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beckywtghmai · 10 hours ago
Pee-Pee Peeper Party
So let me get this straight The party with the family values The party with the morals The party with the most religious conservatives The party with the most smack talk about What’s right and wrong, always shouting From the rooftops about pedophiles… Has now pushed Successfully To make trans girls have their Genitals inspected By law Every time they want to play a sport?!
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eideard · 20 hours ago
Republican opposition to infrastructure reconstruction
Republican opposition to infrastructure reconstruction
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beenbettercomic · 2 days ago
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“Future History Books“
I realize that villains always see themselves as the heroes of their story.
But the Republican Party is doing some pretty obviously villainous stuff. Like, not even conspiracy theory type stuff. Just out in the open and flagrantly evil kind of stuff.
-Jimmy Purcell.
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“ Nearly every one of these proposals doesn't seem to have any principled argument behind it. There's no policy rationale at all. It's entirely "big tech is bad, big tech likes 230, let's take 230 away from big tech." That's not leading. That's regulating based on perceived grievances. “
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crossdreamers · 2 days ago
A Majority of Americans are Against the Republican Anti-Transgender Legislation
Tumblr media
As I noted in my post on On Lil Nas X, Gender Variance and Transphobic Legislation, the real paradox following from the current Republican attacks on trans kids is that the new anti-trans laws are not popular in the American electorate.  
The new PBS NewsHour/NPR/Marist poll shows us that the current stigmatization of transgender kids has relatively little support. 
One reason is probably that Americans are more likely to know someone trans these days.
Trans people humanized
PBS reports:
In the PBS NewsHour/NPR/Marist poll, more than half of Americans say they personally know someone who is transgender. That includes 53 percent of Democrats, 39 percent of Republicans and 61 percent of independents.
People under the age of 40 are more than twice as likely as older Americans to personally know someone who is transgender. Sixty-three percent of Gen Z and millennial voters said they do, while just 28 percent of people over 74 years old said the same.
Five years ago, less than a third of Americans said they knew someone who was transgender, according to a Pew Research Center survey.
This is extremely important, as research shows that as soon as people see members of a marginalized group as fellow human beings it becomes much, much harder to dehumanize them. 
The current support for same-sex marriage is partly caused by the fact that people now know gay and lesbian people, and therefore see them as people, as someone like themselves, and not as the alien “Other”. 
The reason the Republicans focus their attacks on trans people today is precisely because it has become so much harder for them to demonize  the other parts of the LGBT+ community. 
I guess the reactionary members of the Republican Party now believe that the war against trans kids is their last chance to turn the clock back to the gender roles of the 19th century.
Take a look at the poll numbers (PBS again):
Fewer than three in ten people support state laws that prohibit gender-affirming care for minors or that criminalize providers of that care. Among Republicans, 26 percent support bills that prohibit this medical care, while 70 percent are opposed. That’s on par with where Democrats landed on the issue, with 26 percent in favor of such bills and 69 percent opposed. 
There is a greater support for criminalizing those who provide gender transition-related care for minors among Trump-voters and Republicans, though, but even there we see no anti-trans majority.
Nor do we find any broad support for legislation prohibiting transgender students from joining sports teams that match their gender identity.
Tumblr media
But when it comes to allowing trans students to compete as their real gender, the population is more equally divided:
For grade school, 50 percent of people said transgender children should be allowed to play on teams that match their gender identity, while 44 percent said they should not. In middle school, the split was 49 percent for, and 47 percent against. In high school, 47 percent were for and 48 percent against. And in college, 49 percent were in favor and 45 percent opposed. 
So it might be that the Republicans are using doubts about  “fairness” in sports to create a sense of crisis that will turn more people against trans people. That might, however, backfire spectacularly, precisely because it has become so much harder to dehumanize those trans. 
Answers to the paradox
So why are the Republican doing this?
One reason may be that they want to retain control over the “red states”, states that the party controls today. Losing Georgia to Biden was a clear sign that their long term prospects are not good in many of these states.
It seems that the Republicans have already given up on changing people’s minds as far as America as a whole is concerned. They cannot win. 
