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byallmeans1 · 16 hours ago
can i plz have some Levihan fluff? I’ve had a really bad day and I’m in my room crying rn so just need a little happiness. Love you and your art so much ❤️
I hope today is a better day for you anon ❤️ Life can be shitty but it won't be shitty forever.
Tumblr media
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neocitys · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
CATALLENA (2014) Orange Caramel, dir. digipedi
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minyfic · 11 hours ago
ooo if you’re still doing requests, could you do lifeguard! reader x jungkook:
jungkook’s just going to the pool like normal and hot damn who is that new lifeguard yk. and the lifeguard doesn’t pay attention to him at all (even tho he’s obv the hottest one there) and only watches over the little kids. and jungkook being the needy for attention boy he is....pretends to drown😋
+ smut: he gets hard during the cpr lmfao
compress - JJK | M
pairing: jungkook x lifeguard!reader
genre: smut
word count: 2.2K
warnings/tags: strong language, mentions of pedophilia, mentions of stalking, mentions of kidnapping, explicit smut-dirty talk, handjob, fingering, unprotected sex, oof sex in a pool
“Can I help you?”
Jungkook tips his chin to look at the chubby boy who has been staring at him for the past ten minutes without saying a word. He leans away from the wall to walk forward, widening his eyes and scrunching up his nose, the boy runs away with a cry. His back hits the wall behind him, a satisfied sigh leaving his lips because now, now he can watch you in peace. No beady-eyed monsters creeping him out and no distractions.
He ditched his friends for the fifth time this week, they’d probably laugh at him if they ever found out where he spends his free time. A public pool, usually at the same time that mothers bring their kids to splash around and fuss, doing anything but swim. He isn’t a pedophile, no, he has only one reason why he chooses to waste his precious time by hanging around a pool, that he has visited plenty of times before, for a quick swim or to just hang out with his friends.
He had walked in for one of those quick swims when he saw you, black swimsuit with a whistle around your neck. He saw you talking to the other lifeguard on duty, and he assumed that you might be joining the team.
He was used to seeing girls in bikinis and whatnot around here, but something about you caught his eye, maybe it was the way you were playing with the little kids or the smile that graced your face each time one of them clumsily dipped under the water. He doesn’t know yet, all he knows is that he couldn’t get you out of his head. He decided to stop by the pool again the next day, chilling on the opposite side near the deep end, but you were so distracted by the children, that you didn’t even notice his presence when he was just a few feet away.
So, here he is, for the fifth time this week, trying his luck with you again, only for you to be so engrossed in whatever it is you’re trying to make a scrawny kid do. He’s shocked that you didn’t so much as glance at him, he had been pacing the length of the pool all day, trying to get your attention.
It’s past 5PM and you’re the only people left at the pool, you’re stacking up a few chairs and tidying up the place. He knows that you lock up after everyone is gone.
Jungkook doesn’t doubt his swimming skills, but he says fuck it, and jumps into the pool. He doesn’t see the way you startle when you hear the loud splash.
Staying underwater for a while, he then comes up above the surface with a gasp, spluttering and gasping as he cries for help, eyes shut as he disappears again, a hand breaking from the surface with another cry for help. Then, silence, he floats face down, still holding his breath as he hears a muffled splash, then he’s being tugged, your grunts reaching his ears as you pull him over the lip of the pool.
He can hear you panting, you shake him by the shoulders and shout, “sir sir, can you hear me? Sir?!”
Sir, he thinks. Kinky.
Still keeping his eyes shut, he feels a sudden wash of warmth then you’re pressing down on the center of his chest, hard. He’s trying so hard to stop himself from exhaling, his lips parted as he lies there, motionless on the cold brick. He almost fucks everything up with one particularly hard press on his chest but before he knows it, you’re pinching his nose with one hand while the other is tilting his chin up.
He almost groans when he feels your warm mouth cover his, air rushing through from yours to his. You pull away, then cover his mouth again and if his eyes were open, he thinks it would’ve rolled to the back of his head, the sensation of your breath coursing through his mouth and going straight to his dick. He feels it twitch in his shorts and his eyes shoot open, taking a deep lungful of air as he coughs. He can see that you’re still crouched over his figure as he wipes his eyes, coughing as you watch him closely. His breaths are still heavy, for a totally different reason.
Your hair is stuck to your cheeks that are flushed, your entire body wet, your swimsuit clinging to each curve, he can feel his dick stiffen and he’s glad that he’s wearing a long shirt.
He sits up, and gives you a smile, “thank you.”
“What’s your name?” You move away from him and push your hair back, his eyes linger on your neck.
“Jungkook and yours?”
You give him your name and sit across him, still catching your breath and keeping your eyes on his face, your lips in a straight line.
“Jungkook, you’re a terrible actor.”
He swallows and he sees your gaze drop to his Adam’s apple.
“What are you talking about? I literally almost drowned, and you saved my life.”
You chuckle, and he bites his lip, his dick still hot and heavy in his underwear.
“I’ve performed CPR enough to know when a person is faking it.”
His eyes darken and he decides to let go of his act, “then why did you perform mouth to mouth after almost killing me with your palms.”
“Hey, I didn’t almost kill you, that’s part of the procedure.”
“Okay then,” he dips his legs in the water, the evening sky changing from grey to dark blue, “if you knew that I was faking it, why did you perform mouth to mouth,” he repeats, trying to let the cold water that’s tickling his legs calm his throbbing dick.
You sigh, and sit next to him, dipping your legs in the water and leaning back on your palms.
“I saw you, every single day this week. As soon as my shift began, you were there, lurking at the deep end, watching me like a weird stalker.”
“I’m not a stalker!”
“It’s my first week, I was a little weirded out because you were staring at me, and you weren’t even subtle about it!”
He sits back on his elbows and faces you, your side profile so pretty in the bright lights that shine on the pool.
He admits that he did stare at you but that’s only because he thought that you didn’t acknowledge his existence, he decided to take advantage of that.
“I didn’t mean to creep you out.”
“It’s okay,” your legs swirl around in the water, “and I did notice you by the way. It’s hard not to notice someone like you.”
He cocks an eyebrow, “someone like me?”
“Yeah,” you’re looking at him now, hair still soaking the back of your swimsuit.
“You know you still didn’t answer my question,” he smirks, and you shoot him a smirk of your own.
“What question?” You blink at him like you have no idea what he’s talking about, a soft, innocent tone in your voice that makes his cock stir even more.
He clears his throat and scoots a little closer to you, the warmth from your breath sending a shiver down his spine as it fans over his face.
“If you knew that I was faking it, why did you perform mouth to mouth?”
You shrug, your eyes travelling to his lips as you speak, “you have pretty lips.”
“Oh,” he husks, “so I guess I wasn’t the only one taking advantage.”
“Isn’t that what you wanted?”
“Hmm,” he leans in close, his eyes glued to your lips now, thinking of how it felt to have them on his, “what do you think?”
“I think…yes,” you tilt your head to the side, he follows your gaze, his eyes as large as saucers when he sees his raging boner sticking up his shirt through his shorts.
He’s a tiny bit embarrassed to look at you again, so he keeps his eyes on your legs, “I-“
“Hey,” you place a finger on his jaw to turn his face to yours, lips only a few inches away, “you sure you aren’t some creepy stalker?”
“If I was, I would’ve kidnapped you by now.”
You giggle and connect your lips, his hand comes up immediately to hold your neck, tilting his face as he deepens the kiss, thrusting his tongue into your mouth and hearing you whimper. He growls, sitting up to roll his body on top of yours, your back flat against the brick, he suckles your top lip into his mouth, and you gasp.
“Wait, wait,” you place your palms on his chest and push him away, he’s never been this impatient to have someone in his life, “let’s go to the stairs,” you point to the shallow end of the pool, “the cameras don’t pick up that spot.”
In one swift movement, he puts his arm under your thighs and grips your waist to lift you off the ground, you yelp then dive into his neck, tongue and teeth attacking the delicate spot under his ear while his cock strains painfully in his pants.
He walks into the pool then sets you down on the stairs, the lower halves of your bodies submerged in the water.
You grab his arms and pull him into you, hungry hands running all over his body, under his shirt and up his neck into his hair while he presses his body against yours, his cock digging into your thigh.
“You’re so fucking sexy,” you pant, palming him through his pants. He sighs in relief, tongue tracing up the column of your throat, then coming up to your ear to whisper praises of his own.
“You’re even sexier sweetheart. Couldn’t take my eyes off you, you’re so beautiful.”
He places his hand on your thigh to spread your legs then presses two fingers against your clit, rubbing in slow circles, watching the way you throw your head back in pleasure.
“Can’t wait to fuck this pussy.”
You mewl, rocking your hips against his hand. He digs his finger into the side of your crotch, pushing the material away to slide his fingers along your folds, he feels you slip his cock out of his underwear and he groans, loving the feeling of your warm palm sliding over his length.
He can feel your thick juices slip out of you, a moan of his name breaking into the night air as he pushes his index finger into you, then adds his middle finger, pushing in and out of your sopping hole while you smooth your hand over his cock, twisting at the head, causing him to thrust into your hand. He adds a third finger into you, and you almost slip off the stairs, but he holds you close, his arm secure around your back as he watches the way his fingers disappear inside of you, massaging your pulsating walls, knuckle deep as he hooks his digits.
