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#reps are busy let's get shitposting
sylkhi · 6 months ago
Nico saying "I smell like death and animals fear me for it" is incorrect. Here's reasons why:
1. It's really no secret at this point that Nico is the most powerful demigod alive in-canon. He's so powerful that he has enough reserve strength and vitality (after recovering as much as he possibly could from Tartarus, starvation, and using the seeds in the state he was in. You don't ever fully recover from things like those) to constantly have his fear aura and cryokinesis emanating low-key, kind of like his wavelength.
But, it's at its lowest when he's with Will/Jason/Hazel/Reyna/Gleeson/whoever you ship him with, but never fully off. The fact that he emanates an aura puts him one step closer to god than mortal by the way.
ANYWAY, the constant emanation of the fear aura definitely makes animals skittish, but as he doesn't really let it off when he's alone with animals, they crowd him and glomp him whenever he's alone with them.
2. A lot of the animals he interacts with are probably animals tied to gods who don't have the best of relationships with Hades.
This one should be pretty self-explanatory. When you make an enemy of a god, you make an enemy of practically everything they represent (imagine permanently pissing off Hygeia or Asclepius... yeah, let's not).
Think of Annabeth and cows. Her Bovine Majesty, Hera, that goat skin gal, Queen of the gods, doesn't like Annabeth, and cows, by extension, do not (why are there so many commas???). The difference here is that Hera actively does things to screw around with Annabeth, and the only thing stopping her from screwing up Annabeth's relationships and (eventual) marriage is Athena giving her the look. Enough about my Annabeth|Hera head-canons though.
So whenever Nico interacts with a horse and equine creatures, or an eagle, or a cow, they get skittish and violent because of the gods they're tied to not liking Hades, and by proxy, him (exception here is Zeus, who genuinely dislikes Nico and would kill him if that didn't mean dying at Hades' hands, quite literally btw).
3. Animals don't really fear death (itself), which Nico represents.
Here's an important distinction for you and a head-canon from me (one I might write a piece on): Hades' children are representations of death itself, while Thanatos' children, as children of the god of death, represent it's causes.
I don't want you to think of to confuse it with him repping death by old age (that would be children of Geras).
Anyway, all creatures seem to take comfort in death, and thus Nico. And when an animal is comfortable with you, it tends to either leave you to your business, or seek your attention.
This one is cracky and feels like something I'd write a piece for at 3AM when I can't sleep.
4. This one is about Artemis|Nico.
Basically, as a sort of apology to Nico cause she knew what it meant to take away the only person he had at the time (and for a long time, really), I head-canon that Artemis has marked Nico with one of her blessings (a boon for my Hades players out there).
This specific mark is the one that numbs wild animals'/animals with violent dispositions' instinct to attack creatures they perceive as "dangerous".
Animals aren't daft. They can tell a dangerous individual, and some attack on sight to get the upper hand. Of course, Nico is too powerful for a non-mythical beast to so much as scratch him (he wouldn't kill them, just scare them off).
Anyway, with the mark, wild animals basically act as their domestic counterparts would around Nico.
I head-canon that when he first started shadow-travelling and would wind up passed out on totally different continents or in different places, he woke up one day in Tsavo East National Park with man-eating lions (look it up, fairly interesting) curled up around him and purring.
Anyway, now that we've dived into my mind and swam steadily downwards, we've finally reached the bottom where one thing is left: SHITPOSTING. Let's do it.
Animals when nico's fear aura is on: I do not know this man. I could see him walking down the streets and I would not recognise him. Sorry to this m–
Animals when nico's fear aura is low: cuddle time. Time to cuddle. Yup. Did someone say snuggling? Come here, boyo *glomps said boyo*
Nico: so do you like me or not???
Zeus [on mount olympus]: I think it's about time I sent an eagle to pluck his ey–
(ground rumbles)
Zeus [nervously]: *clears throat* –to pluck the twigs out of the boy's hair, why is he so bad with maintaining his hair?
(Will is doing some stuff for a Veterinarian son of kymopoleia. Nico accompanies him to the vet's like the supportive boyfriend he is)
Will: why are you covered in cats???
