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Do all lives really matter?
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Introducing Shelter Point’s first ever peat influenced whisky. This single grain smoky delight has been aged in American oak ex-bourbon casks for 5 years and finished in casks previously used by a famous Islay distillery for 8 months. 

I don’t partake in smoky whiskies much but this one is something special. The Shelter Point Smoke Point is a delicious single malt combining their classic single malt with an Islay whisky finish. Amazing how much flavor comes from finishing, beautiful campfire smoke and flinty stone; reminds me of being on the river and having a late night fire. 

Alcohol - 55% / 110 proof

Color - Deep gold to light wheat on the edges

Nose - Light vanilla and gentle barley notes with a hint of the smoke to come

Taste - The Islay smoke hits you straight away, bold and mouth feeling but the Shelter Point whisky holds up and comes through and balances the smoke.

Finish - Complex smoke tones but as that subsides, classic Shelter Point

Best Enjoyed - Neat

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This post is specifically for Black Owned Businesses in the New York + New Jersey Area. 

My name is Matt and I work in the office of an old school, boots to pavement, sales company. I’m not going to post the name of the company because I don’t want any sabotage from the internet leaking into my job. At the moment, I’m employed for clerical work, however, I have been awarded the opportunity for expansion into the sales staff. Salesmen make a lot more money than office employees and I have officially been given a salesman’s number. My first account was my girlfriends school and I was working on growing the business but unfortunately their charter wasn’t renewed for next year and operations have completely stopped, killing all of my business.

I have no formal sales training and I literally got this job from being a waiter at a country club. My bosses family took a liking to me and they think that I have a ton of potential and my goal is to be a top earner. I’m the only POC on the sales force right now and I’m also the only person in the building under 30.

I’m calling on the support of my community to give me a chance to sell you merchandise that you are already buying through other channels. I promise to be competitive on price and I will bend over backwards to make sure that your satisfied with the merchandise. If you are local, I can have our truck come straight to you so you don’t have to take time out of your day going to restaurant depot. 

I’m trying my best to make an honest living and I’m just coming up. 3 Years ago I was busing tables and now I have the opportunity to really make something of myself.

SO….We sell…

Food Service Supplies: (Cups, Disposables, Trays, Utensils, + anything else that a restaurant would need.) 

Janitorial Supplies: (IE Bathroom Cleaners, Floor Scrubbers, Dish Detergent, Bleach, and anything else from smell goods to disinfectants) 

Protective Wear: Gloves, Masks, Aprons, Beard Covers, Bouffant Caps, Eye Goggles, Ear Plugs ETC

Packaging Supplies: Boxes (all sizes), Void Fill, Strapping, Dunnage, Automatic Packing Machines. Etc.

If you need convincing, just give me a call. I have no training in sales but I’m a salesman at heart. If this post gets me 1 or 2 solid accounts that I can say I’m working on, I’ll consider myself successful AND it’ll help me to keep up with my bills. Just reach out to me, tell your friends, tell your family. I really need a chance.

-Matty B

941-928-6882 (cell) (email)

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