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ztoji · 2 months ago
# : hehe first time doing hp and remus kinda nervous uh…. also imagine younger/older remus - whichever you want
tags : MDNI, punishment smut, hard/mean dom!remus?, toys (vibrator), slight ruined orgasm, gagging (w panties), he ties your hands up w a tie, choking, oral (f receiving), f!reader, no magic mentioned
Tumblr media
The room is filled with your muffled cries and moans. Remus sitting back on his calves between your legs while keeping a vibrator against your swollen and sensitive clit. He's been at this for god knows how long, but he has still not given you permission to come yet.
It only makes it worse because before keeping the vibe against your clit he shoved your panties in your mouth to keep you as quiet as possible, tied your hands up with his tie to the headboard so you can’t push him away. And neither can you take out your panties from your mouth.
All this because you forgot about coming to eat lunch with him like he planned. And since it was planned only the day before he didn’t think of bringing any leftovers or food with him to work. It caused him to send an angry text to you and having to hurry with his work, because he waited for you to show up for almost thirty minutes. So when he decided he wouldn’t wait anymore he only had another thirty minutes left to pick up food or something quick to eat, naturally it stressed him out a little bit thinking about being late with his work.
Also because of the thought of humiliation since Remus stood outside the restaurant the two of you picked a long while before walking away.
You thought it was a bit silly of him to be mad and react the way he did because of something so small, considering the fact that you could always plan a lunch date another day. You also had things that kept you occupied, otherwise you wouldn’t have forgotten about it.
Well, that’s what you thought at the beginning of the night. Before he pushed you down on the bed only to tie you up and press a vibrator against your cunt. Letting you get so, so close to the edge, but letting go whenever your hips started to twitch a little too much for his liking.
A scornful laugh leaves him whenever you start to whine and try to scream profanities at him, but couldn’t because your mouth was full of your soaked panties. Remus was also quick to push down your legs against the bed when you tried to kick him or tried to nudge him. He would pause the punishment or whatever he thought this was. You surely thought this felt like a punishment considering the way he was treating you.
“Don’t be so loud darling. And if you even try to kick me again I'll leave you here with this thing on until you pass out.” Remus quite literally growls out, pinching your thigh lightly as a warning. “Do you understand me, little one?”
You are quick to nod as an answer.
He likes that look on you a little too much, where you don’t seem to know whether you like what’s going on or if you don’t. The cute way you scrunch your nose and furrow your eyebrows together whenever you get close to coming is one of his favorite things too.
It’s also how your face changes when you get close to the edge that makes him able to pull away from you so you don’t get to cum, sometimes they get ruined when he gets too lost in staring at the way your poor cunt tightens around nothing as he continues to press his fingers in and out of you lightly.
Your muffled moans bring him back to the present, a grin taking place on his face at how you’ve thrown back your head, showing off your pretty throat and your legs twitching beside him. “Are you close baby?” He can see the way you are trying to fight back the orgasm.
Nodding quickly at the question, head still thrown back onto the pillow, he presses the toy closer to you. Your legs full on shaking by now and your whole body tightens up at the upcoming orgasm, trying to clench your stomach together as if that’ll help you keep it in.
“Cum for me.”
With that you let go of the tense feeling in your stomach, orgasm wrecking through your body and hips bucking wildly back and forth on the toy still pressed onto you. Keeping your eyes pressed closed and throwing your head back once again when you feel two fingers pressing into you.
Remus exchanges the toy with two of his rough fingers and is quick to thrusting them against your sweet spot that keeps prolonging your orgasm. He doesn’t stop until your cum starts gushing out of your tightening cunt, having to stop thrusting them as your velvety walls got so tight it would probably cause you discomfort if he kept them moving.
Only when he feels you relax again and body going slack on the bed does he pull out his now soaked fingers.
He brings his fingers up and cleans them off in his mouth, you try to moan out at the sight of his tongue cleaning his fingers but the sound is still muffled.
Remus pushes himself up so he’s in eye level with you, smirking at the pleading look in your eyes before he pushes the two fingers he sucked on in your mouth. Pushing back the panties, causing you to gag and try to escape him but you don’t get far before he pulls them out along with the panties. You are quick to lick your dry lips as soon the panties are out of your mouth.
Yet again before you have time to say or do anything he manhandles you onto your front, ass in the air and face between the pillows. The sound of him opening his zipper fills the room and Remus pulls out his cock. When you try and wriggle yourself closer Remus is quick to put an end to it with his calloused hand coming down in a quick spank on your ass.
“Stop fucking moving or I’ll really leave you here like this.” He growls in your ear, putting one hand around your neck to pull you up towards him until your back is pressed against his chest.
The feeling of his cock slinking inside you and stretching you open distracts you from his tightening grip on your neck. And before he even has time to bottom out you’re already coming around him.
“Dirty little slut, coming without permission now?” you gasp out at his choice of words. “Keep moving your fucking hips before i fuck you unconsious little one.”
You do as he says, opening your mouth but nothing escapes because of his grip on your neck that is continuously loosening and tightening to keep you on edge.
He helps you on the way though and takes pity on your sensitive body, bucking his hips up to yours when you come down towards him, the sound of skin meeting skin fills the room along with your mixed moans. He groans at the feeling of your cum and wetness dripping down and causing a mess on his thighs and the bed.
Pushing you back down on the bed he starts pumping his cock into you, ignoring your whimpers of him giving you a quick break.
His goal tonight is to ruin you.
Tumblr media
a/n : AAAAAHHHH i’m nervous i hope y’all liked this one heuhuehueh (〃ω〃)
2022 © all content belongs to ztoji. Do not repost my work anywhere.
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fantastiqueali · a month ago
‘Till the moon is out
Tumblr media
Pairing: Remus Lupin x Reader
Warning: 18+, Minors dni!, D.S. dynamic, Dom!Remus, Quirofilia, Somnophilia, Bareback, Spanking, Cream pie, Slight Choking, Discipline, Degradation, Dirty talk, and Overstimulation.
Word count: 0.4k
Tumblr media
Your head was pushed down on the mattress with the pillow almost suffocating you if it weren’t for him being slightly sympathetic with you. A fist of your hair was being pulled by your boyfriend. Whilst his other was plunging down your back that could crack any minute.
“Yeah? Tryin’ to tease and mock me with the full moon just by f’me to ruin you? Pathetic little dumb cockwhore,” he mocks. A combination of a gasp and sobs tempts you to choke on your own without any contact but the lack of air that he gives you through his jagged thrusts inside your aching core that had its orgasm for its fifth time already.
Your pleas went in his left and out his right ear, not caring nor giving you empathy as he wants you to get what you want after being a bitch about it. You want him to treat you like a slut and it's in his command. If you want him to fuck you like a vice until you’re in nothingness but dumbness then so be it. But don’t whatsoever ask for any mercy as he will not give you any.
One thing that he wants you to learn is that you shouldn’t take back your words. What you say and want is what he will only hear. Nothing will make him think otherwise. So now the bed is creaking and daring the both of you to break one of its legs. Just like he’s doing to you right now.
His right hand parts with your back and not a moment later a harsh and hissing pain overcomes your bum. A brutal massage follows after, causing your soft skin to redden more. His hand pulls you by the hair and the other supports your body as he latches your back with his front. Sweats from the two of you mixing. 
“Y’want to cum all night? Fine, you cum all night ‘til the moon is out.” You whined as he held your chin up to look at him with his slender fingers. Another thrust makes its way to pleasure and sates you into subspace. 
“Tired already? Should I continue fucking you whilst you sleep peacefully? Should I continue to rut in this dirty pussy so in the morning you can’t feel anything?”
As your sixth orgasm comes down that night, you are tired. You want to close your eyes so much but the man behind it all won’t let you. You wanted to lay down but he won’t allow it with his arms securing you near him.
“Should’a train you more. Train this pussy how to not be hungry for m’cock all the time. After all,” he leans down to your ear, knowing very well that your consciousness is fading away. “This is my pussy. Mine to fucking use whenever I want, not yours. ‘M the one to decide where, when, and how to ruin this sweet tight pussy.”
Tumblr media
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luveline · 2 months ago
Hi! Could I maybe please request reader taking care if drunk Remus and he keeps saying things that embarrass her or something? No pressure if you don’t want to!
hi tysm for ur request I hope this is okay! <3
"Remus!" you cheer, having finally spotted him in the mess of the party, sequestered in the kitchen with his school friends. 
He perks up at the sound of your voice, all big smiles and pink cheeks. "Dove! Where have you been?" 
"Where have you been? I went to find the bathroom and you disappeared." 
"I was winning a game of beer pong," he informs you, matter of fact. "Oh my god, what the fuck. Did you get prettier?" 
"What?" you ask, giggling. 
His hand comes up to your face, big palm warm on your cheek. "You look so cute." He turns to his friends, tugging you by the shoulders. "Guys, doesn't she look amazing?" 
You flush and smile at people you don't know and then, thankfully, James and Lily where they're sitting, James in a big chair and Lily in his lap. James smirks, Lily looks pleased for you. 
"Did Sirius put love potions in the drinks again?" you ask. 
"Nope!" Lily says, too cheerful. 
"He did put firewhiskey in the beer pong cups, though," James says. 
"And then I lost on purpose," Sirius announces, appearing from the patio doors smelling of cigarette smoke and expensive cologne. 
"You guys are evil," you say, just as Remus ducks in to kiss your cheek. 
"He didn't lose on purpose," he refutes in your ear. "I'm just amazing." 
"Yeah, you are," you say fondly, smiling up at him. You wrap your arms around him in a hug and glare at Sirius over his shoulder, hoping it says what you're thinking. Stop messing with my baby.  You know he doesn't know how beer pong works.
"You smell really, really nice," Remus says, nose in your neck. 
You close your eyes, embarrassed by his very earnest, very public display and declaration of affection. There's a wave of snorting and smug giggling from his group of friends that you ignore. Poor baby. They won't forget this anytime soon. 
"You smell good too, Remus," you tell him, rubbing his back. 
He seems in good spirits despite the sheer amount of alcohol you imagine to be in his system right now, only slightly wobbly in your hold. You kiss his neck quickly, one then twice, feeling a little sorry for him. He’s so smart, and yet lacks any common sense when it comes to Sirius, who is evil enough to change the rules of any drinking game for personal gain. They’re both too competitive.
He pulls away and his smile is blinding.
"How do I smell?" you hear Sirius ask. 
"Like an ashtray," Lily says, deadpan. 
"You wanna come dance with me?" you ask, trying to save him from their teasing. 
"I'll do anything with you," he says. Jesus Christ. 
You pull him from the kitchen and into the crowded living room. It's much darker here, louder, still Remus reckons you're pretty as a peony and twice as soft, hands on your waist. You curl your arms around his neck and dig your face into his chest. 
"You're fucked," you tell him, face aflame from his waxing poetic. 
"What?" he shouts over the music. 
You peer up from his chest and aren't surprised when he kisses your forehead tenderly, totally at odds with the jumpy pop song filling the room. 
"Your eyes are really pretty," he says, lovelorn.
You pretend not to hear him, chest burning as you realise this is an all night affair. 
"Did you hear me? I said your eyes are really pretty! You're so beautiful, love!" 
You make a panicked sound and tighten your arms around his neck, almost throwing him off balance as you hug him close. He strokes your hair, mumbling, "Was it something I said?" 
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prettybabybaby · 3 months ago
sick | remus lupin !
¡ 18+ only ! ¡ minors do not interact !
word count: 1.1k
synopsis: remus helps you out when you’re sick.
content warning: innocent!fem!reader, thigh humping, exhibitionism (ish)
¡ marauders masterlist !
Remus had always been particularly strict with you. It wasn’t in a way that made you uncomfortable or feel inferior to him - not all the time anyway. It was more so in the way that made you feel protected by him. He only wanted the best for you and you trusted him entirely. He was always there to make sure your peers were nice to you and keep you out of trouble.
“You’re my good girl, aren’t you?”
“Good girls don’t behave like this, do they?”
“I only want what’s best for you.”
Sometimes he wouldn’t say anything at all. Sometimes he’d simply give you a look. He raised an eyebrow and tilted his head downwardly at you. You didn’t like when he looked at you like that. You didn’t like when said those things to you either. But you knew he had your best interest in mind so you never questioned him.
The trust you had in Remus was unlike anything you had ever experienced before. He made you feel safe and like he would always be there support and protect you. That was something that you really liked and appreciated about him. He always took care of you and protected you. He treated you like a priority.
He was only your friend, but something about the way he treated you made you feel like it could be something beyond that. You sometimes let yourself believe than he looked at you differently than he did Lily, Marlene, or Mary.
You often let your mind wander to thoughts of him. His big, rough hands, his light hair and matching pretty eyes, his tall build and soft, scarred skin, his deep, stern voice… You began to notice wet patches forming in your pretty panties. A furrow would arise between your eyebrows as you changed out of them and into a fresh pair. You were convinced there was something wrong with you, but you were too embarrassed to ask your friends or go to Madam Pomfrey for answers of your new condition. You must be sick. It’ll go away soon, you’d tell yourself.
Remus had begun to give you strange looks, like he knew there was something wrong with you. Whenever you’d take a seat on his lap, he’d gaze at you with an eyebrow raised and a slight quirk on his lips. He never said anything to you but you knew he also felt the warm puddle forming on his thighs when placed his hands on your plush thighs or when he smiled at you and whispered jokes into your ear.
You knew he was the direct cause for the feeling in between your thighs but you still didn’t know what it meant. It began to get uncomfortable and you found yourself looking for relief and your usual clingy nature multiplied. You’d nuzzle your face into Remus’ neck or under his arms and you’d bounce around on his thigh looking for comfort.
Maybe your body had known all along that grinding against Remus’ musclular thighs would provide alleviation and that’s why you had begun to do it. Consciously, you had no idea.
Until Remus began to flex under you. You jolted up in shock of the pleasure that shot through your body. Your thighs clenched and stiffened. You looked back at Remus and he continued to speak to Lily, paying you no mind. You felt your cheeks heat up, relaxing your thighs to slide up and down his thigh slightly again, wanting to feel the friction once more.
You let out a deep breath, Lilys eyes flickered to you and you felt guilty and ashamed. You moved to stand when you felt Remus’ hand in your hips. You looked back at him and he gave you a stern look, leaning towards you, moving your hair for access to your ears, “did I tell you to stop?”
You shook your head, your legs slightly shaky. “You’re my good girl, hm?” He said deeply. You nod vigorously. “Keep going f‘me then. It’s good for you.”
Good for you? So there was something wrong with you, you thought. As always Remus had come to your rescue, your aid. You could never thank him enough. He pushed on your hip, sending you slightly forward to signal you to start. He had begun talking to Lily again, seemingly paying you no mind yet again. He was so good to you. He took such good care of you.
You began to grind your hips, his thigh clenched and unclenched, leaving your mind hazy and your cheeks warm. You could think of nothing but him. The pit in your stomach was electrifying and addicting. You let out breathy noises, Lily sent a smirk your way and you wondered if she also knew of your illness.
You began to salivate, yet you didn’t notice until Remus pulled your hips back, “control yourself a little more, sweet girl. It’s worse than I thought.”
Worse than he thought? How bad was your condition? What would you do without him? You licked your lips, trying to focus on keeping your mouth closed. Your legs began to tremble as you your hips worked, Remus’ thighs working in harmony with you.
Your head fell forward, your hair fell around your face, encasing you in stringy darkness. You looked down and were met with the sight of your shaking thighs around Remus’ flexing thigh, clothed in his jeans. Your had ridden up, almost all the way up your thigh but Remus’ hand on your hip ensured you weren’t left exposed in haze. He’s so good to you.
You lifted your head back up and it fell backwards in pleasure, you could feel Lily’s stare on you while Remus acted liked everyone as normal. You rested your head in Remus’ shoulder, you could feel the material of his sweater on your neck, and his hair tickled your ears. He turned his head to you for a second, nosing where your neck meets your shoulder and inhaling your scent. He must be checking on you. How is it that he knew you were in of him when you didn’t dare tell him how you had been feeling. He knows you so well. His good girl.
A sudden wave of pleasure erupted and you shook as your hips jerked against him. You closed your eyes tightly, letting out a shaky whine. Your pussy throbbed insensitivity and you stopped moving and tried to jerk away from his thighs as they flexed. He held you tightly, turning to you again.
“Feel better?” He questioned, his lips grazing your earlobe.
You nodded weakly, your eyes still out of focus and you head spinning.
“Good. Good girl.”
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iinejknifewife · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Hi sweetheart, just wanted to make you feel good hm? Did you sleep well?
Summary: What was meant to be an innocent night of sleep and cuddles, turns into a night of Remus relieving his pleasures as it seems he can't resist Y/N, even in her sleep
Warnings: Somnophillia, vaginal sex, nipple play, breeding kink, belly bulge, cock-warming
Other: First time writing smut, so I have no idea what this is SORRY
Word count: 572
Though it was 3:32 am, Remus couldn't bring his eyes to close, not wanting to waste his time sleeping when he could be admiring his girlfriend, Y/N.
But as hours went by his innocent, endearing thoughts began to disappear as his desires and needs replaced them.
Carefully lifting up her — his —shirt, Remus began to fondle her left breast. Groaning at the tenderness of her soft skin under his palm, he could feel the tightness in his boxers enlarge. As he began to suck on her left bud, his spare hand travelled to her untouched breast, massaging it with enough pressure to cause pleasure.
"Remmy, mmph -" Y/N whimpered, still asleep.
Merlin, she's so responsive.
After a few more minutes of fondling her breasts, Remus simply couldn't ignore the pain that pulsed through his strained cock.
Y/N’s damp panties came into view the moment he parted her legs. Chuckling in amusement he made a mental note to savour her taste later on. Kicking his boxers across the room, Remus positioned himself on top of Y/N and pulled her panties off.
Remus slid his cock through her slick folds, revelling in the subtle moans that escaped Y/N’s lips.
Y/N's moans, along with his own, increased as his cock sunk slowly in her sopping cunt. Right before his thrust, he placed a soft peck on her lips, as if he weren't buried balls deep inside of her.
"You're always so tight for me sweetheart, can't wait to have you filled with my seed", Remus whispered in her ear.
Gripping her hips, hard enough to leave marks, Remus snapped his hips repetitively in and out of her.
The room was filled with heavy breathing and sensual moans, as well as the sound of Remus' balls slapping against Y/N's skin.
"Remmy?" Y/N's eyes fluttered open, " Wh- what are you doing?"
Y/N's mind was hazy, assuming the pleasure came from a dream, she was started to see Remus on top of her.
"Hi sweetheart, just wanted to make you feel good hm? Did you sleep well?" voice hoarse, Remus kept his pace consistent.
"You're so big Remmy, please please," Y/N blabbered.
"That's right, I'm so big I can see my cock in your tummy," Remus said mockingly, tapping the palpable outline of himself on her stomach.
"Want you to fill me up, want to cum," reaching her high, Y/N attempted to meet his thrusts by bucking her hips upward.
"Cum with me sweetheart, I'm gonna fill you up till you're leaking. Can't wait to see your swollen breasts and stomach, carrying my child yeah? I bet you'd like that," letting out a prolonged moan, as he promised, Remus came inside of Y/N.
Moaning at the feeling of her boyfriend's release painting her walls, Y/N buried her face in the nape of his neck as complete bliss washed over her.
"Thankyouthakyouthankyou," her pupils dilated, a sudden wave of tiredness crashed over her.
"You did so well for me sweetheart," still inside of her, Remus lifted her on top of him.
"Why don't you catch up on your sleep, I'll keep you warm with my cock," Remus whispered, brushing through her hair with her fingers, "don't want any of my cum spilling out of you now, do we?"
His cock still buried deep inside her, Remus went back to admiring his girlfriend, who now laid on top of him, her head resting on his chest, sound asleep.
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constillatedchaos · 4 months ago
man eater, make you work hard- remus lupin x reader
Tumblr media
pairing: remus lupin x reader
word count: 2.3k 
warnings: remus and reader being silly and being together but not together explicit smut, p in v penetration, unprotected sex [wrap before you tap kids] fingering [fem! receiving], oral [fem!receiving] exhibitionism [slight], name calling [bunny, slut], praise kink [blink and you miss it] fluffy ending MINORS DO NOT INTERACT
disclaimer: this is my original work! i do not consent to the writing being reposted, copied or translated on other sites or on here by anyone
Tumblr media
the beat of the music was thrumming in your veins, changing the ‘lub dub’ of your heart to a ‘bum, da dum’ as you moved along the dancefloor. 
you had wanted to just go home, to spend the evening in your silk pyjamas and a sheet mask on, but remus had asked you to join him and the rest of his friends out for a night of drinking before valentine’s day. 
you and remus had met about three months ago, and had formed a friendship before you delved into ‘seeing where things go’ according to remus last week, but recently he wanted you around more, not that you minded at all, but you didn’t know if you just wanted to ‘see where things went’; you were falling and falling fast, and you wanted every part of remus, all the time, - and unbeknownst to you, he wanted the same thing.  
you found him in no time, his height and the silvery hue of his scars in the light catching your eyes. as you got closer, you realised how similar you were both dressed, you in a black dress, and him in a black dress shirt and pants.
