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la-fourmi · 21 hours ago
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GOM JABBAR SCENE: DUNE (2021) - Paul close ups
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emojiturtledaily · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Day 253: 🐢 & 💐
Requested by: @paintchipblue
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kageyahoe · 2 days ago
vroom vroom !! ♡
pairing: mikey sano, draken x gn!reader
genre: fluff
request: Can you do a scenario where Mikey and Draken (and any others you like) have a s/o scared of bikes :D thank you
Tumblr media
“i promise it’ll be alright, just hold onto me tight!” mikey pouts at you. he gleams at you with sparkling eyes, "pleaseeee?"
ever since the two of you started going out, mikey’s been dreaming of taking you around on his CB250T. he thinks it'd be nice to experience together- relishing in the empty streets with you right behind him. to hear your cheer (or screams) of laughter, to boast at the fact that your arms are practically clinging on him for dear life. your heart beat quickens, and you glance at mikey with doubt.
he sighs, and takes your hand in his. “i’ll go slow- the others are always complaining about that anyways,” you laugh, and he smiles too. "trust me, i would never want to put you in danger." he slumps his shoulders apologetically, "or to make you uncomfortable."
you suddenly lean forward, pressing a chaste kiss onto his lips. before telling him, "one ride. and just one!"
mikey couldn't be happier with such a deal.
draken wiped his hands clean before standing up with a well needed stretch. he takes a deep breathe- it's been a while since he's spent this long working on a bike. he glances over to you, then at the clock. it reads 9:47 PM.
"hey y/n! i should take you home, it's getting late I don't want you out alone." you nod at him, grabbing your things together. he walks over to you, pressing a sweet kiss to your head before grabbing his helmet.. and a spare one.
it's then you realize he wanted to take you home on his bike. oh.
"h-hey ken!" you grab his arm just before he's about to put it on. he raises a brow at you. "um, could we, maybe walk? i'm kinda-"
"-scared of riding?" he interrupts, sending a teasing smile when you nod again. "alright angel, i'll walk you home. don't worry 'bout it." he throws on a his cardigan, locks the place up and makes a reach for your hand. with ease he intertwines your fingers with his.
"let's go home, hm?"
taglist: @dai-tsukki-desu @faetarou @kazuhoya (send me an ask or dm to be added!)
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anyponyrequests · 2 days ago
requesting a weird wacky creepy queen chrysalis
Tumblr media
here is a spooky chrysalis in the spirit of the halloween season!! - mod braeburn
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I saw your last post with the sharp teeth spamton that’s an absolute chef’s kiss but what if, spamton with all big sharp teeth?? 👀👉👈 like 👁👄👁 yes please.
Tumblr media
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anime-fanfics-i-write · 2 days ago
May I please have Xiao, Scara, and Gorou with reader who has a mental breakdown because they feel like they’re not good enough? If not that’s alright. Please eat and stay hydrated :)
I'm not really the best when writing about these, but I hope it'll suffice.
Tumblr media
- Xiao is surprised at first
- Usually, he's the one to feel the way you do
- He's not entirely sure on what to do
- At first, he asks you what you need from him/what you want him to do
- Anything you need, he'll do
- If you wanna talk it through, he'll do it
- If you want to just hug in silence, he'll do that too
- Whatever you need, he'll provide
- He tries his very best to help you with how you're feeling
Tumblr media
- Much like Xiao, he's shocked because he figured he'd feel this way
- He'll also try his best with comforting you
- He will reassure you that you are enough and how amazing you are
- He will praise you as much as he can to try and help you
- He'll hug you while comforting you
- He's not exactly the best, but he tries his best because he loves you and wants you to know that you are everything to him
Tumblr media
- Gorou is much better at comforting you
- He understands how you are feeling and can help you
- He tells you about how he feels about you and how much he loves you
- He'll talk about a time when you saved him from the Shogunate army with a small bit of humor which makes you laugh a bit
- He also will hug you while trying to comfort you
- Whatever you need from him too, he'll do it for you
I hope you like it!!
Masterlist II Kofi II Ask Box II Genshin Impact Masterlist
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storm3326 · a day ago
hey... I hope u r accepting Ted lasso request bc i really wanted to see Trent in your style 😺 (also love your artttt I'm so happy that you like Ted lasso too!!!)
Tumblr media
thank you so much! does this look like an author's photo you see on the back of a book cover???? because that was my goal for this one.
trent crimm, independent!
