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A?N: Ugg thank you for this, this is the first time I have really written (or thought about) NSFW for Hinata but I enjoyed it because he is totally a lovable goofball in the bedroom but also makes sure to treat his girl right. I love a good request and y’all are on the thirsty train and I am living for it!! If anyone else has requests I am happy to do them!!! 

A = Aftercare (what they’re like after sex)

He gets giggly after sex, he just thinks the world of you and can’t stop kissing you all over and just gives you a big goofy smile and tells you over and over that he loves you. He is so amazed by you and would do anything that you asked, he does get tired after and doesn’t love changing sheets after if you didn’t make a huge mess but he’s going to give you one of his shirts and loves to cuddle. 

B = Body part (their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)

Hinata loves your legs he just loves how you wrap your legs around him when you’re cuddling him or when you;re doing it, he also loves how long and sexy they look when you are wearing shorts or a skirt, he loves leaving hickeys on your inner thighs and just it makes him really happy

Hinata loves his smile, it was the first thing you ever complimented about him and it just has stuck with him forever and he just gets so happy that you love seeing him smile. (Not NSFW but so true and so pure) 

C = Cum (anything to do with cum, basically)

When he cums it is always messy, it doesn’t matter if he cums in you, on you, or in your mouth, he literally cannot keep it clean. He loves cumming on your face, he just thinks that it is really hot like it just makes his entire being glow, he loves that you trust him enough and that you are literally coated in his cum. Hinata will never ever argue with you on where you want him to cum he is already so beyond himself that he has you to make him cum. 

D = Dirty secret (pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)

He would actually love to fuck you on a volleyball court while you’re wearing his uniform like something about the two things he loves would do absolutely everything for him and he would love to have the courage to ask you to do something like that for him 

E = Experience (how experienced are they? do they know what they’re doing?)

The first time he has absolutely no idea what he is doing like it is almost embarrassing looking back at it now, he didn’t know where to put his hands or what foreplay is but after the first time he started to do some research and really try to learn because he wants to be the best (even though there isn’t a competition). 

F = Favorite position (this goes without saying)

Hinata loves doing it with your legs over his shoulder, he likes how much control he has like that, and  that he can see your face as well as your boobs. You swear that he hits deepest like this and it has you cuming faster than anything else (which is why he loves it so much). He is also willing to try almost any position with you because he trusts you and if it goes wrong he’ll just laugh it off. He also loves cowgirl like you just are bare and on top of him and he couldn’t ask for anything better not even in a dream 

G = Goofy (are they more serious in the moment? are they humorous? etc.)

Hinata is a goofball all the time and this doesn’t change in the moment, he is going to give you his big goofy grin and tell you you’re pretty and if you both are making out he is going to tickle you or poke at you just because he likes how it makes you squirm and he thinks that it’s cute. 

H = Hair (how well groomed are they? does the carpet match the drapes? etc.)

Carpet is definitely a little bit darker than the drapes but just as unruly, he doesn’t bother doing too much with it but will trim it if he notices that it’s out of hand. 

I = Intimacy (how are they during the moment? the romantic aspect)

He makes his focused face once you really get into it because he wants it to go smoothly and to keep up his pace but he is also super loving, he likes to give you kisses and just tell you all of the amazing things about you and what made him fall in love with you. Sometimes he gets distracted and will start going on tangents about you when you are doing it and you have to pull him into a kiss or something to get him out of it because he could tell you how much he loved you forever. 

J = Jack off (masturbation headcanon)

He isn’t actually doesn’t masturbate that often, he really only does it when he has way too much energy pent up from the day. When he does though it is a whole ordeal for him, he likes it to be dark, in his bed with no pants and a locked door, he likes to imagine you there with him and doesn’t need much else because his imagination will run wild. He moans and whines when he gets close and has to grip his sheets with his other hand to refrain from losing it. He does however love to send you a “I wish you were here” text beforehand to see if he can have sex instead.

K = Kink (one or more of their kinks)

Hinata totally has a praise kink and loves hearing you tell him how good of a job he is doing. Hinata also has a thing for role playing. He loves seeing you dressed up and will try and play a cool character who gets to join in. 

L = Location (favorite places to do the do)

He is a simple boy, he loves it in one of your bedrooms where he can take his time (or not) and actually sex but that doesn’t mean that he won’t do it anywhere else, he just doesn’t want to be caught. Loves car sex though, in the back of his car where people could see but not actually makes him giddy and is great for quickies. 

