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alisonsfics · a day ago
summer days and sundresses
pairing: bucky barnes x reader
request: “maybe Bucky’s kryptonite are sundresses. He can’t control his reaction since he has feelings for the reader but never voiced them. It makes him act when he see’s others reactions and leads to pent up sexual tension sex because the both have been dancing around each other not admitting their feelings. SMUT and fluff please!” - @msunravelled
word count: 2.5k
warnings: smut, unprotected sex, fingering, handjob, swearing, semi-public sex, definite sundress kink, exhibitionism kinda, minors DNI
Tumblr media
“Morning, Buck.” Steve and Natasha chorused as Bucky walked into the kitchen. He gave them a sleepy smile before making a bowl of cereal.
He joined the both of them at the island. “So, you have any plans today?” Steve asked, looking towards Bucky. He shook his head, still barely awake. “Come on, Barnes. It’s our day off. You should go out and do something. Maybe you could finally ask out you-know-who.” Natasha said, smirking at Bucky.
Bucky instantly straightened up in his seat and glanced around the room to make sure you were nowhere to be seen. The pair couldn’t help but giggle at his wide-eyed expression.
“She could hear you.” Bucky hissed. Bucky wasn’t normally super paranoid or jumpy, everything was different with you. Everyone knew Bucky was head over heels for you, well everyone except you.
“Why don’t you ask her out? You’ve liked her for two years. I guarantee she likes you too, but she won’t be single forever.” Steve explained.
The only thing that scared Bucky more than confessing his feelings was seeing you with another man.
The chemistry between the two of you was undeniable. You both had come so close to finally confessing, but it never happened. The team had been rooting for you both to finally get together.
They noticed the giddy smiles on your faces when you were alone together. They noticed how your eyes always found each other from across the room. They noticed how you both danced around your feelings for two years.
Then, you walked in.
Bucky was fucking mesmerized. He froze in his seat as his eyes trailed over your floral sundress. “Good morning guys.” You said, with a kind smile.
“Wow,” Bucky mumbled under his breath. He noticed how his heart sped up as he laid eyes on you. The dress ended right below your ass and fit you perfectly.
“You look amazing. This dress is gorgeous. Wouldn’t you say so Barnes?” Natasha started with a genuine compliment, but was always acting as a wingwoman.
Bucky choked on his cup of coffee, and he felt his face become eight different shades of red. “What? Do you not like it?” You asked. You had picked the dress out specifically hoping Bucky would like it, and you were really worried that it had the opposite effect.
“No no no. It’s great, it really is.” He rambled, having to mentally remind himself to look at your eyes and nothing else.
Bucky was reminded of why he had never asked you out: you made Bucky nervous, really nervous.
All he wanted to do was tell you how pretty you were and kiss you. Every time he tried to ask you out, he would say the wrong thing. Two years of pining had really gotten to him. There was no pressure towards the beginning, but now he wanted it all to be perfect.
You and Bucky knew how to perfectly press each other’s buttons. No one knew whether or not you both did it on purpose.
“I’m going to go out with some friends. I’ll see you all later.” You said, smiling as you left the compound.
“What the fuck am I going to do?” Bucky muttered under his breath. He ran his fingers through his hair, tugging on the strands. The stool squeaked against the floor as Bucky forcefully stood off and marched towards his room.
“Have fun with your cold shower, Barnes.” Natasha joked, unable to keep the smirk off her face. Bucky’s response was simple: his middle finger flying up as he walked away.
Somehow everyday it got harder for Bucky to keep his feelings a secret. Sometimes that was because all he wanted to do was pull you into his arms and tell you how much you meant to him. Sometimes it was because he wanted to pin you against the wall and make you scream his name. At this moment, it was the latter.
After a very long shower, Bucky knew he needed a distraction.
He headed out the side doors of the compound and walked over to the outside gym, where there were various weights and training equipment.
When a car pulled up in the driveway, it naturally took Bucky’s attention. He quickly noticed you in the passenger seat, and then he noticed a guy in the drivers seat. He felt his fists clench at his side as he watched the man’s gaze.
This mystery guy was having a hard time not letting his eyes roll down your chest. Finally, after what felt like years to Bucky, you got out of the car and the mysterious man drove away.
You quickly noticed Bucky outside. He was the only one around and he was shirtless, so it’s no surprise he caught your attention.
“Hey, James.” You said, giggling as you walked up to him. Bucky groaned and tried to hide his smile. He placed down his weights and took a sip of his water. “I told you not to call me that.” He said, leaning back against the cold, concrete walls of the compound.
Bucky hated when everyone called him James, but something in him almost found it cute when you did it. He couldn’t let you or anyone else know that though.
He could hear his heartbeat in his ears as you walked closer to him. “That’s a really pretty dress.” Bucky said, surprised that he actually said it out loud.
You gave him a small appreciate smile. Neither of you knew what to say. Bucky’s mind raced as he tried to come up with something to say.
“So how was your date?” He asked, the words once again coming out of his mouth before he thought them through. He wanted to hit himself in the face. He knew it made him sound jealous, but it just slipped out.
He waited, anxiously, for your reaction. You just stood there with your eyebrows furrowed, until you finally realized what he meant. “That wasn’t a date, Bucky.” You assured him. He breathed a sigh of relief.
“Why do you seem so relieved that it wasn’t a date?” You asked, a small smirk forming on your face. For the first time, you were taking a step towards confessing your feelings, or getting Bucky to confess his.
Bucky's eyes went wide. Part of him thought he misheard you.
He couldn’t come up with a single coherent thought, so he stood there in silence.
It forced you to make the next move.
You took a few more steps towards him, so you were only inches apart. You placed your hands on each of his shoulders. You were reminded that he was shirtless, as the heat radiated off his chest. “Were you relieved that it wasn’t a date?” You asked, cocking your head to the side.
The close proximity gave Bucky the perfect view down the front of your dress. He forced himself to look into your eyes and tried to ignore how close you were to him. He shut his eyes for a second, trying to stop the effect your dress was having on him.
He couldn’t.
“You have no fucking idea.” He said, quickly before pulling you into a kiss. You kissed him back instantly, letting your hands caress his chest as his arms wrapped around your waist.
He loved the feeling of your body pressed up against his. It felt perfect.
He quickly spun you around and pinned you against the wall. He ran his hands up and down your sides, wanting to touch you everywhere. He’d dreamed about what it would be like to hold you. It was passing all his expectations.
Your mouths met in a quick and passionate kiss. The kiss was rushed. You both had wanted each other for too long.
His tongue grazed over your bottom lip. You whimpered as he tugged on your bottom lip with his teeth.
“This dress has been driving me crazy.” He mumbled against your lips. His hands slipped under your dress and he grasped at your ass. “I hoped you would like it.” You said, smirking.
You pulled away to gasp for air, resting your head against the building. He peppered kisses down your collarbone, stopping once he got to the top of your dress. He left wet kisses all over your chest.
You noticed how his eyes had darkened with lust. He quickly looked around, making sure the two of you were alone. “Hey, I have an idea.” He whispered, cupping your face. You could tell from his expression that it was going to be a naughty idea.
“I wanna take you right here, sweetheart.” He told you, placing kisses in the palm of your hand. You felt like your face was on fire. You quickly looked around the empty yard.
No one was around, but anyone could come outside at any moment.
“Are you turned on?” He asked, as you squirmed under his gaze. You felt even more embarrassed as he figured you out. “But it’s so risky,” you complained.
He pulled you into another quick kiss. “I know that excites you. I can see it in your eyes, sweetheart.” He said, cupping your ass through your dress.
“Fuck me, Barnes.” You said, simply. As soon as you gave him permission, his hands were up your dress. He cursed under his breath when he felt how wet you were.
It was sinful. He should have been ashamed by how turned on he was already. He couldn’t help it. He had been dreaming of this moment for years.
His hand slipped under your lace panties. “You alright there, James?” You teased, feeling his erection pressed against your leg.
“You’re fucking dripping.” He mumbled, a quiet moan falling from his lips. You continued to smirk. You moved your hand under your dress and guided his fingers through your folds. “You gonna finger fuck me or are you just teasing?” You questioned.
The question brought him back into reality, and he curled his fingers inside of you. You whimpered and leaned your head back against the wall. “Not so cocky now, huh?” He said, proceeding to push his fingers in and out of you.
You jutted your hips against his hand. “That’s what I thought.” He said, chuckling. You made no effort to hide the moans that effortlessly fell from your lips.
He pushed his thumb up against your clit and drew tight circles. You squealed. His hand clasped over your mouth, while applying more pressure to your clit. “Gotta stay quiet,” he told you. You nodded your head.
You bit down on your lip, trying to hold back your moans. “You look so fuckin’ sexy when you do that.” Bucky said, meeting your lips in a kiss. You could feel his very prominent erection, still pressed up against your thigh.
You palmed him through his gym shorts, which weren’t leaving much to the imagination. “Oh, baby. What are you doing?” He moaned out.
“We can both feel good, just keep going.” You told him. He nodded, returning his attention to you. He added another finger, causing you to gasp. You gripped his cock through his shorts.
He noticed that you were already pulsing around his fingers. “Are you close?” He mumbled, breathlessly. You nodded, biting down on your lip. He moved his fingers faster. You leaned your forehead against his shoulder, you were panting as you slipped your hand into his shorts.
You tried to focus on making him feel good, but all you could think about was how close you were. You wrapped your hand around his cock, earning a groan from him.
“I’m really…almost,” you moaned, squeezing your eyes shut. You came on his fingers, calling out his name. “There you go, sweetheart.” He said, coaxing you down from your orgasm.
He moved your hand out of his shorts. “I want you to finish too.” You told him. He shook his head. “Please just let me fuck you up against this wall.” His words came out as a beg.
You could tell how much he needed you. You pulled his cock out of his boxers, rubbing your thumb over his tip. He cursed under his breath, pushing his hips into your hand.
You heard a loud ripping sound, and then saw Bucky put your ripped panties in his pocket. “I need you.” He mumbled, lining himself up. You were almost drooling as you looked down at his cock.
He slowly pushed his tip into you, not wanting to hurt you. “Please go faster,” you begged him.
You were literally begging for his cock, and he couldn’t resist. His pushed himself inside of you, until he bottomed out. You mouth fell open as you tried to adjust to his size. “You feel so good around me.” He praised, pressing a kiss to your ear lobe.
He grabbed ahold of your hips before thrusting into you again. You held back a moan and tugged on his hair.
You grabbed his hands and moved them away from your hips. You moved his hands to the back of your thighs before grabbing his shoulders and jumping up.
He realized what you were doing and caught you. “Look at you so desperate to get fucked against this wall.” He teased, wrapping your legs around his waist.
He began effortlessly thrusting in and out of you. All you could do was moan as he fucked you into oblivion.
“You feel so good.” You mumbled, connecting Bucky’s lips in a kiss. His mouth muffled your moans, which was good because neither of you were trying to alert the rest of the compound to your current activity.
His lips slotted against yours. He softly bit down on your lip, earning another moan from you.
“Do you know how fucking wonderful this dress is? Is that why you wore it? Did you know I wouldn’t be able to resist you?” He whispered in your ear. His dirty words made you whimper.
When you didn’t respond, he attached his lips behind your ear. He softly sucked on the skin, surprised when you let out a loud moan. “Is that your sweet spot?” He asked, repeating the motion.
You buried your face in his neck, trying to muffle the sounds coming from you. “I love making you feel good.” He told you, speeding up his pace.
The sound of his wet thrusts were only turning you on more. “I’m gonna cum, sweetheart.” He mumbled, pressing a quick kiss to your lips. “Me too,” you mumbled.
You could feel his thrusts start getting sloppier. You pushed your hips forward to meet his. Bucky let out a low grunt as he came inside of you. His thrusts were messy as he pulled your lips into a kiss.
It wasn’t long before you were cumming. You both gasped for air, trying to recover. You wiped his hair away from his sweaty forehead.
