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vg-bopss · 17 hours ago
Track that plays while fighting the Kraken in Earthbound
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hyuckvanqel · 21 days ago
mark felt bad. he really did. having dirty, disgusting, perverted thoughts about you; his cute lil girlfriend, always so sweet, so kind, hand always searching for his, lips pressing against his cheek in a sweet kiss. but no matter how bad he felt, he just couldn’t help himself. 
the image of you laying under him, all fucked out for him, legs hooked around his waist, hands grabbing at his shoulder, his arms, the sheets; anything you could reach, trying to ground yourself. “look at you.” he mused between low groans, pushing his aching dick deep inside you. “all fucked out just for me, isn’t that right?” 
“y-yeah.” your voice is so high-pitched, wavering with the tears that threaten to spill from your pretty, glassy eyes. mark loves it; he loves bullying his cock into that lil gummy spot inside you, loves how dumb you get for him. “feels s’good, ‘s so deep.”
“yeah. feel me here, love?” he ask, pressing his hand own on your tummy. “gonna fill you up real nice.” and he loves how all you can do is whine for him, hips lifting desperately to meet his. he can see the way drool pools at the corner of your kiss swollen n’ pouty lips, making the skin glisten. “such a messy girl.” he groans wiping his thumb across your lips, grinning at the way you let him slide the digit into your warm, wet heat. 
and when you start trembling for him, thighs shaking so much against his skin; he just thinks you’re the cutest thing. “’s too much, markie.” you tell him, despite the fact that your arms are hooked around his neck, pulling him closer. 
he just shushes you gently, grabbing your hands and pushing him into the mattress while he bites and mouths at your neck. “don’t worry, baby, i got you. gonna make you feel so good.” he mutters against your skin, nipping at your collarbone. mark just wants to make you feel so good, wants to make you cream so much that you just can’t think about anything but him and his dick and how good he feels pushed deep inside you :(
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trisloshr · a month ago
Can you draw agent 8 in some toni kensa gear? 🤍
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Tumblr media
shes perfect model material
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kiyomie · 4 months ago
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nobara kugisaki requested by @atsushee
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taeilskitty · 3 months ago
Hey there! I saw that you open for a request so here's what I thought : what kind of sound did nct make when having sex? Are they more into whimpers, groans, or maybe dirty talk? Thank you so much for answering my question and hope you have a good day!
i was BORN to answer this omg. lemme tell you, i have thought about this so SO much!! (i'm leaving chenji out of this bc i don't know how people feel about that yet)
anyways, i hope u enjoy and i hope this matches what you had in mind <3
oh fuck. taeil is most certainly a groaner. i think (and trust me, i've thought a lot) he must make these gorgeous low moans like right in the back of his throat if that makes sense - have you ever heard his bubble voice messages? oh my god, they're so fucking hot. his raspy voice in the middle of the night is just to die for. that makes me CONVINCED that he dirty talks super up close. even thinking about it makes me shiver :(( he's the king of praise, i just know it. i think he degrades too, but his favourite is when he mixes both together - "you look so pathetic there baby, how cute." "daddy loves his pretty slut so much." "god you're so fucking good for me, my cockslut~" taeil also asks things, i think that suits him so much. "yeah? you like that?" "is daddy's cock too big baby? shh, i'll be done soon..."
whiner. whiner. undoubtedly. this boy has the sweetest, prettiest little moans... he gets all high pitched when he's close and oh god when he sinks into subspace he just mewls and his voice gets so weak </3 little "yes" and "a-ah thank you"s slip out because he such a good kitten. he's so precious... and if he gets asked to speak while he's getting fucked he just squeaks out an answer. "m.. love it... ah..." n he will never fail to say his please and thank yous - he's so well mannered even when hes getting used !!!
