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pwrfectplaces · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
more taylor swift snl outtakes!
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shegavemeroses · a day ago
if reputation (taylor’s version) doesn’t have a title track in the vault what’s the point of it all
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yashieverlore13 · 10 hours ago
i hope you guys are bracing yourselves to confront the person i am going to become once i listen to reputation vault tracks in 2023.
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likedaylighht · 2 days ago
Goodnight specifically to the reputation vault songs I haven’t met you yet and I already adore you 🖤
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eyessinkingships · 21 hours ago
“Only bought this dress so you could take it off”
Literally, Taylor is NOT wearing the dress, it's clear, it's simple, it's grammar, it's right there. Denying it’s absurd.
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starsandsuch · 4 months ago
Your Reputation Based On Your Midheaven Sign 💫
Tumblr media
By now, you probably know your Midheaven Sign in your birth chart, also called the “MC”.
This is the part of you most on display to the world, and the sign of your Midheaven has the strongest influence on crafting your public persona.
Here’s how your reputation is perceived by the public based on your Midheaven sign:
ARIES MIDHEAVEN: you lead, people follow. Pioneer, trendsetter, leader. People see you as someone who is bold and brave . You often find career success at a young age, which other people can envy. Speaking of envy, you can cause a love/hate affect on people with your reputation. Either way your maverick energy is what people really respect, whether they like you or not.
TAURUS MIDHEAVEN: a real class act. People see you as someone with a sense of taste, style and class. Many people can know you to be very beautiful. You’re like that person who is called “goals”. People can see you as a muse. By default you can be seen as talented, artistic and charismatic. You’re seen as someone who is seen as wealthy even if you’re not.
GEMINI MIDHEAVEN: the talk of the town. Your someone people have a lot of conversations about. You can be perceived as witty, funny, Intelligent and versatile. Even a little bookish too. People may see you as someone who is a bit mixy, unpredictable or playful. You’re known for your words, ideas or art.
CANCER MIDHEAVEN: the sweethearts. Let’s be honest people just have a soft spot for you. You’re that person where if someone brings up your name everyone’s like “aww I love them”. People see you as someone who is relatable and kind. You effortlessly leave a lasting impression on the public and people you meet. Genuinely unforgettable.
LEO MIDHEAVEN: the it girl. You’re seen as someone with high status. People naturally respect you. They find you entertaining or magnetic. Can often be known as being the “best” at something in your career. A natural authority figure. You’re the fan favorite. Popular without trying.
VIRGO MIDHEAVEN: ms/mr perfect. You’re seen as someone who is righteous, moral and just. You can do no wrong in the public’s eyes. People see you as someone who is inspirational or noteworthy. People learn a lot from you, just by you existing. You have a healing effect on people. Seen as intelligent, skillful, and studious.
LIBRA MIDHEAVEN: baddie alert. People see you as someone who is elegant, refined and poised. You can be known for your fashion. You’re that person everyone thinks is pretty. You have a harmonious reputation and people see you as pleasant and likable. You’re the person most likely to be on someone’s mood board or Pinterest inspo.
SCORPIO MIDHEAVEN: the public’s obsession. You’re seen as someone powerful and mysterious. You’re that person people can hate on or spread rumors about, but they still watch your every move. “Keep hating, but still watching.” You’re very influential and set many trends even unknowingly. People see you as their “guilty pleasure”.
SAGITTARIUS MIDHEAVEN: the guru. People might not know what to make of you at first. You have this effect on people where they automatically see you as someone important. People can see you as reckless, funny, bold, or daring. The things you say or do have a lasting impact on people. You can be misunderstood at first, but achieve legendary status for something in your lifetime.
CAPRICORN MIDHEAVEN: not bossy, the boss. You’re someone people hold in high esteem. They automatically view you as an authority figure. You’re seen as someone with status and importance. You’re known as the pioneer, leader and CEO. You break barriers and receive respect due to your boldness.
AQUARIUS MIDHEAVEN: doing what hasn’t been done. You’re seen as someone radical and unpredictable. The game changer. Oftentimes you shock people with what you accomplish or do publicly. You have this compelling effect on people. Effortlessly influential.
PISCES MIDHEAVEN: the double take, You’re someone people see as an anomaly. People might be confused about you at first but they are enticed anyway. You have a way of leaving an enchanting effect on people. People can see you as otherworldly and magical. You’re known to be talented and persuasive.
- starsandsuch ✌️💕
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alltoowsll · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
All of this silence and patience, pining and desperately waiting, my hands are shaking from all this...
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