Many  have therefore suggested that the party is now mobilizing its base – its core voters –  in order to justify an undemocratic power grab. The current attacks on voter rights in many states and the timid Republican response to the January 6 coup attempt point in that direction. In this scenario Trans kids have become scapegoats used in to mobilize their prejudiced troops, much in the way the Jews were used by Hitler.
The numbers do show that Republicans are less likely to support the Equality Act, which aims at protecting LGBT+ people. 6 out of 10 Republicans will not use the law to protect people from discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. 
Tumblr media
So what can we learn from all of this? 
The right wing transphobic traditionalists are desperate. They do not have the people on their side. This means that a broad mobilization of good people from all over American (and from all over the world) against these attacks has a great chance of succeeding. 
Hang in there!
The poll of 1,266 adults was conducted April 7 through 13 and has a margin of error of 3.3 percentage points for the full sample.
Photo: Vladimir Vladimirov
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saywhat-politics · 2 days ago
Someone has to care for your children, your parents, and someday, you. Absent this person, who steps in? A relative, maybe, if they’ve got the time. Otherwise you’re on your own, left to sort out the burden of care with whatever resources you possess. Should those resources be plentiful, you’ll be fine. If they aren’t, you’re in trouble. You’ll have to leave work to care for your children. Your parents will depend entirely on you. And as you age, no one will be there to nurse you.
That fate is already reality for thousands of Americans, who lack the means to afford childcare or nursing care in their homes. President Biden’s new $3 trillion infrastructure plan takes some steps toward relief. It allocates new public funding to care work and child care facilities. The plan is far from perfect: Some argue the plan doesn’t do enough to raise wages for child-care workers. But it contains a suggestion that is radical by American standards: Care work is infrastructure, as necessary as a road or a bridge.
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crossdreamers · 2 days ago
On Lil Nas X, Gender Variance and Transphobic Legislation
Tumblr media
Ari Jewell has looked at the American paradox of rampant transphobic legislation on the one hand existing side by side with a very popular gender nonconforming music video  on the other.
Jewell writes over at Ms.:
“Despite the widespread and vehement transphobia this legislation reveals, polls show most Americans are increasingly supportive of transgender rights. 
And the positive reception of celebrities like Elliot Page, Harry Styles and Hunter Schafer has demonstrated that transness and gender nonconformity are more than just accepted—they’re celebrated, especially by the young people who shape pop culture. 
“Recently, the American public once again proved its celebration of gender nonconformity. Lil Nas X, the gay rapper who found fame in 2019 with his single “Old Town Road,” released a gender-bending music video on March 26 which has already garnered well over 100 million views.” 
No paradox
I would argue that this is not a paradox at all. 
We are at least facing two “Americas”: (1) An fearful conservative white tribe lashing out at anything that seems to threatens the members’ rather narrow ideas of proper living and (2) a colorful and vibrant America that embraces diversity and whose members do not – at least not to the same extent – fear those who are not exactly like themselves. 
As always, we are facing spectrums rather than binaries, but American culture is becoming increasingly polarized, so, yeah, it makes some sense to talk about “a culture war.” And it was the extreme right that started it. 
Feelings vs. facts
Jewell argues that the anti-trans legislators are methodically vilifying trans kids in “a cheap attempt at winning votes”. 
This does not sound like a very good strategy to me, as torturing kids will not go down well outside their own MAGA tribe. Quite the opposite, actually. Those who are not afraid of diversity are more likely to listen to trans people and medical experts. 
Jewell again:
In response to the passage of the Arkansas bill banning this health care, Dr. Robert Garofalo of Chicago’s Lurie Children’s Hospital said, “This legislation perpetuates the very things we know are harmful to trans youth,” and went on to call these bills “anti-science” and “anti-public health.”
Expressing a similar sentiment, a 2019 statement from the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry said legislation like these bills “directly oppose the evidence-based care recognized by professional societies across multiple disciplines” and are of “serious concern.”
Health experts maintain the health care these bills have banned or seek to ban is life-saving. Treatments like puberty blockers have been proven to seriously decrease the odds of trans youth considering suicide.
The Republican anti-trans rhetoric is completely removed from any semblance of facts, and they know that it is, because this is no longer about winning an argument. It is only about power. It is truly a tragedy for democracy world wide to see the Republican Party descent into what can only be called fascism.
