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Title: Discovered

Pairing: There might not be a final pairing (since I follow along with the movies as accurately as I can) but I do gravitate towards Loki <3

Warnings: Based on the movie - Avengers: Infinity War

Part: 12, [11], [10], [9], [8], [7], [6], [5], [4], [3], [2], [1]

Key: Y/N - Your Name
Y/L/N - Your Last Name

Word Count: 4,135

Summary: Reuniting with Bruce and Tony and filling them in on Thanos’ plans, [Y/N] must help her fellow Avengers protect the remaining infinity stones and maybe even patch things up with the time stone keeper, Doctor Strange.

Note From Author: I know I haven’t been keeping up with the updates and some of you may have lost interest in the story, but I’m determined to finish up my work! Any of you that have stuck by Discovered for this long, thank you for reading :)
Stay safe everyone!

Part 12 - Rescue

“Oh, my God!”

[Y/N] threw her arms around Bruce as the tears she had just gotten to stop overflowed once more.

“This is where you were sent? Thank god!” She exclaimed, “I was so worried! Are you hurt?” [Y/N] recalled his earlier battle with Thanos and quickly pulled back, examining his face. He looked the same as he did all those years ago in Sakaar, making her feel choked up even more. “Thank god you’re alright! Thanos really gave you a beating!”

Bruce, who was still a bit shocked from seeing [Y/N] on Earth, finally snapped out of it after hearing her words.

“What? What did you say? Thanos?” He repeated, “How do you know that? How are you even here? What’s going on?”

[Y/N] was bombarded with questions, something she expected, but before she could answer someone behind her cleared his throat. Her earlier excitement swiftly died down as she recalled what exactly appeared before when she accidentally tackled into Bruce. The dull throbbing of her head made her feel slightly annoyed, clearly not over what had happened the last time she was forcibly portaled away, but she tried her best to not show the petty emotions in front of her friend.

Quickly getting up and helping Bruce get to his feet, she finally turned to the man she didn’t really want to see.



It was a brief greeting that left the others in the room feeling a bit awkward. They could see the subtle rage in [Y/N]’s eyes when she looked at Stephen, who in turn looked at her with indifference.

“Wait, you two know each other?” Bruce asked. The one standing beside Strange, someone [Y/N] was not familiar with, also looked a bit curious.

[Y/N] helplessly sighed, knowing how they were pressed for time, and decided to drop her earlier beef with this sorcerer. Instead, she started to explain to Bruce how she had ended up on Earth after falling into the wormhole on Sakaar and then stumbled into Loki after her unpleasant introduction to Strange. She decided to skip all the Avengers drama for the moment, since there currently wasn’t enough time to go over all of that. Then, she briefly summarized how Loki had forced her to watch the events that transpired on the ship. However, when she got to the end, she couldn’t finish and choked on the words. The tears that were shed for her happy reunion with Bruce were now falling due to grief. Everyone assumed it was because they all thought that Thor had met a similar end to his brother. Little did they know… She was actually feeling grief for the both of them.

“So that’s what happened,” Bruce replied as he gently patted her head.

When he looked a bit more closely at her, he could see that she really grew up. Not quite in height but… She seemed more mature. It seemed like it was only yesterday that she had been taken away from them through that mysterious wormhole. Not a minute went by that he wasn’t worried for her. Now, seeing her safe and well, his unsettled heart calmed down somewhat.

“But why did you bring me here?” [Y/N] wiped away the tears as she glanced at Doctor Strange coldly.

They weren’t really on the best of terms. She had only met him once and during that time he had kidnapped her off the streets of New York, questioned her, got the answer he wanted, and then threw her out like she was nothing. Honestly, she wanted to ignore him, or maybe punch him to release all the rage she felt for him, but the current situation wouldn’t allow it. Besides, she was still curious on why he would send her back here. He couldn’t possibly know about her friendship with Bruce, right? No one outside the Avengers knew that.

