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phenomenal1500 · 13 hours ago
~Geralt Of Rivia~ (One Shots)
Tumblr media
Chapter 3: ~Brighter Days Are Coming~
For Chapter 2: ~Drowning In Guilt~ click here.
A/N: This story was requested by an Anon on Tumblr. I really hope you like the short story I wrote for you and I hope it's angsty enough and in the way you wanted it to be angsty.
Summary: Geralt finds out that the reader's lover is abusing them.
Timeline: Unknown.
Pairing: Geralt of Rivia x Reader. Warnings: Mentions Of Abuse.
"Where did you get those bruises?" Geralt watched you take off your training armour, your blouse accidentally going a bit up too as you did so.
"What do you mean?" You turned around to look at him while you fixed your blouse and high collar.
"The bruises on your ribcage." He narrowed his eyes, pointing at the area with his sword.
"You were very rough today so that's your doing." You lied as you smiled at him, taking advantage of the fact you'd been training with him the whole morning. He never held himself back when training with you ever since you had told him you wanted to learn how to fight like him and so once you were finished training with him you were always covered in small bruises, but Geralt wasn't stupid and could definitely see the difference in bruises. Besides, he had restrained himself this morning because he had a tough hunt on the way so Gerald didn't buy the lie.
"Those aren't created by me.... they are already healing." The Witcher grabbed your wrist gently and lifted up your blouse to reveal your back to him as he pointed out the small yellow and green circles around the blue and purple bruises. "They hit you?"
"Get your hands off me Geralt. I'm fine." You pulled back your arm with speed and pulled your shirt down, but Geralt already got ahold of you again and pulled you into his chest gently not to hurt you.
"They hit you, don't they?" He gritted through his teeth, hating the fact it was probably true and that he couldn't protect you from what happened to you.
He had met your lover once and he already had a bad feeling from the start, but always thought it was just his jealousy combined with the dick they were. It seemed he was wrong however and now he felt horribly guilty he didn't check on you sooner.
"I don't want to talk about it alright?" You shrugged and tried to push yourself out of his embrace, but you weren't able to. Geralt wouldn't let go of you and slowly lifted one of his hands so he could stroke your hair, well that was his intention, but the sight of his hand being lifted up entered your damaged mind differently.
Once you noticed him raising his hand, you protected your head between your arms and closed your eyes in fear, making him immediately put down his hand and rub your back instead.
"Y/N, I'm not going to hurt you. I'm here to help, Love." His yellow eyes still held onto that coldhearted glare in them, but you knew better than to think he was lying or wanting to harm you. He was always caring and honest to you and finally tears started to collect in the bottom of your eyes after you put your guard down again.
"I'm always hurt when I do something wrong.... or when I don't do anything wrong." You buried your face in his chest, letting your tears soak his shirt. "I never know what to do."
"Why didn't you tell me sooner?" He softened his voice and kissed the top of her head, his hands resting on your hips. "You know you can trust me."
"I was scared that they would find out I talked about it." You told him quietly, mumbling into his chest and sniffing a bit. "They would hurt me in worse ways.... and perhaps you too."
Geralt let out a small laugh.
"Hurt me? Love, they could never." He shook his head and you looked up at him with bloodshot puppy eyes. "I'm gonna get your stuff so you can sleep at my place. I don't care that we aren't together.... I just don't want you to get hurt again."
"But~...." You wanted to protest since you didn't want him to get himself in trouble, but he cut you off before you could say anything else.
"I'll deal with them, don't worry about it." He lifted your chin with his pointing finger and then dried your tears. "Understood?"
You nodded slowly and hugged him tightly, finally feeling safe into someone's arms again.
"Thank you so much, Geralt."
"Everything for your safety, Y/N."
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fortheloveofthefic · 2 days ago
Help Me Make It Through The Night
John Dutton with Nurse Reader with smutty goodness. Requested by my dear friend @snapesrn
(Y/N) sighs as she checks the time on her watch, making her way from her last patient's room. She had worked four 15 hour shifts in a row and she was finally coming up on the end of a long week. She had three days off and couldn't wait to go home and spend it with her boyfriend. Her feet ached, her head pounded and she was both physically and mentally exhausted. She hears her phone buzz and smiles as she checks her phone before clocking out and heading to her car. "Be safe coming home, darlin." Was all the text said, but it was enough to make her smile, to ease her tired mind. Her and John had been together just over a year and had recently moved in together on his large ranch. It was hard sometimes, because she knew he got lonely and liked having her home for meals, but with job, it wasn't always possible. She'd promised him that on her days off she'd make it up to him, spend quality time with him, but all she could think about right now was sleep.
She drives out to the ranch and parks, grabbing her purse and practically dragging herself into the house. She sets her purse on the table by the door and looks around, not finding John anywhere. She sighs, figuring he either had something to handle with the cattle or was already in bed. She slowly climbs the stairs up to their bedroom and walks in, changing out of her scrubs as she hears the bathroom door open and feels a pair of strong arms wrap around her. She smiles and leans back against John, turning her head slightly to accept his soft, sweet kiss. "Welcome home, (Y/N)." He places a soft kiss to her lips then her jaw line before pulling back and offers his hand. "Come on, darlin'. A hot bath and a nice dinner is just what the doctor order." He winks and leads her to the bathroom, smiling as she sees what he'd set up. (Y/N) was surprised to see the bathroom filled with lit candles, the tub already filled and white roses in a vase on the sink. She could smell her favorite lavender bath oil and turns toward him, cupping his cheek and kissing him softly, tears in her eyes. "Thank you, John. You don't know how much I needed this today." She finishes undressing and steps into the bath, moaning softly as the hot water immediately begins to sooth her aching muscles. She looks up at him and holds her hand out. "Join me, handsome?" She smiles as she watches him undress before taking her hand and stepping into the bath behind her. He wraps his arms around her and begins washing her body softly as she leans back against him, letting his touch, his scent and the warm water wash away the long week she'd had.
John trails soft kisses over her neck, whispering softly in her ear as his hands trail over her breast and stomach to her thighs. "I'm so proud of you, darlin'. You work your ass off and don't ever complain. You give your all to take care of others. Now, (Y/N), It's my turn to take care of you, baby girl." He whispers hoarsely and lets his hand trail to the apex of her thighs, letting his long, thick fingers run teasingly through her damp folds. "Just relax, darlin'. Let your man take care of you." He smirks against her neck as he feels her body react to his touch. He knew every spot, every crevice, every reaction of her body just as though it was his own. He slowly slips two fingers inside of her, curling them then uncurling them, brushing that hidden spot inside of her. (Y/N) was lost in bliss as her eyes closed, her head falling back against his shoulder as he continued to please her. "John, please...more." She begs softly. Before she'd come home, sex was the last thing on her mind. But now, it didn't seem to matter how exhausted her body and mind had been just an hour ago, now she needed him desperately. She grips his wrist softly and pulls his hand from her mound and raises his fingers to her lips, kissing each fingertip before carefully turning to face him and straddle his lap, water splashing over the edge softly. She wraps her arms around his neck and captures his lips, sighing in pleasure as she sinks down onto him, pleasure blooming inside of her as he fills her so deliciously. She was lost in the kiss, lost in the feel of him slowly making love to her, his hips moving upward to thrust into her at an almost lazy pace and it was all she could do not to come undone right away. She wanted it to last, wanted to enjoy every single moment.
John groans her name as she sinks down on him, his arms wrapping tightly around her as he deepens the kiss, moving his hips to meet her slow thrusts. He'd missed this, missed her. He hadn't planned on this, had planned on simply pampering her all night, but who was he to deny his woman? "That's my girl, (Y/N). You're beautiful, darlin'. God Damnit, you're perfect." He growls, his release approaching, barreling toward him as he feels her clamp around him and hears her moan his name in that sweet, pleasure rough voice of hers. He follows right behind her, filling her as he holds her to him, stroking her back as they catch their breath. He smiles as she peppers soft kisses over his neck then stills against him. He continues to hold her, laughing softly as he feels soft snores from her. "My sweet girl. Dinner can wait. Nap first." He says to the sleeping woman before standing up with her in his arms and carrying her to the bed. He dries her off and dresses her in her favorite night shirt before climbing in bed and holding her close, whispering to his sleeping lover. "I love you, darlin'. 'Til the end of time."
