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May you live an existence that doesn鈥檛 require constant resilience.
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athleta 2 months ago
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Seize the day and get creative by downloading this art to color in yourself here.
馃帹 Exclusive art by Tumblr Creatr Lunares.
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akindplace 6 months ago
You are trying your hardest. You are doing your best. Some days are not so easy and some people don't recognize your efforts. Still, those efforts are real and they should matter the most to you. You should be proud for getting up everyday and trying your best even though the circumstances are harsh. No one can take that strength away from you.
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nukanametag 2 months ago
Resilience PART 18 !
A bonus is coming in video !
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I know Blue isn't supposed to invoke GB but... well that goes in the direction of the fiction and for those who have not seen the previous episodes I advise to go to see for better understanding !馃挌
I'm not that active for the moment bcuz of a BIG school competition soooooo hope you are well.
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lousydrawingsforgoodpeople 2 months ago
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toadstoolgardens 5 months ago
Ethical Sources for Medicinal Seeds & Plants
If you grow (or are planning to grow) your own apothecary of herbs it's essential to find a healthy seed source! When we grow plants for medicine we create an intimate relationship with the plants' quality and healthy seeds are the foundation of that relationship.
Terms to Describe Seeds/Plants
Open-Pollinated: Pollinated by insects, birds, wind, or other natural forces. No human intervention. Tend to be easy to save these seeds and grow true to type. Almost all herbal seeds are open-pollinated.
Heirloom: Have been handed down for generations. Typically regional varieties with hand-selected specific traits. They are open-pollinated and have stable characteristics from season to season. More common with veggies than with herbs.
Hybrid: Created from cross-pollinating two species/varieties to get desired characteristics. Hybridization happens naturally in many plants and humans have been breeding plants like this for generations. Not true to seed season after season like open-pollinated or heirloom seeds. If you save seeds from hybrid plants it's tough to know what traits they'll grow (it's always fun to grow mysteries, but it's not the best for when you're growing medicines). Hybridized herb seeds are rare but potted herbs may be hybrids.
Cultivars: Cultivated varieties resulting from hybridization, selection, or natural mutations. Need to be propagated asexually (cuttings or division) to keep them true to type. Growing from seed the offspring usually won't have the same desired characteristics as the parent plant, so not the best for growing medicine. A plant mutt!馃グ
GMO: Genetically modified in a laboratory to produce the desired characteristics. Humans modify the genes through practices like gene-splicing.
Cultivating seed sovereignty is so important! Put your money into purchasing ethical, organic, and sustainable seeds and save them season after season! In this era of big agribusiness and mega-corporations patenting and controlling the distribution of seeds and plants it's more important than ever.
Herbal Seed Suppliers & Nurseries in the United States
There's so many wonderful suppliers out there, please add your favorites if you have recommendations! Also some of these companies ship internationally! I believe all companies listed are all-star suppliers, but I always recommend vetting each source yourself as some may offer both conventionally grown and organic seeds. Be sure to purchase species native to your area!
Strictly Medicinal Seeds: Oregon based with the largest collection of organically grown medicinal herb seeds & plants. Highly recommend!
Prairie Moon Nursery: LOTS of native plants of the eastern and central United States. Very affordable, organically grown, and cooperatively owned. Highly recommend!
Alliance of Native Seed Keepers: Indigenous owned. Medicinal and culinary herbs, flowers, and veggie seeds. Their mission is to redevelop the spiritual bonds between Indigenous peoples and plants. Highly recommend!
Fedco Seeds: Cooperatively-owned & based in Maine. Wide variety of medicinal and culinary herbs, native plants, and edible shrubs and trees. LOTS of cold-hardy varieties if that fits your climate!
Southern Exposure Seeds: Heirloom varieties. LOTS of varieties that will thrive in the mid-Atlantic and southeast US if that fits your climate!
Native Seeds Search: Indigenous run nonprofit seed conservation organization based in Tucson, Arizona. Mission to conserve and promote arid-adapted crop diversity of the Southwest if this fits your climate! Works to ensure that Indigenous people continue to have access to traditional seeds through their Native American Seed Request Program.
Crimson Sage Medicinal Plants Nursery: Small, woman owned, & based in northwest California. Huge selection of rare and endangered live plants and hard-to-find native American and European herbs.
Eloheh Seeds: Indigenous owned, based at the Eloheh Indigenous Center for Earth Jusice in Oregon. They have herb, flower, and vegetable seeds all organically grown, non-GMO, open-pollinated, and farm-direct source.
