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#remus lupin x reader
hellounicorn · 22 hours ago
oooh, what about james, siri and remus teaching innocent!reader how to finger herself?
I love for this😵‍💫😮‍💨
“Rub your clit, princess. Don’t be scared,” Remus coos as he leads your trembling fingers to your engorged button, maneuvering your hand such that you were stimulating the nub and reaching your high faster than anticipated.
“There’s a good girl, just feel the little jolts run through you, isn’t it just everything you’ve ever wanted?” James admired how you strategically angled your fingers such that you were reviving maximum friction to your needy cunt, getting the hang of something you’d previously assumed only they could do.
“Come on now Prongs, look at her” Sirius marvels as he signals you to rock your hips in tandem with your digits. “‘Course it is, she wouldn’t be quivering like a baby if she didn’t enjoy it,”
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mrskatpotter · 2 days ago
seven minutes in heaven - remus lupin
summary: while at a house party you and remus get chosen for seven minutes in heaven
warnings: kissing, SMUT, fingering , handjob, praise kink, (maybe) innocence kink, (lmk if i missed something)
AN: this technically is the first smut ive written but i read so much that hopefully it’ll all just come to me. anyways, hope u enjoy. not proofread
Tumblr media
the scent of firewhisky drifted through your nose as you squirmed uncomfortably on the rug of the gryffindor common room
you watched as mary mcdonald and fabian prewett exited the broom closet, coming back from whatever sensual actions that occurred. judging by their shared flushed cheeks and crinkled hair, it was nothing short of erotic.
lupin’s name was called as it was his turn to spin. you never had much of an occurrence with the boy, but you knew of him. of course you did. he was one of the infamous, loud, mischievous marauders, as they called themselves. him being an exception from his rather rambunctious bestfriends. one of your own friends even shared a one night stand with his friend, sirius black, and if lupins anything like what your friend told you about black you expect whoever the bottle lands on is quite lucky.
with an encouraging nudge from the bespectacled male beside him, he gave the bottle a flip and waited. a barely noticeable gasp spills from your lips when the glass centers on you.
you listened with a bewildered expression as the room sounded with wolf whistles, and lupin himself sent a curious smile towards you, upon seeing your crimson cheeks. you pushed up from the floor as you and the lycanthrope made your way towards the closet.
the room was a small, so small infact you and remus were almost pressed against eachother in the dark. you could feel your heart flutter in nerves as he sits down and beckons you to join him on the ground.
“you don’t have to worry with me y/n. I won’t do anything you aren’t comfortable with”, he tells you with certainty in his warm eyes.
you bring your knees to you chest. “I’m not scared of you or anything. I just….I-I’ve never really….been intimate with someone. not in this way at least” you mutter with your head down, ashamed to see his reaction to your embarrassing prudence.
something darkens in his gaze towards you as he takes in your words and the innocence behind them. suddenly he feels the need to show you how pleasure works and be the first to have his hands on you.
he clears his throat and grabs your chin to gain your attention. “I’ll show you, if you let me, that is”.
you can’t help but feel aroused by the clarity in his voice and comfortable in his presence, that without a word you nod your head towards the male.
“words, y/n. I need words pretty girl.”
you flush at his words but without hesitation force out a “show me please”.
he grins and places his hands on your thighs to gently pull them apart. your skirt rides up to your waist leaving him a good view of the soaked spot on your panties.
“aww, this all for me darling?” he coos mockingly and drags of finger on your clothes cunt.
you whimper as he excruciatingly teases you until he pulls your underwear aside and presses his finger onto your clit rubbing the nerves.
you gasp at the unexpected pleasure and grip onto his bicep desperately. your thighs subconsciously close around his hand and he uses his other hand to hold them apart.
he coats his digits in your arousal and thrusts them into your entrance as you moan softly and throw your head back.
he grips on your neck with one hand, pulling you towards him so your legs are wrapped him and in his lap, as his other hand speeds up and curls inside your walls.
“keep your eyes open for me baby. your doing so well.” your eyes flutter open as his roughly kisses you, swallowing all your sounds as your arms wrap around his neck.
“I-I think I’m close. please may I cum?” you plead at him as his mouth his on your neck sucking away, while his thumb repeats pinching and rubbing your clit.
“cum for me, love”, he grunts in your ear as you pull on his hair, and clench around his fingers coming with a cry, back arching against him.
he slowly takes his fingers out of you and brings them up to his mouth, to taste your slick. he groans softly pressed a kiss to your forehead, helping you pull up your panties.
you look down towards his crotch and note the noticeable tent in his pants, and feel an overwhelming need to show him your gratitude.
you place your palm over the bulge and gently caress it looking into his eyes with an in-awe expression.
“please let me thank you, wanna be good for you.”you pout at him, giving him puppy eyes.
he curses at the angelic tone in your voice, as though you were asking him something completely wholesome and not dirty whatsoever.
“yeah, wanna be my good girl? show me how good you can be”, you quickly unbutton his pants, feeling giddy at the chance to prove yourself to him.
you take his out of his boxers, and hold in a gasp out how large he is. taking your hand you wrap your palms around his length and gently press as the head.
he groans softly and you perk up at at the fact your pleasing him, speeding your hand and pumping him as precum drips down your hands.
“so proud of you angel. being so good f’me”, he praises as he pats your cheek affectionately. you practically purr at the affirming words and use one of your hands to softly knead his balls, wanting to be the one who makes him cum
“get ready, darling. m’gonna cum down your throat okay?”, he grunts as you nod your head and wrap your lips around his head.
he groans and quietly curses your name as he shoots down your throat and you swallow deeply with watery eyes. you place his softening cock back into his underwear and pants looking up at him for approval.
“did so go good for me princess. such a good girl”, he coos as he kisses you softly, chin inbetween his thumb and forefinger.
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angel4you · 2 days ago
🎀 - send me a character (marauders or golden trio) and a senerio (sfw or nsfw) and i’ll write a little dialogue or expand on it
Professor!Remus bending you over his desk after class 😵‍💫😵‍💫
“stay fucking still, did you not hear me the first time?” remus’ nails dig into your tense skin. your chin turns red as it rubs against the wooden desk. "needy little cunt can't take even take all of me and you still think you can act like a whore?"
"sorry sir" your whimpers are becoming harder to hold back as remus continuously rams deep thrust into your sensitive pussy.
"you sorry, huh?" he spits, grabbing your hair to pull your body close. "well you really will be sorry after those little legs of yours can't stop shaking" he whispers growling in your ear before your chin is against his desk again. "now stay still, you owe me two more if you still want that grade up"
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littlest-dark-age · 2 days ago
It wasn’t me that originally asked but omg I NEEEED a part 2 to that “Jamie’s fingering the reader and teasing her” where Remus and Sirius actually go in and help the poor girl out 🥵🥵😘
Sirius busts down the door with such a force that makes it hit the wall, startling you and James. You practically jump into his arms at the sudden "guests" as you peer over Sirius to see Remus hungrily staring at your naked chest. The soft rising of it drawing his eyes before they drift down to your spread legs. Grinning once he sees the large stain sitting under you from how wet James has made you, yet knowing you haven't even cum yet.
His pants tighten even more as his mind wanders to the thought of finally letting you cum, how pretty your face will twist and the way you'll moan so sweet for them. Sirius quickly storms over to you and James, making work of the buttons of his shirt so by the time he reaches the bed its drifting to the floor like a long forgotten thought. Sirius rakes his eyes over your sweaty body, his stare letting you know that if he could...he'd eat you whole.
"Is this what you've been doing to my poor lovie all this time? You don't even have your pathetic cock are you meant to fuck them like they deserve? Ah yes, clearly you didn't intend on it. S'alright puppy, me and daddy will fuck you nice. While jamie here, watches with his hands tied.," Sirius turns back to look at remus with an arched brow ",Sound fair?"
Remus grunts as he locks the door and begins to unbuckle his pants, the metallic sound sending a wave of heat through out your body and pulses at your cunt.
"Sounds fair enough."
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Hello! I have a Lupin X reader request! Something where Remus and the reader have been dating for a while but she’s a Weasley and they get caught having sex and have to come out about their relationship. It can be from her pov or his! x
explain yourselves
remus lupin (older) x reader
summary: the Weasley’s are off to Auntie Muriel’s birthday party in Kent, but Lupin has other plans. contains some smut, slight angst and fluff ! written from Lupin’s POV.
‘Mum,’ she began. Her eyes flicked over to mine momentarily, before once more landing on Mrs Weasley. ‘Is it alright if I stay here while you go?’
The Weasley’s bi-monthly trip to Aunt Muriel’s cottage in Kent was not, you should understand, one to be missed. Arthur, having no means of driving himself, had managed to rent two Ministry cars. That was ten seats across both: the twins, Ron, Harry, Mr and Mrs Weasley, Bill, Kingsley, myself, and her. The Devon to Kent drive was well over three-hours, and I hardly fancied the result; sitting awkwardly in a small floral living room with Molly’s ill-tempered aunt, drinking black tea and making awful small talk.
Not to mention the sex would have to stop. I had no idea whether Aunt Muriel’s cottage had enough bedrooms to house all ten of us, but I’d rather assumed we’d be sharing, and it’d be unlikely I’d be paired with her, seeing as we were on an almost Shakespearean level of secrecy.
‘Not on your own, dear, no. Have you packed your bag?’ Molly was reorganising the knife and fork drawer, not the most quiet activity for a Sunday morning.
‘Leaving eleven o’clock sharp,’ Arthur called, zipping around the table and swiping up an empty cup. He filled it at the sink. ‘Are you packed?’
‘Mum just asked me that,’ she said, slightly irritated. I concealed a smile. ‘I was just saying, I’d like to stay here this time. I’ve got a lot of homework for next term, plus I’ve got those exams coming up. Remember how worried Percy was when he was doing them?’
There was a slight tension in the room after the mention of Percy. Arthur cleared his throat.
‘Well, I don’t see why you shouldn’t, if you’re really worried. D’you want me to see if Harry’ll stay as well?’
‘No, I already asked. He said he’s happy to do it later, and no surprises but Ron agreed too.’
‘What about your sister?’ Molly said keenly.
‘Ginny doesn’t do them until next year, mum. Look — just this once. I promise I’ll come next time, I’ll live with Auntie Muriel forever if you want.’
Molly closed the drawer, leant on the table, and gave her a serious look.
‘Someone ought to stay with you. I expect Bill won’t mind — ’
‘I’d quite happily stay.’ I interjected.
The plan, since Molly and Arthur had mentioned the idea of the group trip to Kent, was that we’d stay behind for a weekend of — let’s face it — uninterrupted sex. She’d say she needed to stay home for work, I’d offer my guardianship. Simple, effective.
‘Really, Remus?’
