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cheesydelphox · 2 days ago
wait if doc and ren are going to sacrifice mumbo to the moon, and mumbo stole grian's soul, does that mean grian is also going to be sacrificed to the moon by technicality
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floweroflaurelin · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
He spoke again of revelations…
Welcome to the Order of Octa.
So Ren’s got a new look, huh? As soon as I saw Doc’s episode I was burning to paint him before the altar in the Odditorium — I adapted my Last Life design to include the ram horns and enjoyed making him, like, super possessed. I’m pretty sure he carved that gold inscription himself 👀🌙
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echoes-abound · 2 days ago
Imagine with me.
The moon was speaking to him.
At first, Ren tries to ignore it. It must be his imagination, the headaches that came as he walked beneath the growing moon nothing but exhaustion, the whispers not Imaginebut echoes of the laughter from Boatem.
He knows it’s not true.
He sees eyes in the mirror as he carefully cleans his metallic joints, red eyes that accompany dark grey skin and bloody cracks, always staring but never opening his mouth, never reaching out or offering an explanation. It’s a face he thinks he knows.
He can’t help but shake off the worries from his friend and basemate, it’s nothing, he’s not talking to himself, he’s okay, he has to be. Yes he’s been taking care of his new body. Please stop asking. He’s not afraid.
The moon rock falls, crashing straight through his chicken coup he spent so much time perfecting, and for a brief moment he swore saw a fairy, sitting on the broken roof, wings shattered, crossbow in hand, taunting him with a smile. She seems to draw him near, with the promise of something he can’t remember.
Doc doesn’t seem to notice.
Red flowers begin to bloom, choking out the wheat of the Octo-town with poisonous petals. No matter what they do, it doesn’t stop.
The moon gets bigger.
The moon gets louder.
Ren dreams in the day of a tower, tall and stone, where friends once lived and hid from the dangers of the world. He dreams of fire and fireworks, and starts to notice how the thing in his mirror seems charred, like it had an accident with an explosive crossbow, and how the girl on the chicken coup beckons him forth with a hand covered in scars.
An axe appears at his bedside. He doesn’t know from where, and he can’t read the name etched into the worn wood handle.
Doc asks him if he’s alright. He promises he is. Please stop asking.
The day before Ren vanishes, he sees a man with blonde hair. He’s plain as day, not a mirror ghost or a shadow fairy, just a man entering the museum of the Octagon.
Ren follows him up to the attic.
There he sees the looming man, silent and unmoving, now free from the mirror where he’d watched Ren work.
There he sees the fairy girl, her hair alight with the poison flowers that had taken over the Octo-town.
There he sees the blonde man, cradling the moon rock in his arms, calling him near, calling him to join them in their agony, under the eye of the moon as it grows closer and closer.
After all, why did he get a happy ending?
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huntingrays · a day ago
i can’t believe mumbo made a moon cult just to be the first target of the true moon cult
moon didn’t appreciate his fake moon worship
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aggressiveadventurer · 2 days ago
hey quick question for all the hermatrix fans out there:
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mumboyumbo · a day ago
been absolutely ROTTING over ren's “tonight, we prove our loyalty to one another...” line in 3rd life.
notice how it isn't ren asking martyn for his loyalty. instead, it's offering his own in exchange for martyn's. it wasn't about having a mindless servant who would do his bidding, who he could easily betray (how lizzie treated ren in last life), it was about having an equal who would have his back in battle, and who he would rush to the aid of.
ren was loyal. in 3rd life and in last life. until the very end, even when it was every man for himself, he still ran to martyn's aid when called for. martyn was always loyal to him, too. it never stopped even when the rules of the game changed.
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hermitcraft-brainfarts · 21 hours ago
Real talk: I saw a post about Rendog, Mumbo, and Grian being DILFs......they all have kids???? Wild dudes.
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sarioh · 2 days ago
remember that one time in 3rd life when etho told ren that his crown distracts from the balding? it’s starting to make a lot more sense now
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myao3pics · 22 hours ago
You know, between Cub suggesting having the Hermits moon the moon, and Scar saying to moon people, saying he’ll moon Bdubs to death, and saying he is a good Stripper, I want a compilation off all the suggestive things they’ve both said like that comp of all the suggestive stuff Ren said.
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m-c-y-t-stuff · 2 days ago
ren, what the fck
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mattress-ing · 3 days ago
Idea: everyone who places below the mint mistletoes gets smooches (/p) from team mint.
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dead-inside-demiboy · a day ago
Really bad 3L/LL series idea but like what if they just get the most outwardly overdramatic members of all of the smps, like Wilbur and Tommy (dsmp), Ren (Hc), Martin (3L), Scott and Joey (Empires), Beau (osmp), etc, and just put all of them in the 3rd life universe but smaller and see what happens. Bonus points if basic resources are incredibly limited as well like trees.
Just make it like, a bonus spinoff 3rd life episode not related to any of the seasons and instead give them all 2 lives to make it go by faster. Then instead of a bunch of Friday sessions, it is just one session and none of them are allowed to leave until only one person is left standing. Keep the boogeyman, but it resets every hour and a half or so, the server is on hard mode.
I just think it would be REALLY funny to see what chaos would come from it.
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kishdoodles · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
* The air grows colder...
Something different! This is based off of @kingtheghast‘s Renchanting Duo Undertale Sprites! I don’t often do / post pixel art anymore so this was fun! If you can’t tell, this is a rendition of what would (maybe) happen when either one of them dies. Don’t separate them!!!
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