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hashiiras · 2 days ago
feat. giyuu, tengen, rengoku, obanai, sanemi, gyomei
! warnings are displayed throughout post
! female reader
! minors dni
ride him in his own shirt!!!! It will kill him!!!! xxx
! contains riding
the slow start, the buildup, the lewd sounds of your cunt squelching around his movements is all too much for tomioka to handle xxx
! contains fingering
gosh he absolutely destroys your guts in this position, the one leg up combo is lethal xxx
! contains penetration
a shameless quickie before the hashira meetings, locking yourselves in the bathrooms and being unable to keep your hands to yourselves because uzui just looks too good when he’s talking business xxx
! contains faster paced sex
hnnnnngggg nothing beats a hearty thigh ride for him, tread carefully as you rock your hips, seeking a beautiful pleasure from creating friction off of your boyfriend because he’s 10 steps ahead of you, ready to grip and control your speed xxx
! contains thigh riding
you can feel the passion and love in the way he touches you, fondling your clit and getting his digits all messy with your pussy juices stopppp xxx
! contains costumes and pussy play
handles you with upmost care, massaging your skin and kissing every inch of your body to make your body temperature heat up, to prepare you for what he wants to do with you xxx
! contains heavy kissing
in conclusion, it’s just impossible for obanai to keep his hands to himself :(( xxx
! contains light choking, hand around and in mouth
no thoughts, head empty, just a late night with ‘mi where the two of you get a little hot and bothered with hazy minds, playing with yourselves for each other <3 xxx
! contains mutual masturbation
a nice, sensual titty fuck will bring this man straight to his knees xxx
! contains tit fuck
:((( your size doesn’t matter at all because he will make you feel tiny in his hold, caressing your sopping pussy with his thick fingers, rolling your clit around and getting your sticky mess all over you xxx
! contains size difference,
are you fucking kiddingggg??? Gyomei 100% fucks exactly like this, the intimacy level is beyond the roof xxx
! contains penetration
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tengensblackwifey · a day ago
Hashira NSFW links
Tengen uzui 
1. Manhandling you 
2. Taking his big cock deep
3. A video you send him while he’s on a mission 
Obanai iguro
1. Dripping all over his cock
2. Throwing that ass back on him while he catches it all. 
3. Letting him kitten lick your clit 
Kyojuro Rengoku 
1. Riding him in the backseat of his car while creaming on him so good.
2. Pounding you in a mating press
3. Squriting so much becasue he fucksyou soo good. 
Giyu Tomioka
1. Riding him so good you get to hear his cute moans 
2. Hitting it from the back for the first time 
3. Missionary is so good with him 
Sanemi Shinazugawa
1. Fucking you rough on a table 
2. Slutting you out
3. Trying to ride his big cock before he takes control 
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druighoney · a month ago
[6:29 PM] — Tengen Uzui + jealousy
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⤷ CW. AFAB reader, Size kink, dirty talk, dacryphilia, degradation, choking, doggy style (bc I refuse to write mating press in a quickie), possessiveness, voyeurism, brat taming(?), clothed sex (naked female, clothed male), daddy kink, MDNI
⤷ Synopsis: You get punished for being a brat and flirting with another Hashira before a Hashira meeting.
⤷ Note. Pfft, imagine whoever you want as the "other Hashira". I'm going with Sanemi. Not proofread lmao.
Part 2 (rengoku's route) :: Part 3
#tags. @festive (viv imagining giyuu ik it) @i4nanami @manjiken @r1nf4iry
Tumblr media
You could hear Mitsuri's chatter through the thin walls,"You're getting wetter," Soft silver strands caress your skin while his deep voice falls melodically on your ear,"Does it turn you on to know that they could hear you if you're not quiet?"
You whimper at his jab, nails digging into the carpet and a sweet plea falls from your lips. A breathy chuckle sends shivers tingling through your spine,"Not much of a brat now, are you?" Painted nails left tiny crescents on your skin as his hips pressed flush to your squirming ones,"Just needed a good dicking down." He muses, strumming his fingers around your waist till he reached in between your legs,"And you're back to being an obedient slut for daddy." Tengen presses the pads of his fingers on your aching clit, rubbing deft circle on the puffy nub.
Your hands trembled under the weight of his broad chest against your back, the material of his vest flush on your bare back. A loud moan breaks through your restraint as you tumble over with a sudden hard thrust from Tengen,"Careful there," Teeth pull your earlobe in a teasing bite when you bury your face behind your folded arms, chest pressed to the scratchy carpet now, "Wouldn't want them to find out what a slut their fellow hashira is for the God of flamboyance, hm?"
A scoff bubbled up in your throat but it died as soon as Uzui's cock knocked at your cervix with the new angle,"Daddy! T'deep, please!" Your mewl satiated the burns of jealousy in his chest that were alight ever since he saw you flirting with the other Hashira. It might be hypocritical of him to be envious if you want another man, because he's got three wives but the insecurities in his veins won't let him admit it, that he's scared you'd leave him. So, he's here taking out his green sparks of anger on you, thick cock abusing your cunt in an unrelenting pace. Your kneecaps ached from kneeling on the floor, skin scratching with each thrust from the man behind you.
"Shhh," A huge palm covered your mouth, thick fingers draped over your lips. Eyes saturating with salty drops as you cry out in his hand,"Oh-fuck- you want them to find out, don't ya'?" Tengen bites back a grunt, faltering to grasp at the tiny tendrils of restraint he had to not cum right away because your cunt is gripping his length tighter than ever before,"Or maybe you're hoping he'd come over and fuck you." His words made you moan, the coil in your belly ready to snap.
"What a fucking whore you are, y/n." The hand slides down your jaw, the metal of his rings burning cold on your skin as his fingers wrapped around your neck,"Then I guess I'll have to fuck you like one," You yelp when his cock head kisses your cervix again, bruising your walls with such powerful deep thrusts,"Let them hear you getting fucked like you deserve." His voice is almost drowned out by the filthy wet slaps and you're sure if the other Hashiras didn't hear you yet, they absolutely can hear you now,"Like the whore you are."
"Maybe he'll hear you too." Tengen is merciless with his taunts,"And he'll realise that he can never fuck you like I can." He growls, hunky body lurching over your tiny one. You press your cheek to the bulge of his bicep as you feel his veins pulse against your gummy walls. You won't deny that having him all possessive over you turned you on but will you let him know? "Maybe he can fuck me better than you," Your eyes meet his with a turn of your head,"Daddy." Fuchsia orbs haze into darkness upon your words,"We'll see about that." Thumb and index finger pinches your clit harshly, a smirk tugs at the corners of his lips as your face twists, the coil snapping with wet warmth drenching his throbbing cock.
Tengen's gaze locks on the intruder's eyes, his hand gripping your jaw to tilt your face up to display the expression of ecstasy,"Doesn't she look pretty when she cums?" Through the ringing in your ears from the blissful orgasm, you register your boyfriend's strained growl before your tear hazed eyes focus on the other man at the doorframe.
Tumblr media
2021 © all content belongs to druighoney. Do not repost my work anywhere.
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1-800-asuka · 2 months ago
I literally got super horny thinking about what rengoku or giyuu might do if Tanjiro was flirting with their s/o because he didn't know
alr hear me out w/ rengoku and giyuu okay-
giyuu is more of a silent but deadly guy. so if he sees tanjiro flirting with you, all he has to do is give him a death glare and he'll back off. will also give subtle hints by calling you 'love' or 'dearest' in front of tanjiro. "i adore how you look today, love" or smthin similar and tanji will take the hint and just zoom tf away tomioka ain't a hard dom but he's not ashamed of marking you up and being rough in the bedroom, asking you who you belong to and fucking you stupid until the only thing you can babble is his name. will leave hickeys all over your neck and inner thighs, so that the next day once tanjiro sees he'll walk off and cover his eyes from embarrassment. mission accomplished, giyuu. now with rengoku? zoo wee mama get your wheelchair ready because once he sees tanjiro flirting with you he's not holding back. he does see kamado as a little brother and since hes currently training as his tsuguko he'll put him in his place. he'll just wrap an arm around you while you're talking to tanji, his hand slowly traveling further down until he's full on squeezing your tiddy in front of him with the most shameless smile on his face. about what i said with the wheelchair? yeah this motherfuckers breaking the god damn bed. has no shame in pushing you up against the wall so anyone who passes by can hear your loud ass moans. of course he's an absolute baby with aftercare but in the heat of the moment (that wasnt an intended pun i swear-) he could worry less. it takes you stumbling out of your shared room and seeing your hair all disheveled with bite marks on your collarbone and tanjiro gets the hint.
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muzanskimono · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
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renureshii · 10 days ago
Hashira Lip Services
Tags/Content Warnings: not-sfw/adult content, oral sex, cunnilingus, fingering, face-sitting for one Characters: Hashiras (Minus Muichiro Tokito), fem!reader, Hashira!reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media
» Giyuu Tomioka—
Giyuu carries his reserved nature in the bedroom - having not been with anyone else but you, he’s one who lacks experience. But he’s unusually talented. His sapphire blue eyes locked with yours, his head nuzzled between your thighs as his tongue kitten-licks your cunny with restrained hunger. He suckles on your clit, earning him some mewls he relishes in. His tongue works wonders around your pussy, flicking the tip of his tongue around the clit before dipping into your cunny to hear you squeal. His hands trail up and down your thighs, his fingertips tickling your skin as he slurps up your juices, groaning as you tugged at his black hair. His mouth envelops your cunt as you release, lips tensing as he swallows down your climax. Parting from your drenched folds, Giyuu gazes up at you, lips and chin soaked.
