spielzeugkaiser · a day ago
I’d love to see Valdo’s reaction to bear!Jaskier or Shapeshifter!Jaskier! I love all of your verses!
Tumblr media
[MASTERPOST] Jaskier is a man of words, but for this, he just.. ripped off the band-aid. Also: Geralt is not the only one who is immune to fair maidens in need! (and yes, I literally took little Greta (and her brother) from undercover at lettenhove and Valdo from Onlyfans! it was first like a lazy thing, but the more I think about it, the more I like it! it's like one universe where they're at least semi-happy)
And ohhh, I had a lot of fun drawing the gang. This is like, way in the future, after Jaskier starts to fill up his witcher shoes more and more - but still never talked about it with his friends. I don't think it's easy for him to not hide, after he did that for decades.
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bigfatbreak · 20 hours ago
Me zooming in on "But he's not a parent, is he?" 👀 👀 👀
I'll just answer this one outright because idk when we're gonna get to it IN comic - but Gabriel isn't a parent. he sees himself as a Creator. the reason he treats Adrien the way he does is because he "cares" about Adrien the same way you would an object. You don't want it harmed or broken because you need it functional, you don't want other people to touch it because its yours. You can do what you want with it, because its yours, and you get frustrated if it doesn't function like you designed it to. to be frank, Gabriel's 'love' as a parent is entirely conditional on the fact that he really did love his wife, and some part of her is apart of Adrien. He respects that. He respects his wife loved Adrien.
But Adrien is his 'son' second and an asset first. an extra fact: This also applies to Nathalie. She's his stalwart assistant first and his friend second.
(edit: an extra extra fact, this is also why he dislikes Felix so much. Felix is in no way related to his wife whatsoever and therefore irrelevant.)
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antiqueanimals · 8 hours ago
do you have any scrungy cat pics?
Tumblr media
scrungy scrungly....
Piero Cozzaglio
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jaeyunsz · 2 days ago
so currently sitting here and sipping some funky alcoholic drink and thinking about having a fun night out with ur friends and boyfriend, obvious all of u get pretty drunk, but when u finally arrive back to ur apartment building, u and ur boy just can't seem to keep your hands to yourself and thats how u ended up fucking in the lift - so close to the comoft of ur bedroom, but he has other plans it seems and cuz u  just cant resist heeseung pleadeing eyes, so u get shoved to the wall,  ur chest pressed againt it while he is fucking u from behind and all u can do is moan out  “we really shouldn't be doing this right here” 
 "well, do you want me to stop, doll?"
THIS IS SO GFYHUDJKSLFJD heeseung is usually patient and he is willing to wait but ofc there would be times when he just can't hold back and being intoxicated makes him so fucking needy + seeing you in a sexy outfit is just the cherry on top. he also likes the idea of getting caught and it turns him on even more. he'd lift up your skirt/dress and rip your underwear, earning a whine from you, and enter you without wasting anytime because hey, you guys need to be fast anyone can come in at anytime. he loves whispering both sweet and nasty stuff in your ear. if he's not doing that he'd probably be marking your neck. the way his hot breath would feel on your skin is just gfhdjksl
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1863-project · 22 hours ago
Hey, I just wanted to say that I appreciate that you’re willing to call out potential ableist stereotypes in relation to pokemon. I personally believe N was intentionally autistic-coded, and seeing headcanons about him secretly being a zoroark or whatever always bothered me. I’m glad that pokemon fans have generally moved on from that type of thing, and it’s thanks to people like you that we have.
Hi, anon! Thank you, I'm glad to know people are appreciating it! I do a lot of advocacy for neurodiversity in real life (I'm autistic with OCD, so those are my specialties, but in the case of other things I don't have personal experience with I can uplift other voices), so I'm happy people are taking it seriously!
N is absolutely a character that can be read as autistic-coded - I wrote a big post on my more serious autism advocacy blog on the subject over a year ago. I think a lot of people don't realize the ableist undertones the Zoroark theory actually has, but it feeds into the narrative that neurodiverse people are somehow "non-human." A theory regarding changeling myths is that this explained neurodiverse, particularly autistic, children, especially since some autistic traits don't show up until the baby is older. Again, these myths cast the neurodiverse child as non-human, and the parents reject it as "not their child," much like "Autism Parents" do when they mourn the "normal" child they never had. (Spoiler alert: those parents are being extremely ableist, and a lot of them will get really mad when an autistic adult points this out to them, so be careful!)
