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jiminslight · 9 hours ago
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How are you doing? 🤍😌
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keoni-chan · 16 hours ago
Hello. :) I wonder if you could help finding the mod where children can pick flowers, like I have seen in one of your posts. All links that I had found sent me to a deleted page. :( Wish you a nice day.
I couldn't find it at first either, but luckily I had a stroke of inspiration this morning and I found it :D
Tumblr media
It's a mod by Chris Hatch and it has been reuploaded by smorbie when the site went down. There sadly is no documentation, but I use the UC and it works for me. The action is autonomous, but you can also direct kids to pick flowers. There is no animation for gifting the flowers. They hug and the flowers show up in the inventory. It should work with every EA flowerbed but I haven't tested that.
Download Chris Hatch Kids Pick Flowers Mod
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booasaur · 2 hours ago
I don't watch Nevetheless, but it seems like "clothes tugging/pulling" is now claimed by the gays too 😂😂😂
Lol, indeed, it's ours now!.Chin grab to make someone face you is out, gently pulling someone closer to you by their clothes is in!
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Tumblr media
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4x01 · 39 minutes ago
what is canticles
free to be you and me fic babieee!!
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whumpypepsigal · 20 hours ago
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR THE OBX GIFS! ESPECIALLY THE RAFE ONES. Hahaha glad I’m not the one who loves Rafe and wants a redemption arc for his character. I so hope we get one in season 3 because he deserves it. Ward really really messed up our boy’s mental health. I LOVE HIM AND DREW STARKEY IS SUCH A PHENOMENAL ACTOR…HE ACTED HIS HEART OUT AS RAFE. Plus he is hot AF *wink*
you’re most welcome 😩🥰🥰. always makes me happy when you all enjoy whatever i post.
YES, RAFE DESERVES A REDEMPTION ARC. I REPEAT. RAFE DESERVES A REDEMPTION ARC. our boy is mentally unstable and he needs to get away from his awful father. like what other “villain” sheds a tear while trying to kill someone. FFS. THATS INCREDIBLE ACTING. LOOK. AT. HIM
Tumblr media
damn, drew really put his heart out and acted the hell out as rafe. he deserves several awards. and the fact drew is such a wholesome af sweetheart in real life is just *MY HEART*. love rafe and love drew lol.
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wild-aloof-rebel · 10 hours ago
When Patrick calls the cafe moderately edible when asking David out, it confused me because they have already gotten take-out from there. Is there a joke I'm missing? I've seen a few fics where they say this is a quote from an online review. Is that from the show or just something from fics?
the online review thing just seems to be how some fics have tried to make sense of that line
personally i think that that particular line is him parroting david's own words back at him. like, before the first time they ever ordered lunch from there or whatever, david described their food to patrick as "moderately edible" and now patrick is quoting him as an inside joke.
either way, the joke IS that they've eaten food from there before. if you were asking someone on a date in a bigger city, you would maybe take them out somewhere impressive—maybe a fancy restaurant, or maybe somewhere unique or whatever—so patrick is emulating that here, pretending that he's offering to take david somewhere he hasn't been, somewhere with great food, etc.. he's treating this like they don't live in a place where there is only one [medicore] restaurant in town, at which they have obviously eaten before. that's a theme of the night—patrick also shows up in a blazer even though he obviously knows the cafe doesn't have a dinner jacket policy, and he drives david back to the motel at the end of the night even though it's obviously within walking distance. he treats the entirety of the night like a Real Date, which is a little bit of a joke just because schitt's creek is such a small town, which limits what the date can look like, but it's also not at all a joke because it's the way he thinks david deserves to be treated. he deserves nice restaurants with dinner jacket policies. he deserves dates who will drive him to his door at the end of the night. (add in that patrick also probably thinks those are the kinds of dates david is used to, so there's a bit of him trying to live up to david's expectations as well.) patrick's just giving him as much of the Real Date experience as schitt's creek will allow
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keoni-chan · 16 hours ago
Hi! May I have a little wcif? :) I mean those cute frames from this post post/658427925310439424? Thanks! :)
Hi! Of course :)
Tumblr media
Those cute little frames are by LindaSims2. I think They're probably a conversion, but I can't find the original. Anyway, I edited the texture to replace the English text with Simlish, and I'm happy to share :)
Download Amelie Picture Shelf
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booasaur · 21 hours ago
i was wondering if you could tell whether or not sol actually took jiwan's hand after she asked in ep7 because her arm looks like it moves but then the next shot of jiwan pulling herself up looks like they weren't. i don't know why i'm losing my mind over this detail haha.
