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emmesse96reborn · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
We all agree that nothing ever happened at the Department of Mysteries and/or the Battle of Hogwarts, right? RIGHT?
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that-siriusblack-grin · 2 days ago
Lily: the moon looks beautiful, isn’t it?
James looking at Lily: yeah… but do you know what’s more beautiful?
Sirius and James: [sighs] Remus
Remus: ...
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mischiefhasbeenmanaged · 17 hours ago
James: *turning the key and opening the door*
Sirius and Remus:
Tumblr media
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marauder-queen · 22 hours ago
McGonagall: Mr Black, open the page 394 and start reading.
Sirius: *read wrong line*
McGonagall: From the top.
McGonagall: Detention! All of you!
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lunalovegoodart · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
a wolfstar drawing I did back in December
I somehow lost the password to this account and then completely forgot about its existence but I’m back and I’ll continue posting my art on here :)
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wolfstarlibrarian · 2 days ago
Eating food and thinking about how after the sorting ceremony Sirius was delighted to see Remus not care about what utensil he was using for eating, and realizing that all his family’s rules were nonsense, realizing just how much freedom was out there, and how this was the boy he wanted to befriend. 💕
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ririreader · a day ago
I just read your post! I was thinking about Christmas party at Grimmauld Place. Professor and reader reunited after a few years. Drinks and dirty stuff
Think I’ll do this one in two parts!
Christmas at Grimmauld Place
It was freezing out.
She shifted her weight from foot to foot, bouncing on her toes and crossing her arms tightly.
Chaos sounded from inside the house. Christmas music blared, and she could hear laughing and shouting through the wood of the door. Finally, it opened.
A grinning Sirius, complete with a floppy Santa hat, greeted her.
She rolled her eyes, returning the grin.
“Evening, Sirius.”
“Evening, my flower. Come in, come in! It’s frigid!”
He yanked her inside by her coat, slamming the door behind him. She was immediately hit with warmth and the spicy aroma of mulled cider. She hadn’t been to Grimmauld Place in ages. Nothing had changed, of course. The house was filled with Order members. Muggle carols played over an old gramophone. This place never failed to feel like home, no matter how long she had been away.
She had been abroad for two years, both for work and for Dumbledore. Professionally, she was representing the Goblin Liaison Office on behalf of Fudge. Privately, she was recruiting Armenian wizards for the Order on Dumbledore’s behalf. She had gone right from school to her apprenticeship with Barty Crouch. Then it was off to Armenia.
She was finally home.
Sirius had wrapped his arm around her waist and ushered her into the kitchen.
“What’ll you have to drink, love?”
“Hm. What seems to be the drink of choice?”
“Well. The twins and Remus seem to be enjoying the Christmas Ale.”
Her eyes snapped to his.
Sirius gave her a knowing grin, rummaging around in a cooler for a beer.
“The old dog himself.”
He popped the top off her beer, handing it to her and winking.
“He’s around here somewhere…”
Sirius swiveled his head about, searching the room.
“Ah! Right over there.”
He pointed to the living room. Remus was sitting in an armchair, elbows resting on his knees. A beer bottle was in his hand, the long fingers of both hands playing with the neck as the bottle hung between his legs. He was talking to Bill Weasley.
“He’s available. If you’re still hot for teacher.”
She pursed her lips at Sirius. He chuckled, winking as he sipped his beer and walked off.
That had been ages ago. She was almost 30. Sort of. She hadn’t been a student at Hogwarts in over a decade. Besides, she had never even been his student. She had been shadowing Dumbledore during Lupin’s brief time at the school. That was almost seven years ago. She hardly was still hot for teacher.
He did look good. He had aged, something that made sense but still seemed surprising. His hair was long and slicked back, much more refined looking than the shaggy hair he used to sport. Instead of his thin mustache he had a full beard, short and neat. The dark hair on his face was peppered with gray and blonde and red. The angles of his face had sharpened, lines creasing his eyes. His body was filled out, bulkier and thicker than it once had been. A pair of black thick-rimmed glasses rested on his nose. He wore a white button down— a few of the buttons undone— tucked into brown trousers, red suspenders resting on his chest. His sleeves were rolled, showing muscular, veiny forearms.