The Good Seed Co.: Based in Whitefish, Montana. Sells medicinal herbs, vegetables, and flower seeds selected for their permaculture value. Regionally adapted heirloom, open-pollinated, and non-GMO.
Hudson Valley Seed Co.: Based in Hudson Valley, New York. Certified organic, heirloom, and open-pollinated herb, flower, and vegetable seeds.
Indigenous Seed Initiative: Indigenous owned source for non-GMO wild and cultivated seeds from North America, Central and South America, Asia, Africa, and Europe.
Melanated Organics: Black owned source for sustainable, non-hybrid, organic seeds. Lots of herbs, vegetable, and flower seeds. Also has a selection of teas, garden supplies, health products, and body products.
True Love Seeds: Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Rare, open-pollinated, culturally important herbs, flowers, and vegetable seeds. All of their famers are committed to seed sovereignty and sustainable growing. They also have a Tumblr! @seedkeeping
Happy growing!馃尡
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postitforward 6 months ago
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If you鈥檙e currently being plagued by the Sunday Scaries, you鈥檝e come to the right place. We can鈥檛 promise your boss won鈥檛 be a d-bag tomorrow, and we can鈥檛 give you the answers to your midterm鈥攖hat would be cheating. We have something way more valuable in store for you and it starts with building resilience.
Resilience is that thing that gets us through tough times. It鈥檚 the ability to navigate difficult situations and challenging emotions. It鈥檚 the thing we all wish we had, but don鈥檛 get it twisted: It鈥檚 also something we all have. We just may need some help accessing it.
馃拞Self-Care Sundays馃拞 with Rob, Founder of Kokobot, at 4:00 pm EST
Join us for a special Self-care Sunday on Building Resilience with Rob Morris, the founder of Koko, (which you may know as kokobot!). Tumblr is proud to partner with Koko and connect our users with one another to offer kind words and support.
Remember: Be ready for anything that comes your way and don't be surprised if you impress yourself with what you can handle.
Meet Rob
Tumblr media
Rob Morris, PhD is co-founder of聽Koko, a digital platform for mental health and well-being. Dr. Morris earned his AB in psychology from Princeton University and his master鈥檚 and PhD in media arts and sciences from MIT.
For his PhD, he pioneered a new form of digital cognitive therapy, designed to reach millions of people safely and effectively.聽His research has since evolved into Koko, a nonprofit that provides mental health technologies for large-scale social networks.
P.S. Did you miss any classes this week? No worries! Check them out here and here.
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mdrambles 5 months ago
Anyone else in health care being gaslit by the government, society, and their institution into feeling survivor鈥檚 guilt because even if things are crappy for you, they鈥檙e crappier for somebody else?
Really feeling for my primary care/family medicine, critical care, emergency/urgent/acute care, and mental health colleagues at the moment. This pandemic has been going on way too long, and no one seems to care about the fact that even when things were reopening, you were all still being worked into the ground (and through the crust of the earth into its molten core) by all the ripple effects of this pandemic uncovering the systemic inequities and BS that was just lurking in the shadows before 2019... All the stuff that health care workers, in general, managed to barely keep at bay from their sense of altruism and dedication (now obligation?) to their patients. If I鈥檝e learned anything from COVID-19, it is that everyone will do their best to take advantage of you, and short of doing your job well, you actually don鈥檛 owe them anything.
You really do gotta take care of you first, otherwise this system will beat you down to nothing before you even realize it.聽鈥淩esilience鈥 is great and all, but it鈥檚 really just the system shifting all responsibility for surviving its BS onto its victims.
This system has been sick for a very, very long time. It鈥檚 gonna need a lot more than a bandaid and some yoga to rehabilitate it.
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nasa a year ago
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NASA Spotlight: Astronaut Mike Hopkins
Michael S. Hopkins was selected by NASA as an astronaut in 2009.聽The Missouri native is currently the Crew-1 mission commander for NASA鈥檚 next SpaceX launch to the International Space Station on Nov. 14, 2020. Hopkin鈥檚 Crew-1 mission will mark the first-ever crew rotation flight of a U.S. commercial spacecraft with astronauts on board, and it secures the U.S.鈥檚 ability to launch humans into space from American soil once again.聽 Previously, Hopkins was member of the Expedition 37/38 crew and has logged 166 days in space. During his stay aboard the station, he conducted two spacewalks totaling 12 hours and 58 minutes to change out a degraded pump module. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Illinois and a Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering.聽
He took some time from being a NASA astronaut to answer questions about his life and career! Enjoy:
What do you hope people think about when you launch?
