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raibebe · 19 hours ago
Day 17: Three (or more)some
Tumblr media
Genre: smut Words: 1194 Prompt: boyfriend Haechan x female reader feat. Dream 00 line
Warnings: fivesome, oral (m), deepthroating, fingering (f), anal play, degradation
A/N: This is something I've wanted to try for a while but I have no idea if I actually managed to pull it off....
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Tumblr media
“Don’t you want to show them how much you like sucking cock, baby?” Donghyuck drawled, his eyes dark as he gently cupped your face. Instead of answering verbally, you simply let your mouth fall open, stretching your tongue out just how you know he liked. “Such a good whore,” your boyfriend chuckled, slapping the tip of his cock onto your tongue, “Show them how good you are.”
‘They’ were currently standing behind Donghyuck: Jaemin with his eyes dark and fixated on your naked body on your hands and knees on your mattress; Jeno with a blush high on his cheeks and eyes darting around the room as if he was too shy to even be here but his twitching cock was telling another story; and Renjun with his hands curling and uncurling at his sides. The only thing they had in common was their state of undress and your mouth watered even just looking at their half hard cocks. Determined to break their control, you slowly swallowed Donghyuck’s cock, letting out a satisfied moan when you could taste his skin. You slowly worked his cock, taking more and more of him the more your jaw relaxed until the head breached your throat and it tore an ugly choking sound from you that had you splutter. You can do better than that, baby,” Donghyuck scolded, slapping your hands away when you tried to use them to steady yourself against his thighs, “I said hands and knees.”
Nodding as best as you could with his cock still stuffing your mouth, you bobbed your head again, fighting your gag reflex when he meanly bucked his hips to force his cock inside your throat again, pushing you down his length until your nose was nestled against his stomach. “So fucking good, baby,” he praised, throwing his head back as your throat fluttered around him, your body convulsing around the intrusion. “That’s it,” Donghyuck chuckled once he had pulled you off and you had to heave in heavy breaths, the saliva that had built up in your mouth dribbling past your lips and down your chin.
“She’s so filthy,” you heard one of the other boys say, his voice way closer than before. Not hesitating for even a second, you took Donghyuck’s cock back into your mouth, sucking on his sensitive head while you reached out for his friend’s cock. Looking up, you were met with Renjun’s smirk. Not who you had thought would break first but you didn’t discriminate as you stroked his cock in a tight fist while Donghyuck started to shallowly thrust into your mouth again. You didn’t even bother to try to swallow your saliva anymore, just letting the foamy liquid run down your lips as he picked up the pace, your mewls and helpless moans muffled by his cock. “Her mouth feels so good, Renjun,” he panted, the praise going straight to your head, your urge to please all these men getting stronger and stronger. “Let me have a try then,” his friend challenged, stepping closer so his cock was directly in your line of sight now, the tip a rosy color and the shaft beautifully curved towards his stomach, a little smaller than your boyfriend - just the perfect size to not constantly choke on when he would fuck your throat.
“Fine,” Donghyuck sighed, burying his cock in the tightness of your throat one last time to revel in the sound of you choking on him before he pulled you off. “Spit,” he commanded, dragging you towards Renjun’s cock by the strong grip in your hair. Mindlessly obeying, you spat the mixture of saliva and Donghyuck’s precum onto Renjun’s cock, rubbing it into his skin. “Come on, show me how good you are with your mouth,” he urged you on, biting his lower lip to stifle any noises. “Yes, sir,” you rasped, immediately swallowing him down whole, the tip nestled tightly into your throat. The sudden feeling was so overwhelming for Renjun, he couldn’t hold back the moan that tumbled past his lips, his hips bucking into your throat even if your nose was already touching his pelvis. “So fucking tight,” he pressed out, “You two are missing out.”
You were so focused on making Renjun feel good with your mouth, forcing your jaw to go slack so he could fuck your throat comfortably and moving your hand up and down Donghyuck’s cock that you didn’t notice the bed dipping down behind you and you coughed violently around Renjun’s cock when someone plunged two of his fingers into your dripping core. “Did I startle you?” The man just giggled, roughly fucking into you to leave you panting, your head hanging low while you held on to Renjun’s and Donghyuck’s cocks, moaning unashamedly. Another set of hands smoothed down the arch of your back, holding you still so his friend could fuck you with his fingers, the wet sound of your core loud in the otherwise quiet room.
“Does she always get so wet, Hyuckie?” Jaemin mused and it drove you insane that you couldn’t figure out if his fingers were making you see stars or if it were Jeno’s. “She just enjoys choking on dick so much,” your boyfriend sighed. “I’ve heard she liked some other things as well,” Jaemin chuckled, the hands on your waist - Jaemin’s hands - smoothing down to your ass where a plug was nestled between your cheeks to make it easier for all of you. “I’ve heard she loves it to have her pretty little ass played with.” That was the only warning you got before he grabbed the plug by the base, slowly easing it in and out of you, mesmerized by how your rim stretched around the metal.