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shuichiswritingcorner · 2 days ago
Requests are open!
Note: Due to my spring semester starting today, I will be a bit slow with writing. My dearest apologies and thank you for understanding, angels
With that, feel free to request Wholesome PG!Shuichi SMUT whatever you want, darlings! (following the rules, of course :))
Tagging: @komikoz​
Tumblr media
-Mod Shuichi
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itenkii · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Dark coffee for @icedespressoo ♡♡♡
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noraesthetiic · 21 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
an examination of Jonah Magnus and his very close pen friends
(original minicomic idea given by @lady-dmaris)
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bewildereye · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
- 𝔇𝔞𝔯𝔨 𝔊𝔞𝔯𝔡𝔢𝔫 -
a flora-themed gothic palette
Send me an ask with your favourite flower from this alphabetical, alliterative array and a subject of your choosing. Be specific; if I don’t know what you want, I definitely won’t draw it.
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ynscrazylife · a month ago
Waltz With Me | k.b fluff
Summary: Kate and Y/N were childhood friends. Years, they reconnect, and discover that they fit perfectly - like pieces to a puzzle.
Authors Note: First Kate Bishop fic! Hope you like.
Request to be on a taglist (or multiple) here! (Taglists are at the end of the fic)
Main Masterlist | MCU Masterlist #1 | MCU Masterlist #2
PSA: Do NOT copy, steal, translate, plagiarize, republish, etc any of my works on Tumblr or any other platform. Also, do NOT claim any of my works as your own.All of these works are either requests I’ve gotten that people have wanted me to write or original ideas I’ve had for works. If you happen to take inspiration from anything I’ve written and want to write something inspired by that, please a) ask me first and b) IF I say yes, credit me as inspo in your post by tagging me and link whatever work of mine that inspired you. Thanks.
header c @/imgothyzm
Tumblr media
Kate sweared that she had never wanted to be in any other place other than this one more than at the moment — well, except for when the security caught her destroying an old bell tower. This moment, though, is a mighty rival.
She’d rather face her mother’s wrath 100 more times than be at the stupid gala. Where she only got a second’s break, like this, before she had to make small talk with rich snobs again.
“Excuse me—?”
“Sorry, I’m not a waitress,” Kate mumbled, shrinking into herself like a shell. She didn’t even look at the person at first, because she’d been mistaken as a waitress too many times tonight. But, when she did turn her head, she found someone that looked like she should know them but she couldn’t place them.
“Oh, aren’t you the little Bishop girl? I didn’t recognize you!” The man said. Once his voice sunk in, Kate recognized him. Armand the III.
“Yep,” she answered, barely able to refrain from snarling. Is that really all she was to this people? A child who shared her dead father’s surname?
“You used to come to my brunches!” The old man proclaimed, realizing dawning on him.
Kate nodded in confirmation. God how she hated those brunches. Fancy food that had fancy names and too many people sitting at the table to count. No one ever spoke to her yet they all expected her to attend with a smile.
Her gaze travelled back to the wall she had been staring at, but she caught sight of something far more interesting: her mother and her mother’s boyfriend looking like they were having the time of their lives, laughing together.
“That suit is great, dear. However I do hope that you wear something more ladylike for the wedding — otherwise you and I would match!” Armand’s voice came yet again, this time accompanied with his hearty laughter.
Kate’s eyebrows drew together and she turned to him. “Wedding?” She asked cluelessly. God, which one of these people were going to throw an over-the-top, expensive wedding?
Armand jutted his chin at the direction of Kate’s mother and Jack. “Your mother’s, of course!” He said.
Kate took an imaginary sucker punch to the gut when she looked back and saw the ring flashing on her mother’s hand. She had seen it earlier but hadn’t payed it too much mind — for how was she supposed to know what an engagement ring looked like? She had never been engaged before! But . . . Her mother was getting married? And didn’t tell her?
The look on her face must’ve conveyed her thoughts due to Armand’s next words. “Ah, looks like you need to have a talk with your mother . . . Well, just before you do—Y/N! Katherine, you remember Y/N, right? Her grandfather and I go way back.”
Kate blinked when she heard that name, the memories washing over her like a wave. She recalled running around her grandfather’s mansion-sized house when all the adults were at dinner, giggling and playing hide and seek where they weren’t supposed to. They had been childhood best friends and always stuck by each other — especially because the other kids their age that they knew developed the classic mean girls attitude with their money.
She wasn’t quite sure she had expected to see when she looked over, but she hadn’t prepared for this. Y/N was stunning and Kate’s jaw physically dropped (only for a split second until her cheeks reddened when she realized).
“Kate!” Y/N’s warm yet eccentric voice filled the air, making the archer forget her woes with her mother. That was one of the reasons that Kate had liked her so much as a friend when they were younger — Y/N was genuinely excited to see you, and it showed when she hadn’t spoken or seen Kate in years.
“Y/N,” Kate said, and hoped her attempt to hide her surprise had succeeded.
Within seconds, Y/N’s arms were wrapped around Kate and her honey-scented perfume sent the brunette into heaven. Kate found herself melting into her former friend’s arms and couldn’t help but not want Y/N to stop hugging her. Her embrace was so comforting and just what she needed after the hectics that consumed her life lately. (Plus, Kate had to admit that having a pretty girl’s arms around her sent butterflies to her stomach).
“Well, I’ll leave you two to catch up,” Armand excused himself before he slipped away, disappearing into the sea of gems and jewels.
“How have you been, Kate?” Y/N asked, her eyes lit up with a big smile.
A wave of refreshment fell over Kate. It felt so calming and even validating to talk to someone who you could tell was genuinely interested in hearing your answer. “I’m good! Attending uni and . . .” She started to say, but couldn’t keep her eyes from wandering back to her mother and her new fiancé. There was a pregnant pause before she remembered that she was in the middle of a sentence. “—I’m, I’m sorry. I’m just distracted. Armand just told me that my mother is engaged and I-I didn’t know.”
Y/N’s eyes widened. “Oh my god,” she said, sounding just as shocked as Kate felt. “I’m so sorry! You don’t deserve that. Do you want to maybe step outside and take a breather for a second?”
Kate thought for a moment. Would her mom be mad at her for leaving? Yeah. Did she care? Not really. She smiled and nodded and Y/N matched her grin, linking their arms together. Kate didn’t ignore the way those butterflies now pecked at the walls of her stomach from the touch, and she wasn’t sure she wanted to.
The moment they got outside and the doors to the main room closed, Kate let out a breath of relief. The cold tingled on her arms, giving her goosebumps, but she didn’t mind because alongside the cold came the calm. No more could she hear what felt like a million people talking and clinking their drinks. She wasn’t surrounded by a crowd, only with one person.
They walked silently. Kate was grateful that Y/N seemed to recognize that she needed time to be in her thoughts. They did a lap through the hallways before nearing back to the main room, where they could hear beautiful classical music, slightly muffled through the large doors.
“Do you think people are dancing in there?” Y/N asked quietly, mindful to not be too loud with the walls causing her to echo.
Kate looked at the doors and imagined her mother and Jack dancing. She shrugged.
With one glance at her friend, Y/N could tell that she wasn’t ready to go back inside. She quickly thought up a plan and unliked their arms. “Hey,” she said, smiling. “Do you want to, like, do the waltz out here?”
Kate looked at her, appreciating her eagerness but still hesitant. “I can’t dance,” she admitted through a chuckle, remembering the last time she tried to dance and how she stumbled over her own two feet.
Y/N shrugged nonchalantly. “I can’t either,” she said.
Kate thought and then decided, why not? What was the harm? She got into position like how she had seen people do in the movies. Y/N’s smile grew (if that was even possible) and seeing her smile just made Kate smile. It was contagious! She took got into position and let Kate lead.
They waited for the beat to come again in the song and then started their waltz. They were uncoordinated, going different ways, but they maintained smiles all throughout. Kate rushed out an apology when she accidentally stepped on Y/N’s feet, but was happily surprised when Y/N just laughed.