That… was a good look for him.
She glanced down at her black wrap dress, wondering if he would think she looked nice.
Bill noticed her lingering in the doorway and jerked his head at her.
“Y/n! I didn’t know you were back!”
Remus turned, eyes lighting when he saw her. He smiled, straight white teeth on full display.
“You little devil!”
He walked over to her and scooped her into a hug. He pulled back and held her face in his hands.
“When did you get back? Are you still reading Muggle literature? Still gazing at the moon and writing poetry?”
She laughed. “Are you still gazing at the moon and howling?”
He threw his head back and laughed. His eyes met hers and he grinned wickedly.
“I knew there was a reason I missed you. C’mere, darling.”
He pulled her in for another hug, swaying back and forth with her small frame a couple times before releasing her. He sipped his beer, gaze lingering on her frame.
“You look so pretty and grown up.”
A cheeky grin followed the comment. She returned the grin.
“And you look very big. What has Sirius got you eating?”
“I’ve been doing a lot while transformed. I’m a bit of a liaison, just like you. I think the running on all fours has finally filled me out a bit.”
He stretched his suspenders with an air of importance.
“But it’s all very serious werewolf business. I’m sure you wouldn’t understand.”
“Oh, yes. Very important I’m sure.” She nodded somberly.
They smirked at one another. Sirius bustled into the room, grabbing Remus’s hand. Without looking away from her, Remus raised his arm and twirled Sirius around. Sirius continued to wiggle to some unknown tune, pausing to stick bows to everyone’s head. He stopped in front of Remus and slapped a bow onto the crotch of his pants.
“I think that one’s for you, y/n.” He winked.
Remus laughed nervously, flicking his gaze to y/n. He took the bow from his pants and stuck it to Sirius’s forehead.
“Afraid you’re not my type, darling.” Sirius said.
Remus flicked him in the nose, eliciting a chuckle from the dark-haired man. Sirius nuzzled against Remus, turning to y/n.
“Hasn’t he filled out nicely? He’s so tall and dreamy and thick.”
He winked at y/n.
“If the Order had a complaints department…”
“You and Kreacher would give them an earful, I’m sure.”
Sirius wiggled his fingers at the two of them and sauntered off, lightly smacking Remus on the ass as he passed.
Remus sighed, sipping his beer.
“My sincerest apologies; he doesn’t get out much.”
There was a beat of silence.
“Well! Now that we’ve all been made uncomfortable, shall we catch up?
It was midnight, and the party was still in full swing. Y/n and Remus had sat tucked away, chatting about the seven years they had spent apart. The end table was littered with empty beer bottles. Sirius had declared everyone in attendance needed to participate in a holiday dance-off. In response, Remus patted his thighs and stood.
“Fancy a smoke?”
The two snuck out the back door, wrapping up in their coats and huddling together. Remus pulled a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, bringing it to his lips and pulling one out between them. He extended the pack to her.
“I quit ages ago, actually.”
“Oh? So health conscious.” He grumbled as he fumbled for a lighter.
He flicked his lighter, an old, silver boxy thing, and sucked in. She watched his lips purse around the cigarette, momentarily captivated by the shape of his mouth. His long fingers came to the cigarette, pinching it then pulling it from his lips. He exhaled a cloud of smoke.
She closed her eyes, inhaling in the familiar scent.
“Maybe I’ll take a hit or two.”
He grinned, extending the cigarette to her. She went to take it, and he clicked his tongue.
“Allow me.”
He placed it between her lips, letting his fingers linger near her mouth. She held his wrist, sucking in deeply and shutting her eyes as the buzz hit her. She opened her eyes and found him studying her, gaze thoughtful and a bit sultry. He took the cigarette back and placed it between his lips.
“Ever done a shotgun before?”
He sucked in a lungful of smoke. “What’s that?”
“You pass the smoke from your mouth to someone else’s.”
He cocked his head, arching his eyebrow with a smirk.
“I think I’ve seen people do that. I never knew there was a name for it.”
She nodded. “Shall I?”