M = Motivation (what turns them on, gets them going)

Literally anything you can do he loves, if you laugh around him and he finds it cute, bam he wants to do it. If you brush against his shoulder then he is excited, it is the smallest things that make hinata really turned on. He doesn’t need a lot of the flashy lingerie because he will just take it off of you so he can kiss all over his body but he does get happy that you were willing to go through all of that effort for him ,

N = No (something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)

He will not get caught, he cannot and will not get caught, if he did his soul would leave his body and you can expect to not have any sex any time soon. He also won’t really want to share you or hurt you, he has a big heart and thinks that sex should be fun and not painful or degrading. 

O = Oral (preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc.)

He prefers giving because seeing you moan and squirm under him gives him the biggest ego boost of all time, like it shows him that he really can do anything that he puts his mind to. He will literally eat you out with such passion and when you cum he is going to be like wow I can make a girl cum so I can absolutely *insert whatever he was unsure about here* and then will go and do that. Like he eats you out to prove that he can do anything. He also cannot get enough of you and when you pull his hair while he does it you are going to fuel the fire.
When you give oral to him he is going to be as respectful as he can at first, he is going to tell you that he loves you and he likes to try and watch you do it but after you take him all the way into your mouth he cannot help but throw his head back and close his eyes. He will then tangle his fingers in your hair and lightly mouth fuck you so that he can get to his release faster. 

P = Pace (are they fast and rough? slow and sensual? etc.)

He is either slow and goofy making you feel like the most loved girl in the world and like the Earth is yours and the two of you are the king and queen. Or he is in energy release mode and he fucks you like a god damn rabbit, he will literally pound into you and just tell you how much he loves you over and over again. 

Q = Quickie (their opinions on quickies, how often, etc.)

He is a quickie boy, he loves them if he is still wide awake at the end of the night or if he needs to get energy out. He also likes them to calm his nerves before a big match because they really help him be distracted and he likes knowing that you are his when there is a big tournament of all guys. He likes quickies frequently like the two of you can always find time to have a quickie and just kiss each other all the time. 

R = Risk (are they game to experiment? do they take risks? etc.)

He is not a big risk taker, like maybe he wil try and do some dirty talk or try handcuffs and blindfolds but he cannot make himself try and do a lot of the really weird stuff. He did learn that he loves when the two of you masturbate with each other like it is lazy and sexy and really shows him what you like and it is super hot to him. He also learns that he enjoys shower sex from experimenting. Overall will try a lot of things but just will not want to get caught and will not want to hurt you. 

S = Stamina (how many rounds can they go for? how long do they last?)

The boy is an athlete, he can go for three rounds on average and will literally give you all he’s got. When he’s trying to get rid of his extra energy he could go for 5 rounds and literally pound the shit out of you every single time. He surprisingly has a lot of control of when he cums and likes to wait until after you do so typically each round is about 10 minutes and the later rounds last closer to 5 

T = Toys (do they own toys? do they use them? on a partner or themselves?)

He experiments with toys on both you and on him, he would be into trying a vibrating cock ring just to feel what it was like and holy shit he loved it, he ended up cuming way faster than he thought he would and has used it while masturbating because it just adds a lot to his pleasure. On you he is willing to use a little vibrator on your clit during sex or will rub a vibrator across your nipples to keep them hard for him. He isn’t really isn’t dildo’s because a lot of them are bigger than him and it makes him self conscious 

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)

He is not a big tease, he will verbally tease you a little bit but you know that he doesn’t really mean it, when it comes to sex he is all for pleasure for both of you. BUTTT when he is eating you out he is absolutely going to tease you, he will lick you once and then move and go kiss your boob or suck on your clit then suck a hickey onto your neck, you whining for him to eat you out hits him so different and boosts his ego like nothing else in the entire world. 

V = Volume (how loud they are, what sounds they make, etc.)

He is going to be a loud moaner, he has absolutely no shame in letting you hear how good you make him feel. HInata does a mix of moans and groans throughout the entire time, but nothing compares to the high need whines when he is close to cuming, he starts whining and praising you for feeling so good around him, the moans are breathy and whines are high pitched and it just hits every spot right. 

W = Wild card (a random headcanon for the character)

He loves listening to music while you have sex or whie he masturbates, it just makes him calm and helps cover some of the sloppy sex noises. 

X = X-ray (let’s see what’s going on under those clothes)

He is a little taller than average but not by much, he is probably a 6 but definitely knows how to use it even though some may seem it as too small, people say that he is too small and look what he can do so imagine what he can do with his above average dick. He can literally rock your shit. 

Y = Yearning (how high is their sex drive?)