They fell into their own rhythm — definitely not on beat but that didn’t matter. Soon, their steps synced up and got quicker, and they matched each other perfectly. Kate and Y/N got lost in their dance, in each other. Someone could walk by and they probably wouldn’t notice.
It was only when Kate twirled Y/N and the latter stumbled that their daze broke. The brunette gasped and caught her, and they both got lost in each other’s eyes for a few seconds. Kate noticed that Y/N’s were as captivating and alluring as the deep water in the sea.
“You alright?” Kate asked, suddenly feeling more confident. Like she could do anything.
Y/N smirked and gave a small nod. “Nice catch, Bish—”
She was cut off by a sudden loud smashing sound and the floor physically shaking. Kate quickly but gently got Y/N to their feet and Y/N latched her arms to Kate’s in fear.
After a moment, the floor stopped shaking, but they were still both on high alert.
“What was that?” Y/N asked, looking around. Kate did the same.
“I don’t—” she said, before being interrupted by what sounded like shouting. “—know.”
Kate took a second to close her eyes and remember her way around this place. She considered visualizing the crayon map she had sloppily drawn as a kid to navigate, but that was useless. Her memory, combined with her use of determine where she was hearing these sounds, helped her form a path and, without a second thought, she set off for it. Y/N was close behind her, not wanting her to go alone.
They found a staircase and quickly and carefully pattered down if. Kate pushed open a door and both their eyes widened as they took in the sight. Masked men were all over the place, yelling to each other, and there was a large hole in the wall. Meanwhile, other people — people who had been attending the gala — were mostly on the floor, recovering in confusion.
Y/N’s grip on Kate’s arm suddenly tightened. “Oh my god,” she gasped. “There’s Armand and Jack!”
Kate’s eyes followed to where she was pointing and sure enough, she found the men. Her eyebrows crinkled in confusion — what were they doing here? But she didn’t have much time to dwell on it.
“I can help them,” she declared, turning to Y/N, who looked frightened beyond belief.
Y/N shakily nodded and, somehow able to think quickly, shrugged off the shall she had been wearing. She spotted a piece of broken glass on the ground and grabbed it, using it to cut two eye-holes in her shall. She then motioned for Kate to turn around and tied it around her head, tight enough so it wouldn’t fall off but loose enough so Kate could still see and breathe.
Kate murmured a thank you which she was sure Y/N didn’t hear and jumped into a fight.
Y/N found herself captivated by her friend’s moves, unable to stop watching how she kicked and hit and spun and jumped with ease, taking down every attacker she came into contact with.
It was only when a strong pair of arms grabbed her did her gaze break away from Kate. At first, she struggled, but stopped when she realized that she wasn’t being attacked. The person firmly, but also gently, moved her to the side and when Y/N looked back, she saw that that person had been none other than Hawkeye.
He swiftly entered the fight. “Get out of here!” He yelled to Kate as he took over. For a second, she froze at seeing her childhood hero, but responded when she heard Y/N calling her name. She turned around and ran, taking Y/N’s hand and pulling it along with her.
Neither of them knew where they were going or what they were going to do, but at least they were together.
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icanhearitcallin · a month ago
nipple play and cockwarming with jaehyun after his cb promotion ends
Me not writing rough smut? Idk her
Usually, when Jaehyun was in the mood, he would just have to text you 3 words
“I’m coming over”
With him being an idol, he couldn’t fully commit. And neither did you. The whole “idol life” holds none of your interests, neither did a boyfriend who has to hide you and your relationship. So Jaehyun and you just kept it at the friends with benefits stage.
And friends with benefits it really is. There is no going slow with him. Anytime you guys hook up, its rough. An oulet for him. A way to escape his “nice” idol image. He is someone totally different when he’s with you. An animal. Just there to fuck and get back to reality. But you know this time will be different when you get a text saying
“Can I come over please?”
You had in mind to confront him with the soft question when you open the door for him. But when you eventually do, you see his worn-out face. Bags under his eyes, face dropped and hands in his pockets. This isn't the “animal” you're used to. You let him in and he hangs his coat before taking a seat on your bed. Worriedly, you take a seat beside him and lay an arm over his shoulders. His body responds immediately, leaning into your body. Laying his head on your shoulders.
“Promotions finally over?” You ask. He just nods against your body. “You want to take it slow today?” You ask again, voice tiny and slow, trying not to startle him any further. He signs loudly before sitting up straight, patting his lap. A signal for you to climb on top of him. And with a small smile, you do. Hand snake around your middle the moment you're seated. Yours going around his neck and into his hair. Instantly, you feel him relax.
To add a little pleasure (for both of you), you start plating soft kissing along his neck. Going from his exposed shoulder, all the way up to his ear. “What do you want, pretty boy” you whisper when you reached the top. He just slightly whimpers in response. You feel gentle hands opening the buttons of your blouse. A chuckle leaves your throat. You've never seen him so soft before.
“What's so funny?” He mumbles and slides the garment over your shoulders, where it falls on the ground behind you. The moment the fabric is out the way, his hands grab a handful of boob, gently squeezing the flesh. “I’ve never seen you this gentle before” you finally respond, smile clearly hearable when you speak. He just hums, reaching behind you to undo your bra clasp. “Just tired” he explains with a shrug of his shoulders. He isn't even done with his words but leans in for your nipple. And when the last letter leaves his mouth, his lips are onto the bud like a magnet.
As much as you find him adorable like this, you can’t deny the sparks going from your nipple, right to your core. You whimper slightly with every suck and nibble. His other hand adds even more pleasure by squeezing the other breast. “Jae-“ you moan when he pinches one and bites the other bud. Hands that once only caressed his hair, now slightly pulling on the strands. Jaehyun lets your nipple go, plants his hands on your hips, and presses your lips together in a warm kiss. There is no urgency, no rush. Just a warm kiss that gives you slight sparkles in your lower belly.
You need a little more, so you grind your hips down on his lap, feeling his hard-on beneath you. “Baby” he grunts and uses his own hands to keep you moving. Suddenly, he drops his head on your naked shoulder, sighing aloud. “What's up, baby?” You ask, stilling your hips. “I'm so tired” he whines. “But I want to feel good too”. Cradling his head in your arms, planting a long kiss on top of his head, you think.
“I have an idea!” You exclaim, not too loud. He looks up with tired and questioning eyes. A whine leaves his throat as you get up from his lap, your warmth leaving his body. “Let's lay down, hmm?” You suggest, his eyes getting even more confused, but crawls under the covers anyway. He almost misses the moment you shimmy down your shorts and underwear, leaving you completely naked. Instantly, his eyes lit up again.
When you lay down next to him, face to face, you plant your lips onto his. A little more fierce this time. Lip-smacking filled the room, while eager hands slide down his body. Once you reach the hem of his jeans, you undo the button and zipper. Reaching inside his boxers to take his already hard member out. “Baby, what's your plan?” He asks in between moans. You smile. “Just relax baby”. And with that, you give him a last peck on the lips before your turn yourself around. Back to his chest and hips against his length. Reaching behind you, you line him up with your core. Finally, he gets your plan. His hips slowly moving forward, his cock sliding along your walls. You both moan at the feeling before he wraps you up in his arms. Being closer than never before.
