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#remus lupin x you
gotkindabored · a day ago
Hold Me In Your Arms
It’s been a long day and Remus knows exactly how to comfort his girlfriend.
PAIRING: Remus Lupin x F!Reader
CONTENT: fluff, established relationship, self indulgent, ig hurt/comfort, no spell check, wanted to post something
Tumblr media
When the door slammed shut, shaking the walls and the sound echoing throughout the house, Remus immediately knew it had been a long day for his girlfriend. In the kitchen, he quickly filled the kettle, placed it on the stove and walked out to greet her.
“Hey, darling,” he said with a small smile, knowing better than to ask if she was okay.
However, he wasn’t met with a smile or verbal greeting. She kicked off her shoes, shrugging off her long coat while all her bags fell to the ground. There was only a small, weak head nod to signal to him that she heard him before she ventured off to their bedroom.
Remus raised a brow. All right then.
He gave her some time alone, to readjust and find any semblance of comfort and peace. When the kettle boiled, whistling, Remus scrambled to make her a cup of tea.
Finished, he strolled into their bedroom, only to find her still dressed in her work attire — quietly sitting on the bed with her face hidden in her hands.
Remus felt his heart constrict a little.
Quickly placing the mug on the nightstand, Remus knelt to the ground in front of her, a hand placed over her knee to rub soothing circles.
Her entire body tensed.
“Do you want me to help you?”
She nodded, removing her hands to show her face. Fatigue was written in every line and there wasn't any shine in her eyes, eerily resembling a plastic doll: distant and dazed.
Wordlessly, he began to unbutton her shirt, taking his time before stripping her of the uncomfortable clothing, throwing it all into a pile to be dealt with later.
Slipping on one of his oversized shirts over her frame, he helped lay her into bed, shuffling beside her to hug her back.
He dipped his head forward, kissing her neck and shoulder through the shirt and he felt her start to settle, body unlocking and slumping into the mattress.
They stayed like that for some time until she sucked in a deep breath, letting it out gradually. Remus nuzzled into the back of her neck, her hair tickling his nose while simultaneously running a hand up and down her side, messaging any place that still seemed to be tense.
With more and more tension leaving her body, Remus reminds her of the cup of tea, now lukewarm, beside her. She made no move to grab it, too busy trying to soak in his warmth.
Remus nearly fell asleep, only to stir back awake when she murmured his name. Eventually, she turned around in his hold, facing his front and traced her fingers along the silvery scars that ran along his neck to help stabilize herself.
He stifled a yawn, hand pushing through his locks of messy hair out of his face and rested his forehead against her.
“Thank you,” she whispered. It was so quiet that Remus almost didn't hear her.
He hums deeply, hand now cupping her cheek, head shifting just so he could kiss her forehead before returning to his previous position.
“Do you want to talk about it?”
There was a long pause, and he thought she was going to object before mumbling, “S’been overwhelming. I’m so drained.”
“Well," his thumb stroking her cheek, the words coming out were nothing but truthful. "I’m proud of you for getting through the day.”
She nibbled at her bottom lip. A trembling yet tender laugh escapes her, finally smiling just a little. And Remus couldn't help but feel as if it had been a monumental victory.
“Of course.” His warm breath tickling her ear. “I know you did the best you could. Don’t be too hard on yourself.”
She preens, nuzzling into his touch, only to be shortly followed by a powerless yawn.
“Why don’t you get some rest, huh?” Remus spoke softly, hand continuing to soothingly rub her arm.
Little by little, the stress ebbs away, melting in the loving arms that held her from the outside world.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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lilithcromwell · a day ago
request time! can you write a secretive professor lupin x reader and make it smutty? I love ur writing btw!!!
a/n: still can't believe people actually like my writing...
One Single Glance
Remus Lupin
you've been having ‘tutors’ with Remus recently, which makes it hard for you to focus when you look at him in class...your mind wanders (flashbacks are italic)
disclaimers: smut, fingering, female and male oral, age gap (not the illegal kind if you dare to ask)
requests: temporarily closed (check navigation for any updates)
word count: 2238
Tumblr media
“What kind of music do you think Muggles listen to?”
George turned to you and Fred. “Maybe punk rock? You know, notes all over the place that could make their ears bleed.” Fred answered, imagining them wincing from the pain.
You scrunch your eyebrows. “Haven’t any of you learned anything from Muggle Studies?” They glanced at each other, giving a small chuckle before turning to their right where you were sitting.
“The fact you would even ask that just shows how little you know me and George.” Fred grinned while you nodded to his response. It was about 7 minutes before your second class started this morning. In other words, you were minutes away from seeing Remus.
Or mostly known as Professor Lupin一for those who have not at least already moaned his name.
There were a few empty seats left at the front of the class. Remus still wasn’t around. Although you were sure that he’d show up this time because seeing Snape walk through that door is the last thing you would want to see. A few chatters were all over the room for a few more minutes before you see Remus enter the classroom with his usual grin.
Walking to the very front, he stopped and scanned the entire room. When his eyes landed on you, you could’ve sworn the corner of his lips curled upwards. This also made you slightly grin, before having Fred purposely push you to wake you up. You jerk forward and turn to him, mumbling.
“The fuck was that for?” You widen your eyes at him, frustration showing through your clenched jaw.
“Again, asking that just shows how little you know me..” Fred replied, gluing his eyes to the front, while George hid his smile. Turning your head, Remus was starting his lesson.
“Now, I know this is the last thing you’d want to hear but after the lesson, you’ll be having a short test.” Students all around you groaned while Remus chuckled, clutching his wand from his pocket. “Don’t worry, I wouldn’t give you all something you can’t handle! C’mon then, let’s start.”
Dark Arts was enjoyable for you, and you were sure you weren’t the only one enjoying it. He’s the best teacher you’ve all had. But no one around you was having the same amount of fun as you were.
Seeing the man you’ll later make out with trying to control himself from your gaze made your dopamine level rise. His glances along your way also made it hard for you to focus properly.
It's as if your heart rate automatically increases when you gaze at Remus. You didn’t even realize it but he started to make everyone close their books for the test. The lesson was something about Impediment Jinx...or was it the Hex deflection?
Either way, parchments appeared in front of your desks. Luckily, you did know what the lesson was about. Dipping your quill, you wrote down your name then glanced at the rest of the paper.
You were doing surprisingly well so far一although, you were having trouble focusing with Fred and George trying to ask answers from each other to your left. Remus on the other hand was trying his best to not just stare at you from the back of the room.
He kept looking down at his book when a student glanced up, only looking up when he saw you move from the corner of his eye.
He was distracted by your rocking feet, slightly exposing your thigh under your robe. Resting your head on your hand, you looked up to stretch your arms.
Looking to the left, you see Remus fiddling with his quill while staring at you. The slightest flicker of his eye told you that you were both thinking about the same thing. Even from far away, it was still noticeable what was occupying his mind.
“You're head girl一you have to go..” He grunts in your ear from behind you, while you bite your lip from letting out a loud cry of pleasure. You placed your hand on top of his, which was residing on your waist.
“I'll give up my badge if I have to,” he trails kisses to your neck while you jerk forward from his cock. “But I'm not leaving. Fuck..” You rest your head on his shoulders. His hips snapped to your ass, while you whimpered low.
“You have—Transfiguration..” Remus urged, following a curse.
“I told some friends of mine that I had a headache. And plus, you want me to leave you alone?”
“Fuck no—don't stop.” You let out a small chuckle before feeling him harden his thrust making you form your lips into an ‘O’. “You like that, huh?”
“Yeah, shit..”
One single glance from him made you crazy. Like he was an addictive drug. You knew it was wrong, but something about him pulled you in more and more. Trying to resist it made it even worse for you.
The same goes for Remus. He was physically drawn to you. He didn't know what it was about you that got him so...captivated. Your effortless charm, maybe...your ability to turn him on, sure...but it was more than that. Both of you just reached your breaking point of stares and acted on those feelings a few nights ago in his office.
Unknowingly, you raised your hand to show you had a question. Remus stood up and headed your way, a few students glancing up to see him walk past them.
“What seems to be the problem?” He questioned, standing beside you enough to cover Fred and George’s nosy faces. Looking around you, you leaned forward.
“Professor, I have a question.” You looked at Remus dead in the eye, making him narrow his eyes momentarily before nodding.
“I suppose I can help..” The corner of his lips curled upwards slightly, enough for you to know that he was playing on. He leaned forward, hands placed on the corner of your table, and waited for your response.
“You were thinking about it too, weren't you?” His eyebrow twitched upward. Remus gave a small chuckle, looking around them to check if anyone ever heard.
Your right hand slowly came in contact with his fingers. You ran them back and forth in a soothing but seductive way.
“That's not the right question.”
“But it's still a question...” You shot him a smirk this time.
Remus leaned down more this time, looked around before facing your view. “I was, but it seemed as if I wasn't the only one.” You nodded at his response, satisfied with his answer.
“How can I forget about it when I see you everywhere I look...?” Both of your demeanors have already changed. His eyes trailed at your lips, while you kept running your fingers up and down his hand slowly.
“I can help with that!” He cheerfully said, loud enough for anyone to not suspect any other matter.
“How exactly, Professor?” You muttered low.
“My office. Lunchtime, hm?” Remus raised an eyebrow but was sure of your answer. You were wondering what he’d say if you answered ‘no’. But you didn’t care right now.
“Of course...Thank you, Professor.” You pulled your hand away and picked up your quill again. He gave you a genuine smile before walking away.
“Glad to be of help as always.” Once he was out of sight, Fred leaned forward to your direction.
“What did Lupin tell you?” It seems George was the one on the lookout while Fred scouts for the answer from you. George kept his eyes on Remus, arm ready to nudge Fred in case he glanced their way.
You signaled him to lean closer. “Keep your nose out if you like the shape of how it is, Fred.” You whispered into his ear.
“Hey, that's my line!” He exaggerates, placing a hand on his chest.
Tumblr media
You had to go through two more classes before lunch: History of Magic and Potions. Time was ticking slow on your end. 10 minutes felt like an hour, and you kept glancing down at your watch.
Professor Binns was duller than an unsharpened knife. Meanwhile, Snape kept on taking house points whenever someone from your house made a mistake.
5 minutes before lunch and away with your freedom, you were rocking your foot on the ground so much that you had to stop yourself from time to time.
The bell rang.
You packed up all your stuff in your bag and walked quickly out the door.
“Where you goin’?” George asked from behind, noticing you head in the opposite direction.
“I have to get something from my dorm. I’ll try and catch you there.” You gave a smile before seeing them walk to the Great Hall.
You had to wait for everyone to leave the hallway, which was an awful lot of time before you opened the Defense Against The Dark Arts classroom. Looking left to right, you quietly closed the door.
“Professor Lupin?” Your voice echoed through the empty classroom. Taking small steps towards his office, you listened to any movement.
Deciding to look in his office, you head up the steps before opening the door. “Professor Lupin, are you here—”
“I've waited for this all day.” A voice beside you said before they pulled you in for a kiss. Without guessing, it was Remus. The feeling of his lips gave it away. He pushed you lightly up against the wall, hands on your waist.
You placed a hand on his neck, the other on his shoulder. His kiss was desperate. You understood well, both of you had time against you for the past 3 hours.
You smiled through the kiss, feeling his other hand run down your spine. He pulled away and planted kisses on your neck. Placing your hand on the nape of his neck, you fluttered your eyes closed.
Your breathing was now sharp and fast. Remus brought his face back up and placed his lips on yours again. You stayed like that for a few more minutes before pulling away breathlessly. You rest your foreheads on each other, catching your breath.
“I have a class in 20 minutes..” He whispered. You looked up to his eyes with a hint of disappointment.
“Oh...well, there's always next time.” You nodded, giving an uneasy smile. “No, no! Only oral.” Remus hastily said.
Your normal smile came back from his words. “Sounds fun...” He placed a kiss on your lips before carrying you on his waist and resting you on his desk.
Parting your loose hair, you see him bunch your skirt up and pull your underwear down. Watching him draw his face closer, he gives your slit a small lick making you gasp. Remus grips your thighs and places his lips on your clit.
“Shit..” You said in a hoarse voice.
He starts flicking his tongue on your clit while you gasped for air. His finger starts rubbing your folds, causing you to whimper softly. He laps on your wet slit. You threw your head back, hands gripping the edges of the table. He parts his lips before closing them in and sucking so much you yelled out a moan.
His thumbs were rubbing your inner thigh. You were screwing your eyes shut when he delved his tongue inside you causing you to jerk slightly forward and widen your eyes.
“Faster, Rem.”
His thumb began rubbing your clit in fast circles while he kept giving small kitten licks. You started to push his head further in, fingers playing with his hair. A few more kisses and you release on his mouth with a silent yell.
Taking a second you pant, jump down, and knelt. Remus helped unbuckle his belt while you pulled down his trousers.
Realizing that he took his time, you only had 10 minutes left. Immediately, you kissed the tip of his cock. Remus threw his head back and placed a hand on your hair.
Scooching closer to him, you looked up to see him staring down at you. You started moving up and down on his cock. You swirl your tongue around his tip and sucked on the tip, bobbing your head after. Remus starts to groan loudly while pushing you further into him.
Deepthroating him always made you gag. Your mouth was making sinful noises that made him curse now and then.
Hollowing your cheeks, you swallowed around it enough to feel him twitch. “Yeah, keep going, love…”
You grip his thighs, nails buried on his skin. A few more deep thrusts and he cums down your throat. Pulling away, you swallow it whole before sitting down on the edge of the table next to him.
You were both a mess. Clothes ruffled, hair stuck to your foreheads with sweat. Remus looked at you before chuckling.
“Better cover that up.”
“Cover what up?” Turning to him confused, you creased your eyebrows.
“That hickey.” He points to it with a grin, watching you stand up and walk towards the mirror on the nearby wall. Tilting your head, you sigh. Meanwhile, Remus was crossing his arms and chuckling to himself.
“God, Remus, it's dark. Look at how purple it is! How am I supposed to cover this?” He fixed himself up, jumping down from the table while walking in your direction.
Remus wrapped his arms around your waist, face on your shoulders. “Then don't cover it.” He planted a kiss on your shoulder. “Show them.”
Tumblr media
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“You don’t even have to ask, love”
Summary: You come to Remus’s dorm with bad cramps
Pairing: Remus x Menstruating!reader
A/N: I hope you enjoy :)) I need to get back on a regular writing and posting schedule because I have a good number of requests in my inbox but we’re getting there <3 Also I apologize for how short this is i’m kinda getting back into the groove of writing and this little thing came to me on a small whim of pain :’)
Word Count: 317
Masterlist + Characters and ships I write for
Requests are always open <3
Fluff Dialogue Prompt List
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“Is everything alright, love?”
You walked into Remus’s dorm on the verge of tears. “Slughorn nearly exploded a potion in my face,” you complained, throwing your bag down onto the floor.
Remus was at his desk with a quill in hand, scratching away on a piece of parchment.
“C’mere, darling.”
He held out his arms for you to come and sit with him. You climbed onto his lap, your knees at the sides of his legs and arms around his middle. You leaned your head on his shoulder as he spoke, feeling the hum on the tip of your nose where it touched his neck. “That can’t be the only thing that’s bothering you, Slughorn never works you up this much.” He whispered softly, massaging his fingers gently through the roots of your hair.
“I’ve also got terrible cramps,” you mumbled, huffing out air.
He kissed the top of your head. “I’m sorry, darling.”
You groaned, shifting uncomfortably from the pain. “Rem, how long do you think you’ll have to work here?”
He pushed you away so he could look you in the eyes, grabbing your face gently with his hands. “I don’t need to at all. Let’s lay down.”
You could barely keep your eyes open, let alone get up at this point. You shook your head, burying your face into his chest. He held the back of your hair and lower back, standing up carefully with you in his arms. He walked swiftly over to the bed, gently setting you down first, kissing your temple as you curled your knees close to your chest. He climbed on the bed behind you, tucking you in his arms. “Darling, why don’t you get some rest, alright? I’ll be right here when you wake up.”
“Can I have a kiss first?”
Remus grabbed your chin, a bright smile on his face.
“You don’t even have to ask, love.”
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mystic-writings · a day ago
Kids in The Summer - Part One
Character/s: Remus Lupin x Fem!Reader
Summary: Over the summer, Remus and Y/n became close friends. But what happens when school resumes and they’re pulled in opposite directions?
Warnings: Angst, insecurities, etc.
Word Count: 1,142
Note: Rewrite of a fic on my old account. Read here
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The summer between Fifth and Sixth year was the best summer you’d ever had. Normally, summer’s in the quaint village you lived in were uncomfortably long and, at times, dreadfully boring. There was nothing to do, and barely anyone your age to hang out with. That’s why last summer was the best you’d ever had. Because it was the summer you spent with Remus.
It was funny, really. All this time, you thought that you were the only teenager in your village, all the other children being young and barely able to speak. Now, not only did you live near someone who was the same age as you, but he was also a wizard.
You met in March, three months before school would end. It was because you had been paired up for a History of Magic project that would take a while to work on, and naturally, Remus was a bit chatty. After a few hours of working together, you were able to open up to the Prefect and found that he was amazing to be around. As you worked, he rambled on about the things he did with his friends or stories he remembered vividly.
During the time you spent together over the summer, you realized that you began to feel differently toward the boy than you did when you were in school. It threw you for a loop, but you were able to accept your feelings and carry on, pretending nothing had truly changed. It wasn’t hard, as Remus never prodded when you were upset, and let you come to him on your own terms. But you soon discovered that moving forward would be harder than you originally thought.
Everything between the two of you had been fine at the end of the summer, but as soon as you stepped onto the grounds of Hogwarts, something changed. Remus had been acting differently toward you, and it was upsetting. It was as though he was going out of his way to stop interacting with you, and there wasn’t much you were able to do. He was a Gryffindor, and you were a Hufflepuff - you only had so many classes together.
Almost two weeks into the school year, Remus stopped talking to you altogether. It cut you deeply, because, although you did have other friends, he was the easiest to talk to about all of the difficult things. He always knew how to help you figure out what you were feeling or what was making you feel so overwhelmed, and no matter what, he would always make you feel better in any way he could.
The only time he spent with you during the year was because your Professors forced you to pair up for assignments, but even then he only talked to you about the work and never said anything to you outside of the topic.
As the weather got colder, it seemed that Remus did, too. He was leaving you in the dust so quickly after your friendship started, and it bothered you severely. One day, when the leaves were beginning to shed the last of their leaves in preparation for the winter season, you decided to talk to him about his behavior.
After asking around, a Gryffindor friend of yours told you that, despite the possibility of rain later in the day, Remus was going to spend his time outside that day, so that’s where you were going. With a bundle of nerves in your stomach and a mixture of sadness and anger in your chest, you stormed down the hill toward the Black Lake.
You found him near the shore, resting against a tree with a book in his hand, completely absorbed by the words on the page; just the same as all the other times you found him in the woods near the village. The sun was beginning to set slowly behind the hills, and the air was growing cooler. You wondered how he had been so still all this time.
Slowly, you moved closer to the boy, the leaves crunching under your feet. “Why aren’t you talking to me anymore?” The question must’ve startled the boy, as he jumped and looked up at you confusedly. “What happened, Remus? Why won’t you talk to me?”
Remus sighed and closed his book, standing up and trying to walk away from you, something he had been doing often lately. You refused to let him, lightly grasping his upper arm and pulling him to face you. He turned willingly, but refused to pull his gaze from his shoes.
“Remus, please, tell me what happened.” You pleaded. “Did I do something? Was I just someone to hang out with until school started? Please, just tell me. I’ll leave you alone after that, I just need an answer.”
Briefly, he looked up to meet your red-rimmed eyes. The hurt swimming in your eyes matched his own, and you wondered what exactly would cause him to feel so hurt when it was you who was being ignored.
“It’s nothing like that, Y/n, I swear, I just…” he trailed, picking at the corner of his book, focusing his line of sight on it.
“You just what, Remus? Just decided that I wasn’t enough?” The boy’s shoulders sagged as your breath stuttered in your chest.
“I can’t explain it, Y/n, but you’re one of my best friends. We’ve only really known each other for a little while, but I feel like I can come to you about more than half of the things I talk to the others about.”
Squeezing your eyes shut for a moment, you asked, “Then why won’t you talk to me? Why won’t you tell me what’s wrong?”
“I-I can’t. Not today; not right now.” He said. “I’ll tell you soon, I promise. I just can’t right now. I’m not ready.” Slowly, he moved closer and pressed a final, lingering kiss to your forehead before stepping back.
As soon as he released you, a breeze blew past, engulfing your body in a cold that you’ve never felt before. You never thought you could feel so cold, as if you were stuck in a blizzard with no way to find home.
Remus was gone, and now all you had were memories. Memories of his charming smile, the sound of him laughing at your particularly unfunny jokes. You clung to everything - his words, his touch, his lips on your forehead. You clung to his ‘soon, I promise’.
All you could do was hold onto the hope of soon. The hope that you would be friends again, that maybe, you could be something more. The sun was setting now, setting on the relationship you shared with him, all the happiness. But someday soon, when the sun rises, he’ll tell you. And when it does, it would rise with you and Remus.
Tumblr media
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silverdelirium · 27 days ago
SUMMARY ➠ professor!remus and professor!sirius find out you’ve been fucking the both of them secretly.
WARNINGS ➠ age gap sex (reader is 20!), oral sex, double penetration (vaginal and anal) , praise, degrading, sir kink, threesome. don’t read if any of these make you uncomfortable or sound unappealing. FLASHBACKS ARE IN ITALICS
bottles of beer clanked against each other as the trio cheered together.
james chugged a chunk of his beer in one gulp, making remus grimace as he took a sip of his, sirius groaning slightly as he looked down to his now root beer-stained shirt.
“well” spoke james, putting his drink back on the sticky table in front of him. “how are you two doing? with the whole college professor shit”
sirius shrugged, “it’s definitely something, students get annoying sometimes, though”.
remus rolled his eyes as james snickered. “they’re really not that bad, you just gotta teach them how to respect you” he replied. sirius made a sound of what seemed to be agreement.
the table went silent for a moment, the three men taking sips of their beverage silently until sirius quipped up again, “well i’ve been meaning to tell you guys about this one student”
this got the other two’s attention, “don’t say what i think you’re gonna say, mate” chortled james, trying his best to hide his laughter as sirius cheeks flushed a coral pink.
“well first of all, i didn’t ask her to, she came to me one evening and i just couldn’t help myself” by this point, james was on a full on laughing match as sirius continued to explain himself “oh come on, like you’d say no to a pretty 20-year-old that begs for some cock in exchange for good grades” he scoffed.
it was then that both of them turned to look at the lycanthrope, who sat there with an iron grip on his bottle as his mouth stayed lightly agape.
james groaned as he threw his head back, a rumble of laughter coming from his chest as he stared at remus, “please don’t say you fuck your students too, moony.”
his whole face went red, throat dry as he tripped over his word “i-i, it was a one-time thing but then-” he got cut off by his curly-headed friend who was now doubling in laughter. 
sirius turned his head to the flushed male next to him, a playful smile dancing on his lips. “with who?” he whispered, as if he wasn’t gonna tell james once he was done laughing his ass out.
remus sighed before murmuring “y/ln. y/n y/ln”, leg bouncing on the table due to anxiety as if he was confessing the worst sin ever to a priest.
sirius smile dropped, his face static as he stared back at his friend. his expression was unreadable, it could’ve been mistaken for shock or horror, no one knew.
“no. fucking. way” he seethed, eyes turning into slits as he recollected all those times you missed out on your sessions. coincidentally the same nights remus couldn’t come over.
the dots seemed to connect in remus’ mind too, you could tell by the way his brows furrowed and he stared off into the abyss, probably having some similar flashbacks to sirius’.
james made and ooph sound as he wiped the tears from his face, wincing as he took in both of the male’s puzzled and heated expressions.
“shit” he murmured, lifting up the drink to his lips once again; the air around them becoming thick by each passed second.
sirius gave a shake of his head before grumbling a “that little brat” under his breath, fists clenching under the table as remus’ consciousness still wandered to all those times you screamed his name and swore no one else made you feel like he did. all while fucking his best friend on the side.
the underside of your knees dug on the wooden armrests of the chair as your hand fisted remus’ hair, tugging so hard you had him groaning into you.
“you like that, sugar?” he teased, raising his face just the slightest, giving you a glimpse if his drowned chin and glistening scruffy beard; all you could mumble back were meek whimpers, each stroke of his pink muscle bringing you closer to the peak.
his tongue dived in and out of your slick hole repeatedly, nose nudging at your swollen clit which he liked to tease with wet kisses every once in a while.
“fuck remus! i’m gonna cum, feels so- oh!” you gasped, your eyes watering and toes curling as your orgasm rushed over you, the brunette beneath you lapping up every last bit of arousal your body could give him.
“that’s it, sweetheart... so fucking sweet i could be between your legs for hours” he murmured, stroking your thighs with his fingers as he gave his last few languid tongue-strokes on your sensitive cunt.
he rose from his position on the floor, now towering over your flushed form that stayed in his seat, bottom clothing disregarded and top crinkled from remus’ previous groping on your breasts.
you cocked your head to the side tiredly “what are you gonna do now with me, sir?” an adorable pout forming in your face as he snickered and shook his head, undoing his trousers slowly.
“well, miss y/l/n” he started “i think it would be very much deserved on my part to fuck your little cunt stupid. what do you think, pretty?”
your throat ran dry.
“just please fuck me, remus”
the memory struck remus like a thunder once he waltzed into his classroom.
it was funny really, because if what had been revealed last night hadn’t been revealed. then perhaps he could’ve gone in like nothing had happened. 
not that he didn’t daydream about your rendezvous together on the daily- it was just a tad bit more exciting to think about them today, knowing that what he and sirius had in store for you was gonna leave you much more desperate than that time he ate you out on his chair before rearranging your guts until you cried.
almost as if on cue, a semi-long haired tall figure knocked on his classroom door.
“morning, professor” he teased, and it took remus one look at the smirking male to know he was just as giddy as him for today.
sirius took a few long strides over to him, “you ready for tonight?” he asked, unable to hide the slight glint of his eyes at the mention of it.
“very” chuckled remus, “make sure it’s by 10 P.M sharp, don’t want any onlookers watching her drool our cum out” he mumbled the last part, readjusting the strap of his watch.
sirius felt his trousers tighten at the thought of you, makeup messed up as you sat there on the library’s floor, begging to have your mouth fucked.
almost as if on cue, you emerged from the hallway’s shadows, stiffening lightly at the sight of your two hidden lovers reunited.
“oh- good morning, professors” you saluted, awkwardly walking to your seat with your rambling friend at your side.
“that little minx knows what she’s doing, wearing the tiniest skirt she has, almost as if she knew we’re gonna tame the brat out of her” grunted sirius, bulge growing by the second as you gave lovesick puppy eyes to lupin.
remus hummed in agreement, eyeing you up and down but not saying anything. he cleared his throat before refocusing on his colleague, “i’ll see you tonight then, mate”
brown hues focused on your squirming figure as he left the classroom, throwing you the most subtle wink he could manage before disappearing through the door, leaving behind the class that echoed remus’ saludation.