‘Certainly. I find myself snowed under with Order admin work, why not take the opportunity. With your permission, of course. I shan’t break anything.’ I flashed a smile, content with my lie.
‘Well, that could work out rather well, couldn’t it darling,’ Arthur said, gesturing towards me. ‘Old Dark Arts teacher, eager student!’
‘Oh yes,’ Molly grinned. ‘Reckon you can take a peek at her Potions work, too? Had several upset letters last term from you, didn’t we, darling? Severus Snape is not one of your favourites, is he.’
She grimaced, embarrassed.
‘Mum,’ she mumbled, flushing pink.
‘I tell you, Remus,’ Arthur was half stepping out of the door, toolkit in hand. ‘Our daughter was never happier than when she had you as a teacher.’
She was sat on my lap, pressing gentle kisses to my neck; beauty is her, I thought, as she lifted her face to smile. They’d left that morning, waving hasty goodbyes and speeding off in the Ministry cars. We waited for five, ten, fifteen minutes, then we made love. On the sofa. Loudly.
Her shirt sloped off of her shoulder, and I kissed the bare skin softly.
‘This afternoon,’ she said. ‘Can we play Wizard’s Chess?’
I looked at her blankly.
‘Darling — you can’t play Wizard’s Chess.’
‘I can,’ she scoffed. I raised a brow, and she frowned. ‘You won once, that doesn’t make you the champion. Besides, I’ve been practicing.’
‘Oh,’ I chuckled. ‘I can imagine you. Sitting in your room, the chess board in front of you, talking to yourself. Crazy cat.’
‘I am not a crazy cat.’
She said it so seriously and with so much annoyance that I laughed again.
‘I was practicing with Harry, actually.’
I stopped laughing.
‘Yes. Something about two young minds, both of us. He’s really good.’
I gulped. But, angry as I was, I felt myself growing hard again.
‘I’m sure.’
‘Harry and I really get along, you know.’
‘Oh yes?’
She shifted on my cock slightly, and I saw a flicker of recognition cross her face as she felt it beneath her. She smiled momentarily, then composed herself.
‘Haven’t you noticed he sits with me all day? I think he quite likes me.’
‘That is interesting.’
‘Do you ever think about me and other boys, Remus?’
‘What’s this about, then?’
She palmed my cock, moving from my lap down to the floor, where she knelt. I was already slightly worn from our first round, but couldn’t deny my arousal at the sight of her face looking up at me; big eyes, expectant smile. I stuck my tongue in my cheek as a response.
‘So, you don’t want me to do this?’
She pressed her tongue to my trousers, eyes not leaving mine, and waggled it about slightly. I bit my lip, still rather irritated.
‘Come up here.’ I instructed. She practically leapt up, waiting for me to swiftly undo my belt once more, unzipping my trousers and pulling my cock out.
She giggled, pulling off her own underwear without protest. She climbed over, and hovered above me for a moment.
‘You want to fuck me, don’t you Professor?’
‘Sit, now.’ I seethed. She lowered herself, too slow for my liking; I pushed her down further, and thrust myself into her. She was still warm, still wet from our previous encounter, and she moaned breathily as I began the steady but hard movements.
‘This is what you wanted, isn’t it? More of my cock?’
‘Yes,’ she whimpered, hands running through my hair. Her head fell forward, and when she leant back again, I moved the hair from her eyes.
‘ — a thousand times, I’ve said it,’ the key turned in the door, and we snapped our heads around. ‘I’m sorry. How was I supposed to know I’d left it.’
The door clicked, then opened.
Ron shuffled his feet against the doormat, grumpily dropping the keys onto the kitchen table.
We didn’t move. I couldn’t. Something in me said that if I didn’t move, maybe he wouldn’t notice us. But the kitchen was in perfect view of the living room, and it wasn’t long before Ron’s head turned slightly in our direction, and then a very long pause.
‘You’re — ’
‘Fuck,’ she said. She seized a cushion, stuffing it in front of her stomach.
‘Were you — ’
‘Ron — get out!’
‘For goodness sake, Ron, we’re late as it is, having to turn around halfway to Kent — why are you just standing — oh my goodness!’
Molly stood in the doorway, and — rather comically — dropped her wand with a clatter.
‘Mum — ’
‘Lupin — ’
‘Ron — ’
‘Molly — ’
She stood quickly, pulling her shirt down as far as possible. It barely reached her thighs. I pulled the cushion closer to my crotch, wincing. She was bright red, as was her mother; though Molly was red with rage. Mrs Weasley gestured to the door, and she quickly walked over, not glancing back. I could see them talking outside, Molly’s hands on her hips, then a car door slam, and I suspected Arthur had been observing the commotion. Ron cleared his throat.
‘Forgot Muriel’s birthday presents.’ He muttered. Of course, I thought, Muriel’s one-hundred and fifth.
‘I see.’ I said, awkwardly.
‘So, are you … ’ Ron glanced at his sister, who seemed to be getting quite the grilling outside, then back at me.
‘Er — yes.’
I stayed quiet. It was unbearable.
‘Harpies won against Cannons, annoyingly,’ he said, feigning normality.
‘I think I’ll go and check on your sister, Ron.’
I stood (having done up my trousers hastily), gave a stiff smile, and made for the front garden. I must’ve looked guilty as sin, eyes shifting about as I walked over gingerly, hands stuffed into my pockets. She avoided my gaze. Molly scowled.
‘Remus,’ she hissed, harshly. ‘Explain yourself.’
Arthur was sweating, squinting in the sun, looking confused.
‘Listen,’ I held my hands out defensively. ‘I — ’
‘Mum, what’s going on?’
Ginny’s head was poking out the backseat window of the Ministry car.
‘Talk.’ Molly demanded.
‘Okay, well, we — for some time now — have been … involved together.’
‘Involved!’ Arthur shrieked.
‘We — managed to get to know each other during Order meetings and, what with me coming here a lot and you coming to Grimmauld, we’ve had a lot of spare time to talk.’
‘Mum, it’s nothing.’
‘I’ll bloody we’ll decide whether it’s nothing or not, and it isn’t!’
‘Mrs Weasley, if I may,’ I cautiously moved towards her daughter, putting my hand on her shoulder consolingly. ‘I — care, an awful lot about your daughter. She has — ’
Don’t say changed my life.
‘Changed my life completely. I assure you that I do my best to watch out for her and l — love her.’
‘Unless you’ve forgotten, Lupin, she has us for those reasons too.’
Molly didn’t usually call me Lupin, and I frowned at the use of it.
‘You love her?’ Arthur asked, seriously.
‘Who then, are we to judge.’
‘Arthur, you must be joking?’
‘Thanks, Dad.’
‘Thank you, Arthur.’
‘Molly,’ I said. ‘I implore you to listen to your daughter.’
Molly’s narrow eyes shifted to her. She looked at me nervously, then back to her mother.
‘I love him, Mum. Really.’
I saw Molly’s face soften slightly, and she swallowed. At last, I thought, she sees reason, great reason. Mrs Weasley raised a hand, and put it against her cheek softly.
‘Alright,’ she whispered. ‘If it means we lay one more plate at the table, so be it. But, Remus,’ she said, warningly. ‘If you ever — ever — do anything dangerous with, to, or around my daughter, you can say goodbye to her and us forever.’
I did feel, in a sense, inadequate. Truthfully, I am dangerous. I cannot guarantee her safety. All I can guarantee is love, and love is not safety.
‘I promise.’
Mrs Weasley had, to our astonishment, still let us stay home from the Auntie Muriel trip. After Ron had retrieved the unbelievably large bag of Muriel’s presents they loaded themselves back into the Ministry car. Arthur scolded Ron for his muddy shoes in the rental car, complaining that he’d have to do some ‘bollocking cleaning enchantments’ when they arrived. Ginny gave her sister an awkward smile, winding the window up and not looking in my direction at all. We stood at the end of the drive as they drove off, giving a small wave and grinning guiltily.
‘Shall I start calling her mum?’ I asked, smirking.
Tumblr media
A/N: sorry this is actually quite poorly written and short, it was such a cute idea and i don’t think i did it justice !
and i apologise for my lack of posts … letting you all know now that my deadline is Thursday so i have a break after then, likely to post a few exciting things. i hope you’re all doing okay <3
taglist: @bloodhon3yx @invisiblegirl360 @badbittieee @urgingforyou @3llla @bychrissi @subtlendelicate @bendywires @real-name-taken @faerieandfishsticks @normccartney @kimyugyecm @missetbilu @turningtoclown @bettyscardigan8 @naimadrawsstuff @moony-n-snape @nickangel13 @lexandra-maluary @howellatme @lilbbyyyy
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secretsocietywriter · 2 days ago
Roommates - Chapter 1 - Birthday Smacks
(1440 Words)
Teacher!Remus Lupin X Fem!Reader! X Older!Sirius Black
Summary: Y/N is Professor Lupin's favorite student.... 😉! On the brink of her 18th birthday, she decided to go out and have fun. Who else in the world should she meet but Sirius Black.
Warnings: Teacher x Student, smut, spitting, spanking, oral sex (male and female receiving), older men, three way, anal sex, vaginal sex, cursing, public sex.
Author's Note: Hogwarts (and this story!) Take place in Scotland. In Scotland, the legal age of consent is 16 years of age. The legal drinking age is 18 years old (in some pubs, if they're only ordering beer, wine, or cider, they can be 16 or 17 years old!). My point is, no laws were broken in this story (exept maybe Teacher x Student, but some articles that I've read said that in Certain places in Europe it us allowed as long as the student is 18. So I don't know about that one.)
Tumblr media
Y/N was a student at Hogwarts. She was currently leaving her Defense Against the Dark Arts class. Well, trying to leave. Right as she reach the door, Lupin called out for her. Just as she hoped he would. Her heart hammered as she heard his name call her.
"Miss (y/l/n), would you mind staying behind an extra minute?"
The other kids in the class started to 'oooh' at her possibly getting in trouble. She ignored them and walked, a little nervously, towards Lupin. He was so handsome leaning against his desk, arms across his chest. His hair swooped over into his face and a soft smile played his lips. This was her last class of the day, meaning they were free till dinner. He looked over her shoulder as the classroom door shut, making sure everyone was out of the class.
"Now if I remember correctly, your birthday is tomorrow, correct?" He asked like he actually forgot.
Obviously he knew. He somehow knows everything. She nodded, eager to be a good girl for him. His smile widened at her. Looking her up and down, he signalled for her to stand next to him. She moved beside him, but as soon as she got their, his hands were on her hips and he was turning her around. Her hands on the desk, he lifted her skirt.
"And how many birthday smacks would that conclude to?" He asked, his hand squeezing and rubbing over her bare ass.
"Eighteen sir!" She said, proudly presenting her ass and rocking her hips.
"Delightful," he remarked as he moved his hand back to lay a hard smack on her ass.
