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jam-campasta · 20 hours ago
either zag as ladybug and than/or Meg as chat noir OR Adrien as the prince of hell and Marinette as one of the other love interests/gods in that game :)
Tumblr media
i tried giving adrien chat noir colors but now he just lowkey looks like the green giant ._.
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causeimanartist · 5 hours ago
hello! i love, love, love your drawings and i saw that your requests were open. would it be possible for you to draw some more superwonderbat?
Tumblr media
I’m always happy to draw these three
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o-dang · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
lanque request
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tarlosbuddie · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Eddie and Christopher + In case you don't live forever
(Requested by anonymous)
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jam-campasta · 20 hours ago
hhh maybe a theseus...? everyone is mean to him but i love him and i think he'd look really neat in your style :]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a double whammy
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beesgav · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
using this as an excuse to do a comic for this very good @turagapohatu quote
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doyeons · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
favorite wjsn friendship:
eunseo & seola — for @snsdtual
(fancams: 1, 2, 3, 4)
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winterrskywalker · 11 hours ago
can I request a bucky x fem!reader where reader is as quiet and reserved as Bucky and they find comfort within each other?
hello! thank you so much for your request, i hope it doesn’t suck too much… there’s very small dialogue but i hope you’ll like it anyway <3
TITLE: tale e quale (italian way to indicate something very similar to another, in this case two people; i like the idea of including my native language sorry)
WARNINGS: none! just possible typos and i wrote it again in lowercase
READ ME! english is not my first language, sorry for any possible error. please be kind!
Tumblr media
when bucky first arrived at the compound, he used to talk just with steve, and sometimes with sam, but only if he really had to.
he was quiet, never talking too much, reserved about whatever was going on into his head. trying to heal all by himself.
then it was easier to talk with every avenger, having a chat with them was okay, he wasn’t as nervous as before.
and there you came. you were like a female version of bucky, without the serum of course. you were quiet, reserved, all by yourself most of the time. you got close to wanda but only because she could read your mind. you barely talked when everyone was in the room.
one day you bumped into bucky while getting into the elevator and quickly apologised, your eyes were focused on his chest because you couldn’t really met his eyes. bucky was totally fine because it was nothing, really. look at him.
from that day, the two of you started talking. well, what i mean is: greeting each other when entering a room, waving at each other most of the time, you guys kept the conversation short but it means a lot for the both of you.
you two sat together during movie nights, you sat between him and wanda when eating all together, bucky asked you to be his training partner too.
from the outside it seemed a bit strange, but between you two everything was totally fine. it was comfortable not having to talk every single time you were together.
that kind of company, the silence was comforting. bucky by the way got more comfortable to talking with you, and you were glad to listen to him. you tried to copy him and shared something with him, to repay him for his effort to be more friendly.
the two of you started spending most of the time together, you ignoring wanda and bucky ignoring steve. but they were fine because their best friends were growing a relationship, they were the first to realise that there was something more.
“can i hug you?” you murmured, while watching the sky from the balcony. “yeah.” bucky got closer, circling your body with his arms. you rested your face against his chest and enjoyed the beautiful night.
“i love when we stay like this.” he said, caressing your back. “like this?” you wondered, curious. “you know, i love talking with you, but i also love the silence between us. i feel comfortable and it’s never too much.” bucky rested his chin on your head and you smiled, agreeing with him. “yeah, i think the same buck.” you held him closer.
@thesneakylittleminx @xbeauxny @weinersolider @golden-hoax @iwannabekilledtwice @baby-shy @sunwardsss @my-divine-death
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minyfic · 8 hours ago
Hiii🤍 ok so this is my first time ever making a request lol. Can you do an idol!jk and and non idol oc?? where jk’s way of always spending his spare time with his friends becomes an issue for oc.. really angsty but with a happy ending ..?😭😭 i—
close the distance - JJK | M
pairing: jungkook x reader
genre: angst, fluff
word count: 1.7K
warnings/tags: idol au, established relationship, some angst, making out, soft boyfriend JK
Chewing on your lip, you take a deep breath and click on Taehyung’s Instagram story, your heart beat loud and clear in your ears as you spot your boyfriend, smile on his face as he poses for the camera, drink in hand, sharing a table with three other unfamiliar faces.
You toss your phone across the counter, wincing as it skids to the edge, threatening to fall and hit the floor, damaging the screen. Chuckling at the thought, you remember your hesitance when Jungkook had first approached you, your heart sitting on the fence with all your doubts surrounding it like an audience.