“moony,” you smile, lips pressing against his cheek, while his hands fell to the globes of your ass, giving it a subtle squeeze as he pulled you closer to him. 
“hi bunny.” he responded, turning his face to connect your lips in a soft kiss. 
you greeted the rest of his friends, sirius  and james smirking at remus when they noticed his eyes that never left your figure. 
“moony treating you well? say the word and we kick his ass.” sirius revealed and you laughed, along with marlene and lily, seated by their respective boyfriends. 
“we? sirius, need i remind you remus is the fastest of us all.” james butted in, hand glued to lily’s thigh as he spoke, a memory playing behind his eyes as he smirked at sirius. 
“that was a one off, remmy knows i can take him. isn’t that right rem?” instead of dignifying his friend with a verbal answer, remus simply hummed, taking a sip of his bourbon as sirius huffed. 
the night panned on with you and the girls doing shots, dancing and getting sweaty in the middle of the club, and the boys watching from afar, talking about god knows what, but you couldn’t care less until you looked up and caught remus’ eyes, a server placing drinking at their table and brushing a little closer for comfort on remus than you liked. 
you flashed remus a single cocked eyebrow, and he shrugged.brushing it aside, you turned back to marlene and lily who were by far drunker than you, with the way they were now just tripping over their feet and not dancing. 
“is remus gonna finally ask you out?” marlene slurred, her manicured hands around your neck as you danced. 
“haven’t got a clue, marls.” you say, lily scoffing beside marlene and frowning. 
“he better, every guy in here has been staring at you like they want you.” she pointed out, showing you at least three men in a four foot radius that kept trying to get your attention. 
“they’d have better luck seducing sirius with those looks,” marlene muttered, all three of you bursting into fits of laughter, stomachs tight as you imagined them trying to pull sirius. 
“c’mon i want another drink, and my boyfriend looks bored with their business talk.” she had a smile on her face as she caught james’ gaze. 
when you were back at the table, the same server from before came to place drinks at the table again, this time pressing even closer to remus as she did so, and you had to grit your teeth to refrain from making a comment. 
you were right beside him, his hand on your thigh, and even though he leant towards you more, the waitress was overly persistent. marlene smirked at your face and lily shook her head because she knew the exact feeling coursing through you. 
remus smirked when you huffed when the server left, squeezing your thigh a little making your eyes flit up to meet his. leaning towards you, he planted a kiss to your cheek before whispering, ‘you don’t have any competition, bunny.’, relaxing you a little. 
you all stayed at the table for a couple more songs, talking and laughing, but somewhere between talking and laughing, remus began scowling. 
“what’s with your face rem?” you ask, manicured nails rubbing over the back of his hand. he shook his head, but kept his eyes trained ahead, so you followed his gaze, finding the reason for his scowl- a guy staring at you, one of the same ones from when you were dancing.  
“told you! you’re like a magnet for them in that dress and those heels.” lily said following both of your gazes, smirking when remus took in a deep breath, his hand tightening on your thigh. 
remus leaned back into his seat and sighed, rolling his neck before leaning to whisper in your ear. james shook his head at his girlfriend, knowing she was living for the way that remus was becoming territorial- as a matter of fact they all were, they were tired of remus saying you were only friends, when you both looked at each other like you wanted to ravage each other. 
seconds later remus was mumbling a half assed, ‘be right back’ as he led you to the bathroom, everyone at the table struggling to hide their smiles.
“you’re wicked lils.” sirius murmured, marlene and lily whispering across the table while stealing glances at you and remus. 
“20 pounds they fuck in the bathroom.” marlene wagered, everyone at the table trying to up the bet and the stakes, but you and remus were already in the bathroom, his tall frame looming over you as he locked the door. 
“remus,” you started but he shook his head, ringed hands resting on your cheeks. 
“i was going to ask tonight, when i dropped you home. got the bouquet in my car and a couple other things, but i can’t wait.” he murmured, you shaking your head at him. 
“because of that guy? so you’re gonna take me in here, just so he’d know that i’m taken?” you ask, voice low and husky, and when you put it like that remus felt a pang of guilt because that wasn’t what he wanted you to think. 
“no, i wanted to-” he started, but you placed a finger on his lips. 
“because if that’s what you’re about to do, you just got a million times hotter moony.” he smirked then, pulling your face closer to his, lips teasing each other before he connected them, humming when you parted your lips almost immediately. 
his hands left your face, trailing to the hem of your dress, blunt fingernails digging into your thighs and hoisting you onto the sink. “be as loud as you want.” he whispered, voice already husky with need.
remus’ hands were quick to rip your underwear off you, fingers dipping into your centre and coming out soaked making him groan. “such a little slut, huh bun?” his fingers were on your slit again, spreading your arousal as you tried to answer; only managing a broken gasp when his middle finger applied pressure to your clit. 
“asked a question bunny.” he murmured, eyes never leaving your face, trying to etch each image of you into his mind.
“yes. feels good.” you confess, chest heaving in anticipation. “please, remus. i need more.” you groaned, hips desperately trying to buck into his palm, but a quick swat to your thigh had you settling slightly. 
“relax bunny, you’ll get it.” you were about to whine again when you heard movement from remus, opening your eyes quickly to find him on his knees before you, kissing being trailed up your thighs till he was inches away from your dripping cunt. 
before you could take a deep breath, his tongue peaked out and dragged flat against your slit making you moan. he did it a couple more times before he was wrapping his lips around your clit and sucking it into his mouth making your thighs shake. 
“remus.” you whine, his tongue dipping into your slit, before his finger was teasing your entrance. 
“just relax, bun.” he whispered into your skin when he noticed you were holding your breath. smirking he leant up kissing your thighs and using his other hand to draw straight lines on your arms, his finger slipping in with ease when you relaxed. “that feel good?” he hummed, thrusting the single finger in and out slowly. 
“so good, rem. want another, please.” you whimpered, he chuckled then before he lined up a second one with your entrance, cursing softly when he pushed in and felt your walls gripping him. 
“fuck, remus.” that was all you were able to say after he added the second one, leaning forward to flick your clit inbetween sucking it into his mouth, curling his fingers before thrusting them deep enough that he brushed the spongy spot that had your toes curling and your breath quickening. 
“close,” you rasped, hands blindly reaching for him to hold onto, as he quickened his fingers, striking that one spot that had you choking on your moans till you toppled over the edge, thighs trying to lock around his head, but his hand prevented that, keeping you splayed open for him to help you ride out your orgasm. 
he pulled his fingers from you gently, before slipping them past his lips, his pants tighter than before as he moaned at the taste. 
“think you can take m’cock now bunny?” he asked, forehead to yours as you ran your hands down his back. 
“need you so bad.” you whimpered, hands reaching to undo his belt only to have remus slap them away. 
“you sit still right there, don't want you to do anything but make a mess and scream for me.” you moaned at his words and remus couldn’t help the grin on his face, tugging his belt from the loops before pushing his pants and boxers to his ankles. 
“think you can get loud enough for them to hear you over the music?” he asked as he stroked himself, holding his palm towards you, watching in awe as you didn't hesitate to spit in his palm. 
“i can try.” he laughed then, kissing you sweetly before lining up with you and pushing into you inch by inch. 
“fuck bunny.” he groaned; slightly overwhelmed by how warm and wet you were. he couldn’t move yet, you were clenching to the beat of the song on purpose, and he was sure if he only looked up he would finish. 
you were on your elbows, staring at remus’ fucked out face, a pool or pride filling in your chest, but when he thrusted shallowly your pride faltered as you almost fell to your back, the tip of his cock brushing your cervix with ease. 
“no fair remus.” you breathed, finding the man grinning wildly above you. 
he didn’t respond, instead pulling back and then thrusting all the way into you again, groaning when you did, the feel of you tightening around him was driving him crazy. 
“gonna ruin you.” he promised before his hands planted themselves firmly to your hips, thrusting hard and deep into you, hoisting one leg over his hip to angle himself just that bit deeper. 
“shit, shit, shit.” you mewl, your tone a little higher than before and remus leaned towards your ear, sponging kisses along your jaw before. 
“like that bunny? you like it when i fuck you there?” he made a point of rolling his hips exactly as he had done before, chuckling when you nodded, back arching into him. 
“yeah, i know you do. taking it like such a good girl.” he assured, thumb reaching for your clit, rubbing tight circles on the button and revelling in the broken sobs that left your throat with ease. 
“gonna come remus, gonna come.” you chant, remus rolling his hips to strike the exact spot over and over again. you tried to say something again but his thrusts cut you off mid speech. 
“don’t gotta say a thing, sweet girl. just need you to let it go for me.” he coached, thumb speeding up on your clit making you come with a brittle scream.
“atta girl.” he murmured, connecting your lips and swallowing all your moans as he chased his own orgasm. 
he came with a string of curses and your name, pulling out so that he painted your leg with his seed. breathlessly, he swiped some of it from your calf as held his fingers to your lips, watching as you opened your mouth and took his fingers without a complaint. 
“god, you’re gonna make me hard again.” he laughed, kissing your lips softly, hands cupping your flushed and sweaty cheeks gently. “did so good.” he murmured, kissing all over your face before finding your lips again. 
“you’re hot when you’re jealous.” you breathed when he pulled away, remus shaking his head and helping you to your feet.
“so are you.” he added, remembering the scathing look you shot at the server. he kissed your knee as he bent down to slip your underwear back up your legs; and when he stood up again, he locked his hands to your hips. 
“now, let me ask properly.” he started and you smiled, trying your best not to shake with excitement. “would you like to be my girl, bunny?” his mocha eyes shone in the dimly lit bathroom, nerves slightly on edge but then you nodded, smile immovable as you stepped closer to him. 
“would love to, moony.” you say and he grins, heat licking up his neck as you kiss his jaw. “now, c’mon we’ve got to go see what sort of bets our friends placed on us.” he laughed then, knowing you were one hundred percent right, and just as you stepped out of the bathroom, you heard the bass to ‘maneater’ play, and saw lily running from by the dj’s table. 
“everyone thinks it’s sirius that’s the menace, but it’s lils.” you mutter, and remus laughs then, knowing you were onto something.
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ririreader · 6 months ago
Hi! I love your lupin x reader stories and I have a request if that’s alright? SO. Reader does well in school and is on good terms with everyone for the most part, but after dinner one night, a couple boys start harassing her to come have fun with them and she’s running away and suddenly gets pulled into a dark hallway, saved by lupin. He pins her against the wall and starts to get a confession out of her for her feelings towards him then he tells her what he has been wanting to do to her. LOTS OF SEXUAL TENSION PLEASE
I really love this one. I’ve been thinking about it all week. Thank you! All of my characters are of age. Y’all know at this point.
Tumblr media
She took the corner sharply, her heeled boots echoing much too loudly on the stones. Her bag had torn on a jagged brick while she was running and she hadn’t stopped to pick up her things. She would deal with that later. For now, she just needed to get rid of these boys.
She sprinted faster, hearing their taunting jeers follow her. She glanced over her shoulder, seeing one of their shadows grow in the adjacent corridor. She faced forward, only to slam into a solid wall. The wind was knocked out of her.
Not a wall— a person.
Strong arms wrapped around her. She looked up, the man’s height a solid foot greater than her own. Professor Lupin. His brow was furrowed, face concerned.
“Why are you running, y/n?”
She looked over her shoulder, anxiety worsening by the second.
“It’s these stupid boys on the Slytherin Quidditch team. They…”
She looked at him, clearly embarrassed.
“They what?”
“They say I’ve gotten fat. And they like to follow me after dinner and ask what I’ve eaten.”
Her eyes stung, humiliated to have him know anything about the situation. Professor Lupin’s eyes darkened. The hands he had used to brace her impact tightened on her arms. One of the boys’ voices echoed down the hall.
“What has piggy eaten for dinner tonight?”
She shut her eyes, face burning. Professor Lupin jerked her around, tugging her into an alcove shadowed from the burning sconces. He pressed his body into hers, flattening them both against the wall. He pressed a long finger against her lips, silencing her.
The boys ran past, not noticing the two of them tucked away in the dark. The sound of their voices died down. He looked at her.
Now he was in a bit of a situation. This girl thought he hung the moon. He could see it every time she looked at him, every time she blushed when he smiled at her. And, as guilty as it made him feel, the feelings were reciprocated. And now, here he was, pressed against her small body in a dark, secluded nook. He was not one to act on illicit feelings. But… this girl, with her quick wit and full lips, may be the thing to destroy his resolve.
Her eyes flicked to his chest, seeming to note how close their bodies were. She met his eyes, a slight blush still dusting her cheeks. He smelled like old books and peppermint, and his body temperature was raising her own by a solid ten degrees. Her voice was a small squeak when she spoke.
“Thank you, Professor.”
“How long has this been going on?”
“A few months,” she sniffled, “I thought they would have grown bored of it by now.”
She rested her head against the wall, a deep sigh escaping her chest.
“Men are horrible.”
He chuckled. “Surely not all of us, I hope.”
She gave him a small smile, eyes becoming lidded.
“You don’t think,” he leaned into her a bit more, “that I’m that way, do you?”
Say no, he mentally begged. Say you see me as a better man.
Her breathing picked up. “No. No I don’t.”
He rested his hands at either side of her head.
Tell her she’s beautiful. Tell her she’s absolutely perfect. Tell her there is not a single thing she could do to make her any less exquisite.
“People have never really liked how I looked.” He said.
“I find that hard to believe.”
His eyes flicked to hers, a burst of excitement tightening in his chest. She reached a shaking hand for his face. He sucked in a breath, eyes boring into hers. She traced a scar on his face lightly, fingertip unsteady. She traced the slope of his nose, under his bottom lip. He had shut his eyes, leaning into her.
“Is this okay?” She whispered.
“Yes.” His voice was strained.
Tell me you want me and I’m yours. Tell me, tell me, tell me.
“People don’t usually touch those. It feels… nice.”
His smile was sheepish. She smiled back, a dimple in her cheek deepening.
“You’re so handsome.”
“I’m not.”
“You are. It keeps me awake at night.”
She stiffened, realizing what her words implied. His body went taut. His eyes flicked to hers, gaze heating. He licked his bottom lip, noting that her eyes followed the movement. Her chest was heaving, breasts pressing against him in an agonizing rhythm. His cock twitched in his trousers.
“How so?”
“I misspoke.”
“Please tell me. Please.”
Dangerous line, Remus. But he couldn’t take it anymore. Could this beautiful woman really, truly, reciprocate his feelings? He had to know.
She sighed, resting her hands on his hips.
“I dream about you. Constantly. It’s maddening.”
“What do you dream about?”
He was leaning his head against the stone wall next to her own, attempting to control his breathing. At this angle, everything she said was whispered in his ear.
“Touching you. Just touching you. Everywhere. Your arms, your stomach, your face, your hair…”
He held in a groan.
“And when you’re not dreaming?”
“I’m aching. I’m pulsing between my legs over you. And the needing gets so bad sometimes I have to…”
He nuzzled his face into her neck, the tickle of his beard making her shiver. He ran his lips against her neck. Goosebumps broke out over her skin.
“Tell me what you do.”
“You know what I do. Every night. Over and over again.”
Now he did groan. His cock was painfully hard, digging into her stomach.
“What about you, Remus?”
He shivered. She had never said his first name before. He had imagined it obsessively, all the ways she could say his name. Nothing he had imagined compared to the real thing.
“I dream of you, too. And I wake up throbbing, just as you do. It’s almost painful. And I have to… God.”
“It’s all right. You can tell me.”
His eyes met hers. She cupped his cheek. He leaned in, resting his forehead against hers.
“I have to fuck myself. And God I feel so guilty, fisting my own cock like a mad man while I think of you. But it’s like I can’t control myself. I need it. And my god, I wish it was you. I wish it was you touching me every night. I want it to be you so desperately.”
Her hand moved to the front of his pants, stroking him lightly.
“Like this?”
“Oh, fuck…”
He slammed his fist against the wall above her head, pressing his hips into her harder. He kissed her, and his brain nearly short-circuited from the pleasure it gave him. She tilted her face up to meet his, returning the kiss with eagerness.
“Is this okay?” He asked, breathless.
She pulled him back to her mouth in response, tangling her fingers in his hair and holding him in place. She took one of his hands and guided it between her legs. He was going to lose his mind. He slid his long fingers under her skirt, running them along her panties. They were soaked.
“Fuck, love. Is this for me?”
“All for you, Remus.” She whispered against his lips.
Slipping her panties to the side, he slid a finger inside of her. She threw her head back and moaned, quickly covering her mouth to try and stifle the sound. He slid in and out of her slowly, thumb rubbing circles on her clit.
“So tight…”
She hooked a leg over his waist and rocked against him, eyes practically rolling in the back of her head.
“Can I… may I… fuck…”
He couldn’t focus on what he was saying with her clenching around his finger.
“What, Professor?”
His eyes flicked to her. The use of his title while he was buried inside of her drove him crazy. From the slight smirk playing at her lips, she was well aware of this.
“I want you in my mouth.” He growled.
He fell to his knees in front of her, tugging her panties down and letting her step out of them. He bunched them in his fist, rubbing them over the crotch of his pants with a moan before stuffing them in his back pocket. He hooked her leg over his shoulder.
“Hold your skirt up. I want to look at you.”
She obeyed, displaying herself for him. He kissed the inside of her thigh, eyes laser focused between her legs.
“That looks like a pussy that needs to be worshipped.”
She shivered, jutting her hips toward his face. He chuckled darkly. He gave one long lick between her legs and she shuddered.
“Give me your other hand.” She whispered.
He reached up with his free hand. She took it and guided it toward her face, sucking two of his fingers deep into her mouth. He moaned against her. He sucked at her clit, rubbing his tongue against it and over it repeatedly. She moaned around his fingers. He pushed a second finger inside of her. Her hips bucked, forcing him deeper. Encouraged, he picked up speed, thrusting his fingers into her deeply and flicking her clit with his tongue.
He could die here happy. Warm and snug between her thighs, her wetness dripping onto his fingers, her little high pitched moans spurring him on.
Her thighs started to shake. He grinned against her and sucked her clit harder. He curled the fingers inside of her, hitting her sensitive wall hard. Her chest heaved, whimpers turning to moans as she came. She tugged at his hair, pushing his head between her legs harder. He kissed the inside of her thigh, standing and leaning against her. He kissed her, his tongue rubbing hers.
“Tasting myself on your mouth is the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced.”
He smiled against her mouth.
“Making you come is the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced.”
Her hands trailed down his body, undoing his pants and freeing his cock. He kissed her jaw.
“Someone is going to walk by. Our luck has to run out eventually.”
He sucked in a sharp breath when her hand gripped him, arguments dying in his throat. He worked his hips against her. She reached into his back pocket, grabbing her panties. Dropping to her knees, she immediately took him to the back of her throat.
His voice echoed down the corridor. So much for being inconspicuous. He thrusted into her mouth, hitting the back of her throat over and over again. Her throat would be sore, and that mere thought already had his cock tingling. She sucked back hard, playing with his tip with her tongue. He was moaning and swearing loudly. There would be no question what they were doing should someone walk by.
She stood. He whimpered when her mouth left his cock. She forced him to look at her; his head was buried in the crook of her neck. She began stroking him. Her panties were in her hand, and she ran the material along his erection.
“You are a horrible little monster.” He grumbled.
He returned his face to her neck, licking and sucking between gasps of pleasure. He rocked his hips into her. She picked up her speed, making sure he felt the wet spot on her panties against his cock. His body stiffened, and he came into her hand with a loud grunt. He panted against her, eventually shifting to kiss her. She licked his bottom lip. She stepped into her panties, now soaked with his come. His eyes darkened as he watched her. She let out a groan when she felt it between her legs.
“Something to hold me over until tonight.”
“Tonight?” His eyes were hooded, gaze fixed on her lips.
She kissed him.
“When I sneak into your chambers, Professor, and we help one another with our sleeping troubles.”
She smirked, stepping away from him and walking away with a wink.
He smirked after her, watching her saunter off.
He could wait.
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messers-moony · 5 months ago
Accusations 3 | R.B
Paring: Young!Remus Lupin X Fem!Reader, James Potter X Fem!Twin!Reader, Eventual Regulus Black X Fem!Reader
Summary: Sirius and Remus come to the wrong conclusion that changes someone’s life forever.
Word Count: 4.1K
Inspiration: Click
Harry cringed at Professor Potter’s stern voice. She was a very laid-back teacher, and her tone of voice always stayed the same level. He had never heard this from her before. Harry could remember when he was a boy under the stairs. Petunia used to raise her voice sometimes at the man on the phone. He used to cower into the deepest depths of the cupboard, hoping that she would stop.