You whine and he kisses your temple, knowing just what you need.
He removes his fingers, and you stop your ministrations on his dick when he curls his hands around your thighs, pulling you further into the pool so that your bodies disappear under the water up to your shoulders. He searches your eyes, and you nod, smashing your lips together as he guides his cock into you, a choked moan passing from your lips to his.
With a hiss, he pulls out of you, the sound of water swishing around you reaches his ears as he begins to thrust, your walls clenching around him, swallowing him in. He presses you into the wall of the pool, your legs locked around his waist. Grunts and moans mingle in the air, the delicious sensation of your ridged walls massaging his length as he moves in and out of you has his heart racing, the tip brushing against the soft spot inside of you, spurring him on as you tremble in his hold.
He doesn’t think he can hold it back anymore, and he starts to pound into you, as hard as the water will let him while your cries echo in the vicinity, nails digging into his back and scalp. He can feel the tingling sensation building up, his balls tightening with each tug.
“I’m gonna cum,” he pants, feeling his cock twitching with each thrust, your walls squeezing him in as your moans become higher pitched. With a long, drawn-out groan, he still his hips inside of you, long, hot spurts shooting into as you tremble, your lips parted in a silent moan as he feels you spasming against him, walls quivering around his length.
With a few more thrusts, riding out the high, he pulls out of you, feeling a little lightheaded in the water as he brushes your hair away from your face. Smiling down at you, he sees that you’re just as exhausted as him.
“God Y/N,” he breaths, burying his face in your neck, “I’ve wanted to do that since I first laid my eyes on you. Just like this, in this pool.”
You comb your fingers through his damp strands.
“Me too.”
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aetherarf · 9 hours ago
can i request zhongli with a s/o that cups his face and like baby talks to him , telling him how cute and handsome he is?
Here! I can't write baby talk tbh but... i tried. and... a little bonus :)
[ ended up being kinda short because i didnt have a ton to work with. ]
[[ Summary: Zhongli's such a good, wonderful man... Shouldn't you praise him?
Word Count: 521 ]]
"I hope you've had a good day today," Zhongli said, taking off your coat after a particularly rainy day in Liyue Harbor, "I made some tea to warm you up... And dinner is in the oven, but it'll take another hour before it's done."
As soon as your coat was off, he set it neatly off to the side before rushing off to the kitchen, the slight clicks and clacks of that fine tea set that Zhongli favored so.
You toed off your shoes, leaving them near the front door, and flopped onto the couch with a sigh. It took less than five seconds to hear Zhongli's shoes lightly on the flooring, and he had already handed you your teacup, and sat beside you.
"Do tell me if the tea had gone off... I must admit, I may have let it get too hot and boil the sweetness out."
You nodded, and took a sip ... It was hot, but it settled comfortably in your tum.
"Its lovely."
"Good," he had sat down beside you, "I had tried to make it perfect for you... is there anything I can improve on? It's been some time since I last made my own tea blends..."
You looked over at him for a moment, and smiled.
"... What?" He asked, curiously, tilting his head to the side in an exaggerated manner, like a puppy that was struggling to understand its own name.
Your tea set off to the side-- safely, of course, and you sat on your knees, cupping his face, and he blinked at you in confusion...
"... Dear?" He asked, and you nuzzled his nose with your own, and pressed a quick peck to one cheek, than the other, then the tip of his nose, and then his lips.
"You're so perfect, you know that?" You squished his face a little, squishing his cheeks so his lips were slightly pushed up, blinking a few times over in confusion...
With your thumb, you gently ran along the edge of the red marks below his eye, and then pressing a kiss between his eyes, then on his forehead.
"You're so wonderful, you take care of me, work so hard just to see me smile," you rested your forehead against his, "And you're always so beautiful whenever you wake up, and how you fuss with such a shocked but adoring face-"
You froze, simply because... it was like a small puff of dust, of mist, that disappeared, and in your hands, tangles between your fingers...
Was a small dragon, long and coiling, and with its little front paws [Paws! Little toe beans!] it covered its face, making an absolutely adorable whining noise, if it was visible, you'd be certain its-- his, no matter the form, this was your Zhongli-- he'd be blushing.
You pressed your lips to his head, but his little paws pressed onto your cheeks, and you must've look ridiculous, eyes crossed as you looked at him...
And, with a thin, narrow tongue, he licked your lips in the sweetest little kiss...
If he kept this up any longer, you were certain your heart would explode.
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smokeybluebrooke-lyn · 14 hours ago
Hi i seen that your request are open and I was wondering if you could do a bucky x reader smut where bucky finds out the reader fakes an orgasm but it has a really smutty outcome with fluff (only do if your comfortable)
Thank you so much for this little nibblet of an idea, lovely! I had a ton of fun writing it. I hope it's what you were looking for 😉
Warnings: overheard conversations, talk of egotistical assholes, fingering. Kinda dirty talk? Fem!reader (no physical description at all). I think that's it?
Bucky walked into the kitchen in search of a midnight snack. He was still half asleep but thankfully stealing Sam's last slice of pizza didn't take that much brain power.
From the common room next door he could hear voices; you, Nat and Wanda. He wasn't trying to listen in or anything but when the three of you got together, volume control went out the window.
From the sounds of things Wanda's date hadn't gone well.
'...and then I could sense him feeling all grouchy about it, like, it was taking too long and you know when you just can't be assed to have that argument? Like whatever I say is just going to be taken as an attack on his ego or something?'
Wanda must have looked to you both for shared experience because there was a brief pause.
'I...wouldn't know,' you responded before Nat jumped in.
'You mean you never -'
The conversation turned riotous after that over notes compared and stories that began with "I once dated this asshole that...".
Deciding that he really didn't want to hear more than necessary about Wanda and Nat's sex lives, Bucky left you all to it and munching on spicy barbeque, shuffled back to his room.
He woke up somewhere close to four thirty, sitting bolt upright.
You were lying.
I...wouldn't know. Nope.
That was your lying voice.
It was a subtle difference, one that not very many people knew how to spot but Bucky knew you well enough by now to tell the difference. And one thing that Bucky also knew that nobody else did was the he had been your first and only.
Before he knew it he was throwing his sheets away and pouncing off the floor. He didn't even stop to put his shirt on, just bounded down the hall in his boxers until he found your door.
When you answered a minute later, you were all sleepy and mussed up and adorable. A wide grin followed the yawn at being disturbed as your gaze raked up and down his mostly bare body.
'I was hoping it was going to be one of those kind of nights,' you hummed, hooking your fingers in his waistband and pulling him into your room.
The door had barely closed before you were all over him, pulling him into enthusiastic, opened mouthed kisses while your arms clung around his neck. With a low groan, Bucky temporarily forgot why he was there in the first place, lifting you up and wrapping your legs around his waist before setting your down on the bed.
Feeling you underneath him was one of his favourite things, drawing those little moans out of you, making you feel good...
'Wait...wait...wait...' he said, pulling back with every ounce of his self-restraint, 'I'm not complaining but I...uh...came over to talk to you about something.'
Concern overtook your expression as you looked up at him.
'You okay?'
'No...yeah...I mean, I'm...'
Struggling for words he rolled you both onto your sides, propping his head up on his hand as he traced your spine with the other. 'I wasn't meaning to eavesdrop, I swear. I just...overheard you guys talking earlier.'
'Okay,' you replied, with an amused twinkle in your eye, clearly not realising which bit he was referring to in, what he imagined was, an extensive conversation, 'scarred for life?'
Unable to hold in a laugh, he wasn't sure he wanted to revisit most of what he'd heard. 'There are things that I will forever repress,' he confirmed, tone turning more serious as he continued, 'but...I also overheard the part when you told them that you...that you'd never...faked it...'
Your eyes went wide, your face dropping. ' wasn't true...was it?'
Biting your lip, he could see the nerves building behind your eyes.
'Bucky, I'm sorry...I...'
Running his hand over the side of your neck, something that always calmed you down, he met your gaze.
'Hey, it's okay. I just hoped that if you were ever not enjoying what we were doing that you'd feel like you could talk to me about it. I mean, do I come off as one of those bruised ego assholes? Is that why...?'
'No! God, no!'
The vehemency of your response took him aback. 'If I thought you were that kind of guy we wouldn't be here.'
Tension that he hadn't realised was there eased out of his shoulders at the sincerity in your voice.
'I'm glad. So, can we talk about it?'
With a small nod, you took a moment to gather your words.
'It's not that I wasn't enjoying myself. It was right in the beginning, we weren't even a thing yet and for some reason I just couldn't...y'know. And I thought that if I brought it up you would ask me what I wanted and we'd only done it like a handful of times. I didn't know what I wanted. I kind of panicked and...I just didn't want you to feel bad.'
With a deep sigh, Bucky bumped his forehead to yours.
'Doll, this isn't about me feeling bad. It's about you not feeling good.'
Watching your pupils flair as he lowered his voice and let a promising smile grow on his lips was another one of his favourite things. 'And I'm not going anywhere until I've made it up to you.'
He pulled you closer while you made a show of thinking about it.
'That does sound pretty fair.'
'It does, doesn't it?'
This time it was him taking the lead. Rolling you over, he covered your body with his, tongue making slow explorations of your mouth until you were breathless and shivering against him.
'Mmm, like that?' He groaned against your lips, grinding down against you.
