howifeltabouthim · 5 months ago
God, that's bleak. She deserves so much more than the gallows, more than this tight-laced world of towers and thorns and lesser evils.
Alix E. Harrow, from A Spindle Splintered
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thevampirequeeniwanttobe · a year ago
Coming off your fast safely
While I don't encourage undereating nor fasting, I do believe in harm reduction. After coming off a long fast (especially longer than 36 hours) your body is particularly sensitive to the food you eat which can result in gaining back that weight (only on the scale not in fat), which can be distressing or can cause other physical symptoms like breakouts. The general advice is to avoid carbs and heavy food on day 1 and 2 but as a fussy eater that is also vegetarian I struggled to find foods that fit this criteria.
So I have found a couple of foods that are low carb (fruit isn't low carb but is perfect after a fast, not all carbs should be avoided!) and really easy and yummy to make. Try not to overeat after a fast and instead choose slightly higher calorie foods than usual that will keep you from wanting to binge. I generally like to start on a very light meal high in protein and nutrients and then throughout the day introduce carbs back into my diet slowly. By day two I will start similarly, low crab and light but now introduce more carbs later in the day. By day three I have found I can go back to my usual diet.
I know that it can be scary incorporating more fat (and potentially calories) into your diet for a day or two but trust me, it helps you not gain back the weight and is good for your body! You will not gain anything on 1300 calories and it is good for your metabolism!! I also used it as an opportunity to satisfy my cravings for cheese and dark chocolate :)
Here is an example of my diet the last two days after coming off a 60 hour fast and didn't gain any weight back:
Day 1:
Cucumber salad (340)
Green Tea with fresh ginger and basil (3)
Grated carrot and apple (130)
Sweetened Low Fat Yogurt (100)
Scrambled Eggs with onion (310)
Cheese (220)
Tea with milk (20)
2 Tablespoons of Peanut butter (135)
Total Calories: 1258
Day 2:
Cucumber Salad (340)
Green tea with fresh ginger and basil (3)
Grated Carrot and Apple (115)
Low Fat Sweetened Yogurt (100)
40g Bran Flakes (100)
1/3 cup Sweetened Almond Milk (15)
40g Dark Chocolate (210)
Total Calories: 883
Day 3: 
Eat as you normally would :)
Cucumber salad:
If this is too scary you can also halve it and spread it over two meals, but it will benefit your post fast weight loss far more than low calorie, refined carb options)
My new favourite recipe at the moment. Kind of high calorie but keeps you full is amazing after a fast as it is high fat and protein. Also really tasty!
1/2 a cucumber
1 Round of FULL FAT Feta (this is important after a fast)
1/8 cup raw sunflower seeds 
1/8 cup raw pumpkin seeds 
On a dry pan toss in your pumpkin and sunflower seeds and toast them on a medium heat for a few minutes,  tossing them gently to evenly toast both sides until they begin to crackle and pop and look golden brown. These taste amazing and are honestly really good by themselves if you are low on protein (which prevents hair loss). Put them aside in a bowl to cool.
While they cool chop your cucumber into rounds then quarters and crumble your feta. Next mix all your ingredients and enjoy a really healthy delicious salad!
Grated Carrot and Apple:
This was a childhood favourite of mine and I have recently rediscovered it to be honestly a really yummy, crunchy and sweet salad that tastes like a dessert :)
Not to mention it is probably the simplest meal ever!
1 large Apple (Sweet apples work best here)
2 medium carrots
All you do it peel your carrots, grate both the apple and carrots and mix them together in a bowl and enjoy!
Amazing Scrambled eggs:
This is just how I make scrambled eggs and is perfect for people who like me, like to mask the flavour of egg a bit. This is quite high calorie but will satisfy you completely and is an excuse to finally treat yourself to some cheese.
This is high fat and protein and very low carb which is perfect for a post fast meal and will prevent you from gaining the weight back again. :)
2 tsp Butter + 1tsp more (Scary I know but fat is essential for you and will aid in your weightless in moderation. Can be replaced with flavourless coconut oil with some salt added))
2 Eggs
1/4 Milk
1/2 White onion
1 Clove Garlic
Fresh or dried herbs (I like basil, rosemary and orgegano)
125g Cheese (I had a lot of calories left over for the day and went a bit mad, feel free to use your own amount)
Chop your herbs if they are fresh and lightly fry them in a dray pan before putting them aside.
Next chop your onions and garlic finely and mix with herbs. Sautee these at medium heat till caramelised in 2tsp butter.
Beat two eggs and milk together and add pepper.
Mix your onion mixture into the egg and fry in remaining 1sp butter.