Harry then heard Lupin’s calm voice, “Dumbledore had specifically said that you were working with You-Know-Who. How were we supposed to take that?”
“I don’t know!” Professor Potter exclaimed, “Maybe ask me about it before pointing your wand at my throat?”
“It was a genuine mistake-“ Harry grimaced at Professor Lupin’s poor choice of words.
“A mistake that ruined my life, Lupin!” Harry could feel the malice in her tongue, “Seven years! Seven fucking years of misery. Seven years I will not get back.”
Harry turned the corner to see Lupin’s expression with obvious guilt, but Professor Potter didn’t seem deterred, “Not only was it seven years. I’m not even allowed to have my nephew in my custody because of my record.” Her voice got so low that Harry had to strain to hear it, “You don’t understand what he’s been through, Lupin. He’s getting abused by Lily’s sister, and there’s nothing I can do about it! They see I’ve been to Azkaban, and that’s all they care about.”
Harry almost gasped. Hermione would scold him for being an idiot, but it could’ve been possible that they were related just because they shared the same last name. Now that was confirmed. Professor Potter was his aunt. Harry was in for a good slapping my Hermione, and he owed Ron two sickles.
“But you know what, fuck it all right?” Harry pleaded to Godric he’d never make Professor Potter mad; her voice was shrill and scary, “Because everything that comes out of Dumbledore’s mouth is the truth, right?”
Lupin sighed, “I really am sorry. I know you won’t forgive me, and that’s reasonable, but with Regulus being alive now, you’re going to have to be around Padfoot.”
“I’ve known all about Regulus being alive.” Professor Potter said matter-of-factly, “After all, he’s the reason I’m out of Azkaban.”
Harry turned the corner again, Lupin looked flabbergasted, and from the view of Potter’s back, she seemed smug, “He- He defended you?”
“He did.” Her chin tipped up.
Professor Lupin ran a hand through his hair, looking shocked. He seemed to stand there frozen in time yet so moving simultaneously. His hands moved at a constant pace as if he didn’t know what to do with them. His glasses laid low on his nose, dangerously close to slipping off his face. Harry could see his knee-trembling slightly, possibly in pain. Professor Lupin did carry a cane occasionally.
“He’s also my fiancé.”
That was the bomb that made Lupin’s glasses fall. Professor Potter walked straight and past Lupin, further from Harry. Her shoes made a soft clicking noise against the old floors of Hogwarts. Professor Lupin bent down to grab his glasses and placed them in her cloak before sliding down the wall. His knees were to his chin, and he looked like a pretzel, Harry thought.
Lupin was all long limbs and skinny body. It made him look funny. Nonetheless, Harry was stuck in a sticky situation. His previous question to Professor Lupin now forgotten and more intrigued with the history of his two professors. Hastily, Harry looked at the Marauders Map to find no one insight, and he walked back to the Gryffindor Tower.
Breakfast in the Great Hall was always a magnificent experience. Especially for Ronald Weasley, who never really stopped eating until the food disappeared. It was indeed an appalling talent considering his many other siblings. But Ron didn’t go straight for the French toast. Instead, he stared at Harry.
“You were missing last night?”
Hermione turned, “Missing?”
Ron turned to Hermione, “I woke up after a nightmare to find Harry’s bed empty.” Both teens turned to Harry eating a sausage, “So where were you?”
“I had a question for Professor Lupin that turned into a very intriguing history lesson,” Harry replied nonchalantly.
The trio was quiet for a moment before Ron scoffed, “Go on then,” He beckoned, “Share with the class.”
“Apparently,” Harry drawled, “Professor Lupin messed up Professor Potter’s life.”
Hermione was looking for more, “And she’s also my aunt.”
“I knew it!” Ron exclaimed and held out his hand, “Go on.”
Harry dug through his pockets and slapped two sickles in Ron’s hand; Hermione looked less impressed, “I mean, of course, it seems obvious, innit?”
Both boys turned to her, “Do you guys not feel the tension whenever Professor Lupin and Potter get within five feet of each other?” Based on the boy’s expression, it was a no, “You two are absolutely hopeless.” She grumbled while stuffing her face with porridge.
“So what happened?”
“She told him off, and he kinda just sat there, I suppose.” Harry shrugged, drowning his pancakes in syrup, “I left before anyone could see me.”
“So, what’s the plan?” Ron asked, mouth full of egg.
“Yeah,” Ron replied, “We need a plan to figure out what went wrong.”
Hermione scoffed, “I think it has something to do with her going to Azkaban.”
She shuffled through her bag before pulling out an old Daily Prophet. She pointed at a paragraph, “If you read here, it says that Y/n Potter and Remus Lupin had been romantically involved before the incident causing her to go to Azkaban.”
“Why the hell do you have this?” Harry’s spoon clattered against his dish.
“Research! That’s not the point.” Hermione swatted at him, “The point is that obviously, something happened between the two. Not to mention them being absolutely connected. Did she mention anyone else?”
“Professor Lupin did mention something about a Padfoot?”
Hermione hummed, “Okay, let’s say Padfoot is a nickname for a friend, okay?“
“Bloody weird nickname,” Ron murmured.
“No one asked you, Ronald.” Hermione snapped.
Harry grinned, “She said the full name.”
“Harold Potter.”
“My name isn’t even Harold!”
“Irrelevant!” She exclaimed, “Padfoot is their friend, or was their friend. Maybe we should talk to them or find them.”
Ron swallowed his bacon faster than you could say wackspurt, “And how exactly are we going to find this Padfoot?”
“I don’t think we should find him.” Hermione said exasperated, “I think we should ask Professor Potter about him.”
“Why would we do that?”
“Yeah,” Harry agreed, “Isn’t that an invasion of privacy?”
Hermione narrowed her eyes, “That’s never been a problem with you before.”
Harry flipped his hands up defensively, “It was one bloody time.”
Ron snickered, “We ended up saving your life, didn’t we?”
“Not the point!”
It took days of planning, but the trio eventually came up with a plan. However, their plan was quickly thrown to the dogs when Professor Lupin entered the History of Magic classroom during the third-year Gryffindors and Hufflepuff class time. Professor Potter paid him absolutely no mind, but Professor Lupin was undetermined and stood in the entryway of the door. Everyone enjoyed Professor Potter’s lessons. According to the upper-level students, she was much more intriguing than old Professor Binns.
A cough sounded from the doorway, “Professor Potter?”
“Yes?” Her voice sounded strained behind her gritted teeth.
“May I bother you for just a moment?”
“More than you already have?” Some Hufflepuffs sniggered, and Seamus ‘Ooooed’ from the front left corner of the room.
Professor Potter turned, “Pay him no mind, Mr.Finnigan. I’ll be back in just a second.”
Without another word, she left the classroom with the door cracked open. Professor Lupin placed his shoe in the crevice of the door so it wouldn’t close completely. Harry sat in the back of the classroom with Hermione beside him; despite the closed door and low voices, the duo could still hear their every word.
“What is your problem!” Y/n whisper shouted, “I can’t even teach my class in peace now?”
Remus sighed, clearly done with the bickering, “Sirius will be staying with me for the weekend.”
“And I care; why?”
“You don’t.” Remus stated plainly, “But he would like to speak with you.”
She scoffed, “‘He would like.’ You know, I’d like many things in this world, but we don’t always get what we want, do we?”
“I am well aware we do not always get what we want, thank you.” Remus retorted drily, “However, we are both making an effort to correct what we have done to you.”
“You’re wasting your time,” Y/n stated as she tried to enter her classroom.
Remus stopped her, “When was the last time you used Vixen?”
“I don’t think that’s any of your business.”
“It’s not.” Remus replied, “But if you can make it, I’d appreciate it greatly.”
Professor Potter didn’t answer. Instead, she walked around him and entered her classroom. Harry didn’t know what Professor Lupin meant by if she could ‘make it.’ Maybe it was a specific teacher meeting or something that the teachers did. Regardless, it was evident that the Professors still weren’t on good terms.
The following Monday, Professor Lupin was not teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts, but Professor Potter instead. She leaned on the wooden desk with her dark purple robes on. Underneath her robes were muggle clothes. Professor Potter always seemed indifferent to blood status. Everyone sat in their respected seats when Harry raised his hand.
“Yes, Mr. Potter?”
“Where is Professor Lupin?”
Y/n sighed, “He’s fallen ill. So until he feels better, I’ll be teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts in his place.”
Harry smiled, seemingly okay with that answer. It didn’t seem that Professor Potter was angry at Professor Lupin for teaching in his absence but that she seemed tired. Harry noticed some new bruises on her arms when she took her robes off and how she seemed to move sluggishly across the classroom. Professor Potter was laid-back, but she wasn’t lazy.
It was late, and Harry was just about to go to the Gryffindor corridor when he saw Professor Potter sitting at Professor Lupin’s desk with a stack of parchment. He approached the door quietly and knocked gently. Y/n perked up and smiled happily at the intrusion.
“It’s quite late, Harry.” Y/n observed, “Might it be time for you to go to the Gryffindor tower?”
Harry flushed, “I was wondering if I could talk to you? If I’m not intruding.”
“Not a problem, my love.” Y/n waved her hand, and the papers hit the floor beside the desk.
A chair from one of the desks floated in front of the Professor’s desk, and Y/n motioned for him to sit in it. Harry tried to move less eager than he was but still moved faster than he would’ve liked. His satchel hit the ground beside him, and Y/n twirled a quill.
“Sorry, I can’t offer you any tea.” Professor Potter said, slightly embarrassed, “As you can see, this isn’t my classroom, and I have no idea where anything is.”
Harry grinned, not unlike James; Y/n noticed, “I think I’ll explode if I drink any more tea,” Harry chuckled, “I just came from dinner at the Great Hall.”
“Wonderful,” Y/n commented with an amused smile, “Now, what was it you wanted to speak about?”
He faltered slightly, “We share the same surname.”
“We do,” Y/n stated, “But that happens all the time.”
“Well, is it possible that you’re related to my father, James Potter?”
She smirked, “It is.”
“Are you?”
“I am.”
Harry didn’t think he would get this far.
“I’m his twin sister.” Y/n said, “Which makes you my nephew, in case you weren’t aware.”
“I-I know.” Harry stuttered, “Can you- um- tell me what he was like?”
Y/n beamed, “Of course. Is there anything, in particular, you’d like to know?”
“Was he kind?” He queried hesitantly, “I’ve heard he was arrogant.”
She laughed at that, “He was definitely arrogant, but he was exceedingly kind to make up for it. It didn’t matter how many times you upset or disappointed James Potter, he’d always give you a second, or third, or fourth chance.”
“I’m sure you’ve heard that he was a star Chaser for the Gryffindor House team. Sirius Black - his best mate - was a Beater on the team, and believe it or not, Professor Lupin was the Commentator.”
“Indeed.” Y/n smirked, “Professor Lupin was extremely witty in his youth.”
Harry kicked a crumpled note under the desk before asking again, “Why are you and Professor Lupin so cross?”
“Professor Lupin and I are perfectly cordial.” Y/n saw Harry’s disbelieving look, “However, we aren’t the greatest of friends.”
She coughed subtly, “It’s a very long-winded story we don’t have time for, I’m afraid.”
“Does it have something to do about your imprisonment?”
“How do you know about that?”
“Hermione showed Ron and me the other morning at breakfast.”
Y/n smiled fondly, “She’s quite brilliant, but yes, it does.”
“So you and Professor Lupin were in a relationship?”
“We were.” Y/n answered, “We started going out in our fifth year and presumably broke up when I got sentenced.”
Harry didn’t know what to say. He felt like the words were falling from his mouth before he could stop them, “Can I live with you?”
“Excuse me?”
“It’s just that- I’m sorry- I didn’t-“ Harry’s face was the color of rose, and he was spluttering to try and form a sentence.
Y/n had an expression on her face that could only be called affectionate, “It’s okay, Harry. I’ve heard rumors of what the Dursleys do to you over the summer holidays.”
“You have?” Harry seemed relaxed by this.
“I have, and I’d love nothing more for you to stay with me.” Y/n sighed, “However, I’d need clearance from the Ministry, and I don’t know if they’ll permit me. Especially with one of your guardians having a clean record.”
Harry looked confused, “I have another guardian?”
“You do.”
“Who are they?”
“Sirius Black is your godfather.” Y/n replied, “To be quite honest, I’m not sure why he hasn’t tried to take you in yet. However, I believe it’s Dumbledore’s orders. I’ve never been one for following his orders, though.”
She had a mischievous grin on her face, “This may be a lot to ask, but-“
“I’ll try.” Harry looked shocked at her interjection, “Hopefully, by the summer, you’ll be able to come home to mine instead of the Dursleys. Sound fair?”
“Yes. Thank you!”
“You’re welcome, love.”
Harry was in much brighter spirits after his talk with Professor Potter. It was exciting to learn that he could get rid of the Dursleys and live with a loving Aunt. Not to mention he also had a godfather that he never knew of.
Three owls were sent that night by three different owls. One snow-white owl named Hedwig sent a letter to a mysterious Sirius Black. A second all-black owl named Achilles was sending a letter to the Ministry for parental permission of Harry James Potter. Finally, a third barn owl was sending a letter to Regulus Black about the potential of Harry living under their roof.
Sirius wasn’t expecting mail at the kitchen table when eating breakfast. Usually, the mail came in through the muggle mailbox since he and Remus shared a flat in muggle London, but occasionally they’d get mail by owl-post. Sirius took the envelope from the owl, but she didn’t fly away immediately. She watched Sirius open it and sat patiently.
“Dear, Sirius Black,
I don’t really know how to start this. I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is Harry James Potter, and apparently, you were my dad’s best mate. That’s all I really know about you and that you were a Beater for the Gryffindor Quidditch team. I’m a Seeker for the team right now.
According to Professor Potter, you’re my godfather. I wish you would’ve contacted me or told me you exist. I’ve only just now learned of who you are. Apparently, you, mum, dad, Professor Lupin, and Professor Potter were all friends. Maybe you didn’t know I was born, and that’s why you didn’t contact me, or that’s what I’m hoping. Otherwise, it’s real shit of you not to.
I guess owl me back, so I know you exist still.
Harry Potter”
Sirius chuckled, running a hand through his hair, “Nothing like getting told off by your godchild.”
Harry did get a letter back from the mysterious Sirius Black only two days later. The handwriting was elegant and curvy; maybe his godfather was posh or a muggle. The Potter’s didn’t seem to care about blood status. When he asked Hermione and Ron about the Black’s, he got an insightful explanation about the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black. Nonetheless, the words inside were encouraging and informative. Despite Sirius not reaching out, he seemed kind.
Harry and Sirius continued to owl each other. As it continued, the letters got more personal and more helpful. Sirius was actually really good at offering advice for Harry when needed. Professor Potter had gotten an owl back about her parental permissions being granted after months of review. After the History of Magic examination, Harry was to stay after class.
After class, Harry received news that he would be coming to the Black/Potter residence for the summer holidays, and he was ecstatic. The train home couldn’t have been any slower, and he couldn’t wait to be safe in a house with his Aunt.
They apparated to the driveway, which was stone brick pavers, it seemed neverending, and the cherry blossom trees surrounding the house were in full bloom. It was a two-story house, painted grey with dark brown - almost black - accents. When the duo walked inside the house smelt like a man’s cologne, Harry thought the house couldn’t be more different than the Dursleys.
A soft fluffy thing walked in between Harry’s legs immediately after his shoes were off, and Y/n chuckled, “This is lynx. She’s our cat.”
He bent down, and she smelt his hand before rubbing against it, “She’s beautiful.”
“Thank you.” Y/n replied, “Though Regulus will take great pride in that.”
Harry followed Y/n into the kitchen, where she began preparing tea, “Regulus?”
“Oh!” She exclaimed as she placed the kettle on the stove, “Regulus is my fiancé. He knows you’re here, and he is super sweet.”
“Where is he?”
Y/n put the boiling water in two cups, “Working.”
She passed him a cup of the jasmine tea, “Do I- um- call him Uncle?”
“You don’t have to if you aren’t comfortable.” Y/n was always so soft and trying to make him comfortable, “He’ll appreciate anything that isn’t Mr. Black.”
“Okay.” Harry smiled.
Regulus didn’t come home until later that evening. Y/n had shown Harry to his bedroom, which was the same bedroom she occupied while staying in the house. Harry was getting settled in when the door opened loudly, and someone was taking their shoes off at the door along with their cloak.
The man had jaw-length curvy hair with blue-grey eyes. His skin was pale and flushed from the heat. He also had freckles under his eyes. His jawline was sharp, his cheeks sunken just a pinch. The man was skinny but had muscle and was extremely tall. He stood at around six feet. Harry was just about five feet and five inches.
He didn’t see Harry at the top of the steps and went straight into the kitchen, where he placed down the take-out containers. Y/n appeared at the other end of the kitchen, it seemed, because the man stopped and smiled at her. Harry stood at the central kitchen entrance watching them interact. He kissed her on the cheek as she unloaded the bag of takeout. Finally, Harry was noticed.
“Ah, you must be Harry.” Regulus said with a smile, and Harry flushed, embarrassed for ruining their peace, “I’m Regulus.”
Harry didn’t say anything and stared at them wearily, “It’s okay, Harry. You can come in. Regulus got us some take-out. Hopefully, it’s something you like.” Y/n smiled, putting two boxes in front of a barstool at the island.
He sat down hesitantly and began to eat, “Sorry,” Harry apologized, “I’m not used to this setting yet.”
“We’ve been in the same position before.” Regulus stated solemnly, “Except I didn’t have an amazing Aunt to escape to.”
Y/n laughed, “Shut it.”
“I’m just telling him the truth!” Regulus defended mouthful of food.
“Chew your food.” Y/n scoffed.
Harry smiled at their good-natured bickering. It was much different from Petunia and Vernon constant arguing. Harry could get used to this. He was never really allowed to sit in the kitchen and eat with the others. He also would’ve been punished for eavesdropping as he had previously. Y/n and Regulus didn’t seem to mind, however.
The summer holiday was truly fun compared to his usual one. Regulus was kind and sweet, like Y/n’s description. Lynx also seemed to take a liking to him. Lynx slept with him every night but traveled throughout the house in the mornings. Harry also learned that breakfast would always get made in the mornings. Sometimes it was french toast, pancakes, or waffles as a main course, but it always tasted heavenly.
He learned that Y/n went to Hogwarts a week early to prepare for classes, leaving him home alone with Regulus. Harry and Regulus got along nicely. They didn’t know much about each other, however. Harry was in the library when he found a black leather-bound book. It read ‘The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black History’ in gold foil on the spine. Harry pulled it from the shelf and began to read through it.
It seemed like a biography on the Black family with many facts inside. Whoever wrote the book was obviously well informed on the pureblood family. The book talked about everyone too, even the disowned members of the family like Alphard Black, Andromeda Black, Phinneas Black, and finally Sirius Black.
Harry drank up all the knowledge about Sirius like a bee with nectar. Sirius seemed to have a troubling childhood with extremely abusive parents. He’d go weeks without food, water, and sometimes shelter. Sirius was the only Black to get sorted into Gryffindor, but he wasn’t the first to be sorted into a different house.
He didn’t know how long he sat there reading until Regulus entered the room, “Whatcha got there?”
Harry snapped the book shut, looking like a deer in headlights, “I- um- I don’t- uh-“
“Y/n said you stuttered when you got caught, but I thought she was lying.” Regulus chuckled, “Apparently not.”
The young boy’s face was entirely red, “You aren’t in trouble, Harry.” Regulus sat down criss-cross in front of him.
Harry handed Regulus the book, and Regulus smiled, “It makes sense why you’d pick it up. It’s intriguing, isn’t it?”
“It is.” He admitted, “Sirius Black is my godfather, and I wanted to know more about him.”
“Well, you know, I actually wrote this book.” Regulus grinned, “You could always ask me.”
“You- You wrote it?”
Regulus let his fingers trail the front of the leather, “Yup. I just never published it.”
“Why not?” Harry questioned, “It’s brilliant!”
“Thank you.” Regulus blushed, “But nobody needs to know how horrid my family was.”
There was a short silence, “But since you seem so intrigued and I am Sirius Black’s younger brother. I’d love to tell you anything you’d like to know.”
Harry grinned cheerfully. The two boys sat in the library for the entire afternoon talking about the Black family. Harry found that he now understood what Regulus meant when he said they came from the same background. Regulus seemed to have it much worse than he did.
Toward the end of the holiday, Harry took to calling Regulus Uncle. It seemed fitting after Regulus had taken the role with such affection and care. Harry couldn’t imagine not coming to their house every summer and maybe even Christmas one year. He had never felt so safe in soft, warm bedsheets and a purring Lynx laying on the pillow he wasn’t using.
