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I don’t think I want to be covered up in pickles

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Apna Health collaborative, created in response to disproportionate COVID-19 cases in Peel’s South Asian communities

Apna Health collaborative, created in response to disproportionate COVID-19 cases in Peel’s South Asian communities

MISSISSAUGA, ON, Feb. 25, 2021 /CNW/ – Community non-profit organizations, Indus Community Services (Indus), Punjab Community Health Services (PCHS) and the Council of Agencies Serving South Asians (CASSA) have partnered together to create Apna Health – a collaborative committed to the South Asian communities’ health and wellness during the pandemic and in the long term.

The latest statistics…

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Oh sweet adorable Arthur XD


Alfie sensed him before he even saw him. 

He was told that Tommy Shelby was coming by the bakery to go over the odds and ends of their business arrangement and he heard the bustle when they arrived. It wasn’t long before Ishmael came to Alfie’s office and after a quick succession of knocks, he popped in and said,

“Alfie, sorry to trouble you.”

“What is it Ishmael. I’m expecting Tommy Shelby any minute now.”

Alfie barely looked away from his work, his glasses perched on the end of his nose. 

“Tommy Shelby is here, but he brought some of his men with him.”

“One of them better be a goddamn freak then.”

Ishmael didn’t get a chance to say anything further when he heard a knock on Alfie’s office door. Alfie looked at the door and then at Ishmael before he said,

“Well? You gonna get that or should I?”

Ishmael quickly reacted and opened the door and they expected to see Tommy Shelby but instead, saw a different, much younger looking man. He looked baby faced and concerned, trying to look grown up in his suit while he held his hat in his hands.

“Excuse me? I’m looking for Mr. Alfie Solomons?”

Now Alfie understood all the hullabaloo going on outside. This young man was obscenely polite and new…

Ishmael looked back at Alfie and Alfie removed his glasses as he waved him in. 

“He’s right inside.”

The young man stood up straight and turned towards the hallway and stood to the side as he let Tommy Shelby come in. 


“Tommy. Good to see you. Who’s the sprog?”

He gestured to the young, polite man near the door and Tommy looked over at him and then back at Alfie.

“Arthur, my new employee. Shall we?”


Alfie gestured to the empty chair across his desk and Tommy sat down. They began to discuss business and as they did, Alfie couldn’t help but glance over at the younger Arthur who was hovering near the door. He was so civil and proper, he stood up straight and anytime Tommy needed something, like a pen or a cigarette, Arthur was quick on his feet to bring it to him. It was such different behavior that Alfie couldn’t help but notice. 

When their meeting was over, Tommy removed his glasses and said,

“Things are looking even.”

“Aren’t they always. Can I offer you and your men a drink?”

“I can’t speak for all of them, but I’ll take one.”

“Ishmael be a good lad and get some glasses.”

As Ishmael left to do as he was told, Arthur offered his services to help. They returned after a few minutes and Arthur handed out the glasses to the two other men Tommy brought with him and handed one to Tommy as well. Alfie poured himself and Tommy a glass first and since Ishmael wasn’t drinking, Arthur offered to pour the rest for everyone else.

“I don’t mind, sir.”

Alfie couldn’t help but grin at the young boy’s manners and when Arthur returned with the bottle, Alfie took it back and said,

“Thanks, sprog.”

Arthur looked a little confused at the new nickname but bowed his head a bit and said,

“You’re welcome sir.”

After everyone finished their drinks and the glasses were returned, Tommy gestured his men to go ahead. As they filed out, Arthur stood at the door and waited for Tommy so he could close it behind him. 

“Tommy, a pleasure as always.”

“Same to you Alfie.”

Tommy got to his feet and began to leave but before he got too far, he turned to Alfie and said,

“Do me a favor next time, Alfie.”

“What’s that.”

“Try not to ogle my employees next time.”

Alfie chuckled but he said nothing as Tommy gave him a look before he left.

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I sure am feeling, but I’m gonna do my best not to push myself too hard and take it easy with myself! 🤙

Thank you for the welcome back also I appreciate it tons! 

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Sure think and thanks for asking!^^ (I’m so sorry this took so long. I copied down the questions, saved it as a draft and then promptly forgot.^^°)

Asks here.

7.  earbuds or headphones?

Answered here.

12.  name of your favorite playlist?

I don’t really have a favourite. I guess my likes playlist would be the one I use the most often for obvious reasons. Though my Waidwen playlist is getting rather long… xD

44.  favorite scent for soap?

I don’t really like scented things most of the time, because I’m very sensitive to chemical scents and often get a headache. So unscented would be most accurate, but as long as it’s not too intense I’m fine with it.

58.  four talents you’re proud of having?

Answered here.

59.  if you were a video game character, what would your catchphrase be?

