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numismaticsstuff · a day ago
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We're gonna pay for all of this
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feminismandmedia · 12 months ago
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[image description: a tweet by user @indigenousAI saying
"fun fact: as a DV survivor i cannot register to vote because doing so makes my address public. anyone who is fleeing or hiding from an abuser is automatically disenfranchised from the political process and this is a feature, not a bug"]
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someoneidontknow · a year ago
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Jorge Gonzalez, suffered a broken neck, and a compressed spine at the hands of 3 sheriff deputies in Texas. He couldn't even hold his head up for this they had to hold it up for him. They actually thought the mugshot was more important than a hospital visit.
After a deputy tripped him he hit his face hard and went unconscious. They tased him couple of times “to wake him up”.
He was left paralyzed neck down, went through a series of surgeries, and was in ICU on the ventilator for over a month after the arrest.
According to the hospital he went over 26 hours in Hidalgo County jail without necessary medical attention that could have saved his life.
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candicoated · 8 months ago
I hate it here. When we were protesting in June against police brutality and systematic racism we get teargassed for Trump's photoshoot, but his minions can go storm the US Capitol because they lost the election. Republicans don't ever use the 'We don't burn buildings' excuse again.
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thegreatfrogofwisdom · 8 months ago
They used rubber bullets, tear gas, flash grenades and physical force the second there was a small gathering in the memory of a murdered black person
But when Trump supporters STORM THE CAPITOL the police stand by, they try to push back but barely. No state troopers, no militaristic police. Just domestic terrorism being allowed
Just more proof that the American police exists to uphold white supremacy and suppress black voices
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seymour-butz-stuff · 6 months ago
If there were so much "proof" of voter fraud, why haven't the GOP used it yet?
The Republican Party stands the most to gain from proving widespread voter fraud. In fact they'd gain...everything. If they could prove that the Democrats "stole" the 2020 election via fraud, then they could effectively end the Democratic Party. Full stop.
They could use their "proof" to paint every Democratic candidate for the next generation as a member of the "party of voter fraud." They'd become the majority party in a heartbeat, and Nancy Pelosi couldn't be elected dog catcher in San Francisco.
Yet they're not doing that. Weird, huh? It's almost like they know the claims of "widespread voter fraud" aren't true. Does anybody really think the GOP wouldn't jump at the chance to demolish the Dems once and for all?
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