Unlike your phone that teeters on the edge, you fell, unconditionally in love with him.
You feel the lump build in your throat, teeth piercing into your lip even harder as you keep them at bay.
This is the eighth night in a row, another night spent with your thoughts, another night adding to your insecurities, another night alone.
Maybe it’s the expectations that makes the pain feel unbearable tonight, the promise that was broken.
“I’ll see you later baby.”
A lie, obviously, it’s later and he isn’t here, you haven’t seen him since last Monday.
You’re trying so hard not to complain, knowing how stressed out he has been with all the promotions and his packed schedule. But he said he’s free for a few weeks, and he hasn’t spent a day with you, another night where you had to discover his whereabouts through his friend’s social media posts. What was more important than his girlfriend of one and a half years?
Sighing, you grab your phone and walk to your room, having already done your nightly routine, you put your phone on charge and get into bed.
Does he not get enough of his friends? He’s been with them all week, you feel so distant, separated, secluded from him. You think of the days when you used to work around each other’s hectic schedules, no matter what, you found time for each other, it seems like all that has changed now. Even if he does have time, it’s time spent away from you.
Finally, a sob breaks from your chest, you roll over to your side try to muffle your cries.
You don’t want to complain, you don’t want to sound clingy and unstable, unsure of your relationship. You just want his attention, his affection, his cuddles again.
After what felt like hours, you check the time, seeing it’s two hours past midnight. Past ‘later’.
You aren’t going to see him again, if only you could be as unfazed as him.
The front door opening interrupts your thoughts, a few minutes pass and you hear shuffling around you, then the bed dips behind you, cold momentarily as the blanket lifts, then warm again, as the presence settles against your back.
Shutting your eyes, you pretend to be asleep, knowing that you wouldn’t be able to push the piteous thoughts away, knowing that he’ll see right through you. He must be tired.
You wake up the next morning, your cheek pressed against something soft yet tough at the same time. Cracking your eyes open, you’re met with the sinewy expanse of his bare chest, his arms wrapped around your body as soft snores leave his lips.
Smiling to yourself, you break free from his hold, freshening up then walking to the kitchen to prepare breakfast, it’s the second time you’ve awoken to him laying next to you in bed, he rushed out of your apartment the last time and you didn’t see him until last night. The smile on your face morphs into a frown, even the soft touches as you slept together can’t chase away the hurt that spreads like wildfire, dampening your mood.
“Morning,” you hear the scrape of the chair behind you.
“Morning,” you set a stack of pancakes in front of him, butter drizzling down the sides.
“Yum, thank you,” he tucks in, without sparing you a glance.
You set down your own plate and sit opposite him, silence joins the sounds of your forks and knives hitting the plate in the air. It’s broken when you clear your throat.
“Had fun last night?”
He nods, more to himself than you and you nod too, pancakes seeming inedible as time passes between you.
You know that he has already taken a shower, a few strands of hair stick to his nape.
He stands abruptly and walks to the sink, then moves to the lounge to gather his jacket and keys, you begin to panic when you see he’s putting on his boots.
“Jungkook,” you walk toward him, he hums as he adjusts his shoes.
“Is everything okay?”
Finally, he lifts his head to look at you, the sight making your throat constrict, his eyes look as distant as you feel.
“Why wouldn’t it be?” He dismisses as he moves to the door only to be stopped by your hand on his arm.
“Will you come over tonight? We could watch a movie or something.”
He sighs, the sound a puncture to your heart.
“Yeah. Later.”
He whips his head around to look at you, eyes widening a fraction when he sees the pain that must be evident in your own.
“Y/N, you know how busy I am with-“
“Promotions,” you let go of his arm and exhale a dry laugh, “that ended over a week ago.”
“Yeah and that’s why I want to make the best of my break.”
“The best?” You’re trying your best not to let the tears spill. “The best as in away from me? With your friends? When we haven’t even spent over an hour, no, over half an hour together in months.”
You realize that you’re yelling, and he takes a step closer to you, “I’m sorry okay, it’s just, I’d rather be out than stay in and watch movies all the time.”
“So you didn’t think of inviting me along? Or is it a guys’ night out kind of thing?”
From the way he acted this morning, you need to get to the bottom of this.
“Y/N, you’re being so petty right now.”
“Petty? How am I being petty? By wanting to spend time with my boyfriend?”
He pinches the bridge of his nose, “that’s not what I meant. Can’t I have a break?”
“A break,” you voice cracks, “a break away from me?”