Once fully inside, he sighs. Closing his eyes as he plants his lips along your shoulder. You smile to yourself, feeling relaxed and safe. “You’re such a softie”
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ddejavvu · 2 months ago
this is my masterlist! I’ll do my best to update this every time i write something, but please be patient with me :)
❥ - mei’s favorites
☼ - fluff
☾ - angst
✘ - nsfw content, minors please dni
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
james + finger sucking ✘ ❥
poly!jegulus reacting to reader breaking a rule  ✘
james taking care of a tired reader ☼
james + boob massage  ☼ ❥
friends to lovers with james  ☼ ❥
comforting james after a nightmare ☼ ☾
baking with james ☼
james + “let me win please”  ☼ ❥
dbf!james ✘ ❥
james and reader’s first dance ☼ ❥
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
sirius carrying snacks for reader  ☼
sirius + teasing  ☼
sirius + choking ✘
sirius reacting to you punching lucius ☼
sirius being an ass man ✘
sirius + animagus reader  ☼ ❥
sirius + overstimulation ✘
enemies to lovers with sirius  ☼ ❥
mafia!sirius ❥
sirius listening to reader ramble ☼
sirius + brother’s best friend au ☼ ❥
sirius + reader reunited after azkaban ☼ ☾
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
remus + thighs ✘
bodyguard!remus ❥
taking care of remus after a full moon ☼
remus + “look so pretty like this for me” ✘
remus + “oh I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’m in love with you!” ☾ 
remus + reader parenting harry  ☼ ☾ ❥
studying with remus ☼ ❥
remus + academic rivals to lovers ☼
remus + “that’s enough, love” ☼
remus + college au ☼ ❥
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
regulus + knife kink  ✘
regulus reacting to nipple piercings  ✘
poly!jegulus reacting to reader breaking a rule  ✘
regulus being an ass man ✘
enemies to lovers with regulus (preview) ☾
giving regulus a back massage ☼
regulus + “just lay with me” ☼ ❥
regulus + breeding kink ✘
the morning after ☼
cockwarming ✘❥
tugging on regulus’s hair ✘❥
riding regulus’s face ✘
trying to get regulus to cum first ✘
angry sex ✘
hugs w/ regulus ☼
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
three’s the charm ✘❥
thigh riding with the suit on ✘❥
webbing your hands to the headboard ✘❥
overstim ✘
sub!peter cumming in his pants ✘❥
cockwarming ✘
sub!peter + bondage ✘
sub!peter getting off on reader’s panties ✘❥
sub!peter with a spit kink ✘❥
reader waits for peter after his patrol ✘
peter helps reader de-stress ✘❥
peter + tits ✘❥
peter + thighs ✘
TASM!Peter + breeding kink ✘❥
peter sucking reader’s tits ✘❥
peter + toys ✘
peter eating reader out (overstim) ✘❥
peter + little things ☼
peter falling asleep on reader’s thighs ☼
peter + throatfucking + degradation ✘
peter being inexperienced ✘❥
overdramatic peter ☼❥
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faye-the-traitor · 10 days ago
No kiss, Goodbye? (Pt.2) Montgomery Gator x GN!Reader
Tumblr media
A/N: Here's Part 2 of No Kiss, Goodbye?
Summary: Montgomery was right, you were obsessed. Which meant you couldn't wait to slip in to the Pizza Plex again to see him again. This time after hours.
Warnings: NSFW Sexual themes, and implied sexual themes, degradation, foul language, humiliation
Word Count: 1485
You took your brother home hours ago. The Pizza Plex had closed, the outside lights going out as the parking lot darkened. Temperatures dropped outside as you waited, hands stuffed into the pockets of your thin jacket. Cars were still in the parking lot as the last of the closing employees were making their way out of the building, getting into their cars, and speeding off into the night while you stayed put. You checked your phone to see what time it was. 11:53. The doors would be closing here any moment and the last of the employees were in the parking lot. You knew there would be one night guard, but you weren't too worried about that, you were on a mission and you refused to get caught tonight.
Monty had driven you wild when you were here earlier in the day, his tongue snaking against your neck, his body pressed against yours. It was enough to make your shiver at the idea of him doing it again and you felt silly coming back the same night. He was right, you were obsessed and you were going to get more. 11:57. You watched the last car speed off and you began walking to the door, pushing it open and walking right in. It made no sound, which was lucky for you, and you watched at the metal sheeting rolled down over the doors and locked you in for the night.
"Well...no turning back now." You whispered and began to wander off into a random direction. You pulled the map out of your pocket, locating the rooms of the star animatronics rather quickly and your eyes landed on the picture of Monty's room.
"So..left here...and it should be a straight shot and his room is on the right." You muttered, stuffing the map back into your pocket and wasting no time to get to his room.
With your luck, the door slid open, only to cast light into the already destroyed room of the gator. His name was spray painted onto the wall above his couch, items strewn across the floor and his walls with holes in them.
"Not surprised..." You rolled you eyes, and began to rearrange his room. It wouldn't be clean, that was for sure, but at least you'd be able to walk around without tripping on something once you were finished with the room. Monty was nowhere to be seen and you couldn't possibly fathom an idea of where he would be immediately after close but oh well. You'd just wait here for him and hope he'd get back before the night grew old.
It took no time at all the clean the room a little bit and you took a seat on his couch, tossing you jacket over the back of it. A dim, green light, was all that illuminated the place and you sat there waiting, slouched on the appliance, your legs spread slightly and one arm slung over the back, trying to take up as much space as possible. You knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that Monty would not only be shocked to see you back this soon, but making yourself comfortable in his area and luck would have it that you didn't need to wait too long. The green metal of the door slid open and Monty stepped in, basking in the dim green lighting.
"Well, what do we have here?" He asked, tipping down his shades, his red eyes glowing at the sight of you. "You just couldn't wait for a taste of the big bad gator, could you, toots~" He purred, stepping in and the door sliding closed behind him. He half heartedly slid his key in the scanner, manually locking the door before he made his way to you.
"What can I say? You were right. I am obsessed with you." You cooed back as he loomed over you, looking down. He pulled off his sunglasses, folding them shut and dropping them on the floor. He didn't care what happened to them, all he knew was that he had someone right here, waiting on him to make a move. Monty grabbed both of your legs and in a blink of an eye he re-positioned you to lay on the couch while he hovered over you.
"Good thing I'm obsessed with you as well." He growled, his tongue flicking out and down your neck, licking on the sensitive skin. A hushed whimper left your lips as he chuckled, his hot breath rolling down your neck like it had done earlier in the day.
"I hadn't expected to see you so soon, darlin~ It makes me delighted to know a slut like you just couldn't get enough of me." He growled, nipping at you neck and grabbing at you legs, his claws gently poking into your thighs and popping little holes into your jeans.
"M-Monty..." You whined, lifting your hips to meet him but he pulled away and gave you a dark look.
"I never gave permission to use my name. Maybe put that filthy fucking mouth to better use." Monty's tone was deep, a small rasp to it that gave away the anticipation he had for tonight's events.
"On your knees." He demanded, moving away from you and making you feel dirty but it ignited a heat in the pit of your stomach, and fuck did you want more of it. You obey and get to your knees, the dim light preventing you from seeing all that was happening but something soft, and silicone like pressed against your lips. When you looked good and hard you gasped but Monty was quick and shoved his cock into your mouth, a low and lewd groan leaving his throat.
"Get to suckin, whore~" He demanded again and you did as asked, pushing your head down and forcing his cock to slide down your throat. Monty sucked in a breath and his head leaned back, resting against the couch as he threaded his fingers into your hair. You pulled back, bobbing your head and doing your best to curl your tongue around the shaft.
"Ughn~ Fuck doll....Keep doing that..." He encouraged you, bucking his hips slowly. It seemed like he hadn't been with anyone, at least...not in a long time and that thought alone was enough to make you try harder. His cock kept hitting the back of your throat, causing you to gag and drool to drip down your chin every time you pulled back. Monty began to watch your pretty little mouth take him, his cock vanishing down your throat every time you came back down and it made his cock twitch. You gagged again, more drool dripping down onto his lap and the couch.
"Just like that baby, gag on it. Fuck you're doing so good, just like a whore should." His breathing that was once slow and labored was picking up, growing faster by the second and you wanted it to. You knew what that meant and you wanted a taste of the big bad gator.
"Fuck, you better not spit it out. You're gonna swallow it like a cumslut. I know you can." He taunted and it made your stomach turn and you body move faster. You sucked on the head of his cock for a second, making his hips jerk, before diving back down and making a point to gag they way he liked it. It didn't take too long of that right there to get him hit the end.
Both of his hands wove into your hair, holding you down on his cock as he bucked his hips, fucking your mouth for a second before he slid his cock as deep as he could down that throat of yours, cum sliding down your throat and you whining around his cock with what little air you had left. As he came to a stopping point he slowly pulled his cock out of your mouth, the last little bit of cum dripping off your bottom lip. You made eye contact and opened you mouth, showing him the little bit of cum left on your tongue before swallowing it and licking your lips.
