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#renew jatp
isjatprenewed · 2 days ago
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once again, every time netflix posts about the show without renewing it a part of my soul dies
full disclosure no idea if netflix posted about the show but this has been in my drafts for forever and honestly i just needed it gone
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molinashimbos · 6 months ago
jatp: gets amazing reviews by audience and critics, 8.5 on imdb, 93% on rotten tomatoes
netflix: hmmmmm
jatp: wins a freaking mtv award
netflix: i cannot see 👁️👁️
jatp: wins three telltale awards
netflix: i am looking away 👀
jatp: gets 7 emmy nominations
netflix: i am suddenly blind
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juliespiano · 2 months ago
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In honor of it almost being the one year anniversary I am once again asking Netflix to renew jatp for her
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jealous-kippen · a month ago
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a meme, bc we’re all tired
[ID: 3 panels showing a scene from the movie “The Incredibles. The first two panel are the same fran showing a kid on a tricycle labeled “us”. The first panel is captioned with Mr. Incredible saying “what are you waiting for?”. The second panel the kid replies but the text is altered to say “i don’t know, a jatp renewal”. The third panel shows Mr. Incredible labeled as “netflix’s social media manager”. looking tired, he replies “me too, kid”. End ID]
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juliathephantom · 8 months ago
this gold star goes out to julie molina for managing to keep her performance flawless during stand tall when someone she thought she'd never see again appeared on stage with her. she thought the boys had been jolted out of existence, people, and she not only performed on stage without them, she nailed it, even with the curveballs of them reappearing and also luke flickering in and out for a bit. nice job, julie.
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kidovna · 10 months ago
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Girls don’t want a boyfriend. girls want a possible country song ft. this sub-unit in a second season. please @ Netflix I’m girls and I’d do anything for this. Give us a second season.
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yelenabelovaseyebrow · 6 months ago
emily, casually browsing the internet: wait, is that julie the sweet girl who came here sometime ago? hm, let’s check out her music!
*emily, after watching the video*
emily: what in the actual fuck knuckles shit fuck, is that my dead son???
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mouse-fantoms · 2 months ago
Events that have happened since Jatp Season 1 released:
Unsaid Emily is the most streamed Jatp song at over 30 MILLION streams
Bright is the most viewed performance video at 36 MILLION views
Charlie Gillespie & Owen Joyner have all become dog dads
Madison Reyes has a dog now
Jeremy Shada has released 9 original songs
Madison Reyes has released her first original song (along with a cover)
Owen Joyner constantly saying how he “can’t sing” and how he “can’t dance”
Two moonings by the cast have occurred on their insta’s
Julie and the Phantoms won Rotten Tomato’s Golden Tomato award for Fan Favorite series (it being “a competition for second place” because of how much Jatp was dominating the votes for first)
Edge of Great won MTV’s Golden Popcorn for Best Musical Moment (was pinned up against Agatha All Along (aka Marvel) and won)
EMMY AWARD WINNING SHOW (3 to be specific)
Has changed people’s lives in so many many ways
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constantly-singing · 8 months ago
Okay, so I have been DYING to talk about this and I finally have all the pictures I needed to make this into a full post.
The DETAILS that are in Julie in The Phantoms that show that Julie and her family are specifically Puertorican:
I have seen a few posts where fans are debating Julie's specific cultural background. As a latina (Puertorican) fan I found this so exciting and interesting. I was intrigued since the clues that show us she is specifically Puertorican are right there under our noses. (They're not THAT obvious I will admit but since it's MY OWN culture I instantly noticed them on my first watch)
Aside from the fact that Madison Reyes and Carlos Ponce are both Puertorican, the show nods at their Puertorican heritage with background details in the Molina household:
1. Right off the bat in episode 1 we see this painting right above the couch in the garage.
Tumblr media
This is a painting of "El Morro" in Old San Juan and a Flamboyan tree, a very comon tree on the island.
I couldn't find the original painting but here are some pictures for comparison
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
2. This art print of a "Vejigante" mask in Ray's office. The print even has the Puerto Rican flag on the art.
Tumblr media
Here is what I believe to be the original one on Etsy
Tumblr media
The Vejigante masks are a traditional wardrobe piece made by local artists and worn at carnavals and parades.
Tumblr media
3. This small painting in Julie's room is clearly a building in historic Old San Juan. It even has the blue cobblestone road.
Tumblr media
Here are some references for comparison.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
4. And last but certainly not least (especially since in my opinion this is the most obvious one) It literally says "Puerto Rico" on Julie's mom's chest.
Tumblr media
Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk 💜🇵🇷
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depressed-bi-nerd · 2 months ago
What I love about JATP is they didn't try to hide Willex in the background like they got just as many cute one on one scenes. Juke got a confession "yes I like them scene" but willex got a slow motion hair flip jaw drop scene. It's just I LOVE it.
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Thinking about how JATP gave us:
A badass POC main character
Two canonically gay characters (who weren't stereotypes!!!!)
A healthy, nontoxic, group of bros
A black best friend who was well developed and had a life outside of the main character
A secondary love interest who didn't act like a jerk when he got rejected
A wonderful and healthy family dynamic
While also giving us:
An absolutely banging soundtrack
A badass and stylish villain
A sweet and complex found family bond
A badass and stylish secondary villain
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