“She won’t break, she can take it,” Donghyuck urged his friend on, roughly pulling your head back up so Renjun and he could shove their dicks into your face again, muffling your moans as they held you down on their cocks in turns to fuck your throat. Taking Donghyuck’s words to heart, Jaemin pulled the plug from your ass, making the lube spill from your hole as you clenched around nothing. “Oh, she’s just begging to be filled,” Jeno spoke for the first time, tucking a third finger into your core. “Ass or pussy?” Jaemin asked his best friend, coating his fingers with the excess lube to fuck his fingers into your ass, testing how stretched you were. “You think her little ass can take me?”
“Please,” you mewled from where you had been mouthing at Renjun’s balls, sucking them into your mouth to release them again with wet pops. “Please what, slut?” He asked, slapping his cock onto your face, ruining you even further as he dragged the mix of saliva and precum over your cheeks to add to the mess of tears. “Want to be filled, please. Want you to use me like a fuckdoll,” you whined, trying to shoot Donghyuck your best puppy eyes despite sucking Renjun’s back between your lips. “You heard her guys,” your boyfriend chuckled, gently squeezing your throat to feel where his friend’s cock was buried, “Get a condom and fill her up.”
Tumblr media
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ultlmh · 2 days ago
𖧷。⊹ reuniting with nct dream after years of separation ⊹ ˚
° ‧₊˚ pairing: lover!nct dream x gn!reader
° ‧₊˚ wc: 1.7k
° ‧₊˚ warnings: light swearing
Tumblr media
[ ஐ ] mark:
three years. that’s how long mark has gone without seeing you. three years without being able to hear you, to touch you, to make sure you’re okay, because you had to go somewhere unknown for classified work. he couldn’t even know where you were, and it was breaking him.
then one day he opens the door to his apartment, the one you used to share, and he sees you standing outside, luggage in hand. you’ve gotten skinnier, and your eyebags hang heavy. but he couldn’t care less about that right now, because on your face is the radiant smile he’s been chasing after in his dreams.
you’re here, and that’s all he cares about.
he throws his arms around you and pulls you to his chest, burying his face in your hair. he’s missed the smell of your shampoo. “you’re here,” he breathes, every fibre of his being vibrating with the knowledge that you’re here, you’re here, and your body is pressed up against his and he can finally feel your warmth. his eyes sting, and he brings his hands down to cup your face, studying it. he touches his forehead to yours, eyes closed, and your tears mix with each other’s.
“you’re home.”
[ ஐ ] renjun:
renjun waits anxiously at the airport arrival area, scanning the faces of the crowds. your flight was due to land twenty minutes ago, and yet he’s seen no sign of you. waves after waves of people rush past him to their loved ones, and all around him are happy families reuniting.
just when he’s starting to actually panic, he sees a familiar tuft of hair poking out from among the throngs of passengers. time seems to grind to a halt when he meets your eyes, and you feel exactly the same way as you stare at him, feet stopping.
then he’s running. running towards you, invisible strings of red pulling your bodies together. you leave your luggage behind in a bid to reach him faster. when you finally collide mid-way between your paths, renjun grabs your collar and pulls you into a bone-crushing hug. he rests his head on your shoulder, nose deep in the crook of your neck, and he doesn’t move for a solid two minutes. for a while, it’s all he can do not to accidentally crack your rib cage in his grip.
he slowly breathes in your scent, wanting so badly to drown himself in it. he takes a deep breath, arms still tight around you.
“i’ve missed you.”
[ ஐ ] jeno:
“jeno! jeno!” you scream his name over the deafening drumming of raindrops against the hard concrete pavement. you’ve finally come back, but he’s changed the passcode to his gate, and you can’t get in.
he’s doing his work when he hears your screams. the voice sounds familiar. too familiar. he frowns as he runs to the window, pulling the curtains aside to check who it is.
when he sees you standing in the rain, waving your arms around like a maniac, he hesitates for only a second before his feet are carrying him as fast as they can go. he flings the door open and runs out into the rain, not caring if he gets soaked. he slams his hands against the gate, cursing himself for feeling the need to change the code. he fiddles with the lock, but it’s jammed shut and won’t budge. you are on the other side, face and hands pressed against the gaps in the gate, trying to get as close to him as possible.
jeno needs to be with you. he’s been waiting for this moment for so long. the moment when you get back from your years of overseas work, so he can see that you’re safe, that you’re here with him. in his desperation, he grabs the lock, muscles flexing as he pulls it apart with his bare hands, an almost inhuman roar erupting from his throat. he just needs to be with you.
the lock clangs as it is broken and thrown onto the floor. you push the gate open and leap into his arms, sobbing against his shirt as he grasps at your hair. his heart is filling up to the brim with echoes of your name, him breathing hard against the top of your head. he gently cups your chin, kissing your eyelids, your nose, your lips. raindrops drip like angel’s tears from his hair, making tracks down both your faces. he finds solace in the fact that he can actually feel your warmth against him. god, he’s missed you so much.
“never leave me again. please.”
[ ஐ ] haechan:
you hold up your phone, showing the shopkeeper a photo of haechan smiling. “do you know this guy? i need to find him.” the shopkeeper shakes his head, and you run a hand through your disheveled hair, another frustrated sigh leaving your lips. when you arrived at his old apartment, you found out that he’d moved, and you have no idea where he’s gone.
all of a sudden, you hear a voice behind you. “y/n.”
you whip around and see haechan standing there, his eyes wide as he stares at you. he clears his throat, eyes never once leaving your face, “hey, you’re… back in town?”
