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hey! when taking screenshots in cas i use vintage dayze by @neecxle (i made some changes) and for ingame screenshots i usually use beyond the veil by @fuchsiateasims 🤍

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hey, thank you anon 🤍 i don’t really edit my photos, i only use reshade and srwe when taking screenshots. 

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Thank you taking the time to ask and understanding! I’m sure you can tell I’m on a clothing editing groove right now lol

I do hope that I get the motivation to edit contacts soon! I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep, so again, thank you.

I do hope you have a great day/night as well :D

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Anon, I have lost my shit reading this.

Yeah, whatever Powers That Be are going hard on the shit posting this year. They are sleep deprived & highly caffeinated, & just throwing spaghetti at our universe to see what sticks.

Can’t wait to see what plot points actually end up getting explored! 💀

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they really are the cutest things aren’t they? ^^ and yes! omg i didn’t even make that connection with tuk 🥺 its ears sticking out just like ryujin’s hence ryusungi i will never forget ryusungi she’s so cute 🥰 i don’t know if they’ll come in plush form but if they do i want all of them

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Wasn’t sure if people wanted more of it! Thanks for letting me know. I’ll definitely work on another one. 🥺💜

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Martell Communication Issues ™. The root of the troubles within the Martell family is Doran’s failure to talk to his kids about literally anything. Arianne and Quentyn adore their father. But his failure to actually talk to them as people is harmful. It would not be all that much of an exaggeration to say that pretty much almost everything that goes wrong for the Martells over the course of the series is can be traced back to Doran not talking to Arianne directly. That and his protectiveness. 

Doran is not overprotective in a way that people immediately recognize as such, but it seems clear that that played a heavy role in why he did not communicate more with his children and thus damaged his relationship with Arianne. And it’s not an overprotectiveness that sprang up out of nowhere - it’s there for a reason. His little sister was murdered. His toddler niece and his infant nephew were murdered. And his reaction to that was to remind himself again and again of the need to protect both the children in the Water Gardens and his own children. Protecting them isn’t just about not going to war - Doran tries to shelter his children by not telling them about what he intends to do. He struggles to recognize that Arianne is now a grown woman, not the child he remembers, because he’s frightened of what her growing up will mean. Doran was about Arianne’s age when he was left as castellan at Sunspear while his mother, sister, and brother went on their betrothal tour throughout Westeros. But he can’t leave Arianne in charge because his own emotional issues make him struggle with the idea of putting too much pressure on her.

I do think there’s some element of truth to the idea that he should have done more to prepare Arianne to rule. I emphasize some because this is point frequently made by Doran’s detractors in a way that is not fair - either to Doran or to Arianne, because Arianne has way more skills than these people give her credit for. This needs to be stressed because this world is set up in a way that duties that one would think ought to be the responsibility of the ruler or their consort end up as the responsibility of a steward, castellan, etc. -  Robb Stark ultimately ended up taking on some of the steward’s responsibilities, not because anyone was like, “hey, Robb, do this thing, that’ll be a good way to learn how to rule” but because Catelyn was not in a fit state to appoint an actual steward to replace Vayon Poole. Meaning a ruling princess Arianne would not be doing a lot of the things people argue Doran should have taught her unless she wanted to edge pretty close to micromanagement. 

To be clear, Arianne does express interest in these areas. She tells Arys about her father’s seneschal, castellan, tax collectors, bailiffs, treasurer - it’s a clear expression of interest in the nitty gritty of governance. She’s right that those are important. Serving in one of those positions would absolutely be a good way of learning all the details that go into running Sunspear. More information is always helpful, and knowing these things could well have made her a better ruler. And I think Doran probably should have named her castellan after she’d proven capable of handling festivities. Arianne notes that Oberyn was essentially Doran’s emissary - Arianne could have served as castellan under his management until it became clear that she was ready to take on the acting ruler role herself. Doran’s service as castellan in his youth prepared him well, and it’s logical to assume that it could have helped Arianne, too. Buuuuuuut that doesn’t mean that Arianne’s canon job is unimportant, easy, and an inadequate way to prepare her for anything.

Arianne is dismissive of her own purview. That’s why people latch onto the idea that she was inadequately prepared - because she dismissed her job as mere feasts and frolics. It’s true that it’s not as critical a role as, say, treasurer or castellan. But that’s why it’s a good entry role. It allows for the safe learning of important managerial skills. I have a tendency to dismiss the things I’m good at as unimportant. That’s something I see a lot in Arianne - she is dismissive of her job, not because it’s unimportant, but because she’s naturally very good at it and feels more satisfied when she succeeds at something after a struggle, which she doesn’t have to do with party planning. But those skills are transferrable to other elements of ruling. Coupled with Arianne’s knowledge in other areas, skills, and innate personality traits, I think she’s very equipped to rule. She has a pretty impressive spy network in her own right already, and that’s just as heir! She has completely internalized a lot of the advice we know Doran gave her, including how she should watch what she says because words are weapons!

Should Doran have allowed Arianne to advance to more critical responsibilities? Yes. But she is still prepared to be a good ruling princess based upon the jobs and responsibilities she has had. It’s not that she has the skills she does because of Doran. But it’s also very much untrue to say that she’s “inadequately prepared”.

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OMG YES the caption was like somebody’s about to see that they’re icy i diedddd when i saw that,, they had the pigtails on it and everything! and yes! when red velvet debuted i was nowhere to be found of course so this is going to be a ride. esp with this ai stuff i have no idea what we’re in for 😬 apparently there are going to be four members but sm is saying that each of their ai’s are gonna count as members too so there’ll be eight members?? so in a way i was close with my guess haha and i know what you mean kjdfhjd there’s really no right way to phrase that. the more members = the more excitement!

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yes! and it’s good because i missed talking to you TT all of the girls do have such unique faces. and i’ve never seen anyone that looks like them or yugyeom. funny how my two ult groups own the most unique faces in kpop djhfgfjd yeji is literally a cat that’s what she is 🐈 and cats used to scare the crap out of me they kinda still do but i love yeji of course her power

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i mean…it makes a little bit of sense considering how skz chart and sell lower than the rest of the nominated groups (besides ateez) but still…mnet and jyp are buddy buddy i was expecting better </3

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😭💘 oh my god the fact that you can recognize my gifs left me absolutely speechless, it really means a lot. thank you for taking the time to send me this, you’re too kind! and i’ll always be a found family stan first, human being second so gsdgs-

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