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Soooo I watched the new Gambit fan film and…

I wait 3 long years for a bunch of swearing and violence. I was 80% disappointed and very frustrated!! The writers need to go stand in a corner and think about what they’ve done. Gambit didn’t do much and we didn’t need Rogue…again. (I’m a Rogue fan, but it gets old seeing them teaming up and sometimes being a couple. Sometimes they’re more fun separately.) But, great use of Eric Roberts, amazing scenery and the story was decent, even if it lacked the subtlety and mystery of the last one. 

You just don’t need 5 f’s in a short movie or other type of media to make it “mature” or enjoyable. Ghibli films? No swearing. 90s star trek? Very little, and certainly no f’s, unlike now. ATLA? None, even if it’s branded as a kids show, but has a massive adult following. Star Wars? Same. Likewise, my own fics have no real swearing and have gotten lots of good reviews. I’ve just had it. I expected a couple, but that was excessive.

However, the accent improved and stuff. (For the record, I melted more over the deeper, gravel-y fake voice he had in the first installment. Would take that over more accent and the  dumb third person shtick.) The effects and backgrounds, ect. Couldn’t have been more perfect. As I said, the story was decent. Not great. Not really super interesting. A bit predictable. 

 As an alternative, I wrote my own short script. It doesn’t feel finished and needs polished. I did “Give in” to Gambit kinda stealing because what I had in mind wouldn’t have worked otherwise, but he doesn’t actually steal anything on screen or off. *Shrugs* It was something to do.

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I am a big fan of Gambit, and this fan made Gambit film is far better than what was given to use in the bad Wolverine Origins film. I was surprised they got Eric Roberts to play the villain, but it looks like Roberts had a fun time in the role. For a fan made film this Gambit is great that I would give a B+.

This fan made film that both Gambit and Rogue can be done right if handled properly. Hopefully I will see both characters done right by Marvel Studios in the years to come.

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“Better watch it. I touch your bare hand with mine, I’ll absorb your powers and psyche and all your memories”

“Maybe, maybe not. Want to take the risk, little River Rat?”

Gambit offers Rogue to hold his bare hand, even after she warns him about her deadly skin.

Source: X-Men (1991) #03, by Chris Claremont and Jim Lee.

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I asked the folks on the X-Men Amino if they would enjoy seeing X-Men imagines and people really liked the idea! So, now I need suggestions for which characters you all would like to see done!

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