Enjoy and add cheese if you want because it is yummy and you deserve it :)
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teekneebeany · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Hello my darlings, 
        I know many of us like 0 calorie sodas for when we feel really hungry. However some are worse for you than others because of its high sodium concentration. After some research, here is a list of the diet and/or low calorie sodas that aren't absolutely trash for your body. (the lower the sodium the better!)
1. Zevia Ginger Root Beer (12 FL OZ CAN): 0 cal, 0 mg sodium, 0 g carbs, 0 g sugar
2. Sprite Zero (12 FL OZ CAN): 0 cal, 35 mg sodium, 0 g carbs, 0 g sugar
3.  Diet Pepsi (12 FL OZ CAN): 0 cal, 35 mg sodium, 0 g carbs, 0 g sugar
4. Diet Coke (12 FL OZ CAN): 0 cal, 40 mg sodium, 0 g carbs, 0 g sugar
5. Diet Barq's Root Beer  (12 FL OZ CAN): 0 cal, 50 mg sodium, 0 g carbs, 0 g sugar
6. 7Up Zero Sugar (12 FL OZ CAN): 0 cal, 45 mg sodium, 0 g carbs, 0 g sugar
       Keep in mind my loves, the healthiest alternative will always be carbonated water; however, I know soda is a safe drink for many of you. Moderation is key. 
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beeabeille4 · 2 months ago
guys, ive been fasting for 8 days and i honestly feel great!! im feeling pretty shit bc i have to break the fast and eat normally tomorrow so im just considering it a “metabolism day” so i hope it goes okay
also haven’t weighed-in since i started my fast so we’ll see how it went
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anathinwishes · 4 months ago
ok yall I need to get skinny again I need to get back into my restrictive mindset. I’m sick of being a fat bitch ITS RUINING MY LIFE
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skinnyisbetter0 · 2 months ago
i’ve got a plan i’ll eat anything i want tonight and on monday i’ll be extra restrictive for the rest of the week, if i reach 140lb i’ll treat myself to a spa weekend :)
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mental4768 · 10 months ago
i really want to have a “that girl” lifestyle . but i’m no where near as skinny as the pinterest girls . rip
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kuromiskinny · a year ago
documenting weight loss
before pic is freshman year, 2 months ago i started to diet more intensely
Before- 156lbs/70Kg
Tumblr media
Now- 136lbs/61 Kg
Tumblr media
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loveybones3003 · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
fuuuuuucking fatass
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tothebonethoughts · 6 months ago
my promise to myself
i went over my calorie intake today and i feel so bad abt it. i’m making this post to remind myself that food won’t fill that void, that empty feeling i’m stuck with. it just worsens my depression. can’t keep going like this, i need to take control again
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aprettyporcelaindoll · 7 months ago
rn its not like it even HURTS its just like UGH i drank... THREE CUPS OF WATER STRAIGHT... like youre not empty so shut up
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howifeltabouthim · 5 months ago
He can't thrive here. This world is choking him. This world that closes off possibilities, when he deserves them all.
Soman Chainani, from Beasts and Beauty
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pickle-juice1211 · a year ago
Tumblr media
You know it’s bad when you wanna look like corpse bride.
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morningweight · a year ago
So, I will go shopping with my friend today. These past few weeks I have really just been on my own cause I haven’t had the energy to hang out w my friends or anything like that. I feel really anxious cause there is a change that she wants to eat out or something.. I hope it’s not the case tho.
 I won’t eat anything today, just to make sure that if I have to eat something with her I can still control it. if she wants to eat out it will probably be mcdonald’s I assume... Such a scary place lol. I figured that if I am forced to go there I’ll probably get few chicken nuggets and a diet coke. I hope it doesn’t come to that but as much as I feel scared I don’t wanna ruin nice moments for others...
 Today might the day that I fast but I might also get the food. Tricky situation.. I wanna do things and meet people but I don’t have the energy or the nerves for it atm. I feel like I have to be so aware of everything in order to stay away from food.
Has anyone got any “safe food” suggestion to get from mcdonald’s? I figured that chicken nuggets have around 200-400cals so that seems like the “safest” option rn.. if you can call it safe:(
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relapsedbrain-yetagain · a year ago
I hate myself I hate myself I hate myself I hate myself I hate myself I hate myself I hate myself I hate myself I hate myself I hatemyselfihatemyselfihatemyself
I hate myself so fkn much
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alannayawning · a year ago
also im going to be wayy more active on here so dm me or interact with this if you want to talk bc i love talking to people in this community <3
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mental4768 · 9 months ago
i hate trying on outfits and realising i’m fat & have boobs . i would do anything to have a flat chest
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