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Sure! I am super happy about Breezango coming back too. I’ll start on a fic for them soon. 

Also, you stay safe out there too 💛

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Yes, absolutely 😊

This request is very special to me because it was made by my beloved niece.
She actually made this request a long time ago, and I promised her that I’ll do it, but I was quite busy so it got pushed aside.
Recently she had her 11th birthday so I decided not to wait any longer, and do what I promised.

So, to you my darling niece - happy birthday (I know I told you already, but it doesn’t hurt to do it again), I love you very very much 🤗😍🥰.
I am sorry it took me so long to do this, and I hope you enjoy this.

As promised, starting Sunday (by her request), this blog will have nothing but Harry Potter posts for a whole week (June 7th-14th).


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Hey hey! Just a head’s up that I have 2 requests in my inbox rn – they will be fulfilled within these coming days! Things have suddenly become quite busy but they will be completed. Thank you for your patience!! ❤

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To the two anons who sent me requests, they’re in my inbox, and I’ll answer them when I’ve written the fics completely and attach a link to it.

And for the 200 special, it’ll be a Hyunjin fic, friends to lovers style long oneshot. I wont link the ask, if you wanna look at it you can scroll down my blog and search for it.🤷‍♀️ (Sorry, I’m just really lazy).

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i made this sideblog bc i wanted to make killing eve gifs so anyone got any requests ? i’ll try to find some episodes from s3 to download but i do have s1 and s2! u could reply or just send me an ask… i need a distraction for a bit

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