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I see two flowers, so I’ll give you two sentences. Have a bit of Deadfire that probably won’t see the light of day for a million years yet; “She felt the walls spring up and close around her, felt them holding back all the things she shouldn’t say. She felt it in the way her face faded to a neutral position and the way the room became more distant and devoid of feeling.”

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3.) Is your f/o a cuddler, and do they get more cuddlier in private?

its a sliding scale of physical affection!!! in public its usually bear hugs/hand holding/hand on shoulder, and oh man, sitting at home usually means a Cuddle Pile is sure to form… its definitely something to get used to since the whole “no visible arms” thing but man does he give you the time to do it 😭❤ and while homestar might be the one to initiate more often at first, sprackle is ABSOLUTELY the one whos entire love lexicon includes physical affection so hes just relishing in it

6.) Is your f/o fussy over you if you have any self-destructive behaviours? What are their ways of making you care for yourself?

sprackle doesnt like to show when hes hurting and often forgets to take care of himself when hes fixating on a new project, one of the biggest signs being an unusually diminished appetite. never fear, because homestars got a new recipe book from goodwill and he *absolutely has to try these right now to see if theyre any good.* it usually fools sprackle into taking care of himself without feeling like hes being forced to. plus, if its one of those days where hes feeling unmotivated, he can help find the ingredients and measure stuff :) their cooking abilities are both pretty average but its better than making the fifth frozen meal in a row

12.) Describe their hugs/cuddles.

hes a pretty firm hugger! not squeezing you enough to kill you, but a good one from him pops your back in the right places. hes pretty toned so hes not the softest, but thats not really a bad thing. :o) hes gentler when he cuddles and is always asking if what hes doing is ok or making sure ur comfortable… and sprackle of course ALWAYS is but cuddling makes him soooo sleepy so its rly common for them to sit and watch a movie and sprackle is conked out ten minutes in fhsjfhje

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Aw poor Cameron! Hope you enjoy!


Cameron looked out the window as the subway moved along.

He wasn’t watching anything specifically, he was more or less, just miserably watching the path of the tube. He had been feeling down for days now, the holidays creeping up and Cameron couldn’t get home. He spoke to his mom on the phone a couple of times, she said they missed him but they understood that he couldn’t fly over. 

After that, Cameron felt homesick. Things were different in London, he had no family there and he had coworkers but no one he would call his friend. Noel was his roommate, his something…he still wasn’t sure. He was sure they were something but after Cameron began to feel a little down, Noel didn’t seem to notice. 

In fact, he really didn’t notice at all. He spoke of holiday plans, of stopping over at his mom’s and maybe having dinner and drinks with a couple of friends. He didn’t directly invite Cameron along and it hurt more than Cameron imagined. 

He had felt alright about living in London all this time, Noel had made it easy but this was hitting him differently this year…

His stop soon arrived and he stepped out and began to make his way to the surface. He still had a few blocks to walk and it was freezing cold out and it gave him too much time to think about how lonely he felt. 

When he finally got to his apartment, he unlocked the door and stepped in, seeing the small little tree he and Noel had picked out, the lights around the window flickering on and off and even Punk was in his festive gear, a single bell on his collar. He was resting in his bed now, his stuffed candy cane nearby. 


It was quiet in the flat, no one else but Punk at home and Cameron sighed, really hoping he would have some company. He really needed it. 

He sat down on the couch and Punk got up and jumped up to sit beside him. 

“Hey boy. I’m glad you’re home.”

He began to pet his oblong head, appreciating his company and as he did, he felt his eyes getting watery. He sniffled and before he knew it, he felt the tears rolling down his cheeks. Punk whined a little and sniffed at him before giving him tender, cautious little licks. Cameron laughed a little, appreciating Punk’s effort as he sniffled again, the tears still flowing. 

“I’m okay. Just a little homesick. And lonely.”

He reached up to his face, trying to wipe away the tears when he heard Noel coming out of his room. He tried to stop crying then and he looked away, rubbing frantically at his face. 

“Hey when did you get home?”

Cameron swallowed hard, trying to steady his voice. 

“I just got here. Where you off to?”

“I was just gonna pop over to the shop to pick up some dinner. You alright?”

“Yeah, I’m fine!”

He cringed, his over enthusiasm obvious and fake. He looked back at Punk, trying to act normal but Noel wasn’t buying it. 

He sat down beside him and pat his back lightly. 

“Hey, come on. What’s wrong?”

Cameron shook his head, unable to control the cry the tears that were flooding forward.

“I’m just a little homesick.” He whispered.

“Aw, I’m sorry.”

“It’s worse because….because I feel lonely too.”