Before we had canonical representation, autistic people in particular often had to find ourselves in non-human places, with characters being similar to us often being robots and aliens (a plight we shared with asexual and aromantic people). A famous early example a lot of autistic people cite is Spock from Star Trek, who was half-human and half-Vulcan and made many autistic people feel seen for the first time. Now we're getting characters who canonically are autistic, or ADHD, or have OCD, or have Tourette's, or...I could go on forever here. But because of this, we also have the responsibility to portray neurodiversity with the nuance it deserves, and that means pointing out ableism, both of the intentional and unintentional varieties.
I play Pokemon Masters EX, and in N's event, he has a conversation with Alder. One of his lines struck me especially:
Tumblr media
Ghetsis demeaned N by using this phrase, essentially dehumanizing him. In reality, N has animal empathy and due to his early upbringing can understand Pokemon speech. If anything, N's love and compassion for Pokemon make him immensely human; he cares deeply and wants to improve the world and protect his friends. But he had to grow up in an abusive situation where he was repeatedly dehumanized by his adoptive father. Making N a Zoroark actually does a massive disservice to his character and plays into ableist stereotypes of autistic-coded characters being "non-human" somehow.
Anyway, seeing the Zoroark stuff being brought back with Emmet, one of the most blatantly autistic characters I've ever seen in my 33 years on this planet, feels like a massive slap in the face. My roommate, who is also neurodivergent, wrote a comprehensive post that I reviewed before publication regarding the way some Submas portrayals and content can dip quite easily into ableism, and I recommend it.
If anyone is looking to get into disability and neurodiversity advocacy, I'm happy to help you get started! Thanks again, anon, and I hope you have a lovely day!
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bunabi · a day ago
I've always seen Vivienne as the best because she doesn't punish either side and gives mages more freedoms while keeping templars on a leash. IMO circles are the answer but they've fallen to abuse and the tries to correct that. She's also a mage unlike Leliana who's blind sympathy for mages to the point where she's unable to hold them accountable is a major weakness
I find Leliana's refusal to be a centrist refreshing actually lol
Her willingness to trust unconditionally despite her experience as a spy is so cool. Knowing what people are capable of and choosing to love them anyway is a mark of strength imo. I'm glad we were given a character willing to abolish the Circle and not be framed as naive or weak.
If the Divine is supposed to represent the audacity, grace, and love of Andraste, Leliana is really nailing it. Total queen fr. But for the sake of a more interesting world state I am choosing Vivienne lol.
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bob-artist · a day ago
The goose video is wonderful! Would you ever consider sharing your knowledge of Goose Neck Language? It sounds intriguing!
I'm only a brand new student of Goose Neck Language! So I only know a few words - or at least I THINK I know them. But here's what I think:
Head Flick: "Come, children!"
Tumblr media
Because lo and behold, the children come (and offend the local ducks) :
Tumblr media
Again: (and partner gets up right away)
Tumblr media
And now here come the children:
Tumblr media
And here's a child trying it out!
Tumblr media
So that's the one I'm most sure about. But here are a couple further hypotheses....
First, directing the children to cross the road. Onward!
Tumblr media
And finally, my favorite. This one is still mysterious, but based on context (goose 1 was tentatively squeezing past me and goose 2 was bypassing secondary goose drama), I think this one means "I'm just passing through and I don't want no drama"
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And those are my studies so far! But like I said, I'm still a goose neck novice! So if you are a goose expert (or a goose), I welcome further education!
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arsonhotchner · 2 days ago
I will physically not go on until I receive a blurb of Hotch coming to help when a tree falls on ur car, bonus points if he’s panicked even though ur fine
pairing: gn!reader x aaron hotchner
request/prompt: I will physically not go on until I receive a blurb of Hotch coming to help when a tree falls on ur car, bonus points if he’s panicked even though ur fine
contents: panic/worry, fallen tree, car damage, fluff, kissing
an: you are now able to physically go on, love u wife
word count: 499
join my celebration here! 🔥
You’re inside, working from home when you hear what sounds like a large crack and then a crash. You aren’t able to tell if it’s close or not, but then you get the notification on your phone: motion at your front door.
You don’t look at your phone but immediately rush to the front window, completely shocked at what’s outside. The large tree in your front yard has fallen over, taking it’s resting place on top of your car. For a moment, all you can do is stare your body going into freeze as your thoughts fly a mile a minute.