Tumblr media
» Tengen Uzui—
As much as he hates it, you’re the one of his four lovers he sees the least- seeing as you’re also a Hashira, and patrol a land far from his. But he always visits bearing gifts from Suma, Makio, and Hinatsuru, and of course, from himself too. Their gifts are always personal, intending on pleasuring you just to enunciate just how much they’ve missed you, and Tengen intends on delivering the message loud and clear. He drinks up your cries eagerly as he continues on with his ruthless motions, his tongue wiggling and flicking around your clit. His thick fingers curl inside you while they pump in and out of your dripping cunt. He makes no effort in silencing himself, drowning himself in lewd sounds of slurping and groaning. His hands grip your hips before tugging you close as you alert him to your rapidly approaching climax. His thumb takes over for a bit, teasing your clit as he rips out that release for himself.
Tumblr media
» Mitsuri Kanroji—
Oh, how the Love Pillar adores you. She’s such a sucker for morning cuddles, but as the two of you get more touchy, she finds herself sliding downwards between your thighs. Her cheeks are tinted pink, her lime green eyes locking with yours as she blinks with a sort of innocence. But her gaze turns as she trails loving but teasing kisses up your thighs, soft lips inching closer and closer until they pressed against your folds. She licks a line of saliva experimentally, her eyes watching your reactions before taking your squeaks and soft moans as reasons to continue. She’s more gentle in her motions; her licks are slow and savory, almost kisses while her fingers tracing hearts into the skin of your thighs to drown you in even more affection. She dips her tongue into you, moaning delightfully at your taste. Her thumb reaches over and teases your clit as her tongue playfully wiggles inside of you as she gets more into the motions. Mitsuri squeezes her eyes as you unexpectedly climax over her face.
Tumblr media
» Kyojuro Rengoku—
One of Kyojuro’s new favourite things is returning to you after a long and drawn out journey, but something he enjoys more is having his head trapped between your legs. His hands have a tight grasp on your hips, crescent shapes carved into your sides thanks to his nails digging into you. He devours you with little restraint, moaning into your already soaked pussy as he prods your insides with his tongue. Each time you squirm or twitch, he only brings you closer until his face is pressed firm against your hips, nose buried in your folds as his tongue flicks in and out of you. He pulls away, as much as he could with your legs wrapped around his head, and lets out a sigh. He smirks a bit before his lips envelop your clit, tongue flicking the bud with vigor, all to hear you moan out his name. He enjoys it; it’s music to his ears. His fingers slip into you, curling as he finds that special spot in an instant. As a moan rips from your throat, Kyojuro is quick to lap up any juices you squirt onto him.
Tumblr media
» Sanemi Shinazugawa—
God this man is aggressive; not in a bad way though. Sanemi, the moment you two had gotten some alone time, immediately went for some stress relief, and that included you. He insists on sitting on his knees and bringing your hips to his lips, rather than the other way around. He has you drape your legs over his shoulders as he immediately digs in. He ravages your sex like a starved man; and he definitely lets the world know what he’s doing as he’s easily the loudest— groaning, slurping, huffing and muttering playfully degrading comments into your body. His arms wrap firmly around your waist as his tongue drives into you repeatedly, flicking around your juices as he eats you out like a man on a mission. He growls as his eyes meet yours and his lips clamp around your clit, tongue swirling around the bud before he playfully tugs at it. He huffs and squeezes you as he relishes your squeaks and moans. Pulling away, he runs his flat tongue up your cunt before diving back inside, wiggling his tongue inside you. When you climax over his face, he laps it all up hungrily with a prideful chuckle.
Tumblr media
» Shinobu Kocho—
The first time the two of you got frisky, Shinobu wasted no time in making you cum just from her tongue and fingers. Now it’s almost like a requirement. She hums as you wail out, cumming over her lips again. “My, my, there’s the fourth time…” she teases with a lick of her lips. A moan rips from your throat as her lips press back into you. Her hands rub up your twitching thighs, keeping them in the upwards position while her mouth works wonders on your pussy yet again. Her tongue wiggles and flicks around your dripping sex, her pink lips coated in your slick. One hand slid down, letting your leg drop onto her shoulder. Shinobu’s fingers push into you finally, the sensation sending shock waves up your spine, almost bringing you to yet another orgasm.
Tumblr media
» Obanai Iguro—
Obanai loves it when you ask for it. He loves servicing you, loves watching you squirm, hearing you gasp out his name, begging for more. As he nips at your sex, his hand is tightly intertwined with yours, fingers squeezing your hand. His eyes watch your expressions as he expertly flicks his tongue around your folds. If you question him about his scars, he’ll reply with a grumble, “it’s fine.” Regardless, he still enjoys teasing your cunny while one hand holds yours and the other roams your body, squeezing your breast and pinching your nipple; if that’s what you so desire. Each time you come, he slurps up your fluids before planting a warm kiss on your sensitive folds and asking if you want more, or move onto the main dish.
Tumblr media
» Gyomei Himejima—
You actually had to bring up the idea to him and, despite hardly knowing much, he was very receptive. Gyomei, the gentle giant he is, knows his size and constantly worries that he may unintentionally hurt you while in the bedroom, to which he cries upon the thought. He lays on his back, instructing you over his face. He nods as you question him before he opts you to settle down on his face. The moment your sex comes in contact with his lips, Gyomei experimentally swipes his tongue between your folds. He enjoys the reaction he got and he continues, bringing his hands to your thighs. He guides your hips to rock against his face. As you rock your hips with the pace he sets, Gyomei lets his tongue waggle against your clit, dipping into your pussy each time you push forward. He loves your taste on his tongue, and he vocalizes his thoughts with soft groans into your body. When you pick up the pace due to your climax rapidly approaching, his grip tightens and he lets you take control.
Tumblr media
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sanemiangel · 8 months ago
breeding kink hcs featuring-
☾*✲⋆giyuu, sanemi, kyojuro, fem!reader
18+ minors DNI
☾*✲⋆.cw- breeding kink, pregnancy kink
Tumblr media
didn’t realize he had the kink until he started dating you. he knew what kinks were but never really put much thought into them until the two of you got together.
it wasn’t until he said it in the heat of the moment while the two of you were mid fuck was this revealed in your relationship.
“oh fuck, ah shit, i’m gonna cum, gonna cum inside you, gonna breed you”
realizing what just came out of his mouth he froze in sheer shock. he can’t believe he said something so depraved. and in-front of you of all people.
but when he feels you wrap your legs around him and moan in response, it’s like you lit a fire within him. which spurs him on to fold your legs back and put you into a mating press.
fucking you for the rest of the night like that until you pass out in each-others embrace.
has a breeding kink, and would not mind getting you pregnant one bit.
Tumblr media
he always knew he had one. he knows what it is. and this man is obsessed with you. ever since you both met. you have him at your beck and call. and he loves it.
but it also causes him to be extremely possessive of you. whenever someone so much as looks at you he wraps his hand around your waste and scowls at the offender.
sometimes he ponders how deep that this goes. he already has a ring in your finger. regularly marks your neck all over as a habit.
his mind starts to linger to thinking of you swelled with his child. the ultimate indication that you belong to another man.
thinking of you waddling around your home belly swelled and breasts heavy. he feels his cock hardening in his pants.
so when you come home that night, sanemi already is all over you. simple touches turn into him kissing your neck, he’s asking for your consent to take this further. you enthusiastically agree to what he’s implying because truly you can never get enough of your husband and his insatiable ways.
you’ve talked about having children before the concept isn’t foreign to you.
so he’s already got you bent over the kitchen table. with promise of filling you up until it takes.
“oooh fuck yes, i’m gonna fill you up, over and over again, show everyone youre mine, that i own you and this cunt”
you don’t complain
Tumblr media
mans also knew he had the kink, although not as possessive as sanemi, he’s a very passionate lover like everything else he does.
he is also a very proud man, proud of his beautiful wife. proud of the life he’s built with you.
you know he wants to start a family, that he wants a happy family in his life more than anything.
but you didn’t know his breeding kink would show up in your marriage so early.
not soon after you got married as he was balls deep inside you was the first time he brought it up.
“take it, take it all, fuck that’s it”
“gonna get you nice and bred for me, can you do that? take my seed, give me a child?”
“you’d look so radiant pregnant, i don’t think i’d be able to keep my hands off of you”
insatiable man, fucks you like this almost every night. with the same promise.
Tumblr media
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tetsvrei · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
𖦹 18+ aged up kamaboko squad + kyojuro x g/n reader, mild n!sfw 𖦹 a/n: reposted from my main/sfw blog: @quirrrky {edited to be spicier 💦)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tanjirou intensely loves you. This boy would definitely be intense with you in feelings 💖. His tenderness is on umpteenth level. He is extra slow and very precise it’s almost a place unexplored. You gotta be begging him please. Like a lot. He’d see into it that there’s not a significant distance between you and would snake himself around you. Your breaths in each other's lips as he penetrates you super deep. Every movement of his lips on your body is a kiss and yes, that sweet sweet mouth never leaves you.
He’s in love with your moans, he hears them as your ‘i love you’s’. This boy would shower you with compliments and he’d say it like he’s breathless over you every time
“Sweet…you’re just so sweet.” he’d tell you whenever he’d get a taste of your skin, your lips or your pussy/dick. But ain’t he the sweetest? His gentle words and profession of love is reflected by how gentle yet firm he holds your hips. You feel the intensity of his emotions for you by how he pushes in and out, losing himself into you. Tanjirou’s very last cry is your name and you cradled him to your arms as you drowned in his love. Not to mention, aftercare king.