He sniffled and wiped at his face, hating that he said it, but unable to stop himself. 

“Why lonely? I’m here.”

“You’re busy. You have friends and family…you have plans and you’re going out to hang out with them and I’m going to be here by myself.”

Noel was taken aback and he realized he was accidentally ignoring him. 

“When I said all those plans, I meant us…y’know, you’d come with me.”

“You don’t want me going with you. Your family doesn’t know me. Your friends only sort of know me…who am I for you to bring me along?”

“I didn’t mean to leave you out. I swear I didn’t do it with intention. I did want you to come with me.”

“You’re just saying it now because I’m upset. Trust me, I’ll get over this and it’ll be fine. You don’t have to ruin your plans for me.”

“Nah, I’m not. I’m serious.”

Cameron nodded, though he didn’t really believe him. He was just getting embarrassed that he was blubbering in front of his roommate. He sniffled a little and wiped at his face as he sighed and said,

“Well, anyway I’m starved. What are you getting at the shop?”

Noel looked upset, worried about him but he saw Cameron didn’t want to talk about it anymore. He felt guilty about his behavior, even though it wasn’t intentional. He should have been a little more thoughtful in his words. He watched Cameron get up after petting Punk and went to the door. He stopped and looked back at Noel as he said,

“Come on, I want to eat soon.”

Noel got up without another word and followed Cameron out.

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⚔️-if you had to fight your favorite character, would you survive?

my favorite character is either Guts from Berserk or Arthur from RDR2, and in both cases the answer is a HARD ass no

🎪-if you had to have a job at a circus, what would you do?

i would wanna be one of those people who did all the shit with the fire, i feel like that would be fun!

🐸-would you rather be able to fly or breathe underwater?

fly because it’s more practical, even though i’m scared of heights 😩

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Yes so this is a question I feel many come to.  The Sun and Saturn are both related to the father; though there is a chance Saturn can relate to the mother too.  It’s whichever parental figure installed a sense of discipline in you (or it can be a collective effect of people in your like like mother, father, teachers, etc.)

The Sun is more the physical representation in your father; such as the actions he takes.  Saturn would be more like the father figure who punishes you or gives you tough love.  Society has shifted quite a bit over these traditional archetypes, so that is why I say Saturn can be more diverse than just one person.  Saturn is kind of turning into the “it takes a village to raise a child” archetype.

Siblings are a split matter. 3rd house is younger siblings, 11th house is older sibling/s.  

Friends are a bit diverse.  First Venus is the karaka and significator of friendships.  If Venus has problems in your chart, the social nature suffers; thus like involvement with friends.

Furthur I feel you can see freinds I think from all 3 air houses, plus the 2nd house.  So the 3rd house would be friends you might get together and do an acitivity with (like going to dinner, bar maybe.) The 7th house can be a best friend you partner together doing more focused longterm activities.  This can be like maybe a doubles tennis partner kind of thing.  11th house are friends that are more group related, like a sports team activity for example.

The 2nd house are the close friends that feel like family.

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Indeed, Benoit smokes.


As for what brand he smokes, however, I couldn’t tell you. Not because I want to keep it a secret or anything, but because I honestly have no clue; I’m more of a costume-analyzer than props tbqh, and I have no real knowledge of smoking paraphernalia, let alone enough to narrow it down. The only reason I know her smokes a lancero-type is because somebody identified the cigar from Act 1 as such in Benoit’s TVTropes folder. (And while I’ll usually go out of my way to do field research on things like this, cigar smoke actually overwhelms the shit out of me and the cigar shop by my work is closed anyway so that’s out.)

The only determining factors I can imagine would influence his poison of choice is that it can’t smell the most powerful, but it also can’t be either too cheap or too expensive.

Benoit is a classy sort of guy, so I can’t see him going out of his way to stick to a brand that smells too strongly and might cloud his senses or put off the people around him. On top of that, while we can assume he came from a financially stable upbringing, we know he isn’t Thrombey levels of rich. Therefore, I can’t see him actively dropping money on something as tedious as even a smoking habit.

Plus, we only see him smoking in Act 1, so the suggestion we can also take here is that while it’s a habit, it’s one he has a semblance of control over or at least knows how to starve for a bit; he’s not about to drop loads of money on something he knows he won’t use frequently enough to justify the price.

So something simple enough yet classy and lancero.

Do with that what you will.

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Only thing I request is to avoid characters who are related, but that’s super obvious, also characters who have familial type bonds, which I’m sure is also obvious.

But yeah like, include Remi’s characters, do whatever, wanna throw two characters from separate verses at eachother? Sure.

Please. I am begging for some stupid content to draw

Edit: also characters who are underage, but that’s again, obvious.

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