She took the cigarette from his lips. He watched her intently, jaw clenching and unclenching as she sucked. She stepped forward, resting her hand on his shoulder. She had to stand on her tiptoes to reach his mouth. Her lips lingered at his, occasionally brushing them as she exhaled into his mouth. He breathed in, nose brushing against hers.
He stepped back, tilting his head to the sky and exhaling. She stood, watching him, noting her hands were shaking and the cold wasn’t to blame. He stepped forward, considering her. He sucked on the cigarette, pinching it between his thumb and pointer finger. Leaning down, he rubbed his nose against hers. He pinched her chin, tipping her head up to meet him. He made an “o” with his mouth and blew the smoke into hers slowly. He lingered.
“Like that?”
His breath tickled her lips. She nodded, staring at him. He rested his forehead against hers.
“I won’t kiss you unless you say it’s okay.”
“It’s okay.”
“Thank God.”
He closed the small gap between them, kissing her fiercely. She moaned against his mouth, head spinning from the nicotine and the taste of him. His beard scratched at her face, tickling her already sensitive skin. He bit her lip as he pulled back, resting his forehead against her once again.
“Stay the night with me.”
Her mouth opened, words escaping her. He pulled back, looking embarrassed.
“That was… too forward. I’m sorry. I never do this. I don’t think I’ve kissed someone since my thirties, let alone—“
She pulled him back by his coat, silencing him with another kiss. He melted against her, wrapping his arms around her. She licked his lips.
“Take me upstairs.”
He grinned, nodding eagerly. His hands gripped her waist, and he apparated the two of them.
Her back hit a door. Remus quickly returned his attention to her mouth. His hand raised and waved next to her head.
“What did you just do?”
“Silencing Charm. Once Sirius realizes we’re both gone he’ll probably have a glass pressed against my door.”
She chuckled against his lips. She ran her hands up his chest, over his broad shoulders. She slid his suspenders down his arms. She unbuttoned his top few buttons, running her hand over his chest. She felt his scars and his chest hair, the feeling causing her to throb between her legs.
She guided him back, pushing him into an armchair. She went to straddle him, and paused when her eyes caught on his bedside table. There was a stack of books, the covers worn and the spines bent from being read repeatedly. She turned to him with a look of surprise.
“Those are the books I gave you before I left.”
He nodded, looking sheepish.
“Bit embarrassing.”
“No It’s not. It’s wonderful.”
She smiled at him, heart warm and fuzzy. She leaned into him. He pressed a finger to her chin, stopping her.
“Will you undress for me?”
She stepped back, untying her dress and letting it slip off of her shoulders. She wasn’t wearing a bra, so she was left only in a black lace thong. Remus was leaning back in the chair, legs spread and face serious.
“Turn around for me.”
She obeyed, looking at him over her shoulder. He was rubbing his bottom lip with his thumb, breathing shallow and rapid.
“Take them off.”
She shimmied out of her panties, stepping out of them and kicking her heels off. She walked over to him and straddled his waist. He sat up, kissing her with a groan.
“You’re stunning. So, so stunning.”
He sucked one of her nipples into his mouth. She arched her back, tangling her fingers in his hair. His tongue played with her nipple. He kissed between her breasts, making his way to the other nipple.
“Show me how to touch you. I want to watch.”
“Oh, fuck.” She whimpered.
Her thighs clenched as she pulled back. She ran her hands over her breasts, pinching her nipples. She ran a hand down her stomach, dipping her fingers between her legs.
“Are you wet for me, love?”
She hummed, nodding.
“Show me.”
She held up her hand for him, her fingers glistening. He grabbed her wrist and sucked her fingers into his mouth. He swore quietly and guided her fingers back to her clit.
“Show me how to make you come.”
He leaned in and kissed her collarbone, resting his head against her. He watched her touch herself. He watched her play with her clit and dip her fingers inside of herself. He watched which movements made her moan, which made her thighs shake. He stopped her.
“I’ve got it from here.”
He slipped two fingers inside of her, the stretch making her hiss. She was soaked. He felt her wetness drip down his fingers and moaned, licking up the length of her neck.
“All this for me?”
“That’s always been for you, Remus.”
He started circling her clit with his thumb. She was already close from her own hand.
“I’ve wanted to make you come for so long. Whenever you used to get sad or stressed, I just wanted to bury myself inside you until it went away.”
