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#reptile pet
skull-hoarder · a month ago
I finally got a new cage for my mexican pine snake
she lived in a 10 gallon tank with a wooden lid and I got this cool Zilla reptile terrarium in my zone
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Yes, I took the opportunity to add a vulture touch to the decoration with that chalky old domestic dog skull that one of the street dogs brought me a few months ago, I also included an oak branch that I got from the nearby forest and something natural litter with potting soil for the substrate
The cage is in excellent condition, it only has a broken closure tab but it doesn't really affect anything
Anyway, my snake seemed stunned to have so much space available when I first changed it, now it is a bit shy but I know it will adapt well
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fbombsonice · 9 months ago
Hey, I'm so sorry I can't find your main, or else I found it and u changed ur icon and I'm paranoid, but I'm pretty sure I asked(maybe was on anon) about pets and you said you have many including a snake? And I was wondering if you had any advice bc like, I'm really thinking about it here, and snakes snuggle, right?
Hi @hockeynhorses 👋 Yes, I have a ball python and she is very sweet (for a snake). I’m not an expert on snakes by any stretch but if you’re thinking about getting one that won’t mind sitting on your shoulders while you hang out at home, I think a python is probably the way to go.
Some things to consider before getting a snake:
– Cost: While general upkeep isn’t particularly expensive, the initial investment to set up a proper enclosure can be very expensive and, if you move at all, different residences often require adapting the enclosure to suit the new space (ie. different
– Scarcity of veterinarians: Most vets do not have the training or familiarity to make them qualified to work with reptiles, which means that those specializing in reptiles can be a challenge to find. I live in a moderately populous metro area (~2 million) and there are maybe five reptile vets within an hour of me. If there was ever an emergency health issue with my snake, it is almost certain that urgent care would not be available.
– Life span: Many pythons live for a very long time in terms of pets. I’ve had my snake for nearly 15 years and it would be entirely within her expected life span if she lived for another 15. Owning a snake can be a decades-long commitment – make sure you are willing to continue caring for a snake through all of the life changes that may occur many years in the future.
– Snakes are not emotionally complex: I like interacting with my snake and she seems to enjoy some degree of interaction but she is a very simple creature and building the type of relationship folks have with their mammalian, bird, or even lizard pets isn’t really an option. My snake and I are comfortable with one another but anything that would require an emotional response from her is probably projection on my part. I don’t mean to suggest that I care about my snake any less than I do for my dogs or cats, just that the emotional bond is very different.
While fbombsonice technically my main, I try to keep personal stuff on my side blog/functional main @klingb3rg. Feel free to reach out there if you have more questions!
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snakes-art-whatevs · 10 months ago
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I caught her sleeping!
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pineapplepunkz · 3 years ago
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Henrietta enjoyed her soak yesterday
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mcsprinkles · 7 years ago
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The other request was for babies, which I assume meant the baby geckos? Here's Rootbeer lookin lovely~
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