You gasped, nodded. 'Give me your words, doll.'
Spurred on by the honesty thrumming through your voice, he trailed kisses over your cheek towards your ear. You always melted in his arms when he nipped at your ear but, right now, he felt like he was discovering it all over again. Your back arched off the bed, peaked nipples meeting the hard muscle of his chest.
'Tell me how it feels?' He asked before sucking your earlobe into his mouth, teasing it with his tongue and teeth.
' my spine's on fire.'
Responding to your direction, Bucky worked his way down your neck, revelling in the breathy words spoken between those little moans he so loved to hear: ' good...lower...please.'
When he latched on to your nipple through your top, you nearly went through the roof, fingers tangling in his hair. 'Oh, fuck, yes. Take it off...take it off.'
The desperate, demanding tone in your voice snapped something inside of him. No more pleas, no more requests, just sweet, unapologetic need. In two seconds flat he had pulled your top over your head and got back to work, raking his hands over your body and dipping beneath the waistband of your underwear.
'Say it, doll. Say it for me.'
Words escaped you as he continued to lavish your nipple with attention. You arched further, angling upwards, chasing the sensation you wanted.
Fuck, if that "now" didn't do things to him. He was pretty sure he heard fabric tear but any worry he had was instantly shattered by your keening moans. 'Just like that. Need you...inside me...Bucky...Bucky...'
At the feel of his fingers filling you, you threw your head back, nails digging into his shoulder as he caressed your sweet spot.
'That what you want, sugar? Y'want me there?'
You nodded emphatically, the moan you gifted him vibrating through his parted lips.
'Wanna hear it.'
The high pitched rasp, cracked by a broken breath hit him straight in the gut. Goosebumps broke out over his arm as your fingers trailed over it until they settled on his hand. You guided his thumb into position over your clit with a rough, choked off hum.
'Tell me...please?'
Biting your lip at the slight brush of his calloused thumb, you met his gaze with complete certainty.
With a wide, Cheshire cat smile, Bucky got to his task. Nipping, sucking and lapping at your nipple as he caressed your sweet spots, inside and out, in time with your instruction.
Now that you were talking, you couldn't seem to be able to stop, words falling from your lips in ecstatic spurts and slurred whines. Before long he felt you clenching around him, squeezing his fingers harder the closer you got.
'Say it for me, doll. Let me hear it.'
'I'm gonna...I'm gonna...'
The words caught in your throat as you tumbled over the edge, crying out from the depths of your lungs. Bucky didn't stop until he heard you say it, your writhing gave out to soft, breathless sighs.
'That was...that was...fuck, Bucky.'
Your laughter was contagious as he crawled up over you and lavished your lips with slow, savouring kisses, revelling in the shivers still washing through you.
Okay, so maybe he had a little bit of an ego.
'Sweetheart, we are just getting started.'
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artchaik · 21 hours ago
Hi, I saw you were taking requests and was wondering if I could ask for an AOT headcanon for Eren, Armin, Levi, Jean and Reiner? Like reader decides to prank them and she hides in the house. The boys come home super confused because they don't see her around and can't join her on her phone and they get worried? Thank you and hope you'll have fun with this!
Pairing/s: Eren Jaeger x Reader, Armin Arlert x Reader, Levi Ackerman x Reader, Jean Kirschtein x Reader, Reiner Braun x Reader
Summary: You prank your partner by hiding in the house and not telling them where you are.
A/n: Hehe, this was fun! Thank you so much for requesting this <3
Word count: 1.8k
Tumblr media
Their s/o hiding from them
Tumblr media
Eren Jaeger: Underneath the bed
◇ You see Eren pull in the drive-way? Oop- you’re suddenly hiding under the bed, hehe >:)
◇ He enters your house and announces his arrival while holding a few shopping bags, shutting the door with his foot since his arms are preoccupied.
◇ This mf- *SIGH* he doesn’t even go looking for you when you don’t reply... which YOU ALWAYS DO! Seriously he should be a little alarmed that you did not call out to him.
◇ After putting everything away, like ten minutes later, he goes to sit on the couch and relax, even daring to turn on the TV.
◇ It takes him ANOTHER 10 minutes until he realizes that he has not seen you since he left for the supermarket.
◇ “Hey babe?” No responce. “Babe?” 
◇ He considers getting up to check on you and when he feels a little strange that you have not appeared yet, he stands up and takes a peek in the bedroom.
◇ When he doesn’t see you in there, he assumes you’re in the bathroom. ‘Cause let’s be real, underneath the bed would not be the first thing that would cross his mind when looking for you.
◇ He knocks on the bathroom door. 
◇ “Babe? You in there?”
◇ When you don’t answer again, he slowly opens the door and his heartbeat picks up as he does not find you. 
◇ Oh  h e l l  n o
◇ You can hear his rushed footsteps throughout the house as he checks every room, calling out your name in an exasperated manner.
◇ There are a few curses too but we’ll keep this pg-13 ;)
◇ Because he can be an idiot at times, only after a while does he think of phoning you.
◇ The horror flashing on his face when he hears your phone ring on the bedroom nightstand has you snickering until you can no longer keep it in.
◇ Before you know it you are being dragged out from under the bed with a startled gasp and met with that same horror-struck expression.
◇ You just laugh in his face and he let’s go of you, huffing loudly and sitting down on the floor with you. “Jesus Christ...” He runs his hand through his hair.
◇ Your eyebrow raises and he stares at you almost furious. “How am I supposed to react at the fact that it took you 20 MINUTES to start looking for me?”
◇ “Okay we’re even.” <//3
Tumblr media
Armin Arlert: Behind the couch
◇ The moment you hear keys jingle outside the front door is when you jump behind the couch, ready to worry your boyfriend like the good girlfriend that you are :)
◇ You have to keep things interesting after all.
◇ "I'm home!" Armin calls out and takes his shoes off right at the door so he doesn't dirty the house.
◇ Such husband material 🥰
◇ When you do not respond he looks around and furrow his eyebrows, calling out your name once again.
◇ "Are you home?"
◇ When there's silence as an answer Armin goes to search for you in every room.
◇ "She didn't say she'd go out..." No baby she did not.
◇ Armin, being the smart guy he is, calls you in your mobile and when he reaches your voicemail-that's when he panics
◇ You never let him get to voicemail 💀
◇ Pacing up and down the living room (and failing completely to notice your hunched figure trying to keep your laughter in check), Armin sends you a series of messages on your phone.
◇ "W-What if something happened to her and I can't reach her? Maybe she got hurt? Someone kidnapped her?!"
◇ At that you scoffed and seemed to have enough, standing straight from behind the couch and scaring the loving daylights out of your boyfriend.
◇ "Do you seriously have no faith in me at all? I'm not a baby Armin!" "OH MY GOD YOU'RE FINE!"
◇ He wastes no time to take you into his arms and squeeze you tight, as if not believing you're real. 
◇ Good thing he is not too strong or else you’d die of asphyxiation.
◇ “Why did you do that?! I was so scared!”
◇ You going to have to cradle him in your arms until he calms down :,(
◇ Never do such thing to him again, poor baby. 
Tumblr media
Levi Ackerman: In the closet
◇ I'll be back in 5 minutes
◇ That is the catalyst of a message you receive from your beloved to go and hide in your bedroom’s closet.
◇ You don’t reply to him, thinking it will fuel the worry the moment he realizes you are not in the house.
◇ When he steps inside the house, he takes his shoes off immediately along with his coat.
◇ “I’m home brat. How come you didn’t respond? You’re always on your phone.”
◇ He receives no answer and Levi gets suspicious. 
◇ Levi checks the bedroom then goes to knock on the bathroom door. “Oi! You in there?” 
◇ Opening the door and not seeing you inside has him clicking his tongue.
◇ He pulls out his phone and calls you but as soon as he reaches your voicemail, his heart sinks.
◇ Instantly he checks every room inside the house.
◇ “Brat if you are playing a joke on me this is not funny! Where are you?”
◇ He panics but tries to rationalize things since it doesn’t seem you took anything with you if you left the house.
◇ Unless you took a suitcase and filled it with clothes in a hurry, leaving him!
◇ Levi usually was level-headed, even during critical moments. But the thought of you leaving is something that has always struck him hard.
◇ Breathless, he runs up to the closet to make sure you didn’t take anything when-
◇ “Are you fucking shitting me right now?!”
◇ We can’t keep it PG13 with Levi ya’ll
◇ “Hiiiiii... hehe?” (´∀`)
◇ Almost slams the closet door in your face but you quickly get out andhug him.
◇ “Awe babe! Were you THAT worried?” “Stupid brat... why am I even with you?”
◇ He doesn’t tell you this but he is so relieved to see you were just playing a prank on him.
Tumblr media
Jean Kirschtein: Inside the bathroom cabinet
◇ “Babe, I’m back!”
◇ You’re in the bathroom when you hear his voice. It takes you no time to empty the bathroom cabinet next to the washing machine before crawling inside and hiding in it.
◇ Jean is the kind of bf that just wants to cuddle with his gf.
◇ To his friends he may try to seem smug and cool which he fails at btw but behind closed doors he is very clingy.
◇ So when he doesn’t find you on the couch, waiting for him to snuggle and watch a movie, he is so confused.
◇ He peeks inside the bedroom then checks the bathroom he does not even question why the hell a pile of towels is stacked on the floor.