—— “just like that, sir!” you sobbed, hands grasping at sirius’ shoulder blades while he gave reckless thrusts into you, his fingers squeezing at the sides of your throat. 
he brought his mouth next to your ear, “what was that, sweets? can’t fucking hear you thanking me for wrecking your slutty cunt” he growled, bringing your curled leg from his desk to his shoulder.
“fuck!- thank you, thank you, thank you” you choked out, eyes lolling to the back of your head as your mouth stood agape, wanton moans leaving your mouth like a chant.
sirius laughed lightly at your eagerness, rocking his hips into yours at a sharper angle, making you full-on shout his name as he let out a few moans of his own, “my fucking god, baby, i could fuck you all day if i could- have myself buried deep inside you just to hear my name come from those little lips of yours” he said, mind lost in euphoria as your walls fluttered at the compliment.
“i’m cumming sirius, please!” you wailed, back arching off the wooden table.
the brunette thumbed at your clit, helping you draw out your orgasm as he crashed his lips with yours, “cum baby, fucking cum on my cock so you remember who you belong to”
“thank you- oh shit! thank you” you gasped, crystal tears running down your cheeks.
it was a deja vu, realized sirius.
the memory hit him just when you thanked the male for the compliment of your recent essay, a beam dancing in your smile as you giggled out a “thank you, sir” making his dick twitch in his pants.
“anytime, honey” he winked, making your ears grow hot as you went back to your seat.
the lecture went on as normal, sirius making your thighs clench together as he explained with his hands (the same ones that were deep inside you not even s week ago).
“alright, that’ll be enough for today, i want that analysis paper on my desk by tuesday” he announced, finding your eyes across the room as you collected your stuff.
“a word, miss y/l/n. please?” 
you didn’t need to be told twice, excitement bubbling at the pit of your stomach as you shamelessly thought about all the things that could happen in the next five minutes.
while the class emptied, you walked closer to sirius, who was leaning against his desk, sleeves rolled up as he fumbled with his rings.
you wasted no time to put your arms around his neck once the door snapped shut, a small hmph! coming out of sirius as he instinctively wrapped an arm around your waist whilst you brought him into a messy lip-lock.
he snickered against your lips, peeling you off of him slowly, much to your dismay.
a pout formed on your lips at the unexpected rejection “what’s wrong?” you questioned.
“not right now, baby- anyone could walk in and see us and we don’t want that, do we?”
you shook your head no.
“well” he resumed. “how does tonight at the library sound, angel? at 10 perhaps? i always dreamt of bending you over the tables in there” 
the confession went straight to your clit, staggering your breath as you nodded happily in response, nuzzling into his palm lightly when he stroked your cheek with it.
in the blink of a moment his palm was traveling down to your neck, roughly yanking you forward as you squeaked soflty.
“i want you naked underneath those clothes, you hear me?”
the space between your legs throbbed madly, all of a sudden feeling empty as you clenched around nothing.
your fist connected with the large wooden library doors repeatedly, neck growing hot as you thought about what awaited you tonight.
a creak sounded, making your head snap up as sirius’ tall brooding frame came into view, a small smile decorating his sharp features, “come on in, sweetheart.” he invited, stepping to the side to let you inside.
the bright smile that was planted on your face left as quickly as it came once you caught sight of the lycanthrope leaning against one of the tables, the same one you had bounced on his cock in just two weeks ago.
your eyes sunk as realization drowned upon you.
they were fucking best friends, y/n. how long did you think you could get away from? you thought, mentally facepalming yourself as you remembered it was remus’ turn to close the library tonight. they’ve planned this, you realized.
you made a turn in a weak attempt to escape from the tense situation, only to be met with a hefty chest that almost had the wind knocked out of you. 
you swallowed the rock-sized lump in your throat before stepping back, switching your line of sight between the two as your breathing accelerated, “i’m sorry, i swear i didn’t meant for it to get this far!” you whimpered, fumbling with the ends of your long-sleeved as remus walked closer to you, cupping your chin with his index and thumb.
he shook his head lightly before speaking up “no need to be afraid, sugar. we’re just here to give you a little lesson, hm?” 
you looked over to sirius, who only gave you and encouraging raise of brows.
“yes, sir” you whined, unable to stop your thighs from magnetizing together as their eyes roamed your budy hungrily, as if they were some type pf predators and you were their prey.
you barely had time to catch a breat before remus’ lips were on yours in a fervid kiss, sirius coming up behind you to rub his bulge against your lower back, his girth perfectly outlined, making you whimper against remus’ mouth.
both sets of hands groped and teased your entire form, making your skin pebble. “please” you croaked, grinding your hips against god knows whose. 
“what do you want, sweets? for us to play with your little cunt, is that it?” taunted sirius, squeezing at your waist as remus’ kisses traveled lower.
you nodded shyly, letting out a small cry as the brunette nipped at your sweet spot. “wanna make you feel good too”
remus hummed, unbuckling his belt as sirius turned you around to face him, trapping you in a lewd make-out whilst carrying you to a table, laying you down softly as you gave labored breaths.
“you gonna be a good slut like always and suck me good while sirius eats your little pussy, yeah?” asked remus, stroking your cheek with his knuckles as your head almost dangled off the table’s edge.
“yes what?”
“yes, sir” you corrected, spreading your legs for sirius on the other end, revealing your sopping, bare heat.
sirius gave a strangled moan at the sight, palming himself lightly as he stroked your soaked lips with his fingers, “atta girl, so obedient for us, yeah?” he praised.
you mewled in response, rotating your hips onto his hand, which earned you a firm strike of his palm on your buzzing cunt. “don’t be such a greedy slut, we’ve taught you better than that”
“i’m sor- hmph!” your apology was cut short by a gargle of your own, your oxygen cut short as remus’ cock pushed itself through your mouth. “enough talkin, you brat, need to put this useless mouth to good use- oh fuck” he groaned, feeling as your throat contracted around him when sirus’ thick digits entered you.
“as tight as ever, angel. can’t wait to fucking fill you up” spoke sirius, letting his thumb draw tight circles on your engorged clit that pulsed in need. 
remus’ molars grind painfully as he struggles to keep his mewls down, thanks to the vibrations your own provided to his cock. 
he reached over to pull your top down, revealing your breasts, which sirius wasted no time to put in his hands, smoothing his fingers over the sensitive nubs.
“gosh i wish i could have you like this all day, at our disposal, ready for us to pump your holes full and nothing more” chuckled remus, watching as your thighs shook from the unstopping currents of pleasure that sirius provided to your gushing cunt.
“so fucking little yet as dirty as ever- dripping down my arm already, you wanna cum, angel?” he cooed, watching as you gripped remus’ thighs while his cock dived in and out of your mouth.
you did your best to nod around the thick cock that continued to destroy your throat, the stimulation from your played tits brought you closer to cloud nine, rush of euphoria swimming through your veins.
“can feel you clenching around me, sweets- shit” groaned sirius, his mouth agape as the coil in your lower abdomen snapped with no warning, watching as your slick rushed out of you like an open faucet, not that he minded.
“gonna fucking cum- ah!” moaned remus, squeezing the base of his cock as he emptied his first load of the night down the depths of your throat, eliciting tears to run down your face.
it was absolute heaven for your lungs once the male pulled out, sitting you up and letting you catch your breath as you leaned against his warm body, mind already foggy after just one high.
“that was so fucking sexy, i want you creaming around my cock now.” sirius ordered.
after a hassle of torn clothes and heated kisses, here you were, hovering over remus’ leaking and already hard cock as his hands groped the tight globes of your arse, giving them a firm slap before spitting into his hand and lubing up the tight ring of muscles on your bum.
“you ready, gorgeous?” he whispered, not giving you time to respond as he slammed you down on him, coaxing a shout out of you as you wriggled in pain due to the burning stretch.
your breaths were harsh and choked as sirius stroked himself at the sight, watching twin waterfalls leave your eyes as remus adjusted your legs, letting the bend of your knees rest on his hands while your puffy cunt practically begged for sirius.
“can’t believe we get the prettiest little doll just for us to use, rem” he said, aligning his cock with your slit.
you whimpered as he entered you, your pussy sucking him in eagerly as he grunted in bliss, your brain short-circuiting as both males slowly thrusted into you.
“so good, sir” you babbled, not even sure who you were talking to as your eyes unfocused, body going limp as you let them abuse your holes, your weak moans and cries resonating through the empty library, along with their own strangled groans.
“you like that, baby? or is it too much for your little guts, huh?” they would tease, going at animalistic speeds as you sobbed for more.
“if you didn’t want us to pound your pussy into tomorrow then you shoulld’ve thought about sneaking around like a needy little slut” seethed sirius, ignoring your pleas as he drilled in and out of you.
“fuck!- too much, sir! can’t take it” 
remus faked a pout “you think we care? after you lied to our faces the whole time- you baby brained brat” he patted at your cheek, thrusting his hips up against your tight ass.
“oh fuck i’m gonna cum” said sirius through gritted teeth, rubbing with his index finger at your sensitive mound to bring you closer to the edge.
it didn’t take much for all of you to cum, sirius being the first to reach the seventh heaven as his hips stuttered; the double-ended simulation from your part gave you one of the most mind-blowing orgasms ever, your juices drenching both male’s thighs, along with your own.
remus was the last to reach his peak, you weren’t surprised. he had stamina.
the groans he made always sent sparks through your spine, this time was no different.
“now- you think you can get away with lying to us again, angel?” asked sirius, cocking his head to the side as remus helped cleaned you up.
“well” you shrugged “if this is what it’ll get me, then maybe”
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hellounicorn · a month ago
babysitter - dilf!remus lupin x reader
This incredible idea was given by my wifey @silverdelirium and I’m obsessed w it!! Hope u enjoy and pls pls lmk if you did! Also this is set up in a modern!au, so there are phones as well
Reblogs and comments are always appreciated!
Reader is of age!!
Warnings: smut, mean dom remus, dilf!babysitter remus, age gap, choking, oral (male receiving), throat fucking, vibrator use, pet names, degradation(lots)..and some praise, sir kink, lmk of any other warnings I should add<3 (all acts are consensual, safe word is in place)
Tumblr media
“Don’t think I don’t know what you’re doing.” From the confines of the main living room, Remus’ unimpressed voice came firm with the dull sounds from the TV program he was watching in the background.
He places a beer bottle between his lips, taking a swig of the charring liquid and setting it down on the table beside him, eyes fixating on the doorknob which you’d attempted to slyly open up without making a peep, clearly fruitless seeing as the male was consciously aware of everything you were doing.
Murmuring a silent ‘shit’, you sigh heavily, optics rolling back into their sockets as you release the handle, throwing your hands up and then to your sides as indication that he’d caught you in the midst of an escape plan.
His eyebrows shoot up, awaiting your explanation of defense that was sure to come with a bout of lies, usually ones he could see right through.
You begrudgingly walk towards the vast space of the main room, shoulders slumping low as you reveal yourself to be all dolled up for a party downtown that practically everyone with a social life was attending.
Your sequined dress had Remus clearing his throat under his breath, visibly flustered with how skimpy the outfit was and how the lace neckline of it left very little to the imagination, revealing the curve of your tits pressing against the fabric.
He was coerced to rid himself of the trance he’d momentarily slipped into, “Explain yourself, young lady.”
The brunette comes to remember his role for the weekend as your babysitter, seeing as your parents were out on a short vacation and weren’t confident in leaving you home alone.
Though you were now an adult, you still lacked the maturity and logical thinking it took to be trusted in a big house all by yourself, so they decided to call in their right hand man to keep you in check.
You groan at Remus’ prompting of your admittance, too annoyed with the whole situation that had surfaced the second your parents left the driveway and you were suddenly on house arrest, not allowed any fun or vivacity until they returned.
“Okay fine, yes I was trying to sneak out.” You say matter-of-factly, dramatically plopping yourself down on the couch next to him and reaching for his half-empty beer bottle to relieve even a morsel of stress, immediately getting stopped with his veined hand encircling your wrist and pulling it back.
“I’m listening,” he lets go, giving you a warning look as you retreat away from the alcohol and return to your reasoning.
“Can you blame me? I mean, I’m 18, for crying out loud and my parents stuck me with a fucking babysitter! I’m not a child and I can take care of myself without you, Remus.”
You huff in that very same tone of brattiness that was the cause of you needing someone to watch over you to begin with, your arms folding across your chest as you slump into the cushions, glaring at the TV to avoid reprimand.
“Judging by the way you’re whining like one, I’d say it’s in everyone’s best interest that your parents left me with you.” He shamelessly scoffs, reaching for the remote so he can shut off the program, wanting his full attention to shift to you and your disobedience of the one rule that had been bestowed upon you.
Stay in the house at all times unless accompanied by your babysitter.
You uncross your arms, fiddling with the ends of your dress that just barely brushed your upper thighs and mindlessly tracing circles there.
“And that still doesn’t answer my question,” says Remus, stern with his tone when he didn’t receive a sufficient reply. “I asked you why you were trying to sneak out, and why the hell you thought you’d get away with it?”
You shrug indifferently, “There’s a party that everyone’s going to while I’m stuck cooped up in here, rotting away with my babysitter instead of getting high and fucked like the rest of my friends.”
Remus stifles a laugh, “And you didn’t think to ask me first?” He inquires as if it was a surprise to him that you’d just decided to slip away in hopes to escape his notice without permission.
“No offense Remus, but you’re not exactly the guy I would go to when scheduling where and when I’m making my plans.” You defiantly remark, finding great interest in your fingernails, for you seemed to be furiously picking at them rather than meeting the intense gaze of your caretaker.
“I see,” his voice becomes thicker with frustration. “And what else, hm? You’re not just going there for no one, right? Who’s the lucky bastard you’re getting all whored up for—oops, I meant dressed up,”
His deplorable comment was not without a sultry wink in your direction, making your stomach twist in a shockingly arousing way, hating how much you enjoyed him using such a disparaging phrase around you.
“Well, if you must know..I have a boyfriend. And he’s waiting for me right now, so if you could just not tell my parents about this and let me go I’d really fucking appreciate that-”
“A boyfriend, you say?”
His interest is piqued at the mention of you dating someone, discontent with the fact your intentions in attending this party was to hook up with this boy, despite him probably being another high school screw-up and completely wrong for you.
“What’s it to you?” You sneer, pulling out your phone so you can text your friend that you won’t be able to make it, courtesy of your asshole ‘babysitter’ that was hovering over you at every moment.
Remus found a perfect lead in to where he was going with this, knowing the night would turn violently sexual from the tension between you two.
And while it remained a securely kept secret from your parents, this wouldn’t be the first time you’d both embraced each other by fucking your stresses away; the first occasion happening over six months ago and the two of you had vowed to never speak of it again, although it was hard to not bring up now.
“Oh nothing, princess. It’s just that it surprises me, is all.”
You move your head away from the device, meeting his square in the eye with your tongue pressed against the inside of your cheek. “Oh yeah? And why is that, Remus?”
You adjust atop the couch, tucking your legs under your bottom and discreetly placing your heel right under the button of your clit, applying minuscule pressure there when Remus seductively ran his tongue over his lip, purposefully making you want to see more.
“It’s just, you’d think ever since I fucked you stupid that one faithful day,”
You cringe at the mention, him breaking the trusted promise of keeping it quiet.
“that you’d be in too deep to ever let another man touch you where I did.”
He was almost too nonchalant, leaning back in his chair and downing the rest of the alcohol, wiping the remains off of his chin with his thumb.
The male gave you another wink, forcing you to come to remember the way he did those exact motions on the night he ate your cunt out for the first time until you came, deja vu spiraling in your head by just the hand movement across his chin.
You grind down on your heel further, biting back a moan from just the right spot receiving contact. “How would you know I haven’t fucked anyone since you, hm? Don’t get so cocky, Rem.”
You wanted to drag out the banter, knowing arguing was foreplay for Remus because it gave him incentive to be merciless rather than soft.
“Oh pet, I know you haven’t gotten over me.” The nickname has you squirming, feeling the cushion beneath you develop a dark patch from your wetness trickling down your thighs.
His eyes shoot downwards to where you were slowly but surely using the heel of your foot to grind one out without him realizing, a smirk bleeding on his face when he did. Remus impatiently snaps his fingers and points to the empty space next to him.
“Come here.”
You don’t hesitate, heart leaping with his command and you make way to oblige by bounding up from your seat and sauntering over to the couch where he was lounged at, aptly placing yourself on your knees, of all positions, next to him as if it wasn’t obvious enough you wanted him to fuck you.
You hope for a dote of his appreciation for already knowing he’d want you on your knees, but it never came, instead he just mumbled a low ‘brat’, making you pout in disappointment.
“That’s how I know you’ve left your panties clear of any other men except for me.” He points to the obvious puddle of arousal that was left where you were previously at, the very same occurring right now in this new seat.
You stay quiet, placing your palms on the tops of your thighs and bowing your head in submission instinctively, wanting to make him equally as riled up as you were.
Remus grips your chin tightly with his thumb and pointer finger, moving your gaze upwards so he can see how lust-blown your eyes had already turned. “You’re not this wet just for anyone, baby. You know that, don’t you?”
The urge to keep up the faux-confident attitude surges back, making you tilt your head to the side and give him a small quirk of a smile. “Well I don’t know actually. Haven’t fucked me in so long I forgot how wet you used to get me. Usually it’s the other boys now that get my legs all spread out for them.”
You hear the low growl emit from Remus’ chest, jealousy burning in his veins as his hand shoots to the expanse your throat, eyes narrowing down at you to signal that you oughta shut up before he has to make you do it himself.
“That’s a fucking lie, you little whore. I know I’m the only one on your mind every time you play with that stupid hole of yours. I see that way you look at me at dinner, or my trousers rather, just waiting until you can leave the table and imagine m’cock destroying your insides to the buzz of a vibrator. I hear it all.”
Remus’ hand tightens twofold, making you go dizzy with pleasure when his exposure of you fuels the fire ignited in your belly.
“And as for the other boys you claim you’ve been sleeping around with,” Remus chuckles with a shake of his head.
“Well that’s a lie too. Because I know you’d only ever let someone else fuck you when you’re so deprived of my touch. And the second your so-called boyfriend lays a finger to your pussy, you’re moaning out my name and cumming to the thought of my head lodged between your thighs.”
With the one puff of oxygen he left space for you to intake, you breathily whisper his name. “Remus,”
Satisfied, he releases your throat from his daring hold, letting you clutch onto it as you cough from the lack of air, the male unconcerned with that and more interested on how he was going to make you grateful tonight you didn’t attend that party.
Remus’ head whips back to your flushed face, that had paled with his force, returning to its normal shade; dotted with small tears leaking from your eyes.
“It’s been two seconds, you bratty little thing, and you’re already crying? That was just a bit of harmless choking, just wait until I strip you down and ravage you raw. That’s when you’re really going to weep like a bitch.”
You writhe around in your spot, shaking your head feverishly with the fear that Remus was pissed at you and would use his anger to fuck you ruthlessly, his capabilities lying in such a rabid territory.
“Don’t shake your head at me, I know you don’t want me to stop.” He has a snark lacing his tone, hand rising to lightly swat against your cheek as your first warning, prepared to give you much more if needed.
“I-I don’t sir, thank you.” It’s as if a switch turned on within you, causing you to immediately submerge under his control, all insults or remarks dying on your tongue and becoming only gratitudes for the male to treat you like nothing of his worth.
“Good, because I’m not stopping until you’ve cum ten times over and are bruised beyond belief, you understand me?”
He has a stern finger pointing in front of your face, giving you zero time to give him a reply for he’s entangling a hand in your hair, yanking on the style locks and pulling you off the couch.
You yelp as he uses his grasp to maneuver you around like a wind-up toy, directing you to the space between his legs so you were eye-level with the bulge that had struck up moments ago.
“Ouchie! That hurts, Rem,” you protest, rubbing at your scalp to alleviate some of the affliction that now remained from his bold tugs.
Remus chuckles darkly, a sound that has your skin churning and your mouth shutting, anxious as to what trouble that little comment would get you into.
“That’s the least amount of pain you’re going to feel tonight. Better get used to it because I’m not taking any heed to your slutty complains.”
You remove the rubbing palm you’d placed to the pain point, setting your hands back into position as you moved your head up to peer kindly at him, awaiting his instructions so you didn’t accidentally do anything he didn’t want you to.
He looks down at you like the answer was obvious, giving you a ‘what’s taking so long’ kind of glance. “What are you, brainless or something? Suck,”
You feel another blow of agonizing pleasure wash over you when his hand grazes your cheek again, this time with more force.
“Sorry,” you grumble, restraining the fresh onslaught of tears that threatened to spill from the sting. Your hands fly to his belt buckle, out of practice in undoing it given that the last time you’d done something of the sort was your previous fling with Remus.
You make a small noise of discontent, unable to get the leather off from the loops of his jeans. You look up at him in a silent plea for help, but all he gives is an indelicate arch of an eyebrow.
“You’re that useless, little one?”
You’re expected to nod, so you do; albeit it wasn’t entirely true. “Yes sir,”
He sighs heavily, pushing your hands away from him and gritting his teeth as he undoes it for you. “Thank fucking god you’re not at that party now. No other guy would be as forgiving of you as I am.”
He acts as if his behavior towards you was gracious compared to what others would give you, but you both knew that was a lie.
You hear the clink of his belt come to the floor beside you, giving him an innocent grin to thank him.
“I assume you’re equipped well enough to take out m’fucking boxers, yeah? Or is your little brain too gone for that too?” Remus laughs, resting his arms on the top of the cushion in a relaxed motion, letting you take the lead and put on a show for him.
“Can do it, sir.” You babble, hooking your fingertips under the waistband of his undergarment and pulling it off, your head such that it hovered over his abdomen and right when you rid him of the clothing, his cock brushed lightly against your cheek—right where the bruise he left was.
“Fuck,” you whimper at the unexpected touch, Remus rolling his eyes at your foul language.
“Little girls don’t cuss, you know that. Actually, little girls shouldn’t speak at all, come to think of it. Their mouths are better used for giving proper head rather than talking back to their dominants.”
You sigh, giving him a curt nod of understanding and careening back on your limbs, getting comfy so you were more serene to suck him off and not as tensed.
You shuffle closer to the couch, parting your lips and letting your tongue lull out as a display for the male, hoping he’d grow fonder as the night went on and would ease up on you when needed.
“Oh shit, I almost forgot the best part,” Remus places a palm to his forehead as he comes to remember the little surprise he had planned out for you.
You deflate at his change of subject, and tuck the pink muscle back into your mouth, awaiting for him to tell you what the supposed ‘best part’ was.
“Move,” he taps your shoulder, indicating that you momentarily go to the side while he arranges the added factor he had set out.
He tugs up his boxers, covering his cock from sight, making you whine in discontent that you were so close to getting him to spur your oral fixation before he’d gotten up.
“What is it?” You whine as he pads over to his suitcase in the corner of the room, opening the front zip to where many unexpected items were stored. Mostly toys, some restraints, and even a pricey baby pink piece of lingerie.
Your mouth runs dry, realizing that Remus had known somewhere throughout his stay at your house, things would take a turn for the heated side and he wanted to be prepared.
This only makes you more wet, your thighs like magnets, gluing together for the friction you so desperately craved down there.
Remus digs through the bag, rummaging through the array of stock he had and finally pulling out probably the tiniest of instruments in there— a bullet vibrator.
You let a moan slip just from the sight of the small object. “What’s that for, sir?” Asking politely, you were all but hopeful that you would receive a reward following the throat fucking he was yet to give you.
“Well doll, I may be controlling but I’m not a cruel man. That little pussy of yours deserve some love too, doesn’t it?”
His other hand is holding the remote to said vibrator, thumb flicking experimentally over the various settings so he could feel just how much intensity that the toy would provide; and judging by the way it buzzed ever so powerfully even on the low scale of the modes, he knew you were going to have some fun with it.
“Lack back f’me,” Remus urges, taking you by surprise considering how you were almost certain he’d take his pleasure first and then come back to make you feel good, but he seemed to want both of you satiating your desires together at once.
You lean back on your elbows, unquestioning of the male’s intentions as you watch him kneel down so he was eye level with your dress that you’d bunched up to your hips, panties long gone and discarded beside you.
You keep a gaze locked onto the way he licked his lips at the tantalizing sight, groaning under his breath when he parted your folds with two fingers, almost baffled at just how wet you really were and how easy it would have been to cut the process short and shove his fingers past your entrance to make you cum right then and there.
You restrain yourself from begging for his own body against yours at that moment, wanting him to be the one to bring you to the edge and not just a measly toy that could never accomplish what he could.
But nevertheless, you spread your legs further, giving him a perfect angle to tuck the vibrator snug between your walls, admiring how tightly you clenched around them the second you felt any semblance of intrusion. “D-does this mean I get to cum with you, sir?”
You mumble, glossy eyes asking for his reassurance that you were in fact going to be granted what you’d been unknowingly craving from Remus.
You were expecting a straight-forward reply, but the mystification never ended with the brunette, so all you received was a half-interest scoff from him.
“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, pet. Once I start fucking this throat of yours, you’ll be too preoccupied to even think about cumming.”
You retract with a low sigh, but nonetheless nodding in agreement, not wanting to attempt negotiation only to end up with you getting nothing in return.
He watches the dull pulse of your cunt come to an uproar at the new placement of such toy, unable to wait to see how deliciously needy it would turn when he switched the flip on.
Remus gets up, daunting over to where he was previously sat at and this time tugging his boxers down with zero courtesy or patience, wanting to feel your mouth engulfing him as soon as possible.
You remember what you were there for, placing yourself back into position and leaning forward, delicately placing your soft hands at the base of his cock, wrapping timidly around it to elicit some sort of reaction from him.
It came in the form of a soft hitch and stuttering buck into your hand, making you squeak in the sense that it had become unfamiliar, and you were mildly nervous that you had done something wrong.
“S-sorry,” you pull your hands back, gazing up at him through thick lashes in search for some guidance on how to make him feel satisfied.
“Sorry for what, baby?” He tsks, burying a hand in your hand and petting you lightly, hoping it would help you relax. “For being a clueless, innocent little thing? Just wanting to make me feel good?”
“I dunno,” you murmur, taking his length back into your feathery touch and pumping it steadily, attempting to gain a rhythm before you take it into your mouth.
He couldn’t stand the feeling of just your tiny hands trying to get him off. Remus was hellbent on one thing and one thing only.
“For Merlins’ sakes y/n, just fucking suck me off before I turn mad,”
You hold back a troubled whimper at this, knowing you’d have to obey at once to gain his appraisal, for he was not one to vocalize how good he was feeling unless you were truly deserving of it. “Mkay,”
You feel his hand bunch your hair as he less of your head down, easing you onto his cock slowly but surely. The invasion came as a surprise to you from how far he reached down your mouth, tip prodding at the back of your throat right from the get-go.
Remus’ let’s out a hearty groan of relief, resisting the urge to start sloppily throat-fucking you without allowing you adjustment first.
You plant your hands firmly on the insides of his thighs, using the stability to keep yourself as close to him as possible.
However, you don’t start sucking just yet, you await your own pleasure that was promised to you before you gave him any.
Remus understands this, he gives you one final pet to your head and shakily reaches for the vibrator controller, flicking the switch on to a mid-setting so the dull buzz was barely audible, but still very impactful.
You moan onto his length, eyes tossed back in your head as waves of elation began rolling over you, so much power from such a tiny toy genuinely shocking you.
