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breezeinmonochromenight · 16 hours ago
On the subject of DMC and family, I'm curious as to how you think Nero would interact with Vergil and Dante when they get back from their underworld road trip? Cuz I've seen so many interpretations with Nero being abrasive and almost downright hostile to Vergil and... I can't help but disagree with that take. Nero's whole deal has always been about family and being a better person than how he's perceived and while I don't expect him to "forgive" Vergil for certain dumbshit decisions, I do see him at least wanting him to be a part of his life.
But I'm curious about your thoughts on the matter. What are your interpretations?
I mean. I agree with you in that I don’t think Nero would be actively hostile or antagonistic or anything like that toward Vergil (the same goes for the inverse as well). I do think he’d be fucking furious at both Vergil and Dante when they get back, though.
Like. Save for Kyrie, Nero’s whole life has been a series of abandonments. Not all of them were voluntary (or even knowingly), sure, but from what I’ve taken away from his character in canon, it’s left marks regardless. And irl, that’s not something that just goes away as a young adult/adult. There’s no way Dante and Vergil skipping off to the underworld together — without a second thought and potentially no way back (at least, no way that Nero would be immediately aware of) — is going to not feel like one more for the pile. Nero has every right to be angry over that, and that’s on top of Dante withholding the truth from him for so long (which is going to create its own set of doubts).
That being said, in all honesty, I think Nero’s first instinct will always be explosive anger. However, if some time has passed — let’s say at least 6 months to a year or so — and he’s had time to process everything and vent to Kyrie when needed, I genuinely think he might just straight up avoid them for a while. This is more speculation, but Nero’s life and attitude has mirrored Dante’s fairly closely. Assuming that’s worth going on and holds any weight, Dante started mellowing out at the later end of his 20’s/early 30’s.
So uh… yeah. I can totally see Nero being at least a little more mature and avoiding them (at first) because, yeah, he’s still fucking angry, but he doesn’t want to blow up on them the first time he confronts them in (relatively) normal circumstances. Maybe even kind of bitter (“Why the fuck would I want to see them? They left me, why should I go to them?”) and angry at himself for wanting to see them. I’m sure they’d inevitably come find him in that case, either together or for their own reasons.
That’s just my line of thought going solely off my gut and my interpretations of the characters, tho. I could be totally wrong and Nero just lovingly uppercuts them both into orbit on sight lol. Because I can see that too tbh.
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mcnuggyy · 17 hours ago
mcnuggyy im shitting snd crying, my spotify top genre is dream smp, like first what the fuck second i dont even like dream 😭
Apparently if you listen to a lot of Toby Fox you might get it cause one of those fucking Minecraft youtubers uses his music in streams :,(
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lesbiantahani · 16 hours ago
did u see that hozier shared his top 5 and doja cat was #3...... truly a moment to go down in history
i love that man
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trillyke · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sorry for the late replies!! It was so interesting to see how other people organize their Mods folder!! I've read some good ideas!! And so many people have a trillyke folder!! Aww it makes me so happy! *-*
And if you don't organize your Mods folder, this is your sign!! I mean it's not a must of course, but I think it has many benefits! It's not only pleasant to look at, but also so easy to find anything, if you know where to look for it! 100% recommended! :D
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deedee-sims · 23 hours ago
I’m feeling like a sad fish today, DeeDee. 🐠🖤
Hi! Me too! Such sad news, I was shocked to hear it :( LeeFish will be missed :(
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wizzard890 · an hour ago
hey I really think you and Aria have a love story for the ages and it makes me really happy! ❤️
I absolutely agree, loving her has been the most wonderful part of my life for twelve years now! just a legendary run.
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reallunargift · 21 hours ago
twmblr replied:
Ajoelhem-se à grandiosidade que é a língua portuguesa... Bem às vezes 🤣
Tumblr media
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mcnuggyy · 11 hours ago
sry to keep talking about this but literally no one wanted the dream smp genre on spotify, even people who like it, cuz it makes no sense ??? like even for dsmp fansongs its confusing because the subject of a song is Not the same as its genre and its weirdly disrespectful to the other unrelated artists who got grouped into it
Fr!!! it really is just such a hot mess... im killing the person who made that decision with my mind beams right the fuck now
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lissar · 19 hours ago
do you have some fave animes? 💫
yeah! fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood, princess tutu, the tatami galaxy, ping pong the animation, the disappearance of haruhi suzumiya, revolutionary girl utena, mushishi, natsume yuujinchou, tekkonkinkreet, and hunter x hunter 2011!
also i want to start chihayafuru sometime because it sounds really good and exactly in the zone of things i like.
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sporesgalaxy · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
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koipepo · 23 hours ago
You got any Jealous Ramsay headcanons for us? 👀
Since i'm currently working on college AU! it's more of dubcon with less skewed power dynamic, so i hope you don't mind this setting!