◇ Jean freaks! (almost screeches)
◇ “Babe?!” He calls out and starts to look around, searching for you in panic.
◇ All the while you are covering your mouth to contain your giggles as you hear stuff slam on the ground.
◇ You wonder just what he thinks he will find by searching the same rooms over and over.
◇ Jean fumbles with his phone as he calls you, tapping his foot against the floor anxiously.
◇ “She said she didn’t have anything else to do today. We were just going to stay in tonight!” Jean is just a protective puppy.
◇ When you don’t answer he runs to check if you took anything with you. 
◇ You wallet was here and your keys??
◇ Did something happen to you?!?
◇ Feeling a little bad for making him worry to the point of white hair, you push against the cabinet door with your feet , trying to wiggle out.
◇ The sound scares the crap out of Jean and has him running into the bathroom.
◇ “Oh my GOD! What are you doing?!” “Hehe... could you help me out?”
◇ He helps you out of the cabinet and checks you out to make sure you’re alright. 
◇ “W-Why? Just... why?”
◇ After explaining the little prank Jean just stares blankly at you before sighing at pulling you with him to the couch.
◇ “Don’t talk. We’ll cuddle in silence.”
◇ Despite being mad at you, he still needs your cuddles <3
Tumblr media
Reiner Braun: Underneath his desk
◇ You were bored as hell and Reiner still had like 10 minutes to get back before you could annoy him.
◇ After a little of thinking, your brain came up with the bright idea to hide from him.
◇ So you hide underneath his desk. Cause you assumed there was no way he would look there for you if you weren’t in plain sight.
◇ Reiner enters the house with a small hum and yells out that he came back.
◇ Receiving no response, Reiner wonders if you are further inside the house and you didn’t hear him.
◇ But when he passes by the couch and finds your phone, he freezes.
◇ You take your phone everywhere.
◇ Instantly he rushes inside the bedroom, running past his desk and ignoring you completely.
◇ He calls out your name and when he doesn’t see you, he leaves for the bathroom and every other room in the house.
◇ Reiner’s brain runs a marathon as he thinks of so many possibilities of what could have happened to you.
◇ Did you get hurt?
◇ Did someone hurt you?
◇ He spots your purse and keys, and he doesn’t know if he should feel relieved.
◇ Sitting down on the bed, he buries his face in his hands, trying to think.
◇ “Ow!” 
◇  You accidentally bump your head against the desk and Reiner snaps his head towards his desk.
◇ Slowly he walks to it and looks underneath to find you rubbing your forehead.
◇ “Heyyy...”
◇ Reiner slumps back and sits down on his desk chair, sighing loudly in relief.
◇ You giggle and climb out, standing before him with a bashful grin. “Sorry for worrying you. I was bor-”
◇ Reiner pulls you on his lap and hugs you. “I’m just glad you’re okay.”
Tumblr media
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davidsp01 · 12 hours ago
(A requested story)
Jackson was excited to have his own apartment. He’d grown up in a small family home with seven siblings. As much as he loved his family he longed for his own space, his own freedom. How could he bring girls home when he shared a room with his younger brothers? Plus it would get awkward introducing his revolving door of women. When he found the apartment it seemed too good to be true. It was in the middle of the city, was low rent, and frankly looked amazing. All of the apartments had become available to rent. When he was moving in, he noticed several others moving in at the same time. All young jock types much like Jackson. It was a bit odd. Jackson was hauling his last box up the stairs of the complex to his apartment when he was greeted by his landlord. The man was tall and burly. He was a real stocky Daddy type. A thick beard adorned his face with specks of grey and a firm gut pressed against his shirt. Jackson thought it was disgusting how fat the man was. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.” He said, his voice carrying natural authority. Behind the man’s apartment door, Jackson could hear barking and whining. The smell of wet dog seeping through the door. The slightest look of disgust crept onto Jackson’s face. He hated dogs. They were filthy and disgusting animals, why anyone would want one as a pet was beyond him. They were loud and you had to pick up their poop. Why would anyone in their right mind want one? Jackson was a very clean guy so why would he put up with some dirty mutt? As if on queue, a dog slipped out of the landlords apartment and ran towards Jackson. The dog had slobber dripping from its face and mud was caked to its fur. It’s jumped up at Jackson and started slobbering over his face. “Get this fucking mutt off me!” Jackson screamed at his landlord who was just chuckling. The man whipped out his phone and pointed it at Jackson now the dog had jumped into his arms. “Smile!” The man said. Something about his voice made Jackson obey, even though he wanted to be as far away from the animal as possible. He smiled and one the man put the phone down only then could Jackson drop the act and retreat into his apartment.
Tumblr media
“Filthy fucking animal!” Jackson muttered to himself as he started opening the boxes strewn around the room. Unpacking boxes, Jackson’s apartment started to feel a lot more like his own. He started with the kitchen, then the living room, then the bathroom. However, once he got to the boxes with his clothes he realised there must have been some sort of mistake. All of his shirts, tees and hoodies were missing, or more so replaced. They all had weird phrases and images printed on them. Phrases like “PUP” and “Sun Puppy” and “Good Boy”. It was all a bit freaky to him. But with no other options, he’d have to start wearing them.
As he slept in his new bed, Jackson felt itchy. He’d scratch as he’d toss and turn. Earlier he’d been finding stray dog hairs around his apartment. The landlord must have let his dogs loose on the property before which frustrated him. He didn’t want some dirty dogs messing up his home before he’d even moved in. As he slept he scratched at his face, his arms, his legs. Even behind his ears which helped him relax as he slept. Once he woke up his skin felt bristly. He’d always been a very smooth bodied guy. He only had light fuzz on his arms and legs but now they were stubbly. Especially his torso. It looked like a five o’clock shadow across most of his skin.
Tumblr media
Either way, Jackson knew he still looked hot and wasn’t going to let a bit of hair stop him. Some girls loved a man who had body hair so he just saw it as expanding his market. Although he also felt slightly bloated, he tried to go to the toilet but it just felt wrong. The seat was uncomfortable and he couldn’t go. Without much choice for clothes, Jackson opted for one of the less graphic tees and a pair of shorts. He needed to grab some groceries before he went on a run to get to know the area. As he was shopping he got some weird looks but even stranger found himself almost growling when anyone would stare too long. It was almost like something was stuck in his throat. As he was checking out he noticed his face in the mirror. The hair on his body must have been growing quicker than he thought. Where yesterday he’d had a smooth face, he now sported facial hair around his neck and creeping up his cheeks. Normally he’d have been disgusted by it, reminding him of the rough locals back in his small rural town. But for some reason he liked the looks. It made him feel… good.
Tumblr media
As he left his apartment for his run later that morning, Jackson bumped into his landlord again. He had a multitude of leads extending from his hands with several dogs attached. All different breeds and sizes. “Good morning, going for a run?” The man said and Jackson begrudgingly entertained the conversation. He wanted to be as far from the weird landlord and his filthy mutts as possible. “Yeah.” Jackson stated bluntly. “My dogs love a good run so I’m not surprised, make sure you take these with you, you might need them.” The man shoved a fist full of doggy bags into Jackson’s hand. Fucking doggy bags. Why the fuck would he need them. “That’s a good boy.” This statement caused a wave of pleasure to creep across Jackson as a smile cracked into his face. He didn’t like his landlord but he wanted to hear him say it again. Before Jackson could speak the man and his dogs were gone. As he made his way past the other apartments, Jackson couldn’t help but notice they were all quiet, oddly quiet. Some even had their doors ajar. In one he peeked in to see cushions ripped up and what looked like piss on the floor. Disgusting, one of the landlords dogs must have gotten in. He thought it weird but decided to continue outside.
The park adjacent to the apartment complex was huge. Large open spaces, lots of trees and even a runners path. There were hardly any people out, just lots of dog walkers. There was even a huge dog park near the entrance. He could see his landlord letting his dogs loose as they ran around, sniffed each other’s butts and some were even fucking. Jackson turned away thinking it was gross. The landlord gave him a wave and for a moment Jackson wanted to walk over, run even. But he didn’t. He started his run with his music blaring in his ears. He felt good, hot even. How could any girl resist a handsome jock like him. He even passed a petite blonde girl walking her dog and gave her a smirk. But as he jogged on, Jackson felt his stomach rumbling. His guts felt like they were churning. He had to slow down to a jog because it became uncomfortable. His bladder also started feeling like it was about to burst. He needed a toilet, but there seemed to be none around the park. Now desperate Jackson was looking for somewhere to relieve himself. He saw what looked like a small shack for maintenance and ran towards it. He was clenching his crotch in one hand and his ass in the other. He was about to burst. Sweat we pouring down his forehead as he looked around. The coast was clear. He hated that he had to do it outside like some mutt. He squat and pulled down his shorts. As soon as his ass was out it was as if his intestines were pouring out of him. Relief ran across his face as he shit on the floor. He couldn’t help it, he even found himself starting to get hard. Just as he was done he felt almost euphoric. It was then that his landlord started to pass in front of him with his parade of dogs. They lumbered up to his face and started sniffing him, one even going for his butt. The landlord chuckled, “told you you’d need a doggy bag, might even need a few.” The man laughed and walked on. Jackson’s face flushed red as he slowly got up and pulled his shorts back on. The fuck was wrong with him?! As he ran home his tongue idly slipped out his mouth and bounced as he ran, panting the whole way.