Nico [covered in cats and enjoying every second of it]: cause you're giving the dogs a check-up, doctor
(Will got turned on when nico said doctor, guys, don't blame me)
(Hades and Hera get into a cat fight. It's for a very petty reason; their pet peeves with each other's children)
Hades: time-out! Can't we just try to get along now that our boys are dating each other?
Hera [pensive; the expression looks fake]: *adjusts goat skin on shoulders*
Hera: . . . no
(Cat fighting continues)
(Snow-white!Nico AU with Reyna and Hazel as main supporting cast, Percy as prince, and Hera as misunderstood evil queen with her own character arc? Closer than you'd think)
Reyna: stop singing nico
Nico: why?
Hazel: You're covered in birds nico. BIRDS, PLURAL!
Nico: makes me even more fly :)
Percy: omg literally so hot *swoons*
Hera: *strokes cow behind ears* can we skip to the part where he eats the apple and gets trampled by my trusty cow?
(The story falls apart. Not even the Apollo kids can save it. Lesson is not to let the aphrodite cabin do storytime at the campfire).
Hazel: oh, I didn't know you had pets, Nico
Nico: I don't
Hazel: why all the random animals, then
Nico: you're not trying to kick out my other visitors, are you
That's it, guys. Deuces. Yes, some of the head-canons here might feature in my next nico-centric (ooohhhhh, *interest sounds*).
I'd like to do more posts like these, but they're a bit time-consuming to write up. It's still so worth it though.
Should I do more like these? (The "head-canon/opinion dump-into-shitpost" format). You tell me. I mean, I'll still make them, just more frequently if yes is the answer.
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exyclusionist · 3 years ago
i genuinely want to read more of you dragging n*ra/aftg crit. i mean, i love aftg, but what else did she get wrong? oooo this is quality content
im a dumbass i typed this up and then accidentally deleted literally 60% of it by doing the highlight+type thing so wow fuk me. but i replaced it with even more text, so. but anyway im gonna readmore this so i dont annoy all my followers who have normal interests lol
fjgljdflgd i love it too but i have an endless stream of criticism because like as much as i love my good mlm rep in genres of writing i enjoy, there’s... a LOT that coulda been better. i have like a bunch of things ive said about this in my #aftgask tag so you can search that but most of it is really fuckin old, relative to this blog’s conception, and i prolly sound like a total dumbass cause tha’s just how i am. i addressed most of my criticisms of her and the series in this post, but ive formed many New Opinions since then, although i still agree with all the shit i said there. i can clarify and expand on most of those things too if you ask, it just really depends cause some of the topics there get me really heated and others i don’t know enough about and have mostly heard through the grapevine. like i can criticize the weird stances about mental health for ages because there’s a lot to unpackage there, but it’s also stressful to go into detail about it without picking one specific thing to focus on cause there’s So Much to cover yknow. 
anyway some new opinions: not a fan of some language she uses to describe herself (im not japanese so correct me if im wrong but ive heard people criticize the term “japanophile” so that’s an example) and just she’s said some iffy things, like when talking about allison’s daughter she said “son who is actually a daughter” instead of “trans daughter” like Please. which reminds me that That is an example of her pulling a rowling and tacking on representation in extra content that she never included in her books. (speaking of lack of rep in her books. layla and alvarez getting like One Page, and her specifying that renison could never happen? interesting. :) ) so yknow that’s annoying. clearly i dont expect every lgbt book to have every possible form of representation bc that’s pretty ridiculous but her dismissal of renison as a possibility is just tacky. like she didn’t have to comment on it, even if it’s something she’s seriously against (which... why would you be). it doesn’t reflect well on her as a person. she’s also just said shit that makes me uncomfortable, mostly in responses to stupid fans who think they’re clever or something. like im not gonna go into detail but some of the extra content and shit just is unnecessary for someone in her position (social privilege wise, not as the author) to dwell on bc it just reads as needless fanservice. like im sure many of the people who ask weird self-indulgent bullshit probably identify as fujoshis and honestly she couldve easily ignored comments like that, but considering she’s basically one of them, im not surprised she felt the need to answer. also the aaron favoritism annoys the fuck outta me and she let a lot of his homophobia and shit go unaddressed to the point that we got a shitload of people claiming he’s ace so they can pretend he never called neil slurs or insinuated the other gross shit. but anyway. also im not sure how true this is so dont quote me on it but im p sure she’s endorsed or at least interacted with a certain popular blogger whom i,,,, really dreadfully despise due to them using the h slur very liberally while complaining about gay people who think gays are better than hets. like that’s a big part of why i don’t touch the fandom cause the homophobia is scalding and i dont hate myself enough to put up with that. 