Ramsay gets jealous Easily, and even though it's other people who usually instigate it first- Theon always get faulted.
case in point: one time Theon hitched a car ride with a classmate because he's running late for morning class, Ramsay guilt-trips him about it. "He might not show it but you shouldn't ride with Tom, he doesn't like having anyone in his car. That's why he's all quiet when he's with you, yeah? I know. I rode with him once and it was clear it bugged him."
it's a manipulation tactic that Theon doesn't really catch on since Ramsay isn't an antagonistic character; he's quieter than Theon, likes watching squirrel/ bird-watching, likes to share his food, and definitely wiser than Theon so by all accounts he's normal- even a good kid.
Theon is more of a ruckus and Ramsay is one of the few people who's willing to put up with his mess, so he subconsciously takes Ramsay's words to his heart.
Tl;dr jealous Ramsay tends to undermine Theon and subtly makes him out to be the "guy who bothers everyone" so then Theon only asks for his help 🥰
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kugelstiel · 12 hours ago
I'm sorry im sorry im so sorry but. i keep reading your url as kegelstiel
Tumblr media
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mcnuggyy · 11 hours ago
yeah dream smp was my fourth genre and looking into the songs that caused it...... feels very homophobic of spotify to lump them under there 🤨
Also it just feels like the world's shittiest design choice, it alienates so many users like what the fuck does that genre even mean??? like just because some youtubers listen to that kind of music?? that's NOT a genre??? what the fuck
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xiaosean · 11 hours ago
What are your top favorite, most recommended c-dramas of all time? The ones that you would want everyone to watch regardless of genre.
this is so hard because "of all time" implies so many 😭 and i've watched chinese dramas my entire life... i'm just gonna brain fart this down
the rebel - 1930s shanghai spy war drama featuring some of zhu yilong's best acting ever
the bond - begins 1970s; five siblings through three decades, most beautiful family drama i've ever watched
our times - 1990s; witness two IT guys (hella bromance) become a major force in the computer industry through hard work and perseverance
crossfire - modern; two avid gamers who communicate through dimensions via. a video game and change the future (literally)
the untamed - wuxia; the entire blog is cql, you already know the synopsis!
the entire dmbj series (minus “the lost tomb 2″ + “heavenly palace” because those 2 were trash) // if you’re interested, send me different ask & i will link those separately 😳
nirvana in fire - historical; my parents wax poetic about this... haven’t watched lmao but it must be good for ancient political junkies
scarlet heart - modern/historical; girl time travels back to the qing dynasty
love o2o - modern; computer engineer meets the top player on “a chinese ghost story” video game // if you ignore the female lead, this drama has some of the best vibes EVER
arsenal military academy - 1930s; girl pretends to be a guy and enters an all boys military academy
eternal love - xianxia; falling in love with the same person in three lives, three worlds
when we were young - 1990s; coming of age, realistic chinese high school depiction!
guardian - modern/fantasy; romance between a detective and professor solving a bunch of supernatural cases (but they also go way back hehe) // all the weilan scenes 11/10 but shit plot
ashes of love - xianxia; the rocky love story between a flower diety and a heavenly prince
palace - modern/historical - see scarlet heart ^^ but less angst
pre 2010s (have no idea where to find quality subs for you b/c these are so old & during this time, it was all about taiwanese + hk dramas)
scheme of the beauty (2010)
the glamorous imperial concubine (2011)
terracotta warrior (2011)
chinese paladin 3 (2009)
butterfly lovers (2007)
mischievous princess (2005)
journey to the west (1986)
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moocha-muses · 14 hours ago
heya moocha! random question, and obvs if it's not interesting to you disregard, but... if you were going to make a playlist comprised of songs representing each owl creek household (including the frat house), what songs would be on it?
I would love to have playlists for my Sims but alas, I cannot develop the proper interest in music. I made a Spotify list for Owl Creek last year and it's literally got two songs on it. Not my area.
I certainly can't think of a song chaotic enough to encompass the whole Lovecraft/Mohinder/Merridew household.
Dan's (and, Bee's Kathleen's!) is this one, though.
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riense · 13 hours ago
How… how do you paint so well but also do more solid colors/shading so well too!!! Your art makes me interested in IPs that I wouldn’t have really looked at otherwise!!!!! Thank you for sharing them!
Thank you, Anon! ✨
I’m still not so confident in my lineart+flat coloring style since painting is more… hmmmm natural to me i guess. so your words are very important to me!!
Aaahhhhhhh and I am always very happy seeing someone get interested in fandoms or characters because of my art! literally best thing to hear!! 😭✨❤️✨ THANK YOU again, you have brightened my morning ❤️❤️❤️
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wild-aloof-rebel · 15 hours ago
I read a fic a while back about David after he realizes Patrick didn’t want to move in with him. Like he goes to the store and basically hides until Patrick finds him. Do you know what one I’m talking about?
i think you want Room for Sweaters by bi_leigh_bi
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maddie-w-draws · 19 hours ago
Headcanon that Best Gerald has the temper and vocals of a dramatic husky (also known as a normal husky)
that's very much the kinda vibes I was thinking of in that last drawing
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mcnuggyy · 11 hours ago
Bro is it just All Mitski
and?? problem homophobe?? =_=''
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