Tumblr media
Back at his apartment Jackson could help but feel dirty, unclean even. He’d just gone to the toilet in the park and it was like a switch went off in his mind. He couldn’t use the toilet even if he wanted. If he needed to pee he knew from now on he’d only be able to go outside. He felt disgusted as he put the doggy bags full of shit into the trash can outside the apartment. This time as he made his way to his door, he noticed even more apartments with doors left open and in similar states. From outside his landlords door it seemed there was even more barking as the dogs sounded like they were going wild. Once back in his apartment Jackson felt uncomfortable in his clothes. They felt restricting and unbearably itchy. He sat down and started taking off his shoes when the smell of sweaty trainers hit him by surprise. The rotten smell was almost enticing as he lifted the shoe up to his nose and gave a deep sniff. What the fuck was wrong with him. He loved it but knew he shouldn’t. He threw the shoe down in shock. He continued stripping his clothes starting with his socks. He was shocked when he saw his feet were covered in thick black hair. He looked like a hobbit. He then took off his shorts and shirt to see he was covered in the stuff. All matted and sweaty against his skin. Not only that, his stomach looked, bloated? Sitting down it bulged out and was resting in his lap. It was a solid gut. His abs were hidden under layers of thick warm fat. His hands groped and squeezed it but no matter how much he didn’t want to believe it, it was real. His jock body was gone. A roll of fat even creased under his soft pecs above his gut.
Tumblr media
He needed help, and fast. What the hell was happening to him. He needed to find someone. They’d tell him what to do. Yeah! They’d tell him what to do. He’d do what they said. That would make him feel better. He didn’t know what to do on his own, he needed direction. Commands. To feel like a good boy. Jackson grew restless and started whining. Something was very wrong. He could t live on his own. He wanted his home. His master. Jackson knew these thoughts were wrong but it was starting to feel like it was all he’d ever known. In a panic he started pacing the room, his belly jiggling with every step. It felt wrong. Something was off. He shouldn’t be walking in two feet. Yeah that’s what was wrong, Jackson was a smart boy. He should be on all fours. He dropped to his hands and knees and started pacing the room. Wait no! His was a human, he walked on two feet didn’t he? He tried to get back up but standing up was making his back hurt. He crawled over to his phone to try and call someone. Anyone. He tapped at the screen but it was just bright colours and shapes to him now. He couldn’t understand it. Jackson shouted out which quickly made his fear worse.
Where were his words? His human words? Humans have words. They speak with them don’t they? Why couldn’t he? Jackson kept barking in frustration trying his best to form and word he could but it was no use. He was so scared he started to piss himself. He didn’t know what to do. The puddle grew beneath him. Just when he thought he was completely helpless his front door opened. It was his landlord. In his hand was a leash and a collar. Jackson’s knew whatever this was, whatever was happening to him, it was because of that man. His landlord. His… master. As if on autopilot, Jackson bound towards the man, barking and slobbering. His tongue was now flopping out the corner of his mouth, dribble dripping on the floor. The man towered over him and Jackson felt his ass wiggling. Shaking back and forth. His non existent tail wagging away. “Sit.” Jackson’s ass plopped to the floor as he sat on his haunches. “Good boy.” There it was again, that feeling of pleasure washing over Jackson making his ass shake even more. “Roll over.” Jackson fell onto his back, legs in the air as the man bent down and started rubbing his belly. It felt so good. Jackson wiggled and whined in pleasure. Before he knew it, a collar was fastened around his neck.
Tumblr media
With that the last apartment, other than the landlord’s, was vacant. No one knew what happened to Jackson or the other tenants. No one ever did. It was a cycle. Normally people would move in then out in a matter of days. Maybe onto bigger and better things, no one knew what. Except for Jackson himself. He was now a permanent resident living in his masters apartment. His master was kind and tried to explain things to him, but Jackson would just cock his head to the side whenever his master spoke human words he didn’t understand. To the world around him, everyone saw Jackson and the other man in Master’s apartment as dogs of all breeds. All boundy and energetic. Dirty mutts as Jackson used to call them, although now he was one himself. Master even took Jackson for a walk on his own in the park the other day and the hot blonde from before said what a cute boy he was as she stroked behind his ears. He even walked him with one of his friends and their ‘dog’ a couple times. To everyone Jackson was now Jax the cute husky.
Tumblr media
Master’s apartment was full of dogs just like him. They all slept together on the floor of master’s room, sniffed each-others butts, fucked throughout the day, went on walks, used the park as their toilet and playground, ate kibble from the same bowl and drank from the same dish. Life was simple for Jax. If you could see him for what he was, not just a mutt, you’d see how hairy the once hairless man was. His pudgy gut from being well fed. How he was constantly sweaty and dirty. Constantly horny. Always naked. Just a brute of a sub for his master.
Tumblr media
Tonight was a treat for Jax however. Tonight was his turn in bed with master. They’d fuck senseless as the other mutts slept and Jax would howl long into the night. Although he still needed training. He came before Master let him so he’d be in the cage for the next week as well as have his cock locked away. Jax still had a long way to go until he was his Master’s perfect good boy.
Tumblr media
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yaksomins · 12 hours ago
What about sam and bucky ordering takeout and fighting about who gets to pay first?
"okay, so that'll be twenty-four dollars and fifty...what—" the teen behind the counter looked up from the register to find sam and bucky staring at each other. "is everything—"
"we're fine," sam said, holding up a hand to reassure him. "just give us a minute."
bucky sighed. "sam, do we really need to—"
"are you going to let me pay?"
"then," sam held out his fist, "let's go."
bucky put out his fist as well, mumbling, "rock. paper. scissors. shoot."
both sam and bucky threw 'rock'.
"out of three." sam balled up his hand and they went again, repeating their stalemates with two additional 'rocks'. "why don't you throw something else?" he asked, exasperated.
"why don't you just let me pay?" bucky countered. "we can't keep doing this every single time—"
"and you can't pay every single time."
"for god's sake. we're dating, sam." bucky pinched the bridge of his nose and shook his head. "look. i like buying stuff for you. i like, i don't know, feeling like i'm taking care of you. but if it makes you uncomfortable, we can just...we can figure something out. it's okay."
"i—i'm sorry to interrupt," a small voice came from in front of them, "but can you guys please decide who’s going to pay? there are other customers behind you."
sam and bucky both turned to find a small line growing behind them, a few of the people murmuring amongst themselves.
"fine. he'll pay." sam pointed at bucky who smiled and swiftly handed over some cash, exchanging it for their bag of food. "we're sorry about all of that." he leaned over towards bucky and whispered, "make sure to tip them a little extra."
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Azula from atla should have been a lesbian
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[Id: two pictures of Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender on the lesbian flag]
Azula from ATLA should’ve been a lesbian!
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s4dpngs · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
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minteyeddevil · 6 hours ago
Can I have an MC who went through a similar situation to mammon (constant insults and always being blamed for things. Being punished much harshly than others. guardian changing up rules just so they can punish them) but unlike mammon all this lead to was a huge inferior complex, depression, horrible anxiety, and affection starvation. So Lucifer just terrifies them and they stick to mammon like glue. Sorry if this is oddly specific.
(As some who has also lived through this, I totally get where this is coming from, so I hope I do your request justice!)
TW: mentions of trauma and abuse, the angst gets heavy and Lucifer is displayed a little darker here (punishment mentions), so please be careful, I don't want to hurt anyone's mental health!
Coming to the Devildom was both a gift and a curse, to an extent, for MC. They were able to get away from their abusive parents; the ones who would degrade and belittle them for the tiniest mistakes, hold their siblings and even other family members above their head like a standard they should, and could never, meet in their eyes. They would beat MC practically senseless for the smallest mistake on top of everything else; spilled a drink, got a low grade on a test, got home late on their walk from school, they would get a beating.
Here though, they had friends in the demon brothers; especially Mammon. They could relate to him in how his brothers would talk to him and put him down all the time, and they respected how he would still hold himself high regardless, never letting their words get to him.
"They're just being my brothers, it's nothin' new. They know I'm amazin', they just don't like admitting it out loud," he would say with a grin, ruffling their hair every time they would come to him in worry for his well-being.
They were grateful for his friendship the most, especially when it came to hiding from Lucifer.
Lucifer. Now there was a completely different story all together. He was a demon with the highest standards they had ever dealt with, and would cower in his shadow any time he came near them. He would lecture their ear off for getting low grades on their assignments, making them outwardly flinch whenever he would lift his hand in emphasis. And his punishments; they would be hanging upside down in the foyer, balling their eyes out in fear and stress. Locked in their room for hours on end until they finished their assignments. Cut off from the brothers and forced to study in the library alone, in the silence.
It was so mentally taxing on them, to the point where they would deal with panic attacks in their room when alone; flashbacks from their home life playing in their head like a horrible slideshow that was constantly on loop, over and over again, driving them crazy.
But, Mammon managed to work his way in for them.
When he saw them strung up, he would get them down the moment he found them. He would find a way to sneak into their room with snacks for them and keep them company, doing his best to hide if Lucifer came to check on MC. Of course he would text and call them if they were allowed to keep their D.D.D. as well, and willingly took the brunt of Lucifer's wrath towards him if he found out he was spending time with MC during their punishments.