it’s late and my brain is sore so i can’t think of much else that i haven’t at least briefly brought up before atm but im sure i have a horde of other bullshit buried somewhere in my skull about this. again like most of my criticisms happen on the basis of someone asking me what i think of something Specific and then i remember and/or decide, cause it’s too much to keep track of and i dont use twitter or pay attention to all of the extra content cause im too inattentive to focus on catching up with it now, and i like to preserve my sanity too. n i tend to discuss a lot of this shit in my server (whenever we aren’t overly busy being gay and otherwise shitposting but yknow) which ill prolly invite people to if i get off-anon asks or a DM about it but even then a lot of it is just someone finding an ace renee moodboard and everyone having a stroke about it or things like that. im more annoyed with the fandom’s behavior in general simply cause i no longer care about n*ra or pay attention to her cause i prefer pretending the books wrote themselves so i can entirely eschew the reality that she inserted so much of her own prejudice and failure to research into an otherwise good story. that’s a lie i mean i really do not ignore her faults and im always happy to tear anything apart with my criticism, but it’s also kinda tiring having to remember that she is Like She Is. im just tryin to be an obsessive gay and live my life yknow.
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donofdepravity · 11 months ago
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ash-mun · 4 years ago
WSRP Banhammer story, behind a cut cause this is an epic tale that's basically my introduction to MMO Forum RP. YOU ASKED FOR IT, ANON. SO YOU'RE GETTING IT. Also, this happened in 2013. Every single person I talk about in the post (except me obv) aren’t involved with WSRP as a whole,, or even play Wildstar anymore as far as I know.  Wew, this took forever.
OKAY, so I gotta go into a lot of backstory for this as the actual banning was the vaguest out of the blue thing ever. It's also been THREE+ years so some events might not be in ideal order or obviously exact wordage isn't used? (I think I might have screencaps cause we were on a roll back in the day, but that's on my home pc) Back in the day someone (probably TRAP) showed me a trailer for WILDSTAR. I got on the hype train HARD and instantly started brainstorming ideas for shit. My hype was so much that I dug and found a RP forum for Wildstar, thus I stumbled over when it had next to no members and next to no info on the game. Cue the one main thread(the only thread), which was a generic bar thread where I first RPed Sly. In that thread, Sly met a Cassian dude and the back n forth between them became hot shit. Let's call him uh... Whatever. He's CASSIAN. So CASSIAN and I love how these two interact a shit ton. We start RPing via Google docs and holy fucking shit do we ever write these two. As in, we wrote so much that Google docs would start lagging at 100 pages. So we started to open new docs. We had about- Fuck. 10 or so documents of writing between these two? (They're still in my google docs, too) I know we had 3/4 parts per 'story'. A LOT of writing was done. In between gushing about our dumb OCs, CASSIAN and I talk like normal friends or normal for me because I'm an oversharing piece of shit. With some awkward between. At the time I was jobless, so CASSIAN liked to tell me he could get me a job at the Deli he works in and I could move in with him and his ROOMMATE. There was some almost ic/ooc flirting too? It was all innocent stuff as far as I remember. I'd always laugh it off and we'd move on for weirder stuff. He thought my OC was hot, I thought his was hot. WSRP slowly grew as more people joined. I continued to RP with CASSIAN via google docs and chatting him up in... I think it was AOL or some shit back in the day? I remember him being in a group chat with myself, TRAP, CANADIAN, maybe SALTWIFE, and SALTWIFE'S BAE?? They came later maybe??? I can't remember, it was SO LONG ago. Anyway, in this chat we'd talk about the WSRP trends. One was the fact that people basically left threads hanging to participate in a closed thread started by FINGERFOOD. Which was annoying in general but exaserbated because the few mods we had were only in that thread. Then people in that thread who weren't mods became mods. CASSIAN is an example of one of these people in