weaver-z · 19 hours ago
Doing research about medicine rules because you grow up in a culture that's constantly affirming the message that men are the calm, rational gender that thrives in The Sciences™ and women are the sappy, emotional gender that thrives in The Humanities™, but all of the findings in studies about male vs. female doctor performance are like "Yeah the average female surgeon blows the average male surgeon out of the water, it's not even fucking close, don't even let a man NEAR a scalpel at this point."
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lostgalaxyexplorer · 2 days ago
Just read a scientific article that found that we ADHD folks tend to focus on the cost of a task more than the benefits and that medication helps us see the benefits of tasks more which helps with motivation for hard tasks.
And god does that make sense to me, it explains so much! It explains why it's so hard to get anything done no matter how important to me the end result is. I procrastinate even for things I really want like making chocolate chip cookies. My brain just thinks of all the things I would need to do to get those cookies and gives up instead of thinking of how amazing it would be to have freshly baked cookies.
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emgoesmed · a day ago
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Banana bread with whipped cream cheese and a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar motivating me to study this morning. The weather has really been sapping my energy lately & I need to start catching up on work.
In other news, an abstract i helped collect data for was accepted to a conference this year, which I’m happy about!
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deepfriedanon · a day ago
the things I google for fiction.
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tentacion1999 · 2 days ago
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2soulscollide · 2 months ago
E.A. Deverell - FREE worksheets (characters, world building, narrator, etc.) and paid courses;
Hiveword - Helps to research any topic to write about (has other resources, too);
BetaBooks - Share your draft with your beta reader (can be more than one), and see where they stopped reading, their comments, etc.;
Charlotte Dillon - Research links;
Writing realistic injuries - The title is pretty self-explanatory: while writing about an injury, take a look at this useful website;
One Stop for Writers - You guys... this website has literally everything we need: a) Description thesaurus collection, b) Character builder, c) Story maps, d) Scene maps & timelines, e) World building surveys, f) Worksheets, f) Tutorials, and much more! Although it has a paid plan ($90/year | $50/6 months | $9/month), you can still get a 2-week FREE trial;
One Stop for Writers Roadmap - It has many tips for you, divided into three different topics: a) How to plan a story, b) How to write a story, c) How to revise a story. The best thing about this? It's FREE!
Story Structure Database - The Story Structure Database is an archive of books and movies, recording all their major plot points;
National Centre for Writing - FREE worksheets and writing courses. Has also paid courses;
Penguin Random House - Has some writing contests and great opportunities;
Crime Reads - Get inspired before writing a crime scene;
The Creative Academy for Writers - "Writers helping writers along every step of the path to publication." It's FREE and has ZOOM writing rooms;
Reedsy - "A trusted place to learn how to successfully publish your book" It has many tips, and tools (generators), contests, prompts lists, etc. FREE;
QueryTracker - Find agents for your books (personally, I've never used this before, but I thought I should feature it here);
Pacemaker - Track your goals (example: Write 50K words - then, everytime you write, you track the number of the words, and it will make a graphic for you with your progress). It's FREE but has a paid plan;
Save the Cat! - The blog of the most known storytelling method. You can find posts, sheets, a software (student discount - 70%), and other things;
I hope this is helpful for you!
(Also, check my blog if you want to!)
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nerviovago · 16 days ago
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While you were masking and social distancing I was smoking dank clouds.
While you were doing patient triage and intubation I was smoking dank clouds.
While you were performing medical research and analyizing spike proteins I was smoking dank clouds.
And now that the world is on fire and the deltacron variants are at your gate you have the audacity to come to me and ask for my bong resin?
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probablyasocialecologist · 4 months ago
“In honor of such a round date, two million have been added to the server today, namely 2,337,229 new articles,” neuroscientist turned scientific paper pirate Alexandra Elbakyan said in a blog post announcing the upload.
According to Elbakyan, most of the more than 2 million articles come from Netherlands based publisher Elsevier—which often leads the legal charge against Sci Hub—and international publisher Springer. There’s 398,548 articles about medicine, 184,598 about engineering, 171,929 about chemistry, and 7 dentistry articles. “Nothing surprising, these are the largest publishers today,” Elbakyan said.
