believe how different the entire saga could have been?

Like Lily dieing protecting Harry would have happened anyway because without it there wouldn’t be an Alive Harry and a story at all.

But James surviving thanks to that Accidental! Horcrux and raising Harry?

Sirius not going to Azkaban cause we all know James would know Peter is the traitor.

Sirius and Remus being together (Wolfstar) and help James raise Harry.

God the comedy in it all, the way James would react to Harry first year at Hogwarts, and second. Deciding to become the DADA professor for his son’s sake.

Sirius giving Harry dating advice.

Remus helping Harry with homeworks.

James interaction with Snape!

Harry having a Bisexual crisis between Ginny and Draco and James Disaster!dad not knowing what to do.

God the potential of it all.


Originally posted by nickyl316h

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Lily does Remus’s makeup one day, it’s not much but just enough to cover his scars and when he first looks in the mirror he thinks it’s amazing.

He runs to show Sirius, and Sirius just stared for a moment before pulling him into a quick kiss.

“You look beautiful.” He says as he looks at Remus’s smile. “But I think I’d miss the scars. I’d miss the way you look like an avenging angel when you wear your white sweater, I’d miss the way I can run my fingers over them and remember how brave you are, and most importantly I’d miss that part of you that makes you Moony, my Moony.”

Remus blushes and realises just how much his scars are a part of him, and whether he wanted him to or not Sirius Orion Black loved every part of him.

On a different note, I think I might be too depressed to attempt fluff so this is probably quite cringy.

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Chronic Emptiness

Fred x reader

After the war

Summary: Y/N having a depressive episode & Fred trying to help her through it. Basically me living vicariously through her. Soft moment.

Warning: Mentions of depression & plainly feeling like shit


Y/N was exhausted. Not by her job or work, just mentally drained. This sort of thing happened sometimes. One moment she was okay, the next it all came crashing down on her & she’d feel pure hatred for the world she was living in. Fred had gotten used to it by now, he’d be the ever so caring boyfriend & try to help her through it however he could. Exept he really couldnt do much but reassure Y/N that he was there for her.

And of course Y/N appreciated him & all his efforts, she loved Fred more than life itself & everyone knew that. But sometimes she just needed space. Like today.

They were at a bar with George & Angelina and several other mates after their shifts had all ended from their various occupations. George & Fred at their joke shop, Angelia at the Ministry, Y/N at St Mungos.

Y/N never truly felt like she belonged, not growing up at home, not at Hogwarts, & certainly not in St Mungos where she was working as a nurse. Its not that she hated the job, more like it didn’t particularly cause her immediate joy. She just did it. She got on with it & did what she had to.

As her friends were dancing to the music Y/N leant into her boyfriends ear so he’d hear her say “Hey Fred I think I’m gonna head home early today, I’m tired.”

The man looked up at her, as if trying to read her thoughts “D’you want me to come with love?”

Y/N shook her head, declining the offer “No dont worry. I’ll go through the park, I need some fresh air anyway.” Fred nodded & bid her goodbye with a kiss, telling her to stay safe. “I’ll see you at home.”

It was already dark outside, the tall streetlamps being the main source of light for the woman, but she wasnt really paying attention to where she way going, not caring enough to look. Y/N got to the park near the flat where her & Fred lived, deciding to make a pitstop there she sat on one of the wooden benches that overlooked a small river.

Letting out a heavy sigh she put her head into the palms of her hands, it was feeling all too heavy lately. “Dear Merlin I’m so tired.” Mumbling, the woman rolled her head in her hands before sitting back up and gazing at the sky. Oh how beautiful it looked tonight.

Lighting up a cigarette, she put it to her lips & took a long inhale. She was supposed to be quitting smoking, Fred always got on her about continuing the habbit. In all honesty Y/N didnt care enough to stop, at this point she wasnt even sure if she still got the same boost of seratonin from smoking as she used to. But again, it didnt bother her.

“Fuck me why is life so draining?” She asked no one in particular, she knew why it was draining, the abundance of issues with her brain promptly being the answer. She just wished it were easier. Easier to deal with things.

Realistically Y/N had nothing to be unhappy about anymore, there was no war, she had a good life, an amazing boyfriend, a stable job, decent friends. But there was a permanent void in her heart that could never be filled. Ever since she was a child it stayed with her. Maybe her cold & harsh, unloving parents brought it on, or maybe how she didnt let herself feel love & would distance herself from anyone that ever got close to her. But it was there. Unmovable.