I hope people are thinking about the fact that we鈥檙e starting a new era in human spaceflight. We鈥檙e re-opening human launch capability to U.S. soil again, but it鈥檚 not just that. We鈥檙e opening low-Earth orbit and the International Space Station with commercial companies. It鈥檚 a lot different than what we鈥檝e done in the past. I hope people realize this isn鈥檛 just another launch 鈥 this is something a lot bigger. Hopefully it鈥檚 setting the stage, one of those first steps to getting us to the Moon and on to Mars.
Tumblr media
You served in the U.S. Air Force as a flight test engineer. What does that entail?
First off, just like being an astronaut, it involves a lot of training when you first get started. I went to the U.S. Air Force Test Pilot School and spent a year in training and just learning how to be a flight test engineer. It was one of the most challenging years I鈥檝e ever had, but also one of the more rewarding years. What it means afterwards is, you are basically testing new vehicles or new systems that are going on aircraft. You are testing them before they get handed over to the operational fleet and squadrons. You want to make sure that these capabilities are safe, and that they meet requirements. As a flight test engineer, I would help design the test. I would then get the opportunity to go and fly and execute the test and collect the data, then do the analysis, then write the final reports and give those conclusions on whether this particular vehicle or system was ready to go.
What is one piece of life advice you wish somebody had told you when you were younger?聽
A common theme for me is to just have patience. Enjoy the ride along the way. I think I tend to be pretty high intensity on things and looking back, I think things happen when they鈥檙e supposed to happen, and sometimes that doesn鈥檛 necessarily agree with when you think it should happen. So for me, someone saying, 鈥淛ust be patient Mike, it鈥檚 all going to happen when it鈥檚 supposed to,鈥 would be really good advice.
Tumblr media
Is there a particular science experiment you enjoyed working on the most while aboard the space station?
There鈥檚 a lot of experiments I had the opportunity to participate in, but the ones in particular I liked were ones where I got to interact directly with the folks that designed the experiment. One thing I enjoyed was a fluid experiment called Capillary Flow Experiment, or CFE. I got to work directly with the principal investigators on the ground as I executed that experiment. What made it nice was getting to hear their excitement as you were letting them know what was happening in real time and getting to hear their voices as they got excited about the results. It鈥檚 just a lot of fun.
Tumblr media
Space is a risky business. Why do it?
I think most of us when we think about whatever it is we do, we don鈥檛 think of it in those terms. Space is risky, yes, but there鈥檚 a lot of other risky jobs out there. Whether it鈥檚 in the military, farming, jobs that involve heavy machinery or dangerous equipment鈥 there鈥檚 all kinds of jobs that entail risk. Why do it? You do it because it appeals to you. You do it because it鈥檚 what gets you excited. It just feels right. We all have to go through a point in our lives where we figure out what we want to do and what we want to be. Sometimes we have to make decisions based on factors that maybe wouldn鈥檛 lead you down that choice if you had everything that you wanted, but in this particular case for me, it鈥檚 exactly where I want to be. From a risk standpoint, I don鈥檛 think of it in those terms.
Tumblr media
Can you describe your crew mate Soichi Noguchi in one sentence?
There are many facets to Soichi Noguchi. I鈥檓 thinking about the movie Shrek. He has many layers! He鈥檚 very talented. He鈥檚 very well-thought. He鈥檚 very funny. He鈥檚 very caring. He鈥檚 very sensitive to other people鈥檚 needs and desires. He鈥檚 a dedicated family man. I could go on and on and on鈥 so maybe like an onion 鈥 full of layers!
Tumblr media
Star Trek or Star Wars?
I love them both. But can I say Firefly? There鈥檚 a TV series out there called Firefly. It lasted one season 鈥 kind of a space cowboy-type show. They did have a movie, Serenity, that was made as well. But anyway, I love both Star Wars and Star Trek. We鈥檝e really enjoyed The Mandalorian. I mean who doesn鈥檛 love Baby Yoda right? It鈥檚 all fun.
How many times did you apply to be an astronaut? Did you learn anything on your last attempt?聽
I tried four times over the course of 13 years. My first three attempts, I didn鈥檛 even have references checked or interviews or anything. Remember what we talked about earlier, about patience? For my fourth attempt, the fact is, it happened when it was supposed to happen. I didn鈥檛 realize it at the time. I would have loved to have been picked on my first attempt like anybody would think, but at the same time, because I didn鈥檛 get picked right away, my family had some amazing experiences throughout my Air Force career. That includes living in Canada, living overseas in Italy, and having an opportunity to work at the Pentagon. All of those helped shape me and grow my experience in ways that I think helped me be a better astronaut.
Can you share your favorite photo or video that you took in space?
