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This is for my WIP that’s going to release after I finish The Multiverse of the Falcon and the Winter Soldier

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College!AU ; Magician!AU ; Theatre!AU ; Disability!AU

Pairings: Remy LeBeau x Anna Marie | Scott Summers x Logan Howlett | Erik Lehnsherr x Charles Xavier

Summary: The Incredible Gambit is a famous magician, but behind curtains there’s more drama and conflict than a simple card trick.

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Prompt: Two sisters fall for men that are absolute enemies. The love they have could tear all of them apart, or it could bring them together.

Word Count:2518

Warnings: Language,

Note: This is by far the longest thing I’ve ever written (including my novels). It’s a collaboration with the amazing @mrs-dragneel-stark-solo​​. It started as a funny “What if…?” and it evolved and got huge. This took two years to write. We are both proud and happy and we hope you enjoy it. It follows from Thor 1 to Endgame in the MCU. Some of the timelines may be off in order to fit certain people, and some characters may show up earlier or in different ways than they have in the movie. But for the most part, it follows the MCU. It also has a bit of crossover with some other Marvel characters throughout the story.

Masterlist for Unforeseen Chasm



You and Remy were at the Avengers compound now, and as crazy as it seemed, it did feel like home. You’d been gone five years, and yet, this place was exactly the same. The same smells, sights, familiar faces. 

Every Avenger welcomed you with open arms. Something you weren’t used to. Typically at least one or more of them were cautious of you for one reason or another. Perhaps time and distance made the heart grow fonder. Or less people made them start to value your existence more. Whatever it was… it felt good to be here. 

You were wandering around when you saw Bruce, Scott, and Rhodey in a testing chamber of sorts. Tony and Rocket were in full swing getting the time travel platform working, while the rest of the team worked on the suits.

Scott just went through one small test run in a matter of half a second before he came back and said, “Alright. I’m not ready for this.” 

“I am,” you said immediately, speaking up. “I’ll do it.”

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I wrote this fic for my wonderful friend @saviorsong Who wrote me a wonderful Kurt fic. I really wanted to repay the favor. They did not ask for this but I am doing it anyway.


You had to get so said your friends. It wasn’t good for you to stay in all the time. That is what leads you to being sat in a corner booth with both your friends either making out with their boyfriends or playing about on social media.

You sighed.

“(Y/n) You have finished your drink.”

You look down at your empty glass.

“I guess I will go get a new one.” You slide out the booth and fix your outfit slightly before walking the best you could in the heals your friends insisted on you wearing.

On reaching the bar you tried to push your way to the front only to be told to wait your turn by drunken lads. So you do. Or you would if the bar traffic actually moved once they got their drinks.

“Excuse me.” You tapped on rather large looking guy.

He turns around to look at you once before turning back and ignoring you.

“Need a little help there Cher??” A soft accented voice comes from behind you.

You turn to see a tall man in a what could only be described as a superhero get up.

“Actually yes. I’m trying to get a drink. But these bozos won’t move.” You hold up your glass to show him it was empty.

“I’m sure I can help.” He takes you glass and gives you a wink before pulling out a playing card. You were about to explain that it won’t help doing card tricks. But the card in question seemed to start glowing pink. He threw it in the air and BANG! It exploded. The patrons at the bar scattered and the man held out a hand, which you took and led you to the bar.

“So, what can ol’ Remy get you tonight?”

“Well, I would like (Y/f/d).” You go to pull out the cash for it but he stops you.

“Please let me.” He held up his hand and the bartender was straight to him.

He ordered your drink and a whisky for himself.

“So, what is a beautiful Belle like yourself doing in a joint like this?”

“Well, You see those ladies over there in that booth?”

“The ones ignoring the world. Oui.”

“Well they made me come out.”

“I’m glad they did. For you met me.”

“My someone is full of himself.”

“I will take that as a compliment.” He winks at you again. You felt you skin heat up slightly. You sipped from your drink. “You never told me your name Cher.”

“Oh, yeah I suppose I didn’t. My name is (Y/n).”

He takes your hand and bows. “Ma name is Remy Lebeau. A pleasure to meet you.” He presses a kiss to your hand. “(Y/n)” He gave you a dazzling smile. You definitely knew your cheeks were glowing red now.

“Such a charmer aren’t we.” You pulled you hand away to clasp it around your glass.

“You knew me being Cajun, it’s how we are born.”

You smirk and he slips his whisky.


Time seemed to past way to fast for your liking after you met Remy. Soon your friends where coming over and dragging you away. Not before your gave him your number. (Your idea not his) He bid you good night and that he will dream of the most beautiful belle he met that night.


Ta da!!!! Hope you liked it luv 

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X-Men #24
written by Fabian Nicieza
pencils by Andy Kubert
colors by Paul Becton

Rogue & Gambit #1
written by Kelly Thompson
pencils by Pere Perez
colors by Frank D'Armata

The addition of Gambit’s little smile is one of my favorite things from the Rogue & Gambit series. It is such a tender and sweet detail.

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Hestia was better at cooking than baking. She knew that. She was not arrogant, nor was she the type to assume a responsibility that was completely unnecessary. The problem was…she needed a cake for her daughter’s birthday, enough to feed at least twenty people since the party would be held at the X-Mansion. Renee would only be turning a year old, so it didn’t really matter if her baby girl liked the cake. But from the beginning, Hestia had vowed to be a better parent than the two she’d gotten–which meant trying her best when it came to her little one. And so far, she always had, considering the awkward situation.

That was the real problem: having to co-parent with Remy and Rogue. No one had entirely gotten over the whole “Hestia had Remy’s kid even though they never had sex or even tried dating” thing, and it was hard to forget when Renee, almost the spitting image of baby Hestia, had her father’s eyes. Remy and Rogue were both excellent with Renee, and they happened to be amazing bakers. Hestia just wasn’t sure if she was ready to ask them for a favor, even if it was for the child they all loved.

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If you are interested in the slightest of X-Men and want to interact with one else who may as well. Come to Twitter and Roleplay as your Favorite character and meet some lovely people and friends along the way. Just private message me if you have questions and orif you’d like to join.

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