Yknow I think that Hinata doesn’t NEED it every x amount of days or whatever but instead is always down for sex, if you are feeling it then he absolutely will be too, he likes to know you both are in for it. Soooo if you wanted to do it three times a day he will go three times a day, or if you want it a few times a week then you will get exactly what you want. 

Z = Zzz (how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)

He is up for a while after, it’s a huge adrenaline rush for him and he already has a hard time falling asleep. If you cuddle with him he falls asleep way faster but always after you do. 

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I lowkey feel kinda bad for asking, this, but

Can I please get some f/o notes in my inbox, like, at least one? I just had a severe mental breakdown a few minutes ago cause of school, and I feel like absolute garbage, and I just, could very much use some love and comfort from my f/o’s ;;. please and thank you.

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After another late night gym session that you signed up for after years of abandoning your body, you walked to your locker to fetched your stuff and cleaned up before you hit your bed later on.

But, the moment you opened your locker, the noises in your gym locker room sounded different, and it even smelled different. Curious, you shut the locker door and then surprised that not only the whole locker line-up changed, you felt different too

A quick look to your body confirmed the changes that happened along the way. The body you looked at were definitely not yours, and the gym definitely differed from your normal one.


The more you looked at your body, the more it made less sense that you worked in San Francisco as a paralegal, you were raised and lived your entire life in rural Oklahoma with your family and never even visited the West Coast. It also made no sense that you are still single when you already married your highschool sweetheart as she finished her college education to become a nurse while you are tending the family’s farm.

At least, the confusion of that faux memory of this some sort of false life is now gone and you are fully embracing your life to the fullest. Happy to see you happy, dude

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Oh, I don’t mind. It just seems like you copy and pasted the last half of your request from the other one I’m assuming you sent lmao
This is gonna be short-ish because,, I ain’t feelin’ it, chief


The battle was so ferocious that even Wrecker looked a tad concerned as your position became overrun. Too many trando’s. They were everywhere. Luckily enough, you six were hightailing it out of your last position and to new cover, but Tech was trailing a bit farther back then the rest of you. The trando’s coming full force with their spears and projectiles, you were all shooting backwards.

Until Crosshair yells when they start dropping from the ducts in the ceiling of this old republic starship. Trying to blast them out of your way, the squad doesn’t have as much luck as they’d planned, Echo being knocked back. With Wrecker helping him up. Hunter covering and Crosshair taking out as many from behind as he could. Tech, though, was working on keeping control of the systems in this huge piece of junk. Or else it might end in your demise.

There were just too many surrounding your friends for comfort. You couldn’t stand the thought of them getting injured. Loosing your temper you shout and twist your hands around yourself in a circle, hands in fists then opening them, slamming your palms onto the ground. Pillars of fire billowing around your team, engulfing the enemy. But that wasn’t enough.

You wanted to get all of them.

Closing your eyes you shout louder, screaming as sweat forms on your body, the fire turning blue and spreading through the halls. Completely destroying the enemy surrounding you. As soon as you ball your hands again, the fire subsides, the smoke rising from the crispy corpse is all that is seen.

“Let’s move.” You pant, jogging towards your relay point.

Hunter was the first to recover, echoing your message to his entranced brothers, them all following. Keeping an eye on the now soot covered halls. But there was no sign of anyone around.

Finally getting to the port of the Havoc, they all board, Tech rushing to detach from the cruiser. Then scrambling their signal and jumping into hyperspace. Satisfied by their work, but still wondering about yours.

He was the first to ask, he supposed, because when he walked back into the main room his brothers were all silent. Even Wrecker. The giant was only looking at your small hands in awe.

“How did you do what you did back there?” The smaller clone asks, sitting down in a seat closest to you. Head tilting in curiosity.

Smiling, you reply with some amusement in your voice. “I was born on a planet very connected to the force and nature, so every child has the opportunity to learn these things. I was the best of my class,” You look down at your aching hands. “I got carried away this time.”

Hunter stands and walks out of the room for a moment, and before you could even wonder why, he comes back with the medical kit. Sitting down on the floor in front of you with his hand held out.

You set your small, burnt hand in his large gloved one. Smiling sheepishly.

“That’s amazing.” Tech breathes out in response to your answer.

“Yeah, but why didn’t you tell us before? This could have been useful in many situations in the past.” Crosshair adds, looking unamused.

Wrecker brushes off his brothers comment and grins, laughing. “Could ya show me some more of it? I’ve never seen some’un do anythin’ like that!”

You shrug, smirking down at the mullet headed sergeant. “I would. But I don’t think your dad will let me with how my hands ended up from last time.”