He smirks at your reaction to the pleasure, letting out a small laugh. “I only get the best of toys for my baby,”
And with that, he figures you’ve had enough time to get used to both sensations at once. “You want my cock, y/n? Want me to give this mouth a firm fucking before you tuck in for the night?”
Without a warning or a space of time for you to even babble an answer, Remus begins snapping his hips forward at an unforgiving pace, your eyes widening as a bout of pain stung within your throat from the vigor.
You shake your head as much as you could with the obvious restriction, tapping your hands against his thighs as a signal for him to slow down.
You couldn’t turn your line of vision to him, unaware of the fact he was tutting under his breath and not letting up. “You used to be able to take me all, bub. And you’d love it. What happened, hm?”
You can only let your response come when droplets of saliva dribbled from your lips, for you were in the poor attempt of gargling a reply for him. “Hurts,” and that in itself had you choking, realizing it’d be better off if you’d stay quiet to reduce your own struggle.
Remus doesn’t address you directly, but he does give his own solution to your issue by flicking the dial on the remote up by two notches, unexpectedly making the electrifying pleasure override the pain.
“That oughta keep you quiet, yeah?”
And that’s when he starts up again, using the grip on your hair to bob your head up and down on his cock forcefully, smirking at the gags you emitted from each nudge at the back of your throat.
As you let him take the rein and use your throat however he damn well pleasure, your focus shifted elsewhere, fidgeting around in the spot so you could angle the toy such that it was nuzzled to hit your g-spot with every quiver it made.
This has you letting out involuntary squeaks and squeals of pleasure, the vibration shooting up the length of his cock and making the need for him to release inside of your mouth steadily increase.
“Does that feel nice, little one? Tell me how good ‘m making you feel by letting both of your holes get my attention,”
Knowing it was rhetorical, you gave your answer by hollowing your cheeks so you could better suck him off, remembering that particular motion always had him a moaning mess just like you were now.
“Must be pretty good then,” he mumbles under his breath, hand falling to the remote so he can switch the level to one higher than it was currently, allowing you as much as you couldn’t get before he forced you to cum with him.
You squirm around, the friction hitting you in just the right spots that your vision was turning blurry and the tears that leaked from your eyes were no longer just from the merciless throat fucking, it was a mixture from the need to cum but being unable to let him know such.
You tap his thigh again, pulling back by less than an inch so you could just barely murmur a ‘wanna cum’ before being shoved back down by his hips thrusting up into your mouth again.
“You’re not very mannerful, are you doll? You don’t stop my pleasure because you’re craving your own.” His breath hitches as he explains to you that you should be grateful for what he’s giving you. “I’d be in my right mind to leave you like this after I cum and let you think about why it is that you don’t deserve it,”
His words pierce through your skull, making your head pound as well as your throat constrict around him, all of the added blurs making you sob further at the prospect of him using you as his little cumdump and then heading out without a second glance in your direction.
“But,” Remus whispers, “I’m not going to do that. I want you as my perfect little pet, and I want to make you happy. So you may cum with me,”
His affirmation that you were allowed to reach your high made you anxious for him to hit his, so you upped your game by going faster and taking him deeper, if possible.
Your nose nudged the tufts of curls that made up his happy trail, brushing against it to make a small whimper fall from his lips, knowing how sensitive he’d be there.
“You got your wish baby,” His voice turns to a strain, hips lifting off the couch and back down as he reaches to the armrest as stability. “Cum right now,”
It was all you managed to hear for the next minute or so, the sound of his allowance filling your ears to the brim as you felt them get stuffed with a metaphoric cotton, losing all senses as you tipped off the edge.
With the grant of permission, you were sent off into the seventh Heaven with him, making a mess all over the bullet vibrator and on the carpet beneath you.
You swallowed his load as he came, taking it all down without even a wince of complaint, understanding this was a privilege for you and you were to be nothing but thankful—which you most definitely were.
You were unaware of how loud you both were being, only coming to realize it when you thought about your next door neighbor listening in to you and Remus cumming to one another.
Time passed in the blink of an eye, the toy shut off and your cheeks still damp with tears as he merely just lets himself lay in your mouth, catching his breath while still waiting to let you intake the oxygen you’d been deprived for minutes on end.
Remus pulls out of your mouth, your head lulling forward to rest on his thigh as you struggle to return your breathing to normal, small coughs eliciting from the strength it took to properly inhale and exhale again. “I’m so proud of you baby, took m’cock like such a obedient little thing,” he praises, making you smile bashfully.
“T-Thank you,” you whisper, feeling soothed by his loving words and the way his fingers ran through your locks, nails barely grazing your scalp. “Thank you so much, Rem,”
The male leans down, kissing the top of your head and smiling fondly down at you, uninterested in moving around anytime soon and snatching away your comfort. “Anytime for my precious little girl.”
You don’t sense it, but possessiveness flickered in his eyes, making him unable to resist. “But y’wanna know how you can really thank me?”
You furrow your eyebrows in confusion, humming lowly to let him proceed. “Yeah?”
“Tomorrow morning, you’ll break up with that pathetic boyfriend of yours f’me, pet.”
This is so long but I just couldn’t stop writing it aljdksns <3 Hope u enjoyed and pls don’t hesitate to interact w the fic, it helps so so much!
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Summary: Poly!Marauders fuck Nanny!Reader (Age Gap)
Warning(s) : Smut. Foresome. Oral (male and female) Handjob. Breeding, praise, degrading, sir and daddy kink. One spank. Pet names. Dom!Marauders. Sub!Reader.
a/n— doesn't quite meet the standards of my recent fics, but it's alright i suppose. the end is just dumb. reblogs and comments are always appreciated :)
Hot, wet kisses are seared across your back. James’ chest behind you as you sat up on his lap, and two dark haired men stood in front. Eyeing you dangerously.
“What’d you say blossom? You won't mind if we all have our fun with you?” James cooes softly, fingers brushing over the line of your pink bra.
You truly did look like the name he called you.
“No sir, don't mind at all. Want y’cocks”
He chuckles as his lips press up against your temples, hands massaging your soft thighs. “What did I tell you guys. My pretty little nanny is just a fucking cockslut”
You were surrounded by three older dominants. All looking down at you with hungry eyes. As if you were their prey and they themselves predators.
“God baby, can't wait to fuck you dumb” Sirius groans as his clothes are stripped off along with Remus’. James picks you up and carries you up to your bedroom.
And as soon as you reach there he throws you on the bed as if you were just a toy from them to take pleasure from. And that you most certainly were.
You lay on the bed. Clad in a pretty baby pink lingerie set as the three men take in every small detail of you. Every curve and edge and bump. Deciding in what manner to take you.
James starts first, peppering kisses down your tits, squeezing them from the thin fabric. Then you feel Remus in the inside of your thighs. You whimper as he drags his nail through the soft skin, then lick a stripe up your clothed cunt.
“P-please daddy! Want it” You senses already numbing. Sirius smirks down at you, his ring clad hands pressing your cheeks together and forming a pretty pout on your lips.
“Look at you, already blabbering like a little baby. Such a whore” Remus tuts, and then goes up to James’ level as Sirius begins teasing you through your panties.
James and Remus both sit beside you, mouthing at your breasts in a way that had you squirming. Sirius rips your panties. Moaning at the sight of your cunt. His fingers pull the hood of your clit up, then rubs circles on it.
“You’re dripping poppet” He moans, and then he dives inside of you sex. Licking and tasting and sucking every inch of you. You cry out, unable to muffle anything as his tongue works wonders.
Remus presses hard open mouth kisses to you, and you whine as James rips off your bra. Taking a nipple in his mouth. Flicking and biting the bud expertly.
“So perfect” Remus says, his large hands cupping your face in such a way that makes you look like a fucking doll.
Sirius assault never stop, his tongue thrusts inside, swirls and teases you, then it's out. And the process is repeated until the coil in your stomach tightens unimaginably.
“M’gonna c-cum!” You blabber as your legs are thrown over his shoulder. Remus now kneading your breasts as James stares down at you.
“Look at me” He growls dangerously “Fucking look at me when you cum”
And then you do. Toes curling. Back arching. Moaning over and over. Your breaths are ragged, shallow as you come down from you high.
“Good girl, taste so fucking sweet” The raven haired man smiles, your arousal dripping down his chin.
“What do y’want now baby? You came didn't you?” Remus smiles, his fingers slip through your cunt, and then lick the cum off his fingers.
“No, no i- want your cock, please!”
It was pathetic, really. The way you begged for them. But embarassment had never felt so empowering.
“Hmm, I'll fuck you cunt still,” Says James as you peer up at his face. His hazel eyes darkened by a thousand shades. “Even if I want to share you. This cunt is mine to fuck yeah?”
Incessantly you nod. Opening your legs up wide. However, he tuts disapprovingly. Rolling his tongue on the inside of his cheeks.
“Bend over bunny” Sirius says, wrapping a hand around his length. “Let Moony fuck that pretty mouth”
Remus wastes no time in flipping you over. Arching your back perfectly.
James teases your entrance. Slapping the head of his cock against your clit as Remus drags his pre-cum across your plump lips.
They both slam inside of you at once. And you're unable to cry out, blocked by Remus’ cock stuffed inside of your mouth. James starts thrusting at once holding your hips up high as he thrusts inside deep.
“Oh fuck” Remus heaves, “Your mouth feels so fucking good princess”
His praise encourages you to go faster. To do better. Sirius grunts from beside you as he pumps his lenght at the sight. You look at him slightly, and then slowly raise your hand to jerk him off.
“That’s my pretty girl” James groans, helping you hold your body up.
It had to be the the most beautiful fucking sight he would ever see. You completely being destroyed. His hand rubbed the flesh of your bum right before placing a harsh spank on it.
Sirius pinches your nipples as he bucks his hips into your hands. Remus rocking his hips into your mouth. And James pounding inside of your cunt.
You were completely and utterly being wrecked.
The bed creaked violently. Moans, whimpers, grunts, wet skin slapping. All within the walls of the bedroom. And you could only pray that no one would hear. Although the neighbors might have been traumatized by now, so would it really matter?
Your hand works faster, mouth bobbing and swirling round the length of him, as your pushed back over the curly haired man’s cock.
“Fuck doll, m’gonna fill you with m’cum” James grunts
“Hmm, we're gonna completely cover you in our cum” Remus says joining in “Like a little cumdump” Moans Sirius.
“Y’gonna look so good taking care of our babies”
And then it just pure fucking bliss. Stars are painted over every lid in the room. Euphoria in all your veins.
James spills deep inside you, filling you up to the brim as Remus shoots his cum inside of your mouth and you try your best to swallow every small drop of him. Sirius making an absolute mess on your hand.
Gently; tenderly, they push off you. Cleaning up the mess they'd made on you. Kissing you gingerly. Praises like ‘good girl’ ‘you did so well’ were brought to your ears. They treated you delicately.
The way the three were with you proved to be nothing less of a fairytale.
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pinkandblueblurbs · a month ago
Doctor!Remus Lupin x Fem!Reader. Power imbalance, liiight dubcon, fingering, doctor/patient, innocence, size kink, penetrative sex, loss of virginity, cervical orgasm, unsafe sex
reminder to follow @pinkandbluelibrary and turn on notifs if u haven’t already!
word count: 2.3k
You pull down the hem of your gown, flushing at the way the material rides up your thighs as you sit atop the examination bench. Doctor Lupin is typing away on his computer, recording your height, weight, and vitals that he’d taken moments prior. You stare down at the ground, pretending that the tiles interest you more than his long, busy fingers and handsome face.
“Alright, Miss L/n.” He looks up, offering you that warm smile that makes your heart flutter. “Now it’s time for the more personal portion of your physical. Lay down on your back, please, feet towards the door.”
You swallow nervously but offer him a small nod. The paper crinkles below you as you move, and you cringe internally at the sound of it tearing as you shuffle awkwardly atop the table to get into the directed position.
“Very good, thank you.” You watch as he picks up latex gloves and slips them onto his large hands, long fingers flexing to adjust the material comfortably around them.
“Now, I’m going to feel to make sure there are no abnormalities in your stomach or breasts.” He explains, stepping up beside the table and looking down at you calmly. “Tell me if you feel any pain, alright?” You offer him a quick nod, and he smiles. “Good girl.”
You flush at the praise, your stomach doing flips, but you try to remain calm as he reaches out, hands slipping under your gown, to press his fingertips along your lower belly and abdomen. You stay quiet as instructed since his touch brings you no pain, though you suck in a sharp breath as his hands move upwards, feeling just below your breasts.
“Does that hurt?” He inquires, having caught the sound and looking up at you with slight concern. You hastily shake your head.
“N-no, sorry. Continue.” The faintest of smirks plays at his lips, so faint you almost don’t catch it, but he carries on with an air of professionalism. You try to calm your breathing as he kneads at the soft flesh.
“Everything feels alright.” He reports, offering a smile- though you notice there’s a long moment before he removes his hands from you. “Now, dear, I’m going to have to check lower.” You swallow nervously, and your nod of assent is stiff.
He moves down the examination table, your heart rate increasing with every inch as the attractive man gets closer and closer to seeing your most intimate parts.
“Has everything been feeling comfortable down here? No pain?” His hand slips under your gown, fingertips tracing the hem of your panties.
“Yes, Doctor.” You cringe at how shaky your reply comes out. His fingers pull back the elastic, and you force yourself to look up so you don’t have to watch his intent gaze as he examines you. You feel the pads of his fingers prod gently at your mound.
“And are you sexually active?” Your mouth runs dry- do doctors usually ask that question while their hands are in your underwear?
“N-No, doctor” you stammer.
“Really?” You think you catch surprise in his tone, and he has to take a moment to clear his throat. “Well, then. Nothing to worry about there.” You risk a glance downwards and catch his eye, and he appears as if he’s contemplating something. He swallows, and seems to come to a decision, as he goes on speaking.
“But you said everything feels normal? No lack of sensation, in your clitoris or elsewhere?” Your cheeks heat up at his words.
“My what?” Your voice is meek. He swallows again.
“Your clit, dear.” He repeats. You think you’ve likely heard the word before, but you have no idea of its meaning. You stare down at him in an embarrassed silence.
“You don’t know what that is, do you?” You shake your head. That smirk is back, but now in full force, and butterflies swarm your stomach. “Do you want me to show you?”
Of course you know what he’s asking, know that he’s implying something that’s well outside the realm of a normal check up. There’s a flustered beat of silence as your mind races through your options. Your doctor is kind, and attractive, and is offering to teach you about the wonders of the female anatomy. Needing no further contemplation beyond that, you nod.
“Use your words, please.” The gentle command makes your head swim.
“Y-yes, doctor.”
“Good girl.” His fingers hook into the hem of your panties and he coaxes them down the length of your legs before tossing them behind himself carelessly. “Do you touch yourself, sweetheart?”
“Sometimes” the word is barely above a whisper as his hands gently press against your thighs, moving them apart. You feel somewhere between anxious and eager. He hums.
“Then you’re familiar with this little spot, yes?” His thumb presses against a sensitive bundle of nerves at the top of your slit, making you gasp, and you whimper out a strained “mhm”.
“That, darling, is your clitoris.” He explains, starting to rub small, slow circles on the nub that have your thighs trembling. His thumb leaves for just a moment, swiping briefly against your entrance and tearing another surprised gasp from you. “As your body becomes aroused you’ll get wet, and using that will make things feel even better.” He murmurs. The circles he draws are smoother now as his gloved thumb spreads your moisture around your clit.
You let out a soft moan, eyes flitting between the doctor’s skilled hands and his handsome face, torn as to which erotic sight to focus on.
“Keep your eyes on me, doll.” Doctor Lupin makes the decision for you, his words prompting you to keep your gaze settled on his own. His deep brown eyes are almost eclipsed by black, and you whimper at the intensity of his gaze and the smirk he still wears. “Atta girl, there’s those pretty eyes. Does this feel good, darling?”
You whimper again with your nod, your ability to speak long gone as sparks of pleasure course through your nerves with every swirl of his thumb.
“Yeah?” His voice has lowered and carries a mocking edge that makes your chest tighten. “What a sweet lil’ thing.” His other hand moves from its resting place on your thigh to tease finger tips over your entrance, and you tense up at the feeling.
“Do you finger yourself, Y/n?” Your arousal grows at the way your name sounds rolling of his tongue, and you meet his inquiring gaze with a shake of your head. His eyes darken.
“Well, I’m going to show you another important spot.” He murmurs. With his thumb never stilling, his fingers breach your tight entrance, making you jolt against the table. Soft shushing sounds fall from his lips as he slides his fingers into you, and you slowly relax as you adjust to the intrusion, your walls fluttering. Unbeknownst to you the sensation of your cunt around his fingers has the doctor imagining what you’d feel like on his cock, and is the cause for the low groan that spills from him.
“You’re so tight, baby.” As his professionalism fades more and more his terms of endearment grow more personal, making adoration swell in your chest.
“I-it feels- oh” your words end in a lewd, surprised moan as the doctor crooks his gloved fingers, sponging over a spot that has you seeing stars.
“Theeere it is” he grits out, repeating the motion. “That’s your g-spot, Y/n.” His thumb is unwavering against your throbbing clit and his fingers start up gentle thrusts that hit the mark every time. The ripples of arousal in your belly turn to waves at the stimulation, and the moans you let out are high pitched and continuous. 
“Holy shit- don’t stop- right there- please don’t stop” you babble as your euphoria grows. Remus chuckles.
“I wouldn’t dream of it, doll. ‘M gonna make you cum, want you t’cum f’me” He growls, and that’s all it takes. You squeeze your eyes shut, head falling back against the cushioned table as your orgasm crashes down on you, drowning all other thoughts and sensations.
Lupin’s fingers work you through it while a steady stream of encouragement leaves his lips. His coos of  “good girl, that’s it, let it happen, bet that feels so good, look how pretty you are” are music to your ears, and a blissful smile adorns your lips as your orgasm slowly fades.
He removes his thumb from your pulsing clit and slips his fingers from your soaked channel, leaving you whimpering and clenching around nothing.
“Shhh, ‘s alright” he murmurs as he takes off his gloves. Your blood is running hotter than normal, and as you trail your fuzzy gaze down to the man you spot his now bare hands working the button of his slacks. You let out a confused whimper in sync with the metallic sound of a zipper.
“I think it’s time I show you were your cervix is, sweetheart.” The doctor says lowly, making your heart skip a beat. He pulls down his pants and briefs in one easy motion, and his long, thick cock springs free, slapping against his clothed abdomen. Your eyes widen cartoonishly, making him chuckle.
“’S big, huh?” He voices your thoughts aloud, large hand stroking over his shaft slowly. “It’ll fill your little pussy right up, doll. Get nice and deep inside you.” He steps up so he’s between your spread legs, reaching out to hook his hands under your knees and pull you easily down to the table’s edge. You whimper at the manhandling.
“Scuse me?”
“Doctor” you correct, puling your lower lip between your teeth “please.”
“Y’want my cock, sweet thing?” He taunts with a grin, rubbing the head upwards through your sopping folds. Your head bobbles in a desperate nod. “Yeah? What a good girl you are.” With that he pushes in, sheathing inside you in one firm thrust. You let out a cry- the stretch of your walls and the breaking of your hymen sending ripples of searing pain through you.
Immediately Lupin folds his body over yours, his face hovering above your contorted features as he slowly starts to ease the rest of the way in. He places a soft kiss on the creases of your taut forehead, and you feel yourself relax slightly at the tender gesture and the soothing words that follow.
“Easy, doll, easy. Focus on the good parts- feel how full you are? Isn’t that nice?” You whimper and offer him a weak nod before a sigh of relief spills from your lips as his hand snakes down to start back up on your clit. Instantly your body relaxes at the added pleasure.
“Atta girl, let me in.” He groans out, finally sliding in to the hilt. You let out a choked whine as the head of his cock knocks against something deep inside you.
“Y’feel that, baby? Feel how I can’t go any further?” You nod, gazing up into his warm eyes in wonder. He grinds down, rotating his hips and dragging his cock against your back wall, leaving you whining and writhing in painful pleasure. “That’s your cervix. Keeps me from goin’ all the way to your womb.” You let out an outright moan at that, and  the doctor smirks.
“You like that? Like knowin’ how deep inside your little pussy I am?” His hips pull back before pushing back in again. He repeats the motion, his thrusts slow, firm, and complete, hitting your cervix each time without fail. Lost in bliss, your nod is sloppy as your vision is blurred with stars. 
“Goood girl” he growls, voice an even lower rumble as your walls massage his shaft and your cervix stimulates his tip. “Gonna make you cum again, sweetheart. Should feel different this time- lotsa people say cervical orgasms are even better.” 
He keeps thrusting and rubbing at your clit, and a feeling akin to that rippling arousal from before starts to build within you, but he’s right, it is different now. It feels deeper, more internal, and when he growls “cum for me” the sensation that washes over you is more intense than anything you’ve ever experienced.
Pure, unadulterated pleasure blooms in your core and bleeds into your abdomen and outwards until every nerve on your body is alight. Your mouth is open, lips slack in a noiseless scream, and as you tremble beneath him Lupin leans down to devour any choked sound that manages to escape you.
Your rapture seems unending, the orgasm drawn out by Remus’s continued thrusts, and eventually by the feeling of his warm cum painting the entrance to your womb and filling you up. Your contracting walls milk him, and it’s your turn now to drink in the low groan that spills from his lips into yours.
By the time your pleasure finally fades you feel exhausted. Your eyelids are heavy, your head is swimming, and your cunt is spasming around the length still buried within you. Remus’s panting breaths match your own, and between them he presses kisses to the heated skin of your cheeks.
“You did so well for me, darling.” He murmurs, a sweet smile on his lips. “I think it’s safe to say you’re my favorite patient yet.” You beam at the words, a soft giggle escaping you, and lean up to steal another chaste kiss. Suddenly a thought manages to cross your hazy mind, and you pull back, looking up at Lupin in a panic.
“I’m not on-”
“It’s alright” he soothes, delivering another peck to your lips. “I’ll get you a plan B.”
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ameliasbitvh · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
a/n: this is my first time writing a fucking foursome- why am I writing this when I’ve never even written a threesome? idk, so if it doesn’t make sense at some point that’s why!! also credit to dani and orion helping me with some of this!!
summary: reader is aching and Remus and Sirius find out what that aching is, which gets reader and James in trouble.
wc: 2.4k
warning(s): dumbification, pet names, degrading, praising, orgasm denial, humiliation kink, daddy kink, edging, cnc (??)!!
reblogs are appreciated!!
Your back was pressed against Remus's knees, his hands petting your hair. Sirius was sat on his bed, hands fiddling with his records- looking for a muggle song to play, he was quite bored, despite the fact that you and Remus were there. And James was nowhere to be found at the moment, it was like he vanished.
“Where’s Jamsie?” You pouted, eyes focused on the floor- your hair gently falling off your shoulders.
Remus’s hands wrapped around your chin, lifting your head up. “He’ll be here soon, bun.” He assured, placing a peck on your lips- soon pulling away giving you a bright smile.
Sirius took a glance at you both and felt the sudden need to be near the two of you- he felt left out watching you two, while he sulked in his boredom. So he transferred from his bed to his desired destination.
“What’s wrong, love?” Sirius asked shortly as he arrived,
“I miss Jamsie, where is he?” you complained, shoving your face into Remus’s knees, his hands flew to your hair, petting it.
“Doll, what did I just tell you? He’ll be here soon.” Remus reassured, trying to soothe you.
“B-but, ‘m tummy aches and only he knows how to fix it.” you whined.
“Y’tummy aches?” Sirius cooed, his cool and calloused hand rubbing your aching stomach.
But was that really what was aching?
“Yes,” you confessed.
Remus took your ‘aching stomach’ act- but Sirius sure didn’t.
“Tell me bunny, how is Jamsie the only one who can fix your aching tummy?” Sirius interrogated you.
Your cheeks flushed as your mind raced to find an answer either than James eating you out or letting you ride his cock. Your heart pumped with such force- if they knew they’d punish you and James for breaking the rules.
“W-well, he just helps me feel better.” You confessed but also lied. He did help you with your aching- just not that kind.
“And where is your aching- how does he help you feel better?” Remus questioned, his hands traveling down to your stomach, meeting with Sirius’s hands.
They both massaged your stomach- but what you couldn’t help notice was that Sirius’s hands were traveling lower and lower. Your breath was caught in between your throat and the aching in between your thighs increased.
“Tell us darling, where are you aching?” Remus commanded into your ear, his hands working down to the waistband of your skirt. A shiver went down your spine feeling his hot breath against your skin- your heart was palpitating, you could hear it ringing in your ears.
“Right there,” you confirmed, feeling both his and Sirus’s hands reach lower and lower.
“Are you sure it’s not, right here?” Sirius questioned, his hand immediately moving to your core, pressing up against it.
He didn’t fall for your act, he knew how much of a fucking needy brat you were. You always were so selfish, yet giving. You gave James pleasure and in return he gave you pleasure.
Merlin, the feeling of Sirius’ hand against your cunt gave you some sort of relief, his eyes dark brown- almost black met yours.
They were clouded, clouded in his explicit thoughts on how he and Remus were going to punish you and James. They raced anticipating and deciding his very own next move.
A moan executed smoothly from your lips, “I-”
You didn’t have the confidence to muster up a response, so you gave him those sweet doe- eyes that were sure to redeem you.
But his stare on you only overcasted in a strict manner- then suddenly softened, innocently.
He was up to something.
His digits against your core moved in figure eights, his rings hitting your clit and Remus’s hands relocated to your inner thighs, softly caressing them.
Your eyes fluttered shut as you let the two boys take care of you.
“Does this feel good, princess?” Sirius cooed.
“Mhm, s’good daddy.” You moaned.
“Why don’t you be a good girl and let us take care of you, doll.” Remus said.
“Okay, daddy- I want you and Siri to take care of me right now.”
“Tut, tut, tut, don’t be such a greedy pup.” He scolded you.
“‘M sorry, daddy but it’s hard not to when ‘m aching so bad.” you whimpered, hips bucking up against Sirius’s hand. He grabbed a hold of your hips and grounded your ass to the soft carpet underneath. “Stop moving, bun.” he commanded.
You complied, keeping your lower half still and no longer thrusting your hips up like the pathetic whore you are.
Both boys looked at you in your defenseless state, all they needed to do was talk and barely caress their skin against yours to get you so needy and worked up for their cocks.
Such a fucking cockslut.
Remus let his hands roam to your shirt, slowly unbuttoning it one by one and Sirius’s digits worked on teasing your clit. Remus’s hands immediately groping your breast, playing and tweaking at your nipples. Goosebumps decorated your skin from the feeling- it was enticing and this was only the beginning.
Sirius’ digits rubbed against your underwear- adding onto the pleasure, making you grow wetter as the time flew by.
Small gasps caved their way out of your mouth and moans followed after.
“So wet for us pup and such a good girl, hmm? S’not like you and Prongs broke any rules, right angel?” Remus interrogated.
Your mind was fuzzy and in a haze- but your heart stopped the moment you heard him say that, yet you became more aroused at the thought of being punished.
You deserved it, you were a bad girl and broke the rules with James. You bit your lip, trying to contain yourself from spilling the committed ‘crime’ you had done.
But the more Remus tweaked and Sirius rubbed, the secret was thus to fall from your lips.
