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#remus lupin fanfiction
mirclealignr · 2 days ago
ೃ⁀➷ marauders masterlist
marauders headcanons
Tumblr media
* angst | ° personal fav
: ̗̀➛ james potter;
facing fears* — you hate goodbyes, but war forces you to do the things you hate most…
insufferable° — you and james have had a lifelong rivalry, but when you’re stuck in detention together, something changes…
childish dreams° — your soulmates was a mystery to you, and then he wasn’t. but he was chasing after someone else…
wasted time — you and james realise you’ve spent too much time not being honest…
authenticity — you’ve been forced to attend a pureblood ball and decide to make a statement…
support — james, your brother’s best friend, comforts you after an anxiety attack…
fates entwined — [series] james takes notice of you after you scold sirius for treating your best friend, regulus, so poorly…
how james would treat a shy s/o…
dating james potter…
being remus’ sister and dating james…
: ̗̀➛ lily evans;
ethereal — you’re enamoured by lily’s beauty and decide to ask her out…
the keeper of hearts — lily’s with james, and it hurts to watch her be happy with someone who isn’t you…
: ̗̀➛ marlene mckinnon;
ours — you show marlene your record collection and play her a new song…
a fallen memory° — marlene finds you lost in one of your moments early one morning by the sea…
: ̗̀➛ regulus black;
regulus black fluff alphabet
eyes closed, heart open° — you whisk regulus away from the dull party his mother organised for him…
release — you and regulus get stoned together…
a tattooed burden — regulus reveals he’s a death eater and you have difficulty coming to terms with it…
safe haven° — being neighbours with regulus is what saved you both…
ill fated* — regulus has to do what’s best for y/n, even if it hurts both of them to do it…
resignation* — regulus is stuck in an unrequited love, sirius falls for his brother’s best friend and y/n makes a difficult choice…
privilege — regulus reflects on his relationship with you and knows that if it weren’t for you, he wouldn’t be where he is now…
smile — sirius is determined to get to the bottom of why his brother is acting so strangely…
showering regulus in affection…
being regulus’ best friend and remus’ younger sister…
: ̗̀➛ remus lupin;
give it a try° — you convince remus to read your favourite book series of all time…
only you — remus loves giving you his sweaters…
meet cute — you meet a handsome stranger in your local library…
the distraction — you can communicate with your soulmate through telepathy, and come to find you’d known him all along…
crush — remus cheers you up when you’re feeling down…
new beginnings — you go on a date with remus, someone who had always been your rival, until now…
wonderful — remus reassures you about your stretch marks…
forever — after a night drinking at the black lake, you and remus put your friends to bed…
the letter — remus confesses his feelings in a letter after seeing your sketches…
insecurities — remus makes you feel beautiful…
unspoken — the meddling golden trio decide it’s time to give you and your fellow professor, remus, a little nudge…
being wolfstar’s daughter…
being the cheeky ravenclaw with whom remus falls in love…
being part of the black family and crushing on remus…
: ̗̀➛ sirius black;
admiration° — you’re invited to participate in a prank with the marauders, and sirius falls more and more in love with you along the way…
party revelations° — sirius convinces you to attend james’ birthday party, but you’re anxious to attend…
resignation* — regulus is stuck in an unrequited love, sirius falls for his brother’s best friend and y/n makes a difficult choice…
opportunity — you meet a handsome stranger in the coffee shop you frequent…
fools in love — sirius gets a little jealous and you can’t help but tease him for it…
almost perfect — sirius confesses his feelings after a little nudge from lily…
party secrets — sirius surprises you with a secret little birthday party…
waking up slow — sirius finds you asleep in his bed after a long day…
stolen secrets — sirius finds your sketchbook, and decided to give it back just when you’d given up looking…
approval — sirius does what you’d be too afraid to, but after a while, you realise it’s the best thing he could have done for you…
a change of heart — [soulmate series] you and sirius are rivals, always have been, but can that change?
being wolfstar’s daughter…
sirius attending a muggle school…
blackmailed into breaking up with sirius…
being a slytherin and bullied by your gryffindor brother, sirius…
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pinkandblueblurbs · 2 days ago
kinktober day 24- hunter/prey
remus lupin x fem!reader. kiiiinda cnc vibes maybe? but i didnt intend it to be cnc. hunter/prey kink, slight fear kink, chasing, primal play, heavy d/s, degradation, threats of punishments/leadup to punishment, brat tamer/brat. Safeword is in place!
You’d known teasing Remus would end in a punishment for you. You’d known this the whole time it took you to change into your prettiest set of lingerie, prop up your phone camera, lay out on the mattress, and take an erotic set of photos of yourself, a hand between your spread thighs. You’d known when you’d picked the most enticing one of the bunch, when you’d attached it in a text to Remus, and when you’d hit send. You’d really known when after fifteen long seconds of a pulsing ellipses a message reading “I’ll be home in ten minutes.” popped up on your screen.
What you hadn’t known is just how angry Remus would be. You were waiting by the door for him, still wearing the lingerie, with a coy smirk on your face. But when the doorknob rattled and the door flew open and the tall, imposing form of your boyfriend stepped inside, your heart skipped a beat. You weren’t expecting to see his jaw set quite so firmly, his nostrils flared with anger, a cold yet burning fury in his eyes.
You were so caught off guard that as Remus set down his keys, his other hand in a fist, curling and uncurling at his side, you turned tail.
You hear a low, terrifying growl of “little brat” from behind you as your feet make you fly down the hall. Remus’s heavy, dress-shoed footsteps follow right behind, making your blood run cold.
“Get back here!” His voice is raised, and you can hear that despite his long legged strides you’ve made up some distance between you. The realization spurs you on.
You pass through a door and manage to throw it closed behind you without losing any time, and you sprint up the stairs, triumphing when you hear Remus’s frustrated growl as he’s forced to fumble with the knob.
By the time Remus gets the door open and makes his way upstairs you’ve ducked into the spare bedroom a couple doors down the hall and slipped under the large bed. The duvet hangs down over the side of the mattress, leaving only a narrow open gap above the floor.
Your heart pounds in your chest as you hear the tap of his shoes against the hardwood floor. He’s stalking around slowly now, checking for you inside the rooms you passed by.
“Come on out, Y/n. You know what you did, and ‘m not gonna let you get away with it. Might as well come face it now, hm? I’m only gonna get angrier.” You hear him calling out as he searches, voice eerily cold and calm, something you know is a bad sign. Despite the truth of his words your nerves keep you from revealing yourself, and you stay pressed to the floor under the bed, peeking out at the floor of the hallway.
Your breath hitches when his feet come into view, only able to see his shoes and the bottoms of his slacks from your place beneath the bed. You hold your breath as he walks into the room you’re in, turning to open the wardrobe and check inside.
“Where are you, you little slut?” He growls, closing the door when he finds the wardrobe empty and pacing over to the bed, his feet inches from your face. You let out a soft gasp when he pauses and crouches down, making him chuckle lowly.
“Is bunny hiding under the bed?” He coos mockingly, his voice that which you can picture the predatory grin on his face. “Isn’t that adorable. Well, it’s time to come out, little girl. If you do I’ll take it easy on ya. I may even decide against the belt.”
“No, please,” you whimper out, the words almost a whisper. Remus clicks his tongue.
“No? You don’t want the belt? Well come on out, then.” His voice is somewhere near a coo- though it’s still dark and taunting- and part of you wants nothing more than to give in. But you’ve come too far, and fearful anticipation grips too strongly at your heart for you to willingly crawl out to your own doom.
“No.” You whimper out again, slinking backwards when you see Remus’s hand reach out to pull up the duvet.
“Y/n.” More and more irritation is bleeding into his tone. He peers under the bed, his angry expression making blood pound in your ears.
“No!” You cry out, turning around and making to army crawl the width of the king-sized bed, hoping to press against the wall as far from Remus as you can. You yelp when you feel long fingers curl around your ankle in a firm, bruising grip.
You nearly scream as Remus yanks you back, easily dragging your form out from under the bed as you helplessly scramble against the floor in an attempt to get away.
Your struggle proves useless, as in an instant Remus as you out on the floor below him. He lets go of your ankle in favor of grabbing your wrists, easily manhandling them behind your back and holding them down with one hand. He pins you to the floor like this, your heart thrumming in your chest against the hard wood below you, and he leans down to growl in your ear.
“Was it worth the fight, bunny?” You shiver at his low, dangerous tone, his warm breath fanning over your skin. You squirm, but his tight hold doesn’t let up- he has you at his mercy beneath him, cornered like prey. “Cause all your little game of chase did was piss me off.”
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illiantt · a month ago
Who’s the winner
poly!marauders x fem!reader [smut]
Summary: Your best friends Remus, Sirius, and James can’t stop argue who’s best at eating a girl out. So they make a competition out of it where you’re the judge.
Warnings: 18+ ONLY, MINORS DO NOT INTERACT, oral (female receiving), foursome, slut calling, degrading, choking
Word count: 1.8k
a/n: this is my first smut fic. Reblogs and comments are always appreciated!
It all started when you decided to drink together with your best friends James, Remus and Sirius. Another innocent night turned to something darker.
“James, you’re spilling the whiskey!” you shouted as whisky dripped onto his hand.
“I got it”, James said and licked up the liquid from his hand.
“Using your tongue to solve a problem”, Sirius teased.
“As you haven’t used it before to solve it”, James clapped back, making Sirius frown.
Remus only laughed at the two. You, however, were not so sure about what they were referring to.
“What problem are you talking about?” you asked curiously and took another sip from your drink.
James’ smile turned into a devilish smile, looking at Sirius. With a darker demanding voice, he said to Sirius, “Tell her or I will”.
You looked at Sirius and waited for him to say what this all was about.
Sirius swallowed and drank up the remaining whisky that was in his glass.
He looked deep into your eyes and said, “I was having sex with a girl and couldn’t make her cum, so I solved the problem by using my tongue instead.”
You felt your cheeks heated as thoughts about Sirius’ tongue occupied your innocent brain of yours. You imagined how it would feel to have him between your legs. Just the thought of it made you wet.
Even if the boys were your best friends since many years back, you couldn’t stop yourself thinking how they would be in bed from time to time.
Conversations like this would sometimes occur. But you had never done anything with them.
Remus chuckled, “I bet you wouldn’t be as good as me.”
“Hey!” Sirius complained.
And James added in, “I would probably be better than both of you”.
The three boys were now arguing about who was best at eating a girl out. You only sat there and started to imagine how their tongue on you would feel like.
“Maybe we should let y/n be the judge of that”, Sirius suggested and interrupted the horny daydream you had.
“Sorry, in judging what?” you asked, confused.
“You’re a girl, and you can judge who of us three are the best at eating pussy.” Sirius responded.
You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. Your best friends were now suggesting eating you out.
“Yeah, funny joke, guys”, you said and tried to laugh it off.
The three of them looked at you.
“No, we are serious,” James said, and you looked at their faces. They were, in fact, serious. You don’t know if that made you nervous or hornier.
“I don’t know” you hesitated, but you felt the wetness building up. Having three boys taking turns eating you out did sounds nice.
“C’mon puppy, do it for us!” you felt you becoming weak at hearing Sirius beg to eat you out.
“I don’t think we can stop argue otherwise,” James said.
“It will only be fun,” Remus said with a smirk.
You looked at the boys that were sitting on the floor in front of you. You had never done anything like this with them before, but the lust was there.
“Ehm—okay then”, you finally said, making them all light up.
“Get undressed and sit on the couch”, Remus instructed you.
The way Remus sounded so demanding when instructing you made it even hotter. So you stood up and slid yourself out from your shorts.
“The shirt too,” Remus demanded.
“But I’m not wearing any bra under”, you protested.
“Darling, you’re about to show us your pussy. You can show us your titties as well.” the way Remus looked at you only showed how hungry he was for you. And the only right thing to do is to obey him.
You sighed and took off your shirt—setting your breast free. You were now only standing in your panties in front of your best friends who couldn’t take their eyes from your body.
“Puppy, we are waiting!” Sirius teased, for you still having your panties on.
Not making them wait anymore, you started to pull down your panties slowly. The boys looked at your body, and their eyes darkened. You were now completed naked. Your naked ass felt the soft material of the couch as you sat down.
“Now, let the fun begin,” Remus said and made his way to you. You felt your heart beat a bit faster at each step Remus took towards you. His eyes are set on yours. But the closer he came to you also made you hornier and hornier.
“Baby, spread the legs wide and open so we can see the pretty pussy of yours,” Remus said and pressed your legs to each side.
“James, Sirius, look at this pussy. How have we not done this earlier?”
“It looks delicious,” James said and couldn’t take his eyes from your wide-opened pussy.
Your pussy was shining with wetness dripping down. They hadn’t even started to do anything on you, but you were already so wet.
Remus started to kiss the inside of your tights—teasing you. All you wanted was him to dive into your pussy.
“So wet. I think this little slut likes showing her pussy for her three best friends. Is that right?” Remus teased.
It was right, but you didn’t know how to respond to that without sounding desperate because you were, in fact, so desperate now for them.
“Fucking answer him, you slut”, Sirius yelled.
Remus’ hand grabbed around your neck—forcing you to look at him.
“Say it”, Remus demanded.
“Y-yes”, you pressed out the word.
“Yes, what, darling?” Remus asked with a smirk and grabbed you harder around your neck.
“Yes, I love showing my pussy because I’m such slut and want to be eaten out, please”, you whined.
Right away, you felt Remus loosen his grip around your neck and something pressing to your heat. It was a tongue—Remus’ tongue. Licking your clit.
You moaned at the way Remus’ tongue moved around on your pussy. Making up and down movements on your clit. How his lips sucked in all the juices.
Your hand grabbed his hair while you couldn’t stop moaning.
You looked over to James and Sirius while you moaned and noticed how the bulge in their pants had grown.
Sirius looked at your naked body and couldn’t hold it anymore. He wanted to taste that pussy of yours now.
“Fucking hell. It’s my turn,” Sirius said and dragged Remus up.
“Now, puppy, I’m going make you moan my name,” Sirius said before he started to eat you out.
He glided in his tongue into your hole. You could feel his tongue inside of you.
Sirius started to glide in and out from your hole—he was tongue fucking you. Making you moan.
“Yes, Sirius! I want to feel your tongue inside of me,” you moaned, making Sirius go faster.
You looked over at James and Remus, who both started to stroke their cock while watching you getting tongue fucked. But it didn’t take long until you heard,
“Enough!” James suddenly said—making Sirius stop. He was disappointed as he enjoyed to fuck you with his tongue. But it was James turn.
“Y/n come and sit on my face,” James said, and you stood up for James to lie down on the couch.
You climbed over and stood just over his face now with legs on each side.
“Such a pretty view. Now sit on my face,” James said, and you lower yourself.
You felt James tongue on your pussy, making you start moan right away again.
Remus came over to you and started to kiss you. He grabbed your boobs while making out with you.
“Such good slut sitting on James’ face. Start grinding on him,” Remus demanded and kept on grabbing your boobs.
You pressed down more onto James and started to grind—making it feel even better. James tongue going crazy on your clit.
You felt Sirius hands all over your naked body as he grabbed your ass.
“Puppy is enjoying herself, aren’t you?” Sirius tried to sound innocent, but his words and tone were filled with dark lust.
“Y-yes”, you whined innocent between your moans as you turned to look at Sirius.
James started to get a little difficult to breathe, so you were about to stand up until Remus pushed you down again.
“Keep going, baby. James can do a little more,” Remus said with darkened eyes.
You did as he said and continued to grind your pussy on James’ tongue.
“She looks so beautiful sitting on James’ face while making out with you, Remus,” Sirius said and gave you kisses on your neck.
You had now three boys on you—your three best friends. They all working and touching your naked body. Your moans were getting louder and louder. You felt you were about to hit your climax until Remus suddenly interrupted you,
“Stand up!” he demanded.
Making you stand up for only be pressed down on the couch by them as soon as James stood up again.
“I think it’s only fair if we all three can make you cum”, Remus said.
You felt their hands on you, making you have your ass up while lying on the couch. Their hands made your legs spread wide open.
Remus, Sirius, and James all had their tongue on your pussy now. They all were eating you out at the same time. You felt all of the three tongues. Your pussy was even more wet now.
Having three tongues on you simultaneously was becoming too much as you felt the feeling building up in you more and more until you couldn’t hold it anymore and felt you hit your climax.
Your body tried to get away from their grip as you came into an orgasm. But their arms were too strong, holding you down while licking your sensitive pussy.
Licking up every drop of your cum. It was until the boys felt satisfied as they let your body go—and your body collapsed onto the couch.
“So who wins?” Sirius said when your breathing had calmed down. You had already forgotten how this all started—forgetting that you were supposed to be the judge of who of them were best at eating pussy.
“Oh—I don’t know. I don’t think it was enough for me to be able to judge just yet,” you responded.
The boys looked at each other and then nodded.
“Then we will have to eat you out until you can’t cum anymore.”
And right away, you started to moan again as tongues were on your pussy again.
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hellounicorn · a month ago
little gift - mafia!wolfstar x reader
Hi!! Don’t ask me why I wrote this, just go w it. Also this gif makes me feral.
(Read first) —> But a little preface is that the ‘deal’ being referred to the whole way through the fic is that your dad fucked up somehow and caused an issue in the company and to protect his life and the life of your whole family, Sirius made a deal with him that he and Remus could have you for an entire week.
I don’t think it’s explicitly explained in the fic but yeah! Hope u enjoy and pls lmk if u did!
Reader is of age!!
Reblogs and comments are always appreciated!
Warnings: smut, mafia!au, mean dom remus, very mean dom sirius, oral(male receiving), doggy style, degradation, pet names, lowkey dubcon, there’s def more so pls lmk of any other warnings I should add<3 (all acts are consensual, safe word is in place)
Tumblr media
“Moons, come on in!” Sirius beckons, his stern face darting to you, a malicious wink in your direction making you meet his eyes with a pleading starlet underlying within them. “I’ve got a surprise for you,”
You know your dad fucked up. Your dad knew that he’d fucked up. But unfortunately, it had come to the thin line of decision, where the offer on the table was either life or death for the entirety of your kin.
With a heavy breath, your father had chosen the former, knowing what horribly licentious actions it would entail for you, thus sending you off to the mercy of his two bosses, merciless ones, might you add, for the duration of a week to make up for his wrong-doings in the company.
Well, now left was only six days, eight hours, 42 minutes..but who’s counting, right?
And in the time you’ve resided in their mansion of a home as the equivalent of an object, you’d grown fond of having Sirius, him being the one to seal the deal with your father, use you for his pleasure and sometimes yours.
Despite you’d only been there for a little over 12 hours, the raven haired male had utilized the time by trying out almost everything with you, finding this opportunity to be the best time to try out all his toys he’d been wanting to use on you for months on end, ever since your dad first introduced him to you when he’d gotten the job.
“The fuck is it, Pads? I’m still tryna fix the deal that y/l/n fellow screwed up on-” Remus’ storming footsteps towards the room had you curling into yourself atop the silk sheets, afraid of the powerful man and all he could do to you once he’d come to understand the circumstance.
To regain your attention, Sirius snaps his fingers in your direction, signaling for you to keep your gaze on him until the time Remus enters the space, then you were to do the same to him.
“You’re going to like it, trust me!” He shouts, sound traveling to the hallway where the brunette was furiously walking down to get to the room where you and Sirius were, him unexpecting of walking in to see you all dolled up in nothing but a tight piece of expensive lingerie.
“I’d better, Black. Otherwise I’ll- woah,”
And the shock hit him suddenly when he entered the abode, optics immediately falling to how you gave him a barely there ghost of a smile from your place on the bed, shuffling anxiously when you realized he was staring at the fact you were almost entirely naked, minus the thin covering the little piece you were sporting provided.
“What’d I tell you?” Sirius presses his tongue against his cheek, smirking pridefully at the way Remus tilts his head to get a clearer view of you, wanting to ensure this was real life and not just another sexual dream about you in his head. “Isn’t she a beaut?”
Remus’ line of vision travels from the strewn locks of yours splaying across the cotton pillow, down to the exposed curve of your tits poking through the material of the lingerie, then grazing his eyes across your hips and finally down to your swollen pussy, which had clearly already wrecked silly by none other than the man who’d been keeping you as his own for a good few hours.
“Quite,” Remus chuckles under his breath, unwillingly tearing his hungered gaze from you and spinning on his heel to now face Sirius, curious as to what the hell you were doing in their house, that too in such a compromising disposition.
He begins explaining everything to his friend, the deal he’d made with your father, what you were here as for the next week, the vague details mostly, but Remus got the gist and was more than pleased to have his turn with you.
All the while, you were fidgeting with small whimpers falling from your lips, not sure what to expect from Remus and his intensity when it comes to his way of fucking, given that you’d already been through hell and back with Sirius torturing you in the best ways possible.
“Fuckin’ hell mate,” he runs deft fingers through his hazel locks, cock already hardening from the mere thought of having you cunt wrapped around it. “So she’s like..our own personal slut? And we can make her do whatever we want to?”
Remus feels the need to clarify, knowing that if someone pinched him and he woke up back in his bed realizing this was just a figment of his imagination, he’d probably murder someone.
“Right you are, Moony. Y/n has no choice but to listen to what we want.”
And that has Remus, whipping his frame back around, now refacing you and the fixated pout that settled on your lips. “I can see you’ve already had your fun with her, yeah? Her cunt’s throbbing like mad,”
Sirius tuts, shrugging softly as he prides himself on how well he’d gotten you into submission with just a few dotes of disciplinary action. “Guilty. But I couldn’t stop m’self, mate. I mean fucking look at her, we’ve been dreaming of toying around with her for months, I just helped make it become our reality.”
You felt a wave of heat rush through you, abdomen coiling as you felt most exposed by the way two pairs of eyes now pierced into every inch of you, practically ravaging you just from the stare.
“She gonna fucking say something, or just keep staring at us like a needy lil’ puppy? I mean, I’m fine either way,” Remus jests, referring to the fact you’d barely uttered a word since he entered the room, given you were too nervous to say the wrong thing and end up with a punishment to your name.
“You heard him, y/n. Go on, I’m sure that pretty mouth of yours can do wonders when you try,” Sirius runs his tongue over the length of his pearly whites, making you cower into yourself.
Nonetheless, you plucked up enough courage to croak out in a low tone. “Hi, Mr. Lupin,” you addressed the man with a fond grin, unable to conceal the fact you were highly enamored with the two, albeit being their ‘guest’ was quite the toss-up on face value, they both had the capabilities to turn you on with just a flash of a smile.
And right now, you were craving his touch, seeing as Sirius had already left his permanent mark on you, it was only fair that Remus do the same.
“Well hello there, pet. S’nice to see you all prettied up f’me and Mr. Black.”
Your heart swells at the praise, letting out a delicate giggle that resembled that of an angel’s hum, making both Sirius and Remus look at each other with mischievous grins, silently telling each other how fun this was going to be.
“Have her call you ‘daddy’, mate. Hear it from her mouth and you’ll get fucking addicted to it.”
“Noted,” Remus quips, imagining how you’d cry out the formality when he’s stuffing you full with his cum. “And uh, does she flinch a lot? You know I like behaved little girls that stay still while I’m having m’way with them.”
He waits to approach you, loving how twitchy you were just by the anticipation of him coming up to you and giving you that electrification by even laying a finger on you.
Sirius thinks back to about an hour ago, when he’d tied you to the headboard and anchored you down because he thought you were squirming way too much for his liking.
“You pin her down hard enough, then no. But she’s a noisemaker, that’s for sure so you ever need to shut ‘er up, I’ve got the perfect thing for that.”
You furrow your eyebrows at this, lips jutting out in a pout at his accusation that you supposedly were being too loud. “‘M not, daddy! Mr. Lupin didn’t even hear us the whole time, I was being quiet, I swear!”
You defend yourself defiantly, wanting to get the point across that you had stayed silent enough that Remus wasn’t even aware of what was happening in his own house.
Or so you assumed, but your rebut only earned a dark chuckle from Sirius and a slow shake of his head. “Ever heard of a Silencing Charm, little one? Don’t give yourself that much credit, you’re quite a whiny thing, baby.”
This has you shutting up again, pursing your lips in a sneer as Remus makes a comment under his breath about how he don’t expect you to challenge Sirius so soon, considering it would only land you up in more trouble if you did.
“That was enough backtalk for the evening, wouldn’t you think?” Remus folds his arms across his chest, sauntering closer and closer to the bed which you were tucked snugly into, his trail intimidating and his stature practically untouchable.
You retract from your previous confidence, sinking back into submission. “Yes daddy,” you meekly whisper, the lycanthrope remaining displeased.
He touches a finger to his ear, acting as if he’d barely heard what you said and wanted you to repeat such, this time ridding yourself of the scared and innocent act. “Louder,”
“Yes daddy, no more backtalk,” you say again, sole intention on making a good impression for Remus, already guessing he was a harder dominant than Sirius was just by the way he presented himself, and this slightly frightened you, yet spurred you on.
“Such an obedient little girl already. Oh Merlin, I’m gonna have some fun with you, aren’t i?”
“I sure hope so, daddy.”
From behind Remus, Sirius concurs with him, reassuring his friend that you were much akin to a ragdoll that can be tossed around however they damn well pleased, even if you put up a fight at the start.
“Can I have a try? I know I’ll fucking cum on the spot if y/n keeps looking at me with those big puppy dog eyes.” He grunts, hooking a knee under his bum as he sits right next to you, the proximity causing a waft of his cologne to drift into your senses, invading them to make your head spin with the musky scent.
“‘Course you can, mate. Like I said, she’s ours for the week. But also trust me when I say she’s a fighter, but once she gets the message that you’re not there to fuck around and you mean business, then she settles.”
The way that they spoke about you in such a manner that it would have seemed like you were distant from the room and not sitting right there, hearing them speak about you so deplorably. “Hey! I’m right here, y’know!”
You huff, reopening your mouth to voice your discontent further before Remus’ palm is getting pushed against it, eyes narrowing down at you in a look that speaks but a thousand words, one phrase of theirs being for you to ‘shut up’.
“What did I say, pet? We’ve discussed this before.” Sirius chastises, reminding you of the comment he’d made a couple hours back when you were getting most agitated with the degrading tone he spoke to you with.
You sigh in defeat, Remus’ muscled hand prying away from your mouth. “When daddy speaks,” you bite your lip softly, coming to a halt when feeling pleasurable shame dawn upon you to continue the saying.
“Go on,” he snaps, you sigh again to draw a breath.
“When daddy speaks, I turn off m’ears, ‘n turn off my brain.”
“Good girl,”
Remus shoots his eyebrows up, giving an impressed nod and turning his head around to face Sirius. “I like that, Pads. Where’d you get that one?”
Sirius shrugs indifferently, remembering how the heat of the moment produced such a phrase. “Came up with it on the spot couple of hours ago when y/n was trying to defend herself to me, claiming that ‘she wasn’t a slut’. Utter bullshit in my eyes, so I set her straight for that.”
Remus disappointedly shakes his head at you, tutting at hearing that you’d slipped out of place and stepped up to Sirius. “Hm, I see. Anything else I need to know? Wanna make sure I’m doing all the right things to make our little present stays tame.”
