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August 21st 2019

Pictures my grandma took that morning when she got me up from my first night on my new bed…I’m very comfortable if you couldn’t tell lol

I have a blanket but she took it off for the picture

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Okay, for some reason the whole ‘ask-option’ has vanished in thin air, just  p o o f gone, so alas, I’m improvising. HELP

I have a snake. She’s my sweet, sneaky corn snake Copperchain. She just a hatchling and had her first shed recently. All went well, it came in one piece, eye caps and all… except the tip of her tail. 

Because she’s a hatchling, she’s still very flighty but slowly getting better. I’ve handled her two times now and had the change to examine her tail but she ain’t a big fan of me touching it. I don’t how to get it off safely *wacks head on the table* So, yeah, a little help would be nice 

also, tumblr please stop being a dick sincerely yours, random tumblr user

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All the bioactive supplies arrived for Yoshi! Unfortunately I also dropped his basking light and broke it so I have to get a new one. I think I want some fake plants for the upper portion too it just looks a little blah.


Avoiding touching the new stuff. He does actually seem to be adjusting though! He’s been eating well and seems more comfortable in his space. Well at least until I changed it all lol

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Scorpion super sayayin BLUE 😂🔥
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