“I sensed magic working here and discovered that it was around you,” Strange explained. Though his attitude was indifferent, there was an apologetic flash in his eyes, as if he regretted how he had treated her that day. It wasn’t much, but it allowed the anger in her heart to cool down to some degree. “But after hearing your explanation, I assume that it was Loki at work.”

She nodded, knowing that Strange possessed some mysterious power, and then turned back to Bruce to hear a bit more about what he had gone through. While she interrogated him on what happened during Ragnarok, the doctor opened another portal and stepped outside. He seemed to be talking with someone, but [Y/N] still felt a bit irritated with him and decided to block out whatever he was doing.

Bruce was very patient with her and wisely chose not to press on any matters revolving around Strange and Loki. Though he was curious on why Loki had called her to witness such a thing, he could tell there were some touchy topics that he shouldn’t bring up and just talked about what he recalled during his time as the Hulk.

Then, he noticed someone beyond the portal that Strange had created and immediately stopped mid-sentence. [Y/N] also turned to see what he was looking at and her eyes widened. Before she could take a step, Bruce had already made his way to the portal and stepped out, walking from behind Strange and calling out to their friend.

“Hey Tony.”


[Y/N] could hear Tony’s shock in his voice and silently stayed behind. She wanted to also go forwards to see him, but she knew that they were in a very public area. To the common people, Bruce and Hulk were two entirely different entities. No one would bother him when talking with Tony. Plus, Hulk and Thor didn’t make an appearance during the time of the accords. They weren’t being hunted by the government, unlike her, so it was best if [Y/N] stayed behind for this one.

She didn’t have to wait long. Soon, after briefly talking with Bruce and Strange, Tony stepped through the portal and into the room she and Strange’s friend were standing in.


“Hi,” [Y/N] sheepishly smiled as she gave a small wave while Tony stood there surprised.

They had a lot of explaining to get through.



[Y/N] looked up at the oncoming ship, her heart plummeting at what was to come. She expected that they would be coming, but for them to arrive so soon? It was beyond her expectations.

“[Y/N], go invisible,” Tony instructed as he raised his voice over the screams of the people and the sound of the wind. Without waiting for a reply, he continued, “F.R.I.D.A.Y. keep back anyone south of 43rd street, notify first responders.”

She followed orders as the air around her shifted and covered her completely. Her body vanished as she stuck close to Tony’s side. Though there were a lot of misunderstandings and falling out between friends in the past, she still considered him her friend and felt it very natural to listen to him.

Just when her invisibility was set, Strange did something behind her, causing ripples in the air and nearly knocking her off her balance. The air she manipulated twisted, resisting the magic as her hold on it solidified against his powers. She glared at the doctor, but he was oblivious to her anger as her energy calmed and hid her completely once more. When she looked at the surroundings again, the dust and wind had stopped hindering their sight. He must have done something to clear up the area, and though she knew the logic behind his actions, she still disliked siding with him and decided to ignore it.

As the group made their way towards the descending alien ship, a beam of light shot down. When it dispersed, two familiar aliens calmly stood on the concrete ground with a practiced air about them. It obviously wasn’t their first time arriving in such a manner.

“Hear me, and rejoice,” the skinny alien spoke, immediately making [Y/N]’s blood boil in anger.

She recognized that one. He was the one that could telekinetically manipulate the objects around him and ensnared Thor, even muffling him while they prattled on. That time, she couldn’t do anything, but this time was definitely going to be different.

“You are about to die at the hands of the children of Thanos. Be thankful that your meaningless lives are now contributing a balance-”

“I’m sorry, Earth is closed today,” Tony rudely interrupted, uncaring for this alien’s condescending jargon. “You better pack it up and get out of here.”

“Stone keeper,” the alien disregarded Tony’s words and looked to Strange, “does this chattering animal speak for you?”