Aaron. You need to call him.
He picks up immediately, “Hi, sweetheart, everything okay?”
“Tell me you're still in the office.”
“I’m…still in the office. What's wrong?”
“A tree fell on my car?” You're still in shock, so it comes out of your mouth like a question.
“Stay inside, I’m on my way home.”
It's not hard to follow his request because once you hang up you sink into the sofa which has a clear view of the driveway. A clear view of the tree that's just destroyed your car. If it was going to happen to anyone of course it would happen to you. You're so lost in your thoughts that you don't notice when Aaron flies up to the house, tires screeching as he puts it in park. He’s in the house and by your side in seconds.
His panic is what ends up snapping you out of your own.
“Are you okay? Were you in the car?” His hands are all over you to feel for any injury as his eyes sweep over you once, twice, thrice.
“I’m fine, I’m okay.”
“Are you sure? Come here,” He says it like he isn’t already giving you his 5th look over.
“I’m fine, Aaron. I am,” You reassure, melding the palm of his hand to your cheek as you look at him.
His eyes meet yours and his anxiety melts. He lets out a deep breath and pulls you into a hug, pressing a kiss to your forehead.
“You’re fine,” He repeats to himself and you smile, rubbing your hands up and down his back.
“I called you mostly to handle the insurance stuff, it sounds daunting.”
“Of course I can handle that for you. Don’t worry about it, I’ll get everything squared away.”
“Thank you baby,” You squeeze him tight, glancing up at him.
“A thank you isn’t necessary but you’re welcome,” He closes the gap between you, capturing your lips with his. There aren’t many things that compare to a kiss from Aaron, but any lingering traces of worry dissipate as he kisses you long and deep.
He releases you and heads into his office where he spends the rest of the day arguing with your insurance company. Somehow he gets you a luxury rental until your car is fixed though it’s not covered in your plan. It doesn’t surprise you that he exceeds expectations.
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youvebeenlivingfictional · 2 days ago
Lab, Elevator, McDonalds: Poe Dameron, Leto Atreides, Steven Grant.
ooooo Danny! ! ! Excellent question
• get randomly assigned as your lab partner for a whole semester
Steven Grant. Not only would he have all of the fun facts, but he'd be nice about the fact that I can't science.
• get trapped with on a broken elevator for ten hours
Leto. We'd either sit in quiet/ engage in minimal conversation or chat up a storm, go our separate ways once we're freed, and then suddenly bump into one another everywhere. Neither of us believe in fate, so we don't know what to call it.
shutting up now
• get as my employee trainer for my new job at McDonalds
Poe 'Too Hot, Hot' Dameron. Just like Christopher Pike, he's super friendly, totally relaxed while he's training you.
Send three characters and i’ll tell you which i’d rather have in each situation
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bigfatbreak · 20 hours ago
(Feralnette AU) I wanted to ask, how bad is the Agreste company is going as a result of the loss of the fantastic textiles from Gabriel's terrible decisions and him being more focused on being hawkmoth? Did other competitors noticed the drastic change in quality and took opportunity against the Agreste brand?
absolutely! its one of the reasons Gabriel keeps teaming back up with Aubrey and co. in spite of him blatantly not respecting her, and in my AU, one of the main reasons he started using Adrien as a model. (If it was up to him, he'd put Adrien in a glass bottle too.) The Agreste company took a huge blow to their reputation when the details of Gabriel's shitty illegal textile snatching was unearthed, and he hastily had to try and make ends meet - the only reason Amelie decided to offer an olive branch after that is because she's worried about Adrien's living conditions and how Gabriel has been treating him since Emelie went missing/vanished. She feels nothing but resentment towards the man who stopped all communication when his wife left the narrative.
Amelie, however tyrannical of a sister-in-law she may be, is a wonderful aunt. She knows with Felix there, her charming magician that he is, Adrien will be okay. And if Adrien isn't okay, she'll find out soon enough, which is exactly what Gabriel is wary of.
(he knows he's treating Adrien wrong. He knows how a parent act. But he's not a parent, is he?)
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lazybakerart · 2 days ago
i don’t know why i feel this venomous hatred for eddie when i don’t even know him.
i just don’t like seeing him sit with the younger teens as if he’s replaced will at school or hang out with the older teens as if he’s replaced what could have been billy in a better world.
will and billy are my faves and i just don’t want eddie 🥲😫
I'm with ya, man.