Oh, I don't think she does? I feel like we'd get much more focus if she did. In the next shot you can see Ji-wan pull back the offered hand and then use it to push herself off the floor to sit up.
Sol not taking her hand was the reason she sat up, she perceived it as a rejection and in her drunken state put 2 + 2 together and got 5 and was like, is it because you like these other guys? Let me sit up and get close to make my case because I don't like that, please just like me.
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lacefuneral · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
this ask is so funny because like... that's the only thing anon could think of? not that i'm ugly, or annoying, or that i'm a bad person in some way. but that they view me as a woman. is that supposed to be an insult?
i am a femme. you cannot misgender me in a way that matters.
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dontcallmecarrie · 3 hours ago
Jealous Steve is the best Steve
Then you're in for a very good time, friend, because while he won't be seeing Justin around very often, for the longest time Tony is much, much closer to him than he is to Steve.
After all, their rivalry goes way, way back, and there's no weird emotional hangups or anything involved— just two kids who decided to make the best of the circumstances they had available to them, and have fun with it.
For decades, Justin and Tony pushed each other to be better, be more— a rivalry that's had them on even footing since the beginning, on their own terms and I cannot overstate just how much of an influence it's had in their lives. this to how Tony is around Steve, and the differences are very, very stark.
For the longest time, Tony didn't want to have anything to do with Captain America due to personal reasons— oh, sure, he'll be polite, but at the end of the day he has better things to do with his time than spend it with the guy his father spent a lifetime trying to find. Add to that the fact that Captain America comes with a side of 'having to deal with SHIELD', and... well, you get the picture.
Steve's not happy about it: first because he wanted to get to know more about Tony because he wanted another connection to Howard, and then because he wanted to be friends because Tony seemed to be a good man.
Except, y'know, Tony does not want to play ball.
He shuts down just about every attempt at conversation there ever was at first, and even after nearly a dozen missions in, just tends to give them the cold shoulder. The only one Tony really warms up to is the Hulk; even with Dr. Banner, he just gives him a curt if polite nod before getting to work, and... it says something that Thor can tell something's off, and he's an alien!
Look, Steve just wants to be friends. And get Natasha to stop teasing him about his crush, but that's a whole other headache entirely.
So when Justin Hammer just waltzes in and Tony looks happier than Steve's ever seen him?
...yeah, he's not having a good time. 
For now, and the foreseeable future, because all of a sudden this guy's turning up like a bad penny and Steve knows he's well-respected but something about Justin just rubs him wrong. No, the fact that Tony is very, very friendly with the guy has nothing to do with it, Natasha, really.
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bunabi · 6 hours ago
ok have fun spreading terf shit I guess
either Passive Aggression Wednesdays are a new meme or theres some miscommunication happening
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jiminslight · 6 hours ago
No context just jimin x jungkook's chest 😌
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Tumblr media
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fightorescapes · 8 hours ago
you have shared your favorite soobin and yeonjun picture but have you shared your favorite yeonbin pictures?
oh boy here we go
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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booasaur · an hour ago
read somewhere that Sol’s “don’t get my hopes up” line was maybe because she has heard Jiwan said before when she was also (maybe) drunk. i think it kinda made sense for Sol’s reaction to the confession
Oh, hmmm. I suppose it does explain why Sol isn't more excited and eager about something she's surely been hoping for forever but I feel like if that were the case, wouldn't she say "again"? Wouldn't it be very natural to add that? But I suppose we'll see, especially if we do get the high school flashback and it shows something.
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lovelierbitsoflife · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Just Omar out there breaking hearts.
He’s reading the DMs guys…keep it clean and don’t be too weird..!!
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dontcallmecarrie · 21 hours ago
Honestly I just want to see Steve's point of view of that meeting where Hammer is a consultant, like, the full meeting and Steve just. Comparing his interactions with Tony, and Justin's interactions with Tony, because I love me some shippy angst pining.
Or some bullet points I don't even care anymore, I'll take anything you want to give because I AM LIVING FOR THIS AU
"How'd they even get you here, anyway?" Tony asked, and Steve couldn't help but notice that Hammer's smile warmed as he turned to face him.