Zenitsu intensely worships you. This simp is down for any kink you want. Roleplay? You got it, honey!
“R-really, you want that? a-are you serious?” his voice gradually diminishing from neurotic to shy.
As long as it doesn't hurt you.
Deep inside though, he is already planning to deliver what you desire. because he’s goddamn prepared. All the time.
He’d be your master, your servant…he’d be anything you’d ask him to. Your pleasure is his command. His best role ever. He’s your genie in bed and would grant any of your wishes, constantly asking you if he’s doing it right, do you feel good, and lavishing you with how much he’d do everything for you.
Harder? He’d do it and he won’t stop until he sees satisfaction in your face, in the trembling of your body and in the way you cried out his name.
But if you want the other way around…
This boy won’t hesitate to dominate you if that’s what you like…would even get fired up when he notices your excitement. It’s exciting because you get to see the serious part of him in a pleasurable way. He’d grip on your wrists very tightly until he leaves marks which he will be kissing in the morning, because you want master to do it, right?
He’d tease you, tentatively kissing the inside of your thighs and letting out soft breaths on your most sensitive part, “You want this, y/n? Tell me. I want you to say it.”
Is he asleep? No, but this is how intense he would go just to satisfy you.\
Inosuke is intensely animalistic. He learned of mating watching animals. All he knows was that rough pounding, grinding and mauling. Prefers to take you from behind. In his eyes, you're a prey and like a predator, he'll devour you. Biting and gripping on you so roughly it will definitely leave marks he'd be proud to have on you.
"How're you feeling it, Y/N?! Do you want it harder?!" He roars and groans like a lion.
Would bite and pounce you like a tiger, until you just feel so full and almost close to sore you're losing your mind.
You can't help but loudly express the overwhelming pleasure he brings you. Your head is filled by the sound of your groaning and your bodies bumping against each other as he grind on you raw.
He is from the wilderness and definitely, drives you wild, you'll forget you're both humans. Inosuke muffles your scream with a kiss as you scratch his back. As you calmed down together, he held you close in his arms, all wrapped around you like snake. Then, your eyes met and you know he's down for another again.
Kyoujurou is just intense, very intense. Under his touch, you’re like a moth drawn to a flame cuz he’s the flame pillar after all. You feel vulnerable and exposed but loving it.
With that dirty mouth of his, he’d kiss you in the dirtiest way and would say the dirtiest things.
“Just hear how wet I made you.”
“This feels too good, Y/N. Do you feel it too? Yes? Yes?”
How you’d wish he’d stop talking because it’s making you feel even hotter/harder/wetter, but you cannot help but answer, “Yes! That’s it! That's so good.” God damn, it's just his tongue! And if that isn’t still enough, he feels more energized hearing your intoxicated helplessness.
“Now, we’re going deeper," as he dug deep inside of you, you feel your hole stretching. He burns you in pleasure with every thrusts as your head spin, hazy fire red in your vision. You scream his name as he takes you there. He collapses on you and cuddles.
Looking at you, a smile formed on his face. “You were quite loud back there. It’s cute!”
Your face heats up and it is sure that you’re blushing like hell. It’s his fault!
Tumblr media
© tetsvrei 2021 - All rights reserved. No work shall be reproduced, reposted, modified, translated in any form or by any means.
Tumblr media
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chiwhorei · 8 months ago
𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐥𝐢𝐩𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐥
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: kyojuro rengoku x fem!reader
genre: smut, drabble, 18+ mdni
word count: 400~
tags: oral, overstim, squirting
a.notes: i. don’t. know. what. happened. this one’s for @lumos-flies, i lub u big smooches. also it’s really short i wrote it on my lunch break BYE.
hymn: mine - bazzi
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Kyojuro eats with his mouth open. There’s no need for manners when you’re pressed snugly between his teeth.
You’re on fire, fever painted down every plane of skin.
“Please, I- I can’t.”
There’s nothing left to give him, there’s nothing left to take. A sheen of sweat covers you, quivering, crying.
Your muscles scream where your voice is small, thighs shaking in Kyo’s hold. He steadies you with rough palms, rubbing up and down your thighs from where they’ve been thrown over his shoulders.
“You can give me one more, you’re my good girl.” Unfair, he knows exactly how praise melts away at your resolve and trickles down into the sheets.
With every long lash or Kyo’s tongue, he kisses you. Open-mouthed, sucking your clit and releasing with a pop. He eats every meal as if worried it’ll be his last, he savors every drop. Delicious.
You try to ground yourself, twisting fingers into Kyo’s blonde hair. You’re convinced— cracking at the edges and shattering completely, that must be his goal. He’ll fill the spaces in between with pleasure as thick as fog.
He’s stolen three already, throwing you into orgasm and watching as cold shock dissolves into honeyed whimpers. Twitching after one, delirious after the second. You’re boneless now, pliant but aching. Sore and tired as Kyo chases after your release once more.
The tips of thick fingers dig into the fat right below your ass, lifting you up slightly for a better angle. His tongue is deep, salving around your lips just to drive you crazy. He wants to drink you in, drowning before relenting.
Your orgasm is building again, strong and fast with every stripe of skilled mouth. You’re babbling, something close to please and more and—
“I’m gonna, I’m, ah-”
It’s a different feeling to the previous, ice dips into your blood and shoots through every vein. The buildup pulling all sense from your body and dropping you over the peak. He’s covered in you now, face and chest. Wet, so sweet.
It’s gentle— the descent, the lips that steal are the same ones that bring you back down to earth. He kisses up your stomach, brushing over your neck, your cheeks. He laughs into your lips, you whine when he pulls away to take a good look. Kyo only allows himself to stare for a moment before lying down to pull you in close. If he didn’t, he’d stare forever. At the mess, at the beauty. He steals one last kiss. He smiles.
Tumblr media
✞ all writing is dymphnasprose’s original content, please do not repost or modify. do no read my content as asmr.©️
Tumblr media
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kyojurosflame · a month ago
tags; f!reader, established relationship, mutual masturbation, phone sex, praise, one singular use of daddy, dirty talk, breeding if you squint (there's always breeding who am i kidding)
rengoku kyojuro calling you while away on a mission, his hand already fisted around his cock. when you first see his name pop up on your device, you're hit with a wave of anxiety. you weren’t expecting a call from him for at least another two days, and it was late at night. "kyo?" you pick up timidly, not sure what you were about to hear.
what you're met with is a breathy moan that is undeniably your beloved. a moan you know all too well. "fuck, h-hey baby." he breathes into his phone, his hand sliding up and down his cock in quick strokes. "needed your voice, darling. talk to me." kyojuro pants, causing your imagination to paint you an awfully pretty picture.
you can see it so clearly, kyojuro sprawled out on his back, legs open just enough for you to slide between them. you can picture the sweat forming on his forehead, strands of his bright hair sticking to the skin. his arms, you can clearly see the veins in his forearms sticking out as he worked his cock. you bite your lip as you feel that delicious heat spread through your body. "what should i talk about, hm?" you ask, a teasing tone in your voice.
kyojuro huffs a laugh, you picture the smile on his face. "c'mon, baby. don't be like that." his sentence breaks off into a groan. "need you. need you here on your knees, such a good girl you are." you let him talk, your own hand slowly sliding under the waistband of your pajamas. "you'd do that for me, yeah?" he asks, you have to bite back a moan.
"course, daddy. anything for you." your voice falters as the pad of your finger slowly circles your clit. kyojuro doesn't bother holding back his moan, always so vocal when he's turned on like this. "so hot." he sighs, hips bucking into his hand. "nothing compares to having you here, wanna have that perfect little cunt squeezing my cock." his voice wavers, you know he's close and your desire only skyrockets thinking about his cock, thinking of being full, so full.
"fuck kyo," you whimper into the phone, any hint of embarrassment flying right out the window. kyojuro smirks to himself, so happy to see you joining him without even being asked. "ah, good girl. touching yourself for me?" his grip tightens on his cock, trying to keep from cumming just from the image of you with your hands down your pants. "mhm, not as good as you." you whine, almost struggling to remember to hold the phone to your ear.
kyojuro struggles all the same, breathing heavily as his cock aches for release. "such a waste to cum in my hand when i could be painting your insides, fuck it's my favorite. you're all mine princess, you look so pretty dripping with my cum." you have to bite back the cry that threatens to ring far too loud in your room alone as you feel your core tighten.
"k-kyo, gonna cum." you pant, eyes shut tight as heat surges through you. kyojuro groans into the mic, you can so clearly see his face. "yeah, cum for my doll. cum to the thought of what I'd be doing to you if i were there." he shudders his last words, spilling over his hand and stomach an instant later. you're not far behind, orgasm rolling over you in waves as your walls desperately clench on nothing, unfortunately.
there's a moment of silence after, both you and kyojuro catching your breath before you hear a low chuckle. "i uhh, should probably go shower, my love." kyojuro speaks, voice more hushed now that the adrenaline has worn off. you smile to yourself. "love you. get home safe, okay?" your heart flutters at the thought of having him home in your arms once more. "of course, i love you too. get some sleep." he says his goodbyes before ending the call to clean himself up.
you close your eyes as the silence takes over, feeling too relaxed to get up and clean off right at that moment. you hear your phone vibrate and your eyes widen. you weren’t expecting a picture from kyojuro. especially not him standing in front of a full length mirror, still unclothed. you can see the mess he made on himself, the sticky substance light on his toned skin. he's still hard, holding his cock in his free hand. you throb at the sight. "such a shame someone isnt hear to help me clean up..." the text above reads.
you end up calling him right back, a video chat this time.