You accepted that you were exactly that. A little gift given to the males for their own use, and to keep everyone in your bloodline safe and intact, you knew better than to defy them.
“Well, for starters she cums so fucking fast. Before I can even get something out of her, she’s already begging to cum like a weepy little bitch. Even though I’ve told her time and time again, this pleasure isn’t for her, she’s so hungry for it.”
You flutter your eyes shut, thinking back to how you were hellbent on refusing to let Sirius evoke a reaction from you, yet it was just too good to not want more of his affliction. Your cunt clenches at the thought, thighs magnetizing together discreetly as you slid under the covers to hide it.
“Now baby, you know that’s not right. Little girls are there as holes to make their daddy feel good, it’s almost embarrassing that you enjoy such a thing.”
Remus laughs at how you buried your face under the comforter, on the verge of tears at how they managed to edge you just with their words and how they made you feel so wrong and dirty for almost everything.
“Won’t do it again,” you sob from underneath the blanket, overwhelmed at how the two of them got you so vulnerable in the span of not even a day.
“Always throwing a fit, aren’t you?” Sirius grumbled swears under his breath as he stomps over, tearing back the sheets from above you, and being met with wet cheeks, puffy eyes, and a starved cunt; blazing with arousal.
“Pet, don’t be afraid of us. We’ll only hurt you as much as you want us to, so stop with these little tears of yours now.” He uses the pad of his thumb to flick away the crystallized tears that struck your reddening cheeks. “Because trust me, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to bawl your fucking heart out tonight.”
You screw your eyes shut and messily smear away the tears on your face, reopening them soon after to see Remus inches closer to you than he was before, a hand ghosting over the bend of your knee, nudging it such that your thighs parted.
You could hear the wisp of conversation exchanged back and forth between Remus and Sirius, the brunette inquiring what your boundaries were and the other replying that he hadn’t found them yet.
It was as if he was to drag his finger down the space between your legs, because he’d every so slightly tickled your sensitive skin and trailed his hand lower, indifferent to your low whines from his heated touch.
“Daddy,” you softly breathe out, heart beating against the confines of your ribcage that you were almost positive the males could hear it too. “What’re you doing?” Your voice hitches unevenly.
“Shh, don’t speak. You’re gonna like this, trust me.”
And that’s when you felt him fully move your legs apart, his muscled palm holding one of your thighs down so your bruised cunt was revealed to his darkening eyes.
Remus was slightly taken aback at your condition, being able to visibly see how wrecked you were, and if he were even to brush a digit against your folds you’d probably let out an earth-shattering scream.
“Aw, who did that to you, princess?” Comes Sirius’ condescending tease before Remus has the chance to ask it himself. “Who made your pussy all red ‘n purple?”
You couldn’t resist the second onslaught of tears that came about, attempting to hide it from them by shamefully covering your face with your hands, still being able to detect that Sirius was without a doubt egotistically observing what he’d done to you.
“Mate, the fuck did you do to her?” Remus lays his free hand on your lower abdomen, just now noticing the bruises that dotted your fragile skin, and the desire in Sirius’ eyes to create more. “I could give her a slap and the poor thing would crumble. You really used your alone time with her well, yeah?”
“Sure did.” He smirks, watching you tense every time Remus ran his fingers along the array of your marks. “But Rem, it’s your turn to have fun with her. And she clearly wants it, I mean look at her cunt, mate. S’fucking sloppy f’you.”
That’s when you uncovered your face, able to get your tears at bay as you peered up at your dominants, holding back the flinches at Remus’ calloused hand.
“Is that right, baby? Y’wanna be played with? Want daddy to fuck up your little cunt more than it already is?” His tone was that of one you would use when speaking to a toddler, which in his mind, you were utterly brain dead like one, and this was the only way he thought of to be delicate with you.
“Do I have a choice?” You sigh, but nod feverishly when you receive that certain glare from Sirius, the one that never fails to keep you in check. “I meant..yes please, daddy.”
Sirius licks his lips, fed up with your attitude that showed through every time they offered to satiate your needy self. “No. No you don’t have a choice,” he waves Remus away momentarily, taking his spot before you and hooking a hand underneath your chin.
“If you did, then you wouldn’t be here right now. I could very well send you into a cellar and keep you there for days on end until a week’s time is through. And I’m sure this morning you would have taken that option instead. But I didn’t ask you, because I know what’s best for you, and it’s this exactly.”
Your head gets tilted up by his hand traveling down to the length of your neck, gripping it just tight enough that you let out a pained gasp, but not so firm that you couldn’t breath..yet.
“And don’t lie, I know you enjoy it. So unless you want to be treated like the filth you are, then I’d suggest you take what we give you with gratitude and keep your complaints to yourself.”
Sirius’ words struck like lighting, pounding in your ears repeatedly until you were forced to let them sink in, his comment about you liking the pleasurable pain being undeniably true.
Your head goes dizzy at the way he coldly pierced into your soul, nearly giving in to the urge of tossing your arms around his neck and hopping into his lap, apologizing repeatedly until you just couldn’t anymore.
Your response was wordless, in the form of a labored breath and an accepting nod, letting him know your behavior would now improve, especially now that Remus was here and offering to toy around with you.
“Go on,” Sirius says to Remus, who had two eyebrows shooting up, impressed with his friend’s unforgiving persona and seeing the flicker in your eyes turn fuzzy.
“You ready to be good f’us, baby?” Remus takes his spot again, cupping your tear-stricken face in his hands and laying a soft peck to your cheek, followed by a not so kind swat to the very same patch of skin, courtesy of Sirius telling him that you liked that sting.
“Pinky promise,” you pout, relishing in the feeling of his palm coming down on you, almost as strong as Sirius’, but definitely just as impactful.
“Yeah, now she’s acting all cute.” Sirius makes an irritated rotation of his eyes, picking at the inside of his fingernails, seemingly annoyed.
“Just needed some reinforcement on her,” Remus gives you a sympathetic pat of your knee, reminding you that you’d promised to be obedient now, and you’d better do well to remember it.
“Alright now, where were we?” He hums, talking to Sirius over his shoulder as he gave you time to steady your breathing from the fright he’d given you. “Tell me Pads,” he thinks, rapping his fingers against the mattress. “How is she at sucking cock? One of those impulsive gaggers, or can she take it?”
Sirius sucks his teeth, “Couldn’t tell you, mate. I know how much you used to rave on about wanting her dirty mouth put to work by sucking on your cock, thought I’d save that luxury just f’you.”
Remus becomes pleased at this, wanting to be the one to wreck your mouth and have you take down his load without question. “And uh, sweetie. You ever sucked a cock before?”
You widen your eyes, your own hands coming up to your throat and lighting dancing your fingertips on the skin anxiously. “Nuh uh,” you timidly shake your head.
“You wanna?” He snarks, curling his fingers around your wrist and yanking you to his chest with ease, your nostrils intaking his feral aroma as you get pushed to your knees by the man, quivering at the flash where everything occurred with you barely even realizing it.
“Nuh uh!” You squeal, scrambling back away from him on torpid limbs, only to be pulled back into his dark embrace once more. “S’gonna hurt,”
Remus scoffs, taking your hand in his and leading you off the mattress, the limbs beneath you failing you miserably. You come tumbling into his chest as he stabilizes you to the floor, understanding that since you’d gotten fucked raw by Sirius, you had barely moved off your spot.
“Ouchie,” every minor movement had you wincing out, your hands clawing into Remus’ forearm as he drags you to the middle of the room, pushing your shoulders down so you lowered yourself to the ground by his command.
“On your knees, little girl,” he sneers, no longer assisting you in getting you situated before him, ignoring the fact you’d told him you weren’t going to suck him off.
“Hands and knees, actually. I’ve got an idea.” Sirius corrects Remus, giving him a wink to indicate that he knew what he was doing.
“You heard the boss man,” Remus instructs with a shrug, watching you struggle to get in said position, both of the males laughing at your shaky attempt to do so.
You felt so disgraceful being in such a stance, the strewn piece of lingerie accentuating your arse that was wiggling out in front of Sirius’ eyes, flesh bruised and battered from previous ministrations.
“Said I didn’t know how, daddy.” You knit your eyebrows together, pulling out your most disgruntled look you could muster, though it was deemed useless in their eyes.
“And I remember saying that you’re here for our pleasure, so do us a favor and keep your babblin’ mouth shut.”
You barely register what he tells you, too caught up in the way you watched him impatiently tug off his leather belt, the clink of it giving you flashbacks to how Sirius had whipped you mercilessly with his a little while back.
You let out a moan as you come to remember it, immediately flushing in embarrassment when you realize how loud it was.
Sirius makes a remark to Remus, informing him why you were so mesmerized with the sight of his leather belt, and the lycanthrope returned his jest with one of his own about how he oughta use it on you too.
You watch as Remus begins ridding himself of layer after layer, your eyes glued to him in such a fixated way, you don’t even come to notice was Sirius was up to behind you, doing the very same as his friend but he was preparing himself to take you from the back while you receive a firm throat fucking in the front.
You nearly salivate at his exposed cock slapping against his lower abdomen, the muscles of his stomach rippling as the length stuck straight up, the tip red and pulsing, your mouth the only cure.
Normally he would instruct for you to take it in your hands first, get you familiar with the sensation, but given your arms were indisposed, being used as the only thing to hold you up, you could only stare blankly while your throat ran dry.
So he took the liberty of sliding a hand down, pumping the base of his length a few times to get him ready for the cavern of your mouth to choke around him.
“Daddy, I really don’t want to.” You croak as your lower lip wobbles, his size already appearing to be too much for you to handle. “‘M already all achy, and I dunno how-oh!”
And that’s the moment you were cut off of all basic luxuries, such as verbiage and oxygen, Remus thrusting his hips forward once and pushing his cock past the complaining opening of your mouth.
You struggle on your spot, squirming around indefinitely as you feel him immediately reach the back of your throat, his tip prodding angrily at it, eliciting an overwhelmed gag from you.
“That’s it, pet. That’s it, take my cock all the way, and don’t fucking stop.” A switch snapped inside of Remus, urging him to configure his persona into one of predatory captivity, where he was bound to use you until you practically shattered.
The unfamiliarity of your mouth being stuffed full had you letting yourself go limp, allowing the male to maneuver your actions in any way he saw fit; starting out by him dragging his nails across your scalp and gathering your locks between curled digits, scratching at them feverishly.
It was almost bestial, the way he sadistically grinned down at you before commencing a rigorous pace in the cavern of your mouth, your lips suctioning around him as his length obstructed your vocal cords.
Remus finally getting to gauge a reaction from you, he was dwindling in cloud 9 as Sirius watched with a haughty smile on his face, his cock twitching in the restraints of his pants from the view.
You flare your nostrils around his cock, getting in choppy breaths with great difficulty and peeling your waterlogged lashes back to reveal teary eyes to him, looking up at Remus in search of any reprieve.
Uncaring of your slip-up, he knew he could manage to control your actions such that all you needed to do was sit there and hold yourself up and he’d take care of all the hard work for you.
“Making me do everything on my own, aren’t you y/n?” His pearly whites sink into the cushioning flesh of his lips, groaning into air as he bobbed your head up and down his shaft, your whimpers cut off each time and your gags growing alongside. “Fucking useless, you are. I oughta get you a collar I can tug on instead, hm?”
The male puts out the offer, for your locks were slipping through his fingertips and he’d much prefer a concrete method to direct you without you having any way to escape it.
“Your ideas just get better and better, mate,” Sirius chuckles, unbuckling his belt for what could have been the millionth time that night, releasing his cock from the tight confines of his jeans and palming himself to the display. “And I’ve got one more,”
You barely notice Sirius’ next movements, too caught up in the whirlwind of having your throat wrecked beyond belief to see the raven haired male dauntingly strut behind you, kneeling down to where your barely-covered ass came into sight.
“Don’t tense up,” is all he said before gripping your hips bruisingly with his palm, lining himself up with your back entrance. Your eyes widened when you registered what his plans were, making you falter around Remus, who was more than thrilled to observe his friend occupying your second hole whilst he took control of the first.
You attempt to pull yourself off of Remus, wanting to voice your discontent, but you were shushed by him before you even had the chance to move away.
“Just take it baby. We’re not here to help you, doll.” It came out as a heartfelt tone, though it was his contrasted words that had you settling.
You flutter your eyes shut, the tip of Sirius’ cock moving up and down your clenching opening, euphoria striking from your lower abdomen.
You don’t see it, but the two males exchanged a nod, and suddenly you were stuffed to the brim, a simultaneous mix of torturing rapture hitting you all at once when Sirius thrusted in, and Remus returned to his prior potency in your mouth.
“I c-can’t,” you gargle around the brunette’s cock when Sirius began a robust pace, snapping his hips forward and fucking into your cunt like it was his own personal fleshlight.
You feel a hand behind you pressing against your lower back, making you arch into his touch. “Oh you can, bunny.”
Remus finishes for Sirius, gripping onto a nearby desk as stability. “And you fucking will,” A moan ripples through you at this, knowing you were in too deep to retract now.
“Make him stop-” you beg Remus in the form of a choking breath, thought it was cut off by another strangled cry from you.
Remus sighs dramatically, rolling his eyes as if he was over you and your chronic complaining. “We don’t control each other slut, we control you. And if daddy says you’re gonna take it and like it, then you’re going to do that exactly.”
It was as if your small request had frustrations building up further within him, for his intensity picked up by twofold, rendering it impossible for you to sputter out another word.
Your low sound of pleasure at the renewed vigor sent sparking vibrations up Remus’ cock, making his knees nearly buckle from above you.
“See how good you are, you’ve got daddy all breathless f’you,” Remus praises with a wispy laugh of approval, hips stuttering as every passing second had you more and more in practice with what he liked.
“Same thing with me, little one,” Comes Sirius’ raspy groan, pistoning into your cunt with a stabilizing hand to the globe of your ass. “I might even think about cumming in you this time.”
You whine at the prospect, wanting to feel both of them finishing in your holes and proving what they’d know all along; that you are and will be enjoying your stay at their house.
“Only if you’re good though, gotta prove to me you want it,”
And the easiest way to do that was for you to push your bum back on his cock, rocking your hips against him and feeling every vein of his, once again, use your cunt like it was a privilege for you.
“Want it,” you cough out, feeling your overstimulated cunt twitch around the cock pounding into you and the knot intricately tie itself from the grunts and groans the two of them elicited from the goodness of your body.
Remus’ thrusts become madly greedy, taking from you what he needed as Sirius angles himself behind you such that he was now sponging against your deepest spot, seeing as he’d already memorized where your pleasure point was.
“You want it, yeah? Well it looks like it’s your lucky fucking day,”
The grit was the final thing you’d manage to hear before the three of you came to the pleasure of one another. The coil intertwined in your stomach snapping with the final pass of Sirius’ cock inside of you. You worked Remus through his high, lazily suckling on his tip and relishing in the sensation of overstimulation never feeling both so good and so perfectly painful.
The two of them mumbled praises, degradations, everything you could think off all in a jumbled array of broken syllables and pleasured grips to any part of your body they could hold onto.
The room swirled with squelches and cries, all traveling back into your ears and causing your eyes to roll back into your head, the moment being so dirty, so wrong, but so fucking fulfilling.
Time turns to a mere construct, and someway, somehow you were now cockwarming Remus’ softened with your mouth while Sirius prepared a warm washcloth for you to rid you off the mess that both males had left you with.
It was the first time since you’d been brought into their abode that Sirius had provided you with supplemental aftercare, given the moment had been building up to this with Remus and he wanted to save the best for last.
You close your eyes when the heated towel touches your flesh, your cheek melding into Remus’ thigh as you let yourself be taken care of in a romantic way this time.
Given a choice, you’d stay like this all night; Sirius taking away the dregs of cum that stained your body and a comfortable use of your mouth occurring above you. But you knew it could only last so long before you were carried off to bed, tucked in until the next morning’s venture.
You were not allowed slumber without a sultry comment from Remus to Sirius, making another shock of excitement twinge right where it needed to.
“Mate,” he grabs his friend’s attention, giving a suggestive smirk to something else they could try out in the coming week.
“Wouldn’t you agree..that we oughta introduce our little gift to Jamie too, yeah?”
I hate this ending, goodbye and good night<3
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Summary: Poly!Marauders fuck Nanny!Reader (Age Gap)
Warning(s) : Smut. Foresome. Oral (male and female) Handjob. Breeding, praise, degrading, sir and daddy kink. One spank. Pet names. Dom!Marauders. Sub!Reader.
a/n— doesn't quite meet the standards of my recent fics, but it's alright i suppose. the end is just dumb. reblogs and comments are always appreciated :)
Hot, wet kisses are seared across your back. James’ chest behind you as you sat up on his lap, and two dark haired men stood in front. Eyeing you dangerously.
“What’d you say blossom? You won't mind if we all have our fun with you?” James cooes softly, fingers brushing over the line of your pink bra.
You truly did look like the name he called you.
“No sir, don't mind at all. Want y’cocks”
He chuckles as his lips press up against your temples, hands massaging your soft thighs. “What did I tell you guys. My pretty little nanny is just a fucking cockslut”
You were surrounded by three older dominants. All looking down at you with hungry eyes. As if you were their prey and they themselves predators.
“God baby, can't wait to fuck you dumb” Sirius groans as his clothes are stripped off along with Remus’. James picks you up and carries you up to your bedroom.
And as soon as you reach there he throws you on the bed as if you were just a toy from them to take pleasure from. And that you most certainly were.
You lay on the bed. Clad in a pretty baby pink lingerie set as the three men take in every small detail of you. Every curve and edge and bump. Deciding in what manner to take you.
James starts first, peppering kisses down your tits, squeezing them from the thin fabric. Then you feel Remus in the inside of your thighs. You whimper as he drags his nail through the soft skin, then lick a stripe up your clothed cunt.
“P-please daddy! Want it” You senses already numbing. Sirius smirks down at you, his ring clad hands pressing your cheeks together and forming a pretty pout on your lips.
“Look at you, already blabbering like a little baby. Such a whore” Remus tuts, and then goes up to James’ level as Sirius begins teasing you through your panties.
James and Remus both sit beside you, mouthing at your breasts in a way that had you squirming. Sirius rips your panties. Moaning at the sight of your cunt. His fingers pull the hood of your clit up, then rubs circles on it.
“You’re dripping poppet” He moans, and then he dives inside of you sex. Licking and tasting and sucking every inch of you. You cry out, unable to muffle anything as his tongue works wonders.
Remus presses hard open mouth kisses to you, and you whine as James rips off your bra. Taking a nipple in his mouth. Flicking and biting the bud expertly.
“So perfect” Remus says, his large hands cupping your face in such a way that makes you look like a fucking doll.
Sirius assault never stop, his tongue thrusts inside, swirls and teases you, then it's out. And the process is repeated until the coil in your stomach tightens unimaginably.
“M’gonna c-cum!” You blabber as your legs are thrown over his shoulder. Remus now kneading your breasts as James stares down at you.
“Look at me” He growls dangerously “Fucking look at me when you cum”
And then you do. Toes curling. Back arching. Moaning over and over. Your breaths are ragged, shallow as you come down from you high.
“Good girl, taste so fucking sweet” The raven haired man smiles, your arousal dripping down his chin.
“What do y’want now baby? You came didn't you?” Remus smiles, his fingers slip through your cunt, and then lick the cum off his fingers.
“No, no i- want your cock, please!”
It was pathetic, really. The way you begged for them. But embarassment had never felt so empowering.
“Hmm, I'll fuck you cunt still,” Says James as you peer up at his face. His hazel eyes darkened by a thousand shades. “Even if I want to share you. This cunt is mine to fuck yeah?”
Incessantly you nod. Opening your legs up wide. However, he tuts disapprovingly. Rolling his tongue on the inside of his cheeks.
“Bend over bunny” Sirius says, wrapping a hand around his length. “Let Moony fuck that pretty mouth”
Remus wastes no time in flipping you over. Arching your back perfectly.
James teases your entrance. Slapping the head of his cock against your clit as Remus drags his pre-cum across your plump lips.
They both slam inside of you at once. And you're unable to cry out, blocked by Remus’ cock stuffed inside of your mouth. James starts thrusting at once holding your hips up high as he thrusts inside deep.
“Oh fuck” Remus heaves, “Your mouth feels so fucking good princess”
His praise encourages you to go faster. To do better. Sirius grunts from beside you as he pumps his lenght at the sight. You look at him slightly, and then slowly raise your hand to jerk him off.
“That’s my pretty girl” James groans, helping you hold your body up.
It had to be the the most beautiful fucking sight he would ever see. You completely being destroyed. His hand rubbed the flesh of your bum right before placing a harsh spank on it.
Sirius pinches your nipples as he bucks his hips into your hands. Remus rocking his hips into your mouth. And James pounding inside of your cunt.
You were completely and utterly being wrecked.
The bed creaked violently. Moans, whimpers, grunts, wet skin slapping. All within the walls of the bedroom. And you could only pray that no one would hear. Although the neighbors might have been traumatized by now, so would it really matter?
Your hand works faster, mouth bobbing and swirling round the length of him, as your pushed back over the curly haired man’s cock.
“Fuck doll, m’gonna fill you with m’cum” James grunts
“Hmm, we're gonna completely cover you in our cum” Remus says joining in “Like a little cumdump” Moans Sirius.
“Y’gonna look so good taking care of our babies”
And then it just pure fucking bliss. Stars are painted over every lid in the room. Euphoria in all your veins.
James spills deep inside you, filling you up to the brim as Remus shoots his cum inside of your mouth and you try your best to swallow every small drop of him. Sirius making an absolute mess on your hand.
Gently; tenderly, they push off you. Cleaning up the mess they'd made on you. Kissing you gingerly. Praises like ‘good girl’ ‘you did so well’ were brought to your ears. They treated you delicately.
The way the three were with you proved to be nothing less of a fairytale.
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silverdelirium · 2 months ago
SUMMARY ➠ personal gym instructor!remus fucks you. thats it <3
WARNINGS ➠ oral (male receiving), daddy kink, riding, dirty talk, slapping, praising, light degrading, nicknames, bit of size kink, porn without a plot, not proofread
A/N ➠ i’m so embarrassed this is so bad y’all, im sorry. also thanks for the title @selenesheart i fucking love u
the flesh on your bum ached slightly as remus kneaded it harshly, cajoling a whimper from you as he backed you up against the one-way window.
“do you know how many nights i’ve spent with my hand around my cock, wishing it was yours?” he sighed into your mouth, his hands sneaking inside your shirt and palming your bare tits; this caused the corners of his mouth to quirk up.
“naughty little thing, like you knew i was gonna fuck you”
his words set the endings of your nerves on fire, your dripping cunt aching at the neglect of remus’ fingers, since they were occupied with taking your clothes off— once you had stripped down to only your lacy knickers remus wasted no time to have your knees scraping against the wooden floor.
“you’re gonna be a good girl and suck daddy off?” he asked, even though it was more of a demand.
he got an eager nod in response, that didn’t please him.
the male’s palm came in contact with your cheek before you had time to even register it, the stinging sensation doing nothing but heightening the swell of your clit -- which pulsated madly in your drenched underwear. “use those big girl words” he seethed, lowering his sweatpants enough so his enlarged cock was released, his size made your eyes widen.
“yes daddy— wanna suck your cock” you whined, fisting your hands in your lap as your tongue lolled out to kitten-lick at his tip, causing him to release the hottest of groans you’ve ever head. “get to work then, don’t wanna hear your stupid blabbering anymore”
you complied, enveloping your lips around his head and letting your eyelids fall shut as you took more of him in. his hand was in your hair, gathering it until he had a makeshift ponytail in his fist.
“you want daddy to fuck your mouth, baby?” spoke remus, tone soft as if he wasn’t about to gag you around his cock until your voice became hoarse— you nodded anyway, shuffling your thighs shut in a weak attempt to soothe the neediness in between them.
remus smiled wickedly at you before crouching slightly to press a kiss on your forehead before straightening up and thrusting his hips against your mouth at a ruthless pace, groaning every time his balls slapped your chin; the sound of your gagging only bringing him closer to the brink.
“jesus— fuck, your mouth feels better than i thought it would, princess” he confessed, closing his eyes and gritting his teeth as you whined at the lack of oxygen. “don’t worry baby, i’m almost there”
tears were running down your face at this point, and your lungs ached at the need of air— lucky for you, it took a few more languid thrusts before remus pulled out of your mouth, leaving you a coughing and gasping mess as he rapidly stroked himself, still keeping a tight grip on your hair as he made you stay still.
“i’m gonna cum all over your face baby, ready?”
“yes daddy” you heaved, sticking your tongue out and shutting your eyes tightly as you heard him moan your name out before spurts of cum hit your face; you twitched lightly as the brunette painted your face with his load, releasing a sigh once he gave his final tight stroke.
you eagerly swallowed everything that went in your mouth, staring up at remus with beady eyes as you waited for his next instruction— striving to be his good girl— which he rapidly gave, mumbling a quick get up before he was hoisting you up, a squeal leaving your lips, yet your legs instinctively wrapped around his waist.
remus had you in an all-consuming lip-lock, tasting himself on your lips as he padded over to bench pressing machine, settling down on it as you continued to make out, your knees resting next to his hips.
he disconnected his lips from yours to take off his shirt, “you gonna ride me, pretty girl? make a mess all over my cock, huh?” he taunted, his tone so low and seductive it almost made you moan on the spot, but all you managed to choke out was a small yes.
“good girl” he rasped out, chuckling when he saw the way your figure flushed at the praise. 
his thumb toyed with your clothed bud, this caused you to shudder while he pumped his-- once again-- hard cock with his free hand, and with a shove of your panties to the side, remus’ cock was kissing at your entrance, drenching itself with your arousal.
“a warning” he paused “i’m not holding back, sweetheart, been waiting too fucking long for this” 
a giggle slipped past your lips as you slowly but surely sank down on him “i don’t c-- care-- fuck.” you tripped over your words as you fully sat down on him, your walls fluttering around him as you both moaned in unison, the feeling was beyond euphoric.
he started slow, helping you roll your hips back and forth. but once remus was certain you were accustomed to his size, he lived up to his warning, and in the catch of a breath, his arm was around your waist and his thrusts were absolutely merciless, yet so fucking addictive you could’ve cried if he even dared of stopping; not that he was planning to either way.
 “jesus-- fuck-- feels so good daddy” you gasped, releasing a whimper as the male took one of your bouncing breasts in his mouth, the soft cushion of his lips felt like heaven to your sensitive buds.
remus groaned against the swell of your tits, where he was peppering kisses at, as he felt your walls tightened around him, signaling you were close.
“who knew such a small cunt like yours could take my whole cock, baby” he teased, reaching with his other hand that wasn’t wrapped around you to thumb at your clit, coaxing moan after moan from you.
“you greedy little thing, taking me like a little slut that enjoys being use would” grunted remus, observing the way your eyes rolled back at the degradation. “you gonna cum, princess?” he cooed, making figure-eights around your button.
“god— yes, fuck!” you cried out, throwing your head back before murmuring a rushed “cumming daddy!” and releasing all over remus’ twitching cock, your limbs spasming as the wave of ecstasy washed over you, your vision a hot white as your chest heaved up and down with your ragged breathing.
remus never stopped thrusting up into you, instead he let your orgasm ride out as he felt his approaching. “sensitive daddy” you babbled, voice now hoarse from all the screaming— and fucking— from earlier.