He even found MC one night on the floor in their room, mid panic attack, Lucifer having given them yet another lecture and threatened a punishment if they didn't finish their project on time.
After that night, MC and Mammon were attached at the hip, and he would let them hide behind his back every time Lucifer came close. He even tried his best to buckle down and help MC work on their homework and projects, anything to help them avoid getting a punishment from Lucifer.
He would even step up to take the punishment for them if the situation occured, much to Lucifer's annoyance.
"What has gotten into you, Mammon? You want to be punished?"
"MC doesn't deserve to deal with this anymore. I'll take the blame, guilt, whatever, if it means they don't have'ta go through this crap."
Mammon never spoke against Lucifer before, so this made the eldest step back and question his motives. What did he have to gain by taking MC's place like this.
"Ya did the paperwork on them, but didn't know fully about their history? What you're doin' to them with all these punishments and lectures is exactly what their shitty parents did to them. Only difference is ya don't beat them to a pulp, but hang 'em up like a damn decoration."
Lucifer was taken aback by this, unsure of how to properly respond; a first for the Avatar of Pride.
"Look, bro, ya gotta lighten up. I don't care if ya gotta punish me more or whatever, but ease up on MC, okay? I'm askin' as your brother here. They don't need this, nor deserve it."
Lucifer remained silent, his elbows in his desk as he pressed both forefingers to the bridge of his nose. He closed his eyes in thought for a moment, before dismissing his brother with a small wave of his hand. As Mammon walked out, he opened his eyes and watched him for a moment, going over what he had said in his head.
Though he was embodiment of pride itself, he knew he was going to have to swallow it, and make things right with MC.
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minyfic · 9 hours ago
Can I please, possibly, get a dom!yoongi getting teased or getting even for getting teased?. Public fun of some sort? Smutty as ya want, if you want.
right now - MYG | M
pairing: yoongi x reader
genre: fluff, smut
word count: 1K
warnings/tags: strong language, pet name, mentions of edging, mentions of sexual acts, under the table action
Sitting with your hands under your thighs, straw tucked between your teeth, you watch your boyfriend.
He really knows how to get you all hot and bothered, his index finger rubbing his top lip as he talks to Seokjin. You’re trying so hard not to jump his bones in front of all these people, these normal, decent people who are having decent conversations. You know, decent. The complete opposite of what’s going on in your mind as you drool over Yoongi.
His sleeves are rolled up, exposing his muscular arms, the reason why you had to cross your legs an hour ago to stop the throbbing between them. He’s so oblivious to what’s happening right next to him, too busy discussing some video game with Seokjin.
Seokjin wanted to have dinner with Yoongi, but you missed him too much this past week so he said you could tag along. You didn’t think that a week without him would get you this riled up, so needy and impatient to go home and rip all his clothes off and give him the best suck off his life.
You clear you throat and adjust your pants, you think when you walk out of here, you would be able to hear the squelch with each step, that’s how turned on you are from just watching your boyfriend be himself. He looks extra sexy today, with his black cap and white T-shirt, ring clad fingers gripping his cup as he sips, Adam’s apple bobbing, making you lick your lips.
He turns to you and gives you a smile, the one that has your breath catching in your throat. You return it, hoping that your inner turmoil isn’t obvious on your face. You know that he can detect the slightest change in your emotions.
You almost knock your glass of milkshake off the table when he runs his thumb along your bottom lip.
“You want anything else to eat?”
His voice deep and raspy, sending shockwaves throughout your body. Is it possible for humans to glitch?
You shake your head, not trusting your voice. He leans in close to whisper in your ear, his cologne intoxicating your senses.
“We’re almost done here, we can go home and cuddle, okay?”
Nodding as he leans away to look at you, you go back to your milkshake and laugh to yourself. He’s cute if he thinks you’re just going to cuddle. Maybe your face will be cuddling his-
“Y/N, you okay? You look a little hot.”
“I’m okay, Seokjin, it’s is a little hot in here.”
Yoongi places his arm around your shoulder, his hand patting your cheek, “you want another milkshake? Or water?”
You’re about to melt into your very own horny puddle of milkshake.
“No, thank you.”
They go back to their conversation, but Yoongi’s hand continues to play with your hair and pinch your cheek, heat spreading from the pads of his fingers. When his fingers brush your neck, you grip his thigh under the table, breaths coming out in soft pants. He tilts his head in your direction and one look at your face tells him all he needs to know.
You see him smirk, then he wraps his fingers around your neck lightly, rubbing against the soft skin, your hand inches a little higher on his thigh. Seokjin continues to ramble about something, you aren’t listening anymore, while your fingers brush Yoongi’s clothed cock, smoothing your fingers up and down until you feel it harden under your touch.
He grips onto your shoulder, squeezing twice in warning but you don’t listen, still stroking up and down until you see him shifting uncomfortably in his chair, his other hand holding onto his cup like he’s trying to ground himself.
Squeezing his dick between your fingers, you hear him sigh, his hand digging into your shoulder, you could almost feel his cold rings press into your skin through the material of your shirt. You squeeze once, twice, then lean forward to take a sip of your milkshake, happy that he’s now just as hot as you are, squirming in his seat while you don’t let go of his stiffening length.
He clears his throat, you’re uncaring as you feel him up, pressing harder as your rub his girthy length, your core throbbing when you think of it stretching you open later, whichever way he wants.
“Hyung, it’s getting late,” his voice is strained as the words rush out of his mouth, you turn you head to look at him. His lips are in a thin line, cheeks dusted with pink.
Seokjin looks at his wrist, that has no watch, “it’s still so early.”
“I’m tired.”
“You’re always tired, but it’s okay,” he stands up from his chair and adjusts his shirt, “let me just go to the restroom then we can all leave together.”
Yoongi gives him a thumbs up, unrelenting with your hold on his twitching cock, thumb joining in to rub around the tip.
He watches Seokjin turn around the corner and disappear into the restroom. His eyes scan the restaurant, probably checking if anyone is looking at the two of you. When his gaze meets yours, you almost moan at the look in his eyes, blazing with lust, pupils blown.
With the arm that’s still around your shoulder, he yanks you forward so that your lips are brushing, his other hand coming up to squeeze your jaw, his thumb pressing into your cheek, your lips pushing out against his. You whimper, knowing your boyfriend well enough to let go off his dick. He’ll probably edge you until you’re crying later on, his thumb digging into you is a threat.
“I think you’re forgetting who’s in charge, kitten.”
His tongue darts out to wet your lips, gaze flickering to your cleavage, “you’re going to regret what you just did.”
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chawoongs · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
woozi // anyone --- for anon
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s4dpngs · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
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fandom-puff · 10 hours ago
Severus showering you with affection would include…
Requested by: @mylimoji-k
Warnings: none- this is wholesome fluffy fluff :)
Gif creds to owner
Tumblr media
You’re the best thing in Severus’s life, and he is determined to show you that
The best time for his affection is weekends- he has you all to himself
Although he has difficulty with sleep and is often up at the crack of dawn, he will stay in bed with you on a Saturday and a Sunday, holding you in his arms until you rise
Sometimes, if you roll over, he’ll creep out of bed and make you breakfast, serving it to you like a queen, even feeding you little morsels of the pancakes, waffles or full English fry up
Will give you lots of kisses
Forehead kisses
Cheek kisses
Nose kisses
Kisses on your knuckles like a gentleman
Obv lip smooches as well
When he’s showering you with kisses, they’re all chaste
But sometimes you’ll reach up to hold the back of his head, kissing him a little deeper, slowly, just holding onto one another
Amazing cuddler
Likes cuddling where you’re facing eachother with your head tucked under his chin
Draws lil swirls on your back 🥺🥺
Compliment. King.
Tells you at least ten times a day that he loves you
If you get shy, burying your face in your hands, he’ll gently tug them away from your face, kissing each of your palms before telling you again how much he loves you, how radiant you are…
Hand holding
If it’s cold outside he’ll slip your interlocked hands into the folds of his big dramatic robes or his pocket
If you’re ill in any way, he will brew you a potion ASAP
He can’t stand to see you unwell
Often invites you to sit on his lap while he marks essays, chin resting on your shoulder
You don’t really talk much when this happens, but simply being close to one another is more than enough
Hand on your lower back as you walk side by side 👉👈
Sharing glances that say a thousand words
Rubbing your back and playing with your hair helps you both get to sleep
He’s touch starved and bursting with love and affection for you, and he’s more than willing to let it show because he knows you love and trust him 🥺🥺
Tags: @liliputbahn @lilymurphy03 @pinkandblueblurbs @remus-lupin-simp @dailyalanrickman @cremedelabrulee @simpforsnape @imareallygrumpyme @ithinkweallsing @lizlil @whizzbeesdukes @sassicaismysupreme @acciosiriusblack @highfunctioningfangirl19 @sociallyawkward-princess @mypainistemporary @pandaxnienke @agalandhermarvelobsession @once-upon-an-imagine @lazyotakujen @lilypad-55449 @rogertaylorismycar @lxoxtxtxi @wh0reforthemarauders @fullmoonshadowwrites
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strangertides · 13 hours ago
requested by: @peperooniiii
member(s): hongjoong
genre(s): fluff
word count: 1.2k
tags/warnings: female!reader, mermaid!reader, pirate!hongjoong (let me know if i missed anything)
summary: as a mermaid, it is forbidden for you to get anywhere near land or humans. you've never been close to either, until one day when you meet a pirate.