this is just. oh my. i think he's silent for the most part. heavy breathing and quiet grunts and groans until he's close. THAT'S when he starts moaning, all sorts of things slipping out. "god you're so good" "i love this hole so much" ahh??! i think he talks down too. fuck !!! daddy!johnny is so patronising, and not just outside of the bedroom. kinda like taeil, he asks things, but he makes u feel so dumb and cock drunk :( AH AND he like... coos when you feel all dazed from his cock... "awh~ is that good? you like that don't you sweetheart? yeah, i know."
i have this vision of yuta just SLAMMING from behind with his face right up in your ear, telling you all sorts of dirty things lowly with just the hottest voice ever. he's very vocal about what he wants, and he loves cumming inside... so expect him to talk about that. oh, he is so fucking possessive too. "hmm. mine. this is mine. you're mine." he probably bites your ear/neck when he says it... the grunts that come out when he slams are enough to send anyone reeling, but i bet he tells you "fuck. gonna. gonna cum in my fuckdoll--" n his voice just trails off as he fills you up and sighs<33
now kun is !! an interesting one !! ... i envision him as a pretty hard dom, so i don't think he's any stranger to degrading. that being said, i think he's more talkative when he's giving punishments (e.g. spanking over his thigh... heaven<33) rather than when he's fucking. i think he moans lowly, semi-quietly but as he gets more and more pent up he gets louder. (i think this is the case for most of the nct doms but oh well) he'll praise how good you make him feel - assuming you've been behaved enough - but that doesn't stop him from cursing under his breath at every chance he gets ,,..
definitely has pretty moans !! he probably does whine, but i mean that in a dom way - if that makes sense? higher pitched moans but not pathetic, in fact it's probably paired with him whispering "fuck yes, good [insert ur fave petname here]". i think he's the type to kiss you a lot during sex and like... moan into your mouth; any space not taken up by the sound of moans will for sure be filled with the sound of his panting and his tongue dancing with yours.
another semi-whiner. i always saw him as a dom but i'm sliiightly succumbing to the idea that he may be a switch... which is why i think there's so much BEAUTY in his moans?? ten makes really pretty, breathy whines and moans i'm sure, i don't particularly think he talks a crazy amount but rather short instructions. (yes i'm going back to dom!ten) "turn around." "get on your knees" "quiet." AH !! he always lets you know what he needs - however, sub!ten will just whine and squirm till you make him cum because he is most definitely a slut who takes anything:(
first of all, this man wrecks me to the fucking core, and i could talk about this for... a while. but his moans are definitely like, raspy high-pitched type. think about his vocals. esp in try again... i bet you they sound like THAT. i'm sure he talks a bit too, tbh he probably says rather textbook dirty things but it sounds so fucking hot when it's him. "yeah take it, take my cock" "fuck yes just like that", he loves how you whine when he moans right up next to you btw - it just makes him do it even more. oh, and bonus - he will never call you ANYTHING without prefixing it with my or daddy's. daddy's girl, daddy's boy, daddy's pet, my dirty slut... ahh<3
it's almost contrasting to jaehyun but sicheng's voice is so low. i can't explain this in any way other than that he's kitty, but his moans are so... puppy? and when he's fucked, he makes himself sound so dumb too. he's constantly slurring his words and biting his lip because he's trying to keep quiet but anyone who walks by the room will hear "mm.. m!!" because he just can't help himself :( when he's close he probably squeaks like taeyong and cums all over the place GOD i want him
oh god there's no doubt that jungwoo talks SO much during sex. he probably loses his fucking mind with how good he feels. he's such a good boy but sometimes you just need him to shut up - but he can't. he squeaks out a little moan when you push into him, or when you start touching his cock, but withn minutes he's babbling non-stop; "oh god oh god mommy/daddy i love it so much, a-ah like that, please~"
my brain used to be convinced that xuxi was a dom, but i'm now sure he's a switch. either way, his moans are pretty much the same. they're very heavy and... i guess manly is the best way to put it. in my head i can literally picture him being like "ughhh..." when you start fucking because he just feels like he's wanted to fuck you so desperately - yes, even if you fucked hours before. it's always so breathy and moany and i think he sounds like a bit of a fuckboy tbh... "fuck yeah" as he slides his cock into you? THANKS
loud baby loud baby LOUD BABY:((( no matter how much you cover that pretty mouth of his he will be so LOUD!! he can't stop talking and whining and panting, kinda like jungwoo but honestly... more. he swears a lot too. he tries not to but he just can't help himself :( "aw shit... god shit!!!" under his breath UGHHFDGGDFDD SO FUCKING CUTE IM GONNA SCREAM !!! he's very polite though, so he always says sorry every single time :( he babbles like hell when he cums, he can't stop himself, again like jungwoo. "i'm gonna cum i'mgonnacumi- i'm -- ah fuck, shit--!!"