“Not until these burns heal.” He huffs, ignoring your title for him.

“It’s for the best.” Echo agree’s.

A chorus of boo’s and aww’s from Tech and Wrecker is heard, but they settled for you answering their questions. Crosshair listening intently from the doorway, as well as Echo and Hunter as he treated your other hand.

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Lithuania Boyfriend headcanons

  • If you ask nicely he’ll let you plait his hair.
  • He likes just spending time with you. You don’t even have to be doing anything.
  • He loves sitting and reading with you.
  • Sometimes he’ll get two copies of a book so you can both read it together.
  • Most of your dates are either at home or in quite places.
  • The Dzūkija National Park is one of his favourite date spots.
  • It’s great for picnics.
  • He likes to cook you traditional Lithuanian meals.
  • And he’ll definitely offer to teach you some Lithuania.
  • Your family are gonna love him. He’s just so sweet.
  • He’ll most definitely introduce you the other Baltics.
  • He is literally the most thoughtful boyfriend ever.
  • He’ll remember all your favourite foods, places, movies, book and things.
  • He wants nothing more than a peaceful life with you.


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ok this took me forever bc i had to work yesterday ! but here it is! i kinda wanted to take this all the way but i just couldn’t write it lol, not that i feel uncomfortable writing it but i haven’t had sex for a while so my brain couldn’t figure it out lol

217: can you help me with this zipper?

277: i can’t hold back anymore

・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚

It was just like any other mission. Covert and undercover, everything had run smoothly, but you were ready to trade in this fancy politicians dress for your robes. As beautiful as the gown was, it was restricting. You felt like you couldn’t breathe, couldn’t move. One leg out of place and you’d tear the gown right up the seams.

“Have you ever thought of working as a body guard? You do have an incredible resemblance to the senator.” Obi-Wan pointed out, as he swiped his security guard, unlocking the dorm the two of you had inhabited for the past fortnight.

The apartment was far too lavish for the likes of two Jedi, but you had to admit, you’d taken every advantage of the huge bath the wash room had to offer and although there was only one bed, it was big enough that you and Obi-Wan didn’t have to worry about interrupting each other’s sleeping patterns. Besides, it was the best sleep you’d had since the war begun. There was something comforting about sharing a bed with Obi-Wan. Even if he did complain about your sleep talking the first few nights.

Two weeks ago, you and Obi-Wan were paired together, the planet of Danteel having called to the republic for aid after experiencing civil unrest. It was hard, when one side of your planet sided with the republic but the other side were separatist sympathisers. You understood this all to well after acting as the double for Senator Jalisco of Danteel. This included acting in her stead at dinner parties, which required you to wear gorgeous gowns made of the beautiful Danteelian Silk.

You weren’t often paired with Jedi General Kenobi. You were at different aspects of the spectrum. He was a fighter, a Guardian. You were more of a peace seeker, a Consular.  But the pair of you worked well together, you would even go as far as to say you complimented each other, and that seemed reason enough for the council so it was good enough for the two of you.

“No,“ You sigh truthfully. Your hands work their way through your hair, pulling out the hundreds of pins that kept the elaborate updo together. "Honestly, I haven’t the patience for dull politics who think the people should be licking their shoes clean just because they finally decided on a decent healthcare system.” You rub your scalp where the pins had been tugging on your hair, hissing at the soreness.

“Really?” Obi-Wan asks. “I found tonight’s conversation thoroughly enjoyable.”

“That makes one of us.” You smiled. You were glad Obi-Wan was enjoying himself, at least. On the other hand, you were quite happy to never play senator ever again. Given your natural skill for negotiation, you were at home during debates but the endless parties and dinners, with only Obi-Wan at your side serving as a moderate form of entertainment… well, they drove you mad.

That wasn’t to say Obi-Wan was boring. Oh no, you could gladly listen to his tales of the war all night, but it was when you were pulled away that pained you. When you had to pretend laugh when other senators pointed out that Jalisco had become very attached to her new Jedi protector, when really, he was the only thing keeping you sane. He was familiar and steady, he wasn’t subject to mood changes and could keep a conversation going without jumping from topic to topic.

Obi-Wan nodded and sat down on the sofa, his hand finding his way to his beard as it so often did these days. Obi-Wan has grown since you had last seen him. There was something mature in the way his hair was cropped close, in the fullness of his beard. It served as a reminder that the both of you were no longer carefree padawans, in search of the next exciting mission.

You had both grown into your own. Obi-Wan had become a skilled swordsman and yourself, a skilled negotiator. His legs no longer looked too lanky for his body, and there was no doubt you had grown into your own body. The gowns did little to conceal that.