Tumblr media
You watched in horror at the scene taking place in front of you.
A kraken, one of the creatures you always avoid, was ripping apart a pirate ship. The creature was tearing it apart from the bottom, causing water to enter the boat. It was sinking, and it was sinking fast.
You could hear the sounds of wood snapping, water splashing, and the faint noise of pirates yelling. The waves from the disastrous scene made their way to you, occasionally splashing your face, despite the long distance between you and the ship. If any of the pirates were to see you, you'd look like a small dot in the water.
Your heart ached as you did nothing but watch. Even if you wanted to help, you couldn't. Not only would you be nothing in comparison to the kraken, but it is forbidden for merfolk to get near or interact with humans.
After floating in the water for what felt like hours, the kraken had finally sunk back down into the depths of the ocean. Almost nothing was left of the ship, except for some loose pieces of wood. As you swam closer to the scene, there were no humans in sight from what you could see.
Except when you turned over a large piece of wood.
Beneath the wood was an unconscious pirate, who would've otherwise drowned if it weren't for his shirt wedged in between the boards of the piece of ship.
You debated on what to do for a moment. You wanted to help, and you felt awful for him and the rest of the crew, wherever they may be. According to merfolk law, you should just leave the pirate to drown in the sea, but your caring nature refused to let you.
After taking a quick look around, you removed his shirt from the boards and slowly began pulling him to the nearest land. You made sure to keep his head above the water and hoped he wouldn't wake up anytime soon.
As soon as you pulled his body up onto the beach of a small deserted island, you collapsed on your back next to him. You were exhausted after carrying him for miles and lay there, catching your breath. The waves of the sea kept you hydrated, flowing over your tail in a seemingly steady pace. You closed your eyes, letting the warmth of the sun calm you down.
Your eyes flew open when you heard coughing a few minutes later. Quickly sitting up and turning to the man next to you, he was still lying on his back, eyes closed due to the bright sun. He was beginning to wake up and was coughing up seawater. When he sat up and turned away from you, you bolted.
Pure fear ran through your veins as you struggled to get back in the water, as your body was much more heavy on land than in the ocean. You managed to get most of your body back in the ocean when you heard his voice behind you.
You stopped in your tracks, not sure of what to do. Your tail was beneath the water, and you hoped he couldn't see it. The two of you held eye contact for what felt like a very long time, not saying anything. And neither of you moved.
"Who are you?"
He was moving closer towards you, his left hand reaching out. He didn't look scared like you were of him. Instead he was confused and curious. He wanted to know who you are.
You, on the other hand, were terrified. He could tell you were. Your parents always told you to never get near humans, and that they're a creature to be fearful of.
You flinched when he touched your shoulder, and he backed up. He looked down and furrowed his eyebrows, probably noticing your tail.
He looks up at you and smiles. "You're a mermaid."
Oddly enough, he seemed almost happy that you were a mermaid. He kept looking at you, tilting his head. The longer you both looked at each other, the less scared you felt.
"My crew and I would tell stories about mermaids to each other often. I thought they weren't real but clearly they are."
Humans, especially pirates and sailors, were intrigued by mermaids just as much as merfolk were of them. Your mother would tell you stories about humans when you were young, but they were mostly how humans were bad so you would stay away from them.
"I know you're probably scared of me, but can you tell me your name?"
You felt the need to tell him who you were. It only felt right after saving his life. You owed him at least that much. "Y/N."
"Y/N?" He repeated, as if testing your name on his lips. "You have a beautiful name." Placing his hand on his chest, the pirate smiles. "My name's Hongjoong. I'm the captain of my crew."
You tilted your head. You've heard of the word captain before, but never knew what it meant. "Captain?"
"Yes. There's eight men in my crew, including me. I'm the captain, I lead everyone and they follow my orders."
The more he talked the more you grew fond of him. Attracted to him, even. Of all the pirates you've seen over the years, he was definitely the best looking. Most pirates are old men, never taking care of themselves. Hongjoong, on the other hand, was young, around your age. While he looked a little rough right now, you could tell he takes care of himself.
His eyes were kind, even to you, a creature he'd never seen before. His teeth were white, his smile bright and caring. His hair was blonde and filled with sand from the beach, yours probably was too. You couldn't help but feel your eyes wander down to his torso, where his shirt had many holes in it. It sat low on him, exposing his collarbones and chest.
"How did I end up here?" The man asked, interrupting your thoughts.
Looking back up at his eyes, you smile at him for the first time. "After the kraken attacked your ship, I found you and brought you here."
He became flustered and looked down, letting out a nervous laugh. "Ah, thank you for that. Did you see the rest of my crew?"
You shook your head side to side. "I checked everywhere and only found you. I'm sorry."
"Thank you, truly. Is there anything I can do to repay you?"
"No, don't worry about it. I'll keep an eye out for your crew." You smile at him, and he smiles back.
He started to lean closer to you, and placed a soft and gentle kiss on your lips. You were taken aback and pulled away from him.
"You kissed me." You hadn't expected the man to do that, but you weren't unhappy with it either.
"Is that alright?" He glances back and forth between your lips and eyes. "I've been holding that since we first made eye contact."
You lean in and kiss his cheek. "I don't mind."
He cups your face with one of his hands and slowly starts running his fingers down your jaw, neck and shoulders. He traces his pointer finger along your collarbone, getting dangerously close to your seashell-covered breasts.
"You're beautiful, Y/N. Much more beautiful than any human I've ever seen."
His words make you blush as he tucks your long hair behind your ear. "I would love for you to meet my crew one day."
"If they're as nice as you, I would love to meet them too, Hongjoong."
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minteyeddevil · 5 hours ago
hey toni… request for u!!! what about an mc with a cat who looks super sweet, and is to mc, but torments the brothers. and when theyre like “your cat is a demon” mc is just like “awwww no hes my baby!!! how could you say that!!!”
(I have a soft spot for these kinds of cats, okay, they just love their owner and don't like anyone else lmao xD)
By the way, these are to be taken in a comical sense! No cats were actually harmed by any demon boys!😽
At first, he tried to be indifferent to that cat being around, especially considering how important said cat was to MC
But the moment this cat started hissing at and scratching him for absolutely no reason, he was ready to throw the ball of fluff right out a window
Glaring fights all the time between these two, and I would not put it past Lucifer to even hiss right back at the cat to assert dominance
Cue puffed up demon form, wings flared out to try and be scary and intimidating, only for the cat to puff up in turn and spit and hiss even louder
(Get a spray bottle and spray them both down, seriously)
He brings up his issues with MC, who has the demonic thing in their lap, purring away as they pet him, acting all innocent and sweet
"No way! They wouldn't hurt a fly! You just don't like them cause you're a dog person, pff," they dismiss him and he just gets more angry and annoyed
He eventually asks MC to keep the cat in their room, unless they want him to turn them into a snack for Cerberus (rude, Luci. Rude)
He genuinely wants to be the cat's friend, cooing at them and wanting to pet and play with them; hell, he even gets toys with his own money!
But when the cat just hisses with full fangs showing and swipes at his face; oh it is f*cking on
They become mortal enemies, and he doesn't care who sees them fight; full on wrestling matches in the hallways, bedrooms, wherever these two are, they fighting
And when it comes to getting attention from MC? Whooo boy. It gets ugly!
He will literally yeet the cat across the room much to MC's horror and get a hard wack to the chest or even the head while they run to check on their precious baby
He complains to MC about how the cat is towards him, but he gets shut down immediately; "They are a good baby! You just like to antagonize them and cause trouble!"
You wound him, MC. Just you watch, one day he is gonna get it on camera to show how evil this cat really is!
He thinks the cat is very cute, and tolerates them being in his room, up until they start climbing his shelves and knocking over his figurines
"No, kitty, you don't belong up there, come here! Let me get you do--WHAT THE FU-!"
Bites right down on his hand, growling in the process, and when he pulls his hand away, the cat starts hissing loudly as well
Goes full demon mode and ready to square up with this cat; he defiled his precious idols AND dared to attack him? Oooooh no sir!
Grabs the cat off his shelf and proceeds to start a wrestling match, cat scratching and hissing while he hisses and snarls in return
MC comes in to check on them only to scream and break up the fight, checking on their cat, leaving Levi to pout and whine at them about their cat being an asshole
"It's not like they did it on purpose, Levi! You could've seriously hurt them when in your demon form!"
Feels utterly betrayed by his Henry, a feral beast picked over him; he continues to pout and mumble while MC tends to their cat, giving Levi a few comforting headpats every now and then
Determined to befriend this damned cat
He puts up with the hissing and the biting and scratching, all in the name of his love for the furry being
Please accept him, kitty, he is a desperate soul who wishes to bond with you and take care of you
Genuinely gets sad at how the cat starts to avoid him the more he tries to get close, and brings up this issue to MC
"Maybe try their favorite treats? I give them some whenever they do something good, so maybe that can help you bond?"
Makes it a point to get as many bags of treats as he can to try and win over this cat
Will give them a few when they start getting close, and even more when they are right next to him, so he can reach out and pet them
Gets rewarded in clawed up fingers and even a few scratches at his face when he tries to pick up the furious fur ball and give them a hug
Oh such a cutie, I would love to give them pets, come here little dar--OH OWWW!