Finally they were done dealing with your hesitant contribution for the answer, Sirius slid your underwear to the side and two of his digits dove into your wet and hot cunt. The restricted and untold you were hoping to keep between you and James was revealed.
“No, I wasn’t a good girl f’you both daddy- I broke a rule with Jamsie, ‘m sorry!” you cried, confessing to the two boys.
Their actions slowed down a bit- they looked at you as if they had no clue you did so, (but they knew) like you were their innocent little girl, their gaze burned into you.
Suddenly the door opened, revealing James Potter, “Hi-”
Your body instantaneously shot up from Remus’s knees and you gasped, “Jamsie!” your tits moving with you from your sudden thrust up.
His eyes glued to them and his pants tightened.
“Prongs, nice of you to join us. Y/n/n was wondering where ya went, because her tummy’s been aching and supposedly only you can help her.” Remus smirked and patted the spot beside him.
Oh James knew what the aching meant- you and him were in for it tonight.
You and James have been helping each other out- breaking the rules, but Jamesie couldn't help how needy he was to taste his mommy when she wore such pretty skirts and that he wanted them to be on top of him as you rode his face. You just looked so sweet, that he wanted to taste you, and greedily. Now came the consequences of tasting the forbidden fruit.
James gulped audibly loud and took a seat on the bed, “Strip.” Sirius commanded.
All of you were naked- bare and exposed to each other, yet you and James were the most vulnerable. You were laid across the lap of Remus as he smacked your ass, praising but degrading you. “Doing so good, pup. Taking all of this like a good girl,” James sat in a chair, his wrist restrained being tied to the arm rest. Sirius took his time teasing him, achieving whimpers and pleas from James asking for forgiveness- just so he could cum.
“Lemme ask you somethin’, pup. How many days did you and Prongs fuck each other like needy brats?”
You stayed quiet.
His palm collided with your ass once again, and a cry evacuated its way out of your mouth.
“Spit it out, like a good girl,”
“A week,” you trembled.
“Well would you look at that, you and Jamsie have been helping each other, like greedy bitches, for a whole week.” Remus mocked, catching the attention of Sirius.
“A whole week, seven days. you know what that means.” Sirius smirked.
Yes you did know.
You and James were going to cum seven times tonight.
“So fucking desperate to cum, hmm? Oh we’ll make you cum.”
First orgasm
Sirius thrusted into your cunt from behind, his hands gripping your hips at a bruising strength- his cock buried deep inside you.
“Siri- feels too good, gonna cum f’you!” You exclaimed breathlessly, hoping to be heard- except it was muffled from your mouth being full of Remus’s cock.
Remus stroked James cock, as you sucked him off. James legs trembled with each stroke, whimpers falling from his lips from being pushed to the edge, yet never falling.
There was a change of plans- as always, Remus and Sirius were always unpredictable. Just like rolling a dice, you could hope for your desired outcome, but thus far, you’d get the unexpected. The change of plans in question, were that James couldn’t cum and you had to cum seven times to make up for your actions.
James struggled to restrain himself, seeing you getting fucked by Sirius and sucking Remus off only aroused him, making his hard become torturous. His erection ached, and was practically begging to be abused- overstimulated. Which it was, but not in the way he wanted to. He wanted to cum and cum hard.
You and James both knew that you guys deserved this punishment. You both were being greedy and just couldnt wait to be fucked like the dumb pups you are.
The knot in your stomach twisted tighter and tighter with each rough roll of Sirius’ hips against your ass. His hands working on your clit, cold rings digging against it- your orgasm was nearing.
Remus thrust his hips against your face, making you gag and more tears spill from your eyes.
“C’mon doll, keep taking us.” Remus groaned, his high reaching him. His cum soon followed decorating the inside of your mouth, “Swallow, angel.” he commanded, his thrust taking a halt. You swallowed like the good girl you are, earning praise from him, as your body moved back and forth- legs shaking as Sirius continuously slammed into you.
Your core throbbed, and begged for release.
“Can I cum?” You breathlessly moaned.
“Cum f’us doll.” Sirius demanded.
You cried in pleasure releasing all over sirius’ cock.
Fourth orgasm
“Look at you, so dumb f’me. A dumb and stupid lil pup,” Remus mocked, his head tilting to the side as he thrusted into you. Your back was against the mattress, he continuously fucked you into.
“S’all f’you though daddy!” You moaned, eyes rolling back. James was laid on his bed as Sirius stroked his cock, making him squirm around.
“Be a good boy, please Jamsie, f’mommy.” You pleaded James from across the room as you were getting your brain fucked out.
“B-but mommy, can’t take it no more— needa cum!” He whined, making Sirius smirk at the punishment that you both were to face if James were to cum.
“No jamsie, dont!” You cried, your legs quivering.
And the he did it. He fucking came.
All actions took a halt at the new found information. “Spoiled bitch couldn’t take it any more, could you prongs?” Sirius laughed.
“N-no, daddy.”
As that happened on the other side of the room Remus continued to fuck you with no mercy.
His cock slid in and out of you, rough rolls of his hips making you move forth with him and the headboard slam against the wall. You were brain dead, laid there all pretty f’him. A perfect fuck doll for him to use whenever he wanted. Whenever they wanted. Because let’s be honest, you and James were the subs while Remus and Sirius were the doms, completely destroying the two of your pretty little holes.
“Fuck doll, y’pretty pussy feels so good around m’cock.” He growled, his head falling into the crane of your neck, your arms immediately wrapped around his neck. Your legs wrapped around his torso, his cock penetrating you at a different angle putting you in a complete bliss state.
The knot in your stomach returned again for the fourth time. “M’ gonna cum again Remmy!” Every hold you had on him tightened.
“Cum doll, all over m’cock like the greedy bitch you are.” You complied at his request and let go, it was euphoric your world was spiraling in the best way possible.
Seventh orgasm
“Can’t take it no more— feels too good and m’ too sensitive!” You cried, your legs jerking up as Remus and Sirius both played with your cunt. Tears spilled from your eyes.
“C’mon doll, just one more time f’us. Don’t you want to be a good girl?” Remus cooed, his hands rubbing at your sensitive clit.
“Jamsie c’mere, do you wanna help your mommy feel good?” Sirius queried, his lips ghosting over your inner thigh, making you shiver.
“Yes, I do— but mommy said she can’t take it no more.” James frowned.
“Jamsie, m’ okay with it.” You smiled.
Soon all three boys worked around you, Remus tweaking and toying at your tits, Sirius’ hands roaming your body and James eating you out.
You were laid against Remus’s chest and each flick of James tongue against your sensitive clit only drove you closer to your next mind blowing orgasm. You could barely keep your eyes open as these boys played with you, like their favorite toy.
His tongue fucked you, going in and out of your right hole, his tongue didn’t miss one fold. His nose hitting your clit right where you needed it. Remus pinching your nipples, making you squirm in place as Sirius pinned your body down, holding you still.
“Remember you deserve this doll, you and Jamsie. This’ll remind you two to not misbehave again.” Remus cooed from behind you.
“No misbehaving,” you whimpered, releasing for the last time tonight. You cried against him, eyes shut, and thighs clenching around James’ face, holding him in between you.
“That’s right doll, no misbehaving.”
taglist: @underappreciated-spoon-321 @o-rion-sta-r @orphixc @dracoscum @marrymetheonott @l0vely-lupin @dracomalfoys-wh0re @malfoysmainb @drac0spersonalslut @youreso-golden @yiamalfoy @just-a-smol-spoon @dr4cking @dlmmdl @noceurwhore @hotgirlwhoreadsff @littlemissnoname13 @mvdbldd @f4iryluvy @angel4you @itsmentalillness @superturtlesheep @dope-shit-bro @mzmalice3 @wolfstar-lb
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arianagreyy · 29 days ago
Too Late To Notice || J. Potter x Reader
Tumblr media
Idk I have a weird obsession with angst. I like reading it and i like writing it so here's one:
Words: 1,241 words
Pairing: James Potter x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Angst, my crappy writing, mentions of cheating. Let me know if there are more.
Y/N wasn't stupid.
She saw the way James's eyes would light up whenever Lily was near. She saw the way he would find excuses to sit near Lily during lunch or dinner in the Great Hall.
She also saw the way Lily would start blushing whenever James was near.
She saw the way Lily would stare at James during class, a pink tint on her cheeks.
So she wasn't stupid when one day she saw James and Lily together, hair disheveled, clothes crinkled and faces pink with red, bruised lips.
What hurt her was the fact that James and Lily were perfect together. The popular guy and the pretty girl. They were so utterly in love and it cracked her heart.
It hurt her to see the boy who she was in love with since childhood fall in love with another girl, a girl that wasn't her.
James was in love with Lily Evans. Everyone knew that and everyone loved them. The ideal couple.
But deep down, he felt something was missing. Or rather, someone was.
He noticed how you started ignoring him and Lily whenever they were around you, how you would scoot away from then at the Gryffindor table, how you would refuse to be a part of conversations they were participating in. And it hurt him.
He had known you since their childhood. You both were inseparable ever since. But it all changed since he started dating Lily.
Both of you used to hang out after classes, during lunch and in the Common Room. But now, it was different. He would hardly see you after classes; you were not there during meals and in the Common Room.
He missed spending time with you just as much as you did with him. You were the one who calmed him down after every time Lily rejected him and now that they were together, he felt guilty for not spending time with you.
Right now, he was sitting in the Great Hall waiting for Lily to arrive. It had been precisely 20 minutes since Lily had to be here so he decided to go out and look for her.
He walked around corridors until he heard a faint voice of someone shouting. He walked closer and closer until he could make out the voice, your voice.
He walked close enough to see who you were arguing with, and it was none other than his girlfriends, Lily.
“If you tell James anything you saw today, you won’t end up safe and sound,” Lily hissed, venom laced in her voice.
He was shocked to hear his girlfriend sound so venomous. She was known to be very polite and kind, nobody knew this side of her. James kept his mouth shut.
“You can’t cheat on him forever, Evans. He will find out someday,” you said.
A gasp left his mouth and both girls’ attention turned to him. Lily’s face went pale whereas you slapped a hand over your mouth, trying to stop any noise that comes out of it.
To say that James looked heartbroken was an understatement. He looked crushed. He looked as if he lost everything in life.
He had spent six years trying to get Lily’s attention, confessing his true and undeniable love for her but no rejection hurt more than this. He had her in her arms and she slipped away. He looked over at you to see you looking at him with an unreadable expression.
Was it hurt or anger or pity?
No. He didn’t need anyone’s pity.
With a stone cold expression on his face, and a desperate Lily on his trail, he exited the place.
You stood here, trying to comprehend what just happened until realization hit you in the face and your eyes widened.
You destroyed their relationship.
If you have kept your mouth shut, none of this would’ve happened. Lily and James would’ve been together. James wouldn’t have been so heartbroken and Lily…she must’ve gained something as well.
You took slow steps towards the Gryffindor Common Room, hoping to find James there and comfort him, like you used to do. Each step felt as heavy as a stone but somehow, you made it to the Common Room.
James was nowhere in sight so he must be in his dorm. You reached his dorm to hear faint sounds of sniffing…he was crying.
Never in your life had you seen or heard James Potter cry. You had spent six years comforting him after Lily’s rejections but he had never succumbed to his emotions until now.
Your hand involuntarily went towards the doorknob and you slowly opened the door to see James sitting on the floor, the wall supporting his back and his legs crouched up to his stomach. His hands were wrapped around his legs and his head was over his hands. Soft voices of sniffing and sobbing left his mouth and your heart ached to see the man you’re so in love with, look so broken.
You bent down to level with him and placed your hand on his head. The voices stopped and you felt his head move upwards.
His eyes were red and puffed. Trails of tears were visible on his face. You cupped his cheek with one hand and with the thumb of the other hand; you wiped the tears that were pooling under his eyes. Both of you maintained eye contact for what felt like forever until you finally broke the silence.
“I’ve never seen you cry,” you whispered to him, one of your palms still cupping his cheek. You felt him lean into the touch. He closed his eyes and another tear slipped out but you were quick to wipe it away.
“D-did you kn-know?” he asked you and you shook your head softly.
“I didn’t know. I just saw her today,” not wanting to say more, you stopped.
“Who was it?” he asked, now fully bringing his head up from his hands. Shit.
“That’s not important. What’s important is your health and I assure you Mr. Potter that crying is not good for your health,” you tried lighting up his mood, which lowkey worked because a soft chuckle escaped his lips, making a smile form on your lips as well. You took both of his hands in yours and gave them a squeeze. He looked at your joined hands and a slight blush crept up his cheeks, which was unknown to you.
“Why were you ignoring me?” he asked the question you were dreading. A sigh left your lips and you sat on the floor in an identical pose to James and rubbed your face with your hands, which left James’s. Both of you tried to ignore the tinge of disappointment that hit both of yours’ hearts.
“I honestly don’t know,” you stated. You had read enough romantic books to know that questions like these usually ended up with love confessions but you didn’t want that. You didn’t want to tell James you loved him right after he found out his girlfriend was cheating on him.
“You don’t know why you were ignoring me?” he said, a small smile forming on his lips.
Neither of them looked at each other, rather they looked at the spaces in front of them because at that moment, both of them realized something.
Y/N, that maybe James knew.
James, that he was catching feeling for her right after is breakup.
This was messed up.
Taglist: @elenadalton @athenaaknight @nickangel13 @hereforsmutonly-blog @secretsthathauntus @padf00ts-l0ver @kiaragrose @mrs-igotabadidea @moony-maddie-blog @cursedandromedablack @waszuka @aliethesimp @medeaa5 @literishdegree99
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illiantt · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Day 3 ➯ poly!Marauders x reader // breeding kink
kinktober masterlist // navigation
Summary: James, Remus, and Sirius all want you to carry their cum in your pussy.
Warnings: 18+ ONLY, MINORS DO NOT INTERACT, breeding kink, creampie, foursome, clit slapping, choking, degrading, dirty talk, slut-calling, use of toy (plug), tity sucking, penetration.
Word count: 0.8k
a/n: Third day of kinktober. Reblogs and comments are always appreciated.
“So pretty”, James says as he kisses the inside of your tights.
“Isn’t she? Are you ready to be filled with some cock?” Remus says as he strokes your cheek with the back of his hand.
You nod as you feel Sirius lips sucking your neck.
“Can’t wait to be filled full with cum, huh?” Sirius teases you. You feel the vibration from his mouth on your neck.
“I want it”, you whine, as you feel wet by their teasing already.
“James, how is she? Is she ready to be filled with cum?” Remus asks James but doesn’t break eye contact with you.
“She’s soaked”, James chuckles.
A devilish smile is visible on Remus’ face.
“You’re wet already, baby? How cute. Or more likely such a slut”, Remus says and slaps you on your cunt—making your body twitch.
“James, want to go first?” Remus asks as he places a hand on your heat.
“I want to!” Sirius argues, but is soon cut off by Remus,
“Sirius, you will go last when her cunt is filled with cum already.”
Sirius bulge is hardening as he thinks of fucking you.
James lies in bed beside you, gesture for you to ride him. You climb up, and with your hand, you guide his cock to the entry of your pussy. Slowly letting your pussy swallow James’ whole cock—as you moan of the feeling of a dick inside of you.
“Good girl”, Remus compliment you as you start to ride on James cock. Bouncing up and down. James’ eyes are fixed on your boobs as they move in rhythm with your body.
James pushes you down so he can access your boobs with his mouth. He is changing the movement, so he’s the one that is pumping into you. His pace is so much faster than yours, so you start to moan.
James is fucking hard into you as he sucks and licks on your nipples.
“Jamsie—” you moan as you feel James is cumming in you—filling you up.
He won’t pull out his dick until he has emptied all his cum into you.
“Now it’s my turn. Lay on the bed, and don’t let any of James’ cum drip out from you”, Remus instructed you, and you did as you were told.
You lie down on the bed and spreading your legs for Remus to see your cum-filled cunt.
“Now going to put a baby into you like James”, Remus says as he strokes his cock on your pussy before thrusting it into you.
“Oh, Remmy—” you moan as this is the second dick pumping into you today.
“You like it that different guys put a baby into you, huh?” Remus’ voice is deep and dark, and he put his hands around your neck while slamming into you.
“Y-yes, I do, sir”, you say as Remus chokes you.
“So desperate for babies, that’s why you’re spreading your legs so wide for me”, Remus groans, close to filling you up with his cum.
“I’m going to fucking give it to you then,” he says as he moans.
Remus cum is filling up your pussy—mixing with James’ cum. You have now cum from two men in your pussy.
“Finally, my time to fuck a baby into you, y/n. I want to take you from the back,” Sirius excitedly says and strokes his cock—ready to fuck you.
You stand on all of you four and feel Sirius dick pressing into your already filled pussy.
He grabs your waist as he thrusts into you.
“How does it feel to fuck a filled cunt like hers?” Remus chuckles.
“So good. Can feel that she’s a fucking slut”, and they all three men laugh as you keep moaning.
Sirius presses down your upper body, automatically for your ass to be even higher up.
“Sirius—” you moan as you have already been fucked so much today.
“What is it y/n? Want me to mix my cum with James’ and Remus’ in your pussy?”
The thought that your pussy have had three different cocks in you and their cum mixed up in your pussy made you moan even more.
“Sirius, please cum in me. Please fill me up. I want to carry all of your three cum inside of me”, you whine, and Sirius takes up the pace—determined to give you his cum to fill you up.
Sirius groans as he cum—filling you up. You feel Sirius pull out, but right away, you feel something else pushes into you—making your pussy feel full again.
“It’s a plug—so our cum stays inside your pussy. We want you to walk around with it for the whole day. Because we are going to fill you with some more tonight”, Remus informs you.
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gotkindabored · 3 months ago
How Easy You Are to Need ☽ R.L
It’s only when James and Lily made a move to chat with Remus was when she fumbled around with his zipper, pulling down agonizingly slow as she unbuttoned the top. Her head shifted, just enough to have his face in view but still be able to talk with Sirius without causing suspicion.
OR... frustrated with Remus’ lack of attention, Y/N decides to take matters into her own hands.
Pairing: Remus Lupin x F!Reader
Word count: 4.5k
Warnings: Shameless smut, dom/sub, sub!reader, mean!Remus, edging, degradation, praise, overstim, unprotected smut, names like dumb, puppy, slut, rough smut, aftercare! A few tears, participants are 18+, hair pulling.
Marauders Masterlist | ao3
Tumblr media
DISCLAIMER: This story contains sexual content. If you are not 18+, do not read. Remember to practice safe sex and do not use these stories as an educational reference.
Remus was being distant.
Although, he hadn’t been doing it purposely. After all, they’d been busy with studying for their upcoming NEWTs and Remus had a plethora of other priorities like his study group, planning out his future and of course, being a Marauder; pranking the school, wreaking havoc in the last few months they still had left before graduating.
But it’s been over a month now and the only physical contact they had were quick pecks and hand squeezes. They didn’t even have time to hold each other or be alone without the other Marauders or Remus hauling himself in that damned library everyday. He was stressed, beyond stressed but she’d been too; leaving her bereft like this was only adding to that stress.
He’d been neglectful. Beyond neglectful. And she wanted attention. Was that so much to ask from her own boyfriend?
And now, sitting in the back of the library with the rest of the Marauders and Lily, textbooks and parchment strewn on the desk in front of them, it didn’t help that Remus looked heavenly in the dim, golden light. It warmed his skin, giving him a youthful dewy glow in the heated May weather. It highlighted his soft messy curls that cascaded slightly over his eyes before having to push them back. It looked like a halo. His most prominent features were highlighted from the shadows and eyes flashing a molten gold, completely obscuring any green in his eyes.
It was hard not to want — no, need Remus. That was extremely easy. But how could it not be when he looked like that?
She wanted his attention and an idea popped in her head.
Luckily, she knew exactly how to get it. Although risky, the reward was greater.
As Remus spoke with Lily, sharing notes as James peered over her shoulder to copy, Remus’ hand settled on her knee, thumb grazing back and forth mindlessly and the action had her melting in his touch. Y/N revelled in it, so touch starved it was pathetic.
She moved her action into plan.
It started with light touches on his arm before travelling down, disappearing underneath his shirt. Remus looked down to her, smiling tiredly yet brightly, pressing a quick kiss to her temple. The action caused false disgust to emanate around the table and therefore, losing Remus’ attention. Again.
“You guys are disgusting. Get a room!” James whined, sticking his tongue as his face screwed into a tight grimace.
“Sod off,” her boyfriend rolled his eyes. “We did not go through six years of you whining about Evans for you to say that.”
Lily blushes while James throws his hands up, two palms facing him defensively. “Got me there.”
Remus’ hand pulled away from her leg, going to grab a book and flicked through the pages, leaving her greedy, craving more.
One hand moved under the table, slipping to his inner thigh. Remus didn’t seem to even notice, eyes reading sections of his book so fast his eyes were blurred. That was until her fingers travelled to ghost across his clothed bulge when Remus’ head finally perked up, eyes hardening. He stays impeccably still, his breathing hitching as he goes back to read his book, but his hand travelled down, grabbing her wrist in a warning.
A delicious pink tint flushes his face and then he pulls away.
“Sirius,” she drawled, continuing to palm Remus. Her eyes hopped up to him, to make sure he was okay with her ministrations as he eyed her wry. Nonetheless, he gives a small, curt nod, curiosity burning behind his eyes and goes back to reading his book but she doesn’t miss the way his adam’s apple bobs and breathing becomes shallow. “I don’t understand this part in Transfigs. Could you explain?”
Sirius is happy to oblige, as he takes her textbook, highlighting sections. “You see, it’s actually not that hard, it’s about memorizing these parts…” As he rambled, Lily, James and Peter were all talking amongst themselves, Y/N went to move her hand, rubbing the ever-growing outline of Remus’ cock before trailing down his thighs and up his happy trail to build up anticipation. She side-eyed him as he clenched his jaw and leg started to bounce up and down.
It’s only when James and Lily made a move to chat with Remus was when she fumbled around with his zipper, pulling down agonizingly slow as she unbuttoned the top. Her head shifted, just enough to have his face in view but still be able to talk with Sirius without causing suspicion.
Tracing feather-light touches through his underwear, Remus’ side cheek hollowed, chewing the inside of his mouth but it passed as if he was considering whatever Lily was saying.
She purposely avoided his dick, making Remus both relaxed and irritated. It gives him a chance to breathe but the dull ache throbbing has him looking for relief. He hadn’t realized just how long it’s been until then.
He leans in quickly, voice dropping so low that she could barely pick up on what he said. “You better stop while you’re ahead. You’re being greedy.”
She ignored him, still chatting away with Sirius. But this sets her off. She finally grasps his cock, already leaking in pools of pre-cum and runs light touches to the sides before finally jerking him.
Remus’ grip on his book is a lot harder now, so much so that the cover is bending so much that it’s cracking the spin. His breath hitches.
“Ugh — you good?” Peter askes.
Her movements on his cock are tauntingly slow. The veins in his cock are prominent — aching and he's consumed by relentless need. She jerks him steadily, making sure her shoulder isn’t moving to avoid suspicion.
With a particular sharp tug and her thumb pressing his sensitive slit, Remus has to close his eyes, forcing an answer out through clenched teeth. “Grand.”
Remus decides that holding his book is no use and instead scribbles down sections from his book onto parchment to keep himself occupied. Because nothing screams sexy than the goblin war of the eighteenth century or charming frogs to walk on water…
He’s gripping his quill so tight that it’s about to snap — and it does when the palm of her hand cups around the tip and massages him. Everyone’s head shoots to Remus. She smiles — his usual unbreakable facade was cracking.
“Moons? You okay?”
“You do look a bit… hot… red.”
Remus does his best to clear his throat and a hand going to squeeze so tight on her thigh that she knows will leave his fingerprints indented for days. “Sorry… it’s the first day of the moon cycle.”
The words are quiet, muffled because his teeth were sinking into his bottom lip. Y/N smirks, faking a wide-eyed, innocent, worried girlfriend act. “Darling, come again?”
The double meaning causes Remus to cough out. He repeats, this time louder but blood boils. “Sorry, it’s the first day of the moon cycle.” His voice is so steady that had she not been jerking him off, she would’ve believed him.
Everyone nods their heads before Remus leans in again. He makes it look like he’s just going to find some sort of comfort but his words send shivers down her spine. “Get up.” He knocks her hand out of the way to tuck his dick back into his pants and zips up. His jaw tightened, so much so a vein strains against his neck.
He turns back to the group, “I’m sorry but I’m not feeling well.” Remus hastily shoves his belongings into his bag as the group gives encouraging words to him. He has to use his books to cover his straining cock.
Y/N tries to suppress a smirk. “I should get going too then.”
They all bid their goodbyes and as they disappear from sight and out into the corridors, Remus grabs her wrist tight as he remains quiet, walking up to his dorm and it sends shivers down her spine in anticipation. If anything, she’s just happy to finally get his undivided attention. It’s been so long.
“You’re lucky that we were with them.” He finally says as they enter his dorm. He stands tall and intimidating. His bag drops to the ground with a thud as he strides up to her, fingers moving across her face gently before gripping the sides of her face harshly, forcing her to stare up at him. “You’re such an attention whore. Don’t I already give you enough?”
She wants to say no because he hasn’t and even Remus knows this — her touch only just then reminding him that he’s been so neglectful and it sends a panged shiver down his spine. But, she just wants him, wants more of him —so she lies.
“Yes, of course!” But her hesitation was clear to Remus, but he doesn’t comment on it.
He eventually lets go of her face, the sensation lingering from his grip leaves her deliciously fuzzy and warm.
Remus walks over to the armchair and she follows behind him. He settles himself down, elbow propping up against the arm and fingers tapping the side of his cheek. His voice is low and intimate, “What should I do with you?” But before she could even speak, his fingers in turn hither her over. “Get down.”
Rolls of intimidation came off of him and on her hands and knees, she felt vulnerable. The look in his eyes was feral.
Without him having to instruct her, Y/N tugged down his pants, just enough so his cock could spring out as she makes a quick move and presses a few experimental licks to the tip which has him groaning above. Her mouth quickly wraps around the head, taking Remus as far as she could, making sure the pressure was tight.
“You’re a dumb little whore, aren’t you?” He was bemused.
Remus’ hand went to tug on her hair, pulling her off as a beaded trail of saliva followed. “Answer me.”
It was pathetic, honestly, as a whimper almost slipped from her lips. “I'm a dumb whore.”
Satisfied with her answer, he let go and her mouth returned to his cock. He groaned out as her lips sucked harder, tongue swirling around the tip as his head leaned against the back of the chair, lost in pleasure. Her hands worked the exposed skin.
He trusted gently, just enough to brush the head of his cock against the roof of her mouth. “You can take it,” his hand went to wipe the forming tears in her eyes. Even now, when he’s angry and she’s been misbehaving badly, he’s always so kind and gentle. “Ah — good girl.”
He was tangled into her hair, using it for leverage as she moved to settle more comfortably between his legs as his dick slipped further down her throat. But he must’ve decided to be a little rougher as his hands lock into her hair, taking her head and fucking her mouth harshly.
With one last moan, Remus’ cum flooded down as she grappled with his balls. She swallowed, sucking him as he came down from his high and gently peeled off of him.