Her entire body was sent forwards into the desk, her legs clenching as she bit hard on her lip. It was clear she would be bruised after this. He rub the other side before laying another hard smack to her ass. She tried to keep herself from calling out his name, but her eyes were already rolling back in pleasure. How is what she usually questioned. How could pain bring so much pleasure. He smacked her again.
His hand trailed up her back as he walked beside her. He leaned down and kissed her forehead lovingly. He peppered her face in kisses as he smack the other side of her ass. Now that both sides were even, he moved his hands to his pants.
"Open up, Love." He asked her sweetly.
She obliged. Expecting his cock in her mouth, she was socked when he leaned down to her level. He spit into her mouth before standing back up.
"Hold onto that for me," he joked as he drove his stiff member into her mouth.
She gagged at first but quickly adjusted to the change, hallowing her cheeks and swallowing around him. His hand snuck into her hair as his head rolled back. He began to guide her up and down his cock in an even pace. Her gaging and labored breathing filled the room. With every noise of pleasure she made, he wanted to go deeper.
She loved pleasing his cock like this. Knowing that she was bringing her favorite teacher so much pleasure made her heart pound and her pussy clench. She continued to suck and lull on his cock, making sure that she slobbered on every part of his member. She heard his delightful moans from above her as she licked up his slit.
Suddenly she jerked forward as she felt his hand lay another hard smack on her ass. She giggled and moaned around his cock. Which of course sent vibrations through him. His eyes rolled up before squeezing shut. He felt his pleasure rising and knew he had to stop. Slowly, he lifted her head off of his cock by her hair. She whined a bit, but in the end rested her elbow on his desk and faced forwards.
Remus walked behind her, barley touching her with one finger that trailed lightly over her mostly clothed, heated skin. Stepping up behind her, he planted six more smacks on her ass. Each one burned her skin like fire. And nothing was sexier than the the fire of lust that grew inside her as she waited for him to fuck her. She gushed and leaked onto the inside of her thighs. He saw as little drops of her excitement dripped onto the floor when he smack both sides again.
"What number are we on, love?" He asked her.
It was always like a pop quiz when he spanked her. He never told her to count because he expected her too.
"Th-thirteen sir," she spoke clear and loud for him, though her face was sideways, smushed against the table.
"Wonderful, love." She was expecting another smack after that.
Instead she just felt anticipation. The anticipation of his hand rubbing soothing circles onto her red, bruising ass. She only felt one though. And sure enough, barley two seconds later she could feel both hands on her ass, spreading her cheeks apart so he cpuld slide into her dripping heat. She not only bit her lip in pleasure, but she also lulled back her head and eyes, clenching around him and moaning.
As he pushed into her, more of her gel like liquid leaked onto the floor. He honestly imagined licking this floor afterwards. Tasting that delicious taste of her perfection on his tongue. He prepared to smack her as again as he sped up his thrust. Her head at this point was bouncing with her breasts with every thrust. He grabbed a large lock of her hair roughly and pulled back on her head, keeping it still. With her eyes on his, he smacked her ass for the fourteen time.
"Show me." He commanded calmly.
She knew what he wanted and she held put her mouth. Sitting there on her tongue was the spit he left there earlier. He leaned down and kissed her deeply. When he pulled away, he told her to swallow it. She did and stuck out her tongue to show him. He laughed and smack her ass again. She clenched around him, making him go faster and deeper.
It was like he was a power tool with how fast he was snapping his hips into her. He released her hair and grabbed both of her hips tightly. They had been doing this for almost a year now, so they knew what precautions to take. Like Y/N knew when to come to class under a birth control charm, and also knew Lupin liked hearing her pretty noises. That ment, he kept a silencing charm over the classroom so she could be as loud as needed. This was good because right now she was near screaming with how hard he was giving it to her.
Honestly, she loved him and would do anything to be with him and pleasure him. She wanted to please him and meet his every need, even if it meant being his slut. And after being his good little birthday slut for what felt like hours, but was actually around twenty-seven-ish minutes, she felt her impacting orgasm clinging closer to her.
Her legs were shaking, her eyes were crying, and she felt like she was about to drown in pleasure. She snaked a hand down below her skirt and began rubbing her clit, clenching around Remus every time he moved inside her. He knew every spot to hit with his long cock, every spot not to hit, which angles felt best, and he used it to his full advantage. Finally, as her climax was seconds away, he smack her ass for the sixteenth time, throwing her over the edge.
She came and squeezed around him. As he pulled a little, he noticed the ring of her slick around his cock. His brink being close to, he sped up his thrust ever so impossible faster. He stopped and held his cock inside her, letting out a long slow release of hot cum straight into her womb. She clenched the desk the tighter he clenched her.
Finally, he released her hips. Not for long though. She almost collapsed. He held her chest close to his and soothed her. He helped her walk around his desk to his chair and he sat her down in his lap. He rubbed her hair and wiped away her kissed.
"Why don't you sit in here with me while I grade some papers, hm?" He asked soothingly as he kissed her shoulder. She nodded and nuzzled into his neck, watching him work. He had definitely just given her the best birthday gift ever.
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arianagreyy · 2 days ago
A Letter From The Dead || J. Potter x Reader
So this work of mine is in an image form since I wanted to portray it as realistic as possible. I also want to post some works related to Halloween so I'll try my best to stay active.
This work is exceptionally lame and I wouldn't take it as a mature work of mine but please, bear with me!
Warnings: Bl00d, Mention of su!c!de. Let me know if there are more.
Tumblr media
Taglist: @elenadalton @athenaaknight @nickangel13 @hereforsmutonly-blog @secretsthathauntus @padf00ts-l0ver @kiaragrose @mrs-igotabadidea @moony-maddie-blog @cursedandromedablack @waszuka @aliethesimp @medeaa5 @literishdegree99 @siriusstwelveyears
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comfortscripts · 15 hours ago
Hi Hun!!
What would the the Marauders love languages be? I feel like they would all be so different
Honestly this question takes up more of my mind than I'd like to admit. And I added Regulus because everything is better with him.
It was rare that the Gryffindor Keeper slept in but with the up and coming final match, James was running on fumes until finally, they ran out. He always put everything into helping others and doing the best he could, even if that meant sacrificing his own health. But thankfully, he had you to make sure he feels better.
James Potter
Love Language ¬ Acts of Service
Shuffling around the Gryffindor table grabbing pastries and fruit to pile into the little container which was gradually overflowing. James needed his rest but he also needed food and knowing the busy boy, as soon as he woke up, he'd go running to Quidditch field.
Hearing the shushed sound of the door being gently closed, the sleeping wizard's eyes began to flutter open to recognise his surroundings. As his outstretched hand grasped his glasses, the clear sight in front of him made his heart swell.
There you sat, overflowing parcel of all his favourites clutched in your hands. With a shy smile and stunning eyes, the combination captured his soul. Feeling of love radiated off of you as you crawled up the bed towards the newly awoken boy with full intentions of keeping him in bed until every last pastry was gone.
James does so much for everyone but when you do something for him, he feels his heart explode with love.
As your head laid against his slowly rising chest, fingers trancing circles on his bare arm as it encased your body. Remus allowed your scent to fill his senses, calming the nerves in his body from the exhaustion they suffered last night.
Remus Lupin
Love Language ¬ Quality Time
Reciting the pages of William Wordsworth as the sore werewolf drank in your soft words, heartbeat falling in sync with the rhythm of the poetry. Tender words fell from your mouth, making Remus' mind wander as his heart grew in love.
All his life, he believed that no one would waste a second on a monster like him because why would they? Every month he became this blood thirsty predator who deserved worse than death and whilst the other days of the month he was just another teenager, he couldn't help but feel worthless. Until you came along.
Of course the Marauders helped him along with his little problem but you. You were the cure, gentle caresses as you bandaged up wounds, soft words to coax him back from his primal state and this. The time you spent so willingly with him after every full moon, every time he needed you. Never once complaining or leaving him stranded, you were always there to offer your time and in return, he offered you his entire being.
Harsh words and painful sentiments etched into the paper by the one person who was meant to love him unconditionally, his mother. Threats and insults absorbed into his being as his eyes welled up from the words, feeling the hatred seep into his skin.
Sirius Black
Love Language ¬ Physical Touch
The letter was ripped from his hands, only to be discarded in the blazing flames of the comforting fireplace. Within a matter of seconds, your arms wrapped around his body, completely engulfing his broken figure in your sturdy grip. Sobs racked from his body as he let himself be held by his lover, burying his head into your welcoming neck.
Minutes drifted into hours and still, there the two of you stayed. Your body and his tangled in a scene of comfort, fingertips tracing delicate patterns on his exposed skin as your other hand kindly stroked his luscious hair. The sobs became extinct as gentle hums of love and appreciation fell from his lips instead.
All those nights of meaningless hook-ups before you came along, all to try and fill that craving of touch. A craving you could satisfy with the simplest caress of his hand. Hands resting on his jaw, filling his desire for the touch he was neglected in his childhood.
Feeling your hand begin to stop and drift away from his body, a low mumble of disapproval escaped his lips. Shuffling deeper into your embrace, fighting any attempt to be untangled from you.
Lowering your hand back to its original placement, "I will hold you forever if you want me to"
Heart speeding up at your words, he placed a heartful kiss against your neck before muttering whispers of 'I love you'. He didn't need his mother's approval, all he needed was your loving touch.
Regulus hated nightmares. Regulus hated his family for putting him through the stuff nightmares are made of. Regulus hated how weak that fear made him.
Regulus Black
Love Language ¬ Words of Affirmation
But you loved Regulus and that mattered most.
Tossing and turning, tangling in the cotton sheets as he battled with the sleeping demons in his mind. You shook his body, forcing your words into his mind with hope of waking him up and getting him out. The darkness slowly faded as he awoke, tears beginning to well in his eyes at what he had just experienced. Adrenaline coming to a halt as his body convulses in hope of catching his breath.
"It was just a dream my love, nothing can hurt you here"
Running your fingers through his mop of curls in an attempt to soothe the panicked boy. As he blinked away the tears, his arms circled your figure to pull you close, almost using you as a tether to reality.
"They were all there. Telling me how to act, how to be better." Biting his lip in hope of reducing the quakes in his words, "I'm not good enough"
"Regulus Arcturus Black. Never say that!"
Pulling away from his lanky body, you laid your hands against his jaw, forcing your eyes to lock with his insecure ones.
"You, Reggie, are the best person I know. Everything you've been through but here you are having overcome it all. You are the most caring wizard I know and you hold more love in your little finger than anyone I know."
Placing a chaste kiss on his quivering lip before continuing.
"You are incredibly handsome"
"You are probably the most powerful wizard I know"
"The way you protect those you love is incomprehensible"
He would fight a million nightmares and challenge any demon to hear those words you speak for only a second more.