“yeah,” you breathe, scared of breaking the tension permeating the air between you two.
“that’s… good to hear,” he whispers. he stares at you a while longer, hands shoved into his pockets. when he can no longer resist the temptation of connecting his skin to yours, he takes two steps forward and engulfs you in his sweet smell. his arms wrap around your torso and he doesn’t utter a word. he inhales your intoxicating scent, never wanting to leave the safety of your embrace. when you make a move to slide your arms out from under his weight and put your arms around him, he stops you.
“let’s just… just stay like this for a while longer.”
[ ஐ ] jaemin:
“jaemin, someone’s looking for you.”
jaemin puts his phone down. a photograph of the two of you peeks out from the interface just before the screen goes dark.
walking out to the counter in his barista’s uniform, he halts in his tracks as he sees the one he’s been longing for. it’s you, and you’re smiling weakly at him, travel bags in hand.
jaemin makes his way around the counter, stopping an arm’s length away from you. raising his arm, he touches your face, just to make sure you’re real, and this isn’t some cruel joke being played on him. when he confirms you’re not just a dream, he steps forward, hands on the back of your neck as he kisses your forehead.
in that moment, you can’t help but think that midas’ touch is nothing compared to the gentle brush of jaemin’s fingers against your cheek. you lean into his touch, skin blossoming to life wherever he graced it with his warmth. he smiles at you, so many unsaid words in his gaze, so many unfulfilled desires just waiting to come true with you. you stare into each other’s eyes for a while longer, and you can definitely understand why they say that the eyes are the windows to one’s soul.
“let’s go home, my love.”
[ ஐ ] chenle:
“oh, shit,” chenle curses under his breath as all the coins in his wallet clatter to the floor. as he bends down to pick them up, he notices someone else next to him does the same.
“here,” this person drops two coins into his hand, lifting their gaze to meet his. a shock akin to a bolt of electricity runs down chenle’s spine as he realises it’s you. you, who vanished from his life years ago when your top-secret job had you move to another country. you, whom he has been pining after for that same amount of time, waiting tirelessly for you to come back to him, as you said you would. every day away from you has driven another crack into chenle’s heart, chipping away at his steely exterior, slowly wearing down his armour. and yet everyday, he tells himself that everything is alright, that he should just go on with life.
he’s been trying so hard to hold himself together, to pretend that he’s fine, that when he finally sees your face, the layers after layers of bandages wrapped around his heart in an attempt to keep it from shattering into a thousand pieces unravel. without missing a beat, chenle throws his arms around you, trapping you against his body, unwilling to ever let go. in the span of that one hug, his heart breaks and mends, all at once. tears roll down his cheeks; you’re here with him, and he’s holding you in his arms as you kneel on the floor, safe and sound. he sniffles.
“that hurt so much. let’s never do that again.”
[ ஐ ] jisung:
jisung trudges home, shoulders sagging as he turns the doorknob. he’s just had a really long day, and these few weeks, he’s been missing you. missing you so hard he’s suffocating in the feeling, and he doesn’t know how much longer it’s going to last. he’s exhausted.
the moment he opens the door, his jaw goes slack. you’re sitting on the couch, wringing your hands anxiously while waiting for his arrival, and your head snaps up at the sound of his keys turning in the lock. you stand up so fast your phone drops from your lap onto the floor, the dull thud unheard by the two of you.
jisung stares at you, unsure what to do. his heart is beating so hard in his chest he swears it’ll fly out of his rib cage and he’ll just collapse to the ground. so he does just that, except he collapses into your arms, resting his chin on your head, his body melting under your touch. he’s missed the feeling of being held by you, of your torsos fitting so perfectly together, like two pieces of a puzzle. his eyes flutter shut, in pure bliss at the warmth of your arms around his waist.
to jisung, this hug is like the first breath of fresh air after being bogged down for so long by the weight of your absence. his heart sings with joy, and nothing else matters anymore, because you’re home.
“please stay by my side. i need you.”
Tumblr media
© ultlmh, 2021. all rights reserved.