She whined, thighs shaking. She ground her hips down onto his hand.
“I always wanted you, Remus. I never stopped. I’ve done nothing but think about you for years. Your scars, your lips, your fingers…”
She clenched around him, words catching in her throat.
“That’s it, darling. Come for me.”
She thrust her hips against him, shouting his name as she came. Her body shook, the knot in her stomach finally loosening. She rested against him, burying her face in the crook of his neck. He held her, shaking from his need for her.
His cock pressed into her thigh painfully, hard and hot through his pants. She ran her hand down his chest, stopping between his legs to grab him. He groaned, letting his head fall back.
“We don’t—fuck. We don’t have to do anything more, love. Don’t feel obligated.”
“Get on the bed, Remus.”
Part Two coming soon!
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remuslupininskirts · 2 days ago
Remus *spelling Wednesday wrong for the hundredth time*: petition to remove the 'd' from Wednesday
James: Wednesay
Remus: Not what I had in mind, but I'm flexible
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heartfullofstupid · 2 days ago
The way Remus thinks Narcissa is the prettiest girl he’s met and she’s just a girl version of Sirius
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imaremuslupinsimp · 2 days ago
i just want like, single dad james meets regulus fic. slow burn. long lengthy fic. completed. ANYTHING that’s long lengthy and completed that won’t breaky my heart
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prongsandlilss · 19 hours ago
James: hey Moony let's play a game
James: ask me a question I'll ask you one back
Remus: hm ok... whats your favourite animal??
James: yellow my turn! would you go out with padfoot?
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whataloadofqueers · a day ago
sirius : why do people always assume we're a couple ?!
*remus, looking at sirius currently sitting in his lap and playing with his hair*
remus : yeah, i have no idea
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that-siriusblack-grin · 2 days ago
Sirius: I’m kinda smart sometimes
Remus: I feel like you're overestimating
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mischievous-thunder · 18 hours ago
*Sirius having a conversation with the stray dogs as Padfoot*
Dog 1: I played with the kittens today.
Dog 2: I chased butterflies in the park and then fell asleep.
Padfoot, licking his paws: Ha! Amateurs! I just chewed a hole in my husband's new sofa.
Both 1 and 2: He threw you out, didn't he?
Padfoot: Irrelevant.
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marauder-queen · 22 hours ago
Sirius: If I had a galleon for every time someone had called me ugly-
Sirius: -I'd be broke.
Sirius: I'm perfect.
Sirius: Later bitches!!
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mountkennedie · 2 days ago
Wolfstar x reader (parental)
Summary: you wake up alternative and your dad's lose their minds
*Readers appearance isn't specified*
Warnings: none
Tumblr media
There was a knock on your door, and then silence before your door was opened. A weight sat at the foot of your bed and softly nudged you. Rolling over to see what it was you saw your dad waking you up.
"Good morning sunshine," Remus said.
"Morning," you responded.
"Come down in a few minutes for breakfast, Okay?"
"Okay." He reached for your hand, gave it a small squeeze and left.
When you got up, you went to your closet first. Grabbing a black Joan Jett shirt, and a long-ish black skirt. Some fishnets really set it off, you cut them and pulled them on your arms. You were missing something in this ensemble.. jewelry! You grabbed a black choker you didn't usually wear and some chains and had some fun. After nearly choked yourself out, you got the choker right. 2 chains around your neck, and one you attached to your skirt. Looking in the mirror you were- suprised. But a happy suprised, it felt right the way you were dressed.
You felt a sudden wave of fear the second you reached the stairs. You will have to be seen. You didn't know why this frightend you so much. Your dad's had to be the most accepting people.
Taking one big deep breath in you walked down the stairs. Reaching the bottom you approached the kitchen and entered. Sirius was in there at the moment, drinking coffee at the table.
"Good Morni- REMUS YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!" His voice echoed through the house.
Before you could say anything Remus responded,"What could possibly be scream-around-the-house serious?!"
"Me! And are child moony! GET IN HE-" Remus entered.
"What is all this fuss about?" He looked over at you. "Oh Hi Y/n," you've never seen the man fo such a double take. "Well you look... different."
