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Exercice de RESPIRATION et FASCINATION puissant pour augmenter la puissance du regard et le charisme

Qu'est ce que la fascination ?

C'est le fait d'être fasciné, hypnotisé : La fascination qu'exerce la flûte sur les serpents. C’est un attrait irrésistible, puissant et incontrolable.

Un Homme, une musique, un film, une peinture, etc peut être fascinant. 

Cela peu créer une distorsion entre le rêve et la réalité.

Concernant l'homme il est possible de pratiquer des exercices pour augmenter le charisme et la confiance en soi

Le charisme est la qualité d'une personne qui séduit, influence, mobilise les autres par ses discours, ses attitudes, son regard, son tempérament, ses actions. Un charisme puissant trouble et neutralise le jugement d'autrui. Le charisme aide à diriger, voire à manipuler, les autres. 

Cela est donc à utiliser à bon escient et avec bienveillance. 

L'équipe un instant pour Soi vous souhaite une belle séance 

Pour nous suivre :

Si vous avez aimé cette vidéo, un LIKE 

Bonne séance :-) 

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✨ Mentale 7 : L'Air

Il circule, ne s'attrape pas mais se ressent comme une douceur sur le corps ou un tourbillon de force.

L'air est l'élément même de la mana et correspond a ce circuit du corps : la respiration en est la clef.

L'inspiration porte son nom et l'imagé en découle comme le message de l'air, acte de transformation avant l'expiration, comme message de l'expression.

Le type air est une clef essentielle de la créativité et de l'expression de soi.

✨ Comment le travailler ?

Travailler l'air dans une préparation mentale est principalement un travail de respiration dans les lieux clos.

Il est également un travail de ressenti dans des lieux extérieur. Sentir le vent sur la peau et trouver sa circulation, entendre le bruit des feuilles et leur localisation.

Savoir voir le vent dans un arbre en étudiant quelle partie est en mouvement.

Toutes ces données permettent de trouver des clefs d'inspiration et d'expression et permettent au corps de retrouver une structure qui respire en éloignant les crispations.

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I am tired of hearing people say “you can only voice/write a character of a different race/gender/sexuality if you are that race/gender/sexuality”.

Are you telling me that a straight person can not write about a asexual woman who happens to be non-binary, even if they made sure to research it, or have a friend who is like that and thus going from experience? 

Or that a black guy can not voice a white man, even if the voice they have is perfect for it?

I am 100 percent for respiration as I am bisexual, but please do not stifle someone’s creativity, you just cause people to backlash against you.

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Alveolar pressure (Palv) is the pressure of air inside the lung alveoli. When the glottis is opened and no air is flowing into or out of the lungs, alveolar pressure is equal (zero cmH2O). 

During inspiration, the increased volume of alveoli as a result of lung expansion decreases the intra-alveolar pressure to a value below atmospheric pressure about -1 cmH2O. This slight negative pressure is enough to move 500 ml of air into the lungs in 2 seconds required for inspiration. At the end of inspiration, the alveolar pressure returns to atmospheric pressure (zero cmH2O). 

During expiration, the opposite change occurs. The lung alveoli collapse before the air is expelled from them; the alveolar pressure rises to about +1 cm H2O. This forces the 500 ml of inspired air out of the lung during 2–3 seconds of expiration. By the end of expiration, the pressure drops gradually and becomes atmospheric again.

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Breathing, one of the most important physiological process of living! To take in air and to blow out air. It looks simple it seems to be fun when we don’t realise it’s importance.

But hold on, The recent pandemic has made us realise the value of a single breathe. I would like the give an example of a holding you breath in a bucket of water! I am sure we have all tried it in our childhood; when we kids had the least clue of how dangerous it actually was!

Been there, done that. But these recent events in my life made me ponder that to complete one respiratory cycle(breath in and breath out) our lungs need that active response from the higher centres which is why we need to keep our whole self calm and relaxed. It’s easier to write down than to experience. Nah! I deny that. I write what I experience so yes,

Next time, you feel that your life is getting no where think about your whole physiology it’s working without giving up. You are still breathing , you are still eating! And that my readers, is the most precious. Be thankful for those breathes because BREATHING IS LIVING!

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je suis allée courir ce matin, caramba de chez caramba j’étais motivée comme jamais, c’était triple workout, non seulement mes jambes couraient comme si ma vie en dépendait, mais en plus j’avais une nouvelle playlist trop bien où je chantais (silencieusement) chaque chanson, et pour accompagner ce travail intense de mes poumons, mes bras faisaient les chorégraphies 

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The Motorsport Man has an update. I have received my respirator in the mail from via my sister’s Prime account. It is very cool, good, and nice. I shall wear it to school and whenever I can.

Also, they had the audacity to tell me that I can’t wear the filters when in public. I will not. I will wear the filters whether they like it or not. It is my respirator, and I shall do as I wish with said respirator. I like it, and I hope you all like it too

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I thought I liked biology then I decided to take bio honors online… now I hate it. Stupid online labs taking the fun out of anaerobic respiration 😩. Like I don’t want to analyze how certain temperatures effect anaerobic bacteria by looking at the graph and then answering the endless questions on the worksheet. Why can’t I just bask in my amazement that some organisms can function without oxygen? That this stuff leads to alcoholic fermnenation. Why can’t my mind just be blown?

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‘Plants release up to 30 per cent more CO2 than previously thought, study says’, ABC
Professor Atkin said plants were previously thought to respire five to eight times the carbon that is produced by human activity. However, the new findings suggested that number could be much higher. “Each year the burning of fossil fuels releases around 5 to 8 billion tons of carbon … so the respiration by plants is somewhere approaching 11 times that in our new estimate,” he said. “That’s an enormous flux. "What will happen in the future will be that those rates of carbon released by plants will increase as the world gets warmer, and it will have an impact on how much carbon is stored in vegetation, how much accumulates in the atmosphere in the future.”
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