Tumblr media
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otptings · 17 hours ago
Fluff 🦋 Smut 😶‍🌫️ Angst 🥺
Hand holding  dream holding your hand🦋
Studio Time mark work’s so hard, the least you can do is make sure he relaxes every now and again🦋😶‍🌫️
Art you’re the prettiest piece of art Renjun’s ever seen😶‍🌫️
Baby Boy Renjun just wants to be good😶‍🌫️
변태 Renjun isn’t a pervert, that doesn’t explain why he watched you and jaemin for so long ❄️
10/10 jealous jeno = amazing sex 😶‍🌫️
11:25 pm kinky birthday sex 😶‍🌫️
Claws Jeno takes a liking to your acrylics😶‍🌫️
Perfect Night All you wanted was to be pampered for a night. Your boyfriends are more than happy to be oblige😶‍🌫️
Enjoy The Masquerade you should’ve known better than to listen to Haechan, especially when it involves your enemy, Lee Jeno😶‍🌫️
Studio 32 all you wanted was for jeno to take a break 😶‍🌫️
Tease Haechan has always been such a tease😶‍🌫️
Bear & Bunny your boyfriends attempt to outsmart you while you teach them how to dance. keyword: attempt 😶‍🌫️
Beach Day a beach day is just what you need to beat this heatwave. the brat might ruin it though 😶‍🌫️
BBF-Brother’s Best Friend Sneaking around with Donghyuck wasn’t the plan but it just feels so good. That is until he gets jealous and your brother happens to find out 😶‍🌫️🥺
Menace All you wanted to do was be a nice wife, if that meant giving your husband a little treat at work then so be it 😶‍🌫️
Cuddles drabble on cuddling Jaemin 🦋
Long Night sub!jaemin drabble 😶‍🌫️
Strawberry Milkshake Jaemin hates strawberries but maybe you’d change his mind😶‍🌫️🦋
Bear & Bunny your boyfriends attempt to outsmart you while you teach them how to dance. keyword: attempt 😶‍🌫️
Perfect Night All you wanted was to be pampered for a night. Your boyfriends are more than happy to be oblige. 😶‍🌫️
변태 Renjun isn’t a pervert, that doesn’t explain why he watched you and jaemin for so long 😶‍🌫️
coming soon
coming soon
Stressed Out What’s better way to get rid of stress than with your boyfriend, and your daughter? 🦋
Never Leave Them Alone reason why you never leave your boyfriend, and his best friend alone with your child (crack)
Spa Day Your best friends deserve more credit then you give them, especially when they force you to take a well deserve spa day. 😶‍🌫️
11:47 Jisung isn’t feeling quite himself after coming back from an injury 🥺🦋
Tour Jisung being on tour is hard on both of you 🦋☇ Reunited edited version of tour
Spa Day Your best friends deserve more credit then you give them, especially when they force you to take a well deserve spa day. 🦋
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papergirllife · 11 hours ago
Huang Renjun
Tumblr media
Gumiho (fox spirit)! Renjun x human reader
warnings : bondage, overstimulation, cream pie, Renjun is a fox spirit so he’s 900 years old.
Rumours of gumihos lurking amongst human have resurfaced in Seoul, making the group of young looking men who are nearing their 700s angry. Renjun hasn’t had the chance to feed as much as his other friends, constantly getting rejected by people who think he isn’t sexy enough or downright ‘unfuckable’. What happens when he stumbles upon a beautiful girl who only has eyes for him in the nightclub? Nearly a hundred people but you only have eyes for him, Renjun finally has some luck tonight.
a/n : this is my last fic for kinktober, please look forward to Jeno and Haechan’s fics for my halloween event!
Tumblr media
A fox spirit, gumiho, is popularised by the copious amount of dramas based in this folklore that in reality, is far from how dramas have depicted it.
Renjun likes his coffee black, bitter, two shots of espresso with a hint of cinnamon was his go to caffeine kick every morning as a famous artist in South Korea.
Renjun doesn’t go by his name, in this century, he chose to go by the name ‘yellow’, telling the media that he prefers being anonymous. Renjun has been roaming the earth for seven hundred years now, and would most probably be here until the humans completely destroy this world.
He scowls at the teenage girls in front of him, seeing another gumiho drama shown on their screen, it was troublesome to have dramas spinning lies about gumihos, whenever there was some grusome crime that was committed by some psychopath, people would assume it’s done by supernatural creatures, and one of the many creatures they’d guess is gumihos, which is the dumbest guess ever.
To the supernatural society, the most dangerous creatures are the sirens at sea, they were the ones who caused that massive shipwreck, solely because they were ‘depraved’ of men and had a fish shortage because of the humans, eating the women and keeping the men in cages, the gumihos had to save a portion of the men and wipe their memories, and some women who they were ‘saving’ for the next meal, Renjun never understood how scent and taste work with sirens.
For gumihos, they consume sexual energy, which is why they carry the least amount of threat towards human kind, gumihos needed humans, although they can be very annoying and most times down right brainless, gumihos needed humans to feed, and in return, humans had a good time, gumihos are infamous for being good in bed, with centuries of practice.
Finally receiving his coffee from the barista, he drives his car to a high rise building in Gangnam, his friend, also a gumiho, Chenle owns a business that he started up in China when the country had experienced its economic boom, which is why he’s so rich.
When he got there, he could see Chenle drinking red wine from his own brand. Jeno and Jaemin discussing something on the plush velvet couch, the latter talking animatedly with abrupt gestures while the other listens intently, but everyone ceases their actions when Renjun steps in.
“Renjun! Finally!” Chenle says, checking his apple watch for the time.
“You’re ten minutes later than usual, even Hyuck is here, but he’s flirting with one of my employees at the lobby, Mark or something, poor guy,” Chenle says with a shake of his head, laughing as he recalls the boy stuttering at Hyuck’s blatant flirting.
“Got held up by a bunch of teens, and guess what? There’s another gumiho drama, those humans always cook up old folklores, don’t they?” Renjun says in an annoyed tone as he plops onto the matching armchair.