You were about to run back upstairs when you caught the excited smile grow on your dad's faces. "Is- is this okay?"
"Of course it's okay! Why would it not be!" Sirius exclaimed. "Sorry for making you feel like it's not but trust me. This- this is-" he cut himself of to look at his husband.
"What this oaf," Remus started playfully," is trying to say is, you're just like us honey."
"My genes! I swear it!" Sirius butted in.
"Oh hush I was the one with the Doc Martens."
"But did you have a leather jacket? Oh right, no!" Their banter was always so enjoyable to watch.
"Anyways," Remus put a hand up to silence his husband but with a smile. "When did this happen?" Remus walked over to lover and sat down with some tea in hand.
You toyed with one of the chains dangling from your neck. "Um.. I don't know. I just woke up and felt like it."
"Reasonable, your father over here," Sirius gestured to Remus," woke up one Saturday and practically begged me and James to take him to get some piercings in hogsmeade. You remember that?"
"I don't want too. Come sit, love." Remus pulled a chair out next to him. "Those things got so infected, it was obvious on ear was bigger than the other. Madam Pompey nearly had to take the left side of my head off!" You and Sirius laughed at his exaggeration.
"And you were ever do whiney about it too!" Sirius said.
Remus scoffed," I was not! You if I remember, so desperately wanted a piercing too! Oh but poor Sirius had detention yet again."
Sirius mouthed,' whiney!' To you.
"Just drink your tea," he said to Sirius, and under his breath he said," wasn't that whiney."
"You were." Remus didn't respond only squinted his eyes and grinned in your direction and finished his tea.
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wolfstarlibrarian · 2 days ago
hi so I was wondering if you could try and find a certain fic? I can’t remember the name but I do remember some stuff about it: it’s on ao3
It’s kind of a coffee shop au where Sirius works at the shop and Remus goes there everyday and sits in the same spot, and if someone else sits there he wouldn’t stay. He also only takes his drink the very specific same way, and Sirius (or James sometimes?) often have to remake it for him. (I think at one point it did mention the reason why he did that but I can’t remember). Remus was also writing some sort of book, something about dragons I’m pretty sure? Anyway soon enough remus and Sirius started to kinda get along and eventually they went to Remus’ house which was in a bit of a secluded area. There’s definitely more to it that idk how to explain, and hopefully this makes sense because I’m terrible at explanations
Hello friend!
The well-loved fic you're looking for is linked below, and it just got 2000 more words added! Hope everyone else is looking forward to a reread as much as the Librarian.
A Brief History of Dragons by @eyra
It's lovely up here; all meadows dotted with wildflowers, wind-beaten tracks criss-crossing this way and that through the fields, weaving inland to the pinewoods. The sun's hot on his back as he passes ramshackle stone walls, long since crumbled to piles of ancient rubble and scree, and then the path winds downwards, still following the line of the coast until Sirius finds himself outside an old white cottage, tucked away behind the hill with a rose garden that faces out to the sea. Sirius moves to Cornwall for the summer and meets a rude, beautiful boy who is writing a book that may or may not be about dragons.
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wolfstar-jegulus-shipper · 2 days ago
Remus would wear brown eyeshadow as eyeliner but only a small wing that would only be noticeable of you were looking for it. He was inspired by Sirius wearing black eyeliner and black smudged eyeshadow as eyeliner.
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remuslupininskirts · 2 days ago
Remus: Merlin, give me patience.
Sirius: I think you mean 'give me strength'.
Remus: If Merlin gave me strength, you'd be dead.
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wolfstardaughter-jj · 22 hours ago
~after party~
Drunk Sirius: Where's the kitchen? I want some *hiccups* pancakes *stumbles*
Remus: Darling, let's get you to bed, alright? *tries to lead Sirius back to the dorm*
Sirius: *steps back* I'm sorry but I have a boyfriend. An amazing one *hiccups* at that. So I will not be joining you, stranger.
Remus: *shakes head and decides to play along* and who is this amazing boyfriend of yours?
Sirius: *grins like an idiot* His name is Remus Lupin and he is the love of my life *hiccups* I love him sooo much.
Remus: I love you too *kisses forehead*
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