The tears are running freely down your cheeks, a break could only mean one thing.
“Fuck Y/N,” he goes to grab your shoulders, but you push him away, sitting down on the armrest of the sofa, he squeezes in next to you.
“Y/N, I am sorry, I’m a complete idiot, I never know how to word things right.”
You aren’t listening to him anymore, the thought of him not being in your life anymore makes a louder sob escape from your lips.
“Hey hey,” he wraps an arm around your shoulder and pulls you close to his chest, your fist rests against collarbone and you want to bash it in.
“Y/N, I don’t want a break away from you, it’s just. I’m trying to make up for lost time with everyone and then I end up not having enough for you and that’s terribly wrong, you’re still my girlfriend.”
Your voice is nasally, “b-but you never miss me, you d-don’t even bother to see me.”
He coos, wrapping both his arms around you and pulling you into his lap, you feel his warm breath hit your wet cheek, making you shiver in his hold.
“Y/N, I told you, I’m an idiot. I stare at my wallpaper all day and it’s like you’re with me.”
He pulls his phone out of his pocket, the screen lighting up to show the selfie of you in your leather jacket, his favorite one.
“You’re with me all the time Y/N, in here,” he pokes the top of your left breast, and you make a sound between a whimper and a laugh.
“I still don’t buy it,” you wipe the tears from your face.
“I admit that I have been neglecting you but, I didn’t really think anything of it. I wouldn’t see you all day but coming home at night and cuddling with you was enough for me, even if I had to kiss you while you were unconscious most of the time.”
You pull away from his chest to look at his face, “you only came over twice.”
“What? No,” he shakes his head, “I made sure to come over every night, but again, it was my fault for coming so late and leaving so early.”
As you stare at him, a little perplexed, you try to remember those nights, only last night and that other night comes to your mind.
“So, you came here every night?”
He nods, “mmhmm, but like I said you were fast asleep, and you never cuddled me back so…”
“I was asleep!”
“Yes but you usually cuddle me back asleep or not!”
“I woke up this morning and I was literally on your chest!”
“That’s not cuddling,” he pouts, then tilts his head, “that’s probably why I feel like I’m being suffocated in my sleep.”
You laugh, tears dried up as you pinch his cheek, unable to resist a pouty Jungkook.
“I’m awake now,” you whisper, watching his expression change from sweet to sexy in a matter of seconds.
“Oh yeah?” He leans in close, eyebrow piercing jumping as his lips ghost over yours.
You nod, his gaze rendering you a little breathless just before he presses his lips to yours, hands roaming all over your body to finally settle in your hair, tongues mingling as he deepens the kiss. You pull away with a loud smack, giving him one last peck for good measure because-
“I missed this,” he grips your ass through your pants, and you nod again, giggling as he makes a funny face while moving his own ass around.
“This is uncomfortable.”
“I know,” you giggle, pulling him down with you onto the couch and wrapping a leg around his hip. “Need to be somewhere in the next two hours?”
He pretends to think, and you smack his arm, “even if I did. They can wait,” with that being said, he begins to kiss down your neck and the only thing that fills your mind is how close you feel to him, physically and emotionally.
How your hearts fizzle, as you finally connect again.
Masterlist | Send a request here.
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jam-campasta · 22 hours ago
id like to see what megara looks like in your style?
Tumblr media
when this woman called me little man, it was all over 😳
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jlalafics · 23 hours ago
Omg I loved this plus size/fat character prompts list!!! What about 7 or 18???
Sorry, not quite edited but I had fun writing this! Thanks for the prompt!
7. “Has it ever occurred to you that I find all of you attractive? That I’m not ignoring anything, not picking and choosing parts of you that I like and ignoring those that I dislike? That I like all of you?”
“Katniss, come out.”
“I can’t believe you even want to be seen with me,” Katniss moaned from inside the bathroom stall. “I ruined everything!”
“Sweetie, you didn’t ruin anything,” Peeta assured her from where he sat outside of the stall.
The door to the women’s bathroom opened and a trio of women stepped in, stopping when they spotted the man in the tuxedo sitting on the tiled floor. He waved them in, and they shrugged, each going into a stall.
“I worked out every day, started a cleanse, and stop eating fries! And I love fries! All to fit into this dress and what happens—it rips! Even with the Spanx! Right in front of your family and the rest of the wedding party—" Katniss dissolved into another set of tears. “I just wanted you to be proud to have me on your arm…”
“I am proud to have my beautiful, sexy girlfriend as my date,” he insisted. “The dress doesn’t matter to me.”