“I am so fucking crazy about you.” He said, grabbing the back of your neck and kissing you. “I’m pretty crazy about you too.” You said, with a giant smile on your face.
taglist: @laurakirsten0502​ @miraclesoflove​ @nathaliabakes @millipop18 @azghedaheda @shyinadarkplace @vanteguccir @missroro @bookfrog242 @buckys-doll17 @ice-dtae @leyannrae @sia2raw @nyx2021 @just-a-littlebit-of-everything @shyconversationalbookworm @shadowhuntyi @lovelokiqueen @ruzannetheseahorse @superdeath @wandaswifeyforlifey @spookyqueen @heyamina @sunwardsss @studentville-struggles @impossibleapricotlampbat @infjkiki @weirdfishy @lickmymelaninn @hailey-a-s @andreasworlsboring101 @glassesandthunderthighs @holding-on-to-my-youth @fanofalltheficsx @lukes-orange-beanie @golden-hoax @mostly-marvel-musings @madisondelstan @spookyparadisesheep @n3ssm0nique @beyondthesefourwalls @basicfangirlx @v-is-obsessive @i-wish-i-knew-what-i-was @reniescarlett @multiplums @alotofrandomfangirling @bbl32 @who-the-hell-is-sebastianstan @stressydepressyandlemonzesty @faykyrie @dorothea-hwldr @cherryyxbabyy @lovethemfictionalboys @starsdancegirl
Let me know if you want to be added to my taglist for all my imagines or for a specific character/fandom!!
Requests OPEN
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lokifantasies · 16 hours ago
Summary: It's Jade's birthday, and you and Loki have made her the happiest she's been in a long time.
Character(s): Loki, Jade, Reader
Read the Mischievous Life series here!
Follow Jade, Loki, and Reader!
Taglist! (click here to join a taglist!)
@mortallythoughtfulgurl @xoxoloverb @geeky-politics-46 @nms224 @melianisnothere @holdmytesseract @agentkinghorn @mm2305 @shraddhadeveshvikram @itsybitchylittlewitchy @fa-me @lougy @1marvelnerd3000@emerald-alone @jeongadelarinia @donttouchmylaevateinn
Tumblr media
Jade wakes up – a smile on her face for the first time in what seems like an eternity. Your and Loki's eldest daughter has hit her sweet sixteen – a day she's been looking forward to for over a year. The only thing that puts a sort of dark cloud over her day is the impending trial that she'll have to testify at in a couple of months, and you and Loki know there's no way her trauma has healed completely.
She's only been sleeping in her own room for a few days now.
You and Loki want to help her in whatever way you can, and when she brought up wanting a Dalmatian a few days before her birthday, you and Loki instantly jumped on it, and Loki managed to find the perfect little puppy for his daughter.
"Oh my God!" Jade squeals – walking into the kitchen to see Loki holding a small Dalmatian with a purple bow around his neck. "Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!"
You and Loki can't help but to grin at her excitement – her literally jumping up and down as she approaches the small dog. "Mom, dad...really?"
"Yes," Loki confirms – handing the little guy over to his new mother.
You approach her and pet the puppy's head. "I'm going to take such good care of him," Jade swears to you.
"Oh, I know you will sweetie," you respond – pulling her into a hug with the puppy still in her arms. "And we hope that he'll help take care of you too."
Jade holds the puppy out in front of her body to get a good look at him – tears in her eyes starting to gather from her excitement and love.
"Stripes," Jade says with a smile.
You and Loki give each other a confused but intrigued look. "Stripes?" Loki asks with a chuckle.
"Yes," Jade nods, "Stripes – because he has spots, and Spot is such a common name."
You giggle at your daughter's reasoning – you and Loki ultimately finding it to be adorable. "I think Stripes is a precious name," you say – petting the puppy once more before making Jade her birthday breakfast.
While you're cooking, Jade and Loki go to the living room and sit down on the sofa – Stripes never leaving Jade's arms.
"Dad, can you conceal him so I can take him to school with me?" Jade asks with wide eyes. "Please?"
Loki chuckles at his daughter. "No, my love," he denies. "He'll be here when you get home. How about we bring him on the way, and when I come to pick you up, he'll be with me?"
Jade holds her new puppy tightly – wanting to never let go of him. "You'll take care of him, right?"
"Yes, my love," Loki smiles. "You're mother and I have raised five kids...I think we can take care of a puppy."
Jade looks at her father suspiciously. "Stripes is your grandson, okay? If anything happens to him -,"
"Then you'll murder me," Loki cuts her off. Jade nods and kisses Stripes small head. "Jade, trust me, he'll have a good life here...especially with you."
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dmc-tings · 4 months ago
Is it ok if I ask for The four lords all help afab reader on their period
Of course!! Thank you for being specific!!
Alcina Dimitrescu
Oof. It's been years since she's had to deal with any of that
Though the blood catches her attention
You have to wave her off of you
But for the most part, during this time she's the most tender and loving
You live in the Dimitrescu Castle, so all your needs are taken care of by the maids
But at your request, she sat near or in the bed with you
She still remembers the pain of cramps, mood swings and cravings
BTW this woman gives the BEST CUDDLES!!
And the loveliest back rubs
"Love. Do you need anything? I can have the maids get or fix you anything you like."
It's usually met by a grumble and you reaching your hand from under the blankets, doing a grabby motion
She knows that cuddles are the only thing needed
Though loving and caring, her vampire nature gets the worst of her smelling the blood
If you let her, she WILL drink from you
But that's for you to decide
But other than that she can quell her desires to comfort you
Overall wholesome woman
Angie and Donna Beneviento
Thankfully because of Mother Miranda's gift Donna doesn't have to deal with this personally anymore
But she's very sensitive to you specifically
And especially when you whimper out in pain
She's quick to come to your aid
With tea and other herbals for you
She is a herbalist after all
The things she gives you are naturally grown in her own sun room
She also knows the best ways to message your areas of uncomfort
There are no maids here, but Donna doesn't mind catering to every one of your needs
And Angie makes the other dolls work for the three of you...
So that's covered
Donna is more than happy to lay next to you all day
She too, needs the rest, due to the meetings and the doll making
Angie is quick to give you sweets and milk
Donna has said against this but Angie wants to spoil you
Best of both worlds here
Salvatore Moreau
Poor fish man
He has NO clue what he's doing
Fast (as he can) he tends to your hurting
Will call Lady Dimitrescu or Donna over into the reservoir
Donna and Angie always come to help, not Alcina
But Donna brings over some teas for you and will leave quickly
He's tentative to your cramps
His cold hands soothe you (if your overheating)
And he can warm his body to his command
Sometimes you can get a bit snippy
But never insulting to him
Moreau is patient with you though, and always ready for you to let your anger loose on him
But you don't, he gets enough of that shit from the others
Heisenberg likes to come visit you both, to bother your fish man
The moment he steps out of line, you go for his throat
Only to be pulled back into your bed by Moreau
Who tucks you, in humming gently
He may not talk well, but his singing voice is wonderful
And he'll lull you to sleep with a lullaby his real mother used to sing to him
It soothes you, like a siren
As you fall asleep, you hold his hand
Karl Heisenberg
Hammer boi has to what?
Your body is WHAT!?
Karl is baffled at what the HELL he's supposed to do
All work, by him is stopped
Why are you so damned needy!?
You want cuddles, then you want cake, then you want to punch him
It's too confusing
When you DO make him go away he hids all the way in the Factory, as low as he can go
Just to be called all the way back up to him
Normally, he'd just get angry, but it's YOU
His Kitten, so he just tiredly goes all the way back up
Luckily he's built like a campfire, a large one to boot
So when cuddles do ensue, you make him wrap his arms around you
And place his hands right on wherever your hurting
He grumbles something fierce about not being able to work on his army
But he falls asleep just as fast as you do
The mood swings are another shock in itself
One minute your crying, the next your all sweet and kinds, then your ready to fight him
After the first few months he's gotten pretty good at knowing when to go around you
And when not to
Sends the lycans and probaly a Varcolac as well, to keep you company
They know not to fight back when you hit at them
For the most part, Heisenberg stays with you
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red-letter-imagines · a month ago
Reaction When You Suck on Their Tongue Part 1 (Draken & Haitani Ran)
Ryuguji “Draken” Ken: 
It started out as something your friend saw on a magazine. She showed it to you behind her favorite cherry blossom tree-an article giving tips on how to kiss better, headlined with big red letters atop the page. There were illustrations of red-lipped women sucking faces with a man, and even step-by-step instructions on how to perform said techniques. 
Now, you thought yourself above all of that. After all, you managed to snatch the heart of Toman’s Vice President, the infamous “Draken”, without consulting any of these lewd literature. You told your friend this, yet just as you stood your ground as an upstanding teenage citizen, she asks you this:
Don’t you wanna take control for once? You faltered, and that was all it took for her to chip away at your resolve. Draken had always taken the lead in your relationship. It came as no surprise; he’s led men into battle, after all. In his own unique way he took good care of you, even if he often acted aloof with the people he held dear. Your friend knew well that you’d been racking your brain on how to reciprocate those affections, and to her this might be one of the best ways to do it. 
So here you are now, atop his beloved Zephyr and kissing him with all the passion you could muster. Draken often took you on rides around the city at random, sometimes upon your request. The cool whistling wind always calmed you both down and brought about a mood that never failed to warm your chest. This time, you asked him to drive you around under the guise of being stressed from school. He was at your door in less than five minutes, smile already rousing the butterflies in your stomach. 
He stopped when you reached the riverside, the city’s noise a faint murmur in your ears. Draken’s hands are hot on your hips, his warmth seeping even through the Toman jacket he wrapped around you. Your lips met his in short bursts, tongues meeting briefly before parting. You scoot closer to him, fingers ghosting down his dragon tattoo. Trying to recount the instructions on that damned magazine, you move a hand down his jaw and stroke the skin. 
He sighs, and unconsciously opens his mouth a little wider. Carefully you usher his tongue further with yours and close your lips around it. Draken groans from the back of his throat when you start softly suckling on it, just like you would a popsicle on a hot summer day. The arm at your lower back pulls you into his embrace, his eyelashes tickling your cheeks. Pride flares within your heart at his fervent touches, a heat you’ve never quite felt before spreading to the rest of your body. 
A giggle stops at your throat when he chases your lips after parting. You’re both out of breath, chests rising and falling as one. He pushes your head under his chin, and you could feel his racing heart under your cheek. He says nothing still, but when you look up his cheeks are near crimson and there’s a giant grin on his face. You bite one back yourself. 
Maybe that magazine wasn’t so bad, after all. 
Haitani Ran:
Being in a relationship with one of the smuggest bad boys in Japan is just as exhausting as it is exciting. Ran loves to keep you on your toes, whether it came to dates or little pranks, with little to no moderation. You often told him that you’d die of a heart attack one of these days, and he’d just brush it off with one of his languid, yet loving smiles. 
It’s unfair how much of an effect he has on you, and how it often left you wondering if you held the same power over him. Ran is a master at concealing his feelings despite how expressive he is, and you wanted so badly to be the one to shatter that façade for once. You just...didn’t know how. 
Until some heifer decided to try and crash your date one Saturday afternoon. From the moment you met up with Ran, she’d been skirting around him like a hungry mosquito: peeking from corners and sitting across your table at the café. Ran didn’t react to anything despite the gradual furrow of your brow, but you just knew that he’d already grasped the situation and is just waiting to see how you’ll react. After all, if there’s one thing you weren’t known for, it was patience. 
The thread finally snaps when she walks right in front of you and drops a notebook before glancing behind her. Her eyes are fixated on Ran, a small smirk on her overlined lips, and then she bends over in front of him. Half her ass is showing in her denim shorts, and you could’ve sworn you saw pink lace peeking out from her right leg hole. What’s worse is that Ran actually looks at it for two seconds before he shrugs. 
You could feel an aching knot in your chest, a white-hot fury brewing within. A vicious scowl marring your face, you nearly shove Ran to the nearest wall and slam your lips on his. You feel him gasp through his nose, then his arms cage you in tightly by the small of your waist. Normally, how he held you and returned the kiss would’ve eased your temper, but a feral part of your mind wanted to burn this scene behind that bitch's eyelids. 
Raising your hand to his chin, you force his mouth open and suck his tongue as if you’re trying to siphon his soul. His stuttered breath makes you open your eyes slightly, only to see the girl stomping off in a fit. You pull away, wiping the drool off the corner of your lips, and look up at Ran. 
He’s still slumped against the wall, head leaned back with a dopey smile on his spit-shined lips. His ears practically glow red, and his hand is posed peculiarly at the front of his pants. He looks absolutely whipped, and you find it hard to ever question the effect you have on him since. 