Y/n was already at Hogwarts, so Regulus had taken the role to bring him to Platform Nine and Three-Quarters. Harry wasn’t disappointed. Regulus had made a fantastic breakfast that morning and some sweets to take with him or eat on the train. He hugged Regulus before jumping onto the train. Harry found Hermione and Ron quickly, where they all exchanged stories from the summer.
Harry had never felt so loved in his life.
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starry-trizz · 2 months ago
𝐟𝐚𝐝𝐞 𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐨 𝐲𝐨𝐮
┕━» stoner!remus x fem!reader
⚠warnings⚠: smut, drugs (pot), language, adult content, 18+ under the cut
『•• a headcanon in which Remus eats your pussy as payment for some weed. ••』
Tumblr media
The second the joint touched itself to your lips for the third time, you felt as if you were floating, your mind so hazy and weightless, you thought that you would fall over.
Remus was your best friend, and he had wanted you to try a new strain he recently got his hands on, offering it to you to test it out
"Holy shit," you would whisper as you let your head lull back, your squinted eyes meeting the sight of the ceiling of the boy's dormitory.
"I know, right?" Remus smirked, "Top tier shit, huh?"
You nodded absentmindedly as you soaked in the sensations around you, your mind bouncing from place to place before you realized you were practically hogging the joint.
"Shit, m'sorry, m'smoking all your shit," you apologized, attempting to pass back the joint placed between your fingers, smoking blooming from the tip, the ember burning angrily.
"No, please, help yourself," he insisted, making your shoulders drop and a small frown crosses your face.
"Rem, I don't have any money...," you sighed, "I feel awful smoking more than I should without paying you at least something," you reasoned, continuing to try and give the joint back to him.
Remus seemed to be deep in thought as he looked you up and down. Even though you were clad in nothing but sleep shorts and his jumper, you looked absolutely stunning, hazed over and soft. An idea soon sparked itself in his head.
"I'm going to try something. You tell me to stop whenever you want me to stop, you understand?" he asked you, receiving a wide-eyed nod in response.
He began by gently stroaking your thigh, his scarred hands moving across the soft flesh, looking at your face for any reaction from you.
Your eyes met his, your brain finally taking in how close he truly close he was, his lips inches from yours.
"You want this?" he asked you softly.
You nodded once again, but this wasn't enough for him. He gave your thigh a squeeze.
"Words, dovey. Need to know you want it," he urged.
"Yes," you whispered, "Please," you added.
That was an adequate enough answer for him as he cautiously took the joint from your hand, taking a long hit, and before you realized what was happening, his lips locked with yours, your mouth filling with smoke as you breathed in his exhale like oxygen, lost within a desperate kiss before you pulled yourself back, exhaling a plume of smoke.
"Fuck," Remus would mutter under his breath before handing you back the joint and moving down your body, bunching up your jumper and kissing down your body until his stalky fingers wrapped around the hem of your sleep shorts, pulling them down, leaving you completely exposed to him.
"Just sit back and relax, dovey," he muttered, his mouth inching closer and closer to your mound, "The only thing I need as payment is this sweet pussy..."
lowkey kinda hating this, I'll most likely come back to it later for edits and revisions.
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anordinarymuse · 5 months ago
Prof!Remus Lupin x Fem!Reader (of age)
Summary : remus fingers you dumb <3
Warnings : dom/sub roles *not explicit(?)* (dom!remus + sub!reader); fingering; pet names; reader is of ageee; innocent reader; unedited.
Word Count : ~1k (generous)
A/N : idk why but i’ve been wanting to write this kind of prompt for a bit + this is the longest thing i’ve written in a long time + this has been sitting on my drafts for fucking forever
the masterlist.
request here.
“Professor?” You asked as you walked into his office. It was nearing the end of his open office hours and you had a few questions about the upcoming test.
“Y/N?” Professor Lupin replied, almost surprised, as you stepped foot in his office.
“Am I too late?” You asked, nervous, playing with the hem of your skirt. You had changed into a small black miniskirt and button up, for lounge, and now as you played with the fabric you realized how revealing you had become.
“No, not at all,” Professor Lupin said slowly, looking your attire over before blinking and turning to file some papers. “Go ahead and sit at my desk. I just need to finish this one thing.”
You nodded as you sat, placing your hands neatly in your lap as you waited.
Lupin, unbeknownst to you, leaned against his office door simply staring at your figure. It was wrong, he knew that, to think of you so fondly. In a manner more lustful than he should. You were his student for fuck’s sake. However, as you sat innocently at his desk, he could feel a pounding in his head.
“Professor?” You asked confused, turning your head to face him.
“Right, sorry,” he replied, pressing down the ends of his coat before sitting at his desk. “What did you need?”
“I just had questions about the test that’s coming up.”
He hummed in response.
“Like for uhm- on the second page of the review sheet about the- the dementors-“ You stuttered, your words barely falling into sentences. You felt. . .queasy. . . and you couldn’t figure out why.
“I-“ you muttered before suddenly pushing yourself up from your chair, exclaiming, “I should go.”
“Why?” He asked, standing up as well, towering over you. You swallowed as he quirked a brow.
“I feel a bit- I’m not sure my stomach hurts and I can’t stop shaking-“ you rambled, getting lost as you looked up to try and meet Professor Lupin’s gaze. “I think I might be a bit tense…?”
You didn’t know how to explain the knot in your stomach and heat in your cheeks into words. All you could do was ogle upwards and bite the inside of your cheek.
“Tense?” He asked as he walked around his desk to you. He squinted his eyes down at you before gently sliding his palm from your hips to the dip in your waist. “Does this make it any better?”
“I don’t-“ You mumbled, startled, looking to and from his hand and eyes.
“Or this?” He continued, sliding his hand up the side of your body to right beneath your breasts.
“I’m not-“ You began shallowly, leaning your body into his grasp, letting your eyes fall close before forcing yourself to open them.
“If you want me stop. . .” he whispered breathily into your ear while moving his hand so his fingers pressed up against the waistband of your miniskirt. “. . .say it.”
You let your eyes flutter up to meet his, a soft moan escaping your lips before mumbling, “Please don’t stop,”
“Good girl,” he grinned before sliding his fingers into your skirt. Feeling the warmth of his fingers against your bare skin sent shivers down your spine.
You took a sharp inhale as you felt his fingers push up into your slick folds. Your body throbbed in his grasp, trembling as he pumped your heat.
“Oh my-“ you whimpered as the tight feeling in your stomach worsened.
“You like that pretty girl?” He smirked, using his other hand to hold up your chin, watching your facial reactions as you unraveled.
“Yes, professor-“
“Remus,” he corrected darkly, squeezing your cheeks and abruptly stopping his moving hand. He watched with narrowed eyes as you unconsciously rubbed your things together for the slightest bit of action.
“Remus,” you whispered back, eyes pleading him to go back to fingering you. And as soon as he did you let out a pleasurable sigh before screaming as the coil in your stomach yanked at its chain.
“Mhm, I know you like it,” Remus snickered as he moved his hand from propping up your chin down to your collarbone. He pulled back the collar of you button up and slowly licked up your neck, placing a delicate kiss behind your earlobe that tipped off the weight.
“My stomach- it-“ you tried to explain as you sight went out, seeing stars, and you could feel as your eyes rolled back.
“That’s right, poppet, make a mess on my fingers.”
And that’s all it took for your body to collapse in his arms, the knot in your stomach unraveling at the speed of your juices dropping down your thigh.
The blurry haze lingered but you’d never felt more unrestrained. Your heart pounded as you stared glossy eyed up at Remus, waiting for instruction on what to do next.
“Open,” Remus ordered, pulling his fingers out from your slick cunt, and placing them gently between your lips. His eyes gleamed as you sucked on your own cum.
Your tongue swirled around his fingers, it tasted strange, but you couldn’t stop, not when he was looking down at you like that.
“Feel better now?” Remus asked condescendingly as he brought his fingers from your wet mouth to his.
taglist : @marimorena06 @missryerye @agirlwholovescoffee @nicole198205 @siriuspvdfoot @hufflepuffflowers-blog @thatguppienamedbae @peachykeen3502 @youngblood199456 @oranee @bobbyjohnsonbeat @jasgreen101 @will-to-live-who @bellatrixscurls @krishavania @thegirlwhocriedlupin @mrsaliciamalfoy @wwweasleystan @modernvellichor @westantheweasleys @lolaperezb @zaraskyla @v4l3nt1n44 @sirisuorionblack @rinbyo @xdancinggurlx @lupinsravenclaw @hogwarts-boys @inglourious-imagines @siriuslyslyslytherin @the-abyss-gazed-back @eunoia-kth @kaqua @rudypankowisdaddy @story-scribbler @youreso-golden @natural-ikagai @auggie2000 @dontjudgemyobsessionpls @666cookies @i-love-scott-mccall
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omenhel · 21 days ago
♡ a/n: I slept like 5 hours and had pretty indecent thought while waking up, anyways 18+ folks, finally allowing myself to write more about Remus who am I'm head over heels for... who wants some tea?
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
Thighs quivering, barely holding up by the grace of Godric himself, while your boyfriend's long-ass finger inside your wet pussy are making you see stars. It feels like it has been going for hours, and Remus looks determined to pull another tantalising orgasm out of you, just using his fingers.
Perhaps it was a mistake to confess that your ex-boyfriend didn't possess the ability (or privilege, let's add that one too) to make you cum and sweet sweet Remus here took it as a challenge.
“Come on, sweetheart, make a mess on my fingers.” the clench of your pretty puffy cunt around his digits was clear evidence of how good he was making you feel, the trail of your slick and past releases leaving a wet patch on the crimson duvets of Remus’s bed. “That’s it, good girl... So pretty when you cum like that, just for me eh? Too bad your ex couldn't see the beautiful face you make when you cum.” Your moans are the prettiest sound he had ever heard before, and being the (only) one who can pull them out of your throat so rawly made his chest swell with pride.
“R-Remmy...” You whine ecstatic, your walls gripping his fingers like a vice.
He just coos at you, kissing your thigh while you ride another orgasm off his fingers, his hand never stopping his movements. “Atta girl, so cute and pretty when you cum just for me. Can’t wait to feel you all over my cock.” In response to his obscene words, you whine needily. “Oh baby, is that what you want?” His thumb circles your overstimulated clit in the very clear shape of a heart. “For me to fuck you dumb? To show you I’m the only one who can make you cum?”
“Yes, yes yes.” You beg desperate, the sensations are too sharp, overwhelming, he places a soft kiss on your clit and you jolt in anticipated pleasure. “Thank you, thank you Remmy.”
“You’re welcum, baby.”
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ambrosialvr · 6 months ago
perfect three | remus lupin
Tumblr media
pairing: dad!remus lupin x fem!reader
genre: smut, fluff, established relationship
w/c: 1K
warnings: unprotected sex, vaginal fingering, cock warming, praising, begging
summary: you and remus finally get some time to have fun when your daughter is fast asleep.
a/n: i’ve always wanted to write a dad!remus fic so here it is! leave some feedback if you would like <3
- ☆ - ☆ - ☆ - ☆ - ☆ -
“Shh, be quiet Y/n.” Remus placed a finger to your lips, using his other hand to rub on your clit. You’ve been teased recklessly for what felt like hours by your husband and all you wanted was to cum. “We don’t wanna wake our little baby next door.”
He dipped a finger through your wet folds, sliding it down and curling it to press on your nub. You stifled a moan, biting your lip. The both of you had forgotten to cast a silencing charm and the two of you couldn’t be bothered to stop in the middle of the act
Remus admired the way your reactions spilled out of you. A simple scrunch of your nose, the arching of your back. He adored it. He adored you. You mewled when he added another finger, stretching you open. You felt your pussy growing wetter, juices pooling. 
“Feels so good.” You whisper breathily. “You feel so good.” 
The sensation had you feeling all sorts of things and you desperately buck your hips upwards. He covers your neck with little soft kisses, making sure to not miss a spot. It’s something that you love and you let your fingers absentmindedly brush through his hair as he pleasured you. He made you feel so good but you want more and you tell him exactly that.
“Want all of you.” You whine. “Want your cock.”
Remus curls his fingers inside of you making you suppress a moan. “You’ve been amazing baby.” He kisses your neck. “Been amazing for me.”
It was always a surprise when you felt your husband’s cock at your entrance but it was just as exciting as the first time. Despite the fact that you’ve had a baby, you were still as tight as Remus remembered and he loved it. 
You couldn’t remember the last time the two of you spent time like this. After getting married and having Marie, the both of you didn’t get any real time to relax. Added to all the worries of being a new parent and everything was in turmoil. So this was definitely something the two of you were going to enjoy.
“Holy shit-” Remus gasped, feeling you around his cock. “Shit, baby, how’re you so fucking perfect? My beautiful wife.” He gripped at your hips as he leant down and placed kisses on your face. 
You whimpered, throwing your head back. Everything just felt so right and you pant, out of breath. Words didn’t seem to come out of your mouth, only lewd noises and murmurs of his name. You made sure not to be too loud, knowing that Marie was next door and you didn’t want your daughter barging in to find her parents fucking.
Remus started to thrust into you quicker and you knotted your hands in his dark hair. He groaned when you pulled at the delicate strands and captured your lips in a passionate kiss. You moved your lips just as ferociously against his, revelling in the feeling of this euphoria. 
“I-I…” You gasped when his cock hit something inside of you, your words got caught off by a moan that bubbled up from your throat. There was a feeling that filled you up and it was completely overwhelming. Your husband pressed his forehead against yours, muttering your name over and over again. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders, pulling him closer to you. “I-I love you.”
Remus’s hips stuttered and he’s caught off guard by your sudden statement. He recovered quickly though, pounding into you harder. You looked up at him with such love-filled eyes that he couldn’t help but let out a primitive growl. “I love you more Y/n.” He kissed every inch of your skin. Every inch of your beautiful body.  “Love you so fucking much.”
It was at that moment when he delivered a harsh thrust into you that you unwinded. Moans slipped out of your parted lips, your orgasm shook your body. Remus’s cum filled your walls and you loved the warm feeling of him releasing inside of you. He lay on top of you for a while, breathing ragged. 
It was nice to spend time with your husband and you enjoyed every moment with him. 
Remus propped himself up as he got ready to pull his softening cock out of you but your arms stopped him. “Let’s just…” You hugged him closer. “Let’s just stay like this for a while.”
Your husband smiled, nuzzling his head into your neck. “Okay sweetheart, I’ll stay.”
The sun shone in from outside and you shielded your eyes from the bright light. Remus ran his hand through your hair, giving you a light kiss on your forehead. You turned around, a bright grin on your face.
“Good morning.” He murmured, hugging you close, arm over your body. His hair was tousled and messy. You stared into his warm chocolate brown eyes, flecks of gold reflected from the sun. Your daughter was fast asleep in the room next to both of you and you looked at the clock on your bedside table. 
7am it reads.
“Baby.” You whined like a child as you tugged your husband closer. “Missed you.” 
Remus chuckled and he pressed a passionate kiss to your lips. “I slept beside you for the whole night sweetheart.” 
His hands came to your waist, thumb brushing over your skin gently. You faintly realised that Remus had slipped on a pair of sweatpants on himself and a T-shirt over you, probably when you had fallen asleep last night, and you were grateful because a noise from the door made both your heads turn and you saw your daughter’s messy bed hair peek through. 
“Marie.” You cooed as she ran and jumped onto your bed. She snuggled in between the both of you. “What are you doing so early in the morning, hm?”
“Wanted to see mama and dada!” She latched her chubby fingers on Remus’s arm and you felt your heart melt when he picked her up, giving her a kiss on the cheek. It was nice and sweet to see your own family thriving and it made you wonder what the future can hold. For now though, you were happy as it was. Happy with you and your perfect family of three.
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simoncowellsjuicytit · a month ago
ok so thoughts on a band AU for the marauders where james or sirius is the reader's brother and she has a massive thing for drummer!remus, ending in smut? with like soft but mean remus maybe
you ask, i deliver (after like 3 months lol), sorry for the wait and hope you enjoy!
band!au remus x fem!reader (james' sister)
warnings: she/her pronouns used for reader, pretty heavy smut towards the end
“Dude, hurry up.” James’ voice was muffled from your position in the kitchen. You rolled your eyes, bumping the fridge closed with your hip and cradling the five sodas in your arms. You could feel the condensation on the outside of the aluminium wetting your t-shirt. Why had you chosen white today? Sure, you wanted to be eye-catching, but not that eye-catching. You wanted it to be subtle- as if it could be accidental.
“I’m coming!” You yelled irritably, carefully walking down to the basement and putting the sodas on the table by the bottom of the carpeted staircase. You felt his eyes on you- you’d chosen this particular mini-skirt on purpose. It was the only one Remus had complemented before, and you knew that your bare legs would catch his attention.
“What, did you bring the sixth can down by soaking it into your shirt? Fucking hell.” James said, flicking your ear as he walked by to open his drink. He tossed one to Sirius and another to Gideon. “Moony? Soda?” 
“I’m fine. I’m actually kinda hungry.” 
“You always are. Everyone take ten!” James grinned, then looked at you. “Can you show Moony where the snacks are?” 
“I’m not your slave, you know.” You glared, hearing Remus’ low chuckle next to you. You hoped that your flushed cheeks weren’t obvious; if James or Sirius caught even an inkling of your crush, you would be finished. Gone. Mocked to death and beyond. 
“It’s fine, Prongs, I’ll figure it out,” He said quietly, spinning one drumstick in his left hand as he leaned against the doorframe. His eyes met yours, warm and serious, and you felt a flutter in your stomach. 
You paused, briefly, then made yourself roll your eyes. “It’s cool.” You said softly. “C’mon.” 
You jogged up the stairs, listening for Remus’ footsteps behind you, although you probably didn’t need to. You could feel his presence, like electricity in the air. 
The kitchen was always fully stocked these days, with the amount James ate. He could go through an entire loaf of bread in one breakfast, and when his friends stayed over it was even worse. You opened some cupboards for Remus, then hopped up on the bench, watching him make his selection while you swung your feet gently. After a moment, he turned, lifting an eyebrow at you. 
“You alright there?” He asked, in his lilting accent. You shrugged, face warm.
“Sure I am. Are you?” 
He smirked, grabbing a bag of corn chips from the cupboard and tossing them onto the bench. “Sure.” His hands were on the cool marble, now, just a small distance from your right thigh. He leaned forward, biceps straining against his green long-sleeved shirt. His jaw flexed, and you broke eye contact, glancing at your lap. When you looked up again, Remus was smiling as if he’d proved something only he knew about.
The kitchen was largely silent, spare only the occasional crunch of the chips and Sirius faintly practising his guitar riff downstairs. You felt tense, warm- you couldn’t stop your eyes flicking to Remus’ hand, large and sun-browned, with faint white scars running across it. You wanted to touch it; to touch him, to run your fingers through his curls while those hands gripped your thighs. 
You flushed. This was your brother’s best friend. Or, at least, one of them. If James knew… 
“Want one?” Remus had turned, now leaning backwards against the bench and looking at you like he knew what was going through your head. You shook your head mutely. “You sure you’re okay, sweetheart?” Sweetheart. “You’re looking a little warm.” 
His words could’ve been passed off as simple concern, if it weren’t for that smirk. That tone. Those hands, fuck. He knew what he was doing, you were sure of it. But two could play at that game. 
You leaned back, hands supporting your body so that your wet t-shirt was stretched taut across your chest. Remus’ eyes flicked down, once, before they returned to yours. “I’m fine, actually.” 
You hummed, letting a brief silence fill the room. 
“D’you like my shirt, Remus? I saw you looking.” 
“It’s nice. Fits you well.” He said softly, leaning closer. You froze.
You could feel his breath on your neck as he bowed his head, and you drew in a sharp sigh. His hair, curled around the ears, brushed your cheek ever so lightly. Then Remus laughed, and pulled back. 
“You’re cute. That was a nice try.” 
You narrowed your eyes into a glare, and pushed yourself off the bench. He was very tall. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You went to walk away, but before you’d even taken two steps he was pulling you back by one arm, eliciting a gasp from your lips. You looked up at him.
“A little advice?” You nodded. His hand was still around your elbow, holding you close to him, but not so close that your bodies were touching at any point other than that. “Next time you’re trying that, do better than ‘do you like my shirt’, yeah?” 
“‘Next time’?” 
He tutted, squeezing your arm before he released it- it was so quick, it could’ve almost been unintentional. “You’re incorrigible.” He said. 
“I try.” 
“Hm.” He hummed, eyebrows lifted. “Your brother would kill me, you know.” “What do you mean?” You settled for wide-eyed innocence. 
“You know what I mean. Stop playin’ dumb and find a guy your own age to mess around with.” He brushed past, jogging down the steps. You blinked, tutting indignantly. 
Find a guy your own age. As if there was more than eighteen months between the pair of you. It was ridiculous.
