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beomgyu smutty fun where he tells u to take it off slowly and then he gets aggressive but also is sweet at the same time🥺

added to the list!

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Can I have some headcanons of Vanessa spoiling her male S/O?

I always imagine Vanessa being such a caring partner <3 I hope you enjoy this thank you for the request !


Originally posted by novochrono

  • When Vanessa cares about someone there is literally nothing she won’t do for them. 
  • When s/o finally starts to date the witch, he does not expect for her to be so doting of him. 
  • If Vanessa goes to the city by herself she always bring something that he would like with her. It could be a desert, flowers or maybe a magical object he might like. 
  • That’s not all Vanessa also convinces Charmy to make her some of s/o favorite dishes and prepares a nice table just for the both of you. 
  • She also tries to listen to him as much as she can. If s/o is feeling down about something she’s always there to listen even though she might not always understand why he’s bothered by whatever he’s down about. 
  • It gets to a point that s/o is afraid that Vanessa starts to forget about her own needs. That’s why even if he’s not good at spoiling someone like she is tries to spoil her as well. 
  • Vanessa also spoils him in the bedroom. Always taking extra special care of him. 
  • She also constantly throws romantic surprises for him. This might be a spontaneous midnight walk, a picnic etc etc
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If you do sonic, could i get some pastel pink tails icons? Maybe with slight lovecore themes? Thanks!!

it’s been done! i hope you don’t mind that i didn’t include lovecore themes. i love sth and i’ve been a fan since i was young, so i was happy to do this request. thank you for requesting, and i hope you enjoy your icons, tails.

mod bee. ♡

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Hi! I am not sure if you’re taking icon requests but would you make some emma & knightley icons maybe separate and/together? If not, no worries! Your icons are beautiful btw ☺️

Thanks! I’ll make some and tag in in the post when they’re up. Xx

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Hey if you have the time, could you write something for Hope Solo? Like this whole Rio drama didn't happend and she is now a trainer for the uswnt where she meets R who is also a goalkeeper?

Yeah I can do that! Thanks for the request!

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Hello! Could I have a pendulum reading on if I’m Misaki Okusawa? I feel a huge connection to her.

apologies for the wait, anon! please know that you know best.

         ➵  moderate/strong yes to you being Misaki.

mod bee. ♡

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For a writing request: Vergil in heat just furiously jerking off to the scent of fem reader and the idea of claiming her. (Love your smut btw! Its so cool to see you on Tumblr now!)

omg thank you so much! i got really inspired by this ask lmao

im experimenting with writing styles so i hope this reads well? let me know if you want me to redo it!!

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TPOM Animal Character Sketch Requests!

I need to try my pencil at some other characters besides just Kowalski and Blowhole (though I’ll gladly draw them too if that’s the request).

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Some jealously headcanons of Midnight and Mt. Lady getting jelly of their S/O who's a new hero being flirted with by his fans

I hope you enjoy this! Thank you for requesting <3


Originally posted by ovadrive

  • Midnight doesn’t get jealous, it’s usually the other way around.
  • But when s/o makes their first debut as a hero and she sees the hungry eyes of the fans, let’s just say she gets a tad annoyed. 
  • She wasn’t that surprised that s/o was popular amongst the ladies but that didn’t stop her to hold s/o’s hand and pull them closer to her whenever she could. 
  • One day when Midnight saw that her poor darling was swarmed by fans she walked towards them, pushing the women aside and gave s/o a kiss on the lips amongst everyone. 
  • After that the thirst for her loved one died down since no one wanted to make her angry. 
  • That didn’t stop s/o from constantly teasing Midnight for being so jealous though. 

Originally posted by dexicon

  • Everyday Mt Lady looks at social media to see what those crazy fangirls are saying about s/o.
  • She can’t help herself but to get a bit jealous when she reads the millions of posts that were thristing over your loved one. 
  • Unfortunately she takes her anger out on s/o. They’re quite confused about My Lady’s sudden outburst that they should go find someone else if she wasn’t enough for them. 
  • S/O sighs as they take off their uniform. They were still new at this hero business and the last thing they wanted was a fight at home. 
  • “I would like someone who girls don’t stare at all the time!”
  • “How is it my fault that girls stare at me?”
  • “Oh you could look worse if you wanted too!”
  • “I can’t believe how jealous you get!”
  • “So you think I’m ugly!?”
  • When Mt Lady starts to tear up, s/o walks towards her and hugs her. After she calms down a bit s/o tells her that she’s the only one they want to spend there time with. 
  • They also tell her that she should stop going on the internet for a while. 
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