You slipped away, leaving Obi-Wan to stew in his thoughts. Your hands worked the buttons that ran along your back, but you quickly realised there were only so many buttons you could undo without the aid of a maid. You looked at the clock. It was well past midnight, and you couldn’t bring yourself to wake any of them from their sleep. You felt sure they needed it.

“Obi-Wan?” You called gently from behind the dressing screen.


“Sorry.“ You apologised, a blush creeping up your neck as you bent your head around the screen. "Could you help me?” You cough a little to clear your throat. “Jali helped me dress but I can’t reach the buttons.”

His mouth formed a gentle o shape before he cleared his own throat. “Of course,” He said, pushing himself up off the couch.

You turned around, your hands holding up the front of the dress. You waited for the feeling of Obi-Wan’s fingers working at the buttons but you heard him before you felt him. You heard him draw in a deep breath, before exhaling, the breath the bare skin of your back, raising goosebumps.

His hands brushed against your back as he slowly worked his way around the buttons, being ever so careful with the delicate silk. Your breath was hitched in your throat and your whole body was tense as he reached the last button. You felt like a teenager again reaching in for your first kiss as your heart pumped in your chest.

You can’t help but let out a soft gasp as Obi-Wan’s bands come to rest on the side of your bare hips. His hands are warm, and gentle, but he still apologises.

“I’m sorry.” He says, whispering in to the dark.

“It’s okay.” You whisper back. Because it is, it is okay. and you’re not saying that in a way you’ve seen the girls of the underworld of Coruscant shrink theirselves for someone else’s enjoyment. It’s okay because there’s nowhere else you’d rather Obi-Wan’s hands be.

“No, I mean….“ He pauses, taking his time to compose himself. "I’m sorry. I know it’s not the Jedi way, to lust after someone but…” Obi-Wan lets his words die on the air. You feel his head come to rest on your shoulder.

“It’s Okay, Obi-Wan. I know.” And how could you not? This tension between you had been building for days now.

Obi-Wan lets out a breath. “I can’t hold back anymore.” He sobs, like it hurts him to say it. “I’m sorry, I know it’s not the way. But I just,” His hands tighten ever so slightly on your hips, just enough to remind you where they are. “I need you.”

A moment of silence passes between you. Your heart is hammering against your rib cage so loudly, you’re convinced your fellow Jedi can hear it. You close your eyes, try to calm yourself, try to focus on the sounds of the city below you, but all you can zone in on is the feeling of Obi-Wan’s heart beat against your back, and his hands on your hips and his breath tickling your skin. And although you have been desperately trying to deny it, this is what you have wanted, what you have craved these past few nights.

Slowly, you let the gown drop around you, turning to face Obi-Wan, dressed in nothing but your underwear.

“So don’t.” You say, you hands winding around to undo his belt. “Don’t hold back. You can have me.”

Obi-Wan seems frozen. Like he is so overwhelmed with the mere possibility of having you all to himself, he doesn’t know where to start. So you start for him. You let the utility belt crash the floor, the lightsaber clanging against the tiles. He doesn’t even wince. You rid him of the tunic that clings to his well-built chest. And then the boots, and then the thick leggings. The way the city lights below illuminate him is almost heavenly.

“The council-”

You hold a finger to Obi-Wan’s lips. “Doesn’t have to know.” You say, hushing his concerns. You lead him to the bed, “Lie down.” You say. “Relax.”

And he tries to relax, really he tries, but you’re on top of him, straddling his waist and hovering over him like some kind of angel and there’s so much going on and planes of your smooth skin are uncharted territories to him. He doesn’t know where to start, but he figures your lips are a good point.

His hands are threading into your hair, pulling you closer, down, down, down until your lips meet. His whole body softens at your touch, and he sighs into the kiss. You feel as though you could melt into him. This is what you have thought about every night for the past week. This is what you’ve dreamt about. He starts of gentle, as if testing shallow waters, before his needs get the best of him and he angles your head to deepen the kiss. You finally come up for air as he kisses down your neck, his beard creating a scratching feeling that feels almost satisfying against your gentle skin.

His hands move to your highs, inching up and up to your ass, pressing your against him and encouraging you to grind against. You almost whimper at the friction it creates. Your lips return to his, but this time, you’re in control. You hands are wandering their way over his body, feeling the muscles beneath his skin, built up after years and years of discipline and training. You teeth nip his bottom lip and his groans as he pulls away to run a tongue over it.

“A bit impatient perhaps?” He plays.

“Only when I want what’s mine.”

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