Mission Accomplished. 
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reuinx · 2 months ago
Itsy Bitsy Spider (Yelena Belova x Reader)
Summary: Plans for dinner with Yelena are underway. The scream of Yelena from the bedroom interrupts you, something's wrong. You go to investigate.
Word Count: 1,408
Paring: Yelena Belova x Reader
Translations:  Pauk (Spider),  Medovik (Russian Honey Cake)
Prompt by @yelenasvesthasalotofpockets​ 
Tumblr media
Your mind was preoccupied in the kitchen as you tried to decide what to make for dinner. It was your night to cook. Scribbles were tainting your cookbook that you recently purchased. Obviously, Yelena, you recognize the handwriting. She circled desserts with extremely subtle hints with words such as "Please" and "Yum" written in pencil beside them. Cooking was not on your mind as you leaned over the marble countertop. Your gaze was fixed on the cookbook. Your fingertips delicately traced the writing that Yelena had left. You wished you could write as beautifully as she did. You had an indelible place in your mind for Yelena, and you weren’t bothered by it at all. She left her mark on you.
While you were busying daydreaming, you hadn’t noticed Yelena entering the room. It wasn't long before she slipped up behind you without a sound. The idea of looking around would have never occurred. Her presence was unknown to you. A track from Spotify played softly in the background, making the room quiet but not altogether silent. As she placed her chin on your shoulder, her arms looped around your stomach as she gently pressed against you from behind. She was looking at whatever captivated your attention, the cookbook. Your hitched breath was the only sound you could make. Despite being frightened, you relaxed in her arms as the comfort of her touch eased your tense body.
“You scared me.”
“Oh? Did I? I couldn’t tell” She infused her voice with sarcastic tones. In order to look at you, she tilted her head to the side. A smug smile was beginning to form on her lips. It was impossible not to roll your eyes at her. That caught Yelena’s attention.
“Don’t roll your eyes at me.”
“Mhm, why not? What are you going to do about it?”
After a moment of processing what she was about to do. Yelena spun you around to face her while her hands held the marble countertop on either side of you. Her arms are around you, holding you captive. In response, she titled her head sideways while raising an eyebrow at you. She was taunting you to continue with your little attitude. You parted your lips about to speak. Yelena leaned in, slowly pressing her lips tenderly, preventing you from talking. 
Your eyes automatically shut. Her kiss started with your expectation that she would deepen it, but it ended faster than you expected. She clamped her teeth onto your bottom lip, applying pressure to your delicate lips as you winced. Slowly, she began sucking on it, filling your stomach with butterflies. Her refusal to give you what you wanted was frustrating. Your eyes swiftly opened as she drew her head back. As Yelena glanced at you, you looked disapproving. You wanted more.
“That shut you up, mhm.” Her voice was smooth, and every word was infused with her accent. After shrugging your shoulders at her, you noticed that your face had started to flush crimson. Yelena made it worse when she saw you blush.
“Good girl.” Her voice was becoming hoarse as you suddenly gulped, shaking your head at her. After releasing you from her arms, she stood in front of you, waiting for a reaction from you.
“Um- I.. What do you want for dinner? You asked sheepishly. You reach for the cookbook, fumbling with it until it tumbles from your hands. While looking at you steadily, Yelena suddenly caught the cookbook before it fell to the ground.
"Medovik", she replied while releasing a beaming smile that caused you to fall even deeper in love with her. There were times when you didn't realize you would keep falling deeper for the one you loved.  
“You can’t just have Medovik, Yelena.”
“Yes, I think I can. Can we not just have a big one, no?”
“Um. Definitely not. What would Melina say?”
“Hmm.. She would… say yes”
“I doubt that. We can have it for dessert but I’ll figure something out for dinner. Will you go grab my phone for me? I left it in the –“
“Bedroom, I know I got it” You caught your breath when Yelena abruptly left you. She was a tease. Seeing her walk away, your gaze followed her figure. You couldn't take your eyes off of her. You were never happier than when you were with Yelena. You tried to figure out what to make for dinner, maybe she would be satisfied with Beef Stroganov. You pondered over the idea before you were interrupted. A blood curdling scream came from the bedroom down the hallway, the scream belonged to Yelena.
“Yelena?!” You shouted out as you ran towards the bedroom, adrenaline coursing through your veins. There was something wrong; you wouldn't wait for her to respond. What you were going to see was a complete mystery to you. You didn't care; you only wanted her to be okay. Has someone broken into your apartment? Yelena was standing tensely with her index finger pointed at the wall as you peered into her bedroom through the slightly ajar door. Having lost all colour in her face, she was pale and looked terrified. Yelena never feared anything. 
“What?! What’s wrong?! What happened? Are you okay? What are you even pointing at!? Stop screaming!” Your chest heaved as you tried to catch your breath. In an attempt to stop herself from screaming, Yelena placed her hand over her lips.
“I don’t know what that means!”
“Spider!” She translated the word for you as you suddenly blinked slowly. You ran all this way for a spider. Moving into the room as you walked over to the wall that she was pointing at. The closer you got, the more visible the spider became.
“He’s not even big!”
“He’s huge!”
“Look at him!”
“No!”  Holding her hands over her eyes, she peered out between her fingers.
“It’s only a little spider! I thought someone had broken in!”
“Someone has! He did!”
“He probably lives here!”
“What?! Don’t say that! He doesn’t pay rent! Look, He’s moving! Get him! Get him, quick!” The stressed Yelena now held her hands to her head. You reached for an empty cup that lay on your bedside table, you attempted to put the cup on the spider before you realized you had no way of lifting the spider off the wall.
“Um, can you get me a piece of paper?”
“For what? What are you going to do?! Write on it!?” Yelena was panicking now, you realized this as everything she said was not making sense.
“What?! No! I just-“
“I’ll go get it!” Yelena departed as she came back with a piece of paper, standing closely beside you. You slowly blinked as you reached for it, you watched Yelena winch. You slipped the piece of paper underneath the cup as you carefully lifted the spider off the wall.
“We are burning that cup.” Yelena growled at you as you made your way towards the window.
“We are not burning it.”
“Fine. We aren’t, I’m burning that cup.” Yelena confirmed as you shot her a look before indicating you needed the window opened. She cautiously came over, and she opened it, allowing you to empty the spider onto the ledge before she shut the window. You put down the objects and listened to Yelena’s sigh of relief. It is hard to comprehend that the intimidating Yelena Belova was afraid of spiders. 
She was always calm and confident in every situation you faced, but this time she was genuinely scared. Unless there is another spider that makes her more afraid, you are unlikely to see Yelena as terrified as she was at this moment. Although she was the one constantly saving you, it's good that even you were able to save her for once. That’s cute.
“Disgusting! I hate spiders. Little bitty eyes.” While she shivered, she opened her mouth and made a "yack" noise. You were going to take advantage of this opportunity.
“Oh yeah? I couldn’t tell.” The tongue you stuck out at her this time mirrored your earlier imitation. As she finally loosened up, her entire expression changed. Her lips turned into a smile rather than tensing up into a frown, and her eyes shone brightly at you. The creases underneath her lips becoming visible with her wide smile. Perhaps you should make her that medovik she wanted.
“Don’t make me shut you up, again.”
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buckydaisy · a month ago
safe place
pairing: bucky barnes x reader
request: “it's bucky x reader where the y/n is like shy and has trust issues cus shes been through shit, she doesn't really talk to anyone but bucky cus she's comfortable with him. The scenario basically is them cuddling at night, he pulls her closer like nose touching and y/n sleepily says 'i like it when u hold me close it make me feel safe' and buckys like lowkey starstruck and its just cute shit lol ❤️❤️” @cc12-02
word count: 1.1k
Tumblr media
You tiptoed down the empty hallway. The soft patter of your footsteps bounced off the walls. The moonlight shined through the windows and reflected off the marble floors.
The corridor was eerily quiet as compared to it’s usual bustling nature.
You got to Bucky’s door and placed your hand on the cold metal knob. “Someone’s up late.” You heard someone say from behind you. You jumped around, balling up your fists. You raised your hands, preparing to defend yourself.
“—hey, hey, hey. It’s okay, it’s me.” He said, grabbing your fists with his hands. You took a breath of relief when you realized it was only Steve. “I’m sorry, you just scared me.” You said, taking a deep breath.
He nodded, moving his hands away from yours. “So…you’re going to see Bucky?” He asked, curious as to why you were going to Bucky’s room at three in the morning. You realized what Steve was probably assuming the reason was. You looked down at your feet, feeling the heat beating off of your cheeks.
“I just umm…really need to talk to him.” You said, avoiding Steve’s gaze.
You had been a part of the Avengers for six months. You still had barely had conversations with any of them that weren’t strictly about missions. Except for Bucky.
Steve gave you a soft smile. “You can talk to me, if you want.” He offered. The gesture was kind and you appreciated it, but you just really needed it to be Bucky.
You knew Steve was a great guy, and he had your absolute trust during missions. You were just always scared of trusting people with some of your vulnerabilities. You had been hurt too many times in the past.
You couldn’t trust that they wouldn’t use your weaknesses against you.
“That’s okay. Don’t take this the wrong way—” you began to say. You felt so awkward and had no idea how to word it without hurting his feelings. “Don’t worry, I get it. I’m happy you and Bucky both really understand each other. Goodnight,” he said, giving you a kind smile.
You smiled at him as he left before turning around to face the door again. You slipped inside the door, closing it behind you. His enhanced hearing picked up the sound, causing him to roll over and glance towards the door.
“Is that you?” He asked. His voice was groggy and deeper than usual. You managed to squeak out a “yes.”
“What’s wrong, love?” He asked. He knew if you were in his room this early in the morning then something must have happened. “I had a nightmare.” You mumbled, almost embarrassed of how shaken up you were by it.
Without saying anything, he patted the space on the bed beside him. You walked over to his bed and crawled under the covers.
His arms immediately wrapped around your waist and pulled you into his chest. You were flooded by his warmth as his arms enveloped your body.
“I got you.” He said, softly. Both his words and his touch made all of your worries vanish. Bucky always knew how to make you feel safe without even trying.
He was your safe place.
You buried your face in the crook of his neck. He smelled like vanilla and pine. You couldn’t stop the grin that spread across your cheeks.
His hands ran up and down your back. “Wanna talk about it?” He asked, glancing down at you. You shook your head. “I just want to stay like this.” You mumbled. He nodded, completely understanding.
He never placed any expectations on you. He was just there for whatever you needed, whether that was to talk or just be a shoulder to cry on.
“Can I ask you a question?” He asked. His tone sounded cautious. You were eager for any conversation that would distract you from your nightmare. “Sure,” you replied.
You felt the butterflies form in your stomach as you waited for him to ask you the question. It only took him probably three seconds, but it felt like hours.
“Why did you come to me after your nightmare? I’ve never seen you talk to anyone else on the team as much as you talk to me. I’m not complaining! I think you’re amazing. I was just wondering why me?” He asked, feeling more self conscious as he rambled on.
You thought about your answer. You weren’t even really sure of why you trusted Bucky so much. It felt like it was out of your control. You both just had an instant connection.
“You make me feel safe.” You told him, cupping his cheek with one of your hands. His nose brushed against yours. You both had never been this close before, but you both liked out. “Oh,” he said, delightfully surprised by your answer.
Silence fell over the two of you. The moonlight hit his eyes just right, creating the perfect sparkle.
“I like it when you hold me in your arms. It’s like all my worries disappear.” You mumbled, not meaning to say the words out loud. Bucky almost had to pinch himself to convince himself it wasn’t a dream. “Really?” He asked, his voice coming out at a higher pitch.
You giggled to yourself as you nodded. His lips brushed against yours. You closed the rest of the distance and pressed your lips against his. His hands pulled you closer until you bumped into his chest. You ran your fingers through his hair, twirling the long strands.
The kiss was simple. It wasn’t too rushed. It wasn’t too steamy. It was perfect.
His lips gracefully moved against yours, making you feel like your lips were meant to fit against his.
He pulled away, leaning his forehead against yours. You both had contagious smiles on your faces. “You probably assumed this, but I really like you.” He admitted.
You giggled before pecking his lips once again. “Yeah, I really like you too.” You said.