“i know baby, just need to— fuck!” he grunted; fierce bliss exploded behind remus’ eyes, a thousand colors.
you felt his hot cum spraying your walls as he touched cloud nine, rapid thrusts becoming sloppy until his hips ached from the continuous movement.
“i’m not gonna lie” he chuckled “that wasn’t my first time cumming at the thought of you, pretty girl”
🏷 : @selenesheart @malfoy-girl @siriusblackwifeeey @alohastitch0626 @youreso-golden @remuslupinswhore @caosfanblr @memorycharm @abbott27 @elizabethrosedarling @samaraaaaa @malfoyspov @ildm4ev @justadreamyhufflepuff @cokencake @mollysolo @princess-jules47 @arisblackhole @yiamalfoy @brattypeony @myalupinblack @slut4tamaki @nic0lodean @rylynn-m @harmqnia @pottahishotasf @soraya825 @kieracass4lyfers @acciodignity @kayleigh @maeve-7 @ilovejamespotter @methblinds @adrianscumslut @wh0re4blaise @dracomalfoys-wh0re @dlmmdl @lolooo22 @darlingmalfoy @littlemissnoname13 @riddleswh0rekrux @lostaurorax @alexavolturisblog @marauderswh0re1 @black-rose-29 @emma67 @mypainistemporary @mauvea @teenwolfbitches28 @lissa-duh @paniicing
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gotkindabored · 3 months ago
How Easy You Are to Need ☽ R.L
It’s only when James and Lily made a move to chat with Remus was when she fumbled around with his zipper, pulling down agonizingly slow as she unbuttoned the top. Her head shifted, just enough to have his face in view but still be able to talk with Sirius without causing suspicion.
OR... frustrated with Remus’ lack of attention, Y/N decides to take matters into her own hands.
Pairing: Remus Lupin x F!Reader
Word count: 4.5k
Warnings: Shameless smut, dom/sub, sub!reader, mean!Remus, edging, degradation, praise, overstim, unprotected smut, names like dumb, puppy, slut, rough smut, aftercare! A few tears, participants are 18+, hair pulling.
Marauders Masterlist | ao3
Tumblr media
DISCLAIMER: This story contains sexual content. If you are not 18+, do not read. Remember to practice safe sex and do not use these stories as an educational reference.
Remus was being distant.
Although, he hadn’t been doing it purposely. After all, they’d been busy with studying for their upcoming NEWTs and Remus had a plethora of other priorities like his study group, planning out his future and of course, being a Marauder; pranking the school, wreaking havoc in the last few months they still had left before graduating.
But it’s been over a month now and the only physical contact they had were quick pecks and hand squeezes. They didn’t even have time to hold each other or be alone without the other Marauders or Remus hauling himself in that damned library everyday. He was stressed, beyond stressed but she’d been too; leaving her bereft like this was only adding to that stress.
He’d been neglectful. Beyond neglectful. And she wanted attention. Was that so much to ask from her own boyfriend?
And now, sitting in the back of the library with the rest of the Marauders and Lily, textbooks and parchment strewn on the desk in front of them, it didn’t help that Remus looked heavenly in the dim, golden light. It warmed his skin, giving him a youthful dewy glow in the heated May weather. It highlighted his soft messy curls that cascaded slightly over his eyes before having to push them back. It looked like a halo. His most prominent features were highlighted from the shadows and eyes flashing a molten gold, completely obscuring any green in his eyes.
It was hard not to want — no, need Remus. That was extremely easy. But how could it not be when he looked like that?
She wanted his attention and an idea popped in her head.
Luckily, she knew exactly how to get it. Although risky, the reward was greater.
As Remus spoke with Lily, sharing notes as James peered over her shoulder to copy, Remus’ hand settled on her knee, thumb grazing back and forth mindlessly and the action had her melting in his touch. Y/N revelled in it, so touch starved it was pathetic.
She moved her action into plan.
It started with light touches on his arm before travelling down, disappearing underneath his shirt. Remus looked down to her, smiling tiredly yet brightly, pressing a quick kiss to her temple. The action caused false disgust to emanate around the table and therefore, losing Remus’ attention. Again.
“You guys are disgusting. Get a room!” James whined, sticking his tongue as his face screwed into a tight grimace.
“Sod off,” her boyfriend rolled his eyes. “We did not go through six years of you whining about Evans for you to say that.”
Lily blushes while James throws his hands up, two palms facing him defensively. “Got me there.”
Remus’ hand pulled away from her leg, going to grab a book and flicked through the pages, leaving her greedy, craving more.
One hand moved under the table, slipping to his inner thigh. Remus didn’t seem to even notice, eyes reading sections of his book so fast his eyes were blurred. That was until her fingers travelled to ghost across his clothed bulge when Remus’ head finally perked up, eyes hardening. He stays impeccably still, his breathing hitching as he goes back to read his book, but his hand travelled down, grabbing her wrist in a warning.
A delicious pink tint flushes his face and then he pulls away.
“Sirius,” she drawled, continuing to palm Remus. Her eyes hopped up to him, to make sure he was okay with her ministrations as he eyed her wry. Nonetheless, he gives a small, curt nod, curiosity burning behind his eyes and goes back to reading his book but she doesn’t miss the way his adam’s apple bobs and breathing becomes shallow. “I don’t understand this part in Transfigs. Could you explain?”
Sirius is happy to oblige, as he takes her textbook, highlighting sections. “You see, it’s actually not that hard, it’s about memorizing these parts…” As he rambled, Lily, James and Peter were all talking amongst themselves, Y/N went to move her hand, rubbing the ever-growing outline of Remus’ cock before trailing down his thighs and up his happy trail to build up anticipation. She side-eyed him as he clenched his jaw and leg started to bounce up and down.
It’s only when James and Lily made a move to chat with Remus was when she fumbled around with his zipper, pulling down agonizingly slow as she unbuttoned the top. Her head shifted, just enough to have his face in view but still be able to talk with Sirius without causing suspicion.
Tracing feather-light touches through his underwear, Remus’ side cheek hollowed, chewing the inside of his mouth but it passed as if he was considering whatever Lily was saying.
She purposely avoided his dick, making Remus both relaxed and irritated. It gives him a chance to breathe but the dull ache throbbing has him looking for relief. He hadn’t realized just how long it’s been until then.
He leans in quickly, voice dropping so low that she could barely pick up on what he said. “You better stop while you’re ahead. You’re being greedy.”
She ignored him, still chatting away with Sirius. But this sets her off. She finally grasps his cock, already leaking in pools of pre-cum and runs light touches to the sides before finally jerking him.
Remus’ grip on his book is a lot harder now, so much so that the cover is bending so much that it’s cracking the spin. His breath hitches.
“Ugh — you good?” Peter askes.
Her movements on his cock are tauntingly slow. The veins in his cock are prominent — aching and he's consumed by relentless need. She jerks him steadily, making sure her shoulder isn’t moving to avoid suspicion.
With a particular sharp tug and her thumb pressing his sensitive slit, Remus has to close his eyes, forcing an answer out through clenched teeth. “Grand.”
Remus decides that holding his book is no use and instead scribbles down sections from his book onto parchment to keep himself occupied. Because nothing screams sexy than the goblin war of the eighteenth century or charming frogs to walk on water…
He’s gripping his quill so tight that it’s about to snap — and it does when the palm of her hand cups around the tip and massages him. Everyone’s head shoots to Remus. She smiles — his usual unbreakable facade was cracking.
“Moons? You okay?”
“You do look a bit… hot… red.”
Remus does his best to clear his throat and a hand going to squeeze so tight on her thigh that she knows will leave his fingerprints indented for days. “Sorry… it’s the first day of the moon cycle.”
The words are quiet, muffled because his teeth were sinking into his bottom lip. Y/N smirks, faking a wide-eyed, innocent, worried girlfriend act. “Darling, come again?”
The double meaning causes Remus to cough out. He repeats, this time louder but blood boils. “Sorry, it’s the first day of the moon cycle.” His voice is so steady that had she not been jerking him off, she would’ve believed him.
Everyone nods their heads before Remus leans in again. He makes it look like he’s just going to find some sort of comfort but his words send shivers down her spine. “Get up.” He knocks her hand out of the way to tuck his dick back into his pants and zips up. His jaw tightened, so much so a vein strains against his neck.
He turns back to the group, “I’m sorry but I’m not feeling well.” Remus hastily shoves his belongings into his bag as the group gives encouraging words to him. He has to use his books to cover his straining cock.
Y/N tries to suppress a smirk. “I should get going too then.”
They all bid their goodbyes and as they disappear from sight and out into the corridors, Remus grabs her wrist tight as he remains quiet, walking up to his dorm and it sends shivers down her spine in anticipation. If anything, she’s just happy to finally get his undivided attention. It’s been so long.
“You’re lucky that we were with them.” He finally says as they enter his dorm. He stands tall and intimidating. His bag drops to the ground with a thud as he strides up to her, fingers moving across her face gently before gripping the sides of her face harshly, forcing her to stare up at him. “You’re such an attention whore. Don’t I already give you enough?”
She wants to say no because he hasn’t and even Remus knows this — her touch only just then reminding him that he’s been so neglectful and it sends a panged shiver down his spine. But, she just wants him, wants more of him —so she lies.
“Yes, of course!” But her hesitation was clear to Remus, but he doesn’t comment on it.
He eventually lets go of her face, the sensation lingering from his grip leaves her deliciously fuzzy and warm.
Remus walks over to the armchair and she follows behind him. He settles himself down, elbow propping up against the arm and fingers tapping the side of his cheek. His voice is low and intimate, “What should I do with you?” But before she could even speak, his fingers in turn hither her over. “Get down.”
Rolls of intimidation came off of him and on her hands and knees, she felt vulnerable. The look in his eyes was feral.
Without him having to instruct her, Y/N tugged down his pants, just enough so his cock could spring out as she makes a quick move and presses a few experimental licks to the tip which has him groaning above. Her mouth quickly wraps around the head, taking Remus as far as she could, making sure the pressure was tight.
“You’re a dumb little whore, aren’t you?” He was bemused.
Remus’ hand went to tug on her hair, pulling her off as a beaded trail of saliva followed. “Answer me.”
It was pathetic, honestly, as a whimper almost slipped from her lips. “I'm a dumb whore.”
Satisfied with her answer, he let go and her mouth returned to his cock. He groaned out as her lips sucked harder, tongue swirling around the tip as his head leaned against the back of the chair, lost in pleasure. Her hands worked the exposed skin.
He trusted gently, just enough to brush the head of his cock against the roof of her mouth. “You can take it,” his hand went to wipe the forming tears in her eyes. Even now, when he’s angry and she’s been misbehaving badly, he’s always so kind and gentle. “Ah — good girl.”
He was tangled into her hair, using it for leverage as she moved to settle more comfortably between his legs as his dick slipped further down her throat. But he must’ve decided to be a little rougher as his hands lock into her hair, taking her head and fucking her mouth harshly.
With one last moan, Remus’ cum flooded down as she grappled with his balls. She swallowed, sucking him as he came down from his high and gently peeled off of him.
He ran the pad of his finger across the cushion of her lip, wiping away her spit and brought her to a hard kiss, picking her up and placing her to straddle his thigh.
He yanked her close, as Remus tilted her head and began biting and sucking down on her neck. His teeth grazed the sides as his hands flew to her hips, beginning to rock her back, grinding down harshly on him. For support, her hands flew to his messy hair.
Her laboured breaths echo around the room and it feels like music to him. He leaned in murmuring delicately as he nibbled gently on her lobe. “Such a shame that you couldn’t be good. Could've waited and gotten what you wanted. But you had to be such a brat, acting like a slut around our friends.”
Remus’ hand pushed down the straps of her dress, her soft breast popping out with ease and nipples hardened from brushing against his body. Using his free hand, Remus ran a finger up and down her spine as he returned to her hips.
Y/N’s high-pitched moans filled the room as the relentless pressure on her clit rubbed against his clothed thigh. He brought a hand down, smacking her arse as the pleasure sent another jolt of pleasure before he went to massage it; repeating the action several times.
At this point, she’s absolutely dripping, the familiar bubbling sensation heating in her stomach.
Remus slipped two fingers into her panting mouth which in return she sucked down, continuing to slide her hips back and forth, spreading her wetness around. Remus moved to angle her forward a bit more, her clit rubbing even harder down, even going as far as bouncing his leg just slightly to meet each grind.
Y/N’s head tilts back yet again, whimpers falling from her lips as she spews his name out again and again. Remus removes his fingers, going to suck back down on her neck and she can even feel him smirk against her burning skin. His rough calluses go to toy with her nipples, rubbing them gently, teasing her, which pushes her dangerously close.
“Gonna — gonna cum,” she moans. This earns her a sharp pinch at her nipples.
“Not how we ask.”
Remus pushes her back just so her chest is more accessible while moving his leg so that she sits higher up. His lips press sloppy kisses to her chest, moving to wrap his tongue around her nipples.
“Please!” she whines. “Please can I cum?”
He paused, eyes closing at this and she already knew his answer. “Bad girls don’t get to cum yet.” Remus immediately freezes as a frustrated whine leaves her lips.
Okay, so maybe Remus wasn’t going to let her cum for a while, maybe he’ll be that mean and not let her cum at all, but she has what she was craving: his attention.
Remus pulls her off his leg, picking her up as he strode to his bed in a few and threw her on. Y/N observes the large damp patch on his legs as her skin burns with embarrassment. Remus moves to crawl on top of her, knee going to place in between her legs to avoid them from closing. A hand runs down, grazing her skin as it trailed from her lips, collarbone, breast, stomach before resting on her hip.
She can feel his erection pressing against her.
He takes her legs, dragging her down to the edge of his bed. Remus sits back on his knees, slotting himself in between her. “What a fucking mess.”
Using his middle finger, he traced idly up her slit before rubbing tender circular and vertical motions on her clit. Remus moved painstakingly slow as his head leaned in, eyes never leaving her face as he gave a few experimental licks. The action had her body jolting, already writhing in his touch.
His tongue slid up and down, sucking around her clit as he slipped his fingers inside, her pussy sucking them in before pumping them in and out. Y/N’s head tossed on either side of the bed as her hands flew to his hair. The sharp tug and Remus sucking down harder, knocking moans from them both.
She can feel the impending orgasm approach her again. Maybe she just shouldn’t tell Remus, but had she cum without his permission after what she did today… Even Y/N didn’t want to think about what he would do.
But it seems like he already sensed it — how could he not when her legs began to tremble and tighten around his grasp as she tried to grind on his face. He pulled away quickly. Frustrated tears begin to build up but doesn’t shed a tear.
“Poor baby,” Remus coos with false sympathy. He’s wearing a wicked grin as he thumbs through her folds but avoiding her clit to give her a second to breathe. “Y’think you’ve fooled me into thinking I’ve forgotten what you did today?”
The pressure from his ministrations have her eyes rolling back. “No, no! I’m sorry, I just wanted you!”
He goes to grip her jaw again, “You dumb, dumb puppy. You just had to push it.”
And so he waits for a moment, letting her come down from her high and starts at square one again. He slithers his way back down, grabbing her legs and tongue dives to lap at her clitoris but then he pulls away before the final crash washes over.
Remus had been going at it for thirty minutes or so and now. He’s now fully undressed and tears are freely falling as her head thrashes back and forth, a sheen of sweat across her body as she mumbles incoherently.
Remus is dangerously close to cumming in his pants just by listening to her as his fingernails dig in deep into her thighs. He’s feeling a little nicer now so he lets up a notch. “Beg.”
“Please!” A few desperate tears fall. The desperation has Remus grinning wolfishly.
He pretends to think hard but he smiles as he listens to her babble away. His fingers still pump in as he instinctively goes to lick his lips. Y/N watches as his chin glistens with her wetness and he fucking moans at the taste.
But he’s quite enjoying her pleas so he doesn’t stop her. He completely moves his hand away, propping them on the bed. “I need more than that.”
Her begging is so needy that it even catches Remus off guard.
“Please, please, please — Remus! Please let me cum. I’ve been good — I-I’ve learned my place, I promise! Please, I need you! I promise I’ll be good — I’ll be perfect!”
The answer satisfies him. He returns, leaning down and the familiar bubbling feeling settled in the pit of her stomach that trickled into her core and finally exploded. It sent shockwaves throughout her body as her moans echoed around the room.
But Remus didn’t stop. Even then, he moved to continue licking long strides up her as his thumb moved to toy with her clit. Her legs trembled around his head but quickly moved a hand and pressed down on her pelvic bone and thigh to minimize her squirming.
“Remus!” She chokes on a strangled moan. The pain is so pleasurable that she doesn’t get him to stop. Her hands release his hair and latch onto his forearm. She’s squeezing so hard that surely they’ll leave bruises in their wake. “I’m too sensitive! Please, Remus”
“Please, Remus!” He mocks her. He moves so that he’s leaning over her, his ragged breath fanning across her face.
She can hardly think straight and he has to hold her down to keep her from buckling. She can feel another orgasm build its way up fast. “I don’t like you,” Y/N pants, delirious. “You’re being so mean.”
“You don’t like me?” He mused. He broke his domineering demeanour to chuckle. “Well, you’re going to hate me soon.”
And then another wave hits her but Remus moves at the last second. And it’s fucking disappointing. Her ears pounded with a ringing sensation and the relief she was expecting still wasn’t there. He even moved to pin her arms above her head to prevent her from touching herself.
And Remus, he fucking laughs at her. Y/N thinks that he’s leaning in to give her an apology kiss but instead whispers into her ear, “Do you hate me yet?”
Before having the chance to register what he’s doing, Remus flips her around so that she’s pressed down on the bed before he has to grip onto her, holding her so that she’s upright on her knees.
Not feeling particularly patient, Remus takes his cock and pressed it against her hole and sheathes himself in one thrust. Remus has to still himself, letting the pleasure wash over him as he sucks down harshly on her shoulder blade to compose himself.
The pace he sets is brutal, unrelenting and she mewls from beneath him. The sharp slap to her arse has her moaning.
“You take me so well,” he manages to grunt out. The bed frame is slamming against the wall before he threads a hand through her hair, yanking back harshly which has her crying out as his thrust somehow becomes harder. Her head was forcibly tiled up as he pressed soft kisses to her neck.
She can feel the grin on his lips, “You like that, don’t you?”
“Yes,” she moans, attempting to steady herself. “You feel so so so good.”
“Dumb puppy, always getting what she wants in the end, don’t you?” He pants. Every sharp thrust makes her breast bounce as his grip on her waist tightens. She can feel his cock throbbing with every movement.
Remus flips her around so that her front is now facing him as he looms over her. He pushes in once again, angling his cock so that it would brush against her clit and the new position has her screaming.
He drinks in her cries by placing sloppy kisses on her lips and Y/N eagerly tries to respond but is too overwhelmed.
“Who do you belong to?” His hand wraps around her throat, however, it’s nothing more than just a squeeze.
“You, Remus! You!”
But that’s a lie, she has him hooked. He belonged to her and he’ll relish in it for as long as she lets him.
“You’re so pretty,” his words do numbers on her. From the harsh way he’s treating her compared to his words so kind and soft, it sends her soaking in a faraway fuzz.
“Doing so well. You’re such a good whore, just for me.” He coos into her ear despite the crude choice of words.
His hips slam into her with a strong, steady speed and the expression that crept its way onto his face has her in a trance. Remus looks beautiful. His eyes were closed as he lost himself to her; his hair was stuck to his face from the sweat. His moan and grunts are quiet. He just looks so pretty, so domineering.
Remus’ eyes fly back open and they’re lidded, pupils dilated so that barely any hazel is visible. “Ask me again,” he pleads, sounding so desperate that it sends jolts to her core. “Ask me to make you cum again.”
She nods her head meekly. “Please make me c-cum.”
“Fuck,” he murmurs. Alright, pretty girl — so beautiful.”
His long fingers reach down between her legs and rub fast circles onto her clit which has her back arching and mind go completely black and white.
Y/N shakes from the force of her orgasm as Remus goes to hold her, kissing her as he listens to her beautiful moans and fingers raking down his back. He lets out a series of quiet groans as her hands wrap around his neck and he finally reaches his high, cum spurting out and pussy milking every drop as he continues to thrust into her, fucking his cum back inside.
He doesn’t pull out for a while and when he does, they both whimper at the loss of touch meanwhile Remus flops over. They both take some time to themselves to just breathe and Y/N can feel his cum trickle out of her. Although, he wordlessly hands her a glass of water from his bedside.
“Are you okay?” He asked quietly after some time.
She nods her head, eyes closing. “Mmhm. That was great.” Then she quickly adds, “You?”
Remus remains quiet and for a moment, she thought that maybe he fell asleep. But his sudden rigid body tells her otherwise.
“I’m sorry…” He trails off and the sudden switch in emotions had Y/N worried. Her attention now fully on him.
“For what? You did nothing wrong.”
“I haven’t been... attentive. I don’t even remember the last time I’ve made an effort to… be alone with you or touch you. I don’t have the right to… say those things, call you bad when in reality I… I…”
“Look at me,” Y/N said sternly, taking her hands and wrapping them around his face so he’d be sure to look her in the eyes. “What we just did, I was fine with. And do not, ever, ever, sleep with me if it feels like an obligation or you’re not in the mood. That’s not how it works and I’ll never be mad at you for not wanting to. You’re allowed to be stressed, to do other things, just next time, don’t leave me high and dry for a month.”
He places a firm kiss on her forehead. He sighs before turning to face her. His hand gently thumbs across her face in such a gentle, loving manner and she nuzzles into his touch out of habit. “Thank you. And I won’t, not again.”
She beams up at him, kissing the scar on the bridge of his nose that she’s come to love.“Why don’t we take a bath?”
Remus smiles, stands, then lops an arm around her to carry her as his wrist flicks, turning on the record player in the corner of his dorm softly playing in the background. He places Y/N on the edge of the tub, going to run the bath.
They both eventually get in. The warm water soothes their bones and he slides behind her, pulling her close by wrapping an arm around her waist. Y/N trails absentmindedly on one of the larger scars across his arm and presses soft kisses to it.
“You’re perfect, m’love.” He mutters into her ear. He caresses her body and in turn, she tilts her head up to him as they share a soft kiss. “You too Remus. Love you more than you could ever know.”
He smiles widely, heart swarmed with so much love and Remus’ adorable blushy cheeks are back.
She turns around and has him massage her shoulders. They both feel fuzzy, still coming down from the high and it’s a bit difficult for her to focus on her surroundings. “You’re not mad at me, are you?”
A deep chuckle reverberates off of him and she can feel it. “Nope. Loved it — didn’t expect it. Just next time, maybe not while Prongs and Lily are eye fucking and Pete’s having a meltdown.”
Laughs bounce off the walls of the small bathroom. “Of course.”
Y/N shifts to wash his hair, massaging his scalp that has Remus’ eyes fluttering back as a contentful sigh escapes him.
There was still another hour before the Marauders were supposed to come after studying. Remus threw her one of his large white shirts before they both asked a House elf to bring them some snacks as they ate together in Remus’ dorm. They shared some chocolate, some laughs and basked in each other’s warmth.
By the time the Marauders came back, Remus had his curtains drawn shut simultaneously as the record player switched to play mellow classical music. They embrace each other, her head tucked away under Remus’s chin as they wrap their arms around each other. Both falling asleep feeling loved and safe.
© gotkindabored 2021. Do not repost or modify
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eunoniaa · 5 months ago
marauders hc - the boys blindfolding you and you have to guess whos railing / fingering you lmao (imagine like they punish you so you can’t cum but for each correct guess you make, you get to cum)
i literally could not write this without laughing so much how do you guys write smut seriously 😭
Pause for Effect
marauders x fem!reader
Tumblr media
a/n: to answer your question, we don’t. lmfao- this fic is dedicated to my bestie bae @shadesofvelma as an apology for making her wait so long for this 😁 plus a big thank you to @illiicitarts for giving me a helping hand, i love you both sm <3
word count: 2,9k
warnings: tw // smut | cw // foursome, poly!relationship, ddlg, pet names, slapping, degradation, praise, blindfolding, restraints, fingering, unprotected sex, overstimulation, orgasm denial, punishments, crying kink, mentions of subspace, dom!sirius, dom!remus, switch!james, sub!reader, cursing
summary: “The rules are the following; one of us is going to make you feel good, you’re going to guess who it is. If your guess is correct, you get to cum,” his fingers graze your cheek softly, his signature ring cladding one of the digits cold against your roughing skin, “...if not, then— well, the rest is self-explanatory.” The smirk is undeniable in his voice.
Tumblr media
“Just like that, Sweetheart. Just like that, easy.” Remus coos as he gently nudges you into Sirius’ embrace on the bed, the ebony-haired boy’s hands coming up to get a grip on the sides of your bare waist, lifting you with ease and tugging you backward until your figure collides with his muscular chest.
“We’re going to show you a new game tonight, how does that sound, Poppet?” the sandy-haired male smirks, although his speech is directed at you, his gaze remains on the boy behind you, sharing a knowing look.
James is leaning against one of the bedposts, arms crossed as he watches the scene unfold, all three of them anxiously waiting for one word of your approval;
And with that, Remus’ smirk shifts into a cheeky grin before turning his head ever so slightly to signal with a curt nod to the bespectacled boy behind him. James takes that as his cue, and you just watch with curious eyes as he sinks a palm in his back pocket and retrieves a long, silky piece of fabric, handing it over to Remus.
The boy kneels in front of you and Sirius on the bed, the latter nudging you forward, prompting you to straighten your back; giving better access to the freckled male who is already lifting the material in front of your eyes, but stops his movements at the audible hitch of your breath, a telltale sign of you finally catching on. He waits with raised eyebrows, honey irises boring into yours, giving you an opportunity to change your mind.
But of course, you have no intention to.
Excitement mingles with a tad bit of nervousness in the pit of your belly as you shift, nails picking at your cuticles as you peer up at your boyfriend.
“Kissie?” You cringe, the sound of your voice is completely to blame. Despite knowing full well that you’re in good hands, you still need the endearing reassurance of his soft lips on yours.
Which he gives you without missing a beat, leaning forward with an almost inaudible “ ’ Course, Blossom,” and catching you in a warm lip lock that -much to your dismay- only lasts a few seconds before the boy pulls back, not wasting any time and draping the silk across your eyelids, then handing the two ends to Sirius so he can tie it in the back, the knot resting against your locks nice and snug.
James leans forward and tugs the material down to ensure that it blocks 100% of your vision, humming in content as he smoothes out the wrinkles of the fabric as you feel Sirius slip out from behind you, his weight no longer dipping the mattress.
Then, a pregnant pause ensues.
“What are we going to play tonight?” You inquire after a couple of moments of deafening silence, fingers twitching, yearning to reach out and pat around to estimate at least one of your boyfriends’ whereabouts, but you know better than that; the risk of your hands accidentally coming in contact with something -someone- would surely bring repercussions in its train, the rule “no touching” still applies even when your line of sight is blocked.
You learned that the hard way.
