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I personally headcanon that the Gems are a created species, since it simply makes more sense for them to have been such; the majority of the tropes around Gems are consistent with artificial lifeforms and they are explicitly said by Sugar herself to be solar-powered robots, so I think it’s important to remember that we are not dealing with a naturally occurring species that sort of fucks around and finds out, but artificial beings that figure out technological advancements more quickly.

Humans have been around quite a while, all things considered, but most of that time was spent during prehistoric times; all finds of humanity doing things that would suggest being truly sapient (ritualized cremations, complex and deliberate creation of tools, paintings, evidence of burial) is relatively recent. Cremations, use of pottery date back to roughly the era the Diamonds popped up in. There are signs of art that go back further than this, however.

Ultimately, most of this time was spent living in fashions not dissimilar from our ape relatives; there is some dispute to whether or not we should classify humans from before any point of assisting one another as human, for that matter.

The Gems did not have to spend so much time evolving or developing into their recognizable modern forms and uses of tools as humans did: rather, their creation circumvented the tedious process of trial and error that marked the same for humanity and its extinct cousins.

Consequently, I don’t feel that the Gem species is young, exactly, but benefit from having developed in a drastically different way as humans. Humans might be technically older than them, but Gems are so much older than they were capable of mass terraforming, space travel, and teleportation before we even invented writing. (Which dates back roughly to 5,500 years, while the Gem War was set about 5,300 years ago.)

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Honestly he should have, but that’s just about the extent of Cole’s anger with anyone. He really cares about her, so he even feels like he was too mean to her but he just HAD to get some of his feelings out. But even though he was hurt he didn’t want to upset her too much or make her feel too bad. I think even though everything he said was true, he also knows she probably didn’t mean it and she’s just a bit careless and clueless. So he didn’t completely blow up at her because he does see the good there.

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lordmeerschweinchen hat auf deinen Eintrag geantwortet “How is everyone coping with the pandemic now that 2020 comes to an…”

At times it feels like I’m seething with rage and sadness and on other days I feel like things are gonna be okayish. It’s a real roller-coaster. Also, I get easily frustrated now

I cycle between feeling fine and being really frustrated. Lately my anxiety spikes up a bit and I just won’t for it to be over! Let me go to the movies again! *cries*

Oh, and when movie theatres die after the pandemic is over, I will shed more real tears.

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Hi! I’m absolutely flattered and glad to hear that, THANK YOU so much! 💕

I admit that I haven’t gone through all of the books, but through enough of them - plus additional knowledge of what I missed - to tell you that I don’t care much for book Gilbert.
In the books he’s a pretty one-dimensional character, with little to no personality and he just exists in the role of Anne’s love interest. He’s also pretty conservative (show Gilbert would kick him in the face for not being an enthusiatic supporter of women’s suffrage), and I’m not sure how to explain it but in the books he doesn’t seem as respectful of Anne’s agency and choices as show Gilbert is. It’s as if he thought that Anne just doesn’t know what she wants and that if he waits enough she will eventually come to her senses, because he knows better, and it just doesn’t sit right with me.

I think Moira really did wonders with Gilbert in the show, and made him a well rounded, three-dimensional character, with his own storyline and problems.

Show Gilbert doesn’t exist just to be Anne’s love interest (which many in the fandom refuse to see because that’s all they want him to be), he’s his own person and the show is also his coming of age story. 
In particular (and this is a pretty unpopular opinion around here), I loved his arc in season 3, as I found it an incredibly realistic and relatable portrayal of a teenager who’s trying to find himself and what he wants his future to be, despite the fact that he has no parental figure to guide him and that he’s facing more grief and loss. The conflict in him and his struggles with his feelings were really well portrayed, imo, and I pretty much could go on hours and hours on how much I love his s3 arc, but that’s not what you asked me, so I won’t 😂
There’s just so much to love and adore about show Gilbert, and I can’t thank Moira enough for giving me my all time favorite character.

I think this pretty much sums it all up. Thank you for asking! ♥

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Hmmm, to be honest with you, Anon, I don’t really think about anything… No thoughts, head empty haha. I think it’s just a little bit difficult to describe.

When I start working on a drawing, I try to come up with poses that work best and composition that would look good. I think it’s fair to say that at this point I try to imagine what the final work would look like?? The most imaginative part is sketching, as I can plan how everything would look.

And after this, everything is “ok don’t mess this up” as I try to look for my mistakes thorough the process.

I also think “ok how can I make it look good”. On every single stage (sketching, lineart, colouring, shading) I try to add details that would make the drawing look better, but not overbearing. Sometimes it’s “ok I kinda want this detail to be here just cuz”, sometimes it’s “hey it might look better if this character had this in his hand”… But all of this is intuitive. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not haha.

I don’t know if that answered your question, but this is basically how it works for me. It can easily be different for that artist you’ve watched.

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