Everyone understood this subtle gesture. He knew exactly where the infinity stones were and who held them. Though how he knew wasn’t revealed, it meant that the stones couldn’t be hidden from them.

“Certainly not. I speak for myself,” Strange replied as multiple rings of magic encircled his hands and lower arms, thrumming with an odd power. Wong, his friend, also did the same. “You are trespassing in this city and on this planet.”

“Please get lost, Squidward,” Tony taunted.

Though his words were meant to get a reaction out of the enemy, [Y/N] couldn’t help but mentally have an Aha! moment at his joke. It was as if a light bulb had turned on above her head as she silently exclaimed, “That’s what he reminds me of!”

“He exhausts me,” the skinny alien sighed as the bulkier one muttered things in a language she couldn’t identify, “Bring me the stone.”

The fight was about to start, the bigger alien slowly making his way over to the group, as Bruce tried desperately to call out the Hulk. His skin turned partially green and the veins on his neck bulged, but still the green guy did not appear. Everyone looked at one another, unsure of what was going on, but Bruce couldn’t provide any answers. The Hulk just would not come out.

“Keep an eye on him,” Tony instructed Wong, and though he couldn’t see her, he was also telling this to [Y/N]. She had the best capabilities for support. Watching out for Bruce was something she could easily handle.

Though slow at the beginning, a fight was still a fight.

Tony used his latest nano-technology to shift to his Iron Man gear and sent the bigger alien flying towards the smaller one, who then easily brushed off the oncoming body before it could collide into him. However, before Tony could gloat about his newest addition of his suit to Bruce, who was in utter shock from the suit’s firepower, the telekinetic alien made his move.

Can’t say I didn’t see that coming, [Y/N] quietly sighed to herself as she watched Iron Man being blown upwards. She already knew what the skinny alien could do, so this amount wasn’t too surprising for her. Besides, Tony could take care of himself.

“Doctor Banner,” Strange began as he turned to Bruce while leaving the defence to Wong, “if the rest of your green friend won’t be joining us-” he didn’t need to finish as the portal opened up behind Bruce and was pushed through. However, Strange didn’t account for how close [Y/N] was and unknowingly sent her through too.

“You-!” She couldn’t finish her curse as she hit the grassy floor beside Bruce and was nearly flattened by the half-a-car that accidentally followed them through.

Her powers shot out, her solid body rippling, as it shielded the two of them before the vehicle could crash on top of them.

“God, I hate magic!” [Y/N] screamed just before the portal fully closed.

She was no longer invisible as she helped Bruce get to his feet. He was still a little disoriented because of the quick change of location, but just as they were calming down, Tony barreled into a tree not too far from them.

“Tony, you okay?” Bruce called as they both jogged to where Tony lay on the ground. “How we doin’? Good? Bad?”

“Really, really good. Really good,” he replied, though with a hint of sarcasm. “You plan on helping out?”

“I’m tryin’. He won’t come out.”

“Incoming!” [Y/N] yelled at the same time Tony shouted, “Hammer!” just as a weapon was hurled at the three of them.

[Y/N] encased Bruce and her in a barrier right before Tony tackled into the two of them to get them away from the projectile.

She was quick to get on her feet and saw Iron Man shoot out lasers towards the bulky alien, but the enemy’s shield was sturdier and reflected the two beams. It cut through everything around them and a tree dangerously fell towards where the two were standing.

“Watch out!” She cried out as she jumped onto Bruce to push him out of the way.

Luckily, the two were only hit with the weaker branches of the tree and could easily escape from under it.

“Come on, Hulk,” Bruce groaned as he crawled from under the leaves, “What are you doin’ to me? Come out!” He demanded as he slapped himself, “Come out!”

Suddenly, half of his face turned into the Hulk but rather than actually coming out for battle, he instead roared, “No!” angrily before reverting back to Bruce.

“What do you mean, ‘No’?!” Bruce questioned, but there was no response.