Your cheeks began to hurt from the giant smile spread across your face.
He rolled onto his back. Your body became cold as he took his warmth with him. “C’mere,” he mumbled, pulling you on top of him. You laid on top of his stomach, smiling back at him. “I want to keep you close.” He said, kissing your temple.
You leaned your head onto his chest. You could hear his heart beat speed up as he wrapped his arms around your waist. His fingers drew invisible pictures on your back.
The moment was peaceful: two people united. You both had been through a lot, but had finally found someone to confide in.
It was cheesy and almost poetic, but you loved it.
taglist: @laurakirsten0502​ @miraclesoflove @nathaliabakes @millipop18 @azghedaheda @shyinadarkplace @vanteguccir @missroro @bookfrog242 @buckys-doll17 @ice-dtae @leyannrae @sia2raw @nyx2021 @just-a-littlebit-of-everything @shyconversationalbookworm @shadowhuntyi @lovelokiqueen @ruzannetheseahorse @superdeath @sunwardsss @studentville-struggles @impossibleapricotlampbat @infjkiki @weirdfishy @lickmymelaninn @hailey-a-s @andreasworlsboring101 @glassesandthunderthighs @holding-on-to-my-youth @fanofalltheficsx @lukes-orange-beanie @golden-hoax @mostly-marvel-musings @madisondelstan @spookyparadisesheep @n3ssm0nique @beyondthesefourwalls @basicfangirlx @v-is-obsessive @i-wish-i-knew-what-i-was @reniescarlett @multiplums @alotofrandomfangirling @bbl32 @who-the-hell-is-sebastianstan @stressydepressyandlemonzesty @faykyrie @dorothea-hwldr @cherryyxbabyy @lovethemfictionalboys
Let me know if you want to be added to my taglist for all my imagines or for a specific character/fandom!!
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xidonotknowwhoiamx · a month ago
Hey heyyy how are uuu could I request Lockfell Frans by Venelona or Swapfell Sans and Frisk by lord-yabadoo-rules-all? You can choose!
psspss by the way I love your art, it’s so unique and amazing <3 Have a great day!💓
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Why not both? :D
Hahaha the truth is I didn't know which one to choose so as I like both, I did both xd
And thank you so much <3 I love your art too, it's beautiful! 😩💕✨💕✨💕✨
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alisonsfics · 3 months ago
feather boas and princess crowns
pairing: bucky barnes x reader
summary: you call bucky to babysit your daughter while you go on a date. after seeing how good he is with her, you realize he’s a better guy than you’re date.
word count: 1.8k
warnings: smut, unprotected sex, swearing, dirty talk, minors DNI
a/n: the first half is completely fluff, but the second half is pure filth
Tumblr media
“Remember her bedtime is at eight, and no sweets after seven” you reminded Bucky as you grabbed your purse. He lightly chuckled to himself, knowing that you did this every time he babysat.
“Everything will be fine. I remember all the rules. Just go have fun on your date” he said, pulling you in for one last hug. You sighed and tried to not stress yourself out too much. “Oh, don’t forget she needs her giraffe stuffed animal or she won’t go to sleep” you said, not being able to turn off your mom brain.
“I know. We’re going to have a great time, right Daisy?” He asked, swooping your daughter into his arms. You saw your little bundle of joy eagerly nod her head.
You knew that Bucky would never let anything bad happen to her, but you couldn’t stop the worrying. Bucky was your best friend in the entire world, and Daisy loved him.
“Okay. Have a good night, you two. I love you, sweet pea” you said, giving her a kiss on the forehead. You walked towards the front door and looked back at the two of them. “Wave bye to mommy” Bucky whispered in her ear, causing her to smile and wave at you.
You had a smile plastered on your face as you walked outside to meet your date. The date was fine. He was a perfectly nice guy. You both talked about all the normal first date topics. There wasn’t anything wrong with him; there just wasn’t anything extraordinary about him either.
When he dropped you off later that night, he gave you a quick peck on the lips before letting you go inside.
You walked inside and saw Bucky and Daisy sitting on the couch. They both were decked out in feather boas and princess crowns. Dress up was one of Daisy’s favorite games to play with Bucky. Daisy was curled up in Bucky’s lap, fast asleep.
He looked away from the movie that was on to meet your gaze. His eyes lit up when he saw you. “Hey. How was the date?” He asked, softly, so he wouldn’t wake up Daisy.
You walked farther into the living room, smiling down at your daughter. “He was really nice. We’re going out to lunch next week” you told him, before swooping Daisy up off his lap.
She was so exhausted that she didn’t even wake up as you carried her to her room. You lightly set her down in her bed before tucking her in gently.
You exited her room and heard Bucky in the kitchen working on some of the dishes. You noticed he had ditched his princess accessories. You met him in the kitchen, giving him a hug from the side.
“Thanks for watching Daisy” you said, leaning into him. He couldn’t help but grin down at you. You didn’t see it: the look in his eyes. He would do whatever you asked him to do, as long as it made you happy. “Of course, I love watching her. She’s just like you” he said, chuckling softly.
You pulled away from him before walking over to the fridge. You looked inside the fridge and huffed when you couldn’t find any appetizing food. “Didn't you both go out to dinner?” He asked, turning around after he finished the dishes. You slowly nodded your head before moving to the freezer.
“It was one of those fancy restaurants where the portion sizes are way too small” you complained, before settling on ice cream. He chuckled as you hopped up to sit on the counter. He grabbed two spoons and then walked up to you. “I thought sweets weren’t allowed after seven?” He teased before handing you a spoon.
You lightly hit his arm before giggling to yourself. Bucky always felt comfortable. He was like home to you. “Those rules do not apply to mamas who have had a very long night” you told him, opening the container.
“In the spirit of honesty, Daisy may have not followed that rule” he said, taking a bite of ice cream. You groaned, knowing she’d be awake super early. “I shouldn’t be surprised. You can’t say no to her puppy dog eyes” you said, smiling back at him.
He shrugged his shoulders, knowing you were absolutely right. “It’s the same reason I can’t say no to you” he said, looking at you with a twinkle in his eye. You felt your stomach do a flip as he said it. You figured you were reading too much into it.
You both sat there for a few minutes, passing the container back and forth, taking bites of ice cream. It was quiet, but peaceful. You both were just enjoying each other’s company.
His hand landed on your knee with just the right amount of physical contact that made you feel warm and fuzzy inside.
You slid off the counter to put away the ice cream, while Bucky put the spoons in the sink. You closed the door of the freezer.
“Cancel your lunch date next week” you heard Bucky command from behind you. You turned around with a look of confusion on your face. “Why—?” you began to ask before he cut you off with his lips on yours.
He shoved you back against the counter, his lips hungrily kissing yours. You were letting out all your pent up feelings into the kiss. You tugged at the collar of his shirt, needing him to be closer to you.
You had never seen Bucky be this passionate. He needed you like he needed to breathe. He cupped your face, letting his tongue slip into your mouth. His lips tasted like peppermint.
You were aching under his touch. You needed one thing right now.
He pulled his lips away from yours only once, just to pick you up and sit you on the counter. You saw that his eyes had darkened with lust. You knew he needed this just as much as you did.
“Oh sweetheart” he groaned, as you ran your fingers though his hair. He quickly spread your legs and let them wrap around his waist. You let out a slight whimper as he nipped at your bottom lip.
Hearing the needy sound fall from your lips made him jut his hips into yours. He loved all the sounds you were making. They only turned him on more. You felt his hardened length pressing up against your clothed heat.
You held back your moans, as you felt his erection. You unbuckled his belt, slipping your hand down the front of his jeans.
You palmed his cock through his boxers. You could feel him throbbing under your touch. “You have no idea what you do to me, sweetheart” he said, breathing heavily.
“Then why don’t you tell me” you teased, continuing to run your hand up and down his length. Before he could come up with a cocky reply, a muffled moan slipped through his lips.
“You are so fucking gorgeous. Every time you come over to swim at my pool, I have to resist the urge to fuck you against the wall. I think about you at night time, with my hand wrapped around my cock. I imagine what your sweet pussy would feel like wrapped around me. Thinking about you is the only way I can get myself to cum, sweetheart. I think about ramming into you until you’re a stuttering mess” he whispered in your ear.
You could feel yourself dripping as he talked about his fantasies. You were more turned on by his dirty talk than you cared to admit.
“Do it,” were the only words you could manage to put together. His eyes were almost black as he heard your request. He quickly hiked up your dress and slid your panties off before stuffing them into his back pocket.
His pulled his jeans down only far enough to pull his cock out. You finally saw it; the tip was red and leaking. You let out a moan as you realized how big he was. “We have to be quick. Just fuck me, Barnes” you commanded.
He was in no position to deny your request. He steadied himself by holding onto your hips before plunging his cock deep inside of you. He grunted as he felt how tight you were around him.
You threw your head back against the cabinets. You gasped for breath as you adjusted to his length. After a second, he began to thrust in and out of you.
It had been too long since you’d been properly fucked, and Bucky was going to change that. “Gotta be quiet, sweetheart” he mumbled, kissing you to muffle your moans.
You remembered that your daughter was sleeping in the other room, and she definitely didn’t need her innocence ruined like this. You clung to Bucky’s shoulders to hold back the urge to call out his name.
He could see how much you wanted to moan as your face contorted. He could hear himself thrusting into your wetness. The almost pornograhic sounds made Bucky’s cock twitch inside of you.
You felt him brush against your g-spot, and you clenched around his cock. He groaned, gripping your hips tighter. You knew you’d have bruises in the morning, but right now it felt too good to complain.
You knew it wouldn’t be long before you were cumming all over his cock. “Please, Bucky” you begged him, as your hips slapped against his.
“You want to cum? Do it for me. Cum all over my cock. Show me how good I make you feel” he told you, bringing his thumb down to rub harsh circles against your clit. You felt like you were seeing stars. He made you feel so good that you could barely process it.
You could tell from his sloppy thrusts that he wouldn’t last long either. You felt so much better wrapped around him than he could have ever imagined.
“Fuck” you muttered, before feeling your orgasm hit you. You felt yourself clenching down onto his cock as he continued to chase his own high. “—almost” he mumbled, before cumming inside of you.
You both were gasping for air as he slowed down his thrusts, easing you both down from your peaks. You watched as his chest rapidly rose and fell. His hair clung to his sweaty forehead.
You both just sat there for a moment, recovering from the best orgasms of both of your lives. “Why don’t we head to bed?” He asked you, softly.
You nodded your head, still having trouble putting together words. He pressed a loving kiss to your temple. It was completely different than the side of him you’d just seen. You were used to the super sweet and caring Bucky, but Bucky during sex was something you could get used to. He was like an animal.
“But no round two. I don’t think I can take anymore” you told him, letting him help you down off the counter. “There’s always tomorrow for that, sweetheart” he said, pulling you in for a short kiss.
taglist: @laurakirsten0502 @miraclesoflove @nathaliabakes @millipop18 @azghedaheda @shyinadarkplace @vanteguccir @missroro @bookfrog242 @buckys-doll17 @ice-dtae @leyannrae @sia2raw @sunwardsss @studentville-struggles @impossibleapricotlampbat @infjkiki @weirdfishy @lickmymelaninn @hailey-a-s @andreasworlsboring101 @glassesandthunderthighs @holding-on-to-my-youth @fanofalltheficsx @lukes-orange-beanie @golden-hoax @mostly-marvel-musings @madisondelstan @spookyparadisesheep @n3ssm0nique @v-is-obsessive @i-wish-i-knew-what-i-was @reniescarlett @multiplums @alotofrandomfangirling @bbl32 @who-the-hell-is-sebastianstan @bigbadspooky @faykyrie
Let me know if you want to be added to my taglist for all my imagines or for a specific character/fandom!!
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terminallytwee · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[image one, the jacket reads "blue ribbon cocksucker", image two the top reads "sweet nuthins" and the caption is "hector and Louis are awfully fond of each other"]
Thanks for the request @knitfrog! Hope u like it
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thefanficmonster · 10 months ago
Power Couple
Corpse Husband x Reader (Female)
Warnings: Swearing 
Genre: Fluff, Humor
Summary: Sean, Felix, Dave, and Joel welcome Corpse’s girlfriend to a game of Party Animals. It’s her first time playing and she has to deal with a lot more than just the controls and objectives - her boyfriend being a cute, cuddly sweetheart with ulterior motives to his clinginess.