Their rehearsal dragged on until eight o’clock, by which time Gideon had gone home and the other boys were organising James’ room to accommodate them- they were a little tipsy, if their shouting was anything to go by. You lay on your own bed next door, blocking out the sounds of their ceaseless talking with your music and reading a book that Remus had recommended a few weeks ago. It was more complex than your usual books, and took a fair while to get through, but it was vaguely interesting. More so because it was one of his favourites.
You startled at the sound of your door opening, rolling off your stomach and pulling your headphones off. Remus stood in the doorway, hair messier than before. You narrowed your eyes, still a little irritated about earlier. “Can I help you?” 
“I think I’ve offended you.” He said, casually. 
“You haven’t,” You replied. Probably too quickly, judging by his amused expression.
“No.” You said firmly. 
He shifted forwards, hand still on the door-handle. You swallowed. “Are you sure? You seemed pretty worked up.”
You paused, watching his face. It was exceptionally hard to read his expression. “And what if I was?”
“I’d do anything to make you feel better.” He was flirting again. Teasing. You huffed.
“Stop it, Remus.” 
“Stop what?” He stepped forward, nudging the door closed with his foot. 
“If you don’t like me, you can’t keep flirting. I’m not just some girl at a party. This… means something.” You said, more brazenly than you’d ever spoken to him before. “If all you want is to make fun of me-”
“That isn’t even close to all I want.” He interrupted. 
You opened your mouth and closed it a few times before replying. “Then what do you want?” 
He looked at you, considering your shorts and tank-top for an achingly long moment before he drew his eyes back up to your face. “I want you to take those off.”
“You heard me,” His gaze was hard, challenging. “Take your clothes off. That’s what I want.” 
“I can go, sweetheart.” Sweetheart sweetheart sweetheart sweet-  I’ll leave, and we don’t need to talk about this again.” He turned as if to walk away. 
“No!” You stopped him, fingers sliding under the bottom of your top. “I want you to stay. I want to…” You walked to him, closer than even before. He was so tall. “Will you help?”
“Help take your clothes off? How old are you, kid?” He teased, but his slender fingers dipped beneath the waistband of your shorts anyway. He undid the tie easily, and they fell loosely around your hips. You weren’t wearing underwear, which he noted with an amused hum, his fingertips grazing your sex for just a moment before he pulled them away. 
You’d removed your top, a plain white bra underneath. It suddenly felt childish, too plain to tempt Remus. He proved you wrong within seconds, being his head and planting a firm kiss to the tops of your breasts. Your arms were around the back of his head, and you leaned into him, feeling his hands on your ass. He squeezed, and your legs just about gave out, which made him laugh. 
He picked you up, hands sliding down to pull your legs around his back.
Remus shushed you. “Do you want your brother to hear us?”
“No.” You shook your head, eyes glassy. He was so pretty. 
“Shut up, then.” He smirked, leaning down again to kiss you on the lips. He pulled your shorts down to your knees, and wasted no time in putting his thumb into the folds of your needy sex. You arched your back- it was as if he’d known exactly where to press right away, and it forced a high squeal from your lips.
Remus glared, pressing in even more cruelly while his other hand covered your mouth. “What did I just say?” He chided, more fingers joining the one at your pussy and drawing mean little circles around your clit. When you started whining from the sweet torture of these movements, he smirked sadistically, dipping his pointed finger down to your tiny hole. 
“Remus!” You whimpered as he circled the edge, never fully entering.
He looked at you through long eyelashes, repeating your name with the same intonation and grinning at your short sound of frustration. “Relax, bun. I’m getting there.”
He relieved your clit of the pressure for just a moment, using the hand that’d been over your mouth to pull off your bra with a snapping of clasps. You were lucky it wasn’t one of your favourites, though he offered you an apologetic kiss at your soft sound of protest. You nipples hardened instantly, and his lips moved to circle one, tongue torturing the little nub until you were squirming under him.
“Can’t you just fuck me already?” You sounded a little petulant, even to your own ears. 
“Honestly, I take my hand off your mouth for one second…” He shook his head, hiding a smile. “You gotta wait, pretty girl, or I’ll hurt you.”
“Someone’s confi- ah!” Remus cut off your snarking, pushing his finger into your velveteen walls and curling it just right. Your hips bucked, and you turned your face into the pillow, suddenly shy.
“Don’t tell me y’won’t even look at me.” He murmured, kissing your lips and simultaneously turning your face back towards the ceiling. Your eyes were wide, blown with lust and pleasure as he added yet another finger and scissored the two inside you. His thumb found your clit, and a panicked sort of whimper left your open mouth. “Liked that, did you?” 
“Uh-huh.” You nodded emphatically, and he chuckled. 
“You’re cute.”
You flushed, slinging your hands around his neck and pulling Remus down to kiss you messily on the lips. Your legs came up around his waist, trying to draw him as close to you as you could. This felt so surreal, you almost wanted him to pinch you, to check if it was just a really hot dream. 
After a moment more, his ministrations on your aching pussy became too much. You moaned into his shoulder, spasming around his fingers with your legs trembling. Remus didn’t cease his movements until you were pushing his hand away, having kicked your shorts off to another part of the room. Your hair stuck to your perspiring face, but one glance at the bulge straining against Remus’ jeans had you ready to go again.
You reached for it, undoing his button and fly. “Please? I want to be closer to you.” You whispered, at his expression. His gaze softened, and Remus combed some hair back from your warm face with gentle fingers.
“You tell me to stop, and I’ll stop. Don’t tough anything out, yeah?” 
This was so contrasting to his previous teasing and mocking that you didn’t even offer a sarcastic comment, simply nodding and offering him a small smile. 
You felt him line up, rubbing his cock up and down your wet folds a few times before the tip was pressed against your hole. You threaded your hands through his lovely curls, mirroring his quiet gasp as he pushed into the tightness of your pussy. It stung, but the wave of pressure it brought alongside his fingers on your clit again nearly had you cumming for a second time. 
“That okay?” He said. Your breathing was harsh, ragged with pleasure. “We’re almost halfway.” Your eyes widened, and Remus gave a little shrug. “I did warn you, sweetheart.”
“I’m okay. Keep going.” You whispered, trying to relax as he toyed with your clit. You felt fuller than ever before- your own fingers had been nothing compared to this delicious stretch. You held onto Remus like he was an anchor keeping you stable, and he peppered tiny kisses all over your face until the sting subsided completely. 
“Can you move?” 
“Thought you’d never ask.” There was amusement in his eyes again, teasing but kind. You didn’t think you would ever want to be as close to anyone as you were with him, his biceps flexing (when had he taken his shirt off?) and scarred forearms on either side of your neck. You watched him as he took hold of your hips, squeezing and kneading until you giggled through your soft whines and whimpers. He pulled out part way, and thrust back into you with such force you saw stars and came around him, pressing your lips together so as to not alert the other boys. It didn’t do much to mask the volume, but Remus’ mouth on yours did the trick.
“Didn’t take much, did it?” He said lowly, between thrusts. You blinked at him, eyes glazed. “Alright?”
“M-hm.” You moaned, eyes fluttering closed and snapping open with each new spot he hit inside you. It was as if your bodies had been made for each other; every spasm of your body beneath his seemed to have similarly pleasurable effects on Remus, who let out short groans and whispers of good girl when you got close to cumming again. 
“There we are, lovely,” He praised as you writhed in your orgasm for the fourth time, “Are you usually this quick?”
You blushed, even though your mind was practically blank at this point. “S’not that quick.” 
“Oh yeah?” 
“Mm.” Neither of you could be sure if that was an answer to his question or the new angle he’d managed to hit, but it didn’t matter. 
“I bet I could make you cum twice more before I’m done, at least.” 
You tried to clear your foggy mind long enough to shake your head. “No, I don’t think I can- mm!” He raised your hips and hit a spot that made your head spin. “I can’t c-cum any more.” 
“Just two times, pretty girl. Almost nothing- can’t you do that for me?” He goaded, kissing a sweet-spot where your neck and your collarbone met. You babbled incoherently, arms still slung around his broad shoulders.
He increased his pace, and contrary to your prior words, you found another orgasm building. 
“Rem, m’gonna-” With a short squeak, you dissolved into a puddle in his hands, eyes rolling back when he didn’t let up his thrusting. “Too much, wait-” 
He did wait, still inside you, until you’d regained your breath. As soon as your eyes had opened, however, he was off again, teeth scraping your jugular and hands pulling your hips up to meet his.
“One more, sweetheart, there’s a good girl.” He growled, thrusts stuttering as he chased his own release. With a moan muffled in your neck, he came, painting your walls white and pulling one more climax from your tired body. 
Slowly, you became aware that tears were leaking from your eyes. You wiped them away, and Remus slowly pulled his softening cock from your pussy. You clenched around nothing, slightly overwhelmed and fucked out. 
“Want me to get a towel to clean this up?” He gestured at your sex, and you shook your head urgently, pulling him in towards you.
“Not yet! I want to be close to you.” The vulnerability made your face itch, but he didn’t laugh at you for it. Instead, Remus lay next to you, pulling his jeans up and pressing a kiss to your forehead. 
“‘Course, sweetheart.” He gently pulled a sheet over the two of you, and you pressed your face into his chest.
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luveline · 3 months ago
mean streak | remus lupin x fem!reader
summary you like remus. nothing is ever easy (except you) [w.c: 4.5k]
warnings brothers best friend!remus x potter!reader, smut, slightly mean remus, fluff, car sex, degradation kink, praise kink, p in v, fem!reader, explicit, nsfw 18+ please, smoking, alcohol (mentioned), she/her pronouns used for reader, ‘girl’, p! with feelings
"We can't,” he says.
You smile with teeth. Remus, sitting on the arm of the chair you're in, looks exhausted by your attention. But - he's sitting next to you. He could've sat anywhere in the room and he chose right here at your side. You've got him, hook, line, sinker.
He just doesn't know it yet.
"I know why you think we can't," you murmur, lips curled in a winning grin. Arm held up, you place your fingertips against your own neck and draw a smooth, slow line. Your chin tilts, lips sticky with lipgloss and angled towards him.
"It's not what I think. It's what I know." Still, his eyes dart to your lips. When he looks up again he realises he's been caught.
"What do you know?" you ask him, perching your face on your knuckles lazily.
"We're not good for each other."
You tilt your head to the left, feel your hair shift, neck bare. You stop smiling and lower your lashes, looking through them at his dazed expression. You pout, just a little. "Remus," you say quietly, lips barely parted.
He blinks very quickly and forces himself up, off of the arm of the chair.
"Where're you going?" you ask, and there’s real dejection there. It softens his brow.
"I'm getting you something to drink, doll. Just… stop frowning.”
You don’t mind waiting for him to get back. You feel like you’ve been waiting for him a long time now, this dance one you’ve played for years.
He’s wrong, either way — you know you’re good for Remus. He’s soft and shy and you want to wrap him up and hide him a way, but he’s also angry, mean and stronger than he thinks, and you know you can bring it out of him. Have brought it out of him. He was still feeling sorry for the last time you’d seen him. You’d said something fleeting, too nice, about his hands. He’d scowled at you, the most disdain he’d ever shown you in the years you’d known him. His voice had been bitter and burning as he spoke.
“Just fuck off, would you?”
It had hurt your feelings in a surprising way, like all the air had been sucked out of the room. He’d stormed out, smoked a cigarette, came back and asked if he could sit by you with the expression of an apologetic puppy.
“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t speak to you like that, and I won’t again. I’m angry at myself, not you.” He’d spoken each word with a self-torturing hate and you’d known it was the truth. Misplaced anger.
“Why’re you mad at yourself?” you’d asked, having already forgiven him. You’d pressed your knee to his knee. He’d looked at the place where your skin touched and shut his eyes.
“I want something I shouldn’t.”
You deduce that the something is, in fact, you. Or delude yourself. Either way.
James wanders in looking lost. He ignores the other partygoers in favour of you, and you soon find your brother towering over you with a suspicious wrinkle between his eyebrows.
“Where’s Moony?”
“What, like he’s my friend?” you ask.
“Drop the attitude, babe, just wondering. Boy flocks to you like a moth to a flame.”
“Don’t know what you’re talking about,” you mutter.
He gives you a once over. “What’s wrong?”
You press your shoulder to your cheek and give him your most demure expression. “Nothings wrong, Jamesie. What gives you that impression?”
“You’re impossible tonight, you know that?”
You drop your shoulder. “So I’ve been told.”
“Where’re your friends?” he asks.
Considering he’s your brother, he’s clueless.
“Don’t know.”
“Come hang around the patio with the cool kids,” he offers. ‘The cool kids’ constitutes half his year group, most trying to get noticed by the honorary Potter, Sirius Black. Where James goes light on the sibling teasing, Sirius won’t.
“Remus will be back soon, I’ll stay,” you say, smiling cheekily.
He smiles his shark tooth smile and you both bask in the bravery of your admission. “Be nice to my friend.”
“Always am!” you call to him as he walks away.
Remus reappears with a bottle of water for you. “This isn’t a drink,” you complain.
“Technically, it is.”
"It's technically boring."
"Yeah, sorry, princess," he says, not sounding very sorry at all. He perches on the arm of the chair once again. This is ideal for you, a good angle.
You fancy him bad and you want him to want you enough to get over whatever it is that's holding him back. This means you've begun enacting your ultimate desirability scheme, in which you look your prettiest, act your loveliest, and overall try to seduce him. It's mildly working, you think smugly, adjusting your bra strap in a completely put upon nonchalance. He looks down at his hands.
"Stop," he says.
"Stop what?"
"You know what." A firmer tone.
You crack the water bottle open and giggle to yourself. Fine, he's more perceptive than you'd given him credit for.
"How much have you had to drink?" you ask him.
"Nothing. Why?"
You shrug. "No reason." He stares you down. You pretend your next question is unrelated to the first, cracking under his unfettered eye. "Are you hungry?"
He smiles knowingly. "Are you?"
"I'm sure."
He rubs the space between his eyebrows. You pretend not to notice as he stands up. "Come on then," he says wearily.
With his back to you he can't see your triumphant smile as you follow him down the hallway and out of the house. He stops once to make sure you're still behind him and then doesn't look back again until he's standing in front of his neat but old car. He slides into the front seat and pops the lock on the passenger door, pushing it open. You get in the seat with an awful feeling of victory curling up in your chest like ivy, knowing the smugness of it all is likely written on your face.
You bite back your smile as he starts up the car.
"Where do you want to go?" he asks.
He's parallel parked, putting his arm on your seat as he twists his body back to watch behind through the boot window. You stare at the shifting muscles in his arm and forget to answer the question.
"What?" You blink.
"Food?" He gets to be the smug one. Hook, line, sinker. I'm really in it now, you think.
"Oh," you say, as you try your best not to look like the blushing, bumbling idiot that you are. "Anything. I don't care where."
He doesn't look at you as he drives. You look at him, track the headlights as they flash over his skin, illuminate the lines of his face, the fine hair on his neck. Your eyes catch his Adam's apple as it wobbles. Good to know you're the one in control again.
You reach out your hand and mess with his sound system until it's locked to the cassette and turn the volume up just enough to cover the sounds of your intermittent breathing, a slow, steady rock song pouring over you both.
"We should've told James we were going," you murmur, just to hear what he has to say.
"I'm in the habit of begging forgiveness, not permission."
You bite your cheek, startled at his wording. What's so unforgivable about McDonald's? A heat buries itself at the pit of your stomach.
In the end, you're eating fries in his front seat. He's cracked the window and reclines his chair a little, enough to make you nervously excited. You take a sip of his drink and he rolls his eyes.
"Thought you weren't thirsty?"
There's lipstick on the straw. You brush your fingertips over the mark and smile. "I'm not."
He blows cigarette smoke out the side of his mouth towards the window and shakes his head in mild ire at your behaviour. "You'll kill me. And then James will kill me."
"James won't kill you," you mutter distractedly, already weaselling for another crunchy chip. "He doesn't care."
"He doesn't care now because we haven't done anything," he says, flicking ash out the window.
You shove the last of your rejected chips into the greasy paper bag they'd come in and push it down between your shoes.
"But we are going to do something?" you ask, wiping your fingertips in a branded napkin, then your greasy lips.
He puts his cigarette, still lit, in the small ashtray and catches your face in his hand. You're not expecting his touch, firm as it is, and you still in his hold. He barely has to lean over the console he's so tall, but he does. Ribbons of smoke float between you as his thumb works across your bottom lip, the skin just beneath. He's fixing your smudged lipstick, you realise, hiding your disappointment, determined to be cool about it all despite your racing heart.
He leans back in his chair and takes the cigarette back between his fingers, thumb stained pinky red. "Guess," he answers finally, sarcasm lining his voice.
You blink away your dizziness from his touch and lean back yourself to take another sip of his drink.
"Can I…"
He looks at you out of the corner of his eye and groans. "Fuck it, might as well. What else can I do to piss him off?"
He holds the cigarette in front of your mouth rather than pass it into your waiting fingers. Oh. He's playing games too. You press your lips around it and inhale, not as expertly as you might like but not enough to embarrass yourself. You hold it, breathe it, exhale.
You notice he's holding his breath as you do. He takes a drag, holds it back out to you. An inadvertent kiss.
Your chest eases, your eyes start to burn from the smoke. He stubs the butt out when it's finished and drops it into the plastic ashtray, looking like he might start the car again. You're not ready to go back to the party but aren't quick enough to think of something coy, something to postpone him. His hands fall away from the keys before you can say anything. His eyes close.
You're nervous and excited and waiting, watching his body, watching his chest heave.
"You know why we can't," he says like you'd been asking again. Maybe you had been, in your silence. "Not just James, doll. You know, about me."
"I don't care about all that stuff."
"I care. I'm not good for you."
You put your hand on his thigh, hand small over lean muscle. Your touch is featherlight as it climbs up, up. "I don't want you to be good for me."
"Doll-" he cuts off as you squeeze your fingers gently around his leg.
"Why do we always have to be good? I've seen your mean streak, Remus."
"Trust me, you haven't."
You make an amorous sound in the back of your throat, so low you're not sure he's heard until a vein jumps in his neck.
"So show me," you say softly, and then, in his undoing, "please."
"You want me to be mean?" he asks, eyes bright and annoyed and hungry.
You nod. He moves.
His hand finds your neck, his other your back, pulling you in as mouth presses tight over yours. You exhale raggedly and clutch his arms in surprise as he kisses you, no preamble, his mouth on your mouth. He parts his lips and yours open in answer. He tastes like smoke.
His grip is bruising. His fingers spread wide over your back and you can feel the heat of each one clandestinely through your top. He sighs into your open mouth, his breath becomes your breath. You slide your hand up his arm, over the hill of his shoulder and up the column of his neck, fingers carding into the hair at the back of his head. You clutch a little too hard as he takes your lip between his. Your reaction summons a breathy, condescending chuckle from him.
You kiss the corner of his mouth as he pulls away.
"What?" you ask innocently.
"Get in the back, doll."
You smile wide enough to split your face and climb over his seats. He's quick behind you and quicker to press your body against the fake leather bench, hand burning the silver of bare skin where it caresses your waist, shirt ridden up.
You thank whatever stupid whim you'd had to wear your prettiest underwear tonight as his fingers slip under your shirt. His lips are on your mouth, on your jawline, on your neck, nips and pecks and then, just below your ear, a love bite. Your fingers tighten in his shirt. He has one hand between your spread thighs, not touching but holding himself up. You feel every inch of space. The other holds you still as he nibbles a bruising line of lust down to the neckline of your shirt, the last hickey only centimetres from the top of your breast.
Your breaths are quick and delighted as his teeth bully your skin. He's mean, like he'd promised, and you know you'll have his marks for days to come.
The streetlight is your only illumination. It stretches over him in a gauzy white as he leans into you, casts him shining, softening his stern eyes. You push the hair from his face as he straightens out and takes your lips with his in another forceful kiss, tucking the longer strands behind his ears. You forget your task quickly as his hand stretches over your abdomen and the curve of your waist, great handfuls of your flesh, your own hands limp where they rest.
He kisses and kisses and only pauses his exploration when his fingertips ghost the bottom of your breast. He hesitates for permission. You don't hesitate, won't, reaching down between you to lift the edge of your top up. He bats your hand away and the gap between you increases as he falls back to help you out of your shirt.
Your chest heaves, breasts rising and falling as you catch your breath. He can hardly see you in the dim lighting, you know, but he's reverential anyhow. Big hands came up to cup your tits, hot and heavy, pushing into the flesh curiously. One hand pauses where the other is spiteful and you find yourself almost used to his startling behaviours when he takes your pebbled nipple between his fingers and pinches.
"You're so pretty, doll," he says, eyes on your chest.
He rolls, tugs, won't stop until they're both erect and aching. You tremble at a particularly rough pinch and his hand stops, soothes.
"You're shaking," he mumbles, leaning down.