Some horrible pun, maybe multiple ones. But always the most painful, and said with the proudest tone possible.

94.  favorite season?

Whatever it isn’t at the moment. xD But I do like summer better now that I started writing on the balcony when it’s warm.

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Chaotic villains with their own skewed sense of justice. Who justify their actions with “well no one else was doing it”, are usually more fun to me than the monotone villain 😔

So, I wanted to lean into it!! And I thought it would further divorce him from his original stuff ;;0;;

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Probably ripped off one of his sleeves to temporarily tie it around his waist, applying pressure to it while he either a. Walked/dragged himself there if it was close enough or b. Drove himself while asking William to keep talking to him to help keep himself awake.

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Of course! Any color(s) you want, themes, or size?

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This is a great question.

I want to answer with plenty of resources, rather than a personal opinion, because Romani sub-groups vary a lot on how they use these words. This is partly the result of a unique trait of Romanes (or “romani ćhib”), which is the Romani language:

Romanes often adopts structural elements of whatever the dominant language is in the country where we reside. The only reason I know this is because my Sinte-speaking family uses a different sentence structure than my British Romany family does. It’s a very cool quirk of Romanes, and speaks to our cultural adaptability. It can, however, make it difficult to agree on stuff like this.

In general, “Roma” is a noun that refers specifically to Romani who live in or come from Europe. “Romani” is an adjective that refers to the entire Romani diaspora, including the Americas. Since “Romani” is technically an adjective (kind of like “American” is an adjective), some families don’t like to use it like a noun. Additionally, “Roma” is used as a plural form for men (and groups that include men), so some families consider it too gendered to use as a general term.

Some Romani prefer to use spellings with the double R (like Rroma and Rromani) to differentiate the words from Romanians and people from Rome, Italy.

“Sinti” specifically refers to a subgroup of Romani who originate from Germany and Austria. They are closely related to Manouches in France, who are sometimes called Sinté. They are a largely settled group; very few Sinti continue to be itinerant. We were heavily targeted by the Nazis during WWII, with at least 75% of the German Sinti population murdered by the state.


From Romagraphic:

Romani : A widely dispersed ethnic group of an uncertain population, living primarily in Europe.

Roma : a primarily European subgroup of the Romani, in the UK it is the term most commonly used to refer to all European Romani (excluding British Romany Gypsies).

From the Rom Archive:

Rom (pl. Roma) - male member of the group, “Romani husband”

Romni (pl. Romnja) - female member of the group, “Romani wife”

In 1971, the first World Congress of the international civil rights movement of the Roma in London decided to replace the foreign term “Gypsy”, which had previously been customary in English-speaking countries, as the overall term for members of the minority with the proper term “Roma”.

From Voice of Roma:

Rom means a human being, person or man in the Romani language. The Roma do not call themselves Gypsies.

Rom - Noun: human being, person, man, husband (sing.).

Roma - Noun: people (pl.)

Romani - Adjective : as in, Romani language, history, culture etc…

From the FXB Center for Health & Human Rights at Harvard:

Do not reinforce the T-word or the Gypsy terminology and similar racial slurs when generally talking about the global Roma diaspora or about the Roma in a particular country where those slurs carry historical weight (e.g. Romania).

From the European Roma Rights Centre:

Gypsy  A term used to describe Roma. Amongst most Romani communities this is an offensive racial slur. It derives from the word “Egyptian” due to the misconception that Roma arriving in Great Britain originated in Egypt.

Roma  Largest ethnic minority in Europe. Romani people originated in India and migrated to Europe in waves hundreds of years ago.

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Henry is much more of a parent to William than he was before (obviously, of course). He does still have William help him with his work, with the kidnapping of terrible criminals and the amalgamation work. Henry treats William as an equal a lot of the time too, both of them having the tendency to spit ball ideas back and forth and bounce off eachother.

And when Henry is caught. He offers to rattle off every name on his to-do list in exchange for the promise that William’s involvement with what he did be left out, and that William be taken care of by specific people that Henry trusts.

Henry genuinely adores William, but it does make it complex, in an interesting way.

William doesn’t really see what his father is doing as bad, William thinks Henry is just ‘taking care of bad people’ which is what the world needs. Though me and Remi need to talk a bit more and hammer out details, it’s a thing that due to William being around his father he has a hard time trusting other people (being chased by the task force will kind of do that).

At the moment, William bares no resentment towards his dad. Though they do still get seperated when Henry is caught and later runs off with Stanford, but Henry does leave William a heart felt little note, and probably doesn’t go long with out wondering how he’s doing.

(Reminder that William belongs to @aphoticabyss though they’re on hiatus rn, so when they come back I suggest directing any specific questions about William towards them : > )

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