Requested by @susceptible-but-siriusexual. Thank you so much for your request! Hope I captured what you wanted and how you wanted. Feel free to send any other requests you may have XOXO
It’s been one hell of a day. Had to correct twice as many documents as I was originally supposed to at work; found my car with a flat tire in the parking lot as I was about to go home; argued with my boss over the phone while stuck in a traffic jam. It’s been a rough twelve hours, but it has led me here and that’s what I’d rather think about.
By ‘here’ I mean I’m sitting on the couch in Corpse’s recording room, my computer in my lap, my screen displaying the screen to the game Party Animals. The suggestion was Corpse’s. He immediately picked up on my below par mood and wasted no time finding a solution to bright up the remainder of the day, shadowing the shitty portion of it. I am not what you would call a gamer. Sure I’ve played Among Us with Corpse and his friends a few times. Even that I struggle to do because I’m internally fangirling over all the people in the lobby. Yeah, dating a youtuber doesn’t mean you automatically stop gushing over the many content creators on the platform you’ve been watching for quite some time now. Corpse knows how nervous I get so he’s always near me when we play with Sean, Felix and the other. All he has to do is give me that encouraging smile and wink of his and I’m good to go. Side note: massive props to him for going easy on me in Among Us, getting teasingly called ‘simp’ by his friends in the process.
“You’ll love it.“ He promised me over and over again as the game was downloading on my computer.
“I don’t doubt that, Corpse. But I am going in completely blind and I seriously don’t wanna embarrass myself.“ I mumble a quick ‘nor you‘ under my breath, hoping he doesn’t catch it because I’m in for a pep talk if he does. 
To my dismay, he does, “Listen here, you couldn’t embarrass me even if you actively tried to do something outrageous. Most likely scenario, I’d join you in the act.” He ducks in front of the couch so we’re at eye level, his hand coming up to cup my cheek in the sweetest, most comforting gesture ever. “We’ll show em who’s the boss at stealing candy.”
I can’t help but laugh, feeling unable to express just how much this man means to me. Words can’t do the feeling justice.
“Corpse Wife has arrived!“
Hearing all the greetings lights a flame in my chest, the warmth spreading all the way to my neck and cheeks. “Hi guys! Missed playing with you!”
“We missed you too!“ Dave, the only one of the gaming gang I’ve actually met in person, replies to me, his words along with all the others’ wrapping around me like a comfort blanket. Despite them knowing I’m a fan of theirs, they’ve always made me feel welcomed, comfortable, nothing less than them.
“You know anything about this game?“ Felix asks me.
I shake my head, almost forgetting he can’t see me, “Corpse told me it’s funny and cute. It sounds like the perfect game for me.” 
“Oh no, this is a game of survival. Survival of the fittest!“ Sean shouts excitedly, a bang following his shout I can only assume was him hitting his desk.
“I’d like to think I’m pretty fit.“ I shrug my shoulders, laughing along with the guys.
“This is the only way to find out if you actually are.“ Joel’s voice comes through my headphones in the form of a tease.
Sean mumbles quietly to himself as he’s deciding how to separate us in two teams. “Guys, a little help here. We all suck at this game, it doesn’t really matter who’s in which team.”
“Actually...“ Felix trails off, “Corpse and Y/N are the ultimate power couple in Among Us. Chances are they will be in this as well. So, the only logical move would be to...“
“I’m taking Y/N, you take Corpse.“ Sean declares. “Joel, Dave, who do you guys wanna be with?“
And the game starts. Sean, Joel and I are the Meowfia while Corpse, Felix and Dave are yet to choose a team name. We throw around snarky, cocky comments at each other, taunting the opposite team as we struggle to take the candy to our respective sides of the map.
“Don’t you dare pull that lever, Dave!“ I launch at Dave, knocking his cute avatar away from the lever, buying Joel and Sean some time to steal back the gummy bear Corpse and Felix took from us.
“Y/N! Joel is out! Help me!“ Sean is freaking out now. I ditch Dave’s unconscious body and run to Sean’s aid. 
As I’m helping him push it towards out area a member from the opposite team latches onto my avatar, weighing me down and hindering me from doing anything.
“Hug!“ Corpse laughs as he has literally turned into a koala, holding onto my avatar.
“Corpse, you know you are actually supposed to hinder Y/N, not hug her. It’s cute though, don’t get me wrong.“ Felix laughs as him and Sean continue to struggle over the gummy bear.
“Nah, his tactic’s great. I can’t do shit.“ I desperately try and shake him off, “Babe, this is unfair. I can’t even be mad at you!“ I whine, staring to panic now that Dave is back to life and Joel is nowhere to be seen.
The round is won by Felix, Dave and Corpse who, if I might add, didn’t let go of me for the rest of the game.
We switch maps, now every man for himself. We’re on the submarine, recreating the Hunger Games with cute fuzzy animals. The thought passes through my mind, causing me to giggle.
“Y/N, you sound exactly like I’d imagine your avatar to sound. You’re so cute.“ Sean’s avatar circles mine a few times as he laughs.
He’s not wrong, my pale blue puppy is indeed cute. Apparently immortal as well.
“How is Y/N still alive?! Holy shit, her and Corpse really are a power couple.“ Dave shrieks when he sees me pick up the freeze gun. “NOOO!“ He shouts, devastated by the fact I shot him, sending him straight to his death.
“Chill, Dave. It’s all cool. Nothing personal.“ I struggle to hide my laughter, “No hard feelings, right?“
“Of course not, love.“ I can tell he grits the sentence through clenched teeth.
“Aw Dave, you are such an ice guy.“ I giggle, now shooting Joel with the gun.
“Someone take that gun from her!“ Sean cries as him and Felix race up the submarine.
Suddenly, the avatar of my boyfriend again wraps itself around mine. I hadn’t seen him in a while, considering Sean knocked him into the ocean earlier in the round. 
“How are you still alive?!“ I try to spin my puppy to get him to let go but he holds on tightly. “Babe, I swear, you are cute and I love you, but this is ridiculous. How and why are you alive?”
“That’s his superpower! He never fucking dies.“ Felix laughs, letting out a yelp when he briefly slips while climbing.
“Immortals!!! Immortals!!!“ Sean breaks out into a song, a song I really like, breaking the restraints I had on my laughter.
“Drop the gun or we’re dying together.“ He says almost seriously. Even though I can only see the back of his head I know he’s grinning.
“A Titanic/Romeo and Juliet mashup? Why not? I can live with dying a double historical death.“ Even though I appear accepting of his offer, I’m still trying to set myself free.
In the end, Sean claims his first win of the game and the rest of us are dead at the bottom of the ocean. Corpse and I did indeed die a Romeo and Juliet/Titanic death, getting everyone in their feels. We make a deal to get together and play again as soon as possible and we all go our separate ways, exiting the Discord call.
*Later that night* 
After a dinner consisting of takeout and two thirds of a shitty romantic comedies, Corpse shifts from next to me, starting to get up from the couch. I am surprised to feel jolted out of a half sleep as the room is now completely silent, the TV being turned off.
“Hey where’re you going?“ I ask groggily, rubbing my sleepy eyes.
“I have some editing to do. Don’t worry, I won’t stay up too late.“ He kisses my forehead before grabbing his phone from the coffee table.
Just as he’s about to walk away, I wrap my arms around his legs. He laughs, catching onto what I’m insinuating. His chuckle brings a smile to my face and butterflies in my belly. No matter how long we date for or how much time we spend together, some things never change. 
“Payback, huh?“ He asks, the smile audible in the question. I keep my eyes shut but nod, my arms still around his legs. “Alright, you koala. You’re coming with me.”
In his recording room, he settles in his chair placing me in his lap in a way that my legs dangling off to the side, my side leaning against his chest, my face hidden in the crook of his neck. We’re both comfortable, content and relaxed.
I don’t know when exactly it happens, but all my mind has registered is a quiet ‘I love you’ and the soft touch of Corpse’s lips on my temple. I manage to reply with an ‘I love you too’ before my sleepiness consumes me, my body completely relaxing against his, the warmth of his body, his scent, the sound of his breathing making me feel safe and loved: the two feelings I want him to feel with the same intensity when I’m in his arms.
Something tells me he does.
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lokifantasies · 2 days ago
Summary: Jade approaches you and Loki about getting a Dalmatian puppy. Character(s): Loki, Jade, Reader Read the Mischievous Life series here! Follow Jade, Loki, and Reader!
Taglist! (click here to join a taglist!) @mortallythoughtfulgurl @xoxoloverb @geeky-politics-46 @nms224 @melianisnothere @holdmytesseract @agentkinghorn @mm2305 @itsybitchylittlewitchy @fa-me @lougy @1marvelnerd3000 @emerald-alone @jeongadelarinia @donttouchmylaevateinn @shraddhadeveshvikram
Tumblr media
You and the God of Mischief are lounging on the sofa – your body lying in between his legs and your head resting on his stomach. Gently, you caress your small womb – looking forward to when you'll be able to visibly see your little one growing. Loki reaches his hand down and interlaces his fingers with yours.
"I can't believe we're actually having another baby," you say softly – letting out a small chuckle. You sit up and turn around to face the smiling god. "Thank you, Loki."
Your lover can't help but smile and hold your cheek. "And thank you, my love."
"Turn," you tell your god – motioning for him to sit up so you can straddle his lap. As you lower yourself onto his lap, Loki lets out a moan followed by a chuckle while he begins to kiss your neck softly – leaving small marks just as you love. "Let me make love to you," you smile. Normally, he's the one who takes control, but this time, you want to worship him for the god he is. "You worship me all the time...I want to worship you for a change."
Loki grins and bites his bottom lip – pulling your lips to his and passionately kissing and exploring your mouth until the two of you naturally pull apart. "As my goddess wishes."
"Don't you dare try to take control," you warn him in a playful voice. "If you do, you'll be punished."
Loki's eyebrows raise. "Oh?"
"Mhm," you hum – slowly undoing his tie and unbuttoning his shirt. "So, be a good boy."
"Yes, ma'am," he chuckles darkly – his eyes blown with lust.
The next morning, you and Loki find yourselves snuggled up on the sofa with a blanket being the only cover your nude bodies have. The sound of Jade in the kitchen pull the two of you back to reality, and Loki quickly dresses the both of you before Jade can see anything.
"Good morning," you greet your daughter – walking into the kitchen to find something to eat.
"Hey, mom," Jade smiles slightly.
Loki walks in behind you and clears his throat. "How'd you sleep last night?"
"Okay," Jade shrugs. "I got super stoned, so I slept pretty heavily."
You and Loki look towards each other before sitting down at the table with her. "So, Jade," you begin carefully. "You know they have Evan and Claudia off the streets -,"
"I know," Jade interrupts – looking at you and Loki with bloodshot eyes "I know – they can't hurt me anymore."
You look to Loki – your eyes pleading for him to speak for the two of you. "Jade...your victim impact statement...,"
"What about it?" Jade shakes her head – playing with the cereal in her bowl of milk.
Loki takes a deep breath. "Do you want to speak to your mother or myself about what happened before you give your statement?"
"No," Jade answers immediately. "I'm only going to talk about it once. So, it may as well be when those animals are being sentenced."
You and Loki give each other a look of sorrow – hating how much your daughter is hurting, but you both admire her strength to do what needs to be done. The last thing the two of you want to do is force her to talk about what happened – knowing that it's best for her to come to you.
"So...I was thinking," Jade continue to speak – causing the two of you to look at her. "I know I can't get a baby bear...but...could I possibly get a Dalmatian puppy?" You and Loki wait for her to explain her desire for a puppy. "I was...looking at pictures last night – talking to a friend about them...and they made me...happy."
"Let your mom and I talk about it, alright?" Loki says – squeezing the fifteen-year-old's shoulder. "Your chances of getting a puppy are greater than getting a bear."
Jade finally cracks a smile and lets out a little laugh.
"Thank you...both of you," Jade says – standing up with her bowl of cereal. "I'm just grateful you're gonna consider it."
You and Loki watch the teenager walk into her bedroom and close the door. A couple hours later, Thor brings Emmy, Ivy, Kaiser, and Mia home, and the twins and their brother go off to play house with their dolls while you and Loki hang out in the living room with Mia.