It might be that the Republicans have given up of winning over the center, and believe that new laws that stops liberals from voting will give them the majorities they need. If the voters won’t support you, you have to give rid of the voters. Maybe, but that makes them look even more evil in the eyes of  moderates as well as progressives. It will probably backfire.
Pop gender nonconformity
So what about Lil Nas X? 
I suppose many do see him as a champion for a tolerant and open minded America (which he is). But I also suspect that many do not see him as a realistic representative of the trans community. They may see his gender variance as pure fiction or entertainment, irrelevant to the lives of “normals” (whatever that is.) 
(I suspect there is more to Lil Nas X’ gender expression that this, but in this context impressions are all that matters.)
Jewell writes:
All this considered, it’s easier to see why the gender nonconformity of someone like Lil Nas X is tolerated by the American public in the same breath that trans children’s rights are being taken away. His adulthood, and his public image as a cis man, is certainly protecting him—as is, obviously, his celebrity status.
Despite his distance from the transphobia sweeping through state capitals right now, Lil Nas X still offers, perhaps, a shred of hope. Contrary to what supporters of this legislation would have us believe, “Montero” proves that gender nonconformity is alluring, exciting and worth celebration.
Indeed it is!
Read the Ms. article here: “Lil Nas X, Gender Nonconformity and the Fight Against Transphobic Legislation”
You can watch the Montero video here.
SE ALSO: Transphobic teachers in Oregon want to change restroom signs to “anatomically male” and “anatomically female” The American National Collegiate Athletic Association Supports Transgender Athletes (and that means more than you might think) A short history of where all this anti-trans stuff came from A Norwegian Drag King on Expressing Gender It Wasn’t About Bathrooms, and It’s Not About Women’s Sports Most young Brits will support a friend who comes out to them as transgender
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trashlord1 · 4 days ago
If the republicans are the party for the working class then why are they anti labour union and anti worker ownership? Could it be that maybe the gop is full of shit?
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filosofablogger · 5 days ago
Same Tune They've Been Playin' Forever
Same Tune They’ve Been Playin’ Forever
Fox ‘News’ has some of the slimiest people in the industry working for them … ol’ Rupert Murdoch sure does know how to pick ‘em.  The only credible journalist at Fox is Chris Wallace, son of the long-esteemed Mike Wallace, and I often wonder why he doesn’t get a job at a more reputable network.  Among the worst of the lot is Tucker Carlson, a man who would argue with a tin can if it were marked…
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crossdreamers · 5 days ago
A short history of where all this anti-trans stuff came from
Brynn Tannehill has given us a very helpful overview of the recent anti-transgender activism in the USA over at twitter.
I present it here in an easy to read format:
Tumblr media
A short history of where all this anti-trans stuff came from, and why you should be concerned. Worth a read, please take a look. 
2015: Having lost the fight against marriage equality, but winning against LGBT protection laws, religious right leadership decides to shift focus onto trans people via bathroom bills, fear mongering, and making it a wedge issue. 
Tumblr media
Photo: Brett Coomer/Houston Chronicle/AP
2015-2016: Using $10,000 in seed money the [right wing “Christian” organization Alliance Defending Freedom] ADF stands up WoLF, a "feminist" organization whose sole activity is fighting against transgender people, to make their religious goals look secular and feminist. 
2015: The [right wing extremist Family Research Council] FRC publishes it's plan [for] trans people: no legal recognition, no legal protections, no transition related health care, and no trans people in the military. It encourages religious based conversion therapy instead. 
2016: After passing an anti-transgender "bathroom" bill, NC governor Pat McCrory loses the election as a result of the backlash. He later advises Trump to stay out of trans fights. 
2017: Despite running a campaign that largely avoided LGBT issues, Trump quickly appeases his base and moves to ban trans people from the military and revoke federal protections. The FRC and Ryan Anderson of Heritage are key influencers. 
2018: Project Blitz, a powerful political movement to eliminate the separation of church and state, develops a playbook to pass state laws treating transness as a communicable public health hazard, to be eradicated by the government like measles. 