One of my favorite pictures was a picture inside the station at night when all of the lights were out. You can see the glow of all of the little LEDs and computers and things that stay on even when you turn off the overhead lights. You see this glow on station. It鈥檚 really one of my favorite times because the picture doesn鈥檛 capture it all. I wish you could hear it as well. I like to think of the station in some sense as being alive. It鈥檚 at that time of night when everybody else is in their crew quarters in bed and the lights are out that you feel it. You feel the rhythm, you feel the heartbeat of the station, you see it in the glow of those lights 鈥 that heartbeat is what鈥檚 keeping you alive while you鈥檙e up there. That picture goes a small way of trying to capture that, but I think it鈥檚 a special time from up there.
Tumblr media
What personal items did you decide to pack for launch and why?聽
My wedding bands. I鈥檓 also taking up pilot wings for my son. He wants to be a pilot so if he succeeds with that, I鈥檒l be able to give him his pilot wings. Last time, I took one of the Purple Hearts of a very close friend. He was a Marine in World War II who earned it after his service in the Pacific.
Thank you for your time, Mike, and good luck on your historic mission! Get to know a bit more about Mike and his Crew-1 crew mates Victor Glover, Soichi Noguchi, and Shannon Walker in the video above.
Watch LIVE launch coverage beginning at 3:30 p.m. EST on Nov. 14 HERE.聽
Make sure to follow us on Tumblr for your regular dose of space: http://nasa.tumblr.com聽
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"Joy, in part, is the justice we give ourselves." Drew Lanham
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seerutkchawla ~ Instagram
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Seize the day and download this art to color in yourself here.
馃帹 Exclusive art by Tumblr Creatr Lunares
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akindplace 6 months ago
You've made it so far not out of sheer luck, but because of immense resilience and unimaginable strength. No one knows the turmoil you went through. But you have grown. You have changed. You are trying to be better, to be kinder to not only others, but to yourself too. Remember to keep yourself compassionate. Turn all that pain into something beautiful, instead of turning the unfairness of life into hate. Remember that out of chaos came the stars, and how wonderful they are. You have emerged from crisis after crisis, and here you are. You emerged out of chaos, grown into someone brighter, just like the stars above you. And you are just as wonderful as they are.聽
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nukanametag 4 months ago
My instagrammer friends will know that this part was released a while ago but I completely forgot to post it here...
We're already at part 17 and the relationship between our two idiots is taking shape. 馃憖馃憣
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I would like to thank all those who put a lot of effort into the translation of Resilience. It's a pleasure for me but it also opens an access to ppl who don't necessarily understand English...
There 's one in particular (you'll recognize yourself 鉁) who's invested in the Spanish translation on Wattpad does an excellent job of translating despite the format of the texts and cases which implies difficulties to write ! XD
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Maya Angelou - Still I Rise
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Credit: anti.capitalist_
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toadstoolgardens 10 months ago
Making Seed Balls for Guerilla Gardening & Regenerating Barren Landscapes
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Seed balls are balls of clay & compost with seeds inside. They're simple to make and an easy way to get things growing! Great for guerrilla gardening, bush regeneration, farming, helping out your local pollinators, and bringing some extra greenery to your neighborhood.
2 parts sieved compost
2 parts clay (if you don't have clay in your area regular artist's clay works just fine)
Seeds (make sure they're native to your area!!! We don't want to go tossing around invasive or problematic species. Plants that benefit your local pollinators are a great pick too)
Water for mixing
1. Mix it up. If you're using artist's clay you'll want to add some water and squish it up before adding everything else. Slowly add water to your mixture until it forms a consistency where you can make a tight ball that holds together.
2. Roll your balls to about the size of a truffle, a bit smaller than a golf ball. Smaller sized seed balls tend to be more successful.
3. Let your seed balls dry completely.
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liquidlightandrunningtrees 4 months ago
Breathe. You鈥檙e going to be okay. Breathe and remember that you鈥檝e been in this place before. You鈥檝e been this uncomfortable and anxious and scared, and you鈥檝e survived. Breathe and know that you can survive this too. These feelings can鈥檛 break you. They鈥檙e painful and debilitating, but you can sit with them and eventually, they will pass. Maybe not immediately, but sometime soon, they are going to fade and when they do, you鈥檒l look back at this moment and laugh for having doubted your resilience. I know it feels unbearable right now, but keep breathing, again and again. This will pass. I promise it will pass.
Daniell Koepke
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zinjanthropusboisei 6 months ago
"Daylighting" is a softer term than resurrection. We sent things underground so we can forget about them, but..."the water is going to go where it wants to go."
Some excerpts:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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