"Fuck...Oh I am no where near done with you yet..." He growled, standing up and pulling you to your feet. He bent you over the couch, leaning over you until his chest was pressed against your back. Your knees were shaking and you knew you wouldn't be able to be in this position very long for fear of your knees giving out entirely.
"You're shaking toots~" He chuckled into your ear, using his knees to spread you legs.
"Oh fuck am I gonna have so much fun with you." His hands gripped you waist as he began to grind against your ass.
"I've got you all to myself until 6 am."
No Kiss, Goodbye? Part 1 No Kiss, Goodbye? Part 3
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mrs-brekker15 · 3 months ago
You're My New Pillow
Requested by: @scandalous-chaos
Y/N groaned as she walked into the Slytherin common room and searched for Regulus. Finally spotting the familiar mop of black curls sitting on an armchair with a book in his hands, she made a beeline to him. Pushing the book to the side, she crawled into his lap and rested her head in the crook of his neck.
Regulus chuckled and wrapped an arm around her waist, “Hello to you too, my love.” She just groaned and nuzzled further into his neck, “Hold me.” He placed a kiss on her cheek before putting his book down and wrapped his other arm around her shoulders, holding her close to his chest. “How was your day?”
Y/N shook her head and put her arms around his neck, “Horrible. I have so much homework, and I’m so so tired. Reggie, I wanna sleep.” Regulus moved her legs so she sat on his lap more comfortably “Sleep then, darling. I’ll wake you up in a little bit.”
She nodded and hugged him tighter as she sighed, “Reggie?” He smiled at how quiet her voice was, “Yes, my love?”
“You’re my new pillow. Okay?” He chuckled and kissed her head, “Okay, love. Just sleep now. I love you.”
Y/N smiled softly and kissed his neck, “I love you too.”
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parkersmaze · 11 days ago
Maybe Andrew!Peter Parker x reader where he tries to learn how to braid his girlfriends hair? With lots of fluff<3 I love ur writing!
content warning: none except a lot of fluff
word count: 1132
authors note: i need a peter parker who braids my hair. applications are open. 😃 i hope you like it! requests are open like always for more. [please read request rules before that]
Tumblr media
Peter gently combed his fingers through y/n's hair and was humming quietly to a song he had stuck in his head.
Y/n had an absolute terrible day and her boyfriend knew that she needed as much love as possible.
Peter disliked seeing her upset and would do anything to lift the mood of his girlfriend.
After they arrived in the Parker-House they put some comfortable clothes on, of course Peter gave his girlfriend a hoodie of him, they laid down into Peter's bed to cuddle.
"You're ruining my hair," she mumbled against his shirt and sighed tiredly.
Peter chuckled lowly, "do you want to sleep?"
"I have to do my hair first," y/n sighed and slowly made her way out of the comfortable hug.
Peter just pulled her back into a laying position.
"Not allowed," Peter grinned and sat up.
"C'mon, just let me braid my hair and get my makeup off," she grumbled.
Peter kissed her head, "just relax. I'll take care of you."
Y/n closed her eyes when Peter got up and went to the bathroom.
The teenager's bathroom was filled with stuff of his girlfriend.
Peter remembered when y/n asked him to leave some of her clothes in his closet and a package of her makeup wipes.
A few days later, Peter and y/n were official a couple.
"Okay. I've got wipes, a brush, hair ties," Peter said when he came back and y/n smiled when she realized how he hurried for her.
Y/n slowly rolled herself on her back and opened her eyes.
Peter smiled and leaned down to kiss her nose.
"You already smudged your mascara," Peter chuckled and looked into his girlfriend's eyes.
"I'm sorry for not using waterproof mascara," y/n muttered.
Her boyfriend smiled gently, "that was a joke, love."
"Mhm," y/n hummed.
"I think someone needs a little visit," Peter teased and lifted his hands.
"No, Peter!" y/n started laughing when he started to tickle her sides.
Peter grinned, "say I'm the best."
His girlfriend shook her head, laughing and kicking with her legs to get Peter away.
"Sto-wp," y/n laughed, tears in her eyes and her face was slowly getting red.
"Say, Peter Parker is the best, and I'll stop," Peter grinned and continued his motions.
Y/n laughed, "okay! Pete-" she stopped from laughing. "Parker--" she needed to gasp for air. "Is...is the best!"
Peter finally stopped tickling y/n and smirked.
"You nearly killed me," y/n mumbled, panting and tried to get more air in her lungs.
"I would have stopped when I would have heard that you're not breathing any more" Peter grinned.
Y/n sat up and punched her boyfriend's shoulder.
"You're an idiot!" she complained.
Peter put his hands on her heated cheeks and rubbed his nose against hers.
"I love you too," he smiled gently.
Y/n giggled and let herself fall back on Peter's bed.
Peter smiled and started to wipe y/n's make up off, what caused her to smile.
"There's my girl," he smiled and stroked her cheek with his thumb.
Her eyes fluttered shut again, feeling safe in Peter's presence.
"Can you maybe roll over? I can't do anything with your hair when you keep laying on your back," Peter asked softly.
Y/n rolled over and pressed her face into the pillow.
"Do you even know how to do braids?" she mumbled into the pillow.
Peter was glad for his sensitive hearing, "no, but I'll figure it out."
"Just don't pull my hair out," y/n muttered.
To be honest, Peter hadn't any clue how to start and just started brushing the soft hair of his girlfriend. He saw her multiple times braiding her hair, but he had no clue how to start on the top.
"Can you give me some help?" Peter asked overwhelmed.
"There's this app called YouTube," y/n mumbled sarcastic.
"Okay, okay," Peter chuckled and gently rubbed her back while he took his phone with the other hand.
Peter felt like this was a master task to learn braiding.
Y/n loved it to feel the love Peter gave her.
"I'm already sorry for doing this," Peter chuckled nervously and gently scratched y/n's neck.
Peter smiled when he saw the little hairs on y/n's neck standing up.
"This stuff is harder than it looks," Peter commented, and slowly started to try to follow the actions in the video.
Y/n smiled into the pillow and just let Peter play with her hair. She knew that he wasn't able to make perfect braids, but she didn't care.
"I believe in you, bug boy," y/n snickered.
Peter grinned, "you need some new nicknames."
"Why?" she asked, but Peter didn't answer and just continued to make some really messy braids and cursed silently whenever another hair strand fell out again.
"I think I deserve something better than bug boy," Peter mumbled and frowned at the mess on his girlfriend's head.
Those braids definitely didn't look like they would usually.
"You are my bug boy," y/n giggled.
"Mhm, I'm doing something wrong here," Peter apologized.
Y/n started giggling and rolled on her back.
"Yea, I think you did something wrong," she laughed.
Peter pouted, but a small smile tugged on his lips. He was happy to see her laughing after the awful day you had.
"I love your cute giggles," Peter mumbled and leaned down to kiss y/n's nose with a smile.
"I love you," y/n mumbled back and closed her eyes.
"C'mon, let me try it again," Peter giggled.
Y/n nodded and rolled back on her stomach.
"I'll do it right this time," Peter promised and tried to remember every step.
"You can do it wrong a thousand times and I would still let you doing this," y/n smiled, because she loved the feeling of her boyfriend playing with her hair.
Peter grinned and tried it again, and again, and again.
To be honest, Peter wanted to give up after the third time, but at the fourth attempt it finally worked.
"Looks like I'm not an idiot," Peter grinned, but his girlfriend didn't answer.
"Y/n?" the teen asked gently and rubbed her back.
Peter slowly looked down at y/n's face and realized that she fell asleep.
"Good night, love," Peter mumbled and leaned down to kiss y/n's nose.
The teen got up and slowly pulled the blanket over his girlfriend before he took his phone out and snapped a picture of her.
To be honest, Peter was starving and wouldn't be able to sleep before he ate something.
So he left his bedroom and went to the kitchen, smiling over his beautiful girlfriend.