He ran the pad of his finger across the cushion of her lip, wiping away her spit and brought her to a hard kiss, picking her up and placing her to straddle his thigh.
He yanked her close, as Remus tilted her head and began biting and sucking down on her neck. His teeth grazed the sides as his hands flew to her hips, beginning to rock her back, grinding down harshly on him. For support, her hands flew to his messy hair.
Her laboured breaths echo around the room and it feels like music to him. He leaned in murmuring delicately as he nibbled gently on her lobe. “Such a shame that you couldn’t be good. Could've waited and gotten what you wanted. But you had to be such a brat, acting like a slut around our friends.”
Remus’ hand pushed down the straps of her dress, her soft breast popping out with ease and nipples hardened from brushing against his body. Using his free hand, Remus ran a finger up and down her spine as he returned to her hips.
Y/N’s high-pitched moans filled the room as the relentless pressure on her clit rubbed against his clothed thigh. He brought a hand down, smacking her arse as the pleasure sent another jolt of pleasure before he went to massage it; repeating the action several times.
At this point, she’s absolutely dripping, the familiar bubbling sensation heating in her stomach.
Remus slipped two fingers into her panting mouth which in return she sucked down, continuing to slide her hips back and forth, spreading her wetness around. Remus moved to angle her forward a bit more, her clit rubbing even harder down, even going as far as bouncing his leg just slightly to meet each grind.
Y/N’s head tilts back yet again, whimpers falling from her lips as she spews his name out again and again. Remus removes his fingers, going to suck back down on her neck and she can even feel him smirk against her burning skin. His rough calluses go to toy with her nipples, rubbing them gently, teasing her, which pushes her dangerously close.
“Gonna — gonna cum,” she moans. This earns her a sharp pinch at her nipples.
“Not how we ask.”
Remus pushes her back just so her chest is more accessible while moving his leg so that she sits higher up. His lips press sloppy kisses to her chest, moving to wrap his tongue around her nipples.
“Please!” she whines. “Please can I cum?”
He paused, eyes closing at this and she already knew his answer. “Bad girls don’t get to cum yet.” Remus immediately freezes as a frustrated whine leaves her lips.
Okay, so maybe Remus wasn’t going to let her cum for a while, maybe he’ll be that mean and not let her cum at all, but she has what she was craving: his attention.
Remus pulls her off his leg, picking her up as he strode to his bed in a few and threw her on. Y/N observes the large damp patch on his legs as her skin burns with embarrassment. Remus moves to crawl on top of her, knee going to place in between her legs to avoid them from closing. A hand runs down, grazing her skin as it trailed from her lips, collarbone, breast, stomach before resting on her hip.
She can feel his erection pressing against her.
He takes her legs, dragging her down to the edge of his bed. Remus sits back on his knees, slotting himself in between her. “What a fucking mess.”
Using his middle finger, he traced idly up her slit before rubbing tender circular and vertical motions on her clit. Remus moved painstakingly slow as his head leaned in, eyes never leaving her face as he gave a few experimental licks. The action had her body jolting, already writhing in his touch.
His tongue slid up and down, sucking around her clit as he slipped his fingers inside, her pussy sucking them in before pumping them in and out. Y/N’s head tossed on either side of the bed as her hands flew to his hair. The sharp tug and Remus sucking down harder, knocking moans from them both.
She can feel the impending orgasm approach her again. Maybe she just shouldn’t tell Remus, but had she cum without his permission after what she did today… Even Y/N didn’t want to think about what he would do.
But it seems like he already sensed it — how could he not when her legs began to tremble and tighten around his grasp as she tried to grind on his face. He pulled away quickly. Frustrated tears begin to build up but doesn’t shed a tear.
“Poor baby,” Remus coos with false sympathy. He’s wearing a wicked grin as he thumbs through her folds but avoiding her clit to give her a second to breathe. “Y’think you’ve fooled me into thinking I’ve forgotten what you did today?”
The pressure from his ministrations have her eyes rolling back. “No, no! I’m sorry, I just wanted you!”
He goes to grip her jaw again, “You dumb, dumb puppy. You just had to push it.”
And so he waits for a moment, letting her come down from her high and starts at square one again. He slithers his way back down, grabbing her legs and tongue dives to lap at her clitoris but then he pulls away before the final crash washes over.
Remus had been going at it for thirty minutes or so and now. He’s now fully undressed and tears are freely falling as her head thrashes back and forth, a sheen of sweat across her body as she mumbles incoherently.
Remus is dangerously close to cumming in his pants just by listening to her as his fingernails dig in deep into her thighs. He’s feeling a little nicer now so he lets up a notch. “Beg.”
“Please!” A few desperate tears fall. The desperation has Remus grinning wolfishly.
He pretends to think hard but he smiles as he listens to her babble away. His fingers still pump in as he instinctively goes to lick his lips. Y/N watches as his chin glistens with her wetness and he fucking moans at the taste.
But he’s quite enjoying her pleas so he doesn’t stop her. He completely moves his hand away, propping them on the bed. “I need more than that.”
Her begging is so needy that it even catches Remus off guard.
“Please, please, please — Remus! Please let me cum. I’ve been good — I-I’ve learned my place, I promise! Please, I need you! I promise I’ll be good — I’ll be perfect!”
The answer satisfies him. He returns, leaning down and the familiar bubbling feeling settled in the pit of her stomach that trickled into her core and finally exploded. It sent shockwaves throughout her body as her moans echoed around the room.
But Remus didn’t stop. Even then, he moved to continue licking long strides up her as his thumb moved to toy with her clit. Her legs trembled around his head but quickly moved a hand and pressed down on her pelvic bone and thigh to minimize her squirming.
“Remus!” She chokes on a strangled moan. The pain is so pleasurable that she doesn’t get him to stop. Her hands release his hair and latch onto his forearm. She’s squeezing so hard that surely they’ll leave bruises in their wake. “I’m too sensitive! Please, Remus”
“Please, Remus!” He mocks her. He moves so that he’s leaning over her, his ragged breath fanning across her face.
She can hardly think straight and he has to hold her down to keep her from buckling. She can feel another orgasm build its way up fast. “I don’t like you,” Y/N pants, delirious. “You’re being so mean.”
“You don’t like me?” He mused. He broke his domineering demeanour to chuckle. “Well, you’re going to hate me soon.”
And then another wave hits her but Remus moves at the last second. And it’s fucking disappointing. Her ears pounded with a ringing sensation and the relief she was expecting still wasn’t there. He even moved to pin her arms above her head to prevent her from touching herself.
And Remus, he fucking laughs at her. Y/N thinks that he’s leaning in to give her an apology kiss but instead whispers into her ear, “Do you hate me yet?”
Before having the chance to register what he’s doing, Remus flips her around so that she’s pressed down on the bed before he has to grip onto her, holding her so that she’s upright on her knees.
Not feeling particularly patient, Remus takes his cock and pressed it against her hole and sheathes himself in one thrust. Remus has to still himself, letting the pleasure wash over him as he sucks down harshly on her shoulder blade to compose himself.
The pace he sets is brutal, unrelenting and she mewls from beneath him. The sharp slap to her arse has her moaning.
“You take me so well,” he manages to grunt out. The bed frame is slamming against the wall before he threads a hand through her hair, yanking back harshly which has her crying out as his thrust somehow becomes harder. Her head was forcibly tiled up as he pressed soft kisses to her neck.
She can feel the grin on his lips, “You like that, don’t you?”
“Yes,” she moans, attempting to steady herself. “You feel so so so good.”
“Dumb puppy, always getting what she wants in the end, don’t you?” He pants. Every sharp thrust makes her breast bounce as his grip on her waist tightens. She can feel his cock throbbing with every movement.
Remus flips her around so that her front is now facing him as he looms over her. He pushes in once again, angling his cock so that it would brush against her clit and the new position has her screaming.
He drinks in her cries by placing sloppy kisses on her lips and Y/N eagerly tries to respond but is too overwhelmed.
“Who do you belong to?” His hand wraps around her throat, however, it’s nothing more than just a squeeze.
“You, Remus! You!”
But that’s a lie, she has him hooked. He belonged to her and he’ll relish in it for as long as she lets him.
“You’re so pretty,” his words do numbers on her. From the harsh way he’s treating her compared to his words so kind and soft, it sends her soaking in a faraway fuzz.
“Doing so well. You’re such a good whore, just for me.” He coos into her ear despite the crude choice of words.
His hips slam into her with a strong, steady speed and the expression that crept its way onto his face has her in a trance. Remus looks beautiful. His eyes were closed as he lost himself to her; his hair was stuck to his face from the sweat. His moan and grunts are quiet. He just looks so pretty, so domineering.
Remus’ eyes fly back open and they’re lidded, pupils dilated so that barely any hazel is visible. “Ask me again,” he pleads, sounding so desperate that it sends jolts to her core. “Ask me to make you cum again.”
She nods her head meekly. “Please make me c-cum.”
“Fuck,” he murmurs. Alright, pretty girl — so beautiful.”
His long fingers reach down between her legs and rub fast circles onto her clit which has her back arching and mind go completely black and white.
Y/N shakes from the force of her orgasm as Remus goes to hold her, kissing her as he listens to her beautiful moans and fingers raking down his back. He lets out a series of quiet groans as her hands wrap around his neck and he finally reaches his high, cum spurting out and pussy milking every drop as he continues to thrust into her, fucking his cum back inside.
He doesn’t pull out for a while and when he does, they both whimper at the loss of touch meanwhile Remus flops over. They both take some time to themselves to just breathe and Y/N can feel his cum trickle out of her. Although, he wordlessly hands her a glass of water from his bedside.
“Are you okay?” He asked quietly after some time.
She nods her head, eyes closing. “Mmhm. That was great.” Then she quickly adds, “You?”
Remus remains quiet and for a moment, she thought that maybe he fell asleep. But his sudden rigid body tells her otherwise.
“I’m sorry…” He trails off and the sudden switch in emotions had Y/N worried. Her attention now fully on him.
“For what? You did nothing wrong.”
“I haven’t been... attentive. I don’t even remember the last time I’ve made an effort to… be alone with you or touch you. I don’t have the right to… say those things, call you bad when in reality I… I…”
“Look at me,” Y/N said sternly, taking her hands and wrapping them around his face so he’d be sure to look her in the eyes. “What we just did, I was fine with. And do not, ever, ever, sleep with me if it feels like an obligation or you’re not in the mood. That’s not how it works and I’ll never be mad at you for not wanting to. You’re allowed to be stressed, to do other things, just next time, don’t leave me high and dry for a month.”
He places a firm kiss on her forehead. He sighs before turning to face her. His hand gently thumbs across her face in such a gentle, loving manner and she nuzzles into his touch out of habit. “Thank you. And I won’t, not again.”
She beams up at him, kissing the scar on the bridge of his nose that she’s come to love.“Why don’t we take a bath?”
Remus smiles, stands, then lops an arm around her to carry her as his wrist flicks, turning on the record player in the corner of his dorm softly playing in the background. He places Y/N on the edge of the tub, going to run the bath.
They both eventually get in. The warm water soothes their bones and he slides behind her, pulling her close by wrapping an arm around her waist. Y/N trails absentmindedly on one of the larger scars across his arm and presses soft kisses to it.
“You’re perfect, m’love.” He mutters into her ear. He caresses her body and in turn, she tilts her head up to him as they share a soft kiss. “You too Remus. Love you more than you could ever know.”
He smiles widely, heart swarmed with so much love and Remus’ adorable blushy cheeks are back.
She turns around and has him massage her shoulders. They both feel fuzzy, still coming down from the high and it’s a bit difficult for her to focus on her surroundings. “You’re not mad at me, are you?”
A deep chuckle reverberates off of him and she can feel it. “Nope. Loved it — didn’t expect it. Just next time, maybe not while Prongs and Lily are eye fucking and Pete’s having a meltdown.”
Laughs bounce off the walls of the small bathroom. “Of course.”
Y/N shifts to wash his hair, massaging his scalp that has Remus’ eyes fluttering back as a contentful sigh escapes him.
There was still another hour before the Marauders were supposed to come after studying. Remus threw her one of his large white shirts before they both asked a House elf to bring them some snacks as they ate together in Remus’ dorm. They shared some chocolate, some laughs and basked in each other’s warmth.
By the time the Marauders came back, Remus had his curtains drawn shut simultaneously as the record player switched to play mellow classical music. They embrace each other, her head tucked away under Remus’s chin as they wrap their arms around each other. Both falling asleep feeling loved and safe.
© gotkindabored 2021. Do not repost or modify
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proserpina-magnus · 5 months ago
Marauders Reactions to you Calling Them Daddy
I have had the most horrid toothache for the past week, luckily I'm getting it looked at tomorrow. since I'm unmotivated and in pain, take this short Marauder reacts blurb. (I'm debating if I should make this a series and add Regulus). 
[ warning: Fem/reader, guided masturbation, praise kink, degrading kink, thigh riding, overstimulation, Major Dom/Sub undertones, light dacryphilia (crying kink), use of the words "princess" "pup" "love" "cumslut" "cockslut" "baby" and "good/dirty girl" ]
James Potter:
- Somehow his ego grows bigger.
- He gets this smirk on his face and looks you up and down.
- You will literally get whatever you want (James Potter loves Pillow Princesses, it's a fact).
- "you're such a good girl for me,"
- He praises you none stop, his heart beats so fast and he just keeps looking you up and down.
- "let's get you undressed, shall we? Daddy's gonna make you feel real special,"
- He makes you touch yourself and he guides you through it. He sits behind you and directs your movements.
- He overstimulates you for a good 40 minutes, just because he knows that when he finally lets you cum it'll feel amazing.
- "shh, princess. Your alright, don't cry on me,"
-"So good baby, you're doing so well,"
Peter Pettigrew:
- His confidence goes way up.
- He feels superior and it makes his knees go weak.
- He gets a little shy when he hears you say it, but he just clears his throat and turns completely towards you.
- He was doing a paper for astronomy, but he completely forgot about it and left it to the side.
- "say it again love,"
- When you call him it again, he brings you closer by your waist.
- He stares at you with deep blue eyes and he's absolutely in longing.
- When he hears you say... "wanna be daddy's good girl," he goes absolutely feral. He fucking loves it.
- He reassures you the whole time. He doesn't leave you unfinished either, he makes you cum about 5 times.
Remus Lupin:
- His tongue rolls against his cheek
- "come 'ere"
- His hand comes to rest against the back of your head, so he can pull you closer to him.
- He spreads his legs and motions for you to climb on top of him, giving your ass a small slap for motivation.
- He makes you ride his thigh while he just sits back and watches.
- "slow down, love,"
- When you don't slow down, he grabs your hips and makes you stop abruptly. He makes you apologize... "so sorry daddy, won't happen again,"
- Once he finally allows you to cum against his thigh, he basically fucks the daylights out of you. (Ahem, rough Remus Supremacy).
- "shut your fucking mouth, no need for everyone to hear how much of a cockslut you are for me."
Sirius Black:
- He gets so fucking excited.
- "fuck, come closer than, pup,"
- He places you atop of his desk and immediately starts to mark you with kisses.
- "gonna be daddy's little cumslut? You wanna be fucking used, huh?"
- He makes you repeat his words back to him and just holds your jaw in his hand.
- He defiantly makes you cry a few times (whether that be from the pleasure or the degradation).
- He gets super into it, the whole time he refers to himself as daddy.
- "gonna cum on daddy's cock?"
-  "Fucking take it like the dirty girl you are,"
- Probably tells James about it later.
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bellatrixscurls · 4 months ago
our little sirius
ღ pairing : marauders x reader
ღ warnings : smut, dom/sub, mommy kink, oral, bulge kink, dom!remus, switch!sirius, switch!reader, sub!james.
ღ summary : remus ‘teaches’ you how to dom sirius and james.
ღ word count : 8.7k
Tumblr media
“oh, come on, moony!” whined sirius as you heard the door of their dorm open, revealing an annoyed remus and a whiny sirius. the lycanthrope hurried towards you and james that were sitting on his bed, “that’s not fair!”
remus took a deep breath, already exasperated as sirius continued complaining, “she’s a switch as well, sirius. ‘nd she never got a chance to dom any of you” he covered his face with his large hands, closing his eyes tightly, “james’ not complaining, so why are you?”
without any idea of what to say but still strongly annoyed at the sight of you just laying in front of him, a small smirk on your face, sirius mumbled something that you couldn’t quite comprehend, scoffing as he turned around, his back now facing you and james.
but of course, considering that full moon was in a few days, remus had heard him, and he didn’t seem to happy with sirius, “wanna say that again, sirius?” he said nonchalantly, though his teeth were gritted.
at that, sirius’s eyes widened, visibly embarrassed that everyone was now staring at him, well — everyone but james. his curious gaze was shifting from remus, to you, and then back to remus, “c-can i? please, daddy” he begged the scarred boy as his bottom lip jutted out.
remus gave a small, yet satisfied nod, sitting on the bed and leaning back against the headboard, “go on, puppy” he instructed and james didn’t waste any more time, crawling to you until you were close enough. he placed his chin on your lap, looking up at you as he spoke, “hi, y/n/n” he whispered as you reached down to run your fingers through his soft, curly hair.
“hi, jamie” you answered quietly, smiling down at your boyfriend. his eyes wandered from your face all the way down to your lap, as if he was trying to gather courage to tell you something. but when his eyes were back on your face, he spoke softly, “c-can you please be my mommy?” he emphasized the last word, whining a bit because he had to actually say the word.
he hid his face on your lap, nosing at your inner thigh as he mumbled something unintelligible for you and the other marauders. your cheeks had turned a bright shade of red at the choice of words, the last one in particular, to be exact.
from your right, sirius scoffed, his eyes narrowed as he glared at you, “answer him, you stupid whore. you’re making jamie-” but he was cut off when remus’ palm collided with his face, slapping his smirk away.
“you are at her mercy today, sirius” said remus, his clenched jaw barely allowing his words to come out, “if she wants to fuck you, she fucks you. if she wants to edge you to death, she edges you. she tells you what to do, not you her, understood?” sirius nodded, clearly submissive to the boy as he muttered an apology to you.
remus nodded curtly, silently telling you to answer james, who was still looking up at you curiously. “mhm, i think i can do that, baby. you wanna be mommy’s good boy? yeah?” you mocked his fragile state, and he nodded furiously. “words” remus instructed quietly, moving closer to you two, so he was now behind you, fingers massaging your tense shoulders.
“p-please use your words, darling” you told him, and he obeyed immediately, telling you that he was utterly okay with your generous offer.
remus hummed contently, his lips vibrating against your skin as he sucked purple marks along your neck and shoulders, “now tell jamie what you’d like to do. let him treat you right, princess.”
your eyes shifted from remus and then back to james. you moaned at both remus’ lips on your skin and james’ puppy eyes. “eat my pussy, baby. come on, be a g-good boy” you struggled to say as remus pressed his tongue against the sensitive skin just below your ear, licking his way down.
in a matter of seconds, james was between your legs, his breath fanning your already wet cunt. he admired it like it was a piece of art, his eyes glistening, hungry as he lowered his face a bit more. in a moment that james felt like he couldn’t control himself any longer, his tongue made contact with your clit, as his lips wrapped around it, sucking the life out of you.
he would moan around it every now and then, sending vibrations through your whole body as you closed your fingers around his soft hair, tugging at it as the praises never stopped, “such a good boy you are, jamie” “fuck! you look so good down there, baby” and “fucking mommy so good with those pretty lips and tongue”.
and while james was trying to get you to give him cummies, remus didn’t stop once. his lips were wrapped around your skin as well, the skin of either your neck, shoulders and jaw. you could already see some bruises appearing as his large hand reached down to wrap around one of your tits, squeezing the nub between his thumb and index finger.
“jamie, do that thing daddy does when he eats mommy out, yeah?” remus asked the boy — more like told him, as the bespectacled boy nodded eagerly, his nose pushing at your bundle of nerves as he pushed two of his fingers inside your hole, pumping them rapidly in and out of you.
that earned a wave of loud moans and whines from you as you closed your eyes, fully enjoying the feeling of the two boys pleasuring you, “such...such a good boy, m’love...keep doing that and mommy’ll never stop giving her pretty boy cummies” at that, james only started sucking harder, his fingers picking up their pace as he started whining helplessly, but still being a good boy and not humping the bed.
after a few more moments of james eating you out, you could feel your neck turn all red, the redness spreading up to your face and ears as well. your release was closer than you’d care to admit, given how little time he had eaten you out for. your head started spinning and your vision went completely white as remus started rubbing your swollen nipples, his other hand travelling down to your belly and massaging there.
and you would’ve came right then, if it wasn’t for sirius who’d started whining. you opened your eyes only to find his naked, trembling figure as needy sound came from his plump lips. remus then left you and james to continue chasing your release as he approached sirius, talking about something you couldn’t really hear due to the state you were in.
“gonna...gonna cum, jamie. d’you want it, precious? you want your mommy’s cummies?” james whined at the use of the possessive adjective, you were all his — his mommy. he whimpered as a muffled ‘please, mommy’ came from his lips, now more focused than ever.
and seconds after you’d informed him of your release, you allowed your orgasm to wash over you, your fingers tugging at james’ locks to the point he’d started tugging at your wrists.
your legs were trembling as you tried to catch your breath, hand on your lower stomach while the other was scratching james’ scalp gently, who’s face was still resting between your open, quivering legs. “let mommy see you, gorgeous” you cooed softly, unclenching your thighs and allowing him to lift his head off your lap and look up at you. his chin was glistening with your release while he licked his lips, humming contently at the taste of you alone.
“your chin ‘s all wet with mommy’s cum, baby” you chuckled, rubbing your thumb along his cheek, “here- let me help-” but you stopped talking when he stuck his tongue out, wiping his chin with the back of his hand and bringing it to his mouth. the sight alone was pure sex.
“cum’s yummy” he giggled, his now crimson cheek resting on the palm of your hand as he closed his eyes, his plump lips formed into a smile, “am i your good boy, mommy?”
his question made you blush, and as you were about to answer, both you and james became aware of sirius’ and remus’ rather loud presence beside you. “but, daddy!” you heard sirius cry out, his hands trying to grab remus but he only kept a straight face, rolling his eyes every now and then.
“you’ve made daddy upset, sirius, he doesn’t want to talk to you anymore” remus replied coldly, as if it wasn’t his boyfriend that he was talking to.
sirius whimpered, as if his tears weren’t leaking out of his pretty eyes, but after just a moment, he couldn’t control himself anymore. you noticed how his body was trembling, his eyes dreamy but still narrowed, as if he had to do something right away, but couldn’t.
so you decided to let go of james’ face and instead shift closer to sirius, who was actually surprised that you’d come to him — as were your two other boyfriends. “what’s happening, pretty boy ?” you questioned as you stroked his cheek.
he sniffled into your palm, tears dripping down from his face to your bare arm, “n-needy, mommy...” your eyebrows raised involuntarily at the use of the name, “and bad-‘m being bad, mommy!” he cried, leaning closer to you and burying his face in your chest.
you swore that you could hear your heart break as he cried, hiccuping with every breath, “i don’t you’re a bad boy...just a bit of attitude, yeah? but that’s what makes you special, my darling” you assured him, leaning down to peck his forehead.
after a few more moments of silence, sirius’ face tilted up, giving you his best puppy eyes as he played with your sensitive nipple. he just kept staring at you with a weak smile on his face the whole time, so you raised an eyebrow at him, earning adorable giggles from your boyfriend, as his cheeks flushed. “zoned out a bit there, baby?”
he hummed, bringing his lips back to wrap around the nipple he wasn’t paying attention to just a moment before, “wanna have you, mommy” he mumbled against your skin, taking full advantage.
“hm?” you asked, smiling when his cheeks turned even redder, “couldn’t quite catch that, siri.”
he whined at the way you were teasing him. he had to say it, and was afraid of getting teased even more by you, but he still had to. “wanna have you, mommy” sirius spoke up, his voice trembling as he licked your nipple, sucking it and humming around it as if it was the sweetest fruit, “want...want you to ride me. please, mommy. please, i’ll be a good boy! pl-”
“siri...siri” you shushed him, running your fingers through his curly, soft hair, “you’re already so good, my’re my best boy, baby, yeah? and the best boys get the best rewards” his eyes were glistening as he looked up at you, a beautiful smile now replacing his previous pout.
sirius felt like he was in paradise, specially since he’d slipped into subspace without even noticing. you were all he could see, your tits on full display for him while you made that offer to him, an offer that he couldn’t ever reject. “lay down for me, gorgeous” you rasped, getting off his lap as he hurried to lay down on his back, his muscles completely relaxed as he waited for you.
sirius thought you’d suck him off and maybe tease him a little bit, but no, you had something better in mind, something you knew he’d love more than anything.
he was already completely bare as you hovered over him, and you took the opportunity, placing your knees on either side of his waist, squeezing a bit as you shifted, your heat pressed to his hard cock, making both of you shudder at the sudden hotness.
“mommy...m-mommy, please i-” “shh, siri. be good now, baby” you instructed, reaching between your legs to grip his rock hard cock, aligning it with your wet entrance. the pleasure became overwhelming as you lowered yourself on him inch by inch, taking it slowly as to not hurt any of you.
his moans and whimpers were your favourite type of music, as his hands went up to your hips, guiding you up and down slowly. “g-good, so so good to me, mommy” he breathed heavily, closing his eyes as he took his lower lip between his teeth.
you hummed thoughtfully, “the best, baby. mommy’s little boy’s making her feel the best” your words of praise along with how good you were making him feel, and sirius’ couldn’t help but buck his hips up into yours, in slow but hard thrusts.
you too had your eyes closed, taking in the way sirius’ beautiful moans mixed with yours. but that was until you felt his large hand leave your breasts and travel down your body until it reached your lower stomach, where it stayed, laying on top of the large bump.
your eyes snapped open at his sudden movement, looking down at where sirius was caressing your skin. whenever he slid out of you and thrusted back in, the bump would disappear and then appear again, making the raven haired boy moan loudly at the sight. “look at it, mommy” his other hand queezed your hip, making you look down at it again, “so small and pretty for me, so perfect” he whispered, moaning between each word as he continued his hard thrusts.
sirius’ words had an effect on you, one that had you over the edge, well, had the two of you over the edge. you could feel your second orgasm approaching, and by the tears running down the boy’s cheeks, even the blind could see that he was close too.
you leaned in, wiping his tears away as he took advantage of how close you were, latching his lips around one of your hard, swollen nipples. you giggled at the action, watching him in awe as he relaxed completely, but his thrusts never faltered. “you close, my darling?” you asked gently, feeling heat spread up from your neck up to your cheeks.
he hummed around your nipple, freeing it just for a second, “can i cum, mommy? i won’t be bad ever again, please mommy!” he cried as he began sucking at your breast again, his cries now muffled.
you gave him a small nod, along with a whispered ‘go on, honey. fill your mommy up with your pretty cum’ and that was it for him. in a matter of seconds, his body started spasming in pleasure, as his cries got louder. the feeling of him painting your walls with his sweet cum had you moaning and tightening around him as your body shook with pleasure.
he rode out both your orgasms as you cried in overstimulation, biting sirius’ shoulder until his movements stopped and you felt him pull out of you and start catching his breath as he held you close to him, caressing up and down your spine as you pressed hot kisses along his neck and jaw, whispering sweet praises in his ear.
you stayed like that for a few seconds until you felt a hand on the small of your back. you immediately propped yourself on your elbows, looking behind you only to find james, his eyebrows furrowed as well as his plump lips formed into a frown.