“Don’t be so mad over it, at least they’re painting us as good guys, imagine if they started talking about those sirens as good guys, those bitches would be cackling in broken Beethoven,”Jaemin joked.
“Still, they make us seem like sappy romance puppies when we’re just in it for the sex,” Renjun said, cringing whenever he sees another ‘gumiho’ falling for a human.
“Why didn’t you teleport here if you were running late?” Jeno asked.
“Wanted to save energy, unlike you two, it’s hard to get laid when you’re on the smaller size, I try picking up girls and they say I’m too ‘tiny’ for them, like the sleaze they bought home would’ve been better than me in bed,” Renjun said, as his two friends tried not to laugh, but failed almost immediately, bursting out laughing.
Gumihos didn’t need to work out, working out would only increase your strength by a little bit, even if you get to Jeno’s size, the only reason his friends worked out is because it’s easier to get girls with their built, but to Renjun, if he bulked up like Hyuck did the past two years, he’d look stout with his height, so he’d rather not.
“Maybe you should change up your hair a bit, you have the personality, but the hair makes you look like Peter pan more than a girl’s next conquest look,” Hyuck says, strutting in with messy hair and disheveled clothing.
“Look who’s finally here, that was almost an hour since you came, how many rounds you even went?” Jeno asks.
“2, we both topped, best dicking I had since a long while, you hire the best people,” Hyuck said to Chenle.
“Just don’t drain him, I actually need my employees to work, not just for you to pick up easy food,” Chenle reminds him.
“Yeah, yeah, and about that hair,” Hyuck snapped his fingers before Renjun felt his hair change, Renjun takes a look at the mirror nearby, noting how Hyuck had gave him blonde streaks underneath the brown, his hair longer than usual.
“Not bad, but if I don’t get a girl at tonight’s party then I’m changing it back.”
Tumblr media
Clubbing was feeding time for gumihos, they recognise some of their own kind doing the same, being in a close proximity was an excuse to touch people, which meant they could feed easily without having sex, it was the easiest way to feed, but this just gives you a small amount of energy, Renjun is hungry for someone’s high, which is what gives gumihos the most energy.
His two friends were already being latched onto by some girls, their nicely manicured nails digging into their bulging biceps, leading them to the dance floor while Hyuck stays with Renjun, saying he’s had enough from today to go on about at least a week if he wants to.
Renjun orders a gin, downing it in one go before tapping for another, alcohol is different for supernatural creatures, one glass wouldn’t give him the liquid courage he needs tonight. He was midway through his second drink when Hyuck gave him a nudge.
“Look at our seven o’clock,” Hyuck says, his chin jerking at said direction.
Renjun peeks from the brim of the glass, spotting a girl in a forest green dress with little ruffles at the hem. You looked like a fairy, or the way humans depicted them anyways, you weren’t four inches tall and shoving a help the environment form in everyone’s faces, so you’re definitely human, and if he’s not mistaken, you’re making your way here.
Renjun had spotted you with your friends that had disappeared with Jeno and Jaemin separately, and if Renjun guesses right, you’re going to make a move on Hyuck.
“Fuck, I said I wasn’t going to feed tonight, but for a snack like that? I won’t deny a treat for tonight,” Hyuck said, his tongue poking his cheek as he scans you from top to toe with hungry eyes.
“Can I buy you a drink?” you asked, but instead of directing it at Hyuck like the two of them had expected, you had directed the question at Renjun, your eyes solely interested in him.
“I’m the gentleman, I’ll do the honours,” Renjun said, flagging down the bartender.
“Martini, vodka,” you told the bartender before focusing on Renjun once more.
“You’re new here?”Renjun asked before taking a sip of his drink, no longer needing rush, he wants his head clear if he was to take you home.
“Just moved here from Incheon,” you said.
The both of you asked the basic ice breaking questions, inserting some flirting in between while Hyuck saunters off with a chick that was hitting on him hard, not wanting to be a thirdwheel to his best friend, he takes up the offer.
You dragged Renjun to the dance floor, hands looped around his neck as you brushed your body against him as you moved your body with him, Renjun, surprisingly was a very good dancer, keeping up with your hips, his delicate fingers moving dangerously higher, lightly tracing your lingerie through your thin dress as his other hand was going lower, at the dip pf your waist, right above your curves, driving you crazy.
“Why don’t we get out of here?” you said, your cherry coloured lips stretched into a mischievous smile as your eyes light up with a slight glint.
Renjun was more than willing, his hand grasping yours as he guides you out, getting the first full taste of your energy, very sweet with a hint of sour like lemon pie from Renjun’s favourite bakery, he couldn’t wait to eat you up.
Tumblr media
Renjun had his lips locked with yours as he guides you into his expensive apartment blindly, cornering you at the back of his sofa as he bites onto your bottom lip, sucking onto it as he tastes a hint of watermelon, cherry coloured but tastes like watermelon, what in the world is wrong with modern day make up?
