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Requests list!

Once again, and this time I will really try to keep up (oops) I’m taking requests! I’m only doing b&w sketches, but it’s gonna be fun :) Since I’m only gonna draw stuff that I know and like, here’s a list of animes you can request me from:

  • Blue exorcist
  • Banana fish
  • Yuri on ice
  • (Obviously) Boku no hero academia
  • Kimetsu no yaiba
  • Mob psycho 100
  • Given
  • Full metal alchemist

That’s pretty much all the animes I’m confident enough to take requests from lmao. I’ll only take requests through my asks (not DM’s please ♡)

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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I am upset for our losses. I’m horrified. But I’m also anxious and restless. Sonya and Sara are still alive, living at the mercy of Anderson. They still need our help. So I don’t know how to be sad when all I feel is an unrelenting determination to do something. I am no longer afraid of fear, and I will not let it rule me. Fear will learn to fear me.
S h a t t e r  M e  for Sara // @ohwarnette

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p l e a s e gift us with yandere Lucifer I beg of thee. Your Diavalo oneshot was too perfect

Oh anon,,, you know the way to my poor heart. My heart is torn between Lucifer and Beel, but definitely leans more towards the eldest I’ve read so many hc’s about Lucifer as a yandere, but I wanted to try and explore that kind side that we see in the story later on! 

I’m so glad to hear you liked my Diavolo one! Hope this thrills you just as much <3

He adores you.

How can he not? You saved his family, mending all the broken pieces back together so meticulously… so perfectly.

And while Lucifer could acknowledge that he had his faults, he couldn’t see any in you. You were perfect

You didn’t listen to his rules? Lovely. He knows it’s because you have his and his brothers’ best interest in mind, even if it still flares his temper. You encouraged Mammon’s antics? He knows it’s just because you’re too nice to upset him. Leave the dirty work like that to him. You let his brothers get too close to you, let them go too far, let them even think that you weren’t already spoken for? Well, that’s their fault, not yours. You’re just a human after all, what are you to do when pitted against the seven most powerful demons in the Devildom? If he’s ever strict with you it’s only because he cares. The times he can’t justify your mistakes? Suffice it to say that he ignores them.

Reminiscing over the past year, he doesn’t know why he had ever let any worry or doubt fester in his mind. This last week alone attested to the fact that you are his, and you will always be his. Diavolo would understand. You couldn’t go back to the human world now, you want to stay here, you want to be with him of course. 

He is so sure of himself.

Lucifer feels you stir beside him, his silk sheets rustling in the most soothing way as you wake, effectively ending his musing. He rotates so that he is facing you fully, propping himself on an arm to lean over you. He kisses you as your eyes finally flutter open. The way you squirm beneath him is all too wonderful.

Lucifer,” the sound of his name on your lips is bliss, “what time is it?

He kisses you again, and while you’re smiling, the nerves building in your stomach keeps you grounded.


As your hands wander to his chest to push him off of you, you freeze. He’s already in his suit. Your smile drops. Your pulse quickens. 

He watches as you move to sit up, not making the task much easier by being nearly on top of you. Once you’re upright, he stands, fixing his sleeves and adjusting his gloves. 

It’s nearly noon. I thought I’d let you sleep considering the night we had. You’re wondering why I’m dressed? That’s why. I couldn’t be absent from the end of term ceremony.

Noon… the…

The ceremony!

What he says is still settling in, but you’ve processed enough that you’re awake. As you shoot up and begin to go - well you’re not quite sure where yet, you’re still processing the fact that you missed the portal home - you stop halfway to the door. Lucifer is watching you with amusement. The softness in his eyes screams adoration. You aren’t sure why he’s so calm. He finds you irresistibly adorable right now.

Why were you so panicked? You’re such a good student, he thinks, to be worried about decorum even still.

(Y/N), stop for a moment.” In quick strides, he has you in his arms. You stand motionless with your head against his chest. Then, all too suddenly, you being to cry.

You aren’t going home.

He picks you up, bringing you back to bed, that small smile still on his face. He knew you were still tired, and how admirable was it that you felt so responsible to participate and set a good example even after doing so well, being so perfect, all year. He gives you one last soft kiss on the top of your head, and walks to the door.

I have a meeting to get to with Diavolo. Rest. I’ll be back tonight, and I expect that you’ll have collected yourself by then.

You love the brothers, you might even love Lucifer, but this… to put it lightly, you’re confused. You’re shell-shocked. A million questions race through your head-

I am glad that you’re staying with us.