"Your friends have been up to some pretty interesting stuff, Stark. R&D'd have my hide if I didn't give them at least a chance at poking some of the alien tech you guys've been dealing with." Hammer shrugged.
"Huh. Last I checked, wasn't that more my brand than yours?" Tony raised an eyebrow, smile not once wavering.
"You're out of the game, Stark. Don't be surprised if the playing field's changed."
"What's the record right now, anyway, two tanks?" Tony asked, and Steve couldn't help but blink because what?
Hammer noticed their confusion, and he looked vaguely amused. "My company. A video a while back went viral, some private's gun got caught up in a tank's tracks and was recorded to have continued to work just fine after the sand was cleared out of its gears. A few dings, sure, but..."
Tony snorted. "Gun equivalent of a Nokia. And about as new, too."
Hammer gave him a reproving look that did nothing to the amusement tugging at the corners of Tony's mouth, and Steve felt something clench in his stomach for a moment before he forced himself to focus, just in time to catch the tail end of what he'd been saying.
"—an't be knocking out ten thousand patents a year, Stark, some of us are human beings who like to eat and sleep once in a while."
Tony shook his head, arms crossed but still looking the most amused Steve had ever seen him. "Sure, sure. How's alien tech fit into this?"
Just like that, all levity disappeared from Hammer's frame, as he leaned back into his chair and rolled his eyes before facing Director Fury. "What one of your agents had proposed was first crack at that, potential for intellectual property rights on top with the caveat for some contract negotiations down the road. But nothing in writing, so if you want my cooperation, you'll want to get on that."
Agent Romanov looked between him and Tony, and frowned slightly.
Noticing her look, Hammer gave her a polite— if significantly much colder— smile. "Oh, I'm afraid if you wanted us to compete, you're a tad bit late. If Stark were in the business, then sure, this would be the point where we'd be negotiating and lowering our asking prices. But he's not, so I'm afraid we're going to be having a very different conversation."
"Think of this way, Agent." Tony said cheerily, "You guys get two experts for the price of one. much as Hammer can be an expert, anyway."
"Excuse you, I do know what I'm talking about. Oh— don't worry, agents, my rates are very reasonable."
The rest of the meeting went by in a blur as quite a bit of legalese that flew way over Steve's head got thrown around and all he could notice was the way Tony had enjoyed the spectacle, at one point even pulling a small bag of blueberries from who-knows-where as things got derailed.
Director Fury, Deputy Director Hill, and the SHIELD agents all looked very stressed, after the fact; apparently, Hammer had gotten exactly what he'd wanted, which was...exactly what a ruthless businessman who'd been neck-deep in the defense industry would want.
A lot of concessions, quite a bit of quid pro quo, and all the while Hammer had never stopped acting like he was the one who held all the cards and Steve knew why but it still rubbed him wrong.
Well, no, he knew why.
Steve had gone through the file SHIELD had on Tony— partly because he was Howard's son, and later, because Steve wanted to get to know him even if he kept everyone at an icy distance.
On paper, Tony and Justin Hammer were very similar.
Incredibly so, actually; enough that Steve was willing to admit that a good chunk of why they'd all been so caught off-guard by Hammer was because, well, Tony's brand of professionalism was something they were all used to at this point. Having someone else with with similar experience but a different perspective was the entire reason SHIELD had called in Hammer— or, well, that's how Agent Coulson had put it.
Now, it was very, very clear the two were night and day.
Justin Hammer was polite but firm, and not afraid to throw his weight around; if they so much as hinted at giving an inch, he took a mile. Steve hadn't realized just how little he trusted businessmen or politicians until he got going, and....
Tony wasn't like that.
Not with them, at least. Oh, he'd seemed amused by Hammer's antics, but he'd also given them all sympathetic looks when lawyers were mentioned and muttered about overkill partway through, when the first draft of the preliminary contract was outlined.
What made them so different?
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bunabi · 8 hours ago
women aren't the only people that have periods
yes thats correct
where do we go from here ?
am I missing something
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cognacdelights · 2 hours ago
just read an interview with jonas pate and apparently they are planning on giving all of the pogues a season that focus on them. so season 1 = john b, season 2= pope. hopefully season 3 will be JJs🙌🏼
wait really?
also if that’s the case, i feel like season three will be kiara’s especially since she’s being threatened with boarding school? idk i just get the feeling
also i wonder what jj’s season would be about?
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