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1monstereveryday · a day ago
2 monsters trying to fit into a horse costume?
Tumblr media
Monster Oct. 20: hiding in a horse head
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dahyun · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
twice - the feels @ good morning america // dahyun fancam (for anon 💖)
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kittyw0rm · a day ago
Tumblr media
The first request from that post is done! I had a lot of fun drawing it :)
Btw, it was requested by @aut2imagineart, please check their profile, their art is very cool!
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minteyeddevil · 14 hours ago
Hooi (ू•ᴗ•ू❁)
If you don't mind c-can i get a headcanon of fem/mc that cuddle anything while sleeping so when she was sleeping with them and didn't find anything beside her she cuddled them thinking they were a pillow or something XD i really think this is gonna be so cute👉👈💕💕💫
(This idea sounds so adorable, thank you for the request! Also forgive me if these are too short!)
Tumblr media
Lucifer would look at her confused for a moment wondering why she would suddenly be holding him so tightly, but once he notices she was actually asleep while cuddling against him, he would simply smile and just get comfy in her hold while looking over paperwork until he would finally get sleepy. Afterwards he would turn over in her arms and hold her in return while he falls asleep with his head resting on her head.
Mammon would freeze and his face would darken with his blush feeling her hold on to him so suddenly. He would have a sparky remark on his tongue, telling her not to surprise him like that, but he would clamp up the moment he notices she is asleep. Instead he just curls up with her and hugs her back, mumbling how of course she would want to cuddle her Great Mammon when she falls asleep. Totally falls asleep all curled around her like a cat as well.
Leviathan would probably wake up her up by accident from his jumping at her touch. He doesn't do the best with intimate touching so it would take him a bit to get used to being cuddled as she wishes to do so with him. But he would eventually give and just cuddle up with her in his tub bed, holding her close as well and nuzzle his nose in her hair while he falls asleep with her.
Satan would feel her shifting around on the bed and move with her, all while still reading a book. He would let her cuddle into his side and wrap her arms around his middle and her legs around his, just clinging to him like a koala. Putting his book down, he would cuddle into her hold and kind of chuckle to himself at how cute she looks curled up against him, nuzzling her cheek as he lets himself just relax.
Asmodeus is over the moon feeling MC suddenly hugging him close. He loves hearing her little soft sighs in her sleep, so he cuddles as close as he can to her and nestles himself in her arms like a giant teddy bear. Feels surprisingly safe and comfortable in her hold and actually starts to feel sleepy being wrapped up by her so he lets himself actually fall asleep with her as well.
Beelzebub literally just turns over and cuddles right into MC as well, holding her close and sighing happily as he gets to lay so close with her. He loves being able to share a bed with her and hold her as close as possible. Sometimes he just watches her sleep because he is happy seeing her actually be so relaxed next to him.
Belphegor is surprised that she got to wrap around him first instead of the other way around cause usually he is the one who curls up around her to begin with. He turns in her arms and nestles in against her, letting himself fall right to sleep. Definitely does his best to use his power and make sure she has good dreams.
Diavolo feels her move in her sleep and adjusts himself to let her wrap herself around him as much as she likes. He makes sure not to wake her while he works and keeps as still as he can, letting her use him as a giant pillow. He stops what he is doing sometimes to watch her sleep since it brings him a feeling of peace to see her.
Barbatos actually flushes a bit when he feels her wrapping around him suddenly but smiles warmly at her as he adjusts his position to allow her to cuddle him fully. He knows he has to be at the master's beck and call but he allows her to hold on to him as long as she can before he has to get up and work.
Simeon freezes at the initial touch since he wasn't expecting her to squeeze him so tightly. He kind of chuckles to himself and rolls over to hug her in return, nuzzling into her hair as he sighs happily finally having her all to himself.
Solomon laughs genuinely at how she wraps around him like a snake practically, patting her head lovingly as he shifts to allow her more room. He curls into her hold and kisses her forehead as he allows himself to finally drift into the most peaceful sleep he honestly ever had.
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emojiturtledaily · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Dat 255: 🐢 & 🥭
Requested by: @moonlitgem1572
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glitchysquidd · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I'm doodling so many inks in suits this is truly more fun than I expected it to be.
//InkSans belongs to comyet//
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unsanctitude · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
stopped everything to draw this immediately
octavo is excited that he gets to groom her and give her a makeover for perfect accuracy, unpictured is cadence rubbing dirt on his face to make his own costume more accurate
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