The woman let the smoke out from her mouth, sighing at why she was having another one of her episodes, feeling shitty about having said episode. Yet, there was nothing she could do to stop it from occuring. “Fuck off brain.” She mumbled to herself, cursing her biology & upbringing “Stop feeling so Shit.”

“I keep you alive you ungrateful idiot.” She huffed to herself “And I’m doing a pretty good job, so stop making me feel like its my fault.” It wasnt her fault. If it were, Y/N would know how to fix it & evidently stop feeing this way.

Some would say the war brought this Y/N on, but people knew that she was like this way before. However, before she was better at hiding it. Better at hiding the dark circles, the restlessness, the ‘I dont care what happens to me’ attitude. In all honesty it didnt bother Y/N that people knew she was like this, she didnt do it on purpose. And when she could- she’d be happy- the life of the party, in those instances she could hide her feelings. But sometimes they just got too overwhelming to bare.

“You’re being such a selfish prick.” She sighed and puffed on yet another cigarette “Go home Y/N. Go to the man who loves you.” Yet she made no motion to move. It’d probably been two hours since she left the bar, she wasnt keeping track of time, not feeling the need to.

Sometimes she thought that Fred didnt love her, not because he said something or did something, but because she thought that Fred puts up with her. Which wasn’t true, the man loved her to death, she made him feel alive. Y/N was a risk taker, an adventurer, someone that kept you on your toes- & he admired that about her. Y/N was smart & funny & the most gorgeous person Fred had ever seen, but he knew that behind her sarcasm & faux narcissistic comments, she didnt believe it. Oh what he’d give for the woman to see herself through his eyes.

A few more minutes passed & the woman got up with a sigh, throwing the butt of her cigarette down, she made her way home.

The door creaked open, a little too loudly for Y/N’s taste, she winced at the sound, hoping it wouldnt wake Fred.

“Where were you?” The light flicked on. Before her stood a dischevelled Fred, arms crossed “I got home and you werent here.”

“I was in the park.” She mumbled, taking her coat off “Lost track of time, sorry.”

Fred looked at the woman before him, he noticed the dark circles that she tried to cover prefousley with makeup, noticed the ash on her jacket and faint aroma of smoke mixed with sadness.

“Its fine.” He reassured her and went to hug her, pretending to not notice her cold body & how she stiffened when he touched her “Just let me know next time alright?”

The woman hummed in agreement and walked into the living room, as she sat on the couch she put the tv on to play some sort of muggle program but not really paying attention to it. She just didnt fancy Fred interrogating her about her feelings. She hated talking about them, normally just botteling them up. Maybe that was the cause of her unhappiness.

A few moments went by & she thought Fred had went to bed, but then she felt the couch sink next to her. “Here” he placed a blanket around her & handed her a hot mug of tea “You’re freezing.” Mumbling a thanks she sipped on her drink, not really feeling like talking she waited for him to say something, anything.

And he did “Is it getting bad again?” Oh. Was it? Probably. Most definitely.

“I’m fine.” She lied “I’ll be fine.” Y/N wasnt convincing anyone.

Fred watched her, not knowing what to say or do. He wished he could help, just magically cheer up the love of his life. But thats not how life worked. “You’re good enough.” He blurted out “You deserve to feel happy.”

Y/N didnt look up at him, she knew Fred was trying to help. But was he? I dont know.

“Do I though, do I really?” She finally asked with a sigh, those seemed to be coming from her a lot lately “Because I know I do, I just dont feel it coming to me and its so draining to get on with life when you feel worthless.”

Fred took in what she just said, pausing before trying to come up with a reasonable response “I know.” He sighed “I want to help you Y/N, what can I do?” What could he do though? Realistically?

“I dont know. Nothing. This’ll pass soon enough and I’ll be okay.”

Fred knew that, Y/N was always ‘okay’ or ‘fine’ or ‘just tired’ “But I want you to be better than okay. I want you to be happy, to enjoy life and all its moments.”

Y/N scoffed “And you think I dont want that?” There was a tense silence

“Why dont we take the day off tomorrow and go out somewhere? We havent done that in a while.” Fred suggested. It was true, with both of them being bombarded by work they hardly saw eachother in the last few months.

“Sure.” Y/N smiled sickly and set her tea down “Yeah alright I’ll just sack my job off to have a fun little date with you eh? Why not risk getting fired just because I’m feeling a little moody huh?”

Fred was taken aback by her words and immediately went back on what he said “If you dont want to thats fine I-“

“Im sorry” she cut him off “I’m sorry, that was a dick move I didnt mean it, just everythings gotten so much-“ she put her feet up on the couch to hug them “Im sorry.” A few stray tears fell onto her knees

Fred moved closer to her “Hey, its okay, its okay dont worry. I understand.” Oh sweet understanding Fred, Fred who gave you unconditional love and support. Fred who you keep snapping at.

