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Nora scoffed. “Renny? Do that stupid challenge?” she crossed her arms under her bare breasts, bringing the large swells up into a considerable shelf, considering her height. “When he can have this anytime he wants?” she smirked, looking behind her. “What do you think, Renny? Wanna take a challenge where you can’t have this for an entire month?”

Soft breaths were her only answer, Nora sighing amusedly as she glanced back to see her precious boyfriend pressed against her back, and moaning softly as he thrust into her core, his hips making muted claps as they impacted against her backside.

With a giggle and quick spin, Nora began to bounce on Ren’s lap. “Okay, question times over! Fuck me, Renny! Fuck me until you’re empty! I wanna be leaking your cum when I try and walk!” she demanded, the bed creaking from her frantic movements.

Lie Ren:

Status: FAILED

Time Survived: 1 Second(?), Unknown With ‘Nora Factor’

Reason/Method For Failure: Nora. That’s All That Needs To Be Said. Nora.

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Originally posted by psydragon

Let’s face it guys, there were so many missed opportunities in volume 7 with Ren and Nora.

-she could have said boop to him OR THE OTHER WAY AROUND OMFBFHS

-“now you’re the king of the castle”


And let’s be honest, Renora should have happened in AT LEAST volume 5. Instead of their h o t handholding sesh, they should have smooched, and yeahsvdgeu.😚🤌

And now I’m patiently wait waiting for Ren to take a chill pill. 😃 Things are getting hella heated. 🥵 like god damn Ren, just give in and say sorry to your homies, and please just check up on Nora, she’s getting all depressed without you and her self esteem is 📉

Now I’m going on a rant, but like- after this episode today, it’s been really problematic.

Yang seems to be more worried about what Blake thinks of her, than her sister (simp). Ren is being an ass for the time being. I am scared for Oscars life. I am scared for Noras life. Qrow is getting depressed over his bf. And yeah. 🥲

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Ignoring the lil animation error on Ren’s collar (what can you do), I think part of the problem is Ren’s lack of faith in himself. Not just in them as Huntsmen, but in how he fails to fulfill the role.

On the surface, this line just seems like he’s prickly that Jaune and Yang needed rescuing, which stopped them from saving Oscar. But the thing is, Ren actually saved his friends’ lives! In a really clutch way, that no one but Ren could have done! That was exactly what Nora did last episode, so why isn’t he acknowledging that as a victory?

Because of this.


“I’m just an orphan from the middle of nowhere”

He finds his own inadequacies, his own flaws, to be inherent to himself. There’s no amount of training or experience at this point that could make him more than an orphan from the middle of nowhere. So what good is him saving his friends’ lives? He just failed in another way.

I don’t know how this could resolve. I don’t know how this gets better for him. I would say that, like Qrow, he needs a “Clover.” But his “Clover” is actively trying to grow more independent from him.

How is he going to get out of this?

unless he isn’t.

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Qrow: “And now, it just feels like a childish dream.”

Volume 8 Opening: “What we thought would change the world was just a childish dream.”


I don’t know if I want Fair Game/Renora parallels, considering how their disagreement turned out…

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Episode 1

  • I’m curious about what we’re going to learn about Cinder this volume, but I hope they don’t try to make her sympathetic like they tried with Adam
  • spolier alert it didn’t work
  • I love how Neo is going, “fuck I didn’t sign up for a cult”
  • I hope Emerald finally snaps at yells at Cinder
  • Tyrian, Watts is your husband, stop acting like you don’t care he’s gone
  • I like that they separated Blake and Yang, because the past three volumes, they haven’t existed outside each other much
  • Ren and Nora are either going to end this volume together, or they’re going to go their separate ways
  • Ironwood has a hold on Penny, and I like that in a villian, even if I don’t like they made him a villain

Episode 2

  • I now ship Free Birds, I love how Robyn is defending Qrow
  • I want the police to do to Jacques what they did to Watts
  • I love the interactions between May and the girls
  • May, I ship all of them with you now
  • Monochrome crumbs
  • Ladybug crumbs
  • White Lightning crumbs
  • I love the Hound, but I don’t think its Summer or Pyrrha or whoever else ya’ll are theorizing it to me
  • I saw people drawing fanart of Oscar with a grimmified cheek, while I love it, I don’t think it’ll happen

Episode 3

  • I love Nora’s character in the episode, I like that she doesn’t know how to define herself without Ren
  • Blake being comedic gold
  • Ruby and Penny are so precious
  • Ironwatts crumbs
  • The Ace-Ops need to quit their jobs and fuck the police
  • I am in love with all of them, but they’re police 🤢
  • Penny is going to be forced to fight Ruby later this volume and I am not ready
  • Nora will likely have bright scars for the rest of the volume, and then they’ll fade until they’re barely noticeable, I’ll if love they stay and illuminate when she uses her semblance
  • Nora will also likely suffer short-term memory loss, difficulty holding on to new memories, and vision problems
  • Blind Nora is my new favorite thing

Episode 4

  • Free Birds! I love them!
  • I understand Ren is frustrated, but I hate how he’s treating his friends
  • Dragonslayer crumbs
  • Angsty Sunflowyr crumbs
  • Angsty Martial Arcs crumbs
  • I love how Oscar is strong enough to find Salem at the moment
  • Hazel does realize Oscar had nothing to do with what happened to his sister, right?
  • I get he and Ozpin are the same person now, but its like when Qrow punched him in volume 6
  • Emerald, she’s toxic stop it!
  • But, Mint Spicecream interactions? I’ll allow it, as long as Emerald punches Cinder late this volume
  • Whitley is in pain, Weiss, please make him feel appreciated
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