the thread who later became a mod. We'd complain to CASSIAN about that, but prior to mod-dom he'd insist he couldn't do anything. Cue mutterings from various people and many a enjin IM exchange over it. I decided that I wanted to make a post about this closed thread, to call light to the issue. This was discussed in the group chat. I even took tons of input and wrote this big thing up on google docs. This doc was read over by the chat (CASSIAN included) to make certain nothing was inflammatory and the tone stayed neutral to point out the issue before I made this post. I made the post about the circlejerk thread that FINGERFOOD had spawned. (I should note that not ALL mods were in this thread, but a RP circlejerk certainly spawned from it.) The thread actually brought myself, TRAP, CANADIAN, SALTWIFE, and SALTWIFE'S BAE together. The issue of this one circlejerk thread brought Aurin RPers and Dominion rpers together. IT WAS MAGICAL. (We're all still friends in our own circle jerk chat if you're curious c: ) Holyfuckingshit. The reaction from the people in the circlejerk thread was AMAZING.  I got hate mail from someone telling me that she was some HR rep and if I worked at her place I'd be in violation of HR policy???? I did get some fan mail, too. So- It was a weird time. 
I was called a cunt, and a rapist on people's walls along with anyone who agreed with the post. These wall posts were brought up to the mods and we were informed they wouldn't police walls. Within the thread, we'd report posts that were pure shitposting only to be informed by the mods that we basically needed to stfu. Faith in the mods, and CHAD specifically plummeted to zero. Okay, I should say that only one mod was really responding to us. CHAD the mod was a participant in the circlejerk thread. CHAD the mod also informed all of us that we were troublemakers who kept starting shit. Cue confusion from us, as we'd all only began our friendship based on the thread. Previously I believe SALTWIFE and SALTWIFE's BAE brought up issue about gross murder porn pics towards Dominion characters, which may be the DRAMA CHARD was talking about???? Things calmed down. People finally typed out exits to threads they'd been ignoring for weeks+. The creator of the circlejerk thread, FINGERGFOOD screamed that he'd make a better RP community with blackjack and hookers. CASSIAN and I slowed down in RP as he was very busy with work and such as far as I was told. Except, I am not an oblivious idiot which CASSIAN seemed to think I was. I recall gushing to CASSIAN about a thread concept, having him tell me he was excited to sign up for said thread, making said thread, having CASSIAN sign up, then having to poke him about posts until he just...stopped. Same went for asking about RP and being told he was busy. Except I'd watch him post in the circlejerk thread or any thread but where I was interacting. Which, obviously hurt. Like, dude. Don't wanna rp with me anymore? Stop rping with me in secret. I bring it up with him. Shrugged off and excuses given. Someone even pointed out that CASSIAN stopped talking when I did in the WSRP chat. Also, ow. At some point he left the chat we had, but we still were friends on Skype and still were RPing in google docs. It simply seemed he didn't want to publically engage me. :c This is where I get foggy on timeline, cause I know I chatted CASSIAN up until the end butyeah. Anyway, CASSIAN and I had this RP where Sly and his OC HATED each other due to a misunderstanding about her killing his men or something? I was hyped to write hate sex and CASSIAN was down cause we'd certainly been writing up PLENTY of sex between these two OCs for a while with plenty of spite due to their races. So we write the thing of Sly and CASSIAN's OC having growly sex in the middle of the jungle after weapons are dropped. I poke CASSIAN as his replies are not up to speed to see if anything is wrong. He shrugs it off. Cue the next day. CASSIAN tells me the scene felt rapey and he was uncomfortable with it. Well, gee thanks for telling me after the fact. So we delete that section, re write it with Sly tied up...cause that makes it less rapey. By this point I remember being, 200% done so I wrote it to amuse me (and TRAP who would read our RPs while we types)
...I got the original google doc for this shit, fam
SEX: Pressing forwards against her again, he slid across her until his mouth rested near her ear. “I am the apex predator.”