“Go on, Pads. It was your idea after all.” James prompts, making you bite the inside of your cheek in anticipation. Sirius didn’t exactly have the most gracious ideas when it came to your time in the bedroom.
“Alright, Puppy,” the booming voice of the aforementioned boy coming from just inches away from your face startles you in the tiniest bit, your senses already fooling you, making you flinch, “The rules are the following; one of us is going to make you feel good, you’re going to guess who it is. If your guess is correct, you get to cum,” his fingers graze your cheek softly, his signature ring cladding one of the digits cold against your roughing skin, “...if not, then— well, the rest is self-explanatory.” The smirk is undeniable in his voice.
You’re pushed onto your back, bare skin colliding with the plush comforter. You hear the sound of footsteps around you, shuffling, whispering, clinking -all of those adding to the increasing rate of your pulse, heart beating against your ribcage while you wait, the tips of your fingers drawing meaningless patterns on the skin of your thighs in an attempt to calm your nerves.
The first touch across your breast has you gasping, emitting a collision of low chuckles from the boys.
“Looks like our Bunny’s sensitive, huh?”
“Jus’ wasn’t expecting it.”
“That’s the point, Pup.” You gulp as you feel the hand travel down the valley of your breasts, fingers tauntingly walking along the expanse of your abdomen, lower and lower, the sensation has your cunt clenching around thin air, eagerly waiting to feel some -any- friction against your throbbing clit. You let out a frustrated sigh when they start trailing right back up, palm flat against the mound of one of your breasts, squeezing with such vigor that it has you bite down on your tongue, body tensing in order not to move away from the slightly unpleasant sensation, the feeling of cool metal the only thing soothing your reddening skin.
That’s when it clicks.
A ring.
Which can only mean one thing, and that is Sirius.
You don’t reveal your guess just now, instead, you bite your lower lip to hide the grin that’s creeping onto your face, a sudden wave of serenity washing over you and you really have to refrain yourself from boasting to the boys about how they should up their game at least a few notches.
“Ah, would ya look at that?” You hear Remus chuckle, most likely catching onto your simpering, “Does that mean you already have your guess, Blossom?”
“Think so” your words come out slightly choked, whole body still tensing under the powerful hold that Sirius -according to your senses- has on your breasts.
The ring-clad hands retract and you let out a somewhat relieved breath, your figure relaxing back into the mattress. Your skin is crawling with prevision, every inch of your flesh tingling in anticipation, yearning to be touched, the thought of someone’s -or who knows, perhaps everyone’s- hands hovering just above your figure has you squirming with need, awaiting the pleasure that is to come.
Pause for effect.
You hear a languid ‘pop’ then a warm wetness against the inside of your thigh, making you jolt, legs naturally falling wider. With that, your glistening cunt is on display before the three males; a mix of low groans a telltale sign of their approval.
The tips of the two fingers drag along your skin, leaving a trail of dampness, the cool air of the room following their route trailing just behind until they finally make contact with your sopping cunt, the wet sounds echoing in the room as they spread your folds, dragging up and down and up and down, purposefully avoiding your throbbing clit.
Two fingers slip inside you with ease, tips deliciously dragging against your g-spot over and over again, easing and furthering the need blossoming behind your navel at the same time.
With the feeling of the cold signet ring prodding at your entrance with every powerful thrust of the digits, -occasionally slipping in- your breathing is getting more labored with every puff of air you exhale, a hallmark of your nearing high. Soon enough, you catch onto the languid sounds coming from different directions around you double.
Then triple.
And quadruple.
The idea of all three of your boyfriends getting off to your pretty body writhing under their gaze gives you a sense of power -which you can’t show- but it also has a huge wave of arousal wash through your whole being; cunt clenching, fingers desperately clawing at the comforter your back is flexing against.
Remus is the first one to notice, “Are you going to cum, Baby? Huh? Are you close, my Love?” his voice holds a mocking tone, slightly strangled as he coos from above you, you do your best to nod in your pleasured state, mouth hanging open in ecstasy.
“Good Girl. Then you know the rules, go ahead and guess, Sweetheart.”
Your release is hanging right before your eyes, so, so close, the thin barrier between you and your very much needed orgasm is only a single word, heart hammering inside your ribcage as your vision clouds, the pleasure is just about to overboil, vocal cords straining as you confidently scream,
But then it all stops.
Just like that, your sweet release has gone straight down the drain.
Tears prod at your waterline, mouth hanging in a deep pout as your nostrils flare with your fussing, confusion mingling with frustration in your mind as you await the boys’ explanation.
“See, that’s where you’re wrong, Blossom.”
The blindfold is gently pulled up, the silk material resting against your forehead as your optics adjust to the brightness of the room with rapid blinks, revealing your puffy eyes and waterlogged lashes to your boyfriends.
You peer down and find James between your legs, an apologetic look decorating his expression, a drastic contrast to the two other male’s smug countenances.
You frown deeply, looking from Remus to Sirius and from Sirius to James with a helpless look until your eyes snap closed, your walls suddenly burning with overstimulation as the bespectacled boy pulls his fingers out of you, your mouth dropping open in disbelief when you find Sirius’ signet ring insolently glinting on James’ finger, coated in your arousal.
Those bastards.
You stare at the Marauders minus one in disbelief, frustrated tears slipping from your eyes, your nose scrunching up in the process.
But all they do is chuckle.
Mock you.
Well, everyone except James, “Aw, ’m sorry Sweetheart” he mumbles, obviously feeling bad for you. Bringing his attention back to your dripping cunt, he goes to touch you again, “Maybe I could just—“ but cuts himself off as Sirius’ hand grasps his wrist, just a hairsbreadth away from your throbbing clit, sending him a warning look.
“Don’t fall for her act, Prongs. Bunny’s a smart little minx, she knows what she’s doing.” he takes James’ hand and slips off the metal band with ease, putting it back in its place on his own finger, smearing your arousal all over his skin in the process.
“Doesn’t she?”
The ebony-haired boy finally acknowledges your presence, and leans over you, ring finger sliding between your lips and you can’t help but moan at the sweet taste of yourself mingling with the tangy sample of metal as he hums in approval, smirk lacing his features, “Thought so.”
“Let’s give it another go, shall we?” Remus prompts after Sirius pulls out of your mouth, a thin string of saliva connecting your lips and the tip of his finger. You nod, taking a big breath as the boy pulls the blindfold over your eyes again, and just like that, you’re back to stage one; senses heightened, breathing labored, fingers twitching and most importantly, cunt tingling, only this time it’s tenfold of the need you felt not even five minutes ago.
You’re going to have to be a lot more alert this time, because you simply cannot allow yourself to get tricked by your captious boyfriends again, and essentially cost yourself another precious orgasm.
“Who do you want to fuck you first, Sweetheart?” you hear Sirius inquire from somewhere next to you, his tone sounding... genuine? That question throws you off, your brows furrowing in confusion and incoherent stutters escaping your lips. Wouldn’t that ditch the whole point?
He cuts you off with a dry laugh, “Just joking, Bun.” the mockery in his voice is painfully evident but you still laugh as if his jitter was the century’s funniest of them all, hoping to ease the boy in favor of you getting to finish at least once tonight.
Your pathetically forced chuckles are cut short with a soft slap against your cheek, your breath hitching in surprise.
“Wasn’t that funny. Don’t be a kiss ass.”
Whole face flushing a deep crimson color, you’re about to apologize when a sudden, unexpected surge of pleasure shots through your whole body, and you can’t help the guttural moan reverberating in your chest at the sudden stretch of your cunt, whole figure sliding further up the bed due to the compel of the thrust. One thing’s for sure;
That wasn’t James.
Your thighs are pushed back further, you feel either Remus or Sirius pull out only to thrust back in sharply, and before you can stop yourself, your hands are about to fly up to the boy’s shoulders to get a grip but before they make contact, two strong hands envelope your wrists and pin them over your head -for that you’re grateful, since then you touching the person currently buried deep inside you would’ve made it impossible for you not to guess right; ruining the point of your boyfriends’ precious game, and essentially demolishing your chance at getting an orgasm any soon.
“Does that feel good, Sugar?” you hear Remus grunt, voice slightly strangled and you’re almost certain that he’s the one currently pounding into you, but after the regrettably wrong first guess you made, you can’t bring yourself to trust your gut again. Nevertheless, you moan in approval, back arching and hips swinging to meet his rhythmic thrusts.
“Huh. That doesn’t sound like a ‘yes, Sir’ to me.” Sirius emphasizes, voice equally strangled as the aforementioned male’s. That puzzles you even more, and the fact that you’re falling deeper into that oh-so-familiar degenerative headspace isn’t helping at all. Your mind is completely fogged up, heart beating out of your ribcage and nails digging crescent moon-shapes into the soft skin of your palm as you try your best to repeat your dominant’s words.
“Yes, Sir.”
The pleasure increases tenfold when you feel an abrupt warm sensation on your chest, a skilled tongue swirling against the ring of color on one of your breasts, then harshly sucking on the perky bud in the center as your head starts to spin, the heavenly feeling doubling when the same sensation spreads over to your other breast, all three boys tending to your writhing body has your insides churning with need, the tingle behind your navel appearing more and more prominent at the triple stimulation.
Two warm mouths detach from your abused nipples and you cry out at the loss of sensation, but before you have any time to complain verbally James speaks up, voice an octave deeper, and to your dismay, he too, sounds out of breath, “Say the name, Princess.” the grip on your hips get tighter with every second passing, “And don’t you dare cum before we say so.” a slender finger zeroing on your clit has you seeing white spots dance across your eyelids, and need takes over the uncertainty in your misty mind at the bespectacled boy’s rare, dominant tone.
At this point, it’s fifty-fifty. It could be either Sirius or Remus but you have no clue how to figure out which one of them it is whatsoever.
So you go for the boy’s name your mind is screaming at you to go for.
The vigorous thrusting slows down and your arms strain against the boys’ grip in desperation.
“That so? Puppy… You sure about that?” the sandy-haired male cooes and for some reason his breathing appears to be completely steady. That makes you panic, head furiously shaking as doubt and regret consumes your whole being,
“No! No, no, ‘s Sirius. I’m sure, I know ’s Sirius.” you blubber, desperately trying to convince the boys to let you change your answer, eyebrows scrunching in despondency.
As those words leave your mouth, the thrusting completely stops.
And that’s how you knew you were done for.
“Well, that’s a real shame…” Sirius muses.
Then, yet another pause for effect.
The blindfold is pulled up once again -for the sake of fairness- and you throw your head back in frustration when you come face to face with Remus looming over you, expression as smug as ever as he exchanges self-satisfied looks with the two other males.
You don’t even look at any of them, you just focus on burying your face into the plush pillow under your head to the best of your abilities, trying to hide your embarrassment.
“Aw, look, boys. She’s baby.” Sirius smiles, lip jutting out in solidarity, knuckles stroking your flushed cheek, “ ’m not gonna lie, I’m starting to feel bad for our sweet Angel” he trails off.
“Agreed, maybe we’ve been too hard on her.” James sighs, voice sounding a bit too sweet for your liking.
“What about you, Moons?”
Remus shifts, slightly curved cock deliciously dragging along your g-spot with the push of his hips.
“I know, and she’s been doing so well for us— been such a Good Girl.”
Your heart flutters at the sweet comments, and hope bubbles in the pit of your stomach at the thought of your boyfriends letting up on their punishment and for once, giving in to you. So you turn your head, eyebrows lifting in expectancy, and lips curving up in a rosy smile at the prospect.
“Does that mean I get to cum after all?”
Pause for effect.
“You wish.”
Tumblr media
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quindolyn · 4 months ago
Weeks Without || Poly!Marauders
Word Count: 7,427
A/N: Happy birthday @littlest-dark-age ! While this was not initially meant for you I loved it so much that I thought you might too and I poured a lot of effort into it, enough to show you how much I love you I hope. I think I like this piece! It felt good to write and I hope you all like it too.
Warnings: too long, that's probably the biggest one, angst, fluff, and smut. Slight dom/sub dynamics with dom Rem and Siri, sub Jamesie and maybe switch reader? Potentially just sub, I don't know I feel like any reader x James interaction I write, unless explicitly stated otherwise is at least a little bit dom reader because I project. Oral (female receiving), fingering, hand job, palming, little bit of humiliation. I tried not to include Daddy kink because I know not everyone's into it and I'm pretty sure if any of my stuff can have a daddy kink it does so I tried switching it up. Insecure reader
2k follower celebration
As you approached the end of your time at Hogwarts there was a certain fear that bubbled up inside of you. Like the rest of your peers you had worries about what waited for you outside of Hogwarts, where you were going to live, what you were going to do? How you were going to pay your bills and if the person, or in your case people, you were leaving with were going to stay by your side.
You were sure that everyone with a partner shared the same worries you did, that being if your relationship was going to survive outside of the sheltered walls inside which it formed. For you your worries were multiplied threefold. You didn’t just have one person you were worried would tire and leave you, you had three boys.
They were all undeniably beautiful, there were days you couldn’t fathom how people as beautiful as them had chosen someone like you.
Despite their constant praise, the way they gazed at you during class and in the halls, the hugs and kisses they gave you any chance they had you still weren’t convinced that you were enough for them.
You tried not to show it, tried not to show the boys you loved so dearly how your insecurities were eating away at you. You were eating less, sleeping less, and even though you spent all your time bent over a book in the library, eyes racing over the pages your studies were suffering too. The time you spent in the library wasn’t so much to actually study so much as it was to avoid your boys, even being around them had grown painful. Worried that every kiss they gave you might be getting you closer and closer to the last had you nauseous.
You knew it was ridiculous but you couldn’t help the feeling from gnawing away at you.
Your boys weren’t stupid, though James often acted as though he was, they noticed you pulling back from them. On the rare occasions they were able to get you with them for more than the duration of dinner it was like you were stopping yourself from enjoying being around them.
You’d catch yourself smiling too wide and drawback. To them it was like clouds blocking out the sun, though they’d swear they would’ve preferred the absence of the sun over yours.
There were only so many ways you could avoid them and when it came time for sleep there was no escaping the giant canopy bed in James’ headboy dorm that could easily fit all four of you. It was probably the easiest way for you to be around them, because after a long day of classes and extraneous studying you were out the minute your head hit the pillow. There was no time for them to prod you about your day, ask you where you’d been during your shared free period.
You speedily made your way through your evening routine before the rest of them got to the room and were climbing under the covers as they finally made their entrance.
Tonight you hadn’t been as lucky, as you barreled into the cozy dormitory, decorated in a frankly nauseating amount of scarlet and gold. You entered to find your three boyfriends were already waiting for you sprawled throughout the room.
James sat on the sofa to the left of the king bed, long legs sprawled out in front of him, they were so long that his feet stuck off the end. With his hands clasped behind his head acting as a pillow, he would’ve been the picture of leisure had it not been for the crease between his brows while he conversed with the two other boys in the room.
Sirius sat curled up in Remus’ lap, nestled together on the loveseat; there didn’t appear to be an inch of space between the two of them. Usually when they were found like this it was as though neither of them had a care in the world, too wrapped up in each other to notice anything else that went on around them. This time was different, Sirius held one of Remus’ hands in his, fiddling with it while he gazed off into the air, eyes focusing on nothing in particular.
It wasn’t tension clouding the room so much as it was worry. Worry about you, worry about your relationship, worry about what they might’ve said or done to hurt you.
As you stepped into the room all of their eyes shot to your figure, ultimately finding your face as they tried to tell what sorts of secrets you were hiding in that pretty head of yours.
“Hi poppet,” Remus spoke promptly, knowing that allowing the silence to stretch on would only serve to worsen the situation.
“You guys are here early.”
Out of the corner of your eye you saw the furrow between James’ brows deepen at your response, you weren’t usually one to sidestep a greeting like that. Though in all fairness you hadn’t been acting much like your usual self lately.
“We’ve missed you puppy, feels like we never see you anymore,” It was Sirius who spoke, hands still fidgeting with Remus’ long fingers, finding the Marauders ring that he wore on his ring finger and sliding it up and down the appendage.
You answered with a noncommittal hum as you toed off your shoes, abandoning them by the door to the dorm before moving to the bed where you shrugged off the bag that had been weighing down on your shoulder all day.
Remus quietly eased Sirius off of his lap, helping him into James' open arms awaiting his arrival. Once the raven haired male was settled into the larger boy’s grasp, strong, muscled arms holding him close to his equally toned chest Remus made his way toward you where you sat, silently working on the buttons of your blouse.
“You want help with those, bunny?” Came the steady baritone of Remus’ voice as he stood a few feet before you, head cocked to the side while his hands were buried deep inside of his pockets.
“I’m fine Rem, I’ve got it,” The use of the nickname normally would’ve worked to lighten the worries that were swirling around in the boy’s head. This was counteracted by the despondency of your voice pulling each syllable downwards into mumbled murmur.
“I hate to say it but Siri’s right (Y/N), we don’t see you anymore and we’ve tried to ignore this weird behavior, thinking that it would pass but it hasn’t,” The lycan spoke as he made his way to the bed, sitting down on the mattress next to you but sure to leave a decent amount of space between the two of you, not wanting to spook you more than you had seemed to be.
You ignored his words, instead focusing your attention on unzipping your skirt, loosening the waistband allowed you to take a deep breath you’d been yearning for all day.
“Bunny, we just want to know what’s wrong, talk to us please.”
Lifting your eyes, lids heavy from the stress of the day, at Remus’ desperate plea you found the looming figures of your other two boys hovering over his shoulder. Fingers intertwined as both stormy grey irises and hazel ones gazed at you.
“Nothing’s the matter Remus, I’m just a little stressed out is all. It's nothing any of you have done.”
Technically that was true, it was nothing your boys had done directly that had caused you to pull back from them but still, a lie by omission.
Each of your heads whipped to find the voice who had spoken, your eyes landing on Sirius’ form you found his sullen figure glowering, tucked into James’ side.
“Sirius come on,” Remus murmured, urging the boy to keep his mouth shut.
“No its such fucking bullshit, she’s been acting like this for weeks and I’m sick and fucking tired of her acting like a toddler.” The boy swivelled, redirecting his attention back towards you, “Stop it (Y/N)! Stop lying to us, stop pulling away, just fucking talk to us for fuck’s sake because I can’t fucking do this anymore.”
With each word the boy’s voice raised an octave and you watched James’ hold on Sirius’ shoulder tighten as though he could contain the flow of words that tumbled from his mouth.
It was all too much, the insecure thoughts that bounced around your head, the aches that had settled in your limbs from pushing yourself too hard on too little sleep, the distinct throbbing that resided behind your temples nearly every day by this time.
Then add on Sirius’ harsh words it was all too much.
“I can’t do this,” You mumbled, haphazardly redoing the buttons of the blouse that had been hanging off your shoulders before pulling your bag, abandoned just minutes ago, back onto your shoulder.
“(Y/N) where are you going?” The frustration in Remus’ voice was evident, he’d been so understanding and gentle the past few weeks but even he had his limits and he was not about to watch you walk away from them.
“My dorm.”
“Since when do you sleep in your dorm?” It was the first time you’d heard James’ voice since you entered the lavish dorm room. The hurt laced in each word was unmistakable, guilt at being the one to hurt the boy you loved so much served to twist the knife that was already planted firmly between your ribs.
For the first time in weeks you finally voiced the overwhelming thought that had been plaguing you, the thought that had caused you to pull away from them in the first place, “You’re better off without me.”
It seemed as though everything in the castle had stopped to listen on your conversation, you were almost certain you could make out the little figure of a portrait peeking its head into the gargantuan frame that hung on the furthest wall of the dormitory should Dumbledore need to call James out in the middle of the night to perform some headboy duty.
The room was so quiet as the boys, your boys, soaked in your words that you swore you could hear Slughorn all the way down in the dungeons, munching on the lavish pineapple that had been dropped off at his office a few hours earlier and that he had saved until now to indulge himself in.
“What do you mean poppet?” The crease between Remus’ brows matched the confusion so evident in his voice.
“I mean…” You trailed off as you felt tears well in your eyes, weighing down on your bottom lashes as they threatened to spill over. You couldn’t find it within yourself to meet any of their gazes, instead keeping your head downturned, eyes trained on your sock clad feet and you shifted your weight from foot to foot.
Before you could force yourself to look up you felt a strong, steady hand slip under your mandible, from the rough calloused nature of said hand you knew without a doubt that it belonged to James.
He slowly turned your visage upwards to meet his, heart crumbling as he took in your waterlogged optics, red and puffy, sunken in my large dark shadows that appeared to be frighteningly close to bruises.
“Why are you thinking that you’re not good enough for us angel?” He spoke, his voice cracking as he took in your heart wrenching appearance.
“Jamie,” You sobbed before throwing yourself into his chest, the barriers you’d erected between you and the rest of them crumbling as you saw the helpless look in James’ beautiful hazel eyes.
The fears and doubts that had haunted you for weeks were still there but you couldn’t find it within yourself anymore to listen to them when they told you to keep your space, to hide from the people you loved the most.
You clung to James’ broad shoulders, standing on your tiptoes so that you could throw your arms around his neck. You felt the weight of your satchel once again slip from your shoulder accompanied by a soft thud against the hardwood floor as one of James’ arms wrapped around your waist, the other slipping under your bum, landing on your upper thighs to support your weight as he carried you over to the canopied bed.
James kept you safely in his lap, sitting down with Sirius and Remus on either side of the two of you.
Even if any of them wanted to pry you off of James there was no way you were leaving the warm solace of his hold, the solidity of his thighs underneath you, the strong planes of his back sprawled out underneath your palms.
There was a comfort in all of it that you hadn’t realized you missed so much, you felt a pang in your chest as you contemplated the boy’s reaction to your insecurities. Would they confirm them, and these past weeks, which could’ve been spent in the exact position you found yourself in now, soaking up the comfort they brought you, had been wasted?
Though you were perfectly content to sit there, snuggled into James’ chest the boys wanted answers, and though they tried their best this was the most like yourself you’d been in forever and they were desperate for answers to their questions before you slipped away from them again.
“I’m sorry I yelled Princess I’ve just been so worried about you,” Sirius murmured, his hand gently sliding up your thigh to rest under the hem of the plaid fabric.
All you could offer the boy was a nod as you turned your visage to meet his, wiping your nose with the back of your hand, “It’s okay Siri-”
“No it's not,” He refuted empathically, his hand moving from your thigh to cup your cheek, dragging his thumb across your cheek bone in soothing circles, “If anyone else spoke to you like that I’d hex them into oblivion. I’m sorry.”
He leaned down, tilting your face ever so slightly upwards to meet your lips. As usual his were unnaturally and enviously red, tasting of smoke and the strawberry candy he stole from the pockets of James’ robes.
His lips brushed gently against yours, it was the first kiss the two of you had shared in weeks that wasn’t a quick peck as you passed in the halls or as you rushed away from them after breakfast. Understandably, he was in no mood to rush it.
You melted into his touch as his grip on your cheek tightened, keeping you from pulling away as he deepened the kiss, kissing with a sort of passion foregin to the both of you. Different from what you were used to, lust filled kisses as he ground your hips into his. This was a sort of apology from the both of you, sorry to have shied away from this for so long and he sorry for blowing up at you.
He kept his lips melded to yours for as long as possible before finally pulling away to suck in a deep breath, replenishing his depleted lungs.
“Gotta tell us what’s going on in that pretty head of yours baby,” Came Remus’s voice from the other side of Jamesie’s broad shoulders, lulling your head off of the one it rested on to meet his sympathetic eyes.
You felt a familiar panic bubble up once again in your throat at the thought of voicing all your insecurities, scenario after scenario running through your head going through all the different ways the boys could react to your theories.
Suddenly you felt like an idiot and felt your cheeks burn as blood rushed to them, resisting the urge to bury your face back in James’ shoulder you swallowed, “W-What if,” You stopped for a moment, sniffing and going to wipe your nose on the back of your hand you were stopped when Remus’ large hand wrapped around your wrist.
Slender fingers slipped a silky hanky into your palm for you to wipe your nose on and you smiled as you glimpsed the initials “RJL” stitched sloppily into it. This was no doubt done by James when he was laid up with a Quidditch injury and had taken up stitching, amongst other things.
“Thanks Rem,” You murmured as you swiped the soft cloth underneath your nose before slipping it back into his hand, you felt your cheeks burn, embarrassed to be handing him back the used, and admittedly grosser material, but ever the gentleman he paid it no mind.
“Now what was it that you were saying (Y/N)?”
You braced yourself, clenching the covers into your fists as you forced the words that had been swirling around in your head out, coming to terms with that there was no more delaying the inevitable.
“Are we gonna stay together once we graduate?”
It was conflicting having finally spoken those words that had tormented you for countless days, hours upon hours of pain and anxiety causing you unspeakable turmoil. It felt as though it was all lifted from your shoulders, you’d spoken the words, put them out there and they were no longer your pain to bear alone.
At the same time, they didn’t just exist in your head anymore. They were real and the people who mattered most had just heard them, their impending response only served to make you grip the sheets even tighter.
“Where’s this coming from angel?” James asked, confusion tightening up his voice.
“I don’t know,” You whimpered, “I’ve just been thinking and you all are so fucking beautiful and perfect, how am I supposed to keep up with you when we leave here. I already don’t deserve any of you. It's already bad enough in here with all the girls and guys fawning over all of you but how am I supposed to fair when you have the entire world at your fingertips?”
As they soaked in the meaning behind your words James’ arms tightened around you to the point of bordering on discomfort but it was so reassuring to be held that close, to know that that was the reaction your words had on them that you couldn’t find it within yourself to complain, only to hold him even tighter.
“Darling,” Sirius’ sympathetic tone was enough to shatter your already fragile facade and before you knew it there were fat teardrops sliding along down your soft cheeks.
You could feel your tears dampening the material of James’ old t-shirt but couldn’t bring yourself to care.
“I-I don’t wanna lose you guys,” You sobbed, letting all the pent up emotion from the past weeks flow out, coming off of you in waves as the knot that had been residing in your chest slowly began to unravel. Each tender caress of your back and stroke of your hair assisted in its efforts until all that was left was your heart. Which, considering that it had been tangled up in barbed wire, thorns piercing your heart with every beat, was in surprisingly good condition, still intact and pumping along.
“You’re not gonna lose us (Y/N/N), ever,” James promised into your ear, his chapped lips brushing across the shell of your ear.
“You can’t promise that,” You protested, words muffled as you spoke into his shoulder, “There might be someone else who you guys love more than me, who’s prettier and smarter and can keep up with you all. M not good enough for any of you and what if one day you realize that?”
“Don’t talk like that princess,” Sirius’ grip was steely on your forearm as he used it to get your attention, “I’ve spent my entire life being told I wasn’t good enough and the truth is that we aren’t good enough for you. I know what it feels like to feel like the people in your life deserve better than you but there is no doing better than you, no one else on this earth holds a candle to you my beautiful girl.”
As you took in each of Sirius’ words letting them heal the puncture wounds on your heart from being wrapped in thorny vines Remus spoke, “We love you more than anything puppy, the day you walked into our lives was the best day of my life and I can’t think of a world where any of us live without you. Especially outside of Hogwarts, things are gonna be just as scary for us as they are for you poppet and I know I don’t wanna do it without you.”