"Someone's hungry," Loki smiles as he approaches you and Mia on the sofa. Mia is sucking away at your breast – drinking as much as she can to make up for what she missed. Loki sits you up, sits behind you, and then pulls you back to lie on his chest like usual – wanting to share the moment with you.
"I quit my job," you blurt out – not knowing how else to say it.
Loki leans up and looks over your shoulder to look at your face.
"You what?" he asks – the smiling on his face becoming greater. "You quit your job?"
You nod and smile. "Yeah," you confirm. "Let's be honest, neither of us actually need to have a career when you are able to conjure up anything we need. And, now that we have baby number six on the way...all I want is to be at home with you and our kids."
Loki gives you a kiss on the cheek, and you can feel his lips curving into a smile. "You mean, me, our kids, and the puppy?"
"I think she could do good with an emotional support animal," you say – leaning your head back so you can look at Loki upside down. "Don't you?"
Loki nods his head. "Yeah," he agrees. "Her birthday is only a couple days away."
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slytherinchevy · a month ago
We goof a lot ~ Tom Hiddleston x Platonic!Reader
A/n: Hi! I hope you all are taking care of yourselves and staying hydrated. 
Things are getting a bit bad again with the pandemic so please do take care! 
I’m slowly getting through my requests and I hope this request satisfies you all. 
Feedback is always very much appreciated so please do leave your thoughts on my fics!
I’d love more requests with Natasha, Yelena, Wanda, Scarlett, Elizabeth Olsen and Florence Pugh. So feel free to hit me up if y’all get any prompt ideas with these amazing ladies. 
Requested by: @catsandbooksandstuff
Words: 1698
Warnings: Mild swears maybe. Nothing much, just some wholesome platonic fic. 
(disclaimer: any act of translation or plagiarism will not be tolerated. this oneshot is not available anywhere other than tumblr so if seen somewhere else, please do notify me)
You couldn’t believe that your journey with Marvel was almost over. Well….Kind of.
You can never know with Marvel. They might pull something again like they did with LOKI.
You were currently at Comic Con for your cameo in Loki and the fans had something planned that both you and your best friend Tom Hiddleston had no idea about.
After answering a couple questions and goofing around, a few seconds of silence spread across the hall causing you to look around in confusion. Tom seemed to be in the same state as you, both not understanding what was happening.
You two didn’t have to wait long before the projector got switched on with a fan-made compilation video a click away from playing.
It took a second for your eyes to adjust and read what was written but you almost fell over laughing when you saw what photo they had used.
It was you on Tom’s shoulder as he made an exaggerated face, as if implying he was trying to save you from Robert, Scarlett, Chris Evans and Chris H who were around you two, slightly blurred so that the focus is on you.
You recognized that still to be from one of the gag reels from the very first Avengers movie and you couldn’t help but laugh and tease Tom as you remembered that day.
All of you were just goofing around after a long day of shoot and this happened in between takes when the crew was setting up a new scene. Since you had been the youngest, you were the easiest to carry and Tom in his Loki costume was feeling extra mischievous, so he scooped you up relatively easily and started running around.
The rest of the Avenger Actors were basically chasing after him trying to “save” you and you screamed bloody murder playfully.
So, it was hilarious to you how the context was completely the opposite to reality in the thumbnail.
 It was as if Tom could read your mind as you were looking over the projector and immediately chucked the empty bottle at you, you in turn hitting him with your handkerchief.
The hall laughed at your antics before the host put a stop so that the event could continue,” Well we can clearly see the dynamic over here, but if you two don’t ,mind, we’d love to continue with what the fans have prepared so diligently for you!”
You two nodded sheepishly before settling back down in your seats.
The video started playing the very first clip made you want to hide under the table.
You didn’t even turn towards Tom because you knew he would have a smirk on his face at that moment.
It was basically a fan shot video of you and Tom goofing around at the movie premier site while the rest of the actors took sides. You had Scarlett, Lizzie, Chris H on your side while Robert, Jeremy, Aaron and Chris E were hooting for Tom.
You didn’t exactly remember what that topic of conversation was but, in the end, you tripped on something one of the fans had thrown at your spot, which you later found out was Loki’s crown.
Everyone including you had had a good laugh at that moment but it later zoomed to Tom death-glaring the crown and then proceeding to glare at the crowd which you hadn’t previously noticed.
You turned towards him with a purposeful look while he deliberately avoided your gaze, fiddling with the water bottle and comically whistling a random tune.
The video paused and a spotlight was put on one of the fans who stood and asked,” Well, we all could see what happened with you Y/n. But we would love to know what that last bit with Tom was?” she laughed slightly.
You took the mic and asked,” Yeah Tom. What was that about?”
You knew Tom would’ve flipped you off if he could before reluctantly reaching for the mic,” Uhm yes. I blatantly glared at the crown because I couldn’t really glare at the person who threw it seeing how I didn’t know who they were.”
His tone of answering elicited a laughed before the fan continued,” What happened to the crown?”
He gave his famous Loki smirk as he answered,” What do you think Loki would’ve done?”
The fan gave it a thought before answering,” I think he would’ve charred it”
“Bingo!” he exclaimed, earning a surprised look from you,” Ok not actually charred it seeing how it was plastic. Save the environment everyone but I definitely did uhm….stomp and destroy it before throwing it away in the recycle bin while going home.”
You smiled,” Well I think we all need a God of Mischief at time, don’t you think people?” You asked, getting an affirmative from everyone gathered.
Soon the host unpaused the video, going over many more embarrassing and funny moments between the two of you before pausing at a particular one again.  
This scene was from an radio interview you two had done together where Tom talks about Scarlett’s baking skills.
He utters something along the lines of not being sure if it was a gender thing or not when you interrupted,” It’s not Tommy, don’t worry.”
Him and the interviewer laughed at your interruption and usage of nickname before you continued,” You don’t need to be jealous. I’m pretty sure she’d love to teach you how to bake without burning your house down.” You pulled his leg, causing him to roll his eyes at you.
He then continues to talk about how great Scarlett bakes and when he finished, you dramatically groaned into the mic,”Ugh, did you really have to gush so muchhhhh, now I want her cookies! You made me miss it more than I already did!” you whined.
He smiled at your antics,” Well, let’s drop by her house after this interview. I’ll take you.”
“ Oh yay!!” you exclaimed,” Sorry Scar, but we are going to be crashing at your humble abode soon.”
You paused for dramatic effect before speaking,” Kids, this is why you should have a friend who has a driving license. Make them your personal chauffer!”
“See what I have to deal with here?” Tom asked the interviewer who couldn’t stop laughing at this entire exchange.
Another fan stood up to ask a question,” So did you two really crash Scarlett’s house?”
You were about to answer when Tom interrupted you,” You think I’d still be alive if I hadn’t taken this biscuit demon to her house?”
You smacked him in his arm lightly as the entire hall laughed their asses off,” Rude! But yes, we did go to her house. And she was so happy to see me too! It had been a while since we had last seen each other so she immediately hugged me and rushed me inside her house. I didn’t even have to ask for her baked goods because she placed her latest batch of chocolate biscuits in front of me. “
“ I love that woman.” You sighed happily simultaneously as Tom sighed in exaggeration,” and the said woman forgot me at the front door as soon as she laid her eyes on this little demon.”
You smirked,” aww tommy, it’s not my fault she loves me more.”
Since Tom didn’t exactly have a comeback for that he just playfully stuck his tongue out at you as you turned towards the audience,” And people call me the child!!”
Tom turned towards the host,” I suggest you unpause the video before we destroy each other “
The host did as she was told to.
The next few minutes went by the same and before any of you knew it, you were already nearing the end of the compilation which made you slightly sad.
The last video was probably your most favourite.
It started with a picture of Tom pouting while trying not to show how upset he was while you had your arm around him, trying to console him.
It was taken after Endgame premier and Tom had not been happy to witness the scene where your characters dies.
You had reposted the photo in your story with the caption saying,” Somebody isn’t too happy about Endgame”.
It then transitioned into another one of your stories, where Tom barged through your house as your manager took out her phone to secretly record the announcement he had come to deliver,” Hello my favourite child!”
“Oh Tom. Didn’t know you were stop-“
You couldn’t even finish your sentence before he lifted you up and twirled you around,” You got resurrected!!!”
“Huh? What??”
Tom puts you down before answering,” Ok maybe not completely resurrected. But you aren’t done with Marvel just yet!!”
He was bouncing excitedly and you couldn’t help but feel excited along with him,” Well don’t leave me in suspense!”
“ You are going to be appearing back in some of the episodes of LOKI!”
You looked at him with your mouth agape before turning to your manager,” Is this true??”
When she nodded you couldn’t help but squeal as well.
The selected fan stood up, and asked his question,” So  how was it to find that you two will still be working together one more time?”
You looked at Tom, silently asking if he would answer but you gestured for you to take the lead,” Well, honestly I loved it. I wasn’t exactly expecting to be employed by Marvel again and with the way Tom came to announce it, you can clearly see he was way happier than I was.” You laughed.
“Well, could you blame me! Your death scene was horrible!!” he defended, gaining supportive cheers from the crowd.
“ Alright, I’ll take that” you smiled,” It basically just means I did a good job acting” you proudly claimed, Tom rolling his eyes again.
Soon the time was up and everyone had started to leave one by one.
“So, what do you plan on doing tonight?”  Tom asked as you got into his car.
“Well, we both are leaving for London tomorrow so movie night?” you asked as you buckled in.
“Call the rest of the hooligans?”
“Oh definitely.”
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bakubro0 · 3 months ago
Leave the window open - Deku
Tumblr media
Note: I wanted to do something similar with the manga. hope you like it!
pairing: Izuku Midoriya (Deku) x Reader
warnings/tags: not sfw, minors dni, slight degradation, aged up!Deku, unprotected sex, very slight exibicionism, v slight sonophilia (just deku touchin' the reader's hair, face and arm while asleep and lookin' her body).
Tumblr media
You’re asleep when Izuku comes into your room.
He never comes from the front door. Like a ghost he sneaks through the shadows and enters through your window. Sometimes the green rays briefly illuminate the stain he is against the dark sky.
Knowing that your boyfriend is something close to a hero of the shadows, exiled and estranged from everyone, you always keep the window open at night, so he can approach easily.
He always complains and says it's too dangerous to leave the window open, but you ignore that. Seeing him is already hard enough. You always do your best to make it at least a little easier for the two of you.
This time is no different.
When Izuku easily balances on the windowsill and enters your room, the only light there is from the yellow blinkers that are attached to the headboard of your bed. You texted him earlier and asked him to come see you but got no response.
Izuku pulls back the mask he’s wearing and sighs when he sees you, so beautiful, asleep. You have the habit of sleeping on top of the blankets sometimes and he smiles when he realizes that you only wear a big T-shirt - his T-shirt.
Pulling off one of the gloves, Izuku frees his own hand so he can feel your skin. He touches you carefully, like you were made of glass. And it could be — anything could be glass in his calloused, strong hands. Izuku can take down any wall, defeat any villain.
You are fragile compared to him. It's like a porcelain doll, perfect, so delicate.
His free hand wanders over your face; he takes a lock of your hair out your face and tucks it behind your ear. He couldn't help but let his fingertips caress your arms and the fabric of his shirt.
Izuku lets his own green eyes watch you with curiosity and a slight desire; your smooth legs and breasts bulging against his shirt are suddenly more than just a sight for him.
You’re the only good thing in this world, he thinks.
He watches you for a little longer; lets his thumb play with your hair as he listens to your breathing. Izuku finally convinces himself that it's best to let you sleep; he gets up from the end of the bed he was sitting on and that's when you mumble something.
“Oh, did I woke up my doll?” he asks in a sweet voice, his eyes shining when you blink.
“You really came!” you exclaim happily and quickly sit down to hug him. Izuku looks surprised by the contact, as usual.
Away from everyone and everything he knows, fighting villains and facing danger all the time, a touch like yours is unusual. Every few times he can be with you is like that - like you’re caressing him for the first time.
"I got the message just now," he mutters against your hair and lets you rest against his chest. “I didn't meant to wake you up-”
“No problem” you shake a hand. “I didn't think you were coming. I'm happy to see you.”