I think it's because: the writers isolated Billy in s3.
Pre-possession there were no scene to show us where Billy stood with Max or Steve or Lucas or any of the other kids. All we got was Billy at the pool being eyeballed by an organized group of middle aged women.
So, to then bring in this new character who is the same archetype as Billy - arrogant, smart mouthed, metal head, even the mullet!! and then to have Eddie be involved in the party? With the older teens. The kids!
It just feels like - why did the writers kill Billy off just to copy and paste him back into the story?? Where he could have been friends with Steve and Robin, he could have made up with Max and the kids.
It just feels stupid and irritating that all we got for Billy was 'look how not gay he is' and 'Oh yeah, he was abused and his mom left and the last time he was happy as a kid was with his mom and the only person to know all this is El who didn't bother to tell anyone else for some reason' and 'he dead, but hopper is too (wink wink) so who cares'.
The whole thing makes me feel really bitter so seeing his copy is - a bit infuriating. I'm hoping (a little bit??) that s4 will give us something more for his character tho! And not just as fuel for Max's angst.
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1863-project · 2 days ago
I've scrolled through Pixiv a few times and I thought it was really interesting that emmet's meme tag on pixiv is クダリまじ天使 (emmet seriously an angel) while ingo's is ノボリさんまじ性的 (ingo seriously sexy)
This is actually a great example of an overall fandom trend that frustrates me (an adult autistic person) - the fandom has, since 2010 when these characters debuted, consistently assigned sexuality to Ingo and infantilized Emmet. It happens regardless of origin, language, etc. - and it's a great example of society's unintentional ableism.
Emmet is the one who has the more "obvious" autistic traits, both visible in his dialogue and, in the manga, how he moves and lacks a filter. Combined with his general upbeat personality, this has led to a lot of fan depictions of him as "angelic" or "innocent," or even needing Ingo to care for him like a child. This plays right into ableist stereotypes of autistic people as "perpetual children" or "innocent," which...we're people, regardless of our level of support needs. We're often portrayed in media and by certain organizations as either "pure" (i.e. innocent and childlike) or "a burden," and it ends with us not being treated as real people with nuance, which we actually are.
Emmet and Ingo are both adults who happen to have a fairly serious job, and both can easily be read as autistic (see my post on it here). Yet when it comes to making one of them more childish or "in need" - or, in fact, "unhinged," it's ALWAYS Emmet, and I think it's good to sit down and think about why this happens. There's a lot of unintentional ableism in there that I think people aren't aware of because it's so embedded in our society.
When there isn't a pandemic, I speak at autism conferences as an autistic advocate, and I'm actually considering putting together something bigger on the subject of this sort of thing with more examples from other fandoms because it's definitely something you start to look for as you become more aware of it.
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wizards1977 · 2 days ago
If all the Kingdom hearts characters went to Monstropolis, what do you think they would turn into?
Hmm good question!! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  I think that most of them would be a unique monster like Sora, so they could retain the anime qualities in their designs. That being said here's a Riku thought lol
Tumblr media
Maybe like a komo bat nightmare since that's his signature dream eater?
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garmmy · 2 days ago
Hi, I've been more of a lurker on here but I saw your art of Gammamon and his Digivolutions and thought they were amazing and would look great as a phone wallpaper. So I went and made them into one though I would absoulutely NOT want to distribute this unless you were okay with it so I thought I'd give the finished work to you and let you decide if you wanted to let other people use it or not. Hope you have a fantastic day whenever you see this!
Tumblr media
hello, thank you for the kind words!! i've never thought about them as a phone wallpaper but you really made them look great together 😆
and thank you for taking the time to ask!! and yes to anyone else who sees this, please feel free to use it as your wallpaper or for personal (non-commercial) use if you'd like 😊
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keoni-chan · a day ago
Hi, Keoni! Hope you have a nice day. If you don't mind, WCIF that Van Gogh guitar... recolor? from post/684793893824479232/
Hi! I am, I hope you are too!
Tumblr media
That recolor is by @untidyfan and you can download it here.
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just-art5 · 2 days ago
It happened again.
I bring you another flagged post and my response of course.
Tumblr media
Poor lady is having an existential crisis (probably) because of a 19th century alpha (probably). Give her a break my good dudes.
Tumblr media
Great expectations at 19th century balls often result in tears. UGH. SHE WASN'T THE DIAMOND OF THE SEASON - see what I did there.
