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Red striped gargoyles will always be my favorite geckos 🚨🚨

IG ✨: @cbsreptiles

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Adder by Clare_leeloo Basingstoke Canal, Hampshire, 2nd March 2021

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Spectacled Caiman 🐊

-A large aquatic reptile, the caiman adult is a dull olive to almost black with yellow or black crossbands. Spectacled caimans live together in loose-knit groups but prefer to be solitary except in the mating season. They are nocturnal and usually hunt at night, being immobile most of the day and staying submerged. In the morning and early afternoon, they will bask on the shore. They remain in the same territory. Spectacled caimans are carnivorous and their prey changes along with their increase in size. They will eat insects, snails, crabs, shrimps, fish, lizards, snakes, turtles, mammals, and birds. Cannibalism can occur, especially during drought conditions, with many caimans of varying sizes together in small areas. Spectacled caimans are the species most intensely harvested by humans for their hide. Their skin is used for handbags, shoes, belts and wallets. But some are often killed because they look dangerous, which leads to many species being threatened or endangered. The Spectacled caiman itself is endangered in a number of countries, including El Salvador. The gender of the babies is dependent on incubation temperature: females from a temperature above 32 degrees Celsius and males from a temperature below 29 degrees Celsius.

Scientific name: Caiman crocodilus

Length: 1-2 m

Mass: 7-40 kg

Range: Central and South America

Life expectancy: 20-40 years

Population status: Least concern

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Náš Agi dnes 3. března 2021: (Our bearded dragon): Václav Kovalčík, Zlín

#agama #Pogonavitticeps #animal #animals #zvíře #zvířata #plaz #plazi #ještěr #zoology #zoologie #nature #home #doma #přátelství #ethology #lizard #reptiles #terárium #winter #zima #Agi #Agamečka #postnidoba #brezen #march (v místě Czech Republic)

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Leiocephalus carinatus, or the northern curly-tailed lizard, seen outside Hotel Belleza. These lizards were initially introduced to Palm Beach, Florida in an attempt to control sugar cane pests. They can grow up to 10 inches (26 cm). When handled, this lizard will play dead. (X)

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Chameleons: A Popular Camouflaging Animal


Chameleons are solitary animals, which only form social structures when mating.


Their weight varies according to species in question. For example, veiled chameleons weigh 85 to 170 grams, Jackson’s chameleons weigh 110 to 150 grams, Panther chameleons weigh 140 to 180 grams, and so on.


Their fastest speed is not known. They do not even actually run, but walks slowly.…


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(Bitis nasicornis)  rhinoceros viper

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I got myself a giant day gecko! Second pic is after it pounced on a cricket, normally it stays firmly stuck to the walls lol. I need name suggestions!

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