It’s a huge upload and a sign of strength and defiance from a long embattled website. In 2015, a judge ruled that the site violated U.S. copyright and ordered an injunction against its operators. In 2017, another U.S. court awarded publisher Elsevier $15 million in damages related to copyright violations. In 2019, the U.S. Department of Justice opened an investigation into the site for alleged ties to Russian intelligence agencies.
But Elbakyan lives in Russia and it's been hard for U.S. officials to collect that cash or shut down the site. When it is threatened, its users come together to back up the data. In May of this year, when it looked as if the site may go down, its users rallied together to back up its 77 terabytes of data.
All that collected human knowledge was spread across 85 million articles. On the site’s birthday, it’s grown just a little more.
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aromantic-aurea · 15 days ago
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Researchers from The University of Queensland and AUREA are collaborating on a world first project exploring what it means to be aromantic or romantically diverse! This research is interested in understanding your perspectives as an aromantic, arospec, or romantically diverse person and how connecting with this identity influences areas of your life. The survey uses open-ended questions so you have free reign to say anything and everything that comes to mind. Importantly you can give as much or as little information as you feel comfortable providing. Due to ethical considerations, this survey is open to people aged 16 years or older only. Take the survey here!
[Image description: A white box that is framed with the aromantic flag. At the bottom of the white box there are logos for AUREA and the University of Queensland and a QR code. Under the QR code is the URL tinyurl.com/arouq1. The rest of the box is filled with 5 blocks of text reading "Do you identify as aromantic, arospec, or romantically diverse? Researchers from the University of Queensland in partnership with AUREA are working on a world first project exploring what it means to be aromantic or romantically diverse. We invite you to participate in our open-ended survey to provide your experiences as an aromantic, arospec, or romantically diverse person. Eligible participants are required to be aged 16 years or older and identify as any identity outside of alloromantic. Scan the QR code or follow the link to find out more and take the survey. Got more questions? Contact James at james.fowler@uq.edu.au."]
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yeahiwasintheshit · 3 months ago
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acearoresearch · a month ago
Yale University Study on Ace-Aro Relationship Experiences
Do you identify as asexual, aromantic, or on the ace-aro spectrum? Are you questioning whether you may be on the ace-aro spectrum? If so, you are invited to participate in a Yale University research study on sexual and relationship experiences in the ace-aro community. You may win $100 for your participation!
Please visit tinyurl.com/AceAroSurvey for more information and to participate, and check out our poster above! You must be 18 years of age or older to take this survey, but please note that you do not need to identify strictly/exclusively as ace-aro, nor do you need to have any relationship history or experience, to participate.
This study is being conducted by Iman Jaroudi, undergraduate researcher in Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies at Yale, as part of a senior thesis. It has received the approval of the Institutional Review Board at Yale University.
Tumblr media
[id: a poster with purple, green, black, and white graphics and text stating: “Are you asexual, aromantic, or on the ace-aro spctrum? Take our survey! Participate in a Yale University research study on sexual & relationship experiences in the ace-aro community. You may win up to $100!” The survey url, tinyurl.com/AceAroSurvey, is also provided. There is also smaller text at the bottom of the poster providing further details on the $100 raffle prize: “The total funding pool for this raffle is $1,800. Funding sources include the Bruce L. Cohen Fund, the Yale University Department of Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies, and the Trumbull College Mellon Undergraduate Research Fund. The odds of winning a prize are between 7.2% and 9% depending upon the final sample size of this study, which will be between 200 and 250 participants. There will be no restrictions to qualifying for this prize.” / end id]
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todayesterday · 6 months ago
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to absolutely nobody’s surprise, i’ve procrastinated too much and now i have to work my ass off at an ungodly pace to get my undergrad thesis done in roughly three weeks time. wish me luck
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goldengirlschildhood · 11 months ago
i can not and i mean i can not stress this enough... make a bibliography as you do your research. i mean, make a fully formed, correctly cited bibliography as you work. just do it. i know i know you’re being lazy or you hate making citations or you’ll just get to it later or you don’t want to get distracted etc etc etc
whatever your reasons just make the fuckin bibliography
and while im at it... put the footnotes in properly as you are writing. just... do it. for future you. please. for your sanity. do it.