Snickering to herself, Sly scooted closer to tuck her body against the Cassian’s. “-and that’s how you take down an Apex predator.”
So we keep RPing (as this fucking doc has 60 more pages AFTER that)  and I guess things slowly taper off. I thiiinkkk timeline wise this was... June? July? I legit recall being in my parent's place alone on my laptop on their bed, so I had to be house sitting...
Then I legit recall this happening after my family beach vacation, so this was August. Months out from the post and the WSRP drama.
I remember being told of WSRP drama related to myself and SALTWIFE wanting to make lore threads for our fav races as there was chatter of people doing that for each race. Which was seen as a power grab or something??? idfk, I remember being on vacation so I wasn't that interested in the drama. I did later make the Aurin lore/whatever post with pics and everything before getting banned. I think I remember CHAD doing something to SALTWIFE'S BAE and the response from another mod(I legit think it was CASSIAN, but memory hazy) was "Just block him" So SALTWIFE'S BAE blocked CHAD. So did I cause LOL VACATION and given that I'd never really talked to CHAD anyway, I figured it would be a non issue. Narrator: It was an issue. So finding out I was banned was weird.
I know I was talking to CASSIAN at the time back home because I was asking him if the site was down, as I was only getting a blank page when I tried to load the page. It happened sometime when Enjin's servers shit the bed. His reply was something along the lines of "I'm not comfortable talking to you about that" or something like that. Really out of the blue and weird before I realized I was banned. Basically any message after that point for a bit got the same response from CASSIAN. I mailed another mod (not in the circlejerk) about it and I remember them telling me they'd look into it and that they were confused as to what was going on. Cue CHAD's wife sending me an email about how I was a horrible person and I'd been banned for abusing a mod, posting inappropriate things on my enjin wall and tumblr(which were things we were told weren't modded, HMM), and that there were tons of reports about me. I have the original enjin email!! I am that bitch with receipts.
We regretfully have to inform you that you have been banned from WildStar Roleplay. Here is the reasoning behind this decision: 1.) Harassment of a moderator, to the point where it violates our specific rules against harassment. 2.) Hurtful, cruel, and disruptive remarks reported to us from all over, be it the forums here, AIM chats, tumblr, your wall and various other mediums. 3.) Refusing to work with the moderators and administrators on any of the above issues, to the point where you actively blocked CHAD from all communication.  A continuously disruptive, hostile and inconsiderate behavior towards both members and staff on this forum as well as complete disregard for the staff in general and a refusal to communicate with us sadly leaves us with no choice but to ban you. You are welcome to contact me with any questions. Regards
When I asked for proof, where my warnings were, or links for anything, I was denied, told, our group scolding after the thread was my warning, and informed they had a 'whole file' of my transgressions and scolded some more for being a little shit. When I asked why my wall posts mattered when they were things they didn't look at, I was informed a new rule had been made that wasn't listed about wall posts being modded. (It was a RP Polar Bear meme. I remember that much.)
The fun part was this was an out of the blue thing. No warning, no temp ban, no heads up from CASSIAN, no nothing. Just a full website ban randomly.
The tl;dr of it was from what myself and the saltcrew guessed was CHAD found I blocked him, decided to perma-ban me  over it out of spite, then had to work up excuses when his other mods came to him with questions. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The only other explination would be that CASSIAN cried a lot to CHAD about how I abused him while still holding a friendship with me, but I legit don't believe CASSIAN to be that manipulative. Now CHAD? CHAD was a salty thing and nasty as we all found out later so him perma-banning someone just because seemed perfectly logical. So yeah. I wasn't happy. By this time I had my own guild Enjin with a healthy number of people, friendships with plenty of people so I dropped like a bad habit and didn't touch it until CHAD moved on to be toxic in another game. The icing on the cake was CASSIAN asking if we'd still be friends after he helped get me perma-banned. Obviously, my answer was no.
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