He lays a kiss over each peak, tongue wet and swirling before planting his mouth in the space between them, a scraping kiss. Slowly, he encourages you flat, chases the kisses down past your navel to the stripe of skin above your waistband.
You lift your hips encouragingly as his fingers find your belt loops, letting him pull them down to your knees, over them, off. They lay crumpled in a discarded heap in the footwell and you lay almost naked in front of him.
He goes back to where he'd left off and kisses where your waistband had been, kisses the lacey edge of your underwear. He kisses the flat of your cunt through fabric. Soon, his mouth is ghosting your clothed clit, down again, your entrance.
"Remus," you say without thinking, a whine.
His hands come up to the back of your thighs urgently at your plea. He pushes them up into your tummy and lays another kiss over your underwear, mouthing your slit. He takes a mouthful like he's trying to give you a hickey and you moan, the friction sending little pinprick sparks into your core.
"Remus, what are you doing?" you question hoarsely.
His grip tightens. "You wanted me to show you how mean I am. That's what I'm going to do. Now be a good girl and be quiet for me, okay?"
"Remus-" you gasp as he takes your clit between his teeth, shivering at the warning nibble you receive.
He grows bored of this teasing after a while and reaches under you to pull your underwear up, leaving them stretched between your thighs.
He spreads you open with his thumbs. You're glad he can't  see the embarrassment or the longing on your face, though he can surely hear the sounds you're making and piece it together. He readjusts his thumbs, spreading you open wider.
"You're pathetic," he says teasingly, laughing. His thumb brushes over your entrance and he raises his thumb in the light to show you it's wet sheen. "I've barely touched you."
You try to defend yourself and find yourself unable as his fingers brush up your slit, spreading wetness up and over your clit and down again. He gently, carefully pushes his fingers past the resistance of your entrance, not deep but enough.
He groans. "So fucking tight," he says, then holds his wet fingers up to your mouth. "Here, baby."
You stare at them hesitantly.
He rolls his eyes and presses them to your lips. His smile grows as you open your mouth, his fingers pressing into your tongue. You taste almost sweet.
Your lips close around his fingers as he pushes in, rubbing a circle into your tongue before pulling them out. A line of spit follows. He pushes his fingers back into your weeping hole and starts to open you up, fingers quick and firm, rubbing up against your walls in sweeping, scissoring motions until his fingers are fully inside you.
You moan.
"Yeah, this is what you wanted, huh?" he mutters, thrusts long and deep. "Looking at me with your eyes all wide like you don't know what you're doing." He pushes all the way in. Your fingers find the seats leather and clamp down uselessly as he starts to fuck his digits into you.
"You hear how wet you are?" he asks. His grin says everything as he works into you, your hips shaking at his motion. You're panting, desperate and frustrated at the stretch. It's nice, it's perfect, except it's not enough.
You have the suspicion that he can tell as he pulls his fingers out. He spreads his fingers. Your slick ribbons between them. He sucks them clean.
"You're hot when you're spiteful," you say, panting still, cunt tingling.
"Yeah?" he asks, unbuckling his belt.
You nod dazedly.
He smirks crookedly. It's not an expression you've seen on him before. He reaches into his unbuttoned trousers and pulls out his cock, already hard and intimidating in size. You stare in wonder. He pumps the shaft, pausing to reach between you and stroke your cunt, collecting the wet dribbling down your crease into his hand. He pumps his cock with your slick and it's so tantalising you actually feel dizzy, letting yourself fall onto your back where you'd been holding yourself up by the elbows.
"How are you feeling?" he asks, a little of the gentleness you know peeking through. "Is this alright?"
"We're in so much trouble," you say, grinning like a fool.
He grabs you by the hips and pulls you toward him. His cock hovers over your cunt. He thrusts, once, flat over your tummy and your eyes widen when you realise his tip can easily reach your belly button from where he kneels.
"Would've killed me for the cigarette. May as well enjoy myself before I die," he mumbles, thumb pushing into the hood of your clit, spreading you open. "Are you ready?"
"Do your worst, Lupin," you challenge, words accompanied with an enthusiastic nod.
He holds on leg up for you and rubs his head emphatically into your entrance. He pushes in, little slow thrusts that still feel stretching from his size, slowly making his way in. He's teasing, going slow when he doesn't need to, and you roll your hips restlessly until he's frowning.
"Behave," he says, grabbing your face in his hand. "You'll hurt yourself."
You frown back. He pulls your cheek up, forcing your face into a fucked up smile. "You want me to go faster?" he asks.
You nod. He leans down to kiss you and slides in deeper as he does, cock bottoming out as he pushes his tongue against yours. He catches your keening in his mouth. Shooting aches line your hips as he pulls out just enough to thrust in, head of his cock probing your sensitive wall once, twice, over and over and over. Your hands feel weak. The pleasure is aching and so beyond what you'd pictured.
"Fuck," you whisper.
"Feel good?" he asks, realigning, pushing in. His lips touch your forehead as he speaks.
"Yes," you say, and then repeat with his thrusts. "Yes, yes, yes, ah…"
You mewl as he picks up the pace, arms sliding under your back to hold you close, chest pressed to your breasts and face tucked into the side of your head. He ruts into your soft spot until you see stars and your panting takes on a wet, desperate quality, more sounds than words.
He likes it. "Listen to you, brainless girl. You hear yourself?" He snaps his hips forward. You cry out. "Letting me fuck you dumb in my backseat 'cos you're that desperate for me."
His hips snap again.
"You're my dumb little doll." You moan in pleasure. "You like that one? You wanna be my stupid little dolly?"
"Yes!" you whine, arms tightening around his ribs, holding onto him for dear life as he fucks into you, thrusts long and fast. You've barely recovered from one burst before there's another wave of mind-numbing pleasure. "Yes, I'm your dolly. Your stupid dolly," you say mindlessly.
He rolls his hips, a searching stroke inside you, and places a chaste kiss into your skin. "Good girl."
From there it's a losing battle. He has you wrapped around his finger and begging. He slows, you whine, he quickens and you lose your breath. He chases every moan with another and doesn't stop until you're a babbling mess on his cock.
"So deep," you mumble tearfully.
"I know, dolly, I know."
He pulls up and away. You miss his chest and start to complain at the change in position when his fingers find your clit.
"Even pathetic girls like you deserve to cum, don't you think?" he asks, pushing his fingers into your clit.
The coil in your stomach tightens as he goes. "Yes," you agree breathlessly.
"Say it."
You feel sweat dribble down the back of your thigh, feel the head of his cock hit your cervix for the thousandth time and know you'll do anything at this point. You feel little shame as you repeat his words.
"Pathetic girls like-" you gasp, closing your eyes at the first sign of your orgasm. Remus pulls his hand away and won't start until you try again. "Even pathetic girls like me deserve to cum," you struggle through.
"Yes, you do," he agrees. "You do. I'm gonna make you cum, baby, you just lie there stupid. I'll take care of you."
He does. He finds the right angle and doesn't leave it alone until you're tightening around him, thrusts sweet and dragging and long, extending the bliss of your climax. You hold your breath until it's over, fingers wrapped around his wrist tight enough to bruise. Remus stays seated inside you but doesn't move, watching over you with a small, beatific look in his eyes as you come down from your high. He puts his hand on the space over your shoulder and dips down, catching your lips in a gentle, adoring kiss. His thrusts start up again slowly, sending chills down your spine as he moves. He turns his head in the opposite direction, a dance, his nose touching yours delicately as he goes.
He breaks the kiss and hovers above you.
"You're beautiful," he says, stealing another quick kiss. "Your face when you came, fuck," he drives in deep. His nose digs into your cheek with each slow, firm thrust.
You run your hands up and down his back as he chases his own climax, arms wrapped around him in an embrace. He moans as he does, weak and panting and so hot you want to replay it over and over; Remus Lupin desperate, moaning for you.
He pulls out to cums over your cunt. You feel his cum drip down your slit and onto the bench and can't help but wince at the mess you've made, even as he kisses the side of your knee and gulps air down like he'd been suffocating. You take a moment to breath in the night air, the smell of sex clouding over any cigarette smoke that lingers.
There's not a lot to be done for the mess. Remus pulls you into a sitting position and helps you pull your underwear back up, buttoning up your trousers for you when you shrug them on.
You sit in his backseat with your naked chest covered in lovebites and his cum sticky between your legs and feel immeasurably pleased, if a bit shaky.
He weaves his hand into your hair and encourages you to bare your neck to him, planting comforting little pecks over every hickey, hands gentle in your hair. You melt under his sweetness, feel the aching in your core and your legs fade to the back of your mind as his soft lips adorn you.
"Wasn't too mean, was I?" he asks, words muffled against your jaw.
You brush your hand over his cheek. "I told you, I don't want you to be good. Just want you."
He nods like this has released him and kisses the very tip of your nose. You press your lips together to hide a beaming smile.
"I'd like to be good to you. In the event that I live."
"In the event that you live," you repeat, giggling, the haze of intimacy dulling even the threat of his imminent death, "I'd like to be good to you, too."
"Best let me take you home then. And best put your shirt back on. And maybe my jacket."
You rush up the stairs in Remus' hoodie to hide away.
"What's with her?" you hear James ask Remus. "Haven't been breaking her heart, have you?"
"Wouldn't dream of it, Prongs."
"I think she fancies you," your brother says conspiringly.
"Astute," you mutter to yourself under your breath, closing your bedroom door behind you with a firm click. "Don't know why we were worried. I've the most oblivious brother on planet earth."
thanks for reading ❤️
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flamingo-writes · a month ago
First — Remus x Fem!Reader
A/N: Unrequested, and I can't sleep nor stop thinking of Remus.
Summary: During one of the many end-of-the-year parties, during their sixth year, one of the most spoken of rumors finally gets confirmed after you and Remus suddenly go missing.
Warnings: implied underage sex and drinking, cursing.
Genre: fluff, Sirius being a little shit and also jealous.
Tumblr media
The last weeks of the school year were a constant party in each and every of the common rooms. For a couple of weeks, all of the houses forgot their competition among them and all united to organize a party in each of the common rooms for a night until all four houses had hosted a party.
And Gryffindor had been chosen to close the tradition, hosting the fourth party, on a Saturday night, one week away from the end of the school year.
The cramped common room has full of students from all houses, dancing, laughing, talking.
Peter was organizing some silly drinking game with Hufflepuffs. James was trying to hit on Lilly. And Sirius was monkey around with Regulus, having a drinking game of their own.
Everyone seemed to be too busy to notice you and Remus sneaking into the dorms.
It was plain obvious that you two spent a lot of time together. Which was weird on its own. A Ravenclaw and a Gryffindor. Everyone thought it was because Remus was quite clever. And that was why you always paired up in classes. The two biggest nerds and best scores of the entire year teaming up for projects to get even better grades.
However, people loved gossiping, saying perhaps you two were dating or something. But it was hard to tell since you hardly seemed to be anything other than friends.
Except for his friends, who knew the two of you had a relationship. Why you kept it a secret, no one quite understood. Perhaps it was because you came from a pureblood, slightly snobbish family and he was half blood, because Remus was too shy and hated being the centre of attention and being friends with Sirius and James already put a lot of attention on him. No one knew for sure.
It wasn't until James was helping a drunken Sirius up the stairs.
"What a wuzz" Sirius chuckled victorious.
"To be fair, Regulus is thirteen, kinda unfair of you to make him join your stupid drinking game" James chuckled.
"Who's side are you on, Prongs?" Sirius remarked as James chuckled and rolled his eyes.
Such was their surprise when they found you and Remus cuddled, tightly squeezed in his bed. From what they could see, you two were naked, or at least shirtless. The bed sheets covered your chest, as Remus's arm also wrapped around your body as he hugged you from behind, his face snuggled against your nape as you both slept soundly despite the somewhat loud music.
James thought the whole scene was cute. Moony peacefully sleeping next to you, as you were equally peacefully sleeping. Limbs tangled and slow synchronized breathing.
"Blimey" James whispered as Sirius gasped loudly.
"No!" Sirius yelled in a dramatic whisper. "That bastard lost his virginity before me!"
James immediately frowned and looked at Sirius.
"You're a virgin?"
"Sleeping around in this school is hard! There's prefects or teachers or ghosts everywhere!" Sirius said. "Bloody hell..." Sirius sighed defeated as he turned around.
"Where the hell do you think you're going?"
"To get laid or something..." Sirius hiccupped drunkenly as he tried walking down the stairs clinging to the stone wall.
"C'mon, you're gonna fall..." James said with a cheeky grin. "I was gonna drop you on your bed and leave but, might as well give those two space.
"I'm a virgin, Prongs!" Sirius whined.
"Keep yelling it, I don't think people downstairs heard it" James teased watching Sirius's face wrinkle in embarrassment.
"Don't tell anyone" He whispered.
"I won't, Pads" James reassured him.
"Especially Moony, he can't know he was the first one of us to lose his virginity"
"Say virginity one more time..." James sighed as Sirius giggled.
"You're a virgin too, James Potter. Everyone but that bastard Mooney and his Ravenclaw girlfriend..."
"Sirius, your jealousy stinks stronger than the alcohol in your breath" James laughed.
"Shut up, virgin" Sirius snapped, dragging bis tongue and breaking into a snort.
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thewritingdoll · 4 months ago
black out with Sirius (and/? 👀) or James
YOU MIGHT HATE ME FOR THIS MY LOVE but I misread this request and did a whole drabble convinced you said sirius and remus and not sirius and james 😭 please don’t be mad but it fits so well with those two! i promise to make it up to you with a james fic soon 🥲
𝓁𝑜𝓃𝑔 𝑜𝓋𝑒𝓇𝒹𝓊𝑒 ⎹ 𝓡.𝓛. 𝔁 𝓢.𝓑.
fandom harry potter / the marauders masterlist
featuring corrupted!remus lupin x reader ( f ) x dark!sirius black
rating none of my work is meant to be viewed by minors ( anyone under the age of eighteen ), and i will happily block any that interact with my posts or my blog. all characters are 18+, for obvious reasons hogwarts is closer to a university.
content warning all smut, non/dub con ( teeters on the line a bit ), suggested stalking and kidnapping, teensy bit of blood kink, pain kink, choking ( until the black out point ), unprotected sex, belly bulging, dash of breeding kink ( blink and you’ll miss it ), fear kink
summary convincing Remus to steal you away is just as much fun for Sirius as it is for Remus.
word count 990 / drabble
attention do not repost or translate, even with ‘credit’. just don’t do it. reblog instead of like. leave feedback if you enjoyed.
Tumblr media
“What did I tell you, Moony? Just a little bit of restraint, and my guidance, you can have anything you want.” Sirius is giddy with excitement, holding your head in his lap, keeping it poised so that you’ve no choice but to watch Remus rut into you. his face is twisted in pleasure, both hands wrapped in fists around your elbows, pinning your arms against the floor. his entire weight is pressed into them, keeping himself leveled above you. your own hands clench into fists, helplessly. “Do you know just how long he’s wanted to have you like this? How long he’s settled for thinking of you while fucking his own fist? Too long. Poor thing, should’ve snatched you up the second you rejected him.” he hisses, and you sense an air of distaste about him. was he angry that you told Remus months ago that you weren’t interested? “Oh, well. Better late than never, I suppose. Besides, after tonight, you’ll never fix that pretty mouth to utter the word no again. Tell him, my dear,” Sirius croons against the shell of your ear. his hands cradle your cheeks, “tell him you’re his now.”
you wince; the way Sirius coos to you seems to have an affect on Remus, too, because he grunts under his breath and drives himself into you even harder. vision blurring, you glance down to your poor belly, which seemed too full to keep from bursting. violent waves ripple through your body with each intense thrust, pushing a bulge up from your lower belly in the shape of him. you stare at the sordid display, almost amazed that your body could take this much abuse, and you whimper. there’s a hideous set of bloody gashes along your abdomen, and a matching set on one thigh, but neither were deep enough to require any serious medical attention, just sting and bleed. “I—I’m yours!”
Sirius lets out a breathy chuckle, grinning in content up at his fellow Gryffindor, who moans at the admission, dipping his head down to seal his mouth over one of your breasts, suckling furiously until your back arches off the floor. he teases your nipple, pulling with his teeth, and you cry out, weak. “Remus! Please, you’re— you’re hurting… me…”
Remus groans against your skin, leaving a wildfire of sloppy kisses over your sore breast, snorting hot air against the marks where his teeth have sunk in deep enough to break the flesh. he’s a starved beast, one who can’t stop. “I know,” he breathes out, ragged, “I have… I have to…”
“Shh, Shh..” Sirius shushes you, one fist coiling around your neck like a wicked serpent. he holds it tight, and your shoulders work, squirming in hopes to free your dead arms and fight to pry him from your throat, but both boys were so much stronger than you. “You should be grateful, anyways, thank him for using your body like this, look at him,” he presses kisses to your temple as his grip seals your windpipe closed. croaking, trying to bring air into your lungs, you peek up at Remus, who is grinding his teeth as he decimates you from above, brows knit together. “Look at how good you’re making him feel, listen to him moan for you. That’s plenty, isn’t it? Plenty to be grateful for?”
“I—“ you wheeze, eyelids fluttering, “I can’t take it… hurts too— much…”
“Aw, such a fragile little thing you are.” but Sirius only squeezes harder, until you’re jerking underneath Remus, gasping for air that couldn’t be drawn in. “Remus is being gentle with you, just wait until it’s my turn. I’ll make you beg for him to fuck you like this again.” you were starting to feel warm, and you could no longer see straight; instead, you see three clones of Remus fucking you, your head swimming.
“Fuck,” Remus howls, eyes rolling behind his lids as his head hangs forward, tawny tendrils an unruly mess draped in your face, “Padfoot, keep— keep doing tha—that, keep choking her… she’s so tight right now!” maybe you’re on the cusp of losing consciousness, and that’s what intensifies every violent thrust, or maybe Remus truly is possessed by lust, because you could swear he’s fucking a hole through you. you want to scream, you want to beg him to go easier on you, but both options are long lost with your breathing privileges, so you gag and choke and convulse against him. “Please, oh fuck, please…”
“Keep milking him until your body gives out. Just like that. Show him how bad you want to be full of his cum, and maybe he’ll be kind enough to swell your little belly.” all too happy to oblige, Sirius clamps down on your throat until your neck starts to feel bruised, and your vision darkens. it was as if someone was dimming the lights, each time you blinked, the room got darker. “I think she needs a little nap,” Sirius chuckles wickedly, kissing the crown of your head even as you try to shake your head in protest. “Look at how sleepy you’re getting, love. You can hardly keep those glazed eyes open anymore.”
and Remus was howling, kissing at your open lips, the side of your mouth, and moaning your name like a needy prayer. “I’ll give it all to you, my love, all of it— I’ll make you take everything—“
“I—‘m— a—fraid—“ would Sirius strangle you to death? it certainly seemed as though he wasn’t willing to let up until you had slipped away.
“Good, fear makes your cunt sweeter.” you could hardly fight any longer, your muscles all feeling much too heavy to control, your eyes rolling back. the immense cocktail of pleasure and pain fading. but you can hear Sirius, in his velvety baritone. “Go ahead and give in to sleep, sweetheart, we’ll wake you up in a few minutes. When it’s my turn.”
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meowbrnes · 2 months ago
pairing: remus lupin x reader
summary: remus wont give you attention :(
authors note: this is my first time writing so please give me feedback on if it is good or not!! i don't really know if this is out of character so if it is, sorry :)
“what are you doing, pet.” he doesn’t look up from the book he was currently reading, ignoring the way you tried shoving your face into his lap. desperate to get his attention you start making your way to sit fully onto his lap.
“i just wanted to keep you company,” starting to get upset from getting zero reaction, you start to hop off his lap to find the other marauders. he snatches you back onto his lap and puts his book down.
“are you happy now, you brat.” he tries to hide his grin at your grumpy pout. scowling at him, you stick your tongue out at him and start settling on his chest.
“s’not my fault you never give me any love,” grumbling, you started dozing off.
“oh was yesterday not enough love for you?” he counters with a small smirk, laughing when you shove your face further into his body. choosing to settle his hand on your lower back, he starts stroking your back in hopes that it will get you to go to sleep.
“so grumpy when you don’t get what you want” he mumbles, thinking you were finally asleep. you lift your head, glaring at the werewolf before you. “maybe i should go find james, he would happily keep me company.”
shoving your head back to his chest, he starts reading again slowly falling asleep with your body curled up on his.
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messers-moony · 7 months ago
Accusations 2 | R.L
Paring: Young!Remus Lupin X Fem!Reader, James Potter X Fem!Twin!Reader, Eventual Regulus Black X Fem!Reader
Summary: Sirius and Remus come to the wrong conclusion that changes someone’s life forever.
Word Count: 5.4K
Inspiration: Click
It had been years since Y/n had any human contact. She became malnourished and curled onto herself often. This became a habit once she learned that her brother had died. The Minister had been lousy with his Daily Prophet, and Y/n managed to snatch it up. Azkaban taught her skills she’d never thought she’d need, like pickpocketing. 