He closes the door.

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pairing: seo johnny + reader / past jung jaehyun + reader
genre: angst, drama, smut
word count: 8,4k 
summary: And lastly but not least, If you did have sex with Johnny, you are sure you would fall in love with him and well, we all know how that stuff worked out for you.
song recs: loveless - lorde / do me a favour - arctic monkeys / solo - frank ocean / full playlist 


Here’s the thing, you and Seo Johnny are not dating. Yet. 

As the weeks went by you realized that was no better word to describe him other than dreamy. He made you laugh, waited for your classes to be over so he could take you out for coffee and surprised you out of nowhere by texting you funny tik toks that made him think of you.

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i'm feeling sad about what DC's doing to batman, so maybe some batfam fluff? o:

Allow me to take a moment to say: canon is but a guideline, a sandbox in which to play, a faint echo in the wind that one can choose to listen to OR to ignore. I ignore it pretty hard.


Oracle knows that they’ll be calling it an early night before any of the others realize — though that knowledge doesn’t exceed the others’ by as much as it usually does. It’s only a matter of moments after she messages A at the Cave that Batman is asking her how much more activity to expect for the night. As a literal question, the answer is none, and they both know better than to bring up that the unexpected is what they’re patrolling for, because a certain little gremlin would latch on to that and refuse to listen to anything else.

It’s not intended as a literal question, though. He’s double-checking that there isn’t trouble, yes, it’s very Batman of him, but this is also a lead-up to heading back to the Cave. He read the same cues she did and knows the smartest thing is to go get some sleep, because he has to lead by example or else the real target will never follow—

Over the comms, Nightwing is yelping (theatrically, non-alarmingly, laughter mixed in so she they all can hear he’s not in danger) as Robin chases after him on a rooftop, sloppy moves visible from a camera across the street. The youngest bird is the target; he’s the one that alerted Batman that it’s time to head home, after yawning twice within one minute. Apparently he’d elected to take mock offense to Nightwing having yawned first, which had led to him accidentally doing so himself.

That hadn’t been the first, though, as Nightwing points out: “Hood started it!” he yells over his shoulder, and then Oracle, amused, switches cameras to get a better angle on Robin screeching to a halt, whipping around, and taking off in a slightly different direction. Red Hood barks out a laugh before echoing Nightwing’s yelp, and she can’t see him but she can imagine the look on his face going from amusement to surprise, with a good hint of alarm, as he turns tail and makes an effort to flee.

Oracle’s not worried about what Robin might do. Those days are long past. She keeps an eye on their locations, just like she’s doing for the rest of the family, just like she always does, while triple-checking criminal inactivity. She does hope, though, that there will be pictures of whatever the result of this mock chase is.

Hood and Nightwing briefly jump onto the semi-private channel with Batman and herself, develop their plan, and then return to the main channel to collaborate their escape as dramatically as possible. Robin, not that he would admit to it, is loving it, but the kid won’t be able to catch them both. They’ll wear him down some and then he should be more agreeable to going home.

—except Batman is still on the quieter channel and is proposing an alternate plan, one that she prefers.

Later, when she can’t help but grin at a picture of Dick, Jason, and Damian all piled around Bruce and in varying degrees of actually being on the couch, all asleep, she has to give B credit. She wouldn’t have thought that he could get three of the boys to get some sleep, not at the same time. Alfred will love photo evidence of the feat.

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Gif Credit: X


Author’s Note: Scene’s We’d Like To See Part Three! 🎉 It’s been a little while since I wrote for Martin - so it’s nice to get back to him 😊 I mean, how could you not though with such a cute premise?

Thank you for requesting! 💙💜

Disclaimer: Untogether characters plot etc not mine / lyrics not mine / idea not mine - I just wrote the words!

“Jake” is the name of Dierks Bentley’s dog, and all I can think of is all the songs he mentions him in, therefore - Jake. 

Premise (As Requested): After the break up Martin needs something to occupy himself when he’s not working. He can only do gigs here and there o when he’s not working, he’s just depressed. But he sees a flyer or something asking for volunteers at a local shelter and since he loves dogs (Dog Whisperer will come in handy), he thinks why not? He applies and meets you whilst working with cute animals and maybe he starts fostering but either way he’s crushing on you and always looks forward to going to the shelter to help animals and see a cute lady

Words: 2372

Warnings: 1 instance of swears & bit of a cliche ending? 😉

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what’s good y'all,, I mainly made this blog bc I was looking for pride icons but I couldn’t find any for characters that I liked and decided to make my own.

i made it for my own use but I’ll post more than just my own flag and y'all can request icons if you want :))

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For the prompts: ‘I’m going to remind you exactly who you belong to' 

Callum was on a date with some boring bloke; even from the bar Ben could tell he was nothing but a bore. He smiled into his drink and took a sip as at that moment, Callum locked eyes with him.