The strap of your dress slid down your left shoulder as you busied yourself by grinding onto Renjun, your dress pushed up as Renjun thrusted through layers of clothing, usually he wouldn’t do this, it seemed too premature to him, but you seem to enjoy his lips just as he enjoys yours, your tongue dipping into his mouth, fighting dominance, but quickly passed the reins over to Renjun, you loved fighting a losing battle for dominance, especially for pretty boys like the one worshipping you right now.
When you finally ran out of air, you tapped at his shoulder lightly, the clouds in your eyes clearing up when Renjun stopped humping, muttering the word ‘bedroom’ to him before you felt his surprisingly strong arms around you, carrying you into his room, placing you down onto his bed, the soft sheets felt expensive under your skin.
You lick your lips as you clenched your thighs together aroused by the sight of Renjun unbuttoning his shirt, slowly revealing his smooth milky white skin and his semi toned stomach, just the right amount of masculinity and feminine embodied into his beautiful form.
Renjun smirks at your reaction, slowly prying open your legs to reveal your drenched panties, the innocent shade of baby pink now stained with your sinful arousal, prying off, the slick lathering bits of it on your skin, making your thighs glisten.
Renjun eyes your slicked core, the scent of your sweetness wafting through the air thanks to his heightened senses. Renjun takes off his pants with a quick tug, tired of hiding his true form with magic, revealing nine big and long fluffy tails, the fur was soft and white as it surrounds him like a vertical half halo.
“W-what are you?” you asked as your eyes were opened wide, still transfixed on the nine tails that seem to have a mind of its own, moving about very individualistically behind Renjun.
“I’m a gumiho,” Renjun stated simply, “and I don’t eat humans, there’s nothing to be scared about,” Renjun said, his voice a gentle tone as his eyes carry nothing but sincerity, his tails coming up to you gently, one of them coming up to caress your ankle.
You weren’t one to believe in legends and folklore, but with those nine large fluffy tails behind him, there’s no way you can further deny the fact that supernatural creatures do exist, you might have made up an excuse to leave if it was someone else, but seeing Renjun bare must’ve had an effect on you, he was the most ethereal being you’ve ever laid eyes on, and you were quite a bit of a risk taker, so you nodded your head, staying put on his plush bed.
Renjun starts off slowly, kissing you once more, his hand on your cheek, tilting your head up to meet his soft lips once more, leaning down to capture your lips accurately, his tongue swiping at your bottom lip to seek permission for entrance.
You allow him, leaning back when you felt him guiding you down, his body hovering above yours, his length poking at your bare thigh through his boxers, Renjun breaks away to look ask for your consent to take off your dress, his hand below your neck where the zip lays, you got the sign, telling him to take it off before unclasping your bra for him, tired of the wire digging into your skin.
Renjun stopped his actions, eyes transfixed on your breasts that look so invitingly, your nipples perked up from the sudden drop of temperature.
“Can I?” Renjun asks, his hands hovering above your breasts, waiting. You smiled at how gentlemanly he was, hands clasping above his to lay them on your breasts, feeling a tingle of shock down your back when you felt him tweaking your nipples with the pads of his fingers, the rest of it enveloped perfectly in his palm, feeling your skin warming up under his touch, arching your chest up to allow him to feel you more. Renjun took this as a positive sign, removing his left hand to allow his lips to suck on your left blossom, sucking like a newborn seeking for milk, his tongue swirling around your nub before biting down gently. His other hand moves down your body, fingers tracing your skin as he travels southwards, stopping right above your core, extremely close to your clit.
“I want to see all of you,” you said in between breaths, curious to see him bare.
Renjun abided by your request, stepping away from you to quickly tug off his boxers, his cock slapping against his stomach, he was average in length, but girthy in size, you bite down on your lip as you watch him tug at the tip of his length, a bead of milky white arousal sliding down his length.
“I know I said I won’t eat you up, but I’d really like to eat you out,” Renjun said, his eyes zeroing on your core, your pink folds staring back at him invitingly.
“Come have a taste,” you said seductively, spreading your legs further apart to allow him easy access.
Renjun immediately delves in, his fingers parting your folds in search for your bundle of nerves, his finger searching for it desperately, when he found it, you mewled at his experimental flick, confirming Renjun’s search. Renjun instantly attaches his lips to your clit, sucking and licking your clit as he slips in a finger, you were so wet that he didn’t have any problems sliding in another, opening you up for his length, making his scissoring motions, he thrusts his fingers deeper, in search of your sweet spot.
You fisted the sheets at the start of his ministrations on your clit, breaths coming out ragged, but when he thrusted his fingers at that one angle that you’re all too familiar with from countless hours of touching yourself, his name comes out of your throat in a whimper, making Renjun’s pride swell, he takes pride in the way he pleasures others, always finding it important to care for his partners pleasure just as much as his own.
Renjun thrusts a few more times before pulling away, a whine falling from your lips, doe eyes blinking at him innocently, hoping he’d continue. Renjun chuckles at your reaction, leaving a feather light kiss on your forehead before his expression turns serious once more, holding his length in his hand, positioning himself at your entrance before slipping in carefully, pushing in inch by inch, your hand was digging into his arm that was conveniently holding onto your hip, throwing your head back, exposing your beautiful neck to Renjun, the feeling of being filled spreading throughout your whole body, the pleasure sending shocks throughout your body like ecstasy.