It had been seven years before someone came to get her in the cell. Y/n didn’t know the guards by name and didn’t care to know them. The male guard with amber eyes and black hair led her to a port key. He didn’t say where he was taking her, but his name tag read Jenkins. Mr.Jenkins and Y/n touched the port key. They had been apparated to the Ministry. 
They got into the lift, and it brought them down to the courtroom. Y/n shivered at the cold and dry air of the hallway. She stood unmoving, but Mr.Jenkins pulled her by the chains making her walk forward. The courtroom was circular, and she was ordered to sit in the middle of the room. The new Minister of Magic stood at the podium - Cornelius Fudge. The jury stood behind him. 
“Today, on December 12, 1988, we will go over the case of Y/n Potter.” Fudge informed, “She was twin sister to James Potter, daughter of Euphemia and Fleamont. Also known to be in a relationship with Remus Lupin, a werewolf who got bitten by Fenrir Grayback at the age of four.”
A woman with a blonde bob hair cut raised her hand, “Excuse me, Minister, but Ms.Potter has been in Azkaban for seven years. Why are we going over her case now?”
A new voice boomed, confident, assuring, “I am.” 
Y/n turned to be face to face with someone she thought was dead. His face was sullen and deathly pale. His eyes were sunk into his face. His once pink freckles turned a shade of brown beneath his eyes. His eyes were beautiful graphite, and his body was defined like Achilles's. He looked like a god. There was only one family that looked like gods. 
“Regulus Black, son of Walburga and Orion Black, brother to Sirius Black.” Fudge introduced.
A man with shaggy red hair interjected, “And how is he credible? He was a Death Eater!”
“Pardon me, sir.” That voice, so smooth and confident, “I proved my disloyalty to the Dark Lord when I found out his secret, which I disclosed with the Minister.”
The man leaned back and made a ‘hmph’ sound. Regulus could feel a smirk wanting to grow on his chapped lips. He hadn’t felt this smug in a long time. He had tried to tame his appearance best he could. His wavy, black locks down to his jaw, which was sharper than a knife. He put on his best dress robes, the same robes from Walburga’s funeral he attended in secret. 
“Now, let’s begin, shall we?” The jury made a noise of agreement, “Mr.Black, you may go on.”
Regulus stood in front of Y/n, “First, I’d like to speak about how she is the twin sister to James Potter. I do not believe that a sibling would betray another.” 
“Objection!” A man yelled, “Sirius has betrayed you before. Your point doesn’t stand.”
“Sirius has never harmed me in any way. All of our duels were for show and never meant to harm another. We’ve only ever used safe spells.” Regulus countered, “My point still stands. Y/n Potter would never hurt her twin.”
“May I also continue that Peter Pettigrew has been confirmed the traitor.” Merlin, smirking, would’ve felt so good, “If this is the conclusion, why is Ms.Potter still in Azkaban?”
Fudge stroked his beard, “Dumbledores orders.”
“And these orders are?”
“She is dangerous and uncontrollable.”
Regulus stared deeply into the baby blue eyes of Cornelius Fudge, “Evidence?”
“I’m afraid we don’t have any, Mr.Black.”
“Then I believe you have been holding Ms.Potter hostage for no reason.” Regulus stated confidently, “And without and verified reason; the Ministry can get into great trouble.”
Fudge glared at the Black brother, “I believe this meeting needs a vote.”
“All in favor of sending Ms.Potter back to Azkaban for being dangerous and unpredictable.”
Twenty hands got raised. 
“All in favor of allowing Ms.Potters exit of Azkaban.”
Over fifty hands raised. 
Regulus smiled at his victory. Fudge hit the gavel onto the podium, “Ms.Potter will be released from Azkaban on December 12, 1988, at 12:47 pm.”
Mr.Jenkins moved his hands, and the shackles fell free. Y/n rubbed her wrists, and it felt good to be able to move freely finally. Regulus walked towards her with a wooden item in his hand. He was taller than her by many inches, and she could’ve sworn that Sirius was never this handsome. Y/n looked a right mess, hair askew, eyes tired and swollen. 
“I believe this is yours, madam.” Regulus handed over her wand. 
Gently, Y/n took her wand from his hand. Their hands brushed ever so slightly. His hands were soft and warm, utterly different than Remus’. His hands were always rough and ice cold. Regulus smiled at Y/n’s expression of happiness. She could see the dimples in his cheeks and the color flowing to the apples of them. His freckles looked so much more beautiful up close. They looked like constellations. 
Maybe it was Y/n’s lousy memory, but she couldn’t remember Regulus ever looking this handsome before. Sirius always talked about being the better-looking sibling, and she never thought twice. But now, standing only three feet away from the younger Black brother, she had to disagree. Regulus had ambition and smugness swirling in his grey irises. His eyebrows were arched in a way of victory, and his lips had a slight curve at the edges. Everything about him screamed elegant and beautiful. Y/n felt out of place standing beside such a graceful being. 
The next day her freedom was all over the Daily Prophet. Remus could remember the owl tapping at the kitchen window while making his tea. He smiled crookedly at the owl and opened the window. A nice dry breeze swept his hair back, and Remus took the paper gratefully. Before letting the owl fly away, he tossed it a sickle. The owl hooted in thanks and flew away. The window closed with a slam. 
Remus sat at the kitchen table with a cup of tea and paper in hand. However, the tea quickly fell onto the carpeted ground of the flat, and the moving picture on the front of the Daily Prophet made him freeze. It was Y/n sitting in the middle of the courtroom, tousled hair and all. The oversized grey and white striped jumpsuit, the glazed eyes, and the malnourished-looking body. The paper didn’t say exactly who had defended her case, just that it was someone trustworthy to the Ministry. 
Sirius woke up moments later. The Prophet left out on the table, and the tea cleaned up. Remus appeared to be missing from the house. Sirius stretched his arms, his shirt trailing up a bit when he saw the front of the paper. He stopped mid-stretch and just gazed at the woman on the front page. She appeared to be unmoving, but Sirius could see the Minister hitting the gavel on the podium in front of her. He watched a smile take over her features. 
It used to be a smile of comfort, but now it made his stomach churn. Suddenly he wanted to run to the bathroom and throw up every bit of acid in his stomach. He wanted to Oblivate his mind into forgetting what he and Remus had done seven years ago. It was a mistake, and they learned that a month later, but Sirius knew more than anything that it was an unforgivable mistake. Y/n would never forgive them. 
After seeing the Prophet, Remus had apparated to London. He sped walked through people trying to find the red telephone booth to take him to the Ministry. He had never moved this fast in his life after almost missing a job interview that he really needed. After minutes of very slow Muggles, he made it. The telephone booth took him down in the lobby of the Ministry of Magic. It wasn’t long before he found an official at the Ministry. 
“Ma’am!” He called, and she turned, “Do you know where Y/n Potter is?"
The woman scrunched her face up, “No, I do not.”
“Does anyone in the Ministry know?”
“Why would we keep track?” The woman questioned, “The residency of a wizard or witch is not for the Ministry to keep track of.”
Remus flushed, of course, privacy. “Sorry, ma’am. Its just-“
“You were her boyfriend.” She cut off, “Remus Lupin isn’t it?”
“Yes,” Remus put his hand out, and she eyed it with distaste.
“Well, it was good to meet you, but I must be off.”
“Yes, of course.” Remus scratched his neck after being left hanging. 
After being released, Y/n wasn’t sure where to go. Regulus offered to stay at his home. It was a lovely home in the middle of nowhere. He said it had to be so no one could find him, specifically people who thought he was dead. His house was two-story with cherry blossoms all around the property. The driveway was stone and perfectly clean. The house was a faint grey with dark brown accents. The inside smelt like teakwood mahogany. It was a peculiar smell, but it felt so Regulus. 
The house was furnished and painted wonderfully. It was a mix of neutrals and dark furniture, but it wasn’t depressing. It felt light and comforting despite its dark appearance. The carpet in the living room felt pleasant beneath her feet after standing on the concrete for so long. When they apparated outside, Regulus allowed her in first, and he took off his coat, placing it on the rack beside the door. He slipped off his shoes and motioned for Y/n to do the same. She slipped off the boots allowing her moth-eaten socks to hit the flooring in the hallway. 
Regulus made his way to the kitchen immediately after. Y/n suspected it was to make tea or something to eat. To avoid small talk, she walked around the estate. Everything was clean, and no aspect of dust on any of the belongings. In some of the rooms had pictures of the Black family. One picture was of Andromeda and Ted Tonks’ wedding. Another image was of Narcissa and Regulus laughing at something holding champagne. The third picture made her heart melt. It was one of Regulus and Sirius. Sirius had his arms around his brother, holding him close to his chest. It appeared to be taken sometime during Regulus’ first year. 
“Y/n?” Regulus' voice echoed, “Do you want some tea?”
Without thinking, her feet led her to the kitchen. It was glorious. The flooring was grey wood, cabinets dark oak wood, and sage walls. Regulus handed her a white mug with tea, little milk, and one sugar. She took a sip and was surprised it was exactly how she liked it. Y/n had forgotten how she took her tea. It was a minor memory Azkaban ripped from the vault inside her brain. He smiled softly at her look of remembrance. 
“I- um- I remembered from our time at Hogwarts.” Regulus admitted, a soft shade of pink appearing on the apples of his cheeks, “I used to watch Sirius from the Slytherin table, and since you sat beside him, I just remembered over time.” 
Y/n placed the mug gently onto the graphite countertop, “In all fairness, I forgot how I took my tea.”
“If you don’t mind me asking, how much do you remember?”
“I remember all the important things.” Y/n answered shortly, “Like being held at wand point by Remus and Sirius. I remember James, everything about him. My mum and dad.”
Regulus went to hold her hand, but she flinched, and he recoiled, “Sorry,” She apologized and took his hand.
“No need to be sorry.” His thumb rubbed the back of her palm, “I understand this will be hard, and I want to help you.”
“Why?” Y/n nodded, “Because you deserve to be free and live how you should’ve. It’s wrong that it was taken from you.”
Regulus’ words melted her heart, and Y/n found herself wishing that she could hug him, “My mum is dead, isn’t she?” 
“Yeah,” Regulus said softly, “Died in her sleep, peacefully only a week after your sentence.”
Y/n swallowed another sip of tea to force the tears away, “How old is Harry?”
“He’s eight.” 
“Where does he live?”
“Lily’s sister's house.” Regulus replied, “Dumbledores orders.”
Y/n scoffed, and Regulus tightened his grip just a little bit, “He’s such a bastard.”
“Tell me about it.” Regulus chuckled, taking a sip of tea; after placing it down, he continued, “He made me fake my death.”
“Because I found something out about the Dark Lord. Dumbledore didn’t want the Dark Lord coming for me after.” Regulus explained, “So I faked my death and moved into the middle of nowhere.”
She smiled softly, “Your house is beautiful.”
“Thank you.” Regulus smiled, fully this time, dimples and all, “I always had better style.”
Y/n laughed for the first time in seven years. Regulus found himself staring in awe as her face creased with laughter. He noticed her cheekbones getting defined, how her hair got tossed back when she laughed, the curl of her lips. Despite years in prison, Regulus still thought she was the prettiest girl in the world. He felt so happy, so accomplished that she blessed him with this sound. He found himself replacing his happiest memory with this one. This, Regulus thought, this is my happiest memory. At this moment, he felt like he could perform the best Patronus, and truth be told, Regulus was never good at the Patronus Charm. 
When she recovered, all Regulus wanted to do was make her laugh again, “Thank you for letting me stay with you.”
“Of course.” He replied like it was nothing; in all honesty, it was, “There’s a bedroom upstairs on the right prepared for you with a bathroom. It’s yours till you’re ready. If you wanted to wash up and begin your life again.”
“Yeah,” Y/n had a relieving smile on her face, “That sounds wonderful.”
The mug on the counter left forgotten Y/n traveled up the stairs. The upstairs was just as beautiful as the ground floor. The room she was given was gorgeous, and Y/n found herself never wanting to leave. The room was a pine color. The bed had grey sheets. The furniture was black. The flooring expanded upstairs, still the same grey wood. This room smelt of a forest. It was calming and made her never want to leave. 
Nonetheless, Y/n got undressed and got into the shower. The shower had been stocked with body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and other hygienic needs. The products smelt expensive, but it felt terrific to be adequately cleaned. In Azkaban, that was rare. Usually, the guards rushed the prisoners in and out of the shower. After the shower, she looked in the dresser to find some old Slytherin sweatpants and a black t-shirt. She put the clothes on and went to bed. 
Living with Regulus was something Y/n could’ve never imagined. In honesty, it wasn’t all that bad. She actually enjoyed it. It turns out that Regulus is just as charming and funny as his older brother. He was also quick-witted like Remus and twice as bright. Not to mention his youthful energy at times that made Y/n think of James. Back at Hogwarts, you’d never catch cold Regulus Black stuffing his face with marshmallows doing the ‘Chubby Bunny’ challenge with Y/n Potter. 
Y/n wasn’t sure when it happened, but she found herself slowly falling in love with him. It wasn’t because he was the only one around because she had gotten a job at Hogwarts teaching History of Magic. She met many people in her two years at Hogwarts, but her favorite was the summer holidays. It meant more days hanging out with Regulus. But after two years of living together, she adored everything about him. 
His elegance was magnifying. She fell in love with the way he made breakfast every morning, no matter what. How he took his tea - no sugar, splash of milk. He refused to drink tea or coffee out of anything but the mug Andromeda sent him for his birthday after he supposedly ‘died’. She bought the gift before the accident and wanted to send it to him anyway. Y/n fell in love with how he adored his cat because, yes, Regulus Black owned a cat and her name was Lynx. Y/n got introduced to her only hours into living in the house. 
Lynx was a black cat with blue eyes. She was Regulus’ pride and joy. On holidays Lynx would be dressed up in tiny sweaters, and Regulus swore it was so she didn’t get cold. On Y/n’s first Valentine's Day after Azkaban, she found chocolate and flowers on the kitchen island for her. They were HoneyDukes finest chocolate and beautiful lavender roses. Regulus adored the blush that appeared on her cheeks. 
The summer before Y/n had to go back to Hogwarts for her third year of teaching; Regulus asked her out on their first date. Regulus had been incredibly nervous and shy. They had been watching a movie on the couch together; his arm laid lazily around her shoulders when he realized he wanted this forever. He had said it so quietly Y/n had to make him repeat it. But she accepted immediately. 
Before leaving for Hogwarts that year, they began dating. It was new, but it was nice. Y/n hadn’t dated anyone since Remus, who she was completely over. Regulus was a completely different experience. Regulus was fun but serious, nice but mean, smart but stupid, but most importantly, he was loving and caring. Regulus did everything he could to show his love and affection for his new girlfriend. 
On the first day back at Hogwarts, Y/n had come early to set up her classroom. When she appeared at the feast, Y/n saw all the new first years and made eye contact with glittering green eyes. She took her seat at the end of the table. Y/n stared intently at the group of anxious first years as Minvera McGonagall - the Transfiguration Professor - set up the sorting hat ceremony. Multiple names got called, but Y/n had been focusing on one little boy in particular. 
“Potter, Harry!” 
The little eleven-year-old boy took hesitant steps to the stool. He stepped up on the wooden chair, and it allowed Y/n to stare freely. He had messy brunet hair and a defined child face like James but held Lily’s eyes. Harry was lanky like James, but Y/n knew it’d turn into muscle eventually as it had on James back in sixth year. The hat sat on Harry’s head for a little over a minute before calling out the house everyone knew he’d be sorted in. 
Y/n allowed a big smile to take over her face as her nephew raced to the Gryffindor table. Harry got many pats, and a warm welcome like everyone knew he would. After the sorting and the feast, Dumbledore began to speak. He warned about the third story corridor and Mr. Filch that Y/n still held a grudge against. Mr. Filch was the worst ‘caretaker’ ever and was just a grumpy old man asking for pranks which the Weasley twins had done. 
Professor Dumbledore introduced each teacher, “For the introduction of our teachers for the 1991-1992 year goes as follows: Professor McGonagall of Transfiguration, Professor Snape of Potions, Professor Quirrell of Defense Against the Dark Arts, Professor Sprout of Herbology, Professor Vector of Arithmancy, Professor Sinistra of Astronomy, Professor Flitwick of Charms, Professor Trelawney of Divination, Professor Babbling of Ancient Ruins, Professor Kettleburn of Care of Magical Creatures, and finally Professor Potter of History of Magic.”
Harry stopped in his tracks at the last name Potter. He turned to look at the woman with h/c hair and e/c eyes. If he looked close enough, he could see similarities in them both, but he didn’t look too hard. Her smile was beautiful, Harry thought, I wonder if dad had the same smile. 
On Monday, at 10:30 am, Y/n was ready for her first year with Gryffindor and Slytherins. She allowed her students to pick where they wanted to sit and gave them ten minutes of free time to befriend the person beside them. This was her third time doing this activity, and it usually went smoothly. Sometimes kids need to socialize, and most classes don’t allow it. Like every teacher, she began with an introduction of herself and the subject.
“Hello, class!” Her voice was cheerful and welcoming, “My name is Y/n Potter or Professor Potter, whichever you prefer to call me. I’ve been teaching History of Magic for three years now, and I know this subject is usually a boring one, but I try to make it as intriguing as possible. In this course, we cover multiple wars and important people of our history like Nicholas Flamel.”
People looked thoroughly interested, “I was in Gryffindor in my years at Hogwarts, so I do know the rivalry between Gryffindor and Slytherin, so I do hope we don’t run into any issues. My Ravenclaw and Hufflepuffs did beautifully this morning. Today we won’t go over any content. I’ll leave the rest of class to ask me questions or get to know your peers. However, tomorrow we will begin, so please come to class prepared.”
Harry always thought of himself to be relatively curious, but despite this woman sharing his last name, he didn’t ask. The wound was still fresh after being lied to by Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon about the truth of his parent's death. Harry thought that rubbing salt on the new cut would do more harm than good.
Everything ran smoothly for Y/n’s first and second year teaching Harry. The summer going into third year Regulus and her got more serious about their relationship. At that point, they had been going out for just over three years, and Regulus couldn’t have been happier. He felt so elated. His shoulders were no longer to his jaw, and his muscles relaxed.
But being kept in seclusion was eating up at him now. He wanted to see Sirius and Andromeda, maybe meet his little cousin Nymphadora that he had heard about. There was no use in going back to Grimmauld Place. Walburga and Orion were dead, much to Regulus’ glee. Despite being so happy with Y/n, Regulus always felt like a part of him was missing.
Y/n would see it in his eyes as he drifted off from reading the Daily Prophet at the kitchen island. His stone eyes held longing and yearning for his elder brother to place an end to the craving he’d been having for years. It was getting tiring, and Y/n could see how restless Regulus was getting. While he worked most of the week at a Muggle job, he still wished to be an average person in the Wizarding community.
A week before the new term started, Regulus and Y/n flooed into Hogwarts. Her office was clean and void of any dust. It held bookshelves - many of them - and notebooks laid askew on the wooden desk. There were many red accents that Regulus had grown to love despite being in a separate house. Gryffindor pride was one thing Azkaban couldn’t even take away.
Y/n took his hand in hers, and they began their walk to Albus Dumbledore’s office. No one was inside the castle walls this early in the term than Dumbledore. They approached the Phoenix and spoke the password ‘Lemon Drops’. The Phoenix spun, allowing the stairs to appear. They both knocked at the door, and it opened with a flick of Dumbledore’s hand.
They were greeted with a small smile and half-moon spectacles, “Professor Potter and Mr.Black, what a surprise.”
Regulus smiled tightly and gripped Y/n’s newly ringed hand, “Or it seems I should be calling you Professor Black?”
“No, sir,” Y/n replied, “Potter works just fine.”
Truth be told, Regulus had only proposed a month ago, and he didn’t want it spreading, “That’s not why we’re here.”
“By all means, take a seat.” Dumbledore gestured to the seats in front of his desk that they took gratefully, “May I offer a lemon drop?”
“No, thank you.” Regulus grimaced, “I’d like to speak with you about my death.”
“Well, I suppose this was going to come up soon enough.”
“I’d like to have a presence in the Wizarding community again.” Regulus continued, “I’d like to be able to see my brother again. Along with my cousins.”
Dumbledore leaned back in his chair, “Do you believe it is wise to do so?”
“I don’t know if you haven’t been reading the news, but Lord Voldemort is on the rise again.” Dumbledore explained, “He’ll know if your disloyalty and you’ll be the first he comes after.”
Regulus had a look of fear on his face before replying, “I’ll be under the protection of the Order of the Phoenix. Wouldn’t that be enough?”
“Perhaps.” He shrugged, “But by making an appearance again, not only will it shock the world, but it’ll put a target on your back. Not to mention a bigger target on Ms.Potter’s back.”