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elysianslove · 8 months ago
kyojuro with a breeding kink...be my baby daddy/husband pleath 🧎🏽‍♀️
pls i haven’t written smut in a whole month give me a minute before i get back to writing as well as before shdbjxd,,, anyways
kyojuro with a breeding kink i agree
kyojuro warning you as you ride him so pretty that he’s close, so close, gonna cum, and his heart dropping so quick when he hears you say it’s okay, want you inside. you’re clenching and squeezing him so tight, your chest flush against his as his arms wrap tighter and as he fucks up into you.
he’s dizzy with want and need and desire and lust and all he can think about is your tummy bulging because he’d filled you up with his cum. he’s gasping and panting as he presses you tighter against him, leaving you motionless as he fucks into your cunt. he’s cursing and grunting out, “fuck, fuck,” because you feel so good, so fucking good all warm and wet and good.
but the true, final straw is your whine, your mewl, your sob of, “wanna make you a daddy, kyo,” followed by loud cries and pleas and god, you’re begging for it.
“yes, yes, fuck— i’ll breed ya,” he promises, one hand rising from your back to cup the back of your head, burying his face in your neck as he thrusts and fucks, balls tightening and cock twitching; till he spills, cums so much, fills you up so good.
you’re hiccuping on your sobs, gasping out small, “thank you, thank you thank you—“ as he buries himself deep, so deep, making sure you’re properly full of him, only him.
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yourdreamingjennn · 2 months ago
𝐇𝐚𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐫𝐚 𝐬𝐚𝐲𝐬/𝐝𝐨 𝐰𝐡𝐢𝐥𝐞
𝐝𝐨𝐢𝐧𝐠 ‘𝐢𝐭’ (𝐍𝐒𝐅𝐖)
Such sinful thoughts always leads to pleasure.
Tumblr media
Male edition
Rengoku Kyojuro
He often strokes your hair and ghosts kisses your neck up to your shoulder. He is very... enthusiastic while doing it. And is loud in more ways than one. He does not lose stamina so good luck with unlimited rounds. He loves it when you ride him.
You will see the diversity of his beaming self and extremely lustful side.
"I need to feel you against me.”
"I can't wait any longer, sunshine."
"Do not fret! Lay down, and I'll take care of you.”
"Just like that... You're so good."
“I really liked it when you're tied up.
Let’s try that again!”
"Ha — aaa Sunshine! You're taking me so well."
"I love the way you react,
— give me more my love."
"You're s-so good —I love you —Fuck!"
"Amazing. Do you want to do it again? Okay!"
Shinazugawa Sanemi
Filled with swearing and instant penetration. He doesn't waste his time being inside you. Also likes to pull your hair; traps both of your wrists behind you while he thrusts from behind; have your face sinking unto the bed.
You'll wake up with a sore body and his head buried in your chest.
"Yeah? I'l shut you up, but you might
moan a little."
"I can't wait to fuck you tonight."
"I fucking love it when you scream loud."
"Especially when it's my name."
"You look appetizing squirming like that."
"I-I'm fucking you so good aren't I?"
"Look at your pussy dripping for me."
"Get over here, you little cunt."
"S-say it! Say how much you… want me."
“Round three motherfucker!”
Uzui Tengen
Full of spanks.
Oh, he loves foreplay. Definitely flamboyant when it comes to making you wet. He's got every trick and every toy you could and couldn't imagine if it means bringing you a parade.
Not to mention that he is also a master of his expertise and perfectly executed any position that comes to mind.
"Who's your daddy?"
"I missed your pinkish lips around me, ya'know?"
"You taste so good, babygirl."
"Look at me b-baby.
You’re tightening around me so good.”
"Come on, you want it?"
"On your knees my little whore."
"Daddy's gonna roll."
"Fuck you baby — yeah, just like that."
"Don't be stubborn.
You're practically tied up flamboyantly."
"Wanna go again?"
"Say please daddy and I'll fuck you so hard."
Tomioka Giyuu
This man is very quiet. But before you know it you'll be moaning his name so loud because he's already kissing your spot so deep within. He loves to hover atop of you and is conscious if he would hurt you. But when he gets in the heat of the moment you'll have your sanity gone.
And he also loves curling his hand with you and wants you to embrace him.
"I've thought about you all day."
i"It's hard not to."
"Tell me what you want me to do."
"You... look so good."
“I want to hear you..."
“Did I hurt you?”
Gasps everywhere. Raspy grunts.
"Hmm, go to sleep."
Obanai Iguro
Hisses everytime and anywhere. He is fond of caressing and roaming his palms around your body; loves to bite and nips your supple flesh, and leaves marks all over your skin. Looks at you too deep and intimidating — one round is enough to have you explode.
His favourite is eating you out.
"Let me taste you."
"Aren't you such a slut?"
"There... just like that, but don't come yet."
"Touch yourself."
“Look at you - dripping for me. You want it?"
"Why did you come? huh?"
"I'm gonna have to punish you."
"Louder ngh— plead for more."
"Fuck you're so tight—"
"(Y/n)... Haa Shit — (Y/n)!"
Gyomei Himejima
"Namu amida butsu."
Wholesome but wrecked.
I'm sorry I just can't QWQ
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minifuyu · 4 months ago
some random thoughts about some of the hashira men <3
uzui is so sexy. so big. so strong. he is so sexy and he KNOWS it. only has one hand but he knows exactly how to use it. he’s so strong pls it makes me dizzy, could lift you against a wall and fuck you up and down his cock. LOUD. doesn’t shut the fuck up, always moaning that he feels so good, and that you’re so good. can see him being pretty laid back but also very possessive. hickeys all over your body, your poor neck never gets a break. it takes a lot of convincing but he eventually lets up and buys you a necklace instead, a subtle but sweet display that you’re taken. he obviously has a matching one too, and you know it’s the flashiest. has your initials engraved on it and yours has his. can be pretty cute when he’s not so far up his own ass. very fond of quickies, doesn’t even care about getting caught either. loud as fuck too, probably wants to get caught. loves seeing how embarrassed you get, lives to see you squirm.
sanemi is so mean but he’s pretty so it’s okay. he’s also kinda terrifying but again it just adds to the appeal, makes all the praise he gives you worth it. even when he’s being mean he doesn’t fail to remind you how pretty you look, even if he calls you a slut right after. he always reminds you that you’re his slut though, so i guess it’s fine (it definitely is). gets flustered easier that he’d like to admit, doesn’t take much more than a simple ‘daddy’ and a small pout to have him crumbling. self indulgent but i feel like he’s a good cook too, always makes sure you eat and drink enough throughout the day, likes to have meals together with you too. a giant softy deep down. indifferent to quickies but will indulge you if you’re that desperate.
giyuu is just, giyuu. man of little words, quiet men always have the best dick and he is no exception. isn’t too loud or vocal, probably gets louder and whinier as he’s about to cum. probably a crier, a very pretty crier. gets pussy drunk immediately, sometimes sobs as he’s sinking his cock into you, poor baby sometimes gets overwhelmed by how warm and snug your cunt feels around him. very easy to fluster, bring up how cute he sounded crying the night before and he’ll turn bright red, leaves the room immediately LOL. not a big fan of quickies, way too scared of being caught, would much rather drag you home and fuck you there instead.
rengoku is so proper, so thorough. when he has a job to do he does it properly and to The Best or his ability, has so much stamina too. sometimes doesn’t realise he’s been subconsciously edging himself for the past hour because ehe was so focused on making you cum and making you feel good. can go round after round, sometimes unbearably so. constantly has you fighting for your life while he coo’s at you with sweet praise, always lets you know how good you’re doing and how well you’re taking him. could see him being into quickies now and again, buttt he’s pretty loud so he would most definitely get you both caught.
obanai is also a quiet man i feel like he’s mean, but mean without trying. he’ll comment “you’re already so wet and i haven’t even touched you, do you get this worked up for just anyone?” and the fact he’s not even trying to be condescending makes his words sting all the more. can see him being big into bondage both for the aesthetics and the control. likes to make you look pretty before he inevitably ruins you, takes pictures to commemorate the occasion. purely self indulgent but could also see him with a split tongue. a giver more so than a receiver but sometimes he just really craves your attention, likes to feel you against him both during intimate moments or when you’re just laying on the couch. doesn’t get flustered too easily but when he first saw how cute you looked crying for him it stirred something inside him, every time he recalls the memory he has to go take a breather. not so a big fan of quickies, but rile him up enough and he’ll fuck you in the nearest confined space.
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druighoney · 5 days ago
—How they like it!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Synopsis: K!nk hcs
Note: this was supposed to be AOT cast k!nks but then I added Bakugo and tengen and proceeded to make this a multifandom disaster....
CW: f! reader, aged up chars, brat taming, daddy k!nk, size difference, breeding, crying, biting. Mdni.
Fandoms: aot, tokrev, mha, jjk, haikyuu, demon slayer, genshin impact.
#tags. @festive @yuujispinkhair @ztoji @saintshinobu @gabzlovesu
Tumblr media
Reblogs and interactions are appreciated!!
