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hey there! 

they’re open, within reason (aka from a fandom i’ve reblogged or giffed before), just shoot me an ask or a message :)

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If you really don’t mind, I would appreciate it very much >___<

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Top five foods.. Hm..

Lasagna, my mom’s chili con carne, bibimbap, spinach with potatoes and eggs, basically anything spicy 😁

Thank you! I’m currently sitting in English class and it’s hella boring because the only teacher is repeating herself over and over.. And because this is 8th grade level..

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don’t know them | don’t like them | okay | like | love | amazing | ASDFNBXEJHFJ

I do enjoy a few songs by them but I’ve never been much into their music. For me it’s a 6/10 I’d say but that is a very personal way of seeing this 😁

I do love Join Me. It’s a cliché to like that song but still.

Thank you<3

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i caught up on sleep dw baby 💗💕💘💘💞💝💖 and i’m always happy to see you in my inbox!!!! my studying went alright, the exams ended up being okie too!! i love you a lot and wish you the nicest of days 💞💘💕💓💕💘💝💖💖

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HIIIIIIIIIII BBY 💖💘💝💓💗💕💞 i’m very excited about this event as well, what a lovely opportunity to spread love and kindness!! <333 thank you for loving my blog though 🥺🥺🥺 it means so much to me to hear that, seriously! 🥺🥺 i’d like to become good friends with you too and i’m excited to get to know you better 💞💗💕💓💘

i’m alright, life hasn’t been treating me very well lately tbh lol i’m in a very weird mental state and can’t seem to get out of there but hopefully soon!!! me and my family and friends are healthy and we’re all taking care of ourselves 💘💕💗💗💞 i hope you are doing the same!!!! i wish you a lovely day bby 💓💘💘💕💗

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I have all the Aizen cards but my Power cards are mostly single-copy *sobbing*

My powerful cards are the Speed ones because that was last year’s weakness. Huhuhu I really want that CG but I dunno if I can…

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I don’t plan to convert these hairs, but I’m working on Anto’s Levitating hair.

Thank you, but I’m not ready to share my sims ‘cause I use some unfinished cc on them.

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This is an unfinished conversion of LeahLillith’s Missing Piece necklace. Also, I wanted to put several jewelry conversions at once in one post, but the work was somewhat delayed.

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Unfortunately, no one shared new paid Newsea’s hairstyles in the public domain. I’d really like to convert some of them to the sims 2.

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like thats most things for me tbh when it starts getting close to a year i drop out. i might revisit it frequently and still get excited abt it, or even hyperfixate again for a shorter time later, but the main phase is always around a year ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Yeah they probably are. But somewhat unrelated, there are way too many “radfem” women who support conservative politicians.

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