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#respect her

reminder  that  carol  is  a  nearly  50  year  old  woman  with  almost  her  entire  life  figured  out  and  she  could  easily  be  some  of  your  muses’  mom  ok  thx  4  coming  to  my  tedtalk

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you’re telling me a beautiful curly-haired taylor looking gorgeous in a bodysuit set herself free from the version of herself cloaked in black and curated by the media just for you all to sleep on the ready for it music video? not on MY watch

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This blog does not accept any Betty Cooper slander. We love and respect Betty Cooper on this blog. It took losing Jughead (I refuse to believe he’s actually dead btw) to get this Betty and she’s gonna fuck Donna up, I’m ready.

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Black women are the most unprotected of all human beings.

Black women live at the intersection of racism and sexism. These systems of oppressions work constantly to demean, depress and disenfranchise those it intends to harm. Yet magically, and miraculously, Black women continue to rise like the mythological phoenix, but that doesn’t negate the harm of the fire that burns us. The ashes do not simply disappear once they are in flight. Black women are human, and like all humans, we need space to mess up, grow, fail, succeed, fail again, and genuinely come into our own power. Lastly, Black Women deserve respect and protection from our male counterparts i.e. Black Men

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“Women have many locks to their panties, and making them smile is just one key..”

You have to keep her happy if you want in her pants, and making sure she is satisfied after sex is another key - eUe.. each woman is different but I believe these five keys are universal, haha.. respect her, love her, make her smile, listen to her, and satisfy her.. ❤💕

*busts out with my emotional keyring and smiles* haha, she’s worth collecting them all

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Stephanie Brown did not get trained by Dinah Lance, Bruce Wayne, Selina Kyle, Kate Kane, Barbara Gordon, Cassandra Cain, Eiko Hasigawa, and Leslie Thompkins (in the medical field) for you to treat her with disrespect

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People who want completely organic, natural fruit better not complain if the fruit is “ugly” or mutated. Fruits sometimes double up, triple up, etc. It’s completely normal. The only reason we don’t see them very often is because they’re thrown away for their unappealing appearance. It is not a sign of “genetic testing” or whatever.

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Hey remember how Stephanie Brown is an abuse victim who has been used and abused by every adult in her life and she decided to take her trauma and become someone who believed in light and hope and second chances? Remember that? Remember how Stephanie Brown is one of the most heroic characters in gotham? Remember that?

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Hey! Listen to me!

Can you guys stop saying that @mede-box is sleepykinq cause she is not! Her art looks nothing like his style and never really did in the first place. It is very rude to compare art, characters and styles cause It can hurt someone’s self esteem. Mede is an amazing artist and I’m so glad to be her friend cause shes awesome. Stop comparing her to sleepykinq, its rude and disrespectful. Thanks for coming to my PSA.

You’re amazing Mede💜💛💖💛💜💛💛💜💛💖💛💜💛💜💙💙💖💛💜💛💜💛💜💜💛💖💜💛💜💜💙💙💖💖💙💜💙💜💛💛💜💖💙💙💖💛💖💛💜💙💜💛💜💛💖💖💛💖💜💛💜💛💖💛💜💛💜💛💖💛💖💛💖💙💙💖💖💙💛💖💛💜💜💙💖💙💖💙💙💖💙💖💖💙💙💖💖💙💖

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Ok Fearless is so good and the fact that so many people rank it so low in their ranking of Taylor albums really upsets me like where is the respect?? You belong with me?? A bop!! Love story?? Iconic!! Fifteen?? Relatable!! Should’ve said no?? Ferocious!!

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