“mommy...” he whined, trying to get a hold of your waist and push you off sirius, only for the boy to get into a seated position and to grasp your waist, pressing you even closer to him. the action only made james start crying, as his hands went up to cover his red face.
remus sighed quietly, crawling across the bed to james and wrapping his arms around the younger boy’s body. you watched with a pout as james turned around, throwing his hands around remus’ neck and resting his cheek on his shoulder as his cries got louder. “mommy loves sirius more, daddy!” he cried, sobbing as he tried to catch his breath.
your heart broke at his words. you didn’t love sirius more, you loved each one of the three boys equally, they were your boyfriends after all. but you couldn’t bring yourself to say anything and instead continued watching, letting remus take care of the situation like only he knew best.
remus shushed him gently, caressing up and down his back as he spoke quietly “sirius’ a little brat today, jamie. he wants mommy all to himself, yeah ? how about we teach him a lesson?” at the sound of the last sentence, james’ head shot up instantly, watching his daddy with his usual, big cerulean eyes.
but he didn’t get a chance to ask him about said ‘lesson’ as remus pulled him on his lap, motioning for you and sirius to come closer, which you did. “you think mommy’s all yours, siri?” he asked mockingly. sirius didn’t respond and instead buried his face in your neck, moaning at your sweet scent. “i’ll take that as a yes” he scoffed, “jamie’s been so good, letting you pleasure his mommy after he did, and now you won’t do the same for him ?”
but still, no response.
remus’ anger seemed to grow bigger and bigger as time passed and he still got no answer from sirius, not even a nod. “alright then, if that’s how you want it to be” he finally gave up, knowing that the chances of sirius answering were lower than ever, “here’s the plan. i’m gonna fuck jamie, make him feel so good. and you, you ungrateful slut” he pointed at sirius who’s face wasn’t buried in your neck anymore, but watching the scene in front of him, “will let y/n/n cockwarm you, no movements and you do not get to cum today. at all” although he knew it would make remus even more mad, sirius’ couldn’t help but whine at the mere thought of it, clearly not prepared for this punishment.
but the lycanthrope brushed him off, he was too focused on making james feel good. and while you sat down on sirius’ cock for the second time that night, he had made james sit on all fours, ass on the air as he waited patiently for remus to fuck him.
infinite whines were pulled from sirius as remus pushed his cock all the way inside james. his thrusts made even you moan as both boys seemed to be having the fucking of their lives. while remus’ cock was pistoning in and out of james, the boy rocked back on his cock, his ass crimson red as the scarred boy slapped him.
“daddy! fuck, daddy, f-feels so good!” screamed james, his pouty lips along with his squishy cheeks were now red as well. remus groaned in response, taking a hold of the bespectacled boy’s cock and pumping it, his hands working magic as his cries got even louder.
“you are so good, baby” remus growled as he leaned down, kissing down james’ neck and just adding to both their pleasure as james starting rocking faster and harder.
james was a sucker for praise, and all of you knew it. including him.
you were no longer in need of release and purely watched two of your boyfriends pleasuring themselves, enjoying each and every one of their pretty sounds. but sirius? he needed to move, he needed some sort of realease as soon as possible.
and you could tell by his body language. his hips were shaking as he tried not to buck his hips into yours, his hands were palming at your sides and his lips suckling on your breasts.
you tried to calm him down by doing every thing you could possibly do. but you just couldn’t do the only thing he needed : move. you knew that you would be in for a punishment as well if you did, so you just kept caressing and kissing your way down his hot skin.
a few more thrusts, and the boys on your right got more vocal than ever. both their faces were red as remus groaned and james cried out in pleasure. “so- so close, daddy! may i cum, please? wanna be a good boy f’ you! please, d-” “go on, cum for me, puppy.”
james moaned loudly as he felt himself on the verge of reaching his high. tears were streaming down his face as remus’ hand worked faster on his cock. “daddy!” he mewled helplessly. you moaned as well when you saw his seed shoot out in big spurts, painting his stomach at the same time remus delivered a particularly hard thrust, along with a growl of james’ name as he came inside of him.
the two boys fell onto the mattress, their breaths loud and heavy as they tried to relax from the mindblowing orgasm. you took that as your cue to get off sirius, but just when you were about to, you heard remus’ breathy voice, “i think he's learned his lesson, bun. how about you give our little sirius what he wants, hm?”
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arcaneslut · 4 months ago
bladder control / Remus Lupin
[Professor Remus Lupin x Student reader]
summary : Remus likes fucking you while you hold in your pee
warnings : older man/younger women, student/teacher (reader is legal), dirty talk, daddy/sir-kink, sex, bladder control (not really intense, inform me please if I forgot something.
a/n : the reader is legal, I would never ever write about minors in a nsfw story.
words : 1,906
Tumblr media
your eyes focused on the paper sheet that was laying in front of you. you heard students talk as they raised their hand from time to time to answer the professors questions.
you didn’t really pay attention to the class, too busy daydreaming about specific events that were about to happen after the lesson.
after all, Remus promised you.
every friday after your last class he would hold you back a little longer for a little fun which you enjoyed the fullest.
the adrenaline that would always rush through your veins whenever he would leave the door unlocked while fucking you, or whenever he would brush his hips against yours in class when walking by, by accident of course.
but you were pulled out of your thoughts the moment you heard a familiar voice call your name.
''Y/l/n Y/l/n''
you looked up, all eyes on you while Lupin kept calling your name out.
''yes yes Professor im here''
he bit his lower-lip trying to hide his smirk before he spoke up again ''mind sharing your thoughts with us Miss Y/l/n ? seemed like you were pretty invested in them''
he was being risky, something he would do on purpose. he would do it and mock you later for the way that you always tried to talk yourself out of it, just like you did right now.
you shook your head, trying to avoid Lupin’s heavy gaze on you and the giggles of your classmates that surrounded you.
''there’s nothing I wanna share with the class''
Remus tongue clicked against the roof of his mouth before he mumbled an 'alright'. He turned around focusing back onto the subject that he was teaching right now. leaving you all flustered the more you thought about him.
you looked at the clock that was hanging at the wall, 27 more minutes.
27 minutes and you could finally feel Remus lip’s on yours again, 27 minutes and you could finally feel his teeth graze the skin of your neck softly so he wouldn’t leave any marks, 27 minutes and you could finally feel him pounding you brain dead as he always did.
you jumped up and down on your chair, excitement rushing through your veins with every second that passed, but the more you waited the more you felt a light pressure on your bladder build up.
you ignored it at first, trying to focus back on the imagination in your head of Remus fucking you but the feeling just wouldn’t go away, in fact it just got worse.
So you couldn’t help it but finally raise your hand. The moment Remus saw your hand raise up, he interrupted his own sentence to focus the attention back on you.
you smirked at him before speaking up, faking your politeness ''may I use the bathroom sir'' he smirked at the word sir before answering.
he smirked back at you, not talking for a minute, the whole silence filling the room as the other students started staring.
''no Y/l/n you may not'' your smirk dropped as you furrowed your eyebrows in confusion and in anger. you looked at the clock again. 19 more minutes.
you couldn’t hold it in so you pressed your legs together while clenching around nothing, trying to hold it in as good as you could. your body betraying you when you groaned lowly to yourself at the sudden new feeling in your lower abdomen.
Remus of course didn’t miss it, for once he didn’t smirk, trying to not be noticeable. but this was your chance to tease him. so you continued.
clenching from time to time, the pee-gasm that would appear in your bladder caused goosebumps to appear on your legs.
you did this for so long, that you didn’t even notice when the bell rang, just when the students around you started packing their stuff into their bags.
you stood up slowly, wanting to finally use the bathroom before visiting Remus but you couldn’t.
the moment every student left the classroom you felt Remus huge hands wrap around your waist from behind. you could feel his smirk against your cheek.
you giggled, feeling his beard brush against your neck softly the closer he got.
his arms wandered down from your waist to your lower abdomen, stroking your lower tummy in a relaxing manner but it didn’t relax you. your bladder was way too full for you to think about anything else.
‘‘Remus darling, let me go to the bathroom real quic-’’ he interrupted you mid-sentence
‘’It‘s Professor Lupin to you and you really think I will let you go to the bathroom after that little stunt of yours ?’’
your eyes widened, he really was serious. you chuckled for a second hoping that he was joking but the moment you turned around and looked at him, you realized that he wasn’t joking.
‘’I want you to take your panties off and then go sit on my desk’’
you sighed, but still did it, after all it was Remus.
you walked up to his desk, bending down for a second making sure that he got a good view from under your skirt, before pulling your satin panties down your legs and kicking them to the side of the room. your bum met the cold wood of his desk as you sat down and waited for Remus.
seconds later, Remus was standing in front of you, pulling his seat out, before sitting down, directly between your legs. you kept them closed, as tightly as possible, only for Remus to dig his nails into your thighs before spreading them open.
exposing your bare core to him, making him chuckle at you. ‘’look how wet you are baby, and that in class ? doesn’t sound like a good girl to me’’ he mocked you
‘’please Remmy, I am a good girl, i’ve been such a good girl for you today’’ you pouted at your boyfriend.
he didn’t answer, he just looked at you. a silence filled the room as Remus kept thinking and thinking. you noticed by the way his eyebrows would furrow and his tongue would poke out of his mouth.
finally he spoke up ‘’fine baby’’ you smiled, excitement rushing through your veins.
‘’since you’ve been such a good girl for me, you can have daddy’s cock already’’
your eyes widened, you only wanted him to let you pee, nothing else. but Remus definitely had other plans for you.
‘’but Remmy- I have to pee’’ he tilted his head to the side, copying your pout, mocking you.
his hands reached for his belt, unbuckling it slowly while smirking at your nervous looking state.
‘’so ?’’
you stopped talking for a second, tilting your head to the side as you looked at his hands and how they were unbuckling his belt.
your nervous gaze changed into a hungry one as you looked at his bulge. and for a moment you forgot your bladder and focused on the delicious-looking man that was sitting in front of you.
the only thing that was denying him from finally freeing his cock was the thin layer of his boxer shorts. he teased you, you noticed when he started palming himself through his boxers.
you whined ‘’Remmy please-’’
in a second he pulled his boxers down, revealing his fully grown cock, and his reddish tip that was already leaking with pre-cum. your mouth watered at the sight.
your legs were still spread wide, your glistening folds still on display for Remus as he started stroking himself. his other hand reaching out to play with your clit.
you moaned lowly at the feeling of his fingertips against your clit and the sight of him jerking off.
‘’please Remmy, daddy come on i’m ready for you’’ you pouted at him, bucking your hips against his hand.
‘’are you really baby ?’’ he asked, a mocking tone accompanied his words.
you bucked your hips forward again, this time moving closer to the edge of the table trying to get Remus to touch you even more.
‘’okay baby, then be a good girl and ride me’’
you smiled at him, before leaning forward. you straddled him in his chair immediately. his legs still spread wide and his cock standing tall against his clothes stomach.
his hand wrapped around your waist, holding you tightly as you sinked down on him. his cock filling you to the hilt, causing you both to gasp at each other.
‘’fuck baby’’ he grunted under you, making your heart flatter.
you rose up slowly a few inches before sinking back down, the length of him impressing you over and over again everytime you sinked down on him.
the feeling in your bladder still didn’t diminish though, so you clenched around Remus, trying to hold it in better.
‘’Daddy oh my- I feel so fucking full‘‘ you whimpered out and the only thing you heard Remus reply with was a raspy whisper in your ear
‘’yeah ?’’
that’s when Remus wrapped his arms around you and picked you up. laying you on his desk, his cock still buried balls deep inside of you as you kept your legs spread for him.
he continued fucking you, pounding into you even faster. you reached for the edges of the desk, holding onto them until your knuckles turned wide.
Remus flipped your skirt up quickly, wanting to look at himself sliding in and out of you.
‘’fuck atta-girl look at you’’ you whimpered at his words. his hips speeding up with every single word that came out of his mouth.
‘’so.fucking.tight’’ he hissed through gritted teeth, every word combinated with a sharp thrust of his hips which made your eyes roll back into your head.
you screamed when you felt his hand land on your lower abdomen.
he was placing it there without noticing the effect that he had on you. ‘’remmy i can’t hold it in anymore’’
he chuckled, throwing his head back as he pressed his palm against your bladder even harder.
‘’of course you can stupid girl’’ he looked down at you again, before he got his hand of your bladder and digged his fingers into the flesh of your hips before leaning over you so that his pelvis was brushing against yours.
‘’you’re gonna cum around my cock no matter if you can or if you can not’’
his hand wiggled down between your bodies before he started circling your clit at a fast pace, trying to get you to reach your high.
‘’cum now little stupid girl’’
and you did, you clutched onto his biceps, holding onto him as you felt your high approach you.
mindblowing that’s what it felt.
the feeling in your bladder only getting heavier, making your orgasm feel more intense as you refused to let it go.
Remus came right after you, spilling his warm seeds into you as your warm walls clenched around him.
when he rode both of your orgasms finally out, he dropped on top of you, his head landing on your chest as you both tried to catch your breath.
and that’s how you laid there for a few minutes, out of breath and sweaty while Remus cock started softening inside of you.
your fingers started running through his hair ‘’Remmy- that was awesome’’
he chuckled against your chest before getting up again slowly.
‘’let’s get you cleaned now pups should we ?‘’
🏷 @shadesofvelma @hufflepuffsfordraco @endlessymphony @sleepdeprivedbrunette @tommarvoloriddleisdaddy @dlmmdl @gwlvr @malfoyswhxre @drachoesimp @aetheralist @i-love-scott-mccall @alexthealexthealex @h0rnynighttrash @lauren-100 @desiredmalfoy @wh0reforthemarauders @siriuslystfu @sfdlm @miss-starkov @laiweasleys @zzzfour @mollysolo @v4l3nt1n44 @dayanaralight @harmqnia @kaqua @saintlike78 @steveharringtonswhore @justadreamyhufflepuff @fictonalcharactersworld @simpforferrets @daisyyy2516 @justreadingficsdontmindme @bikinibottomspeach @marinalupin @remuslupinslover @idkwhat-my-name-should-be @midnightmusings-et-moi @remugoodgirl @dracos_gal @sluttylea @justasimpp @georgeweasleyss-whore @notthatchhavi @asteropeavery @abstractundefined @maybanksslut @lolooo22 @hannibalswhore @justfangirlthingies @bellatrixscurls @andinash07 @ayaosk @pinkandblueblurbs @yumicloudshp @malfoysbiitch @alexavolturisblog @harmqnia @wh0re4blaise @tomhollandslilslut @fredshufflepuff @o-rion-sta-r @writeandtranslate @eunoniaa
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silverdelirium · 2 months ago
SUMMARY ➠ personal gym instructor!remus fucks you. thats it <3
WARNINGS ➠ oral (male receiving), daddy kink, riding, dirty talk, slapping, praising, light degrading, nicknames, bit of size kink, porn without a plot, not proofread
A/N ➠ i’m so embarrassed this is so bad y’all, im sorry. also thanks for the title @selenesheart i fucking love u
the flesh on your bum ached slightly as remus kneaded it harshly, cajoling a whimper from you as he backed you up against the one-way window.
“do you know how many nights i’ve spent with my hand around my cock, wishing it was yours?” he sighed into your mouth, his hands sneaking inside your shirt and palming your bare tits; this caused the corners of his mouth to quirk up.
“naughty little thing, like you knew i was gonna fuck you”
his words set the endings of your nerves on fire, your dripping cunt aching at the neglect of remus’ fingers, since they were occupied with taking your clothes off— once you had stripped down to only your lacy knickers remus wasted no time to have your knees scraping against the wooden floor.
“you’re gonna be a good girl and suck daddy off?” he asked, even though it was more of a demand.
he got an eager nod in response, that didn’t please him.
the male’s palm came in contact with your cheek before you had time to even register it, the stinging sensation doing nothing but heightening the swell of your clit -- which pulsated madly in your drenched underwear. “use those big girl words” he seethed, lowering his sweatpants enough so his enlarged cock was released, his size made your eyes widen.
“yes daddy— wanna suck your cock” you whined, fisting your hands in your lap as your tongue lolled out to kitten-lick at his tip, causing him to release the hottest of groans you’ve ever head. “get to work then, don’t wanna hear your stupid blabbering anymore”
you complied, enveloping your lips around his head and letting your eyelids fall shut as you took more of him in. his hand was in your hair, gathering it until he had a makeshift ponytail in his fist.
“you want daddy to fuck your mouth, baby?” spoke remus, tone soft as if he wasn’t about to gag you around his cock until your voice became hoarse— you nodded anyway, shuffling your thighs shut in a weak attempt to soothe the neediness in between them.
remus smiled wickedly at you before crouching slightly to press a kiss on your forehead before straightening up and thrusting his hips against your mouth at a ruthless pace, groaning every time his balls slapped your chin; the sound of your gagging only bringing him closer to the brink.
“jesus— fuck, your mouth feels better than i thought it would, princess” he confessed, closing his eyes and gritting his teeth as you whined at the lack of oxygen. “don’t worry baby, i’m almost there”
tears were running down your face at this point, and your lungs ached at the need of air— lucky for you, it took a few more languid thrusts before remus pulled out of your mouth, leaving you a coughing and gasping mess as he rapidly stroked himself, still keeping a tight grip on your hair as he made you stay still.
“i’m gonna cum all over your face baby, ready?”
“yes daddy” you heaved, sticking your tongue out and shutting your eyes tightly as you heard him moan your name out before spurts of cum hit your face; you twitched lightly as the brunette painted your face with his load, releasing a sigh once he gave his final tight stroke.
you eagerly swallowed everything that went in your mouth, staring up at remus with beady eyes as you waited for his next instruction— striving to be his good girl— which he rapidly gave, mumbling a quick get up before he was hoisting you up, a squeal leaving your lips, yet your legs instinctively wrapped around his waist.
remus had you in an all-consuming lip-lock, tasting himself on your lips as he padded over to bench pressing machine, settling down on it as you continued to make out, your knees resting next to his hips.
he disconnected his lips from yours to take off his shirt, “you gonna ride me, pretty girl? make a mess all over my cock, huh?” he taunted, his tone so low and seductive it almost made you moan on the spot, but all you managed to choke out was a small yes.
“good girl” he rasped out, chuckling when he saw the way your figure flushed at the praise. 
his thumb toyed with your clothed bud, this caused you to shudder while he pumped his-- once again-- hard cock with his free hand, and with a shove of your panties to the side, remus’ cock was kissing at your entrance, drenching itself with your arousal.
“a warning” he paused “i’m not holding back, sweetheart, been waiting too fucking long for this” 
a giggle slipped past your lips as you slowly but surely sank down on him “i don’t c-- care-- fuck.” you tripped over your words as you fully sat down on him, your walls fluttering around him as you both moaned in unison, the feeling was beyond euphoric.
he started slow, helping you roll your hips back and forth. but once remus was certain you were accustomed to his size, he lived up to his warning, and in the catch of a breath, his arm was around your waist and his thrusts were absolutely merciless, yet so fucking addictive you could’ve cried if he even dared of stopping; not that he was planning to either way.
 “jesus-- fuck-- feels so good daddy” you gasped, releasing a whimper as the male took one of your bouncing breasts in his mouth, the soft cushion of his lips felt like heaven to your sensitive buds.
remus groaned against the swell of your tits, where he was peppering kisses at, as he felt your walls tightened around him, signaling you were close.
“who knew such a small cunt like yours could take my whole cock, baby” he teased, reaching with his other hand that wasn’t wrapped around you to thumb at your clit, coaxing moan after moan from you.
“you greedy little thing, taking me like a little slut that enjoys being use would” grunted remus, observing the way your eyes rolled back at the degradation. “you gonna cum, princess?” he cooed, making figure-eights around your button.
“god— yes, fuck!” you cried out, throwing your head back before murmuring a rushed “cumming daddy!” and releasing all over remus’ twitching cock, your limbs spasming as the wave of ecstasy washed over you, your vision a hot white as your chest heaved up and down with your ragged breathing.
remus never stopped thrusting up into you, instead he let your orgasm ride out as he felt his approaching. “sensitive daddy” you babbled, voice now hoarse from all the screaming— and fucking— from earlier.
“i know baby, just need to— fuck!” he grunted; fierce bliss exploded behind remus’ eyes, a thousand colors.
you felt his hot cum spraying your walls as he touched cloud nine, rapid thrusts becoming sloppy until his hips ached from the continuous movement.
“i’m not gonna lie” he chuckled “that wasn’t my first time cumming at the thought of you, pretty girl”
🏷 : @selenesheart @malfoy-girl @siriusblackwifeeey @alohastitch0626 @youreso-golden @remuslupinswhore @caosfanblr @memorycharm @abbott27 @elizabethrosedarling @samaraaaaa @malfoyspov @ildm4ev @justadreamyhufflepuff @cokencake @mollysolo @princess-jules47 @arisblackhole @yiamalfoy @brattypeony @myalupinblack @slut4tamaki @nic0lodean @rylynn-m @harmqnia @pottahishotasf @soraya825 @kieracass4lyfers @acciodignity @kayleigh @maeve-7 @ilovejamespotter @methblinds @adrianscumslut @wh0re4blaise @dracomalfoys-wh0re @dlmmdl @lolooo22 @darlingmalfoy @littlemissnoname13 @riddleswh0rekrux @lostaurorax @alexavolturisblog @marauderswh0re1 @black-rose-29 @emma67 @mypainistemporary @mauvea @teenwolfbitches28 @lissa-duh @paniicing
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hellounicorn · 2 months ago
tutor - remus lupin x reader
Hi loves! Some Remus content bc Andrew Garfield is my husband and he is my happiness
Yk this may be a bit much to say—but this is my favorite fic I’ve ever written hehe sry it sounds self-centered but I’m just so proud of it <3
Reblogs and comments are always appreciated!
Also ik the class that is said throughout the whole fic should technically be Charms and not DADA given the topic they’re studying is literally a list of charms but for the sake of a singular line/joke at the end of the fic I made it DADA so don’t call me out, ik it would make more sense to be charms class alsjksks
although they do study non-verbal charms in DADA so it does kinda make sense ok i’ll shut up now bye!
Warnings: smut, oral (female receiving), clit slapping, pussy spanking, edging, orgasm denial, there’s def more but I’m exhausted rn so just lmk of any other warnings I should add <3 (all acts are consensual, safe word is in place)
Tumblr media
“Um…the Homorphus charm?”
Remus let out a heavy sigh, for you had just incorrectly answered your fourth question in a row.
The query spoken asking about a certain non-verbal charm you were to be tested on later this week in Defense Against the Dark Arts, and the answer being the Orchideous charm which was in no way similar to your guess.
“Y/N, come on we studied this. The non-verbal charm performed in order to conjure a bouquet of your flower of choice is Orchideous. Homorphus is a transfiguring charm.”
Remus handed you the flashcard that contained the inquiry and the solution, along with a stack of papers that had the contents of all the notes from the particular unit which you were struggling on.
You huffed in discontent, lips pursing as you eyed the parchment full of all the non-verbal charms and their function—none of which you managed to lodge in your head.
“Fuck, that’s what I meant.” You came to your defense, though both of you knew that you blanked out and your poor inference of the answer was the first thing that came to mind.
“Love, you’re not paying attention. We’ve been reviewing this for hours, I need you to listen closely okay? I’ll go over the material one more time.”
The brunette planted a warm peck to your cheek, kissing away the momentary anxiousness that had arisen from your frustration of being unable to focus properly.
Most tutors of his caliber and intelligence wouldn’t be as patient with you as he is. The main reason being not only was Remus your tutor and peer mentor, he was also your boyfriend.
It could be seen as convenient, due to the fact you were comfortable around him and you weren’t afraid to make mistakes in his presence.
But also equally as inconvenient, because of your and his attention span’s often dwindling away from schoolwork into other distractions that usually led to no real studying taking place.
Today, however, the two of you were trying your best to not get off track—the test you were stressing about was occurring just two days away and you were barely able to grasp the concepts.
He was well-read on this topic so he had no concern with the upcoming exam, meaning the entirety of his assiduity was resting on you and ensuring that you had the material on lock before you were scrutinized on it by the professor.
Remus ran deft fingers through the mane of his burly hazel curls, nails scratching lightly at his scalp to relieve the stress of having to read over the inscription of notes for the third time.
He started rambling on about the importance of being able to execute non-verbal charms in dire situations along with the history and past figures that created said charms.
Then he went on to recite each spell, what they do, and how they can be used to save you in a time of need.
As he spoke out the information, you were peering at the flashcards alongside to retain the majority of everything he was saying to the best of your ability.
But as minutes passed by, and the content got more and more complex, your brain drove farther away from the topics at hand—whisking all comprehension away when Remus unintentionally did the slightest of movements that had you distracted and mesmerized.
Just a lick of his lips, then he sunk his teeth in them, nibbling at the flesh. He rasped each word, his tone gravelly and seductive, though he didn’t realize it.
And his hands.
Each time he lightly lapped at them so they were slick enough to turn the page, your stomach fluttered uncontrollably. And as they fiddled with the crinkly ends of the parchment, you couldn’t help but ogle at the prominent veins.
As he rounded onto the last page of crucial knowledge surrounding the final list of terms you’d be tested on, you were fully gone at this point.
Your mind had wandered elsewhere and you struggled to ground it back. It was just too difficult to stay focused when your beautiful boyfriend was doing the simplest of actions that still had you dazed and dumbstruck on the everything, let alone the material.
“Okay bun, ready for some more questions? Any charm you’d like me to review again?” Remus set aside the array of notes and plucked the flashcards up from where they were discarded by your side—and that’s when you shook your head ‘no’ in admittance.
“No? Whatd’ya mean no, baby?” He took your hand in his muscular one, his touch electrifying you to the core. Thumbing over his knuckles, you murmured in faint embarrassment.
“I dunno it, can’t focus.”
When he was about to ask you why you couldn’t keep focus you were already ahead of him—answering wordlessly by raising his hand that was already taut in your clutch and bringing it up to your mouth.
Keeping eye contact with him, you took his index and middle finger past your lips, to dip them into the cavern of your mouth.
And right then and there, as you sucked lightly on the digits in peace, he knew you were feeling too needy to keep up your attention span.
On any other day, he would cater to your desire and want but today just wasn’t viable to do such. He knew that you were struggling in the class and to stop your study time halfway was something that would set you back on your test.
Although, Remus could see you were too far gone to ignore and you needed something from him almost as motivation, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to think about anything else but that.
So he thought.
He thought as you flattened your tongue on his fingerpads and brought them further down your throat so your mouth was full with the curl of his lanky digits.
Suddenly, an idea struck. And it could help you by satiating that need of yours and getting some studying done, but there was a slim chance that it may not go as planned and would just confuse you too much.
But he thought, let me give it a gander, she’s not focusing anyways.
He slipped his fingers away from your mouth, eliciting a troubled whimper from you as you watched his hand travel back to his side with your saliva glistening on his skin.
“Y’wanna play a game with me, love? It’s a studying game.”
Your eyes made a full rotation in their sockets as you heard the cursed word ‘studying’ fall out of his strict lips.
