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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Indervidualistic politics really frustrates me, the ‘everyone looks out for themselves’ concept that neo-liberalism needs to survive.

mainly because it’s utter bollucks, societies today are not at all far removed from collectivist tribes, the only difference is we refuse to accept it .

I would not be able to eat if it wasn’t for the efforts of a farmer and a shopkeeper, they wouldn’t have a house if it wasn’t for a builder.

Society would be better if we stopped pretending that we’re all living separate self sustaining lives and saw that we are all dependent on others, and that MAYBE we should treat EVERYONE with basic respect and dignity.

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Remember seeing this the other day as I was reading through a bunch of ableist comments on YouTube and online.. just needed to put this out there to remind myself and others of how we can be more aware and respectful.

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#Congrats to #LuckieMazi & myself for our single #YouAintSeenNothingYet reach #100KStreams on @spotify !
#Respect to the PLAYLISTS
that helped us reach this milestone!!


#ThankYou #RnB #HipHop #Collab #Spotify #Grind

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Just got an influx of reblogs on my nudes and a bunch of new followers in the last like 10 minutes, y’all having a good horny Wednesday afternoon?

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alright this might come off as a hot take, but as someone who has to deal with ignorant/dismissive family members CONSTANTLY, i’m here to remind you that you do *not* have to forgive or respect your family members/elders. it doesn’t matter if they’re your parents or siblings, or whatever relation. if they disrespect you, or don’t believe in your rights, & continuously dismiss your emotions, safety, or comfort for the sake of themselves, you’re not obligated to treat them with respect or “be the bigger person.” it may cause a lot of distress on them, or even yourself for holding them accountable to their shitty words, but in the end, that’s something you’ll have to take in order to stop being hurt. if it hurts your mental health, puts you in danger, makes you feel uncomfortable, etc, then you have every right to hold them to a higher standard & call them out on their ignorance. sometimes that’s a way to get through to them, & if it doesn’t, it shows your value to them. sometimes it teaches us a very difficult lesson but we have to do it in order to move forward. don’t let the pressure of blood-relatives get to you if they’re being disrespectful or hateful.

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