It felt good to hear that the worries you’d been obsessing over were really all in your head, that they really did love you as much as you loved them, but there was still one boy you needed to hear the words from before you could completely relax.
“I’m going to marry one day (Y/N/N), I’m going to marry all of you and we’re going to be Misters and Missus Potter. Remmy’s right, I don’t wanna ever wake up and not have you right there next to me. Mum and Dad say I have to wait till we’re settled and we have jobs and a place to live before I can propose but it's gonna happen bunny, I just hope you don’t realize we’re a pile of daft idiots before then.”
As a lopsided goofy smile quirked his lips upward you felt a similar force mimicking the movement on your own, “Even if you all are daft idiots, m’never gonna find anyone like you guys. My pretty boys.”
“You hear that mates? We’re her pretty boys, if I didn’t know better I’d say (L/N) has a little crush on all of us.”
“Oh sod off Siri,” You let out a watery giggle, gently nudging the boy’s arm as you looked up at him through water logged lashes.
“Is that true puppy? You like us?” Even though he was usually the most mature of your boys Remus’ mischievous side never failed to shine when he called on it.
“No,” You refuted, “I’m actually rather fond of Severus now that you mention it.”
You’d pulled away from Jamesie’s chest to be able to look at each of them but with your words you were harshly tugged back into him.
“Not funny,” The sullen boy murmured into your ear, “Ours, not Snivellus’.”
“Shhh s’okay bubba I know you love me,” You soothed him, tangling your fingers in his hair like you knew he liked.
“I’m so sorry bunny we ever made you feel like Snape loved you more, I never want you to feel like we don’t love you.” He squeezed you, “How can we make it up to you?”
“I just got in my own head is all,” You explained, “I was telling the truth earlier when I said that it was nothing any of you had done, just shouldn’t spend all that time alone with my thoughts.”
Sirius’ elegant hand started rubbing up and down your back as you all sat there, soaking in each other’s presence after so many weeks of turmoil. Each time his hand slipped lower and lower down your back till he was groping your ass with the palm of his hand.
“Do you believe us poppet?” Remus asked, taking note of Sirius’ hand on your bum, “You believe that we’ll love you till the day we die?”
You nodded your head, face still buried into James’ neck, “I know you’re telling the truth Remmy, it's probably just going to take a little while for my brain to start really believing it, I spent so long worrying about it that mt stupid brain is’nt just gonna start listening to me.”
Remus nodded as he brushed a piece of hair from your face, it was the answer he’d been expecting.
“How about we show you how much we love you puppy?” Sirius asked from your other side, hand sliding from your ass to your thigh before slipping underneath the hem of your skirt.
“What do you mean Siri?” You cocked your head to the side in a rather obvious display of your confusion.
Wordlessly he stood up and slipped you from James’ lap moving to the foot of the bed where he laid you out on your back. Your blouse hung open off your shoulders revealing your lace clad breasts to the man as his eyes raked over your body, taking in every curve and line of your body.
Starting on the cushiony pillows of your lips, red and raw from gnawing away at them all the way down to the soft lines of your thighs he took his time appreciating every millimeter of you before dragging his eyes back up to the hem of your skirt.
One graceful hand slid to the waistband, already loosened he bent down to press a kiss where the material had rubbed your skin raw over the course of the day.
As your panty clad center was revealed to him Sirius swiftly dropped to his knees, his eyes quickly darting to Remus over your left shoulder for permission for what he was about to. It was granted to him with a soft nod.
“What are you doing Siri?” You pondered as he slid your legs apart from each other, sitting up on his knees as he began pressing sloppy kisses onto the insides of your thighs.
Instead of getting an answer Remus spoke, his words directed to the boy between your legs as though his words would have no consequence on you, “You can mark her Sirius, let everyone know that she’s our pretty girl.”
His words sent a zap of excitement up your back as you remembered how good it felt to be their pretty girl. Something you hadn’t felt like in weeks.
You bucked your hips as Sirius’ lips ghosted over your pussy still hidden to him behind the lacy material that matched your bra, “I’m showing you how much I love you puppy,'' He responded to your earlier posed question, “Now come on, lift your hips f’me,'' He murmured as he slipped the panties along with your school shirt from your hips revealing your pussy to his hungry gaze. Sirius carefully pulled the garments from your legs before dropping them to the floor next to where he knelt.
Inching closer and closer to your cunt as he worked his way up your thighs leaving a trail of kisses in his wake he made sure to sink his teeth into the flesh at certain points, just hard enough that if he sucked he was sure to leave behind mouse shaped bruises. The thought of being marked by him caused a ripple of arousal to go straight to your core.
Once he was satisfied with the marks he’d left on your thighs the raven haired boy moved quickly, nosing your folds apart to breathe in your scent, even with the minimal stimulation you’d had you were already soaking, though Sirius often seemed to do that to you.
“Fuck,” You swore as his nose bumped your clit and you reached out to grab onto the bedding but found James’ hand instead, wrapping your hand around his middle and index finger as you scrunched your eyes closed.
“Pretty baby,” James cooed as he leaned down to smear a kiss across your brow, furrowed from pleasure, “Siri making you feel good?”
You nodded fervently as the aforementioned boy licked a broad stripe from your quivering, sopping entrance to your clit, lifting up the hood to suck gently as James often sucked on your tits. You smiled thinking that you might fall asleep that way tonight because you knew nothing made the boy quite as happy as both falling asleep and waking up with your tit in his mouth.
“Use your words puppy,” Remus’ voice sounded from your otherside and you whipped your head to face him wondering when he’d moved over there, “Wanna hear that pretty voice of yours.”
“Yes Remmy, feels so so good,” Your words hitched as Sirius slipped a finger inside of you, continuing to suck on your clit as he did so.
As you spoke your eyes wandered downwards and you were met with a familiar bulge having formed in Remus’ trousers. The werewolf’s gaze followed yours and smiled as his eyes landed on his crotch.
Your head quickly pivoted to the otherside finding a matching bulge in James’ trousers. A pang of guilt hit your heart as you hadn’t even thought about either of their pleasure, being too overwhelmed by your own as Sirius had thrown your legs over his shoulders allowing him to pull himself closer to your dripping, aching cunt.
Somehow your hand had found its way to Remus’ cock as you mindlessly palmed at his bulge as though that and that alone would work to help it escape from its zippered cage and into your awaiting hand.
“Can I have your cock Rem, please?” You begged looking up at him with wide eyes, fingers fumbling as they finally stumbled across the zipper.
“Course you can bunny,such a good girl asking me for m’cock so nicely, let me get it out for you.”
Remus expertly lifted his hips as he unzipped his zipper, sliding his trousers and boxers down to his mid thigh allowing his cock to spring free.
As his cock was revealed to you Sirius added a second finger into your pussy, curling it at just the right spot to hit the sensitive spot inside of you each and every time he thrusted his fingers. As he pushed the second finger inside of you you felt the distinct chill of metal, you gasped at the unique, though certainly not unwelcome sensation.
Glancing downwards you saw that the hand belonging to the arm that was pinning your hips to the mattress did not bear the signature Marauders ring they all wore proudly on their ring finger. Having his marauders ring thrusted in and out of you made you clench around his long, slender fingers, the extra stretch provided by the jewelry was impossibly hot.
The combination of seeing Remus’ cock, standing proud and tall as his tip, bright red, leaked pre cum onto his shaft and the extra stretch of not only another finger inside of you, but a ring, had you squeezing your legs around Sirius’ head.
Flicking your gaze down towards him you were met with Sirius’ eyes already on you and he circled your clit with his tongue. Much to your chagrin he pulled his head away from your cunt, smoothing his palm up your stomach as he smiled at you with the most sincere look in his eyes, “You’re beautiful like this puppy, so perfect all laid out for us, making a mess all over my face.”
Looking at the bottom of his face you saw the mess he was talking about, his mouth and chin were glistening with your slick. Before you could reply Sirius was diving back into your pussy, scooping his arms under your thighs to lift your hips so that he had even more through access to your pretty cunt.
Any breath you would’ve used to respond was pulled from you as Sirius’ tongue began working magic on your cunt, tracing it painfully slowly before abruptly speeding up.
Remembering the gift that had been bestowed upon you you grappled for Remus’ cock, quickly wrapping your hand around it and beginning to pump up and down, loving nothing more than the way he throbbed beneath your touch.
“That’s a good girl, so good at playing with m’cock, there’s a good girl,”
“Like this?” Your wide eyes stared up at Remus as you twisted your wrist pulling a strangled gasp from him.
“Yes baby, just like that.”
You were mesmerized by his cock as you watched the head disappear before reappearing from your fist as you worked up and down his shaft, your hand working along the natural curve of his prick.
A whiny moan from your other side broke your concentration as you turned your head to investigate it, never halting your movements up and down Remus’ member.
Your eyes fell upon James’ whimpering form, shifting uncomfortably as his eyes flickered back and forth between your hand on Remus’ cock, Sirius’ head buried between your legs and your face, pleasure plastered over your every feature. God you looked beautiful when you were getting eaten out.
Finally you settled on the raging boner visible through James’ trousers, it looked almost painful the way it was straining against the restrictive fabric.
“Aww Jamesie m’sorry, been neglecting your cock,” You mewled, the hand not on Remus’ cock moving to palm James through his trousers.
“That’s okay bunny, m’good just watching you, fuck you’re gorgeous.”
You threw your head back as Sirius pinched at your clit, his tongue and fingers having swapped places as he circled your tight entrance which was clenching around nothing, but who could blame you?
You were in ecstasy.
There was a familiar fire burning in the pit of your belly, one that had begun simmering the second Sirius had looked you up and down once having laid you down on the bed.
A small whimper escaped you as you felt James’ strong calloused hand grope your clothed breast over the mesh and wire cage you kept them concealed in because fuck did that feel good.
You turned your visage to view Remus, he was painfully hard now and you made sure to keep groping James on the other side of you as you quickened your speed on Remus’ cock.
“Merlin puppy that feels so good, our good puppy. I love you so much my love, so much,” His praise came as he tangled his hands in your hair, using his hold on your to direct your face up to view his. He looked angelic, beads of sweat forming on his hairline with clouded over hazel eyes and the most beautiful lips you’d ever seen that released haggard groans and breaths.
A whine tumbled from your lips at the praise, Remus was always the gentler out of your doms, James barely counting as most of the time he was on his knees with you ready to obey his next command, but his praise seemed to be affecting you more than you were used to. Not that you were complaining though, on the contrary, you were living for it as it spurred you closer and closer to orgasm.
You squeezed Remus’ cock as Sirius nipped at your clit, the sensation walking the delicate line between pleasure and pain but jarring nonetheless. You’d be lying if you said that it didn’t send a rush of arousal to the fire now beginning to roar in your belly.
The feeling of James and Remus’ cocks in your hands was oddly erotic and as they worked to ground you as Sirius pulled you further and further into bliss the holdon them, feeling every vein and ridge and twitch turned you on more and more and had you bucking into Sirius’ mouth.
“I’m gonna cum!” You screamed as Sirius sped up his ministrations on your pussy, sucking your clit between his lips as he mercilessly pistoned his fingers in and out of you.
“M gonna cum too,” James admitted, sucking in a tight breath as he wriggled his hips, resisting the urge to buck up as you lackadaisically palmed at his still clothed crotch, never having the time to properly undress.
The thought of cumming with James pushed you right to the edge to the point where you could barely form words, but knowing you’d need permission before you were allowed to cum you sought out the one person who could grant you such. “Can I cum?” You pleaded, turning your head to face Remus, “Please Rem let me cum please!”
“You gonna cum too Jamesie?” The lycan’s eyes were trained on James’ face, eyes wide as he watched your hand slip up and down Remus’ curved length.
Upon receiving his answer, a yes delivered in rushed nods, Remus turned back to you, “Yes baby, go ahead and cum for us, make a mess all over Siri’s face. Gonna look so pretty when you cum undone, such a pretty girl.”
That final praise tipped you over the edge, sending you into a bliss filled oblivion as warmth seeped to every nook and cranny in your body. You felt your legs tense and spasm as you squeezed your thighs around Sirius’ head, bucking into his face to get as much stimulation as possible because there was no way for you to get enough.
You distantly registered a string of curses leaving your lips as euphoria washed through your body, taking with it any little doubts and worries that hadn’t parted with the boy’s earlier kind words.
As your orgasm passed and you blinked your eyes open you found a lightness in your chest you hadn’t felt in months. All the wounds from being wrapped up in thorns so long seemed to have healed on your heart, to see you tested it out, letting a singular thought about the boys drift through your consciousness. You were immediately reminded of Sirius’ head still in between your legs, lapping up the slick that had made a mess all over the insides of your thighs, James’ softening prick under one palm and Remus’ still rock hard one in the other.
All those worries you had let occupy your thoughts for months seemed stupid and trivial as you remembered just how much your boys loved you.
“Well would you look at that,” You were pulled from your thoughts by Remus’ voice, following his gaze to James who sat resting on his hands, panting, with an unmistakable stain fresh on the front of his trousers.
“Did Prongs cum in his pants?” Sirius simpered, also huffing, though for completely different reasons as he lifted his head from your cunt, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. The seemingly normal sight sent a shiver up your spine but you quickly shook the thought away.
You nodded your head as your eyes caught on the stain on the front of his trousers but no one seemed to notice.
James’ cheeks were burning bright red as Remus came up behind him, brushing the hair out of his face as he leaned down to press a kiss to the crown of James’ head.
Remus helped the submissive boy to his feet, all the while murmuring quiet praises you couldn’t hear from where you laid until one was spoken loudly enough for your ears, “Come on bubba lets get those boxers off,” The sandy haired boy prompted, “Show (Y/N/N) how pretty you think she is, she made you cum in your pants, I don’t think any of us have ever done that before have we?”
James shook his head as Remus quickly undid the zipper on the other boy’s trousers. The taller boy kneeled to help him step out of his trousers and boxers, leaving him naked from the waist down.
It was an undeniably hot sight, James’ half hard cock resting against his toned thigh, both covered in his cum from his untimely release.
Your eyes were pulled up to Remus as he let out an appreciative hum as he inspected the ruined boxers in his hand.
He slipped onto the bed next to you, “Come on puppy sit up f’me,” Opening his arm for you to settle into his side.
“And you Jamesie,” He prompted, patting his thigh for the boy to sit on. As James settled onto the hard plane of muscle Remus’ still throbbing erection poked into his back, the leaking head smearing precum along the boy’s toned back.
Sirius settled in behind all three of you, peering over your shoulder at the soiled boxers, one hand resting on your shoulder and the other on Remus’. You melted under his touch and snuggled ever closer into Remus’ side, turning your head to press a kiss to the back of Sirius’ hand.
“Y’made Jamesie cum without even taking him out of his pants puppy, can you believe that? That’s how fucking sexy we all think you are, made him cum without even directly touching his cock princess.”
“S’like you’ve got super powers,” James interjected, his eyes trained on you, “Your hand angel, its magic.”
You chuckled at his choice of words, whether or not you were intentional you doubted but it made them all the more cute.
“It’s so pretty,” You murmured, running your index finger through the sticky mess before bringing it up to your lips, sucking it completely clean as you couldn’t get enough of James’ perfect taste. “You taste really good Jamesie.”
The boy at the center of your current conversation turned, hiding his head in the crook of Remus’ neck mumbling a “thank you” into the delicate scarred skin.
“Don’t need to be shy,” Sirius crooned, out of character with the gentleness in his tone, as he combed his fingers through James’ dark tresses, “It’s fucking unbelievable how hot it is.”
You smiled at the delicate interaction between the two boys as James looked up at Sirius with wide eyes and puckered his lips, silently demanding a kiss. It was a demand Sirius was all too ready to obey as he dipped down, sealing James’ lips with his.
As he pulled away he caught you staring at him with want etched all over your face, “Don’t worry puppy,” He simpered, moving to cup your face in his hand, “You can get a kissie too.”
His tongue brushed against the seal of your slips as he deepened the kiss before abruptly pulling away, not wanting to get himself any more wound up than he already was.
“My beautiful girl,” He murmured, pressing a kiss to your forehead as he smiled down at you.
“You two need to get cleaned up,” Remus spoke as you and Sirius gazed at each other, “You, especially Jamesie, made quite the mess of yourself.”
James whined at the subtle comment but aside from that made no other objection.
You on the other hand had other, more pressing worries.
“But what about you, Remmy? You’re still hard and Siri hasn’t even been touched yet, need to get you two off,” Your words came out frantic at the prospect of leaving two of the men you loved so much unsatisfied but Remus was quick to quell your worries with a soothing kiss to your hairline.
“Don’t worry poppet, Siri and I will take care of each other while Jamesie runs a bath for the two of you, yeah? We’ll be right in to join you, have a feeling neither of us are going to last all that long.”
You were reluctant to agree after how amazing you’d been made to feel by your boys since you’d arrived at the dorm and the thought of leaving two of them to take care of each other was frustrating, your frustration did not outweigh the pleasure a warm bubble bath promised and in the end you crumbled.
“Good girl,” Remus extolled as James slipped from his lap and stood before you, arms open and ready to engulf your significantly smaller figure.
You all but leapt into his embrace, loving the way his strong arms could so easily support you.
“Come on angel,” He cooed down at you, “S’bath time.”
Remus and Sirius waited until the two of you had entered the adjoining bathroom before leaping to their feet, their hands quickly finding the other’s chest desperate to pull another close.
James kicked the door closed behind him but not with enough force to fully close the door, the room beyond it was still visible through a small crack.
Through the crack in the door you were able to see Remus and Sirius and even over the roar of the running water James had started that was slowly filling the ginormous bathtub that sat at the center of the room you could make out the words that fell from their lips.
“You’re gorgeous mon chéri,” Sirius muttered against Remus’ shoulder as he tugged on Remus’ cock, the two boys had made quick time and Sirius’ aching member was already in Remus’ palm.
“Just as beautiful as both of our babies.”
“Shut up and cum for Godric’s sake,” The smaller man whined, “I want a bath.”
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wolfstar-lb · 14 days ago
summary: reader tries to seduce her stepdad but he waits until her mum gets home to fuck her
a/n: this is the first time writing a dark themed smut but i couldn't get this out of my mind
pairing: stepdad!remus x reader
word count: 2,390
cw: SMUT — not proofread as much as usual, STEPCEST, mentions of edging & oversimulation, daddy kink, slight degrading, breeding kink, kissing, masturbation, overall fucking, throat fucking (?)
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Tumblr media
that is what consumed you at first.
you felt overwhelming sexual desires for the man that you never in a million years should have.
you knew it was wrong, you knew that it was ever so fucked up to have these thoughts, to let them control you, to let them replay on a loop in your mind.
but lust wasn't a deadly sin for no reason.
it ate you up and there wasn't a thing you did to try and stop it.
because the more you thought about how inappropriate it was, the more you let the feelings take you. you let it speak to you in the middle of the night, you endured its whispering and its sultry voices that ran through your head during the day because there wasn't a thing you could do about it.
except give in, of course.
but you were trying ever so hard not to, you were trying to ignore it, to tell yourself that what you were thinking about doing was completely and utterly wrong.
but then again.
lust wasn't a deadly sin for no reason.
but so wasn't sloth.
you let yourself become lazy until it came the day when you could finally pounce.
your mother was away for a few days, leaving you and your step father in the house alone.
you barely spoke to him for the first day, understanding yourself well enough to know you would give in to temptations because you knew that what you were feeling was pretty much unspeakable and it wasn’t the best idea to act on it.
but by the second day, you had a vague idea of what to do.
you were going to seduce him.
because you knew it was going to happen sooner or later. you had to expel your feelings for him somehow because they wouldn’t be going away anytime soon.
you put on your silkiest, prettiest of pinks lingerie that you had bought just for him. you knew your stepdad had a thing for them. it was wrong to act in this manner, to try and provoke him, to make him a liar and a cheat but there was some part of you that you found yearned for his touch, for his skin to make contact with yours.
it was wrong but you didn’t care.
you sat down opposite him in the living room as he watched the football and you studied his face and a minute after you had entered the room, you saw the colour drain from his face as he looked over at you ever so subtly.
there was no other way to let a spark fly through him than to touch yourself in front of him. to make intensive eye contact with him as you brought your hands down into your underwear and began to finger yourself, bringing them in and out of you and moaning with pleasure. you then brought your hand underneath your bra to play with your own tit rubbing it and feeling it go hard because you knew he would probably get off on it.
closing your eyes and scarcely paying attention to whether or not he was still watching you, you wondered how long it would take for him to lose his patience, or to even tell you off. you were curious to see if he’d ridicule you or be straight on the phone to your mother.
but he didn’t dare to move or breathe for a second, trying not to eye you intensely as you were speeding up on yourself, intensely using your own fingers to scissor yourself when you opened your eyes again to see if he was actually bothered about what you were doing.
he wasn't.
he was watching the tv again, trying ever so hard to seem very uninterested and indifferent about the fact that his stepdaughter was getting off right in front of him for the sake of it.
you took your hands off yourself so you could finish when you had got to your room. you didn’t want him to see your high until he had done something to get it, until he had you basically crying out for mercy as he edged you and edged you. until he had earned the right to watch you become a blabbering mess.
as you walked past him, you glanced down at his pants and saw that there was a bulge in them.
with a smirk, you stopped at the door where he couldn't see you and listened out, hearing the sound of a zipper and the shuffling movement before you went away again, eager to know that your plan was working.
your mother came back a day earlier than you had expected, which was, in a way, a relief to you. you didn't think you could handle the silence and the awkwardness between you and your stepfather for a day without thinking about how your breath hitched when he came close to you and when he looked at you a little bit longer than was necessary and when he spoke softly towards you.
"hey darling," your mum embraced you warmly, making you feel a little overwhelmed by the perfume she was wearing. it was nice, but you had almost forgotten the scent in the two days she'd been away.
"hey mum," you greeted her back, pulling away from her just so you both could hold each other at arms length whilst she conveyed the look of you and you did the same.
remus came in at that moment, strolling in almost timidly. when he saw your mother, he dropped his shyness immediately and brushed past you to give her a long and lingering kiss.
you watched as she smiled against the kiss, pulling away to ask how you had behaved in the time she'd gone.
"just perfectly," you heard him say. you glanced to look up at him to find that he, too, was gazing at you. he was dead set on focusing on you and only you, even when his wife had left the room with her luggage to bring upstairs, his looks did not waiver. he didn’t even offer to help her with her bags.
you could see his hazel eyes, you could make out the green that lingered in his irises. you didn't think that was the only thing that lingered within them.
you saw a mixture of emotions: confusion, a look as if he was daring you to act on what you had so wanted for as long as you could remember, and something else.
it was the look you caught yourself wearing when you so happened to be near remus and a mirror at the same time.
and what was it?
you let him remain in eye contact for several minutes before you glanced away, trying to make an exit before he grabbed your jaw and moved it back so that he could study you some more.
and then he kissed you.
and suddenly it was all you'd ever known: you felt as though you'd been kissing him your whole life because of how familiar it was.
because of how good it felt.
and suddenly you two were scrambling to take off each other's clothes during the gasps of air you took between the kissing that was becoming quite intense. it was becoming passionate and desperate, needy and pathetic.
you were very aware of the fact that your mother was just upstairs but this was what you'd wanted.
this was all you'd ever wanted.
you were both now only in your underwear and you were still wearing your bra.
everything occurred so fast - you were now sitting on the counter of the kitchen and you were at the same height as the man that had begun to pepper you with kisses, trailing them from the neck down to your inner thighs, leaving you to close your eyes at how good it made you feel.
he stopped what he was doing as you felt his dick hard for you for the second time in two days.
you too looked down at his tent and you almost giggled at how it took next to nothing to spur him on, to get him hard and to almost have him at his mercy.
but you knew that it wouldn't be you who was in control. it was going to be him.
and you didn't even mind.
he began to kiss you again, reaching his arms around your back and bringing them down towards your ass just so that his hands could knead into them.
you felt yourself become aroused and there was a little flutter in your stomach that only grew bigger the more he touched you.
he pushed your back down onto the counter so that you were fully lying down and he could see your whole body in all of what he thought of was your 'glory'.
he thought you were beautiful, a piece of art, and the most precious thing in the world.
but that made him want to ruin you, to corrupt you and to keep you as his toy for all of eternity.
he wanted to let his lust take over and for you to let him take full control.
and you were all too happy to oblige.
remus inserted his fingers into your cunt, mimicking what you had just done yesterday. he played with you, sliding his fingers in and out almost teasingly as he heard soft moans escape your lips.
"faster, faster!" you begged, trying to feel what would happen if he picked up the pace.
he stopped what he was doing, took his fingers away and forced them inside of your mouth for you to taste the arousal that had gathered together in the short amount of time he was touching you.
"faster, what?" he sneered, reaching his fingers so far down your throat you were sure you were going to choke.
"daddy," you pleaded, grabbing onto his arm and trying to get it out, "faster, daddy."
"say please, use your manners, brat.”
"please go faster, daddy."
"since you asked so nicely," he said, before backtracking and deciding on something different. "actually, i’m going to fuck you. i'm also going to keep my fingers in your mouth so you can feel fucked in your throat and you won’t be able to make as much noise as i know a whore like you could. and whilst i’m fucking you, i’m gonna make you watch as my cock stretches you out.”
his fingers began to speed up and down your throat just as he slid inside of you. it was painful at first as you hadn't expected his cock to be such a rough adjustment but soon you were used to it and you were practically screaming out in muffled pleasure as he rutted in and out of you.
"all i can think about is you, bunny. about your tiny cunt around my cock, about your muffled screaming because i've got my fingers inside your throat to get you to shut up, and about the slutty lingerie you keep scattered on your bedroom floor just to wind me up," he cooed, speeding up just to make you feel that little bit extra, talking mainly to himself. "i usually don't like sluts but for you i'll make an exception."
"oh fuck," you felt your eyes roll back into your head, vision going dark as he whispered words to you, and told you about all the different ways he was going to use and abuse your cunt everyday.
"and your mother," remus brought his head down to your ear, "if we ever get caught, i'll let her watch as i corrupt her daughter."
his hips bucked after a few minutes and he almost became sloppy.
he could tell he was slowing down a bit and so with sheer fucking will, he continued to fuck you, he continued to lose himself inside of you.
"i'm gonna cum inside of you," he warned, "i'm not going to stop until your pussy is leaking with my babies."
"fill me with your babies, daddy," you cried, still finding it hard to talk whilst you were being throat fucked but he heard you just fine, obliging as he groaned and let himself go.
you weren't finished yet, and neither was he.
he mercilessly continued to ram into you, making you promise him to let him know when you were close.
"i'm so close," you moaned, biting your lips to keep from making so much noise.
"cum around my cock sweetheart," he ordered you in a sweet voice.
and so you did. you revelled in the release you were given at long last and it felt amazing.
remus then took his dick out, bringing his fingers out of your mouth to insert them in your cunt, taking out the cum from the two of you that had mixed together for you to taste.
he made you take all of it before he traced his fingers around your cunt again.
"such a pretty little thing," he said, "i wonder how it'd be like to see it fucked even more, hmm?"
you didn't answer, you weren't sure what to say.
you wanted him to fuck you until you couldn't walk, until you had forgotten your own name.
