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pretty boy. you cannot tell but he is wear a leather dress that i found on pinterest

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anonymous asked: can i request hoshi meeting his 5'10" fem!s/o’s mom for the first time and mom doesn’t approve cause she thinks girls can’t date guys shorter than them?


a/n: i can do this for yah! i hope you enjoy!

title: get your priorities straight 

pairing(s): ryoma hoshi

post type: headcanons

premise: your mother is more worried about ryoma hoshi being shorter than you, rather than being worried about you two’s relationship

warning(s): a lil suggestive at the end 


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Harper Miles as Catherine of Aragon in Six the Musical


Name: Harper Miles

Credits: Caroline, Or Change (Radio 3), Bat Out Of Hell (Zahara), Beautiful: The Carole King Musical (Ensemble)

Color of the rainbow with which they identify: Bisexual

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Proposal (Sirius Black x Reader)




Pairing: Sirius Black x FemReader

Warnings: Umm? Implied sex, I think that’s it? Oh! It’s incredibly cheesy 😬

A/N: So sorry this took so long! Also sorry it’s kinda short! My brain hasn’t been working lately 😬


A smile crept onto Sirius’ face as (Y/N) fell off of him and onto her back, the mattress bouncing her a bit. When she looked over and saw him watching her, she turned her head bashfully, “What?”

Sirius chuckled at the sudden change of attitude. The things that woman had just done to him, and she was going to play shy now? “I’m not permitted to simply admire?”

Sirius thought he heard her mutter a whatever before she rolled over. He supposed it wouldn’t be completely unheard of for her to not see the same things he saw (people usually tended to see the worst of themselves). Honestly though, this was one of his favorite views. He thought the witch to be awe-inspiring with her hair in disarray, sweat glistening her skin and face flushed. It made him want to pull her right back on top of him.

When (Y/N) looked back and noticed he was still staring she laughed nervously at him, “Could you stop please?”

Sure, they’d been intimate before. He’d seen her completely naked on various occasions. They’d been dating for awhile and any flaws that she may or may not have had would be blatantly obvious to Sirius by now… Still, whenever he just watched her, she couldn’t help but be hyper aware of everything about herself. “Seriously, Sirius you’re being weird.”

“Let’s get married.” Sirius blurted out. While it may have seen random, he’d been thinking about this for quite awhile.

“Wha-… I feel like you’re joking and I’d like to say that while I think it was good in theory-“

“I’m not joking. Ive been meaning to ask you for a bit now, and I get that this probably isn’t the most romantic, but the idea of not getting to look at you for every minute of every day is killing me. So, (Y/N), will you marry me?”

(Y/N) chuckled through a few rouge tears, “No need to be so dramatic, obviously I’ll marry you.”

Sirius rolled over on top of her, unable to keep from grinning at her. She would simply have to be annoyed with his staring. He placed a chaste kiss on her lips, “Don’t be silly you know that I have to be dramatic.”

Taglist: @iamabeautifulperson18 @harrypotter289 @levylovegood @sapphicnoodle69

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Imagine Hannah seeing you in a dress for the first time.


Originally posted by thehauntingofblymanor

It was your first official date, a simple but romantic dinner at the house, and you wanted to impress, so you pulled out the one thing you knew would make an impression. You were a bit nervous walking out of your room and to the kitchen to meet Hannah, but you were also excited.

When she saw you walk in, her eyes traveled from your face to the beautiful dress you wore. “Wow,” she finally said, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone pull off a dress that well before. You look…flawless.”

“You really think so,” you asked.

“Yeah, of course I do. But whether you’re in a dress or slacks you’ll always look phenomenal to me.”

For anon

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How They Cuddle (Harry Potter Preference)


Bellatrix LeStrange: Bellatrix is so clingy when she cuddles. She’ll clutch onto you so tight if you dare try to leave her. She almost always has an arm draped over you when you’re in bed and will frequently nuzzle up to you when she wants your attention.

Minerva McGonagall: Minerva doesn’t cuddle a lot, but when she does you know it’s special. She does like it when you rest your head on her shoulder though. She thinks it’s really sweet. And, on rare occasions you’ll even wake up to her arm around you.

Molly Weasley: Molly is a big cuddler. Any time the two of you have some alone time it’s likely you’ll be cuddling together in front of the fireplace or snuggling together all warm in bed. She’s just really affectionate in general and especially loves it when you rest your head on her chest.

Narcissa Malfoy: Narcissa usually reserves her cuddling for bedtime. Whether it’s after sex, or just holding each other after a particularly trying day, she likes to wind down by being close to you and knowing she’s safe in your arms.

Rita Skeeter: Rita doesn’t mind the casual cuddle. She won’t go out of her way to cuddle with you, but she doesn’t mind it when you sit close and rest your head on her shoulder when she’s writing something or when you put your arm around her.

Severus Snape: Snape is so touch starved he’d be a little shocked when you first wanted to cuddle with him, but he’d take to it in no time and crave the private moments he could hold you in his arms. He’d even be a bit sad when you’d moved away from him.

Sybill Trelawney: Sybill is a bit shy about cuddling at first, but she warms up to it rather quick and becomes quite fond of you holding her in your arms or letting her rest her head on your lap. She loves how cozy and warm it makes her feel.

For @generalwinnerbearalien and @love-for-barnabas-collins

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I don’t have many followers here and I just got back on tumblr but I’mma take requests to draw! Just nothing complicated like animals or metal/robotics. Other than that I can be pretty flexible!


Originally posted by princesshamlet

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Aesthetic: Clark

The name Clark is derived from the Old English clerc, which means “scribe, secretary, cleric, scholar”

Requested by @clarkimagines

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Aqui está anjinho. Espero que você goste, pq eu gostei :))

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it runs off the edges but eh

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POV: You’re Majima and you’re one step closer to going apeshit after taking one too many orders from your piss-drinking boss.

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