Ben bit his bottom lip, everything about Callum still turned him on. The way he dressed, the way he gestured enthusiastically during all his conversations, the way he carried himself in his entirety.

“I’m sorry. What?” Callum asked Sam. This was their second date, and Callum was thinking it was a mistake. The only thing so far Callum found interesting about Sam was how he had joined the army as well. Maybe it was the only thing he felt they probably shared in common.

Callum turned his head again. His eyes landing on Ben and his signature smirk that radiated nothing but 'I’m going to get my way’ he turned his attention back to Sam, smiling.

“Yeah” Callum had smiled at Sam.

“Really Callum? Are you sure?”

In that moment, Callum realized that he needed to pay a bit more attention to Sam, or else he would end up being Sam’s plus one to his sister’s wedding. “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that… my mind wandered elsewhere”

Sam blushed profusely at that, “It’s alright Callum, and I know it was a bit much to ask.”

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I’m sitting at home as usual, just with additional stress, so how about ko-fi commissions? ko-fi: ROSEHIPSISTER
You give:
- 10$ or more
- your request +your username if you want me to tag you here
You get:
- a colored sketch (i prefer my current fandoms)
Extra info:
- i have alternative payment methods but limited to Russia/Ukraine
- nsfw ok but for real, don’t be weird
- keep me level of art detail in mind and bless you

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I am absolutely loving your headcanons! Do you have any for beetlejuice hanging out with the maitlands?

anon….will you marry me? i’ve been waiting for a chance to ramble about my favourite ghosts and their favourite undead guy!!!