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hufflepuffs-and-hozier · 21 days ago
~Updated Masterlist~
*Last Updated* January 14th, 2021
Requestable Characters:
Shang Chi
Peter Parker (Both Tom Holland's and Andrew Garfield's)
Bucky Barnes
Shang Chi
Steve Rogers
Netflix Daredevil
Harry Potter
Fred Weasley
George Weasley
Sirius Black
Remus Lupin
Doctor Who
Criminal Minds
Spencer Reid
If a character's not on this list, it's probably because I've never written for them before. There's a chance I'll still write them, but please don't take it personally if I don't. Also just because you make a request does not mean I'll be able to follow through on it; I am a student with fluctuating mental health.
OFFICIAL MASTERLIST FOR hufflepuffs-and-hozier
Shang Chi
- He Thinks you're gorgeous!
- Excuse me, Bus Boy?
- Sleepy With You
- Take My Hand
TASM! Peter Parker
I've Already Lost (SERIES COMPLETE)
- I've Already Lost pt i
- I've Already Lost pt ii
- I've Already Lost pt iii
- I've Already Lost pt iv
- I've Already Lost pt v
- I've Already Lost pt vi
- I've Already Lost pt vii
- I've Already Lost pt viii
- I've Already Lost pt ix
- I've Already Lost pt x
⚡Harry Potter⚡
Twin Way Mirror master list
- Twin-Way Mirror pt I
- Twin-Way Mirror pt ii
- Twin-Way Mirror pt iii
- Twin-Way Mirror pt iv
- Twin-Way Mirror pt v
- Twin-Way Mirror pt vi
- Twin-Way Mirror pt vii
🌌Doctor Who🌌
- Lasso The Moon
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kota-bee · a month ago
So, imagine moaning extra loud when masturbating so Steve and Bucky here and walk in and all you do is look at them and say “Gonna stand there and watch or you gonna join” and oohhh they go feral🥵
Pairing: Steve x reader x Bucky
Warnings: smut, some stucky content, use of a vibrator, dom!bucky, praise, multiple orgasms, like one spank, double penetration, fingering, I think that’s it
A/N: this made me buck wild and I just had too. This prompt is just 😮‍💨 thanks anon for this one
Requests: open and begging to be filled
You ran the bright pink vibrator over your throbbing clit, letting out a loud, guttural moan. You didn’t put any effort into keeping quiet, you had a plan. You were in the compound alone with Steve and Bucky. You three tip toed and danced around each other. Sending flirtatious looks and words around like it was a casual conversation. Desperate touches and quick glances were all you three had managed. Alone time wasn’t easy to come by. If they decided to walk in that would be it, If they didn’t? Oh well, still got to cum.
Another loud, unabashed moan left your plump lips echoing through the room, concealing the noise of the door creaking open. Steve peeked in the door with a sly grin, Bucky leering behind him. The sight was mouthwatering, your blissed out face drove them both wild. Another creak of the door pulled your eyes towards them. Your lips spreading into a mischievous smile as you took them in. The bulges in their pants were enough for you.
“Gonna stand there and watch? Or are you gonna make yourselves useful?” You purred, bringing your hand up to squeeze your breast teasingly. You expected Steve to make the first move, take the lead like usual. Instead, Bucky pushed past him and stalked towards you, peeling his shirt off on his way. You had no time to take the beautiful sight in before Bucky grabbed your vibrator from you roughly.
“You really seem to like this thing doll. Let’s see just how much you can take of it hmm?” Bucky hummed, shooting Steve a dirty look. Steve chuckled and followed buckys path, sitting next to him, trailing kisses along his neck. The sight was intoxicating, you knew they were together but my god, seeing it was something else.
You were too focused on the pair to actually process what Bucky was doing. He turned the toy up two notches before pressing it against your cunt. You about jumped off the bed from the intensity, the vibrations melting your brain. Steve’s hands came down to hold you in place roughly. Watching your face scrunch and contort in pleasure.
“If it’s too much just say so pretty girl. We’re in no rule to be gentle, this has been building for weeks and hearing those little noises you make through a wall hasn’t helped” Steve growled, his thumbs digging into your hips, surely leaving bruises.
You let out a scream as your orgasm over took you, catching you by surprise. Bucky clicked the toy up a level again and watched as your eyes rolled back and your body went completely lax. You felt the pleasure in your bones, your lungs failing you desperately. You let out a week groan when it became painful, shoeing buckys hand away with a grunt.
“Gotta say pretty girl, for how much you use that, you didn’t last too long” Steve hummed, Bucky snorting in agreement. You tried to respond with wit but your brain was already fried beyond belief. You settled on one word “strip” that single word made both men chuckle and stand.
They gave you a chance to catch your breath by taking their sweet time. They put a show on for you, kissing and palming the other. You noticed Bucky seemed to be in charge, his touches were confident and affirmed. Steve’s were more shy and needy, like he was afraid Bucky would disappear.
“How do you want us baby girl” Bucky hummed, stroking his leaking cock. You had an idea, it probably wouldn’t be comfortable at first because it’s been so long, but oh god it would be amazing. “In my top drawer theirs some lube. Grab it. I want you both. Now” you instructed firmly, finally finding you voice.
Steve complied, grabbing both lube and two condoms, handing one to Bucky to put on. “Gonna get you ready then while Bucky watches m’kay?” Steve said gently, running a hand up and down your legs soothingly. The small motions felt so incredibly dirty. you relaxed back into the pillows and spread your legs as wide as they could, giving Steve all the access he needed. Steve groaned at the sight of your glistening folds and swollen clit.
“Steve, baby, I know you like to take your time but please hurry up” bucky panted out, his dominant act cracking slightly. Steve rolled his eyes dramatically but did resume his mission. He opened the bottle up and dropped some over your tight muscle. His finger traced your hole slowly before pushing in gently. Your hips bucked and you let out a small pained moan. Steve pressed forward, obviously practiced in this department.
He slowly increased his speed, loosening you up before adding a second finger, a loud moan following. “Doing so good doll” Bucky praised, looking at you from your desk chair. You were panting and squirming, desperate to get to the real thing. Steve scissored his fingers before pulling them out slowly, watching your face the whole time.
“Switch places with me sweet thing” Steve instructed with a small swat to your hips. You let out a little squeal as you rolled over shakily. Steve pulled your hips to straddle him. You had to be honest, they were both huge, Bucky thicker than Steve. Taking Steve deep on top wasn’t an easy task. You sank down on him painfully slow. The burn rode a fine line between pain and pleasure.
Once you were firmly seated on him, feeling already impossibly full, Bucky stood up. You had to fight to stay still as Bucky climbed up on the bed and gripped your hips. Bucky hummed softly at your obedience as he spread lube across his thick cock. The initial push into your ass was painful. You groaned and collapsed forward onto Steve, grasping at his shoulders helplessly.
“Relax sweet heart. It’ll feel good soon” Bucky cooed, stroking his hands along your skin. You sighed and did you best to obey. Bucky was able to slide home successfully. The pair were completely still as you were shaking between them. You were so close to the edge already, you didn’t know how much you could take of this.
“Move pease. Fuck. Please” you cried out. The two responded immediately, finding a slow pushing and grinding pattern. They thrusted deep into you, hitting all the spots inside of you. The three of you let out a symphony of pornographic moans. It was so slow but felt strikingly fast and intense.
“M’gonna cum. Feels so good” you moaned weakly, shaking from pleasure. “Close behind you doll. Cum with us” Bucky hissed, suddenly thrusting faster and harder into your ass, Steve mimicking in your pussy. Four more rough strong thrusts sent you rocketing over the edge, pulling them over with you. You let out cries of their names mixed with explicit words.
Bucky pulled out first, groaning at how tight your ass suddenly felt. Steve pressed kisses against your jaw as he rolled over with you, his softening dick pulling out of you. You were shaking like a leaf while the boys cleaned themselves up and returned with water and a cloth for you. You grumbled when Bucky ran it over your sensitive cunt. “If this is gonna continue you gotta stop whining about being taken care of” Bucky instructed. Your heart fluttered at the thought that this could happen again.