“I'm always happy to see you” he whispers and cups your face with one hand. The tone in his voice is almost strange, not that common of his nature. He's frustrated about something, you know that. But there are so many things he can be frustrated and angry about that you have no idea where to start.
When Izuku's lips meet yours, a heavy kiss begins in seconds. He holds you possessively, his arms against your waist, one hand quickly pressing your body against his.
You moan softly against his mouth, your hands gripping the collar of his hero uniform. It's a threadbare uniform, quite different from what he used to wear in the past. But you don't care about that or anything else when you pull him towards you, opening your legs so his heavy body has room to lie there.
“What’s this, huh? Did I made you horny that fast?” he asks against your neck as he kisses it, teeth marking your skin. “Your parents are right in the next room, silly girl. We can’t-”
“We can… We can be silent!” you said quickly, eager for the touch of rough hands against your delicate skin.
And that wish is shared by Izuku as well. He wants to ruin you; wants to make you whimper his name, hear you say you can't take him - and still ask for more.
“Do you want it?” he asks hoarsely in your ear and presses his own erection against your thigh. Before you can respond, a rough kiss is dropped against your lips.
He sighs against your tongue as he feels how soaked your panties are. Your hands try to go down his torso, but Izuku is quick to stop them.
“Leave your hands on the headboard,” he says in a soft but dangerously authoritative whisper. As if his voice were a velvet-covered knife, you know perfectly well how dominant and vicious he can be when he wants to. “It's so wet. You shouldn't be so excited to do this when your parents can hear you, love.”
“Iz-zuku” you sigh when you feel his rough movements against your clit, his fingertips threatening to penetrate you.
“Tell me what you want... Just tell me and I'll give it to you” he promises and you unconsciously move your hips, looking for the sensation of his warm hands. “Say it, c’mon. You can use that pretty mouth for something, can't you?”
Your head shakes, but Izuku won't let you speak. He pushes two of the fingers that were previously being rubbed against your entrance into your mouth and watches with a satisfied smile as you obediently suck on them. Izuku continues, deeper and deeper, making you choke at times.
Your hips continued to move slowly, trying to seek some relief with the light friction against one of his thighs. This sight makes Izuku laugh and shake his head as if he’s mocking you.
"You're acting like a little bitch in heat," he says against your ear and your eyes roll back. Izuku removes his fingers from your mouth and takes them straight to the zipper of his own clothes, pulling it down to the volume that was formed by his erection. He lets his own cock free, the pink tip pressed against your panties.
You whine at the contact; it's almost an instinct when your hands leave the headboard and pull your panties aside.
“Please!” you sigh as you lift your hips in an almost desperate way. “Please, please, please, Deku!”
That single word makes him grunt. Izuku can’t hold back when you call him by his hero name. It fills his ego, feels so good he can't say anything else - Izuku thrusts his hips against you, filling you up.
You let out a moan and he lifts his free hand, still covered by a glove, to cover your mouth. You want to beg him, you want to tell him how good his deep movements are, but he won't let you.
Izuku is completely lost in how your body feels against his. The way your body reacts to his, how you can barely handle half his dick without whining pathetically, "It's too much, Deku."
"I don't care, take it" he growled against your neck. His pace is amazing, almost brutal. It makes the bed shake and for a moment you almost forget that your parents are sleeping in the next room and don't know that your boyfriend sneaks in through your window.
Izuku guides his free hand to the most sensitive point between your legs, touching it slowly while forcing his own cock deeper and deeper inside you. You can't even tell you're close to coming - the sensation washes over you and makes your back arch and you hear Izuku moaning as he pulls his own cock out and watches him come over your belly with a heavy groan.
You close your eyes for a moment, trying to catch your breath as you feel Izuku's sweet, warm kisses against your cheeks.
“Open your eyes for me, love” he asks and when you do, a beaming smile from Izuku surprises you. “I'm not done with you yet.”
Tumblr media
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thatbadbruja · 2 months ago
Sanji, Zoro and Luffy (Monster Trio)with S/O who uses pick up lines on them.
A/N:hello hello my dears back again I forgot I had the day off today so I was able to do some drafts. This one is the Monster Trio with there s/o using pick up lines on them. I hope you all enjoy!
Tumblr media
Sanji was always I mean always used his pick up lines on you. That was one reasons you both ended up together in the first place. His sweet charming and romantic personality brought you closer to him. You were always flattered by his pick up lines but you decided to use on on him this time. You were keeping him company in the kitchen as he was looking at the recipe book and making some tweaks to his liking as he started adding some of ingredients to a bowl. You took ahold of the recipe book pretending to look at it before saying. "oh that's interesting." you said looking at the book.
"What is interesting sweetheart?" he continued to mix the ingredients .
"I always thought happiness started with an ‘h,’ but it turns out mine starts with ‘u.’"
"you are the cutest thing ever in the whole wide world you just made my day _______!!" He hugged you as he twirled around with you still in his arms.
"ahhh Sanji I'm getting dizzy!" you felt the room spinning you were holding onto the man for dear life once he stopped trying get your footing back and stable.
Tumblr media
Everyone on the Thousand Sunny were having a good time. Sake was every and where sake was Zoro was. He drank sake like it was water and for you well not so much you could only handle so much at a time. The liquid courage making you feel confident after another and another. Zoro watching laughing and finally popping a seat on his lap. Slightly spilling your drink out of your cup.
"Whoa watch it _______." he adjusted you on his lap getting more comfortable. "I think you had enough." he tried to take it away from you.
Playfully rolling your eyes "Trust me, I’m not drunk; I’m just intoxicated by you." in a luring voice as your hand sliding up his exposed chest and the other hand holding your drink.
"Are my pores really reeking of sake that much?" he asked not know you were using a pick up line. You deadpan expression appeared on your face
"Your kidding me right?" asking him.
"Kidding about what?" he looked at you.
"You are so clueless!" you shout a sight bit
"clueless about what you're not making sense?!?!?!" he shouted back.
Tumblr media
Bless your boyfriends soul for being so clueless as well. He was on the deck eating as usual. It wasn't stopping anytime soon it amazed you how he would devour down the food and he wouldn't gain a drop of weight but if you would eat one piece of cake you felt the difference in your pants. Wishing to pull his attention away from the mound of food. "Heyyyy _______ join me!!!" his face full of food with his signature goofy grin. You couldn't help but smile and make your way to where he was. "look at all this yummy food!"
"Its does look good" clearing your throat getting his attention "So I've been doing some thinking." your head rested on your palm you other hand tapping the table with your index finger.
"Your always thinking." he continued to shoving the slab of meat in his mouth hardly chewing it..
"If I could rewrite the alphabet, I would put ‘U’ and ‘I’ together." giving a sweet smiled at him.
"why would you want to do that? It won't make sense?" he blinked a few times still looking at you unsure why you want to do something like that.
"You don't get it?" narrowing your eyes at him.
"Yeah you want to rearrange the alphabet placing u and I together...." he stopped for a moment suddenly realizing what you just said. " OH I get it now. U and I together shishishi!" he snickered. He leaned over kissing giving you a big kiss on the cheek.
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reuinx · 2 months ago
My Girl (Yelena Belova x Reader)
Summary: Yelena Belova, your best friend, and you sleep together. Communication is crucial to a successful relationship, but without it, uncertainty reigns. The state of your relationship remains in limbo. After missing each other for a long time, you are reunited at a party.
Word Count: 1,651
Paring: Yelena Belova x Reader
Translations:  Moya Lyubov (My Love)
Tumblr media
This evening, you spent a lot of time thinking about what outfit you should wear to a party you didn't particularly want to attend. You never really had trouble picking an outfit; it was just the fact that Yelena Belova was going to be there that made you uneasy.
You and Yelena were childhood friends, but one night things changed significantly. When you and Yelena were messing around in your bedroom, she kissed you. It was something you wanted secretly, but you tried not to sabotage your friendship since you loved her so much. You were in love with her. It was just that you didn't want to admit it. Yelena knew what she wanted; she wasn't hesitant. The taste in your mouth was still imprinted on your mind. The weight of her hips against yours could still be felt. Your sleep was disrupted by it. It's been a week since you last texted or called her. You ignored her. You didn't know what to say, and you were terrified that she might tell you to forget about everything. How could you forget about her? Would Yelena tell everyone about what you shared? You weren't sure what her intentions were.
Your courage finally prevailed, and you left the house to attend the party. Outside the house, you searched for Yelena's yellow Ford Mustang. Where was it? It made you feel sick to your stomach. Did she not come? As the door opened, you were welcomed into the party even though you wanted to leave. Maybe she was avoiding you as much as you avoided her. The music increased as you walked down the endless corridor, ignoring your friend's moaning about your tardiness. Upon entering the vast living room of the family home, you were surrounded by familiar faces but not the one you were looking for. You were feeling fine until fiery eyes suddenly found you. You searched the room, hoping to find her. 
Your eyes locked onto the green-eyed girl, Yelena. She had been looking at the ground, and once you entered, her eyes slowly flickered up to meet yours. If anyone looks, could kill, she was here, after all, but not alone. A brunette was sitting uncomfortably close for your liking, great. It took you too long to break eye contact with her. It was as if Yelena looked away; you'd vanish. An ivory leather dress with matching straps and white heels framed her skin-tight figure. Her arms were crisscrossed across her legs, one hand firmly holding a bottle of opened Captain Morgan. Her rings on each finger being exposed. Her wavy hair flowed down her shoulders; she was utterly gorgeous. Everybody in the room was looking at her, but only you had her attention. She was relieved the moment she saw you, her face was no longer as hard as it was before. She slowly lowered her eyes from you, you thought you had seen her half-smile, but you couldn't be sure.
You turned your back on her and entered the kitchen, rubbing your forehead furiously as you needed a drink to distract yourself from her. Swaying slightly as you helped yourself to a black cherry Whiteclaw beer, you listened to the soft music. As you carefully opened the can over the sink to avoid spillage, you nearly dropped it as your heart pounded when you saw a figure behind you in the reflection of the window.
"You shouldn't be drinking you know, you're a lightweight." The smooth voice of Yelena interrupted your delayed reaction.
"Jesus Yelena!" You yelled; you didn't even hear her come in. Maybe it was the music, but you were sure you would have heard her. Close behind you, she was holding her bottle to her delicate lips as she slowly sipped from it. She had always promised you heaven, but this was hell. It was easy to remember the taste of her lips the night she stole Natasha's perfume.
"When are you going to stop avoiding me, huh?" Yelena pronounced as she slowly put her Captain Morgan down, leaning her back against the counter with her hands protectively resting across her chest. She wanted an answer. It felt like you couldn't breathe when you looked at her.
"I'm not avoiding you!"
"You are avoiding me. You're practically running away from. Do I have to remind you that I'll easily catch you, huh?"
"I just um- I don't why I came, this is just stupid." As you sipped your drink, you grew flustered, attempting to move past her as she grabbed you by the wrist, pulling you back to her.
"I just want to talk, that's all. Please just give me that."
"Did you come with her?"
"The brunette girl that was practically looking at you like a lost puppy."
"Maya? Yeah. I came with her. Oh..Oh…Oh! Is that what this attitude is about?"
"What attitude?"
"You're jealous."
"I'm not jealous, Yelena."
"You're so jealous, that's cute."
"You can do whatever you want, I don't care."
"You won't mind if I go kiss her then?"
"Shut up!"
"Make me. You're being all big now, why don't you make me shut up?" Yelena snapped at you as she stepped close to your figure. You shoved your back up against the sink, keeping distance between you both. She furrowed her eyebrows at you as she rested her hands on either side of you. She was trapping you. You leaned in, getting hit with the distinctive smell of amber floral accord, Natasha's perfume that Yelena wore the night in your room.
"Yelena, we can't.”
"What are you so afraid of?" With curious eyes, Yelena whispered as she slowly raised her hand. She stroked the bottom of your lip with her fingertips.
"I'm afraid that I've ruined this, I've ruined everything." You didn't know why you said it, maybe because you panicked. She looked disappointed as her face dropped and her lips parted.
"Is this the end?" Yelena's voice was laced with uncertainty.
"It's not ending, it never started."
"Don't say that."
"What do you want me to say, Yelena? I'm lost for words with you. What will everyone say if they find out about us?"