He brought you into his arms with such force, you felt the gasp pull from your throat as you collided with his firm chest. Hearing his pounding heart, knowing that instead of fear, it pumps with love.
As the two of you laid down on the tender bed, your whispers of compliments and affirmation lulled the Black boy into a peaceful sleep.
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gotkindabored · 2 days ago
En Garde!
Olive Garden, breadsticks, time to kill and the Marauders. What could go wrong?
PAIRINGS: Marauders & F!reader (platonic)
CONTENT: fluff, crack
NOTES: idk what Olive Garden is 😭 I just saw online that they’re Italian and sell breadsticks. And don’t ask what this is. I just needed a break from my other fics / homework
Tumblr media
James hungrily eyed the basket of freshly baked breadsticks laid centre of the table. The waitress assigned to them had a notepad in her hands, a forced grin stretched across her face.
"Hello! Welcome to Olive Garden, can I take your order this evening?"
Remus put down his menu and peered up. "I'm sorry," he said politely. "But we need a little more time to decide.”
The waitress nodded stiffly, swiftly exiting with a loud and tired sigh.
The moment she left, James had already lunged over the table, grabbing a breadstick and shoved it into his mouth as Y/N and Remus gasped in horror.
"You're going to choke!" Remus scolded, only to be sidetracked as Sirius mimicked James. He grabbed two breadsticks, but instead of devouring them whole, he threw one at James and stood on his seat.
Using the breadstick, Sirius pointed to a shocked James, glasses slightly smudged with salty olive oil due to the breadstick being whipped at his head.
"Thinking what I'm thinking?" Sirius grinned.
It took James a moment, only for a large smirk to appear. “You’re on.”
"Angel!" Sirius exclaimed afterwards, "Mind if you start us off?"
"Don't encourage them!" Remus groaned into his hands, trying to shrink himself down to hide from any passing bystanders.
She giggled, clearing her throat and clapped a few times. "I'd be honoured to boys!"
"Alright then!” She sat straight, grabbing a nearby pepper shaker and used it as a microphone. “Now in three..." James and Sirius bowed to each other dramatically. Sirius flicked his hair from his face as James placed his glasses on the table. "Two..." They took their stances. "One..." They raise their swords — or rather, breadsticks.
"En garde!"
James swung first, the makeshift sword smacking hard against Sirius’ shoulder.
"Fuck you!"
"Finally admitting you want all —" James gestured to his body “— this — OW!"
Sirius swung, smacking the stick against his friends chest.
They managed to find a rhythm. With sharp circular hand movements, footwork fluid to allow them to easily move; their breadsticks clashed against each other, hitting and defending themselves from each attack.
That was until James suddenly stopped, grabbed Sirius' breadstick and took a bite from it.
"You bit my sword," Sirius replied. Not a question, but rather a statement. He was bewildered, blinking rapidly.
She and Remus snickered.
"You guys are so fucking embarrassing."
"You bit my sword?!"
James shrugged, chomping down on the breadstick and swallowed, flipping him off.
Annoyed, he swung at James with all his might. Unfortunately, James ducked and Sirius managed to time his swing just when the waitress returned, only to be met with a breadstick smashed against her face.
The oil rubbed all over her face, a loud thudding sound echoing across the restaurant as the other patron’s head whipping in their direction.
"Fuck this shit," murmured Remus. Promptly, he stood, grabbing Y/N's hand and dashed out the front door, leaving a shocked, mortified Sirius and frozen James behind.
Tumblr media
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remusluvr · 2 days ago
nothing good ever lasts || r.l. x reader
summary: you're finally able to join Remus and your other friends but nothing good ever really lasts. warnings: longer story (2.6k), death, angst, sad Remus, crying, fluff, kissing, cursing, one genderneutral pronoun near the end, the reader is shorter than Remus (if I've missed anything then feel free to DM me and I'll fix it)
"(Y/N)!" Remus engulfed you in a hug as you stepped through the fireplace, setting aside your trunk on the ground. His arms tightened around you while yours did the same. After months of separation and barely any contact at all - you can thank Dumbledore for that - you practically melted into his embrace. Why Dumbledore hadn't allowed you to join the order or stay with your friends was unknown but right now you were just thankful that he had finally come around to his senses. “I missed you so much," he whispered into your ear as he lifted you off your feet, stuffing his face in your neck and leaving sloppy kisses in his wake.
"I missed you too," you giggled, pulling away from his embrace to properly kiss him. His lips moved fervently against yours, showing the raw need in it. No letters from you left Remus feeling uneasy all the time and now that he was able to feel you against him, against his skin, he never wanted to let go.
“Did you miss me, (Y/N)?” Slowly pulling away fully from Remus, you looked over to the doorway where a familiar long-haired boy was leaning against the doorframe with his stupid smirk. You rolled your eyes and moved towards him, pulling him into a lung-crushing hug.
"How could I not miss you?"
"Order meeting at five tonight," Sirius told you once you were finished with your hug. You wanted to know where Lily and James were but decided against questioning it, it's not like anyone would be able to tell you anyway.
"Let me show you our room, love," Remus said, grabbing your bag from off the ground by the fireplace. You smiled, skipping over to where he stood to grab his hand. You said a quick goodbye to Sirius before following Remus up the stairs to where he'd been sleeping for the past few months.
Despite the physical room not being one in Remus's house, it was very much him. The books were piled in different areas around the room, the desk covered in various papers and crumbled parchments, and the clothes lying around the room. It was so perfectly him, the boy you had been so badly missing. Remus placed your bag on the dresser and rubbed at the nape of his neck, a redness flooding his cheeks at the state of his room.
"Sorry that it isn't clean. I-"
"I love it. It doesn't matter if it's clean or not, you know that."
"The top drawer is empty for your things. God, it feels like a fucking dream having you here." You nodded in agreement, burying yourself into his chest. His hands combed through your hair, enjoying the warmth your body brought to him. However, nothing lasted forever and you were soon brought apart by a loud commotion occurring downstairs. Remus looked towards the door and gripped his wand in his back pocket, pulling it out.
"Wand," he commanded quietly as you pulled your own out while you followed him down the stairs. Once you were at the bottom of the stairs you saw James and Lily pinned to the walls by Euphemia and Sirius, their wands pressed to their throats. You gasped at the sight as Remus held you closer to his side.
"What's going on, Rem?"
"'S just protocol, bunny."
"But that didn't happen to me."
"You're right," he said, looking down at you worried. He parted from your side just a bit. "What important information did I tell you on our first date?"
"Your lycanthropy, told me when we were looking at the Shrieking Shack in our seventh year." Wordlessly, he pulled you back towards him, placing a kiss onto your head just as James and Lily were freed from Sirus and Euphemia. They rushed over, taking you from Remus and dragging you into a crushing hug. You laughed as they pulled away.
"I've missed you guys too." James mussed up your hair before taking Lily's hand and going off to another room. The calmness from earlier that day filled the home once again and you looked over to find Remus already looking at you. "I need to unpack but I don't want to."
"Do you want me to come to help you?"
"Would you care if Sirius came up with me instead? Haven't seen him in so long, need to catch up, y'know?"
"Of course not, have fun." You kissed his cheek before dragging Sirius up to your and Remus's room.
Remus came upstairs when everyone began arriving downstairs, he knocked gently. Cracking the door he could immediately tell that you had done no unpacking whatsoever, but what else did he expect from you and Sirius. He spotted you on the bed and Sirius on the chair in the corner, chatting quietly with one another. You and he had always been close back in school and the separation had done a toll on the both of you.
"Meeting's about to start, everyone's arriving now," Remus said as he watched you, eyes tired as you looked back at him. The only difference in the room was that it was now a bit cleaner, no doubt thanks to you. You jumped off the bed and skipped over to him. Sirius stood as well, excusing himself from the room to give you a moment alone with Remus.
Remus's hand cupped your face immediately after the door shut behind Sirius, pulling your lips to his. You giggled into his mouth as you wrapped your arms around his neck. You were impossibly close to him, a feeling you never wanted to lose but with the meeting starting so soon you were forced to part ways. "I love you."
"I love you too, Rem." With one last quick peck to his lips, you took his hand and went downstairs to greet the others.
The meeting was rather depressing. It mainly discussed the recent disappearances of the Order members and how to stop them from happening. There was no chance that those missing were still alive, the deatheaters were not ones to just kidnap people and let them live after they provide what they were looking for. The number of people in the Order was low, not even thirty people filled the huge dining room; from what Sirius had told you earlier it had been going on for a while now. This was most likely the reason Dumbledore had begun to trust you now, they were losing people.
"(Y/L/N)." You turned your head to Dumbledore, Remus's grip on your hand tightening slightly. "Are you alright with me sending you on a mission?"
"Yes, sir." Your breathing deepened as you squeezed Remus's hand back reassuringly.
"Very well, thank you. Mr. Black will join you. Details will arrive for you both tomorrow." He concluded the meeting quickly after that, giving one last reminder to stay safe and trust few. Those who did not reside at the Potter's residence began to leave in different ways, some opting to stay for a tad longer to chat. However, Remus did not wait for everyone to leave before dragging you off to a secluded area of the house. It was obvious what he was going to talk to you about.
"Just listen to me okay?" he said once you got to a quiet area. "I know that I can't stop you and that you can't just turn down Dumbledore but please be safe. I just got you back, I can't lose you."
"You won't, I promise. Can we go up to bed a little early?"
"Course," he mumbled, taking your hand and stopping by the living room first to say his goodnights to everyone beforehand. Your bedroom felt unusually cold as you and Remus got ready for bed. It was when you came out of the bathroom and you saw him sitting with his head in his hands did you realize how truly worried he was. You sat on his lap, pulling his head from his hands.
"You're going to make yourself sick if you keep this up. Sirius will be there, everything will be fine."
"How can I not be worried? The girl I love is going into a potentially dangerous situation and I won't be there to stop anything from happening."
"I know but right now, I'm here. So, can we just lay down?"
"Yeah, I'm sorry." You both got adjusted onto the bed, curling your body into his. The warmth he provided soothed your nerves for the upcoming mission.
"This is fucking ridiculous!" Remus shouted as you sat next to Sirius at the dining room table. The parchment you were holding outlined the details of the mission. You'd have to be away for a week or two, depending on the amount of information you'd be able to provide in a certain amount of time. It consisted of spying on a small group of deatheaters and figuring out their routine, dangerous if you were to make the wrong move and accidentally notify them of your presence.
It was a high-risk mission, one you did not expect to receive so early on in your time joining the Order but with the low numbers, Dumbledore must have just been throwing anyone he could out there. You'd have to report everything back to him and it's not like you'd be alone, Sirius would be by your side the entire time. But still, it was a risk.
Remus was not taking kindly to the mission details, something he wasn't even supposed to know in the first place. All he was cleared to know was the length of time of the assignment but he had read the paper over your shoulder before you were able to burn it.