Renjun, being the gentle person he was, waited for you to adjust to his size, bidding his time by sucking on your neck, expertly nibbling the expanse of your whole neck until he hears a reaction from you, sucking on that one spot until a flower blooms, Renjun stares at it satisfyingly.
“You can move now,” you said, Renjun searches your eyes for confirmation when he heard you once more, “please, don’t hold back,” you said, clenching around his length experimentally, Renjun’s eyes immediately turned a shade of golden yellow, his hands grasped onto your hips as leverage before he slips out almost completely before slamming his whole length back into you, a mixture of a moan and a whimper falling from your swollen lips, Renjun lolls his head back at how tight you felt, taking in the feeling of your warm walls sucking him in before he decides to continue, setting a fast pace, pistoning his length inside you, his tails, now not under the control of their owner, starts wrapping themselves around you, some of his tails were responsible for holding your legs up, positioning you at a higher angle, an action you sure was Renjun’s decision, letting him thrust into you higher and to no one’s surprise, accurately at your sweet spot, the action sending your head in a spiral as you felt the coil in your stomach threatening to snap a few thrusts in, Renjun could feel you getting closer by how tight you were clenching onto him as if your nails digging into his flesh wasn’t a dead giveaway.
Renjun maneuvers his hand to your clit, rubbing at your bundle of nerves in harsh circles, stripping a scream of his name from your lungs as you felt the coil in your abdomen snap, your body convulsing in pleasure as you felt yourself cumming around Renjun’s throbbing length, your hold on him going slack just as your whole body does, solely being held up, or more accurately, being tied up by his fluffy white tails as you let Renjun help you ride out your high.
Renjun pulls out, his tails flipping you over so your back was facing him, his tails returning to your legs to hold your ass up for him, you wouldn’t admit this aloud, but being manhandled by his tails turns you on so much, you realised that Renjun hasn’t came, which is why he’s now slipping inside you again, thrusting into you at an inhuman pace as he chases his high.
“Can I choke you?” Renjun asks, his hips pausing momentarily to let you clear your clouded head.
You nodded immediately, tilting your head up for him to hold, what you didn’t expect was one of his fluffy tails wrapping around your neck, blocking half of your airways, turning you into nothing but mush, letting Renjun have his way with you.
Renjun felt you clenching around him involuntarily when he wrapped his tail around your neck, inwardly cooing at the fact that he had found himself a devil in the sheets, your angelic face was just a facade.
Renjun desperately picks up the pace, going as fast as he could, making your jaw slack at how good you feel, you could feel the sting of the overstimulation, but you were a slut for pain, no one has ever made you felt this good.
Renjun could feel himself nearing his high, he moves the tail that was wrapped around your neck, tilting your head gently to look at your tear streaked face, ego swelling at the fact that he had ruined you to this state, he looks into your tear stained eyes as he came, his orgasm had pushed you into another one, crying aloud as your body seizes up, your juices gushing as you felt yourself squirt around him, dripping onto his sheets as you felt Renjun rides out his high, biting onto your shoulder to muffle his moans as he finishes up.
When Renjun pulled out, his eyes are fixated by the way his cum flows out of you before he gets up to wet a towel in the bathroom to clean you up, watching you sleep soundly in his bed as he dreads what he needs to do next.
Tumblr media
You woke up not knowing where you were until you see the hotel name on the nightstand’s welcome booklet, squinting your blurry eyes to see the words C.L Eternal Hotel, the most expensive hotel in Seoul, your hook up must’ve been rich if he took you here just to fuck and leave you.
Speaking of your hook up, you must’ve been wasted last night to not remember much of the sex and his face, every time you struggled to recall his face, you could just see a blanked out face with a beautiful body that your mind must’ve conjured up on its own to make you feel better about forgetting everything.
When you were about to get up and wash up in the large bathroom, the hotel phone rings.
“Ma’am, we have been informed to alert you that someone had paid for your buffet breakfast this morning, please head up to the highest floor for breakfast, it is available until this morning, 11 a.m.,” the staff informed.
“Oh, okay, thank you,” you said before placing the phone down. That’s when you noticed something on your wrist, a bracelet woven from what seemed like white fur, but it was most probably really smooth cotton, not the weirdest gift you’ve ever received from a hook up, the buffet breakfast was even more shocking, shrugging it off as you had gotten lucky and managed to pick up a rich guy, you quickly wash up, wanting to eat as much free food as you can.
Tumblr media
“So that’s the girl you left part of your tail with?” Jaemin asks, spotting Renjun’s white fur on your wrist, surprised you haven’t taken it off.
“Yeah,” Renjun says as he watches you nibble on a piece of bacon as you waited for the chef to make your omelette, your eyes wide in awe, dressed in the beautiful dress that caught Renjun’s eye last night.
“What’s so special about her? Other than the fact that she chose you over me,” Hyuck teased, which made Jeno laugh aloud before quickly being shushed by Chenle.
“Quiet, Renjun wiped her clean of him, not of you two, she might remember you from the club,” Chenle warned.