[Y/N] helplessly looked at the two bickering in the same body, unsure of what to do. She was friends with both of them but there was no way to understand why Hulk refused to join in on the fight. He was notorious for being fearless and impulsive. For him to so resolutely refuse, there must have been a reason.

That was when she heard a familiar voice.

“Hey man,” Peter called out, “What’s up, Mr. Stark?”

“Spider-Man!” [Y/N] gasped, both happy to see him and horrified that he was taking part in this dangerous fight. But considering the situation, they needed all the help that they could get.

While the battle progressed, a red figure zipped past all of them, racing off in one direction. She couldn’t quite get a good look, but Tony immediately knew who it was.

“Kid, that’s the wizard,” he said, as he shielded himself from the bulky alien’s blow. “Get on it.”

“On it!” Spider-Man nodded as he swiftly webbed himself towards Strange’s departing figure.

[Y/N] wasn’t slow to act either. Manipulating the air around her, she hid herself from sight as she propelled herself into the sky. Quickly pinpointing where the thin alien was, who wasn’t too far behind the escaping Strange, she knew she had to slow him down.

Before Peter could get close, the alien didn’t even look behind him as he sent a billboard ramming into the kid. She winced at the sight, but she couldn’t slow down to help as her target was getting further and further away.

The alien was by no means weak. He used his powers masterfully as all the street lamps around Strange curled up to catch him. The cloak couldn’t maneuver fast enough and was quickly ensnared. However, physics slows down for no man. Though the cloak was no longer able to move, Strange flew out from it and hurtled towards the concrete floor.

Without thinking, [Y/N] shot out her power just before the doctor hit the ground and was just about to turn him invisible too when she felt a pressure ensnare her whole body. Her legs buckled under the force and she collapsed, her face scraping against the rough concrete. Glancing up, gasping for air that was nearly squeezed out of her, she realized that the alien was looking around for her and knew he had caught her but was not sure where exactly she was. Instead of searching, he had decided to squish the area down under an invisible pressure to stop her in her tracks before she could get away with the stone keeper.

Losing her hold on the doctor, his brief moment of levitation above the floor faltered and soon he was back to falling.

“Gotcha!” Spider-Man exclaimed as his web caught Strange before he could hit the ground and swung him out.

A wave of air came flooding back into her lungs as Peter’s sudden appearance startled the alien and made him discard his previous attack on [Y/N]. With her invisibility still intact, she quickly got away from the targeted area before he could launch another wave of pressure onto her again.

[Y/N] took a couple more deep breaths before going after Spider-Man, but then she noticed the red cloak struggling under the ensnarement of the lamp post. Utilizing the alien’s distraction towards the escaping doctor, she quickly sent out her powers and untangled the cloak from the metal trap. The moment it was free, it didn’t go off towards Strange but instead pounced onto [Y/N]!

Startled by the sudden attack, not just because the cloak was supposed to be on her side but also due to the fact that she was still invisible, she wasn’t able to defend herself and was quickly sent up into the air. When she realized it wasn’t trying to hurt her, she calmed down somewhat but then her heart nearly stopped when she realized where it was taking her.

In that brief moment where she was helping the cloak, Strange was being beamed up by the alien ship. Spider-Man tried to stop him from going any further, grabbing onto a lamp post to anchor himself onto the Earth, but the pale alien swiftly dislodged the pole before it could hinder him any further.

“No, no!” [Y/N] pleaded as she struggled in the wrappings of the cloak.

Invisibility long forgotten, if anyone focused hard enough they would be able to see a figure tangled within a red cloak that followed after the unconscious sorcerer.

She was getting closer and closer to the ship and knew exactly what was coming. If this continued, she’d end up inside and be sent out of the Earth’s atmosphere to who-knows-where! There was a faint memory of the planet Thanos had instructed his “children” to gather in, but she couldn’t think about that right now! She just knew that she was about to leave Earth.