Moments pass as he embraces you, your body leaning against his heavily. Not sure whether its the exhaustion or something else “I dont deserve you.” You mumble into his chest. He frowns cups your face in his hands, you lean in to his warm touch.

“Dont say that” you let out a quiet sob “Y/N you deserve the absolute world, and I wish I could give it to you & more. If I could take away your pain, I would. In an instant I would. You dont deserve to feel like this, to think like this. But I’m here for you okay. I love you, so fucking much you don’t understand.” He gazed into her eyes, wishing she could feel how much he meant it “You’re the best thing that happened to me & I’m going to prove it to you, whatever it takes Y/N.” He kissed your nose before letting you hug him tighter, relieved that you no longer shrunk away from his touch “Words cant express how much I love you.”

After a few more tears fall, Y/N laughs into his chest “Good because you’re stuck with me.”

Fred grins to himself “I wouldnt have it any other way.”

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i’ve always wanted to do a writing challenge and since i hit 2.4k followers, i thought why not do one now! this is my first ever writing challenge and i’m so excited to see what amazing things you guys will come up with!

there is no deadline for this writing challenge!**

Keep reading

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Thank you for this fun question! I’m doing Majors/Careers:


  • (This is a fun, non-backstabbing interpretation of Peter.)
  • A chef but he wouldn’t go to culinary school. He was forced by his parents to get a job to learn the value of a dollar after maxing out their credit cards on something stupid. He ended up getting hired as a busboy at a local diner, then made friends with all the cooks who then taught him to cook. He’d work his way up the restaurant scene and end up as the head chef at a fancy hotel.
  • If he did go to college, he’d study to become a veterinarian.
  • He’d probably invent one really cool thing and then be set for life.
  • He’s the kind of person who should be an accountant but is just too much of a free spirit lmao.
  • I just can’t picture him in an office.


  • A History, Classics, or Art History major but would 100% not utilize his degree in any capacity and immediately go work for his dad’s multi-million dollar company after graduating. 
  • Or he’d be that English major that seemed like a dumb frat bro but then would open his mouth and be the smartest person in the room. In this scenario, he’d become the cool high school teacher everybody loved.
  • Or he’d get scouted to play for the NFL.
  • The kind of guy who’s just good at everything. Probably double majored.


  • Bio-Chem, FOR SURE.
  • Or she’d become a doctor.


  • This one is hard for me for some reason lol. Maybe because it’s fun to write him as different things? (Might add on to this later.)
  • A Law Student who would major in English in undergrad.
  • He could literally major and excel in any field: Architecture, Philosophy, Marketing.
  • He’d be an unnecessarily HOT computer programmer.
  • Or he’d be the HOT mechanic of all our dreams.


  • To me, it just makes sense that Remus would be a Humanities major.
  • He’s obviously a great teacher so he’d major in English and then go on to be the English teacher that everyone loved.
  • He’d major in Journalism and be a freelance writer who’d get published in places like Vox. Would end up writing a best-selling fiction novel.
  • Or perhaps he’d be more of a traditional journalist who worked for somewhere like CNN.
  • Or he’d just enjoy life as Sirius’ trophy husband.
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Hello! I’ve just recently rehauled my page and I’m gonna start posting fan fics again! I find it super useful to practice writing and I really enjoy it and I’d be super greatful for any requests! I’m gonna start with some Harry Potter universe fics and possibly expand from there!

Here is a link to my (currently quite short) Masterlist (X)


Here is also a list of the characters I am confident writing for atm: X Sirius Black X Regulus Black X Remus Lupin X Newt Scamander X Draco Malfoy

I will write: X Song fics X Imagines X Headcannons X Platonic relationships X Romantic relationships X Familial relationships

Please note not everything I write will conform to the cannon (obvs) and I may twist some of it to make it fit with the request or the idea I have

I will not write anything super graphically NSFW (graphic violence or injury I can lean into, I’m more careful about anything explicitly s€xual) and I will always include a trigger warning at the beginning of any posts that need one.

Please contact me if any of my posts miss a TW that you would like me to include or if you explicitly don’t want anything that may upset you to be included in your requested piece (as I cannot guarantee that these may not come up otherwise and I’d hate for you to feel unable to read something I’ve written for your request because of this)

Otherwise- Anything is possible and I will try ky hand at anything you give me! Thanks! :)

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