"Who cares what anyone thinks."
"What about Maya?"
As soon as a voice interrupted her, Yelena was unable to answer your question.
“Yelena?" Maya called out as she entered the kitchen, causing the brunette girl to freeze on the spot when you both came into view. Your panic caused you to push Yelena away from you.
"Sorry, sorry. I'm so sorry. I - um. I better leave now." Suddenly, a wave of guilt overcame you; you quickly passed Yelena, where you sipped your last can before throwing it away. You glanced at Maya and were astonished by her beauty. She looked like the gods themselves had sculpted her. There was no way to tell what Maya was to Yelena. You didn't even want to think of that. You threw your can into the bin as you passed by, darting down the hallway and out of the house as you didn't dare turn around. You were exiting the house in a rush as you tried to make your way home as quickly as possible. You didn't get far until the house door opened and slammed in the distance. You heard the pitter-patter of feet again the concrete.
"Hey! Hey wait!" When Yelena called after you as you stopped, you were startled because you were not expecting her to do so. Turning around, you noticed that she held her heels in her hand as if she had taken them off to run faster after you.
"You don't get to tell me to wait. You don't get to tell me anything."
"Don’t be like that-"
"I have… I've spent too many years on you, Yelena. Too many years wishing on you, wishing for us! Wishing for something!  I loved you, god I loved you more than anything. Tonight said it all when you brought Ma-"
"I love you."
"And then you brought Maya-"
"I love you."
"Does she know that we slept together? Did you even bother to tell her?"
"I love you."
"She's gorgeous! Have you seen her! God. I can't get over how beautiful she is. Wait… you-" You had been rambling out of anger and mostly sadness, your hands waving above your head as you spoke. Yelena put her hand over your lips, stopping you from speaking, and dropped her heels as she said to you. As she began to speak to you, she leaned in close and placed her nose against yours.
"I love you. Do you hear me? I love you. I've loved you since I was fifteen. Maya was my ride tonight, that's all. I knew if you seen my car there was a chance you wouldn't of came in. She gave me a ride over and she was only asking if we needed a ride home. Who cares what anyone thinks about us? Natasha might give you a teasing but we can handle her." Yelena spoke softly with her green eyes studying yours; it was as if she was trying to read your mind on how you'd react to what she had just told you.
"This week without you has been hell. didn't think I could ever miss someone as much as I've missed you. Nothing hurts more than being without your other half." Yelena grumbled as she lowered her hand, allowing you to speak finally but instead, you held your breath. The girl you had loved for years for admitting that she loved you. There is nothing worse than not being loved by the person you loved, but when they love you back, it's euphoric. She did not even have to ask you to be her girlfriend; she marked her territory with her firm words. 
"What does this make us, Yelena?"
"You're my girl. You are and always will be my girl. Moya Lyubov. Mine. Now lets go back to mine, I'm cold. I only dressed up for you"
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rem-goku · 4 months ago
Hi could I get rengoku cuddling headcannons please! Thank you!
ooo I was so excited to do these !!!! ty for the req <3
Rengoku Cuddle HCs
- ok first the obvious one. he’s warm as fuck. this man radiates heat, which is wonderful in the winter but hell in the summer. you two will often wake up sweaty and tangled up together.
- he’s the opposite of a cover hog?? like, if you pull the covers over to your side, he’s not gonna pull them back. he wants his love to be as comfortable as they can be!!
- he prefers to cuddle with no clothes on/very minimal clothes on. it’s not usually a sexual thing, he just feels closer to you when he can feel your skin on his.
- his hands, while rough and calloused, are incredibly gentle. he’ll rub your hips softly when you two snuggle sometimes, and the lightness of his touches astounds you
- of course, sometimes he grabs your hips and pulls you against him, giggling like a child as he does so
- because if you’re facing away from him “hehehe butt”
- he loves loves loves when you cuddle facing him with your head snuggled under his chin
- he can bury his face in your hair and hold you close and wrap his arms and legs around you
- but he also loves spooning you because he can kiss the back of your neck and your shoulders
- but if you have bbooby and you’re okay w/ it……. he loves to tuck his head under your chin and snuggle his face up to your tids
- because soft…………… pillow
- when he’s really comfortable and content
- he’ll subconsciously start humming
- and he makes the softest, cutest noises ever
- gentle little “hmmmmh”s against your skin or hair
- he loves ur tummy.
- if he’s spooning you he likes to put his hand on your tummy and give it a gentle little squeeze as he smiles
- that damn smile
- AAHGGHHHHH wahhhhhdsgjfahkle
- anyway if I can think of any more of these i’ll rb this post and add on to em
- because this is so CUTE. im gonna die
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buckydaisy · a month ago
cast parties
pairing: sebastian stan x reader
request: “I would also like to make a request for Sebastian Stan x reader. The reader and the Marvel cast are all sitting together talking and the reader is playing with Seb's hair and he falls asleep because he was up filming a scene late last night. Mackie and Evans notices and teases them” - @bbl32
word count: 1.3k
Tumblr media
“We don’t have to go in if you don’t want to. We could go home and order some takeout.” Sebastian suggested, letting his hand inch up your thigh. You instantly shook your head. “You told your friends we would come to this party.” You reminded him.
He groaned, placing a kiss on your cheek. “I just got back from filming for three months, and I want to spend time with you. Just you.” He said, pouting.
“We have all day tomorrow to spend time together. Besides, I’ll be by your side all night.” You assured him.
Whenever he came back from filming, he became the clingiest man alive. All he wanted to do was wrap you up in his arms. His love language was definitely physical touch. You loved that about him. You loved watching your giant muscular boyfriend turn into a cuddly teddy bear.
He finally agreed to go inside, but you still almost had to drag him to the door. As you opened the door, your ears were overwhelmed by all the people that were talking to each other.
Robert had organized a party with most of the marvel cast, which by now was a lot of actors.
Sebastian’s fingers naturally interlaced with yours as he walked further into the house. You followed behind, weaving through the crowd of people.
He recognized Chris and Anthony and made a beeline for them. “Hey, there they are!” Chris said, turning to face you both. They gave you both hugs with big smiles on their faces.
As soon as you pulled away from them, Sebastian wrapped his arms around your waist and rested his head on your shoulder. “Didn’t you just get home from filming?” Anthony asked, shocked that you both showed up to the party.
He nodded his head, still clinging to you. “I landed this afternoon. I was home for maybe an hour before we drove here.” He explained.
Chris chuckled to himself. “So that explains the clinginess.” He joked, earning a laugh from you. You nodded your head, still giggling at the joke.
Chris was one of your close friends, and you may have mentioned how affectionate Sebastian gets when he comes home from filming.
“I’m going to get a drink. I’ll be right back.” You said, pressing a light kiss to Sebastian’s cheek. He nodded before returning his attention to Anthony and Chris.
You skillfully weaved back through the crowd until you got to the kitchen. “Oh my god, you’re here!” You heard someone exclaim. As you turned around to see who it was, you felt Lizzie pull you into a hug. “I can’t believe you made it. We all assumed you and Sebastian would have been at home asleep on the couch.” She said, giggling.
You felt a small smile slip onto your cheeks as you remembered Sebastian suggesting that exact idea. “I was able to convince him to come somehow. It had been too long since we had seen everybody. We might end up leaving early, he’s exhausted from his flight.” You said, as you poured your drink.
“Speak of the devil.” Lizzie said, laughing to herself. You turned around to see what she meant. You were face to face with Sebastian. “I missed you.” He whined, pulling you close and burying his head in your neck. You instantly noticed the giant smirk on Lizzie’s face as she watched him turn into a man-child.
“I was only gone for maybe five minutes. Go hang out with the guys. Besides, I haven’t gotten to gossip about you with Lizzie yet.” You joked, pushing him towards the doorway. He pouted before walking back into the living room.
Lizzie’s smirk stayed plastered on her face. “You both are my favorite couple, it’s official.” She told you. You felt a wave of pride wash over you. It always made you beam when people told you that yours and Sebastian’s relationship was adorable.
“So what’s new?” You asked her, taking a sip of your drink.
By the end of the night, there was barely anyone left at the party. The few of you that were left standing were gathered in the living room. There was Robert, Evans, Hemsworth, Lizzie, Anthony, Bettany, Zoe, Hiddleston, Sebastian, and you.
You had chosen a seat on the couch, and Sebastian was sitting in front of you on the floor.
He was only half listening to the conversation. The only thing he could think about was how he would get to cuddle with you when he got home. He had missed your touch, but his lack of sleep was starting to catch up to him.
He glanced back at you to be met by your gentle smile. He leaned over, resting his head on your thighs. Naturally, your fingers found your way to his hair.
It wasn’t uncommon for you to run your fingers through his hair. Actually, you did it all the time. So, you should’ve known that it would put him right to sleep.
You ran your fingers through the brown locks. His hair was longer than the last time you saw him last. It was still just as soft though. Your nails scratched against his scalp, relaxing him just enough.
You happened to glance down and you realized his eyes had fluttered closed. He was peacefully asleep. A smile crept onto your face as you admired him. You continued to run your fingers through his hair, while half listening to the conversation.
Hemsworth was telling some funny story about something his kid had said, but no matter how hard you tried, your sleeping boyfriend still stole your attention.
“It’s past somebody’s bed time.” Evans teased, being the first to notice. Everyone followed his gaze and saw Sebastian dead asleep. “It’s cause somebody keeps him up late.” Anthony said, sending a wink straight your way.
The joke earned a few laughs from the gang. “Oh shush, he’s just tired. He’s had a long day.” You said. You could hear his soft breaths in and out.
“How is it that he’s asleep and still as close to you as possible?” Anthony asked, not passing any opportunity to tease you and Sebastian. You brushed his hair out of his face, loving the way his hair felt between your fingers. “I think it’s adorable.” Lizzie said, watching the sweet gesture.
Sebastian stirred under your touch. “What’s going on?” He asked, realizing everyone was staring at him. Before you could dismiss it, Chris took the opportunity to tease him. “Somebody fell asleep because it’s past their bed time.” He said, in a baby voice.
Sebastian realized what was happening and rolled his eyes. “Ha ha ha,” he pretended to laugh at the joke. You giggled to yourself as you watched. “Question for you: do you always fall asleep when she runs her fingers through your hair?” Anthony asked, continuing the teasing.
You stood up, grabbing his hands. “Come on. I think we should get going, considering you’re so tired.” You said, pulling Sebastian to his feet.
“You both are adorable. Don’t listen to them.” Lizzie said giggling. You wrapped you arm around his side, guiding him towards the door. “Goodnight everybody. We’ll see you soon.” You said, leaning into Sebastian’s side.
Once you both got into the car, he pulled in for a kiss. “Hi there.” You mumbled, smiling at him. He pressed another quick kiss to your lips. “I’ve really missed you.” He said, softly.
After all the time apart, it was nice to just be able to sit together. There was no place you would rather be than in Sebastian’s arms.
“Then, let’s go home and get to bed.” You said, giving him one last kiss. He pulled out of the driveway, one hand in yours. “I love you.” He said, leaning over to kiss your cheek.
“I love you too.” You said, happy he was finally back home with you.
taglist: @laurakirsten0502 @miraclesoflove @nathaliabakes @millipop18 @azghedaheda @shyinadarkplace @vanteguccir @missroro @bookfrog242 @buckys-doll17 @ice-dtae @leyannrae @sia2raw @nyx2021 @just-a-littlebit-of-everything @shyconversationalbookworm @shadowhuntyi @lovelokiqueen @ruzannetheseahorse @superdeath @sunwardsss @studentville-struggles @impossibleapricotlampbat @infjkiki @k-k0129 @lickmymelaninn @hailey-a-s @andreasworlsboring101 @fanofalltheficsx @lukes-orange-beanie @golden-hoax @madisondelstan @spookyparadisesheep @n3ssm0nique @beyondthesefourwalls @basicfangirlx @v-is-obsessive @reniescarlett @multiplums @alotofrandomfangirling @helium-queen @bbl32 @who-the-hell-is-sebastianstan @blueeyeddemon1016 @dorothea-hwldr @lovethemfictionalboys @stressydepressyandlemonzesty
Let me know if you want to be added to my taglist for all my imagines or for a specific character/fandom!!
Requests OPEN
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