The lycanthrope chuckled softly at your recoil of such a simple phrase that involved the prospect of having to cram more information into you. “It’s not what you think, it’s quite fun really.”
You hummed as an indicator for him to proceed, folding your arms across your chest as you did so.
He scooched closer to you, his breath mingling with yours in the barely-there space between you two now.
“So you’re going to lay down and I’m going to make you feel so good, okay?”
You nodded, excitement building.
“I’m going to eat that little cunt of yours out and make that neediness that you’re feeling go away. And your job is simple. I’m going to simultaneously ask you some questions that are sure to be on the exam, and you’re going to tell me what you think the answer is.”
You uncrossed your arms, now intrigued as to where this was going.
“And if you answer correctly, I’ll keep going and bring you closer and closer to the edge and maybe even let you cum. But if you get it wrong,”
He tutted, making you wonder what cogs were turning in his head to make him think of such an idea.
“Then I pull away, maybe even give that pussy of yours a slap or two. And we review one more question to make up for the one you missed, before I go back down. And we keep going until I think that you’ve had enough study time.”
Somewhere throughout his explanation, your mouth had fallen ajar and you had instinctively began magnetizing your thighs together. That was, until he spoke again.
“Easy peasy right? Now you up for it? Because doll, we really need to get you an expert on this unit and it seems this is the only way to do it.”
You gulped, “I’m okay with that Rem.” And you immediately made way to careen back on the mattress, laying down idly with your neck supported by a heap of pillows.
“Now you’re so eager to learn, hm?” He chortled with a shake of his head as he flipped onto his stomach, nearly army-crawling towards you to rest at your middle, where your feet were planted on the bed and your knees were bent still pressed close together.
You nodded feverishly, shifting your head to the side to eye your wand to mumble a quick ‘Accio’ charm so it shot right into your hand.
You tapped the firm wood against the band of your cotton shorts, incanting a disappearing charm for both the aforesaid mid-thigh bottoms and your lace knickers.
“So impatient y’couldn’t even take them off yourself?” His tease fell upon deaf ears, for you were too preoccupied with running through the list of information in your head before he began holding a mock examination for you.
Not that in your real class this would ever occur but Remus was, and always will be, quite a unique tutor.
You parted your thighs, revealing your slick cunt to his striking optics that visibly darkened in delightful lust on sight.
The brunette’s mouth ran dry.
He’d nearly forgotten about the whole reason as to why he had even offered up this game, until he recomposed himself with a sharp clear of his guttery throat.
Remus glanced at the parchment of hand-written questions to get an idea of which to ask first before reaching a hand forward to splay against your right thigh.
And that’s when he gave it to you.
Remus dove down to your cunt, lips delving past your folds as his tongue forced its way into you slowly but then gradually fastening the satisfying motion of lapping hungrily, messily—as if you were but his last meal.
The second his mouth made contact with you, your voice fluctuated until you were squeaking out your cry of pleasure with broken syllables that connected to form his name.
His face had disappeared between your legs and as you screwed your eyes shut to focus on the explosions that tingled your nerves, your hand snaked down to where you felt his cheeks nudging both sides of your inner thighs.
You weaved your trembling fingers through his locks, tugging at them fervently like they were your last form of life support.
“Let’s start off easy, princess.” He mumbled the grant of beginning with a simple inquiry against your entrance, vibrations zipping through you in a spark-like fashion.
“Mmhm,” you strained your vocal cords as you felt the tip of his tongue retract from inside your pussy to merely run the length of your slit.
It felt like a tease, but still exalting.
“A blank is a spell performed without the casting wizard or witch reciting the incantation aloud. Fill in the blank,”
His question took a second to register in your ears, your eyebrows furrowing as your mouth contorted into a perfect O shape from the hefty buzz that was created from his words against your center.
Your breath quickened as you slipped the answer past your lips, the correct reply clear as day given that was the exact topic you were studying on.
Well, studying was a subjective word in this case.
“Non-verbal charm.”
He picked up the pace, letting the brunt of his tongue do all the work to get you both whispering his name and moments after, screaming it.
“Right you are, m’love.”
As he grumbled his gratitude against your cunt, his left hand had dragged up to the hood of your clit—rubbing it slowly in intricate figure eights to add on to the pleasure that overwhelmed you in the best way possible.
“Next one,” he pressed his thumb flat against your button, making your breath hitch in your throat as he spoke out your next question.
So far, you’d been doing well.
“When used properly in Wordless Magic, what does the spell Brackium Emendo do?”
You blanked.
Or at least your mind did, for your closed eyelids were doing quite the opposite—conjuring burst of fireworks to sheen the dark canvas with elating heat.
“W-when,” you inhaled sharply, his nails brushing your clit roughly as they returned to making now fast patterns against it. “Is that the bird charming one?”
You breathily winced out the words, capability of an accurate answer limited from the fact you couldn’t for the life of you remember what the purpose of the spell was.
Knowing you had incorrectly given a guess, you still didn’t believe that he would halt everything and come up without warning.
Until he did.
He tore his mouth away from you, peering up at you through pitiful eyes as his tongue made a circle around his lips, licking off the remains of your arousal and delectably taking it into his mouth.
“No y/n, that’s the Avis Charm. Brackium Emendo is used for repairing broken bones. We learned this months ago, princess.” And just like that, you were struck breathless and empty, no friction where you most needed it.
“Stay still f’me now.”
You braced yourself, recollecting on what he said he would do if you got the question wrong—prepping for the strike.
And it was piercing.
His fingers swatted against first your clit, and then your pussy where the reddening throb increased upon contact.
You cried out, grasping the sheets around you desperately as you sunk your teeth into your bottom lip to hold back another whine when you felt the dull sting.
He fell out of character, needing to give you one more just to satisfy his own dominating thoughts, though this one had nothing to do with this little game of his. “Merlin, look at you clench just from a fucking slap. Can I give you one more?”
His question was merely a rhetorical one, because as soon as it rolled off his lips he’s dragging out the tingling pain with yet another blow of force onto your clit.
Your hips bucked upwards followed by a strangled moan, about to refer to him as daddy as you usually do, before you stopped yourself. You felt a singular tear trickle down your cheek and that was Remus’ cue that he needed to get back on track.
“Right, so your make-up question. Ah, we reviewed this one earlier poppet I expect a right answer from you. The charm used to conjure a bouquet of flowers is entitled blank. Fill in the blank,”
This one you were sure of, because you had been reprimanded about it before and it stuck in your head. “S’the Orchideous charm, Rem.”
Confidence burst through you when you caught a glimpse of his smirk dancing across his features in pride. “That’s my good pet- shit, sorry I meant good girl.” The slip-up was an accident, a force of habit but he managed to catch himself and correct the term he was attempting to use.
“Hm, yeah I’m sure you did.”
He grumbly muttered a playful and quick ‘shut up’ in response to your jest before lowering back onto his stomach, preparing himself to swoop directly back into his feast.
And as he situated himself between your thighs again, he had no hesitation to claim you once more as he went straight in tongue first. He mapped out your pussy like he was searching for hidden treasure and was hell-bent on finding it.
And as you rocked your hips into his face in tandem, you had to stop yourself from closing your legs around his head—but Merlin, it was tempting.
That’s when he asked the next question, then the next, more and more until you were too caught in heaven to think.
Over the past 10 minutes, you’d been edged four times. You’d been too slow in your responses to Remus that it led to a false answer spilling out and him ripping himself away from you and denying you the tasteful pleasure you’d been seeking out.
You’d had your fair share of both correct and incorrect answers leading to your pussy being spanked relentlessly, your clit being swollen from his deviled fingers giving no mercy to the bundle of nerves.
Torturous in the most savory way possible.
And somewhere throughout when Remus decided that he deserved a reward as well, he’d taken a break to roughly take your nipples into his mouth and suck harshly until he was satisfied with how sore you’d become.
Though it wasn’t unpleasant, the pain was the kind he knew fully well you’d enjoy and have your sensitivity running high.
But then the game went on.
And about three questions ago, you were right there. Right on the tip of your orgasm where the knot was just starting to unfurl and beads of white began dripping onto his tongue.
That is, until you’d forgotten the function of the Confundo charm—ironic seeing as you yourself were too dazed and confused to recite its function—and he came back up with a malicious smirk and a hunger to see you beg for him while you weakly tried to give a sufficient answer to his inquiries.
The pain of overstimulation buzzed with each of his intentional edges, until you were practically shoving his face into your cunt with the leverage you had on his hair to keep him anchored.
Even every once in a while, he had to lightly rise for breaths but they were short-lived. Remus’ main interest wasn’t on the intake of oxygen, it was giving you all he had while sticking some well-needed information in your hazed head.
And now, you were entering your final question, or so he told you. His mouth glued to your clit, the heated feeling of it throbbing on the pink muscle of his tongue making even him moan into your pussy like he was the one receiving every piece of sensationalizing rapture.
You were teetering on the precipice again, about to dip off into pleasure but still mentally willing yourself to stay afloat because Merlin knows if you came without his permission he’d scrap the role of tutor and soft dominance and embody his dark persona in the blink of an eye.
You were anything but poised, but from the desperate struggle you were facing to prevent your muscles in the pit of your belly from contracting and letting yourself reach your peak in this moment was as strong as you could hold.
Remus was enticed with making you feel pleasured by the mutters of how he loves when his ‘Baby’s little button’ pulses on his tongue and how he could eat you out for days and only stop once he couldn’t feel his jaw anymore.
But when he heard your feeble and whimpering cries from above him, he was not oblivious to know that you were about to cum again and he was to speak out your last query, thought it was barely audible from how he had buried himself within you.
“Crinis Muto, princess. What’s it do?” His speech was muffled but still made its way into your cotton-stuffed ears and had time to sink in and allow you to attempt your best to think.
Your brain was working in a different realm than your bodily five senses. On the inside, you were running through the charm he had based the question on and barely managing to come up with an answer for it.
But what he heard on the outside were breathy profanities and hoarse cracks of his name and how good he was making you feel.
And how good you wanted it to feel.
Crinis Muto, Crinis Muto—you were nearly certain that this was the charm that had the ability to change hair color and style.
You’d remembered that from Remus babbling on and on about it to James when Sirius had coincidentally dyed his hair pink the day before.
“H-hair. Hairstyle charm-” Came the croak, mixed in with sloppy squelches from the boy beneath you devouring your cunt like his life depended on it.
You felt his smirk against you, it was a mad grin of succession.
“My good girl.” And it was then that you knew, he was ready to let you reach your release. “Give it to me princess. Cum on my tongue,”
His grant was all you needed to part your lips in a silent moan as the coil began to undo itself, and shockwaves loosened your entire body letting your orgasm hit to its full potential.
Remus gave kitten-licks throughout, tasting you so tantalizingly, he couldn’t stop the groans of delight.
Your bucks into his mouth fastened unsteadily, wild rolls of anticipation, from when you were just about to let go, now trapping you in a mind-blowing orgasm that was long awaited.
It was inebriation for him, he drank up everything you gave him like he could never get enough. He huskily whispered into your folds about how you were his favorite meal.
As you began climbing down from your high, and reaching out to an unknown figure for assistance in stabilizing your breath, you were utterly fucked out from having been stopped so many times but now embraced.
Your lips were upturned in a crooked smile, eyes half-lidded and fingers twinging uncontrollably in Remus’ locks.
He detached himself, looking up at you by now flipping onto his back and sitting up straight.
“I think you’re pretty well prepared for the test on Friday, if I do say so myself.” He took great pride in licking up the last dregs of cum that shone on his chin as you both shared a giggle at his quip.
And when he crawled up to sit by your side on the mattress and take your hand in his own veined one, you planted your lips to his—tasting yourself on the rosiness of his pink cushioning.
“Well, I did have the best tutor. Thank you Rem,” you whispered, ghosting over his lips to see them twitch into a smile.
“Y’know, you’d make a pretty great teacher one day.” You winked at the boy who stifled a laugh as he took your limp figure to lull against his firm chest. “Just don’t start fucking your students left and right to get them to study.”
You both shared another laugh, breathless and free of any stress—for it had just been relieved.
“Oh bunny, don’t you know?”
He leaned down to meet your ears, taking the lobe of it between his teeth.
“It’s always been my dream to be a DADA professor.”
Alrighty then..bye! I do prefer how this turned out in the first time I wrote it (tumblr deleted my draft and this is the rewritten version lol kill me) but yk what it’s okay!
Taglist: @randomoutsiders @chokemepansy @amourtentiaa @pansyslut @toxicmodernity @potionsclasss @wontlastimokwiththat @family-buisnes @littlemissnoname13 @starlight-writes-stuff @youreso-golden @slvt4fakerealities @emma67 @pinkandblueblurbs @quindolyn @daisyyy2516 @lillsthoughts @gold-russh @fredshufflepuff @tomhollandsslilslut @babydraco04 @dracoslittlesluttyprincess @dlmmdl @euphoria-injjsworld @emmaev @1-800-amortentia @groovynachos @itsmentalillness @kaqua @justadreamyhufflepuff @tranquilitybqsehotel @underappreciated-spoon-321 @sprucewoodlover @angelsandsorcery @silverdelirium @qualitybelieverflower @crystal-dee @groovyherringbanditzine @onyourgoddamnleft @yiamalfoy @dr4cking lmk if u wanna be added to the taglist<3
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wonderfilworld · 4 months ago
hello love!! how’re you doing? i was wondering if you could do a young!Remus x reader where they are friends, and reader’s skirt rides up in class. and Remus has to go tell her and he’s a blushing mess? maybe it could lead to smut? 👉👈 thank you! have a lovely day<3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five
a/n: hi!! (this ask is from so long ago) but I'm doing great, thank you for asking, I hope you are too!!
warnings/contains: NSFW! smut: super innocent Remus (he's just so sweet and cute), the most dom reader you will probably ever get out of me (idk tho cuz this was kinda fun to write tbh), corruption, oral male-receiving, masturbation; kissing duh, cursing- as always. All characters are 18+ :)
masterlist | send in a request here!!
Tumblr media
History of Magic is usually the dullest, most boring, absolutely awful class that Hogwarts students have to go through. Even someone as smart as Remus Lupin can admit that, yet he listens attentively as the professor drags on and on and on…
But today is different.
Today, you stroll into the classroom and Remus’ eyes go wide at the sight. Apparently, your normal skirt must be dirty or torn or something, because what you walked in wearing was a couple sizes too small, barely covering the bottom of your ass as your hips sway on the journey to your seat.
You sit beside him as you normally do, turning to say your usual morning greetings. He does his best to keep his eyes away from your bare legs as you speak, he can see in his peripherals how your legs spread further apart as the two of you converse.
When someone at the table behind you says something, you turn even more in your seat, and Remus’ eyes flit down to your spread legs. He nearly loses his breath when he’s met with the sight of your panties, pretty and purple and very clearly on display.
He doesn’t know what to do, knows you’ll be embarrassed if he brings it up now, but luckily class begins at that moment and you’re forced to turn back around as you begin scribbling notes from the lesson.
He decides that he’ll inform you once class is over, tell you discreetly so you can run back to your dorm and change into another skirt.
Remus takes you to an unoccupied classroom to break the news to you.
He grabs your arm, mumbles an ‘I need to speak to you for a moment,’ before shutting the door behind the two of you. You hop onto a desk, cock your head to the side and wait for him to speak.
He takes a few breaths, he’s nervous, obviously, he doesn’t want you to feel bad that he saw your bare legs like that - that he saw a lot more than your bare legs - but he’ll keep that part to himself. He’s fidgeting on the spot and he’s worried that you can tell.
He’s not great with girls - that is to say, not great in that sense. Like, he’s friends with many women, those who he helps study, those who are in the same house as him - but when it comes to women like this - like you - he’s not sure what to do.
So he decides to just go for it, rip off the proverbial band-aid, and says, “I think you should go change your skirt.”
And then he cringes because, yeah, that came out wrong. So he has to quickly fix it.
“I just mean that, I think it’s a little short.” Okay, that’s not much better. He wants to smack himself.
You furrow your brows, looking down at your skirt as you respond. “What do you mean?”
“Uh, I mean,” He starts, picking at his fingernails. He can’t even look at you now, the tops of his cheeks coated in a pretty pink as his body heats up with nervousness. “I mean that - um - you can kind of see, like, under it.”
You raise your brows, pursing your lips as you nod. “Oh, okay. Thanks.”
“And I’m sorry if I embarrassed you, I just thought you would want to know.” Remus scratched the back of his neck, awkward mumblings escaping his lips. He’s obviously not the most articulate around people, especially pretty women like you whose skirts ride up and reveal their pretty panties.
“I knew,” You say, looking up at him.
Remus gapes at you, mouth opening and closing as he tries to think of something to say.
“You - what?”
You stand up from the desk and take slow strides to stand before him. He’s still so much taller than you - nearly a whole head - but he somehow feels smaller under your gaze.
“I knew you would be able to see under my skirt, that’s why I wore it.” You watch as it seems to click in his head, realization settling in his features as you walk forward again, pushing him back towards a chair. “I wanted you to see.”
Remus sucks in a breath, backs of his legs hitting the chair you’ve cornered him to, your hands coming up to his shoulders and gently urging him to sit.
He does, and he stutters as you climb onto his lap. “W-what are you doing?”
“Do you want me to stop?” Your hands rest on his shoulders as you wait for his answer.
“No,” He whispers.
“Didn’t think so,” You say against his lips before you close the remaining distance, melding your mouths together and drinking in the moan Remus lets out at the contact. Tongues glide against each other slowly, sensually, and you give him an approving moan of your own.
Your hands make their way into his hair, gripping at the root and tugging his head back, exposing the canvas of his neck for you to plant wet, opened mouth kisses against the soft skin.
Remus whimpers, and before he can even be embarrassed about it, you begin to suck the skin beneath his jaw, and this time he moans. It’s deep and loud, and your stomach clenches at the possibility of hearing more of them.
You briefly wonder if he’s ever experienced this - felt the weight of someone else on top of him as they pepper kisses along his hot skin, if he’s ever had anyone bring their hand down to the growing bulge in his pants and press down, if he’s ever had anyone hear the way he gets choked on a breath as they squeeze him there, palming his cock as his breaths grow more ragged and strained.
“Does it feel good?” You ask, and you’re assuming it does, mainly because his hips flex every time you press down harder on his cock, and he puffs out a breath every time you kiss him.
“Yes.” You barely hear him, leaning back to observe his features. His eyes are closed, mouth open, and his brows are creased.
There’s so much you want to do to him; you want to settle yourself over his cock, grinding yourself on top of him so he can feel the heat of your arousal. You want to guide his fingers to your slick opening, teach him how to pleasure you using his hands. Teach him how to use his tongue against your clit, how to lick and suck it between his lips. Most of all, you want to show him how good he can feel as he fucks into your tight cunt, hard cock wet from your slick and even wetter once he cums there, filling you up and then to keep going.
Being in an empty classroom, though, you settle for sliding off of his lap and making a home on your knees between his legs. You undo his pants, dragging them and his underwear down just enough to free his cock. It takes you by surprise because it’s bigger than you’d expected, a prominent vein running along the underside of it, and your mouth waters just looking at it.
“Wow,” You say, more to yourself than him, but the comment makes him blush. He doesn’t know where to look, too embarrassed to look at you, or his own cock that you’ve taken into your hand.
He lets out a hiss at the contact, shutting his eyes and focusing on the way you drag it up his length, squeezing when you get to the top. You run your thumb along the tip, licking your bottom lip as you do so. You do this for a few moments, waiting to see if Remus will say anything, if he’ll beg you to put himself between your plump lips and into your wet mouth.
But he doesn’t, probably because he doesn’t even know what to say, so you do it anyway. He’s so cute; face red and thrown back, chest heaving up and down, hands clenched into fists at his side like he’s afraid to touch you.
You lean forward, tongue out, and meet the tip of his cock with your wet muscle as you slowly work your tongue against his head. You want him to get used to the feeling, know that he’s probably overwhelmed with new sensations right now, so you continue your tiny licks and kisses against the tip of his cock, listening to his short pants and breathy gasps.
His eyes are still closed and it annoys you - you want him to see how well you take his cock down your throat so you speak up, voice soft and low.
“Look at me, Remus.”
He’s hesitant, not many times could he say he’s thought you’d be between his legs telling him to watch as you drool over his dick. He’s also fairly certain that he will cum in under thirty seconds if he watches the way your lips envelop him, as they stretch around his thick cock and if he even catches a glimpse of tears in the corners of your eyes from the way he hits the back of your throat, he’ll fucking lose it.
“I want you,” You start, tongue licking against the vein that runs along the length of him, “To watch me as I suck your cock.”
And he can’t help but groan, the sultry tone of your voice reminding him that this is actually happening, that you’re actually here with him, on your knees, cock in hand…
Yeah, he’s definitely going to cum too soon.
But he looks anyway - of course he does, he can’t help it - and “Fuck.”
You take him in your mouth as soon as his eyes meet yours, cheeks hollowed and tongue licking at the underside of his cock. You don’t meet the base of him the first go, but to a man who’s never had a mouth anywhere near his dick before, it doesn’t even matter.
He’s fidgeting in his seat, hands gripping the edge of the chair so tightly his palms are wet with sweat and his knuckles are white. Heat is emanating from his body - especially where he’s laid upon your tongue.
Speaking of tongue, Remus is choking on his breath as yours licks him, he can feel every path it traces along his cock, up and down, side to side, and his hips twitch involuntarily at the feeling.
“That - um,” He moans as you bring your mouth up to suck on the head of his cock, one of his hands coming to rest on the back of your head. “That feels really good.”
You huff out a laugh, popping off of him for a second before saying, “I’m glad.”
He laughs with you and it's almost as if you're having a normal day, laughing at a joke one of your friends had said, and not like you're on your knees for him.
He's really glad you're doing the latter, though.
“I’m gonna make you cum now, okay?” You tell him, and he sucks in a breath as he nods.
You go forward, taking him back between your lips and begin moving up and down, your hand under your mouth following the movements. Remus seems to like when you flick your tongue as you come up so you do it, and the sounds he makes force you to stick a hand down the pretty panties Remus was eyeing earlier and gather the slick that’s there.
You moan around his cock and the vibrations make Remus shake. He can’t take his eyes off of you, and he notices your subtle rocking back and forth. His gaze follows your arm to see that it’s under you, and he puts two and two together that you’re touching yourself. That sucking his cock has turned you on so much that you have to tease your clit, that you have to rock back and forth on your fingers because the way that Remus’ cock throbs in your mouth and the hot breaths and moans that leave his mouth makes you needy and desperate to get off.
“Oh god,” He gasps, hips bucking up and feeding you more of his cock. “I’m close.”
You come off, still stroking him with vigor as you ask, “Where do you want to cum?”
Grabbing your head he brings your lips back down to his cock as he rushes out, “Inside! Please let me cum in your mouth. Please.”
He’s desperate to feel your wet mouth as his cock pulses and twitches with release as you keep up that sucking that has him lightheaded. He’s breathing so heavily now and he’s almost disappointed with himself for not wanting to watch the way your lips stretch around his thick cock earlier. It’s easily his favorite sight now, he knows it’ll keep him up at night as he pumps his cock over and over and over at the memory of this moment.
You push yourself to take even more of him; giddy because you want him to cum in your mouth just as much as he does. You suck, and it’s not but a few seconds later when Remus nearly shouts “Oh, fuck -” and you feel warm liquid begin to fill your mouth.
You keep going because you want everything he’ll give you, and it’s not until his hips try to get away from you that you come off of his cock, wiping your mouth with the back of your hand as you get off your knees. They’re stiff from supporting your weight but you ignore it, grabbing Remus’ head as you give him a sloppy kiss.
He can’t stop panting, breaking away from your lips as he looks at you. “Um, thank you?”
You laugh, he’s just so cute, “You’re welcome.”
He smiles and he can’t help but laugh with you, still shaking from nerves more than anything now that his head isn’t cloudy with lust.
But you don’t seem to act any different, plopping yourself back down onto his lap as you kiss him again. You stay like that for a while, lazily making out before noise from outside of your little bubble brings the both of you to your senses.
“We should probably go,” You whisper against his lips.
“Do you want to come to my room tonight?”
“Yes please.”
Tumblr media
taglist: @crazypantlady @hufflepuffsfordraco @eunoia-kth @marimorena06 @ashlovesthemarauders @siriuslyslytherin @i-cant-stfu @lilypad-55449 @juulico @sunshine-weasley @partr1dge @xtoothlessx @okie-dokieartichokie @1800-shutup @siriusblackwifeeey click here to be added!!
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pinkandblueblurbs · a month ago
you don't have to take this req if you don't want to, but poly!wolfstar where the reader goes on a bratty streak. just breaking all the rules bc fuck the rules. and sirius who is always defending the reader pleads with remus not to punish you for your behavior, but then one day while sirius isn't around you break a rule and remus just snaps. and he punishes you (maybe edges you, feel free to take creative liberty) until you are a sobbing mess with cum running down your thighs. and sirius comes in towards the end of the punishment and licks the tears off of her face and the cum off of her thighs, and just generally soothes her.
kinda like good cop bad cop but with doms.
i love you i hope you are having a good day <3
im so excited 😈😈
Remus Lupin x Sirius Black x Fem!Reader. Heavy d/s dynamic, bimbofication, smoking, brat taming, edging, threesome/polyamory, punishment, daddy kink, light dd/lg, clit slapping
follow my library account @pinkandbluelibrary and turn on notifs to be notified whenever i post a blurb!
word count: 2.1k
“The fuck did I say about you smokin’? Huh?” Remus snatches the unlit cigarette from between your lips, pulling a whimper out along with it.
“Sirius does it.” The male only meets your plaintive whine with a roll of his eyes.
“Pads is an idiot, Y/n. And you’re too little to smoke, you know that” Remus reprimands as he tosses the tube to Sirius, who’s lounging on the couch of the empty common room. You let out a huff, flopping onto the couch beside the raven haired male as he sticks the smoke between his lips and pulls out a lighter.
“What’re you sitting down for, sweetheart?” Remus scoffs as he sits in a nearby armchair, a large hand patting his lap. “You know what happens when you break a rule-“
“Lay off ‘er, Moons.” Sirius mutters around the cigarette, pocketing the lighter before wrapping a slender arm around you. “She’s a good girl, yeah? ‘S not her fault ‘m a bad influence.”
“She knows better, Pads, you can’t just-“
“You think she knows better? You seen her? She’s a dumb little puppy, she can’t help it.” His hand comes up to your head, fingertips rubbing at your scalp, and you nod at the lycanthrope, offering him your most innocent look. Remus lets out an incredulous scoff, eyes moving in another irritated rotation.
“You’re such a fucking pushover.” He mutters, but to your joy he doesn’t push any farther- he simply settles back into the chair, reaching into his bag to retrieve the book he’s been reading.
You grin, and Sirius gives your head a pat. As you gaze up at him he takes the cigarette between two fingers, exhaling a plume of smoke as he speaks.
“You’re welcome, pup.” He murmurs before blowing the last dregs of smoke into your face. You scrunch up your nose and let out a giggle that makes him grin, grateful to be safe from the pain of one of Remus’s brutal spankings.
The rest of the evening comes and goes as normal, as does the following morning- though you give Remus a bit more sass than normal, feeling less afraid to push his buttons and bend the rules knowing that you have Sirius in your corner, ready to defend you and talk you out of a punishment.