"i said, i wonder how it'd be like to see it fucked even more," he cleared his throat for emphasis, speaking a bit louder to indicate for you to answer.
you blinked and tried to swallow before proceeding to say, "it'd look so gorgeous, daddy," you gushed, "a wrecked little pussy, just for you."
and so he fucked you even more, he fucked you until he heard the shuffling of your mother upstairs and then he stopped immediately, almost as though he was teasing all along.
but he hurried off to throw his clothes on and throw your clothes to you before he kissed you.
he tried to linger on for as long as he can, eager to get a teasing taste of you before your mother was coming downstairs.
“are you guys okay?” she basically giggled from just outside the kitchen.
"later, i’m going to ruin you again, and again, and then again." he promised once he broke apart.
oh, how lust had consumed you both.
marauders smut taglist: @itsmentalillness @queen-asteria04 @gothboutique @keepawaythenargles @ms-heartbreak-queen @cinnamon-q @arcadeboss @angelicwreck @eleventhboi @couldibeanymorechaotic @peachybaes @mayamoons @acciorxses @queerdeadwizards @oliverwoodmarrymepls @dreamerthinker @angel4you @evesbiggestf4n @l0vely-lupin @harrypotterlover234 @i-is-a-fangurl-weeb @shaysamilf @rosie-posie08 @kayleiggh @reggies-baby @noceurwhore @heartbeats-wildly @siriusstwelveyears @dr4cking @wrongilbert @noturmom128
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“No One’s Gonna Hurt You.”
Remus Lupin x Reader
Tumblr media
(Gif not mine)
Summary: (Y/n)’s Pureblood supremacy loving parents don’t appreciate the friendships she’s made at Hogwarts. The boys never knew how much until now…
Warnings: Child abuse, Pain, It’s just kinda upsetting at first? I don’t know I’ve been writing some mildly concerning fics lately… oops? XD
Pairing: Remus Lupin x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
(Y/n) tried to even her breathing as she laid across the train seat, praying to whatever higher power was out there that her friends would show up soon. She could use a distraction from the blinding pain that had been fairly consistent since she left Hogwarts for the summer holiday. Just when she’d learn to live with the constant throb, her parents would succumb her to more torture, simply because she didn’t agree with their Pureblood supremacy belief system.
She hadn’t told the boys about her predicament yet. How could she? They’d be so angry at her for not telling them. (Y/n) didn’t know if she could handle that.
But the punishments had never been this bad. She sighed, knowing she’d have to tell them this time. It was getting so much worse.
“(Y/n)! There you are! We’ve been looking everywhere for you!” James’s voice sounded throughout the small compartment, as the door slammed open. The girl whimpered pitifully at the noise, the headache she’d been nursing all morning coming back tenfold as the four boys joined her.
“Move over, love. We can’t fit.” Sirius pestered, grabbing her leg to shove it off the seat, earning a sharp cry from the girl in response. His hand had bumped against a rather painful bruise on her calf.
“Woah! Hey, hey, hey…” Remus’s face appeared in (Y/n)’s line of sight as he crouched beside her head. “What’s wrong, darling?” One look in her boyfriend’s worried eyes and (Y/n) wanted to break down crying.
“H-hurts…” She managed to get out, shuffling to sit up a little so she could see the rest of her friends, all staring at her with concerned expressions as Remus begins searching her body for injuries.
“What hurts? (Y/n), what happened?” Peter asked. She sighed. Where to begin?
“Everything…” (Y/n) replied, answering Peter’s first question before her eyes met her boyfriend’s again. “Remmy, I-I’m scared.” She gripped his hand tightly. “Don’t-Don’t make me go back there, p-please!” She practically begged, tears threatening to spill from her eyes. Her whole plan to calmly explain her problem thrown out the window in her current state. She was bordering hysterics, trying to get them to understand.
“Shh…shh…you’re okay. No ones gonna hurt you. I’m not gonna let anyone touch you.” He promised earnestly. “Darling, you need to tell me what happened. I can’t help you if you don’t.” She nodded, slowly calming down at the words (Y/n) knew were true. If Remus was around, she was safe. As long as he was near, he would protect her. He always had. That’s just who he was. “Good… now can you tell me where all the cuts and bruises are from?” (Y/n) tried to calm down her breathing again, finally succeeding as Remus’s fingers ran through her hair, soothingly.
“M-my parents… I should’ve t-told you.” (Y/n) looked up and saw a guilty expression on Sirius’s face.
“They’ve been hurting you because you’re in Gryffindor and hang out with us, haven’t they?” (Y/n) looked down.
“I-I’m a blood traitor.” Another tear trickled down her face.
“I should have known.” Sirius said through gritted teeth. “Merlin, I feel so stupid.” (Y/n) shook her head.
“No. I-I’m the stupid one. I should’ve told you. This is-This is all my fault.” Remus’s jaw clenched in anger.
“No! No, it isn’t. You aren’t stupid, darling. You’re frightened. There’s a difference.” He said, leaving no room for argument. “And I’m not gonna let them hurt you again.” There was a finality to his tone that calmed (Y/n) immensely and she nodded.
“Are you gonna be okay, until we get to the school?” James’s voice asked from across the compartment where he and Peter had sat down upon realizing that Remus had things handled. She looked over at him and nodded slowly.
“Alright. As soon as we do, we’re taking you straight to Madam Pomfrey, okay?” Remus phrased it like a question, but (Y/n) could tell he wasn’t asking.
“O-Okay…” she agreed, hating the idea of telling someone else what was happening, but knowing that she would hurt a lot worse if she didn’t. Remus looked at her for a moment, as if checking the truth to her words before nodding back and agreement.
“Okay… now c’mere. We’re only about halfway to the school and you look awfully uncomfortable.” Remus was careful not to jostle her too much as he climbed onto the seat, leaning his back against the window as he pulled the smaller girl between his legs, her head resting on his chest. “You’re gonna be okay, you know that? I’m gonna make sure of it.” (Y/n) just nodded, cuddling further into his embrace. Her bruises ached painfully as they bumped against him, but she didn’t care. This was the safest she’d felt since the end of the last school year. It was almost perfect. Almost…
“C-Can you guys talk about something? Anything?” She asked, her voice coming out in a weak whisper. They looked at her sadly for a moment, Remus’s hands finding their way into her hair soothingly, before complying, and slowly but surely, they were joking around, almost like normal. (Y/n) smiled softly. Her boys were going to protect her. Everything was gonna be just fine.
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illiantt · 28 days ago
illiantt’s kinktober masterlist
Tumblr media
I decided to try to join this year’s kinktober. I’ll be writing smut dialogues, drabbles or blurbs. So they all might differ in length.
Warnings: I’ll be adding warnings on top of each writing. Please read the warnings before proceeding. And keep in mind that all characters are over 18 years old—even if it’s set in school.
a/n: I will try to follow the schedule when to post, but be aware that I might postpone or change some writings, depending on my creativity and availability. So I might add or remove some of the writings.
Please remember that all my work are 18+ ONLY, so MINORS DO NOT INTERACT !!
1st Oct — Remus Lupin // size kink
2nd Oct — James Potter // public oral (female receiving)
3rd Oct — Poly!Marauders // breeding kink, foursome
5th Oct — Draco Malfoy // recording of act
8th Oct — Regulus Black // cockwarming, public sex
9th Oct — Poly!Marauders // mutual masturbation
10th Oct — Draco Malfoy // ice play
14th Oct — Remus Lupin // daddy kink
16th Oct — Sirius Black // piss kink
21th Oct — Draco Malfoy // praise kink
27th Oct — Poly!Marauders // dare game
28th Oct — Hermione Granger // innocent/corruption kink
29th Oct — Sirius Black // caught in the act
30th Oct — Draco Malfoy, Blaise Zabini, Theodore Nott // blindfolded
31st Oct — Poly!Marauders // foursome, dp
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hellounicorn · a month ago
babysitter - dilf!remus lupin x reader
This incredible idea was given by my wifey @silverdelirium and I’m obsessed w it!! Hope u enjoy and pls pls lmk if you did! Also this is set up in a modern!au, so there are phones as well
Reblogs and comments are always appreciated!
Reader is of age!!
Warnings: smut, mean dom remus, dilf!babysitter remus, age gap, choking, oral (male receiving), throat fucking, vibrator use, pet names, degradation(lots)..and some praise, sir kink, lmk of any other warnings I should add<3 (all acts are consensual, safe word is in place)
Tumblr media
“Don’t think I don’t know what you’re doing.” From the confines of the main living room, Remus’ unimpressed voice came firm with the dull sounds from the TV program he was watching in the background.
He places a beer bottle between his lips, taking a swig of the charring liquid and setting it down on the table beside him, eyes fixating on the doorknob which you’d attempted to slyly open up without making a peep, clearly fruitless seeing as the male was consciously aware of everything you were doing.
Murmuring a silent ‘shit’, you sigh heavily, optics rolling back into their sockets as you release the handle, throwing your hands up and then to your sides as indication that he’d caught you in the midst of an escape plan.
His eyebrows shoot up, awaiting your explanation of defense that was sure to come with a bout of lies, usually ones he could see right through.
You begrudgingly walk towards the vast space of the main room, shoulders slumping low as you reveal yourself to be all dolled up for a party downtown that practically everyone with a social life was attending.
Your sequined dress had Remus clearing his throat under his breath, visibly flustered with how skimpy the outfit was and how the lace neckline of it left very little to the imagination, revealing the curve of your tits pressing against the fabric.
He was coerced to rid himself of the trance he’d momentarily slipped into, “Explain yourself, young lady.”
The brunette comes to remember his role for the weekend as your babysitter, seeing as your parents were out on a short vacation and weren’t confident in leaving you home alone.
Though you were now an adult, you still lacked the maturity and logical thinking it took to be trusted in a big house all by yourself, so they decided to call in their right hand man to keep you in check.
You groan at Remus’ prompting of your admittance, too annoyed with the whole situation that had surfaced the second your parents left the driveway and you were suddenly on house arrest, not allowed any fun or vivacity until they returned.
“Okay fine, yes I was trying to sneak out.” You say matter-of-factly, dramatically plopping yourself down on the couch next to him and reaching for his half-empty beer bottle to relieve even a morsel of stress, immediately getting stopped with his veined hand encircling your wrist and pulling it back.
“I’m listening,” he lets go, giving you a warning look as you retreat away from the alcohol and return to your reasoning.
“Can you blame me? I mean, I’m 18, for crying out loud and my parents stuck me with a fucking babysitter! I’m not a child and I can take care of myself without you, Remus.”
You huff in that very same tone of brattiness that was the cause of you needing someone to watch over you to begin with, your arms folding across your chest as you slump into the cushions, glaring at the TV to avoid reprimand.
“Judging by the way you’re whining like one, I’d say it’s in everyone’s best interest that your parents left me with you.” He shamelessly scoffs, reaching for the remote so he can shut off the program, wanting his full attention to shift to you and your disobedience of the one rule that had been bestowed upon you.
Stay in the house at all times unless accompanied by your babysitter.
You uncross your arms, fiddling with the ends of your dress that just barely brushed your upper thighs and mindlessly tracing circles there.
“And that still doesn’t answer my question,” says Remus, stern with his tone when he didn’t receive a sufficient reply. “I asked you why you were trying to sneak out, and why the hell you thought you’d get away with it?”
You shrug indifferently, “There’s a party that everyone’s going to while I’m stuck cooped up in here, rotting away with my babysitter instead of getting high and fucked like the rest of my friends.”
Remus stifles a laugh, “And you didn’t think to ask me first?” He inquires as if it was a surprise to him that you’d just decided to slip away in hopes to escape his notice without permission.
“No offense Remus, but you’re not exactly the guy I would go to when scheduling where and when I’m making my plans.” You defiantly remark, finding great interest in your fingernails, for you seemed to be furiously picking at them rather than meeting the intense gaze of your caretaker.
“I see,” his voice becomes thicker with frustration. “And what else, hm? You’re not just going there for no one, right? Who’s the lucky bastard you’re getting all whored up for—oops, I meant dressed up,”
His deplorable comment was not without a sultry wink in your direction, making your stomach twist in a shockingly arousing way, hating how much you enjoyed him using such a disparaging phrase around you.
“Well, if you must know..I have a boyfriend. And he’s waiting for me right now, so if you could just not tell my parents about this and let me go I’d really fucking appreciate that-”
“A boyfriend, you say?”
His interest is piqued at the mention of you dating someone, discontent with the fact your intentions in attending this party was to hook up with this boy, despite him probably being another high school screw-up and completely wrong for you.
“What’s it to you?” You sneer, pulling out your phone so you can text your friend that you won’t be able to make it, courtesy of your asshole ‘babysitter’ that was hovering over you at every moment.
Remus found a perfect lead in to where he was going with this, knowing the night would turn violently sexual from the tension between you two.
And while it remained a securely kept secret from your parents, this wouldn’t be the first time you’d both embraced each other by fucking your stresses away; the first occasion happening over six months ago and the two of you had vowed to never speak of it again, although it was hard to not bring up now.
“Oh nothing, princess. It’s just that it surprises me, is all.”
You move your head away from the device, meeting his square in the eye with your tongue pressed against the inside of your cheek. “Oh yeah? And why is that, Remus?”
You adjust atop the couch, tucking your legs under your bottom and discreetly placing your heel right under the button of your clit, applying minuscule pressure there when Remus seductively ran his tongue over his lip, purposefully making you want to see more.
“It’s just, you’d think ever since I fucked you stupid that one faithful day,”
You cringe at the mention, him breaking the trusted promise of keeping it quiet.
“that you’d be in too deep to ever let another man touch you where I did.”
He was almost too nonchalant, leaning back in his chair and downing the rest of the alcohol, wiping the remains off of his chin with his thumb.
The male gave you another wink, forcing you to come to remember the way he did those exact motions on the night he ate your cunt out for the first time until you came, deja vu spiraling in your head by just the hand movement across his chin.
You grind down on your heel further, biting back a moan from just the right spot receiving contact. “How would you know I haven’t fucked anyone since you, hm? Don’t get so cocky, Rem.”
You wanted to drag out the banter, knowing arguing was foreplay for Remus because it gave him incentive to be merciless rather than soft.
“Oh pet, I know you haven’t gotten over me.” The nickname has you squirming, feeling the cushion beneath you develop a dark patch from your wetness trickling down your thighs.
His eyes shoot downwards to where you were slowly but surely using the heel of your foot to grind one out without him realizing, a smirk bleeding on his face when he did. Remus impatiently snaps his fingers and points to the empty space next to him.
“Come here.”
You don’t hesitate, heart leaping with his command and you make way to oblige by bounding up from your seat and sauntering over to the couch where he was lounged at, aptly placing yourself on your knees, of all positions, next to him as if it wasn’t obvious enough you wanted him to fuck you.
You hope for a dote of his appreciation for already knowing he’d want you on your knees, but it never came, instead he just mumbled a low ‘brat’, making you pout in disappointment.
“That’s how I know you’ve left your panties clear of any other men except for me.” He points to the obvious puddle of arousal that was left where you were previously at, the very same occurring right now in this new seat.
You stay quiet, placing your palms on the tops of your thighs and bowing your head in submission instinctively, wanting to make him equally as riled up as you were.
Remus grips your chin tightly with his thumb and pointer finger, moving your gaze upwards so he can see how lust-blown your eyes had already turned. “You’re not this wet just for anyone, baby. You know that, don’t you?”
The urge to keep up the faux-confident attitude surges back, making you tilt your head to the side and give him a small quirk of a smile. “Well I don’t know actually. Haven’t fucked me in so long I forgot how wet you used to get me. Usually it’s the other boys now that get my legs all spread out for them.”
You hear the low growl emit from Remus’ chest, jealousy burning in his veins as his hand shoots to the expanse your throat, eyes narrowing down at you to signal that you oughta shut up before he has to make you do it himself.
“That’s a fucking lie, you little whore. I know I’m the only one on your mind every time you play with that stupid hole of yours. I see that way you look at me at dinner, or my trousers rather, just waiting until you can leave the table and imagine m’cock destroying your insides to the buzz of a vibrator. I hear it all.”
Remus’ hand tightens twofold, making you go dizzy with pleasure when his exposure of you fuels the fire ignited in your belly.
“And as for the other boys you claim you’ve been sleeping around with,” Remus chuckles with a shake of his head.
“Well that’s a lie too. Because I know you’d only ever let someone else fuck you when you’re so deprived of my touch. And the second your so-called boyfriend lays a finger to your pussy, you’re moaning out my name and cumming to the thought of my head lodged between your thighs.”
With the one puff of oxygen he left space for you to intake, you breathily whisper his name. “Remus,”
Satisfied, he releases your throat from his daring hold, letting you clutch onto it as you cough from the lack of air, the male unconcerned with that and more interested on how he was going to make you grateful tonight you didn’t attend that party.
Remus’ head whips back to your flushed face, that had paled with his force, returning to its normal shade; dotted with small tears leaking from your eyes.
“It’s been two seconds, you bratty little thing, and you’re already crying? That was just a bit of harmless choking, just wait until I strip you down and ravage you raw. That’s when you’re really going to weep like a bitch.”
You writhe around in your spot, shaking your head feverishly with the fear that Remus was pissed at you and would use his anger to fuck you ruthlessly, his capabilities lying in such a rabid territory.
“Don’t shake your head at me, I know you don’t want me to stop.” He has a snark lacing his tone, hand rising to lightly swat against your cheek as your first warning, prepared to give you much more if needed.
“I-I don’t sir, thank you.” It’s as if a switch turned on within you, causing you to immediately submerge under his control, all insults or remarks dying on your tongue and becoming only gratitudes for the male to treat you like nothing of his worth.
“Good, because I’m not stopping until you’ve cum ten times over and are bruised beyond belief, you understand me?”
He has a stern finger pointing in front of your face, giving you zero time to give him a reply for he’s entangling a hand in your hair, yanking on the style locks and pulling you off the couch.
You yelp as he uses his grasp to maneuver you around like a wind-up toy, directing you to the space between his legs so you were eye-level with the bulge that had struck up moments ago.
“Ouchie! That hurts, Rem,” you protest, rubbing at your scalp to alleviate some of the affliction that now remained from his bold tugs.
Remus chuckles darkly, a sound that has your skin churning and your mouth shutting, anxious as to what trouble that little comment would get you into.
“That’s the least amount of pain you’re going to feel tonight. Better get used to it because I’m not taking any heed to your slutty complains.”
You remove the rubbing palm you’d placed to the pain point, setting your hands back into position as you moved your head up to peer kindly at him, awaiting his instructions so you didn’t accidentally do anything he didn’t want you to.
He looks down at you like the answer was obvious, giving you a ‘what’s taking so long’ kind of glance. “What are you, brainless or something? Suck,”
You feel another blow of agonizing pleasure wash over you when his hand grazes your cheek again, this time with more force.
“Sorry,” you grumble, restraining the fresh onslaught of tears that threatened to spill from the sting. Your hands fly to his belt buckle, out of practice in undoing it given that the last time you’d done something of the sort was your previous fling with Remus.
You make a small noise of discontent, unable to get the leather off from the loops of his jeans. You look up at him in a silent plea for help, but all he gives is an indelicate arch of an eyebrow.
“You’re that useless, little one?”
You’re expected to nod, so you do; albeit it wasn’t entirely true. “Yes sir,”
He sighs heavily, pushing your hands away from him and gritting his teeth as he undoes it for you. “Thank fucking god you’re not at that party now. No other guy would be as forgiving of you as I am.”
He acts as if his behavior towards you was gracious compared to what others would give you, but you both knew that was a lie.
You hear the clink of his belt come to the floor beside you, giving him an innocent grin to thank him.
“I assume you’re equipped well enough to take out m’fucking boxers, yeah? Or is your little brain too gone for that too?” Remus laughs, resting his arms on the top of the cushion in a relaxed motion, letting you take the lead and put on a show for him.
“Can do it, sir.” You babble, hooking your fingertips under the waistband of his undergarment and pulling it off, your head such that it hovered over his abdomen and right when you rid him of the clothing, his cock brushed lightly against your cheek—right where the bruise he left was.
“Fuck,” you whimper at the unexpected touch, Remus rolling his eyes at your foul language.
“Little girls don’t cuss, you know that. Actually, little girls shouldn’t speak at all, come to think of it. Their mouths are better used for giving proper head rather than talking back to their dominants.”
You sigh, giving him a curt nod of understanding and careening back on your limbs, getting comfy so you were more serene to suck him off and not as tensed.
You shuffle closer to the couch, parting your lips and letting your tongue lull out as a display for the male, hoping he’d grow fonder as the night went on and would ease up on you when needed.
“Oh shit, I almost forgot the best part,” Remus places a palm to his forehead as he comes to remember the little surprise he had planned out for you.
You deflate at his change of subject, and tuck the pink muscle back into your mouth, awaiting for him to tell you what the supposed ‘best part’ was.
“Move,” he taps your shoulder, indicating that you momentarily go to the side while he arranges the added factor he had set out.
He tugs up his boxers, covering his cock from sight, making you whine in discontent that you were so close to getting him to spur your oral fixation before he’d gotten up.
“What is it?” You whine as he pads over to his suitcase in the corner of the room, opening the front zip to where many unexpected items were stored. Mostly toys, some restraints, and even a pricey baby pink piece of lingerie.
Your mouth runs dry, realizing that Remus had known somewhere throughout his stay at your house, things would take a turn for the heated side and he wanted to be prepared.
This only makes you more wet, your thighs like magnets, gluing together for the friction you so desperately craved down there.
Remus digs through the bag, rummaging through the array of stock he had and finally pulling out probably the tiniest of instruments in there— a bullet vibrator.
You let a moan slip just from the sight of the small object. “What’s that for, sir?” Asking politely, you were all but hopeful that you would receive a reward following the throat fucking he was yet to give you.
“Well doll, I may be controlling but I’m not a cruel man. That little pussy of yours deserve some love too, doesn’t it?”
His other hand is holding the remote to said vibrator, thumb flicking experimentally over the various settings so he could feel just how much intensity that the toy would provide; and judging by the way it buzzed ever so powerfully even on the low scale of the modes, he knew you were going to have some fun with it.
“Lack back f’me,” Remus urges, taking you by surprise considering how you were almost certain he’d take his pleasure first and then come back to make you feel good, but he seemed to want both of you satiating your desires together at once.
You lean back on your elbows, unquestioning of the male’s intentions as you watch him kneel down so he was eye level with your dress that you’d bunched up to your hips, panties long gone and discarded beside you.
You keep a gaze locked onto the way he licked his lips at the tantalizing sight, groaning under his breath when he parted your folds with two fingers, almost baffled at just how wet you really were and how easy it would have been to cut the process short and shove his fingers past your entrance to make you cum right then and there.
You restrain yourself from begging for his own body against yours at that moment, wanting him to be the one to bring you to the edge and not just a measly toy that could never accomplish what he could.
But nevertheless, you spread your legs further, giving him a perfect angle to tuck the vibrator snug between your walls, admiring how tightly you clenched around them the second you felt any semblance of intrusion. “D-does this mean I get to cum with you, sir?”
You mumble, glossy eyes asking for his reassurance that you were in fact going to be granted what you’d been unknowingly craving from Remus.
You were expecting a straight-forward reply, but the mystification never ended with the brunette, so all you received was a half-interest scoff from him.
“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, pet. Once I start fucking this throat of yours, you’ll be too preoccupied to even think about cumming.”
You retract with a low sigh, but nonetheless nodding in agreement, not wanting to attempt negotiation only to end up with you getting nothing in return.
He watches the dull pulse of your cunt come to an uproar at the new placement of such toy, unable to wait to see how deliciously needy it would turn when he switched the flip on.
Remus gets up, daunting over to where he was previously sat at and this time tugging his boxers down with zero courtesy or patience, wanting to feel your mouth engulfing him as soon as possible.
You remember what you were there for, placing yourself back into position and leaning forward, delicately placing your soft hands at the base of his cock, wrapping timidly around it to elicit some sort of reaction from him.
It came in the form of a soft hitch and stuttering buck into your hand, making you squeak in the sense that it had become unfamiliar, and you were mildly nervous that you had done something wrong.
“S-sorry,” you pull your hands back, gazing up at him through thick lashes in search for some guidance on how to make him feel satisfied.
“Sorry for what, baby?” He tsks, burying a hand in your hand and petting you lightly, hoping it would help you relax. “For being a clueless, innocent little thing? Just wanting to make me feel good?”
“I dunno,” you murmur, taking his length back into your feathery touch and pumping it steadily, attempting to gain a rhythm before you take it into your mouth.
He couldn’t stand the feeling of just your tiny hands trying to get him off. Remus was hellbent on one thing and one thing only.
“For Merlins’ sakes y/n, just fucking suck me off before I turn mad,”
You hold back a troubled whimper at this, knowing you’d have to obey at once to gain his appraisal, for he was not one to vocalize how good he was feeling unless you were truly deserving of it. “Mkay,”
You feel his hand bunch your hair as he less of your head down, easing you onto his cock slowly but surely. The invasion came as a surprise to you from how far he reached down your mouth, tip prodding at the back of your throat right from the get-go.
Remus’ let’s out a hearty groan of relief, resisting the urge to start sloppily throat-fucking you without allowing you adjustment first.
You plant your hands firmly on the insides of his thighs, using the stability to keep yourself as close to him as possible.
However, you don’t start sucking just yet, you await your own pleasure that was promised to you before you gave him any.
Remus understands this, he gives you one final pet to your head and shakily reaches for the vibrator controller, flicking the switch on to a mid-setting so the dull buzz was barely audible, but still very impactful.
You moan onto his length, eyes tossed back in your head as waves of elation began rolling over you, so much power from such a tiny toy genuinely shocking you.
He smirks at your reaction to the pleasure, letting out a small laugh. “I only get the best of toys for my baby,”
And with that, he figures you’ve had enough time to get used to both sensations at once. “You want my cock, y/n? Want me to give this mouth a firm fucking before you tuck in for the night?”
Without a warning or a space of time for you to even babble an answer, Remus begins snapping his hips forward at an unforgiving pace, your eyes widening as a bout of pain stung within your throat from the vigor.
You shake your head as much as you could with the obvious restriction, tapping your hands against his thighs as a signal for him to slow down.
You couldn’t turn your line of vision to him, unaware of the fact he was tutting under his breath and not letting up. “You used to be able to take me all, bub. And you’d love it. What happened, hm?”
You can only let your response come when droplets of saliva dribbled from your lips, for you were in the poor attempt of gargling a reply for him. “Hurts,” and that in itself had you choking, realizing it’d be better off if you’d stay quiet to reduce your own struggle.
Remus doesn’t address you directly, but he does give his own solution to your issue by flicking the dial on the remote up by two notches, unexpectedly making the electrifying pleasure override the pain.
“That oughta keep you quiet, yeah?”
And that’s when he starts up again, using the grip on your hair to bob your head up and down on his cock forcefully, smirking at the gags you emitted from each nudge at the back of your throat.
As you let him take the rein and use your throat however he damn well pleasure, your focus shifted elsewhere, fidgeting around in the spot so you could angle the toy such that it was nuzzled to hit your g-spot with every quiver it made.
This has you letting out involuntary squeaks and squeals of pleasure, the vibration shooting up the length of his cock and making the need for him to release inside of your mouth steadily increase.