“I’m capable of handling it myself.” Y/n quipped, “If Regulus wants to be free again, he should be allowed to be, free of any guilt as well. Being trapped isn’t a feeling. He’s been trapped for much too long.”
“Fifteen years.” Regulus said monotone, “I’ve been in seclusion for fifteen years.”
Dumbledore allowed a slight smile to grace his features, “By all means, Regulus, the world is yours.”
The meeting came to a close, and they both retreated into Y/n’s office. He flopped down onto an armchair in her office while she swiveled in her desk chair. Regulus’ hair had progressively gotten more tousled as he thought about everything said in the meeting. He was quiet while he thought, allowing Y/n to tidy up her desk.
Regulus had gone thirty minutes quietly mulling over everything when he finally spoke, “I think I’m going to do it.”
“Good.” Y/n said without a second thought, “Maybe then you can become a writer for the Daily Prophet like you’ve always dreamed.”
“Or the Quibbler.” Regulus added, “Mr.Lovegood writes some good stories.”
Y/n chuckled as she sorted through her quills, “I remember him from our Hogwarts days. Always a bit strange, he was, sweet though.”
“Yeah,” Regulus sighed, “I suppose I didn’t really get close with anyone who isn’t in Azkaban right now or a death eater.”
“Hey,” Regulus turned to look at Y/n, “After this announcement, everything will be okay. You’ll get to see Dora and Andromeda again.”
Regulus noticed how she didn’t say anything about Sirius as she went back to organizing her desk. He didn’t want to keep bringing it up, but he wanted a relationship with his older brother now that their parents weren’t in the way. Regulus stood up from the armchair and took her hands into his. Gently he stood up with her. They began swaying back and forth to no music.
“I know I keep bringing this up, and I’m sorry.” Regulus began, “But I’d like a relationship with my brother. And it seems selfish of me to ask you to be okay with it.”
Y/n didn’t say anything, so he went on, “I’m aware that Sirius put you through extreme pain and grief. He’s the reason you didn’t get to say goodbye to your mum or be with your brother one last time. He’s the reason you don’t have Harry in your custody. He took away your freedom, and I will never expect you to forgive him.”
Regulus pulled away to look her in the eyes, “You’re my everything. Soon you’ll be my wife, and I don’t want anything to change that because I love you. I don’t expect you to forgive Sirius, but I’d like to have him in my life.”
“I know.” Her voice was quiet, but her touch was soothing as she caressed his cheek, “I know this is important to you, and I see no issue with it.”
“If- If James was still here,” Y/n swallowed the lump on her throat, “I’d want him with me too.”
Regulus pushed their foreheads together, “You’re so strong.” He pushed a piece of hair behind her ear, “You know that?”
“You tell me every day.”
“Because you are.” He kissed her forehead gently.
The following week it was all over the Wizarding World that Regulus Black had been reported alive and well. Regulus took many interviews with the Daily Prophet, and he did get to meet Nymphadora, who was in Auror training with Mad-Eye Moody. He also got to see Andromeda, who cried upon seeing her little cousin. Y/n had continued teaching while he was meeting all of his family.
One thing she didn’t expect was to see Remus Lupin at the Professor's table.
Dumbledore gave his speech as usual and introduced the new Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor - Professor R.J. Lupin. Remus caught eyes with Y/n, and they looked sorrowful. Along with Regulus Black’s recent reappearance in the Prophet, news that Peter Pettigrew was near Hogwarts had been released. The actual murderer of James and Lily Potter. Dementors were placed around the castle.
Everything went smoothly until Remus and Y/n had castle duty on the same night. They were at opposite ends of the castle, and yet Remus had still managed to find her. If she knew any less, she would’ve thought it was by coincidence, but she was a Marauder. Y/n knew about the Marauders map, not to mention her alias - Vixen - was on the print.
“Y/n.” Remus panted, “Can we talk?”
Y/n crossed her arms, “I can’t see what there is to talk about.”
“Oh, there’s much to talk about.” Remus replied as he stood to his full height - just two inches taller than Regulus, “I want to apologize for what happened.”
Y/n chuckled bitterly, “You aren’t going to be forgiven. I mean, how fucking dare you. I can’t believe you guys thought I was the traitor. He was my fucking brother!”
Harry had grimaced at her tone; he had followed Professor Lupin around the castle to ask him a question, “Dumbledore had specifically said that you were working with You-Know-Who. How were we supposed to take that?”
“I don’t know!” Y/n stressed, “Maybe ask me about it before pointing your wand at my throat?”
“It was a genuine mistake-”
“A mistake that ruined my life, Lupin!” He looked upset at the mention of his last name, “Seven years! Seven fucking years of misery. Seven years I will not get back.”
“Not only was it seven years. I’m not even allowed to have my nephew in my custody because of my record.” Her voice was low now, “You don’t understand what he’s been through, Lupin. He’s getting abused by Lily’s sister, and there’s nothing I can do about it! They see I’ve been to Azkaban, and that’s all they care about.”
“But you know what, fuck it all right?” Y/n spat, “Because everything that comes out of Dumbledore’s mouth is the truth, right?”
Remus sighed, “I really am sorry. I know you won’t forgive me, and that’s reasonable, but with Regulus being alive now, you’re going to have to be around Padfoot.”
“I’ve known all about Regulus being alive.” Y/n stated, “After all, he’s the reason I’m out of Azkaban.”
“He- He defended you?”
“He did.”
Remus stared appalled, “He’s also my fiancé.”
That was a knife to the heart. Remus’ heart had completely shattered at her tone and the statement that had fallen from Y/n’s mouth. He’d known that she wouldn’t wait for him, but it didn’t help any. Y/n would never forgive him or Sirius. That much was true. They had crossed a boundary and broke trust. Y/n wasn’t going to allow them back into her life no matter how badly he wished.
Remus was left wholly shattered in the middle of the Transfiguration wing.
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fantastiqueali · 2 months ago
Hi, I read your Remus Lupin stories and they were awesome!
So I was wondering if you could write about Remus Lupin.
About: Female sub reader X dom Remus
Concept: The full moon's coming up and Remus is extra moody and gets agitated at the littlest of things. The reader gets enraged and confronts him about it which leads to him getting annoyed and punishing the reader *wink* *wink*.
I would appreciate it if there were some BDSM themes and spanking. The rest can be up to your imagination.
BDSM and spanking? Yes, please. Thank you for the request!
Warning: 18!, Minors dni!, Fingering, Wax play, Degradation, D.S. dynamic, BDSM (kind of?), Spanking, Worship (if you don’t blink), Breeding kink, Impact play, Rope, Pet names, and Praise kink.
Pairing: Remus Lupin x Reader
Word count: 1.7k
Tumblr media
You just wanted to calm and confront Remus at how agitated he had been these days because of the coming full moon. You just wanted him to not worry so much and lash out at James, Sirius, and Peter. You’re scared that if something goes wrong he might just kill someone. Yet how in the hell did you get tied to the headboard of the bed, in nothingness but a blindfold.
Darkness overcomes your vision and every part of your body becomes tense and more aware of your surroundings. Small sighs came out of your parted lips when Remus’ finger traced circles on your belly button. Your breathing got hitched when his finger stopped at the bottom, then dragged it down to your core, his nail tickling you to cause a small jolt.
You were feeling needy, deprived, starved, and a whore for wanting this. You felt like a touch starved whore and a liar when you even thought that the only reason why you confronted him was to calm him down. You know better than that. You know better than to try to calm Remus down when you know that the full moon is coming up. Yet you chose to be ignorant and naive of the fact that he can and will do this very exact exploit.
“Please…” A mix of air flies past your lips when he dismisses the demands of your aching cunt as he still draws lines around your inner thigh and the outside of your folds. It was followed by a big gasp of air. Friction and an echo of pain grasping your pussy as it clenched around nothing when a slap of his hand met with it.
Such in an instant, he dove back up, towering over your frame and taking a tight grasp around your neck. “Speak once more and you’ll never get to cum again,” he muttered down in your ear. His shaky breath was mixed with a musk scent, patronising your clouded head into a want for his cock.
You felt the bed bounce back and his hand moving away from your neck. There were shuffles heard a minute later. Wanting to know what he was doing, you tilted your head up and rolled your eyes down to peek at the little line that gives you visions.
You cannot decipher anything except for the fact that you can see a small fraction of his bare legs. Your eyes stared for a while but came to a halt when he turned your way.
After what seems like forever, you heard a crispy swoosh for what seems like a match being lit up. Soon, you smell a burnt-out match, something that calms your mind for a bit. The right side of the bed was yet again dipped, meaning that Remus was now beside you.
“Aaah,” gasping at the sudden feeling of a slick hot pain. A hot liquid drooping over your stomach down to your belly button. You hissed over and over again. Your body shivered at every drop of wax that was being laid on your body. 
Once Remus had enough, he upright the candle that he was holding for minutes now. Watching as the drop of wax hardens on your body. The way that your body twitched when it met with your skin. Your moans and hisses that he loves to hear so much.
Remus blows on the lit candle and sits it down on the nightstand. He stares at the masterpiece he had created. The hardened drips of the wax compliment your stomach and your sigh of relief that it was done. Oh, you wish he was done. He was merely preparing.
He towers over you again, his arm balancing his body whilst the other takes the blindfold off of you. His glistening eyes gape at your parted edges towards your tired and murky eyes. He loved it. Every part of you. The way that your hair scrambles on your face whilst sweat trickles down your neck. Your chest heaving up and down as if you just ran a hundred miles. He moved his arm under your head and fixed his body beside you.
Faces inching closer, breaths getting deeper, heat overcoming both of your bodies, getting drunk on each other scents. He cuts the last line of space between you and engulfs your lips in an inviting make out. His lips in between yours whilst his teeth graze on them from time to time. You cherished the way he moans every time he pulls on your lower lip. He swipes his tongue on your lips, asking for entrance which you submitted not a second later. His tongue dancing with yours felt like an ecstasy already. Everything that he does to you, to your feelings, to your mind and body. Everything makes you want to worship him even more. 
His calloused fingers skimmed at the side of your hips, ghosting the parts where you needed him the most. Whilst spoiling you with a make-out session as he was roaming your body. He spoils you rotten. Every day, every fucking hour, every fucking minute. He gives you everything that you could possibly want in life without even asking for it. Yet here you are, acting like a brat. That’s why he’s there. To teach you manners. Because when you said you confronted him… well you got kind of annoyed and might have yelled at him. And that’s what brought you into this very position today.
Eventually, he pulled away. Shooting daggers of love and disappointment straight into your glossy eyes. “You know this is a punishment, love. Daddy’s got to teach you a lesson.” You nodded. He smiled, proud of his little princess. That’s all you wanted to do. Be his obedient and submitted girl.
“Why don't you lay on daddy’s lap, hmm? Think m’spoiling you enough.” You nodded once again. “Words, bunny. I need to hear your sweet voice.” He works on untying the ropes that leave red marks on your wrists. “Yes, daddy.”
“Good girl.” The word cripples in your ear, sending more pool in your pussy, legs closing and rubbing together to feel some kind of friction. “Open your legs or that’s another punishment.”
He sat down at the end of the bed, waiting for you to come over. Not a minute later, you lay down on Remus’ lap just like what he wanted. You felt his hand slither down between your thighs, cupping your sloppy cunt that’s never had the touch it deserves for the last hour. 
Was all he said before you yelped and jolted in pain when a harsh slap was sent to your ass. It was followed by a tight grip and massage. You moaned out the number one and not a millisecond later another slap hissed its way through your nerves.
“Two-” and another slap. “Three,” after the count of ten, you felt your lower back become slightly numb. Violent marks of Remus’ hand marks were left around your ass and thighs. “Continue,” he said. You continued counting and counting and he continued to overwhelmingly punish you with his large hands. When it comes down to twenty, you’ve had enough of the pain already. You’ve got sensitive for the last minute and the soft skin of your ass was now as crimson red as it could be. “Come on darling. You can take more than that. Take more for your daddy.”
You stayed still as he continued to savage your lower body. Once he knows you have had enough. He grabs your ass once more tightly before sending the most violent and harsh slap yet. You yelled in pain, tears almost prickling your ears. He carried your body in his arms, cradling you in between him. He brought a small kiss on your forehead before letting you down on the bed.
“Have you learned your lesson?” You nodded, too tired to even mewl a word out. Your eyes are already half-lidded and ready to fall out. That was until there was a pair of lips sucking on your neck, searching for that one spot that made you ache. “Did you really?” he whispered, his hand travelling up to your breast, massaging it with every fucking love he can give you. “Yes,” you moaned out, hands flying to his soft and luscious hair.
“Then can I spoil you again? Without you being a brat for daddy? Hmm?” You mewled out a whimper when Remus’ lips roamed down to your other breast, placing kitten licks on the reddened nub. “Tell me what my bunny wants. Tell me what daddy has to do to her.”
“I want daddy to fuck me- Aaah,” your fingers locked at the strands of his hair, gripping it tightly when his teeth grazed on your sensitive nipple and bite on it. “Continue, I need to know what my princess wants.”
“I want you to spoil me with your- fuck, cum. Oh merlin, please!” He began to wrap his lips around the other nub, sucking on it hardly whilst he pinched the other with his fingers. He watches your expression. He listens to your susceptible moans.
He moves away, a slick of saliva tracing from his tongue to your nipple. It was such an erotic scene for you to watch. Not knowing if you can handle that his cock is not in you yet.
“Do you know what I want to do to you?” You shook your head, eyes watching his darkened face from the shadow of his hair. “I want to fucking bare you with my kids,” you inhaled when you felt two fingers prod at your folds, collecting the liquid to serve as a lubricant.
“I want to fuck all through the night until you can’t walk for a month,” you moaned when his fingers thrust in you, not stopping to let you adjust for a second. Proceeding to hit that sweet spot that he had memorised where. That sweet spot that can make you moan and cry as a cock deprived slut for him. “I want everyone in this fucking school to know that you’re my slut. That this pussy is mine.”
His pace became inhumane by the second. Sloppy lewd sounds of his fingers thrusting in you echoed through the walls of the room. The pleads of yours to let go was a melodic tune in Remus’ ear, only making him more motivated to make you cum.
“Go on. Cum like a whore. Make a mess. Make a mess in my fingers.” Not a second later that tight rope that was in your stomach tore apart, the rippling pleasure taking over your shuddering body. Making a mess on Remus’ fingers, your sweet juice trickling down on his arm.
“Don’t sleep on me, darling. M’gonna spoil you rotten tonight.”
Tumblr media
Please do ask if you want to request anything. And I mean anything. As long as you’re comfortable with it. 💕🌷
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anordinarymuse · 2 months ago
maybe Remus cheating on the reader and reader catches him and he begs for her to take him back 🤷‍♀️
(I live for the angst)
Remus Lupin x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
Summary : request
Warnings : cheating; angst; swearing; unedited.
Word Count : 1226
A/N : i’m actually quite proud of this
request here.
1yr celebration.
“Don’t go down there!” Peter exclaims, grabbing your wrist and pulling you away. You stare at him confused, Peter slowly lets go of his grasp, his face red from some realization.
“What?” You ask, confused, as you were about to go to their dorm to find Remus. You’d been looking for him all morning, and you couldn’t find him. You’d already checked the dorm earlier this morning, but you figured you’d just check again, just incase.
“I- uh- don’t- nevermind. . .” Peter stammers, taking a step back away from you.
“Uhm, ok?”
You turn around slowly and walk towards the dorm, trying to shake off this unnerving feeling Peter just started making you feel.
“Wait, Y/N,” Peter calls after you fr down the hall, a worried look plastered of his face, god this kid couldn’t hide anything. “We told him not to, I swear.”
The longer Peter was in your presence the more anxious you felt, something was wrong, something was very wrong.
“What-?” You called back, but when you don’t hear anything back you look over your shoulder, and Peter is gone.
Cursing silently at Peter’s sudden burst, you self consciously continue towards the dorm. Your fingers drift towards the door handle, hitching at the last second, second guessing yourself before pushing it down.
The door swings open and you freeze when you see Remus in bed making out with Emmeline Vance. You stand there staring in utter shock, and for a second they don’t even realize you’re there. Remus’ hand holds Emmeline’s jaw the way he held yours last night.
Even worse, when Remus looks to his side, just before noticing you, you catch the way he looks at Emmeline. The way he looked at you.
Remus instantly jumps up from his bed in alarm, struggling to find words to fill up space. Emmeline then turns, eyes widening as she stares at you.
“Y/N- I swear it didn’t- it doesn’t mean anything-“ Remus stumbles on his weak excuse, trying to walk closer to you, but you take a step back.
“How could you do this?” You ask hoarsely, specific to neither Remus or Emmeline. All the things you want to scream haunt your throat, but that question is the only thing that fought through the fog.
“Y/L/N-“ Emmeline starts, her voice trembles slightly, and she gets up from Remus’ bed standing behind him, like he was going to protect her.
“Get out,“ Remus mutters under his breath, picking Emmeline’s book bag up from the floor and throwing it at her. Remus slams the door behind her, it shuts so fast it almost hits Emmeline’s back as she makes her escapade.
When Remus turns to face you, you can no longer read his expression. Earlier it seemed like he feigned apologetic, but now- but now as he towered above you, he looked angry.
“Why do you look so mad?” You ask, impatient, feeling the tension rise as you narrow your eyes at him. “You’re the one who just fucking cheated on me.”
“I said it didn’t mean anything,” Remus replies hotly.
“Why did you do it then Remus? Am I not good enough for you?” Your voice rises as you speak, your greatest fear revolving Remus revealed, leaving you defenseless. “What about me isn’t good enough for you?!”
“I don’t- FUCK, OK? I DON’T FUCKING KNOW!” Remus shouts, causing you to jump.
“BARGING IN?!” You shout, getting a headache from Remus’ obliviousness. “You were cheating on me.”
“I said it didn’t fucking mean anything, Y/N. Why can’t you get that in your goddamn head?” Remus seethes, his words a lethal knife to your crumbling heart.
“It didn’t mean anything? If it didn’t mean anything then why did you do it?” You ask desperately, searching for answers in places that refused to reveal themselves. “Fuck- and the way you looked at her Remus, that’s not nothing. I would know because you used to look at me like that and- to me that meant everything.”
“Can you just stop, Y/N? The full moon is this weekend and you’re being too much,” Remus grumbles, as if your reaction was overdramatic. You blink back tears at Remus’ stubbornness, how could he not understand?
“No, you don’t get to blame this on being a lycanthrope, Remus! That’s not fair! That’s not fair!”
“That’s not what I said,” Remus snaps, eyes flickering up to meet yours at a dangerous speed at the mention of his lycanthrope.
“That’s what you meant, though, isn’t it? I can take a fucking hint.”
“Can you just calm down, Y/N? I’ll- fuck- I’ll make it up to you, ok?” Remus offers bitterly, almost provokingly. “What do you want? Name it and I’ll do it.”
The intention behind his proposal made you realize how lowly Remus thought of you. Were you this easy to win back? Did he think after what he’d just done this was good enough? 
“Fuck you, Remus, fuck you, it’s done- I just- everything- it’s all fucked,” you say, speaking your thoughts aloud. Your words just as frantic and how you felt. You didn’t want materialistic compromises, what you wanted was an apology, but you knew you deserved better than to have to ask for one.
You didn’t want to fight anymore, you just wanted to leave and cry or scream or throw something. Holding back tears of betrayal, you turn to leave, biting back your words afraid to spiral and turn into an emotional mess. Remus was the last person whom you wanted to show weakness.
“Where are you going?” Remus asks, his tone filled with disbelief as your hand reaches out for the door handle. 
“Leaving, I need- I need air- I can’t be here with you right now-”
“Listen to me, ok?” Remus grabs your shoulder roughly, spinning you around to face him.  “Don’t go, I’ll be different. I’ll change, Y/N, I swear.”
He sounded so serious, and you wanted to believe him so bad, but as you stared into the glassy glaze of his eyes, the truth behind them was lost.  
“Change? Remus, you’ve already changed. I dont- I don’t even think I know you anymore-“
“Please, Y/N. You’re not actually going to leave me like this are you? Who do you have other than me? Who do we have other than each other?” His voice has a persuading tenderness that drives guilt into your heart. You missed what he mentioned, the past, when things were the way they were meant to be. 
“Remus, stop-“ you swallow, he was messing with your head, offering you with the most tempting reasons to stay.
“Stay, I’ll make it up to you. We can do that outing thing you wanted. I can be better, I’ll try and be better, you know me, Y/N, you believe me right? You believe I’d do it for you.” It was a desperate plea, a convincing offer, but you couldn’t help but wonder, was he begging you to stay or refusing to watch you leave on your own account?
“I believed you wouldn’t cheat on me, Remus, but you did. How can you ask of all this of me? Don’t you-“ your breath hitched as you spoke, a sense of realization that now, now it was really over. “Don’t you understand what you’ve done?”
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