2020: The [American Principles Project] APP, a religious right PAC, bucks the RNC and tries to make the 2020 election about trans people as a wedge, focusing on trans youth sports and medicine. Though unsuccessful at the time, they succeed post-election. 
2020: A consortium of religious right organizations launch a project to attack LGBT youth and parents, with the aim of passing laws outing trans youth, plus bathroom, sports, and medical bans. They promote conversion therapy as the only option. 
Tumblr media
2021: Tucker Carlson and Fox News ramp up the anti-trans coverage to unheard of levels, (several segments a day) largely echoing the stated aims of the religious right and shaming Republicans who aren't draconian enough. 
2021: The GOP shifts focus to "wokeness" and "cancel culture" which they blame in great part on transgender people. They make it clear that trans people are one of their top issues going forward, and a intention of fear mongering with falsehoods. 
2021: A record number of anti-trans bills are passing state legislatures. Most use model language provided by ADF, and target target trans youth in sports and medicine. Some bathroom bills as well. Many pass. It's the worst ever. 
March 26, 2021: Tucker Carlson, Fox's most popular host, openly embraces white nationalism. Her also endorses the notion that if the left doesn't surrender (presumable giving up trans people as a sacrifice), fascism is the only option left. 
April 7, 2021: Carlson declares that transgender people are a threat to the survival of the human species, implying that minimizing them is more than just a moral imperative, and that they represent an existential threat to eliminated. 
April 8, 2021: [British/American right wing extremist blogger] Andrew Sullivan proposes a "compromise" to the "transgender question" that includes a national bathroom ban, "separate but equal" facilities and sports, national bans on health care for trans youth, and banning any discussion of trans issues in schools.
Tumblr media
If "separate but equal" being floated as a "solution" to the "trans question" doesn't make you nervous, I'll also point out that Germany took it's cues from the American Jim Crow South. 
April 8, 2021: Donald Trump wades into the fight, threatening Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson for vetoing a bill banning care for trans youth. This signal Trump has embraced the anti-trans right, and this will drag on for years. 
It also signals this is likely to be a wedge issue in 2022, and in the general election in 2024, making it the first time in 20 years that LGBT issues have been centered in a presidential election, and that the GOP thinks they can win on this openly. 
Read the whole thread with comments here.
Tumblr media
Brynn Tannehill is a leading trans activist and essayist, and has written for The New York Times, The Huffington Post, Bilerico, Slate, Salon, USA Today, The Advocate, LGBTQ Nation, The New Civil Rights Movement, as a blogger and featured columnist. She recently published her new book American Fascism.  
Visit her blog here! 
Follow her on twitter!
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Nikki Haley says she’ll back Trump, stand down if he runs in 2024
Nikki Haley says she’ll back Trump, stand down if he runs in 2024
Image Source : AP Haley, often mentioned as a possible 2024 GOP presidential contender, said Monday that she would not seek her party’s nomination if former President Donald Trump opts to run a second time. Former U.N. Ambassador and South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, often mentioned as a possible 2024 GOP presidential contender, said Monday that she would not seek her party’s nomination if former…
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tomorrowusa · 6 days ago
Donald Trump loves reminding the world what a vindictive petty LOSER he is.
Of course it’s fine with me if his never-ending hissy fits against other Republicans keep the party divided. 😎
Trump appeared hung up on Republicans who did not side with him in his campaign to overturn the results of the election based on false claims of election fraud, slamming politicians like Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, who rebuffed Trump’s requests to alter the state’s Electoral College votes or otherwise overturn Georgia’s election results.
The former president reserved much of his venom for McConnell, who he called a “stone cold loser” and criticized for not blocking the Senate’s certification of the 2020 election results.
“If that were Schumer instead of this dumb son of a bitch Mitch McConnell they would never allow it to happen.”
Despite this, the GOP still panders to Trump. It’s a seriously dysfunctional relationship that Republicans don’t have the cojones to break off.
The election for governor of Georgia in 2022 will be a yardstick of how much Trump’s vindictiveness is hurting the party. Despite Gov. Brian Kemp’s Jim Crow voter suppression law designed to stifle minority turnout, Trump’s unwavering determination to harm Kemp could neutralize the GOP advantage and help elect Stacey Abrams.
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