“Let go!” She begged, her heart going wild as the panic began to set in. Feeling trapped in the durable fabric did not help.

Her eyes were glued to the gradually increasing distance between her and the Earth. She trembled non-stop as her breathing became erratic. Her struggles became even more wild and her powers were sent everywhere. It lashed out at anything, hitting against the cloak and dispersing the clouds. Before she could do any more damage, however, something blocked her eyes.

She couldn’t see, though she could still feel herself going higher and higher up in the air. Just as she was about to have another fit of panic, the cloak around her loosened somewhat. It gently brushed her cheeks, wiping away the tears that rolled down her face and acted like someone was hugging her, reassuring her that she was fine.

At first, it didn’t help much.

Her senses were all over the place and could barely focus on anything. But as her surroundings got more quiet and her feet were on solid ground, the cloak around her insulating her heat and making her feel a bit warmer, she no longer trembled. Waiting just a bit more, her tears stopped and her breathing became more stable. Finally, when her heart was no longer palpitating erratically, the fabric in front of her eyes slowly let her go.

[Y/N] readied her nerves and opened her eyes. She knew that she was now on the alien ship with no way to return back to Earth. Tony and Peter were nowhere in sight but she was technically not alone.

“You know, you’re not a very nice cloak,” [Y/N] grumbled, her voice somewhat raspy from her earlier moment of hyperventilating, as she sent a sharp glare at the piece of clothing levitating in front of her. It almost appeared to shrug its non-existent shoulders, as if indicating that it had no other choice. She defeatedly shook her head. “Geez. You’re just like your owner!”

Though a bit of her was still rattled by the thought of leaving Earth again, she wasn’t as afraid. This time, she knew where she was going and knew that her friends were informed of where Thanos was meeting. They may not know where exactly the planet Titan was, but they wouldn’t give up on her.


“There he is,” [Y/N] whispered under the veil of her invisibility.

Since she was teaming up with the cloak, she decided it was best the two stay hidden for now. They weren’t strong enough to take on the alien alone. He was powerful. She might have similar powers as him, but he had a whole other level of experience and control. To him, she was an ant. Something he could easily crush beneath his feet. She had to be careful.

“Give me the stone,” the alien demanded in a threateningly low voice.

It was barely a whisper, but [Y/N] could hear him quite clearly in the silent room. Strange, under the torturous stabbing of the odd needles, gritted through the pain. He didn’t yell or scream under this torment and continued to bear through it. Though her initial opinion of him was poor, [Y/N] couldn’t help but admire him in this situation. He was being tortured but still did not crumble. Who wouldn’t be amazed by such will power?

Suddenly, the cloak pulled her away from the scene. It floated around, silent and fast, as it made its way to a different corner of the room. She was baffled by its abrupt changes, but knew to wisely keep her mouth shut. It was an entity she didn’t understand. It was better to see what it wanted than fight against it.

Then, a familiar sight came into view.

The cloak quickly let her go and drifted off towards the man. It left her small bubble of invisibility, now fully visible but concealed in the darkness, and gently tapped Tony’s shoulder. It wasn’t surprising to see him react defensively, him swiftly raising his arm with the machine humming with power.

“Stop!” [Y/N] called out, careful to adjust her volume accordingly. Her figure came into view as her grasp on her powers were released, the air around her shifting to allow her to be seen.

Tony’s face was full of shock, but before he could get mad at [Y/N] stowing away on the ship without him knowing, she quickly spoke up.

“I swear! This was not my intention,” she explained, “This guy abducted me, leading to this situation.”

He turned his attention back to the cloak, a look of defeat written on his face.

“Wow, you’re a seriously loyal piece of outerwear, aren’t you?”

“You’re telling me.” [Y/N] nodded as she recalled how both Strange and his cloak had kidnapped her in some way.