two words. action figure. everyone knew that was coming, HA - i'm sorry but THAT verse means we all know how he sounds. i think he tries his best to talk normally while you edge him but his little voice keeps on wavering and cracking and just... he can't help but sound all pretty and pathetic :( but surely dejun has some (very frequent) moments where he can't keep his front anymore and just whines like a whore because it feels so good<3
the things i'd let this man do to me:))) i think at first he'd actually try and hide his moans because he feels like that's what he's supposed to do, but no. for me personally, i know i would NOT LET THAT HAPPEN !! he probably sucks the air in through his teeth in an attempt to hide it - it's very fucking sexy when he does that, granted - but he can't keep doing that for long. i think he hums and laughs when he can't keep it in any longer because he almost feels some kinda defeat but then he just moans semi-loudly and lets out a "good girl/boy/baby... let me fuck you, huh?"
renjun scares the fuck out of me. why? because his moans are fairly quiet. he's master and it S H O W S. he grunts quietly, maybe muttering things under his breath like "so fucking tight" "mmh there you go..." to fill some silence but he does it subconsciously; he goes so far into domspace sometimes that he just can't control himself. when he's close he talks through his teeth and he's like "i'm. i'm gonna cum baby..."and the more you whine on his cock the more he just laughs at you because he's a sadist hhhhhhhhhhh.........
most definitely a fun one... you see when he's sub, he pants and whines and drools all over himself like a big dumb puppy boy and he just breathes so heavy n his moans are all shaky... if he's a brat he will try and talk big but he can't take it, he just gets so pathetic and !!! but dom jeno is fucking TERRIFYING because he talks down and tries his best to intimidate you. he chuckles and degrades you, but one of his faves is when he can big himself up under his breath. "look at you now. you love this fucking cock."
this isn't good for my mental health :) i fucking cannot TAKE this brat :) AHA! hyuckie is honestly such a whore, he's bratty and rude and always talks back at you like he's the king of the fucking world. he's constantly laughing at you and trying so hard to make you feel like you're not worthy but he feels so good he just gets fucked dumb by you :( he is SO loud too. he wants everyone to hear what a dirty whore he is and he makes sure he puts on his prettiest pornstar moans. he whines like his life depends on it. on the off chance that he's being a good boy, he begs and cries and whimpers when he finally cums - and i mean CRIES. sobs. he'll be heaving by the time you're done with him, but god he fucking loves it.
fuck... fuck okay... well firstly he loves to talk. we all know how much he praises and how he's constantly showing his love off... that doesn't stop at fanservice, nope. he will fuck you like a ragdoll and keep calm and composed as ever, talking down to you as if you're in his lap for a soft cuddle. "baby loves nana so much hm~?" "oh you really love that don't you?" "you know you're so pretty. nana wants to cum in you so bad~" yes, he calls himself nana because he's a cocky fuck and loves how it sounds. especially when you're moaning it for him.