Tumblr media
—Brat taming
“Aw, do you want help with that?” His voice cooed at your sob, his fingers drumming lightly on your clit before slapping the poor swollen nub,"Ah— please, please daddy!" You cry out as his thick cock bullies into your already abused cunt with vigor, “Tell me what you want me to do, brat.” He pinches your clit before you're stumbling on your words,"Need you to make me cum,"
"You wanna cum?" He taunts, grabbing your jaw, “If you beg, you can cum.” Your fluttering eyes catch a glimpse of the sadistic glint in his eyes, a whimper of pleas bouncing off your tongue. With a condescending chuckle, he kisses your lips as his cock nudges the rough patch deep inside you, "You're gonna cream on my cock, hm?" He smirks as he feels your pussy flutter around his shaft,"Not so much of a brat now, are you?"
zeke, eren, erwin, levi, kenny, miche, atsumu, sakusa, kuroo, daichi, iwaizumi, sukuna, gojo, toji, tengen, sanemi, bakugo, dabi, shinsou, aizawa, childe, kaeya, sanzu, mikey, rindou.
Hot puffs of breath left your parted lips as you tipped your head back. You whimper his name so sweetly yet it's drowned out by the wet slaps of his skin on yours,"Look at you," His thumb wiped away the tears staining your burning cheeks. He smirks as he watches a fresh roll of pearly droplets run bubble up in the corner of your eyes,"Crying s'sweet for me."
"Daddy," Your glassy vision focused on him, witnessing the wicked curl of his lips,"It's all for daddy, yeah?" He ground his hips sharply into yours, plucking broken moans along with your sniffles. You can feel his cock throb against your walls as he remained snug inside you. He lowers his head to let the tip of his tongue flick against your tear stained cheek, humming at the salty taste of it,"I'm fucking you that good, huh?"
zeke, eren, armin, jean, porco, levi, erwin, geto, megumi, gojo, akaza, sanemi, shinjuro rengoku, shoto, keigo, shigaraki, kaeya, childe, kyotani, tsukishima, kenma, tendou, akaashi, ran, wakasa, sanzu, izana, draken, mitsuya, hanma.
"Mine," You gasp at the sting from his teeth bruising your skin. His chest rumbles with a deep growl under your palms. The possessiveness flirting in his eyes made shivers fizzle through your spine. He slides his fingers into your hair, tugging your head back with a yank to expose more of your neck,"Wait! Not there, 's difficult to hide—" Your protest dies down as he mouths hot on your throat,"Who said anything about hiding?"
He bites down on your skin, leaving a prominent mark of his teeth,"You're mine n' the others should know that," You swallow a loud moan as he thrusts deep into you, leaving yet another stinging bite on your shoulder,“Now why don't you scream my name, show everyone who's fucking you so good right now. Hmm?”
porco, eren, bert, reiner, connie, itto, childe, zhongli, kaeya, diluc, gorou, akaza, bakugo, kirishima, yuuta, megumi, sukuna, toji, geto, kyotani, ushijima, atsumu, mikey, baji, wakasa, koko
—Size k!nk
"I can't— 'S hurting," He shushes your whines with a roll of his hips, pushing a few more inches of his throbbing cock in your pussy,"Yes, you can, 'm almost there," His voice is a strained grunt as he struggled with holding back the urge to thrust all the way in. Your thighs trembled as you panted,"Here," His hands engulfed yours, large fingers intertwining with your smaller ones,"I'll hold your hand through it, yea?" Swiping his thumb over the back of your hand, he threw a smile your way.
You clung onto him tightly as he finally bottomed out, squeezing his hand like your life depends on it. A breathless chuckle brushes against your ear,"See, told you that you can." He growls as he pulls out halfway before slamming in roughly. His thick cock dragging heavy against your walls made your mind go numb, "Now take it, take it all, baby."
jean, reiner, bert, erwin, marco, tengen, kyojuro rengoku, kirishima, deku, denki, mirio, bakugo, yuji, gojo, draken, itto, zhongli, thoma, kazuha, osamu, atsumu, bokuto, aran, suna, sakusa, oikawa, lev, asahi
—Breeding k!nk
His hand pressed on your belly, smiling when he felt the movement of his cock inside you,"Be good now." Your whimper is brushed off curtly as he ruts into you with a steady pace. Dragging your nails down his back, you trembled under him, feeling the pangs of your orgasm as he tipped you off with one harsh thrust. He growled as you came with a scream of his name,"You want it inside?"
"Yes daddy, plea—" Before the words can bounce off your tongue, you feel him pounding into you in an unsteady fashion, hasty and deep, "Gonna make you all round n' swollen with my baby, ya'll be a nice mommy f'me yea?" Your pussy tightened at his words. The look in his eyes is somewhere between possessive and protective as he pulls out, grabbing your knees and pushing them up against your chest, "Make sure not to waste it. Even a single drop."
jean, reiner, erwin, rengoku, tengen, shinjuro rengoku, gojo, nanami, toji, bokuto, kita, hinata, ushijima, itto, childe, zhongli, albedo, sanzu, kazutora, kakucho, draken, dabi, keigo
Tumblr media
2022 © all content belongs to druighoney. Do not repost my work anywhere.
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bakugosbratx · 13 days ago
Can I mayhaps request giyuu, tanjiro, and rengoku relationship hcs sfw and nsfw.
Tumblr media
Warnings: 18+ Content. Angst, fluff, sexual intercourse, kinks, dick sizes, sadism, marking, switch, daddy kink, praise and degrading kink, choking, pet play mentioned, voyeurism, etc.
A/N: Hello nonnie! I hope you enjoyed these HCs :) since no pronouns were stated, I did it GN. @kireirengoku confirmed all dick sizes with me.
Tags: @knyplaymatemansion @kireirengoku @cherrykamado @spidermilfs @renhoeku @ovarysnake23 @planetonet
Tumblr media
• Giyuu is the most observant and oblivious person there is. So, he isn’t always the best at picking up signs, but one thing is for sure: he is protective over the ones he loves.
• Giyuu is very protective of you and gets visibly angry if anyone hurts or upsets you.
• Giyuu has a strong sense of justice and loyalty. Therefore, he will not tolerate any disrespect towards his lover. Whether that be from one of his team members or a demon, he is quick to save the day.
• Giyuu leaves you little gifts from his travels. Whether that be a pebble shaped into a heart, a special type of flower, or some jewelry, he always tries to get you gifts to show you are always on his mind.
• Giyuu is still not the best with words. If you are upset, he will do little things to cheer you up. Such as draw you a bath, cuddles, give you some tea, etc.
• Giyuu loves to cuddle. Having you in his arms is his safe haven. Especially when he sleeps so he knows you are safe.
• Giyuu has little pet names for you. His favorite to call you is, “love” or “my love.” He also calls you “baby,” “dear,” “angel,” etc.
• Giyuu loves when you play with his hair. He doesn’t let many touch it, but you are the exception. He likes when you massage his scalp or play with his long locks.
• Giyuu is not one for PDA (personal displays of affection) so don’t expect him to be all lovey dovey with you in public. Except if someone flirts with his significant other. Then you can expect his arm snaked around your waist as the person gets death glares or a remark from Giyuu.
NSFW 18+
• Popular belief is that Giyuu is vanilla in the bedroom and to that I say, to you are correct. But it doesn’t mean he doesn’t pleasure his lover.
• Oh, I promise you, kinky or not, Giyuu is sure to have his lover stuffed with his nine and half inch cock.
• And you will be taking all of it. Whether you like it or not because overtime, there is a dark side to Giyuu not many people know. The sadistic side. The kinky side.
• Giyuu loves to watch you beg for mercy, your little holes just taking in all of his cock. Incase you didn’t know, he has a size kink.
• Also loves to mark you up. It is more private since he doesn’t want the others to see what he does to your delicate skin, but those thighs, chest, stomach, etc. is covered in his lips and bite marks.
• He is also into bondage.
• Enjoys edging you when you have been naughty. Better beg extra good if you want to cum anytime soon.
• Pull on his hair. Don’t ask questions: do it.
• Not loud during sex unless giving commands or grumbling low curses. He can fuck you in silence. The master of quiet.
• Doesn’t really care for you to call him Daddy or Master, but we let you call him it if you like it. He is a sadist yet he is also a pleasing dom.
• Giyuu can be a switch. It’s not his preferred method in the bedroom, but he is down to try new things with his significant other.
Tumblr media
• Tanjiro is so sweet in a relationship. A literal sweetheart.
• Very openly affectionate.
• Always holding your hand or has his hands somewhere on you while in public. He wants everyone to know you are his.
• Anytime there is to talk about you, best believe your all he talks about. Only in the highest regards.
• If anyone ever dare says anything remotely mean or offensive about his lover, he is head butting them. Especially if they make you cry.
• When Tanjiro has to leave for business, he brings back gifts from the shops on his travels. Anything he thinks you may like, he gets it no matter the cost of the product.
• Tanjiro loves touching you. Just having him in your grasp comforts him.
• He loves your scent. Since he has a strong sense of smell, he gets you lotions, perfumes/colognes, shampoos, body washes that he enjoys on you. Anything you wear he just loves because it’s you.
• Tanjiro doesn’t like arguing with you. He will do anything to not argue. He also doesn’t allow you two to go to sleep angry with one another. So, he will apologize and make it up to you if he upsets his lover.
NSFW 18+
• Tanjiro is sweet even in the bedroom. On your anniversaries, he lays out rose petals and sets out candles so he can have romantic sex with you.
• 8.5 inches with a decent girth.
• Tanjiro is a soft dom. I don’t get switch vibes from him. He enjoys being a top, but he is down to explore your kinks for the most part.
• Call him “Daddy” and he will bust right away.
• Definitely breeding kink. Wants a huge family and if you can’t have kids, he will be willingly to adopt.
• Cums rather quickly, but can go multiple rounds. He is also sure to pleasure his lover first.
• Unlike the others, he definitely wants you to be comfortable the whole time. If you tell him stop or it’s too big, he will immediately stop and hold you.