"Don't you dare tell me that it's not! You're new and already being sent on this- fuck."
"I know, Rem, please." You stood in front of him, holding onto his arms to stabilize him. He gave up, face dropping and body untensing. There was no way out of this, he knew that but it scared him. "You shouldn't have read it."
"I know, I know." He took his hands from yours and ran them through his hair. "When do you leave?"
"Tomorrow..." His eyes squeezed shut. Sirius grabbed James and left the room to give you privacy. Remus's head dropped to your shoulder as you wrapped your arms around his torso. "I'm so sorry, you know that if I could have it any other way I would."
"Remember your promise." He said as he lifted his head from your shoulder, not breaking eye contact with you. You nodded. "Don't do anything stupid that could get you hurt, I-I can't lose you."
"You won't, I'll follow my orders perfectly and come home safe."
"(Y/N), can we talk about the assignment? Gotta come up with a plan," Sirius said as he walked back into the dining room after hearing Remus calm down. You let your hand linger in Remus's hold before breaking away and following Sirius out.
The days following were difficult, to say the least, for Remus. They stretched together but were still too long for Remus's liking. He went about his usual routine, stepping out of line from time to time to complete a minor assignment from the Order. Despite Dumbledore knowing that Remus was on edge, he still decided that giving him stuff to do was alright.
In the times that Remus was stuck in the house, he did what he normally did. Read, watched movies, hung around in the back garden. There wasn't much to do but he tried his best to keep his mind off of what you were doing every moment of every day. Everything felt like a dream. You felt like a dream.
"When are they supposed to get back?" He would ask James often, and James would tell him. Today you were expected to return in around four days if everything went correctly. He wanted nothing more than to just hold you, a simple act but one that he so desperately longed for. To pass the time, Remus returned upstairs to his bedroom, grabbing one of your shirts and curling up in the bed.
A loud thud jolted him awake. Wiping the drool from the corner of his mouth, he snatched his wand from the bedside table and left the room, bounding down the steps two at a time. He couldn't exactly make out the words being said as his ears were ringing from the adrenaline but he could make out one sound. Crying. Crying? Why was someone crying? He slowed his pace and stopped at the bottom of the stairs.
"James! Please! It's me! Let me go, please!" Sirius cried out. Remus couldn't hear what James was asking but Sirius's answer was loud and clear. "Firewhiskey! It was the worst hangover of my life! Please!" Another thud rang out, he could only assume that it was Sirius but why? He found himself creeping closer to the front room.
"Where's Remus?!" Lily wailed. He froze in the hallway. Why did she need him? Why weren't you running around looking for him? Why hadn't he heard you answering someone? Where were you?
"I'm out here," he called out to the group. It quieted down in the room, the sniffles deafening in his ears. James walked out first, cheeks red and stained with tears. His face held a frown and Remus felt his world break as he rushed by James into the room. Sirius was hunched over you on the floor, tears pouring out of his eyes.
"(Y/N)?" Remus fell to his knees beside you, hands frantically moving over you, trying to find any indication of a pulse. Your body was warm and your clothes coated in dirt, as were Sirius's. "You promised, you promised, you promised," he whispered as he tried to identify the source of the injury. He pressed his forehead to your chest and sobbed.
"Where the fuck is my mom?" James asked, moving out of the room to go search. It didn't take long for him to find her, she was gathering the supplies she would need. Remus let go of you as Euphemia got to work on healing you but he did not leave your side for even a moment. Lily was sobbing into Sirius's neck on the couch as he tried his best to comfort her.
Effie worked as best she could, wordlessly trying to heal the magical injuries you had endured. James came in with Dumbledore and Fleamont by his side, quietly taking Lily and Sirius from the room, most likely to discuss what had gone wrong. Remus was seething with anger and wished to go and confront his old headmaster but he couldn't, no he wouldn't leave you. Yelling wasn't going to help you stay with him. His eyes kept glancing from your face to Effie's but he couldn't read her emotion. And when her hand ceased their movement his gaze fixed onto her face. "Will they be alright," he croaked but the tears in her eyes told him everything he needed to know. She didn't have to answer before Remus was pulling your body towards his chest.
"There has to be something you can do!" he wailed but there wasn't anything. The attack you had gone under had caused too much damage, their spells too strong. He cradled you to him, rocking back and forth.
He had you, he had finally had you, and then you were gone. Just as quick as you had arrived. He’d never be able to hold you again, or hear your laugh. He’d never be able to show you just how much he loved you. You’d never be able to buy your own place after all of this mess was over, it was all over, just like that. He pinched his own arm, hoping this was all some horrid nightmare that he’d eventually wake up from, but no. No, this was reality. A reality without you in it.
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hellounicorn · 22 hours ago
poly marauders dialogue when remus says that he bought a leash and (innocent) reader goes "aw for walking padfoot???" or something like that. and Sirius is laughing while rem is like "uh huh sure yes"
I love some good hearted innocence😼
“S’that for Pads?” You inquire when you notice Remus pull a leather leash out of his bag, assuming it was for when Sirius turns into his animagus form and is in need for some walks.
But the males stared at you blankly, for the leash was in fact for Sirius..just not in the way you’d thought. “W-what do you mean, hon?” Remus gulps nervously, unaware of how you knew what the purpose of the leash was.
You furrow your eyebrows, tilting your head as if he was confusing you. “Y’know, for when he’s Padfoot and goes out for walks with you?”
Both Sirius and Remus let out a sigh of relief, grateful that their best friend remained the innocent bean they knew and loved.
“Is that not what we were talking about?” You question as the males wrap their arms around you, sandwiching you in a hug like your innocence was something to be protected.
Sirius coos, signaling for his boyfriend to put away the leash before you realized. “It is, sweetie. Don’t worry about it,”
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spiritualchange · 5 hours ago
Poly marauders (without Peter) x fem!reader when they all are in vacation in Italy, at fem!reader manor, and they just fuck and eat all day because they are all alone.
Can u include size kink, sub!james and switch!reader? Thank u 🤍 love you’re work
warning: 18+ minors dni, smut, morning sex
pairing: poly!marauders x fem!reader
navigation | weekly schedule
You and James were in the middle of Remus and Sirius who were a little too eager that morning. James's arms were tucked around your neck, just craving more of your attention.
"Feel good." You smiled, kissing him softly. Sirius had a hand wrapped around your waist, keeping you still as his hips met with yours repeatedly.
You and James were just joking about waking up to your boyfriends fucking you, Sirius and Remus took it literally.
"'S so good." James moaned. Remus lifted himself over James, so he could kiss your forehead.
"Look at you baby, taking Sirius's cock like a good girl." You moaned at the dominant tone, even being James's dom, you loved being Remus's good girl.
"You gonna cum for me baby." Sirius kissed the shell of your ear.
"Yeah- gonna cum." Your legs closed, the sensation riding through as Sirius didn't plan on stopping anytime soon.
"Good morning." Remus smirked at all of you.
"Morning." You were pushed against James, the two of you holding onto each tightly, still recovering.
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It's Been A Long Time
Remus Lupin x Black!Fem!Reader
summary: Y/N Black (Sirius' twin sister) and Remus were dating in Hogwarts and afterwards. But life separated you from each other. Years later, when you heard from your daughter that he's been teaching at Hogwarts, you didn't want to miss a chance to see him again.
warnings: angst, sexual thoughts(the reader is whore knee for Remus ehehehe), mentions of PTSD(if you squint), my English (not a native speaker lol), drinking (?), lmk if there is anything I missed.
I've never written a second person POV before. I must admit it was fun.
Tumblr media
Your gaze ran between the door of the restaurant and your wristwatch. Your fingers tapped on the mahogany table with a steady rhythm. He's not late, you're early. You soothed yourselves while taking deep breaths.
You were in a small restaurant in muggle London, near your house. Your first thought about here was, how much Remus loves that place if he sees it. And that's why you invited him here, never thought he'd accept, though.
After your mother passed away, you took your daughter, Hope, and moved to a flat in muggle London. With all the heritage of the noble house of Black was in your possession, so you didn't actually need to work at all.
The door slowly opened, your head cocked towards there as you heard the little ring above the door. His tall frame entered, he deigned you his handsome face finally.
A humble smile appeared on his face when he saw you. You can't help but mimic his smile. He is older now, but that boyish smile didn't change a bit.
"Hi, Remus," you said when he sat down opposite you. You couldn't restrain your shaky voice. Merlin, like you're seventeen again. Your hands, on the other hand, were giving you in. Not knowing where to put them, a second they were in your hair, then on the table, then soothing your skirt. And you knew very well that reading a person's body language was his speciality. He also knew that you knew it.
"Hi, Y/N," he replied, that heart-melting smile never leaving his face. "lovely place," he scanned the restaurant then he locked his eyes to yours'. He was tired, you can tell. The full moon is approaching. "It's --" he cleared his throat, "It's been a long time."
"Indeed." you nodded. "Thirteen -- no, fourteen years."
"We're getting old," he breathed out, his gaze now travelling around the table. Then he looked up at you. "Not you, of course, you're -- you're still beautiful as the first day we met."
"Nah," scrunched your nose, while trying to hide your blush rising from your neck. "Don't you see this goosefoot?" you said, pointing at your laugh line.
"It just gilt your beauty with maturity."
"Oh, Remus," you covered your face with your hands. "You haven't changed a bit. Still the same boy always sees me more than who I am."
Remus laughed, you felt the longing at his laugh. "Because you always refuse to see who you really are." Remus regretted his words the moment he saw the grim filling your eyes.
"I'm a widowed woman who lost her entire family. Well -- not that I miss them." Your nails dug into your arms, remembering every moment you tried to gather your family together, but failed harshly every single time. "I'm scared, Remus," you confessed to him the thing even you couldn't confess to yourself. "What if I ended up like them? Even Sirius --"
"Ready to order, sir, madam?" the waitress's voice interrupted you.
After giving your orders, silence fell onto the table. Remus wanted to comfort you, reassure you that you won't end up like your family. But he was scared to say something. He was scared to break you, again.
"Your daughter," he decided to change the subject. "Hope, she is remarkable."
You smiled at the thought of your daughter. "She is." you shifted on your chair with excitement. Remus smiled with victory. "She fascinates me. I can't even imagine my life without her."
"They are very close with Harry, as well."
You nodded, smiling at their image. "They are pretty talented at getting in trouble. Just like their fathers."
"You said 'like their fathers', Y/N, Rosier and James weren't even friends." Remus' hand tensed, his brows furrowed, waiting for your reply.
The waitress served your orders, taking advantage of it, you averted your gaze from him, thinking for a way out.
"Yes?" Remus insisted, not letting you escape.
"Did I say 'fathers'?" You let out a stifled laugh, hands scratching your cheek. "I meant mothers. Y'know Lily and I were quite close back in Hogwarts."