“Yeah, uh,” another familiar voice started, surprising all of them, “speaking of loyalty…”

When Peter jumped down, his mask smoothly came off in the same nano-tech fashion as Tony’s suit. That was when [Y/N] realized that he was wearing a different outfit. It looked a bit more metallic, however the design was still true to his initial logo.

“What the-” Tony began, but Peter quickly interrupted him.

“I know what you’re gonna say.”

The two went back and forth for a bit, Peter trying to get as much out before Tony could speak over him, but neither backed down.

“And I kinda stuck to the side of the ship. And this suit is ridiculously intuitive, by the way,” Peter said in his defense but his tone immediately alerted [Y/N] on what was coming.

She had known him for quite some time now and could see the signs of him rambling. Whenever he did that, he was bound to let something he would regret slip.

Oh, no. [Y/N] frantically signalled Peter to stop talking, pursing her lips as she waved to him and motioned her arms into an “X” formation. Stop! You’re digging your own grave!

Sadly, the kid didn’t get the message.

“So if anything, it’s kinda your fault that I’m here.”

Both Tony and the cloak turned to face him, while [Y/N] hung her head and rested it against her hand.

Crap. Good luck, Peter!

[PART 13]

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Senior cat rescue!

Leonard came into Hamilton Animal Services as a stray. Despite being at the shelter for more than a month, no owner came forward to claim him. We were happy to get Leonard out of the shelter when a foster home opened up.

Leonard is a bit on the thin side and he has some sparse fur, but he’s a serious purr head. He likes to chat, and his happy feet are always going. Such a sweetheart!
He had a check-up at the vet on his rescue day, and we sent blood out for testing to make sure everything is okay internally.

Leonard is now settling in at his foster home and is being a snuggle bug with his foster family. Hopefully all will be well with his health, and he’ll be able to start the search for his forever home soon.

Welcome to Ladybird, Leonard! We’re so happy you’re here!

Visit our website to see all the ways to donate:
#ladybirdanimalsanctuary #lookwhatlovecando #hamont #hamilton #animalrescue #rescue #rescued #rescuedanimals #adoptdontshop #dontshopadopt #foster #fostering #fosterpet #fosteringsaveslives #cat #cats #catsofinstagram #catstagram #rescuecat #rescuedcats #rescuedcatsofinstagram #seniorcat #seniorcatsofinstagram #leonard

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Fandom: MCU Captain America/Avengers

Summary: You love your fiancé, but you don’t necessarily love the danger that follows him. Well…one part of it is all right, you suppose. One person specifically.

Quick facts: Romance – [established] Steve Rogers/Reader and [past/future?] Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes – female!Reader

Warnings: Reader peril, kidnapping, stabbing, threats of mutilation, hurt/comfort, bisexual Steve Rogers, marriage, fluff

Words: 5766

A/N: This is all id satisfaction. I have no excuse; I’m just a sucker for a good rescue and some hurt/comfort. It’s funny though– I first wrote another part of this little story intending it to be a stand-alone and then went ‘hmm…better do some backstory,’ so I wrote this as a prequel, and then went, ‘hmm…needs a connecting part,’ so this might be two parts, might be three. We shall see! They won’t be soon coming, unfortunately, but eventually. Anyway; big timeskips are labeled explicitly while little timeskips/scene changes are marked with single tildes. Please mind the warnings but otherwise enjoy.


You were having a really good day.

“The future Mrs. Rogers, I presume?”

Past tense is key, in this case. It has gotten so bad so fast that it hasn’t gotten turned on its head so much as it has been suplexed into concrete.

You’re surrounded on all sides by serious (and seriously built) men and you’re pretty sure they’re all armed. Hanging around Natasha and Clint has taught you that just because you can’t see the weapons doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

“Please, come with me,” the mouthpiece, a bald man somewhere in his 40’s or 50’s and with a body visibly sturdy and strong even under his tan suit, says and extends his hand.

“No,” you say and cross your arms.

