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Hi love! i was wondering if i can have a private mtl ship for nct dream and ateez? i just recently found ur blog and i love how you write for underrated groups too!! please continue writing and i wish you the best <3 thank you in advance!


Heya there beautiful! I love your aesthetic!! Of course you can, thank you so much for requesting. Ahhh thank you so so much for your lovely words!! You´re more than welcome and I hope you like it ♥♥ @sunscity

In NCT DREAM I ship you with:


  • Jisung
  • Jeno
  • Haechan
  • Renjun
  • Jaemin
  • Chenle



Originally posted by zisung

In ATEEZ I ship you with:


  • Mingi
  • Hongjoong
  • Yunho
  • Seonghwa
  • San
  • Yeosang
  • Jongho
  • Wooyoung



Originally posted by stray-but-okay

Gifs are not mine, credits to the owner

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One of Renjun’s best looks & outfits!! This outfit really suits him! 💛💛 he looks so handsome & hot! Plus his expressions during those performances were 💯

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As of right now I’m going on hiatus… I currently do not have the mental stability to write right now. The with current state that America is in I am continuously living in fear for the future of my life and my family’s lives. As a young black woman I am terrified every day that someone I love could be snatched away from me because of the color of their skin. There are children out there who will never see their parent again because they were brutally and unjustly murdered just because they’re black. There are parents who will never get to hold their children once more because their lives were cut short. I don’t know what I would be able to do if I was in that situation. We’re not saying that all lives don’t matter, what we’re saying is that black lives matter too and we deserve to be treated like we do matter.

I’m from the south and yes it is very racist here no matter what the people here try and tell you, I have ran into 3 racist posts today from people that live just in my parish alone there have been about 9 racist posts this week and it’s only just Wednesday morning. I have lost “friends” over these racist posts who were trying to defend them. One went as far as to say she didn’t care and that she “only cared for her own people.” That hurt me the most. With all of this stress I feel that is being placed upon me I just can’t put out quality content at the moment I hope you all understand. And remember Black Lives Matter, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, and Forever. And to all of my black followers, black is strong, black is beautiful, black is powerful so don’t feel like your blackness is a hindering factor. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise or try and tilt your crown because you are worthy, your life is precious in every way imaginable. You are loved on this blog. Everyone is loved on this blog it doesn’t matter what race you are or what your sexual identity is, you are loved here.


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reaction: nct dream reacting to you waking them after a nightmare


  • you had a nightmare that your boyfriend was being threatened at knife point, and you had woken up completely drenched in sweat which was now being masked by the tears falling from your eyes
  • he’s right next to you as he always is but you just attack him with the biggest hug and he wakes up to you sobbing into his shirt and he can literally hear his heart breaking
  • you tell him what happened and he tries to calm you down saying that he’s here, and he’s not going anywhere but you’re still so terrified from the way your mind was thinking
  • he’s this close to breaking out into tears too because he’s never heard you sound so heartbroken before but he just holds your head against him while whispering to you that it’s okay
  • ‘i promise, y/n, i’ll always be here’


  • it wasn’t that bad of a nightmare, well, that’s what you thought when you woke up in a cold sweat completely terrified
  • you tried going back to sleep but your mind seemed to focus on nothing but the nightmare, so you decide to snuggle into renjun’s grasp a lil more
  • he wakes up though, and realizes you’re shaking and goes into protective mode and is like ‘are you okay???’ and ‘what happened???’
  • you eventually tell him even though you’re kinda embarrassed that you got scared but he just holds you :(((
  • ‘go to sleep babe, you’re okay’


  • you’re kinda sure that he’s the one who had the nightmare when you shot out of the bed panting really hard and he’s like ‘WHAT HAPPENED’
  • almost wakes up the entire dorm, taeyong later tells him that they heard him from the 127 dorm but you have to reassure him like 50 times that no, you’re not dying
  • and then he comforts you but cuddling you like really tightly and you might be suffocating but that’s okay, it’s only jeno
  • waits until you’re asleep to let himself fall asleep but he’s probably not going to
  • ‘you scared me, baby..’


  • teases you for being afraid when you shake him awake at like midnight but he’s secretly freaking out seeing your scared expression’
  • he didn’t even have to ask you for you to tell him what the nightmare was about and hearing you talk in a small voice makes his heart hurt :(((
  • lightens up the mood by making little jokes while stroking your hair to calm you down just trying to just lull you back to sleep
  • probably makes fun of you in the morning again but you threaten to expose him to johnny and he shuts up
  • ‘i’ll battle the demons if you want, they can’t touch the sun’


  • jaem’s a bit like jeno, meaning he’ll go bonkers if you don’t reassure him immediately and will 100% ask you if you’re okay like thirty times 
  • he cuddles you like the big mother bear he is, just offering you all his comfort and pressing lil kisses to your neck to calm your breathing
  • if you can’t go back to sleep after that, he’ll eat you out but only if you’re down for it he’ll soothe you with that pretty voice of his :(
  • the next day, he searches up ways to calm people down after a nightmare and mentally notes to himself to hold you a lil tighter when you’re upset
  • ‘i love you, please remember that’


  • you weren’t sleeping in the same room as him but the moment you woke up, you were debating on whether you should go to him but you eventually did
  • you kinda just stand over him sleeping for a bit before you actually wake him up and you’re kinda surprised that he didn’t freak out but he was :( so concerned
  • his bed was small but he still cuddles you with his head resting over yours while he’s just telling you it’s okay
  • might even sing to you just to calm you down and doesn’t get reassured until you’re actually back asleep in his arms
  • ‘sleep well, sweetheart’


  • you’re sure that jisung’s more afraid than you when you wake him up with your not very quiet sobbing and the thing is, he is terrified when you cry
  • ‘w-what happened?’ 
  • realizes you don’t want to talk about it and he’s not really fazed by it and physically comforts you instead 
  • kisses you more times than you can count because he’s trying to help get your breathing back to a normal pace and his hands are holding your face while he’s reassuring you over and over again
  • ‘it’s okay, y/n, it’s okay, i promise’
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can we talk?jaemin asks, his voice deeper than expected.

sure,” you say, quietly. “when?

is now a good time?

uhh…” you glance at your two guests. renjun initially returns your gaze with a look of confusion, but offers you a warm smile and a thumbs up before scrolling through your phone. you sigh. “sure.

i’ll be there in a few minutes.

and before you’re able to object, the line goes dead.

you sigh once more, hanging your head as you hand the phone back to renjun.

what’d he say?” he asks.

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