• Just like Giyuu, pull on his hair to get him to bust.
• Not quiet during sex. Is open about moaning and groaning slurs of pleasure.
Tumblr media
• Kyoujuro is a good significant other. He is the type of gentleman who opens the door for you, cooks you breakfast in bed, and tells you how great you look in that outfit.
• Words of affirmation and gift giving is definitely his love language. Oh, and physical touch. He enjoys having his arms around you.
• Always helps you cook. He enjoys cooking with you and is very good at it also.
• Great at giving advice and having deep conversations. If you are ever upset, he is there to comfort you and give you a pep talk. Kyojuro is good at being your best friend and lover all in one.
• Leaves you gifts and gets you gifts on his travels. Especially items you forgot you told him about. You’ll wake up to a necklace you have been wanting beside your bed.
• Writes you love letters. His crow is sure to deliver them when he is away for business.
• Kyoujuro is more of a lover than a fighter so arguments with him are very slim. Plus, it’s very hard to get under his skin.
• Overall, 10/10 boyfriend.
NSFW 18+
• Erected cock is at 8.5 inches. Definitely full of girth.
• Kyojuro is one kinky man. He is a dom leaninf switch. Even when he is a bottom, he is controlling the situation. He just has that power to be dominant without trying.
• Enjoys choking his lover during sex. No explanation needed.
• Has a praise and degrading kink. Will praise and degrade you in the same sentence and not care.
• Call him Sir, Kyojuro, Daddy, or Master. It’s a must. And we cannot forget the rope.
• Into pet and impact play if you are.
• Loves marking your skin with his teeth for where people can see. He has no shame in showing what he does behind closed doors.
• Definitely down for voyeruism.
• Like I said, very kinky man and willing to try out new things in the bedroom.
All Rights Reserved — I don’t give anyone permission to repost, distribute, copy or re-use my works in any way. Especially not on other websites such as Tik Tok, Ao3, Wattpad, etc.
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xxsabitoxx · 13 days ago
Male pillars reaction to…
anon: The male pillars !!minus Michiro!! getting blown by reader who half way down the cock winds up becoming a human vibrator from how strong her gag reflexes are
Thank you for the request anon! I left out Gyomei for this one…I can’t bring myself to write something like this about him 💀
Y/N Gender: female
Tumblr media
✷ his life flashes before his eyes
✷ never in his life did he think he’d experience such bliss
✷ initially he felt bad when you gagged around him, he thought you were hurt
✷ but when your throat contracted around him, your gag making his his whole length vibrate…his eyes rolled back.
✷ he didn’t think he’d like the sound of you gagging on his cock, turns out he was proven very wrong
“S..shit what the hell…” he pushed your head back slightly, worried you were hurt. Much to his shock your grip on his thighs tighten, forcing yourself all the way back down. He opened his mouth to say your name, but your throat constricted around him again. The vibration from your gag making a loud moan escape his lips. He turned scarlet, mortified he had made such a noise.
Tumblr media
✷ his thighs actually tense so harshly they clamp around your head (imagine being crushed by his thighs)
✷ “are you okay…” his breathless. When you tell him you are he timidly asks “can you do that again?”
✷ he cums the second time you gag harshly around him
✷ he yells when you don’t stop stimulating him
✷ by yell I mean moan. His thighs are trembling and tears burn his vision
“Y/n…y/n!” His hands bury themselves in the sheets, hot tears burning his eyes as you continue to overstimulate him. Part of him questions if you can even hear him over your gagging. He wants to push you away, the stimulation far to much…but he can’t bring himself too. Black spots blur his vision, he wonders if he’ll pass out from the pleasure.
Tumblr media
✷ you never thought you’d get the man to beg for you
✷ you were initially embarrassed by how loudly you gagged on his cock
✷ after pulling off of him with worry, you met his eyes.
✷ “do…do that again…please…” you realized the power you held and used it to your advantage
✷ “of course Tengen-Sama…but not yet.” 
“Not…yet?” Never in a million years did Uzui Tengen think he would be submissive. But if it meant feeling your throat constrict around his dick like that again? “Please…y/n…please…” he would swallow his pride to feel those vibrations again. He watched your head descend on his length again, chest tight with anticipation.
Tumblr media
✷ his whole body goes tense
✷ he stares at you with his mouth hanging open as you repeat the action over and over.
✷ Your throat constricted so perfectly. The gags sent vibrations all the way to his balls
✷ there was enough stimulation that he actually buried his fingers in your hair, forcing you to stay in place until tears streamed down your cheeks
✷ the orgasm that followed had him seeing stars
“Holy fuck…” he grabbed a fistful of your hair, hips rocking forward as you continue to gag around him. You felt hot tears stream down your cheeks as he held you in place. You normally would be pissed if he got so rough with you, but you’d never heard noises like that come out of him. A few seconds later his release shot straight down your throat.
Tumblr media
✷ he jumps out of his skin the second you gag
✷ the vibrations from your throat made him cum on the spot
✷ he was very embarrassed at how quickly he came, asking if you were okay and apologizing as you caught your breath
✷ “stop apologizing that was hot as fuck…” you wiped your mouth, not even phased by his worried expression
✷ “can…can you…” you smiled, already licking up his length knowing he was going to ask if you could do it again
“Please?” He was far too sheepish for the situation. “Of course baby…anything for you.” You knew he loved words of praise, feeling his cock twitch back to life against your tongue. He watched in awe as you took him in again, gagging so harshly that the vibrations made his toes curl, a whiny moan leaving his lips as you began pleasuring him again.
Tumblr media
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luvdrvg · 5 months ago
❛ delicious meal
Tumblr media Tumblr media
summary: you try to make rengoku some food but it doesn't go as planned
pairings: rengoku kyojuro x reader
warnings: nsfw, breeding kink, overstimulation, pregnancy talk since he wants babies, established relationship, you guys are married, potential spelling/grammar mistakes
notes: idk what this is but have fun
Tumblr media
You suck at cooking. You always end up burning something and because of this, your husband Kyojuro, is the one that cooks. But he left for a mission and you really wanted to try to make him something for when he comes back home. So after he left, you went to the market. It was a rather long trip because you went around asking for advice. By the time you got home you were exhausted but that didn't stop you from beginning your cooking process.
You carefully sliced the vegetables just as the old ladies at the market told you and watched the boiling water carefully. Tonight you wanted to make tempura and rice since everyone said it was easy. Though you have doubts. The constant checking wore you out and eventually you dosed off.
A loud shout instantly made you jump up from your stool. It was Kyojuro and he put out the fire that was heating up the food. "Y/n?! Are you okay?" he called, searching around frantically to only see you looking just as panicked as he was.
That's when it all clicked for the Flame Hashira. "You tried to cook again, didn't you," Kyojuro announced brightly, smiling in a way that could make anyone warm. "Yeah," you sighed and peered into the pot with the rice in it, wrinkling your nose at the now burned food. "I wanted to make you something good to eat since you had such a long journey," you continued in a gloomy tone.
The fiery haired man frowned a little, not enjoying seeing his wife sad. That's when he had an idea. "Well, I think there's a perfect meal right in front of me," he laughed, pulling you close to him. "Kyo...I'm not letting you eat burned food," you replied and looked up at him, unimpressed. "The food isn't what I had in mind," he hummed into your ear, playing with the fabric of your kimono.
Heat rushed to your face and you smacked his hand away. "That isn't funny Kyojuro," you huffed, ignoring his boisterous laughter. Just as you were about to walk away, he pulled you back to him by your waist. "You look so cute when you get embarrassed," Rengoku teased, making you look at him. "But I wasn't joking. I missed your taste and beautiful noises the entire time I was away. Last night's rendezvous made me addicted to you," he groaned softly and began grinding his hips against your ass.
His breath fanned against the back of your neck as he held you tighter, grabbing one of your tits and squeezing. A yelp escaped you as he began fondling you, leading you to take off your obi that was neatly wrapped around your waist. Kyojuro's lips connected to the hot skin of your neck and left open mouthed kisses as you slid off the decorative fabric. He couldn't be bothered to wait longer and pushed the empty dishes off the small wooden table. Your angry scolding got caught in your throat as your fiery husband spun you around and pushed you to lay on the table. As soon as your semi-exposed back hit the table, Rengoku spread your legs and kimono apart.
With a quick lick of his lips, the man squeezed your thighs and slid his tongue into your wet cunt. Your toes curled and your back arched, mind going blank from the way he worked his tongue inside you. Pushing his head further down, Rengoku slurped up your liquids and let go one of your thighs so that he can play with your throbbing clit.
Squirming already, you moved your hips and grinded against his face. "So good!" A muffled Kyojuro exclaimed as he licked your hole with eagerness. He loved the way you lost yourself on his tongue and how easy it was to get you riled up. It was cute to him. Sliding off his haori, Rengoku rolled up his sleeves and plunged a finger inside of you that was swiftly followed by another.
Now that his hand was no longer on your clit, Rengoku sucked on it while curling his fingers inside of you. The way he slobbered all over you was obscene and made you clench around his fingers. The Flame Hashira took this as an invitation to move his fingers deeper inside you, pressing them against your gummy walls. You keen at the pressure and thickness of his fingers. Liquids spill out of you and you're almost positive that it will stain the fabric of your kimono.
A wide grin adorned Rengoku's features as he feels you getting closer to your climax. Eager to help you along, he pumped his fingers harder and brushed against the spot that made your eyes roll back. Mouth dropping open and back arching, an orgasm is milked out of you. Kyojuro licked up the new liquid that oozed out of you, removing his fingers just so he can swirl his tongue inside you to make sure he got all of it.