“It matters to me…I need to be perfect.”
The last part of her words was whispered painfully and his heart ached hearing it.
“Because the first time you saw me, I was wearing my most flattering outfit and had makeup on,” Katniss explained. “You noticed me among a sea of size fours. Me—a size fourteen, and you chose me. I want you to keep seeing what you found attractive that day. The most perfect version of me.”
“Has it ever occurred to you that I find all of you attractive? That I’m not ignoring anything, not picking and choosing parts of you that I like, and ignoring those that I dislike? That I like all of you?” Peeta stood up, pressing his forehead to the stall door. “That isn’t even the most perfect version of you.”
“It isn’t?”
“The most perfect version of you is the one I wake up to every morning. The one wearing my Hanes t-shirt and those pretty panties when she comes back to bed. The one with no makeup and that tousled hair that smells so delicious that I just bury my face in it while you’re still sleeping.” He put a hand against the door, and he could almost feel her pressing her hand to the same spot. “I didn’t choose you. You chose me.”
A toilet flushed and one of the women stepped out, giving him a thumbs-up before heading to the sink.
“We chose each other.”
His eyes went the lovely woman standing in front of him; her makeup was a bit streaked and her hair a little frizzed—but she never looked more beautiful.
“Come here.” Peeta pulled her into a hug, and she pressed herself into him. “Don’t you ever think that you’re anything less than perfect in my eyes.”
“I’m sorry for freaking out,” Katniss said softly. “I just love you so much and wanted everything to go right. Then this stupid dress—” She looked to the rip on the side of the red sheath dress. “—I really wanted to dance with you.” She lifted her foot and showed him her jeweled heels. “Like Cinderella.”
Another woman stepped out of her stall, giving them both a smile, and joining her friend at the sink.
“Well, Cinderella, we don’t need a ballroom,” Peeta said. He wrapped his arms around her waist, trailing his hands along her curves. “We have a perfectly good space to dance right here.” His hands stopped right below her bottom, resisting the urge to caress, though Katniss could see the hunger in his gaze. “Or we could just go home.”
“No, we’re doing our dance here,” Katniss replied as they started to sway. “Then you’re giving me your jacket and we’re going to go back out there to grab some of the wedding cake before going home.”
Peeta grinned, leaning down and gently kissing her. “Deal.”
They turned to find the women standing together in a semi-circle and Peeta recognized the trio as part of the wedding band. One of the singers urged them to continue with a wave of her hand.
“The very thought of you
And I forget to do
Those little ordinary things
That everyone ought to do…”
To Peeta, this moment—like Katniss—was perfect.
“I see your face in every flower
Your eyes in stars above
It's just the thought of you
The very thought of you, my love…”
Though there was one thing that would make it even better.
His girlfriend hummed, her head on his shoulder. “Yes?”
“Will you marry me?”
*Song: ‘The Very of Thought of You’-Billie Holiday
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fandom-puff · 12 hours ago
Enjoying the View
Pairing: Remus Lupin x reader
Requested by: anon
Prompt: ‘enjoying the view?’
Warnings: smut (morning sex shenanigans) innuendos, slight degradation (more like gentle mocking if that makes sense)
Gif creds to owner
Tumblr media
You were utterly radiant.
Remus watched, propped up on his elbows as you slipped back into the bedroom, your hair all wrapped up in a towel, your body in another. Walking over to your wardrobe, you dropped the towel around your body, and Remus gulped, suppressing a groan. He had not expected to wake up to his girlfriend pottering around the room completely naked.
“I didn’t know you were up,” you said, briefly looking over your shoulder. “Did I wake you?” Remus shook his head, eyes glued to your figure as it glinted in the lamplight and the rays of sunshine peaking through the blinds. “Enjoying the view?” You smirked. “You’re not listening to a word I’m saying, are you?” Remus gave you a sheepish look and you rolled your eyes slightly. “Shocking,” you teased.
“Absolutely terrible,” he conceded, eyes glinting with mischief. “Why don’t you come over here, love? Think you’ve… missed a soap sud,” it was the most pathetic excuse to call you over that you had ever heard, but you saw the look in his eye and knew you were in for a treat. You stood by Remus, waiting for him to flick away the imaginary bubbles, expecting a gentle caress or a squeeze, but Remus grappled your thighs, pulling you to straddle him.
“Remus!” You squeaked. “I haven’t dried off properly, I’m all wet!”