“She likes what I like in bed, it’s been centuries since I found someone as compatible in bed, I put the band on her just to see if I could sleep with her again, nothing else,” Renjun said, brushing his little crush off.
“Provided that she still continues to wear it,” Jaemin reminds him.
“Yeah, if she does.”
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what-if-nct · 2 days ago
Chenle: Ducks are better their cuter and waddle and go quack quack.
Jisung: but Have you ever been attacked by a duck, ducks are meanies. Chickens are nicer.
Jeno: And Chickens taste better.
Jisung: That's sick.
Chenle: We're not talking about taste.
Renjun: How about we get a chicken and a duck, make them fight and see who wins.
Jaemin: That's illegal.
Renjun: Only if you bet on it. We won't bet on it.
Haechan: I kinda wanna bet on it.
Renjun: Me too. Okay who has money on the duck?
Chenle: We don't have a duck.
Renjun: Yangyang does, but he only has a Raccoon, not a chicken.
Haechan: My money's on the raccoon.
Jaemin: We are not going to make a duck and Raccoon fight.
Renjun: How about we make Jisung and Chenle fight?
Haechan: My money's on Chenle.
Jeno: Haechan, what going on with you?
Haechan: I got banned from the casino for fighting the dealer this is all i have.
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sawublewi · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
+ ࣭ ࣪ 🗯 . . . aRe yOu @_@ ReNjUn !? 中国の歌手です ¥666 (+📁) 彼は 🄽🄲🅃 のメインボーカルです ✿ ~~ shhh !!! あなたが知っている限り. . . (🦊) pRiNcE oF cHiNa - =͟͞͞ ( ꒪౪꒪)ฅ✧
hope u like it @tinyrenjunie
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dreamiry · a day ago
Renjun x Reader
Genre: Suggestive.
This is semi-nsfw with slight dirty talk. Also my first work, so if there is something wrong with the tags or anything please let me know. If you dont like it or feel uncomfortable then dont read it, stop wasting your time by spreading hates.
Your lips were soft, delicate and addicting. That plump velvety colored makes everyone around you just want to kiss it, they know it’ll feels what heaven smells like.
One day, when you upload a question box in your instagram story. An anon ask you: 'What kind of lip cream do you use? Its looks so cute and soft!' You are exited to answer. Fastly replied with a smile that you didnt notice coming through your mouth, but when you are busy typing, something poking your thighs. You whimper a little bit and look who poke you, oh, its Renjun that you realize he maybe read the question.
"Your lip care...” he said while snuggling over your neck and inches away "is my lips”
The tension between you and him after he talks made your body full red. Renjun knows how sensitive you are when it comes to kissing, he gave a slight smirk grabbing your hand to make him on top of you while lowering his head closer to you.
A peck coming from him, not too rough nor too slow, it was perfect. He’s a great kisser afterall. You open your mouth so he’ll get a better access to come inside. Gentle as usual. You start to whimper when his tongue slowly adventuring your mouth, like a crave man searching for food in the middle of desert, saliva start to connect from both of you.
"H.. ang ren- hmp” you said while struggling to breath. Pushing him slowly so that he knows you are in need of air, but he continues to kiss your neck. "Mm ive been wanting to leave marks in your body. Not that for everyone knows youre mine. Just, because your skin is so sweet as candy. You sure are lick-able arent you? Now take what i give like a good girl you always do”
A soft lips for a great kisser, what a perfect match. You want to thank a thousand for the anon who ask you that question.
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yojeongin · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
→club pres!renjun x publicity officer!reader
genre: social media au, humor, fluff, slow burn, romance, slice of life, future angst, coming of age, college au
m.list | previous | next
tag list: @btssf9nct @resceluwu @ellie-idk-anymore @hyunsbunny @aminihhj @flower-lise @eggoyu @haknyeonsju
let me know if you’d like to join the tag list!
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shmooooo · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Remembered this photoshoot and now I’m crying :,)
@byeongsung you might wanna see this
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keullaesigbeogeo · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Aquafilia - Huang Renjun
"Are you still cold?" Your body bounced up and down as he talked, the water surrounding the both of you starting to get warmer. "Because I think it's slowly starting to get hot."
You could barely hear what Renjun was saying, the big waves of the water almost covering the sound. It was hard for you to tell the difference between his cum and the water, both of them entering you and leaving at the same time.
Shaky breaths were leaving both of your mouths, his dick staying longer inside of you than out. You moved your head onto his shoulder to support your body as you spoke. "I think it's lukewarm, don't you think so?" The water was hot for you, your body felt like it was sweating, but you knew that wasn't what he was talking about.
He grinned softly, placing both of his hands on your hips as you held onto his shoulders. "Well then, it's about to get boiling."
- Collab with @jenoslastbraincell
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what-if-nct · 10 hours ago
Haechan: *sitting in the dark as Say My Name by Destiny Child's plays*
Renjun: What is going on?
Haechan: You tell me *shows a picture of Renjun sitting on Jaemin's lap*
Renjun: Get the hell out of my room.
Haechan: Nevermind, I forgive you.
Renjun: Out.
Haechan: I will wear you down one day.
Jaemin: No you won't, I tried.
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