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nasa · 3 months ago
How the Sun Affects Asteroids in Our Neighborhood
It’s no secret the Sun affects us here on Earth in countless ways, from causing sunburns to helping our houseplants thrive. The Sun affects other objects in space, too, like asteroids! It can keep them in place. It can move them. And it can even shape them.
Tumblr media
Asteroids embody the story of our solar system’s beginning. Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids, which orbit the Sun on the same path as the gas giant, are no exception. The Trojans are thought to be left over from the objects that eventually formed our planets, and studying them might offer clues about how the solar system came to be.
Over the next 12 years, NASA’s Lucy mission will visit eight asteroids—including seven Trojans— to help answer big questions about planet formation and the origins of our solar system. It will take the spacecraft about 3.5 years to reach its first destination.
How does the Sun affect what Lucy might find?
Place in Space
Tumblr media
Credits: Astronomical Institute of CAS/Petr Scheirich
The Sun makes up 99.8% of the solar system’s mass and exerts a strong gravitational force as a result. In the case of the Trojan asteroids that Lucy will visit, their very location in space is dictated in part by the Sun’s gravity. They are clustered at two Lagrange points. These are locations where the gravitational forces of two massive objects—in this case the Sun and Jupiter—are balanced in such a way that smaller objects (like asteroids or satellites) stay put relative to the larger bodies. The Trojans lead and follow Jupiter in its orbit by 60° at Lagrange points L4 and L5.
Pushing Asteroids Around (with Light!)
Tumblr media
The Sun can move and spin asteroids with light! Like many objects in space, asteroids rotate. At any given moment, the Sun-facing side of an asteroid absorbs sunlight while the dark side sheds energy as heat. When the heat escapes, it creates an infinitesimal amount of thrust, pushing the asteroid ever so slightly and altering its rotational rate. The Trojans are farther from the Sun than other asteroids we’ve studied before, and it remains to be seen how sunlight affects their movement.
Cracking the Surface (Also with Light!)
Tumblr media
The Sun can break asteroids, too. Rocks expand as they warm and contract when they cool. This repeated fluctuation can cause them to crack. The phenomenon is more intense for objects without atmospheres, such as asteroids, where temperatures vary wildly. Therefore, even though the Trojans are farther from the Sun than rocks on Earth, they’ll likely show more signs of thermal fracturing.
Solar Wind-Swept
Tumblr media
Like everything in our solar system, asteroids are battered by the solar wind, a steady stream of particles, magnetic fields, and radiation that flows from the Sun. For the most part, Earth’s magnetic field protects us from this bombardment. Without magnetic fields or atmospheres of their own, asteroids receive the brunt of the solar wind. When incoming particles strike an asteroid, they can kick some material off into space, changing the fundamental chemistry of what’s left behind.
Follow along with Lucy’s journey with NASA Solar System on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and be sure to tune in for the launch at 5 a.m. EDT (09:00 UTC) on Saturday, Oct. 16 at nasa.gov/live.
Make sure to follow us on Tumblr for your regular dose of space!
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2soulscollide · 5 months ago
101 Ways to Break your Character's (and Reader's) heart by @emswritingprompts
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A Bunch of Different Dialogue Prompts #16 by @skriveting
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10 Enemies to Lovers Prompts by @person-1n-progress
500 Followers Mega Prompt List by @prompts-for-every-need
Amelia's Prompt List by @maybanksslut
Olivia Rodrigo Sentence Starter (i found this one so creative) by @hoesresources
Hero x Villain Prompts: Mega *Flirty* Dialogue Edition by @creweemmaeec11
Enemies to Lovers Prompt List by @tommymcartney
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dontmeantobepoliticalbut · 3 months ago
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luvrspt · 3 months ago
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gloomy day.. bussed over to campus only to find out my class was cancelled, so i spent the afternoon doing research 🌧📚
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politijohn · 6 months ago
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shitacademicswrite · a month ago
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