Steve rolled into your bed and pulled him against your side. Bucky followed suit on the other side. You were squashed between two super soldiers, both of which you had just fucked. Your life was weird.
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itenkii · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Idk what to say..
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noraesthetiic · 17 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
an unwanted guest
(original minicomic idea given by @lady-dmaris)
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the-lady-writes-what · a month ago
Tumblr media
So sorry it took so long to get to this request, @sbree-killer. And, no, I haven’t actually watched Rio all the way through. I mostly know it through pop culture osmosis, but I know the plot for the most part. It’s a really cute idea for Hawks and I think it suits him perfectly. What a wonderful suggestion!
Harpy! Hawks x Harpy! Female
No content warnings! SFW
“Keigo” was the name the humans affectionally called him. He crept out of the transportation vehicle to find himself in the lush green jungle, unpolluted by time and destruction. The humans’ vehicle left him to find his own way. Keigo stretched his wings for the first time and felt the wind on his unclipped wings. He soared to the highest branch and perched there to see all that his eyes could survey. All around him, jungle trees thrived in undisturbed serenity. The black smoke of construction, the noisome beat of machinery, and the too-bright skyscrapers were nowhere in sight. Keigo was free. Really, truly free. 
Keigo observed his new home soaring over the treetops with his red wings basking in the warm sun. The air smelled the purest, so did the earth and the trees. It felt more like home every minute he could spread his wings and fly over the landscape. 
Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted red wings not unlike his own. Keigo flew a little closer to get a better look. A creature just like him with red wings to carry them over the tree tops. She had talons like him on her hands and feet. She had the same markings on her face. Keigo’s heart skipped a beat. Was this what the humans called ‘love at first sight?’ The female glanced over her shoulder as she flew. Keigo was flying close behind and catching up. She sneered at him and dove underneath the canopy. 
“Hey wait!” Keigo shouted. 
Without thinking or hesitating, Keigo dove with her. The female tried to hide herself amongst the broad leaves of a tree, but her bright red wings stood out against the green and there was no leaf big enough to hide her from Keigo’s perceptive eyes. He perched himself on a branch below her. Keigo sat and simply stared. It’d been so long since he saw someone just like him. She was beautiful. Heat washed over him and Keigo’s face turned about as red as his wings. 
Their first meeting was uneventful. There was more pinning and staring involved than conversations. The female seemed uninterested in Keigo much to his chagrin and that of the scientists secretly observing their interactions. Day by day, the female foraged for food with Keigo lurking nearby, only ever watching out for predators. Whether she didn’t know he was there or grew accustomed to his presence, she took no notice of him. After several days of dancing around, Keigo plucked a vibrant flower growing near a waterfall and flew off to search for her. 
Keigo found her combing her hair with comb she fashioned out of a fish spine. She’d just finished bathing in a river when Keigo landed a few yards away. She jumped a little but didn’t immediately take off. Keigo approached slowly and carefully. He tucked his wings behind him to appear smaller. Keigo held out the pink and white lily to her. When the female didn’t immediately take it, Keigo’s shoulders slumped. He left it at her feet and flew off. 
A few days later, he dried again. This time he brought a bowl of nuts and fruits he collected. Keigo left it outside of the hut she made of twigs and leaves bound with hemp. With her nowhere in sight, Keigo left his gift and returned to his own little hut. 
Keigo, determined at one last chance, built a proper nest. He spent days gathering the best sticks and branches to form the nest near the canopy where the tree tops offered the freshest air and protection. He padded the sides with caked mud for security. The nest was stuffed with soft leaves and roots and draped in animal hides. When he looked over the work he’d done, Keigo smiled. He took off quick as lightning to find her. She perched on a rock, preening her wings. Keigo approached carefully and quietly. 
“My name’s Keigo,” said he.
For a moment, the female didn’t say a word. Keigo waited and waited. For a moment, he thought that she would never answer. His body shrank in on itself, the will to continue this courtship was sputtering out. All of his hard work meant nothing. But then, she looked up. 
Keigo beamed. He raised his head and smiled. “Would you please come with me? I-I want to show you something.” 
“Will I like it?” She asked. 
“You won’t know until I show you!” Keigo answered excitedly. 
Together, Keigo and Y/N flew over the treetops until they happened upon Keigo’s tree. He perched himself above the nest to let Y/N inspect his handiwork. She examined every aspect of the nest. When she saw what he’d been working on, a flutter entered her chest. The animals couldn't talk to her and Keigo was the only male of her species for miles around. She could, possibly, learn to love him. Looking up, Keigo’s  eyes were as bright as the sun. He was waiting for her answer with bated breath. 
Y/N flew to his perch and settled next to him. With gentle teeth, she nibbled on his wings to preen them. 
Y/N chuckled at Keigo’s bashfulness. “Shut up and let me fix your wings. You’re absolutely filthy.”
I know it was short and sweet, but I hope you like it!
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lcandothisallday · a month ago
Hello, may i request a jack Harlow scenario where he and the reader go on there first date together? Please and thank you!❤️
First Time Nerves - Jack Harlow
Pairing: Jack Harlow x f!reader
Summary: Jack is nervous for a first date when he really shouldn't be
Warning: slightest mention of smoking, fluff, NOT EDITED (so like bare with me😩)
A/N: was really contemplating making this smutty but I got nervous at writing it lol.
“Man, I don’t know why I’m so nervous,” Jack told Urban with a groan as his hand ran down his face.
“Why’d you even ask her out, man?” Urban asked, looking at his best friend. “You don’t do the whole dating scene,” he stated matter of factly.
Jack sighed. He knew this was true, yet with you, he was so compelled to ask you out and he didn’t know why. Just something about you made him mesmerized. He found himself thinking about you often since first meeting you. And for how sly and confident Jack usually was with the girls he liked, he found himself constantly stuttering around you and turning the slightest shades of red when you complimented him. Hell--even when you smiled his way he would get butterflies in his stomach and feel like he’d throw up.
“Yeah I know--that’s part of the reason why I’m so nervous,” Jack groaned. “But I like her, Urb. I can’t explain it--she just, she does things to me,” he said, biting his lip anxiously. “I just don’t wanna fuck it up.”
Urban laughed, his look completely teasing as he took a puff of the blunt he had between his fingers. “Dude--you’re gonna get fucking whipped.”
Jack took in a deep breath, leaning against the outside of his car for you to come out. You told him to text you when he was here, feeling like there was no need for him to go up five flights of your apartment building to escort you.
When you emerged from out of your building’s door, he swore his breath got caught in his throat, his mouth going agape slightly. He swore he had never seen a girl so beautiful before. He had told you prior that he was taking you out to a fancier restaurant so you dressed the part and definitely didn’t disappoint.
Approaching him, you tucked a piece of your hair behind your ear and smiled softly at him. “Hey,” you greeted, going in for a quick hug. “You look really nice,” you mused, taking in the nice outfit he put together.
Finally collecting himself, Jack scoffed playfully. “You’re the one who looks absolutely stunning,” he breathed out, his hand moving to rest against your lower back. 
And boy--was your reaction everything he had wished and more. Your face heated up instantly, forcing you to look away which made him grin widely. In that moment, it felt like all of his confidence had returned and his nerves settled down a bit. If he had you reacting like this all night, then he had nothing to worry about.
You murmured a shy thank you, before he opened up the passenger side door and urged you in.
You made it to the restaurant and sat down, appreciating the fact that Jack had requested a more secluded corner for the two of you. 
The date was going extremely well. He had you in a constant fit of giggles, shaking your head playfully at his obscure humour. He revelled in the fact that he was able to make you laugh, thinking the sound of it was slowly becoming his favourite thing.
“Jack? Can I--can I ask you something?”
“Shoot,” he mused, his elbows resting on the table before he brought his hands up and intertwined his fingers together, his chin leaning against it.
“Why’d you ask me out?” you asked softly. “I mean--I’m not your type,” you mumbled, biting your lip nervously.
Jack smirked and leaned back against his chair. “How do you know what my type is like?” he mused in question.