"Yeah, you were." Remus nodded with relief. You knew he got questions in his mind. Questions he couldn't dare to ask you. "It was almost an impossible friendship back then. A Slytherin pureblood and a Gryffindor muggle-born. Especially from your point of view."
"We were just stupid kids." you waved a hand in the air. "And in my point of view," you smiled, "We were also impossible."
"We still are."
Your breath hitched at his harsh words. Is this how he sees you two now? He wasn't the hopeful lover boy you knew anymore. But can you blame him for that? You both had lived terrible lives, and you held on to your daughter while he was all alone. You looked at his scarred face painted with dusk, a single memory reblooming in your mind.
"Do people always fall in love with things they can't have?"
"Always," he responded without thinking. Then his lips turned upwards. The same memory falling into his mind. "The price of salt."
"Your mum gave it to me."
Remus took a sip of his wine. "And you thought she was trying to tell you that you are a lesbian." he started laughing as your face reddened with embarrassment. At last, you joined him, laughing.
A bottle of wine slipped away, the second was on the half. Your laughter filled the tiny restaurant, you both laughed like it wasn't the two of you who lost their loved ones to a war, one by one. But you chose to forget them for that moment, you chose to focus on only -- but only the good memories of your past.
"Oh, all I remember is Sirius' red face." you mimicked your brother's face as you tried not to laugh when you failed, the half-filled glass of wine shaking in your hand.
"How else was he going to react?" Remus scratched his neck, a genuine smile placed on his lips. "His sister in his best friend's bed, with his clothes."
You frowned, turning to your fifteen years old self. "It's like we did something."
"Almost did, actually."
You felt the heat rising in your lower stomach, your eyes slipped to his lips. Then to his big, scarred hands. You watched them as the blue veins on his hands flexed with his small movements. His slender fingers caressing your body the table. Those damn hands. Once again that night, your mind was filled with memories from the past. Only this time the heated ones were accompanying you.
You've been with a lot -- like a lot of men after Remus, but none of them made you feel good like he did. You wondered, Is it because you were inexperienced or was he really that good? You wouldn't mind if he wanted to test it, for the sake of the good old days. The feeling of his skin against --
"Y/N, Y/N." Remus took your hand, squeezed them slightly. Freeing you from your trance. "You alright? You were spaced out." His anxious face examined your heated one, trying to figure out your problem.
"Enough with the past, eh." You took a sip from your glass, avoiding Remus' gaze. Your other hand didn't leave Remus' until he pulled away. "So, new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher of Hogwarts," you smiled widely, "how is your life going with the students?"
He smiled. "I actually never thought I'd feel comfortable around kids."
"Uh-huh," he nodded, his voice lowered unintentionally. "And thanks to the potion Severus made every month, I know that I won't do any harm to them."
"It's great to see you happy," you smiled, your heart fluttered with love. "How is your relationship with Severus?"
"Well, you know," Remus laughed awkwardly, "It's Severus, he is trying his best to show children that I'm a -- you know." you nodded solemnly. "I am actually surprised how he didn't tell anyone when he first found out."
You averted your gaze from him with guilt. Remus quirked an eyebrow. "Don't tell me you have an interest in this."
"I might've -- just a bit -- threatened him when he tried to tell Malfoys," you said, wearing an innocent smile. "But it was an empty threat, truly."
Remus shook his head, took another sip from his wine, you watched his Adam's apple bob. "You always manage to surprise me, Y/N." He put his glass on the table, leaning back on his chair. "How 'bout your life, Miss Black? It's still Black, isn't it?"
You smiled at his implicit question, feeling his gaze on you. You let him quiver a little, remaining your silence. "I'm working as a healer in a wizard's clinic at Surrey. You know, I always wanted to be a healer." Took another big and slow sip from your wine, never bothering to look at him.
Deciding he had enough, you let your eyes meet his green pupils. "It's still Black." He let out a breath of relief. You chuckled."What happened, Lupin? Scared that I get married ?"
"I learnt the first one from the Prophet, Y/N. When it comes to you, you never know what you will encounter!"His voice was coming from the back of his throat. The pain filled Remus' eyes, your wedding photos on the Daily Prophet appeared in his mind. You were beautiful and happy. And you weren't with him.
"Remus, I --"
"I don't even want to know. I don't want to hear your lame excuses." He rubbed his eyes nervously. You sank into your chair, wanted to disappear in it. He was right, at least you should've told him. He needed to know. "You -- you -- I loved you and you -- " The drunkness captured his body, tears fell down quietly.
You rose to your feet, kneeling beside his chair. Your eyes were red, a few teardrops wet your cheeks. You wiped Remus' tears, hands cupping his face. You connected your foreheads. "I'm sorry, Remus," you whispered.
Remus pulled you into a tight hug. "'S not your fault."
But it was.
You stood like that for a while. Weeping in silence. Holding onto each other like there was nothing else around. The hour was late. The restaurant was empty. And you were two long lost lovers.
At half past midnight, you and Remus were walking in silence in the street of your neighbourhood. Remus being the gentleman as he was, offered to esquire you to your home. Now in the empty street, only voices were your heels clicking the floor and a cat mewling from an unknown place.
A cold breeze washed over your bodies. You shivered, wrapping your arms around your torso. Remus quickly attempted to remove his coat, but you stopped him.
"It's alright, I love the --"
"The feeling of cold, cause it makes you feel real, mortal." You gazed into each other's eyes. With the drunkness still running in your veins, you felt hot. You wanted to touch him, feel him. His hands slowly approached yours, you swore he could hear the thud thuds of your heart.
He pulled you closer, hands wrapped around yours. His warm breath fanned over your face. The smell of wine and a bit of chocolate spun your head over your heels. You clutched onto his coat as his hands found your waist. "After all these years, after the thing you did to me," his voice was hoarse. He let his forehead meet yours, eyes closed. " How come I still succumb to you, how come I am ready to burn the worlds to the ashes with your one word, how?"
Your hand went up to his neck, to cup his jawline, to pull him into a kiss -- but an explosion near pulled you away instead. Watching the street lamp over you explode and bury that part of the street into darkness, you tried to see his face.
"My flat is near, I can go after here. Thank you for coming, it was a lovely night." you breathed out quickly as you start walking towards your home.
He caught you with his big steps, you could feel the tenseness in the air. "It's alright, I'll walk with you."
It was two minutes long walk to your home. It felt like an eternity. Remus’ gaze travelled between your face, your lips, your eyes. He was looking for a glimpse of emotion. But you were filled with thoughts at the moment. Your emotions were so deep inside you. And he needed to dig them out.
You stood in front of your door, Remus behind you. He sighed loudly as you failed to unlock the door, once again. It was hard to do it when he was this close. “Why don't you use your wand?”
“There are muggles in the building, Remus,” you warned him, whispering.
“It’s one in the morning, who’s going to see us?”
“I love my flat, I’m not risking it.”
Remus sighed again, pulled you closer to himself. Your back was pressed against his chest. You held your breath. He drew his wand out, holding it to the door. “Aberto,” he whispered to your ear. As the door opened slowly, you felt the arousal gathering in your knickers. "There you go,” he said, hands leaving your waist.
You took a step inside your house, legs trembling due to the contact you had a moment ago. Stop acting like you've never been touched by a man! You yelled to yourself in your mind. You turned to Remus, came across with his handsome, a bit drunk and a smiley face. He waved to you.
“Have a lovely night, Y/N. It was great to see you again.” How can my night be lovely when I’m that desperate to your touch. When he took a step on the stairs, you stopped him in panic.
“Is something wrong,” he asked, eyeing you carefully. You shook your head.
“Would you -- I mean -- Would you like to come in? For tea? Or coffee?”
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mystic-writings · a day ago
Kids in The Summer - Part Two
Character/s: Remus Lupin x Fem!reader, The Marauders (mentioned)
Summary: 10 years after she last spoke to Remus, the reader runs into him at a potions shop. Literally.
Warnings: Fluff, happiness, mentions of October 31
Word Count: 1,866
Note: Part two of this fic. Original fic here
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It’s been almost 10 years since you last talked to Remus. You had wanted to talk with him, and every day you considered it, but you respected the fact that he wanted to tell you on his own terms, and then you both graduated, and you no longer knew where he was or how to talk to him.
Of course, there was a part of you that still thought of him every once in a while. When you weren’t busy at work, or simply when nothing seemed entertaining to you, your mind often wandered to Remus, wondering where he was, what he was doing now, or what he had been hiding that caused you two to stop talking.
About 5 years ago, news broke that the Potter family, along with a man named Peter Pettigrew, died, and their friend Sirius Black was responsible. Hearing the news hurt, especially because Remus talked so fondly of them that it felt like you knew them, too. Your heart broke for Remus, as he lost all of his friends at once. You hadn’t wanted to reach out to him more than you did that November, but there was no sign of him.
You knew you might’ve sounded desperate or needy in saying it, but you couldn’t get over Remus, and it definitely wasn’t for lack of trying. You’d gone on dates over the years, both muggles and wizards, and some of them were successful, but they never lasted longer than 7 months. Now, instead of trying to pursue that aspect of your life, you put yourself into your work.
Despite how high up you were in the chain of command in the Ministry, your job was very casual and laid back. Of course, in the midst of the war, you were bouncing all over the place and nearly drowning in work, but now there was nothing for you to do. You worked as a Wizarding Representative in the muggle’s government office, which meant that you collected whatever important information that needed to be passed between the two governments and relayed it to whoever needed it.
Of course, it was an important job - and even how you met some of your former partners - but it was easy. Since the war ended, you rarely had reason to report anything to the Prime Minister that needed to be reported. Most of the time, you wasted away in your office, doodling or making origami birds fly above your head. In short, you get paid loads of galleons every month to sit around and virtually do nothing.
Today had been one of the odd days where the Minister for Magic decided that there would be no need for you to come in, so you decided to do some much needed shopping in Diagon Alley. You were looking for some new clothes to wear and some books to fill in your bookshelves with, and the cupboard of potions supplies in your house was dangerously low, so you were in for a long day today.
You had to be honest, though, that you did enjoy how leisurely shopping in Diagon Alley could be, even if it was always somehow bustling and your arms hurt from carrying bags of clothing and books. As you headed into the potions shop, you made sure that you still had the list you wrote up that morning.
It was easy to navigate the store, knowing the exact quantities of each ingredient that you needed. Edmund, the old man who ran the shop, stayed behind the register, dutifully reading today’s copy of The Daily Prophet, like he had been every other time you came into the store over the years.
As you reached for the last jar of bezoars, the tiny bell above the shop door rang, though you paid it no mind as you brought your basket of items to the front. Edmund rang up everything, packing it all neatly away into paper bags embellished with his store name in the middle. He read you the cost, and you pulled out your coin satchel as a familiar voice rang through the shop.
