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#renee walker
one-black-coffeee · 23 hours ago
Andrew Minyard being so taken by surprise the first time Neil gives him a direct compliment that he raises the percentage and leave the room entirely.
Andrew Minyard faltering when Neil grins and says his performance in the goal was amazing, stumbling slightly over the locker room floor.
Andrew Minyard brushing past and ignoring all the slurred comments of his attractiveness at Eden’s but holding onto his glass even tighter at Neil’s passing remark, “you’re good at picking your outfits, Drew.”
Andrew Minyard, up too late into the night, staring at blurring words on the screen of his computer until Neil helps himself to the essay at hand. he hates the heat flooding his skin when Neil kisses his cheek and says, “you’re smart, Andrew.”
Andrew Minyard covering his cheeks with his hands and willing away Neil’s words because he was never fond of compliments before but suddenly Neil’s looks coupled with the soft adoration make his heart race.
Andrew Minyard knowing Neil knows and hating that he doesn’t mind so much. because Neil grins and whispers and kisses the red that stains his cheeks and ears.
Andrew Minyard dropping essays in front of Neil to proofread and staring at him until Neil picks up the work and reads it over and promises Andrew “it’s good. you’re good at this, love.”
Andrew Minyard, tired, letting Neil hold him and whisper his lovely words and promises and compliments over and over, tracing freckles and warm skin. Andrew falling into Neil’s chest and closing his eyes, wanting to believe the beautiful things Neil says, wanting to let them exist for a time between them when Neil runs his fingers through Andrew’s hair and kisses him softly and brushes the tips of his fingers over the tops of Andrew’s ears and cheeks.
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The Foxes scale of Straight to Gay energy they radiate
1. Aaron: he's trying very hard to emanate Straight Energy
2. Dan: straight energy, but not trying
3. Allison: this is a bisexual. somehow no one noticed
4. Renee: this is a lesbian. somehow no one noticed. they're dating.
5. Neil: unknowable, true neutral. no energies to either side. demi king.
6. Seth: this man is bisexual and trying very hard to hide it. he somewhat succeeds.
7. Kevin: this man is bisexual and trying very hard to hide it. he doesn't succeed at all.
8. Matt: this man is bisexual and not trying to hide it
9. Andrew: a gay disaster when you know what to look for
10. Nicky: Nicky
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andrewsleftknee · a day ago
the Foxes make a multi-player minecraft world
she makes a big community house for everyone. they all have their own rooms, and she gives them spare materials so they can survive. she gets a dog that her and Matt name together, and it has their own bed in their room.
spends the entire time underground. he spends the first day gathering wood and food, and then explores for caves and ravines. he ends up thousands of blocks away from everyone and significantly more rich when he decides to make his house.
he just fucks around honestly. he’d be the first to find a village and just massacre them all and steal the cats. he shares materials with Neil, and he helps Neil build their own house in a flower forest (per Neil’s request). he teaches Neil how to tame animals so Neil can have his own pets.
he helps Dan build the community house. when it’s done he mines for materials for them. the first diamond he finds he gives to Dan as a minecraft proposal.
he runs away from everyone. he wants to find cool blocks and biomes, living as a nomad of sorts. a while after they start the world, he makes a mansion inside of a giant mountain. he’s also really good at redstone.
she doesn’t really know what she’s doing. she probably has a texture pack that makes all of the blocks very pretty, and she builds a house out of her favorites. it looks very ugly in the default texture pack.
he’s a minecraft veteran that’s so bad at the game that it’s sad. he is terrible at fighting mobs, so he opts to strip mine until he can get diamond armor. he’s terrified of the nether, and has only beaten the ender dragon in creative.
she makes a huge wheat farm and eats primarily bread. she has pens of cows and colored sheep by her house by the lake. she has a dock built where she likes to fish for treasure. she donates all of her fish to Dan and Matt at the community house.
he also doesn’t know what’s going on. he follows Andrew around mostly, joining him in his chaos. when he starts to understand the game better, he enjoys upgrading his materials and getting enchantments on his gear to have the best stuff. he often builds little gifts for Andrew too.
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neil-jortsen · a day ago
renee, getting ready to spar with andrew: let’s do this *cracks knuckles softly*
andrew: wow, your knuckles are quiet
renee: they’re polite
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princezukodiangelo · 2 days ago
who would win the marble game (from squid game)
aftg edition
Thanks to @neijostenjorts on tiktok for the idea
Andrew and Neil: they would have done what the girls did, everything or nothing. At the end, Neil would have tricked Andrew into going first and then he’d lose on purpose. Because Andrew has something to come back to. Andrew kisses him goodbye and doesn’t turn around when the guard shoots Neil.
Kevin and Wymack: obviously Wymack would let his son win. Kevin would be a crying mess by the end. But he would win (against his will)
Aaron and Andrew: Aaron wins, either Andrew tricks him (the way Sang Woo did to Ali but backwards) or he makes himself lose because there’s no way in hell Andrew is letting anything happen to his brother
Andrew and Renee: they would play fair. Renee would try to make herself lose but Andrew won’t let her, so in the end they have a fair game and I have no idea who would die.
Renee and Allison: they spent their time talking, when there are five minutes left Allison would beg Renee to let her lose, try to make a plan so the both of them win, Renee would fake accept and then she would cheat so Allison wins.
Dan and Matt: same as the other couples, would spent most of the time talking and finally they would play one game. Dan wins but when they hug, Dan interchanges the packs and then goes straight for the guard, she’s killed before Matt can say anything.
Matt and Neil: Neil would try to trick Matt, one way or the other. He can’t let him, he can’t let him die. Matt talks to him through the game, Neil holds him right before he gives up the last marble (Matt doesn’t know), Matt wins and Neil tells the guard. He’s killed in seconds.