Anyway, I hope the appeal works.
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arsonhotchner · 2 days ago
Okay here we go babes round 2, let’s see if this works? Loving u always and congratulations on ur big juicy Master’s degree I can’t think of anyone who deserves all the good things more!!
🧑‍🚒 tracing their finger over their lover’s tattoos/scars,
pairing: gn!reader x aaron hotchner
prompt: tracing their finger over their lover’s tattoos/scars
contents: making out, mention of canon-compliant assault, body insecurity, scars
an: hi my darling wife, i hope you enjoy this and i love you so so much <3
word count: 606
join my celebration here! 🔥
This is the first time it’s ever gotten this steamy. It’s your first time in his bed, the first time he’s let you kiss him this long. The first time he’s ever let your hands roam like this. You’re sitting in his lap and he’s propped against the headboard. One of your hands must travel out of acceptable territory when it begins to slide under his shirt because his hand comes to hold it in place. It’s a gentle redirect, he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. He laces his fingers through yours as he smiles into your mouth before pulling away.
“Sorry, got a little carried away there,” You apologize, ducking your head.
“Don’t apologize, it’s alright. I want to go there with you, I do,” He reassures you, both hands cupping your face.
“Do you want to…talk about why you’re hesitant to?” His eyes fall to the space in between you and your hands come to rest over his, “You can tell me anything. You can trust me, I care about you so deeply, Aaron.”
“I care about you, too,” He hesitates for a moment and you lean in to rest your head on his chest, squeezing him in encouragement. He pulls in a deep breath and lets it out, “A few years ago I was assaulted in my apartment by an unsub. As a result, there’s some scarring, the one on my arm is just the beginning.”
“Aaron, I’m so sorry.”
“I’ve worked through a lot of it, I wouldn’t have started this with you if I hadn’t.”
“Maybe we could work through this together,” You offer, hovering your hand over the hem of his shirt.
His eyebrows knit together as he gives it some thought, wondering if he’s ready for this step. Finally, he gives a short nod, “I’m open to that.”
“We can leave your shirt on, I’ll just feel?” You look down at your hand and then back up at him for confirmation. His eyes are cautious but he nods once more, and then your fingers are underneath his shirt.
His scars are more raised than you anticipated and smoother than the rest of his skin. You use your other hand to keep his shirt down, your eyes watching your exploring hand under the fabric. His eyes are hooded as he watches your expression, how it’s soft, almost full of wonder, and something else he quite can’t place. His breathing hitches when you move further up his torso.
“Relax baby,” You murmur as you continue to trace his scars. Once your fingers climb his chest and make their way back down you withdraw your hand and lean in to give a kiss on the top of his nose. “How was that?”
“It was okay. I think we should keep doing it in the future.”
You take his ‘in the future’ as an indicator that today has been enough, “As long as you’re comfortable and feel safe.”
“I trust you,” He says firmly.
The smile that breaks across your face is worth all of the anxiety this conversation has given him, though he feels like he managed it well.
You move forward to treat him to a soft kiss, “Did you still want dessert? We kind of got sidetracked.”
“I’d love dessert.”
“Think you have everything for brownies?” The way his mouth twists in doubt is your answer. “Grocery store time!” You hop out of the bed, running out of his bedroom turning right towards the foyer.
Aaron lays in bed just a moment, thinking about how lucky he is to have bumped into you at the park all those months ago.
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bunabi · a day ago
bioware has SO many characters with terminal Both Sides Are Bad disease... if i see any of them with a coherent viewpoint that they actually stick to, i have to immediately stan. you go leliana, be a murder pope girlboss ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀)
so true it's really refreshing 🥂
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deliverusfromsburb · a day ago
anonymousalchemist said: The inherent human desire to put a guy in a situation 
Tumblr media
[ID: The ‘woe plague be upon ye’ meme edited to read ‘woe situation be upon ye’.]
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bigfatbreak · 2 days ago
Ah, given that we're dealing with Gabriel, I thought that perhaps Amelie was amab, and that was why he was all 'You're not her sister'. But he's just being a dick in a *different* way. Guess I should have figured that he wouldn't have privately referred to her as a woman if he was being THAT kind of a creep.
also I write him as a dick but I don't want to be too overt or over the edge with his dickishness. a good villain has some level of subtlety after all, and he's trying to be IN her good graces, sort of.
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