Pulling away, panting, Rengoku licked his lips and broke the string of liquid that was connected to them. When you made eye contact with him, he grinned and stood up straight. "That was a delicious meal but I'm still hungry," he hummed and began undressing himself. You take this opportunity to shakily slide off the table and take off the rest of the fabric off your body, not wanting to get more stains on it.
Expecting to continue the rest in the safety of your bedroom, you begin walking in that direction but were quickly stopped by your husband wrapping his arm around your waist. His calloused hands guided you so that you were bent over the table. Kyojuro's hands squeezed your thighs again before trailing upwards and cupping your ass. "Kyo," you whined, beginning to get impatient with the man.
Rengoku held his cock in his hand, stroking it and swiping the precum that leaked out onto your folds. He rubbed the tip against your entrance, teasing you before pushing himself inside your slimy cunt, inch by inch. You grit your teeth a little from the stretch of his cock and every time you thought he was done stuffing you, more of his dick would be pushed in. Kyojuro massaged your clit as he moved further and further inside you, smiling at the way your walls clung onto his cock.
Finally bottoming out, the Flame Hashira rubbed his thumbs against your lower back while you got used to his length again. He was patient with you but in the meantime he leaned over and nipped at your shoulder blade. Having the urge to leave more marks on your skin, Rengoku bit and sucked on different parts of your back; moving anything that got in the way. But the warm feeling of your cunt wrapped around him, kept distracting him and chipped away at his patience. He couldn't help but give a few shallow thrusts. His dick was hardly moving inside you, yet Kyojuro still managed to slightly brush up against your cervix.
You mewled at his movements and got on your toes, raising your ass more. This drove Rengoku crazy and he harshly gripped onto your hips, pulling out of you. "Fuck me Kyojuro," you begged, already missing his thick cock twitching inside you. Not even being able to finish his name, the fiery hashira, plunged himself back into you. Your eyes nearly rolled back in your head as he fucked himself into you.
"Ha...," Rengoku panted and squished his hips into your ass, relishing at how soft your skin feels against him. It just felt like your pussy was made for him as your walls squeezed and pulled his cock back into you. Kyojuro moved faster at the thought, wanting nothing more than to have your cum run down his dick. As he fantasized more about how'd you look in different positions, a conversation he had with Tengen popped into his head.
"My wives and I are trying to have children and honestly I can't complain, I rather enjoy breeding them. It's a lovely show. What about you Kyojuro?" the sound pillar asked with a cheeky grin. "Children? My wife and I have talked about it and she's okay with it but I'm still unsure," Rengoku replied. Tengen snorted then said, "But aren't you curious about how'd she look carrying your children? I heard that women look like they're glowing."
Rengoku's hips stuttered to a stop as he pictured you with a swollen belly that held a child. His child. He hadn't realized that he actually liked the idea of you bearing his children until now. "Kyo?" your confused tone snapped him out of his thoughts and he bright red eyes met your lidded ones. The Flame Hashira pulled out and turned you over onto your back. "I want to fuck a baby inside you, Y/n," he groaned, feeling his dick twitch as he spoke the words out loud. The look in his eyes made your tremble with excitement and your heart soar with eagerness. "Please Kyo? Please?" you pleaded in your broken voice.
Rengoku silently thanked the heavens for making you his wife as he lifted you off the table and laid you on top of the clothes on the the floor. Tossing your legs over his shoulders, he surged forward, sheathing his cock into you yet again and folding you into a mating press. From this angle he was able to push deeper inside you, touching every spot that needed to be touched. Streams of your arousal oozed out of your cunt and formed squelching sounds to Rengoku's thrusts.
Your body practically melted from his cock pounding into you. Every throb, twitch and thrust, threatened to send you over the edge. The feeling was overwhelming but you couldn't get enough of the way his dick pressed up against your cervix so cleanly that it made your eyes cross lewdly. Kyojuro didn't slow down in fact as time went on it felt as if his momentum increased. You were entirely at his mercy and the thought of him continuing to fuck you raw made your body rejoice.
You babbled on and on about how good it felt and in response Kyojuro plunged harder into your cunt. It felt heavenly and you couldn't stop the knot of your orgasm from unraveling. Your cunt clenched around his dick and begged for his release. Rengoku grunted and tossed his head back, muttering profanities as he forced his dick fully back into your pussy and pressed his balls against your ass. Thick ropes of liquid painted your slick walls white and filled you to the brim. Kyojuro pulled out slowly, dick still twitching with excitement. He could feel his cum oozing out of you and drip onto his heated skin. The tightness of your cunt still called out to him and he gave into that calling without much hesitation, pushing himself back in. A sob of delight ripped out of your throat and tears rolled down your cheeks from overstimulation.
"Keep making those noises and we won't stop until the sun rises."
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goddess-of-green · 3 months ago
𝐃𝐚𝐲 𝟏𝟒: 𝐀𝐠𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐬𝐭 𝐚 𝐖𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐊𝐲𝐨𝐣𝐮𝐫𝐨 𝐑𝐞𝐧𝐠𝐨𝐤𝐮 (𝐊𝐢𝐧𝐤𝐭𝐨𝐛𝐞𝐫 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟏)
Kinktober (2021) Day 14 | Kink: Against a wall | Character: Kyojuro Rengoku
Warnings: GN!Reader, NSFW
Tumblr media
Kyojuro was practically holding you up at this point, your legs jelly as he fucked you against the wall.
Your mouth hung open from the feel of his cock inside you, and your body was tense with pleasure.
"A-Ah, fuck! Kyo!" You moaned, the vulnerable position embarrassing you and turning you on even more at the same time.
Kyojuro groaned at the sight, and the feel of you under his hands as he held you up against the wall.
He fucked you relentlessly, and in this position you were forced more than ever to take it.
You didn't exactly have any wiggle room, not that you would want to anyways.
It was all you could do to wrap your arms around Kyojuro's neck and hold on as he fucked you at a pace you could hardly handle.
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kireirengoku · 22 days ago
Kirei: I was talking to @bakugosbratx and @cherrykamado and came up with these heacanons for the Hashira's dicks.
Tags: @bvnnichuu, @httptamaki, @ovarysnake23, @souyawn, @monaukah
Networks: @planetonet @knyplaymatemansion
Tumblr media
💦𝐇𝐚𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐫𝐚 𝐃𝐢𝐜𝐤 𝐇𝐜𝐬💦
Sanemi: Average size (about 8 inches hard, 5 inches soft), very thick with big breeder balls. His tip is fat and leaky. When he cums, he cums alot, it's thick and and creamy. Tastes salty with an underlying sweetness cause he works out a lot.
Obanai: Short and fat (about 7 inches fully erect and 3 and a half soft), average girth with cute, round balls. His tip is a pretty pink and doesn't leak as much, but when he cums, it's in milky streams that taste decent, a bit bitter.
Giyuu: Has one of the biggest dicks out of the Hashira sitting at a whooping 9.5 inches, with perfect low hanging balls. Not too girthy and definitely a grower since soft it sits at about 4.2 inches. His tip flushes an angry red and leaks pre down the shaft at the lightest of touches and curves slightly to the right. When he cums, its in short splurts that coats everything and tastes really sweet (baby boy takes care of himself)
Kyoujuro (Ngl super self indulgent): He sits comfortably at 8 and half inches when fully erected and 6 when soft. Has two prominent veins running along the underside with big breeder balls covered in a light dusting of hair (he manscapes!). Very thick in girth with a fat tip that leaks and ad a very prominent left curve and when he cums; its so rich it comes out in thick ropes and tastes so sweet with a hint of saltiness.
Tengen: About 9 inches when hard and maybe 7 when soft, definitely a shower. Has his big pretty balls waxed of any hair. Thick (not quite as thick as Kyoujuro but almost the same) with a pretty pink tip that doesn't leak but as a sensitive vein that throbs on the side. When he cums, it actually a bit thin, but and he can go at it for hours filling you constantly with it, its very salty though.
Gyoumei: He's the biggest of the Hashira at 10 and half inches when fully erected and 7 when soft, super thick with heavy, pink breeding balls that hang low. His tip also flushes bright red and just leaks precum all down his shaft. He has a long throbbing vein on the top side of his dick. When he cums, its not a lot, but it so creamy and tastes okay, its sweet enough to enjoy it on your tongue.
Sabito: Sits comfortably at 8 inches fully erect and 6 when soft, average girth that rubs all the right places. Very pretty round, pink balls and flushed tip that just leaks so much precum it drips onto the sheets. Curves to right and very veiny and when he cums, its so much but its thin and kinda bitter to the taste.
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bakugoyelling · 5 months ago
Satisfy You
Kyojuro Rengoku x Fem! Reader
Tumblr media
Warnings: minors dni | 18+ / smut [thigh riding, fingering, praise, finger sucking]
Word Count: 2.2 K
Summary: Kyojuro returns home to take a break from training, but when he walks in on you wearing nothing but a towel, an innocent kiss turns into something more.
Tumblr media
There’s no doubt that Rengoku Kyojuro, the Flame Hashira, has worked hard to get where he is today. He’s a strong, skilled swordsman with a pure heart, dedicating his life to protecting others.
But every time you boast about him, Kyojuro always insists that he would have never gotten this far without you.
Sure, he’s trained himself in flame breathing and is powerful enough to defeat a number of demons, but according to your loving husband, he wouldn't be able to do it all without your cooking.
The food you make gives him the energy and nutrition he needs to continue being strong. At least, that's what he always tells you, beaming as he finishes off the delicious breakfast you have prepared for him, pressing a chaste kiss to your lips before he sets off for the day.