“Does that feel nice, little one? Tell me how good ‘m making you feel by letting both of your holes get my attention,”
Knowing it was rhetorical, you gave your answer by hollowing your cheeks so you could better suck him off, remembering that particular motion always had him a moaning mess just like you were now.
“Must be pretty good then,” he mumbles under his breath, hand falling to the remote so he can switch the level to one higher than it was currently, allowing you as much as you couldn’t get before he forced you to cum with him.
You squirm around, the friction hitting you in just the right spots that your vision was turning blurry and the tears that leaked from your eyes were no longer just from the merciless throat fucking, it was a mixture from the need to cum but being unable to let him know such.
You tap his thigh again, pulling back by less than an inch so you could just barely murmur a ‘wanna cum’ before being shoved back down by his hips thrusting up into your mouth again.
“You’re not very mannerful, are you doll? You don’t stop my pleasure because you’re craving your own.” His breath hitches as he explains to you that you should be grateful for what he’s giving you. “I’d be in my right mind to leave you like this after I cum and let you think about why it is that you don’t deserve it,”
His words pierce through your skull, making your head pound as well as your throat constrict around him, all of the added blurs making you sob further at the prospect of him using you as his little cumdump and then heading out without a second glance in your direction.
“But,” Remus whispers, “I’m not going to do that. I want you as my perfect little pet, and I want to make you happy. So you may cum with me,”
His affirmation that you were allowed to reach your high made you anxious for him to hit his, so you upped your game by going faster and taking him deeper, if possible.
Your nose nudged the tufts of curls that made up his happy trail, brushing against it to make a small whimper fall from his lips, knowing how sensitive he’d be there.
“You got your wish baby,” His voice turns to a strain, hips lifting off the couch and back down as he reaches to the armrest as stability. “Cum right now,”
It was all you managed to hear for the next minute or so, the sound of his allowance filling your ears to the brim as you felt them get stuffed with a metaphoric cotton, losing all senses as you tipped off the edge.
With the grant of permission, you were sent off into the seventh Heaven with him, making a mess all over the bullet vibrator and on the carpet beneath you.
You swallowed his load as he came, taking it all down without even a wince of complaint, understanding this was a privilege for you and you were to be nothing but thankful—which you most definitely were.
You were unaware of how loud you both were being, only coming to realize it when you thought about your next door neighbor listening in to you and Remus cumming to one another.
Time passed in the blink of an eye, the toy shut off and your cheeks still damp with tears as he merely just lets himself lay in your mouth, catching his breath while still waiting to let you intake the oxygen you’d been deprived for minutes on end.
Remus pulls out of your mouth, your head lulling forward to rest on his thigh as you struggle to return your breathing to normal, small coughs eliciting from the strength it took to properly inhale and exhale again. “I’m so proud of you baby, took m’cock like such a obedient little thing,” he praises, making you smile bashfully.
“T-Thank you,” you whisper, feeling soothed by his loving words and the way his fingers ran through your locks, nails barely grazing your scalp. “Thank you so much, Rem,”
The male leans down, kissing the top of your head and smiling fondly down at you, uninterested in moving around anytime soon and snatching away your comfort. “Anytime for my precious little girl.”
You don’t sense it, but possessiveness flickered in his eyes, making him unable to resist. “But y’wanna know how you can really thank me?”
You furrow your eyebrows in confusion, humming lowly to let him proceed. “Yeah?”
“Tomorrow morning, you’ll break up with that pathetic boyfriend of yours f’me, pet.”
This is so long but I just couldn’t stop writing it aljdksns <3 Hope u enjoyed and pls don’t hesitate to interact w the fic, it helps so so much!
Taglist: @randomoutsiders @sapphicwhxre @pogueslandia @pansyslut @toxicmodernity @potionsclasss @wontlastimokwiththat @family-buisnes @littlemissnoname13 @starlight-writes-stuff @youreso-golden @slvt4fakerealities @emma67 @pinkandblueblurbs @quindolyn @daisyyy2516 @lillsthoughts @gold-russh @fredshufflepuff @tomhollandsslilslut @babydraco04 @dracoslittlesluttyprincess @dlmmdl @euphoria-injjsworld @emmaev @1-800-amortentia @groovynachos @itsmentalillness @kaqua @justadreamyhufflepuff @tranquilitybqsehotel @underappreciated-spoon-321 @sprucewoodlover @angelsandsorcery @silverdelirium @qualitybelieverflower @crystal-dee @groovyherringbanditzine @onyourgoddamnleft @yiamalfoy @dr4cking @l0vely-lupin @wolfstar-lb @fandom-puff @prof-moony @riddlesia @cranberrypills @angel4you @mrs-brekker15 @lost-individual-voice @myshamalfoy @starlingelliot lmk if u wanna be added to the taglist!
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Painted With Sin
Summary: The Marauders are quite fond of your innocence, and they want to take it. Basically just smut without plot (lmao im bad at summaries)
Warning(s): Smut. Foresome. Innocence, corruption, size, degradation and daddy kink. Some overstimulation, dacryphilia, dumbification, clit slapping. Mention of oral sex. Pet names. Some Wolfstar.
a/n— don't let the title fool you, this is filthy as fuck 💀
You're quite beautiful they think. No, not beautiful. Perfect perhaps would be more well fitted.
A part of them wants to keep you enclosed in the innocence of your mind, want you to be a symbol of chastity— something that all the three lack. The other part wants to steal it. Have your purity painted with sin. They're not certain whichever they like most.
They press their lips against the smooth sculptured skin. "Our precious little doll" Says Sirius; a heavy hand adorned with silver wrapped around your throat.
You're on top, Remus in and under you. He lowly hisses through every drag of your hips. And you break everytime. Shudder as the length of him reaches those spots within you.
They're amused, grinning as they watch you struggle to take him. The pants; the sweat; the shaking. They think it's fucking wonderful.
"You’re so fucking small dove. Can't even take Remmy’s cock yourself" James teases, slender fingers interwined with yours. Tongue licking up your breasts.
"I- I can! M’big girl" You fight, bouncing harder on Remus’ cock. He groans as you do so, you whimper and whine; still being sensitive from being eaten out like you were the sweetest piece of candy.
Sirius lays his hand down your back, held you back in his hands and then they pressed against your spine— forcing you to arch you back.
"Oh fuck, you're such a pretty whore" Remus moaned, as his nails digged into you.
A sob heaved through you at the movement. But you kept on moving, hips working and working and working. James softens slightly, kneading your tit and then pushing strands of hair out of your face, kissing along the sensitive spot behind your earlobe.
However Sirius seemed to tease you a bit more; he'd always been cruel to you whenever you lay tangled in the bedsheets.
"What happened little slut?" He mocks; placing a firm pat on your bum "Thought you were a big girl, why are y’crying?"
You bit your lip as you tried your best to give him a glare, eyes still teary from having to take Remus’ huge cock, which was absolutely demolishing you from below.
"Give her a break Siri, she's jus’ a tiny baby afterall" he smirks, grabbing your waist and finally— fucking finally beginning to take lead as he thrust from under you.
Your breasts bounced with each forceful thrust; and you lost about all control over your body as his brutality never faultered.
James and Sirius blown away by the sight of you struggling on top of Remus. Their cock standing tall as they softly stroked themselves.
"Daddy, d-daddy stop. M’gonna- gonna cum"
But of course they already knew that. Judging by the furrowing of your brows, the scratching of your fingers across their skin; they knew— knew you were almost on the verge of breaking.
James sucks on your nipples hard, as Sirius travels around the curves of you, either through his mouth or through his hands.
And then you cum. The coil in your stomach unraveling in the most pleasurable of ways.
You collapse then and there on his chest. Heavily breathing as you come down from you climax, and Remus still lay hard inside of you; and every small movement resulted in a cry bubbling out from you from sensitivity. The second orgasm almost too much.
You didn't feel the throbbing of him, the hot warm feeling of being filled up.
An indication that he; infact didn't cum.
And now you were fucked.
"Remmy didn't get to cum babygirl" James growls, pulling your hair and arching your back again.
"Sorry daddy"
"Sorry's not gonna get him off now is it? Such a dumb slut." A tut of disapproval came, "Lay down now"
They was no delicacy in the way he pulled out, and you thumped against the mattress.
The black haired man's hand wrapped around the lenght of Remus as you stared, making an absolute mess on your thighs.
James got on top of you, his hands grabbing your ankles— and then shoving your knees right up to your chest.
Your legs spread up wide, puffy cunt exposed as the three of them stared down at you, all their attention now towards you; they looked at you as if you were all that mattered in this world.
James ran his hand along your abdomen, drawing little circles before sloppily rubbing your folds, spreading your arousal everywhere as you squirmed from the painful pleasure.
"Such a sweet cunt." He whispered, pecking your lips softly.
A grunt came from above you, you turned you head as if to inspect the sound only to be met by Sirius and Remus tirelessly fisting at each others cock.
They were sweaty, grunting and groaning due to the bliss of it— sounds obscene.
The perception of it was pure fucking erotica.
They both smirked at your coveted expression. You eyes never so damn avid as much as they were now.
But then it suddenly hurt. Result of the curly haired boy's hand smaking your cunt. You let out a cry, legs closing before they were opened up again.
"Keep your fucking legs open, y’wanna be a good girl for daddy don't you?" He hissed, now soothing the place he'd recently striked.
"Yes, daddy. Want- Wanna be your good girl, p-please"
He chuckles lowly, his hand raising up and coming down to your heat again, as you jolt up, again struggling to keep your legs up and open.
You count every strike, shaking and whimpering in pain as he hits you again and again. Sometimes your cunt, sometimes your thighs, and ever so rarely your tits.
"20" you whimpered as his last smack came, the tears that ran from your eyes making an absolute mess on your soft cheeks.
"Look at your pretty pussy bunny" Sirius said, bucking his hips into Moony's hand. "So fucking red isn't it?"
You gasped as you stared down, nodding at him. You felt James’ mouth on the inside of your breast, his teeth grazing the soft plush skin and then suddenly he slipped a finger inside of you.
"No!" You protested, yanking his hand away from you but it got shoved aside quickly. "I can't"
"Mmm, sure you can poppet" Remus encouraged, grinning at you widely as James played with you.
Two thick fingers are buried deep inside you. His mouth sucking and biting and teasing your tits as his fingers curl. They work in such a perfect manner that every thrust has your back arching and your toes curling.
"That's it, doll"
The sight of the two boys playing with each other already had a coil forming inside you.
His digits thrust in and out faster. Deeming you closer and closer to the edge. Unexpectedly, James’ other hand circles your bud— tearing the third orgasm of the night from you.
You're sobbing, shaking— in a way sinful.
Just how they liked; just how they desired.
Your lids open the black canvas, and the two are now beside you, breathless as their almost at their climax, and then their cum shoots over you.
Sirius’ cum spills over your tits and stomach, your body covered with all of him; and Remus’ dribbled down from his top and onto your face, even reaching the strands of you hair.
Painted with sin. Right in their arms.
Just as you let yourself rest slightly, you're grabbed by them.
"You didn't think we were done with you now? Oh we're far from that, get on all fours darling"
They corrupt you, but there was a certain beauty in their destruction. Because then again— innocence never lasts.
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gotkindabored · a month ago
band!au inspired by move me baby! ☁️ bassist!remus and singer!sirius fucking you while they smoke
𝐀𝐧𝐝 𝐘𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐁𝐞𝐬𝐭 𝐅𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐝 𝐓𝐨𝐨 | 𝐑.𝐋 & 𝐒.𝐁
Tumblr media
CONTENT: smut, degradation, dumbification, P in V, oral (m!receiving), smoking, choking, sub!reader, names like 'whore/slut,’ tears... why is it always tears?
NOTES: I was writing this before it was requested so you're in luck! It’s definitely longer than the others.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Chk! Chk! Chk!
As flint hit steel, a clicking sound resonated, only to be drowned out by moans, grunts and the slapping of skin. Muffled music helped to smother the sounds as the crew outside ran around, busy setting up while other bands and solo artists ran soundchecks and vocal warm-ups.
Sirius brought the lighter away from his face, tossing it on the nearby coffee table. As he leant back, his head rested against the soft cushions of the maroon couch he sat on with his arms spread to rest on the backrest. Fingers were now replaced with the newly lit cigarette. With a deep inhale, smoke exited from his mouth, a pungent herbal smell surrounded their dressing room.
“Mhm,” Sirius moaned, eyes fluttering close for a moment before spreading his legs wider.
The sight of her on her knees, plush lips wrapped around his cock, head jerking forward to take him deeper with every deep thrust from Remus behind her, sent Sirius into a mind-numbing state. Pleasure flooded his body while he continued to moan, albeit quieter than he usually would. He was trying to save himself for the upcoming performance.
Both Remus and Sirius had their suits on, only their zippers pulled down as her dress was discarded, leaving her completely at their mercy. Her lipstick was smeared, marks littered across her body from an eager Remus.
Sirius lowered his hand to pet the hair out of her face — only to maintain eye contact once he grabbed a fistful of hair to keep her in place as he snapped his hips, shoving himself further down her throat. Her gags were amusing to Sirius and even Remus gave a short chuckle before being cut off by a deep groan. His hips spead up quickly, slamming into her.
Sirius laughed mockingly again as he watched and felt her sputter around him. “How do you like fucking your boyfriend and his best friend?”
Muffed around his cock and brain slipping in and out of a high, fuzzy state, she was lost in pure unadulterated pleasure. She could do so much as moan, hoping that would satisfy his rhetorical question.
“Aw,” he cooed, “Dumb baby’s mouth is too full, huh?”
Sirius simply rolled his eyes. With another quick drag of smoke, he leant in, his body curling deeper into her mouth as she gagged, tears streaming down her face while he passed the cigarette to Remus. Slowing his pace, Remus took a moment to take a long inhale. He threw his head back, groaning at the nicotine flooding his body that increased the growing sensation that tingled over his body.
However, instead of returning to fuck her mouth, Sirius yanked her head back and lowered his face to speak to her. A loud cry erupted from her while his cock slipped from her mouth.
“I asked you a question.”
“... I… please… Sirius…”
Her nails gripped down hard on his leg, hiccuping slightly as Remus picked up his pace once more. He was rough, the grip on her hips impossibly strong and Sirius was mesmerized by her tits bouncing, eyes slightly glossed over and where she and Remus joined together.
He soon scoffs, shooting his focus to Remus who seemed to be as far gone as her. There was sweat covering his forehead, eyes clenched shut while he continued to mutter under his breath.
“Moons, I think you fucked her stupid.”
Remus’ heavy lids wrenched open, a large grin on his face. “Yeah?” He breathed breathlessly, passing the cigarette back to him.
“One cock couldn’t be enough for her.”
“Stupid whore.”
“Just wants to be used.”
Sirius tilted her head up, drinking any whimpers while smirking to himself. Taking himself again, he smeared his precum over her swollen lips and lowered her onto him. She squirmed in his and Remus’ grasps but accepted it without much thought, making sure to hallow her cheeks.
Remus stilled for a second, pulling out all the way — only to slam into her with newfound haste. She yelped around Sirius again, the merciless pace robbing her of any air.
Sirius felt his cock twitch and pulse and in seconds, he hit his high as sticky and warm cum filled her mouth. His hand shot to her head, keeping her in place.
“Don’t waste a fucking drop,” Sirius seethed, hips twitching up to bury himself deeper in her warm mouth. “Take it like a slut.”
“Our pretty little slut,” Remus grits out, correcting him. “Prettiest thing in the world.”
Sirius could only half-mindedly nod, bobbing her head manually onto his length before pulling her away, oversensitivity overriding him.
The puffs of white smoke slowly died down as the cigarette finally dwindled to a nub. The monitor that hung in the corner of the room flashed to a different camera angle, another act on stage being brought out. A set of distant screams rumbled through, travelling all the way backstage.
Then, there was a knock on their door, a loud voice booming, “You’re up in ten minutes!”
Sirius looked to Remus while tucking himself back into his pants. “Y’going to be done by then?”
Remus shifted to sit on his heels; hand wrapping around her throat giving Sirius a full view of her body, fucking into her harder. Her whines turned to breathless cries, head rolling to rest on Remus’ shoulder as she bounced on his cock with a harsh vigour. Her body was limp, having to be held like a toy as it moulded to his body. Now it was a race against time.
“Better be,” he grunts.
Tumblr media
Remember to always practice safe sex and do not use fanfiction as an educational reference.
Tumblr media
GOTKINDABORED © 2021. Do not repost or modify.
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acosmis-t · 2 months ago
here i am requesting anything with remus & thigh riding 🤲🏻
ache || r.l. x reader
word count: 987
warnings: smut, thigh riding, d/s dynamics, light nipple play, overstimulation, mentions of exhibitionism, praise and light humiliation, hints to oral (male receiving)
a/n: this is a bunch of combined requests so <3
it was something you did more often than you should have. after all, they were his clothes, and your own were just within reach.
yet there was something—call it attachment—that had that practicality slipping. instead of the uniform you had arrived at his dorm in, you were now donning remus’ own boxers, paired with your bra—just in case.
you were beyond unsatisfied, though. only able to steal a few minutes of rough kisses and drifting fingers, your boyfriend had left you painfully alone. and while the book you were reading would seem at least moderately interesting in other circumstances, all you could see right now were words blending together and paragraphs that required more revisiting than you cared to admit.
but despite that feeling of emptiness, your mood immediately brightened when the door swung open.
you heard a mumbled, “hi, angel,” as remus entered, and you couldn’t avoid the grin tilting your lips when his eyes widened.
you took the fact that none of the other boys were following (and the lock clicking within seconds) as a good sign, and discarded the book onto the night table, attention set. remus’ eyes trailed over your body, soaked in every inch, then returned to the spots that were so clearly his favorite.
“missed you,” you said, sitting up and shifting to your knees. teasing.
his gaze reached your face once more, and soon enough he was standing before you. one finger lifted your chin, and he watched the movement of your throat as you swallowed. “i missed you, too, sweetheart. like having you wait for me.”
then, he was dipping down, slow and careful, to brush a kiss onto your lips. and another. and another. you lost count. but one hand curled around his tie, and the other around his neck, and his chuckle reverberated through your body as you brought him down with you.
his hair never was neat, but it was even worse once your fingers took to running through it. “y’know,” he murmured as his touch grazed the waistband of those stolen boxers, “i really do have other things to do—” he paused when your lips parted, your tongue taunted, “—told james i’d help him with potions.”
“mhmm.” your mouth found his throat as his back found the headboard. you settled over him without a second thought, your body tired of waiting. his leg was flush against your cunt and you had no objections. “better be quick, then.”
you could feel the resulting smile.
you traced down to his collarbones, then back up to his pulse, tongue circling over the sensitive point. remus groaned, and you instinctively rolled your hips, seeking relief and finding that his thigh provided the perfect alleviation. you repeated the action.
the bra fell to the floor, fingertips danced over your spine, your head fell back as his ministrations took place. it was shameless, the way you were getting off. like you weren’t capable of anything else—perhaps because you weren’t.
your arousal soaked through the fabric, likely staining his own, but you were too caught up in the sparks of pleasure, the friction on your clit through the thin boxers, and that was suddenly the least of your concerns.
“gonna cum, sweetheart?” he hummed, pushing your hips down firmly and eliciting a soft whine. you didn’t even have to nod. “you’re a desperate little thing. can’t even be fucked properly, you’re too needy.”
his lips grazed the shell of your ear, whispering, “though you do look pretty like that. getting off in my own clothes. desperate thing.”
the moan echoed in the back of your throat, and your eyes were shut tightly as you chased the orgasm. you had half a mind to palm him through his trousers, but your efforts were halted within seconds, the block followed by a whispered, “you’ll make it up to me later.”
your stomach tightened as your muscles ached. you pressed your forehead into his shoulder, remus rubbing your back and urging you on, tears almost welling at the prospect of not getting there. “please,” you whimpered.
“tell me what you want. use your words.”
and he laughed when all you managed was a string of, “please, please, please.”
you were wavering on the precipice, and it was the fingers returning to your tits, delivering nearly painful pinches, that had the coil snapping. the climax washed over you, long-awaited and entirely pleasing. the buzz was still there, though you could finally relax, all but collapsing against his chest and basking in the soft praises being murmured.
remus left a chaste kiss to your forehead, but also bounced his leg, evoking another twitch. you were too overstimulated for that, but he almost wanted to test your limits some more. “you feel better now? that’s all you needed? to make a mess of yourself for me?”
you nodded, practically molding yourself against him, craving the proximity as you regained control of your body. “for you,” you echoed.
his massages continued down to your thighs, resituating you so were across his lap, legs subconsciously spreading. two fingers pressed against your clothed cunt, and you bucked into them, the pain just your taste. “i should make you ride a pillow next time,” he mused. “maybe the boys will want to watch that one. sure is a show.”
your cheeks burned, but the idea did have that desire rebuilding, a low whimper resounding.
“but for now...” he continued, shifting to undo his belt. he left a lingering kiss on the corner of your mouth, another tease, before pushing himself up further, leaving room between his legs. “i think it’s time you returned the favor, hmm?”
you dipped your chin, feeling embers burn in your stomach, and took the responsibility of pulling out his length, hard in your palm. you blinked up at him, let his thumb graze your bottom lip, mumbled a soft, “yes, sir,” and got to work.
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quindolyn · 6 months ago
Could you do a marauders x reader fluff?? Like a poly relationship and it’s like Valentine’s Day or sumthing love ur writing <3
Armfuls of Sunshine || Poly!Marauders
Word Count: 2365
A/N: It’s not really valentines day in the fic or any holiday like that, it’s just that swim weather is setting in for me and I want a lazy day at the lake with the boys so this is completely self indulgent. I know I haven’t been writing a lot I’ve just been a bit overwhelmed and I wish I could say that this is a sign that my life is mellowing out but I’m afraid that it is actually to the contrary. In summary, don’t get your hopes up
Warnings: hastily written, tired while written, fem reader, kisses, lake day so reader is wearing a swimsuit, mentions of Remus’ body image issues and allusions to Sirius’ past abuse from his parents
You closed your eyes, leaning your head back to rest against Sirius’ shoulder who sat behind you with you between his legs. Sitting by the Black Lake he was shirtless, you adorned only in a modest two piece swimsuit leaving the skin of your belly exposed so that Sirius could trace shapes along the soft skin. With your back pressed to his chest and the sun’s rays hitting your front you were surrounded by warmth, like a nice little cocoon you were tucked into. 
With your head against his shoulder you left the side of your neck open, vulnerable, allowing him to drip down wordlessly and brush his lips over the delicate skin before finding your sweet spot on the back of your neck and nipping lightly, his hands moving to grip your hips so you couldn’t squirm out of the hold he had on you.
“Siri!” You giggled, feeling Sirius grin into the side of your neck, getting just the reaction out of you that he had wanted.
“Shhh Puppy,” He whispered condescendingly in your ear, “Gotta be quiet, can’t wake up Jamie,” He nodded his head over to your right where just mere inches from you laid the slumbering boy, all messy black curls, hazel eyes, and with a physique that had you weak in the knees every time you saw him.
Currently his back was on display for you as he laid on his stomach, his hands resting beneath his forehead acting as a pillow, you admired the way the sunlight illuminated his skin and you could see the muscles subtly shift under that skin as he breathed deeply in his sleep.
Watching him, you became aware of just how hot the sun had gotten in the hour or so the three of you had been lounging out there, waiting for Remus to finish up his prefect duties so that the four of you could go cool off in the water together. 
“We should wake him up, Siri,” You voiced, lifting yourself slightly from his lap in attempts to wake up James but quickly strong hands wrapped around your waist, pulling you back down to the spot between his muscled thighs.
“Oh come on baby, you don’t wanna do that, you know how grumpy the baby gets when you wake him up from a nap,” He murmured this mockingly into your neck, hoping that the boy he spoke of wouldn’t be able to hear him but as James let out a disgruntled groan and began to fidget you knew he was waking up.
Ignoring Sirius’ snarky remark, you leaned forward once more, this time Sirius’ hands just keeping a steady hold on your hips while making no effort to pull you back.
“Hey baby,” You crooned, supporting your weight on one hand pressed firmly to the ground while the other moved to bury itself deep in James’ locks, scratching with your nails the way you know he liked on his scalp, smiling at the content grunt the boy let out at your ministrations.
Gazing down at him you let your eyes scan his back once more, frowning as you noticed the slight pink tinge beginning to taint his skin, a precursor to what could be a wicked sunburn if not properly prevented. Letting your hand slip from his scalp you ran it down his neck and down his back, he was warmer than he should’ve been, it wasn’t just ‘laying in the sun’ kinda warm it was ‘beginning to fry’ kinda hot.
“Jamie,” You muttered again, louder this time so that you might be able to get more of his attention, “Jamie, wake up.”
“Hmmm?” He hummed, turning onto his side so that he was facing you, eyes slowly blinking open, squinting as they were flooded with the harsh light of the warm sun. He scooched himself so that he was still lying on his side but so that his head was resting against the hard planes of Sirius’ thigh, nuzzling into the soft skin half covered by his swim shorts which stopped at his mid thigh.
“You’re starting to get sunburned Jamie, can’t have our pretty boy getting hurt,” You explained to him the reason for your disturbance, returning your hand to his hair as he inched up the material of Sirius’ shorts to press kisses to his leg.
You felt Sirius shiver from behind you at the contact of James’ pretty lips on some of his most sensitive skin and you found his hand, interlacing your fingers to give him a squeeze.
“But the sun feels good,” James countered between kisses pressed to Sirius’ leg, not going higher or lower, just dancing around the circumference, tracing where the bottom of the shorts would usually sit.
“I know it does,” You agreed, gazing down at one of your three beautiful boys, “But how about you lay on your back for a little bit, let your tummy get some sun and then we’ll put on more sunscreen and hopefully by that time we’re done Rem will be done and we can go in the water.”
“Hmph,” James looked up at you, he was positioned in such a way that sunlight danced through his hazel irises, making him appear even more ethereal than usual, his tan skin glowing in the mid afternoon sun. He was the picture of effortless beauty.
It was unfair how easily the boy tanned, it was something Sirius in particular was envious of but as he positioned himself so that his lips were pressed to the shell of your ear, “He’s gorgeous isn’t he?” 
“Breathtaking,” You nodded, only breaking your eyes away from James’ face when his eyes flitted back down to the thigh he used as a pillow, resuming his dusting of feather light kisses. “Just as breathtaking as you are,” Twisting your neck you were nose to nose with Sirius, pale skin stretched across his angular features shimmered beautifully in the sun, like someone had dusted glitter along his skin in his sleep making him look almost god like.
Your eyes flickered from his unnaturally ruby red lips to his grey eyes where you noticed a smear of black makeup beginning at the corner of his eye. You lifted your hand to your mouth, licking the pad of your thumb, before extending out from the corner of the boy’s eye where his eyeliner from earlier was smudged against his porcelain skin. 
Allowing his eyes to flutter closed Sirius leaned into your touch and you felt your heart swell, there had been a point during your relationship with the three men where you reaching for his face would’ve caused him to flinch and back away, and even if your hand had somehow managed to make it to his face he would’ve sat there awkwardly and rigid until you pulled away. 