  • ok so the maitlands were pretty wary when beej first made his return, mostly because they were concerned about lydia’s well-being and how his return would impact her
  • however, once they noticed that him and lydia were back to being BFFFFs forever, and delia was perfectly fine spending time with him, they began to take some steps to get to know him better
  • after all, they had only really known him for an unsavoury few days, and that version of him was very different from the one that helped lydia with her history homework, or baked cookies with delia
  • barbara was the first of the pair to actually seek out beej’s company, a few weeks after he moved in with them, when she asked causally if he’d like to help in her garden in the backyard
  • beej was extremely nervous. after all, the last time he had said more than “good morning” and “good night” to barbara was when he was attempting to exorcise her, and he did NOT want to screw this up because what if she hated him again? what if she decided that she couldn’t live with him and the rest of the family agreed and they sent him back to the netherworld??
  • he agrees anyways, not wanting to make barbara angry, and follows her out into the garden where she explains that she needs some help planting some flowers that delia brought home from the local nursery (“i chose these because they have very good vibes, you know?”)
  • the process seems simple enough, and barbara shows him how to properly plant a potted plant before passing him a pot for him to try himself. “dig a hole, pop the plant out of the pot, place the plant in, fill in the dirt”. not too hard, right? right.
  • he does the first few perfectly, painstakingly making sure not to damage the plants. barbara’s “good jobs” both knock him off his guard and give him enough confidence to start moving a bit faster; a bit more carelessly
  • on the fourth pot, it hits the fan: he accidentally breaks a few stems when planting a bunch of chrysanthemums, and freezes in place. all he can think is that ‘this is it, this must be it, this is the final straw now I’ve broken stuff like i always break stuff and ruin every good thing and-’
  • “Lawrence.” barbara’s quiet voice shocks him out of his spiraling and back to reality, where he realizes that he’s been rocking in place, his hands grabbing and pulling at now dark-purple hair. she gently pulls his hands from where they’re wrapped around his hair, and replaces them with one of her own, lightly carding through his hair
  • they sit out in the garden for a while, just talking about everything: why beej panicked, why he though she would want to kick him out, and why he was so timid around her and adam since he returned. the answer to each seems to be the same: his mother, a response which prompts barbara to say some expletives which i dare not repeat on my good christian blog
  • barbara does some explaining and clearing-up of things, and when it begins to get dark outside they head into the house. charles, in his infinite wisdom, had thought ahead to order a pizza, so they eat white they talk, letting the conversation slip into more lighthearted topics, like barbara’s choice of topic: “why glass-blowing was her favourite hobby when she was alive”; or beej’s choice of topic: “why barbara was a total nerd when she was alive”
  • both are entertaining for at least one participant in the conversation, and they both go to bed feeling a bit more comfortable with each other
  • it’s not very long until adam ends up spending some time with beej too: beej is bored and looking for barbara in the attic, where he finds adam working on the town model.
  • beej had never really bothered to notice it before, so it takes him by surprise when he realises exactly how intricate and accurate each part of it is. adam, on the other hand, was just thrilled to be able to share his obsession with someone new, so he finds an old miniature house carving that hadn’t made it onto the model (the scaling was wrong by 1/8 of an inch), and offers it to beej to paint
  • after adam reassures him that no, he won’t be angry if he messes up; and yes, he can paint it whatever colour he wants; and no, he can’t paint a bunch of tiny dicks on it, beej gets to work. he doesn’t have much patience or fine motor skills, and he begins to fidget after working on it for about six minutes, but before long, he’s done
  • his hair turns yellow when he passes it to adam, but rapidly switches back to green when adam smiles and says an enthusiastic “BJ, this is fantastic!”
  • though he would never admit it, even under threat of a second death, adam had absolutely no idea what beej had painted onto that miniature house when he complimented it. it was only that evening, after about half an hour of turning and rotating the little house when he finally realized: it was a smudged, not quite accurate rendition of the maitland-deetz house, complete with a messy Big Sandy climbing up the side of the house.
  • adam doesn’t hesitate to replace the current miniature house on the hill in his model with the one in his hand. the model should reflect the newest member of their family, after all
  • beej and the maitlands hang out a lot after that. the three of them will often watch movies together. they know that beej is “secretly” (he’s awful at hiding it) terrified of the horror movies that they watch every friday night at lydia’s insistence, so as often as possible they’ll invite beej up to the attic to watch something else
  • while this does lead to battles over which movie they should watch (adam was absolutely affronted to realize that neither beej nor barbara had ever seen Mean Girls), beej is infinitely grateful to not have to sit through any more slasher flicks, some of which even scare lydia
  • with barbara, beej keeps helping with the garden. the plants are often askew and in totally absurd arrangements, but barbara doesn’t mind in the slightest. she also teaches him pottery, which he absolutely adores because “hehehe goopy hands”.
  • he doesn’t make anything recognizable for the first, like, two months, but on christmas he shyly gives her a misshapen, but still functional, pot for her plants. barbara cries, explains to beej that she’s crying because she loves it, and cries some more. beej cant remember being hugged that tightly in his life, but hey, he’s not complaining
  • adam is the one to teach him how to read. they start small, with lydia’s dog-eared childhood copy of a Dr. Seuss collection. it takes them about eight weeks of hard work, but eventually beej is able to read the entire book himself (which he proceeds to do, aloud, to an uncomfortable, but still extremely proud charles)
  • adam keeps teaching him, but it’s hard work for beej to struggle through each sentence, so when he wants to hear a story, adam is the first person he turns to to read aloud to him (the second being charles. charles isn’t sure how he feels about that)
  • anyways yeah they’re hella close and this prompt gave me all the found family feels
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Am I the only one who gets a little ancious over anon requests?

Don’t get me wrong I totally get it. I use the anon function too. There’s nothing wrong with that. I would have disabled anon asks if I minded people talking to me as anons. BY ALL MEANS KEEP SENDING THEM!

But the thing is, I never know if the person sending the request has seen it fullfilled. You don’t get notified when your anon ask is answered. Who knows if one of the people is the notes is the original anon? Have they seen it yet? Did they like it? Should I reblog it again? How many self reblogs are to many??

Idk it just kinda stresses me out

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Miu stares at the clay pot that she receives from the Horticulture Dome that she visits. She does not really know what just happened there. The representative said something about the plant that suits her personality, and now they gave her the seed of it, planted in a clay pot, as they told her to take care of it.


Miu does not remember if her house has any particular place that she can use to take care of this plant–whatever it is. But now, she feels responsible and she has to take care of it. After all, the representative said that the plant suits her best more than anything else.

As Miu continues to stare at the small, clay pot where it is planted, she is startled as someone walks nearby, holding the similar-looking clay pot with him. She wonders…if he also has the same plant like her?

“U-Um…” She calls out to the other, even though her voice is low. “I-Is that…from the dome too?” She points to the small pot that he is also holding with him.

@notbatboy​ has requested a festival starter!

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