"Breakfast was amazing as always. See you soon, my love. Take care of the house for us."
While Kyojuro is out fulfilling his many duties as a Hashira, you stay back at home, completing the less strenuous yet just as important tasks of maintaining a household.
Your husband has always said that you could do any other job if you desired to, but this is what you preferred, and he was perfectly okay with that, as long as you were happy. And if tomorrow you decide you want to do something else, he will fully support that decision.
After saying your goodbyes to each other with a loving hug and kiss, you begin your day, humming as you start with cleaning the dishes from this morning's breakfast. Followed by tidying up the rest of the house, and later on, getting a bit messy after planting some seeds while tending to the garden.
And because it's a hot day today, spending time in the sun leaves you feeling sticky from the sweat that gathers upon your skin. That, plus the dirt from gardening, is more than enough to have you longing to feel clean again. So, with lots of work already done for the day, you decide to wash up, gathering everything you need before stepping out of your robe and slipping into the bath.
As you lower yourself in, the water envelopes you, and you tilt your head back to sigh, relaxing and letting yourself soak for a moment until you begin sudsing up the soap, lathering the curves of your body as you cleanse yourself.
After quite some time spent in the bath, the water begins to grow cold, and while you could certainly heat it up again to spend some more time relaxing, you decide against it. Knowing that soon enough, it would be time to prepare dinner and cooking for Kyojuro is admittedly something you wholeheartedly enjoy. It's like his appreciation for your meals acts as motivation for you, striving to make something tasty for him every evening.
Stepping out, you wrap a towel around your body as you drain the bath of its water and begin to think of what to prepare for tonight's meal. Perhaps, you should incorporate Kyojuro's favorite food — he did have a liking to anything with sweet potatoes in it. As you continue to plan, you head over to your room to dress, but the sound of the door sliding open startles you, and you tighten the hold on your towel as a breath catches in your throat.
You don’t expect to see your husband for another few hours, so who could it be?
But when a man with a fiery head of red and yellow hair appears before you, the tense feeling in your body fades away, and when his booming voice greets you, you can't help but hurry over to him.
"Hello, my love," Kyojuro beams at you, taking your hand in his as he pulls you in for a kiss, tenderly placing his lips against yours.
“Sorry if I startled you. I wasn’t aware you would be in here naked.” He takes a seat on the floor, and you chuckle at his apology as you stand before him.
“It’s fine, I don’t mind, but what are you doing at home already? Are you finished training for the evening?" you ask with a hopeful gleam in your eye as you lean forward, laying your hands on his shoulders to lightly massage his muscles.  
Wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around your body, you're careful with your movements, but when Kyojuro's large hands find your hips, he adjusts himself before pulling you down to sit on his lap. You gasp as he chuckles, and you find yourself attempting to get comfortable as you hold on to the front of your towel, trying your best to keep it in place.
“Not quite, but the younger slayers were complaining about not having a break, so I gave in and offered them one," he tells you, hands continuing to support your body as you find a place to rest — with your legs straddling both sides of your husband's thigh. Your naked cunt placed right on top of him, the cloth of his pants brushing against you.
“Well, I’m glad you came to visit me.” You hold his face in your hands, looking into his eyes before you kiss him, quickly pressing your lips to his and smiling before you go in for more. You sweep your thumbs across his warm skin, unable to resist the treasured feeling of having your husband so close to you.
As the seconds pass, your actions grow more heated, and what started as an innocent kiss evolves into something more. Kyojuro's tongue slips past your bottom lip, finding its way inside your mouth and catching your breathless gasps as you begin to grind against him. The towel around your body slips, and when he feels the fabric gather above his hands, he trails them up your waist and towards the curves of your breasts. Taking your hardening nipples between his thumb and forefinger as he begins to bounce his leg, helping you feel more friction upon your already aching cunt.
You whimper at the feeling of his uniform brushing against your clit, pulling back and placing your hands on his shoulders for balance as your movements become more intense. Kyojuro stares down at you wide-eyed, watching the way you circle your hips, sensing the traces of your arousal soaking through the fabric of his pants. He moves his hands again, removing them from your tits to glide down your back, stopping when he reaches your hips, holding onto you as you hump his leg, eager to feel something more.
“Kyo, Take your pants off,” you breathe, continuing to rut against his thigh, trusting that he’ll do as you say without hesitation.
“I would, but I told everyone I would be back in a bit,” he says, looking into your eyes as you frown.
“Why does it matter?” you question, faintly irritated, “I can’t wait until you come back. I want you now.” You continue to move against his thigh, letting out a desperate sigh as you cling to him, feeling your pussy throb as the heat between your legs grows.
“Well, I told the younger slayers that if I wasn’t back in a timely manner, they should come and get me. And I wouldn’t want to get caught with my pants around my ankles, now would I?” He tries to make you smile with his honest response, but you seem unfazed. Too stuck in your emotions of lust to even give him a smirk.
“Kyojuro, please, I want you. No, I need you,” you plead for his touch, and while he remains adamant on staying dressed in his uniform, he settles on the perfect way to satisfy you. After all, the Flame Hashira is not one to deny his wife any pleasure, especially when she is in such a state of need.
He looks down, studying your flushed expression, grasping your chin with one hand and tilting it up while his other hand trails over the curve of your bare ass. He kneads the soft flesh, inching the tips of his fingers towards your folds, feeling the sticky slick that drools from your cunt.
While he kisses you, his fingers explore, sliding across your pussy and stroking your clit, making you gasp into his mouth before he draws his hands back.
“Can you ride my fingers like you ride my cock?” he asks, voice low as he rests his forehead against yours.
You nod, whispering out a soft yes as you adjust yourself, spreading your legs to allow him more access, eager to have a part of him inside of you.
"There we go, just like that," Kyojuro slides his hands down to your waist, holding onto you as he observes your body. With the towel long gone, he can enjoy every part of you. Especially your needy cunt, spread open and begging to be fucked by his fingers.
And the way your clit twitches as you await his touch is just so adorable. Kyojuro doesn't have it in him to keep you waiting any longer. With his eyes set on you, he brings a hand down to your silken folds, circling his calloused digits around your sex before slowly plunging in.
The overdue sensation has you hissing, bracing yourself with the palms of your hands as you watch them disappear within you, your warm walls pulling him in until he's knuckle deep. You settle on the feeling for a second before you begin to move, doing just as told and acting as if Kyojuro's fingers are his thick cock. He slides them in and out as you rotate your hips, enjoying the sticky sounds of your cunt as you attempt to bounce.
It’s a sight so obscene a part of Kyojuro feels like he shouldn’t be looking, but another part — a more possessive part — reminds him that he has the right to stare at what's his. Watching you with eyes glossed over in lust, he quickens the pace of his fingers, mesmerized by the way you take what is given, working alongside his movements with gusto.  
With each roll of your hips, your moans heighten in pitch, pussy clenching as you cream down the length of his middle and ring finger. The way it spills onto the palm of his hand and lingers down to land on the fabric of his pants has him in an erotic daze — only concentrated on your pleasure.
“Such a lovely little mess from a lovely little cunt.” He looks at you with a fierce gaze, pushing the pads of his fingers up, stimulating the delectably spongy spot within you as you fall forward, leaning into your husband's chest.
“Hah- oh, oh f-fuck,” you sigh as Kyojuro guides his calloused thumb to circle your clit, working along with him as you fervently hump his hand.
"Keep it up. You’re doing so, so good,” he encourages you until you are trembling, hooking your arms over his shoulders as your pussy begins to flutter, urging you to come undone.
“Yes, yes, my love. Cum on my fingers," Kyojuro pushes you past the edge, and just like that, fire pools in your lower belly as you dissolve into pleasure, mewling into his ear as your cunt squeezes around his fingers.
His thumb continues to toy with your clit, prolonging your orgasm as you ride through it, moans softening as time passes.
Kyojuro’s fingers remain inside of you until your breathing has settled, keeping them warm and covered in your essence. When he finally decides to pull them out, he smirks, holding the sticky digits up to your mouth.
“Open up,” he tells you, tapping them against your plush lips before they part, allowing them inside your salivating mouth as your tongue wraps around the slick coated digits.
You suckle them until they’re clean, savoring the taste left behind on your lover’s skin as you swallow.
“What do we say?” he asks, watching your lips as he pulls his fingers away.
“Delicious,” you seductively purr, licking the corners of your mouth, gathering anything that may linger upon you.
“Good girl,” he coos, praising you for doing so well before kissing you slowly, tangling his tongue with yours, hoping to get a taste of the arousal clinging to your taste buds.
If only he could forget about training and spend the rest of the day with you.
“I wish you could stay,” you murmur into the crook of his neck, resting against his chest as his hand rubs your lower back. "Maybe you should, so I can clean your pants for you.” you turn to peer at him, trying to think up any excuse to keep him home.
“Nonsense, they’re fine. You've done enough, for now. Take some time to rest. I’ll be back before you know it, and then we can continue our fun. This time without my uniform in the way,” he smiles, and you laugh as he gives your ass a loving squeeze.
“Perhaps, you should even stay in the towel until I return.”
"Or…” you begin, “Maybe you could cut the training short, and I'll stay wearing nothing at all instead."
Kyojuro must admit, it’s quite a tempting offer.
Tumblr media
— please do not modify or repost my work
Tumblr media
A/N: Ahhh my first Rengoku fic! I never thought about writing anything for him, but then I had a spicy dream that involved the two of us 👀 and just went for it! If you enjoyed reading, let me know! And leave a comment if you’d like❤️‍🔥
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