So by the time dinner is over, and you’re hanging out in the boys’ dormitory, Remus is on his final straw. And you make the mistake of plucking it from his grasp when Sirius is out- off making some kind of mischief with James- and you’re alone to face the consequences.
“Hands off. Now.” Remus’s voice is a dangerous growl, prompting your heart to race as you slowly pull your hands out of your panties and sweatpants, away from your pulsing clit. He stands from his desk and you sit up, eyeing you predatorily as he stalks towards you.
“I told you I’d take care of you after I finished my paper- are you that fucking impatient?”
“S-Siri says I’m cute when I’m desperate-“ you try to reason, but you can tell instantly by the blazing fire in his eyes that your words only make the male angrier.
“I don’t give a fuck what Siri says! Have you forgotten who’s in charge?” He’s standing right before the bed now, and he reaches out with one hand to grasp your face, strong fingers squeezing your cheeks and making your lips jut out in an exaggerated pout. You shake your head as vigorously as you can manage to within his grip, eyes wide and anxiety growing.
“Tell me, then. Who’s in charge?”
“You, Rem-“ his hand releases your face only to land a smack against your cheek, making you gasp.
“Try again.”
“You, daddy” you whimper the correction as stinging pain blooms on your skin from the impact.
“That’s better.” He mutters, hands moving to his hips as he gazes down at you almost disdainfully. “Now what am I going to do with you…”
“You don’t have to do anything daddy, I’ll be good-“ you’re cut off by Remus’s scoff.
“You think I’m gonna buy that? After your recent bratty streak? After you touched yourself without permission? I’ve been goin’ way too easy on you, doll.” Your heart drops, and you silently curse your decision to be so testy with Remus.
“Alright, get your pants and underwear off and then lie back down.” Remus instructs, and you rise to your feet to do so.
“L-lie down on my stomach, daddy?” You ask as your bottoms pool around your ankles and you step out of them.
“On your back.” He responds, ruling out a spanking as his mode of punishment. You swallow, knowing that means you’re either in for a night of painful pleasure and countless orgasms, or a night of agonizing denial. Or both, you realize fearfully, and you pray that that isn’t the case.
“Now, Y/n.” Remus’s snippy words snap you out of your thoughts, and you hastily move onto the mattress, your warm back against the cool sheets with your thighs pressed together protectively.
“Don’t be stupid, bunny, open your legs” Remus grumbles impatiently, reaching out to grasp your calves and pull your legs apart. Arousal floods your belly at his rough manhandling.
“You wanted to cum, baby?” Remus coos tauntingly, calloused thumb moving to rub circles on your sensitive clit, making you gasp
“Yes, daddy. Please.” You whine, and Remus hums thoughtfully.
“I guess you should have thought about that before you acted like such a spoiled brat.”
“Remus-“ a sharp slap lands on your clit, cutting your whine off with a yelp. “Sorry! Daddy, I wanna cum. Please, please-“ your hips are lifting off the mattress as he rubs you, your pleasure climbing towards that blissful peak you crave.
“And I told you that you’re not gonna.” With that his thumb is gone, tearing a plaintive whine from your lips as your hips rut upwards in search of friction that isn’t there.
“Daddy” you whimper pathetically, frustrated tears already gathering in your eyes at having been denied release.
“Shut up, I hate it when you whine.” He growls “Just take your punishment like a good girl, yeah? You’ve gotta show me you can be a good girl, cause I’m starting to doubt it.”
“I can be a good girl!” You immediately chirrup, fingers curling in the sheets below as Remus’s thumb returns to your clit, ready to work you up to the edge once again.
“Prove it.”
Remus goes on like this for what feels like ages to you, bringing you so near to orgasm that your body tenses and the beginnings of a moan spill from your slackened lips, then stopping all stimulation and leaving you completely unsatisfied. He turns you into a sweaty, trembling, needy mess- your cheeks wet with tears, your cunt pulsing achingly, your thighs slick with moisture, your speech reduced to meaningless babble- and he beats you down until all thoughts of brattiness are lost on you, and all that consumes your mind is a desire to be good for daddy.
Just when Remus is removing his thumb from you for what you’re sure must be the hundredth time, leaving you sobbing and bucking wildly beneath the strong arm he’s laid across your lower belly, Sirius enters the room.
“Merlin, what’s going on here?” He inquires, surprise and arousal evident in his tone.
“‘M finally giving your ‘dumb little puppy’ the punishment she deserves.” Remus seethes, voice void of any mercy. The click of Sirius’s tongue is barely audible to your cotton stuffed ears, and your head lolls to the side so you can take in his approaching form through tear-clouded vision.
“Fuckin’ hell, Moons, what’d you do to the poor thing? She looks a right mess.” Sirius murmurs, reaching out to stroke fingers over your hair, cooing when you crane your tilt to chase his touch.
“Been edgin’ her- it’s hardly been twenty minutes, she’s just bein’ fucking dramatic” Remus’s long fingers tap at your sensitive clit, making you gasp and arch on the mattress, and Sirius crouches down beside your head, more soothing coos falling from his lips as he pets you.
“Ease up on her, mate. I think she’s done.” Sirius intones, sympathetic grey eyes meeting yours. You let out a whimper and reach out for his free hand, desperate for the respite he offers, but Remus only lets out a dark chuckle.
“She can take one more, Pads. Then I reckon she’ll have learnt her lesson.”
“Do you remember what a fucking brat she’s been all damn week?” Remus cuts him off, voice short. Sirius looks at you, taking in your glassy eyes and wet cheeks, watching your dazed expression as you play idly with the fingers of the hand you’d grappled for.
“Fine.” He concedes, letting out a sigh. “One more.” You let out a soft whimper at this as the raven haired male maneuvers so he’s sitting on the bed, one leg bent under his butt, with your head in his lap.
“Alright, angel.” That agonizing touch is back in your clit, nerves alight and hyperactive thanks to Remus’s ruthless teasing. “Let’s get you there again, c’mon.”
“Daddy” the word comes out a sob, your head thrashing against Sirius’s lap, and he reaches out to cup your face, shushing softly.
“I know love” Remus’s voice is a mocking coo “You wanna cum so bad, huh?”
“Please” your cries are turning to hiccups, the cruel taunting coupled with the firm rub of his thumb making your cloudy head spin.
Sirius leans down, bringing his lips to your cheeks and peppering kisses along the tracks of tears there, his soft tongue poking out to clean your skin of the salty fluid.
“You’re alright, puppy” comes the murmured comfort between kisses, the words a low and gentle rumble. “You can do it, my good girl.”
The sound of his voice and the tender contact of his lips, a stark contrast to Remus’s unrelenting attention to your clit, keeps you grounded as your heightening pleasure threatens to send you flying.
“Please” the word leaves your lips again, having become the only syllable you’re capable of uttering. You’re so close, so unbearably close, but what’s more unbearable still is the knowledge that it’s as close as you’re going to get.
Your choked gasp confirms this as Remus pulls his thumb away from your throbbing nub quickly, his large hands gripping your calves to keep your thrashing legs at bay. Sirius’s arms snake around your middle to combat your arching back. 
“Shhh, easy, easy. You’re all done, puppy, you did it.” Sirius’s voice drowns out your slew of pathetic whimpers. Below you, Remus wipes any residual moisture from his hand onto your thigh, finally letting go of your trembling legs. He looks at your quivering lower lip and wide, wet eyes, and for the first time this evening some sympathy crosses his features.
“Yes, angel, you’re done.” He murmurs, giving you a smile far gentler than the taunting grins prior. Sirius presses a kiss to the crown of your head.
“Lemme get you all cleaned up, pretty girl.” He murmurs, gently moving your head off his lap so he can stand and make his way between your legs. “Then you can go to the bathroom and get to sleep.”
“Kay daddy.” You agree blearily, glassed over optics following Sirius’s form as he settles down, head at the apex of your thighs.
“He’s not daddy-“
“Let it go, Moons. You’ve fucked her too dumb, she can’t think straight.” Sirius cuts off his correction, giving him a quick side eye.
Then he’s leaning down, and his soft tongue is back against your skin to lick up the sweet tasting slick that has gathered on your folds and inner thighs over the course of the evening. Soft whimpers and gasps leave your lips at the stimulation, despite the male’s attempts to avoid your most sensitive areas.
While Sirius laps at you your gaze shifts to Remus as he strips out of his sweater and pants, and the prominent bulge in his trousers catches your attention.
“Lemme help, daddy” you whimper out, weakly moving up onto your elbows as your foggy mindset urges you to please your dominant. “Gotta make you feel good.” The smile that graces his lips has finally returned to its usual tenderness.
“It’s okay, baby. Sirius and I will take care of one another once we get you all settled in.” His words are meant to reassure you, but they only bring another distressed whine from your lips.
“Gotta be a good girl-“
“You are a good girl, doll. You took your punishment so well, daddy’s not angry with you anymore.” His large hand reaches out to stroke along your cheek, his touch the softest you’ve felt since this all began. You offer him a wobbly nod, dopey smile forming on your lips.
“Atta girl. Now go on to the toilet with Pads, he’ll get you all cleaned up.”
tags (this is the last time my taglist will be used! Go follow my library account and turn on notifs, linked above): @snapesdaughsjm @kyleed24 @woman-with-no-name @randomoutsiders @spxllcxstxr @frecklesandfirecrackers @fific7 @sunrisefairy @pandaxnienke @weasleyposts @mypainistemporary @st0nesnglitter @quindolyn @arcaneslut @hoes4dameron @wh0reforthemarauders @shadesofvelma @i-love-scott-mccall @maybanksslut @crystal-dee @sprucewoodlover @slvt4fakerealities @hellounicorn @daisyyy2516 @gxtitobxby @bunnyweasley23 @just-a-human-witha-pen @emmaev @padfootswife @lillsthoughts @katmoonz @abbott27 @elizabethrosedarling @lilypad-55449 @wh0reforthemarauders @riddikulusweasleys @ashesandstars @lexlupin-black @saintlike78 @pretty-pop-princess-hs @emma67 @multixfandomwriter  @pottahishotasf @maraudersandco @remusjlupinisdead @fandom-puff @professional-busboy
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morozovastarless · 4 days ago
forgive me, father, for i have sinned
summary: your mother takes you to see father lupin to help with the strange thoughts and urges you've been having
warnings: sacrilegeous, religious themes, possible religious innacuracies, implied demon posession (??? lmao), manipulation, power imbalance, dubcon (from previously stated manipulation), loss of virginity, very innocent reader, (rough) oral sex, remus is kinda mean :(
word count: 3.7k
a/n: tumblr deleted this fic the first time i posted. i was (still am, actually) really sad about it, i'm just posting it so people can still read it (and also so they'll kinda stop pestering me about it lol). if you could show it the same love you showed to it the first time, it'd be greatly appreciated :)
Tumblr media
The air is cold, the marble floors and stone columns not letting any warmth remain in the building.
Not that you deserve it.
Goosebumps rise on your skin as you sit next to your mother in the church pews, waiting for James to finish talking with the priest. You keep your head down, too ashamed to look up to the carved figure of your saviour in front of you, and your mother’s hand squeezes yours, her nails digging themselves on your skin, but you don’t complain. It’s not punishment enough.
“Don’t worry, honey,” her sweet voice says. “Father Lupin will help you repent, and He’ll forgive you. You know what Euphemia says about him; he’s the best Father this church has had in years. He’s helped Jamie so much, too.”
You gulp nervously. “I’m scared, mom.”
Her dainty fingers gently grab your chin so you can look up to her. “Everything will be alright,” she coos at you.
A soft patter of shoes hitting marble catches your attention, and you turn your head to the left. Tall and proud as ever, James makes his way down the left wing of the church, and you quickly rise to your feet, scrambling to meet him halfway.
When you reach him he takes your hand, his big ones cradling your much smaller one. “He’s waiting for you,” he whispers.
Nerves that you didn’t know you still had left inside you rise. “Thank you for trying to help me, James,” you say. “I’m sorry I dragged you into this mess, I didn’t know it would end like this.”
He shushes you, one hand now cupping your face and resting his forehead against yours. Your noses touch. “It’s not your fault,” he assures you. “That—that thing inside you… none of us could’ve known. But Father Lupin will help you, he knows what he’s doing.”
You shiver at his word choice. Thing .
“I’m so sorry,” you cry softly. James envelops you in a hug, your shoulders shaking as he cages you in between his arms.
He lets you cry it out, even though he can feel his shirt getting a little wet, and he knows Remus must be getting impatient. He rubs your back and pets your hair until you calm down, and once you step away from his embrace, he brushes your tears away.
“Everything will be fine,” he reassures one last time, pressing a chaste kiss to your cheek. Then, he walks away, leaving you standing alone in the hallway. A mosaic of the Virgin Mary holding her baby looks down on you, and you shiver.
On shaky legs, you make your way to the confessional. The silhouette of Father Lupin is visible through the latticed partition. You sink to your knees, the wood of the step digging itself on your skin, but you keep quiet.
This is barely the start of your repentance.
You take a deep breath. “Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned,” you exhale.
“Tell me what it is you ask forgiveness for, my dear.” His voice is rich and deep, more melodious than the hymns the choir sings.
“It’s— my— I,” you’re too nervous to confess your sins, scared that once the truth comes out, your church will turn its back on you.
“I’m not here to judge you,” he reminds you.
You cringe and close your eyes. “I’ve been having… unholy thoughts.”
“What kind of thoughts?”
You can see a tuft of chocolate brown hair through the partition, so you decide to focus on that. “Sexual thoughts, Father,” you say apologetically.
Father Lupin hums, but you can see a slight tenseness in his posture. “Just thoughts?” You stay silent. “I cannot help you if you don’t tell me the truth,” he says.
“It’s too shameful to say, Father,” you quiver.
“Nothing could ever be so. You can trust that I will do whatever it is necessary to help you. Trust me .”
You consider. You don’t really know him, this being one of the few times you’ve spoken to him, but you can’t help but believe him. After all, he is James’s mentor, and his family can only sing his praises. Your mother wouldn’t let you be so vulnerable with someone you couldn’t lean on, so you open your mouth and the truth spills out. “I’ve had… urges. Strange feelings inside me that I couldn’t get rid of on my own. I asked James, your altar boy, for help but— but he couldn’t help me. I’m so sorry, Father, I tried to corrupt one of your servants, but I didn’t know . Please, forgive me. I am truly sorry for all my sins.”
Father Lupin doesn’t speak for a few seconds, but when he does, his voice is stern. “I’m afraid that this is not something you can be so easily forgiven for.”
Your heart stops beating for a second, tears in your eyes the moment he finishes uttering those dreaded words. “Father, please, I’m so sorry. Is there really nothing I can do to apologize to Him? I’ll do anything, Father, anything .”
“Your situation is truly unconventional, but the Lord has granted me extensive knowledge that allows me to purify you for His forgiveness.” The door of the confessional opens and a beautiful man steps out. He takes off his cassock, revealing grey slacks and a white button-up that hugs his shoulders perfectly. The strange feeling is back, a humming rising in your veins when you see his tense posture as he scans your face. “Follow me,” he orders.
You rise quickly, stumbling a little from the ache on your knees. Father Lupin walks quickly down the hallway and up the short steps that lead to another hallway with many doors next to the altar. You’ve never been on this side of the church, and you scan the area with interest.
There’s a room full of books— Bibles and other religious books if you had to guess. The door to another room is closed, and you turn to the right as Father Lupin steps into what seems to be an office. Once you’re both inside, he locks it and walks to the barren desk, sitting on the cushioned chair. He gestures for you to the same on the other side. “He tried to take it out himself, didn’t he?”
“I’m sorry?”
“James. Instead of forcing it out, he tried to take it out himself. He used his tongue, didn’t he?” When you nod, Father Lupin tsks. “He still has so much to learn. Don’t worry, I know exactly how to fix you.” He stands up and stalks towards you, almost like a beast hunting its prey. “But first, you must repent, show your saviour you are sorry for your indiscretion with my altar boy. Get on your knees.”
You have to crane your neck to look him in the eye. “What do you mean, Father?”
“In order for the creature to leave your body, you must be clean of all sins. Given the abhorrent nature of your sin, I’m afraid a normal penance won’t be sufficient. But don’t fret, my dear,” his hand cups your face, and a sense of comfort washes over you. “If you repent to a holy man, blessed by the word of God, then the mark of the Devil will be washed away, and you’ll be clean once more.”
The way he speaks to you, with so much knowledge, hypnotizes you. You stare into his eyes, resembling the greenery of the Garden of Eden. It’s almost like you have no control over your body, and suddenly you find yourself kneeling on the hardwood floor, your hands resting on your thighs as you wait for further instruction.
Your head, which was previously bowed down obediently, rises when you hear a clinking sound. You watch, confused, as Father Lupin undoes his belt and unbuttons his slacks. He doesn’t look at you as he takes everything off, including his underwear. Quickly, you cover your eyes as your face heats up. “Father! What are you doing?”
Calloused palms cover your hands as he uncovers your eyes, but you keep them closed. “ Look at me ,” he hisses. “If you had the nerve to let my altar boy sink his tongue inside you, you could at least look at a holy man in the eye as you repent.”
You cower at his tone, no longer warm and inviting. But, deep down, you know he is right. If this was the only way you could apologize to God and have that… thing taken out of you, then you would do it. Father Lupin knows what he’s doing , you recall James telling you just before you entered the confessional.
Slowly, you open your eyes, coming face to face with what your college friends constantly refer to as a “cock”. But you’re not sure if this one fits their descriptions. Hours of listening to them complain about how small, not thick enough, ugly or foul-tasting they were tainted your expectations. But Father Lupin was not short by any means. In fact, you’re pretty sure your girlfriends, who were much more experienced than you in this area, would faint at the sight of him. There’s a few veins all over it, the tip a faded red that would get darker the longer you looked at your priest with those wide, fascinated eyes.
Father Lupin grabs you by the back of your head, holding your hair tightly. “Open your mouth and stick your tongue out.” You do as he says, a smirk playing on his lips. “Lick it until it’s hard. You have to work for His forgiveness.”
Hesitantly, you lick a little at his tip, feeling something salty stick to your taste buds. When you hear Father Lupin groan lowly, you decide to move your tongue down to the base, your eyes still focused on his face.
You repeat your movements for a few minutes, even licking his balls when Father Lupin told you so until his dick stands tall. You close your mouth and wait for further instructions, only to receive a “Keep your mouth open” from the priest before you’re suddenly pulled forward by the hair and his cock is forced down your mouth. Your noises of surprise and discomfort are muffled by his tip hitting the back of your throat, turning them into choking and gagging sounds. Despite his rough treatment, you can’t deny the way your underwear gets considerably wetter, and you have to clench your thighs to keep the strange feeling inside you at bay.
Your hands start to flail around, hitting his thighs as your eyes water to the point you have tear tracks on your cheeks. Father Lupin pushes your head down and keeps you still, relishing in the way your chest heaves as you struggle to give your lungs their much-needed oxygen. When he’s sure that you’ll pass out if he keeps up, he pushes you off, watching with dark fascination as you pant and sputter noisily, copious amounts of spit dribbling down your chin and onto your pink polo shirt.
He tsks, annoyed, and takes it off you. “You stupid thing, you’ll get it all dirty,” he scolds as he throws it against his chair.
You blink repeatedly, trying to form words. “S-sorry,” you croak out, your voice broken from the abuse your throat just endured.
When you’ve calmed down a little, the preacher takes a hold of your hair once more, and you can’t help but whimper. “I won’t be able to help you until you make me cum. It’s the only way your soul will be clean of your sin.”
And with that he’s forcing himself down your throat again, his hips no longer remaining still. He thrusts into you while at the same time he pushes you up and down his cock. Your jaw and knees ache, but you can’t even complain because, after a few more thrusts, you feel something warm and thick hit the back of your throat. The previously stoic man groans and snarls as he shoots his load inside your mouth, “Take it all, swallow it down like a good girl,” he grunts.
You don’t have much of a choice, seeing as your mouth is still full of his cock, so you swallow everything he gives you with a strange sort of grimace on your face. Once he knows there’s nothing else to give you, for now, he slides out of your mouth, allowing you to breathe once more.
If you thought he’d give you some respite, you were wrong. He grabs you by the arms and places you on top of his desk, then bunches up your pleated skirt and spreads your legs. You gasp when you feel his finger on your clothed sex. “I can see the creature is still inside you,” he chuckles. “Look at how wet you are, aren’t you ashamed?”
You look at him wide-eyed, nodding your head dumbly. The priest curls his lip in disdain, pressing down on your clit as he starts to rub circles on it. “When I ask a question, I expect an answer,” he snarls.
The friction of the cotton cloth against your heated core is so good you have to force yourself to think. “Yes, Father,” you breathe out.
Father Lupin pulls your underwear aside, using his tongue to flick your already swelling button while his finger circles your hole teasingly. “Don’t worry, little dove. It’s a good thing you can still feel shame, it means the Devil hasn’t corrupted you completely.”
Slowly, he pushes one long finger inside you. The intrusion is so foreign to you that your face scrunches up in pain, a small whimper falling from your mouth. The priest keeps playing with your clit, sucking on it to distract you from the painful experience. “F-father,” you gasp. “It hurts.”
“Good,” he grunts against your pussy, slurping on it before raising his head to look at you, his finger still moving in and out of you. “If it hurts it means the creature is being forced out.”
Reassured that everything was okay, you try to relax; the dexterous way he plays with you allows the pain to turn into pleasure quite easily. He sucks on your clit, moving his tongue around and letting his pearly whites graze your burning flesh. He adds another finger and you mewl, your legs shaking when he curls them perfectly, hitting spots inside you that make you see stars. He even scissors them, making sure you’ll be able to take him with ease.
He can feel some of your wetness make its way down his wrist, and he smirks in satisfaction.
Your hips roll against his face and hand in a broken rhythm. “Father, I feel strange. S-something inside me… it feels like it’s about to snap.”
“Just let it happen, dove,” the beautiful man kneeling in front of you says. With his permission, you allow the coil inside you to break, a loud moan ripping out from your throat when he pushes his fingers deep inside you. Your inner walls cling to them, keeping them snug inside you as you experience your first orgasm ever. You’ve never felt this way before, so light and at ease, your mind quiet for the first time in days.
Wet fingers clutching your chin bring you back to the present, your dazed eyes looking into those green ones. “Come back to me, we’re almost finished,” he speaks softly, his tone resembling the one he used at first during your confession. A part of you, the one that was afraid he would still scorn you after this, settles when you hear him talk to you like this.
“You’re a virgin, aren’t you?” Father Lupin asks, pushing his cock between your soaked folds to coat it, your spit having already dried off a little.
“Yes, no one’s ever touched me,” you say, moaning when the tip of his cock taps your clit.
He finally pushes inside you slowly, groaning at how warm and tight you are. You hiss, your back arching from the very painful burn. He begins rocking against you, not letting you adjust to his size, “No one except me,” he grunts. “And that’s how it’ll remain, is that clear? No one but the holiest of men will ever touch you, only James if I give you permission to let him.”
Your mouth hangs open, feeling like he’s quite literally splitting you in half. A rough hand squeezing your throat makes you gasp, your back no longer resting on the wood surface. “I said, am I clear ?” Father Lupin snarls right in your face, his eyes no longer green but rather jet black.
“Only you, Father, only you,” you manage to squeak out, falling on your back once more when he lets go of your neck. Splinters get caught on your naked shoulder blades as your body moves against the table, the crash of the priest’s hips moving you in tandem with him.
At your words, his pace quickens even more, your nails grasping his arms and digging little crescent moons on the skin. Small red rivers drip down to his elbow, a pleasured hiss reaching your stuffed ears.
“Y’re so fucking tight ,” he groans. “At least I know you’re not a liar.”
Your breasts spill out of the bralette you’re wearing from all the movement, a downright filthy moan ripping from your throat when he pinches your nipples and tweaks them around. The previous feeling is back, the one that makes your stomach tighten while it also begs for you to let go.
You grab your priest’s wrist, hazy eyes looking into his as your mouth falls open. “Father,” you manage to get out through moans, completely delirious. “It’s going to happen again. Oh God, it’s going to happen again!”
He leans over you, caging you in between his arms as his still clothed chest. “Let it out, dove,” he coos at you. He feels you squeezing the life out of him as your walls flutter around his cock, and he sees your eyes falling close as your sounds get louder, “That’s it, good girl, making a mess on my cock.”
You shake as you feel the waves of pleasure wash over you, your nerve endings sensitive to the smallest touch. You whine when you feel Lupin’s hands hold your waist tightly as he pounds into you, snarling. “You’re gonna let me fill this filthy cunt? Gonna let my seed clean you from the inside?”
Your mind is so fuzzy that it’s impossible for you to understand the depth of his statement. “Yes,” you say breathily.
With a deep grunt, Father Luping sheathes himself completely until his tip hits your cervix, making you tremble from the overwhelming sensation. He groans as he paints your insides with his cum, rocking back and forth slowly to help him ride it out.
With a deep breath, he pulls out of you, making you whine. He watches as his cum drips from your quivering hole, using his thumb to scoop some of it. Standing straight, he looks at your spent form, sweaty and completely dishevelled from his manipulation.
He begins the prayer of Absolution, and you listen to him with rapt attention. Once he’s done, he signals for you to open your mouth, feeding you his cum covered thumb like it was the communion wafer.
You lick it clean, humming at the taste. “ Amen ,” you say.
With a dark smirk on his lips, he plays with your bottom lip. “Give thanks to the Lord for he is good.”
“His mercy endures forever,” you respond.
Father Lupin helps you sit up straight, aiding you in getting dressed since your limbs feel like lead. He pulls down your shirt, tucking it inside your skirt. “Your sins are forgiven. Go in peace.”
With a deep and shaky inhale, you end the confession. “Thanks to be God.”
You stay silent for a few minutes, looking into each other’s eyes. “It will come back,” Father Lupin finally says while tugging your underwear back on. “But this time, we know how to fight back. I want you to come to me whenever you feel these urges. It’s better to fight them once they start than to let them stew, otherwise, they’ll grow stronger until they take over you. But only come to me , no one else can help you as I can. Do you understand?” He makes sure to slap your clothed and sensitive pussy once more, to make sure his point is made.
“Yes, Father,” you gasp.
“Good girl. I can see the demon is gone for now.” He sits back on his chair, relaxed but somehow remaining the image of sternness. “Remember to pray a full rosary before you leave.”
You get down from his desk, making sure your skirt covers everything it should. Hesitantly, you lean forward to kiss him on the cheek, “Thank you so much for your help, Father.”
You leave the office and walk back to the pews where your mother remains sat as she clings to her rosary. When you reach her, she looks at you with wide eyes. You reach for her hand, “It’s okay. Father Lupin has gotten rid of it, and he said I had to say a prayer for each bead of the rosary and my penance was done.”
Your mother gasps, tears in her eyes and her lip wobbles a little as she kisses your cheek. She gives you her rosary, the red beads infused with a rose fragrance, then gets on her feet. “It took so long! I was so worried you had been lost,” she pets your head. “I have to thank him,” she says as she stands, clutching her chest.
When she’s gone, you sink to your knees once more, the pain barely there this time. Your fingers hold the first bead as your other hand does sign the cross, and you close your eyes. The moment you begin your prayer, a thick pearly drop drips down the inside of your thigh.
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