He raises one of his ludicrously thin eyebrows. “It would be better for you to cooperate.”

You shake your head and try to think of the best way to get at your phone.


Even though you don’t immediately recognize the voice, you’ve been around Clint far too much to not have an instinct to obey that particular command.

(The development of said instinct has left you with a small scar on your shoulder and a general understanding in the Tower that if Clint has his bow out in your presence and it isn’t an emergency, Steve will destroy it.)

You curl up into a ball as shouts and thuds and crashes and aborted gunfire sound above and around you. Gravel digs into your cheek but you try to press even closer to the ground, even when it gets quiet.

A hand sets on your shoulder and you flinch. “Sorry,” the voice says. He sounds gentle, so you look up with a cautious sense of hope.

You gasp at who it is. “Bucky?”

Keep reading

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My adoption appointment for my new cat is on Monday and I’m so excited!! Unfortunately the one eyed kitty I really liked got adopted before I could look at her. But Ive got some very good deserving cats to choose from and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m planning on doing a welcoming/protection spell for my new fur baby when they arrive. Any suggestions or favorites?

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I am so pumped to start my fostering journey and help animals in need. My mom got a call today asking if we could take in a dog having spay complications until her fosters return on monday. I will get to meet her this afternoon.

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This is how I feel about 2020 in general today.

Oddly despite everything going on this has been a really great year for The Pipsqueakery. I mean incredibly stressful for me and Jason, but The Pipsqueakery is growing like crazy. We now have an adoption and foster home in Arkansas called @thepipswheekery. We are only like $40,000 away from having the facility fully funded and we have enough to make it through all the construction we have to pay someone else to do.

And yet still, 2020 is definitely that salad. You should just go ahead and share if you agree. #rabbit #rescue #sanctuary #bunny

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Scarlett, muh rescue dog

    I don’t usually create dog posts, they’re just not my thing. But in an attempt to bond with any sort of future audience, meet my dog, Scarlett Bonehansson. Scarlett is a Westie mix (we think she might be part Dachshund because of her long, wiener-body proportions… she is not compact like a Westie should be). She is a rescue who had five puppies at 1 year old, and when my wife and I found her she was nervous and still to this day has all kinds of social issues.


    My Tumblr page is all about aesthetics, and I don’t think I could have found a dog more aesthetically pleasing to look at. She’s a cutie! Look at her floppy ears! She’s also smart, too smart for her own good and has a penchant for playing tug of war with my socks and splaying on the couch. 


     She’s COMPLETELY affectionate only about 5 % of the time and has flaws that range from having doggy OCD to leaving her signature Stanley Steamers all over the kitchen floor. She’s also having a little trouble evolving socially, particularly with other dogs, and she is very defiant, which is just a breed trait.


     But she, just like myself, is a work in progress, and I love her. So, here’s my dog, Tumblr. I’ve got way more pictures of her as well, I’ll be sure to release them carefully. I’m thinking page mascot.

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From @mustlovecatsnyc Medical Emergency 🚨: #Vogue the cute 7 week #female #kitten has been told that she needs to find a placement via #NewHopePartner #Rescue by 6PM on Saturday 9/19/2020 or Vogue will be #euthanized! She has fractures and wounds which requires a vet! Her number is #ID103161 and at the #BrooklynACC! #NYCACC @nycacc shelter in #NYC! #AllAboutSavingAnimals: #mustlovecatsnyc: #kittensofinstagram: #kittens_of_instagram: #Video: #Animation: #Image: #GIF: #DeathRow: #CodeRed: #SaveMe: #ICare: #IWantToLive: To #Adopt or #Foster requires a New Hope Partner Rescue to pull! #Pledges: #Donations: #Sponsor: #NorthEast: #petsofinstagram! Check us out on Facebook as All About Saving Animals for more info on Vogue! On Twitter it is SavingAnimals! Also available on Tumblr as well!

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