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Black people don’t ‘belong’ to any political party, Chelsea! They can vote, think and do as they wish…y'know, like every other HUMAN being on the planet?

Your racism is showing! 😡

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When Obama tried to nominate a justice 9 months before the election, the majority Republican Senate didn’t allow it and claimed it was unconstitutional and that the people should decide.

But when Trump nominates a justice a month before the election, the majority Republican Senate supported it and pushed it through until the person nominated actually became a justice a few days before the election.

Damn hypocrites.

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Most days, in the crack of separation between his own aims and the aims of the president, the Republican can find a way to live with himself. Most days, feeling no connection to the White House, he can do his job and achieve a state of blissful denial, thinking little about whom his actions are really in service of.
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It will just disappear!

If you didn’t know, the whitehouse has claimed this evil tangerine ended COVID. If you don’t know what that means, it means that it will be written in the textbooks as history. What’s new though.

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