You rolled your eyes, “I’ve seen the kind of girls you hang out with--”
“Those girls--the ones you assume are my type--those are the girls I hook up with once then have them sign an NDA...you’re...you’re the type of girl I actually ask out on a date and spend a week feeling worked up and nervous at the possibility that it won’t go right,” he breathed out in a confession. This caused your eyes to widen.
“You were nervous?”
He nodded to confirm before he smiled, his hand reaching across the table to hold yours. “Yeah--Urb thinks you’re getting me whipped,” he laughed. “I like you, Y/N. A lot. And I want this to work out.” 
“Me too,” you said, your smile turning into a grin. 
“Do you want to come up for a bit?” you asked Jack nervously. “We can like...watch a movie or something?” you suggested.
Jack smirked and looked at you with a playfully raised brow. “You want me to come up, huh?” he teased, insinuating that you meant something more than a simple movie.
This caused you to groan and for your face to heat up. “Just, a movie...c’mon” you said, your hand grabbing his as you pulled him along. “It’ll be your pick,” you mused.
The both of you entered your apartment and did in fact start a movie. However, you were hopeful that he would instigate something with you but he never did. His fingers stayed intertwined with yours as he wholeheartedly payed attention to the movie and the movie only. He really did want to take this slow.
“Can you just kiss me already?” you blurted out, about halfway through the movie.
Jack startled before he threw his head back in laughter. “Thought you’d never ask,” he breathed, his hand cupping your face before he practically smashed his lips to yours. 
You moaned softly into the kiss, engaging him further as your arms came up and wrapped around his neck. “Fuck--you’ve got me so bricked up,” he groaned. 
“I know you said earlier you wanted to take things slow...but I want you,” you spoke softly, your lips ghosting over his as you looked up at him through your lashes. “You were such a gentlemen all night and fuck--I don’t wanna move too fast but I like you a lot Jack,” you mumbled, finding yourself playing with the curls at the nape of his neck. “And I don’t want this to be a one night thing.”
Jack kissed you softly once more. “It won’t be,” he whispered. “Now let me make you feel good,” he grinned, laying you back against the couch and devouring your lips in another heated kiss.
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icanhearitcallin · 2 months ago
Can u write a Smut about ddlg with Jaemin where the reader calls him Nana and he calls her princess? With like somnophilia (with unmentioned but prior consent of course), where the reader doesn't immediately wake up, and a hint of dumbification?
Jaemin comes home after a long, rough day of being one of the richest CEO’s in town. Sighing, he opens the door to your shared appartement. “Princess!” He calls out, but not a sound is heard. He steps further inside, setting his briefcase down and taking off his suit jacket. Loosening the tie thats had been restricting him all day. “Daddy’s home!” He tries again, but the appartement keeps quiet. He furrows his eyebrows, but soon knows where to find you at this hour.
He smiles when he sees you sleeping soundly on the queensized bed. You wanted to surprise him. Wait for him to come home to you in a new set of expensive lingerie and his dress shirt, wearing nothing else. But since he had to work overtime, you couldnt help but steal a little nap.
Jaemin knows your antics by now and chuckles at your state. Laying down on your stomach, one leg hiked up revealing some frilly pink panties. The dress shirt over over shoulder, showing a matching pink brastrap. Your face a little smushed against the pillow. He comes a little closer and grunts. Seeing you in these clothes and yet being so cute does something tho him. He gets rid of his tie, undoes a couple of buttons and strides over to the side of the bed. Hand reaching your clothed core in no time.
You two did this often, waking each other up like this. After a long night of talking through your kinks, you decided to give each other the green light. This time is no different. His fingers rub your entrance, eyes never leaving your face. He presses a little harder, fingers moving a little faster. A little sound escapes your mouth, if Jaemin wasn’t observing your every move and sound, he would’ve missed it.
He gets a little more impatient and hooks two fingers on the seat of your panties, holding it aside for his tongue to pass. He hums when he tastes your sweet core. This time, you do stir a little in your sleep. He stops for a moment, but when he’s certain you havent woken up yet, he continues.
After some minutes of eating you out, he adds a finger. Your mouth leaves a moan as he pumps it in and out of your hole, tongue never leaving the bundle of nerves beneath it. With heavy lids, you blink once, twice before waking up. Getting hit by waves of pleasure while doing so. “D-daddy?” You call out. Voice hoarse and shaking.
“Hey princess” Jaemin smiles against your core, getting rougher now you’ve woken up. He grabs your ass with both hands, thumbs opening up your core as he dives back in with his tongue. You are unable to register what is happing fully and drop your head back down on the pillow. Mouth agape to let your moans out freely.
He replaces his tongue with two fingers and sits up to look at you. “Ahw baby, is my little princess still sleepy huh” he coos with fake sympathy while grabbing a fist full of hair. Yanking your head to look back up at him. You can’t even answer his question as he adds a third finger. “You wanted to surprise me by being a good little slut huh? But you can’t even stay awake baby” he adds, his condescending tone being music to your ears. Words going straight to your already tingling core.
“D-daddy” you manage to moan out. Pleasure getting the best of you as you feel your high coming dangerously close. “What is it princess? You gonna come?” He smiles wickedly. You can only nod. Eyes rolling back into your skull, hands fisting the sheets beneath you and tongue lolling out as youre so close to or-
He takes his fingers out at the last second. You lay there for a moment. Your brain needing to register Jaemin taking away your oh-so-close orgasm. Once it finally sinks in, you unclench your body, whining and making grabby hands to your daddy. Who is just laughing sadistically beside the bed. “Oh baby, why dont you show me first what you had in mind?” He laughs while taking his shirt off. “Or did I fuck you dumb already?”
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ddejavvu · 2 months ago
reader being witty and sarcastic when talking to Sirius and he can't help but murmur, 'she's so hot'
he's such a sucker for teasing and then it gets turned back on him and he just 😵
"Fancy meeting you here, L/n," the voice sends your stomach twisting, but out of dread or excitement, you can't tell.
You look up to meet Sirius Black's eyes, glancing around at the classroom you both sit in for six hours every week.
"Black, we've been in this class together for years, and you're surprised to see me?"
Sirius' grin falters, and his friends snicker from behind him, "Nevermind that, wanna be partners for today's lesson?"
"I'd rather jump off of the astronomy tower into the black lake and let the giant squid rip me to pieces."
Sirius's eyes widen continually throughout your very detailed admission, but he manages to spin even that around, "Seems like you've thought about that a lot, am I always on your mind like that?"
"Only in my bloody nightmares."
“Well I’m afraid you don’t have time to get to the astronomy tower before the lesson,” He plops down beside you, “so you’re stuck with me.”
“No, no, go sit with one of your mates, please, I don’t wanna deal with this right now.”
“Too late.” Sirius grins, gesturing up at Professor Slughorn, who begins speaking as if on cue.
You huff, slumping over in your chair so that your chin rests lazily on your hand. You spend most of the lesson like this, until Slughorn finally instructs everyone to begin brewing their potions. You flip open your textbook, skimming the ingredients list and scribbling down its contents. You slap the scrap of parchment onto the desk beside Sirius’s hand, not bothering to look him in the eyes as you turn back to the empty cauldron.
“Black, would you go and fetch these for me?”
A grin appears on Sirius’s face at your small interaction, and he stands hastily, “ ‘course. Be right back.”
You’re granted only a moment of silence before he returns, neglecting his seat beside you and instead electing to lean against your desk, sleeves rolled up his arms and tie dangling into the cauldron. 
You reach a hand up to save it from being dipped into the already-simmering liquid, tugging on it to steer him back around to his seat. This only riles him up further, and you don’t dare look in his direction, not wanting to egg him on.
“Jesus, L/N, I didn’t know you were this kinky. I mean, really, you’re acting like I’m a dog on a leash.”
“Black, if you were my dog, I’d have sent you to the pound already.”
He turns away, but you hear a faint, “So bloody hot.” that makes your stomach begin twisting again.
”Did you just admit to finding that hot? God, you have issues.”
You can hear Sirius’s friends laughing from behind you, no doubt eagerly waiting until class was over so that they could tease their friend, but you go back to working on the potion, ignoring their taunting, and especially ignoring the smirk on Sirius’s face.
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