“Brilliant, just the way I like it,” he smirked, reaching forward to capture one of your nipples in his mouth before moving to shove the towel off your head. “There…” he smirked as your wet tangled hair dropped little drops of water onto your chest. Remus grunted, his tongue following one of these drops over your collarbone and down your sternum, delighting in your shudder.
“Remus…” you sighed, tossing your head back, catching your lip between your teeth. “Please…”
“You’ve changed your tune,” he teased you, squeezing your hips.
“Oh shut up and fuck me,” you groaned, fixing him with a look that could’ve been described as a death glare if it weren’t for your eyes blown with lust and the thin sheen of sweat on your forehead.
“Alright then, lovely,” he said gently, and you shuffled slightly so he could push his boxers down enough for his cock to slap his stomach, and you moaned softly at the sight, reaching to stroke his cock, using his pre cum as lube. “Someone’s desperate,” he smirked, admiring your little whimpers.
“I’m not the one who’s been ogling and got hard at the sight of my partner in a towel,” you reminded him.
“True, but it is usually the other way round,” he gave you a wink and you rolled your eyes, moving to sink slowly down onto him, the two of you groaning lowly as he bottomed out. “There we go,” he sighed, rubbing circles onto your hips with his thumbs.
You nodded slowly, jaw a little slackened and began rocking your hips, swivelling them slowly, occasionally rising almost completely off him, before plunging back down. Little moans escaped your mouth as you settled into your rhythm, your head tipped back as remus’s deft fingers trailed up to tweak at your nipples. “There we go… that good, pretty girl?” He smirked as you gave a nod, whimpering slightly. “That’s right. Fuck yourself on my cock, good girl,” he grunted, licking his thumb then rubbing circles on your clit, just the way you liked it.
“L-like that, Remus!” You gasped, panting as your hips stuttered, unable to keep up with your pace. You whined dejectedly, and Remus ‘aww’ed you.
“Aww, can’t keep up pretty girl? Need me to help?” He asked, his tone lightly mocking. You whimpered, nodding, whispering ‘please’. The word dissipated into a sharp gasp almost immediately as Remus held your hips firmly, bucking his hips up hard, admiring the way the force of his thrusts made your tits bounce. “Fuck… touch that clit for me, baby,” he groaned, voice tight as he staved off his orgasm.
“I’m gonna- Remus!” You cried, arching your back. Remus growled, feeling your cunt clench hard around him as he fucked you through your orgasm. “Fuck!” You moaned, thighs trembling. With a final shout of pleasure, Remus came, spurting up into you, filling you with his seed. You whined at the sensation of being filled, your only thought through your haze of arousal being ‘fuck, does he look hot when he’s snarling’.
Breathless, Remus eased you off carefully, rubbing your side as you caught your breath, recovering from your climax. “There. That good, sweetheart?” He murmured.
“Mm-Hm,” you nodded, pressing a lazy kiss to his jaw, the slight scruff grazing your skin. “But I’m gonna need another shower now…”
“Oh what a shame,” remus said, laughing slightly. “Guess I’ll have to join you. Think we both need cleaning off,”
Tags: @liliputbahn @lilymurphy03 @pinkandblueblurbs @wholebigboxofyikes @remus-lupin-simp @dailyalanrickman @cremedelabrulee @simpforsnape @imareallygrumpyme @ithinkweallsing @lizlil @whizzbeesdukes @sassicaismysupreme @acciosiriusblack @highfunctioningfangirl19 @mypainistemporary @sociallyawkward-princess @pandaxnienke @agalandhermarvelobsession @once-upon-an-imagine @lazyotakujen @lilypad-55449 @rogertaylorismycar @lxoxtxtxi @wh0reforthemarauders
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mischiefbarnes · 23 hours ago
Can you write something sweet with Loki and his lady? She broke her ankle at her workplace but because she lives alone, he has her recover in his room at the compound. Rogers doesn’t approve over it because he believes civilians shouldn’t be allowed in the compound but Loki doesn’t back down and throws a massive fit because he’s so protective over her. Pretty much tells Steve he can shove it. Steve keeps pushing it so Loki enchants his entire part of the compound to make sure any unwanted guests wouldn’t be able to get in.
Hope you enjoy this love!!
Out of all things to happen to you, a broken ankle was something you were not expecting. You had been too in your thoughts to even hear Loki running into your apartment.
“Y/N!” he boomed, scaring you.
“Ever heard of knocking?” you sassed.
“Ever heard of answering the phone?” He returned the sass.
You rolled your eyes and laughed.
“We here I am.” you lifted your leg as best you could.
