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The same thing occurred when The Grey Knight first appeared to this Universe, yet it was somehow more chaotic to her surroundings. Rather than the care of a symbol of purity making sure that little damage was caused, this entry from the Immaterium was a bit more reckless and dangerous. The very ground twisted and heaved at the presence of Chaos energy, and vibrant-coloured lightning made metal and stone alike molten.

At the first sight of the magical girl who witnessed her appearance, she immediately raised her weapon without hesitation, though whatever expression she wore when doing so was hidden by the helmet.

“I will only ask this once: where is Madoka Kaname?”

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dandylion240 replied to your photoset “Last one; all the Karaish siblings. Is Loch shorter than Sky? Yes. Yes…”

So curious why is Loch so short?

(was gonna answer as a comment, but it was too many words lol)

I’m not sure 😅 I’ve always had the headcanon that Bay was the tallest, and that Loch and Riv weren’t overly tall, I just wasn’t sure which of the two was shorter. I also always knew Ash was a little taller than Loch. But while working out others’ heights, I realised either Ash would have to be *a lot* taller than I ever thought and Loch a little taller, or Loch would have to be shorter than River. And since I’d already decided Finn was short, it just kinda made more sense for Loch to be too (Ash is clearly attracted to ‘cute’), than to have both Loch and Asher both be taller. And if Loch was taller than River, then either River and Chad would either have to have a much bigger height difference, or Chad would have to be shorter…

Basically, to get other height differences where I wanted them, it just kinda worked out better overall lol.

(He’s actually not *that* short. His height slider is only at -10. It’s just most of the other guys are in the positive numbers lol eg Riv’s is +75 and Bay’s is at +110. Also, I forgot leaving Sky’s slider at 0 would make her a little taller than Loch until I put the 5 of them together lol.)

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There’s going to have to be some kind of off-season period between the end of the playoffs and the start of next season. No matter what happens. It can’t just roll over to the next season. There has to be a free agency period where players can sign and teams can trade to prep for next season, and things like arbitration hearings can happen. Things that can’t happen while the season is on-going. I don’t doubt we’ll see trades once teams are out of the playoffs, but they can’t all happen then. Not when there are still things that need to happen, like the draft. If the season ends up going ahead as it seems to be, it’s going to be a mess in more ways than one.

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It’s fantastic! The QoL additions are a blessing. The rearranged music is good and a nice change to listen to considering how often i’ve played this game. Also love the vanity armour options, even though i’m leaving my party as a hot mess for now. I’ve only made it to Colony 6 so far because i insist on doing every available sidequest.

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I know! I agree anon! this ep was just simply mindblowing! All the effort they put into it… everyone! but most of all Max… honestly that man is sooo good! 

I loved all the scenes with Lexi, I loved her making her dad beg… what a clever child, making him smile like that <3 

also surprising that Phil knew ANYTHING about sign language… but I guess Lexi taught him… or did stuff in front of him so many times… that it stuck. 

that little bit of ballum scene? it was cute but quite weird if you remember how their last interaction went… 

anyway the clever idea of putting what Ben heard on screen like they were little subtitles… or more like echoes? Brilliant! Also the sound effects? God, I’m so speechless of it all! 

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oh definitely agree. alexis is definitely her fathers daughter. its been great to see their relationship grow in the 6 seasons, from him not even knowing her eye color to helping her through a rough breakup and wanting to be there for her because he never was in the past. they’ve grown a lot and its so beautiful. 

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Honestly i didnt pay that much attention to his character so this may not be what would i think of him if i actually payed attention when he got screentime lol. I have mixed feelings about him. On the one hand it annoys me that he gets a redemption arc. To me he was just a side character who was a very bad person who hurt his family and i didnt give a shit about him. And now he has an arc where he tries to be a better person which i don’t understand why exsists when Bakugo’s right there who’s the second main character but still the writer choses to redeem the family abuser who literally has no other role in the show than that. I thought Endeavor’s only role in the show was to show the viewers how agressive people can be when they have power. On the other hand its good when people realise their past behaviour is bad and try to do better so i get it if you like the thought of redeeming him. But imo he should still stay away from Shoto and his family. I dont read the manga so idk what happens there idk if he actually tries to become a better person or not.

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When I said “shy bi,” I was referring to myself, the blog writer. Sorry, I didn’t realize putting Gracey’s picture above that could make it read differently. Wasn’t thinking. Whoopsie!

I do personally headcanon my version of Gracey, (Dorian, as opposed to Edward or William), as gay, and Ghost Host as bi, but that’s just my interpretation. There’s nothing stated in the actual ride. Almost all of the characters don’t have backstories or names that Disney has given them. Most of it is just fans having fun and throwing their interpretations onto the internet, just like I do.


Originally posted by the999happyhaunts

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One of my OG ships…………honestly though I think they could’ve been a really cute disaster teen / childhood crush romance? Zuko’s pursuit of Aang could’ve so easily gotten into pigtail pulling -> genuine friendship -> panicked realization of feelings. I genuinely enjoyed their canon dynamic a lot in the show and could’ve seen it turning into something more eventually. 

As adults, though. Ahhhhhhhhhh. Old soul who is secretly immature romance goals. It shares some of the intertwined destiny tropes that WinterIron thrives on, as well as the inescapable fame and transition from villainy to heroism + damage by war. I feel like Aang’s WHOLE vibe is so different from Tony’s though and Zuko is infinitely too awkward to ever be as suave as Bucky ahahaha. They do have some of the same bones, and maybe that’s why I love them both, but Zuko and Aang are a whole different brand of chaotic idiocy.

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Hi! I’m not French! I just know the language. 💓

I saw your other ask that you were studying it..I hope it goes well and I’m here if you need any help with anything! I’m still learning it myself but I’m happy to try and help if you need it.

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Hello! Ahhh omg I love this idea. And I’d definitely like to help! I’m not sure if I should be running it myself, but if black artists and authors want me to put something together I will definitely do what I can to assist. Or I can just promo a list as well

So any input from artists/authors in the fandom would be great 👀!

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thank you so much, this is so sweet 🥺 sending you lots of love!! 💕

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he’s a cool guy, although i know most of his fans are misfit fans too, which irks me, but what can you do. he’s got the right mindset, he’s funny, and he doesn’t joke at the costs of others ^-^

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