That’s it. Thanks for coming to cry with me
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andylantsov · 13 hours ago
So I was wondering- what’s up with Nathan Wesninski’s roots? As in, is he just American, or does his ancestry reach back to some European country like I remember reading somewhere it does?
And if so, what place is it? Is it just hc, or actually canon?
If you know, do tell!
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kazzyboy · 15 hours ago
“Dan is team mom” this “Dan is team mom” that where is all the Renee love? Her and Neil spend too much time trying to wrangle the monsters and the upperclassmen into a functioning group. The audacity
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this-isnt-worthless · 2 days ago
Allison: bro, I had a dream were we fucked
Renee: it’s just a dream
Allison: yeah, I wouldn’t fuck you
Renee: you wouldn’t?
Allison: I mean, unless you want
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chuck-the-goon · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So I’ve been wanting to do my own twist on the Kathy Interview for YEARS, and I finally did it. Also did you guys know that Kevin turned down the choice to wear suspenders and I am upset.
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feluart · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Y'all be better taking a GOOD look at my CHILDREN!! I enjoyed drawing them SO MUCH and I finally got out of my comfort zone drawing only women 🙌🏻 (and yes I killed Seth but I'm not gonna be sorry for that)
🌈 My Instagram |  ☕ Buy me a coffee ☕ | Redbubble 🎈
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thespineoftherighteous · 3 months ago
David 'dad' Wymack things
"how did you get into my house?" (said in varying levels of pitch, at various times of the night)
"why did you get into my house?"
"yes you can spend the night" or alternatively : "please, make yourself at home" said sarcastically after child has already made themselves at home
not paying attention to the foxes conversation until he realizes that he was just used as an example of bad fashion choices by the team for Neil ("what's wrong with this shirt?" "er-nothing coach. it's just...not Neil's style")
having a record player in his office and getting made fun of for his music taste
"the kids"
"coach do you like my new haircut?" "hm?" "my hair?" "what about it?" "it's new" *stares hard* "yeah...yeah it's very pretty"
being caught off guard in the midst of a speech by one of their comments that was actually funny and breaking character
on that note- finding out that it's something of a game between them to get him to break whenever they can
"for the last time guys, no we cannot change the team color. yes i asked, multiple times, yes i know it messes with your 'aesthetic', it does mine too, no there's no one else I can talk to"
*stumbles through three other names before he gets the person he's actually trying to talk to*
"coach we brought you those chocolates you like" "really? i- no we're not cancelling practice today, nice try. go get ready. leave the chocolate"
*examines kid closely* "are you high?" "no coach" "your eyes are bloodshot" "yes coach" "...why are they bloodshot?" "long story short, it's exams season and i haven't slept in nearly sixty hours" "minYARD-"
hearing one of the kids casually mention something that happened to them when they were younger or catching a glimpse of scars he had forgotten about and remembering just who they are and what they've gone through and getting angry all over again
*furrows brows*
dressing up for sports banquet and getting "coach? is that really you?" from the boys and "aww coach you look so nice" from Dan and Renee and *stands up, walks over to him, straightens his tie, brushes off his shoulders, wipes away a pretend tear, fake whispers an "I'm so proud"* from Allison. every single time
holding his breath every time one of the kids doesn't get up right away after getting knocked down on court
worrying about them 25/7 but keeping his distance because he never wants to overstep (and asking Abby or bee to make sure one of them is okay instead, if he feels like something is wrong)
recognizing more pop culture references than he'd ever think himself able to, thanks to one Nicky Hemmick
"coach when you were younger did you have..." "how fucking old do you think i am?"
but still uses "back in my day" stories and just gets blank looks and polite nods back
*to himself while the monsters are arguing furiously* "i thought they spoke Spanish..."
"hey coach so i was wondering-" "get your ass back on court"
also literally just "get your ass" for everything: "get your asses showered and on the bus in half an hour" "get your ass out of my office" "stop bleeding all over me and get your ass to abby now"
getting offended by the increasingly transparent attempts at bribery
so. goddamn. many. #1 dad/coach gag gifts (he keeps them all)
"above my pay grade above my pay grade above my pay grade above my pay grade above my-"
additionally: *sees some kind of conflict* *turns around quickly* "not my problem not my problem not my problem not my problem not- oh fucking hell"
visibly thawing whenever he sees the kids bonding or having each others backs at banquets or getting over something or just showing any signs of healing
pacing in front of Abbyy for half an hour while ranting either about the kids or for the kids or on their behalf
"hey you, YOU. come here. how do I take a...a screenshot on this thing?"
replaying "that is enough" and every moment like it that came after in his head
pretending to have a frozen heart but tearing up out of pride on so many occasions: every graduation, giving Neil a side-hug and realizing after how far he came, seeing Neil and Kevin's faces the first time they have a proper holiday, watching Kevin walk out with his queen tattoo for the first time, seeing all the foxes packed together in the lounge freshly showered and exhausted but quietly brimming with happiness and pride after winning at the end of tkm, etc, etc, etc. and, whenever he gets caught: "aw coach you do care, you're a sap" *aggressively wipes face* "shut your bitch ass up, you terror"
*gruff voice* I'm proud of you, kid
*choked up* thanks Coach
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sickbunsbro · 3 months ago
the foxes as celebrities with paparazzi
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
matt and dan
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
allison and renee
Tumblr media
aaron and katelyn
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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batflsh · 5 months ago
Everyone loves acting like andrew is some sort of intense bad boy as if he didnt get renee to tell neil he was gay like a loser middle schooler getting his friend to confess for him during recess
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