But this comfort was a demonstration of the trust that had formed, not just between the two of you but all four of you, even if one member was absent at the moment.
“There we go,” You murmured, pulling your hand back to your lap, though Sirius followed it, not wanting to break contact with you until the las possible second.
“Better now?”
Casting your gaze back down at the near comatose form of one of your other boyfriends you frowned as James had still yet to shift so that his back wasn’t exposed to the sun.
Though Sirius pretended not to care as much as you he too noticed the pinkish tint James’ skin was starting to take on. Resting one of his hands, stronger than yours, on James' face he began rubbing small circles on his cheek, occasionally running his fingers through the other boy’s hair to keep it out of his way.
“She’s right Jamesie,” His low baritone sounded, “Don’t need you with a sunburn so roll over for us, can put your head right back in my lap, just want you to be okay.”
“But m’comfy,” The other boy protested into Sirius’ thigh, saliva spilling out onto the hard canvas of muscle.
Knowing that if James wasn’t going to listen to you or Sirius there was one person whose opinion would matter you spoke, “Can’t have Remmy worrying about you Jamie,” You implored gently, “We’re out here to help him relax,” 
You were right, with the full moon in a matter of days Remus had been high strung, constantly fidgeting, lost in his head, spacing out during class while also hyper fixating on the most minute of details. The boy was a tightly wound mess and desperately just needed a relaxing afternoon with his three favorite people. 
If he even had an inkling that one of you was anything other than completely fine he would focus all of his energy in on that, forgetting the real reason you were supposed to be out there together.
It was those words that seemed to reach James and had him turning over onto his back so that the back of his head was now cradled in his hands which were interlocked and resting upon Sirius’ thigh, his strong, muscled legs kicked out underneath him, his ankles crossed.
You allowed your eyes to run up and down James’ impressive form, thighs just as beautiful, but more defined that Sirius’ but hidden behind a pair of coral swim trunks. His abs were without a doubt the most defined out of all four of you, like his thighs this part of his physique could be attributed to countless hours on the Quidditch pitch, training him and his team ruthlessly, pushing every physical boundary. It had obviously paid off as the strong muscles of his biceps and triceps flexed as he had his arms positioned to prop his head up.
Flicking your glance behind you you noticed that Sirius was appreciating the view just as much as you were, and who could really blame you? James was gorgeous, and he was all yours just as the stunnig boy behind you was.
Once again pushing yourself out of Sirius’ lap you used your hands to stabilize your body on the ground, your palms pressed flat against the soft material of the towel that was laid out underneath you so that your face was mere inches above James. You didn’t even bother waiting for him to close his eyes before you were melding your lips with his, closing your eyes in contentment as you felt his lips fall open for yours, his tongue peeking out to trace your soft cushions.
Reaching a hand up to cup your jaw James used it to pull your face down closer towards his. You released a muffled “umph” as you were forced to drop from your hands to your forearms to support yourself comfortably and James gently took your bottom lip between his teeth, nipping gently as he deepened the kiss.
Before you could reciprocate, matching his passion, there were another pair of strong hands wrapping around your waist, pulling you away from James’ lips and out of Sirius’ lap. 
You let out a high pitched shriek at the sudden, unexpected motion and with what appeared to be minimal effort the hold on you shifted from your waist to supporting you under the bend of your knees and the small of your back.
Not being alarmed as the deep laughter that erupted from the figure was not only familiar but reassuring, you rested your head against Remus’ chest, having recognized him instantly. Inhaling deeply the scent of the thin t-shirt he’d thrown on before making his way down to the lake after finishing his prefect duties you knew that it was no doubt either Sirius’ or James’ as the three boys rarely ever wore their own shirts, always preferring each other’s.
“Hi Rem,” You smiled, gazing up at his visage from your place in his arms, you squinted because his head was positioned directly in front of the sun, making it look like there was a brilliant halo glowing around him.
“Hi baby, I missed you,” He cooed down at you, pressing a sweet and simple peck to your puckered lips before rising back up to his full height, still cradling you in his arms.
“You can put me down now Remmy,” You giggled, not satisfied with the brief kiss he’d given you, you clasped his jaw similarly to the way James had yours to bring his lips back down to yours. 
But once again, much to your chagrin, he kept the kiss short, no matter the firm hand you kept on his jaw, perhaps even shorter than the last once before pulling away and setting you down softly on the ground, taking great care to ensure you were balanced before letting go of his hold on you.
“Neither of those were real kisses,” You complained, resting your hand against his chest, your head at a near ninety degree angle to look up at the male who towered over you.
“No?” He asked teasingly.
Rising to the bait you answered, “No.”
“Don’t whine baby,” Sirius chimed in from where he laid, still lounging upon the ground, “Remmy’s had a very exhausting day (Y/N), can’t blame him if his kissing isn’t what it usually is.” 
Pushing himself up off the ground Sirius sauntered over to where you and Rem stood, making a show as he carelessly flinging his arms around Remus’ neck.
“Now come on Remus,” He ordered with a false arrogance, “Carry me to the water!” Letting his head fall back dramatically he stood there expectantly but was met only with Remus’ light laughter as he ducked out from under the smaller boy’s arms. 
“I don’t think so Pads,” Remus said as pulled off his shirt, you grinned at the seemingly unimportant action but just as Sirius trusting you to touch him made your heart soar so did this. Remus proudly and carelessly displaying all of the beautiful scars that decorated his chest made you so proud of the progress the four of you had all made together.
“Get Jamie to carry you,” Once again lifting you into his arms Remus pressed a kiss to the tip of your nose, “Already got my arms full.” 
tagging: @randomoutsiders @weasleyposts @amourtentiaa @kittykylax @superbturtlemakerathlete @oliviashea05 @gxtitobxby @pinkandblueblurbs @st0nesnglitter @miraclesoflove @priii @wholebigboxofyikes @advictedtohim @gubleryum @temporaryissue @emmaev @zzzfour @itsmentalillness
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angelblacksmith · a month ago
Hugs with Remus maybe ?
Hugs with Remus Lupin would include
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Remus Lupin x fem!Reader
Warning: fluff, mention of sex
Remus loves hugs.
But he doesn't really like the PDA.
Except to hold hands.
So you guys usually hug when you're alone.
Remus is a little taller and you put your head on his shoulder.
Sometimes, while lying down, Remus unconsciously plays with your hair.
Remus loves to lie with you in an embrace while reading books while you are lying on his chest.
Remus likes to hug you after kissing you.
To lie and fall asleep on his shoulder while he does an essay on transfiguration.
Hugs after hard days.
Cold hugs in winter to feel the warmth.
Spend evenings together watching Muggle movies.
Fall asleep in an embrace.
Gentle hugs after sex.
Remus covers you with a blanket at night to keep you warm.
Sometimes a tired Remus can just fall asleep on your chest while you read aloud to him.
At such moments, Remus becomes like a sad, tired kitten.
And you fall asleep too.
It's so cute.
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lupinbrekker · 3 months ago
down like sunsets | r. lupin
Tumblr media
1978. summer at the Potters’ is always guaranteed to be a hell of a good time: swims in the lake, cold beer, apple picking and marshmallow roasting. remus can’t keep his hands off his girl.
PAIRING: remus lupin x fem reader
CONTENTS: NSFW 18+, fluffy smut and rem being a softie for his girl, oral sex (female receiving), kind of an exhibitionist vibe but not really, sirius and reader being besties that simultaneously hate each other, alcohol consumption
A/N: I couldn’t help myself, I had to write this so I could live my fantasy of spending the summer with the Marauders in the 70s, cause WHO the fuck wouldn’t want that? it inevitably turned steamy and I am: not sorry. this is just Remus being a needy puppy. that’s it, that’s the whole plot.
Tumblr media
“Sirius, I swear, if you let me fall-”
“Will you calm down? I would never,” Sirius huffed through gritted teeth, his hold on her thighs getting tighter as he struggled to keep his balance with her added weight on his shoulders.
She reached her arm out, the tips of her fingers barely grazing the glossy red apple hanging off the tree, “I can’t reach it, it’s too high.”
“Okay, I’m gonna jump,” Sirius exclaimed. “You get one chance.”
“What? Siri-“
Before she had time to finish her sentence, Sirius had already jumped. She bounced on his shoulders, reaching her arm out a little higher and getting a hold of the fruit in her hand before Sirius lost his balance, his ankles wobbling, and made them both fall onto the soft grass with a loud thump and a squeal. 
“So much for not letting me fall, you wanker,” she laughed, untangling their arms and legs and pushing Sirius away, who was sitting on top of her hand still holding onto the apple. “Oh no! It has a fucking hole in it!”
Sirius stared at it silently for a second before he broke into an obnoxious laughter that echoed through the whole backyard, throwing his head back onto the ground and clutching his stomach in his hands.
“It’s not funny!”
“What are these knobheads up to now?” James stepped out of his house and into the yard where his friends were hanging out, holding a blue beach towel in one hand and a brick red radio in the other.
“Trying to manage without magic,” Remus was laying down in the grass watching his girlfriend and his best friend with a huge grin on his face as they laughed like idiots under the apple tree. “It’s not going well.”
She got up from the ground, dusting the dirt from her hands and knees, and walked over to Remus, holding the apple up in her hand with her lips in a silly pout, showing him where the birds had ravaged the fruit and crushed her dreams of a sweet, freshly picked apple. 
“Poor baby,” Remus laughed softly and mimicked her expression in a mocking manner, grabbing her hand and dragging her down to where he was sitting to peck her lips.
“Lovebirds,” James whistled loudly, interrupting their sweet moment. “Let’s go for a swim! Pads, get the beer.”
And soon after, they were lounging by the lake close to James’ house, the same they had gone to every single day that week, their bicycles laying in the grass by the shore. The clear water shimmered beautifully under the scorching mid July sun, the soft waves glinting under the sunlight like crushed diamonds. The birds were chirping happily, and the air carried a soft flowery smell that made them all dizzy. It was one of those long and lazy summer afternoons spent swimming in the cool lake and nursing a cold beer.
The radio Y/N had brought with her from London was blasting some rock tune. Sirius was bobbing his head to the song and whistling along to the guitar solo, laying down on the grass on his towel, flicking his zippo open and shut in his hand as he took puffs from his cigarette with the other. Lily and James were in the water, looking more in love than ever, splashing and chasing each other and laughing fondly - all silly smiles and giggles.
Y/N was laying next to Remus on their shared checkered towel, and he couldn’t have been happier. Her head was resting on the crook of his neck, the water droplets dripping from her wet hair tickling him as they trickled down his neck and pooled on his clavicle. The fruity lotion she had put on was making his head fuzzy, and although his hand was holding her waist, his fingers itched to feel more of her. 
It had been hard for Remus to sit there in only his swimming trunks the first time he’d stayed over at James’ for the summer, faded scars littering his chest. They had always been a reminder of his pain and distress that loomed over him even on his best days - but now, years after, he was proud to say he sported his scars unashamedly and comfortably under the non-judgmental presence of his best mates. They had seen him at his worst and had stuck with him through thick and thin, so there was no point in hiding such superficial things from people who loved and supported him, and he knew that now.
Y/N stirred by his side, planting a soft kiss on the base of his neck, eliciting a content smile and a squeeze of her waist from Remus. He really couldn’t keep his hands to himself, especially today. The powdery blue swimsuit she was wearing complemented her skin tone beautifully, and she almost reminded Remus of a cat, stretching out in the sun and soaking in its warmth. She’d also insisted on helping him apply his sunscreen, and he’d had to fight back the urge to topple her onto the grass and kiss her dumb as she made him lay down on his stomach. Her slightly cooler hands felt like heaven under his flushed hot skin, massaging the lotion over his sun-kissed freckled back. 
He also just couldn’t stop his mind from wandering back to thoughts of their last night together in London, the week he’d spent at her house, meeting her parents and exploring her home city through her eyes. The first night they’d shared together. Of them in her bedroom. Of her soft lips and her sweet moans and her hands on him. He couldn’t stop thinking about it - about her - even though she was right beside him and had barely left his side since. 
“How the fuck is it so hot today?” Sirius exclaimed, holding a freezing beer can against his forehead as if to cool himself down before cracking it open. “This is England, for fuck’s sake.”
“I know,” Y/N sighed, untangling herself from Remus’ embrace and getting up from the grass. “I’m gonna go for another dip. Y’coming?”
“Yeah, wait for me,” he said, slowly getting up from where he was laying. 
“Oh, yes, cool,” Sirius spoke. “Leave me here feeling even more single than I already was. Thanks, Moony,” he said with a fake tone of annoyance.
“Don’t be dramatic. Give us some time and we’ll find you a girl, Pads. Or a guy.”
“Or a dog owner,” said Y/N, giving Sirius a wink - to which he answered with the simple gesture of showing her his middle finger - and walking to the edge of the lake. 
Without a second of hesitation, she jumped, perfectly plunging into the greenish water head first. Remus followed behind her, diving in and emerging back up as quickly as he could, only to wrap his arms around her; his chest tightly pressed to her back, picking her up in the air and earning a high pitched squeal from her. He gave her cheek a sweet peck and let her go so she could swim away, swimming after her. 
“Yeah, go ahead, rub it in!” They heard Sirius’ voice in the distance as they swam away from the shore.
They swam further into the lake, to a shadowy spot shielded from the burning sun by a huge tree, Remus trailing behind her in big effortless arm strokes. She couldn’t reach the bottom, but Remus could, being taller than her, so he pulled her towards him and wrapped his arms around her, just so she wouldn’t have to make the effort of actively trying not to drown. Her legs wrapped around his torso, and his hands went under her thighs, her arms around his neck and their foreheads resting against each other’s.
She kissed his cheek affectionately once, and then again, a little lower this time, again and again, cradling his jaw and chin with her hand as his face scrunched up in fake disgust. She giggled softly against his ear at his stupidity and went back to kissing him, only for him to rub his cheek against hers instead, tickling her with his stubble, to which she let out a muffled scream followed by a loud laugh.
Pulling back to look at her, her sparkling eyes looking at him through soaked eyelashes, he leaned in closer, capturing her lips in a soft kiss, and humming against her contentedly as she tangled her fingers on the wet curls at the nape of his neck. Their lips molded together as his fingers moved slowly across her skin under the water, inching carefully towards her inner thigh in a dangerous trail. 
“Rem,” she warned, pulling away from his lips, an eyebrow raised.
“What?” he whispered, his voice getting deeper.
“Where’s your hand going?”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,”  he teased in a playful tone, acting oblivious.
“Keep your hands to yourself, Mr. Wolf.”
“This is torture,” he complained in a childish manner, leaning down to press a kiss to the valley of her breasts.
“Suck it up, my love.”
The sun was setting down now, the bright forget-me-not blue melting into deep ambers and violets across the sky, the crescent moon bright and high up against it. Pink Floyd was playing on the radio on a late night session, the spacey melodies bidding farewell to another fun day, and everything was just good. They had all taken turns to take quick showers after coming back home from the lake, and had settled in the backyard once more. They had managed to build a bonfire with just a lighter and, surprisingly, no magic, and Lily and Y/N had even found them some sticks in the woods nearby to roast their marshmallows on. 
Y/N and Sirius were arguing over said marshmallows, again. For the second time that week. The scene was truly comical, you’d think they’d be fighting for a true life or death matter. Sometimes, Remus thought they had surely been married in some other lifetime, because the amount of times they argued over nonsense was insane. 
The two had known each other for way longer than the rest of their friends had, as their parents had been acquaintances for a long time, and they had been this way with each other since before any of them could recall. They always had a playful bickering going, to see who could irk the other one more or have the last word. They enjoyed pissing each other off, but they were undoubtedly the best of friends; always there for each other, always ready to fight anyone that dared mess with the other. They had sort of an older brother-little sister bond that no one quite got, because as much as they loved each other, they were also at each other’s throats most of the time.
The many beers that had been consumed already weren’t of any help either. James’ parents were away on holiday, leaving the friend group all alone for the week, and it was safe to say that the beer had flowed freely. They had bought the full stash of the little grocery store in the village close to the house - under the vigilant stare of the old lady selling it - and most of it was already gone. The chaotic energy was sky high, and the daily laughter attack accompanied by tears that always lasted at least a good ten minutes was sure to arrive at any minute now. 
They all sat around the bonfire in the backyard, a wood stump serving as a table ready with some more beer and all things necessary for their nightly snack. Y/N was wearing Remus’ maroon sweater now that the temperatures had fallen along with the night, the sleeves of the garment rolled up as they were far too long for her, the hem reaching her mid thigh. She looked adorable, and he always felt a sense of pride that he couldn’t explain when she wore his clothes. It wasn’t possessiveness, Godric knows Remus wasn’t the type at all - but more of an endearing, happy and prideful feeling that made his chest warm and his heart ache in the best way.
She sat on his lap sideways, her legs dangling off the armrest of his camping chair, and he wrapped his arms around her, bringing her under their shared blanket. She cozied up on his chest, resting her head on the crook of his neck like she always did. Her happy place. She leant forward and picked up a big chunk of chocolate from their makeshift table, breaking it in half with her hands and offering a piece to Remus. He opened his mouth so she could feed him, and hummed softly when she did, savoring the sweet creaminess of the treat on his tongue appreciatively.
“So, do tell us what you lovebirds did in London. Did you have fun? Was there any snogging? Any touching, perhaps?” James asked curiously, poking a hole through a marshmallow with his stick. 
“Not this again…” Lily complained. 
“Why are you so obsessed with us having sex?” Y/N asked, eyebrow raised as she took a swig from her beer.
“Oh, so you’ve shagged? I knew it!”
“Took you long enough,” said Sirius, popping a roasted marshmallow into his mouth. “Where’s my fucking money?”
“You were betting on us?” Remus asked, taken aback but unsurprised, a slight smile on his tone. 
“No, but now I wish we had,” Sirius said. “Come on, we were just waiting on you two impatiently. You never did it back at school, and Godric knows you wanted it, always all over each other and what not. I just don’t understand how you lasted so long without doing the deed.”
Y/N, clearly annoyed, threw a marshmallow at him, landing it right between his eyebrows and bouncing back onto the floor. Sirius picked it back up, the plushy sweet now covered in dirt, and with a crazed expression, threw it back at her, who ducked down on Remus’s lap and barely dodged it.
“You’re gonna eat that, Black,” she threatened in a tone that could’ve scared anyone but only made Sirius laugh hysterically, before she got up and walked into the house, empty beer can in hand.
Remus trailed behind her, making his way towards the kitchen to find some more chocolate and hopefully avoid any more questions about their shared time in London. He wasn’t uncomfortable with his friends’ harmless curiosity, he just didn’t think their shared affections were something to be discussed. He wasn’t the type to brag about those things like people back at school used to - he preferred to keep certain things private, just for the two of them. It only made it all the more special and exciting.
He found her in the kitchen, filling up a glass of water from the tap. She turned around to face him when she sensed his presence, to see him silently sneaking a piece of chocolate from the counter. He winked at her from across the room and she grinned, shaking her head. 
“Hey, you okay? That didn’t bother you, right?” he asked, referring to their friends’ inquiry. He walked closer to her and wrapped his arm around her waist. 
“Not at all. It’s just fun to be mean to Sirius, s’all,” she said, making him laugh at their constant fake animosity.
He cupped her cheek with his hand, brushing over her brow with his fingers, admiring her familiar features. His girl. She looked so pretty clad in only his sweater, her legs bare; tired, sleepy eyes from the day’s activities; a content smile on her face as she gazed at him, batting her lashes slowly. She pressed a kiss to the palm of his hand cradling her face, and before he knew it, she was dragging them both back to the backyard, her hand in his. 
But he couldn’t let her go that easily. He wouldn’t, not now that they were finally alone for the first time that day. The dim light coming from the kitchen faintly illuminated the desolate hallway as he grabbed her wrist and pulled her back towards him, pressing her against the wall and silencing her surprised squeal with a kiss. She melted into his embrace, draping her arms over his shoulders, their lips molding together gently. He grinned at her reaction, both his hands coming up to her face to hold her cheeks and bring her closer to him. He swiped his tongue over her lips, asking for entrance into her mouth, but she denied him, pulling away from his mouth instead.
“Don’t get carried away, Rem. We’re not alone.” 
He could hear his friends laughing and talking animatedly outside, but he didn’t care much, “So?” His lips moved down her neck, placing playful, wet kisses under her jaw. He tried to coax her into giving up, his hand sliding down her body, finding her butt and pressing her flush against his front.
“Please?” he asked. “You know I have a sweet tooth.” He eyed her up and down, like he was about to have a piece of cake.
She bit down on her lip at what he was hinting, her skin heating up as she pondered his proposition. Remus Lupin wasn’t as innocent as everyone thought he was - playful, cheeky and witty Remus; with the smart comebacks, and as she had learnt not that long ago, a skillful tongue.
“Let me make you feel good, baby.”
She was done for. She nodded in excitement and pushed his head down, bringing him to his knees as he grinned up at her happily and eager to have her now so familiar taste on his tongue again. He wrapped his hands around her thighs, nudging her legs apart before he dove in and started to plant soft, open mouthed kisses from her knee all the way up to her thigh, inching closer and closer inwards, and biting at the soft flesh of her inner thigh. 
“Remus,” she squirmed. “Don’t tease, please. Someone’s gonna walk in on us.”
“Oh, but you’d like that, wouldn’t you, baby?” 
She wasn’t embarrassed to admit to herself that the possibility of it was exhilarating, but it only made her more impatient for him to get on with it. He hitched her sweater - his sweater - up, revealing her underwear, and kissed her over the fabric gently, barely grazing his lips against her and inhaling her scent, looking up at her through his long lashes, green eyes sparkling in the dim light. She breathed in harshly in anticipation, her breathing getting agitated, already weak for him as her knees wobbled. His fingers caressed lightly over the skin at the hem of her underwear, carefully tracing the outline and leaving goosebumps under his feather light touch.
“You’re gonna kill me, Remus, please.” She looked down at him with pleading eyes. 
“Please, what?”
“I want you, please.”
“What do you want, my love?” He kept playing with her, hooking his fingers on her panties and pulling them down her legs slowly as he placed gentle kisses over her lower belly.
“Your mouth. I want your mouth.”
Who was he to deny his precious girl the pleasure she deserved? 
That was all he needed to get on with it. He wrapped his hand around her thigh, lifting it up effortlessly and placing it over his shoulder, his face inches close to her core, and he eyed her in concentration, his lips parted as he debated his next move. One of his hands moved up from her thigh, and with dainty fingers, he spread her folds, staring at the sweet, wet spot where her arousal was pooling. 
“Look at you, baby. That’s a good girl,” he whispered in a hoarse voice, a smug grin on his face when he saw how wet she was already for him.
He buried his head between her legs, his lips finally making contact with her, and she gasped in surprise, the feeling of his warm tongue washing over her like some drug. He breathed a laugh at her reaction, and stroked over her clit again, kissing at her folds and her slit; hot, and slow, and wet, and relentless. He sucked on her nub before running his tongue down her folds and pushing it into her opening, lapping at her dripping hole and catching her arousal in his mouth. She tensed in his hold as he kept fucking her with his tongue, his hand moving up her thigh to draw lazy circles over her clit with his thumb.
Her fingers tangled in his sandy, sun bleached hair, her nails lightly scratching his scalp, and she gave it a firm tug as his tongue made a certain vertical stroke that sent her into overdrive, her head falling back onto the wall. Thank fuck he was holding her up, because she was sure that if he wasn’t, her legs would’ve given up by now. 
He looked up at her from his spot on the floor once more, his big green doe eyes darker in the dim light and hazed with arousal, and kept lapping at her, sucking and licking ravenously, seemingly unable to get enough of her sweet taste on his tongue, as he intently observed every little face expression she was making: her eyebrows furrowed and eyes closed tightly, mouth hanging open in a soundless, broken moan. He twitched in his pants as she bit down on her lip, swallowing her own moans, trying to keep as quiet as she could. 
“My girl, so beautiful. I love you,” he mumbled, his mouth never leaving her skin.
“I- fuck, Remus, I love you too,” she managed to choke out, trying to catch her breath. “Yes, so good.”
“You wanna ride my face, baby?” His nose bucked against her clit as he urged her to roll her hips against his tongue, his hold on her thigh tight, sure to leave the imprint of his fingers; his other hand on her hip, bringing her further on his shoulder and closer to his mouth, pinning her in place. He just sat there, letting her have her way with him and fucking his face as he moaned along with her, her hips rocking on his open mouth, his tongue flat against her pussy as she tangled her fingers in his hair and tugged at it harsher now.
She was trying to keep her moans and whines at bay, letting out hushed out encouraging praises and whimpers instead that only made him more insistent and eager to please. Although, her effort proved to be of not that much help, because the sounds he was making echoed through the whole corridor. Merlin. The sounds. The slurping, and the slobbering, and the filthy wet sounds he was making as he sucked on her. She hadn’t realized before that she could be so fucking turned on. She was sure that if his mouth hadn’t been catching her juices, she would be quite literally dripping onto the floor by now. 
She felt like she was floating, laying down on a pillowy cloud in the sky, far, far away from that dark corridor. Everything else banished, she couldn’t really think about their friends suddenly walking in on them, to find Remus on his knees with his head between her legs - couldn’t even feel an ounce of embarrassment or shame. It was just Remus and her and his mouth on her driving her closer and closer to her release with every brush of his tongue over her swollen clit. 
“My pretty girl. So, so good for me,” he hummed against her, sending a chill down her spine. “You gonna cum for me, baby?”
She nodded desperately, making the arduous effort of opening her eyes, and she felt her world crumbling as their gazes met. His cheeks were flushed red, his murky green eyes hazed and burning with intensity, pupils blown out, his hair messy from running her hands through it. She could see the outline of his growing erection in his pants, aching to be released, and how he was palming himself over the fabric; his other hand tightly wrapped around her thigh, his fingers digging into her flesh.
The overwhelming feeling of love she felt for him at this moment only added more fuel to the fire burning bright in her belly. It seemed as if looking at him was all she needed to come. A flush of heat surged from the pit of her stomach up towards her chest, dusting her skin with a cold sweat, and her breathing got rattier and uncontrolled as waves of pleasure washed over her; her fingertips pricking with electricity and her head spinning, eyes rolling back into a leg shaking orgasm.
He smiled at her as she came down from her high, still down on his knees, grinning happily from between her legs, wiping his mouth with his hand and sticking his fingers into his mouth to get every last little drop of her. He planted a kiss on her lower belly before helping her get into her panties and getting up from the floor, towering over her as she tried to catch her own breath.
He was about to connect their lips once more when-
“Oh, you’re here!” Lily interrupted them, barging into the house and stopping in her tracks on her way to the kitchen once she saw them. “You’re really missing out on Sirius’ reenactment of Romeo and Juliet. He’s doing it all on his own, it’s very impressive.”
Remus was still pinning her against the wall, his hands on her waist, but Lily didn’t seem to pick up on that or the tension still thick between them, she just continued talking animatedly as she walked down the corridor. 
Remus sighed, knowing he would have to wait until later to get his own release, but content nonetheless now that he’d gotten what he’d been dying for the whole day. He pressed a kiss to her forehead, “Let’s go, you gotta bully Sirius for that.”
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