Nope, not putting up with this evil thing, don't let them anywhere near this demon
The trust was broken immediately when he tried to take a chunk out of Asmo's delicate hand and it can not be gained back
The cat fluffs up and hisses whenever Asmo walks by them and he just gives them the biggest stink eye, softly growling at them in turn
If MC is spending time with him, he refuses to let the cat into his room, or whatever room they are hanging out in
He is not risking letting that animal bite him again, and he shows the bite mark to MC, complaining about how cruel their cat is
"Oh, no, he really is such a sweetheart though! He'll warm up to you, I promise, it just takes a little time. But don't give up on him!"
Asmo isn't sure if that cat will ever warm up to him, considering they practically glare holes into him any time he enters a room they are in!
He is very accepting of the furball right away, letting them follow him around and hang out with him
He even enjoys their company from time to time, despite how sometimes they growl when he tries to pet them
But when they start growling at him and attacking his hands to make him drop his food, oh...
MC come get your cat before Beel devours them in rage!!!!
Chases the cat around the house the first time this happens and almost destroys several rooms in the process
Complains very angrily to MC what the cat did, and his frown only deepens when they defend them. "I'm sorry Beel, I am sure they were just hungry! Or more than likely they were playing with you, they are a very playful kitty cat!"
Glares between MC and their cat, trying to keep calm and not get mad at MC because he understands how much the cat means to them
Asks MC, politely, if they can keep the cat away from the kitchen because he doesn't want that to happen again
Cool, another nap buddy! He doesn't mind sharing his bed, or MC's bed for that matter, with this catto
But it definitely does not go as smoothly as he thought it would
He places down his cow pillow to lay on it when the cat immediately jumps on it, claiming it as their own
When he tries to get them to move, they hiss and spit, sinking their nails into the fabric and swiping at Belphie any time he tried to move them off the pillow
Another case of fighting between demon and cat that ends up getting broken up by MC walking in and finding them tugging at the pillow
When they get on Belphie's case and not the cat's, he gets super defensive and complains about how mean the cat actually is
"Oh c'mon Belphie, they just wanted to lay on your pillow, you don't need to get so upset about it. You can share, can't you?"
No. This is his pillow. Screw this cat! Hugs his pillow to his chest while glaring at the cat who settles MC's lap, planning ways to get his revenge on the furball
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Your ot7 drabble was awesome! Do you think you can do something similar with just the hyung line? I'm sorry I'm such a slut for the hyung line
The ot7 drabble that's being referenced
Hoseok wasn't your ex. You only hooked up with him for a while, you were never really dating. But that's what Namjoon seemed to think since when you flirted with him he talked about how he couldn't do that to his best friend. He did it though; fucked you once or twice. With Yoongi it was a one-time thing, you swear, and it was only because you were both drunk. And now Jin… He was a new one. Perhaps you should feel bad for getting with almost everyone in their friend group... But was it your fault they were all insanely hot and horny for you? What, you can't just say no to them!
The way you had ended up out for drinks with Jin was almost accidental, but the way you were making out in his car certainly wasn't. A "finally" whispered in between your lips was what gave him away, but you couldn't agree more. Finally. He drove you back to his place and there was excitement bubbling in your gut, until you walked in and saw three more boys waiting on the couch.
"What, you thought I wouldn't tell them?" Jin asked from behind you when he saw how you had frozen, mouth open and eyes wide. He was so casual about it, walking up to his friends as they all checked you out nonchalantly.
“Even Jin?” Hoseok spoke first, laughing but not seeming amused. “Wow, you really are a little slut.” You had no idea they knew what you had done, yet it was now obvious they didn’t keep secrets from each other. How was it that this was allowed? If they knew, why did they all try to get with you?
“Hobi, I—” You were at a loss for words. Do you apologize? But you didn’t do anything wrong. If you did, shouldn’t they be feeling guilty, too? They did this on purpose.
Namjoon got up suddenly, walking to you. “It’s okay, sweetie,” he murmured, and a hand came to stroke your chin momentarily. “We like you because you’re a little slut. All we want to know is what you plan on doing now.”
You blinked, looking at him with your eyes still wide as if you were terrified, not really understanding what was expected from you. And Jin, as if he knew, draped an arm over your shoulders. “What he means is… are you gonna make up your mind about which one of us you want?”
“Or are you just gonna keep fucking all four of us?” Yoongi’s voice was coarse and he didn’t even look at you. And you gulped.
“And what’s wrong with that?” you mumbled. Like you said, you weren’t dating any one of them. So why would it be wrong if you wanted to fuck different men since you were single?
You heard Hoseok chuckle from behind you as he was circling you. And then he leaned in right next to your ear. “Careful what you say or you might get yourself in a difficult situation,” he whispered, making you shiver.
“Baby,” Jin called to get your attention. “If you don’t want to choose, you don’t have to.”
“Right…” Namjoon breathed next to you, getting closer and closer to you. “I don’t mind sharing.”
Perhaps you should indeed feel bad. You should act decently. You didn’t though, let them know how much you wanted them. All of them. Because if they all wanted you, why would you say no to them? Yoongi pushed through the others to kiss you, lips harsh like they were trying to hurt you, and you figured it was desperation deriving from the fact that he probably couldn’t remember your kisses very well. And then Jin made sure to devour and feel you up for a long while, since he was the one still processing the feeling.
“Wanna see how good you are,” he admitted. “Wanna see if your pussy is as good as they say.” Had they been talking about what it’s like to fuck you? The image made you moan hard.
“Shit,” you heard Namjoon cuss while he was palming himself through his pants. “Missed those pretty moans of yours, baby.” And you whined louder for him, reaching out until you were kissing him sloppily.
“I missed that hot body,” Hoseok countered. “C’mon, little one, take those clothes off and show my friends what you got.”
You were spread on the couch, naked, and the boys let Jin handle you first, out of respect for their hyung and his curiosity for you. He chose to have his asymmetrical fingers diving in and out of you while he licked your clit. And the other three boys observed you for a while, marveling at your expressions and noises. Something about being watched by them got you so worked up, feeling an orgasm already near. And then Yoongi came closer, caressing your cheek before he let his thumb press on your lip.
“Do you want something in your mouth, baby?” he asked in a low tone, remembering how you had loved to suck on his fingers last time. This time he filled your mouth up with his dick instead. Hoseok joined too, wanting attention so you alternated between their cocks, sometimes even licking both of them at the same time, hands stroking them and keeping them close. Of course, Namjoon wouldn’t be left out; he brought his mouth down on you, kissing your tummy and inner thighs at first, until Jin allowed him some room to suck on your clit while he continued to fuck you with his hand.
You came like that. Screaming loudly as you creamed Jin’s fingers and choked on Yoongi’s dick. You were instantly being turned around, on your wobbly hands and knees, and the eldest man grabbed your ass to drill into you. A grumpy Hoseok was shutting you up very soon —because you were being too damn loud— by fucking your throat properly. The other two enjoyed the view with their palms around their dicks.
“What a good girl,” Jin said one too many times. “She takes us so well.”
“You like being fucked like that, don’t you, you little whore?” Hoseok was growling, always harsher than the rest. And you had tears rolling down your cheeks from gagging a bit too much around him, your pussy pulsing around Jin from the effect their words had on you. You came another time, freeing your mouth and Jin pulling out, falling down as you tried to catch your breath.
“I know you can do better than that,” Namjoon was scolding right as he grabbed you by the waist to lift you off the couch completely. He laid on the floor. “Ride me, baby.” So you straddled him reverse cowgirl, taking him deep inside you before you started bouncing up and down, meeting his own thrusts. Your legs were shaking but you were fucking yourself on his cock hard, his thickness always making you crave more of him.
“Yoongi,” you moaned, reaching out for the man that was keeping the quietest through it all. “Fuck my mouth, baby, please.” And he immediately carried out your wish, standing in front of you with his hands buried in your hair and letting you take him to the rhythm your rocking was creating. Jin and Hoseok were on either side of you, enjoying you stroking them as best as you could with your bad focus. All four of them fucked by you at the same time. And when Yoongi lost his control and spilled down your throat, it triggered another orgasm for you. Your pussy getting so tight around Namjoon’s cock that he cursed and pulled you off him in order to coat your ass white, too.
“She can still take more dick,” Hoseok said with confidence. “Let me fuck that pussy till I fill it up, yeah? Just like the old days.” Making sure Jin was included, he was sat on the couch while you bent in front of him and got railed by Hoseok from behind. Trying to keep the older member in your mouth but moaning so much it was hard. The sight alone was enough for him though, and he spurted all over your face. Hair pulled until your back was arched and you were crying, begging for Hoseok to be gentler as the rest of the boys could only watch how he abused your cunt in a practiced manner, feeling their dicks slowly get hard again.
He spanked you a few times. “Gonna fill this slutty cunt up,” he grunted, getting close. “Look at how many dicks you let fuck you like that. How many dicks you need to be satisfied. Fucking whore.” He did just as promised, seed flowing inside you with another spank and his fingers rubbing your clit in a desperate attempt to make you milk his cock.
And you came for the fourth; one for each of the boys you couldn’t choose from.
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katya-zamos · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Oh dear Lady Sally, how can I ever thank you? Oh, don't worry about it.
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