“I can’t have you here by yourself.” he stated.
“You can always visit.” you tilted your head to look at him.
“You’re coming back to the compound with me, whether you like it or not.” he crossed his arms.
You laughed.
“Right. Yeah no I am staying here.” you shifted on the couch.
You didn’t take notice that loki went and packed your suitcase of everything you would be needing for the next couple of months.
“You can’t be serious?” you looked at him.
“I didn’t want to have to do this.” he hesitated.
“Loki…” you questioned. “What are y-”
You were cut off, and before you knew it. You were in Loki’s room. You were happy but very much annoyed.
“I can’t believe you brought me here!” you crossed your arms.
He shrugged his shoulders.
“I need to know my little one is safe.” he held your chin, kissing the top of your head.
You smiled.
“Well at least help me get comfy.” you gestured to the bed you currently were sitting on.
“Oh yes, right away!” he rushed to your side.
Once situated there was a knock at the door.
Loki looked at you before responding.
“Coming!!” he shouted.
Opening the door he was met with Steve.
“Captain.” Loki nodded at him.
“I heard another voice and just wanted to check what was up.” he said, trying to look past Loki.
“Yes well-” he was cut off by Steve pushing past him.
“Hello.” you smiled at him.
Steve put a hand to his face.
“Loki…” he began, “you know civilians can’t be here.”
“She’s not just any ‘civilian’, she's my girlfriend,” he said. “And she has a broken leg if you would care to know.”
“Girlfriend or not, she is still a civilian.” he said, annoyance in his voice. “She could get hurt.”
“I am not leaving her all alone on the other side of the city where much worse could happen to her.” Loki said, anger rising.
“We’re not having this conversation again.” Steve argued.
You could tell by the look on Loki’s face, he was planning something and nothing would stop him.
“Fine.” Loki said, still looking at steve.
“Good,” he nodded. “I’m sorry-”
He was cut off by Loki.
“I do apologize, Captain but she will be staying whether you like it or not.” Loki said, rushing Steve out of the room.
A green haze began to form around Loki’s quarter of the compound. You were amazed.
“What did you do now?” you furrowed your brows.
He looked around before answering.
“I may or may not have enchanted my quarters to make sure no one disturbs us while you are in recovery.” he said innocently.
You put your hand to your head.
“I love you, but is that really necessary?” you looked at him.
“Yes.” he smiled.
You shook your head.
“What the hell happened?” Tony asked.
“Loki is taking care of Y/n since she is injured.” Steve began. “And I may have pissed him off.”
“That explains the enchanted shield guarding his section of the compound.” Bruce said.
“Who pissed off my brother?” Thor asked, looking around.
Steve covered his face.
“Nice going Cap.” Sam hit Steves back.
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certified-sloth · 14 hours ago
Lower rank demon: mc so why did you choose to make pacts with the demon brothers
Therapist Mc: to do the most diabolical thing to them
Lower rank demon: which is….?
Therapist mc: to talk about how they are feeling
Lord divalo: all is going to plan
Demon bros reaction
How dare you.
Would rather cast a spell with him losing his ability to speak
Than to talk about his feelings to you
Mammon you really have to force it outta him?
Nah fam, just ask him and he'll pour everything he feels
Look, he's NOT ok so you better handle his problems well
Locks himself away before you could force him to talk it out
Which, inevitably fails
And he's going to be a crying mess while he opens up to you
Gotta force it out through talk
He shows his unspoken feelings through violence and spite
But tries to be calm and collected in front of you
It really is a good idea to use the pact on him
Because he WILL divert the subject with his narcissism
Ends up talking about all his insecurities to you, wiping his nose delicately with a tissue
You don't have to use the pact to make him talk
He's willing to tell you everything you want to know
I mean if it's good for you and beneficial for him, why not?
So he gets kinda aggressive when you make him just talk about it
Actually wants to pour it all out and cry on your shoulder but can't
The fact that you're using the pact makes him somewhat thankful
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unsanctitude · 14 minutes ago
I THINK you’re taking requests at the moment, so- would you mind drawing a bisexual toon link icon? IT’S OKAY IF NOT AHSBENSNSNDNS
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
yea here u go! the one on the left has a more visible flag, while the one on the right has Link more centered, use whichever you prefer :)
and heres the full pic:
Tumblr media
(and though i am open for requests right now, id rather not draw more icons, i just really wanted to draw toon link again xD)
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ygoprideflags · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Rainbow flag but it’s color picked from Kuriboh!
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