“Edmund, did you move the valerian roots? I can’t find them,” his voice had dropped a few octaves since you’d last talked, but you could still tell it was Remus.
You froze, one hand in your coin satchel and the other supporting the velvet drawstring bag. Edmund excused himself and you forced a nod, continuing the search for the proper amount of money, this time with a shaking hand.
He came back again, this time with Remus lining up behind you. You handed the old man the galleons, making small conversation with him, seeing as you’ve practically known him all your life. He and your parents were friends, seeing as they were practically potions masters. As soon as you had the bag of items in your hands, you turned to leave, running right into Remus’ chest.
Both him and yourself were stunned, but you were more embarrassed than anything else. Who wouldn’t be? You just ran straight into the chest of a man you’ve had a crush on for 10 years, who you were unintentionally trying to avoid so you wouldn’t have to have the awkward conversation where you explained that you were still hung up on him and he would likely tell you that he had moved on and found someone himself.
He reached out to stabilize you, despite carrying a hefty load of potion ingredients. “Y/n? Is that you?” you nodded, meeting his tired eyes, watching a smile stretch his lips. “Merlin, I haven’t seen you in-”
“-Ten years?” You interrupted, a small smile playing on your lips. He nodded, chuckling as Edmund groaned and asked the two of you to hurry up.
“Give me a moment?” He asked, and you couldn’t stop yourself from nodding. Remus moved up to the register and you waited by the door for him. Unlike you, Remus was only buying about four ingredients, and there was no one else in the shop for Edmund to help, so his transaction with the man went by quickly. When he was done, he approached you to ask, “Would you like to come with me to get something to drink?”
“I’d love to,” you replied before saying goodbye to Edmund and following him out of the store and onto the busy street.
He led you to a slightly run-down pub and into an unoccupied booth, where you both ordered a coffee. The silence that brewed between you was agonizing, so much so that you began to pick at your fingernails, a bad habit that you’ve had since you were young. It was Remus that asked the first question.
Taking a deep breath, Remus snapped you back to reality and asked, “What do you do for work these days? I remember you said something about wanting to be an auror.”
You couldn’t stop the soft laugh that fell from your lips. “Yeah, I did want to be an auror. But then everything with the war was happening, and it seemed too dangerous, so I got myself a job in the communications department. Anything that the muggle government needs to know, they find out through me, and the same goes for the ministry. It’s quite boring now, if I’m being honest. There’s nothing for me to tell them anymore.”
“So that’s why you’re in Diagon Alley on a Wednesday afternoon instead of working,” Remus smiled.
“Actually, today was my day off. I had some errands to run, so why waste my day at home?”
The space between you two turned stale and quiet, neither of you knowing what to say. The waitress dropped off your coffee, and you both practically jumped to take a sip and occupy yourselves.
“So…” Remus began, setting his mug onto the table. “About… that day.” You paused, lowering your coffee cup and nodding along. “Look, I didn’t mean to hurt you, and if I did, I’m sorry. I was scared, and I… I have a secret. I didn’t want you to find out about it and think differently of me. But, now, my secret is stopping me from so many things. I can’t keep a job, I can barely afford living…”
“Remus,” you started. “It’s okay. If you’re still not ready, I understand. And if you ever need a place to stay for a little while, you can stay with me.”
“Oh, no, I-I couldn’t-”
“It’s not an issue, I promise.” You smiled reassuringly. “My house has been feeling a little too big for just myself lately, and it would be nice to have someone else around.”
The hazel eyed man smiled with a nod, thanking you. With a final nod of assurance, you both went back to your drinks, talking and laughing like you had that summer.
Tumblr media
After you finished and paid for your drinks, the two of you spent most of the afternoon wandering Diagon Alley, looking through the shop windows and acting like you were children again. It was fun, though a lot of the older witches and wizards seemed to disapprove of the nearly 30-year-old people acting like teenagers in a public space.
Remus finally felt genuinely happy for the first time in what, to him, had felt like forever. He laughed and joked around for the first time since the afternoon of Halloween, before he spent months hiding in caves with the werewolf that first turned him. He decided, no matter how, he would make sure he wouldn’t lose contact with you again. He needed someone like you in his life, someone who made him feel better, to brighten up the darkness that had been suffocating him for such a long time.
When most of the shops had closed, and the streets weren’t as busy, you and Remus apparated to your house, right at the end of the walkway. The streets were quiet as the street lamps turned on and the muggles who lived near you were winding down for the night, but the buzz of the crickets filled the silence.
“I, uh… I had a lot of fun today,” Remus admitted bashfully.
“I did, too, Rem.” You told him, reminded of the particularly angry pixie you had both been running from less than an hour ago.
The man laughed, pulling a leaf from your hair and letting it fall from his fingers and onto the sidewalk.
“Listen,” he started, catching your attention, “I haven’t had a day like this in a long time. If you’d like, I… I want to do this more often,”
With a nod, you grabbed his hands, reaching up on your tiptoes to press a featherlight kiss to his cheek before you told him, “I’d love to. And besides, you know where I live.”
“I guess I’ll see you soon, then,” he smiled, squeezing your hands. You nodded, letting go and walking up the stone walkway to your door, turning back to wave to Remus once more, watching him apparate away.
Walking inside, you couldn’t help the giddy smile that covered your face. Things were changing, and it would only be for the better. You just couldn’t wait to see Remus again.
Tumblr media
Forever taglist: @simonsbluee @reeseswritings @just-here-to-escape-from-reality @mazerunnerrose @theboldandthebootyful @miraclesoflove @queen-asteria04
Remus Lupin taglist: open!
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scandalous-chaos · 9 hours ago
Astoria’s 300 Followers Special Fic Recs!
Tumblr media
Type: reader insert | Fandoms: marauders era (hp), soc, golden era (hp) | no smut, only fluff or angst!
Astoria’s small note : I love and appreciate each and every one of you, and am grateful of all the likes, reblogs and comments I receive! They make my day :) I know I just did a celebration thing so I’ll be doing fic recs for this milestone instead! Go shower these masterpieces with love!
A little note about fanfics: How do you support a fanfiction writer? Show interaction! Fanfics are free but if you like someone’s writing, let. them. know. It may seem not a big deal, but it is to them <3
Keep reading to see fic recs of Sirius Black, Regulus Black, James Potter, Remus Lupin, Kaz Brekker, Inej, Nina, Jesper, Matthias, Harry Potter, Fred, Draco Malfoy, and Ron!
Tumblr media
ˏˋ°•*⁀➷  Marauders Era
Tumblr media
James Potter x reader
Four eyes by @sarahisslytherin​ -  When James misplaces his glasses you take it upon yourself to get him through the school day / legit one of my fav j.p fics here, I read this and fell in love.
Inside of Love by @ladyvesuvia / the way this fic made me go through all kinds of emotions 😭✋
Jealousy by @whyennwhenyouareyn / people my james potter obsession started right after reading this.
Tumblr media
Sirius Black x reader
Dog people by @sarahisslytherin​ -  When you attempt to befriend a stray dog, you end up making more than one friend / I adore this, like it’s short and perfect.
I Always Finish What I Start by @padfoot-and-prongsie / hello hello this is spectacular.
Tumblr media
Remus Lupin x reader 
Gryffindor vs Slytherin by @sarahisslytherin​ - You’d never quite liked Remus Lupin, and the feeling was mutual. That wasn’t about to change, was it? / we need more enemies to lovers fic with remus, I repeat - we need m o r e.
You’re Gonna be Alright by @sheraayasherwrites​​ / omg this is one of my fav remus fics here.
Tumblr media
Regulus Black x reader
Not all bad by @whosvioletta - you and regulus get the dark mark the summer before your sixth year and when you run away, he follows you / kjwehfkwhj that was my response whhfkwej <3
Love of Literature by @theseuscmander​ / I love all of their fics. That’s it. All of them. Just goddamn talented.
Je t’aime by @maybanksslut​ / just love love love
Tumblr media
ˏˋ°•*⁀➷  Golden era
Tumblr media
Harry Potter x reader 
Wishing by @raewrites / The way how beautiful this fic is- I can’t even describe it.
Crying lightning by @mendesxruel / yes yes we love this!!!
Tumblr media
Fred Weasley x reader
Four babies by @whosvioletta / AHHHHH cute cute cute 🥺🥺✋
She’ll survive by @mrs-brekker15 / short and painful. thank you for shattering me. 😭😭
love by @remusluvr / we love fluff, we love fred, we love this
Tumblr media
Draco Malfoy x reader
Nervous Draco by @hellounicorn / AHH SO CUTE!!!
You think so? by @ladyvesuvia / the most wholesome plot ever.
Tumblr media
Ron Weasley x reader
Irony by @may-clouds / love everything about this fic.
Cooking with ron by @velvetcloxds / jkwfhwfwh short and cool. Butterflies may start multiplying in your stomach.
Tumblr media
ˏˋ°•*⁀➷  The Crows
Tumblr media
Kaz Brekker x reader
Flustered Kaz headcanons by @inthegistoftime / Very, very cute to read! It’s like being narrated by a cool person and istg I couldn’t keep a straight face while reading it.
Kaz with a Snow White s/o headcanons by @gemma-collins-ily / One of the first kaz fics I’ve read after creating this blog. Made me smile so big 🥺
Little things he does for you by @ilovemarvelanne1 / simply perfect. My fav fic by Echo yet.
The Three Times She Rested on Him and the One Time He Rested on Her by @mrs-brekker15 / this is so well thought out, I loved every word of it <3
Tumblr media
Inej Ghafa x reader
Crow and Sparrow by @inferni-inferno / we love a matchmaker jesper
Hello Darling by @the-and-sign-anon / inej being inej meaning inej being perfect <3
Tumblr media
Matthias x reader
Falling in love with Matthias would include by @fangirlings-things / soft soft soft ❤
Temptress by @magpiencrow / one of my fav blogs, all they write is perfection.
Tumblr media
Jesper x reader
Jesper and you in a long distance relationship headcanons by @inthegistoftime / I’m sorry but everything about this fic is adorable <3
Home is the two of us by @ladydaemon / AHHH I LOVE THISS
Tumblr media
Nina Zenik x reader
One’s Path by @thedelusionreaderbitch​ / the descriptions are beautiful, I have no words
Awkward by @fishley​ / made me a nina simp ngl 🥺💕
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angel4you · 21 hours ago
⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ dialogues ˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆
library account: @tahliaslibrary
all tagged under: #tahlia’s dialogues
requesting: send me a character and a senerio (sfw or nsfw), can also add any other details you would like. please try and be specific!!
⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ marauders era ˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆
professor!remus bending you over his desk after class
regulus reading to you when you can’t sleep
reg trying to keep you quiet in his dorm late at night
you and regulus losing your virginity to eachother
james asking you to peg him
you and lily reward sub james after he wins a quidditch game
dbsf!wolfstar visiting you while you’re away at college
⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ golden trio era ˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆
stepdad!ron helping your tingles go away when you can’t fall asleep
calling ron daddy for the first time
stepbrother!ron teaching you how to give him a blowjob
knife play with soft dom!ron
sub!ron being a brat all day and then is surprised when he is going to receiving a punishment
giving sub!ron a handjob
sub!ron whimpering mommy when you tug his hair during a makeout session
degrading sub!ron while pegging him
doctor!draco checking your boobs when they are sore
calling draco baby boy while cuddling
jealous sex with stepbro!draco after you fucking his best friend
theo asks about carving his initials into your thigh
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anordinarymuse · a day ago
Hi! So can you write a fic about Remus slowly getting distant from y\n and make it real angsty? And incorporate anything you like with that...❤️❤️❤️
so i know i said i was leaving for good but- i couldn't resist remus angst :(
Remus Lupin x Fem!Reader
Summary : request
Warnings : bf/gf roles (bf!remus + gf!reader); angst; swearing; unedited
Word Count : 482
A/N : i definitely will not be writing as often as i did before but i miss it </3
the masterlist.
request here.
You roamed the halls of Hogwarts, it was late but not time for curfew late. The moon shined in the night sky, its moonlight beaming gently in through the large archways.
You were looking for Remus, he hadn't been at dinner and you had just checked the library, he wasn't there either. You were on your way to the Gryffindor Tower, maybe he'd be there, taking the long way when you saw a shadow in the distance.
As you approached it, you made quiet movements, peeking at the person who was sitting against one of the pillars, looking out through the archways.
"Remus?" You said softly, his name escaping your lips on accident.
The figure quickly turned around, swallowing as they made eye contact with you.
"Where have you been?" You asked quietly, nervous for whatever response he'd conjure.
"I've been- busy. . ."
His sorry excuse of a reply flipped a switch somewhere inside of you. That's all he had to say? After a week of purposely distancing himself?
"You've been ignoring me," you corrected. He looked at you for a moment before quickly averting eye contact as your gaze hardened.
"That's not true."
"But it is," you said with a devastating grin, "I'm not stupid, Remus. Do you know how hard it is to watch you slowly move on without me? Without any warning? I just don't understan-"
"It's been hard for me you know?" Remus suddenly interrupted, his voice reaching a dangerous tone. "Do you know how fucking- how fucking depressing it is to know that next year everyone will have moved on without me? That they’ll all have jobs and shit and what will I have?”
“You’ll have me. . .” you whispered, the switch flipped once again due to Remus’ erratic state.
“But will I? Will I really? Because, Y/N, you will move on too eventually, and you’ll realize that I’m good for nothing.”
“Don’t say that Remus. It’s not-“
“I have worked my ass off here. My fucking ass off, not even a full day after the full moon I’d be working on the homework I missed. And even though I’m a fucking- fucking werewolf I still get top marks in almost every class!” He shouted without care, manically laughing at his own demise.
“Six fucking years I worked my ass off and- and the interviewers can’t even look me in the eye when they tell me their not interested,” his voice cracks at his stutter before he then drops to the floor with his hands covering his face, fingers tangling his hair.
"Remus, it's going to be ok, I can help-" you begin, approaching cautiously and rubbing the top of his back.
"I don't need anyone's fucking help," he snaps, shrugging you off. "I don't need anyone's help anymore."
Without another glance he shoves past you, disappearing into the dark distance of the dim corridors.
The Gryffindor Common Room - AO3
taglist : @marimorena06 @missryerye @agirlwholovescoffee @nicole198205 @siriuspvdfoot @hufflepuffflowers-blog @thatguppienamedbae @peachykeen3502 @youngblood199456 @oranee @bobbyjohnsonbeat @jasgreen101 @will-to-live-who @bellatrixscurls @krishavania @thegirlwhocriedlupin @mrsaliciamalfoy @wwweasleystan @modernvellichor @westantheweasleys @lolaperezb @zaraskyla @v4l3nt1n44 @sirisuorionblack @rinbyo @xdancinggurlx @lupinsravenclaw @hogwarts-boys @inglourious-imagines @siriuslyslyslytherin @the-abyss-gazed-back @eunoia-kth @kaqua @erinruby003 @rudypankowisdaddy @story-scribbler @youreso-golden @natural-ikagai @dontjudgemyobsessionpls @666cookies @i-love-scott-mccall @sprucewoodlover
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theemeraldjewel · 5 hours ago
Rebel Love Song
Tumblr media
Summary: Based on this song. Sirius Black has had enough of his pureblood family and the way the treat people. His life long best friend Y/N Mulciber has also had enough. So they run away together and up falling in love. Slight AU as characters are aged up!
Requested: YES/NO (requests are open)
Warnings: Implied Smut at the end, mentions of abuse & death, smoking, drinking, toxic family relationships.
Pairing: Sirius Black X pureblood!Reader (possibly gender neutral reader? No features are mentioned? Or I guess no gender of the reader set?)
"You know maybe we should just leave, I doubt anyone would notice" Sirius chuckled. He was attending another obnoxious pureblood hall; he hated them. They were just an excuse for the elite to boast and brag about the amount of money they had. And then of course there was the topic of 'mudbloods' he hated the word; he'd always had. The only thing that made these balls worth while was you; his best friend since you were just six years old. You too were from another pureblood family, the Mulciber family, and you hated it just much as he did.
"Yeah take off on that loud bike of yours and never look back" you chuckle, lighting up a cigarette and offering one to him; he accepts of course.
"We actually should" The black boy says as he takes the cigarette from you, his drunken silly tone now gone he giving you that look that reads 'I'm not kidding'.
You'd both had a stupid amount of alcohol; you always had since you stole your parents stash at 16 and now here you were at 20 still doing the same old stuff, only you'd both grown up. You needed it to get through these stupid balls that were of course for select pureblood families only.
"Seriously?" You ask with a raised brow.
"That would be me kitten" he laughed.
"You prick" you shake your head.
"No but I'm am serious. You hate your family I hate mine let's go" Sirius said with a smile.
And that was how it started, a drunken conversation of dreams and hopes meant that just two weeks later in the dark of the night you ran away. Sirius had turned up, throwing rocks at your window like he did when you were children. You snuck out the window and hurried off.
It had been two weeks since you'd both run away from home and it was safe to say you'd both caused a stir. Of course you had; two of the elite pureblood members just disappearing. It was all over the papers.
Currently, you were in London still, only the muggle side of London so course your parents hadn't thought to look there. You'd been staying in some run down hotel since you'd left.
"You know I didn't actually think we'd do this" Sirius chuckle as you sat in the muggle bar, watching the muggles go about their day to day lives.
"We've only been talking about it since we were what ten?" You ask as you sip on the muggle cocktail you'd ordered. The boy nodded in agreement as he drank his own drink.
It was a Friday night and it was your final night in London; you'd booked flights to some popular holiday destination. You couldn't recall the name of the place but you didn't care, you were out and you were with you best friend. That's all you needed. As it was your final night you planned on having a total blow out, see how many muggle bars and clubs you could get through before the sunrise.
"To new beginnings" You say as your fifth cocktail of the night was placed in front of you. You were pretty sure it was called 'sex on the beach' but you were to tipsy to even care.
"To new beginnings" Sirius copied as he tapped his glass with yours.
Hours had passed, you were unsure of what bar you were in or how many drinks you'd had by now. You just knew it was a lot. "You know Sirius the night you showed up at my house you saved me" you told him; having enough of the mindless chatter you'd been making all night. You decided it was time to tell him. "Like seriously, my parents and I got into a massive fight. They told me they wanted me to marry Avery; as usual it ended in shouting and screaming" you started to explain, your eyes filling with tears as the memory resurfaced.
Sirius watched you with a worried look on his face "please don't tell me what I think you're gonna tell me" he said reaching out to touch your hand.
"They would have killed me..." you whispered, squeezing his hand.
In an instant the boy was holding you tight, you were taking in his sent. Sage, bergamot and Tonka bean mixed with alcohol and cigarettes; it was intoxicating. Just like everything about him. And then you realised you were in love with Sirius Black.
"You're safe now darling, you're safe with me" he soothed; still holding you close in his arms "I've got you" he said kissing the top of your head.
"Let's go home Siri" you suggested as you pulled away from his embrace.
You both stumble home, well back to the hotel room, you unlock the door and stumble through the door your head spinning with all the alcohol you'd drunk that night. You headed into the bathroom to change into your PJ's and remove the last traces of make up before you crawl into bed. "Sleep with me" you mumble as you hear Sirius come out of the bathroom.
"Of course darling" Sirius smiled as he crawled into bed with you, pulling him against you and breathing in your scent. He ran his fingers through your hair until he felt you fall asleep in his arms. For a while now he'd started to have feelings for you but he never dared to act on it because he was worried you didn't feel the same way.
Another week or so had passed and you were now on some island in Greece; you had tried several times to pronounce the name but the the locals had given up trying to teach you. As friendly as they were. You loved the island though, no one really knew who you were, your past or what you were running from and best of all there was no other witches or wizard around.
"James, Remus and Peter are coming to visit next week. Is that alright with you?" Sirius asked, the words snapping you out of the book you were reading.
"Yeah of course, it would be nice to see them" you say, putting the book down in your lap. You'd been in school with them all so of course you were more than happy to have them come and see you.
"Awesome I'll let them know" Sirius smiled "now come on and put that book down so we can go do something fun" he whined as he walked over to you, pulling you off the sun-bed you'd been lay on since the sun had risen this morning.
"What do you have in mind Black?" You laugh and let him pull you off the sun-bed.
"Let's go swimming" Sirius smirked, pulling you into the sea.
The water was fairly cold, considering the heat of the day. You splashed around playfully, swam on the water until your body had gotten use to the temperature. You swam up to Sirius, wrapping your arms around him. "Got you" you smirk, pressing a kiss to his cheek.
"You have indeed got me angel" Sirius chuckled, his hands tracing down you waist to your thighs so he could wrap them around his waist. "Now what ever should I do with you?" He said pressing his forehead to yours as he locked eyes with you.
"I could think of a few things" you say with a chuckle as you look back into those grey eyes that you'd come to love.
"Well how about I start with this" Sirius said and within a few seconds his lips were pressed to yours. He was gentle at first, his lips getting use to the feel of your lips on his. You tangle your fingers in his hair; kissing him back instantly.
The kiss grew more and more heated, his hands slipping to your waist and then down to your ass, giving it a squeeze. His tongue slipped along your bottom lip and you let him explore your mouth.
"Let's go back to the room angel" Sirius mumbles against your lips.
"Please" you whine against his lips. He carries you out of the water and then back to your shared room.
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