i'm kinda in 2 minds about this... on the one hand, he's kinda like hyuckie in that he whines a LOT. but he can actually keep his composure - he's a breathy whiner, he's not quite as loud and he most certainy doesn't crumble as easily. (that's not to say that he can't, he most definitely can.) on the other hand i think when he's in a more neutral headspace rather than subby, he talks to you like a total fuckboy. not in a mean way but he's just like "hah. i know you love me fucking you like this." he gets so cocky and he sucks hickeys into your neck and hums quietly<3
he's such a shy baby :( he wants to moan so much but he probably gets all self conscious and tries to hide it... so you gotta make him feel safe :( when he does he whimpers and it's so pretty and pathetic. the way he wells up with tears and hitches his breath is. adorable. he whispers "thank you... ah..." every time he feels that good and by the time he cums it's just falling from him like a waterfall :( the more comfortable he feels, though, the sluttier he can get... he will always be a good boy but i think he lets his whore side come out every once in a while <3
last but most certainly not least, yet ANOTHER boy who pains me to the core. i think sungchan whimpers too. THERE I SAID IT. his cock is too big for his own good so he just... needs you to do SOMETHING to him :( he always sighs at first, maybe hissing just a little but then he gets to a point where he's quietly whimpering because he just needs to cum so fucking bad <//3 "need it... p-please..." he's always nervous to use titles but if he wants to cum he has no choice :( when his dom asks please who? he blushes bright red n mumbles a little "please mommy/daddy... 'm so good..." and god yes he is he deserves it so much ugh<33333333333333
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mblue-art · 3 months ago
May I request a horror sans?
Ever since I read that one fanfic I have not stopped thinking about the big skele
I don't remember what the fanfic was called but you posted art about it awhile ago and horror was called skull, that's all I remember lol
Tumblr media
Oh!! Do you mean llamagoddessofficial's Aggre(g/v)ation fic?
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sylvansleuth · 12 days ago
May I pretty please request a gif Brennan's lil surprised Pikachu face when he rolled a nat 1 in one of the later episodes of The Seven where he needed 2 or higher? Thank you!
Tumblr media
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limyouha · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
rosé + on the ground era — @severins
send me an idol and an era!
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hyuckvanqel · 2 months ago
johnny plants his hands firmly on your hips, gripping the flesh harshly while he moves your hips along his cock. he likes how spacey and fucked out you get while sat on his cock. he loved how you tell him through broken sentences, filled with hiccups and short moans, how big he is and how you just can't take him.
"s'full— feel s'big and-and s'full." you whine, hands pressing against his shoulders as leverage while you desperately try to rock your hips against his. "fuck— can feel you so deep."
"yeah?" johnny asks, not fully expecting a response. but you nod along with him, bouncing harder on him, gasping and choking every time you take him fully in.
"need help, baby? 's too big for you to handle on your own?" he coos, fingers pressing into your waist. all you need to do is whimper out a soft, whiny please and johnny's all over you.
his fingers press into your hips, holding you down on his cock while he bucks up into you, letting him go that much deeper. he doesn't let you run from the pleasure, his grip is so strong and secure, all you can do is take what he's giving you.
and he knows when you're close; when your thighs start shaking against his, when your pussy starts clenching around him, when your eyes squeeze shut and your hands ball into fists in the mattress below you.
"you close, puppy? my perfect girl gonna cum?" and when you nod, johnny ruts into you harder. "cream this cock, pup. cum for me and i'll fill you up just how you like."
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yulivia · 7 days ago
Ok weird request but can you draw Marcy and Luz together?
Tumblr media
forbidden sleepover ep… (they gush about cynthia coven and azura, getting no sleep)
[id: a drawing of luz and marcy sitting together against a blue background with a grey rim. they are both shaded with blue, and wear pyjamas. luz holds a pillow to her chest, and smiles gently. she wears a purple t-shirt, patterned trousers, and faded socks. marcy talks excitedly, hand raised and flapping. she wears a white sleeveless shirt and black shorts, she talks excitedly. end id.]
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vg-bopss · 27 days ago
...........from the Sonic Spinball Options menu
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trisloshr · 3 months ago
I love the way you draw single shots of Agent 3. Could you do Male Agent 3 if you get the chance?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
there are some things you should just never say aloud to marie
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